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  • Shadow Stalker - 1.02 - Mockingbirds

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 1.02 - Mockingbirds
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart
    Rating: UK Rating 12 (Language)

    Shadow Stalker is officially affiliated with Rogue Redemption, an awesome spin-off created by Amber.

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season One starts alongside Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 3 of Angel and is in association with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Raven (Alexander Brown); Sorceress Of Crimson Falls (Travis); and Wishful Thinking (Ben).

    RACK (V/O): Previously on Shadow Stalker.


    BUFFY can be seen jumping into the portal, the dragon winces in pain and falls to the ground, creating a trail through the woods as it skids and crashes through the trees.

    The camera follows a trail through the woods to where a YOUNG MAN is left lying where the dragon was lying. He is tall, slim with black hair, and blue eyes.

    XAKIEL (V/O): I?I'm?human?


    XAKIEL has just mugged the man in the alleyway and now he is on the sidewalk staring at the building site and GLORY'S tower.

    XAKIEL: (quietly, and thinking) The gateway?

    He walks into the lifeless and deserted area. He notices the bodies lying around him. He hears a faint groan coming from under some rubble. He runs over and pulls the rubble off the person. It is DOC.

    XAKIEL: You. What happened? Do you know why am I here?!

    XAKIEL: You. What happened? Do you know why am I here?!

    DOC coughs and splutters, covered in dust, clearly weak. His leg looks broken. He looks at his saviour, he squints his eyes, identifying XAKIEL.

    DOC: Xakiel? Is that you? It's over. Glory?she fell. She's dead.

    XAKIEL looks at the man desperately, knowing DOC knows more about what's happened. His memory about yesterday was weak.

    XAKIEL: Dead??

    DOC: There is no god anymore, it is too late, the Slayer came, she stopped it all.

    XAKIEL sits back looking upset.

    XAKIEL: (growling) Slayer?her blood will pour for this.

    DOC: She saved her sister, she is The Key?I bled her, but she did this to me.

    XAKIEL: ?Let me help you, there is much work to be done. If The Key truly is alive she shall break for this.


    DOC: Kill the girl? She's nothing, a child, a pointless waste of a being that disgraced our Glorificus by not abiding by her will. Barely a being, just a fleshed form of something far more important.

    XAKIEL: I know but I don't think I can take a human life, not now I am one?

    DOC: Qualms of a conscious? It's too late to learn morals for you Xakiel, you've murdered thousands of humans, tortured them for Glorificus.


    CHARLIE and XAKIEL are talking in an alley

    CHARLIE: I'm Charlie


    XAKIEL: Damn it. The witch?

    WOMAN (O/S): (curious) You rang?

    XAKIEL looks annoyed at the woman. It's CHARLIE. She looks nervous and twitches slightly. As TARA approaches, XAKIEL pulls CHARLIE aside.

    CHARLIE: What the hell?

    XAKIEL: ?Shut up.

    He pulls her close and covers her mouth.

    TARA passes them and walks round a corner, XAKIEL breathes a sigh of relief. He releases CHARLIE from his grip. He discards her and goes to leave and enter the house now TARA has left, hoping DAWN is alone now she's left. CHARLIE being released mutters something under her breath causing XAKIEL to fly head over heels mystically.

    CHARLIE: Look you're easy on the eyes but I ain't no pushover.

    XAKIEL looks up to her, breathless, surprised.

    XAKIEL: Witch?

    CHARLIE: ?no offence but if I can flip you, you're gonna need some help. (laughing slightly) I know where you can get some.

    XAKIEL: What makes you think I need charity?

    CHARLIE: Trust me man, this guy can help you?


    XAKIEL and CHARLIE walk into his room. XAKIEL looks around. Eventually his eyes fall on the dark warlock who is meditating in mid air. He looks scruffy as usually, his hair greasy. He's brimming with dark energy.

    RACK: (without opening his eyes) Charlotte, back so soon?

    CHARLIE: This is?actually, what is your name?

    XAKIEL: (stepping forward) I'm Xakiel.

    RACK: (he opens his eyes now) You don't belong here do you?

    XAKIEL: No, I don't know where I belong.

    RACK: None of us do kid, that's not important anymore?

    XAKIEL: ?I don't understand.

    RACK: Leave little red alone?she's not worth the hassle over St Sindy's honour. You think it'll stop any pain or suffering you're going through? You're stuck in this world, like the rest of us, the lock ain't gonna open no more.

    XAKIEL: Then this, all of this, is truly over?thanks?


    XAKIEL: ?Its over. I didn't do it.

    DOC: (smirks) Idiot child.

    DOC looks towards the kitchen. GLORY appears leaning seductively on the door frame. She is in her red dress, and her nails manicured in maroon.

    GLORY: Xakky baby. You're lookin' fine.

    XAKIEL: (standing) I breathe with new lungs, in a new world. I don't breathe ghosts anymore.

    He reaches for DOC'S book and throws it in her direction. The book passes straight through her. He knows what she is. The First Evil.

    GLORY/THE FIRST: (looks at DOC) Now now, play nice, (turns to XAKIEL) You see Xak, it comes down to this. I wanted you on my side. The three of us were quite the team once upon a time, but there's no I in team, and if you're just sitting on the fence deciding whoever the hell it is you are?(sighs) I'm bored just thinking about it. (to DOC) Kill him already.

    DOC lunges at XAKIEL and kicks him to the floor. He wraps his lizard like tongue around XAKIEL'S neck trying to choke him. XAKIEL gags in pain. He knees DOC in the crotch and forces him backwards. He punches him in the face, and tries to grab DOC'S head. DOC however deflects him and kicks him back so XAKIEL falls flat on his back. DOC jumps on him once more and tries strangling him. XAKIEL tries pushing him off but it isn't working. GLORY watches with a smile. XAKIEL now tries prising DOC'S jaw open as far as it would go, he breaks DOC'S jaw causing him to recoil in pain. XAKIEL doesn't stop. In one violent swift move, he rips DOC'S head in half by his mouth. He throws DOC'S carcass to the side and stands.


    RACK: (turns back and walks towards CHARLIE) Your friend left.

    CHARLIE: I barely know him.

    RACK: You want to.

    CHARLIE: (standing, looking pensive) You really think he's something special?

    RACK: I've not sensed power like it, unique, different, nothing I've ever had.

    CHARLIE: You think he'd help me?I mean us.

    RACK: Charlotte, we don't have a lot of time left, you need all the help you can get, we both do, I'm trying my best here.

    CHARLIE: ?Ok?dad.

    He indicates a large wad of cash on the table nearby. CHARLIE looks at it then sighs, before looking back to RACK.

    CHARLIE: (looking sad) No one has helped us before?

    RACK: We've never asked someone like him?find him Charlie, our time is nearly spent.

    CHARLIE: Ok?dad.

    CHARLIE hugs him and runs out of his room. RACK sighs, and goes back to the cabinet and puts back the drugs his daughter was using.


    XAKIEL: (calm) You can't harm me anymore.

    GLORY/THE FIRST: Oh I can?you just don't know how, but you will, call me sweet cheeks.

    She mimes a telephone with her hand by her ear and disappears in black smoke which leaves a faint image of CHARLIE enveloped in black smoke screaming. XAKIEL looks stunned. He sits there for a while and looks down, he stands slowly, and leaves the room still breathing heavily from his confrontation.




    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. Camera shows an isolated cottage in a large field, nothing surrounds it for miles. In the garden behind it, A SMALL GIRL is swinging on a hammock seat resting in the arm of her MOTHER. (She is played by Patricia Arquette). The SMALL GIRL is about three years old. The MOTHER is young looking and attractive, in her early thirties, with long flowing brown hair. The MOTHER is singing to the girl, who is being lulled to sleep.

    MOTHER: (singing softly whilst stroking her daughter's hair) Hush little baby, don't say a word, Daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird. If that mockingbird don't sing, Daddy's gonna buy you a diamond ring.

    As she sings the word "Daddy's", the FATHER runs towards them from the top of the garden. Unlike the MOTHER he is in his early twenties and is slim.

    FATHER: Come on! They'll be coming soon! You know they will!

    The MOTHER seems unfazed by this threat.

    MOTHER: (hums the tune she was singing) Let them take me?

    FATHER: It's not just about you! Don't be selfish!

    He looks at his daughter, frightened.

    MOTHER: They can't take her, they don't know about her.

    FATHER: (loud) If they see you with her, they will know. They always know! Sephy, be reasonable!

    MOTHER/SEPHY: (upset) I can't say goodbye to her again, soon she'll start remembering.

    FATHER: (shouts) Then stop coming back!

    As he shouts these words, the earth begins to rumble, the camera zooms up the garden through the cottage and to the front door. The image is fractured due to the glass being blurred, but the outline of a man in a suit can be seen.

    SEPHY: (panicking) Oh Goddess? (stands quickly and passes her daughter to her FATHER) HIDE!

    She runs to the top of the garden into the cottage. The ground is still shaking, and it wakes the SMALL GIRL. She awakes to the image of SEPHY running away. The whole screen fills with a white blinding light.


    CHARLIE wakes up in the darkness gasping for breath. She looks around the room, her room is trashy at best. Empty of another presence. She sighs realising it was just a dream. She runs her fingers through her hair and sits on the edge of her bed. She gets up slowly showing she is wearing pink hot pants and a white tank top. She goes towards the door.

    RACK: Bad dream?

    CHARLIE gasps and turns to see her father sitting in the chair at the foot of the bed. He is resting one leg on another and is looking at the floor.

    CHARLIE: Dad! What the hell?

    He doesn't apologise, he remains transfixed on her, monotonously.

    RACK: (looks up to his daughter) Bad dream?

    CHARLIE: What, uh no, not really.

    RACK: Look like you've seen a ghost?

    CHARLIE: (pauses, practically asleep) You can't see ghosts dad, remember? I'm gonna get a drink, if you're done spooking your daughter that is.

    She walks out of her room sleepily annoyed. The camera turns back to RACK.

    RACK: (sighs, quietly) Oh believe me baby, with that ghost, you can.


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    CHARLIE walks into the kitchen, she is still dressed in her pink hot pants and her white tank top. The kitchen itself is dank and dark; no windows and barely any light. She goes to the fridge. She pours herself a glass of orange juice. RACK is sitting at a table mixing various potions.

    CHARLIE: Morning

    RACK: (concentrating) Morning princess.

    She raises an eyebrow.

    CHARLIE: Don't call me that, its creepy.

    RACK: (probing) Sleep well?

    CHARLIE sips her orange juice, she looks at him then sits at the table.

    CHARLIE: (lying) Fine.

    RACK looks up, then back at his potions. CHARLIE looks at them, fascinated.

    CHARLIE: More potions?

    RACK: Junkies get new kicks now and again.

    CHARLIE: (excited) Cool can I try!?

    RACK: (shouting) No! (more calmer) Sorry babe, you just stick to your Tonic.

    CHARLIE: I ran out last week, ain't got no more.

    RACK looks up, shocked almost. He looks back at his potions and discards what he was currently making, pouring various other potions into one large pot.

    RACK: I'll make some more

    CHARLIE: It's not a big deal.

    RACK: No, it's fine, you shoulda said.

    CHARLIE: (quietly) Had things on my mind.

    RACK looks at his daughter.

    RACK: Xakiel on your mind?

    CHARLIE finishes her orange juice, then nods.

    RACK: Try again.

    CHARLIE: Why?

    RACK: Damn it Charlotte, do as you're told. I'm looking out for you.

    CHARLIE: Why do we need his protection, we've been fine?

    RACK: (cutting her off) Look at this world? Look at what I do! There are things out there that don't like my line of work?the Slayer probably. We have enough enemies, and no one wants to protect us, not for long?

    RACK looks at his daughter who looks slightly freaked.

    RACK: (sighing) Look, we've been getting by, and I've got us this far, but we're treading water babe. Just find him.

    She rolls her eyes and sighs.

    CHARLIE: Ok. I guess daddy knows best.

    CHARLIE smiles at her father, who resumes his potion making, not responding to her comment.


    XAKIEL is sitting at the bar, looking down at his drink before him. He is dressed in black jeans and a black t-shirt. He doesn't look to be very happy, after once again finding himself alone in the world. Some fast music is playing in the background, the lyrics are not heard but various "woots" and "woops" of joy at dancing to the music can be heard behind XAKIEL. Behind him, we can see CHARLIE approaching; she looks nervous. She is wearing tight blue jeans, a white top, and a black leather jacket over the top. She doesn't sit down yet but stands next to him. She smiles upon seeing him closer.

    CHARLIE: Hey stranger.

    XAKIEL looks at her suddenly as if just waking up. He doesn't smile.

    XAKIEL: Charlie, hello.

    CHARLIE: So first with the random disappearances and now with the robotic conversation.

    He looks back to his drink and sighs.

    XAKIEL: Sorry. For both.

    She looks at him sympathetically, knowing he's had a tough time recently. She decides to sit down next to him.

    CHARLIE: Was it worth it?

    XAKIEL: (confused) The robotic conversation?

    CHARLIE: (laughing) No, the bailing on me.

    XAKIEL: (pauses thinking for a moment) I think so. It's all in the past now, where it belongs.

    CHARLIE: (smiling) Good to hear.

    She pauses, as the barman approaches, she orders a beer?


    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. XAKIEL and CHARLIE are at the bar.

    CHARLIE: ?Luckily for you?you have the best teacher for "social interaction".

    He laughs.

    XAKIEL: Oh yeah, what can you teach me?

    CHARLIE: Well rule number one, buying a beverage for the company you keep is always appreciated.

    She smiles cheekily and XAKIEL smiles back?


    The colours on the screen have returned to normal once again. XAKIEL remembers the first rule. CHARLIE is talking to the barman, and she's about to hand over some money.

    XAKIEL: (quickly) No, let me.

    He gives the barman the money for the drink CHARLIE ordered. She smiles again.

    CHARLIE: You remembered.

    XAKIEL: I'm really just learning. This "humanity" thing is all new to me.

    CHARLIE: It's a new concept to all of us at some point. You're doing a bang up job.

    XAKIEL: I'm learning from you. My other influences haven't been that reliable.

    There is a long awkward pause. They both synchronise drinking. XAKIEL turns around to lean his back on the bar. To look at the crowd, hoping to take his mind off the murder of DOC.

    CHARLIE: (piping up) Listen Xakiel there is something I wanted to?

    She trails off as she notices XAKIEL'S eyes wander from their conversation to the dance floor. He notices a BLONDE WOMAN dancing quite seductively with a BROWN HAIRED MAN and a BLONDE MAN.

    CHARLIE: What?

    XAKIEL: (whispering) Vampires?

    She squints trying to notice whether she can tell or not.

    CHARLIE: How can you tell? Are they wearing labels or something??

    He shakes his head.

    XAKIEL: I can sense them, they're not human.

    CHARLIE: Oh?

    He continues to watch the BLONDE WOMAN as the BROWN HAIRED MAN whispers something in her ear. Whatever he said, it causes her to giggle and she leaves the dancefloor and The Bronze, hand in hand with both of them. CHARLIE looks at XAKIEL. He sips his drink and looks at her, confused.

    XAKIEL: I should help?right?

    CHARLIE: Yes! Come on!

    They get up and run out after them.


    A shrill shriek can be heard from the alley round the corner. CHARLIE and XAKIEL run towards the source of the cry and see the BLONDE MAN trying to bite the blonde woman's neck. The other is holding her back. XAKIEL pulls the man off her and CHARLIE searches around for a piece of wood. Both of the men vamp out and attack XAKIEL. He was right. The BLONDE VAMPIRE punches XAKIEL in the face and knocks him on to the floor with one sweeping kick. XAKIEL jumps to his feet and pushes him aside and kicks the BROWN HAIRED VAMPIRE and punches him at the same time sending him flying through the air into a pile of rubbish outside the back entrance to The Bronze. The BROWN HAIRED VAMPIRE looks shocked; he looks down to his chest and sees he's landed on a broken table leg, which is sticking through his chest.

    CHARLIE: (frantic) Oh I can't find one! (Looks up to see the vamp dusting in the background. She raises her eyebrows.) Never mind!

    The other BLONDE VAMPIRE stands and looks at XAKIEL.

    BLONDE VAMPIRE: You'll pay for this! By my brother's soul I swear it!

    CHARLIE: I don't think either of you has a soul? (indicates the pile of dust) Least of all your "brother".

    He growls and runs off. XAKIEL smiles at CHARLIE and they turn and begin to walk back towards The Bronze. Behind them the BLONDE WOMAN looks at them. She squints and looks at CHARLIE with special detail.

    BLONDE WOMAN: Oh my god?.Charlie?

    CHARLIE looks stunned, recognising the voice. CHARLIE and XAKIEL turn around slowly to the BLONDE WOMAN who's holding her neck.

    CHARLIE: Oh crap?Cate.

    The BLONDE WOMAN/CATE steps into the light, (she is played by Amanda Seyfried), and smiles happily.




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      ACT TWO


      The scene is the same as before. There is a high angled shot above of XAKIEL, CHARLIE and CATE standing in the alley post-fight. XAKIEL is looking confused, CHARLIE is looking embarrassed and CATE is still beaming with excitement.

      CATE: I can't believe it, I haven't seen you in like?a long time!

      CHARLIE: (happily) That's because I hate you.

      CATE removes her hand from her neck and begins straightening her hair with her fingers.

      CATE: Oh come on Charlie, still harbouring bitter feelings.

      XAKIEL: (piping up) So you two know eachother?

      CHARLIE: (synchronised) No!

      CATE: (synchronised) Yes!

      XAKIEL backs down, leaving the women standing opposite eachother.

      CHARLIE: Cate, you tried to have me hung drawn and quartered in school!

      CATE rolls her eyes.

      CATE: A misunderstanding, I've said I'm sorry like three times. You know how it is, mob mentality and all; I got caught up in all the drama!

      CHARLIE looks like she's ready to throttle CATE. She stops herself.

      CHARLIE: You know?whatever?you should know not to go with strangers in this town. I mean were you even at graduation?

      CATE: (looks over at the pile of dust around the table leg) I know right? It's embarrassing really; it's like the third time this month. Luckily I know how to hurt the male vampires, if you know what I mean.

      She winks at XAKIEL. He looks down, embarrassed.

      CHARLIE: (scoffs) Come on Xakiel.

      They go to leave.

      CATE: Hey you can't just leave me here! What if that cute vampire comes back?

      CHARLIE: I don't know; joke your way out of it? Or just stick to castrating him like the others?I'm done caring?

      They leave her in the alley. CATE watches CHARLIE leave with a sad look.

      XAKIEL: (to CHARLIE, about CATE) She seems?nice?

      CHARLIE sighs and looks up to him as they approach the edge of the alleyway.

      CHARLIE: I think I owe you an explanation. Coffee?


      CHARLIE is sitting sipping on a coffee, XAKIEL is not drinking anything. XAKIEL looks at CHARLIE curiously, thinking about something she said about CATE.

      XAKIEL: (after a long pause) Did she really do what you said she did.

      CHARLIE nods slowly, looking down.

      CHARLIE: Back in school, this demon came to Sunnydale. He cast an illusion on the town, tried to get pretty much everyone to kill anything occult-y. Warlocks, Witches, the Slayer, even people who watched "The Craft", you name it, they'd kill you for it. While most of the town went after Summers and her gang, I was left on my own. I was only dabbling in magic at the time; cause my dad's into all that stuff.

      She pauses, not wanting to give too much away about her father. She looks at XAKIEL who hasn't noticed.

      CHARLIE: (continuing) Anyway, Cate found out. (she recoils and puts her arms around her stomach) She beat me, and tried hanging me in the woods.

      She puts her hands back round her coffee cup, taking a small sip. She looks down, this time to avoid looking at XAKIEL.

      XAKIEL: (worried) That must have been terrifying.

      CHARLIE: It was beyond terrifying Xakiel. She used to be my best friend?and then?

      XAKIEL looks at her eyes, soothing her with his gaze.

      XAKIEL: Remember, it was a spell Charlie.

      CHARLIE: I know, I know that, but it didn't hurt any less because of it. People are always trying to hurt me.

      XAKIEL: (puts his hands over hers) I'm sorry.

      CHARLIE looks into his eyes, their blue and green vision meet. There is a long pause. He looks at her, thinking about what happened the previous week and tonight.

      XAKIEL: Well you don't have to worry about being hurt like that again?

      CHARLIE looks at him, confused.

      CHARLIE: What do you mean?

      XAKIEL: I don't know why I'm here, and I don't remember details of my life before this world, but I just feel?(pauses)?I'm here to help you.

      CHARLIE smiles.

      CHARLIE: Xak?thank you.

      The camera pans away leaving XAKIEL'S hands protecting CHARLIE'S over the table.


      RACK is watching a red haired woman intoxicated on the ceiling. She's writhing on the ceiling. It's WILLOW. RACK watches her intently as she screams and falls to the ground and disappears. As she does, CHARLIE enters.

      CHARLIE: Busy?

      RACK: No, my last client just left. I think we'll be seeing a lot of her.

      CHARLIE: Good, the more money the better right?

      She looks at him hopeful. He nods, smiling.

      RACK: I guess. So did you find Xakiel?

      CHARLIE: (nods) He said he'd help.

      RACK smiles and walks towards his daughter. He hugs her.

      RACK: That's my girl, how'd you convince him?

      CHARLIE: I?(hesitates) told him about Cate?

      RACK releases her.

      RACK: (stern) Why?

      CHARLIE: We were lucky enough to run into her tonight, he rescued her from a vampire. I had to tell him.

      He looks down, disapproving her of tactics. She moves towards the back of the room.

      CHARLIE: Don't say a word. You were the one who wanted him to help us!

      RACK: (shouting) I know! You could have told him anything! The Gentleman that came after us, The Mayor's ascension, anything?but her?

      CHARLIE: It's done dad, and it's late I'm going to bed.

      She leaves RACK in the room by walking towards a cabinet at the back of the room, she carries on walking without stopping and walks through it as if it were air?


      The invisible doorway has brought CHARLIE into the kitchen area of RACK'S place. To her right are some stairs and at the far end of the kitchen is a doorway to some sort of lounge area. She walks upstairs and the sound of her slamming her bedroom door behind her resonates loudly throughout the kitchen.


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. The camera shows a dark child's bedroom. There is no light except for a small light from the crack of the door, which can be seen leaking into the room. The SMALL GIRL is lying in her bed, and SEPHY is sitting beside her bed looking at her lovingly.

      SEPHY: (singing softly) Hush little baby, don't say a word, Daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird. If that mockingbird don't sing, Daddy's gonna buy you a diamond ring.

      The FATHER enters, he smiles at SEPHY.

      FATHER: It's nice to have you back.

      SEPHY: (looking up as the girl falls asleep) It's more than nice.

      FATHER: I made us some drinks, its warm outside, I thought we could drink in the garden.

      SEPHY: (smiling) Of course it's warm.

      She walks out the room and he follows intoxicated with love. He takes one last look at his daughter before leaving.


      SEPHY and the FATHER are lying on the grass together, the evening sun warming them. They are sipping their drinks, and enjoying one another's company, as well as tranquillity. SEPHY'S smile soon fades, she starts to think. Slowly, she turns to her lover.

      SEPHY: Ras, how long before she starts remembering?

      FATHER/RAS: She won't.

      SEPHY: We must be realistic, she's nearly four years old.

      RAS: (looks at the sky, takes a sip of his drink) She won't. I've taken care of things.

      SEPHY: (sits up) What have you done?

      RAS: Magicks Sephy?it's the only way, unless you want her to know the truth?

      SEPHY: Of course not! I just refuse to let her become addicted to your weak magicks?

      RAS looks angry at this remark.

      RAS: Well you should have thought about that five years ago.

      SEPHY looks down hurt, she sips her drink.

      RAS: For gods sake Sephy! She's four next month and you're only here half the time, I can't consult you on how to raise her!

      SEPHY: (upset) I know, I know this. I'm just so frightened, you have no idea what it's like. It seems like an eternity.

      She starts to cry and RAS sits up and holds her.

      YOUNG VOICE (O/S): Mommy?

      SEPHY and RAS look around shocked. The SMALL GIRL is standing in the doorway in her night dress. She's rubbing her eyes, looking groggy. SEPHY and RAS both look worried.

      SEPHY: Sweetie, you should be in bed. It's not safe outside?come on!

      SEPHY stands and runs to the door and takes her daughter's hand and walks inside. The SMALL GIRL looks up at her mother and smiles.

      SMALL GIRL: Will you sing to me?

      On these words the whole screen fills with a white blinding light.


      CHARLIE wakes up in the darkness gasping for breath once more, for the second night in a row. This dream? This woman?who was she? CHARLIE gasps for a second time seeing RACK sitting in the same chair as he was the previous night, watching her. He's holding something.

      CHARLIE: Ok, beyond creepy dad?seriously.

      He looks into her eyes.

      RACK: I just wanted to give you this.

      He holds out a syringe of Onyx Tonic.




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        ACT THREE


        It is nearly night again and CHARLIE is walking beside XAKIEL. The sidewalk is full of people walking alongside with them, towards what looks like The Bronze. XAKIEL and CHARLIE look as if they're mid conversation.

        XAKIEL: It's nothing special?

        CHARLIE: Oh I highly doubt you live in squalor.

        XAKIEL looks down, feeling guilty once again about DOC'S death. He thinks of something he could say to change the subject, then he remembers something CHARLIE mentioned.

        XAKIEL: Anyway, what were you saying about these dreams? It's the second night in a row?

        CHARLIE: Oh yeah, I don't know what they mean exactly, I can't even remember the details.

        XAKIEL: Do you think its some kind of?I don't know, metaphor?

        CHARLIE: Maybe, it means something. (pauses) Worse thing is, my dads starting to suspect something freaky is going on.

        XAKIEL: Why, is that bad?

        CHARLIE: He worries enough as it is, if he knew I were having freaky metaphor dreams, he'd flip even more.

        XAKIEL: So, when am I gonna meet your dad anyway? I'm supposed to be protecting his daughter and all?

        CHARLIE: (hesitates) You'll meet him soon Xak. (laughs) It's all work with you. This is why tonight, the drinks are on me and we are going to have fun!

        She shivers and blinks as if something has jumped out at her.

        XAKIEL: You ok?

        CHARLIE: Yeah, just on a buzz is all.

        He looks down, sighing.

        XAKIEL: (looking down) Still on drugs then?

        CHARLIE: (quietly) I have the occasional fix.

        XAKIEL: This may be my lack of understanding of things in this world speaking but?why?

        CHARLIE: Some things in this world just don't make sense. One of those being addiction to people who aren't addicts.

        She smiles at him reassuringly.

        CHARLIE: Come on lets not ruin things.

        He stops and looks at her.

        XAKIEL: I'm just; I'm looking out for you. Sorry.

        CHARLIE: Don't apologise, but don't worry either. With the fixes, I'll be fine.

        She touches his arm re-assuring him, and they walk round the corner revealing the entrance of The Bronze. They see CATE at the entrance.

        CHARLIE: Spoke too soon.

        CATE hears her and turns around, she smiles.

        CATE: Hey guys!

        XAKIEL: (in a friendly nature) Hello Cate

        CHARLIE nudges him annoyed.

        CATE: Hey Shakeel, (walking over), I never thanked you for last night?

        CHARLIE looks at CATE, annoyed.

        CHARLIE: (to CATE) Are you still here? Haven't I condemned death on you enough for a few days?

        CATE: (laughing) You're so funny, (hearing music) Oh shoot I totally love this song.

        She runs off without a moments thought.

        CHARLIE: (hesitates watching her go in) Honestly does she have a brain?

        XAKIEL: (laughing) Hey you used to be her "best friend".

        CHARLIE: (smirking) Again with the past tense, and for that comment "Shak"?the drinks are on you

        She smiles flirtatiously and they enter debating about who's paying for drinks.


        The dance floor is busy as the DJ is playing fast club music. CATE can be seen dancing terribly but confidently on her own and mouthing along to the lyrics out of time. XAKIEL and CHARLIE are playing pool. He pots another of his balls, and smirks, looking at CHARLIE.

        XAKIEL: You're not gonna win.

        CHARLIE: Ok so you're naturally talented, but it's still no match.

        XAKIEL: Against what?

        CHARLIE smiles cheekily and lines up a shot, she doesn't move her cue she simply looks at the red ball and it goes in, lining up the white for a perfect shot of the black.

        XAKIEL: Cheater.

        CHARLIE: (laughs) You used your talent, I used mine.

        Suddenly a scream comes from the dance floor. Both XAKIEL and CHARLIE turn to see it's CATE. CHARLIE rolls her eyes but XAKIEL continues to look at the scene, wondering what the commotion is about. He soon realises what's happened as the body of the DJ has gone flying in front of CATE. XAKIEL moves in front of CHARLIE. The BLONDE VAMPIRE from the previous night steps down from the stage and walks down walking towards the crowd, heading in CATE'S direction.

        CATE: Hey that is so not cool! That music was good!

        She kicks the DJ lightly.

        CATE: Get up you?

        BLONDE VAMPIRE: You, you killed my brother.

        CATE looks shocked, she looks at the VAMPIRE then behind her to see XAKIEL there.

        CATE: Huh? Oh you mean Shakeel.

        XAKIEL steps down in front of CATE. CHARLIE moves down next to CATE who is looking in wonder at both XAKIEL and the BLONDE VAMPIRE.

        BLONDE VAMPIRE: Sorry about the DJ, but hey, we can still party.

        He looks around and vampires appear all over the dance floor. Various screams come from the people who aren't XAKIEL, CHARLIE, and CATE.

        XAKIEL: Ok then, lets party.

        XAKIEL jumps at the BLONDE VAMPIRE pushing him to the floor. He punches him repeatedly in the face. CHARLIE grabs CATE and takes her towards the stairs.

        CHARLIE: Cate! Stay here!

        CATE: (nodding)?Oh Charlie, behind you!

        A vampire approaches CHARLIE with a snooker cue raised. She turns round and grabs the cue with a magical grasp and thrusts it into the vampire's chest. He dusts.

        CATE: (cheering) Ha! Nice poking Charlie!

        The camera moves back to the BLONDE VAMPIRE who manages to kick off XAKIEL sending him flying into the crowd. He runs at CHARLIE, who has dusted two more vampires with her enchanted snooker cue.

        BLONDE VAMPIRE: I hate witches.

        CHARLIE throws the snooker cue at him but he bats it off without a flinch. He grabs her by her neck and lifts her up.

        BLONDE VAMPIRE: I always thought Witches belonged in the gallows. Let's test that theory.

        She begins to choke. The BLONDE VAMPIRE snarls then stops. He looks down, the snooker cue is sticking through his chest. He dusts. Standing behind him is CATE, who's holding the cue. CHARLIE falls to the ground. CATE glares at the pile of dust.

        CATE: No one hangs her but me?

        CHARLIE gasps for air and makes several long deep breaths. CATE looks down at her and helps CHARLIE up.

        CATE: Jeez, you ok?

        CHARLIE: (rubbing her neck) Yeah I'm good.

        CATE: I dunno what it is with Vampires, they're so violent.

        CHARLIE: Yeah creatures of the night can be like that sometimes?

        CATE nods, as if taking on board what CHARLIE'S saying.

        CATE: Well, the main thing is that you're ok.

        She smiles warmly at her old friend.

        CATE: You are, right?

        CHARLIE looks at her, seeing only the good in her, as opposed to the spell crazed lunatic who tried to murder her all those years ago. In the background we can see the remaining vampires run off. XAKIEL watches them leave now their leader has been dusted. He turns and walks back to CHARLIE and CATE.

        XAKIEL: Well that was fun?you two ok?

        CHARLIE pauses for a second, then nods at him. She turns back to CATE and smiles.

        CHARLIE: (softly) Yeah, we're good.

        The camera pans up, showing the three of them standing together.




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          ACT FOUR


          The front door opens and XAKIEL walks in. The room is just as it had been previously. Books and weapons strewn across the floor and the carpet. The room smells of musk and the air is close. He just stands looking around the room?his eyes fall upon the spot where DOC died?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. The room is empty and quiet. The sound of two men about to enter the room can be heard. The door is kicked in. XAKIEL enters carrying DOC who is bruised, cut and weak. This is the night when XAKIEL found DOC at the base of Glory's tower all those months ago.

          XAKIEL: This is where you live?

          DOC nods. XAKIEL quickly places him down on the old beaten sofa nearby.

          DOC: Some water?boy?

          XAKIEL rushes off to retrieve some water from the worn old kitchen nearby. He returns with a glass of water and returns quickly. He holds it as DOC sips it.

          XAKIEL: What should we do?

          DOC: Give it time my boy. Time will heal me, time will make you stronger.

          DOC swallows and breathes slightly more calmly now, looking at XAKIEL in the eyes.

          DOC: (breathing deeply) From now on, my home is your home?

          XAKIEL: You want me to stay here?

          DOC nods, weakly.

          DOC: I need help, and you'll need mine to get to the girl. We need eachother my boy?

          XAKIEL nods and begins to attend to DOC'S wounds.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The colours return back to normal as he stops reminiscing. He sighs softly, and then nods to himself. He walks into the kitchen but soon returns with an empty black bin bag. He walks around the room picking up various items; DOC'S book, his glasses, his slippers, his dressing gown, some ornaments. He throws them in the bin bag. A fresh start.

          CUT TO - SUNNYDALE

          CATE and CHARLIE are walking side by side down along side the graveyard walls. The streets are empty, it is only them.

          CHARLIE: Sorry I've was so hard on you?

          CATE: Oh hey, forget about it. If you tried hanging me, I'd be slightly peeved.

          CHARLIE: That's not really the reason.

          CATE: It's not?

          CHARLIE: Well, not the only one?

          They sit down on a nearby bench.

          CHARLIE: You were my oldest friend Cate. When I first moved to Sunnydale, you took care of me, looked after me everywhere I went. Then high school hit, and you just left?

          CATE: We just drifted apart, I fell in with The Clique and you had?

          CHARLIE: No one?that's the point.

          CATE looks down.

          CATE: (smiles sweetly) I had no idea, I'm sorry.

          CHARLIE smiles, that apology was different to all of CATE'S past ones.

          CHARLIE: I know you apologised "like three times", (rolls eyes), but that was the apology I was waiting for.

          She smiles back at her friend.

          CATE: Things are better now though right? I mean you and your dad are fine, and you have Shakeel too?

          CATE winks at CHARLIE emphatically while mentioning XAKIEL. CHARLIE looks embarrassed.

          CHARLIE: I have absolutely no idea what you're on about?

          CATE: Don't play the innocent card with me, you totally dig him!

          CHARLIE: I've known him for barely a week, and this is like the third night I've actually seen him.

          CATE: Well all I know is some people you know your whole life, you don't click. Others, you just have a connection with.

          CHARLIE: (thinking) I know what you mean.

          CATE: Plus?he has got that whole smouldering gorgeous thing going on.

          CHARLIE: (laughing) Ok I am not discussing this! Listen, I better be off, my dad will screw at me if I'm back too late.

          She stands and turns to CATE.

          CHARLIE: It's good to have you back Cate.

          CATE: It so is, isn't it?

          CHARLIE rolls her eyes but smiles, which is reciprocated by CATE. CHARLIE turns to leave. She walks away. The camera stays on CATE who is still sitting on the bench, she breathes deeply and looks down. She spots something on the floor. A small brown animal is in the gutter. A dead animal?

          CATE: Eww?

          She reaches down and spreads the leaves apart that are partially covering it. CATE'S eyes widen as she sees the animal's eyes are wide also; almost as if it was terrified and scared before it died. It's a Mockingbird

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          JEFF KOBER as RACK


          Special Guest Stars:
          JOEL GRAY as DOC


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            - I really wanted this to be the first episode of the series but alas i needed "Hitch Hiker"! Although in retrospect i could have made feature of the opening and done like a two parter or an extended episode or something...however, i did not! I'm still happy with how things went!

            - This is first episode to feature Cate, one of the most popular characters of SS!
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