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Shadow Stalker - 1.09 - A Darker Shade Of Me

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  • Shadow Stalker - 1.09 - A Darker Shade Of Me

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 1.09 ? A Darker Shade Of Me
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart
    Rating: UK Rating 15 (Drug Abuse and Upsetting Scenes)

    Shadow Stalker is officially affiliated with Rogue Redemption, an awesome spin-off created by Amber.

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season One starts alongside Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 3 of Angel and is in association with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Raven (Alexander Brown); Sorceress Of Crimson Falls (Travis); and Wishful Thinking (Ben).

    RACK (V/O): Previously on Shadow Stalker


    LANCE: We're here?to warn you.

    MELODY: You have to listen, they know what we're saying, and they're coming. We'll suffer for this?

    She indicates LANCE who is looking incredibly sad and serious.


    The YOUNG WOMAN, the MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, and the OLD WOMAN walk through the office.

    MELODY (V/O): ?Something bad is coming Cate, it's already here. Everything that's happened over the past few months has all been orchestrated by a higher force?


    DANTE sits and pulls open a file that simply has a triangle on it with a symbol of a bird in the middle. No name. He begins reading.

    DANTE: Interesting.

    MIDDLE AGED WOMAN: So you see the problems that have arose the past months.

    DANTE: Yes, I certainly do.

    OLD WOMAN: We are at war with The First Evil, it must not know we are taking action against it.

    YOUNG WOMAN: We have the backing of many, but as you know, some closer affiliations have been treacherous.

    DANTE turns the page, and on this next page there is a picture of MELODY and LANCE with a cross through their pictures.

    MIDDLE AGED WOMAN: We need your help devising a new strategy.

    DANTE: That shouldn't be a problem, and I wouldn't worry, I have a solution that could kill two birds with one stone.

    OLD WOMAN: I hope so Mr Turnpike?


    XAK and CHARLIE are under the sheets, he's on top of her, they are naked, and writhing in passion.

    OLD WOMAN (V/O): Because thing's have just gotten extremely complicated.




    The camera scans around the bedroom. There are clothes lying haphazardly across the floor and over various furniture items, such as CHARLIE'S red dress, and XAK'S new jeans. The camera passes slowly over the bed. CHARLIE is asleep in XAK'S arms. Her eyes begin twitching, she gasps and her eyes open suddenly. XAK wakes also, startled by her for the fourth night in a row.

    XAK: Charlie?

    She sits up slightly and looks around the room and sees where she is, and then looks at XAK. She smiles.

    XAK: Another nightmare?

    CHARLIE: (groggy) Lame huh.

    XAK: Well you can tell whatever is going on in that head of yours that nothing's gonna hurt you while I'm here.

    He sits up to kiss her forehead.

    CHARLIE: I dunno what it is. I guess I'm just not used to sleeping in a bed that isn't mine.

    XAK: Not complaining I hope?

    She laughs and kisses him.

    CHARLIE: God no!

    They both lie back down.

    CHARLIE: What time is it?

    He kisses her passionately.

    XAK: (whispering) Who cares?

    She goes with the kiss.

    CHARLIE: Toole?

    XAK breaks the kiss and looks at her confused.

    XAK: Uh, I'm Xak.

    CHARLIE laughs and playfully punches his chest.

    CHARLIE: No, he'll be wanting you at work soon surely?

    XAK: Urgh, probably.

    CHARLIE: (sarcastically motivating) Come on then trooper, up and at ?em!

    XAK: What will you do?

    CHARLIE: It's been a week since I stayed at home, maybe I should go you know? I should wash my clothes as well?

    She indicates the fact that all she has is her red dress.

    CHARLIE: ?I'm still trying to impress you, and I can't do that when I just have my red dress, and your jeans and shirts.

    XAK: (sarcastically) Yeah, your sexy red dress is a real turn off.

    CHARLIE: Well I'm hoping the sight of me in men's clothes is a turn off.

    She smirks. XAK looks embarrassed.

    CHARLIE: Besides, if I go home I could sleep for a change?

    They laugh.

    CHARLIE: ?And I'm sure my dad's at a loose end without me.


    The camera pans around the kitchen. The kitchen table is covered with various glasses and vials of liquid. There's a microscope on the table as well as a lot of parchment. RACK rushes to the table, he's looking stressed and deprived of rest. He pours one vial into another and a large cloud of hazed grey smoke comes from it, which writhes around the room then zooms back into the vial. He smiles and grabs a piece of parchment. The parchment is aged and written on it are the words "ONYX TONIC". Underneath the list, there are two things. One is a bird, the other is a triangle. RACK clenches his fist and whispers something into it. With this fist he then slams into the parchment which fills the room with a blinding white light. As the light settles, it is shown there is another item on the list. The word, "CATE".


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    The camera shows someone kneeling down, and the person's hand placing bottles of beer in a fridge, the camera passes up the arm to show it's CATE. She stands and ticks off the beers on the inventory list and writes something next to the tick. TOOLE comes up behind her and puts his arms around her waist and kisses her head. CATE smiles, but turns around looking serious.

    CATE: Toole, what if someone sees.

    TOOLE: Then they'll be getting voyeuristic pleasure for free, now shush?

    He kisses her.

    CATE: I meant more like Charlie, or Xak even.

    TOOLE: His shift doesn't start for another hour and why would Charlie come in?

    She sighs.

    CATE: Sorry, I'm being totally ridiculous. It's just, this past week has been great but it's like I'm hiding something I should be ashamed of, and I'm not?for once.

    TOOLE: I know, it's hard.

    He sighs, and leans back on the counter opposite her.

    TOOLE: You're right we should tread carefully. I don't wanna hurt either of them.

    CATE: I know.

    He reaches out and touches her face.

    TOOLE: We'll figure something out. Look, why don't you take the day off "Toole lovin'"?go shopping or something?

    She moves away from his hand.

    CATE: Shopping? I'm on holiday from my job as a personal shopper, and you got me shopping in my spare time? It's like saying "Hey Toole, it's your night off, lets go to a bar!"?

    He looks confused as to why this would be a bad idea.

    CATE: ?Besides, I like "Toole lovin'"

    He smiles and grabs her, pulling her towards him.

    TOOLE: That so?

    She nods smiling and kisses him again. He breaks away slowly and goes to check the inventory list she was holding, he crosses something out that she's written and writes something else in it's place.

    CATE: Toole?

    TOOLE looks up.

    TOOLE: Cate, you put two crates of twenty four beers into the fridge, how does that add up to 57?

    He smiles at her, she shrugs.

    CATE: (repeating) Toole?

    TOOLE: Uh huh?

    CATE: Are we ever gonna talk about your brother and my?bitch?

    TOOLE: (monotonously) What's there to talk about?

    CATE: How about they were trying to get us to kill ourselves? Or that this big bad behind it all, is actually already here?

    TOOLE: I don't know Cate, but all I know is I don't know how either one of us could trust them?especially considering their past records.

    CATE: I know it's not like the most reliable source of information, but heck before they came we didn't even know something was up?

    TOOLE: True, but who's to say they weren't playing double agent?

    CATE: (quietly) They said they forgave us.

    TOOLE: I know you wanna believe that, but it's not true?

    The camera shows him looking at her, then passing away to her upset face.


    XAK and CHARLIE are walking down an alleyway near to the graveyard. They have their hands entwined with one another's and can't help but smile. CHARLIE looks around the alleyway, amazed.

    CHARLIE: Wow, this is?outside?

    XAK: I've heard of this place, it's scary?

    CHARLIE: Don't worry, I'll protect you, I hear air particles are like mega harmful. Oh?

    She stops suddenly, as does XAK.

    XAK: What?

    CHARLIE holds out a hand, she looks confused.

    CHARLIE: It's warm?

    XAK looks confused.

    XAK: Are these the harmful air particles? Are they angry?

    CHARLIE: No dummy, it's my dad's place.

    XAK: (confused) Is that strange? I thought he moved it all the time.

    CHARLIE: Yeah he does, but never here.

    XAK: Would he have a reason to move somewhere new?

    CHARLIE: Usually, it's to stay out of trouble.

    They look at one another, unsure.

    XAK: Sure you wanna go home?

    CHARLIE: I can't keep wearing this dress.

    She laughs.

    XAK: Like I said, I ain't complaining.

    She kisses him.

    CHARLIE: I'll see you at The Bronze later.

    She smiles and leaves through the mystical doorway.


    RACK is sitting at the table, he's clearing up some things on the table. Such as rolls and piles of parchments and vials of black liquid, some darker some more clear with a hint of grey.

    CHARLIE (O/S): (shouting) Dad?

    He looks up, startled. He quickly gathers up the rolls of parchment but one falls on the floor. On hearing CHARLIE try the door handle he glares at the paper which disappears. All that is left is the microscope and some empty vials. CHARLIE enters.

    CHARLIE: Hey stranger.

    RACK smiles weakly.

    RACK: Hey.

    CHARLIE: So what's with the new location?

    RACK: Guy's gotta move where the junkies take him.

    CHARLIE: Oh, see I thought there might be a new danger, or you know you might be avoiding me.

    RACK: So how's Xak? Birds still flying?

    CHARLIE on hearing XAK'S name discards the obvious avoiding on her father's behalf, she's too happy to contain it.

    CHARLIE: (smiling) He's fine. I just, I dunno missed you in some weird way, thought I'd come back for a few days.

    RACK: Gee, make a guy feel special.

    CHARLIE: (smirking) Shut up, oh you got a client by the way.

    RACK: Who?

    CHARLIE: Amy, she's here more than I am.

    RACK: She's going through some stuff, she gives us good money.

    CHARLIE: You're charging her now?

    RACK: I'm charging everyone from now on, no exceptions. It's not enough to take a tour.

    CHARLIE: If you say so. Anyway, I thought you didn't get close to your clients, you used to hate hearing their problems. (mocking) Is Amy your favourite!

    She makes a mock shocked face and walks towards the stairway to her room.

    RACK: (firmly) She's not, and I do not have favourites.

    She stops and turns back.

    CHARLIE: Oh really? (folding her arms) What about that Willow chick?

    RACK: A big loss?

    CHARLIE: You totally fell for her.

    RACK: I fell for her power

    CHARLIE: Is that right? So you give all your clients nicknames?

    He doesn't say anything.

    CHARLIE: It's insanely creepy dad, but whatever, that's you all over, on the outside you show off to these clients that you're this big shot evil warlock, but deep down?.you're just a dad.

    She smiles, and turns to go upstairs.

    RACK: (hesitantly) Charlie, I made some Onyx Tonic?

    She turns again. He holds out his hand to show her a syringe of Onyx Tonic, it's a deeper shade of black, almost mesmerising. CHARLIE looks at the liquid longingly.

    CHARLIE: Oh great! Listen I'm gonna have a bath now, but thanks dad.

    She looks around the dank kitchen smiling.

    CHARLIE: (sincerely) I missed this place.

    She smiles once more and walks upstairs. RACK looks slightly gutted, he puts the syringe on the table and walks out of the door, and we hear him greeting AMY.


    It is nearing dusk, and a hurried XAK is making his way down alleyways. He's looking a bit worried. He looks at the moon, which is beginning to form in the sky.

    XAK: (to himself) Toole's gonna kill me?

    He sees the sign for The Bronze in the distance and runs to the door. He braces himself and he opens the door a crack to see TOOLE wiping down the bar.

    XAK: (still to himself) He doesn't seem mad?

    XAK'S eyes widen as he sees CATE coming leaning over the bar and kissing him, they both smile at one another. XAK moves away from the door, he's unsure of what he's just seen, and what it means.


    CHARLIE comes down the stairs to the kitchen area. The kitchen is empty. She's wearing dark blue jeans, and a tight black tank top, she's humming happily and goes to the fridge and pulls out some chicken that's on the middle shelf, she grabs a knife and fork and goes to the table. She looks at it unsure, cuts it, and takes a bite.

    CHARLIE: (to herself) Urgh, conjured chicken?what will they think of next?

    She puts the fork down on the edge of the chicken platter but when she turns to go to the sink, she knocks the chair, which incidentally causes the fork to drop to the floor. CHARLIE hears the clang and rolls her eyes at her clumsiness. She drops to her knees and looks under the table. She sees the fork and grabs it, she goes to stand up when something catches her eyes. She looks again and sees the parchment under the table. She reaches for it and clutching it she then moves and stands. She unravels it and looks at it. It's the list entitled "ONYX TONIC". CHARLIE'S eyes widen as she reads down the list, and she gasps reading CATE'S name written on there. She looks up, staring at the syringe of Onyx Tonic resting on the table; scared, and fearful.




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      ACT TWO


      XAK is behind the bar and serving a drink to a customer, he doesn't look particularly happy and he shoves the change into the customer's hand who looks repulsed at his manners. XAK gives CATE an evil look who is sitting nearby, she is sipping on a cocktail through an extravagant straw, and doesn't notice the glare. TOOLE however does, and walks over to XAK.

      TOOLE: Um, you remember in your training we talked about "customer service"?

      XAK: Sorry, distracted.

      TOOLE: Well don't be so down man, you got Charlie to keep you on your toes right? I mean it must be cool having a girlfriend?

      XAK looks at him sharply.

      XAK: I guess you'd know all about that, huh?

      TOOLE: (confused) What?

      XAK: (quietly) I know about you and Cate, I saw you?

      TOOLE looks down. Then looks over to CATE.

      TOOLE: Oh?

      XAK: How could you do that to Charlie? After everything Cate put her through.

      TOOLE: Look man, you haven't been through what she's been through.

      XAK: And you have?

      TOOLE looks at him, XAK doesn't understand.

      TOOLE: We understand eachother.

      They stand there for a while. XAK begins cleaning glasses and TOOLE looks around.

      TOOLE: Mrs, three o clock.

      XAK looks at him confused.

      XAK: Huh?

      TOOLE nods to his right.

      VOICE (O/S): Hey?

      XAK looks up to see CHARLIE standing there, she has a big bag with her, she also looks slightly bothered. On hearing her voice, CATE looks up, she quickly turns away however and sips her drink in another direction. CHARLIE sees her, but turns to XAK.

      XAK: Hey babe.

      He leans over the bar and kisses her. The camera shows CATE looking out from the corner of her eye, attempting to be subtle. She sees the kiss. She quickly turns back to the other direction out of fear of being seen. CHARLIE looks in her direction. TOOLE just watches CHARLIE, observing her. XAK also looks at her, knowing something's up.

      XAK: (concerned, to CHARLIE) You ok?

      CHARLIE: (quietly) Actually I need to talk to Cate about something.

      XAK: Oh?ok?

      He steps back slightly and stands next to TOOLE, they exchange a look of confusion at one another. CHARLIE takes a deep breath and walks over to CATE who's trying to be subtle in pretending she doesn't know CHARLIE'S there.

      CHARLIE: Hi?

      CATE turns around suddenly.

      CATE: (obviously lying) Oh my good golly gosh Charlie! I did not see you.

      CHARLIE reaches into her pocket and pulls out the list. She gives it to CATE.

      CHARLIE: (sighing) As much as I hate to say this?I need your help.

      CATE reads the list.

      CATE: (sincere) Oh god Charlie, where did you get this?

      CHARLIE: In the kitchen at my place, it belongs to my dad. He wrote it?

      CATE: Onyx Tonic, what is that?

      CHARLIE sits next to CATE on a barstool and puts the bag on the counter.

      CHARLIE: It's the drug I take?

      The screen fills with a blinding white light.


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. The d?cor is exactly the same as it is in the present day. A YOUNG CHARLIE is sitting on the floor, she's looks to be about ten years of age. She's writing in a diary. RACK is sitting with a BRUNETTE who has her back to YOUNG CHARLIE. They are meditating, and chanting under their breath. YOUNG CHARLIE scoffs breaking their attention. RACK opens his eyes and looks at her.

      RACK: Charlotte! Go somewhere else?

      YOUNG CHARLIE: Where?

      She indicates her bags in the corner and two camp beds. RACK growls angrily, and glares at the back of the room.

      RACK: Domus, domum?

      The bags and camp beds disappear and the wall at the back shimmers and ripples indicating it isn't solid.

      YOUNG CHARLIE: Cool!

      The BRUNETTE laughs softly.

      BRUNETTE: Rack, perhaps I should come back another time.

      RACK turns to her.

      RACK: Catherine, I'm sorry.

      BRUNETTE/CATHERINE: It's fine, I'll be back tomorrow, we'll continue then.

      She stands and turns to CHARLIE, smiling.

      CATHERINE: Goodbye Charlie.

      YOUNG CHARLIE: (smiling) Hey, Charlie?

      She looks down thinking.

      YOUNG CHARLIE: That's a cool nickname! Thanks! Bye Mrs Madison!

      CATHERINE winks at her and smiles. RACK looks annoyed at YOUNG CHARLIE.

      RACK: (to CATHERINE) I'll see you out.

      They walk out into the lobby. YOUNG CHARLIE goes back to writing in her journal. Next to her a small syringe appears out of no where. It is full of black liquid. She looks at it suddenly, entranced. She picks it up. She stares into the liquid and runs her index finger over it, the needle pierces her fingertip.

      YOUNG CHARLIE: (recoiling) Ouch?

      She looks at her finger and her blood comes to the surface of her skin slightly, and she sees a small black drop of the liquid there as well, which surges through her blood and dilates the deep red colour. She closes her eyes.

      CHARLIE: Woah?

      MAN (O/S): Charlotte!

      She looks quickly to the source of the voice and turns in a quick jerky motion to see her father standing there, he looks angry. YOUNG CHARLIE looks at him desperately as she realises she's dropped the syringe and it has pierced into her leg, the syringe is emptying the black liquid on its own accord into her bloodstream. She lies backwards, in ecstasy. RACK looks at her helplessly and he looks at his hand. A piece of old looking paper appears there in the same way the syringe did. He opens it. It reads:

      "Your magick is wearing thin. This will help. Trust me."

      RACK'S eyes widen. He recognises the handwriting. The whole screen fills with a blinding white light.


      The colours on the screen are back to normal. CATE is looking at CHARLIE.

      CATE: Wow?

      CHARLIE nods.

      CHARLIE: Yeah, but now I know, there's something in it other than to get me high. Look at your name. The ink is fresh on that, that's been recently added, and this?

      She pulls out the new syringe of Onyx Tonic from the bag on the counter.

      CHARLIE: It looks different to the others.

      CATE looks at it curious then back to the list.

      CATE: (looking at the list) Well what are the other things, looks like a triangle and a?chicken?

      CHARLIE: It's a bird. I don't know what they are, they look familiar?but I don't remember.

      CATE: What do you wanna do?

      She opens the bag to show CATE the microscope.

      CHARLIE: We're going to analyse it, I need to know what's in this.

      CATE: How we gonna do that?

      CHARLIE pulls out a dusty textbook, with CHARLIE'S name scribbled across it, along with the words "CHEMISTRY". The camera zooms in on it, and then comes back out to show CATE now holding it and she's sitting in TOOLE'S OFFICE.


      CHARLIE is pacing up and down with a beer in her hand. CATE opens the textbook and squeezes some of the black liquid under the microscope and looks through it, squinting.

      CATE: You know, I can't believe you remembered I was good at Chemistry in school.

      CHARLIE: Hmm, we were put together in an experiment one day. I remember you did well.

      CATE looks up and smiles.

      CATE: You did well too! I mean how was I to know the vial was upside down when I poured that ethanol in.

      She looks longingly at CHARLIE who looks at her with a blank expression.

      CHARLIE: This doesn't change things.

      CATE: (sighing) Yeah?I thought not?

      She puts her eye back to the microscope. CHARLIE looks at her, then carries on walking up and down.

      CHARLIE: You just can't expect everything to be fine between us, it's too much to take on. It takes time. I wish I could forget it all but I just can't?

      The camera cuts to CATE who looks up.

      CATE: Hold that thought?

      CHARLIE: What?

      She grabs the textbook and begins flipping through the pages frantically. CHARLIE looks at her worried.

      CHARLIE: Cate? What is it!

      CATE: Well, I'm not sure because, hello it's me! But, I think there are high levels of Carbon Dioxide in there, which is like bad.

      CHARLIE: But it's in the air we breathe?

      CATE: Yeah, but injecting it into your bloodstream well it could affect?

      She finds the page in the textbook and stands to show CHARLIE, and passes the book to her.

      CATE: ?The brain.

      CHARLIE looks at her, then looks down at the book.

      CHARLIE: (reading) "The Hippocampus is a part of the brain located inside the temporal lobe. It forms a part of the limbic system and plays a part in memory and navigation. The name derives from its curved shape, which slightly resembles a seahorse. The term comes from the Greek word: Hippokampos."

      She looks at CATE.

      CHARLIE: What's this gotta do with Carbon Dioxide?

      CATE: Keep reading.

      CHARLIE: (continues reading) "?In Alzheimer's disease, the Hippocampus becomes one of the first regions of the brain to suffer damage; memory problems and disorientation appear amongst the first symptoms. Damage to the Hippocampus can result from Oxygen starvation?"

      She looks at CATE, realising.

      CHARLIE: You think the Carbon Dioxide is starving my brain of Oxygen?

      CATE: Heck I dunno Charlie I'm blonde, but the facts are there.

      CHARLIE searches around the room with her eyes, almost looking for an answer.

      CHARLIE: But, I wasn't disoriented and I remember everything else?

      CATE: Hon, your dad is a warlock! God knows what else he puts in with that stuff to suit its purpose. But you can't remember what those other things are on that list can you?

      CHARLIE clutches her stomach.

      CHARLIE: Oh god?He was trying to erase you from my memory?he knew I was hurting?

      She leans back against TOOLE'S desk and looks at the list next to her. She stares at the triangle and the bird above CATE'S name.

      CHARLIE: (whispering to herself) What were you trying to make me forget dad?

      The camera closes in on the pictures.




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        ACT THREE


        XAK is standing behind the bar, he's staring at the door to the office. TOOLE comes over and stands next to him.

        XAK: What do you suppose they're doing in there?

        TOOLE: (shrugs) I don't know girly stuff? Working out their issues?in mud perhaps?

        XAK hits him with a cloth.

        XAK: Hey, that's my girlfriend, and yours apparently.

        TOOLE smiles.

        TOOLE: Yeah, I guess she is.

        He walks off down the bar still smiling. XAK watches him go.

        WOMAN (O/S): Barman, drink if it's not too much trouble.

        XAK looks in the direction of the voice and sees the YOUNG WOMAN, in a long floral dress sitting at the bar. She's smiling seductively at him. He can't help but smile back.

        XAK: Uh, sure, what do you want.

        YOUNG WOMAN: How about a double vodka straight, and whatever you want.

        XAK: The vodka I can do, but?I'm good thanks, I have a girlfriend.

        YOUNG WOMAN: Hey, I'm just offering a drink, not for me to jump into bed with you?

        She looks him in the eyes, her gaze swirling with a blend of blue and green azure. XAK looks at her, he swallows then grabs two glasses and a bottle of vodka and pours them both a double vodka. She smiles and holds up her glass.

        YOUNG WOMAN: Cheers.

        XAK holds his glass up too.

        TOOLE (O/S): Hey Xak! Give me a hand over here!

        XAK sighs and puts the glass back to the counter.

        XAK: (to the YOUNG WOMAN) Hold that thought?

        She laughs feebly and watches him go. She reaches into her pocket to and pulls out a vial of clear liquid. She uncorks it and pours it into XAK'S drink. She looks around, and smiles at being un-noticed by everyone. She places a finger on her ear.

        YOUNG WOMAN: (whispering) This had better work Mr Turnpike.

        She hears a soft whispering in her ear and a male voice resonates words of reassurance softly. She smiles.


        CATE is sitting on the sofa flicking through the textbook, CHARLIE is clutching her arm, holding the areas where she's injected herself.

        CHARLIE: (softly) Cate?

        She continues looking through the textbook.

        CHARLIE: Cate!

        CATE: No, I'm sorry Charlie. Your dad may be a sleazy good for nothing loser but he would not hurt you! How could I think otherwise?

        CHARLIE: Stop lying to yourself.

        These words cause her to flinch slightly.

        CHARLIE: Anyway. Like you said, the facts are there. My dad would do anything to keep me under control, I know it.

        CATE: Control, or protection?

        CHARLIE: No?protection is?

        She looks at CATE who has returned to looking at the textbook.

        CHARLIE: (quietly) ?Something different.

        CATE throws the book against the door and sighs, she sits back.

        CATE: Knowledge sucks?

        CHARLIE: Why are you so mad? He did this to me, not you.

        CATE: Because it's me he's trying to get rid of, and more importantly?

        She looks down and fiddles with the bottom of her top nervously.

        CATE: (quietly)?I don't like the thought of you being hurt.

        CHARLIE looks at her, she doesn't smile but she doesn't frown.

        CHARLIE: I know?

        She goes to continue speaking, but?

        CATE: Oh my god?

        CHARLIE: ?What?

        CATE: Didn't you say you had those funky magic mushroom dreams a while back?

        CHARLIE: Yeah, back last year when?

        CATE: ?You ran out of Onyx Tonic.

        CHARLIE'S face drops.

        CHARLIE: Cate, you don't think?

        CATE: What?

        CHARLIE: (upset) What if they weren't dreams?what if they were memories?

        CATE looks upset as well. CHARLIE puts her head in her hands, unable to comprehend what's happening inside her. CATE gets up hurriedly and goes to CHARLIE. She puts her hands on CHARLIE'S shoulders hesitantly.

        CATE: Charlie, this is serious. You need to get out of there?is there somewhere you can go?

        CHARLIE looks up, slightly tearful.

        CHARLIE: (shaky) I-I guess I could stay at Xak's?

        CATE: (smiling) Good, he'll take care of you, you just need to get away from that place?it's too dangerous.

        CHARLIE looks at CATE, she begins to cry.

        CHARLIE: Cate, I'm scared.

        She breaks down. CATE looks sympathetic at her and moves her hands from her shoulder and hugs her. CHARLIE puts her arms around CATE also and hugs her.

        CATE: (whispering) It's ok, we'll get through this, I promise you.

        The camera passes round and shows CATE'S head resting on CHARLIE'S shoulder. Her reassuring facial expression turns from one of warmth to one of cold rage.


        TOOLE is passing a pitcher of beer to a group of men and XAK passes a coke to a young geeky looking woman. Both the men and the geeky looking woman walk off.

        XAK: (cringing) Ok next time, you get the girl, I get the big crowd of men?wait?

        TOOLE laughs.

        TOOLE: No problem man, but seems you're a hit with the ladies at the moment.

        XAK: What do you mean?

        TOOLE nods in the direction of the YOUNG WOMAN who is looking around and notices them both looking at her. She gives a flirtatious wave to XAK.

        XAK: Oh her?

        He realises something.

        XAK: Oh crap?

        He moves away from TOOLE and goes back to the YOUNG WOMAN.

        XAK: Sorry about that?

        He picks up his glass again.

        XAK: ?Where were we?

        YOUNG WOMAN: I believe we were about to drink?

        XAK: (smirks) Right.

        He watches her drink her drink, and goes to drink also, but stops before the glass touches his lips. He looks slightly puzzled.

        XAK: Don't I know you?

        YOUNG WOMAN: I don't know. Do you?

        XAK: You look familiar?

        YOUNG WOMAN: Maybe we met in a previous life.

        XAK laughs and holds his drink to his mouth.

        XAK: I doubt that very much.

        YOUNG WOMAN: (curious) You don't believe in resurrection?

        XAK: That's different to reincarnation now isn't it?

        She smirks, agreeing.

        XAK: (winking at her) Cheers?

        He goes to drink it?

        WOMAN (O/S): Xak?

        He stops, he looks around; its CHARLIE. Her and CATE are standing side by side. The girls look at one another and share a weak smile before CATE moves over to TOOLE. XAK puts the drink down and looks at the YOUNG WOMAN.

        XAK: Uh, give me a sec.

        She nods and looks down, annoyed. XAK nods at CHARLIE and they move to the other side of the bar. The camera moves over to TOOLE and CATE mid conversation. TOOLE looks shocked.

        TOOLE: Jeez, you're kidding?

        CATE: No, I wish I was.

        TOOLE: Man?I mean I picked up an intense vibe from her dad, but I wouldn't have guessed he'd do that to her.

        CATE: I know, I wish I'd seen it coming.

        She looks over at CHARLIE talking to XAK who is sharing the same shocked expression as TOOLE.

        XAK: God, Charlie?

        He puts a hand on hers over the bar.

        CHARLIE: (quietly) I know. Can I stay at yours, I can't stay there?

        XAK: Of course, do you want me to go and get your stuff?

        CHARLIE: No it's ok?

        She looks at CATE, who's looking at her sympathetically.

        CHARLIE: ?We've got it covered.

        She smiles weakly at him and releases her hand slowly, before turning to leave. She walks over to CATE and they leave together. XAK looks at TOOLE before turning and going back to the YOUNG WOMAN.

        YOUNG WOMAN: Everything ok?

        XAK: Uh?yeah, daddy issues.

        He grabs the drink and downs it in one, before walking over to TOOLE to talk to him. The YOUNG WOMAN smirks and looks at the empty glass before her. The camera shows TOOLE and XAK talking before turning back to the YOUNG WOMAN.

        YOUNG WOMAN: ?Oh, I bet?




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          ACT FOUR


          RACK is sitting on the sofa he's staring into a glass orb, which is glowing. Looking into it, he sees the door open and two women enter.

          RACK: (without looking up) Two for the price of one?

          He looks up and sees a fuming CHARLIE and CATE standing in the doorway. He looks at CHARLIE, then to CATE. Incredulous. He stands.

          RACK: (shouting) Charlotte, what the hell is this?!

          CHARLIE runs up to him and slaps him across the face. For a small woman, she knocks him back slightly. CATE looks at him with a blank expression.

          CATE: I'll wait in the lobby Charlie?

          She turns, and shares a violent glare with RACK, before leaving to the lobby. RACK turns back to CHARLIE. She reaches into the bag and pulls out the list, she shoves it into his chest.

          CHARLIE: (shouting) What the hell is this more like?!

          He looks at the list, his face drops.

          RACK: I can explain.

          CHARLIE: (sarcastically) Oh? Can you, I'm so pleased because here I was thinking that for the past decade you've been raping my mind, care to correct me?

          RACK: I-I?

          CHARLIE: (upset)?Thought not.

          She turns to the back of the room and walks a few steps before RACK grabs her arm.

          RACK: Charlotte?

          CHARLIE: (cutting him off) You know what I can't stand?

          RACK looks at her, curious.

          CHARLIE: That I didn't see this coming. The Onyx Tonic? I thought it was just a high, something to get me through the day, no more harmful than smoking. I thought I was different to your clients?I was wrong?

          RACK doesn't know what to say, he keeps going to speak, but doesn't.

          RACK: You have to believe this babe, everything I've done is to keep ya safe?

          CHARLIE: (amazed) Safe? You're supposed to be protecting me, but instead you're hurting me more than anyone has, or will?

          RACK: I doubt that.

          CHARLIE: Well that's for me to judge, not you.

          She walks towards the back of the room.

          RACK: Charlotte?I love you.

          She stops, surprised. She turns back.

          CHARLIE: Too little too late. I used to think of you as someone who would never hurt me. Now, I look at you, and all I feel is sick?I hate you.

          She leaves through the mystical doorway at the back. The camera focuses on RACK'S face, which turns from shock to fury.


          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          CHARLIE looks around her room, before emptying the bag and shoving some clothes in there instead. (The music below plays throughout)

          "There's no need to argue anymore
          I gave all I could
          But it left me so sore
          And the thing that makes me mad
          Is the one thing that I had

          She spots the diamond on her dresser. Tears form in her eyes before she grabs the bag and leaves the room. (The music below plays throughout)

          "I knew, I knew, I'd lose you
          You'll always be special to me
          Special to me, to me

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          She walks down the stairs and looks around the kitchen. She sighs. She walks towards the living room area and looks in the doorway at the interior, then turns away. (The music below plays throughout)

          "And I remember all the
          Things we once shared
          Watching TV movies on
          The living room armchair

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          He's standing there, he hasn't moved. CHARLIE appears in the room, she looks at him blankly before moving towards him to stand in front of him. They look at one another. She just fumes with anger and he looks at her angry, to immediately assume what he's been doing is wrong. She has no idea what he's done to protect her? (The music below plays throughout)

          "Will I forget in time
          You said I was on your mind

          He looks at her, clenches a fist and punches her across the face, knocking her to the floor. She looks up from the floor, her lip bleeding. She's crying. He looks at her in pure horror, and to his hand. She stands, and walks towards the door. She opens it, looks back at him before leaving to her salvation, and freedom. (The music below plays throughout)

          "There's no need to argue
          No need to argue anymore
          There's no need to argue anymore

          The camera looks at RACK, a tear forms in his real eye, which drops to the floor and sizzles like a flame into the carpet. (The music below plays throughout)

          FADE TO BLACK


          END OF EPISODE

          ALAN TUDYK as TOOLE
          JEFF KOBER as RACK

          Special Guest Star:

          Special Mention:


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            If you would like to give me feedback on Shadow Stalker, visit my thread here! I'm always happy to hear from you and i usually comment on the feedback as well!


            - The use of "The Cranberries - No Need To Argue" was inspired by a play i was in which featured this song being played when a woman left her abusive husband. The scene ended with her husband hitting her and her leaving, just like this episode ends.

            - The use of Catherine Madison i thought helped to explain why she became involved in dark magicks and how Amy knew Rack so well. It's implied but not specifically said that Amy and Charlie were friends.

            - One of the darker episodes of the season i feel. The use of Willow's dark incantation on the promo banner of this episode features the words "Onyx Tonic" and i'd not even noticed that until i made the banner!
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