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Shadow Stalker - 1.06 - The Rule Of Toole

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  • Shadow Stalker - 1.06 - The Rule Of Toole

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 1.06 ? The Rule Of Toole
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart
    Rating: UK Rating 12 (Language and Upsetting Scenes)

    Shadow Stalker is officially affiliated with Rogue Redemption, an awesome spin-off created by Amber.

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season One starts alongside Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 3 of Angel and is in association with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Raven (Alexander Brown); Sorceress Of Crimson Falls (Travis); and Wishful Thinking (Ben).

    RACK (V/O): Previously on Shadow Stalker


    XAK and TOOLE are meeting for the first time.

    TOOLE: I'm Toole.

    XAK looks at him with a puzzled expression while they shake hands.

    CUT TO ?

    Various images of MELODY from previous episodes blast on to the screen. Her facing off with CHARLIE and CATE in the Mall. Her and CATE in The Bronze and the store.

    TOOLE (V/O): So?what's your deal with red?

    CATE (V/O): She's an old friend.


    TOOLE: She didn't look like a friend.

    CATE: (smiling and sipping her wine) She's not anymore I guess. We didn't exactly leave on good terms?

    She looks down.

    CATE: (quietly) ?Well, that's one way of putting things.

    TOOLE: Well that's the way it goes with some people.

    CATE: I guess, some people just don't click. Melody and I? We clicked?but un-clicked just as easily.

    TOOLE: I had a friend like that?I mean you can know someone a lifetime and never have a true?

    CATE: (cuts him off) ?connection?

    TOOLE smiles at her, she smiles back.

    CATE: I didn't picture you as the loner type?

    TOOLE: Yep, afraid so. Tooley no mates here. Seriously?that's what they call me.

    CATE looks sad at this revelation.

    CATE: What no family?

    TOOLE: Parents died when I was younger, had to raise my brother since I was a teenager.

    CATE: God that's awful?where's your brother now?

    There is a pause, he looks down. Not sure how to answer it.

    TOOLE: He died, not so long ago. We kind of fell out a while back and I barely saw him till recently. Then out of nowhere?he just?

    She places a hand on his.

    CATE: It's ok?

    He smiles, trying to remain masculine and not cry.

    CATE: (quietly) I'm sorry.




    The camera is travelling down a hospital corridor. The oppressive sterilised walls loom over the camera, as it seems to be heading towards a certain room. Faint voices can be heard, which get louder as the camera approaches the room.


    The camera pushes through a hospital ward to show that there are many doctors. The doctors have blood on their hands. They are rushing around, passing various medical appliances.

    NURSE: ?more splinters in the skull.

    She pulls one out.

    DOCTOR: More bleeding, back left of the scalp, I can't stop it.

    NURSE #2: Here.

    She passes him a large surgical cloth, which stops the bleeding momentarily, but thick red blood begins to seep through the cloth soaking the DOCTOR'S hands. The heart monitor bleeps louder and faster.

    NURSE: He's going into shock.

    More blood pours out onto her hands as she pulls out a larger splinter.

    DOCTOR: (panicking) I can't stop it!

    The heart monitor bleeps rapidly?then stops on a continuous drone?

    DOCTOR: (sighing) Let's call it?

    The other NURSES look at one another, upset and frustrated.

    The camera moves to the left?

    NURSE #2: (her voice starts off loud and gets quieter) Time of death, 1.06am, victim died of sustained head injuries after?

    The camera passes through the left wall cutting off the rest of her speech.


    The camera comes out in front of XAK and CHARLIE who are walking down the hospital corridor with coffee in their hands. CHARLIE is carrying two cups whereas XAK is only carrying one.

    CHARLIE: So he's gonna be ok?

    XAK: The doctor said he sustained bad head trauma, but he should be out within a few days.

    CHARLIE: He's been here for a week now, why has it taken this long to give him a diagnosis.

    They turn a corner.

    XAK: Charlie this is Sunnydale. If I've learnt anything from my time here it's that normal human injuries are not a priority in comparison to vampire bites and demon attacks.

    CHARLIE: Duh?it was a demon attack!

    XAK: He fell and hit his head?it's what we told the doctors?

    They walk for a while without talking.

    CHARLIE: (sighing) This town is so na?ve?

    XAK: Tell me about it.

    He looks at her, then looks back ahead.

    XAK: So, what's up with Cate?

    CHARLIE: Beats me, she has taken it kinda rough though, huh?

    XAK: Yeah, I didn't know those two were so close.

    CHARLIE: Neither did I, I mean when did they even talk?

    XAK: Christmas?

    CHARLIE: But they knew eachother before then, why didn't she tell me?

    XAK looks at her.

    XAK: We were kinda wrapped up in other stuff?

    CHARLIE looks at him, they stop, she looks down and sighs slightly.

    CHARLIE: Oh?right.

    XAK touches her shoulder, reassuringly.

    XAK: Don't feel bad.


    CHARLIE (V/O): I guess, I just wanna be here for her?for both of them?

    The camera cuts to a close up on TOOLE'S face. He doesn't look good, his eyes are red, he's tired. Exhausted. The camera pulls back to show a bandage wrapped around his head and he's lying in a hospital bed. He sighs, and looks to his left. The camera reveals CATE asleep in the chair next to him, she's dressed in the same clothes from Christmas. He smiles at her. She looks peaceful. He looks back straight ahead. Something catches his eye. He glances back round to the door. A MAN is standing there, smiling at him. (He is played by Chad Michael Murray). TOOLE blinks and shakes his head slightly?he closes his eyes. He opens them again, he leans forwards slightly, squinting.

    TOOLE: (weakly) Bro?


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    TOOLE is thrashing around, shouting and screaming, clearly shocked and startled by the presence of the MAN. CATE awakens, startled by TOOLE'S outburst.

    CATE: Toole, what's wrong?!

    At this moment, XAK and CHARLIE come in, mid conversation. They look shocked. They put the coffee down and run over. CATE looks at them desperately.

    CATE: He just suddenly flipped!

    The girls look freaked as XAK takes hold of his shoulders and tries to look him in the eyes.

    XAK: Toole! Calm down! What's wrong!?

    TOOLE is still struggling under XAK'S strength; his eyes are still fixed on the MAN now leaning against the large window next to the door. The screen fills with a blinding white light.


    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. The camera pans around to show a familiar looking house. The furnishings are different however, and the dated d?cor suggests this is some time before the present day. The camera goes up the stairs and goes into a familiar looking bedroom. Throughout this movement loud arguing can be heard between a MAN and a WOMAN, but their angry voices become more distant as the camera enters the room. There is a young BLONDE BOY playing on the floor with some action figures. He looks towards the door at the arguing, he looks upset.

    BOY (O/S): They'll stop soon.

    The BLONDE BOY looks around to see another older boy, in his early teens. The boy is recognisable as YOUNG TOOLE. He has the same type of hair and eyes, and he's reading a comic book on the BLONDE BOY'S bed.

    BLONDE BOY: How do you know that, they always argue nowadays, it sucks?

    YOUNG TOOLE: ?Cause it has to.

    BLONDE BOY: I just don't like it when they fight.

    YOUNG TOOLE: (he looks down) I know, me either.

    There is a silence. The BLONDE BOY and YOUNG TOOLE look at one another. YOUNG TOOLE puts his comic book down on the bed and he tiptoes towards the door?


    YOUNG TOOLE sneaks over to the top of the staircase. He looks down. Two shadows of adult figures can be seen coming from the living room. Suddenly they start arguing again. YOUNG TOOLE stays by the top of the stairs, ensuring he stays out of sight from the adults should they come near the staircase.

    MAN: I'm telling you, I am not paying them money!

    WOMAN: Don't be selfish! Your pride is putting us in danger!

    MAN: My pride!? This is your stupid mistake. If you hadn't gone to them in the first place?

    WOMAN: Why did you think I did it?huh? You lost your job?

    MAN: My job, you think the partners were happy with my family life becoming so absorbing.

    WOMAN: Well don't get too comfy with family life, because Social Services are on our backs, they'll take them away if you keep drinking!

    MAN: My drinking? Did it ever occur to you its because of this family I drink?

    On hearing these words, YOUNG TOOLE backs away to the bedroom.


    The BLONDE BOY is crying, upset. YOUNG TOOLE goes over to him and hugs him.

    YOUNG TOOLE: It's ok bro, I'm here for you. I always will be.

    The camera closes in on YOUNG TOOLE'S worried face and then the screen fills with a white light again.


    We are back in the present day, the colours have returned back to normal. The camera is closed in on TOOLE'S face, he's still looking at the area where the MAN was. The MAN has gone. TOOLE blinks. He's still gone. The camera pulls round to show XAK, CHARLIE and CATE'S worried faces.

    CATE: Toole, are you ok?

    TOOLE: He was here, I saw him?

    CATE: Who was?

    TOOLE: M-my?

    He looks down, then looks at CATE. She's looking unsure at him.

    TOOLE: ?Cate. I'm not crazy. I need to get out of here?.Please?

    She looks worried. She looks round at XAK. He's sharing CATE'S concern, and also a sense of uselessness fills them all, they don't know how to help him.


    It is empty and the middle of the night so not many people are visiting in the hospital. The camera pans around at the empty seats and lands on CATE sitting by herself. She's sipping on the coffee that XAK and CHARLIE bought her. Behind her, XAK approaches.

    XAK: You ok?

    CATE turns to face him, then looks back at her coffee.

    CATE: (unconvincingly) Sure.

    XAK sighs, and sits opposite her.

    XAK: Sure you're sure?

    CATE looks confused, then rolls her eyes.

    CATE: It's just, can't he come home, I mean he's fine.

    XAK: Cate you saw him just now, he's not fine. He's delusional.

    CATE: And what if he's not?

    XAK: What do you mean?

    CATE: What if he actually did see something?

    XAK: There was no one there. Did you see something?

    CATE doesn't know how to reply.

    XAK: Look I don't know what's going on with you two but, right now the best thing for him is to be here, with doctors who know how to look after him.

    CATE: We just?have an understanding is all. (changing the subject) I'm gonna run to the store, he'll need some things if he's gonna be here for some more time?

    She stands. XAK goes to reply but doesn't. The camera pulls back to him sitting alone in the canteen.


    TOOLE is lying in bed, he seems calmer now and is sipping the rest of XAK'S coffee, CHARLIE is sitting where CATE was previously. There is a silence. TOOLE takes a sip of the coffee and then turns to CHARLIE.

    TOOLE: You know?you don't have to sit and watch me.

    CHARLIE: What? (laughs) I'm here cause I want to silly.

    TOOLE: So you're not here because I just threw what Cate described as "a hissy bitch fit" over something that wasn't even there.

    CHARLIE looks down.

    CHARLIE: I believe we all can see things?sometimes, it's just that?

    She doesn't know what to say.

    TOOLE: It's ok, you don't have to believe me, no one does.

    CHARLIE: Well it's not exactly an every day occurrence.

    TOOLE: And being a dragon one minute and a human the next is common human behaviour.

    CHARLIE looks at him.

    CHARLIE: That was different?

    TOOLE looks away at the door, half hoping to see his brother again. The camera focuses on the doorway.

    CHARLIE (O/S): ?But whatever you're seeing?we'll get through it, ok?

    TOOLE laughs, and turns back to CHARLIE.

    TOOLE: Right cause we're?

    He stops talking. As he looks back to CHARLIE he sees his brother standing behind her. His face has a blank expression on it. TOOLE'S face drops. CHARLIE looks at him, a questioning expression on her face. She doesn't see what TOOLE sees.

    CHARLIE: We're what?

    He goes to speak but he can't find the words. His brother looks from CHARLIE to him.

    CHARLIE: Toole? What's wrong?

    His brother smiles, and he mimes throttling CHARLIE. The camera closes in on TOOLE'S terrified face.




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      ACT TWO


      CATE is walking out of the store holding various bags of shopping for TOOLE. She's putting money into her purse. It's nighttime, the early hours. She looks disgusted at the prospect of going into a twenty-four hour general store.

      WOMAN (O/S): Ooh shopping?

      CATE is startled. She looks up, MELODY is there, she looks as if she's curious, ready to peek into CATE'S bags.

      CATE: Are you stalking me?

      She walks past her, MELODY watches her walk past then jogs and catches up, walking next to her.

      MELODY: So first Charlie, now someone else? Who you making up to this time?

      CATE: No one.

      MELODY: Must be some reason, something on your mind, what have you done?

      CATE: Melody?just go away.

      MELODY stops walking with her, allowing CATE to get some distance away.

      MELODY: (shouting) They'll just leave you!

      CATE stops, she looks straight ahead, almost contemplating this concept.

      MELODY: (still shouting) When they find out, they'll just leave you. You'll be on your own! Just like you deserve to be?

      CATE blinks. She looks down and carries on walking, past the camera. The camera zooms in on MELODY who is smiling at the way she's made CATE feel.


      TOOLE is in bed still, he's awake. CHARLIE is curled up asleep on the chair where CATE was also asleep before hand. Slowly the door opens. TOOLE looks quickly at the door, half worried, half excited. XAK enters.

      XAK: Just me.

      TOOLE: Oh?

      XAK: Always a nice welcome.

      TOOLE: Sorry, just thought it might be?

      XAK: She went to the store, she's gonna pick you up some things.

      TOOLE: Who?

      XAK: Cate. That is who you were expecting right?

      TOOLE: Sure, right. Cate.

      XAK notices CHARLIE asleep.

      XAK: Coffee was supposed to keep her awake.

      TOOLE: (smiling) I don't mind, I'm getting used to women asleep next to me

      XAK smiles also. He stands at the end of TOOLE'S bed.

      XAK: So how are you doing?

      TOOLE: (still smiling) I'm fine, a load of fuss over nothing. And with the amount of time the both of us have spent in this hospital, god knows what's happening at The Bronze.

      XAK: I'll check in tomorrow, don't worry, just get some rest.

      TOOLE: (seriously) Xak?I'm fine.

      XAK: Then what was that about earlier? You're seeing things.

      TOOLE looks at XAK, his brother is standing behind him; just like he did with CHARLIE. TOOLE tries to not express what he's just seen?the camera moves in on TOOLE'S face.

      XAK (O/S): Toole, what did you see?

      The screen fills with a blinding white light.


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. There is a high angle establishing shot of the street. It's nighttime. Dozens of children are running around in costumes indicating it is Halloween. The camera moves down to show the street sign "REVELLO DRIVE". The camera moves down the street and zooms in on a familiar looking house. The number 1630 can be seen next to the door. The door opens. A YOUNG TOOLE stands in the doorway in a dragon costume. His MOTHER joins him at the doorway. (She is played by Kelly Rowan)

      YOUNG TOOLE: Do I have to trick or treat? I'm fourteen?

      His MOTHER laughs.

      MOTHER: You'll have fun! You always do.

      Her voice is recognisable as the WOMAN who YOUNG TOOLE was listening to from the top of the stairs previously. She smiles at him.

      YOUNG TOOLE: It's for kids.

      MOTHER: (sighing) You're growing up so fast, Go on, go. I'll see you when you get back.

      YOUNG TOOLE rolls his eyes and staggers off down the pathway.

      MOTHER: (shouting after him) I love you!

      She closes the door.


      The camera is in the living room and watches her close the door. She smiles and walks back into the living room. The BLONDE BOY is watching television. He sighs loudly in order to get her attention.

      BLONDE BOY: Why can't I trick or treat.

      She smiles at him.

      MOTHER: You're too young. Maybe next year your brother can take you.

      It is at this point, the YOUNG BOY is revealed as TOOLE'S BROTHER.

      TOOLE'S BROTHER: He gets all the fun.

      VOICE (O/S): Quit complaining.

      TOOLE'S BROTHER and his MOTHER turn to see a MAN enter from the kitchen area. His voice is recognisable as the MAN who was arguing with her before, indicating he is the boys' FATHER. (He is played by Kyle Secor) He staggers in drinking a glass of liquor.

      MOTHER: (annoyed) Do you have to drink?

      FATHER: (to the MOTHER) Do you have to speak?

      TOOLE'S BROTHER looks down clearly hurt by the argument that's bound to ensue. There is a knock at the door and the MOTHER quickly hurries to answer. She opens it. A BLONDE GIRL and a BROWN HAIRED GIRL are standing there. The BLONDE GIRL is dressed as a fairy and the BROWN HAIRED GIRL is dressed as a witch.

      BLONDE GIRL: (simultaneously) Trick or treat!

      BROWN HAIRED GIRL: (simultaneously) Trick or treat!

      The MOTHER laughs joyfully at the two girls.

      MOTHER: Well look at you! Hang on a moment.

      She walks to the living room and picks up a bowl of sweets. She winks at TOOLE'S BROTHER who is looking depressed. He gives a half smile at her attempt. She returns to the door.

      MOTHER: Ok! (to the BLONDE girl) Here you go!

      She passes her some gumdrop spiders.

      BLONDE GIRL: Thank you lady!

      MOTHER: And?(searching the bag)?for you, (indicating the BROWN HAIRED GIRL), here!

      She gives the BROWN HAIRED GIRL two lollipops, each has a skull on the end.

      BROWN HAIRED GIRL: Whoa! Cool!

      The BLONDE GIRL looks slightly annoyed.

      BROWN HAIRED GIRL: Thanks!

      She runs off.

      BLONDE GIRL: Charlie! Come back, that's not fair!

      She runs off after her friend. The MOTHER laughs at the girls and closes the door. She walks back into the living room. She sits down on the floor next to her son; her husband is sitting on the sofa behind them sipping his liquor.

      MOTHER: Don't worry baby, I tell you what, you get the next one, yeah?

      TOOLE'S BROTHER: (sighs) Ok?

      FATHER: (scoffing) Ungrateful brat?

      The MOTHER turns to face him.

      MOTHER: What's your problem?

      FATHER: With tonight? Or in general?

      The door knocks. TOOLE'S BROTHER doesn't hesitate in standing and moving towards the door holding the bowl of sweets, leaving his MOTHER and FATHER arguing. TOOLE'S BROTHER opens the door. Two vampires are standing there. They are recognisable as VAMPIRE #1 and VAMPIRE #2. The same vampires who attacked CHARLIE and XAK, and the same vampires who worked for TEETH, the loan shark demon. They smile, and stand as close to the door as possible.

      VAMPIRE #1: Trick or treat?

      TOOLE'S BROTHER looks at them with a blank expression. Slowly his face smiles, incredulous at the men before him.

      TOOLE'S BROTHER: Wow! Awesome masks! Where dya get them?!

      They ignore his remarks.

      VAMPIRE #2: We're here to see your parents actually boy.

      VAMPIRE #1: Can we come in?

      TOOLE'S BROTHER: (quickly) Of course! Come in, they're in the lounge.

      The camera shows the vampires smiling at one another, then it switches to behind them as they walk in. TOOLE'S BROTHER closes the door.


      The camera shows REVELLO DRIVE thinning of children as the night goes on, each returning home with hoards of sugary goodness. Eventually the street is empty. YOUNG TOOLE peeks from behind a wall. He didn't go trick or treating. He walks across the road and goes into up to his house. He pauses half way down the path noticing the door has been left open. His face drops as he feels something wrong. He walks to the door and peers in.


      YOUNG TOOLE: Mom? Dad?

      He hears the television in the living room. He walks into the living room. His face drops. His MOTHER is lying dead on the floor, her eyes wide open in horror. Two puncture marks in her neck. He notices his FATHER on the sofa. He's also dead, his neck snapped. He's still clutching the liquor glass indicating it happened fast.

      BOY (O/S): I'm sorry?

      YOUNG TOOLE looks around. His brother is hiding in the dining room table in the next room. He's clutching the table leg staring wide eyed. YOUNG TOOLE runs up to him.

      YOUNG TOOLE: What happened! What did you do!?

      TOOLE'S BROTHER: (his voice quivers, he speaks quickly) Y-you left, mom gave these girls some candy, then I answered the door, then th-these men, with masks, they killed mom?they made dad watch.

      He bursts into tears and cries uncontrollably. YOUNG TOOLE falls to the floor with his brother, his face searching for answers. Then a questioning look comes on his face.

      YOUNG TOOLE: You let them in?

      His brother nods slowly. YOUNG TOOLE stands. He paces for a few steps.

      YOUNG TOOLE: (shouting) Because of you they're dead! What are we gonna do!?

      TOOLE'S BROTHER: We have to call the police, they need to know!

      YOUNG TOOLE remembers back to what his MOTHER said:

      MOTHER (V/O): Well you better get used to family life, because Social Services are on our backs, they'll take them away if you keep drinking!

      YOUNG TOOLE shakes his head at this concept.

      YOUNG TOOLE: No. They'll take us away, this family will be torn apart even more?

      TOOLE'S BROTHER: Well what are we gonna do?

      YOUNG TOOLE looks at his parents bodies in the living room, he looks at his MOTHER'S eyes which stare blankly in death at the ceiling.

      YOUNG TOOLE: Ok, first, you need to tell me exactly what happened, every detail, we need to know there were no witnesses...And I'm gonna bury them.

      TOOLE'S BROTHER: What? Why?

      YOUNG TOOLE: If anyone finds out Mom and Dad are dead, we'll be taken away, do you want that?

      TOOLE'S BROTHER shakes his head.

      YOUNG TOOLE: Right, well get a spade then, I'll bury them in the back yard?

      TOOLE'S BROTHER looks at him, incredulous at this absurd request.

      The camera fixes on YOUNG TOOLE'S face.

      YOUNG TOOLE: Lance! Get me a spade!




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        ACT THREE


        The camera pans around the club, its fairly quiet as its early in the evening. The colours on the screen have returned to normal indicating that the scene we're seeing is back in the present day. It is the next day. XAK, CHARLIE and CATE walk into the club. XAK looks around, CATE looks unsure, and CHARLIE looks tired.

        CATE: It feels wrong, we shouldn't be partying.

        XAK looks at her, one eyebrow raised.

        XAK: Just as well we're not then. We're only here to check that the place is still running ok. I told Toole I'd check in.

        CATE: (seriously) Well if you're just here to check in, why do you need us girls? You're not our pimp. You don't look better if you walk in with us on your arm.

        XAK looks at CHARLIE mouthing the word "pimp" and looking incredibly confused. CHARLIE rolls her eyes and links arms with CATE and walks over to the couch area. XAK shakes the confusion away and walks over to the barman. The camera follows CATE and CHARLIE.

        CHARLIE: (continuing the conversation from before) You're here because you need a hospital time-out. You've been at his bedside since he was taken in.

        Reaching the sofa area they sit down. CATE sighed.

        CATE: I dunno, I just feel a bit responsible?

        CHARLIE: How are you responsible?

        CATE: Because I sent him upstairs, I told him to bring you down. I was so wrapped up in the ?disaster-dinner' that I just forgot how I was treating him, like a tool?

        CHARLIE: (smiling) Good pun.

        CATE looks confused.

        CATE: What dya mean?

        CHARLIE: (she shakes her head) Never mind. Listen, this isn't your fault hon. No one is blaming you, least of all Toole.

        CATE laughs slightly and looks at CHARLIE.

        CATE: You're right, I'm just paranoid. Look let me buy us a drink?

        CHARLIE: What is it with you and spending money when you feel guilty or sorry.

        CATE pretends to find this remark hilarious. The camera turns and shows XAK going through some inventory listings with a barman.

        CATE (O/S): Shut up?look, Xak looks like he'll be here a while, what do you fancy?

        The camera cuts back to CHARLIE.

        CHARLIE: (quickly) Double vodka.

        CATE looks shocked.

        CATE: Okayy?coming up!

        She smiles at her and CATE walks over to the bar. She finds a space as there are a few people sitting down talking.

        CATE: (shouting at the barman) Hey, worker, double vodka, and a glass of white wine.

        The barman looks at her blankly. CATE looks innocent.

        CATE: Please?

        He walks off and pours the drinks.

        WOMAN (O/S): Manners now?

        CATE looks around. MELODY is sitting next to her, smirking.

        CATE: (scoffs) Look I don't know what your problem is but I bet it's hard to pronounce. I do not need this right now.

        MELODY: Need what? Me being where you are.

        CATE nods.

        CATE: Yeah, that pretty much sums up my whole life's problems.

        MELODY smirks.

        MELODY: Sorry sugar, but this is how it is?

        CATE looks at the barman as he puts the drinks down in front of her. The camera looks at MELODY.

        MELODY: ?I won't be leaving ya alone Cate, I've not even begun to?

        CATE'S head turns to look at MELODY sharply. Her eyes are glazed over.

        CATE: We'll see.

        CATE clicks her fingers and a green light emits from her fingers and shoots towards MELODY. It passes through her but she looks shocked none the less. Somehow the green light hits a woman sitting behind MELODY and she flies through the air and hits into a pillar. Various gasps and screams come from people around them. The woman groans in pain as she tries to stand. Her leg looks broken. CHARLIE'S head snaps round seeing this and XAK looks up from his clipboard. CATE shakes away her glazed eyes. She looks down, worried, and MELODY laughs, applauding.

        MELODY: Well well ladies and gentlemen?she's back.

        CATE looks around, at everyone. All eyes are fixed on her. She jumps off her seat and runs out of the club. XAK looks over to CHARLIE who is looking just as freaked and confused as he is.


        TOOLE is sat up in his bed, he's pulling on some clothes. Suddenly, he grabs his head in pain.

        MAN (O/S): Tut tut, did the doc say you could leave?

        TOOLE looks up to see LANCE/MAN standing at the doorway, looking curious at him.

        TOOLE: Why are you doing this?

        LANCE: Who me? Hey man, I'm just visiting my brother in hospital.

        TOOLE: You're dead.

        LANCE: Well duh, I have you to thank for that.

        TOOLE looks down, upset.

        TOOLE: It's not my fault.

        LANCE moves and sits next to him.

        LANCE: Toole man, this is your entire fault.

        TOOLE: (tearful) Why are you here?

        LANCE: (laughing) Why? I was asked.

        TOOLE: Asked?

        LANCE: (ignoring him) Which reminds me, I was asked to show you this

        TOOLE looks at his brother. The screen fills with a blinding white light.


        The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. It is fairly full and TOOLE is at the bar, he's replacing the vodka dispenser with his back to the crowd. He looks a few years younger than he does in the present day. K'S CHOICE are playing their hypnotising song "Virgin State of Mind" in the background. A leather clad VAMPIRE WILLOW is wandering around the room, PERCY walks into her.

        PERCY: Hey! (recognises her, surprised, then amused) Rosenberg? What are you doing, trick or treating? (points at her) You're supposed to be at home doing my history report. I flunk that class, you're in big trouble with Snyder. (smugly) Till we graduate, I own your ass.

        She raises her eyes and looks at him with weary amusement.

        VAMPIRE WILLOW: Bored now.

        She shoves the heel of her hand squarely into his chest, sending him flying onto a pool table. The camera moves away from PERCY and VAMPIRE WILLOW to the door, LANCE enters. He looks a few years younger also, he walks towards the bar. He purposefully walks up to TOOLE.

        LANCE: Hey bro.

        TOOLE turns and drops the bottle of vodka. His face drops as his sight confirms it is his brother.

        LANCE: Surprise man, pleased to see me?

        TOOLE pulls him to one side of the bar.

        TOOLE: (mutters through his teeth) What the hell are you doing here?

        LANCE: Jeez man, is that any way to treat your brother?

        TOOLE: You're supposed to be in Europe, travelling, making something of yourself!

        LANCE sits down, he pretends to look slightly upset.

        LANCE: Yeah, didn't work out. But now I'm back, the brothers reunited and all that!

        He holds his hand out for a high five. TOOLE looks incredibly annoyed.

        TOOLE: Why have you come back here of all places.

        LANCE sighs, he lowers his hand to the counter.

        LANCE: I dunno, it's lame but?this is home. You're here, so are Mom and Dad?

        TOOLE looks down, he gulps at the thought of it.

        LANCE: I just wanna be with you, you know?you've always fixed everything for me, tried to make things right, well now I'm gonna make things right with you.

        TOOLE: Why do you care? You haven't for the past ten years?

        LANCE: Oh don't give me that hard act bro. I know you're all soft on the inside. You're like a tool, making sure everything works right and in the right way.

        TOOLE: (sarcastic) Thanks?

        LANCE: Look I came in here earlier today, I asked for a job, the guy said he was short staffed so he said he'd give me a trial run.

        TOOLE: Wait?you're working here with me?

        LANCE: Yep! Won't let ya down. I'll see ya tomorrow night, "Toole".

        LANCE gives him a cheeky wink and walks out of the club. TOOLE glares angrily as he leaves. The camera moves into his face as the screen fills with a blinding white light.


        The colours and the image are back to normal. TOOLE is breathing heavily after reliving what LANCE showed him. LANCE is still sitting next to him on the bed. He looks like he's thinking, then suddenly he clicks his fingers and points at TOOLE.

        LANCE: That's why you're called Toole, I forgot. You kept it because of me?

        TOOLE looks down. LANCE almost laughs.

        LANCE: It must kill you, every time someone says your "name" to be reminded of me. You know if it's really that bad, you should join me?and our parents. Get rid of all that guilt that's just eating away at you. I mean what have you got keeping you here? End it Toole.

        The camera looks at TOOLE who is still looking down. He looks up at LANCE and goes to speak.




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          ACT FOUR


          RACK is sitting on the sofa smoking a cigarette. The cigarette has a long tail of ash as RACK stares into space. Thinking. CHARLIE enters, breaking his line of thought.

          RACK: Hey babe.

          CHARLIE removes her coat looking glum.

          CHARLIE: Hey.

          RACK looks at the door from which she came.

          RACK: You were out alone?

          CHARLIE: (shrugs) Xak walked me.

          RACK looks relieved slightly.

          RACK: What's up?

          CHARLIE: Just things with Toole being how they are and now Cate.

          RACK: What's she done?

          CHARLIE: I don't know, that's the thing. There's something up?but I can't put my finger on it. I think its something to do with this Melody chick from school.

          RACK looks up.

          RACK: Melody? What do you mean?

          CHARLIE: Yeah this red head from school, she was in "The Clique", thought she was all that. Remember? I used to come home cursing her name? (aside) Although not literally?well sometimes.

          RACK stands and walks towards CHARLIE. He embraces her at a distance.

          RACK: Listen to me babe; you need to stay away from Cate ok.

          CHARLIE laughs slightly. Nervous.

          CHARLIE: What?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          Shot of a woman's feet walking, the camera moves up her legs and her body to her head. It's CATE. Her face is expressionless.

          RACK (V/O): Just trust me Charlie?you don't know her?

          She carries on walking and enters TOOLE'S room.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          TOOLE is sitting on the edge of his bed about to speak. LANCE is not sitting opposite him?not anymore.

          CATE: Only me.

          She walks in beaming at him. He is still looking at the space where LANCE was. He looks lost. CATE looks at him, noticing that he's half wearing casual wear and half wearing his hospital pyjamas.

          CATE: Going somewhere?

          TOOLE: Huh, uh, no?

          He lies back in bed.

          TOOLE: ?Why are you here?

          CATE: Well that's not very nice, I'm visiting you silly!

          TOOLE: But why? You're always here.

          CATE: Contrary to popular belief I do actually care about you Toole.

          He looks away shaking his head, laughing slightly.

          TOOLE: You don't know me!

          The camera looks at him.

          CATE: (O/S): (sounding hurt) I'm trying to?if you'll let me.

          TOOLE: Why would you even want to get to know??

          He looks back, LANCE is there again. He simply stares at TOOLE, and eventually the screen fills with a blinding white light. As the screen is white, there is a faint outline of LANCE.

          LANCE (V/O): One last time bro?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. The Bronze is starting to get busy. TOOLE is one of the barmen working and there are three others. One of the other barmen is LANCE who is chatting up a woman at the bar. Both TOOLE and LANCE look the same as they do in the present day, indicating this is recent. TOOLE looks at his brother, he looks annoyed.

          TOOLE: Hey.

          LANCE ignores him. TOOLE picks up a cloth and throws it at him.

          LANCE: Hey! What's your problem man?!

          TOOLE: Quit flirting and get back to work.

          The woman laughs and walks off. LANCE watches her leave and then walks up to TOOLE, he scoffs.

          LANCE: Thanks man, you made me look like an idiot.

          TOOLE: Trust me, you don't need me for that. Now get back to work.

          LANCE looks around. He indicates the lack of people at the bar area itself. In the background, XAK, CHARLIE and CATE all enter.

          LANCE: There's no one here! Plus you got humpty and dumpty here doing jack.

          He indicates the two other barmen who are throwing nuts into one another's mouths and laughing.

          TOOLE: Yeah well, my neck isn't on the line if they screw up.

          LANCE: I'm just a big burden to you aren't I?

          TOOLE: No?

          TOOLE looks at him.

          TOOLE: ?(calm but sincere) You're a curse. You're dead weight around my neck Lance and I've had it. I wish you hadn't come back to Sunnydale, you've made my life hell for the past ten years. (looking down) Now do something useful for a change and get some more beer from the cellar, or better yet, leave.

          LANCE looks over at the cellar door. He looks at his brother for one last time, he looks upset. He moves around the bar and goes towards the cellar door. He goes in, the last time TOOLE will ever see him alive. The cellar door closes causing the screen to fill with a blinding white light

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The colours on the screen have returned to normal once again. CATE is staring at him.

          CATE: Toole?

          TOOLE looks around. LANCE is gone. He doesn't know whether to smile or cry. He looks at CATE.

          TOOLE: Cate, I've done something terrible?

          CATE reaches out and holds his hand.

          CATE: You can tell me anything Toole. In case you haven't noticed this past week. I'm not going anywhere?

          He smiles at her.

          TOOLE: You won't leave me on my own?

          CATE: No way?

          The camera pans out of the doorway leaving CATE and TOOLE on their own.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The camera watches through the window of TOOLE'S room. He is talking to CATE but we cannot hear what he's saying. She looks shocked. MELODY comes up and looks through the window. Her arms folded, smiling.

          MELODY: This will be fun.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          ALAN TUDYK as TOOLE
          JEFF KOBER as RACK

          Special Guest Stars:

          Musical Guest Star:
          K'S CHOICE


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            If you would like to give me feedback on Shadow Stalker, visit my thread here! I'm always happy to hear from you and i usually comment on the feedback as well!


            - Originally i wasn't going to link Toole to Lance as brothers. I was just going to leave the guy killed in the cellar as an "unfortunate office mishap".

            - A lot of people thought this to be one of their favourites of Season One...I was so surprised. I do like this episode but i was unaware people would warm to it, (and Toole), so much!

            - The first episode to feature Lance, Toole's brother.

            - I stole the idea from "Lovers Walk" of pretending the patient was Toole at the beginning just like the final scene where we see Willow and Buffy walking past the graveyard and a funeral is in procession; we're made to think it is Cordy...but it's not!

            - Toole's as a child lived in Buffy's House. 1630 Revello Drive.

            - I didn't cast Toole's parents at this point but in a later episode they are casted.
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