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Shadow Stalker - 1.04 - Sticks And Stones

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  • Shadow Stalker - 1.04 - Sticks And Stones

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 1.04 ? Sticks And Stones
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart
    Rating: UK Rating 15 (Language, Violent Scenes, Drug Use)

    Shadow Stalker is officially affiliated with Rogue Redemption, an awesome spin-off created by Amber.

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season One starts alongside Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 3 of Angel and is in association with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Raven (Alexander Brown); Sorceress Of Crimson Falls (Travis); and Wishful Thinking (Ben).

    RACK (V/O): Previously on Shadow Stalker


    RED HAIRED WOMAN: And Charlie, keeping up with the skanky cheap Rock Chick 101 look? How vintage of you.

    CHARLIE maintains a smile.

    CHARLIE: Ah Melody, how we all miss you and your opinions!

    MELODY: I thought you'd outgrown the being friends with skank witches back in school Cate?

    CHARLIE: I believe that's why she's standing next to me, and not you.

    She links arms with CATE and starts to walk off.

    CHARLIE: Bye now Melody. Try the store on the left, I hear they have a sale on "leather clad bitches", someone might pick you up on offer.

    CHARLIE hurries along with CATE and they both carry on walking. MELODY folds her arms and watches them leave, glaring at them both.

    CHARLIE: You ok?

    CATE: (quietly) Yeah I guess?I just wasn't expecting to see her?

    She looks behind her in MELODY'S direction but she has gone.


    XAKIEL: Then this, all of this, is truly over?thanks?

    Anger washes over him; DOC was lying and CHARLIE was wasting away her existence.

    RACK: Don't worry about her.

    XAKIEL: I wasn't.


    RACK: Charlotte, we don't have a lot of time left, you need all the help you can get, we both do, I'm trying my best here.

    He indicates a large wad of cash on the table nearby. CHARLIE looks at it then sighs, before looking back to RACK.

    CHARLIE: (looking sad) No one has helped us before?

    RACK: We've never asked someone like him?find him Charlie, our time is nearly spent.

    CHARLIE: Ok?dad.


    CHARLIE looks at him concerned slightly, she stops by an alley. She puts her hand out, almost feeling the air; she reveals a nasty cut on her arm, fresh blood seeping from the wound.

    XAKIEL: Charlie, your arm?

    CHARLIE: (ignoring him) It's down here, come on.


    XAK: First night in a new job and I get rescued by the girl who I'm supposed to be protecting?

    When CHARLIE sits down her dress gets caught and she reveals that there is a huge cut on her leg. Before XAK notices she covers it up.


    CHARLIE is walking down the alleyway and is almost at The Bronze. She is smiling and straightening her dress. She looks up as she hears the faint noise of the band coming from The Bronze nearby.

    VOICE (O/S): Charrrrrlie?

    CHARLIE stops walking suddenly, recognising the voice. It's a male voice. She looks around, there's nothing there, and still looking behind her she walks forwards. She bangs into something. She looks up, but we cannot see whom it is.

    MALE VOICE: Hello Charlie. I believe we have some unfinished business.

    Her eyes widen in fear.




    The camera pans over the town, which looks extremely serene in the wash of the moonlight.

    XAK (O/S): It's worse than you can even imagine, something that looks so calm and simple, is really just hell waiting to be unleashed.

    The camera pans down to see XAK and CHARLIE walking side by side alongside the graveyard wall.

    CHARLIE: (looks slightly confused) Are you serious?

    XAK: You may be a witch, but you see how easy it is to down five flaming sambuca shots. It feels worse than the flaying.

    CHARLIE: (laughs) I think it's just your human liver, probably not a great reciprocal of the alcohol. Well not yet anyway. I'm sure it's learning the hard way.

    XAK: My liver is not the problem, it's Toole. I don't know how many more after hour drinking sessions with the boss I can take.

    CHARLIE: Ok you clearly are new to this world if you complain about perks like that! Besides, its good you're getting on with him.

    She counts slowly on her fingers.

    CHARLIE: That's three friends now!

    She makes a mock shocked face at him.

    XAK: Right back at ya.

    They turn into the graveyard when they approach the entrance.


    XAK and CHARLIE continue to walk through the grounds.

    CHARLIE: (looks blank) Ok point taken. You know, i'm glad Cate's back, I kinda missed her ditzy self being around, plus I got like a whole new wardrobe.

    XAK: Maybe she should try to hang me, there's only so many times I can wear the black tank top and jeans.

    CHARLIE: (looking at him) Hey, it works, don't knock it.

    He blushes.

    XAK: (changes the subject) So where we headed?

    The camera changes to a point of view shot of something in the bushes nearby.

    CHARLIE: No where, just fancied a walk.

    The camera changes to a point of view shot of something different in the trees nearby.

    XAK: In the graveyard? You know Charlie you really need to?

    He stops when he hears something rustling. They both stop and he walks forwards.

    XAK: Do you hear that?

    He turns to CHARLIE, to find her with a knife to her neck by a vampire and another with his hand over her mouth. He goes to move towards them, angry.

    MALE VOICE (O/S): I wouldn't do that if I were you?

    XAK stops, and turns as he hears something stepping from behind CHARLIE and the two vampires. It's TEETH, the loan shark demon.

    MALE VOICE/TEETH: I think we need to talk.

    XAK: (angry) I don't know what you are, and I have nothing to say to whatever you are, give me her back now?

    TEETH: (cutting him off) Oh you misunderstand me?I wasn't talking to you.

    He turns to CHARLIE whose eyes are wide with fear, she looks at XAK, who looks at them both confused?


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    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. XAK and CHARLIE are standing in the alleyway near The Bronze. This is the night they first met. The hostility between the two of them on this first night has been eradicated a long time ago.

    XAK: ?What's it to you?

    CHARLIE: Well you're a regular gentlemen aren't you?. Fresh with chivalry.

    XAK continues to look at her, annoyed. She sighs, and turns back and walks towards The Bronze.

    CHARLIE: Well, I'm Charlie, maybe next time you're in there, and looking where you're going, you can give me a shout.

    She turns back briefly.

    CHARLIE: I'll teach you a thing or two about chivalry?

    She smiles flirtatiously, he watches her still and continues to watch her leave until she enters The Bronze. Instead of the camera following XAK down the alley, it follows CHARLIE indoors who walks across the floor with great confidence as if she's controlling the room. MICHELLE BRANCH is just finishing her set. The Bronze is still busy, but people are starting to leave now. CHARLIE moves up the stairs to the upper levels of The Bronze.


    She is alone. She looks around to check no one is there, before heading towards a corner at the other end of the balcony. There are two figures standing at the far end, they watch her approach.

    CHARLIE: (nervous but seemingly cocky) You boys, we gotta stop meeting like this. Leaving little messages for me?it's so?cheesy?

    They both step into the lights, it's the same vampires that are holding her in the present day. She isn't fazed by their presence and continues to walk towards them.

    VAMPIRE #2: Aw babe, you know you love it.

    She smiles sweetly.

    VAMPIRE #1: And you know little girl, we wouldn't have to if you kept to your end of the deal.

    She sighs and stops walking forward towards them, keeping her distance.

    CHARLIE: (seriously) You know I can't do that, not yet.

    VAMPIRE #2: Our boss has been very lenient on you so far, but I'm afraid his patience is running low.

    CHARLIE: (quietly) I just need more time, I just saw someone else, he could be helpful, he can help me get some more?

    VAMPIRE #1 laughs.

    VAMPIRE #1: What's this I hear girl, another guy?

    VAMPIRE #2: This one gonna "bail out" too?

    CHARLIE looks annoyed.

    CHARLIE: They don't bail! It's just getting harder to get the money, but trust me I'm doing everything I can to get Teeth his money!

    VAMPIRE #1: It's not good enough.

    CHARLIE: Well it's gonna have to be. Tell Jaws he'll get his fish, so stop with all the secret meetings. God he's gonna need his own theme tune soon. Bye boys?

    She turns to leave but VAMPIRE #1 grabs her arm. She looks back, scared.

    VAMPIRE #1: Sorry Charlie?

    VAMPIRE #2: See you've gone too far this time, and your attitude isn't helping. Boss wants us to do something about it?

    CHARLIE: (scared) What do you mean?

    VAMPIRE #2: Well you see he thinks you have a memory problem. He wants to make sure you remember who you're messing with, and how much you owe him?

    He pulls out a knife from his pocket. CHARLIE'S eyes widen in fear.

    VAMPIRE #2: So we thought we'd write it on your arm for you.

    Her eyes widen more, fixated on the knife. He advances on her, and walks across the screen. As he does the camera pans down to the lower level?


    The colours on the screen begin to return to normal and the camera pans round to see a lot of people dancing, CATE is one of them. She breathes heavily as she begins to get tired. She moves towards the bar, feeling thirsty.

    WOMAN (O/S): Nice dancing Cate, I didn't realise how much like a fish out of water you really are?

    CATE turns around, her expression drops. It's MELODY.

    CATE: Melody?

    MELODY: You know it's funny, but every time I see you, you look at me with that ridiculous expression?

    CATE: (quietly) Like what?

    MELODY: Like you've seen a ghost or something, I mean come on, could a ghost have a good complexion and kick ass ass!

    CATE looks her up and down, realising she has nothing to fear from MELODY.

    CATE: Oh I really wouldn't worry girl, you have none of those things.

    This comment attract some shouts of "shame" and "oooh" from the crowd. TOOLE looks over from the bar, noticing the commotion. MELODY'S jaw drops slightly, shocked that CATE would disrespect her.

    MELODY: Mouthing off at me is stupid Cate; you know I can break you just as easily as you?

    CATE: (confused) Oh do I? Enlighten me you washed up tramp.

    MELODY moves closer now, seething.

    MELODY: (looks at her seriously) I know what you did, you stupid bitch.

    CATE moves towards MELODY too now, her mouth poised to spit the latest backchat of verbal poison at MELODY. TOOLE swoops in between the two of them, stopping CATE'S verbal attack.

    TOOLE: Ok ladies, (looks at them both), time out. Come on this is a big night for me, almost two whole hours without a fight, now that's a Bronze record.

    CATE looks annoyed but MELODY smirks.

    MELODY: This isn't over, Cate. Trust me, the games are just beginning?

    She walks away into the crowd. TOOLE turns around and looks at CATE.

    TOOLE: You ok?

    CATE looks angry and annoyed.

    CATE: Stupid fu-?

    TOOLE: Whoa whoa whoa, this is a family place.

    She raises an eyebrow.

    TOOLE: Ok, not totally but still, violence of the verbal kind never solved anything.

    CATE begins to shake from being so angry. TOOLE notices her fingers twitching.

    TOOLE: Uh, listen why don't you cool off in the office or something, I'll bring you a drink.

    She looks at him.

    CATE: Are you hitting on me? ?Cause I am so not in the mood right now.

    TOOLE: I wouldn't flatter yourself; I do it for every blonde.

    CATE: So I'm not the only one?

    TOOLE: Nope sorry.

    CATE: (sincerely) Oh good, that makes me feel better then.

    TOOLE looks at her, immensely confused at her insane logic. There is a pause.

    CATE: So, which way is this office?

    TOOLE: (instantly) This way?

    He points to the other side of the room and they leave briskly.


    CHARLIE is still being held by the two vampires and TEETH is looking at her. XAK creates a fist in anger.

    TEETH: Charlie Charlie Charlie?You have been a thorn in my side.

    He moves closer to her.

    TEETH: I mean I put myself on the line for you, I've been doing my best work, and this is how you repay me? Come on now?

    He makes a gesture at VAMPIRE #1 to release his grasp over CHARLIE'S mouth.

    TEETH: ?What have you got to say for yourself?

    VAMPIRE #1 releases his grip of CHARLIE'S mouth. CHARLIE looks down then shoots a glare at TEETH.

    CHARLIE: Back off.

    Suddenly, both vampires go flying either side of her and TEETH flies backwards into a crypt. XAK runs to her, quickly.

    XAK: Come on!

    He grabs her hand and they run. They exit the graveyard on to the street.


    CHARLIE looks behind her. VAMPIRE #2 has already stood up and is in pursuit. Snarling and growling at them.

    CHARLIE: One of them is coming! Xak!

    XAK: This way!

    The camera pans up to them running down an alley then back to VAMPIRE #2 who follows them closely.


    We now see VAMPIRE #2 arriving at a cross road in the alley he looks down all possible avenues before growling, and running straight on. The camera moves to the left avenue showing a dumpster. From the side of it, XAK peers round to look. He nods at CHARLIE who is behind him, hiding.

    XAK: Ok, its clear. Come on.

    CHARLIE emerges from behind him. They run down the alley they were hiding in.


    The door opens and XAK and CHARLIE enter. The place is cleaner now. The old furniture is there but a lot of the books have been tidied away leaving only a select few on the book case on the far wall. It looks a lot fresher, and younger. CHARLIE walks further into the lounge and looks around.

    CHARLIE: (looking around) So at last I see your place, it's?bookish.

    XAK ignores the comment and looks at her to see if she's hurt.

    XAK: Are you ok?

    CHARLIE: Me? Sticks and stones?I'll live.

    XAK: What did they want?

    She sits down on the chair, merely perching on the edge.

    CHARLIE: It's kinda complicated?

    XAK: Charlie, I'm supposed to be protecting you, how can I do that if you won't tell me what I'm protecting you from?

    CHARLIE sighs and looks down. There is a pause but she eventually looks up at him.

    CHARLIE: About the whole you protecting me thing?

    XAK nods at this, kneeling down to her level.

    CHARLIE: Well before you, there were others looking out for me. He was one of them. But he's dangerous. He's got a reputation in this town as being a notorious loan shark?

    XAK raises his eyebrows.

    XAK: In this town nothing's a metaphor is it?

    She shakes her head, not seeing the funny side. She continues?

    CHARLIE: For a while, things were fine. I could get the money no problem to pay for the protection by bringing people to my Da?

    She remembers that XAK doesn't know about RACK being her father yet.

    CHARLIE: ?to Rack. Eventually it got harder to find people and?

    XAK doesn't notice that she nearly slips up.

    XAK: (cutting her off) ?And you fell behind on payment?

    CHARLIE stops, and thinks.

    CHARLIE: (quietly) Yeah.

    He sighs, and smiles reassuringly.

    XAK: You shoulda said?

    CHARLIE: You were already putting your neck on the line for me enough as it was, I didn't wanna be even more of a burden.

    XAK: You're a burden I chose to bear Charlie?

    He touches her face. She feels a shiver run down her spine.

    CHARLIE: (softly) Thank you.

    XAK: ?Is this everything?

    CHARLIE: What do you mean?

    XAK: No more secrets?

    CHARLIE pauses.

    CHARLIE: (lying) None.

    XAK: Ok, then wait here?

    He turns and moves towards the front door.

    CHARLIE: Why, where are you going?

    He turns back to her.

    XAK: I'm gonna do a patrol and see if I can "reason" with this guy, shark, thing.

    She looks worried but he smiles.

    XAK: Don't worry, everything will be fine. Just sit tight?

    He smiles and leaves. CHARLIE looks at the door before putting her head in her hands and sighing deeply.


    TEETH is still lying on the floor. He's trying to get up to his feet but is clearly struggling. VAMPIRE #1 runs towards him.

    VAMPIRE #1: Boss, you ok?

    TEETH looks up at him. He growls annoyed. He stands with the aid of his henchman.

    TEETH: You idiot, you let her get away. Too many times you've let me down.

    From the sleeve of his suit a stake appears. The camera cuts to behind VAMPIRE #1. He slowly turns to dust and TEETH is revealed through the dusty cloud, a stake in his hand. He breathes huskily, his gills flaring.

    TEETH: (to himself) No more games, I'm done waiting. I want that Witch dead?




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      ACT TWO



      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. CHARLIE is walking down the alleyway and is almost at The Bronze. She is smiling and straightening her dress. She looks up as she hears the faint noise of the band coming from The Bronze nearby.

      VOICE (O/S): Charrrrrlie?

      CHARLIE stops walking suddenly, recognising the voice. It's a male voice. She looks around, there's nothing there, and still looking behind her she walks forwards. She bangs into something. She looks up, but we cannot see who it is.

      MALE VOICE: Hello Charlie. I believe we have some unfinished business.

      Her eyes widen in fear. The camera rotates to show TEETH standing opposite her. She sighs, seeing it's him, as if trying to put on a brave face.

      CHARLIE: Jeez, you know your kind are scary enough in the water, but in pinstriped suits?

      TEETH: (laughs) I'm pleased you're so happy to make jokes about our arrangement.

      CHARLIE: We have no arrangement anymore. This little thing is terminated.

      TEETH: Oh I'm sorry to hear that?

      CHARLIE smiles.

      CHARLIE: That's quite alright. Goodbye.

      She walks past him. TEETH turns and looks at her.

      TEETH: I'm afraid not quite that simple as that, you see you owe me a lot of money little girl.

      CHARLIE reaches into her bag and takes out a huge wad of cash. She chucks it at him.

      CHARLIE: Here's your money?

      She turns back again and continues walking to The Bronze. TEETH looks at the floor scanning the notes with his beady black eyes.

      TEETH: (angrily) This isn't enough.

      She turns back again, infuriated.

      CHARLIE: Well it's all you're getting from me! Look, I don't need your service anymore. I have someone new?

      TEETH: (laughs again) Oh Charlie, you really have no comprehension how anything works in our world do you.

      She smiles, and TEETH walks towards her, walking over the money, not caring.

      CHARLIE: (ignoring his comment) ?and I'm on my way to meet him right now, he's dangerous you know, you don't wanna mess with him!

      TEETH is close to her now?

      TEETH: You know what? I don't think I particularly care?

      He lunges at CHARLIE and tackles her to the ground. She tries to hit him, but he's too strong. He bites her leg, causing her to scream in agony. With her leg that isn't wounded, she kicks him away and scrambles to her feet, she limps away in the direction of The Bronze.

      TEETH: (shouting after her) This isn't over Charlie! I'll get my money, and your head!

      CHARLIE is still running, she looks behind her, he's not there. She enters The Bronze now.


      She is walking with a slight limp. She is looking around the crowd, she then sighs and moves to the bar. The camera moves away from her this time and goes towards the office door. As it does this, the colours on the screen return to normal. The camera zooms in on the plaque saying "OFFICE. STAFF ONLY." The door opens slowly.



      The camera pans around the room. The room is surprisingly clean and tidy. There is however a lot of bottles of liquor including half empty bottles of sambuca. The camera eventually lands on CATE sitting cross-legged on a leather sofa at the back of the room. TOOLE enters. He's holding a bottle of wine and two glasses.

      TOOLE: There you go, Pinot Grigio right?

      CATE: A man with a taste for blondes and good wine, my my how metro-sexual of you.

      TOOLE: Oh right?I'll take that to be a good thing?

      CATE: (confused) It is?

      TOOLE rolls his eyes and sits next to CATE. He pours a glass of wine for her and then himself.

      CATE: Should you be drinking?

      TOOLE: I'm the boss, if I can't drink, who can.

      She nods and sips her wine. He watches her, noticing that she's relaxed a lot more now.

      TOOLE: So?what's your deal with red?

      CATE sighs.

      CATE: She's an old friend.

      TOOLE: She didn't look like a friend.

      CATE: (smiling and sipping her wine) She's not anymore I guess. We didn't exactly leave on good terms?

      She looks down.

      CATE: (quietly) ?Well, that's one way of putting things.

      TOOLE: Well that's the way it goes with some people.

      CATE: I guess, some people just don't click. Melody and I? We clicked?but un-clicked just as easily.

      TOOLE: I had a friend like that?I mean you can know someone a lifetime and never have a true?

      CATE: (cuts him off) ?connection?

      TOOLE smiles at her, she smiles back.

      CATE: Thanks for this, I'm Cate by the way.

      TOOLE: I'm Toole.

      She raises an eyebrow.

      CATE: (looking confused once more) As in kit?

      TOOLE: (laughs) It's my nickname.

      CATE: What's your real name?

      TOOLE: (looks at her, almost serious) That would be telling?

      CATE: Hey it's no big deal, I mean my friend Charlie, she's not really called that cause you know, she's like not a boy, she's really called?

      TOOLE: (cuts her off) Charlie? Green eyes, kinda witchy?

      CATE: Wow, you are intuitive, you'd totally fit in with my friend Xak. He works here actually you might have seen him. He's like totally into her but won't admit?

      TOOLE: (cuts her off again) Wait, Xak? Black hair, kinda slack in working, attractive?from a manly masculine point of view of course?

      There is a pause. They look to eachother and CATE'S face shows she's thinking.

      CATE: God you are good?


      XAK is walking down an alley, he has just passed the crossroad in the alley he passed earlier with CHARLIE. He hears some footsteps. He looks behind him. It's TEETH. He looks tired and slightly battered from CHARLIE'S spell earlier. XAK smiles.

      XAK: Just the fish I was looking for.

      TEETH: Just the "man" I was looking for. Coincidence huh?

      The camera pans up to them facing eachother.




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        ACT THREE


        The camera is still fixed on both XAK and TEETH. Neither one of them has made a move to attack.

        TEETH: So, you must be the new shield for the little witch huh?

        XAK: Look, she told me everything.

        TEETH: Yes, Charlie's well known for saying one thing, but meaning another. Like when she said she'd be paying me?

        XAK: This ends now.

        TEETH: Now listen here. I'm a reasonable guy, I do what people want and they don't like it when it comes to giving a little to get a little. Charlie owes me?

        XAK: (cutting him off) ?Nothing. I vowed to protect her, be it financially or otherwise. You're getting nothing?

        TEETH: You see, it's all very well for Charlie to just dismiss her credit, but I'm afraid she signed on; she knew the deal?that's why it has to end like this?

        XAK: (curiously) End like what?

        TEETH smirks.


        CATE is now sat cross-legged on the sofa and TOOLE looks more relaxed in his posture. They both look like they're enjoying one another's company a lot.

        CATE: (smiling) Wait, so you're like his boss?

        TOOLE: Yeah I guess so.

        CATE: Wow, small world.

        TOOLE smiles.

        TOOLE: It really is.

        CATE: You know I convinced him to get this job!

        TOOLE: Uh, thanks. He's a, um, real good worker.

        CATE: No problem, I can be quite influential, so he stood no chance in defying me.

        She laughs.

        CATE: I know he's kinda slack but he's a decent guy, I think. He's good to Charlie.

        TOOLE nods.

        TOOLE: She seemed nice when I met her, powerful woman.

        CATE: (smiling) Charlie's the best, totally messed up inside but that girl is awesome, you do not wanna piss her off.

        TOOLE: You really like them don't you?

        CATE: I do?I really do. I guess I just relate to them. They have no one really special in this world, and neither do I. Not until now anyone.

        TOOLE: Can I join that club?

        She looks at him curiously.

        CATE: I don't see you as the loner type?

        TOOLE: Yep, afraid so. Tooley no mates here. Seriously?that's what they call me.

        CATE looks sad at this revelation.

        CATE: That sucks. No family?

        TOOLE: Parents died when I was younger, had to raise my brother since I was a teenager.

        CATE: God that's awful?where's your brother now?

        There is a pause, he looks down. Not sure how to answer it.

        TOOLE: He died, not so long ago. We kind of fell out a while back and I barely saw him till recently. Then out of nowhere?he just?

        She places a hand on his.

        CATE: It's ok?

        He smiles, trying to remain masculine and not cry.

        CATE: (quietly) I'm sorry.

        TOOLE: Hey, it's not your fault?

        CATE: I know but still.

        She smiles at him, he smiles back. He removes his hand from under hers.

        TOOLE: (finishing his wine) Listen, I better send the guys home, its nearly closing.

        CATE: Oh ok?

        He stands, as does she. He turns to her.

        TOOLE: No, stay, finish your drink.

        He smiles at her. She sits back down as he goes towards the door.

        CATE: Toole?

        He turns to look at her; she looks at him not sure whether to smile.

        CATE: Thank you.

        He nods and briefly smiles before leaving the office. CATE crosses her legs on the sofa once more and leans back exhaling, feeling relieved and relaxed.


        XAK is still facing off with TEETH. His hand is clenched into a fist, and it's shaking with anger?

        XAK: Answer me.

        TEETH: She's got you whipped hasn't she?

        He laughs again.

        TEETH: Running around after a piece of trash like her, it's embarrassing but I could use a man with a rage like yours.

        XAK: You're wasting your time?

        TEETH: Actually, you're wasting yours?

        XAK'S hand stops shaking?suddenly he realises?he looks down?

        XAK: (thinking) This, it's a diversion?

        TEETH: Great protector?girls like Charlie don't deserve things creatures of our calibre to protect her.

        XAK looks up with rage?

        XAK: I am no creature.

        He picks up a metal pole lying in the alley and swings it with immense force at the demon that TEETH flies into the wall.

        XAK: (shouting) I am nothing like you!

        XAK repeatedly hits him with the pole.

        XAK: You're scum! I'm nothing like you!

        Eventually all that is left is fish pulp. He stops, breathing heavily and throws the pole on the floor. He shoots a glare at the alley, which leads to his apartment.


        CHARLIE is sitting in the chair staring at the floor. She has a glass of water in her hand and she's tapping her foot on the floor, nervously. Suddenly the door bursts off the hinges. She looks up shocked. VAMPIRE #2 is standing in the doorway.

        CHARLIE: (wide eyed) Y-you can't come in, without being invited.

        VAMPIRE #2: (looking around the frame of the door) We'll see?

        He walks through the frame effortlessly. CHARLIE gasps.

        CHARLIE: (stammering) By the goddess, the, crap what is it!

        He dives at her and knocks her to the ground, he punches her in the face, she begins to cry.

        CHARLIE: (crying)?No?please?

        VAMPIRE #2: (smirking) I'm just getting started?

        He pins her down and goes to bite her neck. CHARLIE closes her eyes. She hears him groan, and suddenly she finds herself covered in a layer of dust. She opens her eyes to see XAK standing over her with a stake in his hand?

        CHARLIE: (tries to stop crying) Xak?

        He breathes heavily, looking down at her, worried.

        XAK: Charlie?you ok?

        She smiles, weakly.

        CHARLIE: Sticks and stones?

        He helps her up, and puts her on the chair. She looks at the broken doorway.

        CHARLIE: (confused) I don't get it. He just came in, he didn't need an invite.

        XAK: The owner's dead. (he sighs) I'm sorry, I shouldn't have left you.

        CHARLIE: (slowly and quietly) You were trying to protect me.

        He looks guilty. Then he looks down at the floor.

        XAK: Let me take you home, its been a bad night.

        CHARLIE: Xak, there's something you need to know.

        He looks up from the floor, her face ridden with guilt.




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          ACT FOUR


          The camera pans around the lobby waiting room, its empty, void of any junkies. Suddenly, CHARLIE and XAK appear through the wall. He looks around, confused.

          XAK: Charlie?why are we here again?

          The door opens to RACK'S room. It's RACK, he doesn't look up to see who it is.

          RACK: Sorry I'm closing up for the night?

          He looks up to see his daughter and her protector.

          RACK: Oh?Charlotte.

          CHARLIE breathes, nervously, and then turns to XAK.

          CHARLIE: There's someone I want you to meet?

          RACK: Baby, we've already met, how tanked up were you?

          XAK looks to and from them both, confused.

          XAK: What do you mean? Charlie I don't get it?

          She pauses.

          CHARLIE: This is?my dad.

          XAK looks down, his face searching for a reply. Eventually he looks up at RACK.

          RACK: (smirks) Don't act surprised. Charlotte's a big girl, she's old enough to know what she wants.

          XAK looks at him, disgusted.

          XAK: No wonder she needs protecting, but not from those things that attacked her tonight?from you!

          He advances towards RACK feeling angry. CHARLIE watches, scared.

          CHARLIE: Xak no! Please?

          She stands in between them both. There is a long pause. RACK thinks, he looks at CHARLIE.

          RACK: What things?

          She turns to face her father.

          CHARLIE: What?

          RACK: (slowly) What was it that attacked you?

          XAK looks at her angrily.

          XAK: Looks like I'm not the only one she's kept in the dark.

          CHARLIE looks from one to the other. Both of them looking at her angry and disappointed at her deceit and lies. Her eyes begin to well up with tears.

          RACK: What you done Charlotte?

          She starts crying?

          CHARLIE: (splutters out through tears) I didn't mean to! Dad I needed the money, they were gonna hurt me if I didn't pay them! You said we needed protection, I ju?I'm so sorry!

          RACK looks at his daughter with disgust.

          RACK: You stupid little girl?you stole money that I was using to save your life?you have no idea what you've done?you have absolutely no idea?

          CHARLIE looks at him and is lost for words, she gasps for breath. RACK looks at XAK and then walks back into his room and leaves her with XAK. She turns to XAK. He's looking at her, expressionless.

          CHARLIE: Xak, I don't know what to say.

          XAK shakes his head.

          XAK: There's nothing you can say.

          CHARLIE tries to move closer, but he just moves further away.

          CHARLIE: (pleading) Xak, please you have to see why I?

          XAK: (cutting her off, ignoring her pleas) You told me there was nothing else, no more secrets.

          CHARLIE: I didn't know how you'd react.

          XAK: (angrily) To your dad abusing you with god knows what?! Why the hell were you so keen to have me protect you from the dangers of this town, when you welcome it!

          She can't reply, she can't find the words. XAK shakes his head.

          XAK: Whatever your reasons?you made me think I had a friend, a purpose for being here. Was that a lie too?

          CHARLIE: No! It wasn't! You do have those things?

          XAK: No I don't Charlie! I know I'm new to this, but I know this much: Friends don't do what you did, and neither do daughters. I just don't get you?

          She tries to grip on to his hand, desperately.

          CHARLIE: But you do, more than anyone.

          He shakes her off.

          XAK: (thinking) What was I? Another client, someone else your dad could get some money from, which you'd just steal back to pay off that freak?

          CHARLIE: Xak, maybe at first, but not anymore! I didn't know how much you'd mean to me. How much we'd click. I just have always had to look after myself, Its just been too much for me with Cate, Toole, and you?

          XAK: So you're blaming us?

          CHARLIE: No! I just don't know how to function and to let other people help me?

          XAK: Well, if you're so used to being on your own?then do that. I'm done.

          He turns and walks out through the mystical doorway. The camera turns to face her. She is crying intensely.

          SONG: LADYTRON ? BEAUTY #2

          The music starts as the camera shows her covering her mouth with her hand. She slowly walks through the door to the inner sanctum. The camera pulls back and fades into the next scene. (The music below plays throughout)

          "I sent you out to play last night
          The alarms went off at three
          Funny how im not laughing now
          Loneliness a guarantee

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The camera shows CATE leaving TOOLE'S office. She sees him at the bar cleaning up. He looks up and notices her. She smiles, he returns the gesture. She turns and leaves through the front door. TOOLE looks down and goes back to cleaning. (The music below plays throughout)

          "I sent you out to play last night
          The alarms went off at three
          Funny how I'm not laughing now
          He's not coming home to me

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The camera shows XAK walking down the alley. He lights a cigarette. He passes the corpse of TEETH. He looks down at it, then carries on walking; unfazed. (The music below plays throughout)

          "If only there was no consequence
          Watch it all turn to dust

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The camera shows CHARLIE crying on her bedroom floor. She's clutching a syringe of black liquid. It's Onyx Tonic. The tears fall down her face on to the syringe. She pulls up her sleeve and injects the liquid into herself. She leans her head back. (The music below plays throughout)

          "Hey can I go with you
          My beauty number two
          Hey can I go with
          When the rendezvous over

          A grey smoke begins to envelop her slowly. (The music below plays throughout)

          "It's not over
          No it's not over

          The smoke fully covers her and eventually the whole screen.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          ALAN TUDYK as TOOLE
          JEFF KOBER as RACK

          Special Guest Stars:

          Special Mention:
          LADYTRON - BEAUTY#2


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            - I wasn't satisfied with Spike letting Teeth live in "Tabula Rasa" so i thought i'd do something about it.

            - I used Ladytron in this episode and this is my favourite song of theirs. It's from their album "Witching Hour" and this band has also inspired an episode name of Season Two.
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