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Shadow Stalker - 4.02 - Have You Met Ms. Rae?

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  • Shadow Stalker - 4.02 - Have You Met Ms. Rae?

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 4.02 ? Have You Met Ms. Rae?
    Writer and Creator: Alex Goddard (Lex)
    Editor and Proof Reader: Alex Hart (Alex)

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines and all original concepts. Season Four of Shadow Stalker runs strictly alongside Season One of its sister series "Sirens". Please read the episodes in the order they are released, (i.e 4.01 of SS, followed by 1.01 of Sirens, then 4.02 of SS followed by 1.02 of Sirens etc.)



    A pen and paper are situated on a table. PETRINA approaches the desk and sits at a chair. She looks tearful, upset about something.

    PETRINA (V/O): Dear Cathryn...

    She begins to write.

    PETRINA (V/O): My name is Petrina Rae. I work for the Watcher's Council of England.

    She pauses, unsure of how to word this correspondence.

    There was no good way.

    PETRINA (V/O): You are a Slayer, and you may be aware of who I work for. The Watcher's Council are here to protect the Slayer, guide them and show them the ways of battle and war.

    She looks down, pensive.

    PETRINA (V/O): Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we were destroyed and only a few members survived, myself included. We are reforming with what we can and are sending our Watchers to Slayers in problematic situations such as yourself. I have located you in New York, I trust you are still residing in this residence, and will be coming to you next Thursday.

    She closes the letter and begins sealing it in an envelope.

    PETRINA (V/O): I know this is a lot to take in but I feel our relationship will become nothing but formidable.

    She places a stamp on the written envelop and looks at it. Everything that had happened to her over the last few years weighed on her mind with this single letter.

    PETRINA (V/O): Yours...


    PETRINA (V/O): Petrina Rae.


    PETRINA is stood with her arms folded by a tree. The sound of a fight off screen can be heard. She's watching, intently.

    The camera pulls back to show CATE being thrown across screen. She looks annoyed as a gothic looking male Vampire is overpowering her.

    CATE flips to her feet and as the Vampire approaches her. She jumps and spin kicks him, he staggers back slightly but looks unfazed by the attack. She uppercuts him and then spins round and back hands him. He grabs her arm and twists it around so she flips over on to the floor. Her breath is taken away, just long enough for the Vampire to jump on top of her. He holds her down and leans in to bite her. She looks to be struggling.

    PETRINA just continues to watch without flinching.

    CATE knees him in the groin causing PETRINA to roll her eyes. CATE kicks him off of her and she jumps to her feet once again. Just as he does he swings a punch at her. She ducks and sweeps him off his feet with a low kick. She grabs a stake out of her pocket and slams it into his heart, causing him to dust.

    She catches her breath and then stands and looks at her Watcher.

    CATE: Well?

    PETRINA looks completely unimpressed and sighs, incessantly.

    PETRINA: Mediocre, if that.

    CATE scoffs.

    XAK (O/S): Don't be so hard on her.

    The camera turns to show XAK stood nearby, watching like PETRINA, who turns to him.

    She looks annoyed with his interference.

    PETRINA: It was a sloppy slay. If the Vampire had been a woman that last manoeuvre would not have worked and Cate would be dead.

    CATE: If that Vampire had been a woman, it would have still hurt like crazy.

    She smirks.

    CATE: I can show you if you want?

    XAK: Cate...

    CATE rolls her eyes.

    PETRINA: I'm just saying it was an extremely unsophisticated fight.

    XAK: She won didn't she?

    PETRINA: Maybe, but she's untrained.

    XAK: Well that's your jurisdiction, not mine.

    PETRINA goes to answer back when her cell phone rings. She removes it from her pocket.

    PETRINA: It's my father, I should take this.

    She looks to CATE.

    PETRINA: Just cool down, I think that's enough for tonight.

    She eyes CATE and looks her up and down.

    PETRINA: I've certainly seen all I need to.

    She turns now and answers the phone. CATE rolls her eyes and turns to XAK.

    CATE: Cool down? Who does she think she is?

    XAK: She's difficult... I know.

    CATE: Difficult? I can't stand the woman. We've been doing this for over a week and every time she's unimpressed. If she's a Watcher isn't she supposed to be showing me how to not suck in the opinion of Earl Grey or whoever her dad is.

    XAK: She sure has a unique way of training.

    CATE: Belittlement? Humiliation? Yeah, she's a joy.

    She shakes her head, almost angry.

    CATE: I can't believe you knew her.

    XAK: We had one drink, one time, that summer before I came back to Sunnydale. It wasn't even a drink... we just happened to be in the same bar one night.

    CATE: I don't care if you were BFFs all the way through junior high, I still don't trust her... and I can't believe you kept it from us. Especially after...

    She stops herself. She breathes deeply.

    CATE: You know what, forget it...

    She begins walking away now. XAK follows.

    XAK: It's not as if I knew she was a Watcher, we just talked.

    CATE: (bitter) But you saw her with a Potential Slayer and a Vampire, hm... what are the odds?

    XAK: Well I didn't know she was a Potential... and why are you coming down on me so hard?

    She stops and looks to him.

    CATE: Two words, one name. Melody Harp.

    XAK sighs

    CATE: Guess Petrina's not your only little secret, huh?

    XAK: It's not like that, you know it's not.

    CATE: She's alive Xak and the second you found out you told Ursula, not me or Charlie but Ursula Lake, the Queen of secrets and bad decisions...

    XAK: (firm) It wasn't like that. I had to.

    CATE: No you didn't Xak. We didn't have to bring Melody back into this at all! We lasted this long without her screwing things up. And you sent her to my boyfriend's, of all places...

    XAK: She's one of us Cate. She's got a long way to go but she's one of us...

    CATE: This isn't about that. It's about Sin. You're trying to help alleviate the guilt by making sure Melody's ok.

    XAK looks away, shaking his head.

    CATE: Is this how it's gonna be from now on? Sin before us? You're gonna put her before your family?

    XAK: She is my family.

    CATE: Yeah. You've made that very clear.

    PETRINA approaches them both now as she hangs up the phone, finishing her conversation. As she does, CATE moves away from XAK who looks pensive.

    PETRINA: Cate! Where are you going?

    CATE: To cool down...

    The camera moves in on PETRINA'S face as the curiosity sets in.


    The camera pans around Times Square, busy as always and illuminated by fluorescent signage. A limo pulls up to a grand hotel and various workers move from the inside of the building to the vehicle.

    While, two of them open the doors to the limo, the others resort to retrieving the luggage from the trunk.

    The first two people to step out are two Handmaids. HANDMAID #1 and HANDMAID #2 are wearing white dresses. They look almost identical and they walk arm in arm with one another. The HOTEL MANAGER approaches them both.

    HOTEL MANAGER: It is truly an honour to accept the Lady's presence...

    HANDMAID #1 raises a hand to silence him.

    HANDMAID #2: It is an honour. It goes without saying. This is her first time on American soil and she has demands.

    HOTEL MANAGER: Of course, we will do everything we can to meet her requirements.

    HANDMAID #1: There will be no contact.

    HANDMAID #2: That includes, physically, verbally or optically.

    HANDMAID #1: She must be at the highest point in the building.

    HANDMAID #2: And she will eat and drink only what we prepare.

    HANDMAID #1: If one of these demands are not met then we will not inhabit here.

    HANDMAID #2: Are they acceptable?

    The HOTEL MANAGER looks thrown.

    HOTEL MANAGER: Uh, of course. The penthouse suite is free and waiting and my staff will be informed immediately.

    He turns around and makes a motion to his staff outside. They all turn their backs on the limousine. HANDMAID #1 moves to the limousine and opens the door.

    The camera moves to street level and sees a green stiletto stepping out of the car, the foot inside it, perfect.

    The camera moves up the woman's body to reveal a flowing green dress. She takes the arms of her Handmaids and begins walking towards the building. The staff abide to her wish and do not look upon her. Her hair is wrapped tightly in a headscarf also. She wears sunglasses. She is played by Idina Menzel.

    She is silent but from behind her visor she examines the world.

    She is THE LADY. She is royalty.



    As the screen remains black for a moment, a purple sky begins to show itself, shrouded with dark clouds and lit only by the light of the moon. The scene begins to fade out of view as the words...


    ...burn on to the screen. They fade with the scene as quickly as they appeared. All that is left is black.
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    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

    QUENTIN TRAVERS is sat at his desk.

    London behind him, the world at his feet.

    He smiles at the young woman sat in front of his desk. PETRINA RAE.


    PETRINA looks confused.

    PETRINA: I don't understand...

    QUENTIN: There's a possibility that young women could be in danger. Girls who could be chosen to be the Slayer one day should Buffy Summers and Faith Lehane fall.

    PETRINA: Potential Slayers?

    He nods.

    QUENTIN: Exactly. We're not sure as to the extent of these attacks at the moment but a few have been attacked, as well as the Watchers guarding them.

    PETRINA: My god, what is it? What's causing the attacks?

    QUENTIN: We are not sure, but I have my suspicions.

    PETRINA: We must help them.

    QUENTIN: Of course, which is why you're here.

    PETRINA looks shocked.

    PETRINA: Me? Mr. Travers with all due respect, I am a Watcher in training. I'm nowhere near qualified for such a threat. My parents would be suited, surely?

    QUENTIN: I need Vincent here, and Silvana is in Tokyo... where I need her to be.

    She looks down. She didn't know her mother was away... she hadn't cared to tell her.

    PETRINA: (quietly) Do they know? That I'm chosen...

    QUENTIN: They are aware, and they both agree this is the best course.

    PETRINA looks thrown. QUENTIN eyes her carefully. He knows he must convince her.

    QUENTIN: I know this is a lot to ask, Petrina. But until we know the extent of the threat we will only be sending Watchers in training to the field.

    PETRINA: And if there is an attack.

    QUENTIN: You are trained, Petrina. You knew this day would come...

    PETRINA: I just didn't think it would be now.

    QUENTIN smiles weakly.

    QUENTIN: Hm, quite...

    He breathes deeply, pouring tea from a pot into a cup on his desk for him and PETRINA.

    QUENTIN: You will be sent to Los Angeles. There is a young Potential by the name of Hope there. Her details and how to find her are in the file in front of you.

    PETRINA looks at the file, daunted.

    QUENTIN: You will find her, train her and report to us if there is a notable danger.

    PETRINA nods.

    PETRINA: Ok, sounds simple enough.

    QUENTIN laughs, under his breath.

    QUENTIN: Yes, doesn't it...


    The colours on the screen sharply return to normal as we see a young woman struggling with the waffle maker. The camera pans up to show it is SIN. She looks annoyed and surrounding her are boxes of cereal, burnt toast, runny eggs and numerous uncooked and burnt waffles.

    PETRINA (O/S): Are you ok?

    SIN stumbles and looks shocked as she turns to see PETRINA stood in the doorway.

    SIN: I... I'm fine.

    PETRINA: Making breakfast I see?

    She laughs.

    SIN: What's so funny?

    PETRINA: Sorry it's just, you're legendary in the demonic realms. There are lectures held about you, the Ancient gods and goddesses from the Greek world are trying to destroy you... and here you are... making waffles.

    SIN shivers, disgusted.

    SIN: I'm not that thing anymore, she was nothing to do with me.

    PETRINA makes a half-smile.

    PETRINA: I'm afraid she'll always be a part of who are you, who you will be...

    SIN looks shaken. PETRINA moves towards her.

    PETRINA: The question is, who do you want to be because of that?

    PETRINA is close to her now.

    PETRINA: What do you want to do now?

    SIN looks down.

    PETRINA: I don't believe your future lies in catering, do you?

    SIN looks up at her now, wondering.

    XAK (O/S): What are you doing?

    PETRINA turns to see XAK, CHARLIE and CATE stood in the doorway, looking confused at the scene.

    PETRINA: I was merely...

    XAK: Provoking her?

    PETRINA: Guiding her.

    XAK: You guide only Cate.

    CATE: And even then, don't worry yourself too much.

    PETRINA sighs.

    PETRINA: I'm keeping an eye on everything, that includes Slayers, Witches and apocalyptic daughters.

    LANCE (O/S): How about Lycans?

    Everyone turns to see LANCE. He's still in his wheelchair but his hair is shaved off. He looks clean and more confident. CATE smiles.

    CATE: You're up.

    LANCE: Well moving to the downstairs room agrees with me more, and besides he's never here so...

    CHARLIE: It'll get better.

    He smiles and nods at her.

    CATE: (to LANCE) So optimistic, fancy treating me to breakfast?

    LANCE laughs.

    LANCE: Sure.

    They go to leave the room.

    SIN: (nervously) I made breakfast.

    CATE stops and looks back at her, she pauses and everyone looks awkward. PETRINA merely observes the scene.

    CATE turns and her and LANCE leave the room.

    PETRINA: Wow, if I knew you all more I'm sure I'd be feeling rather uncomfortable right about now...

    CHARLIE turns to her, angry.

    CHARLIE: You know what, why don't you just...

    She stops. She blinks, finding it hard to catch her breath. She falls backwards and XAK catches her. He looks shocked.

    XAK: Charlie! Charlie...

    She's unconscious.

    PETRINA: Get her to the sofa.

    XAK carries her over and lies her down. SIN watches and moves uncoordinated. She doesn't know what to do.

    XAK: (softly) Charlie, it's me... Come back to me...

    Her eyes flicker open.

    CHARLIE: (quietly) Wh-what happened?

    PETRINA: You fainted, just as you were mid-sentence in some retort that was meant to chastise me.

    CHARLIE narrows her eyes.

    CHARLIE: Give me five minutes and I'll get right back on that.

    PETRINA: Fine, I'll be upstairs on the edge of my seat.

    PETRINA leaves.

    CHARLIE: (to XAK) I do not want that woman in this house!

    XAK: Forget her, what just happened?

    CHARLIE: I... I dunno. I guess I just felt light-headed or something.

    XAK: You're sure?

    CHARLIE: (lying) Xak, I'm fine. I just need something to eat and I'll be fine...

    There is a pause where both XAK and CHARLIE look unsure.

    SIN (O/S): (nervously) I made breakfast.


    THE LADY is stood on the balcony looking out of the city below her, listening intently to the distant voices and car horns. She's holding an old newspaper.

    HANDMAID #1 approaches her.

    HANDMAID #1: Is there anything I can do?

    THE LADY does not look at her.

    THE LADY: That man was not enough. His heart was pure but I need more. I need another, with strength.

    HANDMAID #1: We'll retrieve the hotel staff, immediately.

    THE LADY turns her head to HANDMAID #1 sharply.

    THE LADY: No... Seek out those we've come for.

    She looks down at the old newspaper. It's a few months old and on the front page is XAK and CHARLIE. It is an article about them being exonerated...

    THE LADY: It's time we took another.


    We're inside a private jet, it is flying low over mainland America. It's just entered the New York perimeters.

    The camera pulls out to show someone looking out of the window. A businessman. DANTE.

    He is sat looking out of the window at the sky. Seeing American soil again makes him sigh, indifferently.

    SEBASTIAN (O/S): Home sweet home, huh?

    DANTE: It was never home for me.

    He turns now and looks at SEBASTIAN sat opposite him, sipping on a glass of whiskey.

    SEBASTIAN: More of a weekend getaway.

    He smirks.

    SEBASTIAN: See the wife and all.

    DANTE: (angry) Don't talk about him like that.

    SEBASTIAN holds up his hand apologetically.

    SEBASTIAN: Sorry, no disrespect boss.

    DANTE looks ruffled.

    DANTE: Good. Because things are gonna change.

    He closes his eye and breathes deeply.

    DANTE: (to himself) I'm gonna find a way to make him walk again.

    SEBASTIAN rolls his eyes.

    SEBASTIAN: That's all great Dante but in case you've forgotten you're only here because the Senior Partners allow it.

    And now DANTE has the upper head.

    DANTE: Actually, they don't know I'm here. They think I'm negotiating a peace treaty for S'sula of the Kax Clan.

    SEBASTIAN: Oh really? So not only will this little vacation piss off the makers of Wolfram and Hart but it was also seriously irritate one of most powerfully influential leaders of the demon worlds?

    DANTE turns and looks SEBASTIAN dead on.

    DANTE: (calmly) I don't care. I don't care what the Senior Partenrs say and I don't give a damn about S'sula or any other demon clan. Not anymore. You forget, their jurisdiction doesn't matter.

    SEBASTIAN: To you maybe, but the Senior Partners are a powerful force. They're respected and feared by many.

    DANTE looks back out of the window.

    SEBASTIAN: You shouldn't take them lightly, Dante. You've crossed them before and failed. Think of this as reconnaissance, not a way of saving your boyfriend.

    DANTE: What?

    SEBASTIAN: Don't tell me you don't sense it? The shifting of worlds, the frictions of mythology. It's all rippling from Manhattan and you know it. Reconnaissance, not romance.

    DANTE: Thanks for the advice but in case you've forgotten, I have power over you. So when we get home I will go see Lance, Xak and all the others and you can go order room service or whatever it is you want.

    SEBASTIAN: And this dark presence?

    DANTE: I can kill two birds with one stone.

    He smiles at his lackey.


    SEPHY is still lying unconscious on her bed. Her bruises and her wounds are healing but she's still asleep. PETRINA is sat on the bed, she takes her pulse.

    XAK (O/S): What are you doing now?

    The camera rotates to show XAK stood in the doorway. He's eating a plate of SIN'S burnt toast and waffles. PETRINA looks to him and then makes some notes on a pad of paper.

    PETRINA: I'm just making notes, checking her vitals. It's fascinating, a goddess in a Coma. It's like the more time she has spent on earth the more she has become human...

    XAK: That a fact?

    She shrugs.

    PETRINA: Just a theory.

    XAK: You might wanna try putting it into practice then, or did you only arrive on this planet yesterday?

    PETRINA looks back at him now.

    PETRINA: I beg your pardon?

    XAK puts the plate of food on the side now and moves inside the room, closing the door slightly.

    XAK: You can't behave the way you have with everyone, it's not fair.

    She laughs.

    PETRINA: Do you realise how childish you sound?

    XAK: I'm serious. Stop being the way you are.

    PETRINA: I'm here to do a job, and you're all clearly disoriented from recent happenings, which is understandable, but something is after you all.

    She looks back to SEPHY.

    PETRINA: And it's probably something from her world.

    XAK: We know that.

    PETRINA: Really? And your solution is what, breakfast?

    He looks beat. PETRINA was right...

    He had no plan. His most powerful resource had left and one of his most powerful allies was stone.

    He had no plan.


    CHARLIE is stood outside her mother's room. She's heard the conversation. She has a bag on her shoulder. She moves off screen.


    CHARLIE descends the stairway and makes her way towards the front door. She's in such a hurry she doesn't see her daughter stood nearby. She stops, taken aback.

    CHARLIE: God you scared me...

    SIN: Sorry...

    There's an awkward silence.

    SIN: A-are you ok?

    CHARLIE: I'm fine...

    She moves towards the door now.

    SIN: Would you like a drink?

    CHARLIE doesn't answer now. She leaves.

    SIN steps back, defeated and leaves the area.

    Who was she? Who would she be?

    What would she become?




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      ACT TWO


      DANTE and SEBASTIAN are now walking through the arrivals lounge of the airport.

      DANTE: I've booked you a suite at this hotel.

      He hands his assistant booking information. SEBASTIAN looks deflated.

      SEBASTIAN: Fine, I'll go there and await your commands...

      He says this with bitterness.

      SEBASTIAN: (to himself) As always.

      DANTE smirks.

      DANTE: Yes you will.

      He pats SEBASTIAN on his back and then begins leaving the airport. SEBASTIAN watches him leave, but then hurries after him.


      DANTE approaches a black car that's waiting for him but SEBASTIAN approaches him.

      SEBASTIAN: It's not just the Senior Partners you know.

      DANTE stops and turns back to him. He looks bored with him.

      DANTE: What now?

      SEBASTIAN: I'm just saying, if I were you. I wouldn't only worry about them.

      DANTE: Really? Who else should I be worrying about?

      SEBASTIAN: Your friends.

      DANTE'S smug look subsides slightly.

      SEBASTIAN: You come out with this smug attitude, like you always do but if you're so keen on pissing off the Senior Partners then why are you spending one night at the most with them.

      He looks away.

      SEBASTIAN: They don't accept you anymore. You broke their trust, you are not one of them anymore.

      DANTE moves closer to him and leans in.

      DANTE: If I wanted advice from you, I'd pay you to be my shrink. But you're my assistant, I pay you to kiss my ass. If you can't do that, then I will exploit the power you know I have now. It is more than I ever had and it is more than most people will ever taste.

      He smiles at his assistant.

      DANTE: So test my patience Callaghan. I dare ya...

      He raises his eyebrows and then turns, getting into his car. He leaves SEBASTIAN, beat and angry outside the Arrivals lounge.


      CATE is pushing LANCE down one of the sidewalks near Times Square. It's busy, the morning rush. The never ending rush. CATE looks annoyed as some people don't care LANCE is in a wheelchair. Someone rushes into one of the wheels. She pushes the guy infuriated.

      CATE: Oh you're so busy... ass...

      LANCE: Cate, it's fine.

      The man carries on walking, quickly hurrying into the nearest subway.

      CATE: No it's not. It's not fair...

      She clenches her jaw, upset slightly.

      LANCE: Please don't.

      CATE: I'm sorry. Optimism, right?

      She smiles now. For him. He smiles back at her.

      LANCE: Right. Thank you...

      CATE: That's ok, let's call it a thank you for breakfast.

      LANCE: Yeah, well that was just a little appreciation for keeping me sane over the past few weeks.

      She smiles.

      LANCE: So was it just me or did I wheel in on something tense back at the apartment?

      CATE sighs.

      CATE: Melody's alive, she's living with my boyfriend, teaching at a school with all of Xak's old friends. Meanwhile, I'm here with my best friend in a wheelchair whose boyfriend doesn't live with us anymore but don't worry because the girl who killed my fianc? is on breakfast duty. And the less said about Petrina the better...

      LANCE raises his eyebrows.

      LANCE: Yeah, things do seem to be a bit insane.

      CATE: But that's the thing...

      CATE looks torn.

      CATE: There's no time for them to be insane. Sephy's catching z's, poor Mr. Reed is a statue, the Syndicate are gone and so is the base. Our only resources is Xak who's too busy keeping the peace to do anything, Charlie who's more vacant than usual, a stuck up Watcher, a girl who makes bad waffles and...

      LANCE: Me?

      CATE: (quietly) I didn't mean it that way. I'd never...

      LANCE: I know.

      They're silent for a while.

      LANCE: I know things are bad, but I have to stay positive, even if no one else can.

      CATE: Is that ?cause you cut your hair and you're being all optimistic?

      He laughs.

      LANCE: Seriously, after everything. After everything we've lost, everyone we've lost... Things have to be good. Otherwise, they died for no reason and I do not believe that that's true.

      He nods to himself.

      LANCE: That's why we fight. For them, and for the future. If we don't have that, then what are we fighting for?

      CATE smiles at him, seeing his brother in him.

      CATE: You know I think I love you just a little bit.

      LANCE smiles and they move off screen.

      Behind them, is HANDMAID #1. She looks at them curiously and then quickly sidles towards a building: the hotel where THE LADY was...


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

      The inner sanctum has been destroyed. FATHER CALEB has bombed the Watcher's Council. QUENTIN TRAVERS and his Watchers are dead. The war against The First Evil had begun...


      PETRINA, travel bag in arm, walks into the building horrified at the remnants of bodies around her; the bodies of men and women she loved like family. Tears well in her eyes and she drops the bag.

      PETRINA: Oh my god...

      A cough.

      She takes something out and conceals it in the back of her trousers. She moves further into the room.

      PETRINA: (softly) Hello?

      MAN: (weak) Petrina...

      PETRINA looks around to see her father, VINCENT RAE lying in the doorway to another room. He's lucky to be alive. He looks badly beaten and cuts lacerate his face. He is played Kenneth Branagh.

      Her face drops and she hurries to him. She clutches her mouth, horrified.

      PETRINA: Father! What happened!?

      VINCENT: Bomb. Quentin was right...

      PETRINA: He's dead?

      VINCENT: They all are...

      PETRINA'S eyes widen.

      PETRINA: Mother?

      VINCENT: She's alive. She's still in Japan.

      PETRINA looks relieved, and guilty at her relief.

      VINCENT: Your Potential is dead?

      She nods, weakly.

      PETRINA: (glum) She did... I failed her.

      VINCENT: We've all failed.

      He struggles to lift himself up, visibly in pain.

      PETRINA: Be careful, you're hurt...

      VINCENT looks determined.

      VINCENT: Things need to change Petrina...

      He tries standing.

      PETRINA: Father please! Rest.

      VINCENT: There's no time.

      PETRINA looks back around the room. He grabs her and she turns back to him.

      VINCENT: (desperately) We have to protect them. There's only us.

      PETRINA'S eyes widen. A moment of realisation.

      Suddenly, the burden of the Watcher's Council has fallen on PETRINA and her parents.


      The colours on the screen return to normal.

      PETRINA is sat at the kitchen table. She looks stronger. Stronger than the girl she was.

      PETRINA: Carl Reed.

      The camera turns to show XAK sat with her.

      XAK: What about him? He's safe, on the roof.

      PETRINA: Safe? Is that how you see it? Cate needs to patrol tonight and we need to find out what has happened to him because we are far from safe.

      XAK: I think it's safe to say that it's attack from Sephy's world.

      PETRINA: And if it's an Ancient Greek agent who can turn people to stone, I think it's fairly obvious of what race this person belongs to.

      XAK: Maybe.. but we still don't know enough to know for sure.

      PETRINA: I know, I have the Council looking into Carl Reed's situation and the enragement of the animals in the city.

      XAK looks confused.

      PETRINA: They're still not sure if these two waves are linked.

      XAK: Wait. The Council? I don't trust them.

      PETRINA: What's not to trust? I told you what happened and that my mother and father are rebuilding the empire.

      XAK: There's just one problem with that, Petrina. You're presuming I trust you.

      She exhales, incessantly bored with the distrust of the group.

      PETRINA: I don't care if you do, but I've given you no reason to doubt me, you're just on edge.

      He looks away. She knows why.

      PETRINA: Not everyone is out to betray you and your family Xak.

      XAK: We just don't need the Council, we've gotten further with a lot less.

      PETRINA laughs under her breath.

      XAK: What's so funny?

      PETRINA: I wouldn't say, in all honesty, that you've actually gotten that far... would you?

      With this, PETRINA stands.

      PETRINA: Now I'm going to find my Slayer. Why don't you just do whatever it is you do to get things done.

      She leaves now and XAK clenches his jaw.


      CHARLIE is sat, nervously in the waiting room of a private practice. She thinks people are looking at her, but they are not.

      NURSE (O/S): Charlotte, Charlotte Adrastos.

      CHARLIE looks around to the young NURSE who has just called her name.

      CHARLIE: Yes, that's me.

      The NURSE smiles, supportively.

      NURSE: Dr. Mayer will see you now.

      CHARLIE nods and nervously stands, following the NURSE.


      We are looking at the balcony from the outside of the building, from the Manhattan sky.

      THE LADY walks out on to the balcony. The sun is strong but she stares into it to spite its power.

      She glares back, deep into the sky and space. She turns her head to the streets below.

      By the time the sun rises again, she will claim another.

      The camera moves downwards, showing the suite below hers. It moves in through the windows just as the door to the suite opens...


      SEBASTIAN enters the room. He closes the door behind him and moves further into the suite. He places his case down and walks towards the bar. He pours himself a scotch and then downs it in one large gulp.

      He stands there for a moment, contemplating. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone. He dials a number and awaits an answer. He gets one.

      SEBASTIAN: It's me. We need to talk.


      The front door opens and CATE wheels LANCE through the door. He turns his head to her.

      LANCE: Hey Cate...

      CATE: Yeah?

      LANCE: You mind if we keep the whole you carrying me up the stairs thing a secret? You know for man credits and all that?

      CATE smirks and pats him on the shoulder.

      CATE: Our little secret macho man.

      He nods, slightly embarrassed.

      PETRINA (O/S): There you are!

      They look up to see PETRINA walking down the stairs looking annoyed at her Slayer.

      CATE: Yes, here I am.

      PETRINA: Where have you been?

      CATE: Breakfast, I told you. You were in the room, we left, we ate and now we have returned.

      PETRINA folds her arms and purses her lips.

      PETRINA: I called you.

      CATE: Yeah I know, lots of times. It got a bit annoying so I turned my phone off.

      PETRINA sighs. LANCE looks down, smiling.

      PETRINA: You need to stop doing this. You're lack of respect for me is becoming tiresome. Come upstairs. I want to talk to you on the roof.

      CATE rolls her eyes.

      CATE: Fine.

      She turns to LANCE.

      CATE: If I don't come back she's probably pushed me off the edge so tell Charlie and the others I love them and no open casket, it's not my thing.

      She winks at him and then walks up the stairs.

      PETRINA turns to LANCE.

      PETRINA: And you're not helping either.

      XAK is walking down the stairs now and he passes them. He looks at LANCE.

      XAK: What's all that about?

      LANCE: Just trouble in the ranks.

      XAK sighs, infuriated.

      XAK: Great, just what we need. Have you seen Charlie?

      LANCE shakes his head.

      SIN (O/S): She left.

      They both turn to see SIN stood in the doorway to the lounge. She turns and walks back into the room. XAK follows her and LANCE lingers for a moment, then leaves.

      The camera moves back through the doorway to the entrance...


      Someone is listening. HANDMAID #2 is stood outside the door listening to every word that was being exchanged.


      SIN is now sat on the sofa.

      XAK: Why did you leave?

      SIN: (mishearing him) Uh, I think she just wanted some space. Yeah, space. She'll be back, she'll come back.

      XAK: No, not Charlie, you...

      SIN: It's just easier when I'm not around, for Lance and the others.

      XAK: I know it's hard.

      SIN: I killed his brother, her fianc? and hundreds of others who didn't deserve to die so I could have absolute power. It's ridiculous...

      XAK: It wasn't your fault.

      SIN: Everyone may be blaming Wolfram and Hart, or Christian or Leigh... but they're not here. I am. I have to live with it.

      XAK: You'll learn to cope. You're speaking to the others, that's progress. And the breakfast showed a willingness to think of others. You're doing much better than you give yourself credit for.

      SIN: Petrina doesn't think so.

      XAK: Don't listen to her, she's getting to everyone.

      SIN: I don't think she annoyed me though...

      XAK: What do you mean?

      SIN: I think she was right. I need to do something with my life. Something that will change anything I did. Something in the real world that can make the bad things go away.

      The camera closes in on her face.


      CATE walks out on to the roof and turns to look at PETRINA.

      CATE: Ok, so what's the deal?

      Suddenly as CATE backs away on the roof she bumps into something. Something hard.

      She turns and sees it's a statue. Her friend, CARL REED. Startled by the scene, her eyes widen and then she turns to PETRINA who is stood directly behind her.

      PETRINA: We need to talk.




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        ACT THREE


        The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

        PETRINA is sat on the patio in the back garden of a small humble cottage, she has a blanket wrapped around her and is looking around the grounds.

        It looks familiar.


        VINCENT (O/S): You shouldn't be outside.

        She looks as her father approaches from the inside of the house.

        PETRINA: The Coven have protected the grounds, we're safe. The Hellmouth is closed.

        She doesn't sound comforted by this.

        VINCENT: We're never safe Petrina. Far from it.

        PETRINA: More news?

        VINCENT: Your mother is rounding up the remaining members of the original council who were away during the time of the explosion, but Buffy Summers and her friends seem adamant the Slayer line is their responsibility now.

        PETRINA: (downhearted) I see.

        VINCENT: Don't worry my dear, we still have our mission. Buffy will not be able to protect them all, factions of Slayers have appeared all over the world, but we are interested in one lone Slayer in particular. She is pivotal.

        PETRINA: Who?

        VINCENT: Her name is Cathryn Rittle. She was residing in Sunnydale, then she moved to L.A. and since has disappeared. We've been unable to trace her movements for a few months now but her name is wanted in Manhattan for a series of murders.

        PETRINA: I don't understand, how is this girl any different to the dozens of rogues on our radar at the moment?

        VINCENT: Silvana, after consulting The Coven has learned that this Cathryn is more than an ordinary Slayer. She is said to fulfil and ancient prophecy along with two other Slayers, Melody Harp and Marie Kaloff.

        PETRINA looks confused. She'd never heard of any such prophecy.

        PETRINA: Ok, well where are the other two?

        VINCENT: Melody died a few months ago, around the same time Cathryn disappeared and Marie is currently under the protection of Faith Lehane.

        PETRINA: So this Cathryn, she needs our help?

        VINCENT: If I am right then this girl has plunged herself into darkness and with her band of dangerous associates I fear she could cause this world damage. She needs our guidance.

        PETRINA nods.

        VINCENT: Finding Cathryn Rittle is your number one priority, Petrina.

        She looks at him.

        PETRINA: You're assigning me to the case? A convicted murderer who associates with dangerous people?

        VINCENT: There is no need to be concerned.

        PETRINA: That's what Quentin said before I was nearly killed in L.A. If hadn't been for...

        VINCENT: Petrina, you wanted to be a Watcher and protect the world?

        PETRINA: Of course I do.

        VINCENT: Then protecting her is what needs to be done to protect the world.

        She looks away now.

        VINCENT: Quentin isn't running things anymore, your mother and I am. I know it's not easy but I would never put you in any danger.

        PETRINA: Mother would.

        VINCENT looks angry at this accusation.

        VINCENT: (stern) Your mother loves you very much and I know it's difficult taking orders from your parents but this is an order...

        He leans in closer to her.

        VINCENT: (slowly) Am I making myself clear?

        She looks at him dead on. She's visibly upset.

        VINCENT: I understand, father.

        He smiles weakly and kisses her on her head. With this he goes to leave and she remains still for a moment.

        PETRINA: How is he?

        He stops and she turns to him.

        VINCENT: Who?

        PETRINA: You know who I mean... how is he?

        VINCENT sighs.

        VINCENT: The hospice are taking good care of him. It was a miracle he survived...

        PETRINA: Will he live?

        VINCENT: Just remember the mission, Petrina. That's an order.

        VINCENT leaves now but PETRINA couldn't get this boy out of her mind...


        The colours on the screen return to normal.

        CATE and PETRINA are stood opposite one another. CATE is silent, aware of CARL REED'S stony presence behind her.

        PETRINA: No wise cracks?

        CATE: What's this about?

        PETRINA: Carl Reed is behind you. Do you know that?

        CATE: Yeah... I do. He was a good friend.

        PETRINA: You talk about him as if he's dead.

        CATE: Isn't he?

        PETRINA: I don't know, but it would appear that death seems to become a defying factor for you and your friends.

        CATE clenches her jaw.

        CATE: Not all of us...

        PETRINA: Hm, quite. Regardless of this matter, do you find his situation amusing?

        CATE: (incredulous) Of course not!

        PETRINA: Really? But the thing that caused this to happen to your "good friend" is out there still, and you make jokes about my vocation?

        CATE: You don't know anything about me.

        PETRINA: I know more than you think. I know you were a student at Sunnydale High, excelling in Chemistry, residing in what you called "The Clique", where you befriended four other girls... must I remind you of two of their fates?

        CATE looks down.

        CATE: (quietly) Just, stop it...

        PETRINA: I will. Because I am not your enemy, I will stop...

        CATE: Thank you.

        PETRINA: But you must learn to trust me Cate.

        CATE: Why should I?

        PETRINA: You're cautious, I understand. Your friend Melody betrayed you, as have others...

        CATE: I don't want to hear her name.

        PETRINA: I don't blame you, but we don't have to worry about her.

        CATE: Do the Council know she's back?

        PETRINA: They do, they're discussing the situation as we speak. I promise you though, whatever the decision I will do all I can to make sure Melody does not harm our work again.

        CATE looks at her confused as PETRINA turns to walk away.

        CATE: Why are you doing this?

        PETRINA stops and smiles slightly.

        PETRINA: It's what I do...

        CATE doesn't have anything to say back to her this time. There's nothing that can be said. PETRINA didn't deserve it...

        PETRINA (O/S): We patrol at sun-down.


        CHARLIE is sat on the doctor's bed. She looks nervous as the doctor enters. DR. MAYER is young, well paid and well skilled in her profession. She is played by Rena Sofer.

        She smiles at CHARLIE and looks at the clipboard in front of her.

        DR. MAYER: Charlotte, right?

        CHARLIE: Call me Charlie.

        DR. MAYER'S eyes widen as she sees a piece of information on CHARLIE'S notes.

        DR. MAYER: Ah... I'm pleased to see the government gave you guys a break. For the record, I never thought it was you anyway.

        CHARLIE smiles nervously.

        DR. MAYER: And I would say it's good to see you're coping so well but with you being in my office, I take it that's not the case?

        CHARLIE pauses.

        CHARLIE: I've not been well.

        DR. MAYER takes a seat now, concerned.

        DR. MAYER: What's been the problem?

        CHARLIE: I've been having these headaches and they're so bad I pass out.

        DR. MAYER narrows her eyebrows.

        CHARLIE: Only for like a few seconds but the other week I collapsed and there was blood... coming out of my ears.

        DR. MAYER sighs and takes out a torch and quickly scans it over CHARLIE'S eyes and then in her ears. CHARLIE looks at her.

        CHARLIE: But I mean it's probably nothing to worry about, right?

        DR. MAYER sighs.

        DR. MAYER: I want you to leave this practice. I want you to get in a cab and I want you to go to the hospital.

        CHARLIE: What, why?

        DR. MAYER: It's probably nothing but bleeding from the ears is a serious symptom of many problems. I'm gonna book ahead and get you an MRI scan.

        CHARLIE looks down, horrified.

        DR. MAYER reaches out and takes hold of CHARLIE'S hand.

        DR. MAYER: We need to know what's wrong Charlie. The scan will let us know what we're dealing with, if we're dealing with anything at all of course.

        Tears well up in CHARLIE'S eyes. Something was wrong with her brain...


        HANDMAID #1 and HANDMAID #2 are kneeling at the feet of THE LADY. She is sat on the large extravagant sofa in the lounge.

        HANDMAID #1: We've found the one you need.

        HANDMAID #2: The strongest.

        THE LADY: Really? How do you know this group member is the one?

        HANDMAID #1: Well the body is not as strong as it once was but the strength of the soul...

        HANDMAID #2: It emanates love for those around.

        THE LADY: Then this is the one I need.

        The Handmaid's smile at one another, pleased.

        THE LADY: Prepare the device, then tell me more of the chosen one.

        THE LADY tilts her head backward.

        THE LADY: It is time to do as they ask. It's time to show this world, and those mortals just what it means to stand against us...


        The song begins as...


        The sliding doors open to accommodate the patient, CHARLIE. She nervously approaches the reception desk.

        "The water is rushing in
        I feel it on my skin
        Our boat is sinking now
        I wake up
        I grab my things.

        The receptionist nods and she picks up the phone. CHARLIE looks around her surroundings and sees a lot of sick people.

        She was one of them.


        CHARLIE is now sat in a consultation room with a Doctor. He is explaining procedure to her and she nods vacantly, pretending to understand how this process makes sense to her.

        "As the waves keep
        Rollin' in
        I ask myself
        ?Oh what's the point?'
        ?What's the point of it all?'
        ?What's the point?'

        He smiles at her reassuringly and she smiles back convincingly.

        There was only one man that could truly reassure her.


        The camera shows an M.R.I machine. Lying on it is CHARLIE in a hospital gown. She is slowly being inserted into the machine.

        "Give me heart
        Just give me hope
        Give me love
        Just give me warmth.

        CUT TO -

        CHARLIE is now inside the machine. She can hear the doctor reassuring her further and she does as he says, remaining deadly still. Her lip quivers and her eyes fill with tears.

        Her mechanical coffin.

        "Give me all I never knew
        Give me something
        To hold on to...


        The song comes slowly dies as the camera shows a bird's eye view of the quickened streets of MANHATTAN. Afternoon becomes evening.


        As night begins to descend PETRINA is sat at her desk in her room. Her laptop is open in front of her. She's watching something intently, she looks so absorbed.

        CATE appears in her doorway.

        CATE: What are you doing?

        PETRINA looks up, suddenly. She closes the laptop just before we can see what is on the screen. She turns to CATE.

        PETRINA: Nothing.

        CATE: Ok, so are we gonna patrol?

        A smile forms on PETRINA'S face. CATE was listening.


        XAK and SIN are now walking through the apartment together. He has just asked her to do something.

        SIN: I'm not sure I can.

        XAK: You know you have to. It's time to do this. It's the first step.

        SIN: He won't listen.

        XAK: He will. He's a good man.

        CHARLIE (O/S): Who are we talking about?

        XAK and SIN turn to see CHARLIE stood in the doorway. The door is still open and the key is in her hand.

        XAK: (smiling) Hey.

        CHARLIE looks at SIN, self-conscious. SIN takes her leave of her parents and removes herself from the area.

        XAK: I missed you today.

        CHARLIE: Sorry I just needed some air, turns out Manhattan has a lot of air.

        XAK: You feeling ok now?

        CHARLIE looks at him, unsure of how to answer.

        CHARLIE: (smiling weakly) I'll be fine.

        He smiles and walks towards her. He puts his arms around her and she rests her head in his chest. Her eyes well up.

        CHARLIE: (softly) You know I love you, right?

        He doesn't say anything.

        CHARLIE: No matter what?

        XAK: Of course I do. What's this about?

        She goes to answer but then...

        XAK: Is this about everything that's going on? Petrina, Melody, Sin, Carl... everything?

        She breathes deep, inhaling and exhaling his scent.

        CHARLIE: Yeah, yeah that's it...

        He kisses her head.

        XAK: Don't worry babe. Everything's gonna be...

        He stops. Someone appears in the front doorway that CHARLIE has left open. The camera pans up CHARLIE to XAK'S face as he looks at the person stood there.


        LANCE is in his wheelchair. He's trying to do some physiotherapy, attempting to make his legs move. He looks to be straining.

        SIN (O/S): Does it hurt?

        LANCE turns to see her stood in his doorway. He is taken aback by her presence.

        LANCE: (quietly) No. I can't feel anything.

        SIN: Is there anything I can do to help?

        LANCE: Go back about a year and not be evil?

        She looks down.

        SIN: Ok. I'm sorry I disturbed you...

        She turns to go. LANCE sighs.

        LANCE: Sin, wait...

        She turns back to him.

        LANCE: That wasn't fair, I'm sorry.

        SIN: You're apologising to me?

        LANCE: Yeah, I am. I barely have enough energy to try and lift my toes, let alone hate anyone.

        SIN: Thank you. That means a lot.

        LANCE nods.

        SIN: I just wish the others could have no energy too.

        He smiles weakly.

        LANCE: They didn't spend time with you, or with Christian and Leigh.

        SIN: I don't remember a lot of the time we were in the Hotel.

        LANCE: I wish I could forget.

        SIN: I think these things just take time?

        LANCE: Yeah...

        They look at one another in a moment of understanding.

        XAK (O/S): Lance!

        LANCE and SIN turn to hear XAK'S voice from coming from the other room. SIN leaves the room and LANCE follows.


        The park is empty as the light from the sky begins to die down. SEBASTIAN is sat on a bench, staring at the Statue of Liberty and her proud stance.

        Someone approaches him. The person stops and looks at him. SEBASTIAN acknowledges their presence.

        SEBASTIAN: Thank you for coming.

        The camera rotates to show SOFIA ROSE stood there. Her hair is longer, she is wearing a long trench coat and looks nervous, scared to be outside.


        LANCE and SIN enter the room and they need not ask why XAK has called them in.

        DANTE was home.

        CUT TO BLACK



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          ACT FOUR

          OPEN ON ? ENGLAND

          The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

          PETRINA is curled up on a chair, sleeping. The monotonous drone of the machines has lulled her to sleep. VINCENT enters the room. He looks at the person in the bed and then looks to his daughter. He walks towards her and he places a hand on her shoulder. Startled, she awakens and looks at him.


          PETRINA: (sighing) Oh...

          VINCENT looks at her, almost disappointed.

          VINCENT: What are you doing here, Petrina?

          PETRINA: I was just...

          VINCENT: Visiting? Again? How is your presence helping?

          PETRINA: I care about him, and I'm surprised you don't.

          VINCENT: Yes, well... We didn't exactly part on good terms.

          PETRINA: All the more reason to sit with him. But you haven't come because of him, have you?

          VINCENT shakes his head and reveals that he has today's paper in his hand. He passes it to her and she opens it. The article is on XAK, CHARLIE, CATE, DANTE and LANCE'S exoneration. PETRINA'S eyes widen.

          PETRINA: It's her.

          VINCENT: It is.

          PETRINA: Are they her friends?

          VINCENT: Indeed. We've done our research and one of them is a Witch daughter of a Greek Goddess, one of them is involved with Wolfram and Hart, one is a Lycan and the last is unknown in origin.

          PETRINA looks at the paper closely. She sees SEPHY hovering in the background of the picture of them all.

          PETRINA: Who's she?

          VINCENT looks at who PETRINA is pointing to.

          VINCENT: I'm not sure, perhaps a city official.

          PETRINA knows this is not true. Someone impartial would never look upon the group with such pride.

          PETRINA: They're powerful. Together they could do amazing things.

          VINCENT: Our interest is solely in Cathryn and her wellbeing. You will write to her and go to Manhattan next week. I have the address of their building the state has compensated them with.

          PETRINA: As you wish.

          She stands now.

          PETRINA: But I am her Watcher now, and she is my Slayer. I will do as I see fit in regards to the involvement of her friends.

          VINCENT smiles.

          VINCENT: You've grown a lot over this last year. You are free to do as you wish. I will allow you freedom and we will assist you in your post should you need us to.

          She looks surprised in his cooperation but considering her anger towards him and her mother, he had no choice.

          PETRINA: Thank you father.

          She looks at the person in the bed.

          PETRINA: What of him?

          VINCENT: You may have grown, but he is still your weakness.

          PETRINA: (repeating herself, firmer) What of him?

          VINCENT pauses.

          VINCENT: He will continue to receive the medical care of this Hospice and of the Coven.

          PETRINA: Thank you.

          She goes to leave the room.

          VINCENT: I love you Petrina, do not forget it.

          She stops and closes her eyes.

          PETRINA: I love you too.

          And with this, she opens her eyes and she leaves the room.

          She had a letter to write.


          The colours return to normal as CATE and her Watcher, PETRINA enter Central Park. It is now night and two weeks into the relationship they are finally bonding. CATE looks shocked by what she's just heard.

          CATE: You're three years older than me? That's it?

          PETRINA: You think 27 is young?

          CATE: It's young for me to be accepting you bossing me around, yeah.

          PETRINA: I'm not "bossing" you around. I'm just doing my job.

          CATE: So what was your life like back home?

          PETRINA: You really care?

          CATE: Well you seem to know everything about me and mine, and besides it beats patrolling in silence. Sometimes I make Xak sing when we're out.

          PETRINA: Oh my. I clearly have a lot to guide you on.

          She sighs, but as she does a Vampire pushes her to the ground. CATE looks at her.

          CATE: You ok?

          PETRINA: Just get him, I'll follow.

          CATE hurries after the Vampire and PETRINA stands.

          She wavers slightly. She doesn't follow.

          CUT TO ? MANHATTAN

          SEBASTIAN looks at SOFIA.

          SEBASTIAN: I suppose you're wondering why I called you here.

          SOFIA: This better be good Sebastian. I'm supposed to be in hiding.

          SEBASTIAN: Scared of Mr. Thorn and his friends?

          SOFIA: It's not them I'm scared of anymore. There's a darkness in the city...

          SEBASTIAN: I'd like to think that's the reason we're here.

          SOFIA pauses for a moment, hesitant.

          SOFIA: Dante is here?

          SEBASTIAN: Flew in today. First stop, Lance.

          SOFIA smiles weakly.

          SOFIA: (quietly) Some things never change...

          She moves and sits next to SEBASTIAN.

          SOFIA: Why am I here?

          SEBASTIAN: Dante continues to be blinded by his love for that boy.

          SOFIA: One thing I've learnt, don't get between the two of them.

          SEBASTIAN: I already am, as are the Senior Partners. I'm worried Sofia.

          SOFIA: Why? You're like a robot, you don't do emotions.

          SEBASTIAN laughs.

          SEBASTIAN: I'm worried because Dante is ignoring his post, all he wants to do is travel the world finding a way to make his boyfriend walk.

          SOFIA: I bet that's fun for you...

          SEBASTIAN: (ignoring this remark) If he continues to do so... then the Senior Partners will take action, on Xak and his friends and on me.

          SOFIA: I still don't know what I have to do with this?

          SEBASTIAN: This evil that has come to the city. Xak can stop it, he has the power, and if the Senior Partners end him and his friends then there is nothing stopping this evil from continuing its reign of destruction on the world.

          SOFIA: Hm, interesting but not very persuasive.

          She stands now.

          SOFIA: You're just doing this to save your skin, Sebastian. Just like you always do.

          She begins to walk away.

          SEBASTIAN: They won't stop.

          She turns back.

          SOFIA: (infuriated) Who won't?

          SEBASTIAN: The Gods. Xak and Charlie has spurned their anger more than ever. They've already disposed of Persephone...

          SOFIA looks shocked, knowing of SEPHY'S power and strength.

          SEBASTIAN: This may be the latest threat but they will not be the last, even if Xak and his friends fall, they will not stop. Not until every person in this world has been turned as a believer or die for treason.

          SOFIA goes silent.

          SEBASTIAN: So now tell me that this is all about me saving my skin. If Dante continues to be blinded by his duties then we will all die...

          SOFIA looks torn. She'd been done with this for months... but now she knew.

          SOFIA: What is it exactly you propose?

          She was never done.

          CUT TO - MANHATTAN

          DANTE looks around at them all.

          DANTE: Whoa... welcoming committee much.

          LANCE looks at him, angry.

          LANCE: Is that all you have to say?

          DANTE: Well I tried sweet nothings the last time, but you just pretended you were asleep.

          LANCE clenches his jaw and looks away.

          XAK: How long are you back for?

          DANTE: As long as I want.

          CHARLIE: Or as long as we want?

          DANTE turns to her with widened eyes.

          DANTE: Oh, is that how it is now?

          CHARLIE: Can you blame us? No one knows where you are, who you're working for. In fact this is the first time I've seen you in two months.

          DANTE laughs and looks at SIN.

          DANTE: How quickly everyone forgets.

          SIN looks down.

          SIN: I'm going to bed now.

          XAK looks to her.

          XAK: You don't have to.

          SIN: I think I do.

          She leaves now. XAK turns to DANTE.

          XAK: She was doing better.

          DANTE: And who gave her that opportunity? To be normal, to be human? You've all forgotten...

          CHARLIE: You did a good thing that day, but we don't know what the price was, do we?

          DANTE clenches his jaw.

          DANTE: I don't even know, myself.

          LANCE: Yes you do.

          DANTE looks at him now.

          DANTE: I'm trying to make this world better...

          LANCE: And so are we! Why are you so against being here and doing that with us?

          DANTE: Because I can't. I have to not be here because...

          LANCE: (cutting him off) I don't even care anymore. You're either here or you're not. And if you're here right now, then I'm not...

          With this he wheels his wheelchair pass DANTE and out of the front door.

          DANTE watches him go with pain.

          XAK: (to DANTE) Happy now?

          DANTE darts his head back to him.

          DANTE: I can't believe you're even asking me that...

          XAK goes to reply but the sound of static coming from the Lounge can be heard. XAK, CHARLIE and DANTE look confused as to what it is.

          CUT TO ? MANHATTAN

          LANCE gets to the outside of the apartment building. The elevators had gotten him this far but they wouldn't get him down the steps to the sidewalk. He looks up and down the sidewalk. No one is there, he is alone, without help.

          He edges himself to the end of his seat. He closes his eyes.

          LANCE: (to himself) I can do this. I can walk.

          He moves his legs off the chair and to the ground. He pushes himself off the seat but falls out of the chair, having no strength in his legs.

          The chair upturns and falls and LANCE slides to the bottom of the steps. He groans in pain. Footsteps approach him. He looks up at the person, not recognising them.

          LANCE: Help me...

          CUT TO ? MANHATTAN

          XAK, CHARLIE and DANTE look around confused.

          DANTE: What's that?

          CHARLIE: Is it the television?

          XAK realises what it is and where it's coming from.

          XAK: No, it's the stereo...

          He moves towards the Lounge and CHARLIE and DANTE follow him.

          CUT TO ? MANHATTAN

          XAK, CHARLIE and DANTE move into the room and CHARLIE walks towards the stereo. The loud static noise continues to sound. She tries switching it off, turning the volume down and she even pulls the mains power out of the socket. The static still sounds.

          CHARLIE: (confused) Ok...

          Then the static ends, and it's replaced by...

          RADIO VOICE: Greetings to the state of New York.

          CHARLIE is taken aback by the voice. It is a composite. Two voices, but it has been synthesized.

          RADIO VOICE: We know you fear the unknown, you fear for the lives of your family and for the lives of your animals.

          XAK looks to CHARLIE.

          XAK: Animals.

          RADIO VOICE: But you shouldn't. The animals were nothing but a mild precursor, a reaction to our presence in the city. Only recently have we acted.

          DANTE: Ok, what the hell is this?

          RADIO VOICE: We are The United. We are not coming, we are already here, amongst you. Those you have exonerated are the ones we seek. We claimed two of their seniors previously, and tonight... we claim one more.

          Everyone looks frightened.

          RADIO VOICE: Do not underestimate us. The time for ignorance is gone. We will not allow it and neither will our agent.

          With this the voice ends. The static returns.

          DANTE: Did they just say: "tonight we claim one more"?

          CHARLIE: Oh god, Cate and Petrina are patrolling.

          XAK: Lance...

          With this DANTE runs out of the Lounge, XAK and CHARLIE follow.

          CUT TO ? MANHATTAN

          PETRINA is walking slowly along a path in Central Park.

          CATE (O/S): Petrina!

          PETRINA turns to see CATE hurrying towards her.

          CATE: Where were you?

          PETRINA: You were too quick! I'm just a Watcher.

          CATE: Looks like we should be training you then, to keep up...

          PETRINA: Very funny, did you slay the Vampire?

          CATE: No, it got away.

          PETRINA sighs.

          PETRINA: Not to worry. You can't get them all. I propose we return home and devise a training schedule. If we're bested by one Vampire then whatever it is that has taken down Mr. Reed and Persephone will surely defeat us.

          CATE: Whatever you say, boss.

          She says this with a bitter undertone and begins walking away. PETRINA watches her carefully and then follows.

          CUT TO ? MANHATTAN

          THE LADY is sat on the sofa in the Lounge. The Handmaid's are knelt in front of her holding a radio. She smiles.

          THE LADY: Turn the device off.

          HANDMAID #1: As you wish, my Lady.

          HANDMAID #2: Everything went well, didn't it?

          THE LADY beams with happiness.

          THE LADY: I've never felt anything to exhilarating since I turned the heroes of the Ancient World.

          The Handmaids smile at one another.

          THE LADY: And this is only the beginning.

          HANDMAID #1: What is the next step?

          THE LADY: The United have asked me to abolish my anonymity.

          The Handmaids look shocked.

          HANDMAID #2: My Lady are you sure?

          HANDMAID #1: The dangers involved...

          THE LADY: Do not worry so much, my faithful servants. I have nothing to fear now. The United have made their presence known. I am untouchable.

          She smirks at them both.

          THE LADY: Remove them.

          The Handmaid's nod and bow their heads. They stand and move to THE LADY.

          HANDMAID #1 removes THE LADY'S sunglasses, revealing swirling deep eyes of grey.

          HANDMAID #2 removes THE LADY'S headscarf, allowing her hair to flow freely.

          It is not hair.


          THE LADY is a Gorgon. THE LADY is MEDUSA.

          She is royalty.

          CUT TO ? MANHATTAN

          CATE and PETRINA are walking along the sidewalk back to the apartment building.

          PETRINA: I think a strict diet and fitness regime is what is required. For both of us. I will train alongside you.

          CATE: And that's all great, but we need to look at the bigger picture.

          PETRINA: Agreed, which is why I'm counting on your friends and their cooperation in...

          CATE stops walking as they approach the apartment building. PETRINA doesn't notice.

          PETRINA: Assisting us in our endeavours. I think that's the only way that...

          And then PETRINA sees to.

          The Slayer and her Watcher's eyes fall on the tragic scene.

          XAK has his arm around CHARLIE, both of them visibly upset. DANTE is on his knees, crying at the feet of something.

          CUT TO ? MANHATTAN

          It is some time later.

          SIN is sat on her bed, staring at the floor, seemingly unaware of what has passed on the street below.

          PETRINA (O/S): I've been thinking.

          SIN turns to see PETRINA stood in her doorway. She has something in her hand.

          PETRINA: My time here has changed my perception on things, even though so far it has been short.

          She moves into SIN'S room.

          PETRINA: I want to make a difference. I want to change the world. I have the power to do so, with you all. But you... you are different.

          PETRINA sits down next to SIN now. SIN looks uneasy.

          PETRINA: You have already changed the world. I am not sure what your destiny is, I am not even sure if it is written. But it is yours to shape. I want to help shape it, in whatever way I can...

          She hands SIN the object in her hand.

          It is a prospectus, for NYU.

          SIN looks at it, confused.

          SIN: I don't understand.

          PETRINA smiles softly and sighs.

          She opens her mouth to speak.

          CUT TO ? MANHATTAN

          The camera cuts to LANCE'S wheelchair, still lying on its side at the top of the stairs.

          PETRINA (V/O): I know you all dislike me, for your all personal reasons of distrust.

          The camera moves down the steps, passing XAK and CHARLIE.

          PETRINA (V/O): But I am not your enemy. I have given you no reasons to doubt me, but I do understand your hesitance.

          The camera now passes CATE, who is sat at the bottom of the steps, tears in her eyes.

          PETRINA (V/O): I am here to help. I am your ally and I see they are growing thin...

          The camera now lands on DANTE. He is on the ground. His lover in front of him.

          But LANCE is not as he was. He is posed. He has been lifted and his face looks to be in pain.

          He is stone. He is a statue.

          CUT TO ? MANHATTAN

          The lights are off in her room and her door is locked.

          PETRINA is sat at her laptop once again. She has the paper that VINCENT had given her to the side of the laptop.

          She is watching what she was observing earlier: security footage of the room at the hospice in England.

          PETRINA (V/O): I will prove my worth if that's what it takes. I will show you how I can be of use, but you will also show me yours.

          The camera moves in to look at the screen.

          A young boy is lying in the bed. She looks at him, pained.

          She then turns to the paper and looks at the figure in the background she was so fixated on back in England.

          PETRINA (V/O): You all have met me...

          She picks up a pen and circles the person. That person, the person she has circled, would be the one to help her in her own personal mission.

          The mission is what matters.


          CUT TO BLACK

          PETRINA (V/O): ...But you don't know me.

          END OF EPISODE

          SUMMER GLAU as SIN

          Special Guest Stars (in order of appearance):
          RENA SOFER as DR. MAYER

          Special Mention:


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            - Petrina Rae! You've learnt a bit about her back story in this episode but not a great deal. I've only shown you the highlights. By the end of Season 4 you will know more about her parents and indeed the boy in that bed. You'll also learn why she is so interested in Sephy... So what do you think? Do you like her or hate her?

            - The United have made themselves known and Medusa is their first agent. She's claimed Carl and now Lance, and in the next episode she shall claim another. Will they be able to stop her and even if they do, will they stop the infamous and mysterious The United...

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            - Before then though, turn to Sirens where I will be first writing 1.02 ? "Flutes and Harps"...