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Shadow Stalker - 1.12 - Where She Walks

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  • Shadow Stalker - 1.12 - Where She Walks

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 1.12 ? Where She Walks
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart
    Rating: UK Rating 12

    Shadow Stalker is officially affiliated with Rogue Redemption, an awesome spin-off created by Amber.

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season One starts alongside Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 3 of Angel and is in association with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Raven (Alexander Brown); Sorceress Of Crimson Falls (Travis); and Wishful Thinking (Ben).

    RACK (V/O): Previously on Shadow Stalker


    FATHER: (loud) If they see you with her, they will know. They always know! Sephy, be reasonable!

    MOTHER/SEPHY: (upset) I can't say goodbye to her again, soon she'll start remembering.

    FATHER: (shouts) Then stop coming back!

    As he shouts these words, the earth begins to rumble, the camera zooms up the garden through the cottage and to the front door. The image is fractured due to the glass being blurred, but the outline of a man in a suit can be seen.

    SEPHY: (panicking) Oh Goddess? (stands quickly and passes her daughter to her FATHER) HIDE!

    She runs to the top of the garden into the cottage.


    CATE: (exasperated) Charlie?don't you wanna give that a rest for a night?

    CHARLIE looks up at her.

    CHARLIE: I'm telling you, I'm close to figuring it out, I can feel it?


    TOOLE: Wasn't a dream was it?

    XAK looks down.

    XAK: They don't stop. I can't make them stop Toole.

    TOOLE: (sympathetic) What are you gonna do?

    He looks at XAK but XAK'S now looking at the door.

    XAK: I gotta ride it out.

    CUT TO ?

    There is a loud rumble. There is a roar of anger. The shadow demons suddenly are thrown off in various directions. XAK jumps to his feet roaring. His eyes are a deep black and his veins are almost bursting through his skin. TOOLE watches in horror, and even CATE and CHARLIE watch in amazement.

    CUT TO ?

    TOOLE hearing the OLD WOMAN'S whispers looks at her. He turns to XAK as he echoes her words. The camera closes in on TOOLE'S face who clearly doesn't understand what is going on.


    TOOLE: ?I think you should tell her about what you're seeing.

    XAK looks at him unsure.

    TOOLE: Xak, she's had things hidden from her all her life?

    XAK looks down at CHARLIE, who is resting her head on his shoulder. He kisses her head. TOOLE watches.

    XAK: I'll tell her, when things simplify slightly.


    They all look at him, wondering why he would cut them off.

    DANTE: Be that as it may. This was not the problem I was referring to?

    They look at him, he replies with a fearful expression.

    DANTE: (shakily) ?She's here.

    The camera closes in on the women's faces. Their eyes widen, the first sign of panic on their faces.


    SEPHY: I'm looking for someone, I believe you know her.

    TOOLE looks at her confused.

    TOOLE: Who?

    SEPHY: My daughter.




    The camera pans around the living room, it is quiet and clean. The walls speak of nothing but whisper at the knowing of future events that will happen in this room. Although there is a sense of quiet in the room itself, there is a loud snoring coming from one of the rooms, which resonates throughout XAK'S apartment. There is a knock at the front door. XAK emerges from his room, he closes the door slowly and makes his way to the front door. He's still dressed in the clothes we saw him in previously. He opens it. It's TOOLE.

    XAK: Hey, you took your time.

    TOOLE: Sorry, there was a queue.

    XAK looks and sees he's not actually holding any coffee. He looks at TOOLE with one eyebrow raised.

    TOOLE: Right, and uh, I got to the front and they had to close.

    XAK still looks unsure.

    XAK: Right?well I put Cate to sleep in the spare room.

    TOOLE walks in and he hears the snoring.

    TOOLE: Is that yours, or mine?

    XAK laughs slightly.

    XAK: Yours I'm afraid.

    TOOLE rolls his eyes.

    TOOLE: Well I'm gonna get some sleep.

    He goes to walk towards the spare room.

    XAK (O/S): Uh, Toole?

    TOOLE turns to face him.

    TOOLE: Yeah?

    XAK points towards the kitchen.

    XAK: Didn't you want some coffee?

    TOOLE laughs fakely.

    TOOLE: Oh right, yeah, no. I?don't feel like it anymore. Thanks though.

    He gives a half smile then walks towards the bedroom and closes the door, muffling the sound of CATE'S snoring slightly. XAK walks towards his bedroom door, he opens it slightly and peers in and looks at CHARLIE sleeping peacefully. He smiles and closes the door. He walks towards the bathroom. He turns on the shower and rubs his eyes. He removes his shirt then checks the temperature of the running water. On hearing a fluctuation in CATE'S snoring he turns round to look in the direction of the spare room, laughing slightly. His face drops. The camera shows him noticing something in the mirror. He puts his back to the mirror then picks up a hand mirror in order to see his back through the bathroom mirror. He sees two large scars on his back, just below his shoulders. They are bleeding.


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    It is morning. The morning after the night before. The camera shows a high angle shot of TOOLE lying horizontally in bed he's looking at CATE whose now asleep, serenely bathed in the morning glow shining through the window behind her. She begins to stir as a bird begins to whisper to the morning breeze. Her eyes open slowly. She cringes and clutches her head. TOOLE smirks.

    TOOLE: How are we feeling this morning?

    CATE: (groggy) Not too pretty?

    TOOLE: Well that's what ya get for drinking wine by the bottle.

    CATE: You could have stopped me, ?cause me drunk is not good.

    He laughs. She looks around casually, sits up slightly, then realises.

    CATE: (questioning) We're in bed together?

    TOOLE: (smiling) We are.

    CATE: Where are we?

    TOOLE: Xak's place. There was an attack at The Bronze, these demons attacked. We thought it'd be safer if we were all together.

    CATE: Oh god. Is everyone ok?

    TOOLE: (sarcastically) Yeah?don't worry, you and Charlie fought them off.

    CATE: (pleased) Oh good!

    She smiles to herself happily, but her expression turns to pain as her head spasms regret once again.

    TOOLE: Want some aspirin?

    CATE: Would be good, it must be the saving the world last night, always makes my head hurt.

    TOOLE: Uh?yeah?be right back.

    He kisses her on the head and then leaves her writhing in self-pity on the bed.


    TOOLE goes into the kitchen to see something in a dressing gown, with sunglasses and a beanie hat on. It has its head underneath the tap, sipping water and downing a few aspirin.

    TOOLE: (casually) Hey Charlie.

    She turns round, she removes the glasses and makes a noise that could be interpreted as "Hi".

    TOOLE: How you feeling?

    CHARLIE: Do I need to answer?

    TOOLE: No, I can tell from this ensemble you are just perfect.

    She gives him a fake smile and grabs a glass from a cupboard to fill up with water. TOOLE watches her cautiously, he looks down and sighs.

    TOOLE: Have you spoken to Xak?

    CHARLIE: He left early this morning, don't know why, but he was being fidgety all night. I had to hit him in the end.

    She shrugs.

    CHARLIE: He was still after that.

    She sips the water and breathes a sigh of relief.

    TOOLE: So he didn't talk to you about last night?

    CHARLIE: What about Cate and I getting drunk? Nope.

    TOOLE: Oh?right, that.

    There is a moments silence as they stand there awkwardly.

    TOOLE: So, um, what you got planned for today?

    CHARLIE: Well with my memory because of last night being more vague than ever now, I guess I'm just back to square one on figuring out those stupid symbols.

    She looks infuriated

    TOOLE: Why don't you take the day off, we'll do something.

    CHARLIE looks confused.

    CHARLIE: As in, me?and you?

    TOOLE: Sure why not?

    She looks at him, curiously.

    CHARLIE: What are you up to mister?

    TOOLE: (quickly, and stuttering) Nothing. I just thought it would be neat if we hung out, we never talk just us two, its always Cate and me, or you and Cate or me and Xak or you and Xak?

    She cuts him off, putting a hand over her forehead.

    CHARLIE: (snapping) Ok, the bombardment of your voice not helping the ringing in my head leave.

    He looks down. She looks at him, apologetically.

    CHARLIE: Oh I'm sorry, look I'm just not up to it today.

    TOOLE: (slightly annoyed) Oh?

    CHARLIE: It's not like I don't appreciate the offer but I know what you're trying to do?

    TOOLE looks at her awkwardly, he blushes.

    TOOLE: (stuttering) Ye-uh, what?

    CHARLIE smiles.

    CHARLIE: You're trying to distract me from the visions, you want me to live in the now right?

    She looks at him expectantly. He smiles, reassured.

    TOOLE: Right. Of course.

    CHARLIE smiles and walks towards him, she ruffles his hair.

    CHARLIE: Silly, worrying about me.

    She walks off out of the kitchen, laughing slightly. TOOLE looks down, gutted slightly fearful.


    The camera pans around the shop. Nothing has changed since XAK was last here. There is a thick layer of dust masking the air, and the shop reeks of death. There is a banging at the door and the door bursts open. XAK runs in and he closes the door behind him. He peers through the blinds to see if he's being watched. The coast is clear. He turns and looks around the empty shop. He runs towards a row of books on the shelves.

    XAK: (reading the titles) "Blackest Warlocks and Witches"?"War of the Witches, a 17th Century Massacre"? "Pride and Prejudice"?aha?

    He pulls out a small black leather bound book. The title reads "Demonology: Accounts and Legends". He flicks through the pages and comes to an account written by a man called Alberto Janus. The account is called, "The Transgression". He begins to read, skipping certain parts.

    XAK: "The man was a talented Warlock of many ages?He became obsessed in the transgression. A technique learnt to him by a wicked one?He mastered the technique in a matter of decades, and slowly digressed to a demon?"

    XAK'S eyes widen.

    XAK: "?There was nothing left, only darkness. A warning to you who would try this?Murder and chaos is all that shall reign?"

    He stops reading.

    XAK: (repeating the words) "Murder and chaos is all that shall reign?"

    He stands, looking freaked out. He steps back near the counter and trips over something landing backwards on the floor. He looks at what he's tripped on. It's the shop owner's body. She is starting to decay. XAK grabs his mouth to stop himself from gagging. He notices she's wearing the same outfit since he saw her last. He clings on to his head.

    XAK: What's going on!?

    He releases his anger and confusion and screams.


    XAK'S screams still echo into this scene, as the camera pans around a dank crypt. It looks untouched by human hands, and there are only a few candles showing any sign of life in the mausoleum. The door creaks opens. TOOLE enters. He closes the door quickly and walks in.

    TOOLE: (shakily) Sephy?

    Light footsteps can be heard making their way towards him. SEPHY walks into the dim candlelight, she's smiling at him.

    SEPHY: You returned?

    TOOLE looks at her unsure.

    TOOLE: Well, obviously.

    SEPHY ignores this comment. She opens her arms and looks around the crypt expectantly.

    SEPHY: Where is she?

    TOOLE: She uh?

    SEPHY looks at him seriously, and puts her arms back down by her side reluctantly, and disappointed.

    SEPHY: You failed?

    TOOLE: I tried! I really did.

    SEPHY: (angrily) Not hard enough.

    She paces up and down.

    SEPHY: You mere mortals have no idea at what is happening, what I have risked in coming here.

    TOOLE looks at her slightly fearful.

    TOOLE: How do I know you're not going to hurt her?

    SEPHY stops pacing and looks at TOOLE incredulous.

    SEPHY: I'm her mother!

    TOOLE: And what does that word mean?to you? To Charlie?

    SEPHY: To me, it means blind devotion and love?

    TOOLE: You're dead to her?

    SEPHY moves closer to him.

    SEPHY: How dare you?I am dead to her because her father and I chose it to be this way. If you had any notion as to who I am?you wouldn't be so bold.

    TOOLE cowers slightly.

    TOOLE: (wondering) Who are you?

    She smiles.

    SEPHY: That is for her concern, not yours my dear.

    TOOLE: Well she's not up for it today.

    SEPHY: Well I refuse to wait any longer?

    TOOLE: Did you not hear me? Charlie won't come to you.

    SEPHY smiles at him.

    SEPHY: Sweet caring boy. I will go to her.

    The camera closes in on SEPHY'S face smiling, then to TOOLE who looks worried.




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      ACT TWO


      CATE is walking casually through the graveyard eating an ice cream. She's wearing sunglasses and listening to her MP3 player and bobbing her head to the music. She's attempting to sing along and dance while she walks.

      CATE: (singing) Uh, can't touch this! Can't touch this! Oh oh oh oh!

      She drops her ice cream. Slowly her singing voice becomes more conversational.

      CATE: Oh oh oh crap!

      She kneels down and goes to pick it up, when she sees she's dropped it in a patch of exotic purple flowers. She tilts her sunglasses down a bit to look at the flowers. She plucks one from the earth, one of the ones, which aren't drowning in cold cream.

      CATE: Iris?

      She looks at them and then notices it isn't a patch of Iris flowers, but more a trail. On closer inspection she sees it goes from the beginning of the graveyard, winding like a dark poisonous snake to a crypt door. As her eyes lie on the crypt she sees the door open and TOOLE coming out looking shifty. CATE touches her chest.

      CATE: (to herself) Oh my god?he did all this for me? I mean a carpet of flowers?.how sweet!

      She stands.

      CATE: (shouting) Toole!

      He looks round startled and sees her. He goes to shut the door but a hand from within the crypt stops it. SEPHY steps out of the crypt. CATE'S face drops as she sees her. She runs towards them.

      CATE: (angrily) You?

      TOOLE looks fearful, SEPHY looks upon her with curiosity.

      CATE: How could you!

      She begins to hit TOOLE repeatedly on his arm, which causes him to say "Ow!" with every punch.

      CATE: How could you cheat on me with this?

      She looks SEPHY up and down with a filthy look.

      CATE: ?Mature?thing!

      TOOLE: Cate!

      CATE: (ignoring him and speaking really quick) I mean, to make me think that this elaborate flower arrangement was to lure me into a sex session in a dank crypt which really was for you and your hooker! And all the time your girlfriend is in pain in bed, and decides that maybe ice cream will cure her hang over, but instead she just gets?

      TOOLE: This is Charlie's mother?

      CATE: ?brain freeze?

      She ends quietly. She looks from one to the other. She hits TOOLE again.

      CATE: You've been sleeping with Charlie's mom! Ew Toole!

      TOOLE: No! I found her last night.

      CATE retracts her claws, and backs down. She looks at SEPHY who is observing the two with a smile on her face.

      CATE: Well?why didn't you tell me?

      TOOLE: You were passed out.

      CATE: Oh, right?

      TOOLE: And this morning I was gonna try and get Charlie to see her but?

      SEPHY: ?She wouldn't come. Therefore I am going to see her this instant.

      CATE folds her arms and flicks her hair back.

      CATE: Back off sister. She's been hurt too much.

      SEPHY cocks her head slightly to the side then moves and walks around CATE. As she walks we see flowers growing from where her feet touch the floor.

      SEPHY: You're a curious girl aren't you?

      CATE looks at her wondering, as does TOOLE who watches CATE.

      CATE: I don't know what you mean.

      SEPHY: To assume I would be wanting to harm my daughter. Only a true heart would speak such words.

      CATE: (firmly) I said?I don't know what you mean?

      SEPHY moves closer and glares into CATE'S eyes. They exchange a deep and visual exchange.

      SEPHY: I think you do.

      CATE blinks after a few seconds.

      SEPHY: You do well to conceal it?old friend.

      She smiles at CATE and puts a hand on her face. CATE looks on the verge of tears. TOOLE looks confused, he looks at CATE.

      TOOLE: Cate?

      She looks at TOOLE and bursts into tears. She runs off. TOOLE watches her run.

      TOOLE: Cate!

      She doesn't turn around, she keeps running. He turns back to SEPHY.

      TOOLE: Ok you know what. I'm liking you less and less.

      SEPHY sighs deeply.

      SEPHY: (ignoring him again) Poor child. Such power?

      TOOLE: Who, Cate?

      SEPHY laughs at hearing her name.

      SEPHY: Yes, "her"?shame she's so far into darkness she can't even see where her shadow starts and ends?

      She looks at TOOLE and smiles.

      SEPHY: Come. There are more pressing matters to attend to.

      She walks off in the same direction CATE was running in, again as she walks on the grass the Iris begin to grow. The camera turns back to TOOLE who is looking straight ahead. Pure horror fills his face.


      The camera shows CHARLIE wrapped up in a large blanket on the sofa with a mug of tea which she's warming her left hand on, and in her right she's looking at the symbols on the paper once more. Her eyes focus on the word "Charis". She looks at it for a few moments, then sighs deeply. The front door opens, XAK walks in, he looks slightly bothered. CHARLIE looks up. She smiles.

      CHARLIE: Hey you.

      He looks at her then away.

      XAK: Hi.

      He walks towards the bathroom. CHARLIE watches him with concern.

      CHARLIE: You ok?

      He stops by the door. He looks half back at her.

      XAK: No?

      CHARLIE: What's up?

      XAK: I remember.

      She looks confused.

      CHARLIE: Remember what?

      XAK looks at her.

      XAK: Everything. What I did, when I was a demon.

      CHARLIE'S face drops, she puts down the piece of paper without a moments thought.

      CHARLIE: Why didn't you tell me?

      XAK: I'm telling you now.

      She puts down the mug of tea and stands.

      CHARLIE: Since when? The spell?

      XAK: I don't know. It's kind of a blur.

      She moves towards him and tries to grasp his eye contact.

      CHARLIE: What do you remember?

      XAK: Killing, murdering, being tortured for treason?everything.

      She looks at him, slightly fearful.

      CHARLIE: What does it mean?

      His eyes search the floor, almost as if he's embarrassed to look at her.

      XAK: Doc used to tell me of when Glory was exiled?he told me she was an entity of great power and that she couldn't be contained inside the body of a human.

      She looks down.

      CHARLIE: Oh?

      He finally looks at her, seeing the woe on her face.

      XAK: What if I'm the same.

      She shakes her head.

      CHARLIE: You don't know that.

      XAK: (certain) I'm dangerous Charlie, I could hurt someone. Last night was just the beginning.

      CHARLIE: What did you do?

      XAK: I turned?bad. I could have hurt someone

      She looks at him for a moment blankly.

      CHARLIE: But you didn't.

      XAK: Doesn't change what I am. I'm a killer.

      CHARLIE: (with feeling) So is Cate. It don't stop me loving her.

      He looks at her seriously, and puts a hand on her face.

      XAK: I don't wanna hurt you.

      She smiles and puts her hand on his.

      CHARLIE: You can't.


      The camera shows RACK packing away various syringes of liquid into a suitcase, some are nearly empty some are full. He holds one of the full ones in his hand and sighs. It's Onyx Tonic. He gazes upon it for a moment then puts it away in the suitcase. As he closes it and hears the click of the suitcase he looks up. Instantly. He smiles slightly.

      RACK: Well well. Look who came back?

      The camera pans around to show CATE standing by the doorway. Her eyes are glazed over and she's glaring at RACK. He turns to face her.

      RACK: Showing your true colours babe? Or still hiding?

      CATE: She's here.

      RACK looks at her intrigued.

      RACK: Charlotte?

      CATE smirks.

      CATE: Wrong one.

      RACK'S face drops.

      CATE: Your wife is back in town.

      His mouth falls slightly at hearing her speak these words.


      XAK and CHARLIE are sitting on the sofa, CHARLIE is nestled in XAK'S embrace. They're just bathing in one another's presence. He sees the piece of paper nearby.

      XAK: Any closer?

      CHARLIE: Who knows. I could have come across the answers so many times but ignored them.

      XAK: Doesn't it bother you?

      CHARLIE: What?

      XAK: Not knowing.

      CHARLIE: It did.

      XAK: What changed?

      CHARLIE: Well right now, at this precise moment, I'm more worried about the here and now.

      XAK: Specifically?

      CHARLIE looks up.

      CHARLIE: You.

      He smiles at her and then kisses her on the lips.

      XAK: We'll get through this. Together.

      CHARLIE: Hell yeah.

      He laughs slightly.

      XAK: And that?

      He nods towards the list.

      XAK: When it's ready to tell you what its hiding, it'll come knocking?

      There is a knock at the door. CHARLIE and XAK look stunned.

      CHARLIE: Ok, if that's my brain?you are so good!

      He looks at her and raises an eyebrow and then looks towards the door.

      XAK: (shouting) It's open.

      The door opens. It's TOOLE.

      CHARLIE: (to herself) Ok, not my brain.

      XAK: Hey man.

      TOOLE gives them both a weak smile.

      TOOLE: Hi, uh?I have some, information I guess.

      CHARLIE stands and looks at him.

      CHARLIE: What do you mean?

      TOOLE looks at her worried, then moves revealing SEPHY. CHARLIE'S face drops seeing her. XAK looks at her with shock. At the sight of CHARLIE, SEPHY touches her chest, taken aback.

      SEPHY: (with immense pride) Oh my, look at you?

      A tear falls down CHARLIE'S face. There is no doubt in her mind. She knows.

      CHARLIE: Mommy?




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        ACT THREE


        The camera shows RACK standing at the opposite side of the room to a glazed eyed CATE.

        RACK: Let me get this straight?you're telling me she's here?

        CATE: Would you like me to re-iterate?

        RACK: No I heard you, I just wanna know why you're telling me.

        CATE sighs and she walks around the room.

        CATE: Sephy knows who I am, she knows the secret behind Cate's powers. She could exploit it, and I would be damned.

        RACK: (laughing) So that's the reason? To protect your status in Cate? Haven't you forgotten who you're meant to be protecting.

        CATE: Not at all.

        RACK: (infuriated) Then why tell me!

        CATE: Because I know you're trying to kill him. Sephy doesn't want what you do, she will just enforce the relationship between Xakiel and your daughter. She will welcome a man who is doting towards her daughter. In order for me to protect her, I need him gone.

        RACK: (smirks) Babe?Charlotte's gonna screw?

        CATE: My concern is not her happiness, it is for her safety.

        RACK: From Xak?

        CATE: He's becoming unstable. I've noticed it from within Cate. She does not see what I see.

        RACK: I'm starting to feel bad for the chick.

        CATE: (smirking) Don't. She is a sacrifice to the greater good.

        She turns to leave.

        RACK: So, what shall I do about Sephy?

        CATE stops but doesn't look back.

        CATE: Just kill Xakiel, I'll keep an eye on her, for now.

        CATE leaves. As the door closes we can see GLORY/THE FIRST standing behind the door. She looks like she's just heard the dirtiest secret.

        GLORY/THE FIRST: No way?

        RACK looks at her.

        RACK: What?

        GLORY/THE FIRST: Well there's a twist, blondie is on our side?

        She moves to stand next to RACK and they both look towards the door where CATE left through.

        RACK: She isn't.

        GLORY/THE FIRST: Doy, I thought she just said she wanted him dead.

        RACK sighs and looks at GLORY/THE FIRST.

        RACK: You heard her. Just do what you need to. This time, no tricks.

        GLORY/THE FIRST smirks as the camera shows the shadow demons from the previous episode beginning to manifest behind her.


        CHARLIE is still looking at SEPHY with tears in her eyes, SEPHY is gazing upon her with pride. TOOLE looks at everyone, he looks unsure.

        TOOLE: Uh, Xak, why don't we give them some time?

        XAK: Sure?

        He gets up uncertain and both him and TOOLE head towards the bathroom. As the door shuts SEPHY moves towards CHARLIE. CHARLIE takes a step back.

        SEPHY: (starting) My dear?

        CHARLIE steps back again.

        SEPHY: (with sentiment) ?There's no reason to fear me.

        CHARLIE: I?I don't understand.

        SEPHY: I have come, after all these years. My goodness I've missed you.

        CHARLIE: What do you want?

        SEPHY: To see you of course.

        CHARLIE: Why now?

        SEPHY: There is danger surrounding you my child. What kind of mother would I be if I didn't protect my daughter when she needed me most?

        CHARLIE looks at her, she doesn't know how or whether to answer.


        XAK is sitting on the floor next to TOOLE, they both are silent.

        XAK: (quietly) How did you find her?

        TOOLE: Last night, I didn't get the coffee ?cause of her. She saw me and Charlie talking at the coffee shop once and she knew I could help her find Charlie.

        XAK breathes deeply.

        XAK: And the worst timing ever award goes to?

        TOOLE looks at him.

        TOOLE: What do you mean?

        XAK: I just told Charlie everything, and now this.

        TOOLE: Ouch. It's better she knows though.

        XAK: I guess so?

        There is a silence between them both for a while.

        TOOLE: So, where were you today?

        XAK: Magic shop?

        TOOLE: Why?

        XAK: Get some answers, find out what's happening to me.

        TOOLE: Any luck?

        XAK shrugs.

        XAK: Read an account of some guy. He'd seen a guy turn into a demon a few centuries back?wasn't pretty apparently.

        TOOLE: Look?

        He turns to face him.

        TOOLE: ?You gotta stop worrying about it, it won't happen.

        XAK turns to him.

        XAK: How do you know?

        TOOLE looks around, he knows the OLD WOMAN is not with them.

        TOOLE: I promise you. Just trust me.

        XAK: (reluctantly) Ok.

        TOOLE smiles reassuringly at a grumpy XAK.

        TOOLE: Uh, Xak?

        XAK: Yeah?

        The camera cuts to a high angle shot of them sitting down.

        TOOLE: Why are we in the bathroom?


        CHARLIE and SEPHY are now sitting on the sofa together. CHARLIE isn't looking at her mother but SEPHY is looking at her with an eagerness, her face armed with a smile.

        SEPHY: I'm sure you have plenty of questions for me.

        CHARLIE: (instantly) Why did you leave?

        SEPHY looks pained at not being able to answer.

        SEPHY: I?I had to. It was out of my power.

        CHARLIE: Why did he tell me you were dead?

        SEPHY: Your father?

        CHARLIE looks down at the thought of RACK being this to her.

        CHARLIE: (with bitterness) He's not my father, he's been a plague on my life.

        SEPHY: He's done more for you than you know my dear, he loves you unconditionally.

        CHARLIE laughs almost, in shock.

        CHARLIE: Yet he's happy to erase you from my mind, and make me believe you were dead?

        SEPHY: Your father has only ever done what he has out of love and protection for you. I promise you.

        CHARLIE stands, she almost laughs.

        CHARLIE: What is so special about me? Huh?

        She doesn't give SEPHY a chance to answer.

        CHARLIE: Everyone's apparently protecting me! You, him, Cate, Xak?why do I need so much protection?!

        As she says this, the front door bursts open, and instantly the shadow demons swarm into the room and surround SEPHY and CHARLIE. On hearing the noise XAK and TOOLE rush in from the bathroom. They are stuck on the outside of the demons as the demons are gazing upon SEPHY, almost entranced.

        TOOLE: (whispering) It's the demons from last night?

        XAK'S fist begins to clench.

        TOOLE: Stay with me man?

        XAK'S fist eases and he relaxes.

        The camera shows SEPHY and CHARLIE standing close to one another as the shadow demons begin to move in on them both.

        SEPHY: Stay close.

        SEPHY and CHARLIE look at one another, CHARLIE looks fearful, SEPHY doesn't.

        SHADOW DEMON: You should not be here.

        The other shadow demons echo his words.

        SHADOW DEMON: You are not our concern right now, but you need to leave.

        SEPHY: Wrong.

        Her head falls back and she begins to grow lighter. Literally. An aura begins to surround her whole body and glow brightly, which eventually fills the room.. A deafening shriek can be heard from the demons and as the light dies down, we can see they have disappeared. CHARLIE looks at her mother with amazement. SEPHY smiles.

        TOOLE: What was that?

        The camera cuts to the front door, CATE comes running in.

        CATE: Hi guys!

        She notices the door.

        CATE: Ooh, Xak! Your door is broken!

        She sees SEPHY. She folds her arms, and gives her a serious look.

        CATE: Oh, Sephy?so glad you made it.

        SEPHY looks at her, she gives her a warm smile before turning back to CHARLIE.

        CHARLIE: What was that?

        SEPHY: (smiling at CHARLIE) Lets just say?darkness doesn't stand a chance while I'm around?

        She takes hold of both her hands and squeezes them. CHARLIE looks at her, then looks at XAK who is unsure of what to say or feel. But fear unwittingly swims freely within his subconscious.




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          ACT FOUR


          The camera shows a pair of red high heels pacing the room. The camera pans up to show GLORY/THE FIRST walking around looking extremely annoyed.

          GLORY/THE FIRST: God damn it. No pun intended.

          RACK: (smiling) She's strong. I forgot.

          GLORY/THE FIRST: Do not get sentimental on me now.

          He looks at her, he smirks.

          RACK: Don't worry, you're still my best girl.

          She smiles at him and looks away. His smile drops into a frown.

          GLORY/THE FIRST: Right?well help me kick this kid while he's down?

          She continues speaking, but the camera focuses on RACK who is glaring at her whilst her back is turned.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          CATE is lying in bed, she's staring at the ceiling. The door opens letting in some light to the dimly lit room. TOOLE enters.

          CATE: (quietly) Everyone ok?

          He nods and closes the door behind him.

          CATE: I'm sorry I lost it today.

          TOOLE: It's fine. If I were in your shoes I would have?well I wouldn't have hit but hey?

          She gives a weak smile as he climbs into bed.

          CATE: What she said?

          TOOLE: Sephy?

          CATE nods.

          CATE: About me, and my "powers"?

          TOOLE: (cutting her off) It's been a long day, we should get some sleep.

          He smiles and gives her a kiss before turning and lying down with his back to her. CATE looks at him then lies down reluctantly with her back to TOOLE. The camera shows TOOLE'S face. He breathes deeply, then closes his eyes. The camera cuts to CATE'S side of the bed and shows her crying silently. She puts a hand over her mouth so as to avoid being heard.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The camera shows XAK in the bathroom. The shower is running again, he's sitting on the edge of the bath staring at the floor. He's thinking so many unwanted thoughts, which swarm his mind. He sighs and stands up. He removes his shirt and looks in the mirror. He turns and picks up the hand mirror again and tilts it to see that his scars are still there, but they have ceased to bleed. He can't help but smile slightly. He turns back to the bathroom mirror, and as he looks into it he gasps. He jumps backwards as he finds himself staring at dragon's scaly face. It's glaring at him, growling. XAK moves closer and looks it in the eyes, almost seduced by its power. He touches the mirror and as his fingers touch the glass the scars begins to open and blood pours down his back.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          In the lounge CHARLIE is dressing the sofa as a bed. She puts a blanket and two pillows at one end.

          CHARLIE: I'm sorry I can't offer you anything more, the place is kinda limited in size.

          She turns to SEPHY who is standing looking at her with pure awe. She sits down on the sofa.

          SEPHY: Oh don't be ridiculous. I've slept on a lot worse. Besides after all these years, I found you, I'm just happy to be here at last.

          CHARLIE sits down next to her.

          CHARLIE: So, you've tried to find me before?

          SEPHY: Of course!

          Her face drops.

          SEPHY: But with the moving, the cloaking of your home, the name changes, the memory blocks it was almost impossible until recently?

          CHARLIE shakes her head.

          CHARLIE: Wait?name change?

          SEPHY: Yes, did you honestly think I would call my daughter Charlie.

          She laughs, humoured at the prospect. CHARLIE just looks confused. SEPHY sees CHARLIE'S face, and changes her tone to a more serious nature.

          SEPHY: My child, your father changed your name when you moved here, it was partly how he blocked me out?with no memory of your previous name it was hard to recollect your childhood.

          CHARLIE: (incredulous) What?

          SEPHY: All these spells he's cast over the years. They were to keep me away.

          CHARLIE looks down trying to think. Piecing together what SEPHY is saying to her. She eventually looks back to her mother.

          CHARLIE: What was my name before?

          SEPHY: (softly) Charis. It means many things, grace, charm, beauty?

          She touches her daughters hand, reassuringly.

          SEPHY: ?and inspiration.

          CHARLIE: Charis?

          Her mother nods. CHARLIE looks at the piece of paper on the table.

          CHARLIE: Well what about you, Sephy? That can't be your real name?

          SEPHY laughs.

          SEPHY: Quite right. It was more a human abbreviation, to help me feel more at home whilst I was here.

          She smiles, almost blushing.

          SEPHY: Your father gave it to me.

          CHARLIE: (figuring) Ras?

          SEPHY: Perceptive.

          CHARLIE looks at her.

          CHARLIE: What's your name then?

          SEPHY looks down, fearful.

          SEPHY: If I tell you?it'll put you in grave danger?

          CHARLIE: (laughs slightly) Heck, I'm in danger every day.

          SEPHY doesn't laugh. CHARLIE puts her other hand on top of SEPHY'S.

          CHARLIE: (seriously) Please?I've been lied to my whole life. I thought I could forget about it all, but with you here now?I can't take anymore lies and secrets?

          SEPHY smiles.

          SEPHY: You're right.

          She breathes deeply.

          SEPHY: My name?

          The camera closes in on her face.

          SEPHY: ?is Persephone?

          The camera cuts to CHARLIE'S face as she gasps, slightly, her hand covers her mouth. She looks at her mother with fear, almost feeling compelled to cower at the being before her.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          ALAN TUDYK as TOOLE
          JEFF KOBER as RACK


          Special Guest Star:


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            If you would like to give me feedback on Shadow Stalker, visit my thread here! I'm always happy to hear from you and i usually comment on the feedback as well!


            - The title is inspired by the poem Cate read in 1.11.

            - The first episode where Sephy is revealed to be Persephone the Ancient Greek Goddess.

            - Because of this, this is a landmark episode for SS as the scale of the show is apparent in its roots in the Ancient Greek world. It adopts a very different feel to that of say Buffy which adopts various and different mythologies.
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