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  • Shadow Stalker - 1.07 - Clique

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 1.07 ? Clique
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart
    Rating: UK Rating 15 (Language and Violent, Upsetting Scenes)

    Shadow Stalker is officially affiliated with Rogue Redemption, an awesome spin-off created by Amber.

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season One starts alongside Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 3 of Angel and is in association with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Raven (Alexander Brown); Sorceress Of Crimson Falls (Travis); and Wishful Thinking (Ben).

    RACK (V/O): Previously on Shadow Stalker

    Various images of MELODY from previous episodes blast on to the screen. Her facing off with CHARLIE and CATE in the Mall. Her and CATE in The Bronze and the store.

    TOOLE (V/O): So?what's your deal with red?

    CATE (V/O): She's an old friend.

    TOOLE (V/O): She didn't look like a friend.


    CATE and TOOLE are drinking wine and talking in his office.

    CATE: (smiling and sipping her wine) She's not anymore I guess. We didn't exactly leave on good terms?

    She looks down.

    CATE: (quietly) ?Well, that's one way of putting things.


    MELODY stops walking with her, allowing CATE to get some distance away.

    MELODY: (shouting) They'll just leave you!

    CATE stops, she looks straight ahead, almost contemplating this concept.

    MELODY: (still shouting) When they find out, they'll just leave you. You'll be on your own! Just like you deserve to be?


    CATE looks around. MELODY is sitting next to her, smirking.

    CATE: (scoffs) Look I don't know what your problem is but I bet it's hard to pronounce. I do not need this right now.

    MELODY: Need what? Me being where you are.

    CATE nods.

    CATE: Yeah, that pretty much sums up my whole life's problems.

    MELODY smirks.

    MELODY: Sorry sugar, but this is how it is?

    CATE'S head turns to look at MELODY sharply. Her eyes are glazed over.

    CATE: We'll see.

    CATE clicks her fingers and a green light emits from her fingers and shoots towards MELODY. It passes through her but she looks shocked none the less. Somehow the green light hits a woman sitting behind MELODY and she flies through the air and hits into a pillar. Various gasps and screams come from people around them. The woman groans in pain as she tries to stand. Her leg looks broken. CHARLIE'S head snaps round seeing this and XAK looks up from his clipboard. CATE shakes away her glazed eyes. She looks down, worried, and MELODY laughs, applauding.

    MELODY: Well well ladies and gentlemen?she's back.

    CATE looks around, at everyone. All eyes are fixed on her. She jumps off her seat and runs out of the club. XAK looks over to CHARLIE who is looking just as freaked and confused as he is.




    The camera pans around the club, which is thriving for a weekday, lots of people are wandering around the club laughing and enjoying themselves. Clearly they aren't about to have their worlds torn apart. The camera cuts to CHARLIE who is sitting with XAK, CATE and TOOLE. They have various drinks on the table in front of them and they are smiling, enjoying one another's company. TOOLE is wearing a smaller bandage on his head.

    CHARLIE: (to TOOLE)?Well I'm just pleased you're out of there. Visiting the hospital was becoming a drag. Unless you're name is Cate of course.

    CATE looks shocked.

    CATE: It's not called visiting if you spend most of your time there!

    The girls argue playfully, and laugh. XAK looks at them, shaking his head and turns to TOOLE.

    XAK: Seriously man, you're alright?

    TOOLE: Considering what happened?

    CHARLIE and CATE stop talking and turn to TOOLE.

    TOOLE: ?I wouldn't have gotten through it if it weren't for you guys.

    They all smile at one another and CATE reaches out and touches his hand.

    CATE: (smiling at him) We're just glad you're ok.

    He smiles back at her. CHARLIE makes an "Aw" noise and then stands.

    XAK: (to CHARLIE) Where are you going?

    CHARLIE: Oh I have to be home early tonight, Dad's being a total hard ass recently wants me home early. I think he's "making up for lost time" or something.

    XAK: (goes to stand) Oh, do you want me to walk you?

    CHARLIE: No it's fine, his place is near tonight, he's been moving it near me, don't know why?

    XAK: Oh ok?

    There is a brief pause, and then she smiles at him.

    CHARLIE: Seriously, I'll be ok.

    She moves over to TOOLE and kisses him on the cheek.

    CHARLIE: I'm glad you're better.

    She smiles and waves at CATE and then leaves. The camera closes in on CATE as she watches CHARLIE leave the club.


    CHARLIE starts walking down an alleyway. It's cold out and she wraps her arms around her stomach to keep warm.

    VOICE (O/S): Charlie?

    CHARLIE jumps slightly, and turns to see MELODY standing behind her. MELODY looks serious.

    CHARLIE: Melody, look, I don't know why you're hanging around so much, but I had nothing to say to you in high school, and surprisingly enough nothing's changed.

    She turns and walks off down the alley. MELODY runs after her and walks parallel.

    MELODY: Yeah well you don't have to talk but you do have to listen.

    She moves in front of CHARLIE. CHARLIE stops and rolls her eyes.

    CHARLIE: What are you gonna say? Sorry? Taunt me some more, well your words don't wash with me.

    She moves forwards and goes to push her out of the way, CHARLIE hands move towards MELODY and she uses her weight to push forward. CHARLIE'S eyes widen as she finds herself falling through MELODY. She ends up in a heap on the floor behind MELODY. She looks back up, shocked at just falling through MELODY'S non-corporeal body. MELODY turns around and looks at CHARLIE, a frown forming on her face.

    MELODY: Like I said, you need to listen?

    The camera closes in on CHARLIE, incredulous and barely able to find words.


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    The camera shows a higher up angle of CHARLIE lying on the floor before MELODY. She is trying to speak but she's not sure what to say or really how to say it.

    MELODY: I know, weird right?

    CHARLIE: Weird is not a word I would use, it would be the ultimate understatement to what I would say.

    MELODY moves towards her, CHARLIE backs away slightly, shuffling along the ground.

    MELODY: Look Charlie, this must be weird for you, but think about it?everything between Cate and I recently?

    CHARLIE stands and shakes her head.

    CHARLIE: (cutting her off) Cate? What's she got to do with this lack or corpo-reality? Wait?I don't care.

    MELODY looks a bit confused at this dismissal.

    MELODY: How can you not care?

    CHARLIE: Because its you! We despise one another, why should I care remotely what happened to you.

    She turns angrily and begins to walk off.

    MELODY: I know what it was like for you?

    CHARLIE stops, she turns her head slightly, listening. There is no expression on her face. The camera closes in on MELODY who is looking down, upset, and pensive.

    MELODY: ?But what we did to you, is no where near close to what she did?

    She looks up, CHARLIE is gone. She looks around, but all around her is empty alleyway and nothingness.


    The camera is passing round the lobby, and it is empty. The camera focuses back on the front entrance, and soon CHARLIE materialises into view. She sighs, and bites her bottom lip. She walks over and sits on the sofa in the lobby. RACK enters from his main room area. He looks at his daughter and sighs slightly.

    RACK: What's up babe? Total drag coming home early I know?

    CHARLIE smiles, wishing that was the only thing she had to worry about.

    CHARLIE: No, it's not that.

    RACK moves and sits next to her, he still remains at some sort of distance.

    CHARLIE: I just have to ask you one thing, and I want you to give me a straight answer for once.

    RACK: Sure.

    CHARLIE: I need to know why Cate puts the fear of god in your eyes.

    RACK: What?

    CHARLIE: Don't think I ain't noticed. You look scared of her.

    RACK pauses for a second, he laughs.

    RACK: You were always one for words?

    CHARLIE just keeps looking at him, ignoring his way of ignoring the problem.

    CHARLIE: Tell me?

    RACK looks at CHARLIE, his creepy smile turns into a serious expression.

    RACK: She gives off a vibe, and you know me Charlotte I'm not wrong about these things.

    CHARLIE looks down.

    CHARLIE: But how? I mean it's Cate?she's taken care of me since I was a kid?

    The camera closes in on her face as she looks down, searching for an answer. The screen fills with a blinding white light.


    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. The sun is shining, and beating down on dozens of children and families walking and playing through the park. Two girls are playing on the grass with dolls. The same two girls in TOOLE'S flashback in the previous episode. The BROWN HAIRED GIRL is a YOUNG CHARLIE, as confirmed by the BLONDE GIRL in the previous episode. It is obvious that the BLONDE GIRL is a YOUNG CATE.

    YOUNG CATE: (laughing) Charlie, you're so silly, dolly can't fly.

    YOUNG CHARLIE: Nu uh, dolly can do whatever she wants. She's magic!

    YOUNG CHARLIE throws her dolly into the air, which comes hurtling back to the earth with a smile on her face and her hair perfectly curled in blonde wisps. YOUNG CATE laughs causing YOUNG CHARLIE to turn around in a huff. She folds her arms and looks annoyed.

    YOUNG CATE: I told you Charlie!

    YOUNG CHARLIE turns around, feeling a bit mad and looking immaturely upset. She stamps her hand on the ground in anger, and recoils in pain. She lifts her hand.


    They both look down at the ground, and a small honey bee is writhing on the floor, lying in the dent of the grass where YOUNG CHARLIE'S hand was previously. They both look back to YOUNG CHARLIE'S hand, which has the sting of the bee penetrating into the palm of it.

    YOUNG CHARLIE: Oh no Cate! It hurts, I don't like it!

    She screws up her eyes, in pain and holds out her hand to YOUNG CATE.

    YOUNG CHARLIE: Oh Cate, do something. Just like pull it out or something.

    She screws her face completely now and leans herself back, trying to keep herself away from her own hand. YOUNG CATE looks down at her hand. The camera goes to YOUNG CHARLIE'S face then back to YOUNG CATE. Her young face has become tainted by a glazed coating on her eyes. She glares and squints at YOUNG CHARLIE'S hand. Slowly, the bee sting wound on YOUNG CHARLIE'S hand begins to go down in size. It begins to go from red to her natural skin colouring. Eventually the swelling's gone along with the sting of the bee itself. YOUNG CATE blinks and her eyes return to normal. The camera cuts to YOUNG CHARLIE whose scrunched up face becomes a lot more relaxed. She opens her eyes and looks at her now healed hand.

    YOUNG CHARLIE: (gasping) Golly! Cate, what did you do?

    YOUNG CATE looks slightly worried.

    YOUNG CATE: I uh, just blew you a kiss!

    YOUNG CHARLIE jumps forwards and she hugs her.

    YOUNG CHARLIE: You're the best friend ever!

    The camera moves in on her extremely happy face. The screen fills with a blinding white light.


    The colours and the image are back to normal. RACK is looking at CHARLIE concerned. He still retains himself at a distance so as not to impose any form of obvious emotional support, even when she needs it most.

    RACK: Charlotte, you need answers I ain't got?

    She looks up at him.


    The camera cuts to MELODY. She's walking through the graveyard; she puts her hand out to her side as if to brush her hand along the top of the graves she passes. Her hand passes through the graves however.

    CHARLIE (O/S): One of the lesser perks of being poltergeist-like, not being able to touch graves.

    MELODY looks up. Her face looks like a mixture of shock and surprise combined with a sense of relief. The camera cuts round to show CHARLIE. She's standing defensive and looking slightly nervous. She's looking at MELODY, resenting her.

    CHARLIE: I will always cherish my hatred towards you.

    MELODY nods, complacent with this.

    MELODY: I know, me too.

    CHARLIE: But right now, you know something?you know something I need to know. So tell me and let any irrational thoughts im having about my friend disappear.

    MELODY moves closer, she sighs slightly and looks down then up to meet CHARLIE'S eye line.

    MELODY: Oh Charlie, I'm sorry. I'll only confirm your fears.

    The camera moves into CHARLIE'S horrified face, part of her knowing, MELODY isn't lying.




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      ACT TWO


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. The camera pans around showing the old Sunnydale High School, pre-Ascension. The sun is shining down on all the studious peers chattering and laughing at the fact it's a Friday and there's a whole weekend ahead of them for them to enjoy, and divulge in whatever delights may come their way. The camera cuts to one of the arched outside corridors. A slightly younger CATE and MELODY are walking down the corridor. They are both wearing fashionable and expensive clothes. CATE is walking with a lot of confidence, MELODY is sipping on a coffee.

      MELODY: Urgh, you know this coffee tastes like crap.

      CATE: You're so ridiculous, if Snyder sees you with that he'll chuck it at some Junior like last time.

      MELODY laughs, and sighs happily at the thought.

      MELODY: That poor guy, lucky I was drinking a Frappuccino, otherwise he'd have screwed.

      CATE: Meh, you did him a favour, since when did a polo shirt become like legal to wear under a suit jacket.

      They both cringe at the thought of this. They continue walking for a while, before a huge grin appears on MELODY'S face.

      MELODY: Speaking of what not to wear and who not to know.

      She nods her head in the direction of a bench they are about to pass. A younger looking CHARLIE is sitting on the bench by herself. She's writing in some sort of journal. She's wearing not very fashionable clothes, and they don't look very expensive. MELODY laughs.

      MELODY: Hey Charlie!

      CHARLIE looks up. She doesn't look happy, and she looks like she's used to the taunts.

      CHARLIE: (quietly) What?

      MELODY: We were just discussing throwing coffee on people, especially those with more than pitiful outfits, would you be willing to do your part for the community? And fashion-kind?

      MELODY laughs. CHARLIE looks up at CATE who is looking nervous. CATE looks away, then she grabs MELODY'S arm.

      CATE: Hey, girl. They're here!

      She points over at the courtyard, then runs off into that direction. MELODY looks up, and smiles. She looks back at CHARLIE and leans in, so she's right in her face.

      MELODY: (smirking) You and your charity shop knock off got off easy, for today.

      She pours her coffee over CHARLIE'S diary, then makes a shocked noise. CHARLIE'S mouth opens in pure horror at what she's just done.

      MELODY: But then again, I'm just really into helping the community.

      She smirks and walks off. CHARLIE looks down at her diary, the ink is mixing with the coffee which is beginning to mix with CHARLIE'S tears. She looks up.

      CHARLIE: (whispering to herself) Please make it stop?


      The camera cuts to the courtyard and MELODY moving towards where CATE has gone to. There are three girls standing together, and CATE and MELODY walk up to them. Two of the girls turn around, and upon seeing MELODY and CATE scream in glee. They air kiss one another's cheeks and scream happily. CATE turns to the last girl who has turned to face them both. She's not looking quite as happy as the other two but none the less pleased to be there. CATE folds her arms upon seeing her.

      CATE: Hey Marie?

      It's MARIE KALOFF. She has brownish blonde hair and is around the same height as CATE. MARIE and CATE look at one another for a while, eventually MARIE rolls her eyes and air kisses her like the other two. MELODY upon seeing this, turns to one of the other girls.

      MELODY: So Bree, I hear your "papa" bought you a Shelby?

      One of the two girls, BREE rolls her eyes at this. She is a brunette with a sense of sophistication surrounding her good looks. She also has a slight French accent, and her father is fairly wealthy.

      BREE: Urgh, do not even get me ztarted Mehlody. It handles like some clapped old widow, it is no Panhard.

      MELODY: A Panhard? (she sighs) Girl, your father has some class, roll with it, or better yet, roll in it.

      CATE laughs. The other girl looks immensely confused by the whole conversation. Her name is SKYE. She is blonde?peroxide blonde. She clearly has no brain cells to rub together to create any vague spark of a thought. She puts CATE'S mannerisms to shame.

      SKYE: Panhard? Is that some sort of cheese?

      The others look at her, CATE and BREE snigger slightly. MARIE doesn't laugh, she looks slightly understanding at SKYE.

      MARIE: It's a car Skye.

      MELODY looks annoyed slightly that MARIE has stood up for SKYE.

      MELODY: So Marie, what did you say you drove?

      MARIE looks down.

      MARIE: I d-didn't say?

      CATE: Melody, heel?now girls we have to do something tomorrow night. It's Saturday night, it's Clique night!

      MELODY, BREE and SKYE smile, and MARIE gives a nervous smile also.

      BREE: Zat it iz Cate!

      SKYE: But like what? ?Cause Bored-elia and her pals always hang at The Bronze?

      MELODY: (scoffs) Urgh please, since she's been with that Xan-dork guy, she's not even worth a look in. The Clique own this school, the school just don't know it.

      The girls smile and click their fingers in unison. MARIE does it, but is slightly out.

      CATE: Well I was thinking we could invite the boys and like party at this warehouse?

      SKYE claps excitedly at this prospect. MELODY'S mouth falls open at this.

      MELODY: You total whore, you've been holding out on us all week!

      She playfully hits CATE. CATE looks at MELODY and then turns to BREE and SKYE.

      CATE: So?

      BREE: I zpose I am in!

      SKYE: Way!

      CATE turns finally to MARIE. Behind MARIE walks JOSEPH. He casually looks at MARIE but when he sees she is hanging with The Clique, he turns his head forward and carries on walking. CATE notices him.

      CATE: Marie?

      MARIE: Yeah?

      CATE: You in?

      MARIE sees JOSEPH walk past now, and looks at CATE, smirking with a bitchy expression.

      MARIE: So in.

      CATE notices her watching JOSEPH. CATE looks at MELODY who has also noticed, and then turns back and smirks nastily at MARIE.

      CATE: You could invite your boyfriend if you want?

      BREE and SKYE look at one another.

      MARIE: (quietly) He's not my boyfriend.

      CATE gives an "oh really" look to her. BREE moves over to MARIE and links arms with her. BREE looks at CATE.

      BREE: Ok, now it iz you oo must heel Cate. (looking at SKYE) Come on.

      SKYE moves and links with MARIE'S other arm and the three of them walk off talking. MELODY turns to CATE.

      MELODY: She's a crafty one that Marie, (nods in agreement with herself then turns to face CATE). So anyway, I'll call you later and we'll talk all about tomorrow and these "boys" who I am loving more and more with every dirty spasm that goes through my mind.

      She backs away and winks at CATE before leaving.

      MELODY: Can't wait girl!

      The camera watches her walk away over CATE'S shoulder. The camera moves around to the front of CATE'S face. Her eyes are glazed over, powerfully white. She smiles.

      CATE: Me either?

      The screen fills with a blinding white light.


      The screen darkens to the night of Sunnydale as the colours return to normal. CHARLIE is stood blinking opposite MELODY who is looking slightly embarrassed. CHARLIE is breathing heavily at being shown that day again, she looks slightly upset.

      CHARLIE: I-I remember that day, it's the last day I wrote in that journal.

      MELODY smiles nervously.

      MELODY: Yeah I'm sorry about that, but it's just words right. I mean how crucial was that diary?

      CHARLIE glares at MELODY.

      CHARLIE: I would shut up if I were you, (changing the subject), why did you show me that?

      MELODY moves closer.

      MELODY: Was there anything about that day you find odd?

      CHARLIE: Uh, Skye was dumber than usual?

      MELODY: Probably, but no?think?

      CHARLIE sits down on a gravestone.

      CHARLIE: I dunno, was it?

      She looks up. MELODY is gone. CHARLIE sighs.

      MAN (O/S): Thought you were going home?

      CHARLIE looks up startled. XAK is at the gateway near her. He's leaning against the gate with his hands in his pockets and one eyebrow raised.

      CHARLIE: Xak, I, uh, I was, I did, but?

      XAK moves away from the gate and walks towards her.

      XAK: Looks remarkably like you're not though.

      CHARLIE: Xak, something's going on?with Cate.

      XAK: I know.

      CHARLIE looks at him, surprised.

      CHARLIE: What do you mean you know?

      XAK: Charlie, I'm not stupid, and neither are you. You saw what she did to that woman in The Bronze. She's not human, or part of her isn't.

      CHARLIE: What do you think she is?

      XAK: I'm not sure, but we need to watch her. She doesn't seem to want to hurt us.

      CHARLIE: No?I think it's the opposite in fact.

      XAK looks at her, then sits next to her on the gravestone.

      XAK: You think she's protecting us?

      CHARLIE looks at him.

      CHARLIE: I think she's protecting me?

      XAK: (sighing) What is it about you that makes people wanna protect you?

      CHARLIE laughs.

      CHARLIE: My cute but oh so feeble self?

      They smile at one another for a while. She begins to look slightly awkward. She looks down and away from XAK.

      CHARLIE: And then there's Melody?

      XAK: The red head?

      CHARLIE: Turns out, she's a little less alive than I thought.

      XAK: She's dead?

      CHARLIE: Well she's not corporeal, is all I know.

      XAK: I'm confused.

      CHARLIE: I literally ran into her, except not "in", more "through", and I know Cate's involved some how. I don't want to believe it but I do?

      XAK: Do you have any reason to suspect she is responsible for what's happened to Melody?

      CHARLIE: Melody showed me a vision, more of a flashback really. It was of a day back in High School?The Clique were arranging this party?

      XAK: What's "The Clique"?

      CHARLIE: These bunch of girls. Melody, Cate, these two others Bree and Skye and then there was this Marie girl, she didn't seem to fit but she was a part of them. "The Clique" is what they called themselves. They thought they were the most popular girls in school, made girls like me, hate coming to class each and every day.

      XAK: High School sounds dull.

      CHARLIE: It was?

      She sighs.

      XAK: Come on, you've been stressed out enough tonight. Lets go, I'll walk you home.

      He stands up to go. The camera focuses on in his face as he lights a cigarette.

      CHARLIE (O/S): Actually Xak?

      The camera and XAK both turn to face her.

      XAK: Yeah?

      CHARLIE: Can I go to your place? I just don't fancy going home right now.

      XAK: What about your dad?

      CHARLIE: He's too busy lying to me to worry, I wanna be with someone who I can trust, someone I feel safe with.

      He smiles at her. He doesn't say anything he just holds out a hand, which she takes. She smiles back and they walk out on to the streets. The camera pulls back from following them to a bush behind the grave that CHARLIE, XAK and MELODY were at. Someone emerges from the bushes. The person's face is full of shock and fear. It's CATE.




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        ACT THREE


        The place is empty. TOOLE is clearing up with a mop all the spilt drinks on the floor. The camera is watching him head on and behind him CATE approaches.

        CATE: Hey?

        TOOLE turns to see her.

        TOOLE: (confused) Oh hey, didn't you and Xak leave like an hour ago?

        CATE: Yeah, kinda sorta but I need to ask you something.

        He goes back to mopping the floor.

        TOOLE: You can ask me anything.

        CATE: Do you trust me?

        TOOLE stops, and turns slightly to look at her.

        TOOLE: What?

        CATE: (seriously and firm): Do you trust me?

        He puts the mop down and pulls up a chair and sits on it. He sighs.

        TOOLE: Cate, in case the past month was a blur to you, I told you my deepest secret. In case you haven't noticed?I trust you.

        CATE looks down.

        CATE: Thanks, I just needed to hear you say it is all.

        TOOLE smiles.

        TOOLE: It's fine.

        He gets up and carries on mopping. CATE breathes a sigh of relief and sits on the chair watching him mop.

        TOOLE: Why do you ask anyway?

        She hesitates to answer.

        CATE: No reason.

        She smiles at him, he looks at her. He gives a slight smile and then goes back to mopping the mess before him.


        CHARLIE is sitting on the sofa in the living room. She's admiring the furniture. XAK walks in with two drinks.

        CHARLIE: You know, Toole was right, he is paying you too much.

        XAK smiles and puts the drinks down.

        XAK: Well I work hard.

        She picks up the drinks and raises an eyebrow at him. He sees this.

        XAK: Ok I hardly work but I spend barely any of my wages.

        She smiles as he picks up the other drink and sits next to her. They sip both of their drinks for a while.

        CHARLIE: Thanks for this.

        XAK: Stop thanking me. I'm not doing this because I feel obligated, I'm doing this because I want to.

        She smiles.

        CHARLIE: But after what happened last month, I don't deserve all this.

        XAK: Hey, all that's in the past now. It's not as if you'd never see me again?

        The camera cuts to CHARLIE whose face has dropped. She sits up more.

        XAK (O/S): ?It's not as if I can exactly stay mad at your cute but oh so feeble self?

        The camera cuts round to XAK again who has noticed her face suddenly not look so happy at their conversation.

        XAK: ?What? That description not so funny anymore?

        CHARLIE looks at him, obviously not listening to what he's said.

        CHARLIE: That's it?

        XAK: That's what?

        CHARLIE: That day, the day that Melody showed me?

        She looks away, now knowing.

        CHARLIE: ?I never saw her again after that day.

        Her eyes open wider.

        CHARLIE: Oh goddess?that was the last day I saw Bree and Skye too, and Marie?

        XAK: What? Was it the last day of school or something?

        CHARLIE: No, it was January, the middle of the school year.

        XAK: Then what happened?

        CHARLIE: I don't know?something happened at that warehouse. Cate said she was planning some party there?something must have happened.

        WOMAN (O/S): You're right, you figured it out?

        Both XAK and CHARLIE turn to the front door, MELODY is standing there smiling. She looks at XAK.

        MELODY: Sorry to drop in like this sugar, or more likely pass through your fine wooden door.

        CHARLIE stands and moves towards MELODY.

        CHARLIE: Melody, what happened at that warehouse?

        MELODY looks at her, she sighs. She glances at XAK and then back at CHARLIE.

        MELODY: I think you both should see this?

        The screen fills with a blinding white light.


        The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. It is dusk and the natural wash of the moon is battling with the light from the fading sun. The light is drifting through the alleyways of the town. The camera cuts to MELODY, BREE and SKYE walking down the alleyway.

        SKYE: You know, it took like forever to find this dress, Bree and Marie helped me pick it out in the end. (thinking) Huh, Bree and Marie, that rhymes!

        She looks happily at BREE who is looking disgusted at their surroundings and MELODY rolls her eyes.

        MELODY: Wow, you're advanced Skye, (looking at BREE), you know I don't care what they say, Sesame Street does help the brain.

        BREE gives a small smile, and SKYE just looks confused. MELODY looks around.

        MELODY: So where is Little Miss S-s-s-s-tutter anyway?

        BREE: She zed should woold be ere, but I do nat know.

        SKYE: Melody why are you always riding her anyway?

        MELODY: I don't like her, she's all broody and mysterious. I hate her kind, she's not?

        BREE: ?thick?

        MELODY: (nodding) That must be it. Now come on, we're here.

        They stop at a large metallic sliding door and she puts her hand on the handle of the door. She turns to look at BREE and SKYE, smiling.

        MELODY: Ok girls, ready?

        BREE fixes her hair pulls her top down slightly to reveal her cleavage.

        BREE: Reddy Mehlody!

        SKYE flicks her hair.

        SKYE: Duh, I'm always ready.

        MELODY: (smiling) Ok girls?

        She slides the door open.


        The room is slightly dark, the camera is looking inside out at the girls, all smiling and fluttering their eyelashes.

        MELODY: ?time to?party?

        She looks at BREE and SKYE and they all look slightly lost.

        BREE: Iz this thee riyte playce?

        They walk in, MELODY looks around.

        MELODY: This is where Cate said?

        The three of them look around. The warehouse has no decorations, no beverages, no sound system to play music and certainly no boys. They knew that with the lack of these, it was no party.

        SKYE: Well maybe it's like a surprise or something?

        WOMAN (O/S): Quite right Skye.

        MELODY, BREE and SKYE all turn to one direction. Under one of the balconies in the warehouse there is a figure standing there, but as the figure of a woman standing in the shadows, they can't see who it is. The voice however, is female.

        MELODY: Hey, are you here for the party?

        WOMAN: Something like that?

        The person moves out of the shadows. It's CATE. Her eyes are glazed over. She's carrying an elegant green handbag and dressed in a long green dress.

        BREE: Oh Cate, yoo look fantastique!

        SKYE: No fair, you look pretty.

        MELODY has ignored their praises and is squinting in the darkness at CATE.

        MELODY: Girl did you get contacts or something?

        CATE moves closer to them.

        CATE: Not quite. It has come to my attention girls that I'm neglecting my line of duty.

        SKYE turns to BREE.

        SKYE: Did she just use a three-syllable word?

        MELODY rolls her eyes quickly at SKYE before turning back to CATE.

        MELODY: What do you mean line of duty?

        CATE moves closer to the three of them.

        CATE: (smirking) It's time to eradicate the problem.

        She snaps round to BREE. She flips through the air and lands behind BREE quickly. She grabs the side of BREE'S head. She leans in so her mouth is by BREE'S ear.

        CATE: (whispering) Au revoir?

        She snaps BREE'S neck and her whole body goes limp and falls to the floor. MELODY and SKYE scream and MELODY runs to the other side of the room and goes and hides under the table. Ironically, and smartly, SKYE goes to run to the door of the warehouse, CATE grabs her however, stopping her in her tracks. SKYE whimpers as CATE holds her by her hair.

        CATE: Hmm, which way do you want to die?

        SKYE: No way?please Cate, I don't understand, stop?

        CATE: Really can't.

        She looks and sees a pole sticking out of the wall on the left side of the room. She throws SKYE who screams as she flies through the air. Her scream stops instantly as her chest impacts with the pole protruding from the wall. Her body hangs impaled on the wall. The camera closes in on her twitching foot and then cuts to MELODY who screams again. She's crying now, seeing two of her friend's murdered. She covers her mouth with her hands as she sees CATE'S feet from under the table wandering towards her. When CATE gets to the table, her hand brutally reaches under and grabs MELODY'S red locks and pulls her to her feet.

        MELODY: (crying) Please?no, no.

        CATE: You, you cruel hearted bitch.

        MELODY: I didn't do anything to you.

        CATE: Not me?

        She opens her hand bag and pulls out an ancient looking knife. There are various carvings on it. She looks MELODY in the eyes, meeting her look of fear with a look of resentment. Without a moments hesitation she thrusts the knife into MELODY'S stomach. MELODY collapses to the floor, blood seeping from her stomach.

        WOMAN (O/S) Oh god!

        CATE snaps round, her hands covered in MELODY'S blood. MARIE is standing at the door of the warehouse. CATE glares at her angrily and walks towards her. As she does this, she puts the knife back into her handbag. She stops opposite MARIE. They look at one another for a while.

        CATE: (looking her up and down) You're not worth killing, you're not in my way. Melody was right, you were never one of The Clique. Lucky for you Kaloff?

        MARIE: Why? They were your friends?

        CATE: Girls like those are not friends, they are distractions. You should leave town. If I see you again, I will consider you a distraction?understand?

        MARIE nods. CATE smirks and leaves the warehouse. MARIE watches her leave and then walks into the warehouse itself looking at the bodies of BREE, then SKYE and finally MELODY. She cries.

        MARIE: I'm sorry?

        She holds up her hands at the bodies and all three of the girls' corpses instantly combust into flames and burn away to nothing. No sign of their existence. She puts a hand to her mouth upset and she walks towards the warehouse door. As she leaves the screen fills with a blinding white light.


        The colours are back to normal. Vision ended. The terrible truth about CATE laid open for all to see. The camera opens on CHARLIE'S horrified and tear filled face. She's sitting on the floor, disgusted and mortified at what she's seen. The camera passes to XAK whose looking shocked and upset as well. MELODY even wipes a tear away from her own eyes.

        MELODY: I'm sorry you had to see that.

        CHARLIE shakes her head.

        CHARLIE: (looking down) Don't apologise?

        XAK: How, why?

        MELODY: It's not for me to say?

        She turns to CHARLIE and kneels down next to her.

        MELODY: I have to ask.

        She stares into CHARLIE'S eyes.

        MELODY: Now you know, what are you going to do?

        The camera closes in on CHARLIE'S crying face, she's looking at the floor before anger takes over her face and she looks up at MELODY.




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          ACT FOUR


          CATE is standing outside The Bronze as TOOLE is locking up. She turns to him.

          CATE: Should you have even been working tonight? Seriously?

          He turns to her with an eyebrow raised.

          TOOLE: Do I strike you as the lazy kind of guy?

          CATE: Hey, you lay in a hospital bed for two weeks, you tell me?

          He laughs.

          TOOLE: Want me to walk you home?

          She smiles.

          CATE: Really?

          TOOLE: Why not? Got any secrets in your closet you don't want me to know about?

          CATE smile fades slightly to a weaker form.

          CATE: A few?

          TOOLE moves to her, pocketing the keys for The Bronze in his coat. He holds his arm out for her to hold.

          TOOLE: I'll deal.

          She smiles and takes his arm. The two of them walk down the alleyway.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          TOOLE and CATE are walking down the alleyway. CATE'S arm is still linked with TOOLE'S. She is smiling.

          CATE: You're a sweetie for walking me home.

          TOOLE: Ah no problem, after becoming a lodger with me at the hospital it's the least I can do.

          CATE: Yeah that's true, I mean I?

          As they turn a corner, her words fade away. CHARLIE is standing there, her arms crossed and she's glaring in their direction. Leaning against one wall is XAK whose also looking at them, and MELODY is stood next to CHARLIE. TOOLE looks confused but CATE looks horrified. MELODY sighs and walks over to CATE.

          MELODY: (smirking) My work is done, she knows.

          CATE turns to shout at MELODY but she has disappeared. Her eyes widen as she turns back to CHARLIE. Heavy rain starts to beat down, apart from TOOLE, no one looks bothered by it.

          CATE: Charlie?I can explain?

          CHARLIE: (shouting) Explain?! You're a killer?you killed your friends!!

          TOOLE breaks his armed link with CATE. He looks confused slightly and looks from CHARLIE to CATE.

          TOOLE: (in shock) What?

          CHARLIE: (to TOOLE) She's lied to us Toole. Three years ago she killed three girls.

          CATE has tears in her eyes, she looks from TOOLE to CHARLIE. TOOLE now doesn't look so bothered about the rain.

          CATE: Charlie, it was a long time ago! I did it all so I could try and get closer to you?

          CHARLIE: What? How dare you suggest that what you did was the only course of action!

          CATE: It wasn't I know that! But it wasn't my fault?

          CHARLIE: (disgusted) Then whose was it? Was Skye's dumbness pissing you off? Bree's garage of cars urging you to break her neck?!

          CATE: No!

          CHARLIE: Then what!

          CATE is now crying.

          CATE: I don't know! I don't know what it is! It keeps making me do things! Charlie?I'm so sorry?

          She collapses to the floor and cries, her tears barely recognisable in the rain that beats down around her and the others. CHARLIE walks slightly towards her.

          CHARLIE: I made a mistake letting you back in Cate?Don't ever come near me?ever?

          She walks away. CATE lifts her head slightly and watches her go, she turns to look at XAK who looks at her for a moment, then follows CHARLIE down the alleyway.

          CATE: (crying and pleading) No?I'm sorry, im so sorry. Please come back!

          She turns to TOOLE who is looking down at the floor and not at CATE.

          CATE: Toole, please?

          He puts a hand up to silence her.

          TOOLE: (firmly) You lied to me. I trusted you. I told you my darkest secret?and you repay me like this?

          He doesn't look at her, he merely walks away through the rain. The camera closes in on CATE whose crying uncontrollably on the floor of the alley. The camera then pulls away and shows CHARLIE in the distance walking away, followed by XAK and then TOOLE. The rain still beating down around them, their worlds torn apart.

          FADE TO BLACK

          The sound of CATE crying can still be heard?

          END OF EPISODE

          ALAN TUDYK as TOOLE
          JEFF KOBER as RACK

          Special Guest Star:

          Extremely Special Guest Star:

          Special Thanks:
          To Amber, creator and writer of Rogue Redemption, for such an amazingly fun cross over episode.


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            If you would like to give me feedback on Shadow Stalker, visit my thread here! I'm always happy to hear from you and i usually comment on the feedback as well!


            - This is one of my personal favourites of the season.

            - This episode was inspired by the film Mean Girls, The Clique vs The Plastics...who would win?

            - Bree and Skye were never casted, Amber and I decided we would never do it.

            - Amber and I wrote the flashback scenes together.

            - This episode was the first ever crossover between SS and RR.

            - I considered using "James Blunt - Cry" at the end of this episode but wasn't sure if it work and thought just the sound of Cate crying would be chilling enough!
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