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Riley The Series: 2.02 "Welcome To I.S."

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  • Riley The Series: 2.02 "Welcome To I.S."

    Riley Season 2 Episode 2 "Welcome To I.S."

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthorized usage of these characters is permitted.



    CUT TO:


    It is the same day. Riley is sitting on the couch, waiting for something. Sam and Ryan Harris are walking down the stairs now.

    RILEY: About time! I've been waiting!

    RYAN: I'm sorry, needed the bathroom.

    RILEY: Let's go!

    SAM: (sitting down in the chair) Calm down, Riley.

    Ryan sits down next to Riley.

    RILEY: Is Buffy okay?

    RYAN: She's fine, dude! Chill.

    RILEY: (scared) Then why are you here?

    RYAN: (sarcastically) Thanks, bud, I feel so welcomed!

    RILEY: Cut the crap! Why are you here?

    Ryan stops joking.

    RYAN: They need your help.

    SAM: What?

    RYAN: Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles, the whole gang?they need your help.

    RILEY: What does she need?

    RYAN: (smiling) They're in England. They're rebuilding the Watcher's Council, but they ran into some difficulties. Mainly? Watchers.

    SAM: No.

    RYAN: What!?

    SAM: I know what you're going to say. You want Riley, and anyone else here to be a watcher.

    RYAN: Why not? Why do you care? Riley told me you two got divorced and you don't care about him anymore.

    RILEY: No, I won't.

    RYAN: (shocked) You can see Buffy everyday, man!

    RILEY: (resisting) No?..

    Ryan sighs.

    RILEY: I'm needed here.

    Ryan stands up and starts laughing.

    RYAN: You're really not.


    RYAN: You're gang is broken up. You're done.

    RILEY: No, I'm starting it up again.

    SAM: I said maybe, Riley.

    RILEY: Seriously? That is a total yes.

    RYAN: Whatever.

    RILEY: Why don't you go back and be Mr. Watcher?

    RYAN: (laughing) Look at me! I'm an idiot that could do no help there. I can be a messenger. That's about it.

    Riley looks down.

    RYAN: That's why I'm staying here.

    RILEY: What?

    SAM: Really?

    RYAN: I can't stand to live with those freaks that all have these special powers. Sure, Xander isn't super powerful or anything, but at least he gets to be the "heart", whatever that means.

    Sam starts laughing.

    RYAN: At least I can relate to you guys.

    RILEY: I don't get it?.

    RYAN: (smiling) I'll go find a hotel. I'm staying.

    Ryan walks out of the door, leaving Sam and Riley a bit confused.

    RILEY: This makes no sense, Sam.

    SAM: Yeah?.

    RILEY: Why come to try and convince us to be watchers, and then not care and just stay?unless?

    SAM: What?

    RILEY: What if he knew we'd say no? What if there's a different reason he came here?

    SAM: (laughing) Riley, that was weird. But, I don't think there's anything more to it other than?.Ryan's weird. And I'm cool with that.

    RILEY: I don't trust him.

    SAM: Good for you.

    Sam stands up and walks over to the door.

    SAM: (opening the door) Now, get out of my house.

    Riley stands up, confused.

    SAM: We're business partners. Pure and simple. Now, leave.

    CUT TO:


    You get a shot of the door. It bursts open and Langley walks in, followed by Kaia, Patrick, and the three others. Nina is sitting at the head of the table: Langley's seat. Langley seems mad.

    LANGLEY: What is this!? Get out of my seat!

    NINA: (smiling) No.

    PATRICK: Nina, what's the reason for this meeting?

    NINA: Kaia, shut the door.

    KAIA: No, not until ?

    NINA: (standing up; threatening) I said shut the door.

    Kaia closes the door, a bit scared now.

    NINA: Thank you.

    LANGLEY: Get out of my ?

    Nina walks away from Langley's seat, and Langley sits down in it. Nina is standing next to Langley, talking.

    NINA: Just a few minutes ago?.I stumbled upon something?.extraordinary.

    Everyone looks confused.

    NINA: The Communication Department.

    Langley shakes his head, mad.

    LANGLEY: How did you find about that?

    NINA: The Communication Department is ?

    LANGLEY: They're not supposed to know about that! Only the top of the fields are!

    NINA: (smiling; to Langley) Please don't interrupt me.

    Langley is confused.

    NINA: To be polite, I will not give away exactly what that is. But, I'll tell you one thing?.I spoke to Igor Sphere.

    There is shock and gasps across the room. Langley is shocked.

    NINA: And wanna know what it said?


    NINA: That it was proud of me. I was strong. (to Langley) The opposite of what you said.

    LANGLEY: (shocked) I'm?sorry.

    NINA: (laughing) Too late! He gave me something special. He gave me an opportunity. To change this whole company.

    Langley is very confused. Nina pulls out a gun and points it at Langley.

    NINA: You're a disappointment.

    LANGLEY: Nina, please ?

    Nina fires two bullets into Langley's chest. It hits his heart. He's dead. Everyone gasps, and Patrick stares at Nina in shock.

    NINA: Patrick, you're not my handler anymore. I don't have a handler anymore.

    The camera zooms in on Nina, smiling.

    NINA: I am the new head of the Field Department.

    KAIA: (whispering) Oh, god?.

    NINA: Meeting dismissed.





    Marc Blucas as Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic as Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase as Graham Miller
    Jason Dohring as Intank Welleee
    Jennifer Gardner as Heather Cassidy
    Jared Padelecki as John Doven
    Jensen Ackles as Dean Aiden
    Aaron Ashmore as Ryan Harris
    And Allison Mack as Salomie Sullivan


    Liza Weil as Melissa Reyna
    Zachary Levi as Ian Jones
    Jennifer Carpenter as Marie Miller
    Jamie Ray Newman as Aimee Sullivan
    Olivia Wilde as Carey
    Peter Krause as Patrick Loney
    Grace Park as Kaia Odalis
    Leon Russom as Langley
    Kristen Bell as Susan Jaden

    Lena Headey as Katie Jones
    Nicki Aycox as Eliza Baker
    Skeet Ulrich as James
    Anna Paquin as Jenny Gareth
    Santiago Cabrera as Neiki Gareth
    And Mary-Louise Parker as Nina Baker







    Riley The Series is affiliated with East Wick, written by Kevin (Dark Ages).
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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    Katie is lying on the ground, covering her head. She looks up, surprised that the earthquake is over. Then, she hears more bullets flying at her. The shooter is still going hard. Katie jumps up, and runs for it. Suddenly, she is moved aside, and a bullet passes right by her. The person that moved her is a man in a suit. He also has a gun in hand. He starts shooting somewhere, and the camera moves to show him shooting at a man with a beard standing a bit above them, on a hill, shooting at them.

    KATIE: What the hell?!

    The man with the beard starts sliding down the hill, lined with trees. The man in the suit and the man with the beard exchange many shots. Katie isn't running; she is too shocked to.

    KATIE: Who are you?

    The man with the beard is running extremely close to them, shooting. Katie moves behind a tree, and the man in the suit does the same to another tree. The man with the beard approaches them, and the man in the suit jumps out and shoots at "Beard Man". Beard Man is shocked and a bullet hits him in the arm. "Suit Man" kicks Beard Man and punches him again. Suit Man takes Beard Man and bashes his head into the side of a tree. Beard Man falls to the ground unconscious. Suit Man, emotionlessly, shoots Beard Man multiple times till he's dead. Katie gasps. Suit Man turns to Katie, who is in shock.

    SUIT MAN: Come with me?.now.

    Suit Man begins walking, and Katie doesn't know what to do but follow him.

    CUT TO:


    Dean is walking along a wooded path, probably going to find his cage Heather mentioned last episode. Dean walks off the path and into the forest. He is walking through the trees until he reaches a hatch. He pulls open the door and walks down some stairs.

    CUT TO:


    Dean is now in the hatch, and sees a cage. He walks closer to it, and leans against it. He closes his eyes, and collapse to the ground while leaning on the cage. He opens his eyes, and sighs, obviously making a decision. He looks out a small window in the hatch, and sees that the sun is coming down. He doesn't go into the cage. Dean shakes his head in fast motion, saying that time is going by faster now. Now, the sun is completely down and it's growing dark. The moon is in the mirror in the background. Dean is still not in his cage, and he starts turning into a werewolf. He is a complete werewolf and then jumps where the camera is.

    CUT TO:

    EXT ? I.S. ? NIGHT

    You see a shot of the I.S. sign.

    CUT TO:


    All the members in the meeting are now gone, but Nina is sitting in the chair where Langley used to sit. The camera zooms out to show Kaia sitting next to her, writing something down.

    KAIA: So, where did you want to put James?

    NINA: (looking straight ahead) I want him as a top field agent.

    KAIA: (shocked) Are you serious?

    NINA: (to Kaia) Does it look like I'm joking?

    Kaia is extremely intimidated and starts writing something on the piece of paper.

    KAIA: (while writing) So, he's your right hand?

    NINA: No.

    KAIA: (looking up; confused) Then who is?

    NINA: (smiling) You, Kaia.

    Kaia's eyes widen. She's shocked.

    KAIA: But?.you hate me.

    NINA: (laughing) Us demons have to stick together, even if we're all sons of bitches. (closer) I hear through the grapevine that the human scum have moved up on the food chain, getting executive jobs. One of the branch leaders is a human, for Igor's sake! This has to end.

    Nina puts her hand on Kaia's shoulder, smiling.

    NINA: We're going to whip this building into shape.

    Nina stands up and stands behind her chair.

    NINA: They say all the branches are equal. You know they're not.

    Kaia is smiling, but is also a little confused.

    NINA: We run everything. We get everything. We do everything. We are the leaders, we shape this whole operation. And this, my friend?.is just the beginning.

    KAIA: (smiling) Ms. Baker, that is amazing!

    NINA: See that? We go from enemies to best buddies in two seconds. And best buddies call each other my their first names, Kaia.

    KAIA: I'm sorry, Nina.

    NINA: No need for apologies.

    Nina starts stretching, and then looks solemnly at Kaia.

    NINA: But, if you screw up, I will not hesitate to eliminate you.

    KAIA: (serious) I will not let you down.

    NINA: You better not.

    Nina sits back down in her big chair.

    NINA: Now, we have a guest.

    KAIA: (confused) Who?

    Nina smiles and looks to the two big doors. They swing open and the Suit Man walks in with Katie, who is covered in dirt, by his side. They walk in and Suit Man closes the door. Katie is confused, but Nina has a huge grin on her face.

    NINA: Welcome to I.S.

    CUT TO:


    Intank is running down the street, when he runs into a man. Intank stumbles, but gets back up in seconds. He looks to the man. It's Riley.

    RILEY: Hey.

    INTANK: Gotta go, Riley!

    Intank begins running again, but Riley stops him.

    RILEY: Wait!

    Intank stops and turns to Riley.

    INTANK: (aggravated) What!?

    RILEY: I need to talk to you about?.um?.

    INTANK: What is it!??

    RILEY: Relationship issues.

    INTANK: (confused) Trust me, I am not the guy to talk to.

    RILEY: Oh?.


    RILEY: Where are you running to?

    INTANK: (surprised) Didn't you hear?

    RILEY: (confused) Huh?

    INTANK: Salomie's in a coma.

    The camera zooms in on Riley, who's shocked.

    CUT TO:


    The camera is closed up on Salomie's face. It slowly zooms out to show her on a hospital bed, unconscious, with John next to her, holding her hand. The door opens and John looks up to see Intank and Riley walk in, recognizing them from last episode.

    JOHN: (looking back to Salomie) Thanks for coming.

    INTANK: There's no way I would leave my girl hanging here.

    John looks up to Intank, as if saying he's her girlfriend. Intank notices.

    INTANK: Not to take anything away from you, of course.

    John smiles a bit, and then shakes his head.

    JOHN: I don't know what did this. (looking to Riley and Intank) Was telling me the truth too much for her? Did it stress her out? How would that stress her out!?

    John closes his eyes and holds his head.

    RILEY: John, I'm sure this isn't your fault.

    John looks up to Riley.

    JOHN: You don't even know me.

    RILEY: But I know Salomie.


    RILEY: She's been through a lot these last six or so months. She's seen things she never thought possible, and saw death. She saw death of people she cared about, and betrayal, and that screwed her up.

    JOHN: (defensive) My girlfriend is not screwed up!

    RILEY: Of course she is! (getting personal) Everyone in this whole damn world is screwed up! Especially me! Especially you! Especially that conflicted demon who killed his old best friend! Does that sound not screwed up to you!?

    "ALL I NEED" by RADIOHEAD begins playing in the background.

    RILEY: And look at me, I have no friends, this strange connection to some random bartender who has visions, a marriage that went to crap?.my life has gone to crap. What about yours?

    I'm the next act
    Waiting in the wings

    John is shocked and just looks down.

    I'm an animal
    Trapped in your hot car

    RILEY: The only one that isn't screwed up?is an angel.

    CUT TO:


    I'm all the days
    That you choose to ignore

    Riley is walking out of the hospital, into the cold, followed by Intank.

    CUT TO:


    You are all I need
    You're all I need

    Ryan is unpacking things and takes out his cell phone. He looks at the back and starts peeling it off.

    I'm in the middle of your picture
    Lying in the reeds

    He looks at the back, with the covering peeled off. There is a tracer there. He gets angry.

    I am a moth
    Who just wants to share your light

    Ryan puts the cell phone on the desk next to his bed, takes a lamp there, and starts smashing the cell phone to destroy the tracer.

    I'm just an insect
    Trying to get out of the light

    The camera zooms in on Ryan's face.

    CUT TO:


    I only stick with you
    Because there are no others

    There is a knock at the door. You see Graham walk into camera and open the door. It's Riley, and he is staring at Graham. Marie walks into view, and then out the door, quickly.

    You are all I need
    You're all I need
    I'm in the middle of your picture
    Lying in the reeds

    After Marie walks out, Graham looks at Riley with a mad and betrayed face. Riley slowly walks into the house. Graham shuts the door and looks into Riley's eyes.

    CUT TO:


    It's all wrong, it's all right
    It's all wrong, it's all right

    It is dark, and the light suddenly turns on. Intank walks in and sees Carey sitting on the couch, smiling.

    CUT TO:


    It's all wrong

    A werewolf, obviously Dean, is running through the woods.

    CUT TO:


    It's all right

    Nina is smiling at a dirty Katie.

    CUT TO:


    It's all wrong, it's all right

    Graham and Riley are still staring at each other.

    It's all, it's all

    Graham begins to talk as the song is ending.

    GRAHAM: Why didn't you tell me, Riley?

    Riley looks down.

    GRAHAM: Why didn't you tell me that my sister is having your baby?


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      ACT II

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? I.S. ? NIGHT

      You see the I.S. sign.

      NINA: (V/O) Hello, Ms. Jones. Or Katie.

      CUT TO:


      Nina is still sitting at the head of the table with Kaia next to her, and Katie is across from her. Katie is shocked to see Nina.

      NINA: It's Katie, right?

      KATIE: (shocked) You.

      NINA: (getting up) Yes, me.

      Nina begins walking closer to Katie.

      NINA: You're the new mayor, but there are some people who want you dead. We can help you.

      KATIE: (scared) You!

      NINA: (laughing) I know it's me. (extending hand) I am Nina Baker.

      KATIE: I know you!

      NINA: (confused) You do.

      KATIE: You tried to kill me in Dallas!

      Nina's confusion turns to a grin.

      NINA: You were in that little group? What a coincidence.

      Katie looks over to the seat where Kaia is sitting. There is a laptop there and Katie can see where she is. It's an email of some sort. The camera zooms in on a code number that Katie sees.

      NINA: What ya lookin' at?

      Katie looks back to Nina.

      KATIE: Nothing.

      Katie tries to punch Nina, but the Suit Man grabs Katie, throws her against a wall, and then points a gun at her. He then looks to Nina.

      NINA: Don't shoot her.

      Nina walks closer to Katie, with the gun still pointed at Katie.

      NINA: I have a proposition for you.

      KATIE: I'm not listening to you!

      NINA: You either listen, or you die.

      KATIE: I'd rather die!

      NINA: See, people are supposed to say, ?okay, tell me!', so I now I really don't know what to do with you.

      Katie starts to smile, in victory.

      NINA: Oh, I have an idea! I'll tell you the proposition.

      Nina puts her hand on Katie's shoulder.

      KATIE: Get your hand ?

      Nina slaps Katie.

      NINA: I was about to talk.

      Katie seems scared.

      NINA: Protection. Connections. Power. Money. It's what we want, right? All of us. You want protection most, and we can give that to you. All we ask for?.is your connections, a bit of?.guidance.

      KATIE: Who's we?

      NINA: (smiling) See, I can't tell you that.

      KATIE: Then why would I accept this offer?

      NINA: Because?.if we let you out?.those people will just come after you to kill again.

      KATIE: I'm a slayer. Do you know what that is?

      NINA: Of course I do. But can slayers dodge bullets? (closer) Are you Neo?

      KATIE: No.

      NINA: You didn't need to answer that.

      KATIE: I mean, no?.I'm not accepting.

      NINA: (laughing) You'll die.

      KATIE: We'll see about that.

      Katie begins to walk out of the room.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? I.S. ? HALLWAY ? NIGHT

      Katie walks out, and Nina follows.

      NINA: You don't know what you're doing! You don't know what we can do.

      KATIE: (walking away) I'm sure I'll find out all about I.S. There's a sign outside!

      As Katie walks away, the camera zooms in on Nina's mad face.

      CUT TO:


      Graham and Riley are standing, staring at each other. Graham is mad, and Riley is shocked.

      GRAHAM: Huh, Riley!? Why!?

      RILEY: Graham?.it just?.happened.

      GRAHAM: So, it was a one time thing?!

      Riley looks down a bit.

      GRAHAM: (even mad) It wasn't!? And you didn't tell me!?

      RILEY: Graham, I don't know what to think of our relationship!

      GRAHAM: You're going to be a freakin' father!

      RILEY: I'm sorry, Graham?.


      CUT TO:


      Riley is packing his stuff into a suitcase. This is obviously after Sam and Riley broke up. In the background, you see Marie walk into the doorway. The door is opened, but she knocks on it anyways. Riley turns around, and sees Marie standing there.

      MARIE: Hey?.Riley, is it?

      RILEY: Yeah?Riley. Riley Finn. Formerly, Riley Finn.

      MARIE: Graham talks about you a lot.

      RILEY: And you didn't know my name?

      MARIE: (smiling) I'm that bad of a liar, huh?

      RILEY: (laughing) Kind of.

      Riley goes back to packing up.

      RILEY: (while packing) But, I guess that's a good thing. Look where lying got us.

      MARIE: It's okay, Riley.

      RILEY: You don't need to comfort me. You have better things to do.

      MARIE: (walking closer) No, I kinda don't.

      Marie is now standing next to Riley.

      MARIE: Carey's off somewhere?being a prostitute or something.

      Riley starts laughing.

      RILEY: (sarcastically) You really think highly of your friends.

      MARIE: Hey, I just say it how it is!

      RILEY: Well, that's good.

      MARIE: Is it? It's gotten me into some pretty big trouble.

      RILEY: I know what you mean. I spoke my mind once.

      MARIE: (laughing) Once? Only once?

      RILEY: (giggling) Don't make fun of my pathetic-ness.

      MARIE: I don't even think that's a word.

      Riley begins to laugh more.

      MARIE: Sorry, won't do that again!


      MARIE: (calming down) And how'd it work out for you?

      RILEY: (stop packing; looking straight at Marie) I was turned into a vampire.

      Marie starts smiling and laughing, but Riley just looks serious.

      MARIE: (calming down) What?

      RILEY: (confused) Don't you?.know?

      MARIE: What?

      RILEY: (realizing) You don't know!

      MARIE: Riley, what is it!?

      RILEY: (mad at himself) Sit down.

      MARIE: I don't want to.

      RILEY: You're going to need to.

      Marie is confused, but sits on the bed. There is a slow montage or just Riley talking, and Marie being shocked, but you can't hear anything. She is shaking her head, and shouting something, as if she's saying no. Riley grabs her head, and kisses. They continue kissing and fall back on the bed.


      GRAHAM: She knows!?

      RILEY: It just came up.

      GRAHAM: (laughing in anger) You get my sister pregnant and then tell her the biggest secret, like?.ever!

      RILEY: I know?.I'm sorry, Graham?.but?..I think I love her.

      Graham laughs in anger and then looks back at Riley.

      GRAHAM: (solemnly) You love her? Does she love you?

      RILEY: It's still going on.

      GRAHAM: And?

      RILEY: I want to be that little kid's father! We're together, and the kid needs a father.

      GRAHAM: I can be the father.

      RILEY: Graham! Don't you want your sister to be happy?

      Graham looks down.

      RILEY: I know I am crap for not telling you, but it does not mean you can take this kid's father away! Do you understand?!

      Graham is shaking his head, and confused.

      GRAHAM: I can't do this.

      RILEY: No one's asking you to.

      GRAHAM: You have no idea what I'm going through.

      RILEY: What you're going through!?

      GRAHAM: Do not make this about you, Riley!


      GRAHAM: We used to be friends, Riley. A long time ago?.I don't know what happened.

      RILEY: We grew up.

      GRAHAM: Then, why are we fighting?

      Graham starts walking away.

      RILEY: Graham!

      Graham stops, but does not look behind.

      RILEY: What's going on?

      GRAHAM: You and Marie are together, make her happy, and do not let her down.

      RILEY: And us? Are we?.good?

      GRAHAM: It depends. What's your definition of good? If it's emotionally stable?.no?.we're not good.

      RILEY: And friends? Okay with each other?

      GRAHAM: I guess. We're gonna have to be, right? I mean, if everything goes out as you plan it to, we'll be brothers, right?

      RILEY: We're not moving that fast.

      GRAHAM: (smiling) Thank god for that.

      Graham starts walking up the stairs.

      CUT TO:


      Intank walks into the room and Carey is sitting on the couch, smiling.

      CAREY: Hey, honey, how're you?

      Intank walks to Carey.

      INTANK: Don't talk.

      CAREY: Demons and mayhem all around?

      INTANK: I told you not to talk about that when I told you.

      CAREY: Oops, I forgot.

      INTANK: I said, don't talk.

      CAREY: Some girls would find that room.

      INTANK: You're not some girls.

      CAREY: Am I supposed to take offence?

      INTANK: Am I supposed to care?

      Intank lifts Carey off the couch.

      CAREY: So, what's going on?

      INTANK: I said not ?

      CAREY: (determined) What is going on?

      Intank sets her back on the ground.

      INTANK: One of my friends is in a coma?

      CAREY: Oh, I'm so sorry, Intank.

      INTANK: You know what would make it better?

      CAREY: (smiling) Okay.



      Intank is wiping the bar, when the door opens. He looks up to see Carey. He sighs and goes back to wiping. Carey walks in and closes the door.

      CAREY: Hey, hot shot.

      INTANK: You again.

      CAREY: Can't believe you resisted me last time.

      Carey walks up to the bar.

      INTANK: This is not a good time, Carey.

      CAREY: That's what they all say. Then, they just give in.

      INTANK: (mad) It's only been a few days since I killed my best friend!

      CAREY: What!?

      INTANK: Remember what I told you yesterday when you came.

      CAREY: About the?.(whispering) demons?

      INTANK: Yeah, that! Well, he was one of them, and I killed him.

      CAREY: (sympathetic; seductive) I am so sorry, Intank. But?.I think I can make you feel better.

      Intank looks to Carey, in sadness.

      INTANK: How?

      CAREY: You know how.

      INTANK: (moving closer) Really?

      CAREY: (whispering) Really. Just give in.

      Intank and Carey begin to kiss.


      CUT TO:


      Riley is sitting on the couch, with his head down. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. Riley stands up and opens the door. It's Katie, all messed up, looking scared.

      KATIE: Riley.

      RILEY: (shocked) Katie!?

      KATIE: (smiling) We have trouble.

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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        The camera starts as a close up on John's face. It cuts back to reveal the whole room, with John still sitting next to an unconscious Salomie. The camera quickly zooms in on Salomie, and then zooms in, into her eye, until we?.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

        It is now a picture of an empty street, except for one person: Salomie. She is on the ground, unconscious. This is obviously Salomie's subconscious. Salomie begins to come to, and she looks around, very confused. She stands up slowly in pain, and looks around some more.

        SALOMIE: (to herself) Where the hell am I?

        VOICE: (V/O) In your subconscious.

        Salomie quickly turns around to come face-to-face with a man. She immediately shrieks. The camera shows that the man has a knife embedded in his head.

        MAN WITH KNIFE: You did a story about my dead body?remember?

        Salomie is terrified and almost crying.

        SALOMIE: Stop.

        MAN WITH KNIFE: Of course you don't. No one remembers me.

        VOICE: (V/O) No one ever remembers you when you die.

        Salomie screams again, and jumps around. There is a woman right in front of her who whispered in her ear. This woman has part of her bone sticking out of her chest. She is wearing a bloody apron, as well.

        WOMAN WITH BONE: How are you, Salomie? Bloody?

        Salomie looks down at her chest, which is now bleeding.

        CUT TO:


        Riley and Katie are still standing in the doorway.

        RILEY: Come right in, Katie!

        Katie walks in, and Riley shuts the door.

        RILEY: (confused) What is going on?

        Katie turns to Riley, very solemnly.

        KATIE: I was almost killed today.

        RILEY: What!?

        KATIE: I was shot at while getting into my car. My slayer powers have no use with bullets.

        RILEY: Are you okay?

        KATIE: Does it look like I'm okay?

        RILEY: No!

        KATIE: (laughing) Well, I am.


        KATIE: Someone saved me, Riley. It was this guy?.in a suit.

        RILEY: How did he know you were in danger?

        KATIE: I have no idea! But, he took me to this corporation?.called I.S.

        RILEY: (confused) Never heard of it.

        KATIE: Neither had I. But, it's right here in Laintan. And, there, someone offered me safety and security. It was a weird thing.

        RILEY: And you took it.

        KATIE: No.

        RILEY: (gasping) Are you insane!?

        KATIE: Riley, the person offering it was Nina.

        Riley becomes extremely confused.

        RILEY: Nina? You mean, this is a demon thing.

        KATIE: I guess. I want to take Nina down, and stopping this corporation seems like a good way to do it. It is not good, that's all I know.


        KATIE: Well, that isn't all I really know.

        RILEY: (interested) What?

        KATIE: There was a folder on the table. I saw what it said.

        Riley nods, telling Katie to go on.

        KATIE: It was a sheet signing that said each branch knows where the disk is.

        RILEY: The disk? Branches?

        KATIE: No idea, but I'm betting it's pretty important.

        RILEY: But do we know where the disk is?

        KATIE: (smiling) It said it on there.

        Riley has a huge grin on his face now.

        KATIE: (looking down) There's one downside?.I only got half of it.

        Riley gives a huge sigh.

        RILEY: Well, what's the first part?

        KATIE: More like the last part?.?hotel'.

        RILEY: That could be any hotel.

        KATIE: I know, which is why you need to go back in and find out the first part.

        RILEY: What!? That's incredibly risky, Katie.

        KATIE: I know!

        RILEY: I don't know if I can ?

        KATIE: Do it. I'll tell the others, I'll make sure to.

        RILEY: (giving in) Sam, my ex-fianc?, and Graham, my old friend, are upstairs.

        KATIE: (smiling) Thank you, Riley.

        RILEY: I'm doing it to take down Nina, that little son of a bitch.

        KATIE: Thank you.

        RILEY: I'll go get on that first part.

        Riley walks to the door, and opens it.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? I.S. ? NIGHT

        You see the I.S. sign, and Riley walking up to the front door.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? I.S. ? LOBBY

        There is a lady with black hair and glasses on at a reception desk, right in front of door huge glass doors. No one else is there. On the left wall, there is an elevator, and there is another one on the right wall. The glass doors open and Riley walks in, in his jeans and T-Shirt. The black haired lady sees Riley, and is shocked.

        LADY: Excuse me!

        RILEY: Get me Nina.

        LADY: You can't ?

        RILEY: Say Riley's here. She'll understand. It would be nice if you added, ?Eliza's friend'.

        LADY: (giving in) Okay, sir.

        The lady goes to the phone on her desk and calls someone.

        LADY: Yes, Ms. Baker, Riley is here. Eliza's friend, and?.you know.


        LADY: Of course.

        The lady hangs up the phone and turns back to Riley.

        LADY: (pointing to the elevator on the left) Go in there, hit floor number 7.

        RILEY: (fake smile) Why, thank you, miss.

        Riley walks to the elevator and hits the ?Up' button. The door opens, and Riley steps in.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? I.S. ? ELEVATOR ? NIGHT

        Riley walks into the elevator, as the doors shut. He hits the button that says ?7' and stands there. He sees a little vent, and then sees green gas coming out of it. Riley realizes that it's sleeping gas. He looks around for an exit, but it's too late. Riley falls over, unconscious.

        CUT TO:


        Katie walks over to the stairs.

        KATIE: Sam! Graham!

        At the top of the stairs, you see Sam pop up, confused.

        KATIE: It's okay! I'm Katie, Riley's friend.

        SAM: (confused) Riley doesn't have friends.

        KATIE: Well, I'm sort of his friend. I know him through Eliza.

        SAM: (realizing) Oh, you're one of his
        Dallas friends. What do you want?

        KATIE: You and Graham need to get down here! It's important. I told Riley about a mission, he went to get some info, and I told him I'd fill you guys in.

        SAM: (giving in) Fine.

        KATIE: Get Graham, we need to move quick.

        SAM: We'll need to get Intank, too.

        KATIE: Then get down here!

        SAM: This is my house! You don't tell me what to do.

        KATIE: Fine, then?please?

        CUT TO:


        You open to see Riley sitting in a chair, and dizzy. He looks up, and then to his arms and legs. They are not tied. He is not tied up. He looks forward, and has hatred in his eyes. The camera shows Nina standing in front of Riley, with Kaia and James standing right behind her.

        NINA: (smiling) Hey, Riley! Fancy seeing you here.

        RILEY: Bitch!

        NINA: That's my name, don't wear it out!

        RILEY: (standing up) You drugged me.

        NINA: No, no, correction: we filled your body with sleeping gas. It's obviously worn off.

        RILEY: Why!?

        NINA: Are you always this grumpy when you wake up?

        Riley goes to punch Nina, but Nina kicks him back.

        NINA: Safety precaution, don't think you're special or anything. You took the wrong elevator. The left equals whatever button you press, you get a trip to dream land. The right equals wherever the hell you want to get. We need to make sure you don't have any weapons or anything like this.

        Nina pulls out a knife.

        NINA: Why'd ya have this on you?

        RILEY: (smiling) Safety precaution.

        NINA: You're a funny guy, Riley. Lots of funny words come out of your mouth. We wouldn't want that tongue to go away. You wouldn't be able to tell your funny jokes if your tongue was gone.

        RILEY: I'm serious. I needed protection?.from you.

        NINA: I think you came here to start a fight. I think that your little friend Katie sent you over here to bash my skull in. Or was it dear Eliza? But, the thing is, you don't know a thing about me, or this place. Do you? You know something? That fake, dead Graham doll? Yeah, that was our doing. We had a shape shifter working for Intank. Our own little spy. The spy did horribly, so we executed him. He just happened to look like Graham at the time. Trying to elude us. Didn't work.

        Riley is shocked, but he brushes it off.

        RILEY: I didn't come here to hurt you.

        NINA: Then why are you here?

        RILEY: You're right, Katie told me about this place. And she told me she knew it was up to no good. I can tell that she's right.

        NINA: (annoyed) Get to the point.

        RILEY: I want info.

        NINA: (smiling; laughing) What? Why would we ??

        RILEY: You didn't kill me yet. I'm a nuisance to you. I got in your way at Dallas, I'm here now. Why aren't I dead? I know you need me for?..something?.and I want info. About this place. What is it?

        NINA: (mad) You want answers? Fine, you're gonna get ?em. But, know one thing?.we do not need you. All we need?.is Igor Sphere. It is the only one.

        RILEY: (figuring it out) Igor Sphere. I.S. Connection?

        NINA: You're catching on. I.S.'s goal?is to summon Igor Sphere upon every dimension. It will control everything. That is the larger plan, of course. There's a branch of I.S. in each dimension, and branches within that branch. Take us, for example. We are a branch, this whole 20-story building. However?.we also have five branches within here: the Field, Research and Artifacts, Communication, Dimensions and Portals, and Connections.

        RILEY: Gotcha. Now, tell me more.

        NINA: No. That's enough for you. Now, leave.

        RILEY: No, I've obviously got power of you. See what I just made you do?

        Nina grabs Riley's throat, aggravated.

        NINA: Leave!

        Nina drops Riley, gasping for breath.

        RILEY: But I didn't get to send the message.

        NINA: (confused) What?

        RILEY: From Katie. She saw it.

        The camera zooms in on Kaia's face, as she realizes.

        KAIA: No?.

        RILEY: We know where the disk is.

        NINA: (shocked) You?.no.

        RILEY: The hotel.

        NINA: (threatening) You stay out of the Lamiet Hotel.

        RILEY: (smiling) We'll see about that.

        Riley walks out of the meeting room.

        RILEY: (walking away) See, if I wasn't important, you'd kill me now.

        NINA: (yelling) Don't worry! You'll be dead soon!

        Riley walks into the elevator. Nina walks back into the meeting room with James and Kaia.

        NINA: (to Kaia) Call up the branch heads for an emergency meeting. This is too important to lose.

        KAIA: Yes, miss!

        Kaia walks out of the room, while the camera zooms in on Nina.

        JAMES: Nina, what are we gonna do?

        NINA: No idea.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

        Riley is running down the street, ready to get home, when a car pulls up next to him. The back door opens, and he sees Graham and Intank inside. Sam is driving, and Katie is in the passenger seat.

        SAM: Get in!

        KATIE: If you told them that we know about the hotel, they're going to be sending people over as soon as possible. We need to get moving.

        RILEY: The Lamiet Hotel!

        Riley jumps into the car.

        KATIE: Good work.

        Riley shuts the door, and the car moves on.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie is looking at her bleeding chest, terrified.

        SALOMIE: Oh, god, help me!

        MAN WITH KNIFE: God isn't here to hear you scream.

        SALOMIE: (crying) Please! Why are you doing this?

        WOMAN WITH BONE: Because you're scared of us.

        MAN WITH KNIFE: You're scared of death.

        JOHN: (V/O) You can't be scared of them, Salomie! Stop!

        Salomie turns to see John standing across from her.

        SALOMIE: Are you here to protect me?

        JOHN: I can't! Not here, you need to fight!

        SALOMIE: I'm scared, John.

        JOHN: I know.

        The man with the knife walks behind Salomie and stabs her in the back. She screams, and John screams with her.

        JOHN: Salomie!

        CUT TO:


        We are now in the hospital room of Salomie, with John holding her hand. Suddenly, the machine measuring Salomie's heart beat drops to zero. Her heart has stopped beating. This immediately grabs John's attention.

        JOHN: Salomie! SALOMIE! (to nurse) Someone, get in here now!

        Two doctors run in, and they grab the defibrillator. They use it on Salomie, but her heart beat does not respond. Everything is still, and John is torn with grief.


        You see Salomie slashing someone's face.

        END FLASH

        DOCTOR: Time of death ?

        Suddenly, Salomie starts breathing again. John gives a huge grin and Salomie begin to wake up. Salomie looks to John, smiling. The doctors are confused.

        JOHN: (smiling) Hey, there.

        SALOMIE: (happy) I beat them, John. I beat those little sons of bitches who stabbed me.

        John is smiling.

        JOHN: You beat ?em.

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? I.S. ? NIGHT

          You see the sign.

          CUT TO:


          You first see the elevator door. It opens and Nina walks out of it, proud. The first thing she is in is a large meeting room with a long table. There are five chairs. One at the end, and four on the sides. There are four people in the chairs already. They are all in tuxes. Nina sits down on the side of the table. Someone else is sitting at the head of the table. The person sitting at the head of has long, blonde hair, and is in a suit. She is very solemn in her chair. There are name placements at each seat. The blonde at the head of the table's reads "Communication". Nina's reads "Field". The man sitting at the "Connections" name placement is almost bald, and very thin and strong. The woman sitting at the "Dimensions and Portals" name placement has long, flowing, dirty blonde hair. The man sitting at the "Research and Artifacts" name placement has short, brown hair.

          COMMUNICATION HEAD: I call this meeting to order, as the conduit between the other dimensions and here. As per protocol ?

          NINA: We don't have time for protocol.

          The communication head looks evilly at Nina, with a cold smile.

          COMMUNICATION HEAD: As per protocol, I will introduce each head. It will be helpful seeing as we have a new head.

          Nina sighs.

          COMMUNICATION: As you all know, I am Valerie Imani, head of the Communications Department?..the conduit between us and the other dimensions. The Connections head is Ace Haden, a relatively new member of our core, who makes sure the whole company is working smoothly within itself and helps us when it comes to using the government to our disposal. The Connections Department is our link to the rest of this world. The Dimensions and Portals head is Madalyn Reese, a long time employee here. She controls the dimensions study and science program we have that explores how we will extract Igor Sphere from the other dimensions. Our Research and Artifacts head is Sebastian Vail, another long time employee. He controls all our research, all our documents and records of everything that has happened here for the past 2000 years. He controls all the papers and devices that go through our company. And last, and maybe least, is our head of Field, which is Nina Baker. She controls the department that goes out there, kills people, does the dirty work?.basically.

          NINA: (sarcasm) Thank you for explaining my department so perfectly, Valerie.

          VALERIE: (smiling) Call me Val.

          SEBASTIAN: Now, can we get down to business?

          MADALYN: You don't need to do that every time, Val.

          VAL: It's protocol, hun.

          MADALYN: Screw protocol every once and awhile.

          ACE: (nervous) Um?.

          NINA: Let's get to business, people.

          SEBASTIAN: Thank you.

          NINA: Katie, Riley, and his merry band of hooligans are probably heading to the Lamiet right now, and we're sitting here doing nothing! Do you understand that they are trying to get the disk!? The disk has all of our staff on there! Do we really want to lose that?

          MADALYN: It's encrypted, Nina.

          SEBASTIAN: We did the encrypting, Madalyn. It is an artifact, you know.

          MADALYN: And what does that have to do with it?

          SEBASTIAN: It's not too hard to break if you're a computer whiz, or, say?.a witch.

          VAL: Then, maybe you should've made it harder to break into.

          SEBASTIAN: (smiling) And maybe Nina could have done her job better, and not have leaked the information in the first place.

          ACE: (nervous) I have an idea. Why don't we send people over there to retrieve the disk?

          NINA: Finally, a plausible idea. (smiling; to Ace) I like you.

          Ace gives an uncomfortable smile.

          MADALYN: He's a human. None of his ideas are good.

          NINA: He's a human?

          MADALYN: You bet.

          ACE: Come on, guys. Let's just ?

          MADALYN: Get along? No, thanks. I've been working for this company for over 100 years, and then this rotten human comes along and gets a spot in the top five!?

          VAL: Maddy, settle down. We need to get work done.

          NINA: I'll send over James and Kaia to get this done.

          SEBASTIAN: No! I'm going, too.

          NINA: (laughing) What? You're in the Research and Artifacts department. You're not trained for the field.

          SEBASTIAN: Doesn't matter. This is my artifact that you lost, and I am going to get it back.

          VAL: You can't send James?.he's just gotten back.

          NINA: Fine! I'll send Tom, and Sebastian can go with him. Then, I'll get to say, ?I told ya!', when they both die.

          Nina stands up.

          NINA: You better get moving, Sebastian.

          The camera zooms in on Sebastian's face.

          CUT TO:


          You see this big hotel, at least ten stories tall, and a car pulls into the parking lot. It parks, and Katie, Graham, Riley, Sam, and Intank all jump out.

          KATIE: Let's go!

          INTANK: Where is it gonna be in the hotel?

          KATIE: No idea.

          GRAHAM: What?

          KATIE: We need to move faster!

          They run towards the hotel.

          CUT TO:


          They are in the lobby, confused and looking around.

          WOMAN AT DESK: May I help you!?

          GRAHAM: Uh?.yeah.

          KATIE: (confused) Wait ? what!?

          Graham walks over to the reception desk.

          GRAHAM: Hello, is there a Nina Baker staying here?

          The rest of the gang walks right next to Graham.

          WOMAN AT DESK: I think you have our hotel confused with another hotel. We rent rooms out to corporations only, sir.

          SAM: (jumping on the thought) Um, do you have a room set up for a corporation named I.S.?

          WOMAN AT DESK: We cannot disclose our customer's ?

          Sam pulls out a fifty from her pocket and puts it in front of the woman.

          WOMAN AT DESK: (seeing the bribe) We cannot disclose ?

          Sam pulls out another fifty and puts it on the desk.

          WOMAN AT DESK: (pausing) Let me check for you.

          The woman takes the two fifties and starts typing on the computer.

          WOMAN AT DESK: Yes, I.S. has a room. They just checked in five hours ago.

          RILEY: What number?

          WOMAN AT DESK: That's very private, sir.

          Sam puts another fifty on the desk and the woman smiles.

          WOMAN AT DESK: (smiling) That would be room 225.

          The gang rushes to the elevator and hits the "2" button. The door opens and they rush in.

          CUT TO:


          The elevator door opens and the gang rushes out. They look around, and Intank runs through the hallway, looking at door numbers.

          INTANK: (reading the numbers; running) 220, 221, 222, 223, 224?.225!

          They have reached the room. Graham tries the door, but it's locked.

          GRAHAM: What do we do?

          Intank kicks in the door, and smiles at Graham.

          INTANK: We do that.

          The gang runs in.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? LAMIET HOTEL ? ROOM 225 ? NIGHT

          The gang is in now. It is empty except for a table. On the table, there is a floppy disk.

          INTANK: (pointing to table) Look!

          They run over and see the floppy disk.

          KATIE: This must be it.

          SAM: What do you think is on it?

          RILEY: No idea, but we can figure that out when we get back home! Let's go!

          They run out of the room, and into the hallway.

          CUT TO:


          They run to the elevators, waiting for the doors to open. The camera zooms in on Intank's face.


          You see a tall man and Sebastian walking out of the elevator doors.

          END FLASH

          INTANK: (urgently) We need to take the stairs!

          RILEY: What?

          INTANK: I just got another vision, and some I.S. freaks are coming up here.

          GRAHAM: Trust his vision?things! Let's get out of here!

          They all run to another door and they open it. The camera slides back to show the elevator door opening, and Sebastian and the tall man, Tom, walking out. They see the stair door closing, and they run to it.

          CUT TO:


          The gang is running down the stairs frantically, and they hear the door open again. It must be Sebastian and Tom.

          RILEY: Faster!

          CUT TO:


          The stairs door opens, and Riley, Graham, Intank, Sam, and Katie all run out. They try and make their way through the lobby, towards the doors.

          WOMAN AT DESK: Stop running! Please!

          As Sam passes the woman, she punches her, unconscious.

          SAM: (to woman) You took one hundred dollars from me, bitch.

          Sam continues running with the others. They reach the doors to the outside, and run through them, just as the stairs door is opening again, and Tom and Sebastian run out.

          SEBASTIAN: They're heading towards the parking lot.

          TOM: I can see that!

          CUT TO:


          They all run into the car, with Sam driving again. As they start the car, Sebastian and Tom are getting outside. They see the car.

          TOM: To our car!

          Tom and Sebastian run into another car. Tom is in the driver's seat, with Sebastian in the passenger's seat. They start it up, and begin driving right after the gang.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

          Sam is driving the car a tiny bit ahead of Sebastian and Tom, but the I.S. car is obviously faster, and they won't be able to stay like this for long.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? SAM'S CAR ? NIGHT

          SAM: What do we do? They're gaining speed!

          KATIE: Keep driving!

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

          Suddenly, Sam drives onto a bridge, and they see construction ahead. Sam tries to drive faster, but the I.S. car pulls up right next to Sam's car. The I.S. car is driving right to the left of Sam's car, and it is beginning to move right a little, pushing Sam's car to the end of the bridge.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? SAM'S CAR ? NIGHT

          GRAHAM: Watch out! They're gonna push us off the bridge.

          Katie grabs something from the CD compartment. It's a gun.

          KATIE: Handy place to stash a gun. (to Sam) Roll down your window, and move over. I'm shooting.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? BRIDGE ? NIGHT

          Katie is shooting at the I.S. car, and it is putting some holes in the car, but not doing any real damage. The I.S. car continues to push Sam's car to the right, and Sam's car is hitting the railing. The railing is breaking as Sam's car runs into it, leaving a space for Sam's car to fall off.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? I.S.'S CAR ? NIGHT

          SEBASTIAN: What are you doing!?

          TOM: Killing them.

          SEBASTIAN: Two of them are in there!

          TOM: (confused) Two of what?

          SEBASTIAN: (shocked) You don't know?

          TOM: (brushing it off) Quiet down as I kill these idiots.

          SEBASTIAN: No!

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? BRIDGE ? NIGHT

          Sam's car is about to fall off, and Katie's shooting is doing nothing. They are about to fall off, when?.BOOM! The I.S. car is smashed behind them. Sam's car keeps driving on, as they look back to see what happened. I.S.'s car was in the left lane, and there is construction in the left lane. The I.S. car ran right into construction, sending them flying backwards. Sam keeps driving on. The camera zooms back to show the I.S. car.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? I.S.'S CAR ? NIGHT

          Tom is all bloody, and obviously dead, but Sebastian is trying to get out of the car. He opens the door, and falls onto the bridge.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? BRIDGE ? NIGHT

          Construction workers are running to Sebastian's help, asking things like, "are you okay?" Sebastian shrugs them off, and stumbles on, across the bridge.

          CUT TO:


          Intank walks in, and as usual, Carey is sitting on the sofa, smiling.

          CAREY: I've been waiting all day for you to get home, honey bunch.

          INTANK: Carey, stop. It's been a long day.

          CAREY: Tell me about it, hun.

          INTANK: No.

          CAREY: Intank, as you know, I am more than just good in bed.

          INTANK: (smiling) Are you?

          CAREY: (standing up) I am. Now, tell me what's wrong.

          INTANK: (giving in) We stole something from a big, evil corporation named I.S. today.

          CAREY: And that's stressful?

          INTANK: (laughing) Of course it is.

          CAREY: I know why.

          INTANK: Everyone does.

          CAREY: You don't.

          Intank looks confused.

          CAREY: (sympathetic) Intank, they'll come after you and that gang you love so much. I know you love them, but they will die.

          The camera zooms in on Intank.

          CAREY: I.S. will kill them. If they are as bad as they sound, they will kill you and everyone you love. You need to stop that. How can you stop that?

          INTANK: You don't know anything about I.S.

          CAREY: That is true, but this is a general rule: evil things will do anything to get what they want.

          The camera zooms in on Carey.

          CAREY: Anything.

          CUT TO:


          Intank walks into the kitchen.

          SAM: (V/O) It's password protected, Intank. We're gonna work some more on it tomorrow. It's in the kitchen now.

          INTANK: (quietly) Okay.

          Intank sees the floppy disk sitting on the table.


          Intank grabs it.

          CUT TO:


          Intank quickly walks past Sam and Riley in the living room, and walks out of the house.

          SAM: Bye!

          Intank is gone.

          RILEY: He was gone quickly.

          SAM: Yeah?.


          SAM: Riley, you know the proposal you gave to me earlier?

          RILEY: Yeah, I do.

          SAM: Well, um, about that?.I've decided to go with it.

          Riley smiles.

          SAM: On one condition.

          RILEY: What?

          SAM: We can't have personal contacts, okay?

          RILEY: (confused) What does that mean?

          SAM: We can't?..we can't be personal at all.

          RILEY: Why?

          SAM: I'm trying to move on. If you're always close to me, always being with me, I might not be able to.

          Sam bites her lip, emotional.

          RILEY: (confused) You seemed really over me when you slept with Michael.

          SAM: And now he's dead. See where this job leads them? Death.


          SAM: I want to find the right man, the right guy?.and when I do?.maybe this whole damn job will be done.


          SAM: Maybe that's why I never quit my job when I was with you. Maybe I didn't care enough.

          Riley looks hurt.

          SAM: And I definitely cared about Michael. Why didn't I quit? Cause I'm an idiot. But, I won't make that mistake again. When I find the right one?.I'm done. And you won't be him, Riley. I'm done with you, and I can't talk about anything that doesn't involve helping people, or killing things. I can't, Riley. Do you get it?

          Riley slowly nods.

          SAM: We're done.


          SAM: Can you leave, please? I'll call you sometime soon to start this?.organization up. This job.

          Riley slowly walks to the door.

          RILEY: You know, Sam?.I've moved on, too.

          SAM: I haven't.

          Riley looks down.

          SAM: Please leave.

          Riley walks out the door, and Sam sighs.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

          A blame limo is driving down the street.

          SEBASTIAN: (V/O) I'm glad you called us.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? LIMO ? NIGHT

          You see Sebastian sitting in the limo, but you don't see who else is in there. You just see Sebastian.

          SEBASTIAN: We really need this. And, this will provide everyone's safety and all. You did the right thing.


          SEBASTIAN: (holding the disk) Now, you're sure no one looked at this?

          The camera turns to show Intank sitting across from Sebastian, looking down.

          INTANK: I'm sure.


          SEBASTIAN: (smiling) Good.

          The car stops, and the door opens.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

          Don't wanna sleep
          Cause ya wanna play

          You see the limo, and the door open. Intank walks out and looks at Sebastian.

          Don't wanna talk
          Cause ya wanna kiss

          SEBASTIAN: Pleasure doing business with you.

          Now, get this party on the way
          Sugar, shale down to the earth
          Let's sing now

          The camera shows Intank standing on the sidewalk, as the limo pulls away.

          Sweet soul dancing on the way
          The system, the man can't hijack this now
          Let feminine love rule the day
          All the women that you can't resist now

          The camera zooms in on Intank's unsure face.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF ACT IV

          ROLL CREDITS

          The rest of the song plays through the credits.

          END SONG

          END EPISODE
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            FEEDBACK IS GOOD!


            • This is the second episode of the second season! Hope you enjoyed it.
            • This episode was supposed to introduce you to I.S. more. The only way I thought I could do that was put a character we knew in more power. Hence Nina's conversation with Igor Sphere last episode, and her becoming the Field Head in this episode. The top 5 are all very important, and we already know Nina, so we will slowly meet the others. We saw a bit more of Sebastian in this episode, and next episode we will see a bit more of Ace Haden: the human.
            • I.S. offered Katie protection, hmm. How did they know about Katie in the first place though? Plus, the important part: Katie turned 'em down.
            • Some information about Ryan Harris. Is it true? That's up to you to decide, but here's a hint: you will know if this is the truth or 2.08. Yes, you have to wait.
            • Dean is running free. Let's just say Heather does not like this.
            • Sam accepts Riley's offer, and they will take the next step with their business next episode. It'll be fun!
            • I added the Radiohead song at the last, last minute.
            • Logan returns next episode, a little more harsher than last season.