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Sirens - 1.02 - Flutes And Harps

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  • Sirens - 1.02 - Flutes And Harps

    Series: Sirens
    Episode: 1.02 ? Flutes And Harps
    Writer and Creator: Alex Goddard (Lex)
    Editor and Proof Reader: Alex Hart (Alex)

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines and all original concepts. Season One of Sirens runs strictly alongside Season Four of its brother series "Shadow Stalker". To fully understand and appreciate Sirens, it is advisable to read Seasons 1, 2 and 3 of Shadow Stalker prior to this series, and please read the episodes in the order they are released, (i.e 4.01 of SS, followed by 1.01 of Sirens, then 4.02 of SS followed by 1.02 of Sirens etc.)



    We begin from the end of last episode...


    The song begins as the camera focuses on a large queue of people being dispersed to three desks. Sat at each desk is URSULA, TRAFFORD and ECHIDNA. SHELTER is keeping the queue in line. Everyone looks anxious and excited, looking through the prospectus.

    There is a CURLY HAIRED BOY, dressed in skater gear looking excited at the Witchcraft course. He is played by Evan Peters. Behind him are two girls dressed entirely in pink. The BRUNETTE GIRL is filing her nails, she is played by Carlee Avers and the BLONDE girl next to her is on her cell phone. She is played by Whitney Vance.

    People of all ages and cultures are there.

    "You were a child
    Crawlin' on your knees toward it
    Makin' mama so proud
    but your voice is too loud.

    The camera quickly cuts to URSULA, TRAFFORD and ECHIDNA talking the prospective students through the courses on offer. There are fragmented shots of students ticking boxes next to the courses they wish to study. They sign their signatures.

    CUT TO ?

    BROGAN enters. He sidles past the crowd, staring in silent awe at the people queuing.

    "We like to watch you laughing
    Pickin' insects off plants
    No time to think of consequences
    Control yourself
    Take only what you need from it
    A family of trees wanting
    To be haunted.

    ELISE enters the lobby, pushing a trolley with coffee, and refreshments for the people waiting. She smiles at BROGAN, excited. He can't help but smile back...

    He approaches ECHIDNA'S desk. She notices him. He goes to speak...

    ECHIDNA: Don't even start. They've been queuing since sunlight... we had to open early.

    BROGAN: Is that right... Idina?

    ECHIDNA glares at him, annoyed.

    ECHIDNA: Unfortunately my dear husband has decided not to join in the enrolment session this morning, (sarcastically) which has made it a lot of fun and completely stress-free for the rest of us.

    BROGAN looks around.

    "Control yourself
    Take only what you need from it
    A family of trees wantin'
    To be haunted.

    BROGAN: Where's Melody?

    ECHIDNA: Absent too I believe...

    She looks past BROGAN.

    ECHIDNA: (calling) Next!

    He looks around the room and exhales.

    BROGAN: (to himself) Great.

    CUT TO ?

    MELODY is watching around a corner. She scans the crowd daunted, she hadn't seen this many people in one room in a very long time. It reminded her of The Bronze.

    PAN (O/S): What are you doing?

    She turns, startled and narrows her eyes at him.

    "The water is warm
    But its sending me shivers
    A baby is born
    Crying out for attention.

    MELODY: Mr. Morgan, you scared me...

    PAN smiles.

    PAN: Yes, I suppose we have to put on our disguises.

    MELODY: Suited and booted with mine already. Teacher mode.

    PAN looks around the corner, his eyes widen.

    PAN: My...

    MELODY sighs.

    "Memories fade
    Like looking through a fogged mirror
    Decisions to decisions are made and not fought
    But I thought
    This wouldn't hurt a lot
    I guess not.

    MELODY: Yep, something tells me our first day of teaching is gonna be long...

    The camera pulls away and focuses on the queue. The camera moves to ground level.

    "Control yourself
    Take only what you need from it
    A family of trees wantin'
    To be haunted...

    The song comes to a sinister end as the camera pulls back and we see a pair of boots moving through the crowd. There are a few protests to the person pushing people out of the way.

    The camera pans up the body to show dark skin; girl's skin. She's wearing a short tartan skirt and a punk-rock t-shirt. She is beautiful and of oriental origin. A block of green tars her black hair. She is played by Devon Aoki.

    The BRUNETTE girl gives her an evil look as the ORIENTAL GIRL pushes her out of the way. The CURLY HAIRED BOY is at the front of the queue now. He makes his way to TRAFFORD'S desk but she sidles past him and makes his way towards TRAFFORD.

    She catches the attention of the Syndicate.

    TRAFFORD looks to her, indifferent.

    TRAFFORD: There is a queue.

    She smirks at him.

    ORIENTAL GIRL: I know. I'm at the front of it.

    He looks to BROGAN and he nods to him.

    TRAFFORD: Ok, what can I help you with?

    ORIENTAL GIRL: I wanna sign up.

    TRAFFORD: For anything in particular.

    ORIENTAL GIRL: Everything.

    TRAFFORD raises an eyebrow.

    TRAFFORD: Everything?

    She rolls her eyes.

    ORIENTAL GIRL: That's what I said, yeah.

    TRAFFORD: What's your name?

    ORIENTAL GIRL: Cherry, Cherry Li.

    Out of everyone there that morning, CHERRY LI was the only person to sign up for everything the Syndicate were offering.

    CUT TO ?

    MELODY and PAN eye CHERRY and swallow at the same time.

    PAN: I think you're right.

    MELODY: Long day?

    PAN: Yeah...



    As the screen remains black for a moment, a lilac mist begins to develop. Through the mist we can see a creature stood on a rock in the water. Behind the creature, in the distance, the water is lapping at the edge of Cropley Shores' beach serenely. The mist then appears to be developing into a word. One single word.


    The mist fades.

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    The camera shows the school, fully opened, sun shining down on it.


    Classes had begun.


    The camera pans around the room. Cabinets of harmless potions line the walls and the class stand above what looks to be a large pentacle. URSULA is in the middle of the room looking at them all. In the room are CHERRY and the CURLY HAIRED BOY and about twenty others.

    URSULA: Magic, it's not all sparks and wands or lightning scars on the forehead...

    There are a few laughs around the room.

    URSULA: It is real; it is dangerous and extremely powerful. People have become addicted to its seduction and its potency.

    The CURLY HAIRED BOY raises an eyebrow.

    URSULA: Throughout this course I will teach you how to harness this power. Not everyone will find it coming naturally, some will. Some of you will quit and if I find anyone overusing their powers I will deny them of their right to use it.

    The CURLY HAIRED BOY raises a hand. URSULA notices.

    URSULA: (to him) You have a question...

    CURLY HAIRED BOY: Yeah, uh, Nevan, Nevan Barnes

    URSULA: Nevan, can I help?

    The CURLY HAIRED BOY/NEVAN looks nervous.

    NEVAN: Yeah, uh how... how will you deny us the right?

    URSULA: With magic.

    NEVAN: Fighting fire with fire?

    URSULA: When necessary it is important to, yes. You'll come to understand.

    NEVAN: But how do we know it even exists. I mean Wicca classes and Gaia, yay earth is all good but, where's the proof?

    URSULA looks around the room. A room full of sceptics.

    She moves into the centre of the pentacle.

    URSULA: Pay attention, all of you. What I am about to show you is not dangerous... please, do not be alarmed.

    NEVAN watches, intrigued.

    She closes her eyes and then suddenly the light fixtures begin to flicker. She opens her eyes and lifts slowly off of the ground. The group look scared. CHERRY watches, intrigued.

    URSULA slowly lifts everything in the room. All the potions surrounding her begin moving. Some smash together making doves, which fly around the room. Some make fireworks and others make flowers. As quickly as it began, it stops. URSULA lowers herself to the ground.

    NEVAN: Whoa...

    He looks freaked out.

    URSULA: That was just basic levitation combined with some harmless potions. It may be impressive to watch but it is basic, and that's where we are beginning. All take a potion...

    The camera moves away from URSULA now and focuses on CHERRY. She looks at URSULA intrigued.


    ELISE'S class are all set at desks, a placard and pen are placed on their individual desks. ELISE is sat at the front, facing them all. On her desk is a laptop with two speakers facing the room.

    CHERRY is sat at the back of the room, watching ELISE curiously.

    ELISE'S LAPTOP: Welcome.

    She is typing messages which are being relayed to the class through the speakers.

    ELISE'S LAPTOP: My name is Elise Artair. As you may have noticed, I am deaf. I have been since a child and since then I have fought in two wars.

    The class look around, confused. ELISE smiles, nervously.

    ELISE'S LAPTOP: I see this is surprising to you, but I did it, despite my disability. Throughout this course you will all learn advanced communication skills allowing you to communicate with people with disabilities as well as learning to harness the languages of old and ancient. This first class will act as an induction to what we will cover and it will also be the first and last time I will be supplying placards for you.

    One of the girls writes something on her placard, ELISE notices. The girl holds it up to show ELISE.

    GIRL: How are we supposed to communicate with you?

    ELISE looks at her, then begins typing on her laptop again.

    ELISE'S LAPTOP: You want to learn?

    The GIRL nods.

    ELISE'S LAPTOP: Then learn.

    One of the boys in the front row smiles. His smile is bright and his eyes rapturous. He instantly catches the attention of ELISE. He is played by Bryan Greenberg.

    It is at this moment that ELISE realises she does not have a class list.

    She didn't know his name.


    CHERRY looks from him to ELISE. She rolls her eyes.


    TRAFFORD is stood in front of his class. Everyone is working through a customised first aid kit, made up by their teacher.

    TRAFFORD: This is not like any first aid course. You will not see a single bandage, or band aid or even a hint of an anti-bacterial wipe...

    Everyone looks at him confused, unsure if this is what they signed up for.

    TRAFFORD: What we are preparing you for can't be fixed with any of those things. You're going to spend this class finding out how the things in your kits can actually help. You may be shocked by the reality but ultimately these things are here to help...

    He now gestures to the shelves of books either side of the room.

    TRAFFORD: The books will help you. You have half an hour.

    Everyone stands now and moves to the bookshelves. He smiles and watches them move to the sides of the room, but he suddenly becomes aware of someone still sat down. She's looking at him. It's CHERRY LI.

    TRAFFORD: Miss Li... Are you not going to participate?

    CHERRY shrugs.

    CHERRY: I dunno. I bet I already know what's in here.

    TRAFFORD: Really, care to elucidate?

    CHERRY empties her first aid kit on her desk, revealing some weed, a stone, a vial of liquid, a paste and a lock of hair. She looks at for a couple of seconds, scanning the items.

    CHERRY: (regarding the stone) This is a lava stone, meant to help with the scarring of magical burns. The liquid is an anti-venom to prolonging the effects of a werewolf bite. The paste can be heated up and melted down to form that same anti-venom...

    TRAFFORD raises his eyebrows, impressed.

    CHERRY: And the weed is just plain seaweed, dried then hydrated. I think you got it from the take-out Chinese place downtown. I presume it was put in there for a trick.

    He smiles.

    CHERRY: I did my homework.

    TRAFFORD: Tell me something Cherry. If you know so much about this part of the course, then why are you attending classes?

    She stands, levelling with him.

    CHERRY: I'll stick around. Maybe you'll find out...


    ECHIDNA and PAN are stood at the front of their class. They are both dressed casually and look wholly human. Their ring fingers are possessed with one another's metal and they stand together, happy.

    ECHIDNA: My name is Idina Morgan, this is my husband, Parker. Together we've had quite the experience of war...

    PAN: And Demonology subsequently...

    The camera rotates to show the class. CHERRY is sat at the front and next to her are the two girls from the queue, the BRUNETTE GIRL and the BLONDE GIRL. They look infatuated with PAN.

    ECHIDNA (O/S): Yes, thank you dear. It may seem incongruous to you all but the demon world and the wars of this world can be traced back to the biblical age.

    BLONDE GIRL: (sighing under her breath, intoxicated almost) Wow...

    ECHIDNA looks at her surprised.

    ECHIDNA: I'm sorry? Did you wish to say something?

    BLONDE GIRL: OMG... I'm totally embarrassed.

    The BRUNETTE GIRL laughs.

    ECHIDNA: What is so funny?

    The BRUNETTE GIRL looks down.

    PAN: What are your names?

    BLONDE GIRL: I'm Paulette Roberts... this is my BFF, Carmen Lewis. We just both kinda think he's crazy gorgeous.

    ECHIDNA and PAN look from the BLONDE GIRL/PAULETTE ROBERTS to the BRUNETTE GIRL/CARMEN LEWIS and then look at one another.

    ECHIDNA: This is a classroom, please keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself.

    CARMEN: Of course Mrs Morgan, we'll never let it change how we learn ever ever again.

    PAULETTE: Right!

    They turn and smile at the class and finally look at CHERRY. They grimace at her punk-rock look.

    CHERRY sighs incessantly and moves her table away from them both.


    MELODY'S class is a training room. It looks like a smaller scale to the one in the Syndicate's underwater base. Her class is relatively large and everyone looks slightly daunted at her athletic figure, especially the nervous boys.

    MELODY: Self defence is the best way to protect yourself physically. I will show you all I know about the body's reflexes, its best offensive and defensive strategies and ultimately I will make you stronger.

    CHERRY smirks, noting the challenge.

    MELODY: Ok, I know it's only the first class but I'm gonna show you some simple ways to disarm your enemy.

    She looks around the group.

    MELODY: Anyone want to step up?

    Everyone looks daunted and MELODY looks at everyone.

    MELODY: Come on, don't be shy. You're here to learn.

    CHERRY (O/S): Then teach me.

    MELODY turns to see that CHERRY has stepped forward. The Slayer looks her pupil up and down.

    MELODY: Ok. Come at me...

    CHERRY pauses but then lunges at MELODY. MELODY is shocked at CHERRY'S speed but MELODY spins around and knocks CHERRY to the floor. She holds CHERRY at an arm's length whilst pinning her to the floor.

    MELODY looks up at the rest of the group.

    MELODY: That's all it takes. Did you all see what I...

    Then, in one quick movement, CHERRY removes herself from MELODY'S grip and slides out of her way. She tries to overpower MELODY and though the Slayer is clearly taken by surprise she pushes CHERRY away.

    MELODY: What the hell are you doing?

    CHERRY: Thought they might be interested in seeing how it's really done.

    MELODY: That is not your place and your attitude sucks. Take a seat.

    CHERRY: Whatever...

    MELODY: (firm) Take a seat...

    CHERRY tightens her jaw and moves to the sidelines. MELODY watches her walk away and then turns to the others.

    The camera moves back, through the window in the door and into the corridor outside.


    BROGAN is watching MELODY'S class. SHELTER passes him and it seems like he's noticed her.

    BROGAN: Shelter...

    SHELTER stops and looks to him.

    BROGAN: Will you keep an eye on Melody's class.

    SHELTER nods. He smiles at her, weak.

    BROGAN: Thank you...

    He walks away now and SHELTER looks through the window into MELODY'S classroom and watches as MELODY goes through a detailed step by step programme of how she deflected the devious student's moves.


    A paperboy is cycling through the sunshine in Blue Acres. He accurately throws rolled up papers on to the lawns of the residents. He throws one at it lies at the feet of a man.


    He nods at the paperboy and smiles. He picks up the paper and looks down the road as the paperboy throws a paper at the Hamilton's house. They were beginning to pile up.

    He laughs and moves inside.


    EDWARD walks into the kitchen and places the paper on the counter. HELEN and ARRON enter the room and move to the fridge. EDWARD doesn't look at them.

    EDWARD: Where's your mother?

    HELEN: She had some errands to run and then she's got Pilates. It's Monday.

    EDWARD: Then don't you have school?

    ARRON: That's why we're making breakfast.

    HELEN: Of course it's always helpful to have a high school education when you already have everything there is to know already stored in your brains.

    ARRON smirks, pouring a glass of orange juice for them both.

    EDWARD: We have to keep up pretences, and watch your mouth...

    HELEN: Oh I suppose that means killing the neighbours?

    EDWARD turns the page in the paper and looks at it with widened eyes.

    EDWARD: (blankly) Get moving. You'll miss the bell...

    HELEN: Urgh, fine...

    HELEN leaves and ARRON lingers for a moment. He looks at his father and then leaves.

    The camera closes in on EDWARD as he keeps a close eye on the article on the second page:



    URSULA is sat at her desk, going through the lists of people who signed up for classes. She looks confused.

    URSULA: Are you aware that one girl signed up for everything?

    BROGAN: Yeah fully, but that's not why I'm here.

    URSULA: Right, Melody. What's wrong with her?

    BROGAN: She is no teacher, she's in no position to impart wisdom and knowledge on any of these kids.

    URSULA: She has talents and skills that none of us have.

    BROGAN: How do you figure that one?

    URSULA: If you're a drugs counsellor, wouldn't you think it hypocritical if you haven't been through a similar problem or addiction?

    BROGAN: Why are you talking about drugs?

    URSULA: Because Melody has seen and experienced darkness in this world that we haven't, she's more skilled to teach them about the defences than anyone.

    BROGAN sighs.

    URSULA: More than that, if we can't give her a chance, how will the public fair?

    The camera moves to the side now, through the wall and into the corridor outside.


    BROGAN (O/S): I still don't trust her...

    Class had broken out for the morning. People were walking in the corridors. One person was stood, listening.

    BROGAN (O/S): She's gonna get them killed.

    It's MELODY. She looks down.




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      ACT TWO


      The camera pans around the room to show a small elite group of middle aged women all completing a series of Pilates exercises. Soft, calm whale music is playing in the background.

      NICOLA is in the centre of the room. Her eyes are closed and she looks calm, serenity washing over her. Suddenly someone throws something in front of her, which rustles.

      She opens her eyes, startled to see her husband stood next to her and today's paper on the floor in front of her.

      NICOLA: (breathing deeply) Darling... whatever it is, Pilates is more important.

      EDWARD looks deadly serious.

      EDWARD: Have you seen this?

      She looks at the paper and scans the article, whilst continuing to exercise.

      NICOLA: Yes, the school is open for classes today.

      EDWARD: What are we going to do?

      NICOLA: (quietly) Nothing... keep your voice down...

      EDWARD: (louder) What do you mean nothing? You do realise what this means?

      His loudness attracts the attention of the other women in the class. NICOLA looks embarrassed.

      NICOLA: Volume dear.

      He looks at her, infuriated.

      EDWARD: They're organising a front against our kind. This is them.

      NICOLA stops now.

      EDWARD: This is the group we've come for...

      She looks at the paper now.

      EDWARD: So, are we gonna do something about this, or not?

      She looks at the picture of the school and then to her husband.


      It's lunchtime. The students are all talking, excitedly about the morning classes. NEVAN and the other spell casters are all chatting about URSULA with intrigue. PAULETTE and CARMEN are sipping iced coffee whilst sunbathing, their topic of subject are "The Morgans".

      Sat away from the students, but watching them intently, are ECHIDNA and TRAFFORD, enjoying the warmth and the break from the class. ECHIDNA shakes her head at the students.

      ECHIDNA: Do you think they even know what they've signed up for?

      TRAFFORD: Right now? Not a clue...

      He looks down.

      TRAFFORD: But then again, I'm not too sure we know.

      ECHIDNA: It'll take time, but we couldn't be preparing them better.

      TRAFFORD: Maybe, but look at them. It's all a game to them. Learning this stuff in theory is great but they haven't seen what we've seen... or been through what we have.

      ECHIDNA: And I hope they never have to, but it is out of our hands now. It's going to happen, one day...

      TRAFFORD: I know that, and I wanna be a part of it, helping... but...

      ECHIDNA nods, knowing what this is about.

      ECHIDNA: Have you heard from her?

      TRAFFORD shrugs.

      TRAFFORD: Now and again. This new Watcher is running a pretty tight ship though.

      ECHIDNA: I like the sound of her.

      TRAFFORD smiles weakly.

      TRAFFORD: I think she's a good person really; Cate doesn't talk about her much though.

      ECHIDNA: I take it Melody's presence is still the issue?

      TRAFFORD: I think it's always gonna be the issue, and not just with her.

      ECHIDNA nods, understanding the difficulty.

      ECHIDNA: The new recruits are proving problematic.

      TRAFFORD: Right, the husband. How is he?

      ECHIDNA glares at him.

      ECHIDNA: Don't...

      CUT TO ?

      CARMEN and PAULETTE, sunning on the grass. They smile, mid conversation.

      PAULETTE: That Idina chick is so not right for him.

      CARMEN: I know right! Plus, her attitude... yuck.

      PAULETTE nods, agreeing. Out of nowhere, CHERRY approaches them. The girls notice.

      CARMEN: Ew...

      CHERRY rolls her eyes.

      PAULETTE: Hey, I heard that the self defence teacher totally wailed on you.

      CARMEN: How completely embarrassing.

      CHERRY: You know I was actually considering offering you guys to come tonight but... whatever...

      She turns to walk away. CARMEN and PAULETTE look at one another, almost shocked they're missing out on a social event.

      PAULETTE: Wait! Emo girl!

      CHERRY smirks and turns to look at them both.

      CHERRY: Yes?

      CARMEN: What's tonight?

      CHERRY: Didn't I say?

      PAULETTE: Not even slightly.

      CHERRY: Oh, well...

      She lowers her voice.

      CHERRY: I'm rounding up some people for a little get together?

      PAULETTE: (eager, gasping) A kegger?!

      CHERRY looks confused.

      CHERRY: I don't even know what that is, but no...

      She kneels down in front of them now.

      CHERRY: I was thinking more along the lines of patrolling, for demons or whatever.

      CARMEN and PAULETTE look at one another, unsure.

      CARMEN: Uh have the teachers told us we can?

      CHERRY: No, this isn't school, they're not teachers. Think of them more like mentors or something.

      PAULETTE looks confused.

      PAULETTE: But we're learning, school is where you learn right?

      CHERRY: Well aren't you an after school special?

      The blonde still looks confused.

      CHERRY: (to herself) Jeez, special being the word... (louder) Look fine, think of it as... homework.

      CARMEN shakes her head.

      CARMEN: I dunno.

      CHERRY smirks.

      CHERRY: I'm sure it would impress the teachers. Say... Mr. Morgan?

      CARMEN and PAULETTE'S eyes widen. They look at one another and then to CHERRY.

      CARMEN and PAULETTE: (simultaneously) We're in.

      CHERRY: Good. I'll be in town at nightfall...

      She stands now and turns, walking away.



      SHELTER is sat at the table, going over the class lists when ELISE enters, smiling. SHELTER looks up.

      SHELTER: (signing) You're looking happy?

      ELISE shrugs.

      ELISE: (signing, still smiling) I guess. Coffee?

      SHELTER shakes her head.

      ELISE pours herself a coffee and then moves to the table.

      SHELTER: (signing) So how's the teaching going? Your morning class go ok?

      ELISE: (signing) You know oddly, yes. The power is intoxicating.

      SHELTER: (signing) Well I'm pleased to see it's not going to your head?

      ELISE smirks at her.

      ELISE: (signing) Shut up.

      ELISE looks at her, curious. SHELTER raises an eyebrow.

      SHELTER: (signing) What?

      ELISE: (signing) Oh I was just wondering... you know, if by any chance you've managed to get the class lists?

      SHELTER: (signing) I've just finished Melody's, I only have yours and "The Morgans" to do.

      ELISE smiles, nodding.

      ELISE: (signing) Brilliant...

      SHELTER: (signing) Why do you ask?


      ELISE: (signing) No reason...

      She smiles once again and walks away. SHELTER looks at her confused and shakes her head, turning once again to her work.


      MELODY is sat on her own in the conference room. She can hear the sounds of laughing and talking out the front but she keeps her head down, eating her lunch alone.

      The door opens and someone knocks on the door. MELODY looks at the person.

      URSULA (O/S): Can I come in?

      The camera rotates to show URSULA stood at the door, smiling at her. MELODY looks indifferent, she shrugs.

      MELODY: I guess, good luck trying to find somewhere to sit.

      URSULA laughs.

      URSULA: It certainly is quiet up here today.

      MELODY: I like being on my own.

      URSULA: You want to know a secret?

      She sits down next to MELODY now.

      URSULA: (quietly) So do I.

      MELODY nods and turns back to her lunch.

      URSULA: So was your morning class as crazy as mine?

      MELODY: It was fine. Weird being a teacher to them though...

      URSULA: I'm kinda used to it... but it was still hard. Any problem students with you?

      MELODY looks suspicious.

      MELODY: What do you mean?

      URSULA: Just the others were mentioning...

      MELODY: Mentioning that I had problems with students?

      URSULA: (entreating) No Melody, it was just the others were mentioning one girl causing problems in their classes.

      MELODY stands now, annoyed. She's clearly hurt.

      MELODY: That's what this is about! Did you think I didn't know Ea was lurking outside my class?

      She shakes her head, annoyed.

      MELODY: None of you trust me.

      URSULA: (slowly and quietly) It takes time to build trust.

      MELODY: I know that! But how on earth are you gonna learn to trust me when you're all just watching me, waiting for me to screw up like last time.

      URSULA looks away.

      MELODY: You know what I'm outta here...

      URSULA: What about your afternoon class?

      MELODY: I have Monday's off. Lucky for you guys. Wouldn't want Melody Harp tainting the public defence now, would we?

      With this she turns and walks out of the conference room.

      URSULA: (guilty) Melody!

      She watches as the Slayer storms out of the room now.


      BROGAN, ELISE, SHELTER and PAN have joined TRAFFORD and ECHIDNA on the lawn. They all seem relatively happy with the progress of the morning classes. PAN seems to be inhabiting the outskirts of the area.

      MELODY storms out of the school, attracting the attention of the nearby students as well as all of the Syndicate. They all watch her as she moves swiftly across the lawn, making eye contact with none of them.

      BROGAN frowns, watching her leave and SHELTER notes his expression.

      The camera finally ends on PAN'S face as he watches her leave, saddened.

      The outsiders.


      We now are watching the scene of MELODY moving away from the school. We are watching it from a car window. The camera rotates to show EDWARD and NICOLA watching them all.

      NICOLA frowns.

      NICOLA: Well well well.

      EDWARD smiles.

      NICOLA: We found them.




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        ACT THREE


        ECHIDNA walks into the Lobby from outside. PAN hurries after her.

        PAN: Uh, darling...

        ECHIDNA: What?

        She turns and sees him. She suddenly becomes very aware of the students around them. She smiles, clearly faking.

        ECHIDNA: Yes?

        PAN: I was just thinking, this morning's class was good wasn't it?

        ECHIDNA: I like to think they learned something.

        PAN: Good, me too. But I think with our subject... we need some sort of goal, a lesson plan.

        She turns now and begins walking away. He follows. Their interaction is fascinating to the nearby students.

        They stop near a private nook in one of the more deserted corridors.

        ECHIDNA: Why exactly?

        PAN: I just feel they'd benefit more from our subject if we did.

        She tuts.

        PAN: What?

        ECHIDNA: You're ridiculous. You don't have to act all the time.

        PAN: I'm not acting Idina.

        ECHIDNA: My name is Echidna...

        PAN: Now who's acting?

        ECHIDNA: At least I'm worth something in this day.

        BROGAN (O/S): That's enough!

        They turn to see BROGAN watching nearby.

        PAN: I apologise...

        BROGAN: Shut up. You Greeks and your pride, I'm sick of it. Whether you like it or not you two are stuck together.

        ECHIDNA: He is the problem.

        PAN: I've heard enough.

        He turns to ECHIDNA.

        PAN: You can take the afternoon class; it's not as if you need a plan, or anything worthless.

        He walks away now, moving past BROGAN. ECHIDNA watches and then turns to BROGAN.

        ECHIDNA: What?

        BROGAN: Just sort it out. We're two teachers down this afternoon and this is only the first day...

        ECHIDNA: Don't act superior with me; you were the one who drove Melody away.

        BROGAN looks at her and then turns, walking away.

        She looks angry, but not with the situation.

        People were turning their backs on her.


        NEVAN is at the basin in the bathroom, washing his hands. The door opens and CARMEN and PAULETTE hurry in. They shut the door behind them.

        NEVAN: What the hell!?

        PAULETTE: Oh chill.

        NEVAN: Get out!

        CARMEN: Calm down.

        NEVAN breathes deeply.

        NEVAN: What are you two doing in here?

        They move closer to him now, in sync.

        CARMEN: We've always been friends right, Nevan?

        PAULETTE: Ever since first grade, remember?

        NEVAN looks at them both confused.

        NEVAN: I remember you starting that rumour that I kissed the librarian.

        PAULETTE: Oh she was hot for you, you know it.

        NEVAN: You guys are unbelievable...

        He grabs his bag and heads for the door.

        CARMEN: Wait...

        He stops at the door.

        CARMEN: We're sorry, ok? Like totally sorry.

        PAULETTE: And we have a huge night planned, thought you might wanna come with?

        NEVAN: What do you mean?

        CARMEN: Ok, you know that complete freak...

        NEVAN: (cutting her off) Cherry?

        PAULETTE: Totally.

        NEVAN: What about her?

        CARMEN: She's banding together some people for this patrol thing tonight. We're gonna go hunting or something.

        NEVAN: Really? Isn't that dangerous?

        PAULETTE: Probably.

        NEVAN: Do the teachers know?

        CARMEN: Hell no.

        PAULETTE: You in?

        He hesitates and looks at them both curiously. They both seem genuine.

        NEVAN: Why are you even asking me?

        CARMEN: We heard you completely levitated something today.

        PAULETTE: That's pretty impressive for your first class.

        A small humble smile forms on his face.

        NEVAN: People are talking about me? I'm impressive?

        CARMEN rolls her eyes.

        CARMEN: Whatever loser, just meet us in town at sun down.

        PAULETTE smiles at him and then they both turn and walk out of the door.

        NEVAN leans back on the basin and laughs to himself.

        NEVAN: Oh I'm bad...


        Everything is moving in exceptionally fast speed. Students come and go and move through the lobby at remarkable speed. Gradually as the light of the sky darkens through the windows, the students begin to vacate the building for the day. Eventually only one person is left and time returns to normal.


        He locks the front door and turns back to look at the others.

        Everyone looks exhausted, lounged on the sofas and chairs in the lobby. BROGAN smiles at them.

        BROGAN: Take out?

        TRAFFORD raises an arm.

        TRAFFORD: I know a good Chinese...

        He looks at everyone else who looks happy with this choice. ECHIDNA is sat at a window looking out of it.

        There are two empty spaces in the room, and no one really notices.

        BROGAN: (to himself) Chinese it is.


        We now see some stock footage from the centre of the town. The lights on the bars turn on as the sky darkens to a thick smock of Prussian blue.



        The camera pans around the bar as the music starts. MELODY is sat at a booth on her own. She is drinking a glass of wine. A half empty bottle in front of her. Half full. She looks down at the swirling whites and creams in the liquid.

        "She smelled like 2am
        Took him back to her place
        Where all the saints adorn the walls.

        PAN (O/S): Penny for your thoughts?

        MELODY looks up and sees PAN stood nearby. She raises her eyebrows.

        "Delivering her from grace
        He knew he should leave
        That this could only turn cold
        She was a bad bad girl
        So he told her so.

        MELODY: Didn't think you Greeks did pennies?

        PAN smiles weakly.

        PAN: Do you mind if I join you?

        MELODY: Sure the others won't just think I'm going to kill you?

        PAN: I doubt it...

        He slides on to the seat opposite her.

        "Under the shadows of doubt
        He had the whisper of lust
        He said no touching tonight
        She closed her eyes in his trust.

        PAN: I'm hardly popular either.

        MELODY: I guess being the newbie never grows old.

        PAN pauses and observes her.

        "She said tuck me in
        He knew his judgement was sound
        Still he pulled back the sheets.

        PAN: I heard about your past.

        MELODY looks him dead in the eyes.

        MELODY: How much?

        PAN: All of it.

        MELODY: And what do you make of it?

        PAN pauses.

        "And said you better lie down cause the angels are watching
        She closed her eyes and said quit the talking
        You can hurt me do whatever you like.

        PAN: It's dark.

        She nods and looks at the rim of her glass.

        MELODY: Yeah.

        PAN: Do you think of him?

        MELODY: Who?

        PAN: Ashby.

        A small smile forms on her face, remembering him.

        "Her every word was in italics
        As it would fall from her lips
        The walls made of broken promises
        He hoped this wouldn't be his
        She said tell me what to do.

        MELODY: All the time. He was a little runt but... he was my little runt.

        PAN: I get that. It may not seem like much to others, but it's still yours.

        MELODY: You're talking about "Idina"?

        PAN: No, Parker. His life.

        She looks confused.

        "He knew right then he was done
        Feeling lonely and confused
        He said you better lie down ?cause the angels are watching.

        PAN: My life is dead Melody. I have nothing, all I have now is Parker and his hope and faith that what we're doing is worth pursuing.

        MELODY raises her glass to him.

        MELODY: Well hell, I'll drink to that.

        He nods at her and she downs the rest of her drink.

        "She closed her eyes and said quit the talking
        You can hurt me do whatever you like.

        He watches her curiously.


        NICOLA, EDWARD, HELEN and ARRON are all sat in the living room. NICOLA and EDWARD look disturbed slightly while the children look bored.

        NICOLA shakes her head.

        NICOLA: The only way is to shut down the school...

        ARRON: Uh, why?

        NICOLA looks to her son.

        ARRON: What's the point? You killed the Hamiltons across the road, why not just boom vortex them all.

        NICOLA: We know only of the group, not its size or the people involved.

        EDWARD: We analysed the school today, there are many there.

        HELEN: This is so ridiculous. If we strike now we can kill them, end of discussion.

        NICOLA: (shouting) No!

        The room shudders with NICOLA'S words, almost as if the house itself fears her. HELEN closes her eyes and breathes deeply, almost anticipating an onslaught of pain.

        She clears her throat and calms herself.

        NICOLA: (repeating, quieter) No...

        She looks down now.

        NICOLA: We don't know what powers these people possess and to what magnitude. We need to be cautious.

        EDWARD: They are incredibly resourceful, they were awarded a base by the Ocean god and their closest affiliates have killed the women of destiny and the messenger, four powerful acolytes of our world.

        HELEN: But if we get to them now then we don't need to worry about what their powers and their resources are, we just kill them.

        NICOLA: Darling, this is war and in war there are rules. If we break them, we potentially ruin anything The United are working on in Manhattan and we ruin our chances of regaining the power for those who have sought us out. They have a mission and so do we.

        ARRON: With all due respects Mother, but playing by the rules and committing hubris is exactly what got our family into this mess.

        EDWARD: (firmly) Go to your rooms...

        HELEN laughs slightly.

        EDWARD: (angry) Now!

        HELEN looks at ARRON and then they both stand and leave the room. We can hear them climbing the stairs.

        As they leave, NICOLA leans her head forwards into her hands.

        NICOLA: (exasperated) They're making this so hard.

        EDWARD moves closer and puts an arm around her, kissing her lightly on the head.

        EDWARD: They're children... they make everything hard.

        NICOLA: They never used to.

        EDWARD: Things never used to be this difficult.

        She turns to him now. Her beautiful dark eyes stare into him.

        NICOLA: True. (whispering) What are we gonna do?

        EDWARD: Stick to our plan.

        NICOLA nods.

        NICOLA: You're right, I know you are...

        She leans into him and takes a deep reassured breath.

        NICOLA: I love you.

        EDWARD holds her tightly.

        EDWARD: I love you too.

        He breathes into her hair. She looks to be thinking.

        NICOLA: Let's make some leaflets.


        BROGAN, TRAFFORD, ELISE, SHELTER, ECHIDNA and URSULA are all sat on the seating in the lobby. They're halfway through eating Chinese and there are a few empty bottles of wine. They all look tired.

        TRAFFORD: God, I hate kids.

        BROGAN: They're not kids; they're older than we were when we started fighting in wars.

        URSULA: I think I can say I wasn't.

        ECHIDNA: Me too.

        SHELTER rolls her eyes.

        TRAFFORD: Well whatever... I just hope it's not this hard every day.

        URSULA: Oh it will, it'll probably get worse, especially as the programme becomes more serious.

        ECHIDNA: (adding) And as their power evolves.

        BROGAN: Guys...

        Everyone looks at him.

        BROGAN: Let's just relish in the fact that we changed lives today. We've set the foundations for everything they're gonna need to know to come out on top.

        TRAFFORD: You're right man. We should be proud.

        He smiles.

        TRAFFORD: We did it. All of us.

        URSULA: (correcting him) Well not just us.

        BROGAN eyes ECHIDNA now who is pouring another glass of wine for her and ELISE, actively avoiding his gaze.

        TRAFFORD: Oh, right... where are the uh, other two.

        BROGAN: Maybe they weren't feeling the love...

        ECHIDNA raises her eyebrows.

        ECHIDNA: Yeah, I wonder why...

        They exchange a look. URSULA sighs.

        URSULA: Have you all fallen out, again?

        BROGAN: Echidna scared off her husband.

        ECHIDNA: Oh and you didn't lose it with Melody?

        URSULA: She hasn't been back?

        TRAFFORD: Not since lunch time.

        URSULA looks down now.

        URSULA: Well then that may be my fault.

        BROGAN: What did you say to her?

        URSULA: I just expressed your concerns.

        At this point, SHELTER begins translating to ELISE.

        TRAFFORD: Great so we have a pissed off Slayer on the loose and an Ancient Greek King gone AWOL, this truly is a celebration of getting through the first day.

        URSULA: They'll be back; they just need to blow off some steam.

        ECHIDNA: Why do we care? All they've done is prove that they're not capable of being in this mission. All they've proven is they're not one of us so... why should we care?

        With this, ELISE stands and moves to ECHINDA. She looks angry and begins signing. ECHIDNA looks at her confused. TRAFFORD watches her signs.

        Once ELISE finishes, she walks away. ECHIDNA looks around to the others.

        ECHIDNA: What did she say?

        TRAFFORD: She said: "You were new to the Syndicate once, and we still gave you a chance."

        ECHIDNA doesn't know how to respond; she turns her head and looks at ELISE walking away.

        Another friend turning her back.


        It is dark now and only lights from windows and the occasional streetlights light the path through the alleyway for CARMEN and PAULETTE. They're not dressed for a patrol. They're both wearing gorgeous dresses and high heels. Their makeup is subtle and sophisticated and their hair is perfectly arranged.

        CARMEN: God, patrolling is hard!

        PAULETTE: I know, we haven't even found them yet. You think we should take a cab?

        CARMEN: Cherry's text said it was just down this alley. Don't think a cab would be worth it.

        PAULETTE: Speak for yourself.

        CARMEN turns her head to PAULETTE.

        CARMEN: I can't believe we actually had to give her our numbers, I mean...

        She is cut off as someone moves in front of them, causing them both to scream. It's NEVAN.

        He laughs seeing how scared they were. PAULETTE hits him feebly.

        PAULETTE: You complete douche! What's wrong with you!

        NEVAN: Oh get over it.

        CARMEN: What the hell are you doing, lurking in an alley?

        NEVAN: This is where we're meeting?

        PAULETTE: (angry) What?

        CHERRY (O/S): Shoot...

        CARMEN and PAULETTE turn to see CHERRY emerging from the shadows, two other students with her.

        CHERRY smirks at them both, looking at their heels.

        CHERRY: Did I forget to mention flats would be better?

        CARMEN and PAULETTE roll their eyes.

        CHERRY looks around at everyone now.

        CHERRY: So, are you ready to be strong?


        ARRON and HELEN are walking down the sidewalk on the street, both of them with backpacks on.

        ARRON: Do you like it here?

        HELEN shrugs.

        HELEN: Sun doesn't suck, school does. It's no different than everywhere else we've lived.

        ARRON: On earth anyway.

        HELEN: True

        She shakes her head looking around at the street and the distant black sea.

        HELEN: But, I don't know. This place may not seem different, but it clearly does seem that way to them. They've changed since we've been here.

        ARRON: I dunno, they've always been... well, dark.

        HELEN laughs slightly.

        HELEN: Well duh.

        She lowers her voice.

        HELEN: But they didn't have to kill the Hamilton's, and they never would have done before we came to the Shores.

        ARRON stops now. He looks at her, unsure.

        ARRON: What are you saying?

        HELEN looks at her brother, awkward.

        HELEN: I don't know ok, but they're acting weird. Desperate almost...

        ARRON: (incredulous) Desperate?

        HELEN: I just mean that they're not themselves, the way they're acting...

        ARRON: Is the way we should be acting too, but we're too subordinate to them to get the opportunity. They're having a hard time at the moment, everyone is feeling a shift in the times. They're not acting desperate sister; they're acting how we should be acting...

        HELEN looks unsure.

        ARRON: Or maybe... you've been human too long you're starting to think like them?

        He eyes her cautiously as she pauses.

        HELEN: Let's just do this.

        With this she places her backpack on the ground. Her brother does the same. They are now at the end of their road.

        As if by magic, their back packs open and hundreds of flyers levitate out of the bags. They individually soar to a door on the street and slide under the doors of the unsuspecting public.

        The Prime siblings watch as their work completes all by itself.


        ARRON sighs.

        ARRON: Well, that was tiring...


        The door to a bar opens and MELODY and PAN leave and exit on to the street.

        PAN: What shall we do now?

        MELODY shrugs.

        MELODY: I dunno, I guess we could grab a bite, or go dancing or something. Show these locals a thing or two...

        PAN laughs.

        PAN: I don't think I would be much of an asset. I was never much of a dancer, even in my day. Anyway, I meant in the grander scale of things.

        She sighs.

        MELODY: I dunno. I guess we just keep going... It'll get easier...

        He nods, glad of her certainty.

        MELODY: Right?

        He looks at her. For the first time, she looked scared.

        PAN: I think so.

        MELODY looks down.

        MELODY: I hope so.

        He smiles at her, but then something catches his eye.

        Across the street he sees CHERRY, NEVAN, CARMEN, PAULETTE and the other students. They skulk down the sidewalk.

        MELODY notices that he looks distracted.

        MELODY: What's wrong?

        PAN motions to them. She looks at them.

        PAN: Don't they attend the school?

        MELODY looks at them, confused.

        PAN: What are they doing?

        A sudden wave of realisation washes over MELODY.

        MELODY: I know exactly what they're doing.

        PAN: What's that?

        MELODY: They're doing exactly what I did when I was given a taste of power. They're hunting...

        PAN looks worried, for them.

        PAN: We should go after them.

        MELODY: Keep an eye on them, I'm ringing Ea.

        He nods and moves across the street. MELODY takes her phone out of her pocket. She dials and places the phone to her ear.


        BROGAN'S phone is vibrating on the table. He notices and picks it up.

        BROGAN: Hello?

        MELODY (O/S): (on the phone) It's me...

        He stands and moves away from the others.

        BROGAN: Where are you?

        MELODY (O/S): (on the phone) The students are out hunting, near the Town Square.

        BROGAN: (loudly) What?

        He attracts the attention of the Syndicate nearby who turn to him.

        MELODY (O/S): (on the phone) It's ok, Pan's with me, we'll sort it.

        She hangs up the phone. BROGAN looks at the phone, incredulous. URSULA approaches him.

        URSULA: Ea, what is it?

        He turns to her.

        BROGAN: We have to go, something's happened...


        CHERRY, NEVAN, CARMEN, PAULETTE and the others are now all walking down an alleyway. They hear a scream and all start running towards it.

        Turning a corner, they see two men mugging a young woman.

        PAULETTE: Hey!

        CARMEN: Leave her alone!

        MUGGER #1 turns to them.

        MUGGER #1: Go away... this ain't a place for kids.

        NEVAN: Yeah, I don't think so somehow.

        MUGGER #2: Oh really?

        The muggers advance towards the students now. CHERRY spins around and kicks one of them to the floor. She turns and punches the other, pushing him to the wall. CARMEN hurries to the woman on the floor. She hands her back her bag.

        CARMEN: Go! You'll be fine.

        The woman smiles at her and then scrambles to her feet, running out of the alleyway.

        The muggers regroup and look at the students.

        MUGGER #1: You guys are in for it now!

        CHERRY folds her arms.

        CHERRY: Oh I'm sorry, did we make you lose your cut tonight?

        CARMEN: Yeah! No dope for you guys.

        MUGGER #2 glares at them and picks up a metal pole lying on the floor nearby. NEVAN holds his hand up and with magic he removes the pole from his hand. The muggers look shocked.

        PAULETTE: Wow! Cool!

        NEVAN looks pleased with himself.

        NEVAN: Levitation... easy.

        MUGGER #2: What the hell are you freaks?!

        The camera pans around the group of students, all of them looking confident.

        CHERRY: We're the next generation.

        With this CARMEN jumps on the back of one of the muggers and her, PAULETTE and NEVAN take on the first one. CHERRY and the other students take on the second.

        The muggers are obviously outnumbered and they're getting hurt... badly...

        MAN (O/S): Freeze!

        The students stop the ambush and look to see a POLICEMAN stood at the mouth of the alley.

        A gun in his hand, aimed at them all.

        CUT TO BLACK



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          ACT FOUR


          The POLICEMAN looks angry and keeps the gun pointed in the direction of the students.

          POLICEMAN: Get away from them, face the wall, hands above your head...

          CARMEN: (to herself) Oh my god...

          NEVAN: (whispering) Just do what he says.

          The first mugger slumps to the floor as CARMEN, PAULETTE and NEVAN move away from him to the wall.

          The POLICEMAN watches them concede and then turns to the second group.

          POLICEMAN: Ok, you too.

          The other students back off the second mugger and join the others at the wall, but CHERRY doesn't. She keeps the mugger in a headlock.

          The POLICEMAN'S sole attention is on her now.

          POLICEMAN: Come on missy, back off... now!

          NEVAN turns his head and looks at CHERRY. He looks confused as to why she's doing this.

          NEVAN: Cherry... come on...

          CHERRY looks angry, she's breathing deeply and a resilient front stands between her and the law.

          MELODY (O/S): Ok, calm down...

          Everyone's attention turns to MELODY. She approaches the POLICEMAN from behind. Her arms are folded and she looks casual. The POLICEMAN turns his head to her. He sees she is not alone.

          PAN is with her. He looks more tense but he is clearly in control of his emotions.

          POLICEMAN: Stay away please, this is a police matter. It doesn't concern you.

          PAN: Oh I don't know about that.

          MELODY: They are our concern.

          CHERRY and the others all look at MELODY surprised.

          MELODY: Sorry, we should introduce ourselves. My name is Melody Harp and this is Parker Morgan.

          CARMEN manages to steal a wink at PAN. He ignores the gesture and addresses the enforcer.

          PAN: We're teachers at the new school.

          The POLICEMAN raises an eyebrow.

          POLICEMAN: You're them?

          MELODY: We are, and we were in the middle of a self defence exercise with our little friends here...

          She gestures at the muggers on the floor. They look groggy. Embarrassed.

          MELODY: I guess we just took it a bit far...

          They look at her. She glares at them.

          MELODY: Right?

          The muggers look around the group.

          MUGGER #1: (quietly) Sure...

          The POLICEMAN nods.

          POLICEMAN: Right...

          He lowers his gun and turns to MELODY and PAN.

          POLICEMAN: I'll let you go with a warning. But you guys, whatever it is you do at that school of yours. You are not the law, and next time a little training exercise like this goes wrong, we will not be so lenient.

          PAN: We understand officer, it won't happen again. We promise...

          The POLICEMAN nods and slowly backs out of the alleyway. As he's walking away we can hear him speaking into his radio. Eventually the noise dissolves, leaving only the teachers and their students.

          MELODY and PAN move into the alleyway. MELODY steps up to CHERRY, still holding on to the mugger.

          MELODY: Cherry... Let him go...

          CHERRY looks resilient.

          NEVAN furrows his brow and looks at her as he and the others at the wall move away from it now.

          NEVAN: Cherry what the hell? Come on, listen to her!

          CHERRY'S eyes dart from MELODY to NEVAN, from PAN to CARMEN and PAULETTE...

          She wasn't sure what she was going to do. She tightens her grip on the mugger's neck.


          BROGAN, TRAFFORD, ELISE, SHELTER, ECHIDNA and URSULA are all walking towards the Town Square.

          TRAFFORD: I can't see them.

          BROGAN: They must be around here.

          ECHIDNA: Did she say who the students were?

          BROGAN: No, but I could take one guess.

          TRAFFORD sighs.

          TRAFFORD: That Cherry girl...

          BROGAN: Yeah, but it's not just her. She's not alone.

          ECHIDNA: Vigilante behaviour is dangerous.

          URSULA: It's our fault, isn't it?

          Everyone stops, they turn to URSULA.

          URSULA: If those children get hurt, it's our fault.

          SHELTER and ELISE share a look.

          ECHIDNA: Ursula, it's not as simple as that.

          URSULA: Yes it is. We went public, we made the dangers obvious. We might as well have placed big neon signs saying "Death here, children welcome".

          TRAFFORD: So not knowing what was going on would be better?

          URSULA: It would be safer.

          TRAFFORD: This may or may not be shocking to you, but whether you know what really goes on in this world or whether you don't, it doesn't stop the fact that it's there. At least this way we can protect them.

          URSULA: We could have done that without telling them it was there!

          BROGAN: It's done!

          Everyone turns to him.

          BROGAN: Whether we should have done it or not, it doesn't matter. It's done. So let's just find these kids...

          His voice trails off as the sound of someone moving around nearby.

          POLICEMAN (O/S): (on his radio) It was nothing, just some of those kids from that new school...

          He turns and sees the POLICEMAN about a block away walking towards his patrol car. He's moving away from an alleyway. The Syndicate watch as he gets into his car and drives past them.

          BROGAN: Come on, let's go save the day...

          He hurries towards the alleyway that the POLICEMAN was walking away from. ELISE and SHELTER are the first to follow and then ECHIDNA.

          TRAFFORD faces off with URSULA.

          TRAFFORD: You coming?

          URSULA sighs.

          TRAFFORD moves away now and she follows behind.


          The students stand opposite MELODY and PAN. CHERRY still has the mugger.

          MELODY moves forward now, angry.

          MELODY: I said let him go.

          She wrenches the mugger from CHERRY'S hands. CHERRY was weak when vulnerable.

          MELODY pulls the mugger away and looks at them both.

          MELODY: Get the hell out of here. If I see you or hear of you hurting anyone I will personally finish what these kids started. Now go...

          Both the muggers need no more warning. They scramble to their feet and leave the alleyway. The students look relieved.

          PAULETTE steps forward, she bats her eyelids at PAN.

          PAULETTE: Thank goodness you got here in time. You're like my hero.

          PAN turns to her.

          PAN: Shut up...

          She's taken aback.

          PAULETTE: There's no need to be rude.

          MELODY raises her eyebrow.

          MELODY: Are you kidding me? What the hell were you guys thinking?

          CARMEN: It wasn't our idea, it was Cherry's.

          CHERRY is silent. She's staring at the floor.

          MELODY: Ok... so what do you have to say for yourself Cherry?


          BROGAN and the other members of the Syndicate approach the mouth of the alleyway. They approach with caution.

          PAN (O/S): Did you think you were helping? Or testing what you learned?

          Hearing PAN'S voice causes the Syndicate to stop.

          BROGAN turns and gestures to the group to be silent. To listen. SHELTER nods at ELISE and begins translating for her.


          MELODY and PAN move closer to them now and look at the group of struggling children one by one.

          MELODY: You all aren't even ready to stop a jaywalker let alone a mugging... and what if a demon had shown up? Do you have any idea how dead you'd be?

          NEVAN: We just wanted to help, like you guys.

          PAN: But that doesn't just come to you after one day of tutoring.

          MELODY: We've been learning and training for years now, and trust me when I say that going down the untrained path can lead to places you don't wanna go.

          PAULETTE and CARMEN look serious now and look at one another.

          PAN: What we're dealing with is dangerous and we had to convince a lot of people that what we're doing is the right thing...

          MELODY: But you're making it even harder to do the right thing because we have to now constantly worry about what you're doing out of hours.

          She pauses, clearly worried about the safety of them.

          MELODY: You guys have to be safe... we can't watch you all the time.


          The Syndicate listen, closely. BROGAN and ECHIDNA in particular hang on to every word.

          PAN (O/S): We care about you all.

          MELODY (O/S): We want you to be safe.

          PAN (O/S): We wouldn't be here otherwise.


          MELODY and PAN soften. A small supportive smile forms on their faces as they look around at the students.

          MELODY: We just want to help but you need to let us. We can't force you to do anything, we have to trust you and you have to trust us.

          PAN: It won't always be easy. You'll hate us.

          MELODY laughs under her breath.

          MELODY: And we'll probably hate you.

          PAN: Yes probably... but we will never compromise your safety.

          MELODY: Not ever.

          All the students look around now. Everyone apart from CHERRY blushes with embarrassment.

          PAN: Do you understand?

          NEVAN nods.

          NEVAN: We do.

          CARMEN: Yeah... we're sorry...

          MELODY: Good, because you're a reflection on the team now. You're one of us... start acting like it.

          She gives him a warm smile.

          PAN: Go home to bed now. I'm sure your parents will be wondering where you are.

          MELODY: And we'll see you tomorrow.

          PAULETTE: Yeah, the step-mom will definitely kill me for breaking curfew.

          CARMEN: Right...

          They leave the alleyway now, NEVAN and the other students following. All except CHERRY.

          MELODY and PAN turn to watch them leave and then turn back to look at CHERRY.

          She's gone.


          MELODY and PAN silently walk out of the alleyway now. They are taken aback to find the Syndicate stood in front of them. They look at the two new members with admiration. BROGAN moves forward and looks at MELODY. They make eye contact.

          BROGAN: Everything sorted?

          She nods.

          MELODY: They'll be ok.

          He nods back at her, his mouth creases. She could almost swore he smiled.

          BROGAN: (softly) Good... then let's go home.

          He turns now and begins walking away. He notices that URSULA has a smile on her face. The Syndicate follow and so does MELODY.

          PAN begins following but holds back when he notices ECHIDNA'S eyes on him. He doesn't make contact but he notices her notice him.


          A light flickers, illuminating graffiti and stained walls. A young girl manoeuvres the corridor, stepping over sleeping people and trash. It's CHERRY.


          The door to the apartment open and CHERRY enters. She looks bleak. She closes the door and the sound of small shuffling footsteps make their way through the tattered apartment towards her.

          FEMALE VOICE (O/S): Cherry? Cherry is that you?

          She moves on screen and is revealed to be an OLD WOMAN. She looks withered from life and she is wearing an old night gown. She uses her hands to make her way through the apartment. She is blind. She is played by Alice Lo.

          CHERRY nods, even though she knows the OLD WOMAN cannot see her.

          CHERRY: It's me. I'm home.

          OLD WOMAN: Why are you so late? The clock ticks so much. That's how I know you're late home.

          CHERRY: I was with... friends.

          OLD WOMAN: (smiling) You made friends?

          CHERRY: Yeah, sure.

          OLD WOMAN: Well you should let me know, I worry. Especially after...

          CHERRY: I know Nana... I know... I'm sorry.


          CHERRY'S GRANDMOTHER: Well you're home now. I made you some soup if you wanted...

          CHERRY: I'm just going to go to bed. I'll see you in the morning.

          She moves towards one of the door now.

          CHERRY'S GRANDMOTHER: I love you Cherry.


          The song begins as a single tear falls down CHERRY'S cheek, unnoticed.

          CHERRY: I love you too, Nana.

          She moves off screen now.


          She falls on the bed and we can see a close up of her face as she lies sideways on the bed. She opens her eyes and closes them, slowly.

          "?Get into the groove boy you've got to prove your love to me'
          Played on the radio as we drove down south to see our families.


          MELODY is lying on her bed, she has her MP3 player in her ears. She is looking up at the ceiling.

          "You were lying there in the passenger chair sound asleep."

          BROGAN enters the room and MELODY notices. She removes her earphones and sits up, looking at him.

          "I could recall a time when evenings were bright and thick with love."

          BROGAN: You made Ursula smile.

          MELODY looks confused.

          "And all the city streets and their lights they were so mysterious
          Oh life it was so wonderful it would shine just like fire.

          MELODY: Uh, ok...

          BROGAN: Before we found you guys in the alley, she was doubting herself, doubting the whole system. But she left that alley smiling because of what you did.

          MELODY: I'm pleased she's not doubting this. What we're doing here is good.

          BROGAN: It is.

          "How we sat on the backs of our cars and laughed into the morning."

          MELODY: And I want to be a part of that.

          BROGAN pauses.

          BROGAN: You are.

          MELODY smiles at him.

          MELODY: I'll see you tomorrow.

          He nods and then leaves her room. She waits for him to close the door and then she stands. She pulls a stake out from under her pillow, she opens her window and once again...

          "I thought you'd come and go
          I never thought you would stay
          And I'm sorry if I tried to push you away.


          There is a knock at PAN'S door. He moves to his door and opens it. ECHIDNA is on the other side.

          "But the edges they fold and you suddenly find you are buried beneath
          A blanket of snow you had no idea was even falling.

          ECHIDNA: I'm sorry...

          He looks confused. She is avoiding eye contact. She looks down and looks hesitant.

          ECHIDNA: (quietly) My father didn't have children. He gave birth to weapons and killers; things he could use and control.

          "Now you're sitting on a couch inside your home feeling cold
          Nothing is clear, all your thoughts they have become so hard to find.

          PAN listens, carefully.

          ECHIDNA: Having you around... you remind me of how he was. I hate myself for what I have done to people like you.

          "With a question mark always slumped at the end of these awkward lines
          All the simple words we loved to speak are no longer audible.

          PAN: (quietly) You're not that person anymore.

          ECHIDNA: I know... which is why I'll try to be a better human.

          She looks him in the eye.

          ECHIDNA: I'll try to be a better wife...

          PAN smiles at her.

          "And I never thought with you and I this would be possible
          I can feel the world coming apart.

          PAN: Thank you.

          ECHIDNA: I only said I'll try.

          PAN laughs slightly.

          "And I need you by my side with your delicate heart
          So please don't leave me no don't you run.

          PAN: It's a start.

          ECHIDNA: It is... isn't it?

          He nods. The camera pulls back and shows a divide between them; the literal wall dividing them from one another.

          "Don't be frightened by the storm so bold and brave
          Just let it rain...

          The ancient world and the modern world.


          The song ends as the morning sun rises over the town.


          The residents of Blue Acres all are awakening. Some open their doors and look at one another.

          In their hand is the propaganda.

          Panic was rife.


          There is a knock at the door.

          BROGAN approaches and opens it. NICOLA and EDWARD are stood in front of him. They stare at him with pursed lips.

          BROGAN: Can I help you? Classes don't start till 9.

          NICOLA: Mr. Brogan I presume?

          BROGAN: Yes, and you are?

          EDWARD holds out his hand.

          EDWARD: Edward and Nicola Prime.

          BROGAN shakes his hand.

          NICOLA: We're here about the classes.

          BROGAN: You wanna sign up?

          EDWARD: You misunderstand. We're not here to attend them.

          NICOLA: We're here to ensure they never run again.

          BROGAN'S face hardens.

          NICOLA gestures behind her.

          NICOLA: We've rallied quite a following.

          BROGAN looks to see over a hundred people stood behind them, near the road. HELEN and ARRON are among the crowd.

          NICOLA (O/S): We have a press conference tonight and we're taking it straight to City Hall tomorrow.

          EDWARD: You'll be closed by the end of the week.

          BROGAN: (angry) You can't do that...

          A small smile forms on the faces of EDWARD and NICOLA.

          NICOLA: There's nothing you can do to stop us.

          They turn now and move away. The camera moves with them as it shows them approach the riotous crowd.

          "I'd get ready for sharpened pitch forks if I were you."

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE


          Special Guest Stars (in order of appearance):

          Special Mention:
          MGMT ? KIDS


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