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Shadow Stalker - 1.10 - So, Metaphysical!

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  • Shadow Stalker - 1.10 - So, Metaphysical!

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 1.10 ? So, Metaphysical!
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart
    Rating: UK Rating 15 (Violent Scenes)

    Shadow Stalker is officially affiliated with Rogue Redemption, an awesome spin-off created by Amber.

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season One starts alongside Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 3 of Angel and is in association with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Raven (Alexander Brown); Sorceress Of Crimson Falls (Travis); and Wishful Thinking (Ben).

    RACK (V/O): Previously on Shadow Stalker


    CATE and TOOLE are kissing.

    XAK (V/O): (quietly) I know about you and Cate, I saw you?


    TOOLE looks down. Then looks over to CATE.

    TOOLE: Oh?

    XAK: How could you do that to Charlie? After everything Cate put her through.

    TOOLE: Look man, you haven't been through what she's been through.

    XAK: And you have?

    TOOLE looks at him.

    TOOLE: We understand eachother.

    CUT TO ?

    CHARLIE reaches into her pocket and pulls out the list. She gives it to CATE.

    CHARLIE: As much as I hate to say this?I need your help.


    CHARLIE: He was trying to erase you from my memory?he knew I was hurting?

    She leans back against TOOLE'S desk and looks at the list next to her. She stares at the triangle and the bird above CATE'S name.

    CHARLIE: (whispering to herself) What were you trying to make me forget dad?

    CUT TO ?

    CATE: Oh my god?

    CHARLIE: ?What?

    CATE: Didn't you say you had those funky magic mushroom dreams a while back?

    CHARLIE: Yeah, back last year when?

    CATE: ?You ran out of Onyx Tonic.

    CHARLIE'S face drops.

    CHARLIE: Cate, you don't think?

    CATE: What?

    CHARLIE: (upset) What if they weren't dreams?what if they were memories?


    RACK: Charlotte?I love you.

    She stops, surprised. She turns back.

    CHARLIE: Too little too late. I used to think of you as someone who would never hurt me. Now, I look at you, and all I feel is sick?I hate you.

    CHARLIE leaves and is shown packing, then appears back in the room with all her belongings. She looks at him blankly before moving towards him to stand in front of him. He looks at her, clenches a fist and punches her across the face, knocking her to the floor. She looks up from the floor, her lip bleeding. She's crying. He looks at her in pure horror, and to his hand. She stands, and walks towards the door. She opens it, looks back at him before leaving to her salvation, and freedom.




    The camera pans around to show various Chinese takeaway boxes and dishes lying on the living room table. The camera passes up to see TOOLE sitting on the floor and drinking a beer. He's lying his head back on the sofa next to a pair of legs. The camera passes up the legs to reveal CATE lying on the sofa opening all the fortune cookies and laughing. The camera passes to XAK who's sitting on the floor in front of the other sofa on the opposite side of the table. He's watching CATE.

    XAK: (annoyed) Cate!

    She laughs hysterically.

    CATE: What?

    XAK: You can only have one fortune?cookie.

    CATE: Oh pfft you got yours Mr grumpy-destiny.

    XAK picks up a small piece of paper from the table, and looks at it, annoyed.

    XAK: (reading) "Everything happens for a reason"?what a load of crap.

    He throws the piece of paper. CATE laughs.

    CATE: I think it's awesome, symbolic, broad, could apply to anything. Like?

    She picks up the last prawn cracker.

    CATE: (mocking) Is it to be destined by some higher force that I eat this last cracker?

    XAK raises an eyebrow. TOOLE looks down, not finding her joke about destiny too tasteful.

    XAK: Well if there is a higher purpose about you eating that cracker, god help you. Anyway, save some food for Charlie?

    TOOLE looks up.

    TOOLE: How is she?

    XAK: (sighs) Reclusive?

    TOOLE nods, agreeing this is the correct word to use.

    XAK: She doesn't wanna do anything.

    CATE scoffs.

    CATE: I know it's been like two weeks and all, but her dad did hit her and like totally mess with her head, so give it some time before you jump into bed with her again!

    XAK rolls his eyes.

    XAK: I didn't mean that stuff, I meant anything?

    TOOLE and CATE both look at him, sympathetic.

    TOOLE: She'll be fine, she has you right?

    WOMAN (O/S): Right.

    All three of them turn towards the door. CHARLIE'S standing there, the cut on her lip is almost gone. She gives them all a weak smile and leans against the door frame.

    XAK: (smiling) Hey you.

    TOOLE smiles at her.

    CATE: Hey girl! It's good to see you! I saved you some food!

    XAK gives her an annoyed look.

    CHARLIE: No thanks, I'm not hungry.

    They all look at one another lost for words.

    TOOLE: Is there anything we can do?

    CHARLIE: (hesitating) Actually, uh yeah?

    She moves towards them, she's clutching a piece of paper, which she passes to XAK. He reads it, he looks confused.

    XAK: What's this?

    CHARLIE: A list of ingredients.

    They look at her, enquiring.

    CHARLIE: It's a spell. We're going to find out what memories?

    She looks down.

    CHARLIE: ?What memories, he took from me.

    XAK: How?

    The camera closes in on CHARLIE'S face.

    CHARLIE: We're going into my mind?


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    XAK, CATE and TOOLE are all looking at one another. XAK looks up to CHARLIE who is looking at them longingly and hopeful.

    CHARLIE: Well?

    CATE: How are the three of us supposed to get inside your head? Surely there are space issues?

    They look at her, as if to say, "what goes on in YOUR head?"

    XAK: Well Cate, I'm hoping Charlie doesn't mean physically because that's almost as crazy as implying we should go into her head subconsciously.

    CHARLIE kneels down next to him and looks him in the eyes.

    CHARLIE: I can do this Xak, I wouldn't ask anyone else.

    She touches his hand.

    CHARLIE: Please, I need this?

    XAK sighs, and looks at her.

    XAK: Charlie, this spell is dangerous, Doc used to tell me about how he'd seen these spells go wrong, they leave you damaged in every sense?

    TOOLE stands.

    TOOLE: Uh?

    XAK and CHARLIE both look at him.

    TOOLE: Look, I think I speak for both Cate and myself here when I say we're on board no matter what. We owe you guys.

    CATE looks at him and smiles.

    CATE: Totally. Look we'll be back in an hour, whatever you decide?

    She raises a thumb.

    Both her and TOOLE turn and leave through the front door. CHARLIE turns from the door to XAK.

    CHARLIE: Xak if they can do it, why can't you?

    XAK: Because I can't risk you getting hurt.

    CHARLIE: Then help me find out what happened in my past. Why he felt the need to hide my own memories from me.

    XAK: I want to, but I can't lose you. You're the only thing in this crazy world that makes sense to me.

    CHARLIE: You don't think you're the same to me? But we need this Xak, I can't look forward to my life in the future without knowing what happened to me.

    She looks down, tearful.

    CHARLIE: I deserve to know.

    XAK touches her face.

    XAK: Ok?

    She looks up, and smiles. She places her hand over his. She breathes a small sigh of relief.

    CHARLIE: (quietly) Thank you.

    The camera shows a high angle shot of them sitting on the floor together by the sofa.


    TOOLE and CATE are sitting at a table, TOOLE is sipping on a coffee while CATE slurps a pink milkshake. He looks at her, and puts his mug down. She sees him looking.

    CATE: What?

    TOOLE: Nothin'

    CATE: Come on, you've been all quiet ever since dinner.

    TOOLE: I just?

    He looks down and circles the rim of the coffee mug with his index finger.

    TOOLE: You need to think before you speak.

    CATE: Think? Why break the habit of a lifetime.

    She smiles jokingly, he doesn't reciprocate.

    TOOLE: Joking about higher forces and destiny is just not right, not after what's happened recently.

    CATE: Are you talking about Melody and Lance? ?Cause if I remember correctly you were the one that said it was all lies.

    TOOLE: But now this with Charlie. I can't help but think?

    CATE: (cutting him off, curiously) You think they might be linked?

    TOOLE: I think he could be behind it. I mean Melody and Lance told us the danger was already here.

    CATE: You think Rack is behind it?

    TOOLE: Don't you?

    CATE looks out the window. She can't reply.


    The door opens, and XAK enters. It isn't The Magic Box. It is a quieter shop. It's smaller and the shelves steam with mysticism and cynicism. A WOMAN comes in from the back room.

    WOMAN: Sorry we're closed.

    XAK: Hello.

    She looks at him. She's aged and withered, time has clearly taken a lot from her over the years. She squints to see him.

    WOMAN: Xakiel?

    XAK: It's me.

    WOMAN: My boy, what a surprise. How's Doc?

    XAK looks down.

    XAK: He passed away recently.

    WOMAN: Oh my dear boy I am so sorry.

    She stumbles forwards a few steps and touches his hand.

    XAK: (quietly) It's fine.

    WOMAN: How can I help you anyway my boy. Anything you need.

    Her wrinkled mouth smiles faintly.

    XAK: Uh, I need some ingredients.

    WOMAN: Ah, a spell?

    He hands her the list, she widens her eyes to read the words.

    WOMAN: This is dangerous magic Xakiel. Even Doc would have struggled with this.

    XAK: He was more about the brains than the brawn.

    The WOMAN releases a small husky laugh.

    WOMAN: Right you are. Well if you're sure?

    XAK: I am.

    WOMAN: Then I won't be a moment my boy.

    She shuffles into the back room and re-emerges after a few moments clutching some ingredients. She puts them in a brown paper bag. XAK smiles at the fragile person before him. He reaches into his pocket and retrieves some money. She sees him, and shakes her head.

    WOMAN: Oh no no my boy. You owe me no money.

    XAK smiles and re-pockets his money.

    XAK: You're a good woman.

    The WOMAN smiles again.

    WOMAN: Now go, live your life.

    He smiles and nods. He picks up the bag and leaves. The WOMAN sighs.

    ANOTHER WOMAN (O/S): You did well.

    WOMAN: If you hurt him, I'll kill you.

    ANOTHER WOMAN (O/S): That won't be necessary.

    The WOMAN groans as a sword is driven through her. She falls to the floor. Dead. Out of the shadows the MIDDLE AGED WOMAN steps out, brandishing the sword. She smiles.


    There is a knock at the door. CHARLIE is sitting on the sofa, she looks up nervously.

    TOOLE (O/S): It's alright, it's just me.

    CHARLIE lets out a sigh of relief and goes to the door. She opens it, she gives him a half smile.

    CHARLIE: Sorry. Jumpy.

    She looks past TOOLE.

    CHARLIE: Where's Cate?

    TOOLE: She went to get changed. Apparantly this is gonna be, (mocking) "like so, metaphysical!"

    He rolls his eyes and enters. She laughs slightly.

    TOOLE: So it won't be a wasted journey right? I mean Xak agreed.

    CHARLIE: He did.

    TOOLE: I knew he would.

    CHARLIE smiles slightly.

    CHARLIE: You believe in him huh?

    TOOLE: I have faith in his feelings for you.

    CHARLIE: I think I do too?

    They smile at one another. The camera passes around the room to the ceiling, then back down. It is later in the night. XAK, TOOLE and CATE are triangulating CHARLIE'S body on the floor and holding lit candles. There is a bowl of powder CHARLIE is holding on her stomach. It looks to be a combination of a variety of ingredients. CATE is wearing a dress that wouldn't look out of place on the red carpet of an award ceremony and she looks incredibly thrilled by the whole process. TOOLE looks around seriously and XAK looks at his girlfriend, concerned. She looks at him.

    CHARLIE: You ready?

    XAK: (hesitantly) As I'll ever be.

    He looks up from CHARLIE who closes her eyes, to CATE and then he turns to TOOLE and nods.

    TOOLE: Phasmatic Certamen?

    He picks up a handful of powder from the bowl and blows it through his candle flame. A green light emits from his candle to the bowl.

    CATE: Somes Phasmatis Certamen?

    She picks up a handful of powder from the bowl and blows it through her candle flame. A while light emits from her candle to the bowl.

    XAK: Mens Somes Phasmatis Certamen

    He picks up a handful of powder from the bowl and blows it through his candle flame. A red light emits from his candle to the bowl.

    As XAK'S light meets the other lights in the bowl. They all combine and swirl and zoom towards CHARLIE'S head. As the light penetrates her forehead, XAK, CATE and TOOLE'S eyes close and they drop their heads slightly. Slowly, CHARLIE'S eyes open, a bright green light emits from them, at the same time TOOLE'S eyes open also, emitting the same bright green light.




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      ACT TWO


      TOOLE is standing still, the camera is focused on his face, his eyes are closed but they soon open. He looks around. He's standing in an empty desolate lane and there is no one around. In the distance he spots a small cottage on it's own, accommodating the sparse fields surrounding him. It is recognisable as the cottage from CHARLIE'S previous dreams. It looks slightly weathered and forgotten. CHARLIE comes running up behind him, shrieking excitedly.

      CHARLIE: Come on! Come on! Come on!

      TOOLE looks around, startled and confused.

      TOOLE: Huh?

      CHARLIE: Come on! This way! This is so exciting!

      She runs towards the cottage and the image of her jumps erratically and she ends up at the door of the cottage in seconds. She turns to him. Somehow he's standing right next to her.

      CHARLIE: This place is empty, lets take a look around!

      TOOLE looks at the house then to CHARLIE.

      TOOLE: How do you know?

      CHARLIE: Duh?

      She rolls her eyes and goes to the door, which opens automatically. She goes in, TOOLE follows.


      TOOLE: Charlie, I don't understand. What is this place?

      CHARLIE: I dunno, somewhere I guess. I mean everything is somewhere right?

      She shrugs and walks down the hallway towards the kitchen. She stops at the back door. She smiles. TOOLE walks up to her, slowly. He stands by her at the door. Before them both is a garden, and at the bottom of it the SMALL GIRL also from CHARLIE'S previous dreams is swinging on the seat where her and SEPHY sat. She fidgets and looks annoyed. She doesn't look much older than in the previous dreams.

      SMALL GIRL: (shouting) Daddy! I'm bored!

      She waits for a reply.

      SMALL GIRL: Daddy!

      She hops off the swing seat and runs towards the door where CHARLIE and TOOLE are standing.

      TOOLE: (to CHARLIE) What is this?

      CHARLIE: Forgotten.

      She looks at him. He looks from her to the girl who runs past them both and down the hallway and up the stairs. TOOLE looks back at CHARLIE but she's gone, she's standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up.

      TOOLE: Charlie?

      CHARLIE: It's upstairs.

      TOOLE: What is?

      CHARLIE: The memory, the ground floor doesn't exist anymore, well not at the moment anyway.

      He looks down and sees the floor beginning to disintegrate beneath him. He sees a side table fall into the abyss, on it a picture of SEPHY, he watches the frame fall. SEPHY'S face plummeting into the darkness.

      CHARLIE: Toole!

      He shakes his head and runs towards the stairs, and they both run upstairs.


      TOOLE goes to run down the corridor but CHARLIE holds his arm.

      CHARLIE: It's ok now?I remember this?

      TOOLE: None of this makes sense.

      He looks perplexed.

      CHARLIE: We have to follow the memory, what this is, where this is, it's a memory. If we get left behind, we'll get lost forever?

      TOOLE: This is what Xak meant isn't it? The dangers?

      CHARLIE: Yes.

      TOOLE looks down the corridor, various doors lead off to different rooms.

      TOOLE: Which room?

      She walks towards a nearby door and goes to reach for the door handle.

      CHARLIE: This one?

      TOOLE stands next to her and she opens the door. In the room, there is a bed. In the bed is the CHEESEMAN lying in his suit stroking a slice of cheese happily. He looks at them as they look extremely confused at this anomaly.

      CHEESEMAN: This room is taken. It's our honeymoon. We're going to be so happy together.

      He kisses the cheese and CHARLIE closes the door on him. They look at one another.

      TOOLE: This is your lost memory?

      He raises an eyebrow.

      CHARLIE: Uh, no?

      She looks just as confused as he does. She turns back to the door.

      CHARLIE: Oh, this is the door?

      TOOLE: But we just went in there.

      CHARLIE: No this is right, I know it.

      She opens it to see RAS standing there with the SUITED MAN from the desert. The SUITED MAN is leaning against the window frame and RAS is sitting on the edge of the bed. The SMALL GIRL runs up the stairs and peers round the edge of the door, standing next to TOOLE in the doorframe. TOOLE looks down at her curious face, then back to CHARLIE. Both him and CHARLIE stay in the hallway watching the memory unfold.

      CHARLIE: I told you.

      TOOLE: (confused) But how is this a memory?

      SUITED MAN: I can't listen to this Ras?

      TOOLE'S attention diverts from CHARLIE to the two men. The SUITED MAN looks annoyed and extremely frustrated.

      RAS: (pleading) You have to understand, she can't come back.

      SUITED MAN: Does she know about this meeting?

      RAS: No?

      He looks down.

      RAS: ?But she wants what is best for our daughter, I know she does.

      SUITED MAN: She will never leave you alone, I know her better than you Ras, it won't take just a simple moving away to keep her gone!

      RAS: I know! Which is why I want you to take this?

      He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a load of money. The SUITED MAN laughs.

      SUITED MAN: Oh you cannot be serious?You think I'm that materialistic?

      RAS: What else will it take?

      He stands, and the SUITED MAN stands opposite him

      SUITED MAN: It's gonna have to be a bit more personal, after all you are tearing a mother away from her child.

      RAS gulps.

      RAS: Do it?

      In one swift motion the SUITED MAN swipes at RAS' face. Blood pours down his face and in the SUITED MAN'S hands is an eyeball. The camera pans up to RAS' face. His right eye is missing and he has various deep cuts around it. He's screaming in pain. The camera pans back to CHARLIE, who's watching the whole scene with a blank expression, and TOOLE looking horrified.

      TOOLE: Dear god?

      CHARLIE: Wait?

      The SMALL GIRL next to both of them screams. RAS and the SUITED MAN turn to her startled.

      RAS: Charis!

      The door slams on CHARLIE and TOOLE. They are left standing outside the door. TOOLE looks down, the SMALL GIRL has gone. TOOLE looks to CHARLIE.

      TOOLE: Charlie, what's going on, do you remember any of this.

      CHARLIE: (ignoring him) Why is the floor not dissolving?

      She becomes distracted and walks down the corridor. She goes to another door. She opens it.


      Her and TOOLE are no longer in the cottage anymore. They're in TOOLE'S hospital room from when he was attacked at Christmas. CATE is sitting by his bedside, they're talking.

      CHARLIE: Guess great minds think alike huh?

      She looks at TOOLE who realises what is being said. His eyes widen. HOSPITALISED TOOLE is looking down, his face is red and he's finding it hard to talk. CATE'S looking at him curiously.

      HOSPITALISED TOOLE: ?That body, that Charlie and I found, it was my brother's. He was killed, and I let him be dead?

      He looks upset, CATE looks shocked.

      HOSPITALISED TOOLE: ?And to make it worse, I blamed him for the death of our parents. They were killed by vampires when I was a child, and I let them be dead too. It's all my fault.

      CATE: Christ Toole?

      CHARLIE watches them both, her eyes widen. TOOLE looks down. The cat is well and truly out the bag. The image of CATE and HOSPITALISED TOOLE talking becomes distorted as we see the image of the room flicker briefly to TOOLE'S OFFICE where an image of TOOLE kissing CATE on the sofa is shown. He breaks the kiss and turns to CHARLIE. CATE can't see her though, she goes to kiss his neck.

      TOOLE: Charlie?I can explain.

      CHARLIE is standing on her own now, looking at TOOLE entwined in CATE. He looks worried and slightly upset. CHARLIE smiles.

      CHARLIE: It's fine, you should have told me.

      TOOLE: Which part?

      She continues smiling. The room darkens till eventually there is just black, never-ending darkness. Suddenly the lights go up slightly?


      TOOLE and CHARLIE'S eyes are still glowing with a green hue but as CHARLIE'S eyes close, the flame on TOOLE'S candle goes out and he falls backwards. The green light ceases to exist. As TOOLE lies motionless on the floor, CHARLIE'S eyes open again, this time, a white light emitting from her eyes. Now CATE'S eyes open in the same way, and she shares CHARLIE'S white tinted vision. The screen fills with a blinding white light.


      The light fades and the camera focuses on a close up of CATE'S face. Her eyes are closed. She opens them. She looks around confused. A huge gothic looking church is in front of her. It looks to be fairly dark and satanical, not of the virtuous kind. Its towering turrets oppress the field of buried bodies, making their depth into the earth insignificant. The breeze through the churchyard ruffles her hair and dress as she looks at the graves before her. The names on the graves don't make sense, they're written in another language.

      CHARLIE: It's Greek.

      She looks to see CHARLIE standing next to her. She's looking at the church and not at the graves. She looks at CATE.

      CHARLIE: (enquiring) I thought you knew that?

      CATE looks at her, wondering.

      CATE: Charlie, is this your mind or mine?

      She looks at her, a half smile emerging on her face.

      CHARLIE: It doesn't matter. We're combined so following the memory is pointless.

      CATE: Woah?so what does that mean?

      CHARLIE: It means nothing makes sense, sorry?

      CATE: Why are you apologising?

      CHARLIE smiles slightly.

      CHARLIE: Come on, we'll be late.

      She starts walking towards the huge almost comically sized door. CATE just watches.

      CATE: I don't understand, late for what?

      CHARLIE laughs.

      CHARLIE: You're so ridiculous, I love it.

      She smiles then turns and opens the door, then runs into the building. The door slams behind her. CATE looks around unsure, she eventually gives in to her curiosity and walks slowly towards the church. She reaches for the handle and opens it. The huge handle moves downward and she opens the door.


      The place is packed with people all lined up, on their knees along the pews. They all turn to CATE as she enters. They look annoyed.

      CATE: (quietly) Oooh, sorry, didn't mean to disturb your worshippy stuff.

      She walks slowly, searching for CHARLIE. She moves down the church and scans the crowd. She sees CHARLIE deep in prayer with people alongside her, however there is a space next to her. CATE goes over to her slowly, and quietly. She gets on her knees and pretends to pray, she opens one eye.

      CATE: Psst?

      CHARLIE: Don't be rude, this is a holy place.

      CATE: Oh, sorry.

      CHARLIE: Besides, you're late, where did you get to?

      CATE: Huh?

      CHARLIE: Shh?

      CATE silences. She hears a rattling next to her. She opens both her eyes to see a collection plate being passed around. It is passed to the man next to her who puts a slice of cheese in.

      CATE: Huh?

      She looks up to see the CHEESEMAN next to her.

      CHEESEMAN: (tearful) We all have to make sacrifices.

      CATE: Uh, yeah?

      She looks around and sees a few people looking up, in pure wonder and amazement at what's before them. She looks, and gasps. She sees a large statue of herself. She can't comprehend what's going on.

      CATE: Goodness, Charlie that statue is hot!

      CHARLIE: You're not looking at it closely enough.

      CATE turns back to the statue, it's changed. No longer does it resemble her.

      CATE: Huh, it changed?

      MAN (O/S): Things have a habit of appearing to be one thing but being another?

      She looks to see RACK next to her now, instead of the CHEESEMAN. She gasps.

      RACK: ?But you'd know all about that wouldn't you? "Cate"?

      He laughs, and CATE feels herself being dragged to the side, she looks up to see CHARLIE desperately pulling her towards a cupboard door. CHARLIE opens it and CATE clambers to her feet and goes into the closet. They close it and they hold the door shut. CATE holds it shut with all her might, but CHARLIE has turned around.

      CHARLIE: Uh Cate?

      CATE: (straining) Yeah?

      CHARLIE: ?I don't think we're in Kansas anymore?


      CATE looks around, at the sandy dunes that surround them. The sun beats down on them and the wind is blowing strong forcing the girls to squint through the sand soaring into their faces. CATE looks back, the door is gone.

      CATE: Charlie, where are we?

      Before CHARLIE can answer, a tornado of sand forms and swirls near them. The girls scream and clutch on to one another. As quickly as it formed, the dust falls. In its place is a man and a girl. Behind them, is a desk, and behind that desk sits the SUITED MAN. The girls splutter out some sand from their mouths and they move closer to the man and the girl.

      SUITED MAN: Late, as always.

      MAN: I'm on time, as always.

      The man looks around, checking the coast is clear. The girls gasp. It's RACK. He looks younger, early thirties. The girl next to him has long brown hair, she turns around also and looks straight at the girls.

      CATE: Oh my god?

      It's CHARLIE. She's much younger, looking to be about eight years old.

      SUITED MAN: (looking at the girl) Hello?Charlotte?

      She nods.

      RACK: (to his daughter) Don't talk to him Charlotte.

      He looks back to the SUITED MAN.

      RACK: I have your money.

      He throws a huge wad of cash on the table, which the SUITED MAN takes and puts into the blazer pocket of his suit.

      SUITED MAN: She's not happy you know.

      RACK: She understands.

      SUITED MAN: She says to tell you that your magicks cannot keep her away, not completely?

      The SUITED MAN looks directly at CATE and CHARLIE who are merely watching the scene unfold. As he looks at them, the whole screen fills with a blinding white light.


      The light settles to show CATE and CHARLIE'S eyes still glowing with a white light but as CHARLIE'S eyes close, the flame on CATE'S candle goes out and she falls backwards in the same fashion as TOOLE. The white light ceases to exist, leaving one final light shining strong on its own. As CATE lies motionless on the floor next to TOOLE, CHARLIE'S eyes open again, this time, a red light emitting from her eyes. Slowly XAK'S eyes open and like CHARLIE he shares her bloody vision. He smiles menacingly.




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        ACT THREE


        The camera shows XAK behind the bar. His eyes are closed. They open slowly. He's cleaning in slow motion, watching the cloth move in concentric circles around the counter. He looks up and his eyes pass over the crowd. A mixture of older men and women and younger adults are dancing, and he even spots several young children. He watches them dance rapidly to the music, and they move so fast they begin to blur. In the crowd he does recognise one of the fragmented figures however?CHARLIE. She's smiling and screaming happily and dancing quickly to the rhythm of the music. XAK removes his hand from the cloth but it still continues to clean majestically. He makes his way slowly over to CHARLIE and stands in front of her blurring body.

        XAK: Charlie?

        She stops moving, and comes into focus. She says something to him, but her words are muted due to the loud music.

        XAK: Charlie!

        She rolls her eyes and clicks her fingers and all the noise in the room is muted.

        CHARLIE: Can you hear me now?

        XAK nods, then looks around.

        XAK: (indicating the crowd) What's this?

        CHARLIE: (shrugging) Beats me, I gave up following the memory a while back, and you know what?

        XAK: What?

        CHARLIE: The floor doesn't disappear!

        She laughs. XAK looks confused.

        XAK: Right?

        The camera circles them both standing in the blurred crowd. Then the camera fixes on CHARLIE and XAK'S faces.

        CHARLIE (V/O): (echoed) You know you killed them all don't you?

        XAK looks at her, shocked. The camera cuts back to reveal everyone surrounding them is dead. The women, the men, even the children all lying on the floor. Their mouths open indicating their last breaths were spent uttering shrill screams of pain. XAK looks around horrified at the bodies before him. CHARLIE looks at him menacingly.

        CHARLIE: (encompassing the voices of three separate women) It's a bit late to care now killer?

        He keeps on looking around, there is a person in the background stumbling over the bodies. It's the CHEESEMAN. He's clutching a slice of cheese.

        CHEESEMAN: Oh don't worry, the cheese is fine. You didn't harm the cheese.

        He smiles at XAK who looks at him as if he's insane. XAK turns back to face CHARLIE who's now standing near the partially opened door to the cellar. She goes to walk in.

        CHARLIE: This way lover?

        She looks back at him, a red twinkle in her eye seduces him to follow her. He traipses over the hundreds of bodies, and follows her into the cellar. All is dark. There is nothing but the penetrating and unforgiving darkness, even the shadows are lost.

        XAK: Charlie?

        She laughs.

        XAK: Charlie, this isn't funny.

        CHARLIE: No baby, it isn't?

        He hears her running down the steps, until her footsteps stop suddenly. He follows her quickly. He looks at the floor as he notices he's walking down stone and not wood anymore. He sees a light. He feels hot.

        CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

        As XAK steps down the final step, a warm and hazy light reveals he indeed has been walking down stone. He looks up to see CHARLIE. She's standing at the end of a cliff edge, in a huge cavern.

        XAK: Charlie!

        He runs towards her.

        CHARLIE: It's beautiful?

        He goes to pull her back from the edge but stops when he realises where they are.

        XAK: (staring wide eyed) Oh?my?god?

        Looking out into the cavern he sees lakes of lava surging with spiteful heat and various people screaming at being thrown into the lakes one by one by horrific demons. He sees various people weeping, being whipped and beaten.

        CHARLIE: Don't it look familiar?

        XAK: Yes?

        CHARLIE: Does that look familiar?

        She points towards the back of the cavern, and XAK looks upwards. A towering and deathly castle overpowers the back of the cavern wall, it looks almost built into the wall itself. It's ghoulish spires twist amongst the rocks and the windows vent the pain, suffering, fear and power from within. Both him and CHARLIE look at one another then look back to the castle. At the front doors they see two figures standing there. The camera zooms in on the figures to see that they are in fact XAK and CHARLIE. They look up at the door in front of them.

        CHARLIE: You gonna go in or what?

        XAK: Why would I?

        CHARLIE: ?Cause this is your mind?not mine?

        XAK: I thought we were finding your memories?

        CHARLIE: I've seen all there is for now, healing is a long process.

        XAK looks at her.

        CHARLIE: What?

        XAK: You're different.

        CHARLIE: You've forgotten where we are?

        XAK: I haven't.

        CHARLIE: Then why did you ask me that question?

        She looks at him, then opens the door and they both walk in without saying anything else.

        CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

        They are in a huge hallway. At the end are three thrones, in the central one is an infamous god?GLORY. Either side of her are two other gods, who are just as beautiful and young looking as GLORY. GLORY is larger than she was in Sunnydale. More demonic. Her skin is almost tinted red, and covered in a subtle demonic scaled skin. The other gods are the same, and the three of them together are a beautiful sight. Before GLORY is a DAMNED WOMAN on her knees, shaking her hands in prayer and worship at the gods. XAK and CHARLIE move closer, and stand together behind one of the many pillars that line the hallway.

        DAMNED WOMAN: (pleading, and tearful) I beg of you! Glorificus! I ask not a lot?

        GLORY: (smirking) The mere fact you ask me is beyond rude! And also, couldn't you have dressed up for an audience with the gods themselves?

        DAMNED WOMAN: Forgive me! These are my best rags most splendiferous one.

        GLORY scoffs.

        GLORY: Whatever, kill her?

        There is a massive roar of fury from the rooftops and a a giant turret of flames descends on to the DAMNED WOMAN. Her screams become engulfed by the fire and black smoke. As the heat and light dies away, she lies there a motionless corpse. The gods either side of GLORY flinch slightly. She notices.

        GLORY: Oh lighten up you two, this is after all our world!

        GOD #1: We are in charge of worship and order Glorificus?

        GOD #2: ?Not deciding on who dies for selfish reasons.

        GLORY stands and walks down the hallway, she is wearing a long red robe. She turns back to the other gods. From the roof the murderer of the DAMNED WOMAN'S is found as a large black dragon soars down, shrieking and roaring. It lands next to GLORY and she pats it as if it were a dog. The camera passes back to XAK and CHARLIE. He is breathing heavily, enraged.

        CHARLIE: (whispering) That?that thing. It's you isn't it?

        He nods. It is almost possible to hear his teeth grind together out of anger and fear. His wrath is diverted though as another person joins her, XAK recognises this person too.

        XAK: (growling) Doc?

        GLORY smiles at DOC as he joins her. He looks more demonic, with pale green scaly skin. Like GLORY he too is larger in size than an ordinary human.

        GLORY: (indicating her fellow gods) I wouldn't make such wacky accusations to me in future. (to XAKIEL and DOC) Come on boys, these two are my cramping my style.

        DOC laughs and XAKIEL growls. They walk off to the right and go through a large archway. XAK and CHARLIE run after them. They listen in.

        DOC: ..You know it is coming most wise one.

        GLORY: Pfft, am I bothered? War is just playtime for a gal like me!

        DOC: Their power is growing, they have the favour of the world against us?

        GLORY: (looking at XAKIEL) Well if anyone speaks up?I'll have Xakky boy here torch ?em.

        They laugh and XAKIEL roars in agreement. The camera focuses on XAK, he turns to CHARLIE. She's gone. He looks back to his former mistress and she's gone as well. He listens and hears footsteps running behind him.

        XAK: (shouting) Charlie!?

        He runs back into the hallway. The other two gods have also disappeared. He looks back towards the front door. He sees CHARLIE opening the front door and running out.

        XAK: Charlie!!

        He desperately runs towards her and he brushes past the open door after her.

        CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

        Outside, XAK finds himself on the edge of another cliff now, he hears a scream. A woman's scream. He walks to the edge of the cliff.

        VOICE (O/S): Xak! Help!

        He looks down. CHARLIE'S hanging from the cliff edge, desperation and fear fill her eyes. Beneath her, a swirling pool of molten magma awaits her descent. XAK drops to his stomach and reaches down, holding on to her. He strains and tries to pull her up.

        XAK: Charlie! I can't hold on?

        She begins to slip through his fingers, he tightens the grip, which causes her to slip faster.

        CHARLIE: Xak?

        He looks her in the eyes.

        CHARLIE: ?Goodbye?

        She releases her grip. She closes her eyes and falls backwards.

        XAK: (shouting) No! Charlie!!

        Just before she encounters the harsh heat of the lake, a blinding white light fills the area.


        All four of the gang wake up gasping for breath. The camera is placed in the middle them. It passes round to TOOLE who looks down, trying to figure out what he saw. He looks to CHARLIE. The camera then passes to CATE who is checking her hair with an expression of confusion before looking at CHARLIE. Finally, the camera comes across to XAK who is already staring at CHARLIE. Fear in his eyes.


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          ACT FOUR


          CATE and TOOLE are walking down a street. She shudders slightly due to the cold and harsh breeze. TOOLE looks at her, he puts an arm around her.

          TOOLE: Better?

          CATE smiles, feeling his warmth surge through her.

          CATE: Much, thank you.

          They walk on, neither one says anything.

          TOOLE: Man that was a weird evening.

          CATE doesn't react.

          TOOLE: Charlie finding out was?relieving?

          CATE: (concerned) Are you sure she's cool with us?

          TOOLE: I dunno. I think she's more worried about the other things she saw.

          CATE doesn't look convinced.

          TOOLE: If she isn't?we'll deal.

          He tightens his grip around her to comfort her. They continue walking but CATE looks as though she's thinking things over.

          CATE: I'm sorry about earlier, I need to think more.

          TOOLE: It's fine, don't worry.

          CATE: It's just, before you, I never had someone whose opinion I cared about.

          TOOLE: You have Charlie.

          CATE: It's different with her. With you it's like?

          They stop, she looks at him.

          CATE: ?So, metaphysical.

          He laughs, he kisses her softly.

          TOOLE: I know what you mean?

          They carry on, walking into the night.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          CHARLIE comes in from the kitchen area, she's clutching a mug of coffee. She looks at XAK.

          CHARLIE: (quietly) You ok?

          CHARLIE sits next to him and places the mug on the table, which is now clear of any takeaway dishes.

          XAK: I guess.

          There is a long pause. She looks at him.

          CHARLIE: I'm sorry I put you through that.

          XAK: (pensive) You weren't to know.

          CHARLIE: I've been so wrapped up in what happened to me.

          She looks down.

          CHARLIE: I didn't think about you.

          XAK: I just never thought I'd remember what I'd done?

          CHARLIE'S at a loss for words.

          CHARLIE: You have no idea what that meant to me, for you to do that, for me.

          XAK: Everything I do is for you, I just don't want you to think any the less of me now. After seeing what I was like.

          CHARLIE: (softly) I could never?

          She kisses him softly on the lips. She pulls back smiling slightly. He looks at her curiously.

          XAK: Does this mean you're moving forwards?

          CHARLIE: It means we're moving forwards?

          XAK: Despite everything?

          CHARLIE: In spite of everything? Toole blaming himself for his brother's death, him and Cate being together. You and Glorificus. It's a lot to take in, but I can deal, with you by my side?

          XAK smiles now, content.

          CHARLIE: I also found out how much I don't like cheese?

          XAK laughs slightly.

          XAK: But you found out some stuff, some more relevant stuff?About your past?

          CHARLIE pulls out a piece of paper and on it is scribbled various drawings, for example a cottage, a church, the words "Ras" and "Charis" and a picture of a suit with a question mark next to it. She smiles slightly.

          CHARLIE: (softly) It's a start?

          XAK pulls her towards him and she falls slowly into his embrace as he clutches her with his arm. She continues to stare at the piece of paper, content. He kisses her lightly on the head. The camera pulls back to show them together on the sofa, comforted and contorted.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          ALAN TUDYK as TOOLE
          JEFF KOBER as RACK

          Special Guest Stars:
          JOEL GREY as DOC


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            If you would like to give me feedback on Shadow Stalker, visit my thread here! I'm always happy to hear from you and i usually comment on the feedback as well!


            - People were confused about the title of this episode but it's based on what Cate says during the episode.

            - This is my version of "Restless". It's one of my favourite episodes this season. It's important, it's fun, it features the Cheese Man...what more could you want?

            - In Cate's visions i was going to include The Clique...but never got round to doing it!

            - In Xak's visions i tried to explain more about Glory's past and indeed Xak's past. A lot of people didn't like the way i portrayed Glory as being more humane in her appearance but for me...a human can be far scarier than any demon looking thing. Dark Willow vs Acathla...Ted vs Penis Headed Lady in DoubleMeat Palace? I rest my case...

            - I also tried to give an explanation of why Rack has one crazy looking eye!
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