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  • Riley The Series: 2.01 "Aftermath"

    Thank you all for either reading Riley The Series for the first time or returning for the second season! It means a lot! I really hope you enjoy this 55-page long season 2 premiere!

    Riley Season 2 Episode 1 "Aftermath"

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthorized usage of these characters is permitted.

    NOTE: The setting "RILEY'S HOUSE" is now "SAM'S HOUSE". Same location, different owner.




    CUT TO:


    You see feet running on the ground and you hear heavy breathing. The camera slowly moves up to reveal Salomie running down an alley in slow motion. Suddenly, the slow motion ends and Salomie is running normally. She glances back and she sees something that you don't see. She screams. The camera moves back to see a vampire chasing her.

    SALOMIE: Help!

    Salomie reaches a dead end. She looks around, frantically. The vampire is closing in on her. She sees stairs on the side of the building, leading up to the roof. She begins to climb up them. She looks down to see the vampire, still following her.

    VAMPIRE: Yeah, keep running. Let the blood run!

    Salomie begins to cry as she goes up to the stairs. She's terrified. She reaches the roof and jumps on top of it. She begins running and looks back to see the vampire finally catching up to her. At that second, she suddenly trips. She falls to the ground and turns on her back, to see the vampire closing in on her. Salomie tries to move backwards on the ground, but it's no use. The vampire smiles at her.

    VAMPIRE: Hey, honey, you are one ?

    Suddenly, the vampire gasps and dusts. Behind him, is Graham holding a stake. Only weird thing is?.Graham's head is still smashed open, and blood is pouring from his head. Salomie is terrified form the sight. Graham is just smiling.

    GRAHAM: (smiling; screaming) Salomie! Salomie! Salomie!

    CUT TO:


    GRAHAM: (V/O) Salomie!

    CUT TO:


    The scene opens on Salomie opening her eyes. It was a dream.

    GRAHAM: (V/O) Salomie!

    The camera zooms out to show Salomie jumping up from a couch, and into Graham's arms, standing right next to her. Graham is trying to hold her still, because Salomie is trying to move and get away from something. She's crying and screaming like crazy.

    GRAHAM: Salomie, its okay! I'm right here.

    SALOMIE: (crying) You're dead!

    GRAHAM: No.

    Salomie is still shaking like crazy.

    GRAHAM: You know that it was just the shape-shifter! He was fleeing, he was being like me and someone killed him! It wasn't me, Salomie.

    SALOMIE: You're ?


    Salomie stops shaking as much and stares right into Graham's eyes. She's still crying.

    GRAHAM: No. I'm right here with you. I'll always be with you.

    "VIDEO" by AIMEE MANN begins to play in the background. The lyrics haven't come yet.

    SALOMIE: Graham?.

    Tell me why I feel so bad, honey
    TV's flat and nothing is funny

    Salomie and Graham start hugging.

    CUT TO:


    I get sad and stuck in a cone of silence
    Like a big balloon with nothing for ballast

    Intank's all alone in his room. He's sitting in his chair. You see a shadow behind him.

    Labeled like a bottle for Alice
    Drink me or I'll drown in a sea of giants

    The shadow comes behind Intank and they start kissing. You can't see who the shadow is, you just see the outline.

    CUT TO:

    And tell me, "Baby, baby, I love you
    its nonstop memories of you

    Dean and Heather are walking in the graveyard.

    It's like a video of you playing

    Dean and Heather stop and stare at each other.

    CUT TO:


    It's all loops of seven-hour kisses
    Cut with a couple near-misses

    Sam is sitting at the bar, a drink in hand.

    Back to the scene of the actor saying:
    'Tell me, baby, baby ? why do I feel so bad?'"

    Sam finishes her drink and slams the glass down.

    NOT WORDS: Solo

    Sam takes out her wallet to pay the man and sees pictures of both Riley and Michael.

    Tell me why I feel so bad, honey
    Fighting left me plenty of money

    Sam puts some money on the table and takes out both pictures.

    But didn't keep the promise of memory lapses
    Like a building that's been slated for blasting

    Sam gets up and walks to the trash can. She throws out both pictures.

    CUT TO:


    I'm the proof that nothing is lasting
    Counting to eleven as it collapses

    John is in a bedroom, must be staying there. You can see light from a TV. It must be on. John is horrified by what he sees.

    And tell me, "Baby, baby, I love you
    It's nonstop memories of you

    You now see the TV. It's a sex video of Susan and John having sex, just what Susan was taunting last season.

    CUT TO:


    It's like a video of you playing
    It's all loops of seven-hour kisses

    Graham is comforting Salomie.

    CUT TO:


    Cut with a couple near-misses
    Back to the scene of the actor saying:

    Sam pulls out a lighter and stares at the pictures in the trash can.

    'Tell me, baby, baby ? why do I feel so bad?'"

    Sam drops the lighter into the trash can, and everything in there catches on fire. She turns around to walk away.

    Baby, baby ? I love you

    Sam walks away in slow motion as everyone else goes to the trash can to take out the fire.

    CUT TO:


    Baby, baby ? I love you

    Ian is at the bar, out of a coma it looks like, and Riley is sitting at the bar. He is looking around.

    But, baby ? I feel so bad

    The camera zooms in on Riley's face.





    Marc Blucas as Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic as Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase as Graham Miller
    Jason Dohring as Intank Welleee
    Jennifer Gardner as Heather Cassidy
    Jared Padelecki as John Doven
    Jensen Ackles as Dean Aiden
    Aaron Ashmore as Ryan Harris
    And Allison Mack as Salomie Sullivan


    Liza Weil as Melissa Reyna
    Zachary Levi as Ian Jones
    Jennifer Carpenter as Marie Miller
    Jamie Ray Newman as Aimee Sullivan
    Olivia Wilde as Carey
    Peter Krause as Patrick Loney
    Grace Park as Kaia Odalis
    Leon Russom as Langley
    Cress Williams as Bruce
    And Kristen Bell as Susan Jaden


    Lena Headey as Katie Jones
    Nicki Aycox as Eliza Baker
    Skeet Ulrich as James
    And Mary-Louise Parker as Nina Baker








    Riley The Series is affiliated with East Wick, written by Kevin (Dark Ages).

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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    Ian is wiping down the bar, and Riley is sitting across from him. Everyone else is gone now. They must have closed. Riley still has a drink in hand.

    IAN: (while cleaning) Hear anything tonight?

    RILEY: (staring at drink) Nope.

    IAN: Ya know, this idea of yours really isn't working.

    Riley continues to just stare at his drink.

    RILEY: Which idea? Me living here or eavesdropping off of demons to save some people?

    IAN: (beat) Both.

    RILEY: (looking at Ian) You want me to move out?

    IAN: Well, if you're gonna act like this!

    RILEY: (standing up) When Sam kicked me out, I was by your side at the hospital everyday. I don't why.

    Riley puts his glass down.

    RILEY: I didn't even know you. You actually set me up to be killed by Xad.

    IAN: (sigh) It wasn't like that. I didn't ?

    RILEY: You knew everything you were doing. You grew a bond with Intank?.but I hate Intank. You have abnormal visions, signs of being a demon?.I hate demons.

    Riley walks closer to Ian.

    RILEY: But with my?.(laughing)?screwed up logic, I was by your side. Everyday.

    Riley grabs his head.

    RILEY: (yelling) Everyday!


    RILEY: I saw you wake up, and I was so nice to you.

    IAN: I was nice to you, too! I gave you a home!

    RILEY: (laughing) You gave me a bar, to drink off my sorrows. And now you're kicking me out. You're so damn nice.

    IAN: Riley, I'm sorry.

    RILEY: I'll go get my stuff.

    Ian watches Riley as he goes to the stairs.

    IAN: Riley, wait.

    Riley stops, but doesn't turn around.

    RILEY: What the hell do you want?

    IAN: You can stay.

    Riley turns around and looks into Ian's eyes.

    RILEY: (looking down) Thank you.

    IAN: I'm sorry about Sam?I don't know if I ever sad.

    RILEY: Man?that was almost three months ago.

    IAN: I'm still ?

    RILEY: I'll be up in my room.

    IAN: Night.

    Riley walks up the stairs and into the ground level. It's just an open room, almost like a lobby of some sorts. There are three doors. Riley walks into one of them.

    CUT TO:


    Riley walks into his room. There is a bed off to the side of the room. There is a television and a desk with a lamp on it. Riley walks over to the bed and sits on it. He exhales.


    You see Riley sitting by Ian's bedside.


    The camera closes in on Riley's face.


    Ian suddenly sits up in his hospital bed, with Riley by his side.


    Riley puts his hand against his head.


    You see Riley looking at Sam and then a door slamming.


    Riley lies back on his bed and close his eyes.

    CUT TO:


    You see Intank sitting on a chair and a woman sitting on top of him, but again, you only see the figure, not the actual person. The outline of the woman gets off of Intank and walks over to a lamp. She turns it on. She stares at Intank, now bathed in light. It's Carey from the Season 1 finale.

    CAREY: (smiling) That was fun.

    INTANK: (not looking at her) Come back over here.

    CAREY: (walking to him) Why?

    INTANK: (staring at her) I want to do things to you.

    CAREY: (right in front of him; seductively) What kind of things?

    INTANK: (standing up) Naughty things.

    CAREY: (grinning) My favorite kind.

    Carey starts kissing Intank and pushes him back down onto the chair. She is sitting on him again, kissing him on the neck. He looks past her and sees another figure in the dark. It's Jenny. She's smiling at Intank and starts walking closer to him.

    JENNY: How is my favorite buddy doing?

    INTANK: (shocked) Jenny?

    Carey stops kissing Intank and stares at Intank, confused.

    CAREY: What?

    INTANK: Behind you. Look!

    Carey looks behind her but sees nothing. You go back to Intank's perspective. He sees her. It's a hallucination.

    CAREY: Nobody's there.

    INTANK: Why are you here? How are you here?

    CAREY: (holding Intank's head; smiling) Honey?nobody's there.

    Carey starts kissing Intank again.

    JENNY: I'm a hallucination. I mean, you killed my brother. You don't think I would haunt you.

    INTANK: You're haunting me?

    Carey stops again.

    CAREY: Who are you talking to!?

    JENNY: Maybe.

    INTANK: (ignoring Carey) Maybe?

    CAREY: You're talking to who!?

    JENNY: (next to Intank) Maybe you're just a little insane.

    Intank closes his eyes, taking this all in, and when he opens them, Jenny is gone.

    CAREY: Intank!

    Intank looks back at Carey.

    INTANK: What?

    CAREY: Wanna have sex or not?


    You see Intank snapping Neiki's neck.


    Intank stares at Carey, but he does not answer. He lifts Carey off of him and stands up. Carey looks confused. Then, Intank picks Carey up again and carries her off into his bedroom. Carey begins laughing and smiling as they enter the bedroom.

    CUT TO:


    Graham is sitting on a chair, drifting to sleep. You see Salomie lying on the couch with a blanket over her, sleeping. Sam walks down the stairs and into the living room, which wakes Graham up.

    GRAHAM: (sitting down; whispering) Sam?Salomie's asleep.

    SAM: (looking at Salomie) About time. She's been having so many nightmares. She looks peaceful.

    GRAHAM: (standing up) She already woke up tonight. I had to comfort her.

    SAM: You guys have grown pretty close.

    GRAHAM: (next to Sam) How could we not have? She saw me die. Well?sort of.

    SAM: You're sort of like a mentor to her. Stay that way.

    Sam begins to walk into the kitchen, but Graham stops her.

    GRAHAM: I've been thinking, Sam.

    SAM: (worried) About what?

    GRAHAM: Who would kill me?

    SAM: You're alive, Graham. That was the shape-shifter, remember?

    GRAHAM: (laughing) I know, Sam. I mean?.the person that killed the shape-shifter must've thought they were killing me. Who would randomly want to rip open my head.

    SAM: (looking down) I've been thinking about that, too. I, honestly, have no idea. But I had another thought. What if they didn't want to kill you?

    GRAHAM: What do you mean?

    SAM: What if they really just wanted to kill the shape-shifter? It would make the most sense.

    GRAHAM: No, it wouldn't. They would have no clue it was the shape-shifter.

    SAM: But?.if they did.

    GRAHAM: Sam, I have enemies. Demons all over. I'm just wondering which demon. I want to know, so I can find them, and kill them. Look what they did to Salomie!

    SAM: She'll be fine, Graham. I promise.

    GRAHAM: I know she will.

    Sam nods and walks to the kitchen. Graham looks back at Salomie sleeping.

    CUT TO:

    EXT ? I.S. ? NIGHT

    You see a sign that says "I.S. Incorporation" in front of a large building.

    CUT TO:


    You see people in suits scattering about. This must be the company that Veno was talking about and that Nina works for. Down the hall, you see Patrick, James, and Nina walking down the hall. They are all in suits. The camera goes to them.

    PATRICK: (to James and Nina) Remember, this is your first day back, so there will be tension.

    NINA: I can deal with these bitches.

    PATRICK: Nina, there are new employees.

    NINA: Easier to deal with.

    PATRICK: Human employees.

    James stops and stares at Patrick.

    JAMES: What? Humans?

    PATRICK: Working for us!

    JAMES: (laughing) You can't expect us to accommodate them.

    PATRICK: Some of them are already at the top of the ladder.

    NINA: Patrick, what is going on here?

    PATRICK: Everything is fine here?.except for you, maybe. You did not do your job correctly. We ordered you to bring back Pyro, and you did not. There will be some hard feelings about this, trust me. I've gotten many complaints.

    NINA: And why didn't we get these complaints? It's about us, right!?

    PATRICK: I'm your handler.

    NINA: (laughing) Are you serious? We can't be trusted.

    PATRICK: It's just for the time being.

    NINA: You bet your ass it's just for the time being. I won't accept this.

    Nina begins walking and James follows.

    PATRICK: (worried; following them) Nina, you cannot make a scene on your first day!

    NINA: I've been here for more than ten years. I can do whatever the hell I want.

    Nina walks out of camera.

    CUT TO:


    Riley is lying on his bed, when you hear a phone ring. Riley slowly opens his eyes and reaches for his phone on his desk. He answers it.

    RILEY: (tired) Hello?

    VOICE: (V/O) Riley?.

    RILEY: (confused) Who is this?

    The voice comes in clearer this time.

    VOICE/KATIE: (V/O) Riley?this is Katie?.Katie Jones?.

    Riley's eyes widen.



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      ACT II

      CUT TO:

      EXT – I.S. – NIGHT

      You see the I.S. sign.

      CUT TO:


      Five people are sitting at a long, brown table in this small, meeting room. One of them is at the head of the table, staring at the door. There are three empty scenes, because Patrick, Nina, and James have not arrived yet. The man at the head of the table is particularly old, with gray hair and glasses. He is skinny, though. Suddenly, the door opens and Patrick walks in, followed by Nina and James. All of them are on their best behavior.

      OLD MAN: Welcome, Patrick.

      PATRICK: Hello,

      Patrick sits at the other head of the table. James and Nina fill in the remaining two seats.

      OLD MAN/LANGLEY: Welcome to this meeting today. Like you all know, I am Langley, head of the Field Department.

      The other four people sitting down already know this, and just waiting for the real info to come.

      NINA: Nice to meet you, sir.

      LANGLEY: (to Nina; smiling) We’ve never met. But I’ve heard so much about you.

      NINA: Good things?

      LANGLEY: I wouldn’t say that.

      Nina is shocked and tries to brush it off.

      LANGLEY: We are here today to decide on the fate of Nina Baker, one of our field agents. Her mission was to retrieve James and an enemy of ours named Pyro. James is here today to correct the facts for us if we may get them wrong.

      JAMES: Hello.

      LANGLEY: We used John Doven as our scapegoat to get the map of the facility Nina had to break in to. It worked extremely nicely, until she was given to the order to eliminate John.

      One of the other four people there, an Asian female, just sighs and smiles.

      LANGLEY: She failed to do so. Instead, she let him live.

      NINA: (mad) I did not let –

      ASIAN FEMALE: Don’t interrupt, Ms. Baker.

      NINA: (smiling at Asian) Kaia….shut the hell up.

      LANGLEY: Nina!

      ASIAN/KAIA: I prefer my formal name: Ms. Odalis.

      PATRICK: Sir, this is getting a bit out of –

      LANGLEY: Everyone, shut up!

      The room is silent.

      LANGLEY: (mad; yelling) I am the head of this operation and I am trying to get through this damn meeting!


      LANGLEY: (continuing) She failed to eliminate John. She moved onto the facility where James and Pyro were located. She brought along other people, like her sister and Riley.

      At Riley’s name, people start talking amongst themselves.

      NINA: (politer) Sir, if I may, they were tailing me.

      LANGLEY: That will be taken into account. However, that does not defeat the fact that you decided to return with not two people, but one. James was not your only target.

      Nina takes this in, as this was a huge mistake.

      LANGLEY: Also, John is out there, and could make a move on us.

      NINA: Then what do you want me to do? Do you want me to go kill him!?

      PATRICK: Nina, calm down.

      NINA: What do you want me to do!?

      LANGLEY: (sighing) Your fate has not been decided yet. You will decide that with a test. Go to this address….

      Langley takes a piece of paper and a pen and starts writing.

      LANGLEY: Take this….

      Langley continues writing.

      LANGLEY: And get out of there before Riley and friends kill you.

      NINA: How will Riley and friends know about this?

      LANGLEY: (smiling) Oh, we’ll let them know.

      Nina is shocked.

      LANGLEY: Nina, remember, this is a test.

      Langley slides the piece of paper over to Nina.

      LANGLEY: Don’t kill them. They’ve done lots of damage to us, but it’s not their time yet.

      Nina stares in shock at Langley.

      LANGLEY: Then we’ll decide your fate.

      Langley stands up.

      LANGLEY: This meeting is over.

      Langley starts walking out, leaving Nina shocked. Kaia stands up and gives a grin to Nina as she walks out.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie is still asleep on the couch. Suddenly, she opens her eyes. She looks around and notices where she is. She takes the blanket off her and gets up. She’s still in her normal clothes. She stretches. Graham walks out of the kitchen.

      GRAHAM: Good thing you’re up. I made some coffee, if you want something.

      SALOMIE: (smiling) I’m not much of a coffee person.

      GRAHAM: How can you not be a coffee person?

      SALOMIE: I don’t know, I think it’s unnatural.

      GRAHAM: Of course it’s unnatural, but how do you not like it?

      Salomie laughs and smiles at Graham.

      SALOMIE: Thank you.

      GRAHAM: (confused) For what?

      SALOMIE: Not letting me go. Not letting my fall into a coma or something.

      Graham is smiling at Salomie.

      GRAHAM: I’ll always be by your side.

      Salomie just smiles at Graham. She snaps out of it and grabs her bag on the ground.

      SALOMIE: Well, I better get going. I left my mom and John alone at my house again.

      Salomie walks to the door and opens it.

      GRAHAM: Hey, Salomie.

      SALOMIE: Yeah?

      GRAHAM: I know I’ve already said this, but….I’m so sorry about Jill.


      You see Jill pointing a gun at Salomie.


      You get a close-up of Salomie’s face.

      SALOMIE: Yeah….

      Salomie walks out the door.

      CUT TO:


      Riley is putting on his shoes when Ian walks in.

      IAN: Morning, Riley.

      Riley looks at Ian.

      RILEY: You can’t just waltz into my room.

      IAN: Sorry, I just wanted to make sure everything’s alright after last –

      RILEY: (standing up) Yeah, whatever.

      IAN: Wait, what? Last night you were so mad.

      RILEY: You were kicking me out. Now you’re not. Hence the not mad.

      Riley walks over to the door.

      IAN: Where are you going?

      RILEY: Meeting an old friend.

      IAN: Old, old friend?

      RILEY: No.

      IAN: Oh….so, an old ‘I had an affair with her’ friend.

      Riley stares at Ian, shocked.

      RILEY: How did –?

      IAN: I know everything.

      Riley smiles and just walks out.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie walks through the front door to see John eating pancakes at the table. Salomie smiles.

      JOHN: Out another night.

      Salomie starts walking towards him.

      JOHN: If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were cheating on me.

      Salomie kisses John on the lips and smiles at him.

      SALOMIE: Good thing you know better.

      JOHN: Do I?

      Salomie smiles at John, again.

      JOHN: Your mom made me breakfast again.

      AIMEE: (V/O) It was no problem.

      The camera moves over to see Aimee Sullivan making some more pancakes.

      AIMEE: There’s more where that came from, by the way! You liking them, John?

      JOHN: Delicious, Mrs. S.

      AIMEE: Thanks, John! (to Salomie) You have a very kind boyfriend.

      SALOMIE: I know that, mom.

      JOHN: Wanna sit down and have a bite?

      SALOMIE: No, I just came by to check in on you guys.

      JOHN: Oh, this is what you do to me?! Come and taunt me?

      SALOMIE: (laughing) Sorry, John, but I need to meet Heather at class.

      JOHN: Okay, have fun!

      SALOMIE: Bye, guys.

      AIMEE: Learn well.

      Salomie walks out the door and John stares at Aimee.

      JOHN: (teasing) Learn well?

      CUT TO:


      Graham is sitting at the kitchen table, reading the newspaper, when you hear a door open. Graham looks up.

      GRAHAM: Sam, that you!?

      There is no response. Suddenly, Marie appears in the doorway to the kitchen and smiles at her brother.

      MARIE: Hey, bro.

      GRAHAM: (sigh) Marie….

      MARIE: You don’t like to see me?

      GRAHAM: No, I like to see you. I just don’t trust you.

      MARIE: Graham, that was three months ago.

      GRAHAM: It was a pretty big lie.

      MARIE: Not that big!

      GRAHAM: You said you were pregnant!


      CUT TO:


      MARIE: I’m not really pregnant.

      GRAHAM: (shocked) What!?

      MARIE: I faked it all.

      GRAHAM: (mad) Why!?

      MARIE: I wanted some attention from you, Graham!

      Graham lets out a scream of stress.


      CUT TO:


      MARIE: I’m sorry, bro! I promise that next time I say I’m pregnant, I’ll have proof!

      GRAHAM: (shaking head) Don’t ever do that again.

      MARIE: I won’t.

      Marie sits down next to Graham.

      MARIE: I just want to be noticed by you.

      GRAHAM: You’ve definitely caught my attention now.

      MARIE: (smiling) Good.

      GRAHAM: Not in a good way.

      MARIE: (laughing) Good.

      Graham laughs with Marie.

      CUT TO:


      The camera shows Heather sprawled out on her bed, in pajamas. The camera moves to show just her eyes.

      SALOMIE: (V/O) Wake the hell up!

      Suddenly, Heather’s eyes shoot open. The camera pans out to show Salomie standing over Heather’s bed. She gets up and looks at Salomie, confused.

      HEATHER: Why are you here?

      SALOMIE: Heather, you know we were supposed to meet at school. You didn’t show up, I came here.

      HEATHER: (getting up; stretching) You can’t just barge into my house, ya know.

      SALOMIE: Sorry, but the door was open. I couldn’t resist.

      HEATHER: What if I was with a boy or something, having sex?!

      SALOMIE: Don’t kid yourself.

      Heather shakes her head and points to the door.

      HEATHER: Get out of the room, I need to change.

      SALOMIE: Hurry up!

      Salomie walks out of the bedroom.

      CUT TO:

      INT –

      Salomie walks out of the room and into the main, living room. She sits on the couch and looks around. She sees a boy’s shirt on the floor, and she walks over to it. She picks it up and examines it. Heather starts coming out of her bedroom.

      HEATHER: Ready to get some coffee before –?

      Heather stops as she sees Salomie holding the shirt. Heather quickly runs to Salomie and snatches it away.

      HEATHER: What are you doing?

      SALOMIE: (smiling) Who’d ya have over?

      HEATHER: Just a guy.

      SALOMIE: (teasing) I guess you’re not kidding yourself.

      HEATHER: (laughing) Get out of here!

      Heather pushes Salomie out the room, jokingly, and they both walk out.

      CUT TO:


      Riley is walking in the graveyard, obviously towards a certain gravestone. He sees a woman, back towards him, staring at two certain gravestones. He stands next to her. The gravestones read, “Mara Gold” and “Josh Anna”. The woman is wearing sunglasses. She takes them off and looks at Riley. It’s Katie.

      KATIE: (smiling) Long time, no see, Riley.

      Riley just smiles at Katie. Katie hugs Riley, something he wasn’t accepting. He just takes it in.

      RILEY: I’m divorced.

      Katie stops hugging him.

      KATIE: I’m so sorry.

      RILEY: Don’t be….it’s a good thing.

      KATIE: (smiling) Good attitude. I don’t believe it.

      RILEY: What brings you back here to Iowa?

      KATIE: I told you, didn’t I?

      RILEY: Told me what?

      KATIE: You must’ve forgotten.

      Katie sits down on the gravestone.

      KATIE: I’m running for mayor of Laintan.

      RILEY: Isn’t the election over?

      KATIE: Yeah….and you’re looking at the new mayor.

      Riley is shocked and can’t believe it.

      RILEY: Woah….wow. Congratulations!

      KATIE: (laughing) Thanks. It took a hell of a lot to get out here without security tailing me.

      RILEY: They have security in Laintan?

      Katie starts laughing.

      KATIE: I guess they do….don’t see why.

      RILEY: I mean, you can obviously take care of yourself.

      Katie moves closer to Riley, now only inches away from him.

      KATIE: Obviously.

      Riley moves forward and kisses Katie. They stop kissing, and Katie smiles at him.

      KATIE: How did I know that was going to happen?

      RILEY: It comes with the package of meeting me here.

      KATIE: I really like this package.

      Katie leans forward and they begin to kiss, passionately, again. The camera pans out to show them kissing each other in the graveyard.

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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        Katie and Riley are still kissing. Katie lets go of their kiss.

        KATIE: I need to get to a press conference, Riley.

        RILEY: You have to leave?

        KATIE: Yeah?.

        Katie starts walking away and then stops.

        KATIE: Wanna do this again?

        RILEY: (unsure) I don't know?.I'm?.kind of seeing someone.

        Katie is shocked, but she tries to hide it.

        KATIE: Oh, okay?.whatever.

        Katie gives a fake smile.

        KATIE: Goodbye, Riley.

        Riley looks on the gravestone and sees a letter. He opens it and reads something. It says: "NINA IS BACK. STEALING KNIFE FROM THIS ADDRESS?48 WESTWOOD ROAD". Riley is shocked at this piece of paper. He immediately leaves.

        CUT TO:


        Graham walks through the front door and looks around, probably for Melissa. A man, Jake, from episode 12 comes up to Graham.

        JAKE: Hey, Graham.

        GRAHAM: Oh, hi, Jake.

        JAKE: Looking for Melissa?

        GRAHAM: Yeah.

        JAKE: (pointing) In the interrogation room.

        GRAHAM: (smiling) Who is it this time?

        JAKE: Just some kid. He punched his teacher.

        GRAHAM: What's there to interrogate about?

        JAKE: Don't ask me, she does all that stuff?

        GRAHAM: Can I just walk in?

        JAKE: Honestly? Yeah.

        Graham laughs and walks to the door. He opens it.

        CUT TO:


        Graham walks in and sees Melissa sitting at a desk with a picture in front of her. No one's across from her.

        GRAHAM: (confused) Jake said you're with a kid?

        MELISSA: (smiling at him) I am, look.

        Melissa points to the picture of the kid and Graham laughs.

        GRAHAM: Hey.

        Graham kisses Melissa on the lips.

        MELISSA: How're you?

        GRAHAM: Good, just talked to Marie today.

        MELISSA: What'd she say?

        GRAHAM: (smiling) She'll never lie about being pregnant ever again.

        Melissa stands up and starts to laugh.

        MELISSA: She better keep that promise.

        GRAHAM: I think she will.

        They begin walking towards the door.

        GRAHAM: So, going to your place?

        MELISSA: I actually have to meet up with Lain.

        GRAHAM: Can I join?

        MELISSA: Um?.

        GRAHAM: I get it; he wants quality time with you.

        MELISSA: He's kind of a freak.

        GRAHAM: (laughing) But in a good way.

        MELISSA: Sometimes.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie and Heather walk into the large lecture class, and they see John and Dean waving there hands, signaling to Salomie and Heather. Heather smiles as she sees them and begins to walk to them, but Salomie stops her. Salomie stares at Heather, seriously.

        SALOMIE: Heather?.a few months ago, the person in front of me was Jill.

        Heather realizes and exhales.

        HEATHER: Salomie, I will not betray me. I'm not like her. I'm your real friend.

        SALOMIE: (smiling) I needed that.

        HEATHER: Let's get to our seats.

        SALOMIE: Okay.

        Salomie and Heather walk up to their seats with John and Dean.

        SALOMIE: Hey, guys.

        Salomie kisses John and then sits down next to him.

        DEAN: Hey Heather and Salomie.

        Heather sits down in the middle of Dean and Salomie.

        SALOMIE: (to John; smiling) How were the rest of the pancakes?

        JOHN: (smiling) Delicious.

        John goes in and gives Salomie another kiss.

        HEATHER: So, this is your first class, and you've missed a few. So, if you want me to catch you up, I ?

        DEAN: (smiling) I'd love you to.

        HEATHER: (smiling) Cool.

        PROFESSOR: (V/O) Everybody, settle down!

        Heather, Dean, Salomie, and John all stop talking and look forward. A girl in the third row looks back at the four and smiles with her long, curly blonde hair. It's Susan.

        HEATHER: (whispering; to John) How does she show up in every single class?

        Susan looks directly at John and gives a wink. John is trying to hide what they did.

        JOHN: (emotionless) Don't know.

        PROFESSOR: Our first subject today is?.

        The professor takes out a newspaper and opens it up.

        PROFESSOR: Murders.

        The camera zooms in on Salomie's face.


        You see Graham's head smashed open.

        END FLASH

        Salomie shakes her head and John goes to her.

        JOHN: (whispering) You alright?

        SALOMIE: Yeah, it's just?.a headache. That's it.

        The camera zooms in on Salomie's face once more.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? HUGE ROOM ? DAY

        Katie is all dressed up and shouting to an audience who is applauding and cheering for her.

        KATIE: And we will work to make this city a better place!

        The audience roars at this last comment. Katie nods and smiles as she walks off the stage. Katie is walking towards the back exit as a large black man walks next to her.

        KATIE: Hey, Bruce.

        BRUCE: That was a fantastic and rousing speech, Ms. Jones.

        KATIE: I said call me Katie! You don't need to be polite. By the way, thanks.

        BRUCE: That's half my job. Protect you and be polite.

        Katie giggles a little.

        KATIE: You're a great bodyguard, but you're also a mediocre comedian.

        BRUCE: (sarcastic) Thanks.


        BRUCE: Where to next, Ms. Jones?

        KATIE: (sighing) I'm going to see my friend in the woods.

        BRUCE: I'll come with.

        KATIE: (stopping) No, Bruce! I need some privacy.

        BRUCE: But what if you get ??

        KATIE: This is Laintan! Who's gonna hurt me?

        Bruce bites his lip.

        KATIE: I'll be fine, and I'll be back soon.

        Katie walks out of the huge room, leaving Bruce standing there.

        CUT TO:


        You see the old Neiki mansion from last season, only it's now wrecked and destroyed from the fight. Intank walks into the camera's view and looks around. The camera moves with him, and in the background, Neiki comes into view. Intank does not see him.

        NEIKI: Welcome back.

        Intank turns around and sees Neiki standing there.

        INTANK: What?

        NEIKI: (walking closer to him) I knew you'd come back sooner or later.

        INTANK: And why's that?

        NEIKI: You killed me. Are you telling me you feel know guilt?

        INTANK: You already know the answer, don't you?

        Neiki gives Intank a huge grin.

        NEIKI: You're a smart one, aren't you?

        Neiki starts circling Intank.

        NEIKI: I know all the answers.

        INTANK: Then why are you asking me this?

        NEIKI: Well, do you know the answers?

        INTANK: If you do, I do.

        NEIKI: And how's that?

        INTANK: Well?you are me. You're my subconscious reaching out.

        NEIKI: Am I?

        Intank looks confused.

        NEIKI: You think I'm a hallucination.

        Neiki walks backwards and then forwards towards Intank again.

        NEIKI: There's no one here to prove that theory, is there?

        Neiki gets in Intank's face.

        NEIKI: No one to ignore me.

        INTANK: What are you telling me?

        NEIKI: That I might not be a hallucination.

        INTANK: There's only one way to find out.

        Intank punches at Neiki, but Neiki catches the punch and punches Intank back.

        INTANK: What the hell!? You're not a hallucination.

        NEIKI: (sighs) Of course I am! You're body wants to feel pain, so you feel it!

        Neiki extends his arms into Intank and they go right through.

        NEIKI: I'm a hallucination.

        INTANK: I don't want to feel pain.

        NEIKI: (smiling) You're expecting me to answer, but that's not a question. I mean, I am you?.so you already know why I want to feel pain.

        INTANK: I killed you. I killed my best friend. I deserve to be punished.

        Neiki starts smiling at Intank.

        INTANK: But you're evil! Why am I feeling this?

        NEIKI: I know the answer.

        INTANK: Meaning I know the answer.

        Neiki puts his hands on Intank's shoulder.

        NEIKI: Why? Why are me and Jenny appearing in forms of hallucination?! Why are you just a tad short of insane!?

        INTANK: I loved you. I love you, and I love Jenny.

        NEIKI: (joking) Oooh, dirty.

        Intank falls back on the ground.

        INTANK: How can I love you!? Get this feeling out of my?.

        Intank grabs his head and starts shaking.

        INTANK: HEAD!

        Intank closes his eyes and when he opens them, Neiki is gone. Intank has a sad face on.

        INTANK: I need to stop loving them?.

        END OF ACT III


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          ACT IV

          CUT TO:


          Sam is reading a book on the couch when there is a knock at the door. She puts her book down, stands up, and walks over to the door. She opens it to find Riley standing there. Sam sighs and immediately tries to shut it, but Riley forces it back open and walks into this house.

          SAM: Go away, Riley! This is not your house anymore.

          RILEY: Look at this!

          Riley hands Sam the letter he found at the graveyard. Sam closes the door as she reads the letter. She looks up.

          SAM: Where did you get this?

          RILEY: At the graveyard, it was just sitting there.

          SAM: How do you know it's for us, how do you not know it's a trap!?

          RILEY: (sighing) I don't?but I have to try. Eliza would want me to.

          SAM: Oh, the demon?

          RILEY: She'll come back, but when she comes back, I want Nina to be dead!

          SAM: What's the point, Riley? Is it just to be with me again?

          Riley looks down and then looks back up at Sam.

          RILEY: No, Sam. Nina is a very important person.

          SAM: (laughing) What do you even mean!?

          RILEY: (getting mad) She works for someone, something! You know the major company that your father works for?

          Sam looks very serious know, getting mad.

          RILEY: The one that influences everything that goes on in the civilized world!? That one!? I think they have something to do with one another! I need to stop Nina. This is our one chance.

          SAM: (giving in) Fine.

          The door opens and Graham walks in. Sam and Riley both look over to him, and Graham is surprised to see Riley.

          GRAHAM: Riley?.

          RILEY: Hi Graham.

          Graham notices that something is up.

          GRAHAM: What did I miss?

          CUT TO:


          Heather, John, Salomie, and Dean walk out of the lecture hall.

          DEAN: That was boring.

          HEATHER: Well, you didn't know half the stuff he was saying.

          DEAN: (smiling) Oh, yeah?you need to help me study.

          SALOMIE: Yeah?boring.

          JOHN: Are you okay, Salomie?

          SALOMIE: Yeah, I'm fine, just a bit distracted.

          They start walking down the hall.

          SALOMIE: I actually really need to get home. John?.I need you to come, too.

          JOHN: Why?

          SALOMIE: Please?

          JOHN: (nodding) Okay.

          CUT TO:


          John and Salomie are lying in the bed, looking up at the ceiling.

          JOHN: What was so urgent?

          SALOMIE: (looking to John) I need to tell you something.

          JOHN: Uh-oh. Is this a, ?I want to break up with you' talk?

          SALOMIE: No, no, no! Of course not.

          JOHN: (smiling) Good.

          SALOMIE: This is a talk about our no lies policy.

          JOHN: Yeah?.

          SALOMIE: I've been breaking this rule for a long time, John.

          John looks confused.

          SALOMIE: You broke it when Susan told me you had kissed her once, but we got through it.

          John looks hurt, because he knows it was a lot more than a kiss and that it happened a lot more than once.


          SALOMIE: (smiling) It's okay.

          Salomie and John kiss.

          END FLASH

          JOHN: What is it?

          SALOMIE: You know that girl who was trying to kill you?

          JOHN: Of course, how could I forget?

          SALOMIE: That wasn't just a girl. That was a demon.

          John looks extremely confused.

          SALOMIE: And I can give you proof.

          JOHN: Salomie, I think you need some ?

          SALOMIE: I'm not crazy! Demons, vampires, and all those crappy things are alive. They kill.

          John is surprised, because he knows this would explain a lot.

          JOHN: (giving in) Proof?.huh?

          SALOMIE: Those friends of mine?they're the people that saved me.


          SALOMIE: They fight demons.

          John is so confused and torn.

          SALOMIE: Just give me a chance. Tonight?.tonight I'll show you. I'll show you a vampire. And we're gonna watch it blow in the wind.

          John looks down, shocked. Suddenly, Salomie's cell phone starts ringing. She pulls it out and answers it.

          SALOMIE: Hello? Sam!


          SALOMIE: Okay, I'm coming.


          SALOMIE: Yeah, I'll get her.


          SALOMIE: No, it's a full moon. By the way?.I'm bringing along a friend.

          Salomie looks to John, who looks back at her in confusion. Salomie hangs up.

          SALOMIE: Want proof? Come on.

          Salomie stands up and John follows.

          CUT TO:


          Sam and Riley are waiting around when the door opens and Heather and Salomie walk in. Sam walks over to them, relieved.

          SAM: Thank god you're here.

          Finally, John walks in and Sam is confused.

          SAM: Salomie?.is this your friend?

          SALOMIE: (looking down) Yeah?I told him everything.

          SAM: (sighing) That's dangerous!

          SALOMIE: (in her face) Too damn bad!

          Sam is shocked and just backs off.

          SAM: Graham went to the address to make sure Nina didn't get there before us. Dean's at his cage?

          HEATHER: Yeah, made sure he got there. He's all ready for tonight.

          SAM: Good. Have you guys seen Intank? I left him, like, five messages.

          Heather just shrugs.

          INTANK: (V/O) I'm right here.

          Sam looks over to see Intank.

          SAM: Intank?.

          Sam walks over to Intank and hugs him. Intank and Riley are both shocked. Sam stops hugging him.

          SAM: I haven't seen you since?.you know.

          INTANK: Yeah?

          SAM: How've you been?

          INTANK: Crappy.

          Intank walks away from Sam.

          INTANK: So, we've got to move fast.

          RILEY: Graham's already at the house. Or driving there.

          INTANK: You think Graham will be able to stop Nina? Of course not. Let's get moving.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ?

          You see the side of a woman walking. In her pocket, a gun is sticking out. The camera moves up to reveal that it's Nina. She walks up a driveway, and you see that the house says "48". She rings the doorbell. The door opens and a woman is standing there. Nina immediately snaps her neck and walks inside. She closes the door behind her. Also inside is a man. He immediately reaches for something in his pocket, but Nina takes out her gun first. Nina shoots him before he can take the thing out of the pocket. Nina smiles.

          NINA: Sucker.

          Nina walks over to the cabinets and starts rummaging through them. She can't find anything, so she heads upstairs.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? 48 WESTWOOD ? UPSTAIRS ? DAY

          Nina is in a bedroom, tearing the room apart. She cannot find the knife. Suddenly, she has a revelation.


          The man starts taking out something from his pocket.

          END FLASH

          NINA: The dead guy has it.

          Nina begins to walk towards the stairs when she hears the door opening. It must be Graham! Nina runs down the stairs to see Graham in front of her. Graham punches Nina back, and she just starts laughing.

          NINA: This'll be fun.

          Nina grabs Graham and throws him into a glass table that shatters. Nina runs over to the dead guy's body and reaches for his pocket. There is the knife there. She takes the knife and starts for the door, but Graham kicks her into the wall. She's taken back by Graham's strength.

          NINA: Impressive.

          GRAHAM: I work out.

          NINA: Not enough.

          Nina runs upstairs and into another one of the rooms. She goes for the door, but Graham pulls her back. Nina elbows Graham in the face and then scratches him on the cheek with the knife. Nina then jumps out the window and lands on the lawn outside the house. Graham takes out a gun and starts shooting at her. Nina responds by taking out a gun of her own and shooting at Graham. To get away, he backs away from the window, giving Nina more time to run.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? 48 WESTWOOD ? DAY

          Nina runs to the car in the driveway. She jumps in it and sees the keys still in there. She smiles.

          NINA: Idiot.

          Nina starts up the car.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? SAM'S CAR ? DAY

          Sam is driving, Riley's in the passenger, and Salomie, Heather, John and Intank are in the back. Suddenly, Sam's cell begins to ring. Sam answers it.

          SAM: Graham?

          GRAHAM: (V/O) Nina just got here and took the knife! She's driving away with it now! Cut her off!

          Sam looks ahead and sees Nina driving a car in front of her.

          SAM: I see her.

          Sam hangs up and puts the phone down.

          SAM: Riley?.get my gun, please.

          Riley gets the gun from the cup holder and hands it to Sam. She holds it in one hand, while she drives with the other, ready to shoot.

          JOHN: What?

          CUT TO:

          INT ? NINA'S CAR ? DAY

          Nina takes out her gun and smiles. She begins shooting her windshield.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? SAM'S CAR ? DAY

          They see Nina shooting her windshield.

          SALOMIE: What the hell?

          CUT TO:

          INT ? NINA'S CAR ? DAY

          Nina shoots her windshield one more time, and the whole windshield collapses with the glass. She then begins to shoot at Sam's windshield.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? SAM'S CAR ? DAY

          SAM: Oh my god!

          Sam begins to swerve, because she can not see due to the wrinkled glass. Bullets keep pounding into the windshield until it finally shatters.

          JOHN: Help! Help!

          CUT TO:

          INT ? NINA'S CAR ? DAY

          The windshield is no shattered, and Nina is now shooting at the group in the car. They all duck to not get shot. Sam returns a few shots, as well.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? SAM'S CAR ? DAY

          Sam is losing control because of the bullets flying at her.

          INTANK: Sam, keep the car under control.

          SAM: I'm trying ?

          The car suddenly swerves and is heading towards a pole.

          RILEY: SAM!

          The car smashes into the pole, and the car lifts into the air a little only to be smashed down again. They all hit their heads and the front of the car begins to catch on fire.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ?

          Nina continues to drive away, smiling.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? SAM'S CAR ? DAY

          The camera shows Sam, unconscious, leaning against the steering wheel. Riley slowly comes to, with cuts and bruises all over him. He looks around and sees that the fire in the car is spreading. He goes crazy trying to get out.

          GRAHAM: (V/O) SAM! RILEY!

          Riley looks over to see Graham running towards them, screaming. Riley shakes Sam, and she comes to.

          RILEY: We need to get out of here; the whole thing's going to blow!

          Sam immediately starts getting up and begins waking up the four in the back.

          JOHN: What's happening?

          SAM: Get out!

          They all run out of the car, and Sam and Riley start running.

          GRAHAM: (V/O) That car's gonna blow! Run!

          Salomie, Intank, and Heather realize they have to run! They start running, but John is still confused. Salomie runs back to him and pulls him along. They are far enough away now and the seven all meet in a huddle.

          RILEY: She got away.

          The car suddenly blows up, causing them all to flinch, but they're safe now.

          SAM: My damn car.

          RILEY: (shaking his head) She got away.

          The camera zooms in on Riley's face, sad.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? I.S. ? DAY

          You see a picture of the sign.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? I.S. ? MEETING ROOM ? DAY

          Nina, Langley, Patrick, Kaia, James, and other three people are all sitting at the table.

          LANGLEY: Slide over the knife, Nina.

          Nina smiles and slides the knife over to Langley. He examines it and sees a speck of blood from when Nina slashed Graham across the cheek.

          LANGLEY: (looking up at Nina) There's blood on this.

          NINA: (smiling) No one's dead.

          LANGLEY: You weren't supposed to harm them!

          NINA: (defensive) It wasn't anything serious.

          PATRICK: Calm down, Nina.

          NINA: (whispering) Shut up, Pat.

          Langley sighs, deciding what to do.

          LANGLEY: You'll stay on duty.

          Kaia laughs in disagreement.

          LANGLEY: But you are to be supervised. Patrick will still be your handler. James, you're free to go.

          JAMES: Thank you, sir.

          James stands up and walks out the door, but Nina is still mad at the verdict. She holds back her anger.

          NINA: (sarcasm) Thanks, sir.

          LANGLEY: Get out of here, Nina.

          Nina stands up.

          LANGLEY: (smirking) But don't forget Patrick.

          Nina gives Langley an evil glance.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? I.S. ? FILING ROOM ? DAY

          Nina storms into a filing room with many records. There are two doors. One of them is the one Nina just walked in through, and the other is?unknown.

          NINA: (to herself) I'll show him.

          Nina starts looking through the records when, suddenly, the unknown door flips open. Nina is curious and walks into the room.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? I.S. ? UNKNOWN ROOM ? DAY

          Nina walks in. It's a very long room, but the width is extremely small. Nina looks down the length to see rows and rows of cabinets. The thing that catches her eye, however, is right across from her. There are two old men in suits that look identical to each other, both standing still, staring at Nina?.smiling. In-between them is a phone on the wall.

          NINA: Um?.

          MAN #1: Hello, Nina.

          Suddenly, slow, creepy piano music begins to play.

          MAN #2: Yes, we do know you're name.

          MAN #1: And we know why you're here. You want to show Langley that you mean business by bringing Igor Sphere into this dimension.

          MAN #2: Igor Sphere. The reason this company exists. Igor Sphere. I.S.

          MAN #1: Our demon.

          MAN #2: Our god.

          MAN #1: He must rule this and every other dimension there is.

          MAN #2: This branch is to bring him here, and to help him rule while he is here.

          NINA: How do you know what I'm up to?

          Nina takes a gun out of her pocket and points it at Man #1.

          MAN #1: (laughing) Oh, Nina. We aren't going to get you in trouble.

          MAN #2: We're extremely proud of you.

          Nina is confused, but she starts to lower her weapon.

          MAN #1: We are the Communication Department.

          NINA: Never heard of that one.

          MAN #2: You know of only four branches: the Field Department, the Research and Artifacts Department, the Connections Department, and the Portals and Dimensions Department.

          MAN #1: However, there is a fifth?.secretive department.

          MAN #2: And that is us. The Communication Department.

          NINA: And what exactly do you do?

          MAN #1: We communicate and transfer messages.

          MAN #2: From and to Igor Sphere.

          This makes Nina gasp. She had never heard anything like it.

          NINA: (in shock) You?.speak to Igor Sphere? How?

          MAN #1: Through this.

          Man #1 points to the phone.

          MAN #2: (smiling) And it wishes to speak to you.

          MAN #1: The revenge you plan on Langley?you will never succeed. But Igor Sphere has better plans.

          MAN #2: Igor Sphere always has better plans.

          MAN #1: All you have to do is walk over here?.

          MAN #2: And pick up this phone.

          Nina slowly walks over to the phone. The men smile at her. She puts the phone to her ear and is scared.

          NINA: Igor?.Igor Sphere?

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? STREET ? DAY

          John and Salomie are walking home, still hand in hand.

          JOHN: That was some?.proof.

          SALOMIE: Told ya.

          John gives a laugh.

          JOHN: I mean, this does explain a lot.

          SALOMIE: Yeah, but it's still a lot to handle.

          JOHN: Hell yeah.

          They stop and John looks into Salomie's eyes.

          JOHN: But it's okay. We're okay.

          SALOMIE: We always will be.

          Salomie and John kiss and smile at one another. John turns away and begins walking again, Salomie walking too.

          JOHN: Does this mean I can be part of the team?

          SALOMIE: (laughing) I can put in a good word for ya.

          Salomie looks back up to the street, still laughing a little. A woman looking perfectly normal walks by her. Suddenly?.


          Salomie imagines that person walking by again, only her head is ripped open.

          END FLASH

          Salomie looks forward to see many normal people walking about.


          All those normal people now have their heads ripped open.

          END FLASH

          Salomie stops talking and tries to take this in, but she can't help it. She falls to the ground, shocking John.

          JOHN: Salomie!? Salomie!

          Salomie begins shaking on the ground. She's having a seizure. Many people form around Salomie trying to help her. John is scared.

          JOHN: Somebody call 911! NOW!

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? WOODS ? DAY

          A car pulls into an open spot in the woods to park. The door opens and Katie walks out. She stretches and closes the door. Suddenly, the car window shatters! Katie is shocked and ducks down. A bullet flies into the side of the car! There is a shooter trying to kill Katie.

          KATIE: (to herself) Oh my god.

          Katie begins to run through the woods, trying to get to safety.

          KATIE: Help!

          CUT TO:


          Graham and Marie are sitting next to each other on the bed.

          GRAHAM: You said you needed to tell me something, sis.

          MARIE: (looking down) Yeah?.remember when I told you that if I told you I was pregnant, it would be real?

          GRAHAM: (confused) Yeah.

          MARIE: And that I'd have proof?

          GRAHAM: Definitely.

          MARIE: Well?.it's real?.and I got proof.

          Graham is shocked.

          GRAHAM: Are you trying to say I'm pregnant?

          MARIE: (smiling) Three months pregnant.

          GRAHAM: I'm confused!

          Marie reaches into her purse and pulls out papers.

          MARIE: I just found out.

          Marie hands the papers over to Graham. He reads them, shocked.

          GRAHAM: (looking over to Marie; smiling) You are pregnant?!

          MARIE: You believe me!

          GRAHAM: I do now, sis!

          They hug. Suddenly, they break.

          GRAHAM: (smiling) Who's the dad?

          Marie stops smiling and looks down again.

          CUT TO:


          Riley is in the living room with a cardboard box in hand. He is putting things in it. Sam walks down the stairs and is disappointed to see Riley here.

          SAM: Still here?

          RILEY: I'm getting the last of my stuff.

          SAM: Hurry up.

          Sam begins walking over to the kitchen.

          RILEY: Sam?

          Sam stops and turns around to see Riley.

          SAM: (annoyed) What, Riley?

          RILEY: I need to ask you something.

          SAM: I'm here.

          Riley sets aside his box.

          RILEY: Lately, I've been getting cases and hunting down demons from Ian's visions and news from the demon bar. It hasn't been working out so well.

          SAM: (sarcastic) I'm so very sorry.

          RILEY: (sighing) Sam?.we make a great team.

          SAM: What are you saying, Riley?

          RILEY: That we could bring the old team back together.

          Sam sighs.

          RILEY: Me, you, Graham, Salomie, Heather, Intank?.

          SAM: Riley, I thought I made it very clear that I was done with you.

          RILEY: Don't talk to me! Don't do anything social with me at all. Let this be purely business. We could help more people. And I miss the others.

          SAM: But ?

          RILEY: I said I missed the others, Sam. Not you.

          Sam looks a little hurt, but tries to hide it.

          SAM: (giving in) I'll think about it.

          Riley smiles, because he knows that means yes. Suddenly, the ground starts shaking. Things are falling from cabinets and Sam and Riley both fall to the ground. It's an earthquake. "BLUE" by ANGIE HART begins to play.

          Night falls
          I fall
          And where we're you?

          Things continue to fall in slow motion, and Sam and Riley are taking cover.

          And where we're you?

          The camera closes up on Riley's face.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? HOSPITAL ? ROOM ? DAY

          Warm skin
          Wolf grin

          The room is shaking and empty. Suddenly, a woman rolls in on a tray. It's Salomie and she's having a seizure.

          And where we're you?

          The camera focuses on John, scared and by her side.

          CUT TO:


          I fell into the moon
          And it covered you in blue

          In slow motion, you see Carey and Intank having sex during the earthquake.

          CUT TO:


          I fell into the moon
          Can I make it right?
          Can I spend the night?

          During the earthquake, Nina is on the phone, smiling. She is not saying anything, and you can't hear anything except the song.

          CUT TO:


          High tide
          The air is dew
          And where were you?

          The room is shaking and Graham and Marie have fallen to the ground. Graham is staring at Marie, though, in shock and sadness. She must've told him who the dad was.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? WOODS ? DAY

          Wild eyed
          I died
          And where were you?
          I crawled out of the world

          In slow motion, Katie is running through the woods. Suddenly, everything is shaking and she falls to the ground because of the earthquake.

          CUT TO:


          When you said I shouldn't stay

          The earthquake is stopping and Sam and Riley start to get up.

          I crawled out of the world

          Riley and Sam are fully up when there is a knock at the door.

          Can I make it right?
          Can I spend the night?

          Sam and Riley walk over to the door and open it. There is a man with curly, black hair in the doorway. He has a jacket and jeans on.

          NOT WORDS: There is a slight pause in-between words

          MAN/RYAN HARRIS: I'm Ryan Harris, Xander's cousin.


          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF ACT IV

          ROLL CREDITS

          END EPISODE

          SUPER SPECIAL GUEST STAR: Aaron Ashmore as Ryan Harris


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            • Yep, that's the special guest star: Ryan Harris. We haven't met him, and we don't know why he's here, but that's the whole mystery. He is in one scene next episode as another special guest star, and then he will become a regular.
            • This episode focused all the main characters. Next episode will not. Dean was barely in this episode. He will barely be in the next episode. Him and Heather come more into play later on in the season.
            • I.S. is the early mystery. What is it exactly? Next episode, entitled "Welcome To I.S.", will do just that. And Katie's shooter won't go away. Yes, Katie's shooter and I.S. go sorta together.
            • This episode was 55 pages long.
            • This episode was a really weird one. Less action, more characters, the character's storylines are kind of segregated, the main characters lose the final battle. Next episode will also be weird, but I promise: the storylines will come together. Not really together, but the characters will not be as segregated in the next few episodes.
            • Welcome to Season 2.