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Riley The Series 1.11 "Changed" (Part 2)

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  • Riley The Series 1.11 "Changed" (Part 2)

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthrized usage of these characters is permitted

    Riley: Previously On Riley...

    CUT TO:


    Marie and Graham are at a funeral.

    CUT TO:


    The sheriff, Graham, and Marie see the body.

    Sheriff (Over Voice): We think it was a murder. Someone murdered your parents.

    CUT TO:


    Graham is holding the vamp.

    Vamp: It was Neiki!

    Graham stakes the vamp and he dusts.

    CUT TO:


    Sam: Go and have the time of your life.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie runs in and kisses John as they fall onto the bed.

    John: What are you doing?

    Salomie: Having the time of my life.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie and John are in bed, laughing. They kiss.

    Salomie: So, does this mean we're officially dating or something?

    John: You could say that.

    CUT TO:


    The door opens and in comes Graham with all his bags. Sam comes running down the stairs to see who it was. She smiles when she sees that it's Graham. The house is cleaner now.

    Sam: Graham, you're back.

    They hug each other.

    Graham: Yeah, back for good.

    CUT TO:


    There are the robed men again. There is the robed man in the middle again. There is an unknown robed person with them. A shirtless man with a hood over his head is in the middle.

    Robed Men: Do it. Now.

    The other robed person puts their hand on the shirtless man's back. Orange energy shines and goes into the person. The person gasps. The person takes of the robe and smiles. It's Salomie.

    CUT TO:


    Neiki and Xad walk into a huge mansion. They're smiling and Neiki is holding a man by the hair who looks terrified. There is a sewer entrance and many vampires emerge from it.

    Neiki: Here we are, boys! Make yourself at home.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie lifts up her hands and electricity comes out of it.

    Intank: What the -?

    Salomie sends it flying. Things fall and people scream.

    Salomie: You hear those people screaming? You're not screaming. But I can make you.

    CUT TO:


    Riley: Your power is going.

    Salomie: No it's not.

    Salomie does a jumping kick.

    Riley: Yes, it is. And it's all because of your humanity. Your love.

    Salomie: No!

    Riley punches Salomie back into a table.

    Salomie: No!

    Salomie begins to cry. Salomie falls to the ground and cries. Sam and Graham stare at them in shock. Intank is now on the ground and he pulled the chair out of him.

    Riley: It's okay. It's all going to be okay.

    CUT TO:


    Riley walks in and sees Sam and Michael drinking together. Sam sees him.

    Sam: Riley.

    Riley: Sam! What are you doing?!

    Sam: I'm having a drink.

    Riley: You could have just said a date.

    They walk outside into an alleyway.

    Sam: It wasn't a date! I swear!

    Riley: It sure as hell didn't look like it.

    Sam: You know what, Riley!? I've had enough of this crap!

    Riley: What?

    Sam: I can't have a drink with a friend with you! This is insane! I can't talk to you right now! I can't look at you! Talk to me when you are sane!

    Sam walks away leaving Riley alone and shocked. Riley seems sad also. Tears start coming down. Suddenly, a vampire jumps from behind Riley and bites him. Riley's eyes widen as the vampire bites him.


    CUT TO:


    Graham, Salomie, and Intank are there putting things away. Graham is putting up tables and chairs while Intank is grabbing weapons that have dropped in the training room and putting them away. He is limping about. Salomie is in the training room helping Intank.

    Salomie: I'm sorry, Intank.

    Intank: For what?

    Salomie: Sticking a chair in your stomach.

    Intank: Brat, there's no apology needed.

    Salomie doesn't respond.

    Intank: Why aren't you coming back after that comment?

    Salomie: Because I deserve it, and so much more.

    Intank: You know what, you're right. You do. You shouldn't have delved into that magic like that. It will get you and the people around you killed.

    Salomie: I thought you didn't care about me.

    Intank: I care about the people around you.

    Intank turns away from her.

    Intank: And I care about you. I don't want you to get hurt.

    Salomie: Thanks, Intank.

    Intank: No thanks needed.

    There is a pause.

    Salomie: Did you make Neiki the way he is now?

    Intank doesn't respond.

    Salomie: Sorry, bad time.

    Intank: In a way.

    Salomie: What?

    Intank: He's coming after us...because of me.

    Salomie: Why is -?

    Graham: (Over Voice) Guys, come here!

    They run into the room.

    Salomie: What is it?

    Graham points to the ground. There's a note there.

    Salomie: What does it say?

    Graham: I don't know.

    Intank picks it up and reads it. He rips it in half.

    Intank: Another damn note from Neiki! He's giving us warnings!

    Graham: Anything new?

    Intank: Check the cupboard in the training room.

    Graham: What?

    Intank: Just do it!

    Graham goes into the training room and opens a large cupboard. A dead man falls out of it.

    Intank: Guess who planted that.

    CUT TO:


    Sam is walking through the alley, going to The Gold. She has tears in her eyes as she's walking. She hears a noise so she stops. She looks around. She sees that it's coming from behind the dumpster. She walks closer, slowly. Then a rat scurries from behind the dumpster. Sam thinks that she was being very stupid. As she walks away she sees a bloody hand sticking out of the dumpster. She opens it slowly and sees a bunch of bloody bodies. Her eyes widen. She goes to a corner and throws up. She takes out her cell phone and dials a number.

    Sam: Graham! We have a problem.

    Sam walks closer to the bodies. She sees bite marks in the bodies.

    Sam: Graham, we have a nest of vamps here or we just have one nasty vampire. I'll be there in a minute.

    She closes her cell phone and puts it in her bag. Sam keeps on walking, tears in her eyes.

    CUT TO:


    Jill and Chris are walking down the street.

    Chris: Where are we going now?

    Jill: Well, I think we should get John.

    Chris: John?

    Jill: Yeah, he wants to find her too.

    Chris: Okay, can I take a break first?

    Jill: Sure, I'd love that too.

    They sit on the sidewalk.

    Chris: I'm so tired.

    Jill: I know.

    Chris: Do you think Salomie will be better when we find her?

    Jill: To tell the truth, no.

    CUT TO:


    You just see Riley's face. His eyes are closed. The camera moves to show his neck. It has bite marks in it. The camera zooms out to reveal Riley's body on the ground. You see a, what it looks like, teenage girl, sitting on a wooden crate. She is looking at her nails. She looks at Riley and then looks back at her nails.

    Teenager: When will you wake up?

    The teenager vamps out. She kneels down next to Riley's body. She grabs his cheeks.

    Vamp: Ain't you the darndest thing?

    The vamp looks annoyed.

    Vamp: Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Oh well, you're not getting up for awhile.

    The vamp starts to walk away when she stops in her track. A hand grabbed her ankle. It was Riley's. You see Riley's face and his eyes are now open. The vamp smiles.

    Vamp: Now that's what I've been waiting for.


    "End Of The World" by Great Big Sea!


    Marc Blucas ? Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic ? Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase ? Graham Miller
    Jason Dohring ? Intank Wellee
    Keira Knightley ? Salomie Sullivan

    Guest Starring:

    Santiago Cabrera ? Neiki
    Jewel Staite ? Jill
    Jared Padalecki ? John
    Francis Capra ? Xad
    Kristen Bell ? Susan

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    ACT 1

    CUT TO:


    Riley is still holding onto the vamps' ankle. The vamp is smiling.

    Vamp: Come up, boy.

    The vamp leans down and pulls Riley up. The vamp is inching closer to Riley.

    Vamp: Give us a kiss.

    The vamp and Riley kiss. They fall to the ground. They stop kissing for a moment.

    Vamp: Touch me and don't you dare stop.

    They continue to kiss. The vamp jumps on top of Riley.

    Vamp: What's your name, big boy?

    Riley: Riley.

    Vamp: Mine's Shasha.

    They both get up. Shasha grabs Riley again and laughs.

    Shasha: Riley's such a wimpy name.

    Riley: I'm not wimpy.

    Shasha looks at his muscles.

    Shasha: No, it doesn't look that way.

    Riley throws Shasha to the ground.

    Riley: It doesn't just look that way.

    Shasha smiles again.

    Shasha: Come on, Riley.

    Shasha stands up.

    Shasha: I know what you are. I am what you are. Now, all you have to do is let it loose.

    Shasha vamps out.

    Shasha: I did.

    Riley stares at her, emotionless. Riley vamps out. Riley is a vampire! Riley kisses Shasha while they're both vamped out. The camera zooms around them quickly.

    Riley: So did I.

    Shasha smiles and let's go of him.

    Shasha: I'm going to show you what our life is now. What it can be. Let's go.

    Shasha and Riley walk out of the alley. When they're walking, it becomes slow motion. They're smiling. Sasha's hair is blowing in the wind. Her hair is black. It closes up on the darkness of her hair when it...

    CUT TO:


    Salomie, Graham, and Intank are sitting down when Sam walks in. She still has tears in her eyes.

    Graham: Sam, what's wrong?

    Sam: Nothing.

    Intank: There's something but we don't have time now. We can't keep on stalling. We need to get Neiki.

    Sam: What?

    Salomie: Neiki left a body for us.

    Sam: Oh. Well, a vamp left a few bodies for us.

    Intank: Explain, Sam.

    Sam: Well, when I was walking home I saw a hand hanging out of a dumpster. I opened it and found bodies with bite marks. I'm actually thinking it was a gang.

    Salomie: Why?

    Sam: There were at least a dozen bodies.

    Graham: What vampire would clean up the bodies and hide them.

    Sam: I don't know.

    Intank: I do.

    Sam: What?

    Intank: Neiki's sister, she knew a vampire that did this. Vicious. Killed a dozen in only two days.

    Salomie: We need a name here.

    Intank: She called her Shasha.

    Sam: How did she know this vamp?

    Intank: Well, she hired this vampire to take out her family.

    Sam: Why would she do that?


    CUT TO:


    There are people sitting around them. A man and a women, the mother and father obviously. There is also two small children. One is a boy and the other is a girl.

    Father: So, how's Neiki doing with his job, Elizabeth?

    Elizabeth: Well, he's doing okay Richard. Gaining enough money to pay the damn rent.

    Girl: Mom, don't say those words!

    Elizabeth: Shut up, you brat!

    The girl starts crying. Elizabeth gets aggravated.

    Elizabeth: Richard.

    Richard gets up and goes the girl. He punches her.

    Richard: Be quiet.

    Intank: (Over Voice) They were abusive.

    Richard sits back down.

    Elizabeth: Thank you, Richard.

    The boy remains silent.

    Richard: And Jenny's doing well.

    Elizabeth: Yes, very well.

    There is a knock on the door.

    Elizabeth: Who the hell is it? We're eating dinner!

    Elizabeth gets up and opens the door. You see Shasha there, smiling.

    Shasha: Hello, is Jenny here?

    Elizabeth: No, but she's supposed to be here in fifteen minutes.

    Elizabeth starts to close the door but Shasha pushes it back open. Elizabeth looks insulted.

    Elizabeth: Let me close my door.

    Shasha: Ms. Jaynes, can I please wait here till Jenny gets home?

    Elizabeth: No.

    Richard: Elizabeth, let her in!

    Elizabeth: No! Come back later.

    Shasha: Please, it won't be long. I promise.

    Elizabeth: It's still a no.

    Richard stands up and goes to the door.

    Richard: What's your name, Ms.?

    Shasha: Shasha. Shasha Kennons.

    Richard: Then please come in, Shasha.

    Elizabeth: Richard!

    Elizabeth turns to Shasha.

    Elizabeth: You still can't ?

    Shasha pushes Elizabeth back and walks in. She slams the door closed.

    Richard: Excuse me!

    Shasha vamps out and Richard looks horrified.

    Shasha: You're excused.

    Richard screams as Shasha bites her teeth into Richard. Richard falls to the ground, dead. Shasha turns to the children. They scream.

    Shasha: Come here, kiddies.

    Shasha runs into the other room. The camera doesn't move so you can't see it but you hear screams. Elizabeth stands up in this room. Shasha walks back into the room with Elizabeth. Shasha grabs Elizabeth.

    Shasha: Don't be rude.

    Shasha bites Elizabeth. Elizabeth falls to the ground, dead. Shasha smiles.


    CUT TO:


    Sam: Oh, I get it.

    Intank: But it could be another vamp, definitely.

    Graham: Well, I'm going with Shasha.

    Sam: We have to look into the other possibilities, Graham.

    Graham: (Ignoring Sam) Salomie, search for a girl named Shasha Kennons. Anything you can find out about her is great.

    Sam: Graham!

    Graham: Where the hell is Riley!?

    Sam: He's out. He will be back soon.

    Graham: Well until then, I'm the god damn boss.

    Graham starts to walk away.

    Sam: Graham! Listen to me!

    Graham: I already did.

    Sam: You're blaming Neiki right away when it could just be some plain old vamp.

    Graham: Yeah, I'm blaming Neiki right away.

    Sam: It will mess everything up. We might not be able to track down this vampire if you do this.

    Graham: Sam, talk to me when he hires a vamp to kill your parents.

    Graham walks into the training room and slams the door shut. Salomie walks up to her.

    Salomie: Hey Sam.

    Sam: Salomie.

    Sam hugs Salomie.

    Sam: It's okay.

    Salomie: I'm sorry about everything.

    Sam: We'll find these guys and hurt them...real bad.

    Salomie: Good plan.

    Sam: But you must promise me that you won't go back to witchcraft.

    Salomie: I promise, Sam. My spell casting days are over.

    Sam: Good.

    Sam walks towards the training room door and is about to open it but then pauses. She thinks and then walks away.

    CUT TO:


    Neiki is sitting down in a chair when Xad walks up to him.

    Xad: Do you want him now?

    Neiki: As a matter of fact, I do.

    Xad leaves and comes back with a tied and gagged man. Xad throws him to Neiki.

    Neiki: Thank you so very much.

    Neiki grabs his head and snaps his neck.


    CUT TO:


    Neiki snaps someone's neck.


    CUT TO:


    Neiki smiles and drops the body.

    Neiki: That was great.

    Xad: Why the hell didn't you torture him?!

    Neiki: I didn't feel like it.

    Neiki stands up.

    Neiki: Did Intank get my note.

    Xad: The vamps dropped it off.

    Neiki: Good. The games will begin very shortly.

    Neiki walks away.

    CUT TO:


    Riley and Shasha are walking down the street. Shasha has her arm wrapped around Riley. They are smiling.

    Shasha: That was delicious!

    Riley: I think she was a virgin.

    Shasha: Who cares!?

    Shasha laughs.

    Shasha: See, isn't this the life, Riley?

    Riley: It is. Now, Shasha, it's time to eat dinner.

    Shasha: (confused) Wasn't that dinner?

    Riley: No, it was just an appetizer.

    Shasha: Then what do you want for dinner?

    There is a flash and you see the gang except Riley.

    Riley: I have my ideas.

    END OF ACT 1


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      ACT 2

      CUT TO:


      It is the same dark place from the episode earlier. The Robed Man is sitting on the ground, his eyes closed. Another robed man walks up to the Robed Man.

      Robed Man #1: (The one that isn't sitting) Sir, Salomie has failed us.

      Robed Man: (Man who is sitting down) Excuse me?

      Robed Man #1: Her powers are all gone.

      Robed Man: No they're not.

      Robed Man #1: Most of them anyways.

      Robed Man: That is correct.

      Robed Man #1: She's given up on us.

      Robed Man: Then there's really only one thing to do.

      Robed Man #1: I understand.

      Robed Man: Thank you for informing me.

      The Robed Man #1 walks away and the Robed Man closes his eyes again.

      CUT TO:


      Lain and Melissa are sitting on the ground playing a board game. They laugh and have a great time.

      CUT TO:


      You see a door. A hand comes into view and it knocks on the door. The camera moves out to reveal that it's Jill's hand and Chris is standing next to her. Jill stops knocking and stands there trying to be polite.

      Jill: Come on, come on, come on.

      John opens the door.

      John: Hello Jill. Did you find Salomie?

      Chris: No, we didn't.

      John: Ah, great.

      Jill: We will. Let's go.

      John: What?

      Jill: You're coming with us.

      John: Okay?

      John walks of the room and they walk down the hall together.

      John: Where are we going?

      Jill: The Gold.

      Chris: That was emptied, wasn't it?

      Jill: Yeah, and the way she's acting now, I wouldn't be too surprised if she was there.

      John: Once I see her I'm going to give her a little speech.

      Jill: The speech.

      They walk out of the view of the camera.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie is sitting on the sidewalk, just trying to calm down. She holds her head. A figure appears behind her. She hears so she stands up and turns around.

      Salomie: What is it Gra-?

      Her eyes widen. It's a humongus demon! The demon is all black and he lifts up his big hands. Sharp knives come out from his hands. They are attached. The demon punches but Salomie fortunately ducks or else she would be killed by the knives. Salomie screams.

      Salomie: Help!

      Salomie thinks about using magic for a second but then the demon kicks her to the ground. The demon hovers over her.

      Salomie: Oh god, oh god, oh god. Help!

      The demon is about to kill her when the demon just falls over. Graham is standing in front of her with an axe.

      Salomie: Thank you, Graham. Thank you a ton.

      Salomie hugs him.

      Salomie: I was almost dead.

      Graham: You shouldn't be out here.

      Salomie: I'm fine now...because of you.

      Graham: You should come in.

      Salomie: No.

      Graham: Salomie, it could be those robed dudes! They might be after you! They might want to kill you.

      Salomie: Or it could just be a demon. Do you guys ever think about that?

      Graham: No because it never happens.

      Salomie: It does! Vampire attacks, what are they, huh? Are they all plans of vengeance? Huh?

      Graham: I saved your life.

      Salomie: You did...and I'm very grateful...but I'm not going inside. I need to calm down. I can't do it in there.

      Graham shakes his head.

      Graham: Don't blame me if you get killed then.

      Graham walks inside and Salomie sits back down.

      Jill: (Over Voice) Hello Salomie.

      Salomie looks up and sees Jill, Chris, and John.

      Salomie: Hey.

      Jill: What's wrong with you?

      Salomie: Excuse me?

      John: You've been acting like...

      Jill: A freak and a jerk.

      Salomie: I ? I...

      Jill: Is that little phase over?

      Salomie: Um, yes. It is.

      Jill: Good because I've had enough of it.

      John: (Sarcastically) You don't need to hold back, Jill.

      Salomie: No, John, don't defend me. I was horrible. I mean, what I called you. That wasn't me. But now I'm me.

      Jill: Good.

      Chris: We're glad to have you back.

      Jill: We're going to leave now. But we just wanted to talk to you about that.

      Salomie: Okay, bye.

      Jill: Bye.

      Jill and Chris walk away and John sits down next to Salomie.

      Salomie: Aren't you leaving with the guilt parade?

      John: No, no guilt. I was just...confused.

      Salomie: I see.

      John: So was Jill. That's not the person we learned to love. That's...Susan. You're not Susan or else I swear that I wouldn't be sleeping with you.

      Salomie smiles slightly.

      John: Now, can you just be Salomie?

      Salomie: I think I can.

      John kisses Salomie. He grabs her head and they continue to kiss. Salomie breaks it up.

      Salomie: Not now. I need to do stuff.

      John: As long as it's not turning into Susan again.

      Salomie: I swear, it's not.

      John: Okay.

      John stands it up.

      John: See you later tonight?

      Salomie: No, but tomorrow.

      John: Okay.

      John walks away. Salomie smiles and stands up. She slowly walks back into The Gold.

      CUT TO:


      John is walking down a sidewalk. There is a lady in front of him. The lady turns around and it reveals that it is Susan.

      Susan: Hey.

      John tries to just walk away but Susan follows him.

      Susan: What are you walking away from?

      John: You, slut.

      Susan: Aw, that hurts my feelings.

      John stops and pushes Susan. She laughs.

      Susan: Come on, you know that you want me. But you just have to be faithful to little miss goody two shoes. Right?

      John: Even if I wasn't with Salomie, I wouldn't be with you.

      Susan: You keep saying that to yourself.

      John: Gladly.

      Susan: Don't you want to do it again, though?

      John: Do what again?

      Susan laughs.

      Susan: Don't play dumb with me. I was there when it happened.

      John: It didn't exist.

      John continues to walk but Susan continues to follow.

      Susan: But it did. That's the truth and you can't handle it.

      John stops again.

      John: It was a one night thing! It will never happen again.

      Susan: But you want it to.

      John: No, I'm not listening to this.

      Susan: Stop lying to yourself!

      John: I'm not!

      Susan: You went to Salomie but she couldn't give you what you wanted.

      John: That's not true.

      Susan: So then you come to me and I give you everything you ever dreamed off. I showed you what sex really is. It happened and can't deny that.

      John stops and punches Susan across the face. Susan looks up, holding her face, shocked.

      John: I'd like to test that theory.

      John continues to walk but this time Susan doesn't follow. The camera moves with John as he's walking. He sees two people walking down the sidewalk, it is Shasha and Riley. John bumps into Shasha and they both stop.

      John: I'm sorry, Miss.

      Shasha punches him to the ground. John is unconscious.

      Shasha: It's fine.

      Shasha and Riley continue to walk.

      CUT TO:


      Intank walks over to Sam and holds up a book.

      Intank: I looked up this type of thing. It's a different dimension.

      Salomie walks over to them.

      Salomie: Yeah, I did that spell but I can't do that now.

      Intank: I can.

      Intank points to some words.

      Intank: It's right here.

      Sam: I'm ready for some butt kicking.

      Graham: Yeah, same here.

      Intank starts reading the words.

      Sam: That sounds weird.

      Intank: Shh!

      Intank: Shh!

      Intank finishes reading and a black portal appears above.

      Graham: I'm guessing that we jump?

      Salomie: Yeah.


      You see a man's face. The camera zooms out and you see Riley biting him and Shasha standing next to him, laughing.

      CUT TO:


      You see John lying on the ground, still unconscious.

      CUT TO:


      You see Susan with a bruise on her face, walking slowly down the street.

      CUT TO:


      You see a bed. You hear noises as the camera moves up to reveal Jill and Chris sleeping together.

      CUT TO:


      Neiki is doing push ups in his mansion and Xad is standing there, laughing at Neiki.

      CUT TO:


      Graham, Sam, Intank, and Salomie appear in the dimension.

      Salomie: Let's do this.

      END OF ACT 2


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        ACT 3

        CUT TO:


        Graham, Sam, Intank, and Salomie are all standing there.

        Sam: Where is everyone?

        Salomie: There.

        Salomie points to a huge building. They all start walking there.

        CUT TO:


        Sam, Salomie, Graham, and Intank all walk in.

        Intank: Hello?!

        Graham: Shut up!

        Many robed men appear before them with swords, axes, knives, and many more weapons.

        Graham: Great job, idiot! You got all their attention.

        Intank pulls out two knives from his pockets.

        Intank: Good.

        Intank runs to them and they all rush to them. Everyone starts to fight fiercely. Sam is helping Salomie fight.

        Salomie: We can't beat them all! There's like twenty of them and four of us.

        Sam: I know!

        Sam punches one but is punches onto the ground by another. The man is about to swing his axe down on her when Graham immediately tackles him. Sam gets back up. Intank stabs two at the same time but is hit over the head by the handle of an axe. The man swings the axe down on Intank but Intank catches the axe quickly. He tries to keep it back but it's obviously hard for him.

        Intank: These guys are freakin strong!

        One of them swings his sword down on Salomie she moves out of the way. The man punches her onto the ground and then kicks her. Salomie coughs. Sam grabs the mans' hand but the man elbows her away. Salomie grabs a stake from out of her pocket and stakes the man.

        Salomie: Are these guys human?

        Intank: Who cares!

        Intank flings the axe backwards and it goes straight into the mans' head. Intank jumps up. There are about fifteen left now. Graham sees that there is a huge chandelier above them.

        Graham: Stall them!

        Graham starts running up the stairs but one grabs him as he's going up. Graham elbows him. Rope comes out of his hand and goes all over Graham. He can't move. The man holds his knife threatening. Intank sees this and throws one of his knives at the man. It goes in his head. The knife that he drops then lands on the rope and cuts it. Graham is loose and continues to run up.

        Intank: No need to say thank you!

        Graham takes his sword and is going to do something with it.

        Graham: Move out of the way.

        Salomie and Sam run into the corner. Intank doesn't move at all.

        Graham: It's your fault you didn't move, Intank!

        Graham cuts the rope that's keeping up the chandelier and it falls on all the men and Intank! The men are all dead. Graham runs down and Sam and Salomie run over to Intank. Intank pushes the chandelier away from him and gets up.

        Sam: Are you okay?

        Intank: Yeah, I'm fine.

        Salomie: You're limping.

        Intank: True.

        Graham: I told you to move.

        Salomie: You should have listened, dude.

        Intank: I realized that.

        You hear Salomie gasp. Everyone turns around and sees the Robed Man that Salomie was talking to in the episode earlier holding her neck.

        Robed Man: Hello Salomie.

        Sam: Let her go.

        Robed Man: No.

        The Robed Man blinks and Sam, Graham, and Intank fly to the other side of the building.

        Robed Man: See how much damage I do?

        Salomie: I'm not scared of me.

        Robed Man: Oh, I think differently. See, Salomie, I can feel your fear. It's deafening. You can't trick me.

        Salomie: You think you're all that.

        Robed Man: I am and you know it.

        Salomie can't argue.

        Robed Man: I knew it.

        Salomie tries to get loose.

        Robed Man: I gave you a chance, Salomie. I had high hopes for you. You were my shining star. Look how much of a mistake that was. I'm so sorry that I have to do this.

        Salomie: I'm not.

        Salomie reaches in her pocket and takes out a stake. She shoves it into his neck. The man spits blood onto Salomie's face and he drops her. Salomie looks disgusted. She wipes the blood from her face. The gang slowly gets up in pain.

        Intank: I'm having a bad day. I get stabbed with a chair, a chandelier fell on me, and I was thrown aggressively against a wall. It's not good.

        Graham: I find it rather amusing actually.

        Salomie is looking uneasy.

        Sam: What's wrong?

        Salomie: We killed a bunch of humans.

        Intank: It's okay kid, they were evil.

        Salomie: But still humans.

        Sam: They would have killed us.

        Salomie: But we came looking to kill them.

        They walk out of the building.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? THE GOLD ? NIGHT

        A black portal appears in The Gold. Sam, Graham, Intank, and Salomie come out of the portal. When they come out, Sam falls over. She stands up and brushes herself off, disgusted in falling over.

        Salomie: I'm tired.

        She does a fake yawn.

        Sam: I think we all are.

        Graham: I don't understand why Riley isn't back yet.

        Sam: Yeah, he needed alone time but he should be back.

        Intank: Sam, god, what did you say to him? Because I say good job. He's probably extremely depressed!

        Intank smiles.

        Sam: You're not funny.

        Riley: (Over Voice) Were you guys looking for me?

        They all turn and see Riley. Sam smiles and runs right to him. She gives him a big great hug and Riley looks surprised.

        Riley: I'm sorry about my attitude.

        Sam: It's all fine!

        Sam kisses him. Riley pushes her off.

        Riley: Thanks.

        Sam backs up.

        Intank: (Sarcastic) I'm surprised you didn't go get another girl.

        Riley: But I did.

        Sam looks surprised and then fakes laugh.

        Sam: You're such a joker.

        Riley: I'm not joking.

        Shasha walks out of the shadows. Riley grabs her and they kiss passionately. Sam looks disgusted and tears fall from her face.

        Sam: What the hell is she doing?

        They stop kissing and Shasha smiles.

        Shasha: Kissing, dumb ass.

        Sam runs over to Shasha and Riley. She separates them and punches Shasha. Shasha laughs. Once she's finished laughing, Shasha punches Sam and she lands on the stage. Graham, being defensive runs to Shasha but Shasha just pushes him back and kicks him to the ground.

        Intank: What the hell happened?

        Shasha: Don't you get it.

        Shasha vamps out and soon after that, so does Riley. Sam gasps and everyone is shocked.

        Riley: I thought it was obvious.

        Salomie: Oh god, no.

        Riley: He has nothing to do with it.

        Riley walks to Salomie.

        Riley: I helped you. I saved your life and everyone else's in this room. Now all I ask for is a little snack.

        Salomie screams and punches Riley.

        Riley: Do it again.

        Riley punches Salomie into a table.

        Intank laughs.

        Intank: You're pathetic. You're following orders from her. You're faithful. It's funny. I thought you were alone. I thought you hated demons.

        Riley: You see, I've changed.

        Intank: I noticed.

        Riley: But you're right. She was just for my amusement.

        Shasha looks stunned.

        Shasha: What?

        Intank: He turned on you.

        Riley breaks a chair and picks up a piece of it. He shoves it into Shasha's heart and she dusts. Riley drops the piece.

        Riley: Dust.

        Intank: Just like you will be.

        They run at each other. Sam gets up and runs to the training room. She grabs a crossbow and while Intank and Riley are fighting, she points it at Riley but she can't shoot.

        Riley: Take this!

        Riley punches Intank and then knees him.

        Riley: I've always hated you.

        Riley punches him to the ground.

        Riley: Always will.

        Intank trips Riley and he falls to the ground. Intank jumps on top of Riley and punches him. Riley head butts him and Intank falls off of him. Riley stands up and grabs Intank. Riley grabs Intank and slams him into a table. He throws Intank onto the stage and Riley follows him. Riley jumps on the stage and kicks Intank while he's on the ground but Intank holds his hands out to block. Intank jumps up and kicks Riley back. Intank does a jumping kick and punches Riley into a drum set. Riley punches Intank off the stage and onto a table. Riley jumps onto the table and kicks Intank off the table. Intank gets up and flips the table while Riley's on it. Riley falls to the ground and Intank kicks him. Intank grabs Riley and slides him across The Gold back to the place where Riley staked Shasha. Intank picked up the piece of the chair. They are both standing up now about to face off again. They go to each other. Riley extends his arms to do a bear hug but Intank goes under them and grabs Riley from behind. He has the piece at his heart and is about to stake him.

        Intank: Goodbye.

        Sam puts her crossbow up and fires. But it didn't go to Riley. It went in the back of Intank's knee. He screams, drops Riley, drops the piece, and falls to the ground. Riley smiles and looks at Sam.

        Riley: Thanks, sweetheart.

        Riley grabs the arrow and moves it up a little in the back of his knee. Intank screams. Riley then throws Intank against the wall.

        Riley: Looks like I won.

        Salomie holds up the stake she has in a threatening position. She runs to Riley.

        Salomie: Hey Riley!

        Riley turns around.

        Sam: No!

        Salomie stakes Riley in the heart. Riley grabs the stake but it's already in his heart.

        Sam: NO!

        Salomie touches Riley as he dusts and they both vanish. Sam is in shock and begins to cry.

        Sam: Oh god, no.

        She falls over, crying.

        CUT TO:


        It is all white and all you see is white. Then Riley and Salomie appear before the camera, Salomie is still touching Riley's shoulder. Riley seems to be normal, not evil.

        Riley: What happened?

        Salomie: You killed. You became a vampire.

        Riley: No.

        Salomie: Yes. And then I staked you. You dusted but I sent you here, your soul here. I can bring you back.

        Riley: But how?

        Salomie: I know I shouldn't but I have to. I can't let you die. It's magic time.

        Salomie grabs Riley's cheeks and she closes her eyes. Everything starts shaking. Riley begins to panic.

        Salomie: Stay calm.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? THE GOLD ? NIGHT

        Sam is still crying and everything starts to shake. Things fall everywhere.

        CUT TO:


        Chris and Jill are keeping each other company as everything is shaking.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

        Susan is running down the street as things are shaking. Susan falls over.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie's eyes widen and they zoom in on her face. A bright light largens and you can't see anything.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? THE GOLD ? NIGHT

        Sam gets up and a bunch of things were destroyed. A bright light appears and Sam covers her eyes. As the light vanishes, it reveals Salomie holding Riley's face. Sam's eyes widened.

        Sam: Thank you, god!

        Sam runs over to Riley and hugs him tightly.

        Sam: I thought I lost you!

        Sam kisses him.

        Sam: I love you.

        She kisses him again.

        Salomie smiles.

        The camera zooms out to show everything. Graham is on the ground, Salomie is smiling, Sam and Riley are kissing each other, and Intank is leaning against the wall.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie walks down her hall and opens the door.

        CUT TO:


        She notices that Jill isn't there. She slowly gets into her bed. She curls up and shuts her eyes. She drifts to sleep.

        CUT TO:


        Xad walks to Neiki.

        Xad: Neiki, Shasha's dead.

        Neiki looks sad.

        Neiki: Oh. I'll miss her.

        Xad: Just like you miss Jenny?


        CUT TO:

        INT ? OFFICE ? DAY

        Intank snaps Jenny's neck.


        CUT TO:


        Neiki: No, it's not the same.

        CUT TO:


        Graham is on the phone.

        Graham: Hey Lain!

        Lain: (Over Voice) Hey, Graham.

        Lain sounds uneasy.

        Graham: What's wrong?

        Lain: (Over Voice) Graham, I realized something today.

        Graham: What is it?

        Lain: (Over Voice) I'm in love with Melissa.

        Graham's eyes widen.

        CUT TO:


        Melissa is sitting on her couch when there is a knock on the door. She gets up and answers it. It is Graham.

        Melissa: Hey Graham.

        Graham: Hey, can I come in.

        Melissa: Yeah, sure.

        Graham walks in.

        Melissa: What's up?

        Graham: It's about Lain.

        Melissa: Okay, what about him?

        Graham: Melissa, he's in love.

        Melissa smiles.

        Melissa: That's great. Who's the lucky lady?

        Graham: You.

        Melissa looks surprised.

        Melissa: What? Me?

        Graham: Yes, you.

        Melissa: That's impossible.

        Graham: It's possible.

        Melissa: But...

        Graham: You don't love him?

        Melissa: Exactly.

        Graham sits down next to Melissa on the couch and grabs her shoulders.

        Graham: Well...

        Graham leans in closer and Melissa and him are about to kiss.

        Graham: No, what about Lain?

        Melissa looks sad.

        Graham: What the hell.

        Graham kisses Melissa passionately. As they're kissing they hear the door open. They look to see who it is. It's Lain, shocked at them kissing. Graham and Melissa can't talk and Lain is in shock.