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East Wick 1.06 "A Black Rose For Christmas"

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  • East Wick 1.06 "A Black Rose For Christmas"

    East Wick: 1.06 "A Black Rose For Christmas"



    OPEN TO:


    CAPTION: Christmas Eve

    The downtown streets are empty and snow falls from the sky. Colorful Christmas lights are put up around the border of the display window of Cromwell’s. Through the frost stained window we can see Maureen, Spencer and Rorri, standing in front of their decorated Christmas tree, which sits in front of the display window.

    CUT TO:


    Maureen, Spencer and Rorri stand in front of the tree. Spencer holds the star that goes on top of the tree in his hand. Rorri stands with a walking cane. Maureen wears a black turtle neck sweater, a black mini-skirt, black tights and black stiletto boots. Spencer wears a dark green sweater and faded blue jeans, with snow boots. Rorri wears black fitted top, under a jean jacket, and red low-cut jeans, with tennis shoes. Her long brown is pulled up into a ponytail.

    SPENCER: (unsure) So, I’m gonna put the star on the tree?

    RORRI: Yeah, who else?

    SPENCER: After dad left it was Carter.

    MAUREEN: Carter isn’t here. You do it.

    SPENCER: (disregarding his last comment; to Maureen) Did you ever sign the divorce papers?

    MAUREEN: (stressful sigh) Spencer, I don’t want to talk about that right now.

    SPENCER: I’m just asking. Just because you two aren’t getting along doesn’t mean he’s shunned from the family. I don’t want him to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day alone in a cheesy motel. And we’re eating dinner soon.

    Maureen doesn’t say anything. She stressfully runs her fingers through her long dark hair.

    MAUREEN: (giving in) I’ll call him.

    RORRI: (with glee) Good! He can make us some of his awesome eggnog!

    SPENCER: (excited) The one with the liquor in it?

    RORRI: (smile) Yeah! That stuff is really good.

    MAUREEN: Spencer, can I borrow your cell phone?

    SPENCER: Yeah.

    Spencer pulls his cell phone out, handing it to Maureen. Maureen steps away from her siblings as she opens the cell phone and begins to dial numbers. The camera moves back over to Spencer and Rorri.

    RORRI: Are you gonna wait till Carter gets here so he can put the star on the tree?

    SPENCER: Yup. (beat) How are you doing? You don’t need to sit down?

    RORRI: I’m fine, Spencer. I just feel really old with a walking cane.

    SPENCER: (laughing) Yeah.

    Rorri stares at the lighted Christmas tree with glee and a warm smile on her face.

    RORRI: I love Christmas, always peaceful.

    Suddenly, the entrance door opens. Rorri and Spencer’s heads turn, looking over as two people step into Cromwell’s, they both carry suitcases and bags. Person #1 is a young attractive female, with long dark hair. Person #2 is a handsome looking male with a goatee. They stumble into the shop, brushing snow off them. The female lifts her head, looking at Spencer and Rorri (Female Played by: Summer Glau).

    RORRI: (disgusted; to Spencer) I spoke to soon.

    The guy lifts his head up and he doesn’t look happy to be there (Man Played by: Ryan Eggold).

    FEMALE: (smiling) Hey! Merry Christmas!

    MALE: (solemnly) Yeah...merry Christmas.

    Maureen turns around, noticing the two people that just walked into the shop.

    MAUREEN: Margo and Kemper. Our long lost siblings.


    Purple, dingy letters that spell: EAST WICK stretches across the screen.



    Theme Song: 'Creep Show' by Kerli

    Holly Marie Combs - Maureen Cromwell
    Sophia Bush - October Eastwick
    Shane West - Asher Armstrong
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Rorri Cromwell
    Dominic Purcell - Carter Michaels
    Danneel Harris - Katarina “Kat” Sherwood
    Matt Dallas - Darwin Eastwick
    And Adam Brody as Spencer Cromwell

    Jared Padalecki - Parker Doven
    Mandy Musgrave - Prudence Eastwick
    Famke Janssen as Selma Eastwick

    Summer Glau - Margo Cromwell
    And Ryan Eggold as Kemper Cromwell




    SONGS FEATURED IN THIS EPISODE: 'Silver Bells' by: Johnny Mathis



    DISCLAIMER: This is a spin off of the Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy televisions series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I do not make any money off of this FanFic, it’s for fun and fun only. East Wick is affiliated with Riley the Series by BlasterBoy (Ben)
    East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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    ACT I

    OPEN TO:


    Kemper shuts the door behind him and Margo. He slips off his very expensive looking leather jacket and takes off the cashmere scarf that's wrapped around his neck. Rorri, Spencer and Maureen stare at Margo and Kemper in disbelief. Margo brushes the snow from her jacket and runs her fingers through her hair. She begins to unbutton her coat, and then stops. She looks up at Maureen, Spencer and Rorri.

    MARGO: Do you guys not want us to be here?

    KEMPER: (smug) Obviously not.

    SPENCER: I?m happy to see you, Margo. (Looks at Kemper) You can go to hell, Kemper!

    Spencer turns, walking away.

    RORRI: (angry glare at Margo) You both make me mad.

    Rorri turns, limping away, using her walking cane as a crutch. Margo and Kemper look at Maureen.

    MAUREEN: (smile) Hi, Margo, welcome back home.

    Maureen walks over to Margo, hugging her. They break apart from the hug and Maureen looks over at Kemper.

    KEMPER: (arrogant smile) Aren't you gonna hug me?

    MAUREEN: (smug smile) Kemper, go screw yourself.

    Maureen grabs Margo's arm, walking off with her, leaving Kemper standing alone.

    KEMPER: (sarcastic; to self) I love my family.

    CUT TO:


    The camera focuses on an plain pine tree with no decorations. It sits in front of the two glass doors that lead to the balcony. The camera pans back, revealing October standing a few feet away from the tree, holding a box of Christmas decorations. October wears a gray fitted vintage Pink Floyd shirt, hip hugger black jeans and black army boots. She stares blankly at the empty tree.

    OCTOBER: It's so?bare.

    DARWIN: (O/S) Then start putting on the decorations.

    October looks over at Darwin who's in the kitchen, putting chocolate icing on chocolate cupcakes.

    OCTOBER: You can always help me, Darwin. You wanted to do this Christmas stuff.

    DARWIN: I'll help you? but later on tonight.

    OCTOBER: Later on tonight! Why not now!?

    DARWIN: Because I was going to take these cupcakes over to Parker's. And you and I have to start dinner.

    OCTOBER: Your little boyfriend can wait, Darwin. And you're the one starting dinner. October Eastwick doesn't cook.

    DARWIN: (defensive) He's not my boyfriend, October, and he can't wait. The snow storm is coming tonight and I probably won't be able to get the cupcakes to him if I wait. Also he's staying on campus for Christmas. So he's going to be in his dorm room alone for Christmas.

    OCOTBER: Then instead of going there, invite him over. You guys can do the Christmas tree together and he can eat dinner with us.

    Darwin stops putting icing on the cupcakes, and glaring up at October with a large smile on his phase.

    DARWIN: (excited) Really!?

    OCTOBER: I said it, didn't I?

    DARWIN: Thanks!

    OCTOBER: No prob, Bob.

    October turns, walking over to the kitchen area, leaning against the counter. She looks across the counter at Darwin, who's closing the chocolate icing container.

    OCTOBER: So this snow storm, how much are we supposed to get?

    DARWIN: Five to seven inches.

    OCTOBER: That's no storm, that's a damn blizzard.

    DARWIN: Yeah, I know, right!? It's going to be strange for Parker. When he was a kid he lived in Florida. He didn't have a lot of snow.

    OCTOBER: Well, yeah it's Florida. (curious; beat) So, Dar, you like this Parker kid?

    A childish smile stretches across Darwin's face.

    OCTOBER: (smirk) With a smile like that I'm guessing yes.

    DARWIN: I don't know...I guess, but I feel like he's...I don't know, October, he's just different.

    OCTOBER: Different good or different bad?

    DARWIN: (warm smile) Good.

    OCTOBER: Well...I'm happy for you, cousin.

    DARWIN: Thanks.

    Suddenly, October's white cat jumps onto the counter top. He has a small Santa hat on his head.

    OCTOBER: (in shock; laughing) Did you put that on Sylvester's head?

    DARWIN: (laughing) Yeah.

    Sylvester walks over to October, rubbing against her arm, trying to get the Santa hat off his head. He lets out a soft meow.

    OCTOBER: I'm sorry, Sylvester.

    October takes the Santa hat off of Sylvester's head, placing it on the counter top.

    OCTOBER: (to Darwin) Leave my cat alone.

    October sweeps up her cat in her arms, giving him a kiss on the head. A knock on the door breaks through the apartment. October places the cat down onto the floor, and walks over to the door. She opens the door but no ones there. October steps into the hallways looking left and right down the hallway, nothing. October turns to walk back into the apartment, something catches her eyes. Taped to the door is a black rose and a folded piece of paper.

    OCTOBER: (to self) What the hell?

    October takes the piece of paper and the black rose off of the door. She unfolds the piece of paper, it's a note. She begins to read it. It reads:

    Meet me at Edison church tonight at nine. No fighting. Just want to talk.
    - Prudence

    October puts the letter in her pocket as a worried look grows across her face.

    DARWIN: (O/S) Who is it?

    OCTOBER: (lying) No one.

    CUT TO:


    Rorri and Spencer stand behind the checkout counter. They're glaring at something off screen, aggravated. The both of them have their arms crossed firmly across their chest. The camera follows their gaze, over to Kemper, who's talking on his cell phone and pacing back and forth in the middle of the shop. Kemper wears a white button down shirt and black tie, black pinstripe slacks, with fancy black shoes. The camera moves back over to Rorri and Spencer.

    RORRI: (angered) Why did they have to come!?

    SPENCER: (sighs) I don't know.

    RORRI: (disgusted) Ugh, and Margo! Did you see the ways she looked at me when she walked in?

    SPENCER: (smirk) Rorri, she smiled at you.

    RORRI: Yeah, but she was saying bitch behind the smile.

    SPENCER: (laughing) Rorri, you're being silly. She's trying to be civil with you.

    RORRI: (attitude) I don't want to be civil with her. She's a bitch.

    SPENCER: Margo's cool in my book. (gestures at Kemper) It's that prick I hate!

    RORRI: Yeah. Our brother is the biggest tool.

    SPENCER: (instant anger) He just left without goodbye or farewell handshake. He moved to New York City with his stupid, fancy degree in architecture. And now he strolls back into town out of nowhere. We haven't seen him in over a year. (sighs) It hurts.

    RORRI: I know. He had to come back sooner or later. We need all the Cromwell's here for the battle to come.

    SPECNER: It just sucks that we need him to complete White Heart.

    RORRI: The problem that we face is will Kemper do it? I know Margo will, but I don't know about Kemper.

    Spencer and Rorri glare at Kemper, across the room, worried. Kemper closes his cell phone, slipping it into his pocket, looking up at Rorri and Spencer. He's oblivious to their conversation. A smug smile grows across Kemper's face.

    KEMPER: (waving) Hey, kiddies!

    SPENCER/RORRI: (to Kemper) You're a dumb ass.

    CUT TO:


    Maureen and Margo are in the kitchen. Maureen grabs the large bowl of salad.

    MAUREEN: Margo, can you grab the plates?

    MARGO: Yeah.

    Margo grabs the stack of plates that are stacked on the countertop. She then follows Maureen into the dining room.

    Cut to:


    Maureen places the salad bowl in the middle of the dining table. Margo places the plates down on the dining table. Margo wears a fitted army fatigue t-shirt, under a brown leather vintage jacket, black hip-huger jeans and clunky black army boots. Maureen turns to Margo.

    MAUREEN: How's it going, little sis?

    Margo turns to Maureen.

    MARGO: I'm okay. I wish Rorri would talk to me. (joking) I don't want to be a leper like Kemper.

    MAUREEN: Don't ever compare yourself to Kemper. Kemper is repulsive and sucky as a brother.

    MARGO: (stressful sigh) Yeah, he is. But I was sucky as a sister to Rorri.

    MAUREEN: Just talk to her.

    MARGO: (defeated) I'll try, but I doubt she'll listen.

    MAUREEN: She will, Margo, just talk to her. It's been a year. She has to get over it sooner or later.

    MARGO: (putting head down, thinking) Yeah.


    MAUREEN: (changing subject) So how's living in England going for you? And working for the Watcher's Council?

    MARGO: I'm not working. I'm interning and it's going well. We just got back from the ruins of L.A.

    MAUREEN: How is that going? Still dead?

    MARGO: They just start cleaning up the city. We had to go there first to clean up any demons that's been left behind since the battle. I guess once it's cleaned up the mayor wants to start bringing people back into the city. (sighs) Highly doubt that.

    MAUREEN: Yeah. Once the city is back up and running, the demons will be there too, ready to take over again.

    MARGO: (laughs) Exactly. It just sucks because I have to go back there after Christmas. Kind of wanted to stay here for awhile.

    MAUREEN: You can. Once you're done with that. The doors are always open for you.

    MARGO: (warm smile) I know. (changing subject) So how's Carter? I haven't seen him yet?

    MAUREEN: (looks down) Not so good. Not good at all.

    MARGO: (sympathetic) Oh, I'm sorry.

    MAUREEN: (unconvincingly) It's cool.

    MARGO: (sympathetic) No, it's not, is it?

    Maureen shakes her head.

    MARGO: Is he coming?

    MAUREEN: Yeah, he is. I just called him before you got here. He's on his way.

    MARGO: That's good. I miss him.

    MAUREEN: Bet you do. (beat; forced smile) Let's get this food set up so we can have Christmas Eve dinner soon.

    MARGO: (smile) Okay, let's do it.

    Maureen and Margo walk out of the dining room.

    CUT TO:


    Darwin sits on the black leather sofa, staring at the T.V. Darwin has his legs stretched out and his feet resting on the coffee table. Darwin is watching the news. The camera whorls around at the T.V. screen

    FEMALE NEWSCASTER: East Wick citizens, I think it's time for everyone to go inside their homes with their families. The blizzard is coming and it's coming fast. We are looking at four to six inches of snow tonight, and don't worry kiddies, (smirk; jokingly) the snow wont stop Santa Clause from giving you your goodies tonight. East Wick; have a great night. Merry Christmas to all and to all, a good night. This is Patricia Livingston, signing off on EW News.

    The camera whorls back around to Darwin who picks up the remote, turning off the T.V. Suddenly, someone begins to knock on the apartment door.

    DARWIN: (yells) I got it!

    Darwin stands to his feet, walking over to the door. He opens the door, revealing Parker. Parker stands in the hallway, holding a box wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper.

    PARKER: (smile) Merry Christmas!

    Parker hands the box to Darwin.

    DARWIN: (smile) Thanks!

    Darwin throws his arms around Parker, giving him a hug.

    PARKER: No, problem.

    They break apart.

    DARWIN: Come in.

    Darwin gestures for Parker to come in. Parker enters as he brushes the snow from his coat and his shaggy brown hair.

    PARKER: It's getting bad out there.

    DARWIN: Yeah, I can see that. (beat) I'll take your coat.

    Parker takes his coat off, giving it to Darwin. Parker wears a dark green fleece shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes. Darwin hangs Parker's coat on the coat rack that stands next to the door.

    DARWIN: We're having dinner in like an hour.

    PARKER: Cool. (coy smile) I bought you a present.

    DARWIN: Thanks. You didn't have to...I made you chocolate cupcakes.

    PARKER: (laughing) My favorite. (joking) You actually listen to me when I talk.

    DARWIN: (smiles) I always listen.

    October walks from behind the curtain, leaving her bedroom. She has her black leather coat on and a black scarf rapped around her neck.

    DARWIN: October, where are you going?

    OCTOBER: (tensed) I have to go somewhere. Be back soon.

    DARWIN: (warning) October, there's a blizzard coming through.

    OCOTBER: I'll be fine. I'll be back before dinner.

    She walks pass Darwin and Parker.

    OCOTBER: (brief wave) Hi, Parker. Bye, Parker.

    October exits the studio apartment. Darwin and Parker look at each other in confusion.

    DARWIN: (to Parker) Don't ask because I don't know.

    PARKER: (laughing) Okay.

    DARWIN: Let's watch T.V. while I open my gift and you eat your cupcakes. Plus ?Charlie Brown's Christmas' is on.

    PARKER: Let's do that. But I like ?A Christmas Story' better.

    DARWIN: (in shock) No, way!

    PARKER: Yep.

    Darwin turns to walk, but he trips, slamming onto the floor, off screen.


    East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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      ACT II

      OPEN TO:


      October enters the rundown, abandon church. She walks down the isle, looking around, cautiously. The church is dark and gloomy. The floor creaks as October walks down the isle. On each side of her are rows of pews.

      OCTOBER: (calling out) Prudence, where the hell are you?

      October runs her fingers through her long hair, stressfully. She stops walking, standing in the middle of the isle. She looks around cautiously. It’s silent in the church.

      OCTOBER: (impatient) Prudence, where are you?! If you want to talk, let’s talk! Stop playing games!

      October then hears the large entrance doors of church slam shut, echoing though the church. October spins around. Selma stands at the entrance of the church. Selma spots October.

      SELMA: (angered; confused) Is this some kind of joke, October? Pretending to be your sister to get me alone is pathetic. Just kill me for Christ sake.

      OCTOBER: (snaps) It’s not from me. It’s actually from Prudence. She told me to meet her here too.

      SELMA: She what?!

      OCTOBER: Yeah. She’s doing all of this.

      SELMA: I really wan to kill you right now. But I have to see what stupid ass daughter is up too.

      Selma begins to walk down the isle, towards October.

      SELMA: (yelling; calling for) Prudence, get your ass out here right now! What the hell do you think you’re doing?

      Selma comes to a stop, stopping inches in front of October. They stare into each other’s eyes. Selma has a devious smirk on her face as she looks October up and down.

      SELMA: (sarcastic; smirk) October, it’s nice to see you. Should kiss you on your forehead right now? That’s the motherly thing to do, right?

      OCTOBER: (annoyed) Bite me.

      SELMA: Hmm, no thanks, maybe later. So, did you and Prudence set this up? You want to get me alone and kill me? Cut the cancer out of both of your lives?

      OCTOBER: (confident) I wish, but no. I’ve cut you out of my life along time ago.

      SELMA: Keep telling yourself that, sweetie, I’ll never leave your side. (beat) Not until I kill you.

      OCTOBER: You keep telling yourself that, bitch!

      SELMA: Watch your mouth, October; I’ve taught you better than that.

      October steps closer to Selma, pissed, ready to fight.

      OCTOBER: (angered) You taught me shit!

      SELMA: (shrugs; careless) I guess you’re right. But our vendetta is put on hold right now. Let’s figure out why your stupid sister is doing this.

      PRUDENCE: (O/S) I’m doing it for us, mom.

      Selma and October turn around to see Prudence standing on the alter. She wears a fitted maroon top, under a black leather jacket, tight, low cut blue jeans and high heeled boots. She has her hands out in front of her. Hovering above her hands is a reddish/orange energy ball.

      SELMA: (angered) What the hell are you doing, Prudence? (demanding) Why do you have an energy ball in your hands?

      PRUDENCE: (evil smile; to Selma) This energy ball was going to be used to stun October so we can torture her!

      OCTOBER: (laughing) Are you serious, Prudence?

      SELMA: This is not the way! You brought me here to torture October? (yells) This is neither the time nor the place, Prudence!

      October and Prudence both jump at the sound of their mother’s yelling.

      SELMA: (to Prudence; degrading) You stupid little bitch! You’re a disgrace. This is stupid and you didn’t think it out one bit! And you didn’t run any of this by me!

      Prudence holds back tears.

      PRUDECNE: (holding back tears) I did it for you, mom. This is what you wanted.

      SELMA: (yells) Stop calling me mom!

      Prudence begins to cry.

      OCTOBER: You two need to go to therapy. (shakes head) Prudence, I can’t believe you’re dealing with Selma’s shit. You’ve come this low to make her happy. You tried to kill me? (disappointed) Prudence, you deserve everything that’s coming to you. I’m leaving.

      October turns, walking away from her mother and sister, down the isle.

      PRUDENCE: (yells; anger; crying) Stop walking!

      Prudence begins to breathe heavily. She looks down at the energy ball that’s getting larger in the palm of her hand. October stops, turning back around, facing her sister.

      SELMA: (demanding) Prudence, dissipate the energy ball and come on! We’re leaving!

      PRUDENCE: (angered) No!

      Selma’s jaws clutch with furry.

      SELMA: (infuriated) What did you just say to me?!

      PRUDENCE: (angered; crying; to Selma) No! (beat) I wanted you to like me, Selma! To love me and you don’t! This plan was for us but all you care about is power, you selfish bitch! But since you don’t like my idea...Selma! (beat) I’m just going to kill us all.

      The energy ball begins to rapidly get larger.

      OCTOBER: (caring) Prudence, calm down.

      October begins to step back as the energy ball grows larger, so does Selma. Prudence steps away from the energy ball. It’s now floating in midair, by itself. The reddish/orange energy ball continues to grow, rapidly. Prudence steps back away from the energy ball, scared.

      SELMA: (to Prudence) Stop it!

      PRUDENCE: I can’t anymore. (looks to Selma) I’m sorry.

      SELMA: Run!

      October and Selma turn, running down the isle. Prudence turns, running the opposite direction, into a room.

      CUT TO:


      The glass from all the windows on the church explode and fire and reddish/orange energy shoots from them. The two large doors blow off its hinges and they tumble into the street. The large, rusted cross that sits on top of the church falls and imbeds itself into the snowy yard of the church. It’s silent as the snow falls to the ground.

      CUT TO:


      The lights on the Christmas tree shine through the display window. Snow is piled heavily on the street. No one is out.

      CUT TO:


      Everyone sits around the table, eating in silence. On one side of the table sits Margo and Kemper. Across from them sits Rorri and Spencer. Maureen sits at the end of the table and at the other end sits Carter, who looks uncomfortable. Spencer looks up at Kemper, pissed. Margo looks around the room, not making eye contact with no one. Maureen looks down at her plate.

      CARTER: (breaking silence) So...Margo, how’ve ya been?

      Margo looks up at Carter, surprised that someone’s actually talking.

      MARGO: (smiles) I’ve been good. Just working a lot, thanks to you. I never thanked you for getting me that internship at the council.

      CARTER: No, problem. I’m just happy it all worked out. So what are you actually doing there?

      Across the table, Rorri rolls her eyes at the sound of Margo’s voice.

      MARGO: A field agent. Go around the world, helping people. It’s pretty awesome. They train me to fight and all this other nifty stuff.

      CARTER: That’s cool.

      KEMPER: (to Spencer; annoyed) What are you looking at?

      SPENCER: (angered) You, jackass!

      KEMPER: Hmm, more insults, huh, dumb ass!

      RORRI: (to Kemper) Don’t call my brother a dumb ass, dumb ass!

      KEMPER: In case you didn’t forget, Rorri, I’m your brother too!

      RORRI: Yeah, I wish I could change that.

      KEMPER: Are you guys still bitching about last year!?

      Maureen drops her fork onto her plate. She looks up at Kemper, angered.

      MAUREEN: Are you serious, Kemper! What you did was wrong on so many levels! You ruined our trust for you!

      KEMPER: Because I don’t live the life you all do. (yells) I don’t want to fight evil! I don’t want to study magic. I want to be normal and not be a freak!

      Maureen, Spencer, Rorri, and Margo stare at Kemper in shock.

      RORRI: (hurt) So, now we’re freaks?

      KEMPER: (regretful sigh) I didn’t mean it that way.

      MAUREEN: Yes, you did! You did mean it that way.

      KEMPER: I didn’t, Maureen.

      SPENCER: (to Kemper) You’re a disgrace to this family! This isn’t the first time you’ve said crap like that! Before you left you said that we were freaks! Also you STOLE the money mom and dad left us to keep the store up and running!

      KEMPER: (yells) I said I was sorry! It’s not my fault that mom and dad decided to go to Africa!

      SPENCER: (angered) Mom and dad left to help others! Something you can’t understand! You stole fifty thousand for your selfish ass, so you can leave East Wick and go live in New York City, leaving us here to clean up your mess! We almost lost Cromwell’s, which has been in our family for years! Rorri and I almost had to drop out of college to help out with money issues! Margo had to go work for the Watcher’s Council and Maureen and Carter had to down size by moving in here! We had to put all the money we've earned, and put it in Cromwell’s.

      KEMPER: (yells) Since I’ve gotten my new job I’ve paid every cent back! Get over it! All of you!

      MARGO: It’s not the fact that you paid the money back, Kemper. It’s the fact that you stole money from family and you don’t care.

      KEMPER: I never said I didn’t care!

      RORRI: Well, you’re sure acting like you don’t!

      KEMPER: You don’t know what I’m thinking, Rorri!

      SPENCER: Fine! If you care so much about us then stay in East Wick and help us out with this battle that’s coming our way.

      KEMPER: (oblivious) What battle?

      SPENCER: What we’re fighting against can wipe out our family line.

      Kemper looks shocked as he scans the table, looking at everyone.

      KEMPER: (to Margo) Did you know about this too?

      MARGO: Yeah. I’m moving back next week.

      KEMPER: So everyone knew about this besides me?

      It’s silent.

      KEMPER: (angered; sarcastic) Thanks for the heads up!

      MAUREEN: We need you. There’s a resistance forming called White Heart. It’s descents of the covenant that killed Natalya Eastwick. In order for it to work we need every sibling in the group from each family.


      KEMPER: (calming down; hurt) You guys just invited me to spend Christmas here just to use me and attack me? (sighs) You guys suck!

      SPENCER: We couldn’t ask you over the phone because we knew you wouldn’t do it.

      KEMPER: (raises voice) Are you kidding me! You guys really think that I’m that selfish! That I’m that horrible of a person, that I could let some demon destroy my family!?

      SPENCER: (cold) Yes.

      Instant hurt grows across Kemper’s face. Infuriated, he stands up quickly, sending his chair to the floor.

      KEMPER: (yells) Screw all of you! Go to hell!

      Kemper turns, walking out of the dining room.

      KEMPER: (walking away) You’re all a bunch of degenerates!

      Spencer quickly stands to his feet.

      SPENCER: (angered; yells) Dissolve!

      A bluish stream of energy flies from the palm of Spencer’s hand, hitting Kemper in the back, sending him flying out of the room, into the kitchen. Everyone quickly stands to their feet, besides Rorri, she remains sitting.

      MAUREEN: (in shock) Spencer, what the hell was that!? Are you trying to kill him!

      Spencer breathes heavily in anger.

      CARTER: (cautious) Spencer, calm down!

      Margo and Maureen run into the kitchen to Kemper’s unconscious body. Carter grabs Spencer by the shoulders, escorting him out of the room, leaving Rorri at the table alone.

      RORRI: (shrugs) More for me.

      Rorri continues to eat her dinner.

      CUT TO:


      Darwin and Parker sit on the couch, cuddling. Parker’s large, muscular arms wrap around Darwin. They stare ahead at the TV.

      PARKER: God, I’m full from those cupcakes!

      DARWIN: (laughing) You ate five, Parker. You should be!

      PARKER: They were good. You’re a kick-ass cook.

      DARWIN: Thanks! I love the food channel!

      Darwin looks over at Parker who has chocolate frosting on the corner of his lips. Darwin stares at the frosting on Parker’s face. Parker and Darwin lock eyes.

      PARKER: What is it?

      DARWIN: (smiling) You have frosting on the corner of your mouth.

      PARKER: (devious smirk) I could lick it off…

      DARWIN: Then do it.

      PARKER: Or you can do it for me?

      Darwin stares at Parker, not knowing what to do or say.

      PARKER: (smiles) I’m waiting.

      Darwin grabs Parker’s head and they begin to kiss, passionately. Darwin climbs on top of Parker, straddling him in a sitting position. Parker’s large hands make their way under Darwin’s shirt, gliding his fingers up his back. Darwin begins to kiss Parker’s neck, going up to his ear, biting it.

      DARWIN: (whispering; while kissing Parker‘s neck) Parker, I want you inside of me.

      PARKER: (whisper) I want to be inside you.

      Parker and Darwin begin to kiss again. Darwin stops kissing Parker. He gets off of Parker, sitting next to him.

      PARKER: (worried) What!? Am I doing something wrong?

      DARWIN: No, not at all, Parker, you’re’s me. I - I just can’t do this right now.

      PARKER: Want me to go?

      DARWIN: (laughing) No. I just don’t want to do “it”.

      PARKER: (realizing) Oh! Okay, got it. Then we won’t. (smiles) We’ll just go cook together.

      DARWIN: (realizing; surprised) Oh, yeah! The mashed potatoes, I forgot!

      Darwin jumps to his feet, running into the kitchen.

      Parker laughs as he stands to his feet, following Darwin into the kitchen.


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        ACT III

        OPEN TO:


        October lies face down on the rubble. Around her you can hear burning and falling wood. October has a cut across her forehead and a cut on her lip. October's eyes shoot open and she slowly turns onto her back, looking up. She looks amazed as she realizes she's in the basement of the church. She looks up at a large, rigid hole, several feet up, which the ring of the hole is on fire. She realized the floor in the church collapsed and she fell into the basement.

        OCTOBER: (amazed) Oh my god!

        October forces herself to her feet. Sudden pain shoots through her body. October looks down to see a large shard of glass imbedded into her side, in her ribs.

        OCTOBER: (mad; pain) Damn!

        October grabs the shard of glass, pulling it out.

        OCTOBER: (yells; in pain) Ah!

        October throws the shard of glass onto the concrete floor. October begins to shake, scared and nervous. She runs her cut up hands through her long dark hair, stressfully. October turns, spotting Prudence lying a couple feet away from her, unconscious.

        OCTOBER: (worried) Prudence!

        October makes her way over to her sister. October kneels down next to Prudence.

        OCTOBER: Wake up, Prudence!

        October begins to shake Prudence, trying to wake her.

        OCTOBER: (worried) Prudence, wake up!

        Prudence slowly comes too, looking up at her sister. Prudence has a cut above her left eye and her nose is bleeding.

        OCTOBER: (concerned) Are you okay?

        PRUDENCE: (weak) Yeah.

        OCTOBER: Good. (sudden anger) You, bitch!

        October grabs Prudence by her shirt, violently pulling her to her feet.

        PRUDENCE: (yells; scared) Get off of me!

        OCTOBER: (angered) No! You stupids bitch!

        October backhands Prudence across the face. Prudence stumbles back, holding her face, moaning in pain.

        PRUDENCE: (yells) What was that for!?

        OCTOBER: (furious; yells) What was that for!? You were trying to kill me, dumb ass!

        PRUDENCE: Don't talk to me like that, October!

        Suddenly, Prudence is tackled to the ground by a crazed Selma. Selma gets on top of Prudence, straddling her, punching her in the face over and over again.

        SELMA: (crazed; screaming) I'm going to kill you, you stupid little bitch!

        Prudence screams for help. October hurries over to her sister's aid, grabs Selma by the shirt, yanking her off Prudence, throwing her across the basement. Selma slams into some rubble.

        OCTOBER: Stop fighting!

        Prudence stumbles to her feet, scared. Selma quickly gets to her feet, charging at Prudence once more. October steps in front of Prudence, protectively, stopping Selma from attacking again.

        SELMA: (angered; October) Get out of my way, October!

        OCTOBER: No.

        SELMA: (yells) What she did was stupid! She needs to learn!

        OCTOBER: (menacingly) I already handled that. Don't touch her again.

        SELMA: (disgusted; to October) What are you? Her protector now? Cause I remember you leaving her with me! I protect her, October, not you. She's my little bitch.

        Selma steps back, holding her hand out towards October.

        SELMA: (yells) Back!

        Nothing happens. No streams of energy come from Selma's hand.

        SELMA: (confused) What the hell?! My powers. They're gone.

        PRUDENCE: None of us have our powers.

        October turns around, facing Prudence.

        OCTOBER: What?

        PRUDENCE: I dozed energy ball with Conrad Root.

        OCTOBER: (in shock) Prudence! That binds our powers.

        SELMA: (angered) WHAT!?

        PRUDENCE: (scared; to Selma) I'm sorry, Selma.

        OCTOBER: (disgusted; to Prudence) God, you're twisted!

        October walks away, giving up, leaving Prudence with Selma. Prudence looks terrified as Selma glares at Prudence with furry.

        PRUDENCE: (shaky; holding back tears) I'm sorry, Selma.

        Selma doesn't say anything as she approaches Prudence. Selma extends her arm, punching Prudence square in the face.

        BLACK OUT


        Darwin stands over the stove, stirring the mashed potatoes. Beside him, Parker stands, chopping up tomatoes on the chopping board.

        PARKER: I haven't cooked in so long.

        DARWIN: Same here. My mom use to do it.

        PARKER: Yeah, so did my mom. (Beat) Tell me about your family.

        DARWIN: (reluctantly) It's very complicated, Parker.

        PARKER: I like complicated.

        DARWIN: Can we not talk about family?

        Darwin stares down at the mashed potatoes, not looking up at Parker.

        PARKER: Yeah. (beat) What about boyfriends? Any ex's?

        DARWIN: (aggravated) Parker, I don't what to talk about that either.

        PARKER: (defeated) I'm sorry.

        The room is awkwardly silent for a moment.

        PARKER: (changing subject) Maybe you should call October. I bet it's getting bad outside.

        Darwin stops stirring the mashed potatoes and looks at his watch.

        DARWIN: It's been awhile.

        PARKER: You should call her.

        DARWIN: Okay.

        Darwin walks out of the kitchen, as he pulls his cell phone from his pocket.

        CUT TO:


        October is pushing brick, singed wood, broken cement, from a wall of debris that's blocking the exit door.

        OCTOBER: (frustrated; annoyed) Can you help me?

        The camera moves over to Selma who's sitting on a pile of rubble, smoking a cigarette. On the ground next to Selma sits Prudence, whose eye is swollen and bruised. She's curled up in a ball, rocking back and forth.

        SELMA: No.

        OCTOBER: Why? Don't you want to get out of here?

        SELMA: (annoyed) I'll wait until I get my powers back.

        OCOTBER: So you can kill me? No thank you! Besides, it'll be hours.

        SELMA: If I wanted to kill you, cutie pie, I would've already.

        October turns around, exhausted, facing Selma who sits across from her.

        OCTOBER: Remember the first night you got here, Selma? You tried to kill me. That vein thingy you did.

        SELMA: (chuckle; sarcastic) No, I forgot.

        OCTOBER: (sighs) Whatever.

        October turns back around, beginning to pull away debris again.

        OCOTBER: Prudence, help me.

        Prudence begins to stand but Selma pushes Prudence back down to the ground.

        SELMA: (demanding) Sit!

        October turns back around, facing her mother and Prudence.

        OCOTBER: (to Selma) She isn't a dog!

        SELMA: (aggravated) Was I talking to you?

        OCTOBER: I don't care, but I was talking to you!

        SELMA: (angered) Shut up, bitch.

        OCTOBER: Go die!

        Selma stands to her feet, furiously throws her cigarette to the ground, stepping on it.

        OCTOBER: What are you gonna do, Selma, fight me? I still have my slayer powers, which means I can kick your ass.

        Selma storms towards October, stopping looking into her eyes, angered.

        SELMA: (to October) You were such a mistake.

        OCTOBER: (annoyed; sigh) Okay, so the insults begin.

        SELMA: (menacing) I should've cut you out of my stomach when you were small and helpless!

        OCTOBER: You're twisted, you know that!?

        SELMA: (continuing) Your father wanted me to get an abortion, but I said no. (smile) I wanted you so bad when you were inside me. Then when you came out and I looked at your face...I felt disgusted. I wanted you to die right in my arms. That's why I began to abuse magic.

        October stares at Selma in furry.

        SELMA: God, I wish I would have killed you right then! As a kid you were like a cancer in my life. I hate you, October. (warm smile) If you dropped dead, I'd be ecstatic.

        OCTOBER: (shaky; upset) Don't mistake your shitty parenting skills for me being born.

        SELMA: (devilish smile) Shitty mother I was...mistake you were.

        OCTOBER: You're still a shitty mother.

        SELMA: I don't claim you.

        OCTOBER: And I don't claim you. I'm talking about Prudence. You treat her like crap.

        SELMA: Because she is crap.

        OCTOBER: (disgusted) What kind of mother are you?

        SELMA: The thing is I'm not a mother, October. Have you not got that in the last 21 years you've been around me?


        SELMA: I don't care about you. I don't care about Prudence. I care about my goal at the end of the yellow brick road.

        October looks over Selma shoulder at Prudence who's still balled up on the ground, holding back tears.

        OCTOBER: You hear that, Prudence? She doesn't care about you.

        Prudence looks up at October, not saying a word.

        OCTOBER: (yells) Do you here that, Prudence!? You hear how she thinks of you?!

        Prudence looks away from October, defeated.

        SELMA: (smile; to October) She won't answer you, October. I told her not to talk to you.

        OCTOBER: Move.

        October pushes Selma aside, walking over to Prudence, kneeling down in front of her.

        OCTOBER: (demanding) Talk to me, Prudence! Forget that Selma's here.

        Prudence looks over October's shoulder at Selma, who's glaring at her, menacingly.

        OCTOBER: Look at me, Prudence!

        October grabs Prudence's face, turning her head.

        OCTOBER: Don't pay attention to her! Talk to me...your sister. Don't go back with her after this is all over. Come home with me. Stay with Darwin and I. Being with Selma will only get you killed in the long run. She doesn't care about you at all! But I do!

        Prudence's face suddenly tenses up and her eyes angrily glare into October's eyes.

        PRUDECNE: I would never go back with you!

        OCTOBER: What?

        PRUDENCE: I'd rather stay with Selma. She's never left my side.

        OCTOBER: (pleading) Prudence, please.

        Prudence grabs October's head, leaning forward, whispering into her ear.

        PRUDENCE: (whisper) You left me with her, you bitch. I will help her destroy you!

        With a disbelief expression, October stands to her feet, looking down at Prudence in utter shock.

        PRUDENCE: Go to hell, October.

        Prudence stands to her feet as she stares at October with furry. She brushes pass October, walking over to Selma.

        PRUDENCE: I am sorry, Selma.

        October turns around stunned. Selma locks eyes with October; she has a smirk on her face. She knows that she has Prudence under control. Selma narrows her cold eyes at Prudence.

        SELMA: (solemnly) I know you are.

        Prudence turns, standing next to Selma, facing October. Prudence and Selma glare at October with a devilish grin.

        SELMA: (to October) Like I said. She's mine.

        CUT TO:


        Darwin closes his cell phone, slipping it back into his pocket. He turns around, walking back into the kitchen.

        DARWIN: (worried) She didn't answer; something's wrong.

        PARKER: Did she tell you where she was going?

        DARWIN: No. She just said she had to go.

        PARKER: And that's all she said?

        DARWIN: Yeah. I'm getting worried.

        PARKER: Maybe she just went to the store or something, buying Christmas presents?

        DARWIN: No, something's up. She always answers her phone. I've called her three times.

        PARKER: Then if you feel something is wrong then we should go look for her.

        DARWIN: You think?

        PARKER: Yeah, I'll drive.

        CUT TO:


        Everyone is placed around the living room. Maureen and Kemper sit on the couch. Kemper holds an icepack to his head. He glares up at Spencer with an arrogant smirk on his face. Spencer stands in front of Maureen and Kemper. Spencer's hands are crossed firmly over his chest, he's pissed and the only thing keeping him and Kemper separated is the coffee table. Carter stands in the threshold where the kitchen and the living room meet. He's sipping on a beer; he looks amused by the family confrontation. Rorri sits in the recliner chair across the room in the corner. Margo stands in front of the large window that looks over the town. The room is silent.

        SPENCER: (breaking the silence; angered; to Kemper) Stop looking at me, ass!

        KEMPER: You're the ass! You just used magic on your own brother!

        SPENCER: You're not my brother.

        MARGO: Spencer! Stop saying that!

        SPENCER: He isn't! He left use for money and a bleach blonde with fake tits!

        Kemper stands to his feet.

        KEMPER: (pointing finger; yelling) Screw you, Spencer, you know nothing about be me or my life!

        SPENCER: (yelling) You're right, Kemper, I don't know anything about your life and that's your fault! (beat) Do you know what? (beat) I agree with you, Kemper; you aren't apart of this family, you never were! You aren't a Cromwell!

        Kemper slams the icepack to the floor.

        KEMPER: (furious; yelling) I am a Cromwell and I'm proud of it! Just because I didn't want to stay here in East Wick doesn't mean I'm not a Cromwell!

        SPENCER: (careless) Whatever.

        KEMPER: (holding back tears; yelling) Look, I've tried everything! And every time I look in all your eyes I see hatred and ?

        MAUREEN: (interrupting) We don't hate you.

        KEMPER: (continuing) And I've said sorry and I've tried to make my piece, but you guys don't care. I'm sorry for taking the money from the family and I'm sorry for leaving! I know my way of saying sorry isn't hugging or coming home. (beat) That's why I sent money and called to try to see how everything is doing while I'm gone! I know to you guys I wasn't being the best brother but in my eyes I felt I was!

        Maureen puts her hand on Kemper's shoulder trying to comfort him. He snatches away from her.

        KEMPER: And when you guys called asking me to come for Christmas, I was so happy. I thought you guys had actually forgiven me. I bought present for all of you and I never buy presents for anyone. Then I find out you only invited me to ask me a question that could have been asked over the phone. You guys think I'm a heartless bastard?

        The camera pans the silent room. Everyone looks sympathetic to what Kemper is saying.

        KEMPER: (calming down) I'm gonna go to a hotel tonight. I'll leave all your gifts under the tree. I'll be back in East Wick in two weeks or so to help with the Black Blossom situation.

        Kemper walks out of the living room.

        MARGO: We can't just let him leave.

        MAUREEN: He's not; I'm going to talk to him. (to Spencer) Then you're gonna talk to him.

        Maureen hurries after Kemper. Carter takes a sip of his beer with a large smile on his face.

        MARGO: What's so damn funny, Carter?

        CARTER: (laughing; taking a sip of beer) You guys.

        Carter turns, exiting the living room and entering the kitchen, laughing.

        CUT TO:


        Prudence and Selma glare at October with a devilish grin.

        SELMA: (to October) Like I said. She's mine.

        October narrows her eyes at Prudence.

        OCTOBER: (conviction) Prudence, I'm sorry.

        SELMA: (shaking head) October, your not getting it. She's mine.

        OCTOBER: (to Selma) Go blow one, bitch!

        SELMA: (instant angered) You disrespectful little slut!

        Selma storms over to October, swigging her arm, ready to smack October. October catches Selma's hand.

        OCTOBER: See!? You're nothing without your magic!

        October punches Selma across the face. Selma falls to the ground, hitting her head on a piece of broken concrete, knocking her out cold. Prudence pulls a knife from the inside of her jacket, rushing at October, ready to stab.

        PRUDENCE: I'm gonna kill you!

        Prudence swings the knife at October. October jumps back, dodging the blade of the knife. Prudence swings again and October catches Prudence's hand.

        OCTOBER: Listen, Prudence, we can talk!

        Prudence takes her free hand and she digs her nails into October's gash on her ribs. October lets out a scream, pushing Prudence away from her and grabbing her side. Prudence stumbles back.

        OCTOBER: (yells; in pain) Ah!

        Prudence grips the knife, ready to attack again.

        PRUDENCE: (screaming; crying) Why did you leave me with her!? Why!?

        October looks up at Prudence.

        OCTOBER: What?

        PRUDECNE: (crying) Why?! Why!?

        Prudence drops the knife, falling to her knees and breaking down crying. October approaches Prudence, slowly kneeling down next to her, rubbing her back, caringly

        OCTOBER: (holding back tears; sympathetic) I'm sorry, Pru. (beat) I was young and selfish. I should've taken you. (crying) I'm so sorry.

        Prudence jerks away from October, standing to her feet. October stands to her feet also. Prudence spins around, facing October.

        PRUDENCE: (crying; yelling) It was hell for me, October! After you left, she treated me worse than she ever has. The way she talks to me and looks at me! She hates me, I'm nothing to her! And it makes me sick that you turned your back on her as a daughter! Selma really liked you, maybe even loved. (beat) I think she still does. You turning your back on her was the worst thing in her life, I think. I mean, even now when she looks at you or talks to you, she gives that respect and she has that look in her eyes.

        OCTOBER: (confused; sympathetic) What look?

        PRUDENCE: (crying) The look of love; caring. I've tried so hard to be that for her, and she doesn't care. It sucks to live in your shadow and not even fill your shoes.

        OCTOBER: You don't have to live in my shadow.

        October walks over to Prudence, grabbing her shoulders, looking into her eyes.

        OCTOBER: (crying) I'm so sorry what I did, Prudence, I was stupid and I should've thought about you. I didn't. I regret that everyday of my life. (vehemently) I will never leave you again. I promise.

        PRUDENCE: How do I know that?! I don't trust you October; I hate you!

        OCTOBER: We can work together to fight Selma. Come home with me after this. Just come home with me and everything will be okay.

        Prudence pushes October away, again.

        PRUDENCE: (yelling) It's not going to be okay, it will never be okay! I can't just come with you after spending all these years hating you! It's hard to walk away from a life I've lived.

        OCTOBER: If you don't leave Black Blossom, Prudence, it will be the death of you! You will die and Selma won't care.

        Suddenly, a large crackling sound breaks through the large basement. October and Prudence looks up to see the hole in the ceiling caving in. Suddenly, the ceiling gives, causing fiery debris to fall, heading down towards the girls. October kicks Prudence out of the path of the falling debris. Prudence flies backwards as the debris falls upon October.

        CUT TO BLACK

        END OF ACT III
        East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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          ACT IV

          OPEN TO:


          The snow comes down heavily onto the snow infested street. A silver Ram pickup drives down the snowy road.

          CUT TO:


          Parker stares ahead, driving. Darwin sits in the passenger seat, staring out the window. It’s silent.

          PARKER: (breaking silence) So, was I too forward tonight? I’m sorry about the whole couch thing and the questions.

          DARWIN: (laughing) No, Parker, its fine. I’m sorry about being snappy. You were just trying to get to know me and I was being an ass.

          PARKER: You’re not an ass. You just seem hurt.

          DARWIN: (hesitant) I am hurt.

          Darwin continues to stare out of the window. Parker glances over at Darwin, concerned.

          PARKER: I can help that hurt go away. If you need anything, just ask.

          Darwin looks away from the window, looking at Parker, smiling.

          DARWIN: Okay.

          PARKER: So, friends first? The pace we’ve moving now is too quick?

          DARWIN: To be honest...yeah, it’s too quick.

          Parker’s face drops.

          PARKER: (bummed) Oh.

          DARWIN: But I don’t care. I have this motto I go by. “If something great comes your way, don’t wait to take it. Because if you do wait to take it, it could be too late.”

          PARKER: (smile) I like that motto. But I can wait...I’m not going anywhere.

          DARWIN: (shakes head) No, I don’t want you to wait. I don’t know what we officially are, but whatever it is, I like it.

          PARKER: (smile) I want you to know I’m here for you if you want to talk about whatever happened in your past.

          DARWIN: (smile) I know.

          Darwin stares at Parker with a smile on his face, a smile of hope. Parker looks away from the road, glancing over at Darwin.

          PARKER: (smiling) What?

          DARWIN: (smiling) Nothing. (beat) I should call October again.

          Darwin pulls his cell phone out.

          CUT TO:


          Prudence stumbles to her feet. She stares at the pile of burning debris that lies in front of her. October has disappeared under the pile of debris.

          PRUDENCE: (calling out) October!

          Prudence runs over to the pile of debris. She begins to pull away bricks, hot metal and singed pieces of wood.

          PRUDENCE: (calling out) October, can you hear me!?

          Prudence continues to dig through the debris.

          PRUDENCE: (panicking) October, if you hear me, say something!

          Prudence moves a piece of a metal aside, revealing October’s torso and up. Her legs are pinned under a large pillar; October’s unconscious. Prudence tries to lift the pillar, but it doesn’t budge.

          PRUDENCE: Damn!

          She tries to lift it again, but no movement. Suddenly, a hand lands on Prudence’s shoulder. Prudence turns around, facing Selma. Prudence jumps back, scared.

          SELMA: (pissed; demanding) Let’s go!

          PRUDENCE: Selma, but –

          SELMA: (infuriated) Lets go, bitch!

          Selma hits Prudence upside her head.

          PRUDENCE: Ouch!

          SELMA: (yelling) Prudence, let’s go!

          PRUDENCE: We can’t! We’re trapped.

          SELMA: Not anymore.

          Selma points at something. The camera follows to what she’s pointing to. A long pillar has fallen into the hole. It’s leaned up to the wall at an angle, which makes it possible for Prudence and Selma to use it as a means of climbing their way to freedom. Selma grabs Prudence by the hand, trying to pull her but Prudence doesn’t go.

          PRUDENCE: What about October?!

          SELMA: What about her?! Prudence, let’s go! Move your ass!

          Prudence looks down at October, not knowing what to do.

          SELMA: Let’s go!

          Selma pulls Prudence away from October. As Prudence leaves her sister behind she looks back at her, wanting to save her.

          CUT TO:


          Selma and Prudence exit the church, walking quickly. They exit the gates of the church, stepping into the street. As they make their way across the street, headlights of a car beam on them. Selma and Prudence stop as the car quickly comes to a stop, stopping inches away from Selma and Prudence.

          CUT TO:

          INT. CAR - NIGHT

          A young woman sits in the car, shocked and shaken at the fact she almost hit Selma and Prudence.

          YOUGN WOMAN: (shaken) Oh, my god!

          The Young Woman quickly takes her seat belt off, opening the car door, climbing out.

          CUT TO:


          The Young Woman runs up to Selma and Prudence.

          YOUNG WOMAN: (apologetic) Oh, my god! Are you guys okay?!

          Selma has her long black hair in her face. She looks up at the Young Woman with a scowl.

          SELMA: Move, bitch.

          Selma brushes pass the Young Woman, walking away, Prudence follows.

          PRUDENCE: (passing Young Woman; whisper) Go inside the church and save the girl.

          Selma and Prudence disappear in-between some houses. The Young Woman looks over at Edison Church, curious.

          CUT TO:


          The Young Woman walks through the destroyed church. Smoke is everywhere, pews have been singed.

          YOUNG WOMAN: (coughing) Hello, anyone in here?

          As the Young Woman continues to walk, she spots the large hole in the floor of the church.

          YOUNG WOMAN: (shocked) Holy hell!

          The Young Woman quickly walks over to the hole, looking down into it, being careful not to fall in. The Young Woman spots October lying on the floor, pinned under a pillar, unconscious.

          YOUNG WOMAN: Oh my god! (calling down into the hole) Are you okay?!

          October doesn’t answer.

          YOUNG WOMAN: If you can hear me, I’m here you help!

          Whitney steps away from the hole, pulling her cell phone out of her pocket. She flips it open, dialing 911.

          CUT TO:


          Rorri sits behind the checkout counter, filing her fingernails; she’s bored. The back door, leading up to the apartment opens, and Margo enters. Rorri looks up, spotting Margo. Rorri rolls her eyes, continuing to file her fingernails. Margo walks across the shop, over to the checkout counter. Margo leans against the checkout counter, looking at Rorri.

          MARGO: Can I talk to you?

          RORRI: (doesn’t look up) About?

          MARGO: About our situation as sisters.

          Rorri looks up at Margo. She stops filing her fingernails.

          RORRI: (defensive) Okay, are you going to say sorry?

          MARGO: Yes, I am. I’ve been trying to say sorry for almost a year now and you’ve been ignoring me.

          RORRI: Yeah, because you hurt me, Margo!

          MARGO: I know I did, Ror, I’m so sorry. Before I left to go to England I was depressed and scared about losing the shop.

          RORRI: (angered) So you sleep with my boyfriend!? That’s your excuse!?

          MARGO: (apologetic) No, I’m not saying it was okay. It wasn’t and I’ve been regretting it everyday and all I want is your trust again. AJ was just a guy, but you’re my sister and you mean the world to me. (beat) If you don’t forgive me or give me a chance to be apart of your life again, I don’t know what I would do.

          Rorri stares at Margo, thinking.

          RORRI: It’ll be a long time till I trust you or even forgive you, but we can start somewhere.

          MARGO: (smile) Really?

          RORRI: We still have a lot of things to talk about, though. It’s not going to be over after this little conversation.

          MARGO: I know. I’m just happy I’m getting another chance.

          RORRI: Yeah.

          The camera zooms in on Margo’s smiling face.

          FADES OUT

          OPEN TO:


          Maureen stands over the sink, washing dishes. Behind her, Carter walks into the kitchen.

          CARTER: Hey.

          Maureen doesn’t turn around.

          MAUREEN: Hey, Carter.

          Carter stands in the threshold of the door.

          CARTER: Why aren’t you using the dishwasher?

          MAUREEN: Because It’s broken.

          CARTER: Do you want me to fix it?

          MAUREEN: No. The handyman is coming next week. I can survive hand washing until then.

          CARTER: Ok then. (beat) Where’s Spencer?

          MAUREEN: Talking to Kemper.

          CARTER: Oh.


          CARTER: (exhales) Maureen, I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to Christmas Eve dinner.

          MAUREEN: It’s no biggy.

          CARTER: Can you turn around and talk to me?

          Maureen lets out s stressful sigh, turning the water faucet off. She dries her hands off with a towel. She turns around, facing Carter.

          MAUREEN: Yes, Carter?

          CARTER: Are you sure you want to do this?

          MAUREEN: You’re the one who wants the divorce. It was you who pulled out the papers.

          CARTER: I know, Maureen, but if you want to work it out, then I want to make it work. It takes two to make things work or fail. I want to make things work.

          Maureen smiles but it’s a sympathetic one. She stressfully runs her finger though her long brown hair.

          MAUREEN: Carter, I’m sorry...but I think the divorce is a good idea.

          Confusion grows across Carter’s face.

          CARTER: You do?

          MAUREEN: Yeah. We don’t work, Carter, and you know it.

          CARTER: So we’re done?

          Maureen nods her head, confirming his question.

          CARTER: Okay. Once the snow clears, I’ll get the rest of my stuff and leave...for good.

          Carter turns, leaving the kitchen.

          MAUREEN: (to self; stressful sigh) That was not easy.

          CUT TO:


          October stands in her room, slipping her jacket on. She has cuts and small bruises all over her face. She holds her side in pain. The hospital door opens and Darwin and Parker enter.

          DARWIN: (to October) Oh my god! October, you okay?

          OCTOBER: (aggravated) Yeah, I’m fine!

          Darwin runs over to October giving her a hug. October winces in pain.

          OCTOBER: Nice to see you, too, Darwin, but get off of me! It hurts.

          DARWIN: Oh sorry!

          Darwin quickly steps back away from October.

          OCTOBER: It’s fine.

          DARWIN: Where were you?!

          OCTOBER: (exhausted) Long story, Dar. I’ll tell you later.

          October puts her hair in a ponytail.

          DARWIN: Okay.

          OCTOBER: Can we just go home?

          DARWIN: Yeah, but we need to hurry. It’s pretty bad out there. No one’s supposed to be on the roads.

          PARKER: (to Darwin) I’ll go pull the truck around.

          DARWIN: Okay.

          Parker exits the hospital room. October glances over a Darwin with a smirk on her face.

          DARWIN: What?

          OCTOBER: (laughing) You’re totally going to bang him.

          DARWIN: (kidding) Shut up!

          Darwin playfully nudges October.



          Maureen sits on the edge of the tub, she’s looking down at something that she’s holding in her hand. 'Silver Bells' by: Johnny Mathis begins to play.

          silver bells, silver bells
          it’s Christmas time in the city

          The camera focuses on what’s in Maureen’s hand. It’s a pregnancy test. Maureen stands to her feet, holding back tears.

          Ring a ling hear them sing
          soon it will be Christmas day

          She throws the pregnancy test in the trash bin as she exits the bathroom. The camera pans down into the trash bin, revealing a positive symbol on the pregnancy test.

          Children laughing
          People passing
          Meeting smile after smile

          Music fades.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF ACT IV

          ROLL CREDITS

          END OF EPISODE
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