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  • RAIN: 1.05 Back to School

    This is a BtVS Spin-off that takes off a year and half after BtVS Season Seven when Willow used the scythe to activate the potential slayers all over the world.


    Episode: 1.05 “Back to School” - RE-EDIT IN PROGRESS -
    Written by: Beth (Obsessed)

    ~ ~ ~



    Carrying her book bag, RAIN exits the apartment building wearing a black sweatshirt jacket zipped up, black jeans and black sneakers. There are tints of blue highlights in her hair. Just as she is about to walk past MICHAEL’S HAVEN, she peers through the window observing NICK stocking the shelves with a wide selection of alcohol. A voice startles her from behind.

    MICHAEL: You’d rather work, eh?

    RAIN: (turns around quickly) Oh! Michael… umm… (Smiles softly) …yeah. (Beat) No stuck up rich teenagers to deal with. (Gives a small chuckle)

    MICHAEL: (grins back as the gentle wind blows his hair) You’ll be fine. This is your last year. After that, you can do anything you want.

    RAIN: (fidgets; plays with the bracelet she got for her birthday from BELLA) Right.

    There is a silence between them.

    MICHAEL: Is Bella picking you up?

    RAIN: (shakes her head) Oh no… I am gonna walk.

    MICHAEL: You know… I don’t need the SUV today. (Pulls out his keys out of his jeans) You’re welcome to it.

    RAIN: (puts her hands in her pocket; fidgets again) Oh… I couldn’t. I mean…

    MICHAEL: (Beat: smirks) Give those stuck up rich teenagers something to talk about?

    RAIN: (laughs; takes out her hand) Okay… thanks.

    MICHAEL: (gives her the keys) Well… I’ll see you this afternoon.

    RAIN nods and MICHAEL smiles back as he heads for restaurant. She climbs in the car with a small hint of excitement. Before RAIN turns the car on, she takes a moment to breathe in the leather. She’s never been in a new car other then BELLA’S. And she certainly never has driven a new one. With a smile, RAIN starts the ignition. She rolls down the window and turns on the radio. A tape inside the deck grabs her attention. RAIN pushes the play button and AC/DC’S ‘HIGHWAY TO HELL’ blares through the speakers. She smiles again and maps out her destination in her mind.

    The camera pans out of the car just as RAIN backs out of the side-parking curb and onto MAIN STREET heading towards HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL.

    CUT TO:


    CUT TO:


    BELLA is quickly getting ready for school as she puts on her earrings. Her stereo is on low in the background – it’s Ray Lamontagne’s cover of Crazy. She hums to the tune a little as she rummages for her books and organizes her bag.

    …Even your emotions had an echo
    In so much space…

    BELLA grabs her bag and leaves her room. The music follows her onto the landing; we continue to hear it softly in the background. Just before she makes her way to the stairs, she can hear her parents arguing from their bedroom.

    SHERIDAN: (muffled) She just ditched me on Thanksgiving... to be with that Mason girl! (Sees WARNER try to ignore her) Warner, don’t walk away from me!

    WARNER: Sheridan, Bella wanted a home cooked meal with her family. Granted I wasn’t there because of work but you just cancelled everything without any thought to how she might feel. So she went where she was wanted, to be with her friend.

    Very carefully, BELLA listens at the door. We hear:

    …Come on now
    Who do you
    Who do you think you are…

    SHERIDAN: That friend of hers... is not her family! (Beat) I made reservations!

    WARNER: (sighs) I don’t have time for this. I am going to be late for work.

    SHERIDAN: (whispers coldly) I don’t know why you insisted Bella and her become friends. I knew she would be trouble the day I saw her. (Beat; folds arms) I’ve had it, Warner. Enough is enough.

    WARNER: (firmly) I know Rain isn’t from a (searching for a word)... structured background but she offers something that Bella needs... substance.

    BELLA still listening in is surprised by what her father said.

    SHERIDAN: She is not what our daughter needs. (Beat) Bella needs more friends like... (Waves her hand)... Neeve Fournier... or better yet, Wade’s daughter... who was here last night... what’s her name?

    WARNER: (gives a soft chuckle) Bailey?

    SHERIDAN: They hit it off really well last night, don’t you think?

    WARNER: (crosses his brow) It was because you told her to... more like ordered her, really.

    SHERIDAN: I am serious, Warner. I want you to tell Isabella, she can no longer see Ms. Mason anymore. (Beat; nods) That will be her punishment for Thanksgiving.

    WARNER doesn’t respond.

    SHERIDAN: (ignores his statement) You’re not going to do anything are you?

    WARNER: (softly) They’ve been friends since they were kids. (Sighs) You can’t just- (Beat) Look, I’ll take away some of her privileges, all right. In fact, we’ll ground her for a week. How’s that?

    SHERIDAN: (mutters) She has you wrapped around her finger. Don’t you see how she plays you? (Eyes narrow) Acts like she’s daddy’s little girl.

    WARNER: Sheridan, you really hurt Bella’s feelings. Surely you can-

    SHERIDAN: (tired of fighting; mutters) -Make it two weeks.

    WARNER: Will that make you happy?

    SHERIDAN: Yes. Now, go tell her before she leaves for school.

    We hear:

    Woah Woah
    Bless your soul
    Do you really think that you're in control…

    With a flash, BELLA runs down the stairs but before she reaches the front door, WARNER calls for her. BELLA turns around.

    WARNER: (approaches her) I take it, you heard us.

    BELLA nods. He looks up the stairs and sees SHERIDAN watching them like a hawk. She starts to protest but WARNER gives her a look.

    WARNER: You’re grounded for two weeks. We’ll discuss the details later.

    He opens the door, to let her out and then leans over to whisper in BELLA’S ear.

    WARNER: One week, okay?

    BELLA: (whispers) Thanks daddy.

    WARNER: (softly) Now, you might want to slam the door to show mom you’re upset.

    BELLA: (grins) I can do that.

    Sure enough, BELLA slams the door. WARNER picks up his briefcase nearby, straighten his tie and glances back at his wife.

    WARNER: Well, capital punished has been assigned.

    SHERIDAN gives a pleasing smile and leaves. The music becomes slightly louder as the scene shifts to:

    CUT TO:


    MADELINE is dressed in a cr?me blouse and a black pinstripe skirt but it’s clear she is not herself as she stands before the French doors that open to the porch which can also be accessed from the living room. Crazy is now playing softly on her radio:

    …I remember when
    I remember, when I lost my mind…

    As she brings a cup of tea to her mouth, her hand shakes. She tries to control it but finds it to be a struggle. We hear:

    …And when you're out there
    Without care
    I was out of touch
    It wasn't because I didn't know enough
    I just knew too much…

    Soon, the phone rings, she drops the teacup as it crashes onto the wooden floor in slow motion. The radio cuts out abruptly. The camera pan to MADELINE’s frightened face then to the broken pieces while we hear the continuous ringing in the background.



    ~ ~ ~


    :: STARRING ::

    Rain Mason (Mila Kunis)
    Isabella ‘Bella’ Talmadge (Emily Van Camp)
    Michael Corbis (Michael Vartan)
    Madeline Blake (Bonnie Somerville)
    Nick Caro (Jason Behr)

    Edited by: SaltyGoodness & KingofCretins

    Disclaimer: The characters of AtS/BtVS belong to Joss Whedon,
    Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB and UPN. Original characters that weren’t on these shows belong to Odelia & me. Please do not take them without permission.
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    ACT I:


    While on her new cell phone, RAIN pulls into the school parking lot. We can hear it ringing on the other side of the line. After finding a place to park, she looks at the phone and we can see MADELINE BLAKE'S name with her phone number next to it. RAIN sighs as she hangs up.

    RAIN: (whispers) Where are you Madeline?

    RAIN grabs her bag and gets out of the car. Just as she's about to close the door, BELLA is standing behind her wearing a brown and pink striped LL BEAN polo shirt, jeans and sneakers.

    BELLA: (holding her school books; smirks) So, who did you steal this from?

    RAIN: (smirks) Michael.

    BELLA: (arches her brow admiring the SUV) Nice.

    RAIN: (closes car door) Yah.

    RAIN hastily looks at her watch.

    BELLA: (looks at RAIN questioningly) You're not late. (Beat) You got about ten minutes til class.

    RAIN: (unzips her jacket revealing, a MICHAEL'S HAVEN t-shirt underneath) I figure I'd give it ten seconds until there is a witch burning.

    BELLA: (laughs) Is that joke?

    RAIN gives a big grin.

    BELLA: You're sure in a good mood.

    RAIN: (with confidence) Nothing will defeat me; it's my new mantra.

    BELLA: Uh-huh. (Smirks) I think it's the car.

    RAIN: Maybe.

    BELLA: Have you talked to Madeline?

    RAIN: No, not since Thanksgiving dinner. I called her this morning. (Beat; with worry) I think something's wrong.

    BELLA: You can see her after school. In fact, you can drive to her apartment.

    RAIN: (nods with a realization) That's right, I can.

    BELLA: Well, you ready to face the music?

    RAIN: Everyday of my life.

    RAIN links arms with BELLA. Together they walk towards the school grounds and surely but slowly one by one the students start to whisper and point at them.

    CUT TO:


    Just as RAIN and BELLA opens their lockers, NEEVE and TRENT walks past them. She gives RAIN an evil grin in hopes to unnerve RAIN but it doesn't work.

    BELLA: Man, she's already loading the first bullet.

    RAIN doesn't say anything and shrugs. BELLA sees someone she knows. RAIN follows her eyes to a BLONDE who is talking to a group of students while taking her things out of her locker.

    RAIN: (pulls out a book) Who is that?

    BELLA: (looks over) Bailey Sorenson.

    RAIN: (arches brow) Wait? don't tell me her dad is?

    BELLA: Yep? Wade Sorenson, the actor.

    RAIN: Well? I'll be. (Smirks) I bet Neeve is just kicking herself now that someone is more famous than her here at Haven High.

    BELLA: Actually, they're friends.

    RAIN: (shoots a surprised look at BELLA) Seriously?

    BELLA: Yep.

    RAIN: (mutters) I bet they're glued to their plastic hips.

    Just as BELLA is about to respond, BAILEY walks towards her while RAIN retrieves her books from her locker and puts them in her bag.

    BAILEY: Bella.

    BELLA: Hey Bailey. How are you?

    BAILEY: I am good. (Turns to RAIN) You must be Rain. It's so nice to meet you.

    RAIN gives a surprised look at BELLA as she closes the locker. BAILEY inches over to her to shake her hand. The minute BAILEY is in close proximity of RAIN, the SLAYER feels a small electric shiver throughout her body but she quickly brushes it off.

    RAIN shakes BAILEY'S hand and feels her hand tingle as if they fell asleep.

    BAILEY: I hope we can get to know each other better. You're the talk of the town around here.

    RAIN rubs her hand as she gives BELLA another perturbed glance who in turn gives her an awkward smile.

    RAIN: (glances back to BAILEY) I would think you'd be the talk of the town, given who your father is.

    BAILEY: (grin) True, though I try not to let that get to me. (Beat) Bella and I are going to dancing tonight, you game?

    RAIN: (quickly masks her hurt feelings) I? I didn't realize you made plans for the night.

    BELLA: (oblivious to RAIN'S emotions; turns to BAILEY) Actually, I can't. My dad grounded me.

    RAIN: (surprised) Why were you grounded?

    BELLA: Thanksgiving.

    RAIN nods in realization she is referring to BELLA ditching her mother on Thanksgiving.

    BAILEY: (frowns) Bummer. (To RAIN) You're still welcome to join me. As I said, I'd like to get to know you. (Flashes a smile) Any friend of Bella is a friend of mine.

    RAIN: (whispers) Umm? thanks but I have a lot of homework to do.

    BAILEY: Perhaps another time, when you're homework-free? (RAIN involuntarily nods) All right then, it was very nice meeting you. (Faces BELLA; smirks) Maybe I can arrange a golf date between our fathers, see if it'll lighten your sentence.

    BELLA: (rolls her eyes) Actually, it's my mother who is the warden but thanks for trying.

    BAILEY: (nods) Gotcha. All right then. Well, I guess I'll see you guys later? (With a wave) Ta-ta.

    RAIN: (mutters) Ta.

    BAILEY departs leaving RAIN feeling uncertain about BELLA'S new friend.

    BELLA: (notice RAIN is standoffish) What's wrong?

    RAIN: You didn't give me the impression you're friends with her.

    BELLA: Not really. I mean, we never hung out until last night. Dad had a dinner guest last night... of all people... Wade Sorenson and he brought Bailey. (shrugs) Apparently they're frat brothers. (With a cheesy smile and a small fist) Go Kappa Sigma.

    RAIN: (monotone; without emotion) I see.

    BELLA: Rain, what's wrong?

    RAIN: I just... I thought we were going to do homework at my place tonight... sort of celebrate my first day back in prison but apparently you cancelled our plans and forgot to tell me.

    BELLA: I'm sorry. In all honesty, I did forget about our plans. (Beat; realizes RAIN is really hurt) Look, after dinner our fathers took off to reminisce over cigars and drinks. So I had to entertain Bailey, well mom practically insisted.

    BELLA sees a look on RAIN's face.

    BELLA: (Defensive) You know how these things go. It's not like I had a choice. (Beat) Besides, it turned out Bailey is actually pretty cool. When we hung out in my room, Bailey saw the new CD you gave me, we started talking about music. From there, I told her about the new club that's opening tonight. She asked me to take her. I figured she's new to Haven. It's not like she has any friends here. (Looks down) (Beat; shrugs) Besides, it doesn't matter. This morning, mom made dad ground me, so those plans are thrown out the window anyway.

    RAIN: (glances over at BAILEY who is now laughing with a group of football players) I don't think making friends is a problem for her.

    BELLA: Her father is a celebrity. So of course she's gonna have stalkers. I mean, look at them. (Gestures) They're practically groping at her. They're not really her friends, if you ask me. (Beat) Rain, I know you just met but give her a chance, okay?

    RAIN doesn't give her an answer.

    BELLA: (soft smile) I assure you Bailey is nothing like Neeve and her crowd.

    RAIN: It's not that. I had this weird feeling when we shook hands. It felt (whispers) supernaturally strange, you know?

    BELLA: (disbelief) You're serious?

    RAIN: (bites her lip) I am.

    BELLA: Well, don't you have to find proof first? I mean before you start accusing people they're supernaturally strange?

    RAIN: (shrugs) I only know how to kill vampires and the occasional demon. (Lowers her head; slightly kicks her locker) Madeline does the research stuff and she's not talking to me. (Beat) I guess? I'll just have to call her on my cell again.

    BELLA: You're really going to pursue this?

    RAIN: (meekly) Yes.

    BELLA: (folds her arms) It's probably just static electricity.

    RAIN: (shakes her head) I dunno? I felt it just as she approached me and then again when we shook hands.

    BELLA: (sighs) Just because you're a slayer and a witch doesn't mean every weird occurrence is a supernatural one.

    RAIN is hurt that BELLA doesn't believe her.

    BELLA: Well, I think because it's your first day back here and you're itching to think there's something wrong.

    RAIN: (nods) Yeah? you're right.

    RAIN looks down and then back at BELLA. There is an awkward silence between them. Soon after, they give each other apologetic faces and a young AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMAN briskly walks near RAIN almost bumping into her.

    WOMAN: Oh, dear I am so sorry.

    RAIN: It's all right, Mrs. Hayes.

    MRS. HAYES looks up and smiles softly.

    MRS. HAYES: Welcome back Ms. Mason. It's good to see you.

    RAIN grins.

    MRS. HAYES: (sarcastically) I know. It's good to be back. (Beat; RAIN smirks) Have you seen Principal Reyers?

    RAIN: No.

    MRS. HAYES: He wants to see you before your first class.

    RAIN: (sighs) Okay.

    RAIN turns to BELLA who gives her an assuring smile.

    BELLA: (quickly) Let me know how it goes with Ray-gun. (Uses a robot like voice to RAIN) Noth-ing will de-feat me. Noth-ing will de-feat me.

    RAIN rolls her eyes while MRS. HAYES shakes her head as she walks toward the office.

    BELLA: (nudges RAIN; grins) Well, you don't keep your boyfriend waiting. You know how he antsy he gets.

    RAIN glares at BELLA and exits the hallway.

    CUT TO:


    PRINCIPAL REYERS is sitting at his desk fumbling looking for RAIN'S file. She patiently waits for him. He finds her file and straightens his ?STAR WARS' print tie.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: First off, welcome back, Ms. Mason.

    RAIN: Thank you.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: How are you doing?

    RAIN: Fine.

    RAIN sees he isn't satisfied with her answer.

    RAIN: I am adjusting? you know? (Whispers)? considering.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: I know that you're on your own and you're of age. (Pause) With everything that you've been through, I believe that it's imperative that you see the school guidance counselor on a weekly basis until further notice.

    RAIN tries hard not to give him an attitude.

    RAIN: Sir, is this really necessary?

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: In spite of what the students think, I care about them. (Beat) I believe you have a lot of potential, Ms. Mason.

    He pauses again and pulls out a sketchbook from the bottom drawer.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: Go ahead, check it out.

    RAIN opens it and is dumbfounded by what she sees; beautiful drawings of comic book heroes and villains.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: (points to the sketchbook) That's my dream.... to be a comic book artist. (Chuckles to himself) I know? what am I doing here? (Pauses) The thing is? as ironic as this sound, I love being a principal. I am content here. (Pauses again) You? however? are not.

    RAIN looks down.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: I see the look on your face when you look at my drawings. It lights up. It radiates. (RAIN glances up) I've seen how passionate you are when you paint in the school studio. (Her eyes start to water) You feel like you belong there, with charcoal on your face, paint flecks in your hair and clay in your fingernails.

    A tear falls down RAIN'S cheek. He pulls out a pamphlet from the top drawer and tosses it to her.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: Haven University has an excellent art program. I think you should apply. You can talk to the guidance cousnelor about this. (Beat) So be sure to see her sometime today, okay?

    She quickly wipes her eyes before picking up the pamphlet. Then RAIN puts it in her bag not really sure what to think. PRINCIPAL REYERS writes RAIN an excused note for her first class. She gets up, still overwhelmed by what he had just said.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: Rain? (Pauses)? I know you're better than this. I know it.

    Dumbfounded by what just happen, RAIN just stands there, unsure what to do with herself. He hands her a tissue but she doesn't take it. She quickly exits the office, closes the door and leans against it releasing all of her emotions with a big sigh.

    CUT TO:


    RAIN is in the art studio, standing before a charcoal drawing of a tree tacked on a wall. An ART TEACHER walks in carrying a portfolio, sees RAIN observing the drawing.

    ART TEACHER: (puts the portfolio on his desk; his name plate reads JOSEPH TOSTI; looks over to RAIN) I remember when you drew that. It amazes me how much you captured the trunk and the branches but you didn't draw the leaves.

    RAIN: (whispers) I saw just the tree itself.

    MR. TOSTI: (nods) Bare naked. You strip whatever you see away, show it for what it really is; that's what I love about your work.

    RAIN looks down, doesn't reply.

    MR. TOSTI: (leans against a table near him; folds his arms) Is there something on your mind, Rain?

    RAIN: Reyers wants me to go Haven University, pursue an art degree.

    MR. TOSTI: (nods again) Sounds like a good idea. I take it you don't want to do it?

    RAIN: (sighs; turns to MR. TOSTI) I just? I wonder if there is a point to it.

    MR. TOSTI: What do you mean?

    RAIN: (shrugs) I dunno? I just think that I am wasting my time when it's obvious I am not going to have a future doing this.

    MR. TOSTI: The Rain I met three years ago, was very passionate about art, as it if was in her veins, her blood.

    RAIN: You sound like Reyers. He gave me the same speech earlier.

    MR. TOSTI: In spite of his rather large but bizarre collection of Buck Rogers memorabilia, he's right about you. (Beat) You need to find yourself again. You're just a little lost, that's all.

    RAIN holds tears back a bit.

    MR. TOSTI: Shall I write you a pass, considering you're late for your first class?

    RAIN nods as he hands her a note.

    RAIN: (arches brow) Buck Rogers?

    MR. TOSTI: Like I said, bizarre.

    RAIN laughs. When she approaches the doorway, she sees MR. TOSTI tending to his portfolio, taking out drawings and paintings of his artwork.

    RAIN: Mr. Tosti...

    MR. TOSTI: (looks up)

    RAIN: Thanks.

    MR. TOSTI: (looks up) Sure thing, kid.

    CUT TO:


    Just before RAIN opens the door, she takes a deep breath and opens it. RAIN'S eyes widen at her teacher who is writing on the black board. It's her WATCHER, MADELINE.

    MADELINE: Good morning, Ms. Mason. You're late.

    The camera pans to RAIN'S face with her jaw dropped.

    CUT TO:


    RAIN is tapping her pen against the desk anxiously watching the clock while MADELINE is writing the homework assignment on the board. Within moments, the school bell rings.

    MADELINE: (rushing) The report due in two weeks. I suggest you start reading the book tonight.

    All of the students but RAIN get up immediately with their backpacks and bolt for the door. RAIN sits still for a minute, continuously tapping her pen on the desk.

    MADELINE: (looks up at RAIN; swallows) You're going to be late for your next class.

    RAIN doesn't respond.

    MADELINE: (nods) Right, you don't care.

    RAIN: (scoffs; picks up her bag and approaches MADELINE) So? when were you planning to tell me your my English teacher?

    MADELINE: (sighs) I wanted to wait? until things were right between us. (Beat; points out) I wasn't sure if you wanted me to be your Watcher.

    RAIN shakes her head at the idea of MADELINE being her English teacher.

    RAIN: It would have been nice if you told me? at least warn me before I freaked out in front of the class like that. (Beat; mutters) Wouldn't have mattered anyway, they think I am a freak.

    MADELINE: (defensive; softly) Look? I knew I was going to teach at Haven High School. Mr. Giles told me that much but I honestly didn't know I was going be your teacher until I read the roll call sheet and I saw your name. (Nods to herself) Course, that was a few weeks ago.

    RAIN: (moves closer to MADELINE) You wonder why I don't trust you? (Beat; points to the situation) This is why.

    MADELINE: I'm sorry, you're right. I should have been upfront with you.

    RAIN: (softly) And you? haven't returned my calls since Thanksgiving. (Beat) What's going on with you?

    MADELINE: (shows signs of nervousness; walks around her desk) I know you don't care but you're going to be late for class on your first day back.

    RAIN: (stands her ground) No. (Beat; folds her arms) You want me to trust you? Then tell me why you haven't called me back.

    MADELINE: (imploring) Rain, please.

    RAIN: (inches closer; with great concern) Mad, I know something is wrong with you. I can feel it. Just tell--

    MADELINE: (brushes her off) --I really need to prepare for my next class.

    RAIN: (protests) But I-

    MADELINE: --I know you're not thrilled I am your teacher but please respect me in the classroom. (Beat) Now go.

    RAIN turns for the door.

    MADELINE: And Ms. Mason? on school grounds, my name is Ms. Blake.

    RAIN nods. MADELINE opens a book and pretends to prepare for the next class. Just before leaving the classroom, RAIN sees how tired MADELINE appears and leaves into the disappearing crowd. MADELINE looks over to where RAIN was standing and lets out a sigh. Soon, MADELINE'S hand starts to shake and tries to stop her hand from trembling by grabbing it. She pulls her hand close to her chest as her eyes start to water.

    CUT TO:


    RAIN leans against a row of lockers in deep thought. She sees BAILEY walking down the hallway in her direction. Soon, RAIN starts to feel the same electric zap she experience earlier. BAILEY acknowledges her with an eerie smile as RAIN stares back. The camera pans to RAIN'S hand as it crushes the electricity into smoke while she watches BAILEY enter the bathroom nearby. RAIN makes a decision to follow her but a voice startles her from behind. It's MRS. HAYES with a smirk on her face.

    RAIN: Hey, Mrs. Hayes.

    MRS. HAYES: Why aren't you in class?

    RAIN: (thinks of a lame excuse) I? forgot where it is?

    MRS. HAYES: (grins softly) Shall I point you in the right direction?

    RAIN: No, I can google it.

    MRS. HAYES: (chuckles) Good one. (Beat) Let's go to the office and I'll write you a late excuse, hmm?

    RAIN: Really?

    MRS. HAYES: I am not going to send you to the dungeon on your first day, dear. (Puts her arm around RAIN) Come on now.

    RAIN: Thanks.

    As they walk down the hallway, they pass the bathroom door. RAIN looks over her shoulder staring at it thinking of BAILEY. Soon, MRS. HAYES and RAIN cut around the corner heading towards the office.

    Eventually we hear creepy music softly playing in the background. The camera moves backwards, around the corner and back to the bathroom door.

    CUT TO:


    The camera pans to each bathroom stall leading up to the last one. Then it hangs itself over the stall where we can see BAILEY sitting on the toilet with a worn out photo album in her lap. She flips through it where we can see pictures of various students of HAVEN HIGH, including a photo strip of NEEVE with her boyfriend TRENT along with their names written down with a purple gel pen.

    BAILEY turns to a blank page and adds a school newspaper clipping inside the plastic insert. As the camera pans closer to the newspaper article, we can see a photo of RAIN holding on to an award standing in front of a painting of a woman. The headline reads: ?Freshman RAIN MASON wins HAVEN HIGH art contest.'

    She closes the album allowing the camera pan to the cover where we can see a symbol that was scribbled on with a permanent marker. With the same eerie smile, she chants a few words in Latin watching the symbol glow.


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      ACT II


      RAIN and BELLA are sitting together eating their lunch alone away from the rest of the school crowd.

      BELLA: (munching on a chip) Madeline’s your English teacher?

      RAIN: (sips her bottled water; bitterly) Yep.

      BELLA: What? She doesn’t think you have enough lessons on how to be a slayer?

      RAIN: She wants me to call her Ms. Blake.

      BELLA: (winces) Yikes.

      RAIN: I just wish Mad was honest with me. I mean, she is my Watcher. Aren’t they suppose have a moral code of honor or something?

      BELLA: Well, you said she wasn’t sure if she was going to be Watcher. She probably was uncertain how you’d react.

      RAIN: (nods) I guess. (Beat) I tried to get her to talk to me about why she’s been neglecting my phone calls but she pushed me away.

      BELLA: (munches on another chip) Obviously there is something personal going on in her life. Maybe she needs to be alone.

      RAIN: I guess so.

      A WHITE YOUNG MAN proudly displaying piercings and tattoos emerges from the other side of the cafeteria. He makes a small commotion as he approaches a FOOTBALL PLAYER. RAIN and BELLA turn to see them. They observe the YOUNG MAN looking over his shoulder has he slips something in the FOOTBALL PLAYER’S hand who in turn slips him money. Quickly they depart in separate directions without drawing attention from the staff.

      RAIN: (arches her brow; turns back to BELLA) I thought Ari was expelled?

      BELLA: (nods) Yeah, he still is but manages to sneak on campus to sell. (Looks over and sees ARI now dealing with a cheerleader; moans) He still hasn’t heard of a shower. (Shudders) I just can’t stand that guy.

      RAIN: You and me both.

      Soon, PRINPICAL REYERS walks towards RAIN and BELLA.

      BELLA: (smirks; nods in PRINPICAL REYERS’ direction) Your boyfriend, six o’clock.

      RAIN quickly looks over and sees PRINICPAL REYERS. She rolls her eyes at BELLA.

      PRINCIPAL REYERS: Ms. Mason, have you seen the guidance counselor?

      RAIN: (low voice) No I haven’t.

      PRINCIPAL REYERS: I think now is a good time, don’t you think?

      RAIN nods, picks up her bag and bids a small wave good-bye to BELLA as she leaves for the GUIDANCE COUNSELOR’S office. PRINCIPAL REYERS watches RAIN leave and sees two FRESHMAN STUDENTS fighting nearby.

      PRINCIPAL REYERS: Hey! You two, stop that!

      FIRST STUDENT But, sir! He’s got my new X-Men comic!

      PRINCIPAL REYERS: MR. PRITCHETT! (Striding over and pulling them apart) Give that to me!

      PRINCIPAL REYERS grabs the comic out of PRITCHETT’S hand and glares at both of them. They back off. PRINCIPAL REYERS shrugs a little and smiles with expectation as he opens the comic and begins to read.

      CUT TO:


      Just before RAIN enters the admissions office she sees BAILEY talking to the DRAMA TEACHER. RAIN inch back a bit and doesn’t let them see her as they exchange conversation.

      DRAMA TEACHER: I am sorry I know you’re new here but you missed the deadline to audition for the talent show.

      BAILEY: Ms. Stafford, do you know who my father is?

      MS. STAFFORD: (sighs) I am well aware who your father is but it still doesn’t change my answer. (Beat) It’s not fair to the other students who missed the deadline. If I let you audition, then I’d have to let them audition as well. Do you understand?

      BAILEY: (touches the MS. STAFFORD’S arm) I understand but if my father came in to talk to the drama class, would that change your mind?

      RAIN arches her brow as she sees the MS. STAFFORD’S demeanor start to change.

      MS. STAFFORD: (blinks blankly; confused) Well… I… I guess.

      BAILEY: Thank you, Ms. Stafford.

      MS. STAFFORD: (still feeling uncertain of what she just said) Ugh… yeah… of course. (Nods to herself) I… I look forward to working with you and meeting your father.

      While MS. STAFFORD rubs her head and turns around for drama class, BAILEY walks away with a smile unaware RAIN has been watching her. RAIN looks towards the admissions office, acknowledging she is supposed to see the GUIDANCE COUNSELOR.

      RAIN: (whispers) Sorry, Ray-gun, I got a supernatural crisis to attend to.

      CUT TO:


      MADELINE enters the classroom but she stops short when she sees a wrapped gift on her desk. Cautiously she looks over her shoulder, searching for someone who might have left the gift. As she walks toward the desk, she puts down her briefcase and sits on the chair. MADLINE picks up the box, nervously examining it.

      She takes a deep breath and slowly opens the gift. MADELINE gasps in horror at what’s inside.

      Just as RAIN is about to enter the classroom she pulls herself away as she sees MADELINE tossing the box in the trash and starts sobbing.
      RAIN bites her lip and backs away. She pulls out her phone. The camera pans to RAIN’S phone decorated with skulls in black and crystal gemstones. She starts typing a message to BELLA through text messaging:

      RAIN: I need to talk to you.

      BELLA: I can’t. I am in Drill Sergeant McCoy’s class. Gotta go, McCoy is doing roll call.

      Agitated RAIN leans against a row of lockers and sighs wondering what her next step should be.

      RAIN: (without realizing it, she whispers to herself) What would Buffy do?

      CUT TO:


      RAIN puts her hand over the lock. Blue electricity trickles over her hand as she closes her eyes. She looks over her shoulder, making sure there is no one around. RAIN opens the locker with ease.

      RAIN: (whispers to herself) Buffy couldn’t do that.

      She starts to examine the contents inside the locker. Then she makes a face when she realizes she pulled out a hair weave from one of the makeup bags.

      RAIN: (throws it back) Ugh. (mutters) Figures; fake hair to go with that fake personality.

      Soon, she finds the same photo album that BAILEY was using in the bathroom earlier. RAIN admires the handwritten symbol on it. She arches her brow as she opens it and is stunned at what she sees.

      RAIN: So, this is how you’re making friends… with a little voo-doo magic, eh? (mutters) Lame.

      Quickly, she draws the symbol on a crumbled up receipt she had in her pocket. Without to RAIN’S knowledge, NEEVE is walking down the hallway. She inches back as she sees RAIN. With a smile NEEVE pulls out her phone taking a picture of RAIN putting the scrapbook back in BAILEY’S locker.

      NEEVE: (whispers) Gotcha.

      CUT TO:


      CUT TO:


      RAIN is sitting at the bar in front of opened school books obsessively re-tracing over the symbol that she drew earlier. A couple of waitresses are serving a few customers while NICK is pouring a drink.

      NICK: (hands the drink to a waitress; turns to RAIN) Thinking of getting a tat?

      RAIN: Huh?

      NICK: (smirks) I like it. I could see you getting one… (Gestures; raises brow) maybe on the lower part of your back.

      RAIN: Excuse me?

      NICK: No? Maybe on the neck? (Picks up the drawing) I think it’s sexy.

      RAIN: (snatches it back) It’s not a tattoo, okay?

      NICK: Sorry. Just making conversation.

      RAIN: (sighs) No, its fine. I just… I have to do something but I don’t know what it is.

      NICK grabs a couple of beers bottles and hands it to another waitress.

      NICK: (nods, trying to listen) Right. You have to do something but you don’t know what it is.

      RAIN: (annoyed) Are you going to repeat everything I say?

      NICK: (throws a towel over his shoulder) I am sorry, continue.

      RAIN: (whispers) I’ve always been okay on my own as a slayer, you know? I knew what to do; stake the vamps. It’s cut and dry. Then all of the sudden I am a witch too and I have a boss to answer to… well three really, if you think about it. And Madeline does the research stuff not me and I--

      NICK: (confused; interrupts) --Wait… three, bosses? I mean… (Counting)… there is Michael and Madeline. How is that three?

      RAIN: (mutters; snooty voice) Rupert Giles, Madeline’s boss. I guess that makes him he’s my boss too.

      NICK: (still confused) Okay, so what’s the problem?

      RAIN: I’ve never done research. I am not the research type. I don’t even like history!

      NICK: (Beat) Umm… why don’t you talk to Madeline?

      RAIN: (shoots him a look) Don’t you think I tried that?

      NICK: (nods to MICHAEL who has emerged from the kitchen holding on to two plates of pasta) Well, I think your other boss, might be able to help you with the research stuff.

      RAIN: (shakes her head) No, I am going to take a breather from all of this. I am gonna hit that new club that’s opening tonight.

      NICK: Uhh… Rain, don’t you think you should-

      Before NICK could finish his sentence, RAIN bolts out of the restaurant. After serving a couple, MICHAEL sees NICK staring at the entrance.

      MICHAEL: (approaches the bar) I am not paying you to stare at the door, Nick.

      NICK: Oh, sorry boss. Rain just left.

      MICHAEL: (picks up her notebook) Doesn’t look like she finished her homework. (Beat) Did she say when she’d be back?

      NICK: Nope.

      MICHAEL observes the drawing near NICK and picks it up.

      MICHAEL: What’s this?

      NICK: Oh, Rain drew that. I thought it was a tat but apparently its not. (Leans in; whispers) I think Rain is watching too much Charmed, you know… now that she’s a newbie witch.

      MICHAEL blankly stares back at NICK.

      MICHAEL: Charmed?

      NICK: You know… that TV show, with Holly Marie Combs? It’s about three hot sisters; all witches unite to fight the forces of darkness.

      MICHAEL: (monotone) Right. (Puts the napkin in his pocket) I’ll be in my office.

      NICK: Sure thing boss. (Smirks) Holly... mm.

      CUT TO:


      CUT TO:


      RAIN is in the middle of the dance floor. It’s been a couple of weeks since she’s been at a club last yet she feels right at home. Soon, she goes to the bar and orders a drink. Just as the bartender hands her the drink, she accidently spills it on someone. She looks up and discovers its NEEVE.

      NEEVE: Watch where you’re going freak!

      RAIN: (caught off guard) Neeve… hey. (Beat) I want to say I am sorry but then I wouldn’t mean it.

      NEEVE: (shakes her arms) Do you know how much this dress cost me?

      RAIN: (amused) Which card did you use; your father’s or your mother’s?

      NEEVE: (offended) Are you on some kind of mission to destroy people like us?

      RAIN: (nods sarcastically) Yes, I make it my personal mission to destroy people like you. (Beat) Neeve, honestly do you really think I care about the spoiled brats of Haven High?

      NEEVE: Are you sure about that? (Beat) I mean… I did see you taking stuff from Bailey’s locker. (Arches her brow) Are you trying to do some kind of hex on her?

      RAIN: (tries to play it cool) And what you’re gonna burn me at stake? This isn’t Salem, Neeve. (Beat; sees NEEVE isn’t amused) Well, did you get it on camera? You do you have proof of this so-called robbery?

      NEEVE: (Pulls out her phone; plays with it a bit) I love this phone. My mother got it for me because it has a camera. She wanted me to take pictures wherever I went, keep her precious daughter on a leash. (Beat) The irony is I’ve caught my mother red-handed with the pool guy. It’s good for blackmail, you know?

      RAIN: You’re gonna blackmail me? With what? My monopoly money?

      NEEVE: (sneers) No, freak. As if you have anything I want. (Smirks) It’s good for public humiliation. One press of this button and this picture is sent to everyone on my mailing list; everyone including Principal Reyers.

      RAIN: (puzzled) Why do you have the principal on your mailing list?

      NEEVE rolls her eyes.

      RAIN: (RAIN shrugs lightly) Well, not that it’s any of your business; I never took anything from her locker.

      NEEVE: So you admit you went through her stuff?

      RAIN: This is pointless. I don’t have to answer to you.

      RAIN turns to leave. NEEVE dials on her phone as she watches RAIN enter the bathroom.

      NEEVE: She’s here.

      CUT TO:


      A few minutes later, RAIN comes out of the bathroom, looking anxious at the idea of bumping into NEEVE or BAILEY. RAIN scans the crowd, listening to the techno dance music. She moves a bit, enjoying the beat but she comes at a stop as she witnesses a familiar face.

      RAIN: No way.

      RAIN pushes through the crowd. Halfway on the dance floor, RAIN is taken back as she stares at a complete stranger. The camera travels to the stranger’s legs and to her face, revealing it to belong to BELLA sporting a new look; skin tight black shirt and black leather pants. Her blonde hair with red highlights has been teased and her eyes are caked with grey eyes shadow as well as black eye-liner. In addition, BELLA appears to be seductively dancing with ARI, the student that was expelled from HAVEN HIGH for distributing drugs.

      BELLA starts to make out with ARI who is holding on to a cigarette. She helps herself to it and takes a long drag, then blows smoke in his face. ARI laughs.

      RAIN: (whispers in shock) Bella?


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        ACT III


        Immediately, RAIN pulls BELLA away from ARI.

        RAIN: What are you doing here? I thought you were grounded.

        BELLA: I am. I snuck out.

        RAIN: Why didn’t you call me? I would have met you.

        BELLA: (leans too close to RAIN’s face) Well, you’re here now. (Flashes a smile) So no big.

        RAIN: (winces at BELLA’s breath) Good god, Bella. Did you swim in a vat of vodka?

        BELLA: (rolls her eyes) What are you, the alcohol police?

        RAIN: (hurt) Bella.

        BELLA: I am just having fun, all right?

        RAIN: But like this? It’s not like you.

        BELLA rolls her eyes.

        RAIN: (ignores her) You’re dressed like a two-dollar whore! Where did you get your outfit; from the hookers around the corner? (Gestures to ARI who is a few feet away waiting for BELLA to return to him) And earlier today, you told me you couldn’t stand the guy!

        BELLA: (shrugs) He’s kinda funny, once you get to know him. Besides, it’s not like we’re exclusive.

        RAIN: (confused by BELLA’S behavior) He’s not even your type! And-and… he stinks!

        ARI: (puts his arms around BELLA) Izzie babe, are we gonna dance or what?

        RAIN: (taken back) Izzie?

        BELLA: (giggles) It’s his pet name for me.

        The thought of BELLA with this guy made RAIN’S stomach churn.

        RAIN: (Swallows) That’s… nice. (Beat) Bella can I talk to you for a minute… privately?

        BELLA: Yeah sure. Ari, could you get me some water?

        ARI: All right, babe.

        He gives BELLA a kiss forcing RAIN to disgustingly look away. Moments later, the girls turn to each other.

        RAIN: What’s going on with you?

        BELLA: Nothing. As I said before, I am just having fun.

        RAIN: (Softly) I just think you should take it easy tonight. Why don’t we go to my place, sober you up real good and I’ll take you back home.

        BELLA: (steps back) I want to stay.

        RAIN: Bella, you’re parents are going to hit the roof if they see you like this and they’ll think I had something to do with it.

        BELLA: Don’t worry. I am not gonna get caught.

        RAIN: I am only thinking of you. I just don’t want you to do something you’ll regret.

        A voice grabs RAIN and BELLA’s attention.

        BAILEY: (steps between RAIN and BELLA) I believe Izzie wants to stay.

        RAIN: This has nothing to do with you, Bailey. This is between me and my friend.

        Once again RAIN starts to feel an electric current in BAILEY’S presence. The lyrics to the latest song playing become audible as RAIN and BAILEY eye each other up: it’s a hard and dark techno mix of MUSE’s ‘SUNBURN’:

        …She burns like the sun
        And I can't look away
        And she'll burn our horizons make no mistake…

        BAILEY: Well, if you care about Bella, you’d let her do what she wants, right?

        RAIN: (ignores BAILEY) Bella, let’s go.

        BAILEY: (touches BELLA’s shoulder) You know what, Bella? I’d like to check out Club Haven after all, shall we go? I mean, the night is young.

        BELLA: (slowly nods at BAILEY) Yeah… the night is young.

        BELLA shoots a confusing look at RAIN.

        RAIN: Bella?

        BELLA: (uncertain) I want to go… with… Bailey.

        At that moment, RAIN realizes BELLA is under BAILEY’S control. RAIN bites her lip angrily.

        RAIN: (with hostility; glares at BAILEY) I should have known. You did something to her too, didn’t you?

        BAILEY: (pretends to be bewildered) What are you talking about?

        RAIN: (gets in BAILEY’s face) I know you did something, bitch. Now get out of my way.

        BAILEY: (throws her hands up) No problem.

        Before BAILEY moves, she slightly touches BELLA’s arm without RAIN noticing.

        RAIN: (inches toward BELLA) Let’s go home.

        BELLA: (with a sudden rush of emotion) Back off, Spaz! I am not going anywhere with you!

        A few PEOPLE dancing nearby look over to the GIRLS. We hear:

        …No-one ever dared
        To break these endless lies…

        She burns like the sun
        And I can't look away…

        RAIN: (ignores BELLA’S outburst; softly) This isn’t you. It’s her. She’s controlling you.

        BELLA: No! You’re controlling me.

        RAIN: (pleads) Bella, please. You don’t mean it.

        BAILEY pushes pass RAIN and turns to BELLA.

        BAILEY: Shall we take this girl’s night out, elsewhere?

        BELLA: (with a vacant look in her eyes) Yeah, sure.

        RAIN’S hand starts to tingle again and this time, she lets a small blue flame burst in her hand. Slowly, she lets the flame move around through her fingers as if she was playing with a marble.

        Within seconds, a bulky MAN approaches and RAIN quickly douses the flame.

        MAN: Ladies, everything okay?

        RAIN realizes the MAN is a bouncer.

        RAIN: (darkly) Everything is just… dandy. Right, Bailey?

        BAILEY: (frowns; points at RAIN) Actually, no. My friend and I are trying to leave but she won’t let us.

        BOUNCER: (turns to RAIN) Perhaps it would be best if you leave, mmm?

        RAIN doesn’t respond.

        BOUNCER: Let’s go, miss.

        The BOUNCER inches closer to RAIN and takes her arm. She jerks it, forgetting the strength of her slayer powers pushes him and knocks him down. The commotion grabs the surrounding dancers’ attention. BAILEY’S eyes widen at RAIN’S strength while BELLA looks on blankly.

        BAILEY: What the hell are you doing?!

        Just as RAIN is about to reach for BELLA’S arm, another bouncer grabs her and picks her up.

        RAIN: (hits the bouncer’s back) Put me down!

        The SECOND BOUNCER puts her down but quickly grabs her arm while the FIRST BOUNCER grabs the other. RAIN tries to break free as they drag her across the dance floor where all of the dancers are watching the whole scenario including NEEVE and ARI.

        RAIN: (looks over her shoulder) Bella! Help me!

        BELLA looks down feeling indecisive just as BAILEY once again puts her arm around her.

        RAIN: (shouts) I will stop you, Sorenson! I promise you that.

        BAILEY gives an eerie smile.

        BAILEY: (whispers) Go ahead and try.

        BELLA stares at BAILEY as she continues to smile. Soon, the BOUNCERS arrive at the entrance and push RAIN out of the club. And BAILEY’S smile fades as we hear:

        …Secretly she cries

        She burns like the sun
        And I can't look away
        And she'll burn our horizons make no mistake

        And I'll hide from the world
        Behind a broken frame
        And I'll burn forever
        I can't face the shame

        BAILEY: (faces BELLA) I thought she’d never leave. Now we can stay here and finally party without any drama.

        BELLA: (whispers as she looks over to the door) Yeah… finally.

        We hear:

        …I can’t face the shame…

        CUT TO:


        CUT TO:


        MADELINE is in her robe sitting on the couch sipping her tea. She turns on the TV, flips through the channels but her mind is elsewhere. With a sigh, she turns it off. MADELINE sets the tea down on the coffee table and picks up a book she started reading. Yet once again, she finds it hard to concentrate.

        Soon, she gets a chill. MADELINE rubs her shoulders feeling more uneasy then before. The minute the phone rings, she jumps. At first, she decides to let it continue but after the fifth ring, she answers it. However, there is no one on the other end of the line. She quickly slams it and looks through the living room French doors.

        MADELINE immediately gets up and approaches the French doors and steps onto the porch. She looks over the railing looking for anything suspicious but doesn’t see anything. After letting out a sigh, she returns to the living room, locking the doors behind her. MADELINE picks up her tea turns off the lamp near the couch and heads toward her bedroom.

        CUT TO:


        Near MADELINE’S apartment, a shadowy FIGURE appears behind some trees. There is a close-up shot of the FIGURE’S phone. We can see the call log where it lists different names and phone numbers. On the top of the list, it reads MADELINE BLAKE. The FIGURE shuts the phone and walks away into darkness.

        CUT TO:


        RAIN enters the restaurant never feeling this beaten before. She approaches the bar and sees her homework is still where she left it. NICK looks up and smiles at her but she doesn’t acknowledge him as she quickly rummages through her things looking for the drawing.

        NICK: Welcome back.

        RAIN: (shoots a look) Where is the drawing I did earlier?

        NICK: (tosses a towel over his shoulder) Oh, the tattoo? (Sees RAIN is impatient) Michael has it. He got all weird when he saw it after you left. (Shrugs) Must be pretty important.

        RAIN bolts for MICHAEL’S office.

        NICK: And apparently it is.

        CUT TO:


        RAIN bursts through, opening the door to MICHAEL’S office without any thought and finds MICHAEL is at his desk, obsessively writing notes. She sees a witchcraft website on the computer monitor.

        MICHAEL: (instantly looks up) Rain, you startled me.

        RAIN closes the door and points to her sketch in front of MICHAEL.

        RAIN: What do you know about that drawing?

        MICHAEL: Where did you find it?

        RAIN: It was hand drawn on a scrapbook.

        MICHAEL: (surprised; leans forward) A photo album? Huh, that’s original. (Beat) How did you come across it?

        RAIN inches closer and sits opposite him.

        RAIN: The photo album belongs to a new student at my school. (Beat) I found it in her locker. She’s uses mind control by ordering them to do whatever she wants. (Beat) So, she’s a witch, eh?

        MICHAEL: I think so.

        RAIN: (mutters) Figures.

        MICHAEL: Has she used her powers on you?

        RAIN: (shrugs) Yes but I am immune. Though, I always feel an electric current whenever she’s around.

        Without RAIN’S realization, MICHAEL’S eyes widen the moment she said this. He quickly sheds his concerns and moves forward with the pressing issue on hand.

        MICHAEL: First off, this symbol is very ancient. Back then, witches or anyone associated to magic would paint these symbols on their subjects to control them. Even go as far as to tattoo them. The more they control the subject, the less he or she can think for themselves. Ultimately, they lose their souls and become emotionless robots.

        RAIN flashes back to THE VAULT to BELLA who had a vacant look in her eyes. MICHAEL notices she has drifted away for a moment. Concerned, he gets up, walks around his desk and leans on it.

        MICHAEL: Rain, is there something you want to tell me?

        RAIN looks at MICHAEL and then stares at her bracelet, playing with the charms.

        RAIN: (somberly) This witch… BAILEY… has control over some of the students at my school… (Looks down) including BELLA. And I don’t know how to stop her Michael.

        MICHAEL: (arches his brow) Is BELLA all right?

        RAIN: (looks up) I dunno. I mean, I think Bailey just started using her powers on Bella tonight. So, I think for now, Bella is okay. (Beat; drained) Bailey is just doing this… to be popular; create her own set of friends.

        MICHAEL: Regardless of BAILEY superficial reasons for using this type of witchcraft, she could still hurt someone. The more she uses her powers on Bella or anyone; they can still lose themselves and never find their way back.

        RAIN fights her tears and looks away.

        MICHAEL: (softly but in a serious tone) I had a hell of a time finding information on this symbol. I contacted a zillion of sources before deciphering it. (Beat; rubs his neck) What I don’t understand is how a teenage girl could have gotten her hands on it.

        RAIN: (looks back at MICHAEL) I could. (Beat) Her father is an actor, Wade Sorenson. (Sees MICHAEL shrugs his shoulders; continues) He was on that cop TV show, Precinct 19. It was on for like ten years.

        MICHAEL: I don’t watch a lot of TV.

        RAIN: I see that.

        MICHAEL: (smirks; walks around his desk and sits down) All right. So this Sorenson character probably has connections; (points to the drawing) access to witchcraft like this.

        RAIN: (shakes her head) No, I think BAILEY is using his connections. (Beat) So how do we stop her?

        MICHAEL: We need to destroy the album. The symbol is her connection to her powers.

        RAIN: So a little bonfire, eh? (With a grin) Sounds like a piece of cake.

        MICHAEL: It’s not that easy.

        RAIN: A piece of burnt cake?

        MICHAEL gives a soft chuckle.

        MICHAEL: We need supplies; mystical.

        RAIN: So, off to a magic shop we go?

        MICHAEL: (gathers his research and place it in a folder) No, actually. (Beat; blankly) Underground, black-market stuff.

        RAIN: (taken back) Oh. (Beat) Why do I feel like I am in a spy movie?

        MICHAEL: Rain, I have to go alone to get them.

        RAIN: Why can’t I come? I’ve never… shopped for magic stuff before. It could be a learning experience for me.

        MICHAEL: (puts the folder down) Sorry, Rain. I have to do this alone.

        RAIN: You know, you get more mysterious by the minute. It’s not helping your persona.

        MICHAEL: (ignores RAIN’S comment; gets up) I am surprised Madeline didn’t find any research on this. (Beat; picks up phone) We should give her a call and have her join us.

        RAIN: (bites her lips) Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

        MICHAEL: (hangs up phone) Why not?

        RAIN: Umm… well… I just don’t think she’ll be able to help us right now.

        MICHAEL: (crosses his brow; folds his arms) Rain, we need all the help we can get.

        RAIN: (cheerfully) How about Nick? (Chuckles) We can throw in him into the battle.

        MICHAEL: (with concern) Did you have a fight with Madeline at school? (Beat) Does BAILEY have control over her as well?

        RAIN: (shakes her head) As far as the staff of Haven High, I think BAILEY only has control of the drama teacher. So Mad is fine for now. She’s just dealing with some personal problems. (Pauses; realizes something) Wait a second… how did you know I saw Madeline at school?

        MICHAEL: (sighs) I did a background check on Madeline a while back, so—

        RAIN: —you already knew she was teaching at my school.

        MICHAEL: (approaches her) Rain, I am sorry. I did it the day she walked in the restaurant. I was suspicious of her when she asked for you. (Beat) I was only trying to protect you.

        RAIN: (fidgets; put her hands in her pockets) Its fine. It’s just that… people don’t seem to have faith in me today, Bella, Madeline… me.

        MICHAEL: (seriously) I have every faith in you. You will defeat Bailey. (Picks up folder) Now, I am going to get some of the supplies tonight and I’ll get the rest tomorrow morning. I’ll text you the plans, all right?

        RAIN gives a soft smile with very little confidence.

        CUT TO:


        RAIN is standing at the entrance doors looking at her cell phone anxiously.

        RAIN: (whispers) Come on Michael.

        Out of the corner of her eye, she sees BAILEY walking down the hall with NEEVE and BELLA. BAILEY and NEEVE are laughing while BELLA seems to be out of it. As they pass RAIN, BAILEY glares are her. To show no defeat, RAIN doesn’t take her eyes off of BAILEY. Soon, as the girls approach their locker, PRINCIPAL REYERS is standing near RAIN. She looks over to him and is startled to see two OFFICERS and a police dog next to PRINCIPAL REYERS.

        RAIN: (quickly puts her cell in her pocket) Hey, what’s with the sniff dog? Another drug search going down?

        PRINCIPAL REYERS: (takes her arms) Let’s go Ms. Mason.

        RAIN: (confused) What’s going on?

        They walk toward her locker. Meanwhile, some of the students are watching them along with BAILEY who has a grin on her face.

        PRINCIPAL REYERS: (to the FIRST OFFICER) Open it.

        RAIN: (stunned) What? There are no drugs in there.

        Just as the FIRST OFFICER opens it a bag of marijuana falls out.

        RAIN: What the frak? (Looks at REYERS) That’s not mine.

        PRINCIPAL REYERS: (with disappointment) Rain, I thought you were different.

        NEEVE who is now linked arms with her boyfriend, TRENT smirks at her.

        NEEVE: You just couldn’t say no, could you Rain?

        Some of the students laugh at NEEVE’S joke.

        RAIN: (pleads) Please, Mr. Reyers, I promise you, it’s not mine.

        PRINCIPAL REYERS: Right, someone planted it in your locker to frame you. This isn’t Veronica Mars, Ms. Mason.

        RAIN quickly glances over to BAILEY who gives her a nod while BELLA looks away.

        RAIN: (whispers) Oh Gods. (Beat; whispers) You can burst in anytime Michael.


        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV


          PRINCPAL REYERS is talking on the phone at his desk while RAIN is sitting before him feeling anxious. Soon he hangs up and goes over some paper work regarding to RAIN’S situation.

          RAIN: (holding onto her cell without PRINICPAEL REYERS realizing it) Mr. Reyers, I implore you. Those drugs are not mine.

          PRINCPAL REYERS: (straightens his tie) Then how did they get in your locker?

          RAIN: I was framed!

          PRINCPAL REYERS: By who?

          RAIN: (softly) You wouldn’t believe me. (Beat) You’re probably under her spell too.

          PRINCPAL REYERS: (puzzled) Spell? (Clears throat) Ms. Mason, this is serious. I had such high hopes for you. (Beat) I know you didn’t see the couneslor yesterday.

          RAIN: (looks at her phone; anxious) I had an emergency.

          PRINICPAL REYERS: I am not sure-

          Someone storms in the office; it’s MICHAEL CORBIS holding on to a leather bag. RAIN looks up from her cell and smiles.

          PRINCIPAL REYERS: (stands up) Excuse me, you can’t just burst in here.

          MICHAEL: I just did.

          PRINCIPAL REYERS: Just who do you think you are?

          MICHAEL: Michael Corbis. My father is Gregory Corbis. (Places his hand on RAIN’S shoulder) I am here on behalf of Rain. I just text her that I was on my way.

          PRINCIPAL REYERS: (nods at the recognition at the name) Just because you father contributes to the school still doesn’t mean he can buy me off. (Points to the bag in front of him) There were drugs in her locker.

          MICHAEL approaches the desk and picks up the bag.

          PRINCIPAL REYERS: Hey, what are you doing?! That’s evidence! You can’t touch that! (Beat) I watch Precinct 19, you know!

          MICHAEL: This is not pot.

          PRINCIPAL REYERS: (perturbed) What?

          MICHAEL: (hands it over to him) Take a whiff. You’ll see it’s not marijuana. It’s actually herbs.

          PRINCIPAL REYERS: (takes the bag to his nose; stunned) Well, I’ll be. You’re right.

          MICHAEL: (anxious) Since this is not pot, you can’t hold Rain.

          PRINCIPAL REYERS: (nods in confusion) You’re free to go. (Beat; ashamed) I’m sorry Rain. I don’t know what got to me. There was a call and-

          RAIN: (gives a soft smile) -It was just a misunderstanding, right?

          PRINICPAL REYERS: Right, it was a misunderstanding but... (Firmly) you still need to see the school counselor. (Looks at MICHAEL) No money will get your way out of that.

          Not bothered by PRINICPAEL REYERS’ indirect comment about his father, MICHAEL puts his hand on RAIN again indicating they need to go.

          RAIN: I need to go... back to class.

          PRINICPAL REYERS: Of course. Go ahead.

          Quickly, MICHAEL and RAIN leave.

          CUT TO:


          MICHAEL and RAIN are standing in front of the ADMINSTRATION OFFICE.

          RAIN: Nice work back there.

          MICHAEL: Thanks.

          RAIN: Just got your text. So, seems like Bailey knows more about magic than we thought. Her powers are getting stronger.

          MICHAEL: Perhaps. (Beat; looks around the hallway) We need to use an empty room to do the spell.

          Nearby, BAILEY walks almost pass them. She sees RAIN and realizes she’s talking to MICHAEL about her. BAILEY moves away but still keeps a close distance to listen in on their conversation.

          Instantly, RAIN feels BAILEY’S presence. To let MICHAEL know, she slowly touches her hair, letting MICHAEL see her hand is crackling with electricity, hinting him that BAILEY is nearby.

          RAIN: From the text you sent me, you said there are two incantations, right?

          RAIN closes her hand, letting the electricity dissipate.

          MICHAEL: (plays along) That’s right.

          RAIN: I’ll do the first one in bathroom. There’s no gym class right now, so you can do the second one in one there. No one will be around.

          MICHAEL: It’s perfect. Less casualties.

          RAIN: My thoughts exactly.

          CUT TO:


          MICHAEL is walking briskly in the hall way near the gym, holding on to his bag. Someone comes out of one of the classrooms and bumps into him, knocking the stuff out of his bag.

          MADELINE: (puzzled) Michael? What are you doing here?

          MICHAEL: (rushes to the floor) There is a witch on school campus who is resorting to mind control. Rain and I are trying to stop her.

          MADELINE: (bends down) What? A witch here? Why wasn’t I told about this?

          MICHAEL: (puts some of the things back in his bag) If you weren’t so wrapped up in your own life, you’d realize Rain needs you.

          MADELINE: (a bit taken back; picks up a worn out book) What are you talking about? Where is she? (Sees a look on MICHAEL’S face) Michael, where is Rain?

          MICHAEL: In the bathroom.

          MADELINE: (confused) Why is she in the bathroom?

          MICHAEL: Are you going to help me or not?

          MADELINE: Of course. (Hands him the book) What do you need?

          CUT TO:


          The camera pans to MICHAEL going through his bag. In front of him is a leather cloth spread out on the floor. Between two brown candles with red flecks, is a metal trash can with crumbled up newspaper. Soon, he opens a cigar box and gathers some black bones, creating a circle shape on the cloth.

          MICHAEL goes back to his bag and retrieves a small leather pouch. He dips his fingers inside. As he pulls out his hand, we see his fingers are covered in black. MICHAEL sprinkles the black dust in the trash can.

          MADELINE flips through the book and sees its missing some pages. Before she could say anything, he takes the book from her.

          MICHAEL: We need to start now. (Hands her the matches) Light the first candle when I am done with the incantation.

          MADELINE follows his orders and lights the first candle. MICHAEL starts chanting. He pulls out a torn piece of paper from a tabloid magazine. We see it’s a picture of Bailey posing for the camera. He nods to MADELINE to light the candle. Quickly she does and MICHAEL takes the picture to the flame, letting it burn and drops it in the trash can.

          MICHAEL: (nods to MADELINE) Now the second incantation. We’ll do the same steps, only this time… we’ll burn this.

          MICHAEL pulls out BAILEY’S photo album.

          MADELINE: (eyes widen) The whole thing? (Beat) How am I going to explain this to the principal when the water sprinklers come on?

          MICHAEL: (annoyed) Madeline, we’re trying to save Rain’s life here.

          MADELINE: All right, all right. (Beat) Go ahead, chant away.

          CUT TO:


          RAIN is putting on her last tough of lip gloss in front of the mirror. Someone enters the bathroom. Just barely, RAIN hears the lock clicking.

          BAILEY: You don’t give up, do you?

          RAIN: (turns around) Not when it comes to my friends.

          BAILEY: (corrects her) Friend. You have one friend. (Opens the stall doors, expecting an altar of some kind) Kind of pathetic, don’t you think?

          RAIN: (puts down her lip gloss on the counter) I’ll tell you what’s pathetic, you using your lame ass powers to make friends. (Beat) What are we in kindergarten?

          BAILEY: (turns to RAIN) You know nothing about me.

          RAIN: I know enough. I know what you’re doing is hurting people.

          BAILEY: (ignores her) So where are the candles, or incense… or whatever it is you’re using to try to stop me?

          RAIN: Obviously not here.

          BAILEY: Right… it’s some kind of incantation… maybe two? (Sniffs) I figured that from the conversation you had with that … amazingly sexy older guy.

          RAIN: (winces) Gross, he’s my boss.

          BAILEY: Come on… you can’t deny it. He’s hot! (Beat) He owns that tacky restaurant… Michael’s Haven? (Leans in with a smirk) You know my dad knows his dad.

          RAIN: Are you gonna keep yapping about your father’s connections? (Beat) I am not impressed.

          BAILEY: (puts her arms on her hip) All right. (points at her) So I gotta stop you first before Michael does the second incantation, right?

          RAIN: Seems like you know the plan.

          BAILEY: I sure do. Now here’s my plan. (Takes a razor out of her back pocket and places it on the counter) Now, you’re going to take that razor… to your wrist and… cut deep. Really deep, until you stop bleeding.

          RAIN looks back at her blankly. It takes a minute for BAILEY to realize nothing is happening.

          RAIN: Morbid much? As if I would kill myself.

          BAILEY: (confused; tries again) Take the blade to your wrist and--

          RAIN: (folds arms) --Are you done?

          BAILEY: (backs away) How is that possible?

          RAIN: Your powers don’t work on me. (Pretends to do a spell with her hands) Ta-da! I am immune. It must be magic!

          BAILEY: That can’t be.

          Soon, the lights in bathroom start to flicker. BAILEY sees RAIN’S hand crackling with electricity.

          BAILEY: (tilts her head) Huh… you’re a witch too?

          RAIN: Duh. (Beat) I am surprised it took you this long to figure to figure it out but then you’re an amateur. (Beat) Bailey, you need to end this now.

          BAILEY: Don’t feel like it. (Backs away to the door) Now that I see that my powers don’t work on you, I need to resort to my back up plan.

          RAIN: Back up plan?

          BAILEY unlocks the door.

          BAILEY: (opens the door) Yes, didn’t you know? You should always have a backup plan. (Grins) Always but then you must be an amateur too.

          A rush of STUDENTS bursts through the door and tackle RAIN to the floor. BAILEY with a smile exits the bathroom and heads for the gym.

          RAIN tries her best not to use her slayer strength to avoid hurting them. Yet, when one of them pulls out a knife without thought RAIN uses her Wiccan powers pushing them off one by one. Blue currents of electricity escapes from her hand as their bodies hit the walls like rag dolls, knocking them out. Dizzy from the intensity of her powers, RAIN slips into unconscious.

          FADE TO BLACK

          CUT TO:


          Just as MICHAEL finishes the second incantation, MADELINE lights the candle. He reaches in the trash can and brings it to the flame. MICHAEL tosses the paper back in the trash can along with the photo album. It slowly catches on fire.

          MADELINE: Is that it? No special effects, purple smoke? (Coughs) I don’t understand why we couldn’t do this in the gym? Hello? More air ventilation.

          MICHAEL: I had my reasons. (Beat) It didn’t work.

          MADELINE: Michael, the book. (Points out the missing pages) It didn’t have all of the text.

          MICHAEL: It doesn’t matter. (Beat) We already burned the source of Bailey’s power. We gotta find Rain.

          There is a soft thud nearby.

          MICHAEL: Did you hear that?

          MADELINE: (coughs again) Hear what?

          CUT TO:


          VOICE: (distorted) Rain? Rain, wake up.

          RAIN: (moans) Nick, stop hitting me.

          NICK: I would if you’d eventually wake up.

          NICK helps RAIN to her feet.

          RAIN: (rubs her head) Oh, man I got a headache.

          NICK: Come on. Let’s get out of here.

          RAIN sees the students are knocked out on the floor.

          RAIN: Wait… the kids. They need help.

          NICK: I called the paramedics. They’re on they’re way.

          RAIN: (whispers) The spell… it should have worked. (Looks around) Something isn’t right… where’s Michael?

          RAIN sees NICK holding onto pieces of paper.

          RAIN: (winches touching her head) What’s that?

          NICK: It’s for Michael… but from what you just said about the spell not working… I think it’s too late.

          RAIN: He’s at the gym. There’s not much time.

          NICK: (hands her the pages) Take ‘em. I’ll stay with them until the paramedics come.

          RAIN: Thanks, Nick.

          Like a lightening RAIN, bolts out of the bathroom and into the hallway.

          CUT TO:

          INT. GYM - AFTERNOON

          RAIN opens the doors leading to the gym and finds it empty. From the other side of the gym, a voice calls after RAIN.

          BAILEY: Leaving so soon? (Beat) Looks like, you tricked me. I come here and there’s no sexy bar owner performing a spell.

          RAIN: (confused not finding MICHAEL here as well) Yeah… looks like. (Faces BAILEY; folds her arms) So where’s your second set of army who uses their parents’ credit card to keep their ‘so-called’ hearts beating? (Sighs) Because without their BMW’s and Dolce & Gabbana handbags, life is just isn’t worth living.

          BAILEY: You know you have lot hostility against the rich and famous. (Beat) Aren’t we just bitter? If you have an issue with people like us, why are you friends with Bella? I mean her parents are loaded with money. Bella knows she’s… spoiled.

          RAIN: (firmly) Bella is different. She’s nothing like you or… them. She doesn’t even come close.

          BAILEY: (inches closer) What does it matter anyway? She’s not your friend anymore.

          Soon, a couple of MALE students enter the gym with BELLA. RAIN bites her lips, fighting her emotions.

          CUT TO:


          NICK is leaning against a row of lockers talking to a paramedic. He sees MICHAEL and MADELINE approaching him. The paramedic leaves to tend to a student.

          MICHAEL: (holding on to his bag) Nick, what are you doing here? Whose is tending the restaurant?

          NICK: (chuckles) Tiff…any… but you know… (Nods to him) she’s fully capable.

          MADELINE: (looks around observing the injured students) What happened here?

          NICK: Rain was attacked by some of the students and they were injured in the process but they'll be okay.

          MICHAEL: Where’s Rain?

          NICK: She went to the gym looking for you. (Beat) Did she give you the rest of the pages?

          MICHAEL: What pages?

          NICK: Guess not.

          MICHAEL: (annoyed) Nick, what pages?

          NICK: This creepy guy showed up at work, wouldn’t tell me his name. Actually flatly refused to tell me but insisted that you needed this for your spell. He found them after you left. He would have called you but he said he doesn’t do phones. Anyway, you’re supposed to use the whole book to do the spell, or the spell loses its value.

          MICHAEL: (mutters to himself) That’s why it didn’t work.

          MADLEINE: All of the pages have to be intact to use the spell? So I was right. (Beat) Did you know this Michael?

          NICK: Who comes up with this stuff? Kinda lame don't you think?

          MICHAEL: No, I didn't know. Look, it doesn't matter now. We burned the photo album. Its done. (Beat; sees MADELINE is worried) Look, Madeline. Its Rain, she can handle Bailey.

          MADELINE: You gave me the impression this was the only way to save Rain. (Beat) You just rushed into this. Without even thinking!

          MICHAEL doesn't respond.

          MADELINE: (whispers) Is this one of those Watcher tests? (Beat) Like the one Quentin Travers put Buffy through with that vampire?

          NICK: Quentin? Who is Quentin?

          MADELINE: Are you going to put her through something she's not ready for? (Beat) You're just not going to help her?

          MICHAEL: It’s not like that. (Beat) It wasn’t my plan. I didn't know about the missing pages, I swear! (Beat) I have a lot of faith in Rain. I believe she can do this. You should too.

          MADELINE: (angrily; hurt) I am her Watcher, Mr. Corbis! Not you!

          MICHAEL: (inches her) Then why haven’t you picked up the phone? Rain has been calling you since Thanksgiving. You never once returned her calls! You ignored her since she returned to school. (Beat) You haven't acted like her Watcher!

          NICK: Don’t mind me. (Points in the other direction) I'll... just be... over there.

          MADELINE: (bitterly) So you just decided to take my job? Is that it? You... self-centered bastard.

          MADELINE pushes past MICHAEL and runs towards the gym. He walks after her.

          CUT TO:

          INT. GYM - AFTERNOON

          RAIN: (moves toward her a bit) Bella? Are you all right?

          BELLA doesn’t respond. There is a blank stare in her eyes.

          RAIN: (to BAILEY) You know, I understood that you were doing this to have your own clique. I thought it was superficial at first. You just wanted to be popular. You liked being Wade Sorenson’s daughter. Yet later I realized something, as you rob these people their souls, it feeds you. It’s like you want them to feel how you feel.

          BAILEY: (bitterly) Shut up.

          RAIN: Underneath those designer clothes and well kept hair-style and expensive makeup-up, you’re just a lonely, sad and pathetic little girl. And you know what; I can understand what that feels like. Those stares, the looks they give you as if you’re a circus freak. And the thing, they don’t have a clue. Not really, they don’t have the faintest idea what it feels like to be alone in this harsh world. So what do you do, you hide. You hope that no one notices. You wonder everyday if there is something waiting for you in the future.

          BAILEY: (fights her tears) I am warning you. I may not be able to hurt you but they will.

          About one-hundred STUDENTS and TEACHERS show up, all lining up behind BAILEY. Soon MADELINE and MICHAEL enter the gym.

          RAIN: (cont) The difference between you and me Bailey is that I am not willing to go such lengths to hurt the people around me, including myself. (Beat) The suicide attempt you tried to pull on me earlier? That’s just self-reflection. You want to do that to yourself.

          BAILEY: (angrily) Attack her! Now!

          MADELINE: Michael... how can Rain defend herself? There’s too many!

          MICHAEL: (he touches her shoulder softly) She’ll use her force field.

          Before the STUDENTS and STAFF could attack her, RAIN creates a force field, protecting herself from them.

          MADELINE: (concerned) Michael, the force field is too dangerous!

          MICHAEL: (keeps his eye on RAIN) She knows what’s doing.

          BAILEY: (screams at the STUDENTS and STAFF) What is wrong with you people! Do it now!

          RAIN: (straining) Please stop it, Bailey. (Winces) The force field will hurt them. What you’re doing is wrong and you know it. Let go of yourself. You’re better than this.

          BAILEY: (glares at RAIN; screams) Why won’t you just fight me?!

          RAIN: I don’t fight humans.

          BAILEY: (scoffs) Humans. (Looks over to the STUDENTS and TEACHERS) As if they’re humans. They’re freaking puppets, that’s what they are! Once people found out who my father was they were practically kissing my feet. They’ll would anything to meet my father. (Looks away and then back at RAIN) Anything… they didn’t care who I was. To them, I was Wade Sorenson’s daughter. (Tears roll down her cheeks) Some might… grope you; beg with you to do… things. (RAIN eyes water) And… you didn't want to but… at least you felt something. (Mock voice) What’s your problem? You’re famous… (softly) just give in.

          RAIN: Bailey… I understand. Believe me I do.

          BAILEY: (wipes her tears) It doesn’t matter. In the end, nothing matters.

          RAIN: It does matter.

          BAILEY: (blankly) No, not really.

          Within seconds, BAILEY runs toward RAIN who screams at her to stop but it’s too late. BAILEY hits the force field and it sends her across the floor. Just as force field dissipates, all of the STUDENTS and TEACHERS fall to the floor unconscious, including BELLA. Quietly, a song fades up in the background: it’s ‘BREATHE ME’ by SIA.

          RAIN rushes to BAILEY’S side. MICHAEL quickly leaves the gym to get some help. A tearful MADELINE watches RAIN tenderly holds BAILEY as she coughs up some blood.

          Softly, we hear:

          Help, I have done it again
          I have been here many times before
          Hurt myself again today
          And, the worst part is there's no-one else to blame…

          RAIN: (wipes BAILEY’S mouth with her shirt) Damn you, Bailey. Why did you do that?

          BAILEY: (murmurs) You know why.

          RAIN: Don’t move. Help is on the way.

          BAILEY: (looks right into RAIN’S eyes) Rain, I didn’t mean to hurt your friend… or you. Really… (Tears water) I just wanted a friend for myself. Someone of substance… I never had that. Not even with my father. (Coughs) It’s a lonely life without friends. Tell Izzie I am sorry.

          We hear:

          Be my friend
          Hold me, wrap me up
          Unfold me
          I am small
          and needy
          Warm me up
          And breathe me

          RAIN: (voice breaks) Don’t worry about that right now. (Beat) Just hold on, okay? You’re not done with the world.

          BAILEY: (coughs) I know you’re being… sickly optimistic. I am but… you’re not.

          BAILEY closes her eyes as MADELINE, MICHAEL and NICK somberly watch RAIN sobs over BAILEY’S body. Slowly, the paramedics barges through the door.

          We hear:

          Be my friend
          Hold me, wrap me up
          Unfold me
          I am small…
          The song continues as we

          CUT TO:


          RAIN is standing in front of her locker, staring at photo album that’s resting on the top shelf. She pulls it and we can see the cover is black with bones hand drawn with a silver gel pen. We hear:

          …Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found,
          Yeah I think that I might break
          Lost myself again and I feel unsafe…

          Once she opens it, there are various pictures of BELLA, MICHAEL, MADELINE, NICK, TANNER and ANGIE. She flips to a blank page and inserts a newspaper clipping. The camera pans to the headline. It reads: ‘Local HAVEN HIGH school student commits suicide jumping off roof of school building.’ RAIN somberly touches the article before closing the album.

          …be my friend…

          After she puts the album back on the shelf, she shuts the locker and turns around. RAIN sees BELLA talking to a STUDENT nearby. As BELLA and the STUDENT depart, RAIN and BELLA slowly drift toward each other. We hear:

          …Hold me, wrap me up
          Unfold me….

          BELLA: (softly) Hey.

          RAIN: Hi. How are you?

          BELLA: (looks down, then back at RAIN) I… I’m adjusting. It’s taking a while… to recover. I mean… losing myself like that for a few days… its... (voices trails off).

          RAIN: (nods) Yeah… of course.

          BELLA: (inches closer) Rain… don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s not your fault.

          RAIN: (tear falls down her cheek) You were right, Bella. I would have liked her.

          The two FRIENDS embrace in the middle of the hallway as the passing STUDENTS carry on to their classes.

          …Breathe Me…

          The song continues as we

          CUT TO:


          We see on one of the office doors, a name plate: GUIDANCE COUNSELOR TOLEN MARKS. A hand knocks on the door.

          VOICE: (muffled) Come in.

          RAIN opens the door and closes it behind her. The COUNSELOR gestures her to sit down. There are unpacked boxes scattered all over the office. The walls are bare but there are rows of stacked used books behind MS. MARKS’ desk. We hear:

          …I have been here many times before
          Hurt myself again today
          And, the worst part is there's no-one else to blame…

          MS. MARKS: Sorry about the mess. I just moved here.

          RAIN: It’s fine.

          MS. MARKS: So what can I do for you?

          RAIN: (fidgets) I... wanted to talk about... some things.

          MS. MARKS: (takes her glasses off, places it on her head) All right. What do you want to talk about?

          RAIN: (lets out a deep sigh) My future.

          …be my friend
          Hold me.
          Unfold me.
          I am small…

          CUT TO:


          MICHAEL is tending the bar where RAIN is sketching different sized alcohol bottles. He pours her a glass of coke after handing her a plate of hamburger and fries.

          MICHAEL: Looks good.

          RAIN: (puts down her pencil; takes a fry) Thanks. (Beat) Never got a chance to ask you, why did you do the spell in the locker room?

          MICHAEL: I figured, Bailey would catch up to me in the gym just in case, try to stop me. So I stayed hidden, didn't matter though.

          RAIN nods.

          MICHAEL: Have you talked to Madeline?

          RAIN: (looks down) No. I mean, we talked briefly on the phone but... she still won’t tell me what’s going on. (Beat; glances up at him) I’m really worried Michael.

          MICHAEL: (softly; reach out, touches her arm) Give her another week.

          RAIN: (takes another fry; nods to herself) Yeah, another week.

          MICHAEL retreats to the kitchen while RAIN picks up her sketchbook. She flips the pages and stops at a drawing of MADELINE laughing. RAIN closes it and looks away.

          CUT TO:


          MADELINE wearing tank top, shorts and sneakers runs up the stairs. She is listening to SIA’s ‘BREATHE ME’ on her ipod. Her hair is pulled into a pony-tail. After she wipes the sweat off her brow, she retrieves a key from her sneakers and takes her headphones off; we can still hear the bridge of the song playing, louder now. MADELINE inserts the key and opens the door. Just as she search for the light switch near the entrance door, the lamp on the end table is turned on. There is a MAN sitting on the couch dressed impeccably in a suit wearing a wedding ring. MADELINE clearly recognizes the MAN but she’s filled with intense fear. We hear:

          …I have lost myself again
          Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found,
          Yeah I think that I might break…

          MAN: (smirks) Hi, honey. I’m home.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          :: GUEST STARRING ::

          Bailey Sorenson (Elizabeth Harnois)
          Principal Jeffery Reyers (Zach Galifianakis)
          Mr. Jospeh Tosti (Scott Cohen)
          Neeve Fournier (Danneel Harris)
          Guidance Counselor Tolen Marks (Constance Zimmer)
          Trent Whittington (Chris Carmack)
          Sheridan Talmadge (Lisa Thornhill)
          Warner Talmadge (Victor Garber)



          • I kind of goofed here- with the timeline. Rain was suppose to be suspended for two weeks but by now, its way past that. So one could argue she came back when she felt like it.

          • Now in this episode- we're able to see more of Rain and Bella; their friendship. I wanted to have Rain assume that Bella is her only friend and that it went both ways. I mean she is- but when Bella ends up becoming friends with Baily- it obviously wasn't something she'd expected. Which is why Rain thought the girls would hang out after her first day back to school.

          • Even though Bella was under Bailey's influence- I wanted to show a different side of her, while it wasn't "really" her- it was still something she experienced and went through. It will have importance as to her personal growth and as well as her friendship with Rain.

          • As far as I've heard/seen- no one likes the school principal. I wanted Rain to be the only one who sees a different side of him. He does care about his students. And this will change her attitude towards him.

          • So Madeline is Rain's English teacher! What the heck? I wanted to make life a little more complicated for Rain by having her Watcher as her teacher. Rain has a hard time trusting authority figures and Madeline makes things worse by not telling her about her job at Haven High. Also- because Madeline seems distracted throughout this episode, Rain feels she can't turn to her which forces her to ask Michael for help. This steers Michael and Rain's relationship in a new direction- where she realizes he knows a lot about the supernatural even though he's secretive about it. She may not trust him but she trusts his knowledge. So that's what she's hanging onto. Really that's all she has.

          • As the episodes ends, we learn something new about Madeline! Curiouser and curiouser!

          • If you have some questions or feedback- let me know here-Feedbacky. Odelia and I would love to hear from you.

          • The next episode 1.06 Acid Test- you can read the summary in the index before checking out the transcript or if you prefer to just go straight to the episode, click here. Many many thanks for reading!
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