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Shadow Stalker - 1.05 - Jingle Hell

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  • Shadow Stalker - 1.05 - Jingle Hell

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 1.05 ? Jingle Hell
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart
    Rating: UK Rating 12 (Language and Violence)

    Shadow Stalker is officially affiliated with Rogue Redemption, an awesome spin-off created by Amber.

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season One starts alongside Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 3 of Angel and is in association with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Raven (Alexander Brown); Sorceress Of Crimson Falls (Travis); and Wishful Thinking (Ben).

    RACK (V/O): Previously on Shadow Stalker


    CATE and TOOLE are sat in his office, drinking wine.

    TOOLE smiles at her, she smiles back.

    CATE: Thanks for this, I'm Cate by the way.

    TOOLE: I'm Toole.


    XAK, CHARLIE and RACK are in the lobby; she's just about to reveal to XAK who her father is.

    CHARLIE: This is?my dad.

    XAK looks down, his face searching for a reply. Eventually he looks up at RACK.

    RACK: (smirks) Don't act surprised. Charlotte's a big girl, she's old enough to know what she wants.

    XAK looks at him, disgusted.

    XAK: No wonder she needs protecting, but not from those things that attacked her tonight?from you!

    He advances towards RACK feeling angry. CHARLIE watches, scared.

    CHARLIE: Xak no! Please?

    She stands in between them both. There is a long pause. RACK thinks, he looks at CHARLIE.

    RACK: What things?


    TEETH lunges at CHARLIE and tackles her to the ground. She tries to hit him, but he's too strong. He bites her leg, causing her to scream in agony. With her leg that isn't wounded, she kicks him away and scrambles to her feet, she limps away in the direction of The Bronze.


    RACK looks at his daughter with disgust.

    RACK: You stupid little girl?you stole money that I was using to save your life?you have no idea what you've done?you have absolutely no idea?

    CUT TO ?

    XAK: (cutting her off, ignoring her pleas) You told me there was nothing else, no more secrets.

    CHARLIE: I didn't know how you'd react.

    XAK: (angrily) To your dad abusing you with god knows what?!

    CHARLIE: ?I just don't know how to function and to let other people help me?

    CUT TO ?

    Image of CHARLIE injecting herself with Onyx Tonic and crying.

    XAK (V/O): Well, if you're so used to being on your own?then do that. I'm done.

    A grey smoke begins to envelop her slowly. The smoke fully covers her and eventually the whole screen.





    The camera pans around various shots of Sunnydale during the daytime. The weather is hot in Sunnydale as usual during the wintertime. Children playing and laughing in the park. There is a young couple having a picnic beside the SU campus on a field. They smile at one another and laugh. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock
    Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring

    The camera pans down the high street of Sunnydale, there are lots of families walking around running from shop to shop, each member laden with bags full of surprises that will be revealed in a few days time. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun
    Now the jingle hop has begun

    The camera pans up to the sky, which changes swiftly to the night sky and the moon bears down on the streets of Sunnydale, bathing the town in a cool yellow glow. A woman is walking happily with a bag full to the brim of presents. A vampire grabs her from behind and bites her neck, she screams and drops the bag. The camera pans down to show the bag with childrens toys in them and blood dripping on to them. (The music below plays throughout)

    "What a bright time, it's the right time
    To rock the night away

    The camera shows a man kissing his family on the high street as they run off excitedly to carol sing with a group of others. He smiles and walks off. He passes an alley and a long green, scaled arm reaches out and pulls him into the dark of the alley causing him to scream, eventually the scream stops abruptly. (The music below plays throughout)

    "That's the jingle bell,
    That's the jingle bell,
    That's the jingle bell rock

    CATE (V/O): Isn't Christmas just the funnest?


    The camera shows CHARLIE sitting still on her bed, her head resting against the wall. CATE is dancing around the room, hanging various decorations on whatever nook and cranny she can find. She stops, her breath almost taken away at the prospect of Christmas being so close.

    CATE: I mean you have like all those presents and it's just so awesome!

    She looks over at CHARLIE who is just staring into space. She sighs and goes to sit next to her.

    CATE: Girl, what's up?

    CHARLIE doesn't respond in any way what so ever.

    CATE: Are you still moping about Xak?

    Again CHARLIE does a realistic impression of someone in catatonic shock.

    CATE: Look if you're sorry, just tell him, it's not hard! He cares for you Charlie, its just you hurt him.

    She looks down almost not wanting to say it.

    CATE: ?Lies have consequences?

    CHARLIE looks up sharply at her.

    CHARLIE: (quickly, with a bitter tone) You don't think I know that? My own dad won't even look at me.

    CATE looks at her sympathetically, smiling nervously.

    CATE: He loves you hon, I promise you. (upbeat, thinking it will help) He just doesn't like you very much!

    She beams at CHARLIE who looks out into space again.

    CHARLIE: I don't even know where he is, I've barely seen him these past few days.


    It is daytime, the camera pans round to show an empty space. The sand is glowing like a sea of fire underneath the sweltering sun. Small grains of sand surf over other layers in the small desolate breeze. The grains begin to swim in a circular motion and speed up causing a mini sand tornado to form. All of a sudden the sand drops and a cloaked figure is stood in the middle of the sand filled ocean. The figure looks around before removing its cloak. It's RACK.

    MALE VOICE (O/S): You're late, yet again.

    RACK turns around suddenly, shocked. A desk is situated behind him, with a suited man sitting behind it in an office chair. He is a middle-aged man and is very pale and thin. He has a brief case on his table.

    RACK: Man, you scared me.

    SUITED MAN: I doubt that, now, what did you want to see me about?

    RACK looks at him, then reaches into his cloak pocket and reveals the wad of cash seen in "1.02 ? Mockingbirds". He throws it on the table. The SUITED MAN looks at it confused.

    SUITED MAN: What's this?

    RACK: Payment. As always.


    There is a pause. The SUITED MAN opens the briefcase and reaches inside. He pulls out a file and begins to read it.

    SUITED MAN: It appears we have a technical error in your account.

    RACK: (shocked, but quiet) What?

    SUITED MAN: I'm afraid your money is no good to us anymore, well more importantly me.

    RACK stares at him, angrily.

    RACK: I have scrimped and saved to get this money for months, what's changed!?

    SUITED MAN: I'm afraid I cannot divulge the specifics, all I can say is this arrangement has been terminated. This was supposed to be a secret deal and information regarding our affiliation has been leaked, we are not the only ones who know about it.

    RACK: But, I've said nothing, I don't go anywhere.

    SUITED MAN: But people come to you? I would watch who you let in. You've become so desperate, you've forgotten just how much danger you are in.

    RACK: (seething) Oh I know damn right how much danger I'm in.

    SUITED MAN: (smiles) I'm sure you have other concerns. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a meeting to get to.

    RACK: You ain't going anywhere.

    He looks at his watch.

    SUITED MAN: I'm late already. Goodbye Ra-

    He disappears before he can finish his sentence. RACK looks around worried to see if anyone is watching. The camera pans back to a long shot to show RACK standing by himself in the desert with no one else around.


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    It's fairly quiet; most people are home with their families except for those who don't actually have anyone to go home to. There is no music, the mood is fairly mellow and depressing; it's definitely Christmas. XAK is standing at the bar; he's leaning against the bottled beer fridge staring out at the sparse crowd. TOOLE is carrying a clipboard doing inventory. He looks over at XAK.

    TOOLE: You know, I don't think I explained the job description in too much detail. Maybe I should have?

    XAK: Huh?

    TOOLE: Man, are you still wigging on Charlie?

    XAK: "Wigging"? You know its hard enough learning how to speak English properly without you introducing words like that, I mean what does "emo" even mean?

    TOOLE rolls his eyes, puts down his clipboard and walks over to him; he leans on the counter so they're facing eachother.

    TOOLE: Talk to her.

    XAK says nothing.

    TOOLE: You're brimming with excitement at the concept I can tell, underneath all that stoicism and masculine pride of course.

    XAK: (seriously) It's not that easy Toole.

    TOOLE: I know its not. Nothing is man?listen, take the night off. It's deader than eighty percent of this town so just go home, do some brooding or whatever it is you dark mysterious guys do.

    XAK: You sure? You don't need a hand?

    TOOLE raises an eyebrow, looks around at someone actually falling asleep in one of the chairs.

    TOOLE: (sarcastically) How will I cope.

    XAK: Point taken.

    He grabs his coat from behind the counter, and leaves via the back exit. TOOLE looks around the room, it really was dead. He sighs and picks up the inventory clipboard and goes back to counting stock.

    WOMAN (O/S): Jeez, morgue much?

    TOOLE jumps, startled, he drops his clipboard. He turns to see CATE sitting at the bar looking at him smiling.

    TOOLE: Wha-huh?

    CATE: The Bronze, you sure know how to pile in the customers around the holidays.

    TOOLE: What can I say, we ran out of girl on girl action the other week.

    She looks confused, then she realises, and smiles.

    CATE: You're funny.

    TOOLE: Just comes naturally.

    CATE: (quickly) If you say so, (slower) was that Xak that just left?

    TOOLE: Yeah, he was "working hard" as usual so I sent him home?

    CATE: So he's as much fun to be around as Charlie?

    TOOLE: Probably more.

    CATE once more looks confused; almost working out if either one of them was being sarcastic.

    CATE: Whatever, we need to do something?

    He leans closer to her and makes sure no one is watching.

    TOOLE: (seductively) What did you have in mind?

    CATE: Eww Toole! I meant about Charlie and Xak!

    TOOLE leans back, slightly embarrassed.

    TOOLE: Oh um I dunno. With Christmas coming up, I haven't really thought about it.

    CATE: What, you have plans?

    TOOLE: No, figuring what I'll do away from The Bronze more like?

    CATE taps her fingers on the counter.

    CATE: That's it! Christmas!

    TOOLE looks completely lost.

    TOOLE: You're going to let the Christmas joy fill them with reconciliation?

    CATE: Yes!

    TOOLE: I was joking?

    CATE: No I mean, we'll invited them both to Christmas dinner! I'll cook!

    TOOLE: Worrying.

    CATE: Oh shush, I'm a great cook. (to herself) We'll do it at Charlie's her kitchen is bigger than mine.

    TOOLE: We?

    CATE: Well I can't cook and reconcile the bond of our two friends at the same time can I?!

    TOOLE: (confused) Apparently not?

    CATE: Right, so you have to get Xak to Charlie's, just follow the junkie's in the alleyways, you'll find it no problem?(she pauses) ?oh my?

    TOOLE: What now?

    CATE: I need food?

    She runs off out of the club.

    TOOLE: Man, that is one simple chick.


    The room is empty, a circle of paper is on the floor decorated in a strange ink pattern, that seems to form some sort of large symbol. As with the sand earlier, a large circle of wind begins to form and suddenly the cloaked RACK appears out of no where once again. He hurriedly removes the cloak and moves all of the paper into one large pile before shoving it into a cupboard. He looks around to see if anyone has been watching. Suddenly a knock on the door sounds and RACK turns around suddenly to look as the door opens. It's a demon. It's the same type of demon as CLEM, the friendly demon who befriended BUFFY and DAWN.

    DEMON: (chirpy) Knock knock!

    RACK: What do you want?

    DEMON: (taps watch playfully) It's time for my fix, same time as usual right?

    RACK: Right, well don't loiter the lobby, you'll make my "establishment" untidy.

    The DEMON walks in and closes the door behind him. RACK walks towards the sofa and begins to lay out some rune cards.

    DEMON: Ha, establishment, is that what you're calling it nowadays. Classy place Rack, cloaking it, god knows who you're hiding from.

    RACK looks up from the rune cards, he clicks his fingers and they fly into an organised pile. He rubs his chin, annoyed and not in the mood to be joked with.

    RACK: (quietly) Get out.

    DEMON: What?

    RACK (shouting) I said get out!

    DEMON: Well gosh, I didn't mean to cause offence, look im real sorry.

    RACK walks towards the DEMON and raises a hand causing the DEMON to choke and gasp for breath.

    RACK: You're a piece of dirt, beneath most cretins I deal with. Your money insults me, so leave.

    He releases the DEMON and walks away to the back of the room. The DEMON looks up from catching his breath to an empty room; RACK has gone. He glares at the room itself, and growls deeply.


    There are hundreds of people rushing around various shopping aisles. It's pandemonium and not the good kind. Amongst the chaos, a blonde young woman can be seen huddling by the frozen aisle. It's CATE. A woman and her children bash their trolley into her.

    CATE: Hey watch it lady! ?Tis the season and all?jeez.

    She opens up the freezer door and pulls out a frozen turkey.

    WOMAN (O/S): ?Tis the season indeed.

    In the reflection of the freezer door she sees MELODY. She picks up a frozen turkey and turns around and faces her.

    MELODY: Since when were you in the mood for holidays? You hate them.

    CATE: Not anymore.

    MELODY: Right, cause you've changed so much now Charlie's back in the picture?

    CATE: Actually, yes. But it's really more because of how you're out of it.

    She puts the frozen turkey in her trolley and begins walking down the aisle. MELODY follows her.

    MELODY: You know, all of this will never change what you did.

    CATE: You don't think I know that.

    MELODY: How can you live with yourself?

    CATE stops pushing the trolley. She looks down.

    MELODY: Because you know she won't help you feel any better about what you did, you have to live with it?

    She is cut off as CATE turns around, her eyes are glazed over. MELODY is taken aback.

    CATE: Your words do not worry me.

    MELODY steps closer and looks into her eyes. She smiles and laughs.

    MELODY: Wow?it makes sense now.

    CATE blinks her glazed vision away.

    CATE: What?

    MELODY: (smiling) This is gonna be very interesting.

    She begins to walk away, then she turns back, still smiling.

    MELODY: Oh and if my words don't worry you, I wonder if Charlie's will.

    CATE'S expression drops at the thought of this. She looks down.




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      ACT TWO


      XAK'S apartment looks even better now. With the money he's earned at The Bronze he's already managed to buy some more modern furniture. There is a knock at the door. XAK walks in from the kitchen area and answers the door. It's TOOLE.

      XAK: Toole? Was I supposed to be at work?

      TOOLE: Heck no, I sent ya home for a reason. Can I come in?

      He walks in and looks at the clean and furnished apartment.

      TOOLE: Wow, looks like I'm paying you too much?

      XAK: Well it's not like I have anything else to spend it on.

      TOOLE: And it's clean?what were you before this life, an obsessive-compulsive demon or something?

      XAK: I dunno, I guess I just have a lot of spare time on my hands recently.

      TOOLE: Yeah I wanted to talk to you about that.

      TOOLE sits down on the new sofa, and XAK sits opposite him in an armchair.

      XAK: Sure, what did you wanna talk about?

      TOOLE: Charlie.

      XAK looks down, he doesn't saying anything.

      TOOLE: Look I know it's a fresh wound and all, but this hiatus in your relationship is becoming a pain in the ass for Cate and I?

      XAK: I know, it's just I don't know how to solve it?wait Cate? How do you know?

      TOOLE smiles but he hides it instantly.

      TOOLE: Oh that doesn't matter?Just wanted to check that, if um, someone were to help fuse you two back together, that would maybe help?

      XAK looks at TOOLE who is looking around the room.

      XAK: Ok, even I can tell you're bad at being subtle.

      TOOLE: (laughs slightly) Ok, Cate's throwing a Christmas dinner thing at Charlie's tomorrow, she said I had to get you there. I can't do subtle; it's like a sickness.

      XAK: Charlie? As if the prospect of Cate cooking doesn't put me off enough as it is, I would have to put up sitting down to dinner with her father.

      TOOLE: Look, Cate explained it all to me, its sick, it's wrong but it doesn't change her feelings for you?or yours for her.

      XAK: How'd you figure that one? She lied about everything.

      TOOLE: Don't you remember what she did? The first night you worked at The Bronze, she saved your life?

      XAK looks down, the camera focuses on his face.

      TOOLE: Do you honestly think she'd do that to someone who was "just a client".

      The camera closes in on XAK'S blank face; he's thinking, running things over and over in his mind, trying to make sense of the one person in his life that's truly hurt him.


      The camera pans around the kitchen area, CHARLIE is sitting at the table, two plates full of food are set at the table, she is sat at one of them. RACK enters from one side of the room. He doesn't look at her, he goes to the fridge, he grabs a beer.

      CHARLIE: (quietly) Dinner's ready. Has been for half an hour.

      RACK: Not hungry.

      CHARLIE: Dad, how long is this gonna go on?

      RACK: Charlotte, can we not do this right now?

      CHARLIE: But, I need you to forgive me.

      RACK: Why? Why do you need my forgiveness??

      CHARLIE: Because we've gotten through thick and thin these past few years?I make one mistake and I'm forced to live in this silent purgatory!

      RACK laughs and turns towards her.

      RACK: Poetic.

      He pauses and looks down, contemplating this concept.

      RACK: You may have made one mistake babe, but you have no idea what that one mistake has done.

      She stands infuriated.

      CHARLIE: (shouting) So tell me! Dad I'm twenty-one, I ain't a kid anymore! But yet for some reason I can't leave home and I'm in this mortal peril and I don't know why!

      He looks at her, incredulous at her outburst. He looks down sighing.

      RACK: Why don't you have another fix, I'll see you in the morning.


      The camera shows RACK moving with slowed down movement towards the door, and walking upstairs. CHARLIE watches him leave before turning back to her plate. (The music below plays throughout)

      "I need some sleep.
      It can't go on like this.
      I try counting sheep,
      But there's one I always miss

      She picks up the plate and throws it against the wall, she grabs the side of her head and cries. (The music below plays throughout)

      "Everyone says, ?I'm getting down too low'
      Everyone says, ?You just gotta let it go'
      You just gotta let it go
      You just gotta let it go

      She sits down on the chair again and rests her head on the table, tired. Behind her on the kitchen wall we can see an old clock. Although CHARLIE doesn't move, time does; rapidly. As the night progresses rapidly, the clock hands zoom around its face, it was almost morning. (The music below plays throughout)

      "I need some sleep
      Time to put the old horse down
      I'm in too deep
      And the wheels keep spinning around

      Throughout this, CHARLIE eventually manages to fall asleep with her head still rested on the table. The camera closes in on her face; it looks peaceful for the first time in a while. (The music below plays throughout)

      "You just gotta let it go
      You just gotta let it go

      The music comes to end as the clock slows down to real time, and a soft male voice soothes CHARLIE'S ear.

      MALE VOICE (O/S): Charlotte?

      Her eyes flicker, she awakens to see RACK crouched down beside the table looking at her.

      CHARLIE: (sleepy, but hopeful) Dad?

      He doesn't smile, but he doesn't frown.

      RACK: (sighing) Merry Christmas?you have some visitors?

      He gets up and goes towards the door. She looks confused?

      RACK: Aren't you gonna greet them?

      CHARLIE rubs her eyes frowning in confusion. She stands and walks out with her father to the lobby.


      The camera is looking straight on at the door almost as if it is from someone's point of view. The door opens and RACK walks into the lobby, followed by CHARLIE. He looks towards where the camera area is, as does CHARLIE. A touched smile forms on her face at the sight before her.

      CHARLIE: Oh my god?

      CATE and TOOLE are standing in Santa hats, laden with trolleys of food, XAK is standing slightly away from them, with no comic seasonal hat on.

      CATE: (synchronised) Merry Christmas!

      TOOLE: (synchronised) Happy Christmas!

      CATE elbows TOOLE annoyed.

      CATE: We agreed on "Merry"! Not "Happy" you donut?

      CHARLIE looks completely shocked by the whole prospect. She goes and hugs CATE and kisses TOOLE on the cheek.

      CHARLIE: You guys!

      She smiles at them and then turns to XAK.

      CHARLIE: Thanks for coming.

      Everyone is looking at them both.

      XAK: (quietly) No problem.

      He gives a false smile at her, then looks down and walks into the inner sanctum. There is a silence between everyone. Eventually CATE walks up to CHARLIE, she touches her arm.

      CATE: (smiling warmly) Don't worry sweetie, he's coming round.

      She looks back at TOOLE who is looking quite awkward at all the emotions circling the room.

      CATE: Come on you, we have so much work to do.

      She turns back and winks at CHARLIE and pushes a trolley, followed by a trolley wielding TOOLE into the inner sanctum where XAK just went into. CHARLIE is smiling, she turns round to face RACK. Her face drops slightly, and she walks in after the others. RACK stays in the lobby. He sighs and walks towards the front mystical entrance to his "office". He holds his hand out touching the magical entrance; it ripples as his hand gets closer.

      RACK: (sighing) For now?no one leaves?and no more danger may enter?

      He closes his eyes and keeps his hand hovered over the doorway.

      RACK: (whispers in a deep voice) Propinquus ianua

      He clenches his hand into a fist. He hits the doorway?his fist doesn't pass through as all other occupants do. Its solid. The doorway is closed to the outside world. He looks down, and then walks towards the door where XAK, CHARLIE CATE and TOOLE went through. As he leaves, the camera passes over to a blank wall of no particular importance. Suddenly an image begins to form, as if a cloak is being taken off of something, and it's being revealed bit by bit. It is the DEMON from earlier in the episode. He walks towards the doorway that RACK just sealed. He touches it, he smiles, and laughs. Then glares with deep red eyes at the doorway to the inner sanctum, where the Christmas festivities are about to begin.




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        ACT THREE


        CATE is circling the kitchen, making melodramatic gestures regarding cooking. She is wearing an apron and carrying a glass of wine, whilst consulting a cooking book and chopping up various vegetables combined with checking on pots of potatoes and seasoning a turkey. She glances over at the television, which is playing some sort of Christmas Special consisting of strange animals dancing around. CATE giggles.

        XAK: How's it going in here? You need a hand?

        CATE looks sharply away from the television set quickly to XAK.

        CATE: Oh Xak! Hey! No I have things totally under control!

        He looks round to see the complete mess before him.

        XAK: Really? ?Cause it looks like the apocalypse came early.

        CATE rolls her eyes and walks over quickly to XAK.

        CATE: Oh shush you, how's it going with Charlie?

        The camera shifts to someone's point of view from one corner of the kitchen, it's almost like the camera is peeking through a cupboard door.

        XAK: (sighing) I dunno, I mean there's a lot of trust that needs to be built?it's just difficult.

        The camera cuts back to XAK and CATE again. CATE moves towards the door that reveals the living room area. CHARLIE has decorated the room using magic. Various red and white lights twinkle around the room around a central green Christmas tree. It looks fairly clean, which mirrors the fairly dank and dark kitchen, but like the kitchen, there are no windows. CHARLIE is on the sofa talking to TOOLE. The camera closes in on CHARLIE.

        CATE (O/S) It's hard on both of you, she's taken it tough I know that.

        The camera moves back to XAK and CATE now.

        XAK: I know, I just feel like she's waiting for me to make everything alright, and I don't know if I can do that.

        CATE nods, then realises?

        CATE: (calmly) The potatoes.

        XAK: (confused) What?

        CATE: (panicking) Oh crap!!! THE POTATOES!

        She runs to the oven and brings the potatoes off the pan.


        CHARLIE and TOOLE look up from their discussion to the kitchen area after hearing CATE'S shrieks.

        TOOLE: Sounds like things are going well?

        CHARLIE laughs slightly.

        CHARLIE: Sounds it. Thanks for this Toole, its just what I needed, although it would help if there wasn't this awkward division of the group and all.

        TOOLE: I know it's less than perfect but you're doing ok, right?

        CHARLIE: (sighs) It's all just a big un-necessary mess. I never meant to hurt him.

        TOOLE: I know, and I think he knows that too but he's been let down in the past?

        TOOLE'S words trail off as he notices XAK enter. There is a silence.

        XAK: Uh, Cate's potatoes kind of over boiled, she said something about Toole being an ass and not getting the right kind?

        TOOLE stands, rolling his eyes.

        TOOLE: (muttering under his breath) You try your best, its never good enough.

        He walks into the kitchen, CATE'S annoyed and shrill voice can be heard as the door opens.

        XAK looks at CHARLIE. CHARLIE looks up at him too.

        CHARLIE: Those two, who'd have thought they'd get on so well.

        He smiles at her weakly.

        XAK: Yeah, I guess.

        There is a pause, but after a while?

        CHARLIE: Look Xak, I am sorry?

        He looks away awkwardly.

        XAK: Do we have to do this now?

        CHARLIE: I think we should. Cate can throw all the dinner parties she wants but it's not gonna do much good for us if we don't talk about it.

        XAK: Not now Charlie, you made be ready to deal with this, but I'm not.

        He goes towards the door. CHARLIE stands.

        CHARLIE: Then why are you here?

        XAK: (turning to face her) Honestly? I don't know. It seems all you wanna do is feel better about yourself. I'm sorry, but I can't save you from your guilt?

        He walks out. She looks down hurt, but most importantly she knows he's right. She walks through the kitchen, XAK is standing in kitchen watching CATE and TOOLE simultaneously juggle carrots and potatoes. His back is turned on CHARLIE who runs upstairs.


        CHARLIE has just reached the top of the stairs. She looks up. She gasps.

        CHARLIE: Woah?

        The camera reveals RACK is standing there. He smiles weakly at her.

        RACK: Sorry babe.

        CHARLIE: (catches her breath) No it's fine?

        RACK: How's the festivities going? (in a mocking voice) Is everyone having just the best time?

        She ignores her father's sarcasm.

        CHARLIE: Mostly, things are awkward. Xak just thinks I'm trying to make myself feel better.

        RACK: You are aren't you?

        She looks hurt.

        CHARLIE: No! Dad I just wanna show him how special he is to me! What I feel doesn't come into this?

        He looks at her, he shakes his head.

        RACK: God he's changed you, you're barely a shadow of the daughter I used to have.

        CHARLIE: What some drugged up mistake?

        RACK looks down, this isn't what he was thinking.

        RACK: I was going to say obedient?

        CHARLIE sighs.

        CHARLIE: He has changed me, but I'm still your daughter. I always will be.

        She tries to smile, and to get him to smile in return. He doesn't. Instead he frowns.

        RACK: It's what you're changing into that worries me Charlotte, you've become too trusting. You hardly know these people and you have them in our home.

        She looks down the stairs, listening to the voices of her friends with fondness.

        CHARLIE: Well I'll worry about trusting them when they gives me a reason not to. I can't keep going through life not trusting anyone or having some freedom?that's not what I want.

        The camera changes as it did earlier as if it's hiding from a cupboard, this time it looks like it's coming from inside CHARLIE'S room.

        RACK: And what about me?

        CHARLIE: (confused) What?

        He smiles now.

        RACK: You saying you don't trust your old dad?

        She rolls her eyes smiling now too.

        CHARLIE: I trust you, I just don't understand you.

        RACK: Yeah well welcome to the world of parenting kid?

        He kisses her forehead.

        RACK: (whispering) Just be safe, it's all I ask?

        She smiles at her father's warm words. He moves to the top of the stairs as if about to go down them. He turns back and looks at CHARLIE.

        RACK: Oh, and your present is on your bed.

        He turns again and walks downstairs. CHARLIE wonder's what it could be and then turns and walks into her bedroom.


        The camera is still from the point of view of something hiding in CHARLIE'S room, it's watching her. As CHARLIE approaches the bed, the camera resumes to normal and there is a high angled shot of her seeing a small box on her bed. She reaches to touch it but is nervous; she's not used to receiving gifts. She picks up the box and opens it, she gasps.

        CHARLIE: Oh my goddess?

        She pulls out a large diamond; it plays tricks, even with the dim light in the room and sparkles in CHARLIE'S strong green eyes. She turns to go downstairs, she's smiling. Her smile drops. As she notices something by the door.


        RACK'S sitting on the sofa with the rune cards from earlier. He's trying to make sense of what he's seeing. He's confused. XAK enters from the far side of the room. He looks at RACK, angrily.

        XAK: Busy?

        RACK: Go away boy?

        XAK: Yeah, I don't think so somehow.

        RACK looks up at him, extremely annoyed.

        RACK: What do you want? My daughter? Magicks?

        XAK: They're a combination you like to put together, why?

        RACK: I protect her. They protect her.

        XAK: From what? The dangers of this world? Did it ever occur to you that you might be the reason she's in danger?

        RACK laughs, he clicks his fingers, which cause the rune cards to form back into their organised pile of mystery.

        RACK: From the beginning?

        XAK: Then why do it? How can you let her do those things?

        RACK: Because I love her.

        XAK: That's not love.

        RACK: And you know do you?

        XAK goes to speak but doesn't know what to say.

        RACK stands and walks towards XAK. His intimidating glare stares into XAK'S eyes.

        RACK: I thought not. Look I don't feel anything against you man, you're special to Charlotte, but do not come in here and judge me on how to raise my daughter.

        XAK seems to have lost interest in the conversation half way through.

        XAK: (quietly) I'm special to her?

        RACK: So she says.

        XAK: She has a funny way of showing it?

        RACK: A bit like me, showing my love for her?huh?

        They look at eachother for a moment, they're in complete understanding of one another for the first time. Their conversation is disrupted by a loud scream. They both turn and run in the direction of the scream. They run into the kitchen, CATE and TOOLE also heard the scream; they are standing still looking at the stairs. XAK and RACK charge up the stairs and burst into CHARLIE'S room.


        They are come to a halt as they enter the room. CHARLIE is being held by the neck by the DEMON that RACK turned away earlier. He looks extremely angry and is gripping CHARLIE'S throat tightly, she's gasping for breath.

        DEMON: (in a more demonic and deeper voice than before) I think we need to have a little talk, don't you Rack?!

        The camera turns round to close up on RACK'S face, his eyes widen in fear for his daughter's life.




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          ACT FOUR


          XAK and RACK are standing opposite the DEMON who still has CHARLIE in his grasp.

          XAK: Who is this guy?

          RACK: Just some demon, turned him away yesterday.

          DEMON: Some demon huh? I'm not just some demon anymore, isn't that right little girl?

          He tightens his grip on CHARLIE'S neck, causing her to choke. At this point CATE and TOOLE, enter.

          CATE: What's going on, you know its hard enough to slice turkey with those crappy knives of yours Rack without having to?(notices what's going on) Oh my god! Charlie!

          She puts her hand up to her mouth, the camera moves closer to XAK, he's unsure of what to do. His eyes widen as he remembers moments from the past few months?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. XAK remembers back to him lying in the sewers after having his stomach flayed and CHARLIE rushing over to him. She kneels by XAK'S side, not caring in the slightest that her red dress is dirty. The conversation below cannot be heard, only silence.

          CHARLIE: (without sound) What are you like Xak?

          She laughs nervously and holds back the tears, seeing him close his eyes and go into shock.

          CHARLIE: (without sound) Don't you worry about a thing, I'll fix you.

          She holds her hands over his stomach.

          CHARLIE: (without sound) By Helena in the moons and unknown. Unbind him. I incur your powers to prevent his fall. Embue me and fill me, by waning moons Helena I call.

          TOOLE looks at her, a mixture of confusion and fear fills his expression. As she speaks these words a light cocoons XAK and sinks into his skin, which regenerates the skin on his torso. CHARLIE breathes heavily and sits back while XAK'S eyes slowly open. He gasps for breath and grabs his torso, feeling the skin. He looks up to CHARLIE?.TOOLE'S recent words echo in his mind.

          TOOLE (V/O): Do you honestly think she'd do that to someone who was "just a client"?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          XAK blinks. The colours are back to normal now. He knows TOOLE was right. He feels a touch on his hand, It's RACK. XAK looks down to see RACK'S other hand concealing a ball of energy, which is forming in the palm of his hand. The DEMON doesn't see.

          DEMON: So lets talk shall we, I feel some respect is in order, don't you?

          RACK: Respect, your kind are vile, you don't deserve respect of any kind.

          DEMON: You talk mighty nasty for someone whose daughter is a grip away from death?

          RACK: (ignores his threats) You know what else?

          DEMON: What's that?

          RACK: I'm not partial to the floppy eared?

          On these words he throws the energy ball at the DEMON'S head narrowly missing CHARLIE. This causes him to soar backwards and hit against the wall. CHARLIE is released from his grip as he flies backwards, and falls to the ground gasping for breath. CATE rushes to her side, and helps her friend to her feet. The DEMON is looking extremely pissed off.

          DEMON: That almost hurt.

          XAK (O/S): How about this?

          Suddenly XAK kicks the DEMON so hard he ends up putting his foot through the chest of the DEMON.

          CATE: Ewww?

          The DEMON slumps to the ground, a heap of skin. CHARLIE looks at XAK in adoration who turns slowly from the dead DEMON to look at CHARLIE who is clutching her neck.

          XAK: You ok?

          CHARLIE: (a bit hoarse) Yeah, yeah I'm good.

          She smiles at him, as does RACK, admiring him. CATE looks from CHARLIE to XAK, smiling. She bursts with happiness.

          CATE: Ok, everyone! Save the Kodak moments for the dinner table! Christmas will continue! Toole, back in the kitchen! (looks at RACK) You have to help too Ebenezer.

          RACK: What?

          CATE glares at him quickly; he looks down and then follows. CATE, TOOLE and RACK leave the room. For a moment there is a small pause of awkwardness between XAK and CHARLIE.

          CHARLIE: Xak, thank you?

          He smiles and moves closer to her.

          XAK: When I saw you in his hands?all I could think about was saving you.

          CHARLIE: I-I thought you were done saving me?

          XAK: You're not that easy to quit

          She smiles at him and then leans in and hugs him, he holds her close and whispers in her ear.

          XAK: (whispering) You're special to me Charlie, I forgive you.

          CHARLIE breaks the hug. She's smiling.

          CHARLIE: That's the best Christmas present I've had?

          XAK: I should hope so too, you know I?

          Their conversation is cut short with TOOLE entering.

          TOOLE: Hey guys, sorry to break up this little reconciliation but Cate's sent me to tell you?dinner is served?

          TOOLE'S words are cut short by the supposedly dead DEMON jumping up for one final attack. His face opens up revealing various snakes and other nasty tendrils. He roars and tries hitting XAK and CHARLIE with one of them. XAK pushes CHARLIE away and ducks himself. The DEMON misses and hits TOOLE instead who falls backwards and hits his head on the corner of the cabinet in CHARLIE'S room. XAK jumps to his feet and punches the opened face of the DEMON. As with before, XAK'S extraordinary strength causes his fist to pass through the DEMON'S already messed up face. The DEMON screams and falls to the ground. His body begins to implode on itself and eventually disappears.

          CHARLIE: Holy crap!

          XAK: (looking at his demon covered hand) Yeah you think I should wash my hands before dinner?

          He turns to CHARLIE who wasn't looking in the same direction as him.

          CHARLIE: No?Xak?

          CHARLIE'S more concerned with TOOLE whose lying on the floor not moving. His eyes are closed, and blood is seeping from the wound in his head. CHARLIE rushes to his side. She clutches his hand. She looks back to XAK, her eyes are filling up. The camera closes in on XAK his face full of sadness and confusion at his friend lying on the floor, blood pouring from his head on his first Christmas with friends?


          The camera pulls back to show the three of them in the room from a high angle. (The music below plays throughout)

          "That's the jingle bell
          That's the jingle bell?

          FADE TO BLACK


          END OF EPISODE

          ALAN TUDYK as TOOLE
          JEFF KOBER as RACK

          Special Guest Star:

          Special Mentions:


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            - In this episode i gave an explanation to why Rack is not partial to the "floppy eared" which is what Clem tells Dawn in one of the later Season Six episodes of BtVS where they both visit Rack! Another mystery solved...TAKE THAT BTVS!!

            - The use of "Jingle Bell Rock" was inspired by the use of it in Mean Girls which of course featured Amanda Seyfried as Karen, who happens to play Cate in SS! Coincidence...i think not!

            - On the BuffyWorld Forums, this episode got Shadow Stalker it's own Virtual Season, so it's an important episode!

            - Probably the first episode to end on a proper cliffhanger.
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