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Riley The Series: 2.05 "When I Go"

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  • Riley The Series: 2.05 "When I Go"

    Sorry for the month-long wait, but here is the big one...

    Riley Season 2 Episode 5 “When I Go”

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthorized usage of these characters is permitted.



    CUT TO:


    Riley is leaning against a gravestone, waiting for someone. He looks at his watch as the camera slowly zooms in on him. He smiles as he looks up. The camera reveals Katie walking towards him.

    KATIE: Took me forever to get away from those guards.

    RILEY: But thank god you did.

    Riley and Katie move forward and start kissing each other, passionately. The slowly break off, smiling.


    KATIE: I haven’t been having the best time with this mayor business.

    RILEY: (concerned) What’s wrong?

    Katie begins to walk away a bit, trying to tell Riley.

    KATIE: There have been several attempts on my life.

    RILEY: (outraged) What!? But...but this is Laintan! Who would try and kill you!?

    KATIE: I don’t know.

    RILEY: Then, maybe you do need those bodyguards. You may be a slayer, but this sounds like it’s serious, Katie!

    KATIE: It is serious.

    RILEY: Then you shouldn’t be sneaking off to see anymore!

    KATIE: But – I can’t stop. And I can take care of myself.

    RILEY: You obviously can’t!

    KATIE: (getting mad) Of course I can! I’m still alive, aren’t I? That’s because I stop these attacks, it’s because I’m a slayer!

    Beat. Riley doesn’t know how to respond.

    RILEY: I worry about you.


    KATIE: There’s more, Riley.

    RILEY: What?

    KATIE: I.S. knows about these attempts.

    Riley is now going a bit crazy.

    KATIE: They saved me once, and Nina talked to me. She said she could offer me protection.

    RILEY: And what did you do!?

    KATIE: I spat in her face.

    Riley smiles a bit, and then gets serious again.

    RILEY: Well, if I.S. knows about it, they must be behind it.

    KATIE: (shaking her head) Riley, that makes no sense. Why would they offer me protection from something they’re doing?

    Riley is confused.

    RILEY: I don’t know!

    Katie puts her hand on Riley’s face, and they both calm down.

    KATIE: It’s okay. I’m okay.

    RILEY: But what if you won’t be eventually?

    KATIE: (assuring) I will be fine, Riley.

    Riley smiles, and they both kiss again.

    CUT TO:


    You see a car park on the side of the road. The car door opens and a woman walks out. It’s Kat! It’s Kat from East Wick, looking very serious.






    Marc Blucas as Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic as Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase as Graham Miller
    Jason Dohring as Intank Welleee
    Jennifer Gardner as Heather Cassidy
    Jared Padelecki as John Doven
    Jensen Ackles as Dean Aiden
    Aaron Ashmore as Ryan Harris
    And Allison Mack as Salomie Sullivan


    Liza Weil as Melissa Reyna
    Zachary Levi as Ian Jones
    Jennifer Carpenter as Marie Miller
    Jamie Ray Newman as Aimee Sullivan
    Olivia Wilde as Carey
    Peter Krause as Patrick Loney
    Grace Park as Kaia Odalis
    Lucy Lawless as Madalyn Reese
    Adrian Pascar as Sebastian Vail
    Tricia Helfer as Valerie Imani
    Wentworth Miller as Ace Haden
    Leon Russom as Langley
    Kristen Bell as Susan Jaden

    Lena Headey as Katie Jones
    Nicki Aycox as Eliza Baker
    Skeet Ulrich as James
    Anna Paquin as Jenny Gareth
    Santiago Cabrera as Neiki Gareth
    Yvonne Strahovski as Abby Aibhilin
    Terry ‘O Quinn as Wilfred Raheem
    And Mary-Louise Parker as Nina Baker


    Danneel Harris as Katarina “Kat” Sherwood







    Riley The Series is affiliated with East Wick, written by Kevin (Dark Ages).
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    Act I

    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    Riley walks into Ian's bar and is now face to face with Marie. Riley gives a giant smile and kisses Marie on the lips.

    RILEY: Hey Marie!

    Marie is slightly confused.

    MARIE: You were supposed to meet me here half an hour ago! Our movie is starting now.

    Riley is trying to come up with an excuse.

    RILEY: Oh, I was ? um, running late. Sorry.

    MARIE: What were you doing that caused you to be so late?

    RILEY: I was getting some milk.


    MARIE: Where is it?

    RILEY: Where is what?

    MARIE: The milk that you say you got!

    RILEY: Oh, I, um ? gave it to a homeless guy.

    MARIE: You what!?

    RILEY: (lying) I gave it to a homeless guy!

    Marie sighs.

    MARIE: Let's go.

    Marie stops, drastically.

    MARIE: Why do I smell perfume?

    Riley knows this is from Katie.

    RILEY: Um...I went in a perfume store, too.

    Marie looks strangely at Riley.

    RILEY: That's where I found the homeless guy. He gave me perfume in exchange for the milk.

    MARIE: Then where's the perfume?

    RILEY: I threw it away, cause it smelled.

    Marie sighs and keeps walking out the door. Riley follows.

    CUT TO:


    Things look extremely busy as Melissa is running around. You see the door open and Graham walks in. Melissa sees Graham walk in and smiles.

    MELISSA: (to Graham; shouting) Over here, Graham!

    Graham notices Melissa, as she begins walking into another room. Graham follows her.

    CUT TO:


    Melissa walks into the room, and Graham walks in right after that. Melissa immediately shuts the door, and Graham is a little confused.

    GRAHAM: Why are you ??

    Melissa jumps on Graham and begins kissing in. They both fall onto the table in the room.

    GRAHAM: (smiling) Are we gonna do it on the table?

    MELISSA: You bet.

    Melissa pulls off her shirt, and Graham's smile widens. Graham kisses Melissa passionately on the lips.

    MELISSA: You're so damn hot.

    GRAHAM: Are you trying to say you aren't?

    MELISSA: (laughing) Of course not. I know I'm hot!

    They continue kissing as Graham starts to laugh.

    CUT TO:


    Things also seem incredibly busy at the press. Logan is at his desk, typing quickly. He seems invested in his work. Salomie walks next to him, but Logan never stops typing.

    SALOMIE: (smiling) Hey, Logan!

    Logan continues to type.

    LOGAN: (not looking up) What do you want?

    SALOMIE: Rude much?

    LOGAN: Sullivan, I'm busy.

    Salomie sighs.

    SALOMIE: Okay, here it is. I need to take the rest of the day off ?

    Logan stops typing and stares at Salomie.

    LOGAN: What!? You can't take the day off! It's the busiest day of the year and you know it!

    SALOMIE: I ?

    LOGAN: This is the newspaper with the biggest stories of the year! You can't bail now!

    SALOMIE: (smiling; calm) I'm second in command, and I get to leave.

    LOGAN: (standing up) I'm first in command, and I'm not letting you.

    Salomie smiles widely, and there is sexual tension going on.

    SALOMIE: Me and John have a date?

    LOGAN: Do you now?

    SALOMIE: (smiling) We do.

    LOGAN: (grinning) And am I supposed to care?

    SALOMIE: I was just hoping you'd be at least a little jealous.

    LOGAN: Maybe I am.

    SALOMIE: I can read people. You're not jealous.

    LOGAN: Maybe I'm not.

    SALOMIE: And why aren't you jealous?

    LOGAN: (smiling) Maybe it's because I know I'm going to get you in the end?

    Salomie smiles as
    Logan moves in and kisses Salomie on the lips quickly. He then pulls away. Logan smiles still and remains calm. Salomie blushes and is strange.

    SALOMIE: Well...that was weird.

    LOGAN: If that was weird, then weird is good.

    SALOMIE: Apparently.

    LOGAN: Go off and have your date.

    SALOMIE: But you just ?

    LOGAN: You're a friend. Is a male friend not allowed to kiss a female friend on the lips?

    SALOMIE: Not if they have a boyfriend.

    LOGAN: Then I broke the rules. But I'm letting you break the rules, with that long break of yours.

    Salomie blushes again.

    LOGAN: Go off. Have fun. It didn't mean anything.

    SALOMIE: It didn't?

    LOGAN: Well, it meant I think you're incredibly hot. That's about it.

    SALOMIE: But you're not trying to steal me away from John or something, right?

    Logan begins to laugh.

    LOGAN: You're ridiculous, Sullivan.

    Logan sits back down and begins to type again.

    LOGAN: See ya tomorrow.

    Salomie smiles, and walks away from Logan.

    CUT TO:


    Marie and Riley are sitting down, watching the movie.

    MARIE: (whispering; to Riley) So...who's the girl?

    RILEY: (confused; whispering) What?

    MARIE: The girl you're having an affair with. Who's the girl?

    Riley, shocked and confused, doesn't know what to say. Riley stands up and lifts Marie up, too.

    RILEY: Come on.

    The two walk out of the theater.

    CUT TO:


    Marie and Riley are outside, and Riley is about to confront Marie.

    RILEY: What the hell are you talking about?

    Marie sighs.

    MARIE: Your dumb excuses for being late! Seriously, the milk, the perfume? Who's perfume was that?

    Riley doesn't know how to respond.

    RILEY: (lying) I'm not having an affair!

    Marie laughs and stares into Riley's eyes.

    MARIE: I won't be mad. I'm not mad. I swear. I just...don't want you to keep things from me, or do this anymore.

    RILEY: I'm not cheating ?

    MARIE: Okay, you keep thinking this. But just stop doing whatever your doing with whatever girl your doing whatever with.

    Marie begins to walk into the movie theater, stops, and then just turns around.

    MARIE: I'm not mad.


    RILEY: I know.

    Riley realizes he needs to talk to Katie.

    RILEY: I'll be back soon.

    MARIE: Where are you going!?

    RILEY: To not break up with whomever I'm not doing whatever with.

    Marie smiles, and she walks back into the theater.

    CUT TO:


    John and Salomie are walking down the street.

    SALOMIE: And he just told me I could go! It was awesome.

    JOHN: Sounds like you have a pretty great boss.

    Salomie gives a shy smile. It's obvious that Salomie did not mention to John that Logan kissed her.

    SALOMIE: Yep, a pretty great boss.

    HEATHER: (O/S; yelling) HEY! Wait up!

    John and Salomie stop, and turn around. They see Heather running towards them. Heather stops when she gets to them and breaths heavily.

    HEATHER: I've been running after you guys for awhile now.

    Heather is trying to catch her breath.

    HEATHER: Thanks for stopping.

    JOHN: (worried) What's wrong?

    HEATHER: (smiling; to John) Nothing, just needed a good run.

    JOHN: Then why did you tell us to stop?

    SALOMIE: (laughing) She's screwing with you, John.

    JOHN: (smiling) Hey, no one screws with Salomie except me!

    Salomie is shocked and lets out a huge laugh.

    SALOMIE: (embarrassed; laughing) John!

    JOHN: (laughing) What?

    HEATHER: She's mad that you used the wrong term.

    John is smiling; a bit confused.

    HEATHER: The appropriate word for sleeping with someone is ?****s'.

    Salomie lets out another huge laugh.

    SALOMIE: Oh my god, stop!

    Salomie is laughing uncontrollably.

    HEATHER: (continuing) You should have said, ?No one ****s with Salomie except me'. It would've made her happier, if that's a word. I think that's a word. Is that a word?

    SALOMIE: That's enough!

    Salomie has finally stopped laughing, and has calmed herself down.

    SALOMIE: I don't want to die from laughter.

    JOHN: That would not be good.

    HEATHER: Yep, I'm pretty sure happier is a word.

    JOHN: It's a word.

    HEATHER: I was right!

    JOHN: Well, I'm pretty sure it's a word.

    HEATHER: Crap, now this is going to be bugging me all day.

    JOHN: Well, it sounds like a word.

    HEATHER: It fits well, right?

    JOHN: Yeah, I'd bet on it being a word.

    SALOMIE: Shut up!

    HEATHER: Oh, sorry, it's just woah, I've got so much on my mind, I want to talk about the word happier, which I'm almost positive is a word.

    JOHN: Same here.

    Salomie is smiling at these two.

    SALOMIE: Man, I love you guys.

    Salomie moves forward and kisses John on the lips.

    HEATHER: What? No kiss for me?

    SALOMIE: (smiling) Go find Dean and then you'll get a kiss.

    Salomie winks, and Heather seems annoyed.

    HEATHER: We're not a couple!

    SALOMIE: But you will be.

    JOHN: You guys got that spark.

    SALOMIE: Plus, you and Dean having sex? I can imagine ?

    HEATHER: (grossed out) Don't imagine! Imagining is bad! Stop it!

    Salomie laughs.

    SALOMIE: Sorry.

    HEATHER: Plus, me and Dean are in an argument now.

    SALOMIE: Really? What about?

    Heather shrugs.

    HEATHER: Werewolf-related stuff.


    HEATHER: On full moons, he's not locking himself in his cage! It's crazy; he could kill someone!

    SALOMIE: (shocked) Seriously!? He's doing this!?

    HEATHER: I've tried talking to him about it, but he just won't listen.

    SALOMIE: Don't worry, I'll talk to him.

    HEATHER: Talk to him fast. Tonight's another full moon.

    JOHN: Yeah, Salomie, talk to Dean before Heather starts dating a murderer.

    Heather is annoyed.

    HEATHER: Not funny, John.

    John nods, as if it's an apology.

    JOHN: Sorry.

    The trio begins walking forward.

    CUT TO:

    EXT ? I.S. ? DAY

    You see the I.S. building, and the camera travels down to the sidewalk to see a man walking from the I.S. entrance. He has just exited the building, obviously. He has brown hair, and is skinny. He has a suit on and is carrying a briefcase. He seems like a very serious person, and is walking quickly. Suddenly, the man is punched and falls to the ground. You see Kat step out into the open view of the camera. She picks him up and punches him again. The camera zooms out to show that no one is around this area, so Kat is not afraid of being caught. Kat grabs the man by the neck and lifts him up.

    KAT: Where is he!?

    MAN: I don't know what you're talking about.

    KAT: I'm Kat.

    The man seems to realize who Kat is now.

    KAT: Now...where is he?

    MAN: I don't know who you are ?

    Kat punches the man again and lifts him to his feet.

    KAT: Then I guess it's time to go and have a little talk.

    Kat begins to drag the man away, as the camera slowly zooms out.



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      Act Ii

      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      Riley is standing next to the gravestone he and Katie were in the teaser, with his cell phone.

      You hear the beep on the cell phone signaling that Riley is leaving a message.

      CUT TO:


      Katie is smiling on the stage; it seems as though the press conference has just ended. The sound from the crowd has been tuned out. You can only hear Riley leaving a message of Katie's phone.

      RILEY: (V/O; leaving a message) Hi, Katie. It's Riley...well, I thought you might be at the graveyard; you're not.

      Katie walks out of the stage and begins walking to the door, with Bruce, her bodyguard, right behind her.

      RILEY: (V/O) I had to tell you something, and it can't wait...because, if I saw you now after thinking of all this...I don't know if I could do this.

      CUT TO:


      Riley is still leaving the message.

      RILEY: I'm having a baby, Katie. A baby with the woman I love.

      CUT TO:


      Katie and Bruce are now outside, walking towards the car.

      RILEY: (V/O) I love her. Her name is Marie, and I can't do this to her. I can't go around with you, and leave her and my unborn child at home. I can't see you anymore.

      They continue walking to the car.

      RILEY: (V/O) I think I still love you. But I don't want to. I'm sorry...bye, Katie. Goodbye.

      You hear Riley hang up.

      CUT TO:


      Riley hangs up and leans against a gravestone, saddened but knows that he did the right thing.

      CUT TO:


      Katie and Bruce are still walking to the car, when you hear gunshots fired. Katie and Bruce are shocked, and stop for a second.

      BRUCE: (worried) Get to the car!

      They begin to run to the car, when more gunshots are heard.

      KATIE: Oh my god...

      BRUCE: Get to the car!

      They continue running to the car when they spot the gunman, walking towards them with the gun shooting multiple times. They are almost at the car, but the gunman is only ten to twenty feet away. Katie opens the door, as the gunman shoots directly at her.

      KATIE: AH!

      Bruce jumps in front of Katie, and takes the bullet.

      KATIE: (shocked) Bruce!

      Bruce falls to his knees, as the gunman fires another two bullets. One lands in Bruce's stomach.

      BRUCE: Run...

      The other bullet lands in Bruce's head. Bruce is dead.

      Katie jumps in the car and smashes the door closed.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? CAR ? DAY

      Katie has jumped into the car, breathing heavily. There is another guard in there, and you hear bullets go through the window. Katie yells in anger, takes the gun from the guard, rolls down the window and shoots. She shoots multiple times. You see the gunman falling down, shot and dead. Katie sighs and rolls the window back up.

      CUT TO:


      You see the man from I.S. that Kat beat up take a punch. The camera zooms out and you see the man tied to a chair, with Kat standing in front of him. His arms are tied behind his back, and his legs are tied together. He has a piece of duct tape on his mouth, and he is trying to talk.

      KAT: Oh, you wanna talk now!? Before, you just wanted to take a beating!

      The man looks scared.

      KAT: What do you want to talk about?

      Kat punches the man. She takes the duct tape off of his mouth.

      MAN: Get away from me, you filthy ?

      Kat punches the man again, and lifts a fireball off her hand. The man is getting more scared.

      KAT: Are you ready to talk!?

      MAN: (hurriedly) Okay, okay.

      KAT: Good. Now, where is he?

      MAN: By he do you mean your father!?

      KAT: Yes!

      MAN: In my briefcase...there's a laptop. Everything you need to know is on that laptop.

      Kat nods and walks to the briefcase. She opens it and takes out the laptop. She turns it on, and a giant file pops up. You see the screen. It says "PYRO" at the top and below is a picture of the man we know as Pyro, who was kidnapped by I.S. last episode.

      MAN: See! Your father!

      You finally begin to realize that Pyro is Kat's father.

      She scrolls down and sees where in the building he is located.

      KAT: Thanks.

      Kat shuts down the computer.

      KAT: That's all I needed.

      MAN: So, you're gonna let me go, now...right!?

      KAT: Sorry.

      You see a bunch of oil cans all around the warehouse.

      KAT: As you know, I'm Pyro's daughter, right? Do you know why they call him Pyro?

      The man looks at the oil cans. He is terrified.

      KAT: Let's just runs in the family.

      You see fire begin to come out of Kat's body.

      MAN: No, please, no!

      Kat is walking to the door. She is now standing next to the door.

      KAT: Thanks for all your help. I hope it was no trouble.

      MAN: Please!

      Kat opens the door and throws fire balls at the man and at the oil cans. You hear screams as Kat walks out.

      CUT TO:


      Kat is out of the warehouse and is walking away, dramatically. You see fire coming out of the warehouse, and all of a sudden, there is a HUGE explosion. Fire bursts from the windows. Kat is not phased, and continues walking away, until she walks out of the camera's view.

      CUT TO:


      You see the exterior of the gang's warehouse.

      CUT TO:


      Inside the warehouse, you see Riley sitting down, with a frown. The camera zooms out to show Sam at a computer, typing away. Ryan is reading a book.

      SAM: (not looking at Riley) Why so down, Riley?

      RILEY: No reason.

      SAM: (chuckling) There's always a reason.


      RILEY: Remember Katie?

      SAM: Yep, she was that whore you slept with, right?

      RILEY: (grudgingly) Yes, she was.


      RILEY: I kissed her this morning.

      Sam stops typing and turns around, looking mad.

      SAM: Are you insane!? Do you ever learn!?

      RILEY: Sam, calm ?

      SAM: No, I will NOT calm down! She is having you're baby, and you're screwing with another woman!

      RILEY: I broke it off.

      Sam stops yelling, and understands.

      SAM: That's really...mature of you, Riley.


      SAM: Don't ever tell her.

      RILEY: She already knows.

      SAM: (sad) Oh.

      RILEY: She seemed fine with it, if I went to break it off.

      SAM: And you did.

      RILEY: I did.

      SAM: Good.


      SAM: Man, this is awkward.

      Sam turns around and keeps typing.

      RYAN: (reading a book) Yes, that really was.

      You hear the doors open and you see Heather and John walk in with Graham.

      HEATHER: Hi, guys!

      SAM: (not looking up; emotionless) Hi.

      RYAN: (reading) Good book.

      RILEY: (worried) Hi.

      HEATHER: (sarcastic) You guys are a cheery bunch.

      RILEY: Where's Salomie and Intank?

      JOHN: (smiling) Salomie went to talk to Dean and I thought I saw Intank bartending at The Gold.

      SAM: (confused) What's up with Salomie and Dean?

      HEATHER: (changing subject) Long story.

      SAM: Oh, by the way, guys, I came up with a name for the warehouse.

      GRAHAM: (interested) Seriously?

      RYAN: (smiling) What is it, Sam?

      Riley still seems annoyed with Ryan.

      SAM: It is the Nighthawk.

      Sam smiles, but no one else looks amused.

      HEATHER: Are you serious?

      RYAN: I think she is.

      HEATHER: This is just frightening.

      RYAN: It really is.

      SAM: Okay, stop the witty banter! Why don't you like it?

      RILEY: Oh, where to begin?

      Sam sighs.

      SAM: Fine, you guys come up with a better name!

      RYAN: (talking like Arnold Schwarzenegger) How about the Terminator!?


      HEATHER: Okay, Sam's idea was just scary; that was disturbing, Ryan!

      RYAN: Yeah, sorry.

      JOHN: In all seriousness ?

      GRAHAM: In all seriousness my ass! I just had sex.

      SAM: (nodding appreciatively) Congrats!

      RILEY: I just broke off an affair.


      HEATHER: Way to bring down the mood, Riley!

      GRAHAM: (whispering) The Naught Night Chasers.

      Heather looks at Graham, disturbed.

      JOHN: Oh, what about the Nightstalkers!?

      RYAN: That sounds like a really bad comic book.

      RILEY: You would know.

      SAM: Hey! Total rip-off of my idea!

      HEATHER: Ha, and look at that, they both suck!

      GRAHAM: Home base?

      HEATHER: We're not playing baseball.

      GRAHAM: Fine! Then you come up with one!

      HEATHER: (smiling) about...

      Riley smiles, amused by this.

      HEATHER: H.I.A.?

      RILEY: What's that mean?

      HEATHER: Heather. Is. Awesome.

      RILEY: Oh, come on!

      JOHN: Selfish much?

      SAM: Has a nice ring to it.

      RYAN: I agree with Sam.

      HEATHER: Aww, thanks, guys.

      RILEY: No.

      HEATHER: (sighs) Fine, I'll say...


      HEATHER: Abhay?

      Graham looks confused.

      GRAHAM: I don't get it.

      HEATHER: It means security and safety.

      RYAN: (nodding) I like it.

      GRAHAM: I actually love it.

      RILEY: Not bad.

      SAM: So it's settled. Our warehouse is Abhay.

      JOHN: What about me?! I don't get a say?

      SAM: No. Abhay it is.

      John laughs.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? HATCH ? DAY

      Salomie is walking to the hatch, and you see Dean standing there, about to walk in.

      SALOMIE: Hey! Dean! Wait up!

      Dean stops and turns around, noticing Salomie.

      DEAN: Hey, Salomie, what's up?

      SALOMIE: Heather talked to me.

      DEAN: (annoyed) Oh, great.

      SALOMIE: She said you don't lock yourself up anymore.

      DEAN: (annoyed) Nope, I don't. I'm only here to get some of my old stuff.

      SALOMIE: Dean, you have to lock yourself up.

      Dean starts to laugh.

      DEAN: No. No, I don't.

      SALOMIE: People will die.

      DEAN: Stop giving me the crap Heather threw at me!

      SALOMIE: It's not crap; it's the truth! The truth you just can't seem to admit!

      DEAN: Admit it, now! It's not truth, it's just you guys scared for doing something different; something controversial. You can't handle change.

      SALOMIE: What the hell are you talking about!? This is change for the worse. You're putting lives in danger, and you know it.

      DEAN: You're ridiculous.

      Dean shakes his head.

      SALOMIE: I can't believe you.

      DEAN: Just get out of here!

      SALOMIE: You're worse than Heather said.

      DEAN: Glad you two have been gossiping about me.

      Salomie gives a laugh and shakes her head.

      SALOMIE: We can't let you do this, ya know.

      DEAN: Huh? What're you gonna do? Stop me?

      SALOMIE: (angry) We'll see.

      Salomie walks away.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? STREET ? DAY

      Abby from episode 2.03 is walking down the street. She gets a phone call and answers it.

      ABBY: Hello.

      ACE HADEN: (O/S; on phone) Why haven't you killed any of them yet!?

      ABBY: (sighing) Be patient, be patient.

      ACE HADEN: (O/S) I can't be patient, kill them.

      ABBY: I have a plan. People are about to die.

      Abby hangs up and keeps on walking.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? ABHAY ? DAY

      The gang is all sitting there, when the door opens and an old man and three beautiful, young women walk in.

      OLD MAN: Hello, I am Wilfred Raheem, a watcher, and these are three slayers. Would you be the demon fighters?

      The gang looks shocked.



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        Act III

        ACT III

        CUT TO:

        EXT – ABHAY – DAY

        You see Abhay, the warehouse, from the outside.

        CUT TO:

        INT – ABHAY – DAY

        You see Wilfred Raheem and the three slayers.

        HEATHER: What the hell!?

        The gang is almost silenced, as Riley stands up.

        RILEY: Who are you?

        MAN/WILFRED: I already told you this. I am a watcher, and these are my three slayers. We heard stories that demons were crawling all over and there were a group of people stopping them. We tracked it back to this warehouse.

        Sam pulls out a gun and points it at Wilfred. Wilfred seems perfectly calm as the slayers are shocked.

        WILFRED: (to slayers) It’s okay, girls.


        WILFRED: (to Sam) Could you put that gun down?

        SAM: Not until you tell us why you’re here!

        Wilfred sighs, and continues.

        WILFRED: The watcher’s council sent me.

        SAM: Why?

        WILFRED: Igor Sphere. I.S. Incorporation. They’ve been causing trouble, and my job is not too bring them down, but to bring down one assassin. Abigail Aibhilin.

        RILEY: I think I may have met her.


        RILEY: Someone from I.S. tried to kill me awhile ago.

        WILFRED: She has a weapon, we think. We got a message from her about a week ago in London, saying that she has a weapon that summon Alcasies.

        HEATHER: Oh my god.

        GRAHAM: I don’t get it, what is Alcasies?

        HEATHER: My father worked for the Watcher’s Council, I know this! Alcasies is an extremely powerful, OLD demon. One of the oldest demons around, he ruled almost all of Europe a long time ago. He is a ruthless leader, ready to kill anything.

        One of the slayers with long, black hair, skinny and muscular, steps up.

        BLACK-HAIRED SLAYER: He has more power than just strength, he can manipulate minds, make people think what he thinks. He can make the whole world bend on their knees just because he says so. He doesn’t need force or power. He’s the master manipulator.

        RILEY: Oh, god.

        WILFRED: And we’re here to stop her. (points to black-haired slayer) This is Barbara.

        Barbara nods. The other two slayers are both blondes, one with short, curly hair, and the other with long hair in a ponytail.

        PONYTAIL SLAYER: I’m Sarah.


        Paige smiles, giving a shy hello.

        SARAH: (dead serious) We need to go kill this bitch.

        JOHN: Amen, sister friend.

        CUT TO:


        It is still daytime, but it is beginning to get darker, and you see Intank walking out of The Gold, which is busy. He must be taking the night off. He continues walking.

        CUT TO:


        Intank walks into his apartment and turns on the light to find Carey sitting on the couch, smiling. Intank smiles a bit at Carey.

        INTANK: Hey.

        Intank walks in and shuts the door.

        CAREY: Rough day?

        INTANK: Eh. Just wanted to get out of there.

        Intank walks to the door to his bedroom.

        INTANK: I’ll go get changed.

        CAREY: You know, for me, all you need to do to get changed is to take off all your clothes.

        INTANK: I’ll go get changed.

        Intank walks into his room, and shuts the door. Carey turns around and looks at the TV. She takes out her cell phone and calls someone.

        CAREY: Yes, hello.

        Someone is on the other side of the phone.

        CAREY: Have you done it yet?


        CAREY: What!? No!?

        Beat. Carey seems angry.

        CAREY: Do it! Katie Jones HAS to die.

        You finally realize that Carey is one of the people trying to murder Katie.

        CAREY: Looks like I’m the one that has to do everything.

        Carey hangs up, and stands up. Carey walks to the door.

        CAREY: (loudly) Intank, sweetie, I’ve gotta go!

        INTANK: (O/S) Why?!

        CAREY: Got some work to finish up.

        INTANK: (O/S) Okay, bye!

        CAREY: Bye.

        Carey opens the door, walks up, and slams it shut.

        CUT TO:

        EXT – I.S. – DAY/NIGHT

        You see the I.S. building, and a woman walking to the door. It has to be Kat.

        CUT TO:

        INT – I.S. – LOBBY – DAY/NIGHT

        You see the lobby from the first few Season 2 episodes again and Kat walk in. The receptionist looks at Kat.

        RECEPTIONIST: Excuse me, who are you?

        KAT: I’m Kat.

        RECEPTIONIST: Kat who?

        KAT: Where’s Pyro?

        RECEPTIONIST: I’m sorry, but –

        KAT: Actually, screw that, I already know where he is. 3rd floor, Room 22.

        RECEPTIONIST: What?! Stop it –

        Kat lifts a fireball.

        RECEPTIONIST: (scared) Please, please...

        Kat throws the fireball at the receptionist, who screams, and Kat walks to the elevator.

        KAT: Thank you for your time.

        CUT TO:


        The elevator door opens and Kat walks out. The hallways are white, and no one is in them.

        KAT: (to herself) No one notices me? Wow, crap security.

        Kat keeps walking when you start hearing a weird loud noise.

        KAT: (smiling; to herself) Finally!

        The noise is an alarm.

        Kat keeps walking forward.

        CUT TO:


        The group is still in Abhay with Wilfred, Paige, Sarah, and Barbara.

        Everyone is sitting down.

        JOHN: Do you guys have any other info on when or where Abby might raise Alcasies?

        WILFRED: Unfortunately, no.

        BARBARA: We keep getting “clues” from Abby. It’s like she’s taunting us.

        RILEY: Yep, that I.S. girl I met was definitely Abby, then.

        ABBY: (O/S) Yep, it was.

        The gang all turns, shocked to see Abby standing in front of them, smiling. She is standing in the doorway.

        ABBY: You guys met up and joined together! I’m so happy for you guys. Wilfred, you and Riley should have dinner or something together. I think you would really hit it off.

        Abby starts laughing at her own joke; no one else is amused as Riley stands up.

        RILEY: When!?

        ABBY: When what? When should you and Wilfred have dinner? Well, that’s really up to –

        RILEY: Alcasies!

        ABBY: Oooh. I get’re gonna try and stop me.

        Abby starts to laugh.

        ABBY: That’s funny.

        SAM: When!? Where?!

        ABBY: I can’t tell you that. Well, I’m just gonna go now –

        HEATHER: (standing up) No, you’re not! (to the slayers) Come on, we gotta stop these guys!

        Barbara, Sarah, and Paige all stand up and Abby starts laughing.

        ABBY: I got a group of vampires in the car, just waiting till it’s totally dark.

        GRAHAM: Prove it.

        Abby looks outside, up at the sky. It is nighttime, now.

        ABBY: Okay.

        Abby opens the door fully now and turns to outside.

        ABBY: Come on, guys!

        You see car doors open and about six vampires come out!

        Abby turns back to the gang.

        ABBY: Believe me now?

        CUT TO:

        EXT – HATCH – NIGHT

        You see Dean standing outside the hatch, and he slowly is turning into a werewolf.

        DEAN: AHHH!!!

        He is now a full werewolf. He is loose and runs out of the woods.

        CUT TO:

        INT – PRESS – NIGHT

        The lights are off, and Salomie is in there, typing on her computer.

        LOGAN: (O/S) What are you doing?

        Salomie jumps a little bit and sees Logan next to her. She calms down a bit.

        SALOMIE: Hi, I’m just doing a bit of work to make up for me taking off earlier today.

        LOGAN: I thought we already –

        SALOMIE: I’m doing work. Don’t rag on me for that.

        Salomie continues typing.


        LOGAN: What’s wrong?

        SALOMIE: My friend’s being an *******.

        LOGAN: Would this be a certain boyfriend?

        SALOMIE: Yes, but not a literal boyfriend. Just a friend...who’s a boy. Not my boyfriend, though.

        LOGAN: Got it.


        SALOMIE: He thinks he doesn’t have to follow any rules. He thinks he can do whatever he wants, no matter who he hurts! Is he crazy!?

        LOGAN: I don’t know. Rules bring us down.

        SALOMIE: But some rules are good, and you know it!

        LOGAN: (nodding) Yeah.


        LOGAN: Did you talk to him?

        SALOMIE: He won’t listen – he just won’t listen!

        LOGAN: Then cut him out.

        SALOMIE: What?

        LOGAN: Cut him out of your life until he listens to you.

        SALOMIE: That’s so – mean!

        LOGAN: But it works.

        Beat. Salomie is starting to agree. Salomie stands up.

        SALOMIE: I’m done working for tonight.

        LOGAN: Good, I was just about to head out, too.

        SALOMIE: I’m gonna head over to my friends house.

        LOGAN: Not the crazy friend, right?

        SALOMIE: (smiling) No, not the crazy friend.

        LOGAN: Good.

        They walk to the door.

        LOGAN: Night, Salomie.

        Salomie nods.

        SALOMIE: Goodnight, Logan.

        The two walk out of the press.

        END OF ACT III
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          Act Iv

          ACT IV

          CUT TO:

          INT – ABHAY – NIGHT

          You see the group fighting Abby and the vampires.

          HEATHER: This is not pleasant!

          Heather punches a vamp and is then punched backwards.

          HEATHER: Stake please!

          Paige kicks a vamp and then punches another. She is pushed into Sarah, who pushes Paige back.

          SARAH: Hey, watch it!

          Sarah is punched, and Paige tackles the vamp that punched her.

          Abby is standing behind all this, smiling.

          ABBY: This is amusing.

          John is hiding behind Sam and Graham, fighting a vampire. Heather runs to the weapons chest. She takes out a few stakes and a gun.

          HEATHER: Riley, here!

          Heather throws a stake to Riley, who catches it and then stakes a vampire, who immediately dusts. Heather throws a knife at a vampire, which goes through the vamp’s heart and into another vamp’s heart. BOTH vampires dust.

          PAIGE: Here!

          Heather throws a stake at Paige, who catches it and kicks back another vamp. Heather takes out the gun and sees a werewolf coming right towards her.

          HEATHER: Oh, my god.


          HEATHER: Dean...

          The werewolf is Dean, and Dean is running at the gang. Dean runs at Barbara, knocking her over. She screams for help. Heather doesn’t know what to do, so she raises the gun. John sees this.

          JOHN: Heather, what are you doing!?

          Dean is about to rip Barbara’ s face off.

          HEATHER: I’m sorry...

          Heather fires three shots at Dean as a werewolf, who takes them in and squeals. Dean stops moving and falls over. Heather can’t believe this. Dean turns back into his naked, human form. He is bleeding everywhere, and one of the bullets landed right in his head. Dean is dead. Heather is trying to stop tears from coming, as she walks over to Dean’s dead body and she drops the gun. There is one vampire left, and Wilfred, holding a knife and stakes it, and he dusts. Abby sees this and runs off.

          ABBY: 24 Abraham Road, tonight!

          She runs away.

          Everyone looks to the middle of the room and they see Dean. Heather is crying over his body.

          HEATHER: I’m sorry!

          Everyone is saddened, as the camera zooms out, slowly.

          CUT TO:

          INT – I.S. – THIRD FLOOR – NIGHT

          Kat is walking down the hallway with the alarm still going off. She reaches the door with “22” written on it. She opens it and sees Pyro tied to a table. She runs over to him and unties him, Pyro slowly gets up, confused.

          PYRO: Who – who are you?

          KAT: I’m your daughter.

          Pyro is stunned, and looks into Kat’s eyes. He smiles.

          PYRO: Kat!?

          Kat smiles, as well, and they hug.

          PYRO: I thought I lost you.

          They stop hugging, and there are tears in Kat’s eyes.

          PYRO: Me and your mother had you, but she ran away, and then I.S., this place, took you!

          KAT: That’s why they’re keeping you here, right?

          PYRO: What?

          KAT: Because you broke in and got me out. I was being trained as a kid soldier, but you broke me out, and risked your life! That’s why you’re in here, right?

          PYRO: That and because of my power.

          KAT: Fire.

          PYRO: Genetics. We both have it. They want to duplicate it.

          KAT: What? Why?

          PYRO: Kat, we’re more powerful than you think. After I rescued you, I gave you off to adoptive parents, but I never stopped loving you and I always worried for you.

          KAT: Thank you for saving me.


          KAT: Now, I’m saving you, come on!

          They get up and start to run out!

          CUT TO:

          EXT – STREET – NIGHT

          You see a black car drive and then park on the side of the street. The door opens and Katie walks out, followed by two guards. She looks mad and sad.

          KATIE: Let’s make this fast.

          GUARD #1: Yes, Ms. Jones.

          The group walks into the huge building in front of them. It looks like a hotel.

          CUT TO:

          INT – HOTEL – NIGHT

          Katie is walking in when you hear gunshots and screams. Katie is shocked and mad.

          KATIE: Not again!

          GUARD #1: Come on, Ms. Jones, there is a safe tunnel down here for safety.

          Katie nods and Guard #1 leads her to a metal door. He opens it.

          GUARD #1: It will lock when we go in. I’ll go with –

          Guard #1 spits up blood and falls down dead. The gunman shot him. Or should I say gunwoman. For it was Carey who shot him, smiling at Carey, gun in hand.

          CAREY: I finally get to kill you, bitch.

          Katie, scared, grabs the gun from Guard #1’s belt, and shoots at Carey. Carey returns fire, but all the shots miss. Katie runs into the tunnel through the metal door and closes it shut. You hear Carey trying to shoot through it, but it’s not working. Katie is scared, and looks around real fast. She doesn’t know what to do.

          CUT TO:

          INT – ABHAY – NIGHT

          The group is all sad in Abhay, looking at the mess and Dean’s dead body.


          WILFRED: She said 24 Abraham Road...tonight.

          Heather looks up at him.

          HEATHER: What?

          WILFRED: I’m sorry that your...friend died...but the plan has to continue. The weapon is probably at this address.

          HEATHER: Or it’s a trap! Listen to what your saying! LISTEN!

          Heather is mad and is in tears.

          RILEY: Heather, calm –

          HEATHER: I will NOT calm down! Dean is dead, Riley!


          RILEY: I know.

          SAM: We have to follow whatever leads we get.

          John is still in the corner. He isn’t saying anything from shock.

          BARBARA: I’m afraid that they are right, miss. We have to go and stop Alcasies!


          SARAH: I’ll go.

          BARBARA: As will I.

          PAIGE: I’ll go –

          WILFRED: (to Paige) No! Two is enough. Incase something goes wrong, we would still have you. We might need someone that would help us break into private property, though.


          GRAHAM: Like a police officer?

          WILFRED: Yes, exactly like that.

          GRAHAM: I think I may have the girl.

          CUT TO:

          INT – I.S. – LOBBY – NIGHT

          Pyro and Kat are running away, when Pyro is suddenly punched backwards.

          KAT: Hey!

          There is an I.S. employee standing there, and another employee drags Kat away.

          PYRO: Kat!

          The I.S. employee points his finger at Pyro, and gives him a stern look.

          EMPLOYEE: Don’t you even think of using your fire to stop me, Pyro! Don’t even think about it.

          PYRO: Why not?!

          EMPLOYEE: Because of the chip we implanted in her head!

          Pyro is shocked.

          EMPLOYEE: When we kidnapped her as a child, we implanted a chip in her head. We can make her head explode right now. We can make her shoot herself. We can make her shoot you. She is under our control.

          PYRO: But –

          EMPLOYEE: It’s true. It’s not activated right now, but if you do ANYTHING, we will activate it.

          PYRO: (defeated) Okay – okay! What do you want?

          The employee smiles.

          EMPLOYEE: Good. We’re gonna take you back to your room. Tie you up again, no interruptions. You’re gonna stay a good fire demon, aren’t you?

          The employee lifts Pyro up and pushes him to the elevator.

          CUT TO:

          EXT – ABHAY – NIGHT

          Graham is standing outside, with Melissa standing next to him.

          GRAHAM: Please, this for me?

          Melissa seems shocked.

          MELISSA: You want me to go into a house with two random strangers, find a device, and take it out.

          GRAHAM: You forgot about the part with the shooting anyone that gets in your way.

          Melissa is confused.

          MELISSA: What is this, Graham!? I don’t even know you anymore.

          GRAHAM: Please, Melissa. If you trust this.

          Melissa doesn’t know what to say.

          GRAHAM: Once this is all over, I’ll explain everything to you, I promise!

          MELISSA: Okay...


          MELISSA: (tears in her eyes) But I’m only doing this because I love you.

          GRAHAM: (smiling; crying) I love you, too.

          Graham and Melissa kiss, passionately, and Melissa starts to walk away before she turns around to Graham one last time.

          MELISSA: (smiling) When I get back, you’ve got a lot of splainin’ to do.

          Graham laughs.

          GRAHAM: I love you.

          Melissa smiles.

          MELISSA: You already said that.

          GRAHAM: It sometimes needs repeating.

          Melissa gives a laugh and walks away, to the car where Barbara and Sarah are standing.

          All three of them get in the car and drive away. Graham has tears in his eyes, scared for Melissa.

          CUT TO:

          INT – HOTEL – TUNNEL – NIGHT

          Katie is in the tunnel with a gun, all scared. She hears more gunshots, closer than just outside the metal doors. She is scared. Someone is with her in the tunnel, shooting at her. She turns in the dark, only lit by fire, to see a man shooting at her. She is shocked. A bullet lands in her arm, and she immediately drops the gun.

          KATIE: Ah!

          Katie tries to open the metal doors, but they won’t open. Katie begins running away from the metal doors and to the man. The man continues shooting, but the bullets keep missing. Katie pushes the man out of the way and continues running past him, away from the metal doors.

          MAN: Get back here!

          The man gets up and continues shooting at Katie. Katie is running as fast as she can, and the man runs after her.

          CUT TO:

          INT – I.S. – ROOM – NIGHT

          Kat is thrown into the room, and another employee is staring at Kat. Kat throws a fireball and the employee ducks. The fireball leaves a hole in the wall.

          EMPLOYEE: Hey! Stop!

          KAT: Give me one good reason!

          EMPLOYEE: Because of Pyro.

          KAT: I said good reason.

          EMPLOYEE: Why are you fighting for your father when he betrayed you, ruined the first years of your life!?

          Kat looks confused.

          KAT: What are you talking about!? You guys ruined the first years of my life!

          EMPLOYEE: Yes, because of your father’s request.

          KAT: I don’t – I don’t understand.

          EMPLOYEE: Kat, your father gave you to us when you were a child. He handed you over. He told us to do experiments on you, train you, to even put a chip in your head!

          Kat is scared and disgusted.

          KAT: There’s a chip in my head?!

          EMPLOYEE: I’m afraid so. A chip which I.S. put in at your father’s request. Your father put a chip in your control you.

          Kat is scared and stands up.

          KAT: I’m done.

          EMPLOYEE: Excuse me?

          KAT: I’m done with my father.

          The employee smiles.

          KAT: Kill him if you want. I don’t care.

          “WHEN I GO” by DAVE CARTER & TRACY GRAMMER begins to play. The instrumental at the beginning of the song plays throughout the remainder of this scene. Kat begins to walk out.

          KAT: Actually...I do care. Kill him, please.

          The employee is shocked.

          KAT: For me...please.

          A tear drops from Kat’s eyes.

          EMPLOYEE: Of course.

          Kat walks out.

          CUT TO:

          EXT – I.S. – NIGHT

          Come, lonely hunter

          Kat walks out of I.S., crying, shocked, saddened, and disgusted.

          CUT TO:

          INT – ABHAY – NIGHT

          Bear me, my brother under your wing
          I will strike, fell like lightening when I go

          Heather is standing up, staring at Dean’s dead body.

          I will bellow like the thunder drum, invoke the storm of war
          A twisting pillar spun of dust and blood up from the prairie floor

          You see Salomie run in; she sees Dean’s dead body. She is shocked and appalled. She looks at Heather with sympathy as they both start crying. Salomie runs to Heather and they start hugging.

          CUT TO:

          EXT –
          24 ABRAHAM ROAD – NIGHT

          I will sweep the foe before me like a gale out on the snow

          Sarah, Barbara, and Melissa, all with guns in hand, run to the door of the house.

          CUT TO:

          INT – 24 ABRAHAM ROAD – NIGHT

          And the wind will long recount the story, reverence and glory
          When I go
          Spring, spirit dancer, nimble and thin

          The three run in to find two men with guns in front of them. They raise the guns and Sarah and Barbara shoot both men. Melissa doesn’t really know what to do, but she joins in and starts shooting them. Both men fall to the floor and the three move into the door right in front of them.

          CUT TO:

          EXT – ABHAY – NIGHT
          I will leap like coyote when I go
          Tireless entrancer, lend me your skin
          I will run like the gray wolf when I go

          Graham is leaning against Abhay outside, when Sam comes into the shot and puts her hand on Graham’s shoulder, comforting him, assuring him that Melissa will be alright.

          CUT TO:

          INT – HOTEL – TUNNEL – NIGHT

          I will climb the rise at daybreak, I will kiss the sky at noon
          Raise my yearning voice at midnight to my mother in the moon

          In slow motion, Katie is running away from the man behind her. Katie becomes out of focus and the man running after her comes into focus. Katie comes back into focus, and she runs out of the shot.

          CUT TO:

          INT – 24 ABRAHAM ROAD – ROOM – NIGHT

          I will make the lay of long defeat and draw the chorus slow
          I’ll send this message down the wire and hope that
          Someone wise is listening when I go

          The group is now in this room and shooting many people, all trying to stop the three. Sarah, Barbara, and Melissa are fighting them off easily. They break through them and go into the next...and

          CUT TO:

          EXT – STREET – NIGHT

          And when the sun comes, trumpets from his red house in the east

          Kat is on the sidewalk, crying.

          CUT TO:

          INT – HOTEL – TUNNEL – NIGHT

          He will find a standing stone where long I chanted my release
          He will send his mourning messenger to strike the hammer blow
          And I will crumble down uncountable in showers of crimson rubies
          When I go

          Katie is running until she reaches another wooden door and she starts pounding on it, too afraid to use her slayer strength; the man is gaining on her.

          CUT TO:

          EXT – STREET – NIGHT
          Sigh, mournful sister, whisper and turn
          I will rattle like dry leaves when I go

          Kat stops crying and looks up, now not sad. Now, she just looks angry at Pyro.

          CUT TO:

          INT –
          24 ABRAHAM ROAD – ROOM – NIGHT

          Stand in the mist where my fire used to burn
          I will camp on the night breeze when I go

          The three run into the room, it has two windows. There are no more people with guns in here. It’s a very small room, just enough room to stand, and for...something else. The three stare at something, scared and shocked, but you can’t see what it is.

          CUT TO:

          INT – HOTEL – TUNNEL – NIGHT

          And should you glimpse my wandering form

          Katie is still pounding on the door, and the man is almost at her, firing bullets at her. The wooden door begins to open, and Katie is shocked.

          Out on the borderline

          The door opens.

          Between death and resurrection and the council of the pines

          You see Carey standing in the doorway, gun in hand. Katie is shocked and saddened. Carey raises the gun at Katie.

          CUT TO:

          INT –
          24 ABRAHAM ROAD – ROOM – NIGHT

          Do not worry for my comfort

          You see the thing they’re staring a bomb. With a timer going 3...2...Sarah heads for one of the windows, as Melissa and Barbara are too shocked to move.

          CUT TO:

          INT – HOTEL – TUNNEL – NIGHT

          Do not sorrow for me so
          All your diamond tears will rise up

          The gun is pointed at Katie’s head, and a tear falls from her eye. Carey pulls the trigger. A bullet lands in Katie’s head, and she falls backwards in slow motion. Katie Jones is dead.

          CUT TO:

          INT –
          24 ABRAHAM ROAD – ROOM – NIGHT

          And adorn the sky beside me

          You get a close-up of Melissa’s saddened face.

          CUT TO:

          EXT –
          24 ABRAHAM ROAD – NIGHT

          When I go

          You see the house, and it explodes. Melissa is dead.

          CUT TO BLACK

          ROLL CREDITS

          END OF ACT IV

          END OF EPISODE


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            Positive or negative, I'll love it

            • Yep, that's right. I just killed off....what? Three people? So, let's count the dead: Melissa, Katie, Sarah and Barbara, who you only knew for two acts, but still I needed to show that Abby was a worthy advesary to kill off Melissa , Sarah, Barbara, and effectively, Dean, in one swing. Katie was always going to die. The assassination foreshadowing for her death.
            • Speaking of the Katie storyline, it finally overlaps with someone other than Riley......CAREY! Carey was the one who killed Katie, yep. What does that mean for Carey/Intank? Carey was Marie's friend in Chicago, was she evil then? Is Carey even evil? Yes, this will all be revealed. In due time
            • Okay, Heather will be sad about Dean, but no, she will not, I repeat not, spend the rest of the season moping. Just wanted to assure everyone of that
            • This episode was obviously named after the ending montage song, "When I Go" by Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer. It is a beautiful song, wonderful lyrics, love it. If you want a listen, just ask, and I'll give you a link Tis wonderful.
            • This episode was rougly 50 pages long, stepping up the page count from 2.03 and 2.04.
            • 2.06 "Light Out" will not only deal with the repurcussions of death, but Abby and Alcasies will be explored further. However, expect mythos to be reinforced the most in 2.07 "Moldau"
            • Hope you enjoyed!