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  • Shadow Stalker - 1.03 - In This Skin

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 1.03 ? In This Skin
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart
    Rating: UK Rating 12 (Language and Violence)

    Shadow Stalker is officially affiliated with Rogue Redemption, an awesome spin-off created by Amber.

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season One starts alongside Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 3 of Angel and is in association with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Raven (Alexander Brown); Sorceress Of Crimson Falls (Travis); and Wishful Thinking (Ben).

    RACK (V/O): Previously on Shadow Stalker


    RACK: Charlotte, we don't have a lot of time left, you need all the help you can get, we both do, I'm trying my best here, (indicates money on the table).

    CHARLIE: ?Ok?dad.


    XAKIEL: (calm) ?You can't harm me anymore.

    GLORY/THE FIRST: Oh I can?you just don't know how, but you will, call me sweet cheeks.

    She mimes a telephone with her hand by her ear and disappears in black smoke which leaves a faint image of CHARLIE enveloped in black smoke screaming. Xakiel looks stunned. He sits there for a while and looks down, he stands slowly, and leaves the room still breathing heavily from his confrontation.


    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. Camera shows an isolated cottage in a large field, nothing surrounds it for miles. In the garden behind it, A SMALL GIRL is swinging on a hammock seat resting in the arm of her MOTHER. The SMALL GIRL is about three years old. The MOTHER is young looking and attractive, in her early thirties, with long flowing brown hair. The MOTHER is singing to the girl, who is being lulled to sleep.

    MOTHER: (singing softly whilst stroking her daughter's hair) Hush little baby, don't say a word, Daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird. If that mockingbird don't sing, Daddy's gonna buy you a diamond ring.


    CHARLIE wakes up in the darkness gasping for breath, the colours are normal on the screen once again. It was a dream.


    XAKIEL and CHARLIE are walking towards The Bronze.

    XAKIEL: So it's the second night in a row?

    CHARLIE: I don't know what they mean exactly; I can't even remember the details.

    XAKIEL: Do you think it's some kind of?I don't know, metaphor?

    CHARLIE: Maybe, it means something?


    XAKIEL and CHARLIE have just saved the BLONDE WOMAN from the vampire brothers.

    BLONDE WOMAN: Oh my god?.Charlie?

    CHARLIE and XAKIEL turn around slowly to the BLONDE WOMAN who's holding her neck.

    CHARLIE: Cate?you tried to have me hung drawn and quartered in school!

    CATE: A misunderstanding, I've said I'm sorry like three times.


    CATE: (nodding)?Oh Charlie, behind you!

    A vampire approaches CHARLIE with a snooker cue raised. She turns round and grabs the cue with a magical grasp and thrusts it into the vampire's chest. He dusts.

    CATE: (cheering) Ha! Nice poking Charlie!

    The camera moves back to the VAMPIRE who manages to kick off XAKIEL sending him flying into the crowd. He runs at CHARLIE, who has dusted two more vampires with her enchanted snooker cue.

    VAMPIRE: I hate witches.

    CHARLIE throws the snooker cue at him but he bats it off without a flinch. He grabs her by her neck and lifts her up.

    VAMPIRE: I always thought Witches belonged in the gallows. Let's test that theory.

    She begins to choke. The VAMPIRE snarls then stops. He looks down, the snooker cue is sticking through his chest. He dusts. Standing behind him is CATE, who's holding the cue. CHARLIE falls to the ground.

    CATE: No one hangs her but me.

    CHARLIE gasps for air and makes several long deep breaths. CATE looks down at her and helps CHARLIE up.

    CATE: Jeez, you ok?

    CHARLIE: (rubbing her neck) Yeah I'm good.


    CHARLIE: Sorry I've was so hard on you?

    CATE: Oh hey, forget about it. If you tried hanging me, I'd be slightly peeved.

    ? They smile, and CHARLIE turns to leave. She walks away. The camera stays on CATE who is still sitting on the bench, she breathes deeply and looks down. She spots something on the floor. A small brown animal is in the gutter. A dead animal?

    CATE: Eww?

    She reaches down and spreads the leaves apart that are partially covering it. CATE'S eyes widen as she sees the animal's eyes are wide also, almost as if it was terrified and scared before it died. It's a Mockingbird




    It's Saturday night and extremely busy. Three barmen are working extra hard in order to service the massive hoards of people. They look annoyed. Amongst the crowd, XAKIEL, CHARLIE and CATE are sitting around the sofa area. XAKIEL and CHARLIE are laughing, CATE looks shocked.

    CATE: You guys were so out of line.

    CHARLIE: (laughing) Oh come on, it's fine, it doesn't matter.

    CATE: That's easy for you to say. You've been calling him Xakiel all this time because obviously that's his name. Then here comes Cate, saying Shakeel for like two weeks. That's gotta be embarrassing?

    XAKIEL and CHARLIE look at one another before replying at the same time,

    XAKIEL: We barely noticed?

    CHARLIE: Totally un-obvious.

    There is a brief pause of awkward-ness. CATE looks as if she's moved on, she looks to be in thought about something else now.

    CATE: (thinking hard) Xakiel?that's a weird name right?

    CHARLIE: It's no Tom, Dick or Harry. (looking at XAKIEL) Where did ya get it?

    XAKIEL: (thinking carefully) I can't remember.

    CHARLIE: Is it a nickname? Parents gave it to you?

    XAKIEL: No, it's not a nickname and I don't remember my parents?

    CHARLIE and CATE look at one another sadly, as if it's sad he doesn't remember.

    CHARLIE: Well Xakiel, that name is a part of your old life, I say we call you something different.

    CATE raises her hand excited.

    CATE: Oh my god this is gonna be fun! I'm so good at naming people!

    XAKIEL looks worried.

    CATE: (thinking out loud) How about, Clint? Or?Milo?! No that's like a dogs name!

    XAKIEL raises an eyebrow. CHARLIE laughs slightly.

    CHARLIE: Cate, calm down, I just thought he could shorten his name like we have.

    XAKIEL and CATE look a bit confused.

    CHARLIE: You know?Cathryn to Cate. Charlotte to Charlie.

    CATE nods.

    CATE: Oh, so Xakiel to Kiel?

    CHARLIE rolls her eyes and sighs. XAKIEL looks worried at the prospect of his name being changed.

    CHARLIE: No, Xak!

    XAKIEL and CATE nod realising. CATE looks slightly annoyed that CHARLIE'S idea was better than hers. XAKIEL looks like he remembers something?

    XAKIEL: (realising) You called me that before.

    CHARLIE: (being coy and finishing her drink) You noticed that huh?

    CATE smiles and winks at CHARLIE who returns the wink.

    XAKIEL: (slowly) Xak?Xak?yeah, I like it.

    CHARLIE: Then I propose a toast, to our names!

    XAKIEL/XAK: Um, Charlie?

    He points to the table, all their drinks are empty. CATE and CHARLIE look at him.

    XAK: Ok, I get the point?

    He reaches into his pockets, he can't find anything.

    XAK: Uh oh?

    CATE: God, loosen the purse strings Xak!

    XAK: No seriously, I have no money.

    CHARLIE: How did you pay for stuff before?

    XAK: The guy I was staying with had lots of money, people would pay him for information, he was kind of connected, in the demon world.

    CHARLIE: So what, he stopped paying out?

    XAK looks at CHARLIE seriously.

    XAK: Ever since I killed him?yes.

    There is a long silence. CATE looks to and from the two of them.

    CATE: Jeez, morbid much. Get a job.

    XAK: A job?

    CATE: Sure, where you do tasks in return for money. Even I work; I have a job at the mall?

    CHARLIE laughs.

    CHARLIE: Shopping is not work Cate.

    CATE: Yes it is, I'm a personal shopper.

    CHARLIE: (looking blank) Just like you always dreamed.

    CATE nods, agreeing.

    XAK: (to CHARLIE) You think this job idea would be a good thing?

    CHARLIE: Sure, a shortened more human name, more colloquial vocabulary, now a job?

    She raises her fist to the sky, dramatically.

    CHARLIE: ?There's no stopping the plague of humanity within!

    He raises an eyebrow.

    XAK: But I mean who would even hire me, what qualities do I have "Mass murdering ex-dragon seeks work".

    CATE: (looking at the bar) What about here? They look like they could use more staff, plus I bet the money's good with tips and stuff.

    XAK looks around thinking.

    CATE: ?Except I would leave out the part about being an "ex-dragon", it won't sell well. When were you a dragon? Was it like a kid's show or something?

    XAK looks at CHARLIE again.

    CHARLIE: (whispering) I'll talk to her later?

    He smiles.

    CHARLIE: ?I say go for it, new beginning Xak, remember?

    XAK: (smiles and holds up his empty glass) New beginnings!

    Close up on XAK, CHARLIE and CATE as they clink their empty glasses together.


    The lights are off. There is only a small ray of light. It illuminates the outer wood of the barrels and the crates of beer and drinks. It shows something else too. A body is lying on the floor, only evident through the extremely red hand sticking out of the shadows. There is little blood and it is unknown who killed it. A clicking/snapping sound can be heard and something runs past the screen laughing.


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    The club is deserted and rays of sunshine shine through the windows. The place is deserted except for one blonde barman who is moving various bottled beverages from crates on the counter into a fridge. XAK enters through the front door. He looks around, before noticing the barman.

    XAK: Hello?

    The blonde barman turns around, (He is played by Alan Tudyk).

    BLONDE BARMAN: (looks at XAK) Can I help?

    XAK: Yeah I think so. I'm looking for some work?

    BLONDE BARMAN: Well you came at the right time, we were packed out last night. Barely managed?

    XAK: Yeah I noticed.

    BLONDE BARMAN: (lifting some more beers into the fridge) So, you got any experience?

    XAK: In what?

    The BLONDE BARMAN looks at him for a moment blankly.

    BLONDE BARMAN: Bar work?

    XAK: Well, uh no, but I'm keen to learn. I'm kinda quick at adjusting to new things.

    He moves towards the BLONDE BARMAN as he says this.

    BLONDE BARMAN: Well like I said, we're short staffed. (annoyed) This uh?guy bailed and didn't come back. Totally unpredictable?

    He says this with such annoyance that he knocks the crate off the counter, but XAK catches it. He puts it back on the counter without any effort and looks at the BLONDE BARMAN.

    XAK: Like I said, I'm quick.

    The BLONDE BARMAN looks at him.

    BLONDE BARMAN: I tell you what, we got a big band in tonight so its probably gonna be a repeat of last night. Show up at 6pm, prove your worth and I'll see.

    He smiles at XAK.

    XAK: (smiling and holding out his hand) I'm Xak.


    They look at one another with a puzzled expression, as if trying to consider which one of them has a stranger name.


    CHARLIE and CATE are walking along the second level of the Sunnydale Mall. With it being a weekend, it is busy and packed almost as much as The Bronze was the previous night. CHARLIE and CATE eventually walk into shot. CATE is holding nothing but her purse, but CHARLIE is holding various bags. CATE is looking around in amazement at the shops.

    CATE: I think I kinda fell in love back there.

    CHARLIE: That's not possible.

    CATE: I work here all the time I can't believe I didn't notice?

    She sighs softly. CHARLIE rolls her eyes.

    CHARLIE: Cate, that's not possible?

    CATE scoffs.

    CATE: And why not?

    CHARLIE: Because you cannot fall in love with a leather belt!

    CATE looks annoyed.

    CATE: Whatever "emo warrior princess"?

    CHARLIE looks confused at the word "emo"

    CATE: Don't bitch on my words! Because of that you may have no more belts?

    CHARLIE looks embarrassed.

    CHARLIE: You already bought me five?

    CATE looks worried, thinking.

    CATE: Hm?I take that back. We need more belts, that's not enough?

    She looks around, trying to find another belt store.

    CATE: ?You know we could go back to?

    CHARLIE: (interrupting) Cate, you don't have to do this, I told you I forgive you.

    CATE: Hey girl, I'm just doing my job! I'm a personal shopper?you're a person?so I shop!

    CHARLIE: But do I really need, (looks in her bag), four skirts, five tops and three pairs of jeans, a dress.

    CATE: Don't forget the belts?and no! But that's the beauty of shopping! Plus now you have a reason to look all sassy?

    CHARLIE: Will you quit it with the Xak Pep Squad routine?

    CATE: Why, you like him!

    CHARLIE looks embarrassed again.

    CHARLIE: Well, he did say he'd got that job?maybe the three of us should do something? Give me an excuse to wear some of this.

    CATE: What like a party?

    CHARLIE: (smiling) Yeah!

    CATE: I think you need more than three people for a party but then again our social circle is kind of limited?

    WOMAN (O/S): ?Understatement of the century.

    Both CHARLIE and CATE turn to see the source of the voice. There is a RED HAIRED WOMAN walking towards them, she looks to be their age and is wearing a leather skirt and a red top. (She is played by Rose McGowan). CATE looks down. CHARLIE looks at them both.

    RED HAIRED WOMAN: Cate! Long time no see, someone told me you worked here.

    CHARLIE: That's right, a personal shopper.

    RED HAIRED WOMAN: How quaint, becoming one of the help?

    CHARLIE: I know, out in the big wide world at last!

    The RED HAIRED WOMAN gives her a fake smile.

    RED HAIRED WOMAN: And Charlie, keeping up with the skanky cheap Rock Chick 101 look? How vintage of you.

    CHARLIE maintains a smile.

    CHARLIE: Ah Melody, how we all miss you and your opinions! I'd like to inform you it's "emo" now?

    The RED HAIRED WOMAN/MELODY looks at her disgusted.

    MELODY: Ew you wish?

    She looks at them both repulsed.

    MELODY: Honestly, look at the pair of you, it's like a Greek tragedy?

    CHARLIE looks at CATE confused who is still looking at the floor.

    MELODY: I thought you'd outgrown the being friends with skank witches back in school Cate?

    CHARLIE: I believe that's why she's standing next to me, and not you.

    She links arms with CATE and starts to walk off.

    CHARLIE: Bye now Melody. Try the store on the left, I hear they have a sale on "leather clad bitches", someone might pick you up on offer.

    CHARLIE hurries along with CATE and they both carry on walking. MELODY folds her arms and watches them leave, glaring at them both.

    CHARLIE: You ok?

    CATE: (quietly) Yeah I guess?I just wasn't expecting to see her?

    She looks behind her in MELODY'S direction but she has gone.


    TOOLE is talking to XAK by the bar, showing him where everything is. XAK looks around wide eyed, trying to take everything in.

    TOOLE: The pumps are under the counter. If you run out of napkins or coasters or anything like that, they'll be in the store room which is over there.

    He points to a door nearby. XAK nods.

    XAK: Got it.

    TOOLE: The other door is my office; most of the guys have some drinks after work in there so you're more than welcome to join.

    XAK nods again, looking around the club, checking if there's anything he can't quite figure out.

    XAK: Gotcha?but what's that door over there?

    XAK points to a door a the far end of the club, TOOLE looks over.

    TOOLE: Oh that's the cellar?you don't need to go in there.

    XAK looks at the cellar, unaware that a few feet behind it is a flayed corpse?

    XAK: Ok?

    TOOLE smiles.

    TOOLE: So you ready for the insanity that is bar work?

    XAK nods.

    XAK: Bring it on?


    It is night now. THE BRONZE, as TOOLE predicted, was maxed in capacity. People are flooding the bar area causing TOOLE to run from customer to customer serving each one rapidly. The two men who were serving with TOOLE the night before were dancing maniacally on the dance floor, clearly not working this night. XAK was struggling to keep up with TOOLE and the mass orders from all the customers?

    CUT TO -

    The camera is looking dead on from the customer's point of view in this montage of scenes

    XAK: A vodka with lemonade? No? A lemonade with vodka?.how is that different?

    CUT TO -

    XAK: Ok here you go, a white wine spritzer? Huh? This isn't wine? It's not a spritzer either? Well is it white?!

    CUT TO -

    XAK shakes a cocktail shaker which slips out of his hand and shoots across the bar. A woman's scream can be heard off screen followed by a thud.


    RACK is counting various amounts of money. He laughs when he counts it.

    RACK: We did it.

    He breathes a sigh of relief and leans his head forwards into his hands. The door opens and CHARLIE enters laden with bags?

    RACK: Charlie, baby we did it! I got?

    CATE enters after CHARLIE with more bags. He sees CATE who moves next to CHARLIE. He looks at her worried, almost fearful?

    RACK: (to CHARLIE) What's she doing here.

    CATE: (smiling sweetly) It's good to see you again too Rack.

    She smiles at him now more menacingly.




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      ACT TWO


      There is an awkward pause, as CHARLIE and CATE stand opposite RACK. CHARLIE looks from CATE who is now smiling innocently to her father who is still retaining his worried look.

      CHARLIE: Don't say a word dad, just don't. Cate's back?deal with it?

      She turns to CATE.

      CHARLIE: I'm just gonna go set up, and get changed. I won't be long.

      CATE: Ok, I'll chill my heels here.

      CHARLIE nods. She takes CATE'S bags from her and walks to the back of the room, and leaves through the cabinet at the back leaving CATE and RACK on opposite sides of the room. RACK waits for CHARLIE to have fully left before looking to CATE again.

      RACK: Set up for what?

      He then notices the money is still out and turns back to it, and tidies it away.

      CATE: Xak. He got a job bartending down at The Bronze so we're throwing him a "party", my idea.

      RACK: Mighty good of you. Tryin' to redeem yourself huh?

      CATE: (looks down) I don't need to, she knows none of that was me?

      He turns back to her now; the money gone.

      RACK: You shoulda stayed lost blackberry.

      CATE smiles wickedly at him, her eyes glaze over. RACK looks as if he's used to seeing CATE like this.

      CATE: Oh I'm not going anywhere, in case you've forgotten I'm here to protect her.

      RACK: We don't need you anymore, we've been fine without you for three years?

      CATE walks towards him with a sense of authority, which RACK immediately recognises.

      CATE: Oh do not feed me that. You've been scraping by on your "pay now worry later" scheme. Grow up. It won't last. She's a loose cannon and she's lost faith in you already.

      RACK: She will never.

      CATE: Then why is she getting dressed up for her new protector now?

      RACK looks worried.


      CHARLIE is standing in front of a mirror. She's just pulled on the dress that CATE has bought her. We don't see what the dress colour is, or what it looks like, but CHARLIE stares at herself in the mirror. She laughs almost at what she looks like.

      CHARLIE: (to herself) What are you doing?

      She sighs.


      RACK is still standing opposite from CATE. Her eyes are still glazed over, showing pure white. RACK shakes his head.

      RACK: You have no idea young lady. I asked her to get his protection?

      CATE: He can't help you?even when he tries? He won't help you. No one can help you?

      RACK: (resolute) You're wrong?

      CATE: Goddess, you really are stupid. You have played right into their hands and as usual, you're too stubborn to admit it.

      RACK stands now and gets closer to CATE so his face is only a few inches away from hers.

      RACK: I mean it. If you mess this up?

      She laughs.

      CATE: Why on earth would I want to mess up something you've already royally screwed up years ago?

      At this moment, CHARLIE re-enters. She looks at them, not noticing CATE'S eyes. She looks stunning, but looks quite different to how she usually looks. Her hair is up and she's wearing tasteful subtle make up and a stunning red dress.

      CHARLIE: Guys?

      CATE blinks and her eyes return to normal. The camera stays fixed on CATE and RACK who are looking at one another. CATE turns to CHARLIE admiring how gorgeous she looks.

      CATE: Oh my gosh! Charlie! You look awesome!

      CHARLIE: (feeling embarrassed) It's not too much?

      CATE: So not! Rack will you tell your daughter how amazing she looks.

      CATE glances over to RACK who is still has his eyes fixed on CATE with a blank expression.

      RACK: (looking at CHARLIE) You look amazing baby.

      CHARLIE smiles.

      CHARLIE: I do?

      He smiles and nods.

      RACK: You do, don't be back too late.

      CHARLE: (excited) I won't! I'm just gonna go meet him at The Bronze, then we'll come straight back.

      RACK nods, sighing. CHARLIE turns to CATE.

      CHARLIE: Cate? Wait upstairs, and remember it's a surprise!

      CATE winks at her knowingly as CHARLIE leaves through the front door. CATE walks towards the cabinets. Her eyes glaze over once more. She turns back to RACK.

      CATE: Oh, and one more thing?

      She clasps her hands together and releases them to show the Mockingbird corpse in her hands.

      CATE: I think this belongs to you?

      She throws it to him and she leaves through the cabinet swiftly. RACK catches the corpse and looks down at it. He crushes it in his hands and grits his teeth in anger. He opens his hand to reveal a diamond there instead. The diamond disappears almost instantly. He looks down, and clenches his fist.


      CHARLIE is walking down the alleyway and is almost at The Bronze. She is smiling and straightening her dress. She looks up as she hears the faint noise of the band coming from The Bronze nearby.

      VOICE (O/S): Charrrrrlie?

      CHARLIE stops walking suddenly, recognising the voice. It's a male voice. She looks around, there's nothing there, still looking behind her she walks forwards. She bangs into something. She looks up, but we cannot see who it is.

      MALE VOICE: Hello Charlie. I believe we have some unfinished business.

      Her eyes widen in fear.


      The bar is quieter than it was earlier. The band has almost finished their set and most of the customers are watching the band play their song. At the bar, XAK is looking exhausted. He's resting his elbows on the counter with a towel over his shoulder. TOOLE approaches him.

      TOOLE: Don't worry, I've thrown you in the deep end. It ain't usually this busy.

      XAK: Is this hell?

      TOOLE: It's manual labour?of course it is.

      XAK laughs.

      TOOLE: Listen we're running low on beer. There's some kegs in the cellar?

      XAK looks at the cellar door.

      XAK: I thought you said I didn't need to go down there?

      TOOLE: Ordinarily I wouldn't ask someone to do all this on their first night, but since it's quiet and you've done pretty much everything else?

      XAK maintains looking at the cellar door.

      TOOLE: ?What? You're not afraid of the dark are you?

      XAK: No.

      TOOLE: Well what are you waiting for?

      XAK looks at his boss. He knows that if he wants the job he has to do it. He needs this job. He lifts himself up and slumps to a door at the far end of the club. There is a sign saying "RESTRICTED ACCESS, STAFF ONLY" hung on it. The door opens easily, it is not locked. XAK looks back at TOOLE who is watching him from afar. He goes down the stairs.


      The room is extremely dark, there is not much light at all. He fumbles for the light, which is attached to a loose string. The room is filled with a low white light. He spots some kegs over in one corner. He goes over and spots something sticking out behind one of the kegs. He moves the keg to one side to reveal a body. His eyes widen but something hits him from behind. He falls to the ground. As soon as he hits the floor the screen?




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        ACT THREE


        The camera is zooming round various dank pipes and eventually arrives at XAK who is tied to a pipe and blindfolded. He's passed out but as repeated droplets of water splash his face he is quickly revived. He gasps, startled with the lack of sight.

        VOICE (O/S): All alone.

        XAK looks around but he can't see anything because of the blindfold.

        XAK: Who's there?!

        VOICE (O/S): Your only friend is me. Your last and first. (singing) Eat you fast and quench my thirst.

        Whatever it is, pulls off his blindfold?its GNARL. The demon who will later attempt to flay WILLOW in Season Seven. XAK recoils seeing it.

        GNARL: Like you still I should, curly lady wants pain I could.

        He rips XAK'S shirt off and begins cutting his stomach slowly with it's large nail. XAK screams in pain.


        TOOLE is standing at the bar, no one is buying a drink so he's wiping the bar surface. In the background CHARLIE enters. She is walking with a slight limp and she looks to be in pain. She is looking around the crowd, she then sighs and moves to the bar, and sits down on one of the stools, flinching in pain. She continues to scan around the club looking for XAK. TOOLE looks in her direction.

        TOOLE: You ok kid?

        CHARLIE: (trying not to show the pain) Yeah, just waiting for someone.

        TOOLE: (leans forwards flirtatiously) Aren't we all.

        CHARLIE: (rolling her eyes annoyed slightly) No, his name is Xak? He's supposed to be working?

        TOOLE looks embarrassed now.

        TOOLE: Oh yeah, he went down to the cellar to get some beer?

        After he says this he frowns, thinking. CHARLIE notices.

        CHARLIE: What, what is it?

        TOOLE: Well that was like half an hour ago, he should be back by now, unless he's a weak guy. Is he weak?

        CHARLIE looks worried.

        CHARLIE: Nu uh?he definitely isn't.

        TOOLE looks worried too. He looks over in the direction of the cellar, the door is open. CHARLIE looks in the direction also.

        CHARLIE: (whispering) Xak?

        TOOLE looks away from the door to the two bar man who are chatting two women on the dance floor.

        TOOLE: Hey! You two goons behind the bar now!

        They look over, annoyed.

        BARMAN #1: What? Toole man its our night off?!

        TOOLE: I don't care, five minutes.

        The women the barmen are chatting up begin to lose interest.

        BARMAN #2: Man you're such a?

        TOOLE: (cutting him off) Finish that sentence and you can have all the nights off you want?

        The barmen both smile and go to high five one another.

        TOOLE: (finishing his sentence) ?because you won't have a job to come back to.

        The women laugh and walk away. The barmen mumble to one another and walk towards the bar.

        TOOLE: (to CHARLIE) Come on?

        TOOLE walks from behind the bar, and with CHARLIE, walks towards the door to the cellar.


        CHARLIE and TOOLE descend into the cellar. Looking around for XAK. The light is still on.

        TOOLE: Xak?

        They reach the bottom of the stair case. CHARLIE looks around some more.

        CHARLIE: (looking around) He's not here?

        TOOLE notices the small trail of blood leading to an open sewer entrance at the back of the cellar.

        TOOLE: Maybe he was?

        He turns to CHARLIE to indicate the blood on the floor. She's not looking in that direction.

        CHARLIE: Someone definately was.

        TOOLE turns around to see where CHARLIE'S looking. They see the dead body lying amongst the kegs.

        TOOLE: Holy cra?

        He looks away repulsed, then looks back, realising who it is?

        TOOLE: (sadly) Lance?

        CHARLIE looks confused.

        CHARLIE: Who's Lance?

        TOOLE: (quietly) The uh, the guy who worked here before Xak. He'd just moved here from L.A... I was tough on him?

        CHARLIE: I'm sorry.

        TOOLE looks a bit shifty, almost getting defensive.

        TOOLE: Yeah, well I didn't know him that well but jeez?I wasn't expecting this.

        He sits on the bottom step of the stairs freaked, covering his mouth with his hand. CHARLIE looks at the body, looks down to the blood, then back at TOOLE.

        CHARLIE: Listen, we have to find Xak. Whatever did this to Lance is probably doing it to him too!

        TOOLE is still looking down, the camera zooms in on his confused, sad, angry facial expression.


        XAK is in pain, a section of his stomach has been flayed. He can't move, and he grits his teeth through the pain, breathing heavily through his nose. GNARL is holding a strip of his skin with one hand and is holding XAK down with the other, caressing his torso.

        GNARL: Tasty little man is you.

        XAK: (weakly) Please?stop?

        GNARL: Gnarl likes the lonely boys, they're so willing. (singing) Lonely boys are lovely toys, Girly girls have hair with curls.

        GNARL guzzles up the strip of skin and laughs. Suddenly a light fills the sewers. GNARL flinches and a large ball of energy causes him flies off into the darkness screeching and shrieking in pain. CHARLIE and TOOLE run up to XAK; CHARLIE ignoring the pain in her leg. There is a trail of light going from CHARLIE'S hands to the darkness where GNARL disappeared. TOOLE looks at her shocked.

        TOOLE: Woah?kick ass?

        CHARLIE glares at the darkness with pure rage, then looks to XAK who is gasping on the floor in pain.

        CHARLIE: Oh my goddess, Xak!

        TOOLE looks down now at XAK. His stomach is stripped of all skin and blood begins to flood on to the sewer floor.

        TOOLE: (shocked) Holy hell on earth.

        CHARLIE kneels by XAK'S side, not caring in the slightest that her red dress is dirty.

        CHARLIE: What are you like Xak?

        She laughs nervously and holds back the tears, seeing him close his eyes and go into shock.

        CHARLIE: Don't you worry about a thing, I'll fix you.

        She holds her hands over his stomach.

        CHARLIE: (quietly) By Helena in the moons and unknown. Unbind him. I incur your powers to prevent his fall. Embue me and fill me, by waning moons Helena I call.

        TOOLE looks at her, a mixture of confusion and fear fills his expression. As she speaks these words a light cocoons XAK and sinks into his skin, which regenerates the skin on his torso. CHARLIE breathes heavily and sits back while XAK'S eyes slowly open. He gasps for breath and grabs his torso, feeling the skin.

        XAK: (weakly) Charlie? (seeing TOOLE) Toole? Where did it go?

        TOOLE: (waves nervously) Um, hey man.

        CHARLIE: (smiling) It's gone, don't worry, it won't come back.

        XAK: It told me I was alone.

        CHARLIE looks at TOOLE and back at XAK.

        CHARLIE: Well you ain't alone silly, we're here. (looks back to TOOLE) It's Toole right?

        TOOLE nods slowly.

        CHARLIE: Nice to meet you, I'm Charlie.

        They look at one another for a moment.

        TOOLE: We should get him upstairs.

        She nods, and together they help lift XAK up. They hold his weight as they walk back towards the cellar.

        TOOLE: (as they're walking off to CHARLIE) You know we're never short of bouncers.

        She laughs and they disappear in the darkness. The camera lingers on them disappearing for a minute but then zooms back down the sewers to GNARL running away in fear. It stops as it feels the approach of something. High heels sound the sewer floor. GLORY/THE FIRST appears in front of it.

        GNARL: Curls?

        GLORY/THE FIRST: You stupid waste, was it really that hard to kill him?

        GNARL: Red dress and tools came.

        GLORY/THE FIRST: (scoffs and rolls her eyes) God it's like speaking to a freaking limerick.

        GNARL: Curls command, Gnarl did, presents in his stomach Gnarl hid.

        GLORY/THE FIRST: Oh go! Find a cave and hide out there?I'll have uses for you yet.

        He runs off past her.

        GLORY/THE FIRST: (quietly) So it seems she's proving more of a problem than I first thought. No problem?

        She smiles evily, then turns and begins to walk back the way she came.

        GLORY/THE FIRST: (as she's walking away) Urgh and she was wearing a red dress, I mean you start a craze and everyone follows?

        Her voice trails off as?




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          ACT FOUR


          The club is empty after another busy night. XAK is resting on the sofa that he, CHARLIE and CATE sat on the previous night. TOOLE is paying the two disgruntled barmen from earlier and CHARLIE is walking from the bar to XAK with a glass of water.

          CHARLIE: You feelin' ok?

          She passes him the glass of water.

          XAK: (taking a sip of the water) Surprisingly yeah, good magic by the way.

          CHARLIE: Healing spell, my dad taught it to me after I found this old Ancient Greek magic book a while back. Extremely effective in unbinding and healing, plus gets rid of acne, which is always a plus when you're hitting puberty.

          She looks down after revealing some inner repressed feeling, then smiles at him. He smiles back. He sips the water a bit more, then sits up.

          CHARLIE: Quite a day huh?

          XAK: First night in a new job and I get rescued by the girl who I'm supposed to be protecting. Bet that beats whatever you and Cate got up to?

          CHARLIE: She spent over $300 worth of clothes on me, I found out I'm an emo, and I totally worked out some anger issues on this girl I knew in school.

          XAK looks confused.

          XAK: What the hell is an emo?

          CHARLIE: Hey! Don't bitch on my words.

          CHARLIE sits down her dress gets caught and she reveals that there is a huge cut on her leg. Before XAK notices she covers it up. TOOLE walks over, bidding the moody barmen a sarcastically safe journey home. He grabs a bottle of beer on his way and slumps down beside XAK.

          TOOLE: You know, you hear a lot of stuff in this town, I don't get most of it.

          XAK: Neither do i.

          CHARLIE: Well good job you boys have me to fill you in on all the demonic gossip.

          TOOLE: That's what that thing was, a demon? The thing that?

          He pauses.

          TOOLE: ?Killed Lance?

          CHARLIE: Well he certainly wasn't human.

          TOOLE nods, absorbing this information.

          TOOLE: So?(is a bit worried to CHARLIE)?what are you?

          CHARLIE: (sarcastically) Wow, you know how to smooth talk a lady Toole. Stop it you're making me blush.

          TOOLE looks at her with an eyebrow raised.

          CHARLIE: (more seriously) I'm a witch, minus warts, green skin, brooms, and flying monkeys.

          TOOLE: Oh I see?and you, Xak?

          XAK looks at TOOLE who is clearly struggling to take all of this in. XAK looks at CHARLIE who is clearly trying to work it out also.

          XAK: Lets just say "watch this space", but in this skin I'm human?I think.

          TOOLE looks down then back to CHARLIE and XAK. He breathes a huge sigh.

          TOOLE: Man I can't believe what happened, I'm sorry I made you go down there Xak. If its any consolation, the job was totally yours. You handled yourself great in between knocking out a customer and getting half your stomach eaten.

          XAK nods, pleased.

          XAK: New beginnings huh Charlie?

          CHARLIE: You know it Xak, now you have no excuses when it comes to buying?

          Her voice trails off as she looks down.

          XAK: What's up?

          CHARLIE: I dunno, I keep thinking I've forgotten something?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The camera pans around. CHARLIE has decorated the room in magical decorations, various lights float around the room, and banners saying "Congratulations Xak!" float up and down the walls. Lots of alcohol and food is laid out on the table. The camera zooms under the tablecloth; CATE is huddled in a ball.

          CATE: (sighing) Where are they?

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          JEFF KOBER as RACK

          ALAN TUDYK as TOOLE

          Special Guest Stars:
          CAMDEN TOY as GNARL


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            If you would like to give me feedback on Shadow Stalker, visit my thread here! I'm always happy to hear from you and i usually comment on the feedback as well!


            - I tried to use this episode to help give a background to Gnarl and to indicate how it was an agent of The First, which is my theory of why it attacked and targetted Willow as she was suffering from Amy's spell. I don't care if i'm wrong, i still love it!

            - The first episode to feature Toole, one of the more controversial main characters in the show!

            - This is also the first episode to feature Melody! A very integral character to the show. Originally i was going to call Cate this name but then i decided against it as Cate works much better as you'll see why she is named that in a later episode.

            - Weird episode in length as it's longer than 1.01 but shorter than 1.02. In total it amasses 13 pages!

            - The whole main cast was completed in this episode allowing the credits to make a bit more sense!
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