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Shadow Stalker - 1.11 - Hell Hath No Fury

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  • Shadow Stalker - 1.11 - Hell Hath No Fury

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 1.11 ? Hell Hath No Fury
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart
    Rating: UK Rating 12

    Shadow Stalker is officially affiliated with Rogue Redemption, an awesome spin-off created by Amber.

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season One starts alongside Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 3 of Angel and is in association with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Raven (Alexander Brown); Sorceress Of Crimson Falls (Travis); and Wishful Thinking (Ben).

    RACK (V/O): Previously on Shadow Stalker


    CHARLIE: It's a spell. We're going to find out what memories?

    She looks down.

    CHARLIE: ?What memories, he took from me.

    XAK: How?

    The camera closes in on CHARLIE'S face.

    CHARLIE: We're going into my mind?

    CUT TO ?

    CHARLIE kneels down next to him and looks him in the eyes.

    CHARLIE: I can do this Xak, I wouldn't ask anyone else.

    She touches his hand.

    CHARLIE: Please, I need this?

    CUT TO ?

    XAK touches her face.

    XAK: Ok?

    CUT TO ?

    The gang all starting the spell and then a montage of images burst on to screen. TOOLE and CHARLIE in the cottage, including a clip of SEPHY'S picture falling and RAS' eye being torn out, then to the SMALL GIRL screaming. Then to CATE and TOOLE in the hospital and CHARLIE smiles. Then to CHARLIE and CATE in the church, the statue, the desert. Then to THE BRONZE. People dead, then to GLORY'S dimension, XAKIEL killing the DAMNED woman, CHARLIE falling, then to the gang awakening.

    CUT TO ?

    XAK: Does this mean you're moving forwards?

    CHARLIE: It means we're moving forwards.




    CATE (V/O): "She walks in beauty, like the night
    Of cloudless climes and starry skies;

    The camera shows a clear and starry moonlit sky, a brief image of a woman's feet on grass is shown.

    CATE (V/O): "And all that 's best of dark and bright
    Meet in her aspect and her eyes:

    The camera pans down to show the streets of Sunnydale, placid and empty, blissfully unaware of the danger arriving. There is a brief image of the woman's feet beginning to walk.

    CATE (V/O): "Thus mellow'd to that tender light
    Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

    The camera moves away from the streets to the graveyard and sees a figure move past a crypt.

    CATE (V/O): "One shade the more, one ray the less,
    Had half impair'd the nameless grace

    The camera moves round to the crypt to see the figure walking off into the shadows.

    CATE (V/O): "Which waves in every raven tress,
    Or softly lightens o'er her face;

    The camera passes down to the path where the figure was walking, a small purple flower begins to bloom even in the darkness, and also quite quickly.

    CATE (V/O): "Where thoughts serenely sweet express
    How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.

    The camera moves in on the blooming flower.

    CATE (V/O): What is this crap?


    The camera cuts to CHARLIE'S face laughing.

    CHARLIE: Who knows.

    The camera moves backwards to show CHARLIE lying on the sofa looking at CATE. They're both holding large wine glasses with a small puddle of red wine in them. CATE is holding a leather bound book and is standing near the book case looking extremely disgusted.

    CATE: Seriously. Does Xak read this? Because I'd be worried if I were you.

    CHARLIE: (shrugs) Must be Doc's. Xak said all these musty books were his.

    CATE puts back the book and walks over to the sofa.

    CATE: Well it must have been his favourite ?cause the dude like highlighted all the words.

    She sits down next to CHARLIE, and pours them both another glass of wine. She looks at CHARLIE who is smiling slightly.

    CATE: You ok?

    CHARLIE: Sure, just trying to remember the last time I had a good time.

    CATE: (thinking) Hmm, well there was Toole's near death experience, the haunting of Melody, and your dad hitting you?.we just let the good times roll!

    CHARLIE gives her a serious look.

    CATE: Ok my bad.

    CHARLIE: (sighs) I'm more worried about Xak?

    CATE: Is it because of his gay poetry?

    CHARLIE glares.

    CHARLIE: Since the spell, he's been?quiet.

    CATE: Well he came face to face with his past, I mean look at Toole and I. We didn't handle it brilliantly either. You just gotta let him work through it.

    CHARLIE: (quietly) I guess?

    CATE playfully punches her.

    CATE: Come on Charlie baby!

    CHARLIE makes a mock shocked face at her. She picks a pillow up and throws it at CATE who screams at spilling a small drop of wine on her dress. CHARLIE laughs.


    The camera shows RACK pacing up and down the room. He looks anxious and unsure, but most of all, angry.

    RACK: I'm sick of this. I'm sick of a lack of order. It's about time we had some.

    He looks at the sofa area.

    RACK: That's why you're here babe.

    The camera pans around to show GLORY/THE FIRST sitting on the sofa in her finery, laden with plans and mischief. She smirks at RACK.


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    CHARLIE'S sitting on her own in the coffee shop. She's got a mug of coffee in one hand and she's tapping a piece of tattered paper with a pen in the other. The camera reveals the paper is the same piece with the various symbols she had written on in the previous episode. There are more symbols and arrows going from and to various images, some are scribbled out. She sighs.

    MAN (O/S): You ok?

    CHARLIE looks up.

    CHARLIE: Huh?

    The camera reveals it is TOOLE.

    TOOLE: You ok?

    CHARLIE: (quietly) Sorry, miles away?

    TOOLE sits down opposite her, he has a take out coffee in his hand. She goes back to looking at the paper, he notices.

    TOOLE: Made any more sense of the un-sense-able?

    She shakes her head.

    CHARLIE: I've been looking at this thing for over a week now, I can't work it out.

    TOOLE: Anything I can do?

    She looks up and smiles.

    CHARLIE: Thanks, but I'm good. It's something I?

    TOOLE: (finishing her sentence) ?Have to do by yourself. Gotcha.

    She looks at him, she smiles apologetically.

    CHARLIE: Thanks though. I mean it.

    TOOLE smiles quickly.

    TOOLE: It's fine, anytime. I'll see you soon?

    He goes to leave, then turns back to CHARLIE who is looking at the paper again.

    TOOLE: Charlie?

    CHARLIE: Yes, I'm fine with it.

    TOOLE: Huh?

    CHARLIE: You were about to ask me if I was fine with you and Cate right?

    TOOLE: How did you know?

    CHARLIE laughs.

    CHARLIE: Because you haven't asked me about it since we had our visions together, and every time I see you, your eye does that weird twitchy thing.

    His eye twitches. She laughs.

    CHARLIE: Look, don't worry. Cate asked me last night. I'm totally cool.

    TOOLE: So you are cool then?

    CHARLIE: (exasperated) You two are like a broken record. (she laughs) Yes I'm cool. With everything. In fact we're going for drinks later.

    She smiles at him, and he reciprocates then walks off.


    The camera looks through the grating at CHARLIE sitting in the coffee shop across the street and TOOLE walking away from talking to her. A hand reaches, and grips the railings of the graveyard with a passion.


    XAK walks in. The camera scans around the room showing it is empty. He looks at the clock on the wall, it says 10.15pm. He goes quickly to TOOLE'S laptop. He opens it and clicks on the Internet Explorer icon. The page opens up on a search engine. He types slowly on the keyboard the word, "memory". He looks at the word on the screen, he sighs. He deletes the word then writes "recovering repressed memories" in its place. As he presses enter the light from the screen becomes brighter, until the whole screen fills with a blinding white light.


    The light dies down quickly. The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. Deep heavy, almost abnormal breathing can be heard. We are seeing from someone or something's point of view. The person/thing scans the walls of a dank cave, there are torches lining the walls of the cavern, and it notices a large entrance at the front. There is a SMALL DEMON standing in front of the camera looking at it with disgust. It snarls at the screen, and hurls a whip at it.

    SMALL DEMON: Disgusting you is. I hating you!

    He whips again and there is a roar of pain. The camera shows a different perspective now. From the side of the cavern. We can now see that the SMALL DEMON is whipping XAKIEL. He's chained to the ground and he looks weak. His mouth is muzzled and he has weeping cuts all over his scaly body. The SMALL DEMON spits at him.

    SMALL DEMON: Did you be in thinking you'd win?

    He whips him hard again.

    SMALL DEMON: (furious) Against them!

    WOMAN (O/S): Enough!

    The SMALL DEMON turns to see a woman standing there. She is a GOD. One of the gods who was talking and sitting with GLORY in XAK and CHARLIE'S previous visions. She is dressed elegantly and look happier than she did previously, also, stronger. She looks at the SMALL DEMON.

    GOD: Leave us.

    SMALL DEMON: Of course godly like person.

    He glares at XAKIEL and then runs rapidly down the cavern entrance and leaves. She watches him leave, then turns back to XAKIEL.

    GOD: I'm sorry for the grammatically challenged shrimp, but hey, committing treason? You got off lightly.

    He growls at her presence.

    GOD: (ignores his feeble threats) Well, after years of fighting, who'd have thought things would end up like this?

    He snarls at her.

    GOD: I wouldn't become bold now Xakiel. We are giving you a chance to redeem yourself for your sins.

    He roars angrily in retaliation.

    GOD: Or perhaps you would rather become exiled, with your mistress?

    He looks slightly fearful, his yellow eyes imbued with a sense of regret.

    GOD: I didn't think so.

    She begins to circle him.

    GOD: Doc made that mistake, we exiled him to a mortal existence. You though Xakiel, you have much promise.

    She moves closer so she is not far from his muzzled face.

    GOD: Such power, and beauty?

    She gazes into his eyes for a second. She shakes her head slightly, not becoming side tracked.

    GOD: You have a greater purpose, one that is not recognised here, not yet.

    She smiles at him, then turns to leave. As she walks away down the cavern entrance, he hears footsteps approaching him. There is a muffled discussion between the GOD and someone else. The footsteps get louder, and louder. They become echoed in XAK'S mind.

    MAN (V/O): Xak?


    XAK shakes his head and blinks. The colours on the screen return to normal once again. He's breathing heavily. He looks at the computer screen, the words are still on the search engine. He looks from the screen up, to see TOOLE standing there.

    TOOLE: Hey, come on now. I give you a break, (to himself) why I don't know, but don't take liberties man, I still have a business to run.

    He looks at the clock on the wall. It says 10.45pm. He sighs.

    XAK: Sorry, I guess I?fell asleep.

    TOOLE sighs.

    TOOLE: Well it must have been some dream?

    XAK: Huh?

    TOOLE: You were shaking like crazy.

    He gives XAK a small smile, then walks out the office. XAK watches him leave then turns back to the screen, staring at the words. He deletes them, hesitantly, then closes the laptop and leaves the office.


    The camera shows GLORY/THE FIRST sitting manicuring her nails. She sighs.

    GLORY/THE FIRST: You know. I wish I'd died with better cuticles.

    The camera cuts to RACK sitting opposite her. He smirks.

    RACK: Can we talk business now?

    She looks annoyed and holds her nails up to him.

    GLORY/THE FIRST: Nail care is my business honey.

    She stands.

    GLORY/THE FIRST: But you're right, there are more important things to talk about.

    RACK: My daughter for instance.

    GLORY/THE FIRST turns quickly to him.

    GLORY/THE FIRST: Sure, but I was more heading in the direction of my lush Xakiel.

    She thinks.

    GLORY/THE FIRST: I dunno which I prefer. Him as a monstrous dragon or a spunky man.

    She shivers with excitement.

    GLORY/THE FIRST: Either way, that boy gets my rocks off.

    RACK: A dragon? His past life?

    GLORY/THE FIRST: (smiling) Oh he was a terror, always keeping me on my toes.

    RACK: (angrily) And I let him near my daughter.

    GLORY/THE FIRST makes a sarcastic face at him.

    GLORY/THE FIRST: Yeah, you're a bad daddy.

    He stands and turns to her.

    RACK: He needs to end.

    GLORY/THE FIRST: Aw sugar?as much as I love him, I agree. I have big party plans for this town, heck I'm an ambitious gal?I have big plans for this world.

    RACK: What do you propose.

    She moves and stands in his face.

    GLORY/THE FIRST: I'll kill him.

    He looks at her, curiously.

    RACK: Ok babe, you know why I want him dead?why do you?

    GLORY/THE FIRST: I wouldn't become to quizzical if I were you, some of your old buds are in town Racky boy, and they ain't too pleased with your meddling.

    RACK backs down, he sighs.

    RACK: I know?

    GLORY/THE FIRST: So you worry about them, and I'll worry about Xak.

    He looks at her.

    RACK: If you hurt Charlotte, I'll kill you.

    GLORY/THE FIRST: (laughs slightly) No your daughter is one girl I'd like kept alive. She's kinda?key.

    The camera closes in on GLORY/THE FIRST'S scheming face.




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      ACT TWO


      The camera scans the dance floor, there is a DJ playing fast paced dancing music. XAK looks at the scene from behind the bar with a fear of familiarity. TOOLE approaches him, he looks troubled.

      TOOLE: Wasn't a dream was it?

      XAK looks down.

      XAK: They don't stop. I can't make them stop Toole.

      TOOLE: (sympathetic) What are you gonna do?

      He looks at XAK but XAK'S now looking at the door.

      XAK: I gotta ride it out.

      He keeps looking at the door, TOOLE looks at where he's looking now and sees that CHARLIE and CATE have entered. They're laughing and half stumble through the door causing CATE to bump into the wall and CHARLIE to fall into the bouncer.

      XAK: (whispering to TOOLE) Do not say anything to her.

      TOOLE: What?

      XAK: She feels bad enough as it is?she can't know about this.

      The camera moves over to CATE and CHARLIE who have managed to maintain some form of dignity in entering the club. They've clearly had some drinks before entering the club. CATE stops and grabs CHARLIE'S arm.

      CATE: I do believe there are two incredibly sexy men at the bar.

      CHARLIE looks over and sees two fat geeky teens sitting there drinking water, nodding their heads out of rhythm to the music.

      CHARLIE: Uh?really?

      CHARLIE looks disgusted. CATE laughs.

      CATE: No dummy! The barmen?

      She points at TOOLE and XAK who are hard at work again pouring and mixing drinks.

      CHARLIE: Ooh, Charlie like?Ok I'll get the drinks, you get a table?

      She turns to CATE who has already gone over to a table.

      CHARLIE: (to herself)?Or you know, just do it anyway.

      CATE sits down clicking her fingers to the rhythm and bobbing her head as CHARLIE goes to the bar. XAK has just finished serving a customer and has his back to CHARLIE as he puts some money in the till. She smiles cheekily then leans over the counter and pinches XAK'S ass. He jumps startled and turns round. She laughs.

      CHARLIE: Hey you.

      XAK: Jeez, hey.

      He kisses her.

      XAK: You know a friendly tap on the shoulder is also appreciated.

      CHARLIE: (jokingly incredulous) Whatever, you love it.

      He smiles, then he leans in on the counter.

      XAK: So, uh, what can I do for ya?

      CHARLIE indicates CATE behind her who is not just clicking but is now sitting waving her arms and hair frantically and whooping happily.

      XAK: You want me to take her out?

      CHARLIE laughs.

      CHARLIE: Or you could just give us a bottle of wine.

      He turns around and grabs a bottle of wine and two glasses. He hands them to CHARLIE.

      CHARLIE: Thanks babe.

      The camera shows a side on perspective of them. She leans and kisses him. As she breaks away the camera now reveals TOOLE standing down near the other end of the bar watching them with a blank expression. CHARLIE then grabs the bottle of wine and glasses and meanders through the crowd to her flailing friend.


      CATE: (shouting over the music) Isn't this music great?

      She continues moving freely.

      CHARLIE: Yeah?shame about the dancing.

      CATE: Sorry what? The music's too loud!

      The music stops.

      CATE: Oh, sucks much!

      CHARLIE: Well I have drinks.

      She pours them both a glass of wine.

      CATE: Oh, sucks less.

      They clink their glasses together and take a sip. CHARLIE reaches into her pocket and pulls out the piece of paper again. CATE in seeing these recoils.

      CATE: (exasperated) Charlie?don't you wanna give that a rest for a night?

      CHARLIE looks up at her.

      CHARLIE: I'm telling you, I'm close to figuring it out, I can feel it?

      The camera turns from CHARLIE looking at the list to CATE looking worried at CHARLIE. The camera continues to pan around from CATE to the door. The OLD WOMAN enters. She is dressed in an expensive suit and as with the other two, looks attractive. She looks around the club and notices XAK at the bar serving. She walks over.


      She sits down and sighs.

      OLD WOMAN: Urgh, I have had the most supremely awful day.

      XAK notices her, he looks at her and smirks.

      XAK: Why come here?

      She looks at him, with an eyebrow raised.

      XAK: I'm kidding what can I get you?

      OLD WOMAN: A glass of Merlot would go down so nicely, and just a?

      She looks at him, he's eyeing her curiously.

      OLD WOMAN: I think I'm a bit mature for you honey?

      XAK laughs.

      XAK: Sorry, you just look familiar.

      She rests her elbow on the counter and her chin on her hand.

      OLD WOMAN: (smiling) Do I?


      The camera moves away from her to CHARLIE and CATE who are on their next glass of wine.

      CHARLIE: Oh my god?

      CATE: What? The music? It sucks now right?

      CHARLIE drops the paper.

      CHARLIE: No, I can't believe I didn't see this before?

      CATE: What?

      CHARLIE picks up the paper and holds it up. She points to the word "Rack".

      CHARLIE: In the desert, me, him and the guy in the suit?we're all talking, right?

      CATE nods.

      CHARLIE: In my visions with Toole, the same guy in the suit was talking to a young guy whose eye was torn out.

      CATE makes a shocked face.

      CATE: You think he's been wearing the same suit to all his meetings! Ew, hygeine?

      CHARLIE: No fool, I think?

      She sighs.

      CHARLIE: What if the young guy?is my dad?

      CATE: So?who's Rack?

      CHARLIE: Doy?they're the same person.

      CATE looks at her.

      CATE: Oh golly, I mean Rack's eye sure looks like it took a thrashing in the past?

      CHARLIE: Exactly.

      CATE: What are you gonna do?

      CHARLIE looks around at where she is. She sighs then downs her wine.

      CHARLIE: I'm gonna take your advice.

      CATE: Hygiene?

      CHARLIE: No, I'm not gonna worry about this tonight. I've wasted too much time on?him.

      CATE: Atta girl!

      CHARLIE: I mean its not as if half of what we saw makes sense? I mean a statue of you in a church?yeah like there's an obvious meaning behind it!

      CATE looks worried. Then changes her face and laughs.

      CATE: (laughing) Right, I know?(pretends to wipe tears out of her eyes laughing) Oh?

      There is an awkward silence.

      CATE: (quickly) More drink?

      CHARLIE: (quickly) Yep.

      She watches as CATE runs to the bar with the glasses. She looks at CATE talking to TOOLE, they kiss and smile at one another. She looks at XAK whose busy serving customers. He's smiling. He looks happy. She smiles at where she is, feeling strangely happy in this moment. The image of CHARLIE smiling becomes distorted and her face becomes shrouded in smoke. The camera moves back to reveal she is being looked at through a crystal ball. GLORY/THE FIRST is looking over her.


      GLORY/THE FIRST watches her from the sofa in the crystal ball, but the smoke eventually envelops CHARLIE'S image.

      GLORY/THE FIRST: She's mocking you.

      RACK is standing looking also.

      RACK: I know.

      GLORY/THE FIRST: Yet you're so hung up on saving this chick?

      RACK: She's my daughter.

      GLORY/THE FIRST: Honey she's a lotta things.

      RACK: (firmly) She's?my?daughter.

      GLORY/THE FIRST: Ok, Captain Cranky?I'll get her back for ya?


      The camera shows an alley outside The Bronze, which slowly but surely becomes swarmed with red eyed demons, enveloped in pure darkness. They whisper at one another menacingly as they swoop towards the entrance.

      GLORY/THE FIRST (V/O): ?I got some friends on their way right now.




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        ACT THREE


        The camera shows two bottles of wine, the second one is almost finished. CHARLIE fumbles for the bottle and pours CATE the last glass.

        CATE: You know, I think you're trying to get me drunk.

        CHARLIE laughs, as she leans back and takes a big mouthful of wine from her glass. She swallows.

        CHARLIE: Girl, you're already drunk

        They both laugh. The camera cuts to XAK and TOOLE standing at the bar.


        The OLD WOMAN is sitting in front of them sipping her wine and looking down. She's listening. Absorbing information.

        TOOLE: Think we should cut them off.

        XAK laughs slightly.

        XAK: I dunno, I'm kinda curious to see what they'll do.

        They both laugh. The OLD WOMAN looks up.

        OLD WOMAN: Chivalry is a concept lost amongst some it seems.

        They look at her.

        TOOLE: What?

        The OLD WOMAN ignores TOOLE, she looks at XAK.

        OLD WOMAN: Which one is she?

        XAK: Huh?

        OLD WOMAN: Your girlfriend?

        She turns to look at CHARLIE and CATE who are laughing hysterically.

        OLD WOMAN: The blonde one?

        XAK: No, the brunette.

        The OLD WOMAN looks at CHARLIE, her eyes full of resentment.

        OLD WOMAN: How quaint?

        She turns back to face XAK and TOOLE but as she does a loud crash comes from the entrance. All three of them turn to the door as they see the shadow demons sweeping through the entrance and flooding the club. There are screams of fear and panic from the civilians, and many run out of the door past the demons who do not flinch as their red eyes scan the room looking for their target. They move towards the dance floor?The camera turns back to CHARLIE and CATE.


        CATE: Uh oh. Party poopers.

        CHARLIE: Come on! We'll sort these hooligans out!

        She grabs CATE'S hand and they stumble towards the demons.


        CHARLIE: (shaking her finger at one of the demons) Now listen here buster. This is a social flantuary to us!

        CATE laughs.

        CHARLIE: What?

        CATE: (talking intermittent through gasps for breaths) You said flantuary! It's funny?'cause you meant sanctuary!

        They both collapse into laughter. The shadow demons look at them both. One of the demons floats towards them both.

        SHADOW DEMON: (deeply) You do not concern us.

        The other shadow demons echo his deep and gruff words. CHARLIE looks at him.

        CHARLIE: Oh yeah, well how about this!

        She punches the SHADOW DEMON but falls through him laughing on the floor.

        CATE: Don't worry, I'll save you!

        She shrieks with her nails poised and runs at the SHADOW DEMON but falls through him the same way CHARLIE did, causing her to end up a heap on the floor.

        CATE: (laughing) Ow!

        The camera cuts back to XAK and TOOLE at the bar.


        They are not sharing the hilarious welcome that their girlfriend's are.

        TOOLE: Do you know what they are?

        XAK shakes his head.

        XAK: No.

        On hearing his voice, the shadow demons turn towards him.

        SHADOW DEMON: The death upon him.

        The other shadow demons echo his words and XAK jumps on the bar and on to the other side.

        XAK: Or you know?not.

        The shadow demons rush towards him and they encase him in their darkness. His body becomes lost in a fusion of shadow and red eyes. He tries shouting out but his words are lost. The camera cuts TOOLE. He runs from behind the bar and watches in horror.

        TOOLE: (shouting) Xak!

        The OLD WOMAN in seeing this removes herself from her stool and moves towards the stairs.


        She watches through the banisters. She focuses on the mound of shadows covering XAK. She whispers something, under her breath, the letters "U" and "C" can be heard as the beginning of the two words she utters. There is a loud rumble. There is a roar of anger.


        The shadow demons suddenly are thrown off in various directions. XAK jumps to his feet roaring. His eyes are a deep black and his veins are almost bursting through his skin. TOOLE watches in horror, and even CATE and CHARLIE watch in amazement. The sight of XAK'S rage causes the remaining embodiment of the social scene to disperse through the exits. The OLD WOMAN watches, with pride. The shadow demons turn back to XAK and look at him.

        SHADOW DEMON: This is not how things were supposed to be.

        The other shadow demons echo his words. The camera moves to the OLD WOMAN, who has now moved more on to the dance floor, but remaining hidden behind a pillar. She smiles.

        OLD WOMAN: (whispering ethereally) You have no idea how things are meant to be.

        XAK: (with a deep rage) You have no idea how things are meant to be!

        The camera moves to TOOLE.

        TOOLE: Xak?

        XAK ignores him, as he notices the shadow demons come towards him again. They go to surround him but XAK holds out his hands and manages to physically keep them at arms distance. They look surprised at him.

        OLD WOMAN: (whispering ethereally but slightly louder) This is not the time. Leave.

        XAK: (roaring with anger) This is not the time! Leave!

        CHARLIE (O/S): (drunkenly) You go baby!

        CATE (O/S): Yeah! What she said!

        TOOLE hearing the OLD WOMAN'S whispers looks at her. He turns to XAK as he echoes her words. The camera closes in on TOOLE'S face who clearly doesn't understand what is going on. The camera cuts back to XAK who is holding back the shadow demons with minimal effort now. His black eyes focused on them. The shadow demons look at him, but eventually they back down.

        SHADOW DEMON: We know the time you speak of. So does she. She will see you soon.

        The other shadow demons echo his words as they retreat from XAK'S grasp. They keep their red eyes fixed on him, and fall back to the shadows. They disappear. TOOLE watches them leave, he turns to the OLD WOMAN. She's gone. He turns to XAK who is standing there looking blank. His eyes have returned to their normal colour and his veins are no longer showing the ability to burst with rage. The camera shows a high angle shot of XAK standing by himself with TOOLE watching him. The camera also shows CHARLIE and CATE laughing on the floor about the whole situation. Drunk.


        GLORY/THE FIRST is standing on her own with her arms folded across her stomach. She looks like she's thinking. A chair flies through her. She doesn't flinch. The camera pans round to show RACK, angry, he's thrashing around the room.

        RACK: You failed!

        GLORY/THE FIRST: Oh don't get cranky, I wasn't intending on killing him.

        RACK: What?!

        He moves towards her so he's right in her face.

        RACK: What was your plan then?

        GLORY/THE FIRST smirks.

        GLORY/THE FIRST: To test him, he's been messed with.

        RACK: What? How?

        GLORY/THE FIRST: Your friends.

        RACK looks around.

        RACK: He's been compromised?

        GLORY/THE FIRST: Don't worry sugar, I plan on taking down that boy.

        RACK: When?

        GLORY/THE FIRST: Just when he falls in love with her.

        RACK looks at her, horrified.

        GLORY/THE FIRST: I'll be seeing ya soon then.

        She disappears instantly. The camera shows RACK looking around the room. Empty and devoid of sentiment.


        XAK is still standing looking blankly. He eyes begin to dart around the room. TOOLE approaches him.

        TOOLE: Xak?

        His eyes dart to TOOLE who looks at him worried.

        TOOLE: You ok?

        XAK breathes heavily.

        XAK: What happened?

        TOOLE: I think it's safe to say you lost control for a moment.

        XAK: Is everyone ok?

        They both look around at the empty club, and then to CHARLIE and CATE who are now snoring on the floor of the club.

        TOOLE (O/S): Define ok?

        CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

        The camera pans around the room, DANTE is sitting behind the desk, he's looking down. Opposite him is the YOUNG WOMAN and the MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, they're looking at him expectantly.

        DANTE: So, uh?you guys want some coffee or something?

        They give him an evil look. The door opens. The OLD WOMAN rushes in. She looks a bit flustered.

        OLD WOMAN: Sorry I'm late, I was busy.

        DANTE: We know.

        She looks at the other women.

        OLD WOMAN: What? I didn't compromise the situation, I was careful.

        DANTE: On the plus side, it shows that the plan is officially working.

        He smiles at all three women. They look at him seriously.

        YOUNG WOMAN: Was this the reason you called this meeting?

        MIDDLE AGED WOMAN: To tell us something we are already in knowledge of?

        DANTE: No?

        He looks down and gives a small feeble smile.

        DANTE: ?I'm afraid although the plan is working, we've got a problem.

        OLD WOMAN: Mr Turnpike is correct. It was The First?it attacked at the establishment where he was working using an ancient dark force.

        DANTE looks at the OLD WOMAN, curious.

        OLD WOMAN: It's working alongside an old friend to take out our protagonist.

        YOUNG WOMAN: (angrily) Ra?

        DANTE: (cutting her off) Uh?

        They all look at him, wondering why he would cut them off.

        DANTE: Be that as it may. This was not the problem I was referring to?

        They look at him, he replies with a fearful expression.

        DANTE: (shakily) ?She's here.

        The camera closes in on the women's faces. Their eyes widen, the first sign of panic on their faces.




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          ACT FOUR


          The camera shows XAK supporting CHARLIE who is half asleep, and TOOLE who is doing the same for CATE. They are walking without talking. TOOLE looks over to XAK. He goes to speak but bites his tongue. He looks down then looks back to him.

          TOOLE: What happened back there man?

          XAK: I dunno. One minute I'm being attacked, the next I'm standing there, and those things are gone.

          TOOLE looks down.

          TOOLE: You were freaky.

          XAK looks blankly.

          XAK: Did I hurt anyone?

          TOOLE: (quietly) No.

          They walk for a while without saying anything.

          XAK: You know I'd never hurt you guys right?

          TOOLE looks at him, unsure.

          TOOLE: I know you wouldn't.

          He subtly emphasises the word "you".

          XAK: We all have pasts. Me, you, Cate?Charlie's figuring hers out. We just have to live with what we've done.

          TOOLE: You're right.

          XAK: And I will try with every ounce of strength I have in me?

          He looks at TOOLE.

          XAK: ?To not let it affect me or anyone again.

          TOOLE smiles slightly.

          TOOLE: Same. Although I think your Mrs might have something to say about leaving the past where it belongs.

          XAK: I know.

          TOOLE: Which is why I think you should tell her about what you're seeing.

          XAK looks at him unsure.

          TOOLE: Xak, she's had things hidden from her throughout her whole life?

          XAK looks down at CHARLIE, who is resting her head on his shoulder. He kisses her head. TOOLE watches.

          XAK: I'll tell her, when things simplify slightly.

          TOOLE smiles.

          TOOLE: So not on this side of eternity then?

          XAK laughs slightly.

          XAK: Listen, why don't we all just crash at mine tonight. Those things could be still out there, I'd feel better if we were all together.

          They stop walking.

          TOOLE: Sounds good to me.

          He looks at CHARLIE and CATE.

          TOOLE: I think these two could use some coffee, I'll go get some.

          XAK lets CATE fall on his other shoulder.

          XAK: Sure, ?cause to be honest with you, I could use some after tonight.

          TOOLE laughs slightly.

          TOOLE: I'll see you at home, won't be long.

          XAK nods in acknowledgement, and walks slowly towards home, with the combined weight of CATE and CHARLIE on his shoulders. TOOLE watches XAK, CATE and CHARLIE walk away. He smiles slightly. TOOLE looks around and sees he's standing near the graveyard. He makes his way along the grating to the coffee shop him and CHARLIE were at earlier.

          WOMAN (O/S): Excuse me young man.

          TOOLE looks around, his face drops.

          TOOLE: (shakily) You?

          The camera pans around to see the source of the voice. Before him is a beautiful woman. She has long flowing brown hair and a long green dress. She smiles sweetly at him. It's SEPHY.

          SEPHY: I'm looking for someone, I believe you know her.

          TOOLE looks at her confused.

          TOOLE: Who?

          SEPHY: My daughter.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          ALAN TUDYK as TOOLE
          JEFF KOBER as RACK

          Special Guest Stars:


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            If you would like to give me feedback on Shadow Stalker, visit my thread here! I'm always happy to hear from you and i usually comment on the feedback as well!


            - Originally going to be called "A Past You Can't Escape" but thought "Hell Hath No Fury" was more appropriate.

            - The first episode to feature these mysterious Shadow Demons which are given a name in later episodes.

            - The first episode to feature Sephy in non-flashback/dreams/visions!

            - The poem Cate reads at the beginning is by Lord Byron and is called "She Walks In Beauty Like The Night". I thought it fitted Sephy's appearance and being nicely!
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