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Riley The Series 1.12 "Tailspin"

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  • Riley The Series 1.12 "Tailspin"

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthrized usage of these characters is permitted

    Melissa: Previously On Riley...

    CUT TO:


    Riley walks in and sees Sam and Michael drinking together. Sam sees him.

    Sam: Riley.

    Riley: Sam! What are you doing?!

    Sam: I'm having a drink.

    Riley: You could have just said a date.

    They walk outside into an alleyway.

    Sam: It wasn't a date! I swear!

    Riley: It sure as hell didn't look like it.

    Sam: You know what, Riley!? I've had enough of this crap!

    Riley: What?

    Sam: I can't have a drink with a friend with you! This is insane! I can't talk to you right now! I can't look at you! Talk to me when you are sane!

    Sam walks away leaving Riley alone and shocked. Riley seems sad also. Tears start coming down. Suddenly, a vampire jumps from behind Riley and bites him. Riley's eyes widen as the vampire bites him.

    CUT TO:


    You just see Riley's face. His eyes are closed. The camera moves to show his neck. It has bite marks in it. The camera zooms out to reveal Riley's body on the ground. You see a, what it looks like, teenage girl, sitting on a wooden crate. She is looking at her nails. The teenager vamps out. The vamp starts to walk away when she stops in her track. A hand grabbed her ankle. It was Riley's. You see Riley's face and his eyes are now open. The vamp smiles.

    Shasha: Now that's what I've been waiting for. I know what you are. I am what you are. Now, all you have to do is let it loose.

    Shasha vamps out.

    Shasha: I did.

    Riley stares at her, emotionless. Riley vamps out. Riley is a vampire! Riley kisses Shasha while they're both vamped out. The camera zooms around them quickly.

    Riley: So did I.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie: Aren't you leaving with the guilt parade?

    John: No, no guilt. I was just...confused.

    Salomie: I see.

    John: So was Jill. That's not the person we learned to love. That's...Susan. You're not Susan or else I swear that I wouldn't be sleeping with you.

    Salomie smiles slightly.

    John: Now, can you just be Salomie?

    Salomie: I think I can.

    John kisses Salomie. He grabs her head and they continue to kiss.

    CUT TO:


    John is walking down a sidewalk. There is a lady in front of him. The lady turns around and it reveals that it is Susan.

    Susan: Hey.

    John tries to just walk away but Susan follows him.

    Susan: What are you walking away from?

    John: You, slut.

    Susan: I gave you everything you ever dreamed of. I showed you what sex really is. It happened and can't deny that.

    John stops and punches Susan across the face. Susan looks up, holding her face, shocked.

    John: I'd like to test that theory.

    CUT TO:


    Graham, Sam, Intank, and Salomie appear in the dimension.

    Salomie: Let's do this.

    CUT TO:


    Robed Man: I gave you a chance, Salomie. I had high hopes for you. You were my shining star. Look how much of a mistake that was. I'm so sorry that I have to do this.

    Salomie: I'm not.

    Salomie reaches in her pocket and takes out a stake. She shoves it into his neck.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie holds up the stake she has in a threatening position. She runs to Riley.

    Salomie: Hey Riley!

    Riley turns around.

    Sam: No!

    Salomie stakes Riley in the heart. Riley grabs the stake but it's already in his heart. Salomie touches Riley as he dusts and they both vanish.

    CUT TO:


    It is all white and all you see is white. Then Riley and Salomie appear before the camera, Salomie is still touching Riley's shoulder. Riley seems to be normal, not evil.

    Riley: What happened?

    Salomie: You killed. You became a vampire.

    Riley: No.

    Salomie: Yes. And then I staked you. You dusted but I sent you here, your soul here. I can bring you back.

    Riley: But how?

    Salomie: I know I shouldn't but I have to. I can't let you die. It's magic time.

    Salomie grabs Riley's cheeks and she closes her eyes. Everything starts shaking. Riley begins to panic.

    Salomie: Stay calm.

    CUT TO:


    Sam gets up and a bunch of things were destroyed. A bright light appears and Sam covers her eyes. As the light vanishes, it reveals Salomie holding Riley's face. Sam's eyes widened.

    Sam: Thank you, god!

    Sam runs over to Riley and hugs him tightly.

    CUT TO:


    Melissa is sitting on her couch when there is a knock on the door. She gets up and answers it. It is Graham.

    Melissa: What's up?

    Graham: It's about Lain.

    Melissa: Okay, what about him?

    Graham: Melissa, he's in love.

    Melissa smiles.

    Melissa: That's great. Who's the lucky lady?

    Graham: You.

    Melissa looks surprised. Graham sits down next to Melissa on the couch and grabs her shoulders.

    Graham: Well...

    Graham leans in closer and Melissa and him are about to kiss.

    Graham: No, what about Lain?

    Melissa looks sad.

    Graham: What the hell.

    Graham kisses Melissa passionately. As they're kissing they hear the door open. They look to see who it is. It's Lain, shocked at them kissing. Graham and Melissa can't talk and Lain is in shock.


    CUT TO:


    Melissa and Graham just stopped kissing and they're staring at Lain who is in shock.

    Graham: Lain,...

    Lain: Oh god.

    Lain opens the door and slams it shut. Melissa starts to get up but Graham pushes her down.

    Graham: Let me.

    Graham stands up and walks to the door. He opens it and walks out.

    CUT TO:


    Lain is walking down the driveway and Graham runs to him. Graham abruptly turns Lain around. Graham has his arm on Lain's shoulder. Lain hits it off.

    Graham: Lain.

    Lain: What, Graham??!!

    Graham: I'm sorry.

    Lain: Guess what? I don't care.

    Lain starts to walk but Graham turns him around again.

    Graham: Lain, it just happened. I didn't mean to.

    Lain: You accidentally kissed Melissa?

    Graham: I know it sounds strange, but ?

    Lain: You don't know how it sounds. Have you ever done this before? Have you ever kissed her before?

    Graham: No, I swear I haven't.

    Lain: So, right when I tell you I love her, you kiss her?

    Lain laughs.

    Lain: Maybe I shouldn't have told you.

    Graham: Lain.

    Lain: Do you really hate me that much?

    Graham: It wasn't like that.

    Lain: I'm sure it wasn't.

    Graham: I'm sorry, Lain.

    Lain: It doesn't cut it.

    Lain turns around and starts walking. Graham is extremely sad. Graham walks back to the door and opens it.

    CUT TO:


    Graham walks in, depressed.

    Melissa: I'm guessing it didn't go well?

    Graham shakes his head.

    Graham: No, not good at all.

    Melissa: I get it.

    Graham: He's not listening to me at all.

    Melissa: Well, I think you should go now.

    Graham: (confused) What?

    Melissa: You need to go. I need to look for a job and just can't be here now.

    Graham: Okay, I understand.

    Graham opens the door and walks out. Melissa is left being sad. She turns on the news that morning.

    Person On TV: So, that was Sheriff Jeremy. Remember, they're looking for more cops.

    Melissa realizes something. She turns off the TV and gets up.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie is sitting on her bed watching TV. She has a warm cup of cocoa in her hands. It is a cartoon she is watching. One of the guys smashes the other person with a huge hammer and the man that got hit now looks like an accordion.

    Salomie: That can't happen.

    She shakes her head. Jill walks in and smiles.

    Jill: Hey normal Salomie!

    Salomie: Hey not home all night Jill.

    Jill: Yeah, I was at Chris's.

    Salomie smiles.

    Salomie: Did you have fun.

    Jill: Oh yeah. So, what you watching?

    Salomie: Very unrealistic cartoons. It's very depressing.

    Jill: You know you shouldn't be watching those. They make you grumpy.

    Salomie: I know, I know.

    They laugh.

    Salomie: Sorry about last night.

    Jill: It's the past. Forget it.

    Salomie: Thanks.

    Jill: No problem. So, what's up with John?

    Salomie: He understands.

    Jill: Good, everything's good.

    Salomie: Yeah.

    Jill: And remember, it's today.

    Salomie's smile turns to a frown as does Jill's.

    Salomie: Yeah, I know.

    Jill: It's hard.

    Salomie: Very.

    CUT TO:


    Sam and Riley are standing in the middle of their living room, kissing passionately. They stop for a second.

    Sam: This is nice.

    Riley: You deserve this.

    They start kissing again but when they hear the door open they immediately separate as a depressed Graham walks in. Sam and Riley notice it.

    Sam: What's wrong?

    Graham: Nothing.

    Riley: Who's going to believe that?

    Graham: It's personal stuff.

    Riley: Well, we're your personal friends.

    Graham: It's not your business.

    Graham walks upstairs and Riley is shocked.

    Sam: Give him some time Riley.

    Sam turns Riley around and kisses him.

    CUT TO:


    Neiki is punching a punching bag and Xad is standing against a wall watching and talking to him.

    Xad: So, when are we going to start collecting?

    Neiki: Soon! I told you, already!

    Xad: Sorry, I forgot.

    Neiki: You should be.

    Xad: Still mad about Shasha?

    Neiki: You got it!

    Xad: Yeah.

    Neiki: She was something special! Even when Riley is evil he goes and kills her! How idiotic is that?!

    Xad: Well, he is idiotic.

    Neiki: I've noticed.

    Neiki is still punching the bag.

    Xad: Maybe you should calm down a little, champ.

    Neiki: Okay.

    Neiki kicks the punching bag and it flies across the room onto the ground.

    Xad: That's not calm.

    The camera moves over to show the punching bag has something on it, a piece of paper. Taped to it is a picture of Intank.


    "End Of The World" by Great Big Sea!


    Marc Blucas ? Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic ? Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase ? Graham Miller
    Jason Dohring ? Intank Wellee
    Keira Knightley ? Salomie Sullivan

    Guest Starring:

    Santiago Cabrera ? Neiki
    Jewel Staite ? Jill
    Jared Padalecki ? John
    Francis Capra ? Xad
    Kristen Bell ? Susan

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    ACT 1

    CUT TO:


    Susan is lying on her bed. No one else is in her room. Her roommate moved out because she couldn't live with Susan and no one else went to live with her. She looks sad from last nights encounter with John. Susan then looks at her nails. She shakes her head and punches her bed.

    Susan: How could I be so stupid?!

    Salomie: (V/O) You just are.

    Susan looks over and sees Salomie in the doorway. Susan tries to act more like her usual self.

    Susan: Why the hell are you here?

    Salomie: Are you coming today?

    Susan: To what? Is it something with you because then, no way.

    Salomie: It's the funeral.

    Susan: No way, I didn't even know that stupid loser.

    Susan looks down because of what she said but she tries to hide it.

    Susan: Is that it? Because I want all the losers to get out of my room?

    Salome: Yeah, your room and only yours.

    Salomie slams the door. Susan looks sad again and begins to cry. She puts her hand on her face.

    CUT TO:


    Melissa walks down the street to the door of the Police Station. She opens it.

    CUT TO:


    Melissa walks in and sees everybody running around. Melissa is surprised at how much people are doing. She walks to a man.

    Man: Hello. Do you need something, Miss?

    Melissa: Well, don't you guys need some cops?

    Man: Oh, you're here to try and get the job?

    Melissa: Yes.

    Man: Right this way.

    They walk to a door and open it.

    CUT TO:


    They walk into the room.

    Melissa: You guys are busy little bees, huh?

    The Man laughs.

    Man: Yeah, we're always like this but now especially.

    Melissa: Why? What happened?

    Man: Well, there have been a series of some serious murders around Laintan. We're trying to figure out who did it and why? It's not easy.

    Melissa: Yeah, but I think I could help.

    Man: How?

    Melissa: Oh, I mean, if I got the job I would help find him.

    Man: It could be a girl. You don't know how many times these serial killers have turned out to be women. No offense, of course.

    Melissa: Of course.

    Melissa smiles, casually.

    Melissa: So, you have an application or are we just going to have crazy naked sex or something?

    The Man laughs again.

    Man: Application.

    Melissa: Sounds like a plan.

    The Man hands her an application.

    Melissa: Thanks.

    Man: Call me when you're done.

    Melissa: Okay, but who should I call?

    Man: Jake, Jake Smiths.

    Melissa: Cool, and its Melissa, Melissa Sanders.

    Jake: Okay, Miss Sanders. It is Miss, right?

    Melissa: Right.

    Jake: Good.

    Jake walks out of the room and Melissa sits down and pulls out her pen. She begins to write. Jake pops his head in the room again.

    Jake: Need any help with that?

    Melissa is uneasy, afraid he's flirting with her now.

    Melissa: No, I'm fine.

    Jake: Okay, then just call Jake if you need anything.

    Melissa: I will, Jake. I need to fill this out now.

    Jake: Okay.

    Jake goes out again. Melissa shakes her head again.

    CUT TO:


    Sam is walking down the street with Riley. They are smiling.

    Riley: So, where do you want to eat today?

    Sam: I don't know, you?

    Riley: Coffee?

    Sam: For lunch?

    Riley: Hey, you told me to pick.

    Sam: Okay, coffee shop.

    Riley: Fine with me.

    He looks at his watch.

    Riley: Wait, I need to go get some stuff at the grocery store!

    Sam: Now?

    Riley: Yeah, later today we have a date, remember?

    Sam smiles.

    Sam: Yeah.

    Riley: Can you eat by yourself right now?

    Sam: I think I can deal.

    Riley: Okay. Bye.

    Riley runs away. Sam smiles. She sees Michael staring at her from a table in the coffee shop. She walks over to the table and sits down across from him.

    Sam: Hey Michael.

    Michael: Sam. Hey.

    Sam: How are you?

    Michael: Good, but I must know if your husband is going to try and beat me up again.

    Sam laughs a little.

    Sam: No, I don't think so.

    Michael: See, you said think. You can't think.

    Sam smiles again.

    Sam: You actually said that about someone?

    Michael: Hey!

    Sam: You know, I've missed talking to you. We have to hang out more often.

    Michael: I like that idea.

    Sam: Good. Now do they pizzas here?

    Michael laughs.

    Michael: I don't think so.

    Sam: Oh well. I guess I'll go get a coffee and I'll be right back.

    Michael: Okay.

    Sam gets up and walks to the counter while Michael smiles.

    CUT TO:


    There is an overview shot of the funeral. They are putting the coffin into the ground. People are standing all around. As the camera moves down, you see one of them is Salomie, another one Jill, and another one is John. A man moves up to say something.

    Man: Um, I would like to say something. I am Bob's father. He was a great man...he was amazing. I loved him so much. We will all remember him in our hearts, forever.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie, Jill, and John are walking away at the end of the funeral.

    Jill: Wow. I've never been to one of those.

    John: Same here.

    Salomie: I'm really sad now.

    John: We all are.

    John puts his arm around her shoulder and kisses her on the forehead. They run into someone and they see its Susan. They are shocked.

    Salomie: Hello Susan. Why are you here? I thought you said Bob was a pathetic loser.

    Susan: I was...admiring the graveyard.

    John doesn't believe it.

    John: Then leave you psychotic son of a bitch.

    Susan: Fine, I will.

    Susan walks away from them.

    Salomie: I can see you really cared for Bob.

    That's obviously not the reason he said that but he tries to make Salomie believe that she was right.

    John: Yeah, he was like a brother to me.

    Jill: I'm sorry, John.

    Salomie: Maybe we should talk to his parents. Help comfort them.

    Jill: No!

    John and Salomie look at Jill shocked.

    Jill: I can't. They won't believe me. They'll accuse me of murdering him.

    John: That's ridiculous.

    Jill: It is, but it happens. They want to bring the person that did it, to justice.

    Salomie: I don't believe that, but I'll go with you.

    Jill: Thank you.

    John: Fine.

    They start walking away.


    CUT TO:


    You see Jill and Bob facing the vampire in separate flashes and then finally where the vamp kills him.


    CUT TO:


    Salomie, John, and Jill continue walking away.

    END OF ACT 1


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      ACT 2

      CUT TO:


      Melissa is still filling out her application when the door opens. She looks up and sees Jake letting in Lain with an application in hand. Melissa is in shock.

      Lain: Hello Melissa.

      Jake: So, you guys know each other?

      Melissa: Yeah, we do.

      Jake: Cool, well, you two will probably be working together then.

      Melissa: Joy.

      Jake: Okay, I'll leave you guys alone.

      Jake closes the door, leaving Melissa and Lain alone.

      Melissa: Hey Lain.

      Lain: Did you force it?

      Melissa: What?

      Lain: Did you force the kiss?

      Melissa: Oh, no, never!

      Lain: So, it was Graham's fault.

      Melissa: No, not at all. just happened.

      Lain: That's just what Graham said. Guess you guys think alike.

      Lain looks around and notices that there isn't another chair.

      Lain: Nowhere to sit.

      Melissa: Well, I just finished.

      Melissa puts her pen down and stands up.

      Melissa: Hope you get the job.

      Lain: There's more than just one.

      Melissa: I hope you get one of the jobs.

      Lain: Thanks, right back at you.

      Melissa: Thank you.

      Melissa walks out and Lain sits down.

      CUT TO:


      Melissa just walked out of the room.

      Jake: (Over Voice) Melissa!

      Melissa sees Jake running towards her. He finally gets to her.

      Jake: You finished?

      Melissa: Yeah.

      Jake: Then I'll take that.

      Jake takes the application.

      Melissa: Thanks.

      Jake: So, you got the job.

      Melissa: What?

      Jake: Well, I don't make the shots around here but they look at this thing here just to see if you actually cared about joining. I know, I know, our police sucks but I think you will help it become better.

      Melissa: Oh, thanks.

      Jake: Yeah, no problem. They'll probably call you up tomorrow around noon. Same with your friend if he actually fills out the application.

      Melissa: Okay, cool. Thanks for all your help.

      Jake: See you around.

      Melissa: Yeah.

      Melissa walks out as Jake smiles.

      CUT TO:


      Neiki is stretching on the ground while thinking.


      CUT TO:


      You see a girl running from something in the dark and she runs into someone. It's Neiki!

      Girl: Oh god, please help me! You have to save me!

      Neiki: From what?

      Girl: Something ? I can't explain it. Just save me.

      Neiki: Okay.

      Neiki snaps her neck.

      Neiki: Is that what you wanted?

      He smiles.


      CUT TO:


      It zooms more in on Neiki's face.



      You see Neiki bound and gagged. Jenny is standing above him, smiling.

      Jenny: Brother, everything will be explained soon. Don't hate me. Wait to judge me.

      You hear a knock at the door.

      Jenny: That must be her.

      Jenny goes to open the door and it's Shasha.

      Shasha: Hey Jenny!

      Shasha walks straight in so she either isn't a vampire or is already invited.

      Jenny: Hello Shasha!

      Shasha: How are you?

      Jenny: I'm doing great.

      Shasha then sees Neiki bound and gagged and she is in shock.

      Shasha: What the hell?

      Jenny grabs Shasha and throws her against a wall. A vampire comes out from her bathroom.

      Jenny: Now!

      The vampire bites Shasha, her eyes and Neiki's eyes widen as Jenny smiles.

      Jenny: Dig deep.

      The vampire stops biting her and takes a knife and cuts himself. Shasha drinks the blood and falls to the ground.

      Jenny: Thank you, sir.

      Jenny takes the knife that the vamp has and stakes him. He dusts.

      Jenny: Yippee! You're dead!

      Jenny turns to Neiki.

      Jenny: You see, Neiki, I just gave her eternal life. Now she will live forever. I'm not going to give that to you, I'm going to give you something better. I'll give you power beyond your wildest imaginations. It will be like heaven...or hell, which ever one you prefer. Now, what do you think about that.

      Neiki smiles slowly.


      CUT TO:


      The camera zooms out from Neiki.

      CUT TO:


      It is the next morning. Melissa is lying in her bed, asleep. She has a clock and a phone on her nightstand next to her. The clock reads 10:00 AM. Her phone rings and she gets up quickly. She answers it.

      Melissa: Hello?

      Jake: (Over Voice) Hey, it's Jake!

      Melissa: Oh, hey.

      Jake: (Over Voice) So, you got the job and if you want to come down in about two hours we could really use you down here at the station.

      Melissa: Okay, that sounds great.

      Melissa hangs up.

      Melissa: Joy, I got the job.

      Melissa gets out of her bed and walks to her closet. She shuffles through it and pulls out a pair of jeans and a purple T-Shirt. She looks at them for a second and then throws them on her bed.

      Melissa: Those look good for today.

      CUT TO:


      Susan is sitting on her bed, just lying there. She hears a knock at the door. She quickly turns on the TV and turns it to the fashion channel. She stands up and runs to the door. She swings it open and John is standing there.

      Susan: What the hell are you doing here?

      John: Why were you at the freakin funeral?

      Susan: I wasn't. The graveyard isn't all funerals.

      John: I'm sorry, but I don't believe you. Wait, I'm not sorry.

      Susan: Hey! Didn't you torment me enough two nights ago when you punched me in the freakin face!?? Huh!!!??? Now, get the hell away from me! Go with your little girlfriend. Have a cup of hot cocoa. Oh, I forgot to say, mornin'.

      Susan slams the door in John's face and John is completely shocked.

      CUT TO:


      You see a shot of the police station from outside.

      CUT TO:


      Melissa walks into the station and runs into Jake. She smiles at Jake.

      Melissa: Hey Jake!

      Jake: Hey, nice to see you again. Well, you're going to have to put a uniform on. I'll go get it and I'll be right back.

      Melissa: Okay.

      Jake walks away and Lain, in his uniform walks up to Melissa.

      Lain: Hello Melissa.

      Melissa: Lain, hey.

      Lain: How are you today?

      Melissa: I'm doing ? you know what, this has to stop. I know you like me, Lain. But I'm sorry, I don't. I like you as a friend and I would love to not be fighting anymore and just be like we used to be, great friends, but if you're going to act like this and I'm going to like this, it's not going to work. Can we please just be like we used to be? Please, Lain, please.

      Lain: Okay, I'd love that.

      Melissa: Friends?

      Lain: Yeah.

      Lain smiles as Jake walks back to them.

      Jake: Hey Lain.

      Jake gives a uniform to Melissa.

      Jake: Here you go.

      Melissa: Thanks, I'll go change in the bathroom.

      Melissa walks away. Jake moves in closer to Lain.

      Jake: Does she have a boyfriend?

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? PRESS ? DAY

      You see a shot of the press.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? PRESS ? DAY

      Salomie walks into the press and goes to her desk. She sits down on her desk. Max, her boss from episode 3, goes next to her.

      Max: Hello Salomie.

      Salomie: Oh, hey Max.

      Max: Well, I see you're back.

      Salomie: Yeah, sorry for taking that long break but now I'm back for good.

      Max: That's good to hear, Salomie. I have an article for you. A front page one.

      Salomie: Really?

      Max: Yes, Salomie, I do.

      Salomie: What is it?

      Max: Have you heard about those murders down at the local group of warehouses?

      Salomie: Yeah, a little.

      Max: Well, that's what the article's about. Your deadline's in a week. Go, write, now.

      Salomie: Thanks Max.

      Max walks away and Salomie smiles.

      Salomie: Yes!

      CUT TO:


      Melissa walks out of the bathroom with her uniform on. A man walks up to Melissa.

      Man: Hello Melissa?

      Melissa: Who are you?

      Man: You can call me boss, or Wallace.

      Melissa: Okay, boss or Wallace.

      They shake hands.

      Wallace: You're going to work on the murder case with Jake.

      Melissa: Oh, okay.

      Wallace: It's horrible, but I think you can find the killer.

      Wallace walks away. Jake walks to her.

      Jake: I see you've met Wallace. He's pretty cool. Anyway, well, you're going to come with me and Lain to check out the murders at the warehouses.

      Melissa: Um, are you sure I should go?

      Jake: Yeah, come on.

      CUT TO:


      Jake, Melissa, and Lain are walking in the parking lot. They go to a police car. Lain goes to sit in the passenger seat, Jake in the drivers seat, and Melissa in the back. They begin to drive,

      CUT TO:

      INT ? CAR ? DAY

      Melissa is sitting in the car.

      Melissa: So, are we just checking it out down there?

      Jake: Yeah, nothing big.

      Melissa: Okay.

      Melissa pulls out her cell phone.

      Melissa: Hey Graham. I'm going to check out the murders at the warehouses with Lain and a police officer named Jake. I got a job as a police officer and so did Lain. So, I was wondering if you could investigate this a little also. Okay, thanks a ton. Bye.

      Melissa hangs up.

      Melissa: Okay, let's go.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? DORM ? DAY

      You see a shot of the dorm.

      CUT TO:


      Graham is walking through the hallway and then stops to knock on a door. Jill opens the door and it surprised to see Graham.

      Jill: Hello? You are?

      Graham: A friend of Salomie.

      Jill: Oh, that's weird. You look old.

      Graham: I'm not.

      Jill: That's what they all say. Anyways, she's not here. You can come back later.

      Graham: Do you know where she went?

      Jill: Her job?

      Graham: Which is?

      Jill: She works for the newspaper.

      Graham: Okay, thanks.

      Graham walks away and Jill shuts the door.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? PRESS ? DAY

      Salomie is on her computer, looking for information, when Graham walks in and walks to Salomie.

      Salomie: Graham?

      Graham: Hey Salomie. Is anyone here working on the murders at the warehouses?

      Salomie: Me.

      Salomie points to the computer screen. She was searching the murders.

      Graham: Okay, cool. Once you get some information, call me.

      Salomie: Why?

      Graham: My friend is also investigating it.

      Salomie: Okay, I'll call you.

      Graham: Thanks.

      Graham walks away.

      END OF ACT 2


      • #4
        ACT 3

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? DAY

        You see the street.

        CUT TO:


        Sam and Michael are laughing at their table.

        Sam: God, did that really happen?

        Michael: Yes! She just threw the pie in my face!

        Sam: Oh my god! That's hilarious!

        Michael: I know!

        They try to stop laughing.

        Sam: Okay, does that mean I can spill my coffee on you "accidentally"?

        Michael: No, no way!

        Sam: Be that way!

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? DORM ? DAY

        You see a shot of the dorm.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? DORM ? HALLWAY ? DAY
        The song "Tailspin" by The Nields starts playing. The music starts at 0:10. Some instrumental stuff is playing until the lyrics start. You can find the song here: ACT 3

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? DAY

        You see the street.

        CUT TO:


        Sam and Michael are laughing at their table.

        Sam: God, did that really happen?

        Michael: Yes! She just threw the pie in my face!

        Sam: Oh my god! That's hilarious!

        Michael: I know!

        They try to stop laughing.

        Sam: Okay, does that mean I can spill my coffee on you "accidentally"?

        Michael: No, no way!

        Sam: Be that way!

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? DORM ? DAY

        You see a shot of the dorm.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? DORM ? HALLWAY ? DAY
        The song "Tailspin" by The Nields starts playing. The music starts at 0:10. Some instrumental stuff is playing until the lyrics start. You can find the song here:

        Don't want to get my heart broken.
        Don't want to lay myself out on the line.
        I've got plenty of friends.
        If you're in need of a friend, you can have one of mine.

        Salomie is walking down the hallway and stops at a door. She knocks and waits until John opens it and smiles.

        Don't want to lay my heart open.
        For the arrow to find the tender spot!
        Don't want to worry about what I don't have, I want to worry about what I've got.

        John: Hey.

        Salomie: John, hey.

        John: Do you want to come in.

        Salomie smiles a little.

        Salomie: Okay.

        CUT TO:


        But you pull me in.
        Make me feel brand new again.

        You just see Sam and Michael laughing together.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? CAR ? DAY

        Make me turn around when I walk away.
        This is not me!

        You have a close up on Melissa and there is a shot of Graham blending in with the shot.

        CUT TO:


        This is not how I've been!
        I'm in a tailspin, back again.

        Jill and Chris are kissing passionately in the room.

        CUT TO:


        Tailspin, back again.
        Tailspin, back again!!!

        John and Salomie are kissing each other and they fall onto the bed. Salomie takes John's shirt off and Salomie does the same to John.

        CUT TO:


        I got everything I wanted.
        How could I want something more?
        I'm not the kind to spend the afternoon waiting for a package to arrive at my door.

        The music skips to 1:29, skipping the solo for the music. Sam and Michael are still talking but you can't hear them. You close up on their hands, they are holding hands.

        CUT TO:


        And what is does is I say, Hey, what's this?
        Is it something I really need?
        Did I ask for a god?
        Down to the earth?
        Did I ask you to intercede?

        Jill and Chris are under the covers now. All you see are the covers moving.

        CUT TO:


        But you change my mind.
        Reconfigure how I spend my time.
        Make me lift my chin...

        You see Jill's face and then Chris's face back and forth.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? DORM ? JOHN'S ROOM ? DAY

        ...where you break my heart.
        Where's the fun in that?
        When does the easy part start?

        You see John and Salomie keeping on kissing each other and grabbing each other.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? CAR ? DAY

        I'm in a tailspin, back again.
        Tailspin, back again.

        You see Melissa looking sad.

        CUT TO:


        Tailspin, back again!!!
        Tailspin, back again.
        Tailspin, back again.

        You see someone; looking like a waitress, walk over to Sam. She nods and pulls out her wallet and grabs some money. She gives it to the women but before she closes it she sees a picture of Riley, smiling. She closes it and then faces Michael, smiling.

        CUT TO:


        Tailspin, back again!
        Tailspin, back again!

        You see the covers moving.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? DORM ? JOHN'S ROOM ? DAY

        Tailspin, back again!!!

        You see John and Salomie kissing.

        END SONG

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? DORM ? DAY

        Salomie is walking out of the dorm after her "meeting" with John.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? PRESS ? DAY

        Salomie walks into the press and walks straight to her desk and sits down. She sees her notes on the murders and then types on the computer.

        Salomie: I'll never find this killer.

        CUT TO:


        They park their car and walk out of it. Lain looks around.

        Lain: There's nothing here.

        Jake: (sarcastically; to Lain) That sure was a thorough search.

        Lain: Well, I don't see anything.

        Melissa: I do. Look!

        Melissa points to someone. It looks like Wallace.

        Jake: That's Wallace. What is he doing here?

        Melissa: I have no idea.

        They run after him. They turn a corner and see him gone but they see a bloody body. The head seems twisted and something went through her stomach. The weirdest thing though, is that her left hand was gone.

        Melissa: Oh my god.

        Lain: What the hell is this?!

        Melissa: It's Wallace! It has to be!

        Jake: No, I'm sure he must just be running away from the murderer.

        Melissa: There's no way. Oh god, oh god. Look at her.

        Melissa points to the body. She begins to cry.

        Lain: Melissa, don't look.

        Melissa starts walking away when Jake pulls out his cell and starts talking to someone.

        CUT TO:


        Melissa, Jake, and Lain walk into the room. They all walk into separate directions. Melissa walks straight to Wallace and she turns him around.

        Wallace: Melissa?

        Melissa: I saw you running, I turned a corner that you turned and I saw that bloody body.

        Wallace: I saw it too.

        Melissa: Did you make it look like that?

        Wallace: What?

        Melissa's been trying to hold it in but she just screams.

        Melissa: Did you kill that girl!!??

        Everybody in the station stops to look at them and Wallace tries to make her calm down.

        Wallace: No, Melissa. I would never do that.

        Melissa: Then what were you doing?

        Wallace: To tell the truth, looking for you guys to help you. I ran into the murderer. He had a mask on, I couldn't see his face. I saw him standing next to the body. He chased me, and I ran.

        Melissa doesn't look convinced.

        Wallace: You have to believe me, Melissa.

        Melissa: (lying) I do.

        Wallace: Good.

        Wallace walks away from her.

        CUT TO:


        Melissa knocks on the door. Riley answers.

        Melissa: Hello, is Graham here?

        Riley: Yeah, he's right in here.

        Melissa: I'll stay out, can you bring him out?

        Riley: Yeah, sure. Just one second.

        Melissa: Okay.

        Riley disappears into the house and Graham walks out.

        Graham: Hey.

        Melissa: Graham, we need to talk.

        Graham: I know, about the Lain thing, it's just gone so insane. He's so mad at me. I don't think he'll be my friend anymore. And then everything will be so weird between us. I don't want this. I just want everything to be normal.

        Melissa: Graham, I talked to Lain. He said he'd love being friends with me.

        Graham: But he didn't say that to me.

        Melissa: Well, talk to him. Okay? And we needed to talk about the murders.

        Graham: Oh.

        Melissa: Did you get any info?

        Graham: No, but someone's trying now.

        Melissa: Okay, I think I know who the murderer is.

        Graham: Who?

        Melissa: Wallace, my boss.

        Graham: Why?

        Melissa: Well, when me, Lain, and Jake, one of my partners, searched at the warehouses, we saw Wallace running. We chased him. He turned a corner so we turned the corner also. When we turned it, he was gone, and there was a bloody body with the left hand gone.

        Graham: What was his story?

        Melissa: He saw the murderer with a mask on next to the bloody body so he ran. But, there's a problem with his story. There were two bodies. One was on the left side of the middle of the group of warehouses, one was on the right. We saw the one on the right, and he claimed he saw that one too. Here's the flaw. He was running from the left. If he saw it, why would he run left and then back right towards where the murderer was according to him.

        Graham smiles.

        Graham: You're really good at this.

        Melissa smiles back at him.

        Melissa: I know. So, can you get some info on this dude?

        Graham: Yeah, sure. Wallace what?

        Melissa: Wallace Echolls.

        Graham: Okay, will do.

        Melissa: Me and Lain are going to check the warehouses again tonight.

        Graham: Okay, be careful.

        Melissa: I always am.

        Melissa walks away.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? PRESS ? DAY

        Graham walks into the press. He walks to Salomie.

        Graham: Any info?

        Salomie: No. I can't find anything.

        Graham: Well, my friend did.

        Salomie: What is it?

        Graham: Too long to explain. You need to search Wallace Echolls and find whatever you can about him. And look for anything relating a left hand.

        Salomie: Isn't he the person who employs people at the police station?

        Graham: Yes, but his history. And make it fast. When you find something, call me.

        Salomie: Okay, I will.

        Graham: Thanks a ton.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? PRESS ? NIGHT

        There aren't that many people there anymore. She is typing stuff on the computer. Her eyes widen.

        Salomie: Oh my god.

        Salomie quickly prints the page she was looking at. It prints and she grabs it. She stands up and runs out the door.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie is walking to her car, on the phone.

        Salomie: Answer it!

        You hear a message machine but you can't tell who it is.

        Salomie: (to the message machine) Graham, I found something. Something big. It turns out that Wallace was fired from his last job as a police officer for sexually assaulting someone. A girl named Jamie. And guess what, she lives in Laintan, what a coincidence. I'm going to visit her and get some answers. Then I'll call you back.

        Salomie hangs up and keeps walking.

        CUT TO:


        Melissa and Lain are walking around, looking for a clue. They see a warehouse with a light on inside and they walk towards it.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? HOUSE ? NIGHT

        Salomie knocks on a door. A women answers.

        Women: Hello?

        Salomie: Hello, I am Salomie.

        Women: Who cares?

        Salomie: Well, I need some information on a local employee from the police station you worked at. Do you remember Wallace Echolls?

        The women's eyes widen.

        Women: Come in.

        Salomie walks in.

        CUT TO:


        Women: So, what do you want to know about Wallace?

        Salomie: What did he do to you?

        Women: Well, sexually assaulted me.

        Salomie: No, specifically.

        Women: Do you want a play by play or something?

        Salomie: Sort of.

        The Women laughs.

        Women: Let me get a piece of paper.

        Salomie: No, did he do anything to your hands?

        Women: What?

        Salomie: Did he?

        Women: Yes. He licked my hands every day. In the station, he tried to slip a lick in. He always did it. A few times he bit it.

        Salomie: Do you know what hand specifically?

        Women: Why? Why do you want this?

        Salomie: Just believe me. I need to know.

        Women: You're a stranger to me! Why should I believe you?

        Salomie: Please.

        Women: The left hand. Is that all?

        Salomie: Yes, I got it all. Thank you.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? CAR ? NIGHT

        Salomie is driving while talking on the phone.

        Salomie: Graham!

        Graham: (Over Voice) Yeah? I got your message. My friends are out looking for the murderer now, specifically Wallace.

        Salomie: They're looking for him? Oh god. He's the murderer. He has to be! He sexually assaulted that woman! He always licked her left hand, the hand that's always bit off on the victims. Sometimes he bit her hand.

        Graham: (Over Voice) Oh god. I've got to save her.

        Salomie: Then, go. Please, as fast as you can. Oh god, please.

        CUT TO:


        Melissa and Lain walk in. They see a body without her left hand. They then see Wallace with blood all over him. He smiles slightly.

        Wallace: You caught me.

        Melissa takes out her gun and points it at him.

        Melissa: You're under arrest.

        Wallace: Okay.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? CAR ? NIGHT

        Graham walks out of his cars. He's next to all the warehouses. He sees the one with the lights on in the distance and starts running towards it.

        CUT TO:


        Melissa has the gun pointed at Wallace.

        Melissa: Lain, cuff him.

        Lain walks behind Wallace with cuffs but Wallace elbow him. Melissa pulls the trigger but Wallace jumps out of the way. Wallace's tongue extends and throws Melissa back but Lain didn't see it. Lain gets up and throws Wallace back.

        Lain: Stay away from her.

        Lain points his gun at him but Wallace jumps onto him and punches him. He jumps off him and walks to Melissa. He grabs Melissa's throat.

        Wallace: I liked you, I really did.

        Graham jumps through the window and tackles Wallace. Wallace lets go of Melissa.

        Graham: Stop that!

        Graham punches him. Wallace punches Graham across the room. Lain stands up and start shooting but Wallace starts running across the room. Lain follows him and keeps shooting him. Once Wallace gets to Graham, Wallace picks him up and uses him as a shield.

        Graham: Don't shoot!

        But it all happened too fast. Lain shot Graham instead of Wallace. Lain is in shock.

        Lain: Oh god.

        Melissa: (who is still on the ground) No!

        Wallace drops Graham onto the ground. Graham, with his last energy, grabs a piece of wood and stabs Wallace in the back as he's laughing. He stops and spits blood. He falls to the ground. Graham then closes his eyes and his head falls to the ground. Melissa stands up and runs to Graham. She has tears in her eyes.

        Melissa: Oh god, Graham!

        Melissa holds Graham but he doesn't wake up.

        CUT TO:


        You just see two nurses.

        Nurse #1: Yes, he's in a coma.

        Nurse #2: Oh.

        The camera zooms out and reveals that the patient in that room isn't Graham. It is someone random.

        Nurse #2: I'm going to talk the people for Graham.

        Nurse #1: Okay.

        Nurse #2 walks out of the room into the lobby where Melissa, Lain, Riley, Salomie, and Sam are sitting. They stand up when she walks towards them.

        Nurse #2: He is fine. We can let him go in a few hours.

        They smile.

        Nurse #2: He's a very lucky man. You don't have to wait; it will be a few hours.

        Melissa: No, I'll wait.

        CUT TO:


        It is around 1:00 AM. Melissa is almost asleep when Graham walks out of the hospital room.

        Melissa: Graham!

        Melissa runs to him and hugs him.

        Melissa: Thank god you're all right.

        Graham: I'm fine.

        Melissa stops hugging him and just smiles at him.

        Graham: Melissa, about tonight ?

        Melissa: I don't want to know about tonight. I don't care. All I care about is you.

        Melissa grabs him and they start kissing. The camera zooms out to show no one, except staff and Graham and Melissa, in the hospital and Graham and Melissa kissing.

        END OF ACT 3