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Riley The Series 1.13 "Damage" Special Extended Episode

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  • Riley The Series 1.13 "Damage" Special Extended Episode

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthrized usage of these characters is permitted

    Neiki: (V/O) Previously On Riley...

    CUT TO:


    John is walking down a sidewalk. There is a lady in front of him. The lady turns around and it reveals that it is Susan.

    Susan: Hey.

    John tries to just walk away but Susan follows him.

    Susan: What are you walking away from?

    John: You, slut.

    Susan: I gave you everything you ever dreamed of. I showed you what sex really is. It happened and can't deny that.

    John stops and punches Susan across the face. Susan looks up, holding her face, shocked.

    John: I'd like to test that theory.

    CUT TO:


    Neiki is punching a punching bag and Xad is standing against a wall watching and talking to him.

    Xad: So, when are we going to start collecting?

    Neiki: Soon!

    CUT TO:


    Melissa walks in and sees everybody running around. Melissa is surprised at how much people are doing. She walks to a man.

    Man: Hello. Do you need something, Miss?

    Melissa: Well, don't you guys need some cops?

    Man: Oh, you're here to try and get the job?

    Melissa: Yes.

    CUT TO:


    Sam smiles. She sees Michael staring at her from a table in the coffee shop. She walks over to the table and sits down across from him.

    Sam: Hey Michael.

    Michael: Sam. Hey.

    CUT TO:


    There is an overview shot of the funeral. They are putting the coffin into the ground. People are standing all around. As the camera moves down, you see one of them is Salomie, another one Jill, and another one is John. A man moves up to say something.

    Man: Um, I would like to say something. I am Bob's father.

    CUT TO:


    Melissa is still filling out her application when the door opens. She looks up and sees Jake letting in Lain with an application in hand. Melissa is in shock.

    Lain: Hello Melissa.

    CUT TO:


    You see a girl running from something in the dark and she runs into someone. It's Neiki!

    Girl: Oh god, please help me! You have to save me!

    Neiki: Okay.

    Neiki snaps her neck.

    Neiki: Is that what you wanted?

    He smiles.

    CUT TO:


    Sam and Michael are still talking but you can't hear them. You close up on their hands, they are holding hands.

    NOTES ARE MUST READ TO UNDERSTAND MUSIC CHOICE: I chose the song "Pon De Replay" by Rihanna not because I liked the song, I don't. I chose it because the lyrics I interpreted them differently. When she says "Oh Mr. DJ" it's like Neiki talking to the gang. Then "Pump up the volume" is Neiki saying turn up the threat. Make yourself a threat. "Let me show you how you move," is Neiki just saying that he can destroy you, and let me see what you can do! Also, the events in the teaser take place at different times. ALSO, this takes place AFTER Season 7 of Buffy now. Okay, end rant. Onto the show!


    CUT TO:


    In slow motion you see Riley get ready for a fight while Neiki talks.

    Neiki: (V/O) Sometimes, you want to get the easy way out. Win but not have any fun.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie smiles at John and kisses him.

    Neiki: (V/O) Sure, you want to win at any costs. But you want to make the risks big.

    CUT TO:


    A vampire punches Sam onto a tombstone and it breaks.

    Neiki: (V/O) You want to just make it all stop. I don't like that. It's stupid. I like to have a little fun with my job.

    CUT TO:


    Neiki is walking towards Xad in slow motion.

    Neiki: (V/O) I need to make Intank and his pathetic friends step it up a little.

    Neiki reaches Xad and smiles.

    Neiki: (V/O) I know just the way.

    You just see black and "Pon De Replay" by Rihanna (see above) starts playing.

    Come Mr. DJ song pon de replay
    Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up?
    All the gyal pon the dance floor wantin some more what?
    Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up?

    At first, you just see black.

    CUT TO:


    Come Mr. DJ song pon de replay
    Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up?
    All the gyal pon the dance floor wantin some more what?
    Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up?

    Neiki is just standing there, staring into space. It zooms out to reveal Xad walking to him.

    It goes one by one, even two by two
    Everybody on the floor let me show you what I door
    Let's go dip it low then you bring it up slow
    Wind it up one time wind it back once more

    Xad reaches him.

    Xad: Neiki, it's going well.

    Neiki: Good, very good. Hopefully, I'll get the point across to them, or else killing them will be so much less fun.

    CUT TO:


    Run, Run, Run, Run
    Everybody move run

    Salomie is running down the stairs in slow motion.

    CUT TO:


    Let me see you move and
    Rock it till the groves done

    You see Riley on the phone, looking like he's screaming. You can't hear him.

    CUT TO:


    Shake it till the moon becomes the sun
    Everybody in the club give me a run

    A bunch of Polgara demons are attacking Graham.

    CUT TO:


    If you're ready to move say it (Yeah, yeah)
    One time for your mind say it (Yeah, yeah)
    Well, I'm ready for ya

    There is a band playing and a girl is dancing like crazy. The lights are all different colors and flashing.

    CUT TO:


    Come let me show ya
    You want to groove I'm gonna show you how you move
    Come, come

    Intank's face is just shock and he keeps falling over but you don't see why.

    CUT TO:


    Come Mr. DJ song pon de replay
    Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up?
    All the gyal pon the dance floor wantin some more what?

    Salomie falls down the stairs and looks up at the top of the stairs to see a werewolf. The werewolf jumps down at her but right as the werewolf is going to hit her, the screen turns to black.

    CUT TO:


    Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up?

    The screen is just black.




    "End Of The World" by Great Big Sea!


    Marc Blucas ? Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic ? Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase ? Graham Miller
    Jason Dohring ? Intank Wellee
    Keira Knightley ? Salomie Sullivan

    Guest Starring:

    Santiago Cabrera ? Neiki
    Jewel Staite ? Jill
    Jared Padalecki ? John
    Francis Capra ? Xad
    Kristen Bell ? Susan
    Jennifer Gardner ? Heather
    Jensen Ackles ? Dean
    Michael Varton ? Michael

    Created By: Ben

    Written By: Ben

    Edited By: Ben

    Based On: Buffy The Vampire Slayer created by Joss Whedon.
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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    You just see a shot of the house.

    CUT TO:


    The bottom of the screen says "Two Days Earlier". Melissa and Graham are both in bed, shirtless, laughing.

    Melissa: How come we've never done this before?

    Graham: Because we weren't together.

    Melissa: Well, this is the best.

    Graham: I know.

    Graham kisses Melissa passionately. Melissa grabs Graham's head as they kiss and they break up slowly. Melissa is only an inch away from Graham.

    Melissa: Ready?

    Graham: Yeah.

    Melissa and Graham pull the covers over them and the covers start moving.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie walks out of her class and a girl runs up to Salomie and taps her on her shoulder. Salomie turns around, confused.

    Salomie: Hello? Do I know you?

    Girl: No, but I'm Heather. I'm in your class.

    Salomie: Oh, hey Heather. I'm Salomie. Nice to meet you.

    Heather: I noticed that you're the one who got an A+ on the test.

    Salomie: Yeah, I did.

    Heather: I got a D-.

    Salomie: Oh.

    Heather: Will you be my study buddy? I seriously need some help.

    Salomie: Okay, that's fine with me.

    Heather: I'm in The Mackenlie Tower.

    Salomie: The huge one?

    Heather: Yes, the tower.

    Salomie: Okay.

    Heather: I'm on the 13th floor. Room 1313.

    Salomie: Okay, tonight at 9:00?

    Heather: No, tomorrow night.

    Salomie: Okay, see you there Heather.

    Heather: Thanks.

    Heather smiles and Salomie walks away. Heather's cell phone rings and she answers it.

    Heather: Hello? Okay, I'll be right there.

    Before Heather walks away, she looks at a camera moving around on the wall. Heather then walks away and the camera zooms in on the camera. The inside of the camera fades into Neiki and Xad.

    CUT TO:


    You see Neiki and Xad staring at a bunch of TV's, each is a different view from cameras set up across town to spy on the gang.

    Neiki: There's a new player in town.

    Xad: Who? The girl? She won't go far.

    Neiki: Well, it will do some damage. Don't you agree?

    Xad: I guess. But she met her today.

    Neiki: Then we'll kill her tomorrow.

    Xad: It will do nothing at all.

    Neiki: We'll also kill others.

    Xad: Good. Someone they really care about.

    Neiki: Oh, most definitely.

    Xad: Good.

    CUT TO:


    Lain is lying on his couch watching TV. There is a knock on the door.

    Lain: Come on in! It's open!

    The door opens and Graham walks into Lain's house. Lain looks to see who it is.

    Lain: Hey Graham.

    Graham: Hi.

    Lain: Look, I know you're sorry about the Melissa thing and Melissa and I agreed that we're just friends. I'm good. So, don't apologize.

    Graham: I'm here to tell you that me and Melissa are seeing each other.

    Lain doesn't look surprised.

    Lain: I figured.

    Graham: What?

    Lain: It was obvious that you guys had feeling for each other. You just didn't know it. I mean, you guys were kissing in front of my face.

    Graham: Lain, it ?

    Lain: Graham, I'm cool. I'm still in love with Melissa, but you guys are my best friends and my only friends. I'm not going to give you guys up.

    Graham smiles a little.

    Graham: Thank you, Lain.

    Lain: You don't have to thank me.

    They hug each other.

    Graham: I say we all go see a movie.

    Lain: I say YAY!

    They both walk out the door.

    CUT TO:


    You see Sam holding a cane.

    Sam: It's easy and fun. Just try.

    The camera turns to show Michael looking at a cane he's holding.

    Sam: It's a cane. Don't examine it.

    Michael: Okay.

    Sam: Here we go.

    Sam tries to hit Michael but Michael holds his cane and it blocks the blow. Michael then tries to hit Sam but Sam blocks it and pushes Michael back onto the ground.

    Michael: Hey! You can't ?

    Sam thrusts her cane forward so Michael stops speaking in fear. The cane is about to hit his neck but Sam stops right before it hits him.

    Sam: Did you think I was actually going to hit you?

    Sam brings her cane down.

    Michael: I wasn't sure.

    Sam puts her hand out and Michael grabs it. Sam pulls him up.

    Michael: Thanks.

    Sam: No problem.

    Michael: So, do you do this often?

    Sam: No, not really.

    Sam then thinks for a second.

    Sam: Okay, yes I do.

    Michael: That's a little weird.

    Sam: I know.

    Michael: I'm tired.

    Sam: Oh. Well, a band is playing at The Gold tonight. Are you going to check it out?

    Michael: I don't know.

    Sam: Oh, come on. I'll go with you.

    Michael: Okay, I guess.

    Sam: I'll see you then.

    Michael: Okay.

    Michael walks out of the house.

    CUT TO:


    Michael is walking down their drive way. Susan starts walking to their door and runs into Michael.

    Susan: I'm sorry.

    Michael: It's fine.

    Susan: Thanks.

    Michael then keeps on walking and Susan walks to the door and knocks on it. Sam opens it and is surprised to see Susan.

    Sam: Hello, you are?

    Susan: I'm Susan. I saw Salomie come here once. Does she live here? Because, I need to talk to her.

    Sam: Oh. Are you one of her friends?

    Susan: Um, ah, you could say that.

    Sam: No, she doesn't live here but the next time I see her, I'll tell her that you were looking for her.

    Susan: Oh, no! Please don't tell her. I'll find her.

    Sam: Okay.

    Susan: Bye.

    Susan walks away.

    Sam: Bye?

    CUT TO:


    John is lying on his bed, watching TV when there is a knock at the door. John looks at the door and reaches for the remote. He casually shuts off the TV and walks to the door. He opens the door to see Susan there.

    Susan: Hello John.

    John: What the hell do you want?

    Susan: I was looking for Salomie. Since you guys are dating, I thought she might be here.

    John: Why are you looking for her?

    Susan: I want to tell her something. It's very important.

    John realizes what she's trying to do.

    John: No, you can't. I won't let you.

    Susan: Won't let me do what?

    John: Tell her what we did! I said it was over!

    Susan: It's going to come out sooner or later.

    John: No, it never will. I'll make sure of that! Now stay the hell away from me and Salomie.

    Susan: It's not right that you don't tell her.

    John: And you always do what's right.

    Susan: John, you know that ?

    John slams the door and Susan stops talking. Susan shakes her head.

    CUT TO:


    Neiki is sitting next to a computer and is searching something. Xad is standing next to him. He is looking over his shoulder.

    Neiki: Here we go.

    Xad: What do you have on them?

    Neiki: Let's see. For Graham there is the one time that he shoplifted.

    Xad: (sarcastically) Wow, that's some serious dirt on him.

    Neiki: Shut up. Nothing on Sam or Riley except for the government.

    Xad: Yeah, there's not much on that.

    Neiki: Salomie is all good.

    Xad: Great. What about Jill or John? Chris?

    Neiki: There's no need to search them.

    Xad: Why?

    Neiki: They're college students.

    Xad: Fine.

    Neiki: What about Heather?

    Xad: But she's also a college student.

    Neiki: Yes, but she's new.

    Xad: So is Chris.

    Neiki: True. I'll search them both.

    Xad: So?

    Neiki: For Chris there is nothing. And Heather...there is...oh my god.

    Xad: What is it?

    Neiki smiles as Xad looks at the screen and also smiles.

    Xad: Yes, oh yes.

    Neiki: This is perfect.



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      ACT II

      CUT TO:

      INT ? THE GOLD ? DAY

      Sam, Riley, and Intank are all standing around.

      Sam: Are you kidding me? You're paranoid?

      Intank: I may be paranoid but I'm right. I know Neiki better than all of you. He's going to strike.

      Riley: Well, what do you think?

      Intank: Children, he loved them.

      Riley looks disgusted.

      Intank: Not in a sick way. He wasn't a sick person but he is now.

      Sam: Maybe he doesn't like them anymore.

      Intank: He's still Neiki, only evil!

      Sam: Fine. Where do you think this will happen?

      Intank: No idea. I just know that Neiki won't come out after 4:00 PM because he wakes up at 3:30 PM and it always takes him a half hour to get dressed and stuff.

      Sam laughs.

      Sam: You have got to be kidding me.

      Intank: This isn't a laughing matter!

      Sam: But that was funny.

      Intank: Shut up! We have to stop him.

      Sam: You dig up the research then. This is nonsense.

      Sam walks out and Intank looks to Riley.

      Riley: Dude, get some help. He'll strike but your theories are insane.

      Riley also walks out, leaving Intank sad.

      CUT TO:


      Melissa is standing, wearing her uniform, when Graham walks in.

      Melissa: Hey!

      Melissa walks over to him and kisses him.

      Melissa: What are you doing here, handsome?

      Graham: The paperwork you asked for is in my hands.

      Graham extends his arm which has a bunch of papers.

      Melissa: Yes, that's the DNA results.

      Melissa takes them.

      Melissa: (yelling) George, the results are here! I'm leaving them on you desk!

      Melissa starts walking and Graham follows her.

      Melissa: So, did you thank your friend for the help?

      Graham: What?

      Melissa puts the papers of George's desk. Melissa turns to Graham.

      Melissa: You know. That Salomie chick?

      Graham: Oh, no. But I will.

      Melissa: Cool, I'd love to meet her.

      Graham laughs.

      Graham: No, you wouldn't.

      Melissa: What?

      Graham: I'm just kidding.

      Melissa: Oh. (changing the subject) So, how's your wound?

      Graham: Don't call it that.

      Melissa: Well, how is it?

      Graham: Good. Still hurts a little, obviously.

      Melissa: Can I see it? I can make it a better with a lick or two.

      Graham smiles slightly.

      Graham: Not in public.

      Melissa: Well, I'm off in an hour.

      Graham: Now, that sounds good.

      Melissa: Good. See you at my house in about an hour.

      Graham: Okay. Have fun with...police work stuff.

      Melissa laughs.

      Melissa: Okay.

      Graham walks away and Melissa continues to smile.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? SCHOOL ? DAY

      Intank walks up to a school.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? SCHOOL ? DAY

      There is no one in the hall when Intank walks in. He sees a sign that says "Principal John Snortel". He guessed that that was their principal. He continues walking down the hall until he gets to a door. He opens it and walks in.

      CUT TO:


      Intank has walked into the Informational Center. Luckily, no one was in there at that time. He sits down and presses the log in button. At username, he types in "johnsnortel" and then goes down to password. He randomly guesses and goes with the sign. He types in "principal". It doesn't work and then he makes another guess with all he knows. He types "principaljs" and it was correct. Things pop up all over the screen and he just exits them out. He sees a shortcut on the desktop called "Schedules" and he clicks on it. There are many topics but he chooses "Bus Schedules" and starts reading through them. He sees that no buses are out after 3:30 PM, except one that leaves at 4:45 PM from that school. He grabs a piece of paper from the printer and starts writing the bus number. The bus number is seventeen. He stands up and leaves the room. There is one last shot of the room.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? DORM ? DAY

      You see a shot of the dorm.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie is walking down the hallway with bags in her hand. She walks to her door and opens just so it could be closed before she opened it fully.

      Salomie: What?

      Jill: (V/O) One second!

      CUT TO:


      Jill has sheets over her and grabs her jeans. She starts putting them on. You see Chris lying in bed with covers over her.

      Chris: Salomie?

      Jill: Yeah.

      Chris: Oh, crap.

      Chris rolls out of bed and starts to get her clothes on.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie is standing at the door and hears noise all inside the room. She begins to laugh. The door opens and Chris walks out. Jill stands at the doorway, smiling nervously.

      Jill: Okay, you can come in now, Salomie.

      Salomie: (laughing) Okay.

      Salomie walks in.

      Jill: See you soon, Chris.

      Chris: Okay.

      Jill shuts the door.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie sits on her bed. The room is a mess.

      Salomie: I see that you guys had fun.

      Jill: (under her breath) Oh, yeah we did.

      Salomie heard what she did.

      Salomie: (smiling) Oh, really?

      Jill: We just had some...bonding time.

      Salomie: Good for you!

      Salomie laughs.

      Jill: Where's the bondage with John?

      Salomie: I don't know. He's been...not bondy lately.

      Jill: Girl, I don't think that's a word.

      Salomie: Really? I'm depressed now?

      Salomie falls back in her bed.

      Jill: No, don't be. Find John and be bondy, even if it's not a word. Okay?

      Salomie gets up.

      Salomie: Okay.

      Salomie stands up and walks to the door.

      Salomie: Thanks, Jill.

      Jill: I'm always here to tell you to be bondy with John.

      Salomie: Okay.

      Salomie walks out the door.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie walks in and looks around until Melissa walks up to her.

      Melissa: Hello? Can I help you?

      Salomie: I was looking for a man named Graham.

      Melissa: Are you Salomie?

      Salomie: Yes, that's me.

      Melissa: Oh, I'm Melissa, Graham's girlfriend.

      They shake hands.

      Salomie: Nice to meet you.

      Melissa: Same here.

      Salomie: Is he here right now?

      Melissa: No, not now.

      Salomie: Oh.

      Melissa: He's probably at his house.

      Salomie: Okay, thanks.

      Melissa: No problem. Nice meeting you.

      Salomie walks out.

      CUT TO:


      Graham is sitting on the couch, watching TV when there is a knock at the door. He gets up and opens it. It's Salomie.

      Salomie: Hey Graham.

      Graham: Hey.

      Salomie: Met your girlfriend. She seems nice.

      Graham: She is.

      Salomie: Anyways, tell Riley and Sam not to contact me all day. And maybe not at night. Okay?

      Graham: Why? What are you doing?

      Salomie looks down and bites her lips. Graham realizes and he opens his mouth.

      Graham: Oh. Okay, sure, Salomie. I'll tell them.

      Salomie: Thanks, Graham.

      Graham shuts the door and Salomie walks away.

      CUT TO:


      There is a knock at her door and she answers it. It's Jill.

      Chris: Hey J-

      Jill grabs Chris fiercely and starts kissing her. They fall into Chris's room and Chris closes the door as they fall over.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie walks into the lecture hall, no one is there. She starts walking up to her seat that she was in that day.

      Salomie: (to herself) I just had to leave my stuff in here.

      Salomie grabs her purse but she's missing her notebook. She looks around but she can't find it.

      Professor: (V/O) Salomie?

      Salomie turns around to see her professor standing at his desk.

      Salomie: Oh, hello Professor Henry.

      Professor Henry: What are you -?

      Salomie: I can explain.

      Professor Henry: Please do.

      Salomie: (holds up purse) Forgot stuff.

      Professor Henry: Oh, me too.

      He lifts up his coffee mug.

      Salomie: Oh.

      Professor Henry: So, come on.

      Salomie: You go on. I need to find my notebook.

      Professor Henry: (suspicious look) Okay. Goodbye Salomie.

      Professor Henry walks out. Salomie continues to look around when she hears a noise. She walks up the stairs in the lecture hall to a curtain. She opens it and sees a boy there. She gasps and steps back.

      Boy: I'm sorry, did I scare you?

      Salomie: Hell yeah! You're standing behind a freakin' curtain! Were you watching me?

      Boy: No. I was looking for my stuff and I found a notebook.

      He holds it up.

      Salomie: That's mine!

      Salomie snatches it from him.

      Boy: You're welcome.

      Salomie: Sorry, I'm just a little freaked.

      Boy: It's fine.

      Salomie: Yeah.

      Salomie begins walking down the stairs when the Boy jumps on her. Salomie screams.

      Salomie: Get off me!

      Boy: I'm sorry about this.

      Salomie: Wha-?

      The Boy punches her.

      Salomie: (starting to sob) Stop!

      Boy: I can't do it!

      The Boy walks away from her but then he starts to get shocked from his metal bracelet. Salomie sees this and knows what happened. He stops getting shocked and grabs Salomie.

      Boy: I'm so sorry.

      The Boy throws Salomie down the stairs and she starts to scream and cry. When she reaches the bottom, she is all bloodied up. The Boy walks down to her and lifts her up by her shirt. Salomie is crying now.

      Salomie: Why?

      The Boy grabs her neck.

      Boy: Because I have to.

      The Boy snaps her neck. The Boy stares at her lifeless body and falls back into chairs.

      CUT TO:


      The Boy is holding Salomie's head still. It was just the Boy's vision of him killing her. He thinks about what will happen and then let's go of her and backs off. He starts getting shocked and he falls to the ground and he's stopped being shocked. The Boy looks to her and grabs her but Salomie pushes him away. She grabs her cell phone out of her purse and starts to press buttons. She starts running but the Boy grabs her foot and she falls to the ground. When she hits the floor, the cell phone falls out of her hand and slides across the floor. She opens her hand to get it but she's held back by the Boy. The Boy flips her over and grabs her neck as she jumps on top of her.

      Salomie: (while being choked) Please...stop.

      The Boy is choking her. Salomie elbows the Boy and he falls back into chairs. Salomie quickly gets to her feet and grabs her purse, notebook, and cell phone. She runs out the door.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie has just run out of the room and she runs into a lady that drops all the books she was holding. It turns out that it's Mrs. Tapon.

      Mrs. Tapon: Good heavens!

      Salomie looks at her strangely and then starts picking up her stuff.

      Salomie: I'm so sorry...

      Mrs. Tapon: Mrs. Tapon! Why did you run into me?

      Salomie: It was an accident, I'm sorry.

      Mrs. Tapon: You should be, this is insane. You shouldn't run.

      Salomie: (pointing to lecture hall door) In there. There was this Boy who attacked me and almost killed me. I had to get out. I think he's still in there.

      Mrs. Tapon pauses and walks to the door. She opens it and sees the room trashed.

      Mrs. Tapon: Oh my.

      Salomie: How could he not be here?

      They see a window open.

      Salomie: He got away.

      Mrs. Tapon: I'll call the police.

      Salomie: Okay, you do that.

      Salomie begins to walk away when Mrs. Tapon stops her.

      Mrs. Tapon: Where are you going?

      Salomie: I need to go. Sorry and bye!

      Salomie runs away.

      Mrs. Tapon: (shaking head) Freshman.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie stops running and is out of sight from Mrs. Tapon. She grabs her cell phone out and calls someone.

      CUT TO:


      Sam is sitting on her bed, thinking when her cell phone rings. She answers it.

      Sam: Hello?

      Salomie: (V/O) This is Salomie.

      Sam: Hey Sal!

      Salomie: (V/O) Don't ever call me that again. I was almost killed a few minutes ago.

      Sam: Oh my g-

      Salomie: (V/O) Yeah, I'll tell you about it later. Right now, I have to go. Just thought I'd let you know. Bye.

      Sam: But ?

      Salomie hangs up and Sam is left in confusion.

      CUT TO:


      John opens the door and sees Salomie there.

      John: Salomie?

      Salomie: Yes.

      Salomie grabs his head and kisses him. They break loose a little.

      John: What is this?

      Salomie: You haven't been seeing me lately. I need you.

      John looks at her for a second and then they begin kissing again. They go into John's room while kissing and Salomie pushes the door shut. John starts to lick John's neck.

      Salomie: I missed you.

      They fall onto the bed.

      CUT TO:


      The Boy from the lecture room barges into the mansion.

      Boy: (pointing to metal bracelet) Get this damn thing off me! Now!

      Neiki walks to the Boy and Xad walks behind him closer.

      Neiki: (laughing) Sure, I'll do that and just let you go. You wish.

      Boy: I do!

      Neiki: Dean, come here.

      The Boy, Dean, walks closer to Neiki and then Neiki punches him in the face. Dean falls to the ground, unconscious.

      Neiki: That's better. Put him in the cage.

      Xad: My pleasure.

      Xad pulls Dean by his feet to one of the rooms in the back of the mansion. He opens it and throws Dean in there. You see the feet and legs of another person so you know someone else is in there. Xad shuts the door and puts a lock on the door. He grabs two more and puts them on.

      Xad: That should hold them, right?

      Neiki: Yes, I think it will.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? THE GOLD ? DAY

      Sam, Riley, and Graham walk into The Gold where Intank is standing.

      Riley: You call us...again.

      Intank: I've got where Neiki is going to strike.

      Riley: Oh, not this again.

      Intank: Shut the hell up!

      Sam: Wait guys. I was too confused in the car to tell me and I still am but I have to tell you guys. Salomie was almost killed today.

      Graham: What? How? Is she alright?

      Sam: I don't know. She just told me and hung up.

      Graham: She told me she was not going to be able to be reached today because she was having sex.

      Sam: That's why she was in a hurry.

      Intank: Back to the subject!

      Sam: Okay, what?

      Intank: I found out that there's only one bus after 4:00 ?

      Riley: Oh, this is ridiculous!

      Intank: Let me finish! It's going in about fifteen minutes. Now, let's go.

      Sam: Wait a minute, why? This sound's crazy, Intank. You know that, right.

      Intank: Yeah, but if we go we'll just be wasting fifteen minutes if it's not right, if we don't go and it happens, we'll lose at least fifteen lives. Which one's a better idea?



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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        Salomie is lying in John's bed with him. Salomie is kissing him and then stops and looks uneasy.

        John: What's wrong?

        Salomie: (lying) Nothing. Everything's just perfect.

        John: (smiling) I would hope so.

        John pulls her closer. They keep on kissing.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? DAY

        A bus goes driving by.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? BUS ? DAY

        A Bus Driver is driving the bus while kids are screaming in the back.

        Bus Driver: Sit down and be quiet! No more talking for the rest of the ride.

        Kid #1: What? This sucks!

        Bus Driver: Don't use that language!

        The Bus Driver looks out the glass door and sees a man standing on the side of a road. The Bus Driver looks confused. The man jumps through the door of the bus and is standing next to the Bus Driver. It turns out that the man is Neiki.

        Bus Driver: (shocked; confused and scared) What the hell?

        Neiki: Hello.

        Bus Driver: Who are you?

        Neiki: I'm Neiki.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? DAY

        Intank, Graham, Sam, and Riley are standing on the side of the road when they see the bus coming.

        Intank: (points) Look, Neiki!

        They see Neiki on the bus and the smashed door.

        Riley: What are -?

        When the bus passes, Intank jumps right on, leaving Riley speechless.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? BUS ? DAY

        Neiki sees Intank. First he has a shocked look and then he smiles.

        Neiki: (laughing) Intank? I didn't expect this! I had no idea that you would do this!

        Intank: I guess you don't know me very well.

        Intank stands up tall.

        Neiki: Oh, I do. I know all about you. I know all.

        Intank: (giggling) Sure you do.

        Bus Driver: What the hell is happening?

        Neiki: Stop being rude. We're talking.

        Intank: Neiki, this is about us. Let's get off here.

        Neiki: Let me

        Intank: Neiki, -

        Neiki punches him.

        Neiki: Oops.

        Intank punches but Neiki ducks and then trips him. Intank kicks Neiki back while on the ground.

        Neiki: Don't stop the bus or I'll kill you!

        Bus Driver: (scared) Okay.

        Intank jumps up and punches twice but Neiki blocks. Neiki punches Intank in the stomach and then Intank knees Neiki back into one of the seats that no one's in. Neiki walks to Intank and kicks but Intank grabs his foot. Neiki breaks loose and kicks Intank in the face.

        Intank: Stop this!

        Neiki grabs Intank by the neck.

        Neiki: Never.

        Neiki keeps one hand on Intank's neck and lifts him up. With the other, he breaks the Bus Driver's neck.

        Intank: No!

        Neiki: He dies.

        Neiki throws Intank out of the bus and he rolls to the side of the road. The bus is swerving because no one is driving it.

        Neiki: Bye kids.

        They all scream as Neiki jumps off just like Intank only Neiki actually lands.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? ROAD ? DAY

        Neiki is standing at the side of the room and Intank slowly gets up. He is all bloodied up.

        Intank: No.

        Neiki: (smiling) Yes, oh yes.

        The bus drives off the bridge they were on onto the street below them.

        Intank: No!

        Neiki laughs.

        Neiki: I love to see you in pain.

        Intank looks at him, disgusted.

        Neiki: You deserve it.

        Neiki starts walking away.

        Intank: No! You come back here!

        Intank turns him around and punches him.

        Intank: You killed all those kids!

        Neiki: You killed my sister.

        Neiki punches him down to the ground.

        Neiki: And you thought that was bad? You just wait.

        Neiki walks away and Riley, Sam, and Graham run to Intank.

        Sam: Intank! Are you okay?

        Intank: They're all dead. All the kids and the bus driver are dead.

        Graham: Oh god.

        Riley: (referring to Neiki) Should we follow him.

        Intank: No. Nothing will work.

        The camera zooms out to show all of them on the side of the road, just there.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie is walking down the hallway and opens a door.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie walks in and sees Jill on her bed, watching TV.

        Jill: Hey Sal.

        Salomie: Hey Jill.

        Jill: There was some mail for you.

        Jill points to the floor. There's a letter but it's been opened. Salomie looks to Jill.

        Jill: What? You thought I could resist?

        Salomie picks it up.

        Jill: It's gibberish. Doesn't have a return address. The only real word on there is Neiki. Don't know why, though.

        Salomie looks at the letter for a second.

        Salomie: It's backwards.

        Jill: what?

        Salomie: The note, it's written backwards.

        Jill: Why?

        Salomie sits on her bed and starts typing in her computer.

        Salomie: Probably because they didn't want nosey people to read it, like you.

        Jill: Hey!

        Salomie: You asked.

        Salomie keeps on typing.

        Salomie: I got it!

        Jill: What does it say?

        Salomie: Oh god.

        Salomie's face is shocked.

        Salomie shuts her laptop and walks to the door with the letter.

        Jill: Wait, what did I miss?

        Salomie walks out the door.

        Jill: Wait!

        Jill sighs.

        CUT TO:


        Sam is sitting on the couch, drinking some hot cocoa. Riley is fixing the way their weapons are fixed in a cabinet.

        Sam: Riley, I never thought Intank would be right.

        Riley: (while fixing) Same here. We got there in time. Just...Neiki...

        Riley stops and pauses for a second.

        Riley: There was nothing we could do.

        Riley continues to work.

        Sam: Yeah, if we believed him, we could've prepared more.

        Riley: He sounded insane.

        Sam: He is insane! It doesn't mean he's not right, though!

        Riley stops and sits down next to Sam.

        Riley: (puts hands on shoulder) Sam, everything will be alright.

        Sam: (confused) It doesn't always work that way, Riley! Nothing's always ?alright', Riley!

        Riley: (shocked) I know.

        Sam: Well, you don't act like it.

        The door opens and in comes Salomie.

        Salomie: Guys, hey.

        Sam: Salomie!

        Sam stands up and runs to Salomie. She hugs her.

        Sam: What the hell happened?

        Salomie: In the lecture hall, a man attacked me. He seemed like he didn't want to kill me or hurt me. He kept saying sorry.

        Sam: What kind of murderer is he? Is he even trying?

        Salomie: He had some weird bracelet that shocked every time he refused to kill me.

        Sam: I'm thinking total Neiki.

        Riley: Who wouldn't?

        Salomie: Well, I've got to go see Heather.

        Sam: Heather?

        Salomie: Ex-Study buddy.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie is walking through the hallway. She reaches a door saying 1313 and knocks on it. No one answers.

        Salomie: Where the hell is she?

        CUT TO:


        No one is in the room.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? THE GOLD ? NIGHT

        A song is playing. It is "Pon De Replay". Intank is at the bar handing out drinks.

        Intank: Why don't you guys wait! I don't have any damn super powers or anything!

        You see people dancing everywhere and you see one of them is Heather. She is dancing a little like Faith and Buffy were in "Bad Girls". She walks to a Man just walking with a drink.

        Heather: Hey big boy.

        Man: Hello?

        Heather: I'm Heather. Want to dance?

        Heather slides down, her hands running down his legs.

        Man: I think you're drunk.

        Heather: (laughing) Totally.

        Man: I think you should go home.

        Heather: (waving arms) Nah.

        Man: Go home and go to sleep.

        Heather: With you, honey, all the way.

        Heather puts his arms around him.

        Man: (pushing arms away) No. Go home.

        The Man walks away and Heather looks offended.

        CUT TO:


        Heather walks out of The Gold, not that drunk anymore. She runs into a man in a police officer outfit.

        Heather: Hey!

        The Man stops. The Man grabs Heather and she tries to get loose.

        Heather: Hey. Get off me!

        The Man punches her and Heather looks up at him in fear.

        CUT TO:


        Intank walks out of the training room with a white shirt and sweatpants on. He then has a shocked face.

        Intank: (angered) Go.

        The camera moves to show Neiki in The Gold, smiling.

        Neiki: Hey, Intank! How are you?

        Intank: Leave!

        Neiki: (smiling) No.

        Intank goes and grabs Neiki.

        Intank: Leave.

        Neiki: Bite me.

        Intank pushes him and walks away. Neiki laughs.

        Neiki: Wait, aren't you going to snap my neck? I thought you really liked doing that.

        Intank turns around and stares at Neiki in disgust.

        Intank: Don't you dare ?

        Neiki: What? Talk about how you killed my sister when she did absolutely nothing!

        Intank: She killed people!

        Neiki: And gave them new life! Just like she did to you and me! How can you not understand!

        Intank: It's not new life! It's a curse!

        Neiki: No way.

        Intank: What are you trying to do to me?

        Neiki: Get revenge.

        Intank: By killing children?

        Neiki: You I killed.

        Intank: You little bastard.

        Neiki: What can I say, there's nothing better than your pain.

        Intank: I think there's one thing.

        Neiki: And what's that?

        Intank punches Neiki.

        Intank: Yours.

        Neiki laughs.

        Neiki: Good one. See you soon, friend.

        Neiki starts walking out.

        Intank: I'm not your friend.

        Neiki walks out.

        CUT TO:


        John and Salomie are lying in bed.

        Salomie: So, how was your nights sleep?

        John: What sleep?

        They kiss.

        Salomie's watch alarm goes off and she looks at the time.

        Salomie: Oh, got to go!

        John: What?

        Salomie: I really need to go?

        John: Why?

        Salomie: (thinking) Jill. She needs me to judge some men.

        John: Oh, that makes me feel great.

        Salomie: (laughs) I'll base it off Jill's feelings. If it was mine, they would all be one out of ten, except you of course.

        John hugs her more tightly.

        John: Thanks.

        Salomie: No problem. So, time to go.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie walks into the house and Sam and Graham are there on the couch.

        Salomie: So, do you guys need me today? I was thinking yes.

        Sam: Yeah, we're trying to find out where Neiki is going to strike.

        Salomie: Any ideas?

        Graham: No, not yet.

        Sam: We need to get Intank. He knows all about Neiki.

        Salomie: Okay. I'll go find him.

        Salomie walks out the door.

        END OF ACT III


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          ACT IV

          CUT TO:

          INT ? THE GOLD ? MORNING

          Intank is still in the same clothes and Salomie walks in.

          Intank: How'd you get in?

          Salomie: Door was open.

          Intank: (whispering) Neiki.

          Salomie: What?

          Intank: Nothing.

          Salomie: So, the gang needs you.

          Intank: What?

          Salomie: They need you to find out where Neiki will strike next.

          Intank: Fine.

          Salomie: Intank, did you know I almost died?

          Intank: (confused) What?

          Salomie: Yesterday, I almost died.

          Intank: How?

          Salomie: A man tried to kill me in a lecture hall. He didn't want to though but he was forced knows what.

          Intank: Neiki.

          Intank walks to Salomie and puts his hands on her shoulders.

          Intank: Kid, do you mind if I call you kid?

          Salomie: Yeah.

          Intank: Okay. Kid, we're gonna find him. We're gonna kill him. He tries to touch you again I will snap his neck in an instant. He will never hurt you again.

          Salomie smiles.

          Salomie: I didn't know you cared so much.

          Intank: I have a bigger heart than you thought.

          Salomie smiles once more.

          Intank: I'll be right out and we'll go and find Neiki.

          Salomie: Okay.

          Intank walks into the training room.

          CUT TO:


          The door opens and in comes Intank and Salomie. Sam turns to them and holds up a letter.

          Sam: Ta-da.

          Salomie: And that is?

          Sam: Another letter from Neiki. It seems that he wants us to know what he's up to.

          Intank: Yeah, he wants us to feel pain. More specifically, me.

          Sam: Oh.

          Sam hands the letter to Intank.

          Sam: So, what does that mean, big shot?

          Intank looks at it.

          Intank: Um, it says Dik.

          Sam: I already knew that.

          Salomie: (giggling) I think he forgot to write down the c.

          Intank looks at Salomie.

          Salomie: Sorry.

          Intank: It's kid backwards. This is easy.

          Sam: Okay, but there's a back.

          Intank: It says erac yad. It's Day Care backwards. Go to the local day care. That's where he's striking.

          Sam: More at the bottom.

          Intank: It says s'it sdrawkcab. It's "It's Backwards", backwards.

          Salomie: (laughing) No duh.

          Sam: Okay, he didn't have to write that.

          Intank: Salomie, get Graham and Riley upstairs. Sam, find out the closest Day Care.

          Sam: Okay.

          Salomie: Getting them as we speak.

          CUT TO:


          Little kids are running around everywhere when Riley, Intank, Sam, Graham, and Salomie run in. Kids everywhere stop to stare at them.

          Little Kid #1: Old people!

          Little Kid #2: Strangers!

          Little Kid #3: Attack!

          All the Little Kids scream and jump on the gang.

          Women: Children, calm down! It's time for a time out for all of you!

          All the kids moan and go sit in a corner. The Women walks to the gang.

          Women: I'm sorry about that. Is there something I can help you with?

          Riley: (confused) No.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? STREET ? DAY

          The gang is walking down the street. They are all confused.

          Salomie: So...Intank was wrong.

          Intank: I just went with the letter. I don't get it.

          Graham: Yeah, neither do ?

          Sam: Wait a minute!

          Intank: What?

          Sam: The last thing he wrote was this is backwards/

          Riley: Yeah, obviously.

          Sam: Maybe he meant the meaning of the message!

          Intank: Oh.

          Riley: A retirement home.

          Graham: Elderly people are the opposite of children. It's backwards.

          Sam: Exactly.

          Salomie: Hey, why didn't I get to say anything?

          CUT TO:


          The gang runs in and you only see them. They have shocked faces.

          Salomie: Oh god.

          The camera shows the retirement home. It is all bloody with bodies everywhere.

          Salomie: (begins crying) Oh my god.

          Salomie falls to her knees.

          Salomie: No, no, no.

          Salomie puts her hands over her face. The others are in shock. Riley walks closer to the bodies.

          Riley: We were too late.

          Intank grabs Salomie and turns her away from the bodies and blood. Salomie throws up in the back.

          Riley: They're all dead.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? RILEY'S HOUSE ? DAY

          Salomie is sitting on the couch, with her knees up to her chest. Intank walks over to her with some hot cocoa and gives it to her. Salomie takes it and holds it close to her.

          Salomie: Thank you.

          Intank: You're welcome.

          Intank walks away to the kitchen.

          CUT TO:


          Intank walks in and Sam is standing at the sink, watching the water.

          Intank: Whatcha doin?

          Sam turns around and then turns off the sink.

          Sam: Nothing.

          Intank: Why were you staring at water?

          Sam: It can wash the blood away.

          Intank: (beat) Bye. I'm going to The Gold.

          Intank walks out.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? STREET ? DAY

          Sam is walking down the street as "Fast As I Can" by Great Big Sea begins playing.

          From the first hello you gave to me
          I've done nothing else but smile
          And I know you're in a hurry
          I bet it's gonna take awhile

          Sam sees the coffee shop and walks in it.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? COFFEE SHOP ? DAY

          The music is still playing.

          So forgive me if we go slow
          But there's something I think you should know

          Sam sees Michael at a table and goes to sit down next to him.

          Michael: Right on time.

          Sam: That's me.

          I'm going fast as I can
          Please don't make me rush
          This feelings coming on way too fast

          Michael: So, we get to hang out once again.

          Sam: (slightly smiling) Yeah, it's great.

          Michael: How've you been?

          Sam: (lying) Great.

          I'll tell you all of the things
          That you never forget
          I'm just not ready to say I love you yet
          I'm not ready to say I love you yet

          Michael: That's wonderful. I ordered some coffee for you.

          Michael pushes the coffee towards her and Sam picks it up.

          Sam: Thanks, Michael.

          Michael: Yeah.

          NOT WORDS: A small solo happens

          Sam: I'm going to get the sugar.

          Michael: No, I'll get it.

          Michael says this as Sam reaches over the table to grab it and they both try and get it. They're faces are right next to each other. They pause.

          So, don't push me in too deep
          I've always been, the fool who rushes in


          CUT TO:

          INT ? AIRPLANE ? NIGHT

          Riley has a ring in front of Sam and she smiles and grabs him. They start to kiss.


          CUT TO:

          INT ? COFFEE SHOP ? DAY

          I know you've got to take the pieces
          One by one
          For you've got everything

          Sam thinks for a second and then they kiss.

          And so forgive me if we take time

          Sam grabs Michael's head and they continue to kiss from across the table.

          But there's something that's been on my mind

          Sam pauses for a second, breaking off the kiss.

          I'm going fast as I can
          Please don't make me rush

          Sam starts to kiss him again.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? HOTEL ? HALLWAY ? DAY

          This feeling's coming on way too fast

          Sam and Michael are kissing down the hall.

          I'll tell you all of the things
          That you never forget
          But I'm not ready to say I love you yet

          Sam and Michael are still kissing and they reach a door. While kissing, Michael swipes a card in a slot in the door and it opens.

          I'm not ready to say I love you yet

          They fall into the room.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? HOTEL ? HOTEL ROOM ? DAY

          NOT WORDS: A tiny solo happens

          Sam is lying on the bed when Michael comes into view, slowly climbing up her.

          Oh, they'll be times when I'm mistaken
          And they'll be times when we're gonna fight
          I bet you you're in doubt
          We can work it out

          Michael grabs her head and they begin to kiss.

          And in time we'll get it right

          Sam and Michael get up and stare at each other.

          Oh, so forgive me if we go slow
          But there's something I think you should know

          Sam and Michael begin kissing again and while kissing Sam takes Michael's shirt off.

          I'm going fast as I can
          Please don't make me rush
          This feelings coming on way too fast
          I'll tell you all of the things that you never forget

          They fall back onto the bed, still kissing.

          CUT TO:


          But I'm not ready to say I love you yet
          I'm going fast as I can
          Please don't make me rush
          This feelings coming on way too fast
          I'll tell you all of the things that you never forget
          But I'm not ready to say I love you yet
          I'm not ready to say I love you yet

          Sam and Michael are lying in the bed, naked and under the covers. Michael's arm is around Sam and Sam slowly opens her eyes.

          NOT WORDS: The song drifts out

          Sam gets up and gets her clothes on. She looks sad and then she walks out the door. Michael opens his eyes and sees that Sam is gone.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? HOTEL ? HALLWAY ? DAY

          Sam is walking down the hall, now with clothes and Michael runs up behind her, also now with clothes.

          Michael: Sam!

          Michael turns Sam around.

          Sam: What!?

          Michael: Where are you going?

          Sam: (angry) My HUSBAND.

          She emphasizes on "husband".

          Michael: Who? Riley?

          Sam: Yes! He's my husband, god damn it!

          Michael: That doesn't matter.

          Sam: It sure as hell does, Michael! Do you not understand?

          Michael: No, I don't. I'm in love.

          Sam: You're blinded by love.

          Michael: You're blinded by fake love, which is worse.

          Sam: What are you talking about?

          Michael: You and Riley? You call that love?

          Sam: Yes, that's why we got married.

          Michael: Marriage isn't love, Sam. Marriage is what people in love do. They get married but it isn't love for you.

          Sam: (laughing) It is.

          Sam stops laughing and begins to cry a little.

          Sam: It damn well is!

          Michael: No, you have to stop lying to yourself.

          Sam: (sobbing) No.

          Michael holds her shoulders and looks her in the face while she's crying.

          Michael: This is love, Sam! Be with me and be happy, Sam! Please! I love you and I know you love me.

          Sam: Stop it! Please.

          Michael: What am I doing? Telling the truth?

          Sam: It's not the truth!

          Sam continues to cry.

          Michael: You know it is. You love me.

          Sam: No!

          She shouts as loudly as she can and walks away while sobbing. Michael has a shocked, confused, and sad face.

          Old Man: (V/O) Keep it down out there!

          Michael goes on his knees and begins crying. Michael covers his face.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? MANSION ? DAY

          Neiki and Xad are dancing in the mansion. Suddenly, Neiki stops to look at something.

          Neiki: Graham.

          You see Graham standing there across from Neiki.

          Graham: No, not Graham.

          Graham suddenly changes to Sam.

          Sam: I'm a shape shifter.

          Neiki smiles widely.

          Shape Shifter/Sam: I think you could use my skills.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? DORM ? HALLWAY ? DAY

          Salomie is walking down the hallway when John runs into her and he smiles.

          John: Salomie.

          Salomie: John, hey.

          Salomie keeps on walking when John stops her.

          John: Where are you going?

          Salomie: I need to get something from my room and then I'm off.

          John: Where are you going?

          Salomie: (trying to find an answer) I can't tell you.

          John: (laughing) You can tell me anything.

          Salomie: No, I can't.

          John: Salomie?

          Salomie starts to cry a little.

          Salomie: If I don't make it through today, remember that I love you.

          John: (confused) What are you talking about?

          Salomie puts her hand over her face.

          John: Why wouldn't you make it through today? Salomie, what is happening?

          Salomie kisses John and he pushes her away.

          John: Salomie, what is happening?

          Salomie: I can't.

          Salomie starts to walk away when John fiercely pushes her around.

          John: I need answers, Salomie and you're not leaving until I get some.

          Salomie: Get your hands off me!

          Salomie pushes him.

          Salomie: I'm going.

          Salomie starts to walk away and John screams after her.

          John: Salomie! Come back here now! Don't think everything's alright, Salomie! Come back!

          Salomie continues to walk, with tears in her eyes.

          END OF ACT IV


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            ACT V

            CUT TO:


            Graham is sitting on his bed, just thinking. Melissa appears in the doorway.

            Melissa: Hey.

            Graham: How'd you ??

            Melissa: I let myself in. Door was open.

            Graham: Oh, hey.

            Melissa walks in and sits next to him.

            Melissa: So, anyone home?

            Graham: No, but they'll be home soon.

            Melissa: I thought we were going to do the comfort thing.

            Graham: Melissa, today's...weird.

            Melissa: Weird how? Is it weird that we caught two shoplifters today? Tell me that's it because I hope that isn't a normal thing. It sure was a pain in the ass!

            Graham: No. Just trust me. You don't want to be near me today.

            Melissa: (confused) Okay.

            Melissa stands up.

            Melissa: Tomorrow?

            Graham: (thinking; sad) I hope.

            CUT TO:

            EXT ? STREET ? DAY

            Salomie is walking down the street with her arms crossed. Melissa is also walking down the street and sees her.

            Melissa: Hey Sa-

            Salomie: Not now.

            Salomie walks right by Melissa.

            Melissa: (sarcastic) Everyone's so happy today.

            CUT TO:

            EXT ? STREET ? DAY

            Salomie is still walking down the street when she runs into Susan.

            Salomie: Sorry.

            Susan: You said sorry to me?

            Salomie: I didn't know it was you.

            Susan was acting nice.

            Susan: Sal, I have to tell you something.

            Salomie: Now's a horrible time.

            Salomie keeps on walking.

            Salomie: And never call me Sal again.

            Susan looks sad.

            CUT TO:

            INT ? RILEY'S HOUSE ? DAY

            Everyone is in Riley's house.

            Salomie: So, what do we do?

            Riley: I think we just go on with our normal lives. Let's see what happens.

            Sam: What?

            Salomie: That's not safe. We saw what Neiki can do.

            Riley: We can't live in fear.

            Intank: He won't be alive that much longer so that doesn't matter much, now does it?

            Salomie: This is a bad idea!

            Graham: Yeah, Riley, I don't know about this.

            Riley: There's nothing else we can do! This is what we're doing! Deal with it.

            CUT TO:


            Salomie is walking towards the entrance.

            CUT TO:


            Salomie is walking through and sees a snack machine.

            Salomie: (to herself) Yum.

            She reaches into her purse but she doesn't find any money.

            Salomie: Crap.

            Salomie keeps on walking.

            CUT TO:


            Salomie walks to a door that says 1313. She knocks on the door. She puts her hands in her pockets, waiting. She then hears jingling and pulls out some coins.

            Salomie: (to herself) Yay for some money.

            Salomie looks at the door and realizes she's not in there so she walks down the hall to the elevator. She looks on it and it says "Out of Order".

            Salomie: (to herself) What the hell? It was operating a minute ago.

            Salomie sighs and walks to the door to the stairs. She opens it and walks in it.

            CUT TO:


            Salomie starts walking down the thirteen flights of stairs. She is at the top of the whole building. She continues walking down, tired and quite sad. She hears a noise and stops. She looks behind her. She has walked down one flight of stairs. She continues walking when she hears growling. She stops and looks behind her. There is a werewolf coming at her.

            Salomie: Ah! Help!

            Salomie runs down the stairs and hits a railing.

            Salomie: Oh god.

            Salomie continues running down the stairs as the werewolf chases her.

            Salomie: Somebody! Help!

            Salomie realizes that no one is coming and she can't be helped or saved by a huge werewolf. Salomie hits the railing again and falls down the stairs and falls on a landing next to a door to the seventh floor. The werewolf is at the top of the stairs next to her, growling. Salomie's eyes widen in fear.

            Salomie: Somebody, help me.

            The werewolf leaps and is about to land and devour Salomie when the door to the seventh floor flings off it's hinges and smacks the werewolf and sends him hitting a railing. Salomie looks to see how the door flew and Heather is standing in the doorway. She comes running in and goes to the werewolf, flinging the door off of it. She is about to snap the werewolf's neck on the railing.

            Salomie: No! Stop it!

            Heather turns to Salomie.

            Heather: What?

            Salomie: It's a human inside. Don't kill it.

            Heather: Can I knock it out?

            Salomie: Be my guest.

            Heather takes the door and smashes it over the werewolf's head.

            Heather: There we go.

            Heather walks to Salomie and extends her hand. Salomie grabs it and gets up.

            Salomie: What the?

            Heather: Slayer.


            CUT TO:

            EXT ? THE GOLD ? ALLEY ? NIGHT

            The screen says "Yesterday".

            Heather: What the hell?

            Heather is looking up at the man who punched her.

            Heather: You're going to pay.

            Heather does a jumping kick, sending the man backwards. Heather runs to him and holds him by his neck.

            Heather: Who do you work for?

            Man: Neiki.

            Heather: Who is Neiki?

            Man: You don't need to know.

            Heather punches the man down to the ground. He is unconscious.

            Heather: Crap.

            END FLASHBACK

            CUT TO:


            Heather: And how did you know what that thing was?

            Salomie: I did my homework. And what the hell's a slayer?

            Heather: I thought you did your homework.

            Salomie: Only some of it.

            Heather laughs.

            Heather: I'm meant to save people from the forces of darkness. You know, boring stuff.

            Salomie: How'd you -?

            Heather: Super powers.

            Salomie: Like super man.

            Heather: Only a girl.

            Salomie: Yeah.

            Salomie stands up.

            Salomie: And how long has this been going on?

            Heather: I don't know. Two or three weeks maybe.

            Salomie: And you invited me to show me?

            Heather: No, not at all. I wanted to study because you were a straight A student.

            Salomie: Oh.

            Heather: Yep, that's me.

            Salomie: Okay, but can you explain something to me.

            Heather: Sure.

            Salomie: Why were you accused of murder last year and the only reason you got off was because you had a really good lawyer. I mean, really good.

            Heather looks stunned.

            END OF ACT V


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              ACT VI

              CUT TO:


              Graham is sitting on his bed.

              Sam: (V/O) Graham! Riley! I'm going out to get some food at the grocery store!

              Graham: Okay!

              Riley: (V/O) Be back soon, Sam!

              Sam: (V/O) I will!

              Graham continues to sit.

              CUT TO:


              Intank is sitting on his bed.

              Jenny: (V/O) Hey Intank.

              Intank turns around and sees Jenny standing there.

              CUT TO:


              Heather is standing there in shock.

              Salomie: Can you talk?

              Heather: When you ask sane questions.

              Salomie: (acting peppy) What if I state something? Will you be silent? Can I try?

              Heather: I didn't ?

              Salomie: Shut up. I know you did. Tell me why?

              Heather: Fine. He was a demon.

              Salomie: (laughing) Nice one. This was a year ago. You became a slayer three weeks ago. Tell me how that works.

              Heather: I said I became a slayer three weeks ago. I never said anything about learning about all this demon stuff.

              Salomie: What?

              Heather: My dad was a watcher. He told me everything. There was one slayer in the world. I guess that's me.

              Salomie: You're joking.

              Heather: No, he taught me everything.

              Salomie: Oh.

              Heather: He actually died last year. He was at a meeting...and their building blew up.

              Salomie: I'm sorry.

              Heather: And to answer your question, it was my father's last instructions. Right before he died he told me to kill that...demon. He was a demon that looked like a human. He ran a shop but...he was pure evil. I killed him.

              Salomie: Oh.

              CUT TO:

              EXT ? GROCERY STORE ? NIGHT

              Sam is walking in.

              CUT TO:

              INT ? GROCERY STORE ? NIGHT

              Sam grabs a cart and walks around the grocery store. In one aisle, she grabs something.

              Michael: (V/O) Sam.

              Sam looks over to see Michael next to her.

              CUT TO:

              INT ? DORM ? HALLWAY ? NIGHT

              Salomie is walking in the hall with a shocked face on.

              Salomie: (to herself) Wow.

              Salomie gets to her door and walks in.

              CUT TO:


              Salomie walks in and sees Jill fishing through their fridge. She looks up to Salomie.

              Jill: Hey, Sal, want to go get some stuff at the grocery store?

              CUT TO:

              INT ? GROCERY STORE ? NIGHT

              Jill and Salomie are walking around with a cart.

              Sam is staring at Michael is shock.

              Sam: Michael, go away.

              Sam turns and begins to walk. Michael follows her.

              Michael: No, Sam.

              Sam: Are you stalking me?

              Michael: No, I need food.

              Sam: Then go get it.

              Michael: I need something to eat.

              Sam: Get away from me.

              Sam walks away.

              Michael: Sam! I'm sorry.

              Michael runs to her and turns her around.

              Michael: I'm sorry about what I said earlier. But you know it's the truth.

              Sam: No, you just want it to be.

              Michael: Then why did you sleep with me?

              Sam: I...I don't know.

              Jill and Salomie are still looking around.

              CUT TO:

              INT ? RILEY'S HOUSE ? NIGHT

              Riley is watching TV when he sees a note on the table in front of him. He looks confused and reads it. It says "Food go boom". Riley's eyes widen and he grabs his coat.

              Riley: Graham! I'll be back soon!

              Riley runs out the door.

              CUT TO:


              Riley has just left and Graham doesn't know why. Graham just sits until he hears his window break. He looks over and sees three Polgara demons coming into his room. They're in his room. One punches him and another one knees him onto the ground.

              Graham: Help!

              CUT TO:


              Intank stands up, shocked.

              Intank: Oh god. No.

              Jenny: Yes.

              Intank backs up and falls down onto the ground.

              Jenny: What's wrong? Can't take the guilt, huh?

              Jenny punches Intank.

              Intank: Stop it.

              Jenny: No.

              Jenny kicks Intank and then Intank slowly gets up with a bloody nose.

              Jenny: Say you're sorry.

              Intank: Never.

              Jenny does a spinning kick, making Intank fall over again. Intank is on his knees. Jenny punches but Intank catches her fist. Jenny gets loose and punches Intank down.

              CUT TO:

              INT ? CAR ? NIGHT

              Riley is in his car, on his cell.

              Riley: Pick up.

              CUT TO:

              INT ? GROCERY STORE ? NIGHT

              Sam is staring at Michael when her cell rings. She answers it.

              Sam: Hello? Riley?

              Riley: (V/O) Get out of there now!

              Sam: Why?

              Riley: (V/O) There's no time to explain. Just leave.

              Sam: Okay.

              Sam puts the phone down for a second.

              Sam: Goodbye Michael.

              Sam walks away and out the door.

              CUT TO:

              INT ? GROCERY STORE ? NIGHT

              Jill and Salomie stop.

              Jill: I think we're done shopping.

              Salomie: Yes.

              Jill: Okay. I need to go to the bathroom.

              Salomie: Okay. I'll buy this stuff and wait for you outside.

              Jill: Okay. And I'm keeping my purse with me! You don't get it.

              Salomie: Darn.

              Salomie laughs.

              CUT TO:


              Graham is still fighting them. One of them is dead. Graham is all bloody. Graham punches one and them grabs a pen from his bed. He stabs one of the two demons with the pen. He falls down, dead. The other demon then stabs Graham in the arm with the spears that come out of their arms.

              CUT TO:

              INT ? MANSION ? NIGHT

              Neiki is standing, eyes closed, when Xad walks to him.

              Xad: Neiki, everything's going good.

              Neiki: Perfect, just perfect.

              CUT TO:


              You see the wall with blood all over it. The camera moves around to show blood everywhere and then Jenny and Intank. Jenny is standing over Intank, who's lying on the ground, face first. Jenny has a very bloody knife in her hand.

              Jenny: I didn't know you bled so much.

              Jenny then takes the knife she had and stabs Intank with it. He gasps and then his eyes close and he continues lying. Jenny smiles and walks out.

              CUT TO:


              Jenny walks out of the room and into the hallway. She changes to an ugly looking demon. Since it changed, it appears to be the Shape Shifter. The Shape Shifter walks down the hallway.

              CUT TO:

              EXT ? PARKING LOT ? NIGHT

              Salomie is walking with her cart to her car.

              Sam is walking through the parking lot, as far away from the grocery store as possible. Sam doesn't have the cell phone anymore.

              CUT TO:

              INT ? CAR ? NIGHT

              Riley is driving as fast as he can and is sweating.

              CUT TO:

              EXT ? PARKING LOT ? NIGHT

              Sam is still walking when she hears a huge boom. She turns around as quickly as she can as a car parks into a spot. The car door opens and out comes Riley, running to Sam. Sam's eyes widen and her mouth is wide open. Tears begin to fall from her face. You see the grocery store exploding and in flames. Fire bursts everywhere and she knows Michael is in there. She begins to cry. Riley runs to her and spins her around. Riley buries her face in his shoulder. Sam is sobbing as hard as she can. Riley is trying to comfort her.

              Salomie saw this. Her eyes widen and she begins crying as she knows Jill was still in there. Salomie falls to her knees and puts her head down. She hears footsteps near her and crying so she looks up. She sees Jill standing there in tears.

              Jill: Salomie! You're alive!

              Salomie smiles as much as she can but continues crying.

              Salomie: Jill!

              Salomie gets up and squeezes Jill in her arms.

              Salomie: I thought I lost you.

              Jill: I thought that same thing!

              They continue to hug.

              "The World Spins Madly On" by The Weepies starts playing.

              The camera zooms out to show Riley hugging Sam and Jill hugging Salomie. You also see the fire and the ruins off the store. You hear sirens in the background.

              CUT TO:

              Woke up
              Wished that I was dead
              With an aching in my head
              I lay motionless in bed

              Sam walks into her room slowly, her face all watery from tears. Sam slowly curls up in her bed.

              CUT TO:

              EXT ? PARKING LOT ? NIGHT
              I thought of you
              And where'd you gone
              And let the world spin madly on

              Salomie and Jill are crying on their knees, hugging each other. They fall to the ground.

              CUT TO:

              And everything that I said I'd do
              Like make the world brand new
              Take the time for you

              Intank is lying face first on the ground, all bloody. He then lifts his head from the ground, showing that he's not dead.

              CUT TO:

              INT ? DORM ? JOHN'S DORM ROOM ? NIGHT
              I just got lost
              And slept right through the dawn
              And the world spins madly on

              John is sitting in bed, thinking about what he said to Salomie.

              CUT TO:

              I let the day go by
              I always say goodbye
              I watch the starts
              From my windowsill

              Graham is on the floor, bloody but still alive. The three polgara demons are all dead. Riley runs in and helps him up.

              CUT TO:

              The whole world is moving
              And I'm standing still

              Sam is still sitting on her bed.

              CUT TO:

              NOT WORDS: Solo

              Heather is lying on her bed.

              CUT TO:

              EXT ? PARKING LOT ? NIGHT
              Woke up
              Wished that I was dead
              With an aching in my head
              I lay motionless in bed
              The night is here
              And the day is gone
              And the world spins madly on

              Sam walks from the parking lot to all the debris from the building collapse and explosion. She stares at all the debris.

              CUT TO:

              EXT ? DEBRIS ? NIGHT
              I thought of you
              And where'd you gone
              And the world spins madly on
              And the world spins madly on
              And the world spins madly on

              The camera slowly moves through the rubble and you see Michael's body in the rubble.
              NOT WORDS: END SONG

              CUT TO:


              Red lights are flashing outside the entrance to the computer center hallway. Police cars are pulling up. Salomie sees this as she walks bye and runs in there before they can stop her.

              CUT TO:


              Salomie walks in and sees blood everywhere. She sees Mrs. Tapon's dead body in front of her, her heart torn out and blood everywhere. Salomie looks at it in disgust. She walks into a room that has blood all over the door.

              CUT TO:


              Salomie look all around. She sees a desk that was turned around. She looks around and sees a foot. She runs to it and is surprised by what she sees. She sees Jill lying on the ground, her eyes closed. Salomie runs to her and kneels down next to her. Salomie lifts her head up.

              Salomie: Jill! Wake up, Jill! Please!

              Salomie begins to cry.

              The camera zooms out to show Salomie holding Jill.

              Salomie: Jill!

              FADE TO BLACK

              Salomie: (V/O) Wake up!

              END OF ACT VI

              ROLL CREDITS

              END EPISODE