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  • Shadow Stalker - 1.01 - Hitch Hiker

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 1.01 - Hitch Hiker
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart
    Rating: UK Rating 12 (Language, Violence)

    Shadow Stalker is officially affiliated with Rogue Redemption, an awesome spin-off created by Amber.

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season One starts alongside Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 3 of Angel and is in association with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Raven (Alexander Brown); Sorceress Of Crimson Falls (Travis); and Wishful Thinking (Ben).

    RACK: Previously on Buffy The Vampire Slayer?


    BUFFY and DAWN are stood in BUFFY'S bedroom.

    JOYCE (O/S): Buffy? If you're going out, why don't you take your sister?

    Both girls turn to look at the doorway, looking annoyed.

    BUFFY/DAWN: Mom!


    SPIKE and DAWN are sat on the floor behind the cash desk of The Magic Box. SPIKE is reading from GILES' diary and she is listening to him. He's recently taken the book from DAWN?she'd stopped reading, horrified?

    SPIKE: ?"They had to be certain the Slayer would protect it with her life. So they sent the key to her ... in human form. In the form of a sister."

    DAWN looks down horrified.


    BUFFY is standing across the table of QUENTIN TRAVERS, head of The Watchers Council. She's looking at him determined.

    BUFFY: Just tell me what kind of demon I'm fighting.

    QUENTIN: Well, that's the thing, you see. Glory isn't a demon.

    BUFFY: What is she?

    TRAVERS: She's a god.

    BUFFY: (long pause, her eyes widen) Oh.


    The whole gang are sat around the table, listening intently to what GILES is telling them.

    GILES: Glory plans to open a dimensional portal by way of a ritual bloodletting?

    Various montage images now show from Season Five of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. GLORY torturing the monk; GLORY draining TARA.

    BUFFY (V/O): Dawn's blood.

    We now see WILLOW attacking GLORY with the full force of the dark arts. SPIKE and DAWN meeting with DOC.

    GILES (V/O): Yes. Once the blood is shed at a certain time and place ... the fabric which separates all realities will be ripped apart?.

    We then see DAWN and BUFFY holding eachother and their blood stained hands; Summer's blood. GLORY grabbing DAWN'S hand and running off with her in the desert.

    GILES: (V/O) ?Dimensions will pour into one another. Reality as we know it will be destroyed, and chaos will reign on earth.

    Finally DAWN is tied up and gagged, sitting on a chair. GLORY looks over to her with a maniacal smile. Finally the montage ends and focuses back on BUFFY and the gang who are looking spooked in The Magic Box

    BUFFY: So how do we stop it?

    GILES: Buffy, the only way is to kill Dawn?

    The camera closes in on BUFFY'S face filled with despair, loss of hope.



    The screen is black. All we hear are voices. Nothing else.

    KID (V/O): H-how'd you do that?

    BUFFY (V/O): It's what I do?

    BUFFY (V/O): No! No, you don't understand. We are not talking about this.

    GILES (V/O): Yes, we bloody well are!

    BUFFY (V/O): ?Tell me to kill my sister.

    GILES (V/O): She's not your sister.

    BUFFY (V/O): I'm sorry. I love you all ... but I'm sorry.

    TARA (V/O): Big day. Oh, it calls me! I have to be there!

    GLORY (V/O): ?Since she's not really your sister, I'm guessin' she isn't gonna show. And if she might not be to save you.

    DAWN: (whispers) Buffy?

    BUFFY (V/O): ?If Dawn dies, I'm done with it. I'm quitting.

    GLORY (V/O): ?You. What are you doing here?

    WILLOW (V/O): She's with me.

    DAWN (V/O): You. You can help me. Untie me. Please. Help me, she's coming.

    DOC (V/O) Hey! Kid. Wanna see a trick?

    DAWN screams.



    Night has moved on. The morning is about to arrive, the sun on the brink of the horizon. The camera shows the swaying and unpredictable tower GLORY'S mad henchman have erected. On top of it stands the Slayer, BUFFY SUMMERS, and her younger sister, DAWN. They both look around desperately. BUFFY, just seconds before had pushed DOC, GLORY'S worshipper, off the tower. They now stand and watch the destruction of everything. Hope is lost. DAWN knows she has no choice, she tries to run past BUFFY, but BUFFY grabs her.

    BUFFY: What are you doing?

    DAWN: I have to jump. The energy.

    BUFFY: It'll kill you.

    DAWN: (softly) I know. (BUFFY staring at her) Buffy, I know about the ritual. I have to stop it.

    BUFFY: No.

    The tower shakes underneath them, making them both stumble.

    DAWN: I have to. Look at what's happening.

    More lightning crackles, even larger than before. BUFFY looks up. A huge dragon flies out of the portal and buzzes the tower. It's a monstrous creature, forgotten and disregarded. But this being, will become one of the greatest heroes of all time?

    The sisters watch it roar monstrously through the sky of that fateful morning. As we've seen before, w now see it flying away as they watch...


    ...The camera however, doesn't stay with BUFFY or DAWN this time. It follows the dragon. The monster flies through Sunnydale roaring at the crowds of people fleeing in terror below. Destruction imminent. The dragon almost snarls with happiness at the pain being caused to the humans. The camera positions itself so we can see that behind the dragon, in the distance, BUFFY can be seen jumping into the portal. As BUFFY hits the energy, the dragon, now nearing the woods, roars in pain and falls to the ground. It's huge dark body skids through the woods, uprooting trees and plants ruthlessly with a tremendous noise.


    Silence. No noise, almost as if serenity and peace has washed over Sunnydale. The camera moves through the trees, away from the roadside.


    As the camera moves through the woods, clear large trail can be seen from the dragon's fall. The trail seems to decrease in size, almost as if as the dragon skidded through the woods and decreased in size as it did this. Eventually the camera stops?the trail ends. Something is there, lying on the grass amongst the trees. Cut, bruised and beaten. A YOUNG MAN is left lying where the dragon was lying. He gasps for breath, almost as if shocked to inhale this world's life source. He is tall, slim with black hair, and blue eyes. He looks at his naked body with shock, he touches his arms and wriggles his fingers. He feels his back, the wings gone. He feels his skin. He's a man. (He is played by Milo Ventimiglia)

    YOUNG MAN: (weakly, gruffly) What the fu-


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    The Bronze is full. Packed to capacity with people that three significant people wouldn't stand out. Mostly, people are moving around the bar area, with MICHELLE BRANCH is playing in the background

    MICHELLE BRANCH: (singing) "And it hurts to want everything and nothing at the same time, I want what's yours and I want what's mine."

    The camera moves over to the bar area to see BUFFY SUMMERS. She's sitting alone, looking down at the bar surface; grim. Behind her, someone is watching her. The YOUNG MAN. He's playing pool, and his blue eyes note every move BUFFY makes, as well as pocketing the balls into their respective pockets. He looks in better shape than he did several months ago, clean, clothed and confident. He's wearing a black tank top and black leather trousers. He looks to the side to see SPIKE approaching BUFFY. He stops pocketing the balls, with only one left. The black. He watches them intently, and the camera stays focused on the YOUNG MAN'S eyes; clocking every movement BUFFY makes.

    YOUNG MAN: (slowly, under his breath) White haired vampire attempts to comfort her. He fails?

    MICHELLE BRANCH: (singing) "I want you, but I'm not giving in this time!"

    The YOUNG MAN looks at the pair, almost nervously waiting for an opportune moment.

    YOUNG MAN: (continuing) ?He goes. She watches. Chases him. They embrace. They kiss?

    He suddenly shoves the pool cue to pot the black in a smooth line. He smirks.

    YOUNG: A distraction?perfect.

    He throws down the pool cue, which is soon picked up by the next people who wish to play pool. His moment is here. He then turns towards the exit and he walks out of The Bronze.


    It's a cold night, and the sound from the music inside seems to be enticing people in, allowing the alleyways to remain fairly empty and quiet. He looks in both directions; nobody. He turns right and begins walking quickly not particularly paying much attention to what is in front of him or where he is going,

    WOMAN (O/S): Whoa?

    Before he can stop himself, he bangs into a woman dressed in, not much at all. She looks annoyed and brushes down her "clothes".

    WOMAN/SCANDALOUSLY DRESSED LADY: (annoyed) ?Anyone told you eyes can see what's in front of you?

    He looks at her. She's slim, pale in complexion and smoking. She either looks ill or to be on some sort of drug. She has long brown hair, which frame her young face. Her eyes are a powerful jade. He raises his eyebrows, scanning her body. She looks offended, and crosses her arms.

    SCANDALOUSLY DRESSED LADY: Yeah well it's a bit late now.

    She gives him a dirty look and passes him, and walks towards The Bronze. The YOUNG MAN continues to walk on, the camera follows him, but in the background, in soft focus, we can see the SCANDALOUSLY DRESSED LADY turn back to him.


    The YOUNG MAN stops, he turns back to look at her. She looks less threatening now, and walks back towards him.


    YOUNG MAN: Doubtful.

    She smiles.

    SCANDALOUSLY DRESSED LADY: No I do, The Bronze, you're in there a lot right?

    YOUNG MAN: I go in now and again.

    SCANDALOUSLY DRESSED LADY: Now and again? I see you in there every night.

    The YOUNG MAN looks shifty. She's becoming too inquisitive.

    YOUNG MAN: What's it to you?

    SCANDALOUSLY DRESSED LADY: Well you're a regular gentlemen aren't you. Fresh with chivalry.

    The YOUNG MAN continues to look at her, annoyed. She sighs, and turns back and walks towards The Bronze.

    SCANDALOUSLY DRESSED LADY/CHARLIE: Well, I'm Charlie, maybe next time you're in there, and looking where you're going, you can give me a shout.

    She turns back briefly.

    CHARLIE: I'll teach you a thing or two about chivalry?

    She smiles flirtatiously, he watches her still and continues to watch her leave until she enters The Bronze. He carries on walking, he notices the streets were unusually quiet and desolate, especially with the nights getting longer, demonic activity wasn't as high as they usually were. Either a fight had already happened or it was about to. He can see the graveyard in the distance but he carries on walking and he comes to an old small building. He looks around to see if he's alone and then enters.


    The place is a dump, lifeless, it looks like it could fall in at any opportune moment. There are lots of books around the lounge area and some old furniture. A kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms branching off from the main lounge. The YOUNG MAN enters via the front door, he closes the door behind him and walks towards a table which has various weapons on it.

    MAN (O/S): Back so soon my boy.

    The YOUNG MAN doesn't look around; he merely keeps looking at the weapon.

    YOUNG MAN: (quietly) She's at The Bronze.

    MAN (O/S): Then why are you here?

    The YOUNG MAN looks around to show someone we all know. DOC; he's alive. He appears from behind the chair. The demon who bled DAWN SUMMERS all those months ago is still alive, one of GLORY'S most loyal worshipper. He looks weak, and he has various cuts and bruises over his face. He leans forward, clearly frail, and propped by a walking stick.

    DOC: Xakiel, this is an opportune moment for us!

    XAKIEL is the YOUNG MAN'S name.

    YOUNG MAN/XAKIEL: I don't know if I can do it.

    DOC: Kill the girl? She's nothing, a child, a pointless waste of a being that disgraced our Glorificus by not abiding by her will. Barely a being, just a fleshed form of something far more important.

    XAKIEL sighs and leans forwards, resting his hands on the table. He stares ahead?


    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. This indicates, it is a flashback. XAKIEL has just been turned into a human. He's breathing more calmly now, but loudly. He looks around at the surrounding area. The woods, the trees, the thriving life of the human world chokes him. He feels the blood on a cut on his arm. He holds the blood up to his face, staring at it transfixed.

    XAKIEL: (confused) I?I'm?human?

    He hears a noise from a distant car. He looks alert, and stands, determined to run. He wobbles slightly, and falls down.


    The colours are back to normal. The flashback has ended. We're back in the apartment with XAKIEL staring ahead, trying not to look at DOC.

    XAKIEL: I know but I don't think I can take a human life, not now I am one?

    DOC: Qualms of a conscious? It's too late to learn morals for you Xakiel, you've murdered thousands of humans, tortured them for Glorificus.

    XAKIEL turns to DOC now.

    XAKIEL: Glory's dead now, remember? Killed by a librarian if your memory serves. Why the hell should I serve a memory?

    DOC: She is a god, and shall be respected as such! Alive or otherwise.

    DOC moves towards XAKIEL and goes to put a hand on XAKIEL'S shoulder. XAKIEL simply shrugs him off and walks nearer to the front door.

    DOC: She lives on in us, we owe her justice. Those cretins that worshipped her scattered after her death, we are the only ones left to pay tribute to her! Kill the girl?

    XAKIEL: Kill the girl? Sounds so easy to casually throw that around. The Slayer being out the way doesn't mean the girl is void of security. They have Witches, Vampires and Demons at their bidding. How do you expect an old crippled demon and a powerless mortal to perform such an act?

    DOC nods, understanding. He shuffles closer to XAKIEL.

    DOC: We know little about you Xakiel and what you're capable of. You're strong, we know that.

    XAKIEL: And you would have me use this strength to kill children?

    DOC looks angry now.

    DOC: Snap out of this humanity Xakiel! Seriously my boy, in this world, what have you got to offer, what purpose do you have in this world other than to do this? The people born into it don't belong, what chance does a hitchhiker have?

    XAKIEL: Don't make me do this.

    DOC: (desperately pleading) Just think Xakiel! Kill little Summers and everything she caused goes away, we can go back to how things were. Her blood will spill, I told you how the portal opened last time, her blood! Bleed the girl, and you regain your wings, return home.

    XAKIEL: Home?

    DOC nods at this question.

    DOC: You can go back to how things were.

    XAKIEL contemplates this. Could he really escape a world of loneliness, of weakness?

    XAKIEL: I don't like this world, It's destroyed everything I've believed in?and everything I remember. Here, my past has meant nothing to me, I remember nothing.

    DOC looks at him, sympathetically.

    XAKIEL: (continuing) I don't know who I am or why I'm here, I wanna go back to how things were?

    DOC: (nodding) Then you know what you must do.

    XAKIEL nods. He sighs and turns towards the door. He decides to take no weapons with him, but he knows he must move quickly should BUFFY return home. DOC watches him leave, smiling.

    DOC: Poor na?ve boy.

    A woman comes through from the kitchen area, but it is unclear who it is.

    WOMAN (V/O): Good work Doccy, he believes what you said, what a complete loser.

    DOC: All he has is hope in his world; hope that it's better than this one. Fool. The Slayer will kill him.

    DOC turns around and looks at the woman, it's GLORY.




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      ACT TWO



      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. It is the night after XAKIEL'S arrival in this world. The camera moves to an alleyway, the sound of a man being beaten up violently can be heard. He goes quiet. After a few moments, XAKIEL emerges from the alleyway now clothed wearing the clothes from the man he just beat up. He walks along the sidewalk looking shady at anyone who should pass him. As he turns a corner, he sees something?something he remembers. GLORY'S tower?

      XAKIEL: (quietly, thinking) That place?

      He tries to remember?


      XAKIEL remembers back to last night. He's in dragon form, flying out of the portal above the tower.


      He's back on the sidewalk; he does remember. He looks around, there aren't many people about. He dashes across the street and enters the building site?


      The dust has barely settled from BUFFY'S sacrifice the previous night. The area is void of life, a wave of death and grief washes over the base of the tower. XAKIEL walks slowly into the area looking at the surroundings intently, absorbing everything with his human eyes. He notices the bodies lying around him, and hears a faint groan coming from under some rubble. He scans the area trying to find the source of the sound. Over the far side, he can see some rubble. Someone underneath it is trying to move; trying to escape. XAKIEL runs over and pulls the rubble off the person. It's DOC. He's alive?

      XAKIEL: You. What happened? Do you know why am I here?!

      DOC coughs and splutters, covered in dust, clearly weak. His leg looks broken. He looks at his saviour, he squints his eyes, identifying XAKIEL.

      DOC: Xakiel? Is that you? It's over. Glory?she fell. She's dead.

      XAKIEL looks at the man desperately, knowing DOC knows more about what's happened. His memory about yesterday was weak.

      XAKIEL: Dead? Glory?She's?Glorificus?she is my god?she can't.

      He remembers.

      DOC: There is no God anymore, it is too late, the Slayer came, she stopped it all.

      XAKIEL sits back looking upset.

      XAKIEL: (growling) Slayer?her blood will pour for this.

      DOC: She saved her sister, she is The Key?I bled her, but she did this to me.

      He coughs uncontrollably.

      XAKIEL: The Key? Those vile monks put the essence of a key into an adolescent?

      DOC: She is the Slayer's sister, (coughing) they must share the same blood?the Slayer died in her place.

      XAKIEL: Why am I here!?

      DOC pulls himself up into a sitting position.

      DOC: (contemplating) You must have bled into this world?when The Key was unlocked. Demons appeared, but you're human. The form you are accustomed to cannot survive in this reality, I should know.

      XAKIEL: (realising) You, I know you?you are The Doctor?

      DOC: I don't boast my boy, I've been in this world as long as Glory, but my powers, like Glory's couldn't be held back, I'm still a demon.

      XAKIEL: Then I?

      DOC: I don't know what you're capable of, such a creature of destruction and death cannot be contained in a male body.

      XAKIEL: Let me help you; there is much work to be done. If The Key truly is alive she shall break for this.

      He musters up all the strength he has and lifts up DOC. Slowly; he walks out of the building site.


      The camera stays focused on XAKIEL and DOC walking away down the sidewalk, they leave the frame.

      Gradually the colours on screen stop being static?they return back to normal, and are no longer blurred.

      It is now back to November 2001. XAKIEL has just left DOC'S apartment, he walks down the same road he walked down all those months ago.


      XAKIEL walks past a sign saying "REVELLO DRIVE" and eventually arrives near BUFFY'S house. He hides near a bush next door. He looks and sees DAWN leaning against the porch looking upset. He glares at her, and sees TARA leaving the house holding a box of belongings. TARA rests the box on the porch and goes to talk to DAWN. She cries however and runs inside the house and upstairs. TARA also looks upset, and looks out towards the road, picks up the box and walks away.

      XAKIEL: Damn it. The witch?

      WOMAN (O/S): (curious) You rang?

      XAKIEL looks annoyed at the woman. It's CHARLIE. She looks nervous and twitches slightly. As TARA approaches, XAKIEL pulls CHARLIE aside.

      CHARLIE: What the hell?

      XAKIEL: ?Shut up.

      He pulls her close and covers her mouth.

      TARA passes them and walks round a corner, XAKIEL breathes a sigh of relief. He releases CHARLIE from his grip. He discards her and goes to leave and enter the house now TARA has left, hoping DAWN is alone now she's left. CHARLIE being released mutters something under her breath causing XAKIEL to fly head over heels mystically.

      CHARLIE: Look you're easy on the eyes but I ain't no pushover.

      XAKIEL looks up to her, breathless, surprised.

      XAKIEL: Witch?

      CHARLIE: Like I said. Anyway that's a shock coming from whatever you are.

      He stands, angry and walks up to her, seething.

      XAKIEL: What do you mean?

      She looks scared at him, not really knowing what he's capable of. It's because of this she warms to him.

      CHARLIE: Hey, easy, I didn't mean to cause offence. It's just you're too cute to be human. Most guys in this town have been around a while and know how to look good and stay young?

      This was not the answer he was expecting. He smiles, easing up, almost embarrassed. She smiles too, noticing he's relaxing more.

      CHARLIE: ?What are you doing down Revello?

      XAKIEL: On a mission of sorts.

      CHARLIE: Well no offence but if I can flip you, you're gonna need some help. (laughing slightly) I know where you can get some.

      XAKIEL: What makes you think I need charity?

      CHARLIE: Trust me man, this guy can help you?(she smiles as warmly as she possibly can) I'm on my way there now.

      XAKIEL looks at the house, knowing he has an opportunity, he looks back at CHARLIE who is smiling at him whilst lighting a cigarette. He smiles back slightly and joins her on the path. He walks alongside CHARLIE down the street?he knows he can't win without some form of power.

      CHARLIE: What kinda mission you on? Revenge? Or are you some sorta hit man? Oh no I got it! You're fighting for some girl's honour?

      XAKIEL: (considering the options) Kinda all three.

      CHARLIE: Believe me, no one's worth it, especially that one?you'd be stupid to take on the Slayer.

      XAKIEL: (surprised) You know the Slayer?

      CHARLIE: I used to go to school with her, righteous chick, she thinks she's all that. Didn't hear much of her when I left, after the crazed Graduation I got kinda freaked and started relying on magicks?its all I have in this town. Well apart from my dad I guess.

      XAKIEL: At least you have something, and someone.

      CHARLIE looks at him concerned slightly, she stops by an alley. She puts her hand out, almost feeling the air; she reveals a nasty cut on her arm, fresh blood seeping from the wound.

      XAKIEL: Charlie, your arm?

      CHARLIE: (ignoring him) It's down here, come on.

      XAKIEL: (looks around) This is nowhere.

      CHARLIE: You can find salvation in the strangest places. Look, put your hand out. (she puts his hand up) Do you feel it?

      XAKIEL: Warmth?

      CHARLIE: (holding on to his hand smiling) Come on.

      She pulls him through and he loses his breath momentarily as he passes through an invisible doorway?


      The lobby is empty, it's no different than we're used to it being. It is the home of the evil warlock RACK. The warlock who seduced WILLOW and AMY with his dark magicks, and quite clearly is seducing CHARLIE with too. XAKIEL and CHARLIE walk through the room, but he stops. She looks back at him.

      CHARLIE: Come on, he's just through here.

      XAKIEL: What is this place?

      CHARLIE: My sanctuary. The guy who owns it cloaks it, moves around a lot. He's just through here?

      She smiles at XAKIEL reassuring him. He follows. She opens the door.


      XAKIEL and CHARLIE walk into his room. XAKIEL looks around. Eventually his eyes fall on the dark warlock who is meditating in mid air. He looks scruffy as usually, his hair greasy. He's brimming with dark energy.

      RACK: (without opening his eyes) Charlotte, back so soon?

      CHARLIE: How many times, It's Charlie and you know I use up your stuff quick.

      RACK: Bad girl, (notices XAKIEL), brought a friend with you?

      CHARLIE: This is?actually, what is your name?

      XAKIEL: (stepping forward) I'm Xakiel.

      CHARLIE: (raising an eyebrow) Wow?again with the mystery.

      RACK: (he opens his eyes now) You don't belong here do you?

      XAKIEL: No?I don't know where I belong.

      RACK: None of us do kid, that's not important anymore?

      He floats to the floor and walks towards XAKIEL and CHARLIE.

      RACK: ?Hate to break it to ya but it's a bad time to be selfish in this war, and as much as it pains me to admit this, its time to think of others. You may be an anomaly in this reality but hey make the most of it.

      XAKIEL: (confused) I don't understand.

      RACK moves closer to XAKIEL and stares deeply into his eyes with his own maniacal glare. He knows?

      RACK: Leave little red alone?she's not worth the hassle over St Sindy's honour. You think it'll stop any pain or suffering you're going through? You're stuck in this world, like the rest of us, the lock ain't gonna open no more.

      CHARLIE: (almost annoyed) Now you boys have had a heart to heart?maybe Charlie can get her kicks?

      She moves to a cabinet and opens it, revealing an array of multi-coloured liquids in various syringes. The boys watch her. XAKIEL looks worried at CHARLIE near them. RACK smiles. She reaches for a black syringe.

      RACK: (indicating CHARLIE) Easy on the Onyx Tonic this time Charlotte, put yourself out last time. (he smirks, then looks back to XAKIEL) Seriously man, forget her. You do not want the Slayer on your back, or her little friends.

      XAKIEL watches CHARLIE as she lies back on the couch, intoxicated. In her hand, the syringe is empty, indicating she's used the drug on herself. He then looks back to RACK.

      XAKIEL: How do you know this?

      RACK: (laughing slightly) I know a lot of things.

      XAKIEL sighs deeply, almost peacefully. In the background CHARLIE seems to be shrouded in a grey smoke.

      XAKIEL: Then this, all of this, is truly over?thanks?

      An anger washes over him; DOC was lying and CHARLIE was wasting away her existence.

      RACK: Don't worry about her.

      XAKIEL: I wasn't.

      He looks at her one last time then turns to leave. He slams the door behind him as he exits the inner sanctum. The smoke enveloping CHARLIE eventually dissipates, leaving her lying relaxed on the couch. RACK sighs, becoming almost more humane; less creepy.

      RACK: (turns back and walks towards CHARLIE) Your friend left.

      CHARLIE: I barely know him.

      RACK: You want to.

      She scoffs.

      CHARLIE: Ha, really don't. He's all?shrouded in mystery and such. Plus I don't think he even knows what the word chivalry means?like seriously.

      RACK: But he's strong, didn't you sense his strength? It was overwhelming, his potential?you need someone like him.

      CHARLIE: (standing, looking pensive) You really think he's something special?

      RACK: I've not sensed power like it, unique, different, nothing I've ever had.

      CHARLIE: You think he'd help me?I mean us.

      RACK: Charlotte, we don't have a lot of time left, you need all the help you can get, we both do, I'm trying my best here.

      He indicates a large wad of cash on the table nearby. CHARLIE looks at it then sighs, before looking back to RACK.

      CHARLIE: (looking sad) No one has helped us before?

      RACK: We've never asked someone like him?find him Charlie, our time is nearly spent.

      CHARLIE: Ok?dad.

      CHARLIE hugs him and runs out of his room. RACK sighs, and goes back to the cabinet and puts back the drugs his daughter was using.




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        ACT THREE


        The Bronze is quieter than before. MICHELLE BRANCH has left along with BUFFY, SPIKE and most of the other people. XAKIEL is sitting alone at the bar. He is drinking a beer, and looking ahead trying to remain calm. CHARLIE enters in the background. She scans the crowd hopeful, and eventually lands her gaze on XAKIEL. She smiles slightly and walks over to him. She sits next to him. He knows she's there, but he doesn't say anything

        CHARLIE: I know he's kind of intense, I dunno what he said to you, but he was probably trying to help.

        XAKIEL: It's like he knew me inside out, he knows who I am, and what I'm capable of.

        CHARLIE: (curious) And what is that?

        XAKIEL: (laughs) I knew who I was at least, a killer?

        She looks shocked, it wasn't all an act. Maybe he was dangerous?

        XAKIEL: ?A demon who killed anything who threatened my god. I was an assassin if you like.

        She gulps, and exhales.

        CHARLIE: Wow?bleak much.

        XAKIEL: Sorry?

        He looks at her, embarrassed, he'd forgotten he was talking to her instead of DOC who he'd been solely talking to for months.

        XAKIEL: ?I'm not good at this social interaction. I'm new to all of this.

        She smiles.

        CHARLIE: That's ok. Luckily for you?you have the best teacher for "social interaction".

        He laughs.

        XAKIEL: Oh yeah, what can you teach me?

        CHARLIE: Well rule number one, buying a beverage for the company you keep is always appreciated.

        She smiles cheekily and XAKIEL smiles back, he calls the bartender over who passes CHARLIE a beer.

        XAKIEL: Better?

        CHARLIE: (takes a swig) Much.

        He smiles again and looks down at the beer in his hand, he sighs.

        XAKIEL: So then, teacher, what should I do?

        She thinks.

        CHARLIE: What are your options?

        XAKIEL: There aren't any.

        CHARLIE: I find that hard to believe, but whatever you decide to do, just remember this?

        He looks at her keenly.

        CHARLIE: The way you described yourself, you used the past tense. You don't think of yourself as those things anymore. It's in the past, and right now I'm in your present, so stay here and finish your drink. Take a real risk for a change. Find out if I'm in your future.

        He looks at her, lured by her green eyes.

        XAKIEL: It's too much, too soon?

        CHARLIE: (smirking) The dangers of drinking are so overrated.

        XAKIEL: I meant, living.

        CHARLIE: Isn't everything when it comes down to it?

        She pauses when she sees that XAKIEL doesn't look convinced.

        CHARLIE: You've been given a new opportunity. Own it. I don't understand what you went through, and I probably never will, but everything happens for a reason Xakiel, believe that?

        He looks out, his blue eyes staring at the nothingness before him.

        XAKIEL: I can't?

        CHARLIE: Xakiel!

        She watches him leave worried, she sighs. He's gone before she can make a move to follow. She looks down, depressed and goes back to drinking her beer.


        The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. XAKIEL is walking through the graveyard. He looks to be on the hunt for something, and singing can be heard in the background.


        WOMAN'S VOICE: (distant singing) I'm the Mrs! I will be!

        XAKIEL: (monosyllabic) This place is weird.

        Suddenly a guitar is heard playing in the background. The beginning to a song can be heard. XAKIEL rolls his eyes.


        XAKIEL: (singing) "Let's go back, back to the beginning, back to when the earth the sun the stars all aligned."

        He starts jumping from gravestone to gravestone in large majestic leaps, eventually landing on his hands on a crypt with a cross.

        XAKIEL: (singing) "'Cause perfect didn't feel so perfect. Trying to fit a square into a circle. Was no life. I defy..."

        He flips off and as he lands the rain starts beating heavily down.

        XAKIEL: (singing) "Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams! Let it wash away my sanity. 'Cause I wanna feel the thunder. I wanna scream."

        As he walks through the graveyard a thunderbolt hits a crypt with an angel on it, causing debris of the angel to fall around him. He dances around the ground to dodge the falling debris.

        XAKIEL: (singing) "Let the rain fall down. I'm coming clean, I'm coming clean?"

        As the angel's head falls down he carries on walking through the graveyard, rain pounding him.

        XAKIEL: (singing) "I'm shedding?Shedding every color. Trying to find a pigment of truth. Beneath my skin I'm?"

        His line trails off as he looks up to the clouds, and notices that developing in the clouds is the silhouette of a black dragon.

        XAKIEL: (singing) "Let the rain fall. Let the rain fall. I'm coming..."

        He starts running, and he as he does he jumps higher and higher using the graves and crypts for height and eventually, at the highest crypt dives into the air. A dragon shaped cloud swoops down and catches him. The cloud soars through the air with XAKIEL on its back.

        XAKIEL: (singing) "'Cause I wanna feel the thunder I wanna scream! Let the rain fall down?I'm coming clean?I'm coming clean?"

        He jumps off the cloud and lands in the grass, it has stopped raining and the ground is dry, as is XAKIEL.

        XAKIEL: (singing) "Let's go back?back to the beginning?"

        The singing and the beat of the music slowly stops. XAKIEL looks around, confused. He sighs and lights another cigarette.

        XAKIEL: I hate this place?

        He walks out of the graveyard. The camera stays fixed on him leaving and in the background?

        The colours begin to return to normal and the static disappears once again.

        ?The XAKIEL from November 2001 walks past the graveyard also, after leaving The Bronze, and CHARLIE'S pleas for humanity to rule him. He heads back towards DOC'S apartment. The dragon shaped cloud swoops past the screen causing the whole screen to?




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          ACT FOUR


          DOC is sitting in his chair reading a book, he seems calm and content. He looks up as he hears the door opening and XAKIEL entering the apartment. Slowly DOC closes the book and places it to one side.

          DOC: Well?

          XAKIEL shakes his head, glaring at DOC.

          XAKIEL: Its over. I didn't do it.

          DOC: (smirks) Idiot child.

          XAKIEL: Why are you so determined to kill the Slayer's sister? It won't return me to my world. You took advantage. My knowledge of how things work in this world is bleak at best, I'm learning, but you taught me the most important lesson.

          He smirks.

          DOC: Enlighten me?

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. DOC is stood in the graveyard. He looks frail still. His cuts and bruises are faded slightly but it clearly isn't long since BUFFY pushed him off the tower. He's watching something. The camera pans back to show XAKIEL fighting a vampire.


          DOC: Watch your defences boy?

          XAKIEL blocks a punch from the vampire who seems to be obviously waning in comparison to XAKIEL'S strength. The vampire receives a hit from XAKIEL, and tries to kick him in return but XAKIEL grabs it's leg and swings the half-breed into a tree, impaling it on to a branch. DOC nods.

          DOC: Not bad my boy. It is evident you are strong, perhaps you will find your place here yet.

          XAKIEL: I am ready.

          DOC: Not yet, you have yet to learn the most important lesson of all.

          XAKIEL: And that is?

          CUT TO - SUNNYDALE

          The camera cuts back to the apartment. The colours have returned back to normal once again indicating the flashback is over.

          XAKIEL: ?Trust.

          DOC nods.

          XAKIEL: I can't trust anyone in this world, even you, an old friend.

          DOC: (laughing) You trust Glory, it's all you believe in.

          XAKIEL: She's dead.

          DOC: We've been through this time and time again. She lives on, in me, in you, as long as we exist, she exists. She gave us life, she gave our lives a meaning!

          XAKIEL: And that's what destroys you, isn't it? You have no purpose anymore?

          DOC: Oh I do, my boy, I really do.

          He looks towards the kitchen. GLORY appears leaning seductively on the door frame. She is in her red dress, and her nails manicured in maroon.

          GLORY: Xakky baby. You're lookin' fine.

          XAKIEL'S eyes widen, in shock.

          XAKIEL: Glorificus?how is this possible?

          GLORY: I know right?

          She rolls her eyes, and then clears her throat, pointing to the floor. In an instant, XAKIEL kneels?knowing he must obey her?or at least he should.

          XAKIEL: Forgive me.

          GLORY: Yeah yeah yeah, so I have a bit of a dilemma here sugar lumps. Doctor Jekkyl here tells me you're being bad?

          XAKIEL: He's tearing me apart. He's lied to me, and he would have me commit murder.

          GLORY moves next to DOC smiling.

          GLORY: Well if the Jimmy Choo slipper fits honey?.Look, I know he's a little rugged I'll give ya that. But come on baby cakes, don't defy me?you know better than that.

          As she moves over to DOC, XAKIEL looks up to see something he wasn't expecting. GLORY'S foot seems to overlap that of DOC'S?as if she wasn't corporeal?

          XAKIEL: A long time ago, I wouldn't have but i'm not that person anymore.

          GLORY: As long as you're breathing it's all you'll be.

          XAKIEL: (standing) I breathe with new lungs, in a new world. I don't breathe ghosts anymore.

          He reaches for DOC'S book and throws it in her direction. The book passes straight through her. He knows what she is. The First Evil.

          GLORY/THE FIRST: Rude, not very nice to throw books you know, I could have gotten a paper cut or worse, chipped a nail, and manicuring is a bitch.

          XAKIEL: (pensive) Just a ghost.

          DOC: (angry at XAKIEL'S disrespect) Wash your mouth out child. She is a God! Did you really think this was about helping you get home? I've been here for 25 years and failed every attempt! If it were as easy as bleeding a whimpering child like Dawn Summers I would have been back years ago! This was just a ploy?a test for you. You failed.

          XAKIEL: (shouting) All that aside Doc, I saved you! I rescued you! I looked after you for months and did everything you said...and this is how you repay me?

          DOC: You pitied me! Let me keep this pathetic existence. For that I resent you.

          GLORY/THE FIRST: (looks at DOC) Now now, play nice, (turns to XAKIEL) You see Xak, it comes down to this. I wanted you on my side. The three of us were quite the team once upon a time, but there's no I in team, and if you're just sitting on the fence deciding whoever the hell it is you are?(sighs) I'm bored just thinking about it. (to DOC) Kill him already.

          DOC lunges at XAKIEL and kicks him to the floor. He wraps his lizard like tongue around XAKIEL'S neck trying to choke him. XAKIEL gags in pain. He knees DOC in the crotch and forces him backwards. He punches him in the face, and tries to grab DOC'S head. DOC however deflects him and kicks him back so XAKIEL falls flat on his back. DOC jumps on him once more and tries strangling him. XAKIEL tries pushing him off but it isn't working. GLORY watches with a smile. XAKIEL now tries prising DOC'S jaw open as far as it would go, he breaks DOC'S jaw causing him to recoil in pain. XAKIEL doesn't stop. In one violent swift move, he rips DOC'S head in half by his mouth. He throws DOC'S carcass to the side and stands.

          GLORY/THE FIRST: Eww!

          XAKIEL: (breathing heavily) Get out of here?leave this place. You're a haunting from my past?nothing more. I have no ties to you, we're through. You're not in my present?and you're not in my future.

          GLORY/THE FIRST: Oh I'll be in your future, but I guess our old relationship was over with a long time ago. But Xakky, sweetie, I still had hope for you. You coulda been by my side at the final fight, the end of everything.

          XAKIEL: (stares at her menacingly) I'll be at that fight, just not by your side.

          GLORY/THE FIRST: We'll see.

          XAKIEL: (calm) You can't harm me anymore.

          GLORY/THE FIRST: Oh I can?you just don't know how, but you will, call me sweet cheeks.

          She mimes a telephone with her hand by her ear and disappears in black smoke which leaves a faint image of CHARLIE enveloped in black smoke screaming. XAKIEL looks stunned. He sits there for a while and looks down, he stands slowly, and leaves the room still breathing heavily from his confrontation.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          A full moon is shining above. The graveyard is empty, except for one person. XAKIEL walks through the graveyard, smoke exiting his mouth from a newly lit cigarette

          XAKIEL (V/O): Belonging, a desire? Or a right?

          He sits down on a grave looking at the floor.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          XAKIEL (V/O): In a world where no one belongs, what chance do I have? What am I? I'm not a man; I'm not anything worthy.

          CHARLIE is seen walking back into the room where she was earlier, RACK is seen counting vast amounts of money at the table while one man lies intoxicated on the sofa. He looks at his daughter who looks down shaking her head. He sighs, looking angry, then turns back to counting the money frantically.

          CUT TO ? SUNNYDALE

          XAKIEL (V/O): Where will this life I've been given take me?

          The image of CHARLIE enveloped in smoke blasts on to the screen. It soon fades and shows XAKIEL contemplating something. He stubs out his cigarette.

          XAKIEL (V/O): Everything happens for a reason?perhaps I will not stalk the shadows alone.

          Slowly he intakes the sharp winter air and continues to walk through the graveyard. The light from the moon causes his shadow to form. It stretches out in length and takes form of a dragon with its wings spread ready to fly, to soar into a new life.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          JEFF KOBER as RACK

          Special Guest Stars:
          JOEL GRAY as DOC

          Musical Guest Star:

          Special Mention:
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            If you would like to give me feedback on Shadow Stalker, visit my thread here! I'm always happy to hear from you and i usually comment on the feedback as well!


            - I used Hilary Duff in this episode because i thought why the heck not, it matched the mood it's her best song and plus it's just funny to imagine Milo singing it!

            - The woman singing in the background is Anya for those who didn't get it!

            - The only episode to ever feature a Voice Over from a character at the end of the episode.

            - The dragon swooping across the screen is a repeated image i will continue to refer to in SS!

            - Remember the image of Charlie in the smoke which Glory showed us....remember's important!

            - When i cast Milo Ventimiglia and Alexis Bledel i had no idea they were an onscreen couple in Gilmore Girls. In fact i had no idea what Gilmore Girls was!
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