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Riley The Series 1.15 "Past Tense" Season Finale

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  • Riley The Series 1.15 "Past Tense" Season Finale

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthrized usage of these characters is permitted. Riley The Series is affiliated with The Demon Slayer, written by The Dark Ages (Kevin).



    CUT TO:


    You see the dark forest but nothing else. There is complete silence until you hear heavy breathing. You see a girl running through the forest. She falls to the ground. The camera zooms in on her. She's a beautiful girl and then you can see who it is. It's Marie! Marie stands up and looks behind her.

    Marie: Come on! Carey!

    You see another girl running through the forest Suddenly, Marie's eyes widen.

    Marie: Run!

    Marie turns and starts running. You see that there is something behind the girl running, Carey. It's a vampire! Carey jumps over a huge log in the way. The vampire, however, trips over the log. The vamp falls to the ground but quickly gets up. The vampire gets to Carey and throws her to the ground. Marie, still running, slows a bit and looks behind her shoulder. Her eyes widen. She stops and turns. She doesn't know what to do.

    Carey: Help!

    The vampire punches her while she's on the ground and smiles. The vampire gets kicked onto the ground. He looks up and sees Riley.

    Riley: Bring it.

    CUT TO:


    Sam and Graham are sitting at the kitchen table.

    Sam: Man, I'm bored.

    CUT TO:


    The vamp jumps up and punches Riley. Riley comes back with a punch, but the vamp catches his fist and punches him in the stomach multiple times. Still stuck, Riley head butts the vamp to get him off of him. Riley punches the vamp and then a spinning kick. The vampire kicks Riley to the ground, next to Carey.

    Riley: Hello, ma'am. (himself) Wow, haven't said that in awhile.

    Riley jumps up and kicks the vamp back.

    CUT TO:


    All the lights are off, but Intank is sitting at a table with books spread out everywhere. The camera closes up on the title of one of the books. It says "Ancient Artifacts".

    CUT TO:


    Riley pulls out a stake, making the vamp mad. The vamp rushes at Riley but Riley just moves to the side but extending his arm with the stake. The vamp slams into the stake and dusts.

    Riley: There we go.

    There is a bright light.


    CUT TO:


    The bottom of the screen says "Five Years Ago". The village is being destroyed and the people slaughtered. You can hear villagers screaming for help. Then, you see Neiki. Neiki is walking through a pile of bodies. Neiki looks to the camera.

    Neiki: (to someone) So, you did this?

    You can't see who he's talking to.

    Neiki: This is mighty impressive. I mean, very impressive.

    Neiki smiles.

    Neiki: I think you could maybe help me out in something that has to be done, revenge, destruction, death. So...maybe?

    The camera turns to show the person he's talking to. It's Jill! He's talking to Jill, five years younger!

    Jill: (smiling) Maybe.



    "End Of The World" by Great Big Sea starts playing.


    Marc Blucas ? Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic ? Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase ? Graham Miller
    Jason Dohring ? Intank Wellee
    Keira Knightley ? Salomie Sullivan

    Guest Starring:

    Santiago Cabrera ? Neiki
    Jewel Staite ? Jill
    Jared Padalecki ? John
    Francis Capra ? Xad
    Kristen Bell ? Susan
    Jennifer Gardner ? Heather
    Jensen Ackles ? Dean
    Jamie Ray Newman ? Salomie's Mother

    Special Guest Starring:

    Lauren Graham ? Marie

    Created By: Ben

    Written By: Ben

    Additional Scenes: Kevin (Dark Ages)

    Beta: Alex (Magnetic _____)

    Edited By: Ben

    Based On: Buffy The Vampire Slayer created by Joss Whedon.

    Produced By: Different Dimensions Inc.
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    ACT 1

    CUT TO:


    Graham and Sam are sitting on the couch, watching the news.

    Sam: The news is always depressing.

    Graham: The world is depressing.

    Sam: So...whatever happened in Chicago?

    Graham: I saw my sister.

    Sam: Oh.

    Graham: Her name's Marie. We went to the funeral. That was really all to it.

    Sam: You told me about it being a murder.

    Graham: Yeah. It was.

    The door quickly opens and Riley with Carey and Marie come charging in.

    Graham: Oh my god!

    Marie: Graham!

    Marie runs towards Graham and they hug.

    Marie: How are you, bro?

    Graham: I'm fine. Why are you here and how did you find Riley?

    Marie: Long story.

    Graham: I have all night.

    Marie smiles at Graham.

    CUT TO:


    Chris is asleep in a chair. Jill is still in a coma on her hospital bed.

    Neiki: (V/O; echoing) We have a call.

    Jill's eye flash open.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie is sitting on her bed and Heather on Jill's.

    Salomie: Wait, what!? Sorry, I really suck at this math.

    Heather: It's fine. I have all night.

    Salomie: I don't. I get tired very quickly.

    Heather: I'm a night person.

    Salomie: Good for you.

    Heather: You are too.

    Salomie: What?

    Heather: Remember the night we stayed out till three. You were so hyper! And you weren't drunk!

    Salomie laughs and smiles quickly.

    Salomie: So very true.

    Salomie suddenly gains a frown. Heather notices it.

    Heather: What's wrong, Salomie?

    Salomie: Nothing.

    Heather: You're lying.

    Salomie: (giving in) It's just...everything is so wrong.

    Heather: What do you mean?

    Salomie: I mean, my best friend's in a coma and there's this big humongous evil that wants to kill us and might actually succeed. What could be worse?

    Heather: Not having John and other friends.

    Salomie: But ?

    Heather: Being alone and losing every single thing in your life.

    Salomie looks confused.

    Heather: It's okay.

    Salomie smiles a little. The phone suddenly rings and Salomie picks it up.

    Salomie: Hello?

    Salomie suddenly looks shocked.

    Salomie: Oh my god. I'll be right there!

    Salomie quickly hangs up the phone and jumps off the bed. She grabs her coat and puts it on. She walks over to the door and looks back at Heather.

    Salomie: It's Jill...she's awake.

    Salomie opens the door and walks out. Heather stands up and follows. She closes the door after she walks out. You are left seeing an empty room.

    CUT TO:


    Neiki is sitting in a chair with his eyes closed. The camera moves over into a metal cage. You move through it to see Dean sitting a corner, scared.

    Dean: (whispering) Let me out.

    The door to the cage opens and Xad pokes his head in.

    Xad: Hey, you!

    Dean looks up at Xad.

    Dean: Me?

    Xad: Yes, you! Who else is there in here?

    Dean looks to the other side of the cage. You can't see who's over there.

    Xad: Well, I meant you!

    Dean: Okay.

    Dean stands up and walks out of it.

    Dean: What do you want?

    Xad: Shut up! I talk.

    Dean: Sorry.

    Xad: You're going to kill anyone that tries to stop the ritual.

    Dean: What ritual?

    Xad: The subject of it doesn't concern. All you need to know, is stop them.

    CUT TO:


    Graham is sitting on his bed with Marie.

    Graham: It's been awhile.

    Marie: (smiling) It really has.

    Graham: What happened in Chicago?

    Marie takes a deep breath.

    Marie: Well, me and the sheriff looked for the killer. We never found them...never.

    Graham: There's got to be more.

    Marie: Not that much more.

    Graham: Who was that girl?

    Marie: Carey? She's my best friend now. We met while I was helping the sheriff. She was a witness. She lived down there.

    Graham: Oh.

    Marie: Yes.

    Graham: But...

    Graham points to Marie's stomach.

    Graham: (joking) You got kind of fat, huh?

    Marie: I'm pregnant.

    Graham's eyes widen.

    Marie: I'm 7 months pregnant. I'm having twins.

    Graham: (smiling) Congratulations!

    Graham hugs Marie quickly.

    Marie: Thanks.

    Graham: Who's the lucky guy?

    Marie: I don't know. I was mugged. That might be it.

    Graham: Oh.

    Marie and Graham both look down to the ground.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie and Heather burst into the room. They see Chris and Jill, standing up. Salomie gives out a huge smile.

    Salomie: Jill!

    Salomie runs to Jill and gives her a big hug.

    Salomie: You're awake!

    Jill: I'm awake.

    Heather smiles slightly.

    Chris: Come here.

    Chris turns Jill around and kisses her.

    Heather: Some hot action!

    Chris and Jill separate and laugh.

    Salomie: We're going to have a party tonight.

    They all smile widely.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie bursts into the press and Max spots her. A lady also spots her.

    Lady: Hey Salomie.

    Salomie: Hey Suzie.

    Max: Salomie!

    Salomie: Max.

    Salomie continues to walk and passes Max. Max follows.

    Max: I thought you quit.

    Salomie reaches her desk.

    Salomie: I did.

    Salomie starts picking up her stuff and Max is in shock.

    Max: What!? You can't quit.

    Salomie: I already did.

    Max: Come on! Please stay with us.

    Salomie: I made my decision already.

    Max: But why?

    Salomie: There is way too much in my life. This is the only thing I can bear losing. Bye Max.

    Salomie walks to the door.

    Max: Salomie!

    Salomie stops but doesn't turn around.

    Salomie: What?

    Max: (sad) Bye.

    Salomie continues walking and walks out. The camera moves over to a man sitting at a desk. He was listening to all of this.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie is walking with all her stuff that was at the press. Suddenly, you hear a gunshot. She drops all of her stuff. She hears screaming and looks around. She sees the press. There is a huge glass window there. The man that was listening to her conversation is shooting everywhere. She sees Max hiding under a desk. The man turns to see Salomie. He points the gun at the glass window and shoots. The glass shatters and he keeps shooting. There is slow motion showing the glass flying and more bullets coming from the gun. Salomie runs into a shop and hides. She peeks out the window in the shop and sees Suzie trying to run away. The man points his gun at Suzie and shoots her in the heart. She falls to the ground, dead. She sees Max stand up and sprint at the man.

    CUT TO:


    Max is running at the man and slams into his chest. The man falls to the ground, dropping the gun. Max picks up the gun and aims it at the man. Without thinking, he shoots.

    CUT TO:

    INT ? SHOP ? DAY

    Salomie is in shock. She has just watched her ex-boss kill someone. At least he saved everyone. Salomie just slides down the wall of the shop and thinks.

    CUT TO:


    Riley is sitting at the kitchen table. Sam walks into the kitchen and opens the fridge.

    Riley: Hey Sam.

    Sam takes out an apple from the fridge and closes it.

    Sam: Oh, hey Riley.

    Riley: How have you been lately?

    Sam: (smiling) You know! We talk everyday.

    Riley: But we don't really talk.

    Sam: (confused) What are you talking about.

    Riley: You know what I'm talking about, Sam.

    Sam: No, I don't.

    Riley: (not convinced) Sure you don't.

    Sam: Riley, what is going on!?

    Riley: Sam, we talk everyday but we don't really talk! We haven't shared anything lately! You know that!

    Sam looks down.

    Riley: I prove my point.

    Riley stands up and walks out. Marie starts walking in as Riley stomps out. Marie is confused.

    Marie: What's going on?

    Sam: (lying) It's nothing.

    CUT TO:


    Intank is cleaning the bar when the door opens. He turns around to see Carey. Carey is in all this make up and in high heels. She has a bright blue bathrobe on but nothing else.

    Intank: Can I help you?

    Carey: Yes...

    Carey gives a wide smile and takes off her bathrobe and is just naked now. You don't actually see her though.

    Carey: ...You can.

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      ACT II

      CUT TO:

      INT ? THE GOLD ? DAY

      Intank is in shock with his eyes very wide.

      Carey: Hello.

      Carey starts walking towards Intank. Intank tries to back up but he's right up against the bar.

      Carey: Don't try to resist it.

      Carey gets to Intank and starts to put her legs around Intank.

      Intank: Woah!

      Intank pushes her back.

      Intank: What are you doing?

      Carey: Being me.

      Carey grabs Intank's head and kisses him. Intank pushes her again.

      Intank: Get the hell away from me!

      Carey: (offended) Hey!

      Intank: How do you know me?

      Carey: This is a club you own. I saw you here last night.

      Carey widens her smile.

      Carey: I just got here.

      Intank: I can tell. You obviously don't know the damn rules! This is a quiet town.

      Carey laughs loudly.

      Carey: That's what you think! This town is defining.

      Intank: What?

      Carey: Shh! Don't talk. You're sexier when you don't.

      Intank had enough of this and just punches Carey off of him. She flies and hits a table. She falls to the ground and looks up. There is blood on her mouth.

      Carey: You bitch!

      Carey walks to her bathrobe and puts it on. She opens the door and looks over her shoulder.

      Carey: You'll regret that.

      Carey walks out and slams the door shut. Intank looks very confused.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie walks into her room, shocked and confused. Jill is lying on her bed.

      Jill: That was one hell of a night.

      Salomie: It really was.

      Salomie sits on her bed.

      Salomie: You should meet Heather more. She's awesome.

      Jill: From what I know of her, yeah, she is.

      They smile together. The phone rings.

      Salomie: I should get that.

      Salomie answers the phone.

      Salomie: Hello?

      Jill: Who is it?

      Salomie: Oh my god. I'll be right over.

      Salomie hangs up.

      Jill: Who is it?

      Salomie: No one.

      Jill: Tell me!

      Salomie: I can't.

      Jill: Tell me!

      Salomie looks down.

      Salomie: (looking up) I have to tell you something.

      Jill looks confused.

      Jill: Shoot.

      Salomie: I know this is all hard to absorb but...

      She pauses.

      Jill: Spit it out.

      Salomie: Demons exist.

      Jill: What?

      CUT TO:

      INT ? CAR ? DAY

      Heather is driving in her car with Salomie in the passenger's seat and Jill is in the back.

      Jill: I'm still confused.

      Salomie: It's very confusing for the first week. Then, it just kind of sinks in.

      Heather laughs.

      Heather: Tell me when it sinks in for me.

      They keep driving.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie, Heather, and Jill walk into Riley's house. Sam is on the couch and looks up.

      Sam: Hey Salomie, Heather, and...who are you?

      Salomie: Sam, this is Jill. She's my best friend. I told her.

      Sam looks shocked.

      Sam: You told her? And this coma Jill!?

      Salomie: (smiling) Yes.

      Sam: That's great. You woke up.

      Jill: Yeah.

      Sam: (trying to avoid subject) What happened?

      Salomie: Sam, -

      Sam: We need to know if someone attacked you.

      Jill: I don't remember.

      Sam: Try.

      Jill: I have no clue.

      Sam shakes her head.

      Sam: Great.

      Sam stands up and walks to the kitchen. Salomie follows her, furious.

      CUT TO:


      Sam is walking to the table and Salomie turns her around.

      Salomie: What the hell are you doing?

      Sam: We need information!

      Salomie: That's no excuse to treat my best friend, who was just in a coma, like crap!

      Sam: You don't understand what's going on! Neiki isn't this little threat!

      Salomie: What is he going to do?! Destroy the earth?!

      Sam looks down and Salomie is shocked.

      Salomie: You have got to be kidding me.

      Sam: It's not just destroying the earth. It's hell on earth.

      Salomie: How's this happening?

      Sam: Intank did some research. Those puzzle pieces he was getting, they're keys.

      Salomie: To what?

      Sam: A portal...that leads to hell.

      Salomie: So, he combines these things...

      Sam: And hell on earth.

      Salomie: Crap.

      Riley: (V/O) Guys, come in here.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie and Sam walk into the room and everyone else is in there.

      Riley: (referring to Jill) Who's she?

      Salomie: My friend. I told her.

      Riley: (mad) What?! Why?!

      Sam: Who the hell cares! Get on with it.

      Riley looks mad but listens to Sam.

      Riley: There's something I've got to tell you guys...

      Jill: Hell on earth, yada yada yada.

      Riley: (confused) What?

      Jill points to Sam and Salomie.

      Jill: (referring to her and Heather) We're professional eavesdroppers.

      Jill gives a wide smile and Salomie giggles.

      Intank: Okay. I'm going.

      Riley: What? Where?

      Intank: Obviously standing here won't do a thing. I'm going out to find Neiki and kill him.

      Riley: You have to wait for us!

      Intank: I don't have to do anything! This is my problem!

      Riley: But you just made it ours! You did create this and now he's trying to destroy the world. So remind me, if the world ends, to blame you.

      Intank: Will do...after I kill Neiki.

      Intank opens the door, walks out, and slams the door shut.

      Sam: (sarcasm) Good job.

      Sam shakes her head and walks away.

      CUT TO:


      John is sitting on his bed when there is a knock at the door. John opens the door and Salomie is standing there.

      Salomie: Hey John.

      John: (smiling) Salomie.

      John hugs Salomie.

      John: (while hugging) I missed you.

      John lets go of her.

      John: I'm sorry about everything.

      Salomie: We need to talk.

      John: (confused; scared) About what?

      Salomie: John, I need some time off.

      John: What?

      Salomie: I just need ?

      John: What did Susan say to you!?

      Salomie: (confused) She didn't say anything. What are you talking about?

      John: (scared) Nothing.

      Salomie: (mad) Tell me! What did you do? Tell me.

      John: Nothing.

      Salomie: (mad) Taking some time off. Bye, John.

      Salomie stomps away in anger. John looks down, depressed.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? STREET ? DAY

      Salomie is driving down the road in Heather's car.

      CUT TO:


      Sam is lying on her bed, thinking.

      Sam: (to herself) What did Michael mean?

      Michael: (V/O) What did I mean?

      Sam looks up and sees Michael.

      Sam: Michael!

      Michael: Hey Sam.

      Sam: What does Riley do?

      Michael: I can't tell you.

      Sam: Why the hell not!?

      Michael: It's against the rules.

      Sam: Who's rules?

      Michael: The Powers That Be's rules.

      Sam: The Power of what?

      Michael: It doesn't matter.

      Sam: It does! I need to know what happens.

      Michael: All in good time.

      Sam: No! If I need to stop Riley, I need to know what he does.

      Michael: He threatens humanity.

      Sam: How?

      Michael: That, I cannot tell.

      Sam: (in tears) Please, Michael. I need help.

      Michael: (smiling at her) I will always be here.

      Sam: Michael!

      Michael disappears.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? STREET ? DAY

      Salomie is out of the car. Salomie is looking around. She spots Susan.

      Salomie: There you are.

      Salomie runs towards Susan but is cut off by a crowd of people walking in front of her. When they pass, Susan isn't there.

      Salomie: Crap.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? DORM ? DAY

      Salomie is walking on the street. She is walking towards her dorm building, in hope of finding Susan. She keeps walking. No music is playing. It is silent.

      CUT TO:


      Susan has walked out of a trail in the woods. She is walking towards the back door of the dorm building. It is still silent except for her walking.

      CUT TO:


      John walks out of a room and closes the door. He slowly starts walking towards the stairs. It is still silent.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? DORM ? DAY

      Salomie is very close.

      CUT TO:


      Susan is also very close, closer than Salomie.

      CUT TO:


      John starts walking down the stairs.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? DORM ? DAY

      Salomie is still walking when the building suddenly explodes. Fire blows up everywhere and debris goes flying. It picks Salomie up and throws her back, onto the ground.

      CUT TO:


      You see the explosion on this side as well. Susan flies and lands on a rock. She moves over and the camera shows her bloody head. She looks at herself and slumps down. She is unconscious.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie is sitting in a chair. A doctor walks up to her.

      Salomie: So, what's going on?

      Doctor: The male will have to have surgery. When the building was blown, he was walking out at that moment. If he was a few feet back, he would be dead. He's lucky to be alive. A piece of glass got stuck in his back. We have to remove it.

      Salomie looks down.

      Salomie: Oh.

      Doctor: Luckily, you're other friend is just fine. She cracked her head a little, but it's all fine. We'll contact you when we have more information.

      The doctor walks away. Salomie sees Susan walk out of a room. She runs over to her.

      Salomie: Susan!

      Susan: (shocked) Me?

      Salomie: Yeah, you, bitch.

      Susan: (offended) What do you want?

      Salomie: John said that you were going to say something to me. What is it?

      Susan: Oh...that.

      Salomie: What is it?

      Susan: (thinking) I don't think I ?

      Salomie: Tell me!

      Susan: Fine. Me and him...kissed.

      Salomie has her eyes wide open and same with her mouth.

      Susan: asked.

      Susan walks away.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie is walking down the street when she runs into Heather.

      Heather: Salomie!

      Heather hugs her.

      Heather: Thank god you're safe! You're dorm exploded.

      Salomie: I know.

      Heather: Where's Jill?

      Salomie: (concerned) I don't know.

      Heather: What we're going to do is find her, and then have a party.

      Salomie: (confused) What?

      Heather: You look like you need a party.



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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        Melissa is sitting at a table, just sitting there. The doorbell rings. Melissa stands up and runs to the door. She opens it and sees Graham. She smiles.

        Melissa: Hey, you!

        Graham walks in.

        Melissa: Where have you been?

        Graham: Just around.

        Melissa: Ah. You haven't been to the station recently.

        Graham: Sorry. Things have been weird.

        Melissa: Oh, sorry about that.

        Graham: It's okay.

        Melissa: So, movie time.

        Graham smiles.

        Graham: Yes, movie time.

        They walk to the couch and sit down.

        Melissa: This one's a classic!

        Melissa turns on the TV and Mary Poppins is playing. Graham giggles a little.

        Graham: This is a classic?

        Melissa: Definitely!

        Graham thinks for a second.

        Graham: My sister is here.

        Melissa smiles widely.

        Melissa: Awesome! Now, I have to meet her.

        Graham: (fake smiling) Great.

        CUT TO:

        EXT - THE GOLD - NIGHT

        We see Heather's black mustang GT convertible parked against the building.

        CUT TO:

        INT - THE GOLD - NIGHT

        Heather enters the crowded bar with a big smile on her face. Salomie and Jill behind her. Heather turns around to face them as she walks backwards towards the bar.

        Heather: Listen, ladies. We are going to have some fun tonight so kick back and relax. No evil.

        She turns to Salomie.

        Heather: And I'm talking to you.

        Heather turns and the girls head over to the bar. They all pull out a seat next to each other. Salomie's in the middle, Heather's to her left, and Jill's to her right. Intank approaches them from behind a bar.

        Intank: What can I get for you?

        Salomie: Aren't you supposed to be looking for Neiki?

        Heather: Hey! I said no evil!

        Intank: (not paying attention to Heather) Yeah, but no luck yet.

        Jill: Hi, Intank. I would like a beer.

        Heather: (seducing) Intank, you look mighty sexy today.

        Intank: No free drinks, Heather. What do you want?

        Heather: (sighs) Your no fun. And I think you're gay.

        Intank ignores the comment and turns to Salomie.

        Intank: And you?

        Salomie: A shot of hell.

        Intank: If Neiki's plan happens, you'll get a lot more than a shot.

        Heather: What is wrong with you two!?

        Heather turns to Intank.

        Heather: We would both like beers.

        Intank: Coming up.

        Intank heads off to get the beers.

        Jill: Salomie, you seriously need help. I know this Neiki hell on earth thing is getting to you, but you need to stop it. It's ruining your life.

        Salomie: (annoyed) Ruining my life? Aren't you guys worried? I mean, he's going to bring hell on earth. That scars the hell out of me.

        Heather: First of all that's not going to happen because I'm going to stop it.

        Intank places the beers in front of the girls.

        Jill: Come on! Let's have fun tonight and forget about all our problems.

        Salomie: That's going to be hard.

        Salomie looks at her beer.

        Salomie: Ah, what the hell!

        Salomie picks up her beer and chugs it down. Heather and Jill look amazed.

        Heather: (laughing) Drink!

        Heather and Jill pick up their drinks and clink their bottles together and down their drinks.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? THE GOLD - NIGHT

        On the bottom of the screen, it says "Two Hours Later". The girls are barley staying on their chairs. They are loud and laughing at everything. We see several empty bottles on the bar.

        Heather: (yelling; slurred) I am so freakin' drunk.

        Heather stumbles to her feet.

        Heather: Come on! Let's leave. I'm feeling a burger joint is needed.

        Suddenly, a trailer trash looking woman bumps into Heather, knocking her to the floor.

        Woman: (snarls) Move it!

        The woman proceeds to walk. Salomie stands to her feet. She tries to stay up without falling.

        Salomie: (calling) Hey, bitch!

        The woman stops.

        Salomie: (slurred) Say sorry!

        The woman turns around with an angered face.

        Woman: Excuse me?

        Salomie: You heard what I said. Come say sorry to my friend, here. I think your fat ass accidentally knocked her over.

        Woman: (snotty) It wasn't an accident.

        Heather is laughing on the ground.

        Heather: Salomie, let it go. Hey, your name sounds like the meat I put on my sandwich.

        Heather bursts out in laughter again.

        Salomie: Will it be an accident when I punch you in the face?

        Jill slides off the seat, to her feet. She is swaying back and forth.

        Jill: Salomie, calm down.

        The woman makes her way over to Salomie and gets up in her face.

        Woman: (angered) Was that a threat?

        Salomie leans close to the woman's ear.

        Salomie: A promise.

        Salomie stands back and throws a punch, hitting the woman across the face. The woman falls to the ground. Amazement grows over Heather and Jill's face.

        Jill: (surprised) Did you just do that?

        Salomie: (smile; slurred) Yep.

        Heather: (laughing) Salomie, kick her ass!

        Everyone in The Gold chants and yells those exact words. The woman gets to her feet. She looks furious.

        Woman: Bitch!

        The woman charges at Salomie, tackling her. They stumble back into the crowd as they back up from the fight. Both of them flip over a table. Heather stands to her feet.

        Heather: (yelling) Kick her ass!

        Jill: (yelling) Yeah, kick the hell out of her!

        Heather notices that a large man with a leather vest and sleeve full of tattoos is storming over to Salomie and the woman.

        Man: Stay off my woman!

        He raises his hand, ready to slap Salomie, who is on top of the woman, punching her over and over again. Heather runs over to him and puts herself between the man and the fighting girls. She catches his hand.

        Heather: Don't think so.

        He swings around his free hand and punches Heather across the face. Heather stumbles back. She slowly lifts her head back up. Her hair is covering her face. She slides her finger through her hair revealing her face and the cut on her lip.

        Heather: That was a big mistake.

        Heather uppercuts the man, tossing him back across the bar, landing on a table. A man comes up behind Heather, grabbing her by the shoulders.

        Heather: Wouldn't do that either.

        Heather grabs his hand and flips him over her shoulder, onto the ground. Jill runs over to Salomie and the fighting lady. Jill pulls Salomie off the woman and to her feet.

        Jill: Salomie, settle down!

        Salomie: I can't!

        The woman gets up from the floor and slaps Jill across the face. Jill looks up at the woman with fury in her eyes.

        Jill: (pissed) You, bitch!

        Jill punches the woman so hard, knocking her out cold.

        Salomie: (smile) Good job.

        Suddenly, a huge drunk biker man grabs Jill by the hair and throws her to the ground. Salomie turns to run but he snatches her up by the arm and spins her around.

        Biker Man: Sexy momma, give me a kiss.

        He kisses Salomie. She tries to push him off but he doesn't budge. Jill stands to her feet in pain. She grabs a beer bottle on a table and runs over to the biker man, smashing him over the head. The biker man falls to the ground, unconscious. Salomie is revealed behind him.

        Jill: You okay?

        Salomie: Yeah...thanks.

        Salomie throws her arms around Jill, giving her a hug.

        They break apart and look over at Heather, who is taking on two biker guys.

        Jill: Should we help?

        Heather extends her leg, kicking Biker #1 in the chest, as she tornado punches Biker #2 across the face. Biker #1 grabs a pool table stick and swings it at Heather, who catches it. She snatches the pool stick out of Biker #1's hands and breaks it over his head. He falls to the ground. Biker #2 charges at Heather. Heather extends her leg, kicking Biker#2 in the face, sending him flying back and landing in the bar.

        Salomie: Guess not.

        Intank comes running from behind the bar. He approaches Heather and grabs her by her arm.

        Intank: (yelling) What the hell are you doing?!

        Heather: (slurred) Sorry, my bad.

        Intank pushes Heather and moves to Salomie.

        Intank: What are you doing?

        Salomie: (confused) I don't know.

        Intank: You were just fighting here!

        Salomie; (remembering; smiling) Yeah, that's right. The beer bottles goes boom.

        Salomie laughs.

        Intank: This isn't so damn funny! You were trying to relax but what happened was wrong! Leave!

        Salomie: I ?

        Intank: (calm) I said leave.

        Salomie looks down and raises an eyebrow. She and Jill and Heather walk out of the bar.

        CUT TO:


        Graham is sitting on the couch when Sam walks in.

        Sam: Hey Graham.

        Graham: Hey.

        Sam: Where's Marie and Carey?

        Graham: Up in my room. That's where they were when the demonic talk happened.

        Sam: So, they didn't hear?

        Graham: I don't think so.

        Sam: That's good.

        They are sitting there in silence. Graham looks at Sam.

        Sam: What?

        Sam then looks back at Graham. Graham slowly puts his hands around Sam's heads.

        Sam: What are -?

        Sam and Graham touch lips and start kissing. Sam quickly pushes away from Graham, in tears.

        Sam: Oh my god! You're my best friend.

        Graham: (shocked) I'm-I-I...

        Sam: I have a husband.

        Sam looks shocked and stands up. She walks away. Graham is in shock and very sad.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? HOUSE ? NIGHT

        Salomie is walking up to it.

        Salomie: (to herself) I doubt my dad will be home.

        Salomie opens the door and walks in.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie turns on the lights.

        Salomie: Hello? Dad? You in here?

        Woman: (V/O) No, he's not here.

        Salomie turns to see a woman smiling. She has long, blonde hair. She is wearing a long, purple shirt and blue jeans.

        Salomie: (shocked) You.

        Woman: (smiling) Aren't you glad to see me?

        Salomie: Mom!?

        Mom: Yes, it's me.

        Salomie is shaking her head and is in shock.

        Salomie: No more! Why do I need more!?

        Mom: (confused) Are you talking to me?

        Salomie: No, damn it!

        Mom: (sad) Why are you acting like this?

        Salomie: You left me and my dad when I was eight! You cheated on him! How do you expect me to react!?

        Mom: I wasn't ?

        Salomie: Don't give me any bull shit!

        Mom: Salomie, I missed you. I don't want you to hate me.

        Salomie: Maybe you should've thought about that before you cheated.

        Salomie shakes her head.

        Salomie: I can't believe you!

        Mom: (mad) Hey, if you want to live here, you're going to have to deal with it! I own this house! I can live here!

        Salomie: (shocked) What?

        Mom: I bought this house! None of it is your fathers.

        Salomie looks down.

        Mom: Your friends can stay here too. I heard about the explosion.

        Salomie: Fine.

        Salomie walks out of the house.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

        Salomie and Jill are walking down the street.

        Jill: Wow, she came back.

        Salomie: Yes, she came back.

        Jill: Wow.

        Salomie: You can stay there.

        Jill: You mentioned that already.

        Salomie: You can get Chris also!

        Jill: You also said that already.

        Salomie: Oh. Oops.

        Jill: What about Heather?

        Salomie: She's in the tower.

        Jill: look depressed.

        Salomie: I am.

        Jill: Wow, I wanted to hear that.

        Salomie: I'm sorry.

        Jill: No, Salomie, don't be sorry. I'm going to go. I'll get Chris and go to your place. Thanks a ton.

        Jill walks away.

        Salomie: You're welcome.

        CUT TO:


        Sam, Riley, Intank, Graham, Salomie, Jill, and Heather are all standing in the room.

        Heather: Why are we here?

        Sam: Because something happened.

        Salomie: What's that?

        Sam: Intank had another vision or a vision of the past.

        Intank: I saw Michael in the basement of the grocery store with Xad and Neiki, with a bomb.

        Salomie: Oh my god. But who's Michael?

        Graham: Sam's friend...that died.

        Jill: What, I'm confused.

        Sam: There's more! The bomb he saw was a bomb I kept. I got it from the government and I kept it.

        Riley: How do you know he wasn't just dreaming this?

        Sam: Because it all fits together and remember that campsite! The one with puzzle! You didn't believe that either, did you?

        Jill: How did he get it?

        Sam turns to Jill.

        Sam: I don't know. I gave it to someone...but I forgot who. Whoever did must be a traitor. They gave the bomb, or they lost it and didn't decide it was important. Either way, I'll hate them. Bye.

        Sam walks away, leaving everyone breathless.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

        Salomie is walking alone, thinking. Then her eyes widen.

        Salomie: Oh my god. She gave me the bomb. But I didn't!

        Then she looks to the ground and she finally realizes something. She looks up and starts sprinting.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie runs to the house and knocks on the door, rapidly. She finally just slams it open to find blood everywhere. Her eyes widen. She runs into Chris and Jill's bedroom. She sees Chris's lifeless body ripped apart. She is lying on the bed.

        Salomie: Oh my god!

        She looks to the corner of the room and she sees her mom, scared, sitting in a ball.

        Salomie's Mom: Help.

        Salomie: Jill.

        Salomie looks angry and turns to her.

        Salomie: I'll be back soon, but I have to go right now. I love you.

        Salomie's Mom tilts her head, confused.

        Salomie's Mom: What did you say?

        Salomie: I love you.

        Salomie runs out the door.

        CUT TO:


        Graham, Riley, Sam, and Jill are in the room.

        Jill: I want to get to know you guys better.

        Graham: Oh.

        Salomie rushes in.

        Riley: Salomie? What's wrong?

        Salomie takes a gun out of her pocket and points it at Jill.

        Salomie: Get the hell away from them.

        Jill: What?

        Salomie: Now.

        Jill: What do -?

        Salomie shoots and it hits a lamp, breaking it.

        Salomie: Now!

        Jill moves back.

        Sam: Hey! Salomie, stop!

        Salomie: She killed all the people in the grocery store! She killed Chris! She's planning on killing us! She almost killed my mother!

        Salomie is tearing up.

        Jill's confusion turns to a big smile.

        Jill: You figured it out? I thought I covered up Chris's death well.

        Jill giggles, sounding very evil. Salomie looks really sad and has tears in her eyes but she is still pointing the gun at Jill. Jill notices her sadness.

        Jill: (sounding like a baby) Aww! Did I make the little girl cry?

        Salomie: I'm going to kill you.

        Jill: (surprised; laughing) Really? I didn't you think you could kill a fly! You're pathetic.

        There is a long pause.

        Jill: Aren't you going to ask how I did it?

        No one answers.

        Jill: Well, here I go. I met you...five freakin' years ago. That's how long this damn plan has been going on. You think you had a chance to stop it? Yeah, right. He's going to bring hell on earth, bringing all the creatures in hell here, including Jenny. I showed you I was a regular human with regular human emotions. Remember Bob? That was a set up.


        CUT TO:

        EXT ? WOODS ? NIGHT

        Jill: (V/O) I hired the vamp to kill him.

        You see Jill talking to the vampire.

        Jill: (V/O) And then I didn't want to pay my debt.

        Jill stakes the vampire, killing him.

        Jill: (V/O) So I killed him.


        CUT TO:


        Jill smiles widely.

        Jill: Aren't I great?

        Salomie looks even madder.

        Jill: Oh, that's not it. That coma, another setup. I knew you guys would figure out there's a traitor so I set these all up.

        Riley: How'd you do it?

        Jill: Neiki came in, killed Mrs. Tapon, and then messed up the place. I drank these drugs. He took them and left. These drugs put me in a coma, and then let me wake up after a certain period of time.

        Graham: Wow.

        Jill: I know. I'm amazing.

        Jill laughs maniacally.

        Sam: (realizing) You killed Michael.

        Jill: Yeah, I did.

        Sam: Bitch.

        Sam charges at Jill and tackles her. Sam grabs Jill's arms and holds them behind her back.

        Sam: Shoot the bitch, Salomie!

        Salomie aims at Jill but Jill pushes Sam off and throws her at Salomie. Salomie shoots and hits the wall. Jill runs to the door and flings it open. She runs out. Riley runs to the door and sees Jill sprinting away.

        Riley: We won't be able to catch her.

        Intank: (V/O) It doesn't matter.

        The camera shows Intank in the room.

        Graham: Where'd you come from?

        Intank: I was upstairs. I heard every word and I know where Jill is.

        Salomie: How?

        Intank: She's where Neiki is and I know where he is.

        Sam: Locater spell?

        Intank: Locater spell. Pack up. We're going to stop them, once and for all. Call the rest.

        CUT TO:


        Neiki, Xad, the Shape-Shifter, and a bunch of vamps are in the mansion. Jill is also there. They are standing around the tiny, round table at the back of the mansion.

        Neiki: Ready for hell?

        Everyone cheers. The doors smash open and it shows Riley, Graham, Sam, Heather, Salomie, and Intank in the doorway. Riley is the first in.

        Riley: Not just yet!

        They all charge in and everyone rushes at them. Heather pulls out two guns, one in each hand. She runs to two vamps. In slow motion, she jumps up, doing a Russian Split, and kicking them in the face. She pushes down on their faces and flings herself upwards. She is in the air, upside-down and still in slow motion, and she starts shooting upside-down. You can see that the bullets are wooden. She lands and continues to shoot. It becomes regular time. She kicks another vamp and punches another in the stomach. Riley runs to Xad and tackles him.

        Riley: Bring it, bitch!

        Xad: Bring it, indeed!

        They run at each other. Xad punches but Riley ducks and runs past him. Riley kicks Xad in the stomach and punches him. Xad grabs Riley and throws him to the ground. Riley jumps up and punches but Xad grabs his fist. Xad, still holding his hand, moves around, pulling Riley with him. Riley gets loose and punches Xad. Xad kicks Riley back and head butts him.

        Xad: So, how did you like it when I showed you your dead girlfriend.

        Riley looks very mad.

        Riley does a jumping kick and then a roundhouse kick, sending Xad backwards.

        Riley: Dead, EX girlfriend!

        Riley punches Xad and then Xad pushes Riley back. Xad punches but Riley blocks and then Riley throws a punch and Xad blocks it. Riley starts running at him with his arm extended, ready to punch. Xad grabs his arm and while Riley keeps running, Xad moves behind Riley and turns his arm around, behind his back.

        Xad: How do you like this?

        Xad throws Riley to the ground, face first, and laughs. Salomie is punching random vamps and has a crossbow in hand. A vampire punches her occasionally. Jill then grabs her and throws her against a wall.

        Jill: Hello, friend.

        Jill gives a wide, evil smile. Sam is attacking the Shape-Shifter. Sam punches the Shape-Shifter and then knees it in the stomach. The Shape-Shifter turns into the shape of Michael.

        Michael: Hello, darling.

        Sam punches Michael hard and then kicks him. Michael does a roundhouse kick and then does a back flip, kicking Sam. Michael kicks Sam and then Sam punches Michael but he blocks. Sam tackles Michael but Michael just pushes Sam off. Sam does a jumping kick and then Michael grabs Sam's arm. Michael yanks her arm and Sam goes flying. Michael walks over to Sam as she stands up. Michael elbows her back down. Sam gets back up and punches Michael so hard that Michael falls to the ground.

        Michael: You broke my nose!

        Sam: (emotionless) Oops.

        Neiki runs to the rounded table and places all the puzzle pieces on it, quickly. After he finishes, Intank suddenly tackles Neiki to the ground. They quickly get up and stand in a fighting stance.

        Intank: I've been waiting for this.

        Neiki: For more than five damn years.

        Intank: Five damn years.

        They suddenly attack each other. Neiki throws his arm out first, making Intank block it. Intank punches but Neiki slaps his fist away. Neiki extends his arm but Intank ducks and uppercuts him, quickly. Neiki does a roundhouse kick but Intank ducks. Neiki then slides his foot across Intank's foot, tripping him. Neiki kicks Intank hard while he's on the ground, sending him flying into the air. He is flying in the air and then lands on his feet. Intank runs at Neiki and while running does a jump in the air, sending Neiki backs a little. Neiki punches Intank and then kicks him back. Neiki does a jumping kick at the same time Intank does one. They both hit each other. When they hit the ground, they immediately jump back up. Neiki grabs Intank and flips him onto the ground. Intank kicks both of his feet at Neiki, sending him flying straight up into the air. He is coming down on Intank. Intank takes out a stake and when Neiki hits him, the stake goes into him. Intank turns him over, thinking he's dead. Intank stands up and Neiki grabs his ankle.

        Neiki: Get here, bitch.

        Neiki stands up, grabs Intank, and runs with him. They smash through a huge glass window, into the other, empty room. They roll onto the ground. Salomie is staring at Jill. Jill grabs her by her hair and pulls her up.

        Jill: Get here!

        Salomie: Help.

        The small, rounded table begins to shake and shine. Graham is fighting random vampires. Sam is punching Michael repeatedly. She takes a step back and sees that he's unconscious and all bloody. Riley has Xad in a headlock. Riley throws him to the ground slits his throat. Heather is still shooting random vampires, dusting them. Heather kicks and punches one occasionally. A vamp throws Heather against a wall and takes out of her guns. He points it at her.

        Vamp: Any last words?

        Heather: Yeah.

        Heather holds up three fingers: her pointer finger, her middle finger, and her ring finger.

        Heather: Read between the lines...bitch.

        Heather trips the vamp and the vamp falls on Heather. Heather takes a stake out of her pocket, quickly, so the vamp lands on the stake. It dusts.

        Heather: Oh my god!

        The door to the werewolf's cage slams open and a werewolf comes charging at Heather. Heather, without thinking, brings her gun up and shoots the werewolf. Another werewolf is about to come out but Riley quickly slams it shut. The dead werewolf morphs back into human form. It's Oz! Riley notices Oz and runs to him.

        Riley: Oz! Wake up!

        Riley realizes that Oz is dead.

        Riley: Oh my god.

        Salomie takes out a knife and then thrusts it into Jill's gut. Jill's eyes widen and she falls to the ground. Riley picks up a crossbow. He sees Intank and can shoot him. He aims it at him. Sam sees this and remembers Michael. Sam runs to Riley and kicks him onto the ground. She got him by surprise! Sam punches Riley. He's not getting up now. Sam walks away. Riley slowly gets up and sees the shinning table. Back with Intank and Neiki, they get up. Intank kicks Neiki onto the wall. They are both bloody after the fight. Intank pushes Neiki against the wall and is prepared to snap his neck.

        Neiki: We used to be friends, the three of us!

        Intank: Isn't that the magic word...were. That's past tense. You're a demon now!

        Neiki: I've always been a demon.

        Intank: Shut your god damn mouth!

        Intank snaps his neck and Neiki falls to the ground. His body just lays there. Intank starts to get teary. Riley sees the table and grabs the crossbow. He smashes the table and the pieces. The song, "These Four Walls" by Shawn Colvin, begins to play.

        I'm gonna die in these four walls
        I've had enough and I've tried it all

        Intank slowly walks away from the body. Salomie is staring at Jill's body.

        I'll watch the daybreak and I'll see the night fall
        In these four walls

        Salomie walks away from the body, slowly.

        CUT TO:


        Show me trouble and I'll take him down
        I drew a line on this patch of ground

        Riley walks into the house and sees a note on the table. He picks it up.

        Everything's safe and everything's sound
        In these four walls

        The note says "Riley, I've had enough of this. Goodbye. ? Sam" Riley is very shocked and drops the note as Sam walks in. She sees this.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

        Up on the rooftop
        I can remember
        Borders I had to break

        Salomie is walking, alone, down the street.

        CUT TO:


        Now I see
        I have a life
        To make
        To make

        Salomie's mom is still curled up in the corner of the room.

        CUT TO:


        I'm gonna miss your southern drawl
        A baby's footsteps in an empty hall
        And every little thing I can ever recall
        In these four walls
        In these four walls

        Intank walks into his apartment, all bloody and goes into his room. He lies down on the bed.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? SKY ? NIGHT

        NOTE: Instrument Solo

        You just see the night sky.

        CUT TO:


        Up on a rooftop
        Feel like your flying
        Thinking your heart could break
        Oh, can't you see we have this love to make
        To make

        Riley runs into his room and slams the door shut as Sam pounds on it. He slides down it, very sad.

        CUT TO:


        I'm gonna die in these four walls
        I've had enough and I've tried it all

        Intank is lying on the bed. You can see his face, all bloody.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

        I'll watch the daybreak and I'll see the night fall

        Salomie is still walking.

        CUT TO:


        In these four walls
        In these four walls
        In these four walls

        Riley puts his face into his hands.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie is walking and is at the edge of the street. She looks up and her eyes widen. The camera shows Graham's body with his head smashed open.

        END SONG




        END SEASON


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          - This episode is one of the longest Riley episodes at 48 pages.

          - This episode was originally going to have another song, "Through The Glass", but it was changed at last minute.

          - Dark Ages, Kevin, lets his second piece of writing out at BF! The first was the pilot episode of his series, The Demon Slayers. He wrote the bar scene.

          - This was originally supposed to have a Magnetic ______, Alex, scene in it but he was busy with Raven at the time but he still agreed to be my beta for this episode!

          - This is the end of the season! I loved doing this and I hope you enjoyed it! During the break, if you read, you still have some goodies! The DVD Boxset will come soon. There will be rewrites of the first ten episodes coming shortly! And there will also be a special inbetween season episode, 'lovingly' ripped of from Raven's 50th episode, "Huh?" I hoped you enjoyed the season, and see ya next time!