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Riley The Series: 2.03 "Mind Games"

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  • Riley The Series: 2.03 "Mind Games"

    Riley Season 2 Episode 3 "Mind Games"

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthorized usage of these characters is permitted.



    CUT TO:


    You see a building, two stories tall, with windows on every side. It is very blank, grey and rectangular. A car pulls up to the side of the road, and parks there. Riley gets out and walks over to the door for the warehouse. Sam is waiting there, smiling.

    RILEY: It's been a week, Sam, and you finally call me about this new business plan of ours.

    SAM: (smiling) You call this a business?

    RILEY: I guess.

    Riley smiles at Sam, and she becomes uncomfortable.

    RILEY: (referring to warehouse) So, what's this?

    SAM: It's a building.

    RILEY: Yes, yes it is. But, why are we here?

    SAM: It's a surprise.

    RILEY: You know I don't like surprises.

    SAM: Suck it up.

    Sam turns around and begins to open the door.

    CUT TO:


    You see the door from the inside of the warehouse. You don't see any of the interior except for the door. It opens and Sam is standing in the doorway, smiling. Sam walks in and Riley follows her.

    RILEY: Woah.

    SAM: Welcome to our new headquarters.

    The camera zooms out to show the whole warehouse. The warehouse is one big room. There is a computer on a desk next to the wall, and a big TV next to it. In the middle of the room is a huge circular table with chairs all around it. On the opposite wall of the computer and TV are a few bookshelves, filled with various books. There is a space between the bookshelves, and then there are stairs.

    RILEY: Are you kidding me?

    SAM: Not in the least.

    Riley's eyes pan over to the big, circular table. He is shocked a little. The camera moves over to show Ryan Harris sitting there, smiling at Riley and Sam.

    RYAN: Hey, guys.

    RILEY: (to Sam) Um...what is he doing here?

    SAM: I thought our agreement was clear, Riley. We start this organization with me, you, Graham, Intank, Salomie, her friend Heather, and Ryan.

    RILEY: (shaking head) No, this was not clear.


    RILEY: What about Dean and John?

    SAM: Oh, I forgot about Dean! But...John? Is he even ready for this?

    RYAN: (still sitting down) Doubt it. He's been in the fake world for too long to be in the real one.

    RILEY: Did I ask you to talk?

    RYAN: (smiling) Did I ask you to talk?

    SAM: (laughing) You guys are definitely a bickering couple.

    RILEY: (sighing; pulling Sam off to the side) I don't trust him, Sam. His story makes no sense.

    SAM: I agree, it's a shaky story at best, but I doubt it's anything big. It's just your paranoia. You have to accept that he's here, and that he could help.

    RILEY: And how can he help?

    SAM: He's been trained as a watcher ever since he was young.

    RILEY: (confused) What? Under Xander's nose?

    SAM: I don't know all the details. I was patrolling last night and fighting this vamp. He was winning, but then Ryan came along. He killed the vampire with ease, and then told me what I just told you.

    RILEY: And you didn't ask any questions!?

    SAM: It's his business, Riley. Yes, I'd like to get to know him better, but it's going to take time. I don't expect him to reveal all of his life secrets to me, a person he's known for a week.

    RILEY: It's important stuff, Sam.

    SAM: Be patient.

    Sam walks away from Riley and closer to Ryan.

    SAM: (smiling) We have to work as a team if we want to accomplish anything.

    RYAN: Agreed.

    RILEY: Shut up.

    RYAN: I'm brilliant.

    RILEY: What?

    RYAN: I said I'm brilliant.

    Riley is confused, and looks to Sam, who just laughs.

    RILEY: (under his breath) Unbelievable.

    RYAN: I heard that.

    CUT TO:


    A woman with blonde, long, flowing hair is walking down the street. She is very skinny, and dressed in jeans and a purple T-shirt. She is smiling, and walking seductively. She walks over to a beat up looking building. She opens the door, and walks in.

    CUT TO:


    The woman walks in. It's a bar. It's very dark, and you see people playing pool. She walks over to the bar and sits down.

    WOMAN: Beer.

    BARTENDER: What kind, sweetie?

    WOMAN: (menacingly) Beer.

    The bartender stares at the woman and then gives it.

    BARTENDER: Fine, I'll give you my favorite.

    The bartender walks away. A man walks up behind the woman and whispers in her ear.

    MAN: (whisper) Hi, Abby.

    WOMAN/ABBY: Don't sneak up on me.

    MAN: Sorry.

    The man sits on the stool next to Abby.

    ABBY: Do you have it?

    MAN: (pausing) Do you have it?

    Abby reaches into her pocket and throws a pile of money wrapped in a rubber band on the bar.

    ABBY: Your turn.

    MAN: No.

    The man punches Abby to the ground, and the other guys in the bar just laugh as Abby curls up on the ground.

    MAN: Thanks, honey.

    The man grabs the money and stands up.

    ABBY: (on ground) That was a bad move.

    Abby jumps up and turns the man around.

    ABBY: You're dead!

    Abby punches the man and he flies across the bar. The other men in the bar get mad and run to Abby, who just smiles.

    ABBY: Let's have some fun.

    Abby kicks one of the other men and then punches another. She does a Russian split, kicking two men in the process. She takes another man and quickly snaps his neck.

    MAN #2: Bitch!

    ABBY: That I am.

    Abby grabs Man #2 and smashes his head up against a wall. She then kicks him to the ground. Abby then takes her foot to the man's neck, and snaps it. Abby then kicks another back. She takes a knife out of her back pocket and slices another's neck. She stabs another man and kicks another back. The bartender turns towards Abby and pulls out a gun. He points it at her. Abby then chucks her knife at the bartender, and it flies into his head.

    ABBY: Nice try.

    Abby runs over to the bartender, and grabs the gun out of his hand. She then shoots the three remaining men in the bar. Every person in the bar is dead except for Abby. Abby walks over to the man who punched her at first. He is dead, and she grabs the pile of money in his hand.

    ABBY: Thanks for this.

    Abby sighs and walks to the door of the bar.

    ABBY: What an epic waste of time.

    Abby walks out of the bar, which leaves it strangely silent.





    Marc Blucas as Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic as Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase as Graham Miller
    Jason Dohring as Intank Welleee
    Jennifer Gardner as Heather Cassidy
    Jared Padelecki as John Doven
    Jensen Ackles as Dean Aiden
    Aaron Ashmore as Ryan Harris
    And Allison Mack as Salomie Sullivan


    Liza Weil as Melissa Reyna
    Zachary Levi as Ian Jones
    Jennifer Carpenter as Marie Miller
    Jamie Ray Newman as Aimee Sullivan
    Olivia Wilde as Carey
    Peter Krause as Patrick Loney
    Grace Park as Kaia Odalis
    Lucy Lawless as Madalyn Reese
    Adrian Pascar as Sebastian Vail
    Tricia Helfer as Valerie Imani
    Wentworth Miller as Ace Haden
    Leon Russom as Langley
    Kristen Bell as Susan Jaden

    Lena Headey as Katie Jones
    Nicki Aycox as Eliza Baker
    Skeet Ulrich as James
    Anna Paquin as Jenny Gareth
    Santiago Cabrera as Neiki Gareth
    Yvonne Strahovski as Abby Aibhilin
    And Mary-Louise Parker as Nina Baker








    Riley The Series is affiliated with East Wick, written by Kevin (Dark Ages).
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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    You see Logan sitting at his desk, typing, when he looks up. Salomie's standing there. Logan stands up and smiles.

    LOGAN: Hey, Sally!

    SALOMIE: (smiling) Name's Salomie.

    Salomie hugs Logan, and then they release each other.

    LOGAN: Long time, no see. Welcome back.

    SALOMIE: Thanks!

    LOGAN: Heard you were in the hospital.

    Salomie sighs.

    LOGAN: What happened?

    SALOMIE: Uh ? nothing.

    LOGAN: Come on, Salomie! You know me. Tell me what happened.

    SALOMIE: (giving in) I was in a coma.

    LOGAN: (shocked) What!? Are you okay!?

    SALOMIE: I saw lots of blood at a crime scene and I couldn't handle it. That's it. Then, I got out of the coma. End of story.

    LOGAN: But?are you okay?

    SALOMIE: I just said ?

    LOGAN: I mean mentally.

    Salomie begins giving that some thought.

    SALOMIE: Yeah. It was hard, but I'm okay now. I fought my fears and killed them.

    LOGAN: (smiling) That's the Sally I know.

    SALOMIE: (laughing) Salomie. That's the Salomie you know.

    LOGAN: Okay, whatever.


    LOGAN: Now, let's make you do some work! There's a copy of an article on your desk. Edit it for a newbie. See how it is.

    SALOMIE: Will do.

    LOGAN: Let's hope you're not sloppy.

    SALOMIE: I'll show you I'm not sloppy.

    Salomie winks at Logan and walks over to her desk.

    CUT TO:


    The door to the warehouse opens and Graham is standing in the doorway. He is shocked.

    GRAHAM: Holy crap.

    The camera shows Sam, Riley, Ryan, Dean, and Intank sitting around the table.

    SAM: Impressive, huh?

    GRAHAM: Tis.

    Graham walks over to the table.

    GRAHAM: Is this the whole operation you were trying to tell me about.

    SAM: (smiling) It is.

    GRAHAM: (looking at Ryan) Who's that?

    RYAN: Name's Ryan.

    DEAN: Apparently, he's from the watcher's council. Cousin of a guy you knew, Xander?

    GRAHAM: I didn't know him.

    RILEY: I did.

    DEAN: He's staying here.

    RYAN: Nice to meet you.

    GRAHAM: Name's Graham.

    SAM: Enough with introductions. Let's get down to business.


    RILEY: Um...we don't have any business yet.

    SAM: Then maybe we should get some.

    DEAN: What about Heather and Salomie?

    SAM: Salomie's busy at the paper. Heather didn't answer, so I left a message. I hope she got it.


    RILEY: Now, how do we get business?

    CUT TO:


    Salomie is sitting at her desk, writing on a piece of paper. She finally stops and looks up.

    SALOMIE: Lauren! Come on back over here!

    A woman at a desk in front of her stands up and walks over to her, smiling. Salomie takes the piece of paper she was writing on and is about to give it to Lauren. Logan walks over to them.

    SALOMIE: It was a good first draft with a lot of potential.

    Lauren's face shines at this news.

    SALOMIE: But there are a lot of errors you need to fix up. Good try, though!

    Salomie puts it out for Lauren to grab, but Logan grabs it and takes one look at it.

    LOGAN: Are you kidding me!?

    Salomie is surprised.

    SALOMIE: What?

    LOGAN: Why even bother marking this thing!? It is completely horrible with no redeeming quality.

    Logan looks to Lauren.

    LOGAN: (bluntly) You're fired.

    Lauren is shocked and sad, and Salomie is equally shocked.

    LOGAN: (smiling; to Lauren) Would you throw this out on your way out?

    Logan hands the piece of paper to Lauren, who walks away, sad.

    SALOMIE: What the hell was that!?

    LOGAN: What? That wasn't a great piece.

    SALOMIE: It wasn't bad! Why didn't you let her write it over?

    LOGAN: You're right, it wasn't bad. But it wasn't good either.

    SALOMIE: It was her first try, Logan.

    LOGAN: So what? If the article is bad, you fire them. If it's okay, you fire them. If it's good, you fire them.

    Salomie looks shocked.

    LOGAN: If it's very good, you tell them which parts of it sucked, and tell them to fix it right away. If it's great, you give them the award of keeping their job.

    SALOMIE: What kind of philosophy is that?

    LOGAN: A good one.

    Logan sees that Salomie is disgusted in him, and tries to explain it better.

    LOGAN: Salomie, we hire people because they are great at writing. If they're okay, or just have potential, they honestly shouldn't be here. They should be in school, learning how to be great. We don't teach people that here. We are business, and we will not do well if we don't fire people because that would be too mean.

    SALOMIE: But it wasn't ?

    LOGAN: Yeah, it wasn't bad. But that's not what we're looking for. We give people a standard: greatness. If you can't live up to that standard, get the hell out.

    Salomie is shaking her head.

    LOGAN: I know it's hard to take in. You were a new writer the past two years, and thought that you were just getting by. Here's a secret: you weren't just getting by. You were passing with flying colors.


    LOGAN: You were the greatness. Now you're almost on top, next to me and Max. You should know there's a reason you're here. So, here you are, looking down on the little people and you don't know what to do. Trust me, you're going to learn, and you're going to learn fast.

    Logan smiles at Salomie.

    LOGAN: Just you wait.

    Logan walks away from Salomie's desk, to his.

    SALOMIE: But, you just fired someone! You were so mean to her for a couple of mistakes.

    LOGAN: Sally, this is the real world. Get used to it.

    CUT TO:

    EXT ? I.S. ? DAY

    You see the I.S. sign.

    CUT TO:


    Abby from the teaser walks into the meeting room, and sits across from two people. You recognize them as Ace Haden, the head of the Connections Department, and Nina Baker, the head of the Field Department, from last episode.

    ABBY: (defensive) Where's Langley?

    NINA: (smiling) He's dead.

    ABBY: What?

    NINA: I am now the head of the Field Department.

    ABBY: Seriously?

    NINA: Seriously.

    ACE: She ? uh ? killed him.

    ABBY: ?Bout time. Guy was a bitch.

    NINA: (to Ace) I like this girl already.

    ABBY: And I like you.

    NINA: Naughty.

    Ace is very confused, and everything is awkward.

    ACE: Uh...should we get to business?

    NINA: Did you know this guy's a human?

    ABBY: Hey! I'm a human, too, ya know.

    Abby winks at Nina.

    NINA: (laughing) Yes, but you're a slayer, at least.

    ABBY: Rogue.

    NINA: But this guy...he's nothing. He shouldn't be in his position.

    ACE: Excuse me!

    NINA: What?

    ACE: (to Abby) Do you have it?

    ABBY: (sighing) Nope. Met the guy, and he ripped me off. Took the money and tried to kill me.

    NINA: And what did you do?

    ABBY: (smiling) I killed him and everyone in the bar and then got the cash back. He didn't have it on him.

    ACE: Can we have the cash back?

    ABBY: No.

    ACE: (annoyed) Then, we have a new assignment for you.

    ABBY: I'm listening, grumpy.

    Ace gives Abby a folder. She opens it and looks at it. You see a picture of Riley.

    ACE: Him.

    ABBY: What about him?

    Abby flips through more pictures in the folder that include Sam, Graham, Heather, Salomie, Intank, and more.

    ACE: The ones that you need to kill are marked with a red X.

    ABBY: I see.

    You see that Riley does not have a red X, while Sam and Graham do. Intank does not, but you do not see the rest.

    ABBY: What do I do with the others?

    ACE: It's a long term assignment.

    NINA: More details come soon. You're not killing them now.

    ABBY: Then what do I do now?

    ACE: Read on, Abby.

    Abby continues reading.

    ACE: It's all there.

    ABBY: Easy stuff. And fun.

    Nina smiles and Ace still seems a little nervous. Abby stands up and walks over to the door.

    ABBY: See ya soon. (to Nina) Nice meeting you, bitch.

    NINA: B'bye.

    ACE: Please do it well, Abby.

    ABBY: I always do.

    Abby opens the door.

    NINA: Oh, and Abby?

    Abby looks to Nina.

    NINA: (smiling) Have fun.

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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      The door to the warehouse opens, and Heather walks in.

      HEATHER: Holy ?

      SAM: Yeah, I know.

      Everybody is spread around the room. Some are looking through the books; others are looking at the computer. Sam is just standing in the middle of the room.

      SAM: Where have you been?

      HEATHER: Sorry, but I had my cell phone off.

      SAM: Well, this is the headquarters. And I need to go.

      Riley is sitting at the computer.

      RILEY: What?

      SAM: I got to look into I.S.

      Riley stands up and walks to Sam.

      RILEY: Why?

      SAM: If you forgot, my father killed the rest of my family and works for I.S.

      Riley looks down, embarrassed that he forgot.

      RILEY: I'm ?

      SAM: I'm going to find him.

      Sam walks out of the warehouse, and Riley just shakes her head. The camera cuts back to Heather, looking at Dean. He is reading a book. Dean looks up and sees Heather staring at each other. Their eyes meet.


      CUT TO:



      You see Heather walking into the hatch, and she looks completely shocked. You see the cage, and it is wide open with no one in it.

      HEATHER: (worried) Dean!? Dean!

      DEAN: (V/O) Hey Heather.

      Heather turns around in shock and sees that Dean is walking down into the hatch.

      HEATHER: (scared) Where were you!? What happened? Did someone hurt you!?

      DEAN: (laughing) I'm fine, Heather.

      Heather looks confused.

      HEATHER: I don't get it. You're cage is open and you're out here...

      DEAN: I never went into the cage. I ran free.

      Heather's emotions go from worry to anger.

      HEATHER: (mad) What?

      DEAN: I couldn't take that cage anymore. I just...left it.

      HEATHER: Are you an idiot!?

      DEAN: (surprised) Heather!

      HEATHER: You run free, you become a monster, and people die.

      DEAN: (becoming defensive) No one got hurt, Heather. Calm down.

      HEATHER: I will not calm down! You probably killed someone last night, do you know that? Someone is probably dead because of your ignorance!

      DEAN: You really think I would kill someone, Heather?

      HEATHER: You as that monster would kill someone. You have no control over what happens on those nights!

      DEAN: That's not true. People say it but it's not true.

      HEATHER: (confused) What the hell are you talking about!?

      DEAN: (not convincing; lying) Not all werewolves have no control.

      Heather knows that he's lying.

      HEATHER: That's a load of bullshit and you know it! I'm not buying any of this.

      DEAN: Heather ?

      HEATHER: You are a complete moron for doing this!

      DEAN: (getting mad) Shut the hell up, Heather! This is my life and I will do whatever I damn please. It's just like you to get in the way when it has absolutely nothing to do with you! Stay out of it.

      HEATHER: Sure, it's your life, but other people's lives are at stake too!

      DEAN: I don't need to hear all this crap from you! I don't deserve it.

      HEATHER: Deserve it?

      DEAN: I've done nothing wrong.

      HEATHER: You ?

      DEAN: Get out!

      HEATHER: I cannot believe you, Dean. I thought you cared ?

      DEAN: Get out!

      HEATHER: I'm not going to let you continue to ?

      DEAN: (grabbing Heather's shoulders; shaking her) Get the hell out!

      Heather stops talking, and sighs. She shakes her head.

      HEATHER: I thought you were different.

      Heather walks out of the hatch.


      CUT TO:


      Heather is still staring at Dean.

      HEATHER: Hey, Dean.

      Dean looks away from Heather and goes back to his work. Riley notices this as Sam walks out the door.

      RILEY: What's going on between you two?

      HEATHER: Nothing.


      HEATHER: What am I supposed to do now? What am I supposed to do in this place?

      RILEY: (shrugs) There's a computer, a television, books.

      HEATHER: I thought we were supposed to be helping people.

      RILEY: (embarrassed) We don't really know how to start.

      Heather rolls her eyes as Riley walks away, over to the center of the room.

      RILEY: (loudly) Guys, can I have a word!?

      Everyone stops talking.

      HEATHER: We're paying attention, Riley.

      RILEY: Last week, we got a card that was very important to I.S. While we were trying to decode it, someone stole it. Is there any chance that anyone it?

      You hear some sighs throughout the room.

      RYAN: Why would someone steal it!?

      RILEY: (mad) You're not in this! You weren't involved.

      RYAN: Sam filled me in.

      Riley sighs.

      GRAHAM: I gotta agree, Riley. Why would someone here steal it?

      Intank looks uncomfortable, and Riley notices.

      RILEY: (focusing on Intank) Got it. Nevermind, go back to whatever you want.

      Everybody goes back to what they were doing, and Riley walks over to Intank.

      RILEY: Intank.

      Intank turns around to see Riley.

      INTANK: What?

      RILEY: (whispering) I know what you did.

      INTANK: (trying to show he's not lying) What?

      RILEY: Stop saying what and admit it.

      INTANK: Admit what.

      RILEY: (sighing) You stole the chip. I saw how uncomfortable you were when I was talking.

      INTANK: (joking) I find your voice just so irritating.

      RILEY: (serious) You stole it, and I know you did. I will expose you.

      Intank looks threatened.

      RILEY: Now, what I need to why? You've been coming around, and I almost started accepting you, even though you're a demon. And then you do this. Are you evil?

      INTANK: No, I am not evil.

      RILEY: Then why did you do it?

      INTANK: I didn't do it!

      Everyone hears Intank scream and they turn to him.

      DEAN: What's going on?

      RILEY: Nothing.

      Riley begins to walk away from Intank, with a mad expression.

      RILEY: We'll talk later, Intank.

      Riley starts to walk towards the door.

      GRAHAM: Where are you going?

      RILEY: To save someone.

      Riley walks away, and out of the warehouse.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? STREET ? DAY

      Riley is walking down the street, looking around. He crosses the street and enters the police station. Melissa sees him and smiles.

      MELISSA: Hey, Riley!

      RILEY: You remember me?

      MELISSA: Yeah, Graham's friend.

      RILEY: Cool.

      MELISSA: So, what're you doing here?

      RILEY: Well, I thought I'd come and see where you fight the bad guys.

      MELISSA: (looking around) This is it.

      Melissa laughs.

      RILEY: (nodding) Graham told me about you and Lain hanging out more.

      MELISSA: (looking) Yeah, but we're not friends anymore. I'm gonna tell him that soon. It's getting ridiculous.

      RILEY: Sorry to hear that.

      MELISSA: It's for the best.


      MELISSA: So, I'm gonna go back to work. You can look around, if you want. The police here are really relaxed.

      RILEY: Thanks; see you later.

      Melissa smiles and walks away. Riley reaches into his pocket and takes out a device. It's very small, and he quickly puts it in a plant, and nobody notices. It is nicely disguised. Riley smiles and walks out of the police office.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? STREET ? DAY

      Riley walks out of the police station, now on his cell phone.

      RILEY: Yeah, Sam, it's all set up now. We'll know if anything happens with the police.


      RILEY: Bye, Sam.

      Riley hangs up and looks across the street. He is confused. The camera reveals the woman named Abby staring at Riley. Riley starts to cross the street to go closer to Abby. Abby continues to stare at Riley. Riley walks up right in front of Abby.

      RILEY: Hello?

      Riley blinks, and Abby is suddenly gone. Could it have been a hallucination? Riley is confused.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? I.S ? DAY

      You see the I.S. sign.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? I.S. ? DAY

      Sam walks into the lobby shown last episode and walks up to the receptionist.

      SAM: Let me see Nina.

      RECEPTIONIST: Excuse me?

      SAM: Let me see her.

      The receptionist swallows.

      RECEPTIONIST: Um, okay. The elevator to the left.

      Sam grabs the receptionist by the neck.

      SAM: I'll go take the right elevator. Now, what floor?

      CUT TO:

      INT ? I.S. ? FIFTH FLOOR ? DAY

      You see the elevator door, and it opens. Sam walks out and looks around the hallway. People are scurrying about, confused about why Sam is there. Sam walks through the hallway, looking mad.

      SAM: Nina Baker!

      Nina pops her head into the hallway, confused.

      NINA: What is ??

      Nina sees Sam and smiles.

      NINA: Sam...get in here.

      SAM: You, bitch.

      NINA: Let's talk about this.

      Nina walks back into her office, and Sam follows.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? I.S. ? NINA'S OFFICE ? DAY

      Sam is walking into Nina's office, furious.

      SAM: Where is my father!?

      NINA: (mad) Sam ?

      SAM: Don't you even try to give excuses! I want the person who killed my family!

      NINA: SAM!

      Sam doesn't shout back, but is still furious.

      NINA: You need to calm down.

      SAM: I'm not gonna calm down! I want my father!

      NINA: I'm not going to give you your father.

      SAM: What?!

      NINA: You need to back off and stop looking into this. Your family is dead. They have been for years. Deal with it. Do not go jumping into business that doesn't concern you.

      SAM: He's my father!

      NINA: And before last year, you thought he was dead. It doesn't concern you.

      SAM: It ?

      NINA: And if you don't back off, you will die. People you love will die. Yes, I mean Graham, and Intank, and Salomie, and all of them. They will die.

      Sam looks intimidated.

      NINA: (smiling) Now, please leave my office.

      Sam walks over to the door defeated.

      NINA: I thought we had better security.

      Sam opens the door and is about to walk out. However, she turns around to Nina.

      SAM: There's no way in hell I'm giving up. Just thought you should know.

      Sam walks out.


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        ACT III

        CUT TO

        EXT ? STREET ? DAY

        Riley is walking towards something, at a normal pace.

        GRAHAM: (V/O) Hey, Riley!

        Riley turns around and sees Graham running towards him.

        RILEY: (surprised) Oh, Graham. What are you doing?

        GRAHAM: (catching up with Riley) I was bored in there. I'm interested in what you're doing.

        RILEY: Oh, I'm just getting a book or two.

        GRAHAM: (mockingly) To read?

        RILEY: To read!


        RILEY: Graham, I know you're just here because I'm having your sister's kid.

        GRAHAM: (lying) No, that's not true!

        RILEY: Graham, I'll treat her right.

        GRAHAM: I know you will, Riley.

        RILEY: You don't need to pretend to like me, also.

        GRAHAM: Riley, you're still my friend.

        RILEY: (nodding) Thanks, Graham.

        They walk up to a bookstore.

        CUT TO:


        Riley and Graham walk into the bookstore.

        GRAHAM: Go find your book.

        RILEY: (laughing) Fine, fine.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? I.S. ? DAY

        You see the I.S. sign.

        CUT TO:


        You see the meeting room with Valerie, Nina, Sebastian, Ace, and Madalyn from the last episode.

        NINA: We have a problem.

        VALERIE: Nina is right. Sam Finn burst through the Field Department offices today. No security stopped her. We need to fix that.

        MADALYN: No one stopped her?!

        NINA: (mad) That is not the problem!

        MADALYN: (confused) Then what the hell is?

        NINA: The reason that Sam burst in here. To find her father.

        ACE: (shy) Um...why is that a big deal? Did we kill her father or something?

        NINA: (under breath) Idiot.

        SEBASTIAN: No, we didn't.

        MADALYN: (surprised) How do you know about this, Sebastian?

        SEBASTIAN: I control all the files. I know everything about the past.

        MADALYN: (smiling) Go on.

        SEBASTIAN: We recruited all of Sam's family for this company. Most of them got tired of it, and decided to leave. The only one that didn't was her father.

        ACE: Oh.

        VALERIE: (to Ace) Shut up, you human!

        Ace looks down.

        SEBASTIAN: (continuing) To show continued allegiance towards I.S., Sam's father killed the rest of his family.

        NINA: And Sam wants to find her father to get revenge.


        NINA: (to Ace) Got that, dimwit!?

        ACE: Got it.

        VALERIE: I still don't understand that problem.

        ACE: Well, it's simple. Nina and Sebastian are scared that Sam will continue to look and find her father, and that she will get access to the company, or kill him.

        VALERIE: Did I ask you?

        SEBASTIAN: He's right.

        MADALYN: (shocked) What did you say?

        SEBASTIAN: (aggravated) Okay, I get it! We hate humans working for our business, but suck it up! He's here, and you're gonna have to deal with it.

        ACE: (beaming) Thanks, Sebastian.

        SEBASTIAN: I wasn't defending you! I was trying to save this company

        MADALYN: We'll be tame, Sebastian.

        Ace looks like he's grown a lot more confidence.

        VALERIE: So, what're we going to do about it?

        NINA: Add extra security to Sam's father. Make sure no one gets to him. Got it?

        VALERIE: I don't take orders ?

        NINA: I'm in charge of this kind of stuff, remember?

        Valerie looks defeated, and nods.

        ACE: Um, on a different subject, Abby is ready.

        MADALYN: What?

        ACE: We gave her the spell, and now she appears in very real hallucinations to Riley.

        VALERIE: Her job was to go after the gang, not Riley.

        ACE: She takes her time.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? I.S. ? CELLS ? DAY

        Valerie is walking through all the I.S. cells with prisoners. Valerie approaches one man. He is in his 30s, and is wearing an orange jumpsuit.

        MAN: Hey, Val. I've missed you.

        VALERIE: (looking down) Hello.

        Valerie sits across from the man.

        VALERIE: I've missed you, too.

        The man smiles at Valerie. The camera zooms out as they begin to talk.

        CUT TO:


        Riley and Graham are standing in line. Riley is holding two books.

        GRAHAM: So, what did you get? I never thought of you as much of a reader.

        RILEY: I got them as a favor for Sam.

        GRAHAM: (smiling) You're doing a lot of favors for Sam, lately.

        RILEY: Graham, we broke up. We're just friends.


        RILEY: No, we're not friends. We're just business partners.

        Graham looks down, embarrassed that he said anything.

        GRAHAM: Sorry, Riley.

        RILEY: No, you don't have to apologize.

        There is an awkward moment of silence.

        RILEY: Oh, I saw Melissa!

        GRAHAM: You did?

        RILEY: Yeah, she said she has to end it with Lain.

        GRAHAM: (smiling) Good. It's getting kind of awkward with us. Us three aren't really friends anymore, ever since I started sleeping with Melissa.

        RILEY: Yeah, I figured.

        Riley is smiling at Graham. They're friendship has obviously been hurt by their three months apart, and they are now just having small talk. Riley turns around and sees Abby standing across from him. Abby walks forward, closer to Riley.

        RILEY: Who are you?

        Graham turns around and doesn't see anyone there. Abby is just a hallucination.

        GRAHAM: Who are you talking to?

        Abby takes out a gun in Riley's mind, and shoots Riley in the stomach. Riley screams and falls to the floor. Graham runs to Riley, who is now withering in pain on the floor. Blood is gushing from his stomach. You then see Graham's point of view, and he looks fine. He wasn't really shot.

        GRAHAM: Riley! What's wrong?

        In Riley's point of view, he sees Abby smiling and walking away. Riley gathers up the courage, and stands up. Abby runs out of Bernie's Bookstore, and Riley runs after her.

        GRAHAM: Riley!

        CUT TO:


        Dean is still sitting next to the books, reading. Heather walks over to him.

        HEATHER: Dean.

        Dean looks up, surprised.

        DEAN: What do you want?

        HEATHER: We had a fight.

        DEAN: We did.


        DEAN: So?

        HEATHER: I want you to know that...I'm not going to apologize.

        DEAN: Good for you.

        HEATHER: I know that what you did was wrong.


        DEAN: Do you expect me to just agree with you?

        Heather just is standing there.

        DEAN: Do you expect me to apologize.

        HEATHER: I don't know.

        DEAN: Well, I'm not, okay?


        DEAN: I didn't do anything wrong.

        Dean stands up.

        DEAN: This place is boring. I'm definitely getting out of here.

        Dean starts walking to the door.

        HEATHER: But Dean!

        Dean turns around, aggravated.

        DEAN: What?!

        HEATHER: I don't want to be mad you.

        DEAN: Then don't.

        HEATHER: But...I have to stand for what I know is right.

        DEAN: Go right ahead.

        Dean walks out of the warehouse, leaving Heather sad. Intank stands up and walks out of the warehouse.

        INTANK: This place sucks.

        The only other person in the room now is Ryan.


        RYAN: Looks like it's just you and me now.

        HEATHER: Looks like.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? DAY

        Intank is walking down the street, and sees Jenny Gareth standing on the side of the street. Intank is surprised.

        JENNY: (smiling) Hello, Intank.

        INTANK: You're dead.

        NEIKI: (V/O) Hallucinations.

        Intank turns around to see Neiki standing next to him.

        NEIKI: Remember?

        INTANK: But, I thought I figured it out. I stopped loving you.

        JENNY: You were wrong.

        NEIKI: Virus overflowing.

        INTANK: What?

        JENNY: System malfunction.

        INTANK: What!?

        NEIKI: You were wrong. You don't love us. You haven't loved us for months.

        JENNY: It's all a lie.

        INTANK: What!?

        Suddenly, Jenny and Neiki are gone, leaving Intank stunned.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? PRESS ? DAY

        Salomie is at her desk, typing on her laptop. Logan walks over to Salomie.

        LOGAN: I have good news, Sally.

        SALOMIE: (annoyed) What?

        LOGAN: Oh, don't be like that. She deserved to be fired.

        SALOMIE: I don't want to argue.

        LOGAN: (smiling) Good.

        SALOMIE: The good news?

        LOGAN: Max is quitting.

        SALOMIE: What?! How is that good news?

        LOGAN: I was his second in command, meaning I am the editor of this paper.

        SALOMIE: (surprised) Really!? Congratulations!

        Salomie jumps up and hugs Logan.

        LOGAN: See how fast all that anger disappears?

        Salomie stops hugging Logan, smiling.

        SALOMIE: You're gonna do great things. Just don't fire so many people.

        Logan smiles.

        LOGAN: And I have more good news.

        SALOMIE: More!?

        LOGAN: I get a second in command. And I choose you.

        SALOMIE: Oh my god! Thank you!

        LOGAN: No problem, Sally. You are a fabulous writer.

        SALOMIE: (smiling) Thanks.

        LOGAN: And you're going to get an office.

        SALOMIE: But, you were second in command and you didn't get an office.

        LOGAN: They were making one. But, since I get Max's office, the new one goes to you.

        SALOMIE: Yes! I am so excited.

        LOGAN: I knew you would be.

        SALOMIE: Thanks so much.


        SALOMIE: (standing up) Well, I'm gonna leave the office now.

        LOGAN: Goodnight, Salomie.

        SALOMIE: Night,

        Salomie walks out of the press.

        END OF ACT III


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          ACT IV

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? STREET ? DAY

          Riley is chasing Abby down the street.

          GRAHAM: (V/O) Riley!

          You see Abby run into the mall, but it also seems to be closed. Riley runs to the doors of the mall. He tries to open the doors, but they are locked. He smashes the door open and runs into the mall.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? MALL ? DAY

          Riley runs into the mall. It is a huge mall, and there is a second floor, but Riley is only on the first floor. There are shops on both the right and the left, and there are some temporary stands in the middle of the mall. You see Abby is standing across from, Riley, only a few feet away. She is smiling.

          ABBY: Hello, Riley.

          RILEY: Who are you?

          ABBY: I'm your enemy.

          Abby starts circling Riley.

          RILEY: Why are you here? Why can I see you and no else can?

          ABBY: That's just how it is, Riley.

          RILEY: And how do you know my name?

          ABBY: No more questions, okay?

          RILEY: But ?

          Abby punches Riley, and he walks back a bit, stunned. Riley punches back, but his hand goes right through Abby, who just laughs.

          ABBY: (singing) I'm looking through you!

          Abby just starts laughing. Abby then kicks Riley back and punches him again. Riley gets mad and punches at Abby while she's laughing. The punch actually hits Abby and she stumbles back.

          ABBY: (laughing) Nice!

          Abby kicks Riley back, and then punches him twice.

          ABBY: But not good enough!

          Abby trips Riley, and he falls to the floor. Abby jumps on top of Riley, and starts chocking him.

          ABBY: I'm a slayer.

          Riley is fighting Abby, and he finally pushes her off of him. Riley jumps back up.

          RILEY: I thought slayers were good!

          Abby punches Riley back and then grabs him. She throws him across the room. He slides on the ground.

          ABBY: That's a crappy stereotype.

          Riley slowly starts to get up as Abby walks closer and closer to him.

          ABBY: Bring it!

          Abby punches Riley, but he blocks and then kicks Abby back. Abby does a roundhouse kick, and Riley falls to his knees. Abby prepares another punch, but while Riley is on his knees, he elbows Abby in the stomach. She gasps as Riley fully stands up and punches Abby back again.

          RILEY: I brought it.

          Abby kicks Riley in the face, and then headbutts him.

          ABBY: Not good enough!

          Abby punches Riley, and he goes flying. He smashes into one of the temporary stores set up, and it breaks. Riley is now covered in blood, and tired. He just lies there on the floor. Abby goes and walks over to him.

          ABBY: I won. What a surprise.

          Abby smiles at Riley.

          ABBY: Nice to meet you, Riley. Just wanted to get to know you. But, I promise you, you'll see me again.

          Riley looks scared.

          ABBY: See ya around.

          Abby walks away, leaving Riley tired and lying on the ground.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? WAREHOUSE ? DAY

          Heather and Ryan are sitting at the huge table, playing a card game.

          HEATHER: 1...2...3...WAR!

          Heather and Ryan slap down a card each. Heather's card is a 3, and Ryan's is a 4.

          HEATHER: (sighing; laughing) You win, again!

          RYAN: (smiling; taking both cards) I told you I was a master at this game, but you didn't listen.

          HEATHER: I'm sorry, I should've listened to you.

          RYAN: (laughing) Damn straight.

          HEATHER: 1...2...3...WAR!

          They each slap down another card as you hear the door open. You don't see their cards, but you hear Heather sigh again. The camera moves to show who's walking into the warehouse. It's Sam.

          HEATHER: (V/O) How do you always win!?

          RYAN: (V/O) It's magic.

          You can hear them laughing, but Sam's face as she walks in is a very sad face. You see Ryan and Heather turn to her.

          HEATHER: (smiling) Hey, Sam!

          RYAN: (noticing her face) You okay, Sam?

          SAM: Yeah, I'm fine.


          SAM: Where did you find those cards?

          RYAN: I brought them. I love playing Solitaire. But, I love War even more.

          HEATHER: And he rocks at it! He's been destroying me.

          RYAN: (taunting) It's a game of luck, Heather! I can't be good at it. Unless, ya know, I have amazing luck.

          Heather laughs.

          HEATHER: Ryan is awesome!

          RYAN: (sarcastic) Oh, I'm flattered!

          Sam sits down at the table.

          SAM: Yeah, that's great.

          HEATHER: Wanna play?

          SAM: Me? No. I'm fine.

          Sam looks around the warehouse.

          SAM: Where is everyone?

          HEATHER: Well, Riley got out of here after a fight with Intank. Graham followed Riley because he was bored. Dean and me had a fight, and he left. Salomie never showed up, and Intank said that this place sucked.

          SAM: You guys got in a fight?

          HEATHER: It's no big deal.

          RYAN: It is too a big deal!

          SAM: What was the fight about?

          RYAN: Dean is a werewolf, right? Well ?

          HEATHER: Ryan, its fine!

          Ryan closes his mouth.

          RYAN: It was about nothing.

          Sam looks down.

          SAM: Thanks for keeping me out of the loop.

          HEATHER: Sam, it's not like that ?

          SAM: No, it's fine.

          Sam stands up again.

          SAM: I need to get back to my house.

          Sam walks back to the warehouse door.

          CUT TO:


          Riley walks into the house, all bloody. He sees Intank sitting on the couch. Riley sighs.

          RILEY: You.

          INTANK: Hey, Riley.

          Intank stands up and walks next to Riley.

          INTANK: We need to talk.

          RILEY: Yeah, we really do.


          RILEY: Did you steal the chip?

          INTANK: (looking down) Yes.

          Riley takes a gun out of his back pocket and points it at Intank, who is completely shocked.

          INTANK: Woah! Calm down!

          RILEY: Why the hell would you do that!? After everything! I thought you were a good guy.

          INTANK: I am a good guy!

          RILEY: Why did you do it?

          INTANK: I.S. was going to kill everyone just to get that chip!

          RILEY: They're going to kill us anyway! The only difference is that we have some leverage with that chip!

          INTANK: No, they would be ruthlessly killing us all. We would be dead by now!

          RILEY: You gave it to I.S. to save us!?

          INTANK: Yes.

          Riley is shocked, and doesn't know what to say.

          RILEY: That's...idiotic!

          Intank looks down.

          INTANK: Probably...yeah.


          INTANK: I know that now. But, at least I had good intentions, ya know!?

          RILEY: You gave away the one thing that could've taken this company down.

          INTANK: There are going to be other ways!

          RILEY: Just when I stopped hating you, you do this. I was beginning to trust you, beginning to even like you. After what you did with Neiki...I admired you for that.

          Intank looks shocked.

          RILEY: And then you go and destroy everything. And I don't know what to think anymore.

          INTANK: Please know that I was just trying to keep everyone safe.

          Riley is shocked, and doesn't know what to say.

          INTANK: Believe me, Riley!

          RILEY: I believe you.


          INTANK: What?

          RILEY: I believe you.

          Intank looks shocked.

          RILEY: And I don't blame you.

          Riley looks directly into Intank's eyes.

          RILEY: I don't know. If this was a year or two ago, I would should you dead right now. But, I've changed...I guess. Nothing's black and white anymore. There's always grey.

          Riley puts down his gun.

          RILEY: No one else will ever know.

          INTANK: Thank you, Riley.

          Riley looks around, holding off tears.

          RILEY: I don't loathe you anymore.

          Intank smiles, and gives a little laugh.

          RILEY: But I don't like you.

          INTANK: I know.

          RILEY: Maybe I can learn to like you.

          INTANK: Maybe. And you have to trust me.

          RILEY: I think I do.

          Intank is shocked at Riley saying that.

          RILEY: I think I finally do.

          Riley walks to the door, and walks out of the house.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

          It has turned into night. "THE TIDE FALLS AWAY" by DAR WILLIAMS begins to play.

          I walked a spiraling village one night
          Drawn by the word of a bell or a light

          Sam is walking down the street, heading for home.

          Out on the flats saw it rose to a spire
          It all becomes clear as the tide falls away

          The camera moves to show Riley walking to Ian's bar and his home on the other side of the street.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? IAN'S BAR ? LOBBY ? NIGHT

          Parent and child and an ocean between
          One is not heard and the other not seen

          Riley walks into the open room in Ian's bar.

          Too many bottles but each had a message inside
          It all becomes clear as the tide falls away
          It all becomes clear as the tide falls away

          IAN: (V/O; from bar) Riley!? You home!?

          RILEY: Yeah, it's me, Ian.

          Lucky we are when the stars leave us singing
          A hymn or a dirge when the surge of the ocean
          Is gone, is gone

          You hear a shaking, and Riley almost falls to the ground. Riley runs outside to see what is happening.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? IAN'S BAR ? NIGHT

          And the old woman just stares at her hands
          So many heroes have crumbled to sand.

          You see vampires running across the town. There are at least ten of them, and at least half of them are feeding right now. Riley is shocked.

          All those cathedrals were merely by men
          It all becomes clear as the tide falls away
          It all becomes clear as the tide falls away

          The camera zooms in on Riley's shocked and sad face.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF ACT IV

          ROLL CREDITS

          END OF SONG

          END OF EPISODE


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            FEEDBACK IS GOOD!

            • This is my third on-time episode in a row! It seems like a new episode has been sprouting up every two weeks, always on a Sunday. Sorry, but that's about to change. Because....
            • THE NEXT EPISODE IS A CROSSOVER EPISODE WITH DARK AGES (KEVIN!). It's gonna be awesome. It will be epic. But, REMEMBER: if you don't read East Wick, read East Wick 1x06 "As Eden Falls" (Part I), because Riley 2x04 will be "As Eden Falls" (Part II). And you will be missing half of the story if you don't read it. READ IT.
            • This episode was approximately 45 pages long! That is relatively short compared to the first two episodes, both at 50/55 pages.
            • This episode introduces our big bad: Abby. Although, you could say I.S. is the big bad. But Abby and I.S. are nowhere near the same. You'll see
            • Marie, Graham, Riley...there wasn't much in this episode, only about 1 throwaway line, and no Marie. Don't worry, in 2.05 Marie will be in it, and will get more of that stuff. Plus, the episode where Marie gives birth will be sooner in expected aka this season aka in the second half of this season.
            • Intank and Riley....they're interesting. They're relationship will stay the same for awhile: trusting, not loathing, not liking. I really like it.
            • Salomie and Logan....yep, Logan could be called a jerk, but he isn't in my mind. We'll be seeing him a lot more this season.
            • No John this episode! Sorry, he just really didn't fit in.
            • Sam finding her father....she wasn't lying. She's not giving up.
            • Ryan's staying, yep.
            • Heather and Dean...rocky stuff. More on it in the crossover, even more in 2.05, and then it all goes to crap for them. Yes, that's right, they're not at crap yet