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  • Riley The Series: 1.10 "A Little Trick" (1)

    Riley Season 1 Episode 10 Rewrite “A Little Trick” (1)

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthorized usage of these characters is permitted.

    SALOMIE: (V/O) Previously on Riley….

    CUT TO:


    Katie, Nina, and Riley are standing there.

    ELIZA: She’s a contact. We can’t take Nina down alone and you know it. She’s our back-up.

    CUT TO:


    Sam and Riley are yelling at each other, both standing up.

    SAM: Dallas!? Really?! Is there a reason for this!?

    RILEY: Sam, I’ve already told you, I can’t tell you!

    CUT TO:


    Marie and Graham are both in front of many police officers.

    OFFICER: We believe your parent’s deaths to be a murder.

    MARIE: (shocked) What!?

    CUT TO:


    RILEY: This is the first conversation in a long time where I wasn’t talking about how crappy my life is.

    Katie smiles at Riley even bigger now.

    RILEY: And I think I owe it to you.

    They lean in closer to each other, and start kissing.

    CUT TO:


    GRAHAM: (yelling) Tell me who killed my parents!

    VAMPIRE: (scared) I don’t know what you’re talking about. Let me go!


    VAMPIRE: (scared; giving in) Neiki! It was Neiki. Just, don’t hurt me!

    CUT TO:


    Nina and James are walking down the alley in an unknown city. They walk up to Patrick, from the earlier episode.

    PATRICK: (smiling) You got him. What a shock.

    NINA: I did.

    JAMES: Now, I’m back in the fold?

    PATRICK: Yes.

    CUT TO:


    Riley and Eliza are driving. You close up on Riley.

    KATIE: (V/O) When we slept together…it was great. I felt alive. But, it can’t happen again. You’re married….I’m sorry.




    The episode starts on an outside shot of a black area with people in robes and hoods on forming a circle.

    ROBED MAN: Today is a very special day, for we bring in a new member of our family. A member so special, a member so great. Not once have we ever had a female member, but that time has come!

    ALL: Amen!

    ROBED MAN: I would like to call her forward….

    A person in a robe walks to the center of the circle. She puts down her hood. It’s Salomie. She smiles to the circle.

    ROBED MAN: Salomie!

    All the robed men start cheering and applauding, while the camera zooms in on Salomie’s evil grin.

    CUT TO:


    Sam is sitting on the couch, reading a book. She hears a car pull up outside, and sighs. It must be Riley. She puts the book down on the coffee table in front of her and walks to the door. She opens it and sees Riley walking up to the front door, frowning.

    SAM: (emotionless) Welcome home.

    Sam walks away from the door as Riley walks in. Riley shuts the door behind him, and sees Sam walk back to the couch. She sits down and grabs her book.

    RILEY: (sarcastically) Love you, too, honey!

    SAM: You’re implying that I also said that.

    RILEY: (sighing) Is this really all I get?

    SAM: Well, I don’t know where exactly you were, so, I can’t say, ‘how was Chicago!?’ or something.

    RILEY: Dallas…you know that.

    SAM: What did you do there? Specifically, of course.

    RILEY: (sighing) Never mind, I’m going upstairs.

    SAM: So, whenever I bring up your secret activities, you pretend I don’t exist!

    RILEY: At least it beats never pretending you exist.

    Sam shakes her head and goes back to reading her book.

    RILEY: Where’s Graham?

    SAM: Upstairs. I’m sure he’ll be ecstatic to see you.

    Riley walks up the stairs, and once he’s out of sight, Sam throws her book on the ground and buries her head in her hands. The phone rings, and Sam reluctantly answers.

    SAM: Yes?

    VENO: (V/O) Sam? Is that you?

    Sam suddenly perks up.

    SAM: Veno?!

    VENO: (V/O) It is you.

    SAM: Why are you calling? Are you back in Laintan?

    VENO: (V/O) No. I know how badly you wanted to find your father and the company. I have the first piece of the puzzle. Go to 1214 Westbury Lane.

    SAM: But, what’s –?

    You hear Veno hang up on the other side of the phone. Sam slowly hangs up, and you close up on her shocked face.



    “End of the World” by REM/Great Big Sea starts playing.


    Marc Blucas as Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic as Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase as Graham Miller
    Jason Dohring as Intank Welleee
    And Allison Mack as Salomie Sullivan


    Michael Varton as Michael Gene
    Topher Grace as Lain Von
    Liza Weil as Melissa Reyna
    Jared Padelecki as John Doven
    Amaury Nolasco as Ian Jones
    Jewel Staite as Jill Oliver
    Santiago Cabrera as Neiki Gareth
    Francis Capra as Xad
    Kristen Bell as Susan Jaden

    Tina Majorino as Chris Gemma
    Mary-Louise Parker as Nina Baker
    And Nicki Aycox as Eliza Baker








    Riley The Series is affiliated with East Wick, written by Kevin (Dark Ages).

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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    Riley is now standing by a grave. You see the name on the grave: Mara Gold. Next to that gravestone is another gravestone, reading: Josh Anna. Riley stares at them and then finally closes his eyes.

    ELIZA: (V/O) It's horrible, isn't it?

    Riley opens his eyes and immediately turns around to see Eliza walking up to him.

    RILEY: (solemn) Yeah?.it really is.

    Eliza walks next to Riley, and they both look back at the gravestones.

    ELIZA: Nina did all this. She pulled the trigger right before those bullets flew into Josh's stomach. She set loose those demons, and made Mara sacrifice herself for everybody else there, including ourselves! You could say it's our fault, because she was dying to save us, but I don't think about it like that. Those kinds of thoughts are crap. You think that too, don't you? Don't be ashamed, that's good!

    RILEY: I don't feel any guilt!

    ELIZA: And why should you?

    RILEY: Because it's my fault. I was standing right next to Nina in her hotel room. I could've brought my gun and put it up to her head!

    ELIZA: I guess I was wrong. You do feel idiotic guilt when you really shouldn't.

    RILEY: I could have shot her!

    ELIZA: But would it done anything? Would it really?

    Riley closes his eyes, taking all this in.

    ELIZA: It's no one's fault except Nina's and the people she works for. I'm ready to take them down. Are you?

    RILEY: (laughing) Wasn't that what we were just trying to do?

    ELIZA: (aggravated) We lost, Riley! Get it?! We lost!

    Riley looks to Eliza, shocked.

    ELIZA: We weren't heroic, we weren't amazing. We were beaten down by the beast and nearly died! I'm not ready to let that stand. I'm going after her.

    RILEY: I'm not. I'm not doing that again. Me and Sam are in a really bad spot right now and ?

    ELIZA: I can imagine. You slept with Katie.

    RILEY: (shocked) What? No, I didn't.

    ELIZA: Yeah, you did. It was obvious, Riley.

    RILEY: Oh.

    ELIZA: But that's not why you're in a rough spot, right? You haven't told her yet?.right?

    RILEY: How does everyone know more about my marriage them me?!

    ELIZA: Because you're an oblivious idiot, Riley. Sam sees right through you. Sooner or later, she will realize you have slept with someone else. Just you wait.

    Eliza begins to walk away, but Riley turns around to see where she's going.

    RILEY: Where are you going!?

    ELIZA: (while walking) To find my sister?.and kill her. I won't see you for a long time, Riley. See ya when you're divorced.

    Riley is shocked at this comment, but just shrugs it off.

    CUT TO:


    As the door open, Sam is rushing around, trying to find something. Salomie walks in and shuts the door behind her.

    SALOMIE: Sam?

    SAM: (running around) What the hell do you want?!

    SALOMIE: Um?a little advice.

    SAM: I'm kind of looking for something!

    SALOMIE: It'll only be a second.

    SAM: (walking over to a cabinet) WHAT?!

    SALOMIE: Well, I was wondering if I should take it one step further with John.

    Sam opens the cabinet and pulls out a gun and smiles at it.

    SALOMIE: Should I sleep with him?

    SAM: (turning around; in Salomie's face) You better have the time of your life right now, because your life just goes to crap from where you are!

    Sam walks to the door and opens it for Salomie.

    SAM: Go and have some damn sex!

    Salomie walks to the door, shocked, and then kind of laughs. Sam follows Salomie out the door with her gun.

    CUT TO:


    Intank is sitting down at Ian's bar, with a drink in hand. Ian is on the other side of the counter with a drink, too. They seem to have made a small relationship.

    IAN: I know the feeling. Everyone's always after me. Someone pays me to do a job one minute, the other minute a hot chick is beating me up. No one's on my side.

    INTANK: I still think I've got it worse. I mean, everyone hates me because I'm a demon, but really, I'm just trying to get by! I'm killing the evil sons of bitches that these humans are fighting, but I don't get anywhere near to the respect I deserve.

    IAN: Prejudice.

    INTANK: And then Neiki comes along ready to kill me?! Seriously, just give me a break!

    IAN: That is hard to beat, but I've got no one, even you rag on me.

    INTANK: But now I understand your pain, man.

    IAN: Cheers!

    They both slam their drinks together and laugh, almost drunkenly, but not quite there. Ian walks over to the other side of the bar, where Intank's sitting.

    IAN: Want another drink?

    INTANK: Sure, I'm up for another ?

    Suddenly, Ian drops his glass and falls to the ground. The glass shatters, and Ian begins shaking on the ground. Intank puts his drink down and goes to Ian's side. Ian's eyes are totally black.

    IAN: (entranced) Your destiny. 1214. Lane. Destiny. Westbury Lane. Unravel your destiny.

    INTANK: Destiny?! What destiny!? WHAT?!

    Ian stops shaking, and his eyes return to normal. He breathes slowly.

    INTANK: My destiny!? What about it?

    IAN: (confused) I have no idea what you're talking about, dude. No idea.

    Intank stands up, aggravated.

    IAN: Where are you going?

    INTANK: (while walking away) 1214 Westbury Lane.

    CUT TO:


    Riley walks back into the house, and walks up the stairs.

    CUT TO:


    Graham is lying on his bed, depressed, when Riley walks in and sees him there.

    RILEY: Hey Graham?.how're you?

    GRAHAM: Both my parents are dead.

    RILEY: I'm so ?

    GRAHAM: Neiki murdered them.

    RILEY: (surprised) What?!

    GRAHAM: Neiki ordered the death of my parents. And he's going to pay.

    RILEY: Don't go making assumptions.

    GRAHAM: It's not an assumption! The vampires told me.

    RILEY: And they're very reliable.

    GRAHAM: Who else would know except for them?


    GRAHAM: Riley, I didn't get along with my family. Especially my parents. We constantly fought, and I cheered when I finally got away from them. I would've done so much stuff differently, if only I had that chance. But Neiki took that away from me. Now, when I say that Neiki is going to pay, I really hope you understand. He's going to die, looking into my eyes.

    Graham sits up and looks straight into Riley's eyes.

    GRAHAM: I'm going to see the life slip out of him, and I'm going to like it.

    Graham stands up and walks out of his room, and Riley follows him.

    CUT TO:


    RILEY: (following Graham) Think about this, Graham.

    GRAHAM: (stopping) I have!

    Graham continues walking down the stairs.

    CUT TO:


    Graham walks over to a trunk, closely followed by Riley.

    RILEY: Stop!

    GRAHAM: (opening the trunk) I'm sorry, Riley.

    Graham pulls into the trunk and pulls out a club.

    RILEY: For what?

    Graham takes the club and whacks it over Riley's head. Riley falls to the ground, unconscious. Graham pulls some rope out of the trunk and grabs a chair. He lifts Riley up and plops him on the chair. He takes the rope and ties his hands to the chair, then his feet to the chair. He takes another piece of rope and ties his body to the back of the chair. He grabs some duck tape out of the trunk and puts a piece over Riley's mouth, so he can't talk. Graham looks at the unconscious Riley tied to a chair and goes back to the trunk, grabbing supplies.

    GRAHAM: I'm sorry?.

    CUT TO:


    You see the same black circle as before, with all the robed men. In the middle of the circle is an old, tied, beaten up man, kneeling on the floor. One of the robed people walks to the middle of the circle next to the man. You see long fingernails. It's a woman. She puts her hand on the man's chest and energy blasts through her to the man. He screams, and falls to the ground, dead. As everyone else in the circle applauds, the woman pulls down her hood: it's Salomie. She smiles with black eyes.

    SALOMIE: I'm getting stronger.

    One robed man walks out of the circle, closer to her.

    ROBED MAN: You're supposed to.

    SALOMIE: I like it.

    Salomie walks out of the circle and looks at something. The camera reveals it to be a line of 20 people, looking just as beaten and tired as the old man.

    ROBED MAN: (V/O) Kill them all.

    SALOMIE: (smiling) My pleasure.

    You see Salomie throwing energy and you hear people screaming, but you don't see the people actually dying. You just hear their screams.



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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      Neiki and Xad, followed by vampires coming up through the sewers run into this huge new mansion. It has a small room on the right with a giant window in it. It has a great center of the mansion. It is mostly grey, and is very reminiscence of Angelus' mansion. Neiki is walking in while carrying a man by his hair. He throws the man to the ground, and the vampires jump on top of him. Neiki looks around and smiles.

      NEIKI: Boys, welcome to your new home.

      All the vampires cheer.

      XAD: (smiling) You've really outdone yourself this time, Neiki.

      NEIKI: I know.

      CUT TO:


      You close up on Riley, all tied up. He suddenly opens his eyes and sees that Graham has tied him up. He tries to get loose, but it's no use. He's stuck. Suddenly, the phone starts ringing. Riley is next to the phone moves his head to answer it. He screams into the phone, but with the duck tape, he can't say anything. He tries to scream as hard as he can with duck tape on.

      CUT TO:


      Riley is still tied up, and it's probably a half hour later. The door opens and Ian runs in to see Riley tied up. He's shocked.

      IAN: Riley!

      Ian quickly goes over and unties Riley's hands. Riley then pulls the duck tape of his mouth.

      IAN: Who did this?

      RILEY: Graham.

      Riley unties his feet as well.

      IAN: Graham? Your friend?

      RILEY: Yeah. I tried to stop him from taking out Neiki right now. Bad idea.

      Riley stands up.

      RILEY: Why did you call in the first place?

      IAN: Some vampires are harassing a few people in an alley downtown. You need to help them.

      RILEY: Vision?

      IAN: Yeah.

      RILEY: Okay.

      Riley goes to the trunk and pulls out a stake.

      RILEY: Thank you.

      Riley walks out the front door.

      IAN: I'll?leave then.

      CUT TO:


      Neiki walks into a hotel room, and Veno is standing there.

      VENO: Hey, what are you ??

      Neiki punches Veno.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? IAN'S BAR ? DAY

      Neiki has Ian pinned against the counter.

      NEIKI: What did you tell Intank!? What did you tell him!?

      CUT TO:


      Neiki is walking closer to Veno.

      VENO: I'll never tell you!

      CUT TO:

      INT ? IAN'S BAR ? DAY

      IAN: His destiny! Some address! Some address! Don't hurt me!

      NEIKI: What address?

      CUT TO:


      NEIKI: Tell me or I'll rip your head open.

      VENO: NO!

      NEIKI: I'll ask one more time: what address?

      VENO: I will never ?

      CUT TO:

      INT ? IAN'S BAR ? DAY

      IAN: 1214 Westbury Lane! Okay!? Let me go!

      CUT TO:


      Neiki takes out a gun and points it at Veno.

      NEIKI: Tell me now.

      VENO: (scared) 1214 Westbury Lane.

      NEIKI: (smiling) Thank ?

      CUT TO:

      INT ? IAN'S BAR ? DAY

      NEIKI: - you.

      Neiki lets go of Ian, and he starts breathing normally again.

      CUT TO:


      Neiki raises the gun at Veno and you just get a shot of Neiki with the gun. He pulls the trigger, but does it hit Veno.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? IAN'S BAR ? DAY

      Neiki takes out a knife and stabs Ian in the stomach. Ian falls to the ground, gasping for air.

      NEIKI: Goodbye.

      Neiki puts the knife back in his pocket and walks up the stairs.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? IAN'S BAR ? DAY

      Neiki walks over to his car and goes inside it. He starts driving away. The camera zooms out to show Graham in his car watching Neiki. Once Neiki goes, Graham starts up the car and follows Neiki.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? WOODS ? DAY

      Neiki parks his car and walks out, and goes into the woods. Graham does the same. Neiki is walking in the forest with Graham right behind him. Graham pulls out his gun and points it at Neiki.

      GRAHAM: Neiki!

      Neiki immediately turns around to see Graham.

      GRAHAM: Put your hands up!

      NEIKI: (smiling) About time you came to see me. I mean, I did ?

      GRAHAM: You killed my parents!

      NEIKI: I was about to say that, but you didn't let me finish my sentence.

      GRAHAM: (mad) You evil bastard. I should shoot you right where you stand!

      NEIKI: But you won't.

      GRAHAM: What? Why?

      Neiki pulls out the gun he used to shoot Veno and points it at Graham before he has time to shoot.

      NEIKI: That's why.

      Graham pulls the trigger to his gun, but Neiki jumps out of the way, behind a tree.

      NEIKI: You've got guts, kid. Didn't see that one.

      Neiki jumps out of the tree and shoots three bullets at Graham, but they all miss. Graham runs to Neiki and punches him and then smashes him into the tree.

      NEIKI: Fist fight? You'll never win.

      Before Neiki can move, Graham shoves his gun into Neiki's mouth.

      GRAHAM: You may want to reconsider that statement.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? ALLEY ? DAY

      The vampires are harassing some people in the alley. They are covered in shade, so they aren't blowing up. There are three of them. Riley appears behind them with a stake in hand.

      RILEY: Hey, guys.

      The vampires turn around to see Riley, and they all run towards him. Riley grabs one and throws him into the sunlight. He bursts into fire, and dusts. The other vamps grab him and throw him against a garbage can. They pin him against the garbage can and are about to bite him when energy comes flying across the alley and into the vampires. They both, suddenly, dust. Riley turns around to see Salomie smiling at him. Her eyes are completely black.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? WOODS ? DAY

      Graham still has the gun shoved into Neiki's mouth.

      GRAHAM: You are going to pay for killing my parents! You are going to pay!

      Before Graham can pull the trigger, a hand pulls Graham away and sends him flying into a tree. It's Xad. Xad picks up the gun and points it at Graham, ready to kill him.

      NEIKI: No, don't!

      Xad looks confused.

      NEIKI: Trust me; he'll be in a lot more pain if he isn't dead.

      Graham looks up at the two, disgusted. Neiki smiles as they both run away.

      CUT TO:


      Sam is walking up to a factory with a gun in hand. This must be the address. She walks inside.

      CUT TO:


      It's completely empty, minus one door at the end of the huge room. She goes to it, and inside are stairs leading to the basement, with very little lights. She reluctantly goes down there.

      CUT TO:


      It is very dark on the stairs, and the door suddenly shuts, destroying all light sources; except for some candles. She continues walking through the tunnel until she reaches a dead end. It's a wall with a symbol painted on it: a green circle with a blue monster in the middle. Sam is confused. Footsteps. Sam can hear footsteps behind her. Suddenly, she turns around with her gun in hand. She shoots her gun before looking to see who it is.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? ALLEY ? DAY

      Riley is staring at Salomie, shocked.

      RILEY: What was that?

      SALOMIE: (walking towards Riley) Hey, honey bear.

      RILEY: What?

      Salomie walks next to Riley and puts her hands on his shoulders.

      SALOMIE: You look very masculine today. What happened?

      RILEY: Are you okay?

      SALOMIE: What happened?

      RILEY: (confused) Graham tied me up.

      SALOMIE: Oooh!

      Salomie jumps away from Riley and pins herself up against a wall, leaving Riley very confused.

      SALOMIE: (sliding down the wall) Naughty, naughty!

      Salomie is now lying on the ground, smiling up at Riley.

      RILEY: Are you high?

      Salomie begins cracking up as jumps up and walks forwards to Riley again. Riley walks backwards till he hits the dumpster. Salomie jump on the dumpster, putting her legs around Riley's waist.

      SALOMIE: You are beautiful.

      RILEY: Salomie?.

      SALOMIE: I'm going to have sex with you.

      Salomie begins kissing Riley, but Riley pushes her off, and she rolls on the ground. She looks up at Riley, disgusted.

      SALOMIE: Fine! No sex for you!

      Salomie begins walking away.

      SALOMIE: Onto my next candidate.

      RILEY: (while Salomie walks away) What is wrong with you!?

      SALOMIE: (while walking away) Nothing?.I haven't felt this good in a long time.

      CUT TO:


      John is sitting on his bed when the door flings open and Salomie walks in.

      JOHN: Hey Salomie ?

      Salomie jumps on John and they both collapse on the bed. Salomie begins kissing him.

      JOHN: What are you doing!?

      SALOMIE: Having the time of my life.

      They continue kissing.



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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        You get a shot of Sam's eyes widening. The camera shows that Intank was the person creeping up on her. The shot just missed him.

        INTANK: You almost shot me, you bitch!

        SAM: (shaking her head) I'm sorry, I didn't know it was you.

        INTANK: Look before you shoot.

        SAM: Weird, my philosophy is shooting before you look.

        INTANK: I don't like that.

        SAM: (confused) Why the hell are you here?

        Sam raises her gun at Intank.

        SAM: Why are you following me?

        INTANK: I'm not following you! Ian had a vision.

        There is a close-up of Sam. She seems confused.

        SAM: You're not making any sense! Is something bad going to happen here?

        INTANK: I don't know. I don't know what's going to happen here.

        SAM: But you said ?

        INTANK: I know what I said!

        Sam slowly starts to put her gun now, confused.

        INTANK: He said he saw my destiny. He said the key to my destiny?.was here.

        Sam looks shocked and just looks around.

        INTANK: (mad) What's your story?!

        SAM: Veno called me!

        INTANK: (shocked) What!?

        SAM: He said this place would lead me to the company. And the company would lead to my father. My father, who killed the rest of my family.

        INTANK: Wait a minute! That company? Your father? How does that relate to my destiny?

        SAM: I don't know, I didn't even realize you had anything resembling a destiny!

        INTANK: And you think I did?

        SAM: (holding head) I'm so confused.

        INTANK: You and me both.

        Sam looks over to the symbol on the wall. Intank sees this and looks over to it.

        INTANK: What do you think it is?

        SAM: Don't know, but I'm going to find out.

        Sam walks over to the wall and pushes it forward. It begins to move forward, very slowly, when suddenly, it flings backwards, sending Sam with it. The wall is now back to normal, and Sam falls on her back. Intank helps Sam up.

        INTANK: Are you okay?

        SAM: (wiping herself off) Yeah, I'm fine.

        NEIKI: (V/O) Hello, Sam. Intank.

        Intank and Sam both look around, wondering where Neiki is.

        NEIKI: (V/O) You can stop looking for me. I'm not in the tunnel.

        Intank looks extremely scared.

        NEIKI: (V/O) You're scared. You should be. You're trapped in here. Forever.

        You get a close up shot of both Intank and Sam.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? DORM ? JOHN'S ROOM ? DAY

        John is lying in the bed, breathing heavily. Salomie is now out of bed and she is putting on the last of her clothes.

        JOHN: (noticing Salomie) Where are you going?

        Salomie is not answering as she puts on her tang top. John sits up and looks at Salomie.

        JOHN: Salomie!

        Salomie turns to John, not fully dressed, with a huge grin on her face. John smiles back at her.

        JOHN: Our first time.

        SALOMIE: You're first time?

        JOHN: Yeah.

        Salomie begins laughing, and John looks confused.

        SALOMIE: (smiling) You were a virgin yesterday?

        JOHN: Yeah.

        SALOMIE: That's pathetic.

        Salomie walks over to the door.

        JOHN: Where are you going?

        SALOMIE: Find a man who has some experience, cause man, that was dull.

        Salomie walks out of the room and slams the door, leaving John stunned.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? DORM ? DAY

        Salomie is walking out of the dorm building and sees Jill walk by the building. Jill spots her, smiles, and runs up to her.

        JILL: Salomie! What are you doing here?

        SALOMIE: (walking; emotionless) What do you think?

        JILL: (confused) Um?.

        Salomie rolls her eyes.

        JILL: (figuring it out) You had sex with John!

        Jill lets out a big scream and smiles at Salomie. Salomie looks at Jill, disgusted.

        SALOMIE: You all are so easily amused. Dorks.

        JILL: (fake laughing) That's hilarious, Salomie.

        SALOMIE: It wasn't a joke. You guys are the joke.

        Jill stops, offended.

        JILL: Hey, I was trying to congratulate you.

        SALOMIE: (turning around) I had sex. It's not like I died.

        JILL: Why would I congratulate you for dying!?

        SALOMIE: Because then I wouldn't have to listen to you anymore.

        Salomie walks off, and Jill is extremely mad. Jill starts running after Salomie and turns her around.

        JILL: You know what I have to say to that?

        I. Don't. Care. You're boring and dumb, and I would love it if you would just stop talking.

        Salomie turns around and walks away again.

        JILL: (yelling after her) Bitch!

        Salomie continues walking away, smiling.

        CUT TO:


        Susan is curled up in her bed, tears falling from her eyes. What is she thinking about? The camera zooms in on her face when?


        CUT TO:

        INT ? HOUSE ? NIGHT

        There is a small child, probably Susan, on the ground, terrified. A woman and a man, probably the mother and father, are beating up this girl.

        WOMAN: You know you are not supposed to talk to the police.

        MAN: You know better!

        The man punches the child, who then begins to cry, which aggravates them more. The woman grabs the child by the next.

        WOMAN: You will shut the help up!

        The woman punches the little girl again.


        Susan is just so scared. She shakes her head out of it and gets up. She walks out of her room.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? DAY

        Susan is walking down the street when she sees Salomie walking down the street on the other side. She runs over to her.

        SUSAN: Salomie!

        Salomie turns to her and smiles.

        SALOMIE: Hello, honey.

        SUSAN: (confused) What?

        Salomie starts smiling at Susan.

        SUSAN: I'm sorry for ?

        Salomie throws Susan against a building, not listening to her.

        SUSAN: (trying to get loose) What are you doing?

        SALOMIE: Shh?.just stay still and enjoy.

        Susan pushes Salomie off and Salomie laughs.

        SUSAN: I'm trying to be a good person, not to be my parents ?

        SALOMIE: (imitating) Wah, wah, wah. I'm so tortured.

        SUSAN: Get away from me.

        Susan begins walking away and Salomie calls after her.

        SALOMIE: Hey, you came to me.

        Susan walks away, and looks scared and disgusted.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? THE GOLD ? DAY

        The metal door opens and Salomie walks in to see Graham sitting alone at the bar with a drink. There is no one else in the rest of The Gold. It's closed during the day. Salomie walks next to Graham.

        SALOMIE: Hey, Graham.

        GRAHAM: (not looking at her) Waiting for Intank.

        Salomie walks behind the bar and starts pouring herself a drink.

        SALOMIE: Why?

        GRAHAM: He needs to make me his special drink.

        Salomie smiles at Graham. She seems genuine in this seem, as though she isn't under the magic's spell. Or maybe she's just faking it.

        SALOMIE: You need to get drunk?

        GRAHAM: Now more than ever.

        Graham takes a sip of the regular beer in front of him. Salomie walks around back to the side of the bar where Graham is, now with a glass of beer of her own.

        GRAHAM: Aren't you underage?

        SALOMIE: Does it really matter?

        Salomie sits down next to Graham.

        GRAHAM: (giggling) Guess not.

        Graham takes another sip of his beer.

        SALOMIE: You're a slow drinker. If you really needed to get drunk, you'd be drinking faster.

        Salomie chugs her beer down.

        GRAHAM: Trust me?.I need this.

        SALOMIE: And why would that be?

        GRAHAM: (looking straight into Salomie's eyes) Neiki killed my parents.

        Salomie looks concerned.

        GRAHAM: I went to kill him and he beat me.

        SALOMIE: At least you're alive, in front of me today.

        GRAHAM: (shaking his head) It's because Neiki wants me to suffer. He would have been kind to have killed me, but he shows no sympathy.

        Graham gets up and throws the rest of his beer to the floor, angry. Salomie gets up and stands next to him.

        SALOMIE: That's why we're going to find him, Graham. We're going to find him and make him pay.

        Salomie puts her hand on Graham's cheek and they both stare into each other's eyes.

        SALOMIE: This can't happen.

        GRAHAM: I need this.

        Graham starts kissing Salomie and then start kissing more passionately.

        SALOMIE: Okay, I'm fine with this.

        Salomie kisses him while leading him to the door leading to the basement.

        GRAHAM: (stopping for a moment) Where are we going?

        SALOMIE: Basement. Privacy.

        Graham smiles as they continue kissing. Graham opens the door as they back up to the stairs. Salomie just stops kissing Graham and pushes him down the stairs. She was faking it the whole time. Graham falls many steps until he hits the ground, hard. Graham looks up at Salomie, confused and hurt.

        GRAHAM: Why are you doing this?

        Salomie does not answer; she just gives a big smile.

        SALOMIE: Nice knowing you, Graham.

        Salomie begins walking away, as she uses her magic to shut the door and then lock it. She smiles as she walks out of The Gold and Graham screams from the basement.

        CUT TO:


        Sam and Intank are staring at each other, scared. Sam shakes her head and pushes on the wall again, expecting it to move.

        INTANK: It's not going to budge.

        SAM: (pushing) Well, we have to do something.

        INTANK: That's a waste of time.

        SAM: (stopping) Then what the hell are we supposed to do!?

        INTANK: First off, find a way out of here. Go back to the stairs.

        SAM: (nodding) Fine.

        Sam walks forwards back to the stairs, and she just reaches a wall, with a tunnel leading left and right. Sam turns back to Intank.

        SAM: We're trapped. The stairs are gone.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie is walking down the hallway, smiling.

        ROBED MAN: (V/O) Kill him and burn it down. Down to the ground.

        Salomie walks to a door and knocks. A young man with black hair opens the door and smiles.

        YOUNG MAN: Are you ??

        SALOMIE: Yeppers.

        YOUNG MAN: Come on in.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie walks into the room with the young man and the man goes over to the counter.

        YOUNG MAN: So, do you have the money you owe me?

        Salomie just looks at the young man, smiling.

        SALOMIE: Nope.

        YOUNG MAN: And why is that?

        SALOMIE: We're not going to pay you.

        YOUNG MAN: I'm sorry to hear that.

        The man grabs a gun from behind the counter and points it at Salomie.

        YOUNG MAN: Hopefully, this'll send a message.

        SALOMIE: (laughing) You're going to kill me?

        Salomie begins to walk closer to him.

        YOUNG MAN: I hate to waste a young, hot body like this, but ?

        SALOMIE: Take it for a test drive.

        Salomie is up against the young man's stomach, seducing him. The man laughs.

        YOUNG MAN: I know what you're doing. I'm not an ?

        Salomie takes the gun from the man and throws him to the ground. He starts getting up, but Salomie, using her magic, sends him flying across the room, into a cabinet. The cabinet breaks on impact. The man looks up at Salomie. Salomie walks over to a piece of paper on the counter. She takes out her lighter and stares at the man.

        SALOMIE: They want the evidence burnt to the ground. The apartment and you goes with it.

        Salomie lets the piece of paper on fire and grins. Salomie turns to the man and shoots in three times in the stomach.

        SALOMIE: Feels so nice to shoot a gun at you.

        Salomie fires one last shot that goes into his head. He slumps backwards, dead. Salomie looks back to the piece of paper burning.

        SALOMIE: (disappointing) This is taking much longer than expected.

        Salomie waves her hand and everything in the room starts bursting into flames. Salomie walks out of the room.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie walks out of the room and starts walking to the elevator, calmly. The fire alarm is on and Salomie has obviously used her magic to set everything else in the building to set on fire because doors are flying open with fire blowing out of them. Salomie reaches the elevator and calmly presses the down button while you hear screams in the background. She walks into the elevator as the door closes.

        CUT TO:


        The elevator door opens again and Salomie walks out into the lobby. Everything's on fire and a man on fire runs past Salomie, but she just smiles. She walks out of the building.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie is farther away from the building now as fire trucks are approaching it. Fire is blowing out of the building and Salomie snaps her finger. As soon as she snaps, the windows blow open as fire goes through them. Salomie smiles, still.

        END OF ACT III


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          ACT IV

          CUT TO:


          Sam and Intank are just looking around the tunnel.

          SAM: What do we do?

          INTANK: I have an idea.

          SAM: What?

          Intank punches through the wall leading to the staircase and they get through. Sam looks at him, shocked.

          SAM: I didn't know you can do that.

          INTANK: Neither did I. Let's get out of here.

          They run up the stairs and into the big room. They see Neiki standing there, smiling.

          NEIKI: Took you long enough.

          INTANK: Bitch.

          NEIKI: I'm offended! I knew you guys could get out extremely easily. I'm not a complete jerk.

          SAM: I'm gonna murder you!

          NEIKI: You don't have enough time, missy.

          SAM: What?

          NEIKI: Your friends. They're dying.

          SAM: (scared) Riley?

          NEIKI: No, he comes soon.

          INTANK: I don't get it, Neiki, Graham? You already killed his parents! That's not enough!?

          NEIKI: No, that's enough?for now. Your friends.

          Neiki stands circling them.

          NEIKI: The ones that led you here.

          Sam gasps.

          NEIKI: The bartender. The employee.

          SAM: You didn't?.

          NEIKI: Ian.

          Intank looks shocked.

          NEIKI: Veno.

          Sam looks like she's about to cry.

          NEIKI: (backing up to the door) You better find them.

          Neiki opens the door to the outside and starts walking out.

          NEIKI: They might already be dead.

          Neiki shuts the door and leaves Sam and Intank shocked.

          INTANK: Ian.

          SAM: I traced where Veno's call came from. Let's get there, then we'll deal with Ian.

          INTANK: Move quickly.

          They both run to the door.

          CUT TO:


          The circle is formed again, and Salomie is in the middle with her hood down.

          ROBED MAN: You have down well, Salomie. The fire was impressive. We will send you on your next mission now.

          SALOMIE: (laughing; shaking head) No, no, no.

          ROBED MAN: (moving forward) What do you mean?

          SALOMIE: (getting in his face) I'm done with this initiation crap.

          ROBED MAN: This is ?

          SALOMIE: Cut the comeback. We all know how this is going to end.

          Salomie grabs the robed man's head.

          SALOMIE: I get what I want.

          Sparks start flying from Salomie's hands.

          SALOMIE: I always get what I want.

          ROBED MAN: I will not give into ?

          Salomie sends the sparks through the man's head and he shakes, and then falls to the ground.

          SALOMIE: He's dead! Who else wants to fight with me?

          Nobody answers.

          SALOMIE: Good. I'll be at the bar.

          Salomie smiles.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? THE GOLD ? NIGHT

          Salomie is walking around The Gold and "SUPERMASIVE BLACK HOLE" by MUSE is playing in the background. The lyrics are not written, but it is playing loudly. Salomie walks over to the bar and looks up to see a man with blonde hair bartending. He is skinny and muscular. Salomie smiles at him.

          MAN: (to Salomie) What can I get for you?

          SALOMIE: Some sex.

          MAN: (laughing) Sorry, we're all out.

          SALOMIE: Why? You gay?

          MAN: (smiling) No, definitely not.

          SALOMIE: Then?what's wrong? You don't do it well?

          MAN: I do it well enough.

          SALOMIE: (shaking head) Well enough is not good. That's an excuse.

          MAN: (extending hand to shake) Tom. Tom Robin.

          SALOMIE: I'm not shaking that thing.

          MAN/TOM: (smiling) Something is wrong with you, lady.

          SALOMIE: (getting up; going behind the bar) Hey?.I'm not an old lady.

          TOM: (backing up) I'm working.

          SALOMIE: And I'm just giving you a very generous tip.

          The song is still playing in the background. Salomie goes up to him and starts kissing him. She pulls him out of the bar.

          TOM: What are ??

          SALOMIE: Let's dance.

          Salomie pushes him to the dance floor and starts dancing with him, sexually. The song is still playing as they dance. Salomie slashes Tom against the face randomly after dancing for a minute, and he falls into a table.

          TOM: What the hell, bitch!?

          Salomie smiles at him.

          SALOMIE: You're cute. But, you obviously do it horribly.

          Salomie sends magic at Tom, sending him flying into some people. A woman screams when she sees this, but the song is still playing. Salomie sends magic everywhere and things are exploding every which way. Salomie sends magic at the balcony, and it tilts, making everyone on it start falling off of it. Most people make it to the stairs in time though. Salomie continues dancing to the music while things are blowing up in slow motion.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? HOTEL ? ROOM ? NIGHT

          The door opens quickly and Sam and Intank run in. Sam looks to the ground and immediately turns around, covering her mouth. Intank walks over to walk Sam saw and shakes his head, mad. The camera pans down to show Veno lying on the ground in a pool of blood. There is a bullet in his head. He's dead.

          INTANK: (mad) Let's get to Ian's bar.

          SAM: (turning around) Do you see this?! Do you see what he did!?

          INTANK: Yes, that's why we need to see what happened to Ian.

          SAM: This was the one man who could help me find my father! He was helping me, and now he's dead because of that bastard you sent after us!

          INTANK: (in Sam's face) And Ian has become the only friend I have, did you know that!?

          Sam stops yelling.

          INTANK: He's the only one that cares for me, Sam! So, if you think I'm not mad that this son of a bitch has returned to wreak havoc on everything I hold dear, then you're a complete moron. Let's get to work.

          Sam is shocked as Intank walks out of the room.

          INTANK: (V/O) Are you coming?

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? THE GOLD ? NIGHT

          Riley is walking down the street when he sees people running out of The Gold, screaming. Riley runs over to the door and goes in.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? THE GOLD ? NIGHT

          The music has stopped, and there's an eerie silence. Everyone is gone except for a few dead bodies and one living person standing in the middle of them. Salomie.

          SALOMIE: (smiling) Hey, buddy.

          RILEY: Salomie?.did you do this?

          SALOMIE: Yeah, aren't you proud of me?!

          RILEY: You killed these innocent people.

          SALOMIE: Oh, Riley, you know as well as anyone that no one's innocent.

          Salomie starts walking towards him.

          SALOMIE: No one.

          There is a pounding on the basement door and Salomie turns to it, smiling.

          SALOMIE: Oh, yeah.

          Salomie waves her hand and the door flings open. Graham falls out into the open area, tired.

          GRAHAM: Salomie?.

          RILEY: (shocked) You locked him in there!?

          SALOMIE: Yeah! But, you should be thanking me. I mean, he did beat you unconscious and tie you to a chair.

          RILEY: How did you ??

          SALOMIE: (sarcastic) I can read people very well.


          SALOMIE: Graham told me.

          GRAHAM: No, I didn't!

          SALOMIE: (to Graham; taunting) With your mind.

          Salomie turns back to Riley, faced with a punch coming at her. Salomie doesn't flinch and just catches the punch.

          SALOMIE: So that's how you wanna play?

          Salomie throws Riley across the room and into a table.

          SALOMIE: Fine by me.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? DORM ? JOHN'S ROOM ? NIGHT

          John is sitting on his bed, reading, when there is a knock at the door.

          JOHN: Come in!

          The door opens and John looks up to see Jill and Chris walk in.

          JOHN: (confused) Oh, hey guys. What's up? You seen Salomie lately?

          JILL: (closing the door) Yeah, and that's kind of what we need to talk to you about.

          JOHN: (putting) I know what you mean.

          CHRIS: You do?

          JOHN: She had sex with me for the first time.

          CHRIS: First time? Seriously?

          JILL: (hitting Chris) Shut up!

          Chris giggles a little.

          JOHN: She brushed it off like it was nothing and then left me alone in bed.

          JILL: We need to find her. That person who talked to me was not my best friend. Time to get her back.

          JOHN: I'm coming.

          John starts to get up.

          JILL: That's what we were hoping.

          JOHN: I got your guys back.

          They start walking to the door.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? THE GOLD ? NIGHT

          SALOMIE: (walking over to Riley) I thought we had an unspoken agreement, Riley! You pin him to the ground, and I gut him.

          GRAHAM: Are you talking about me.

          Salomie turns around and flings Graham against the wall with her magic. Her eyes go black.

          SALOMIE: Settle down, boys.

          Riley gets up.

          RILEY: You're a freak.

          SALOMIE: Yeah, but I can be your freak.

          Riley punches Salomie and then gives another punch, which Salomie deflects.

          SALOMIE: (faking a yawn) Boring.

          Salomie punches Riley and then kicks him back.

          SALOMIE: Oh, yeah, I made myself strong.

          Salomie jumps onto a table.

          SALOMIE: Fun, right?

          Salomie kicks Riley in the face, while on the table. Meanwhile, Graham is lying against the wall. He takes out his cell phone and starts calling someone. Salomie is off the table now and holding Riley's bloody head.

          SALOMIE: Pathetic.

          Salomie throws Riley across The Gold, onto the stage. Salomie jumps onto the stage as Riley begins to stand up again.

          SALOMIE: Don't you ever learn to stay down!?

          Salomie sends magic at Riley and it slams him into the ground. His head hits the floor hard and he spits out blood.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? IAN'S BAR ? NIGHT

          Intank and Sam run down the stairs, into the bar area. They look over to see Ian lying on the ground with a knife in his stomach.

          INTANK: Ian!

          Intank runs over to him and checks his pulse.

          INTANK: He's alive for now.

          SAM: What do we do?

          INTANK: Take out this metal rod of death.

          Intank pulls out the knife, and Ian lets out a huge scream. Sam closes her eyes and Intank sees this.

          INTANK: (to Sam) Get your act together! We've lost one so far, let's not make it two.

          Sam nods and then goes to the counter. She grabs a rag from the counter.

          SAM: Gotta stop the bleeding, right?

          INTANK: Yeah.

          Intank stands up as Sam kneels down and puts pressure on the wound.

          INTANK: (pulling out his cell phone) Graham's calling.

          SAM: Answer it!

          INTANK: (against it) But Ian's ?

          SAM: Now!

          Intank answers the phone.

          INTANK: What?

          GRAHAM: (V/O) Intank! You gotta get down here!

          INTANK: I ?

          GRAHAM: (V/O) Salomie's got some kind of magic going on and she's destroying The Gold. She's going to kill us, Intank. Me and Riley will be dead.

          Intank takes this all in and just hangs up.

          INTANK: (to Sam) Gotta go.

          SAM: What!? What's going on!?

          INTANK: Keep him alive. Please?.keep him safe.

          Sam is shocked as Intank leaves the bar.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? THE GOLD ? NIGHT

          GRAHAM: Hello!? You still there?!

          Suddenly, Graham's phone gets flung across the room and into the wall. Graham looks up and sees Salomie walking towards him.

          SALOMIE: Who were you talking to?

          GRAHAM: (scared) No ?

          SALOMIE: Your dead mother? Father?

          GRAHAM: Don't you dare.

          SALOMIE: Don't I dare do what!?

          Salomie is now in Graham's face.

          SALOMIE: Your friend, Riley, up there, is kind of down.

          GRAHAM: He's your friend, too! At least he was.

          SALOMIE: (laughing) He was never my friend! I'm accepted into your little club because I blackmailed you. That's not acceptance.

          GRAHAM: That's not true.

          SALOMIE: Oh, it's not?

          Salomie grabs Graham by the ear and pulls him up.

          SALOMIE: It's not true, huh!?

          Graham starts getting extremely scared.

          SALOMIE: Are you calling me a liar!?

          GRAHAM: No, I'm sorry, I'm ?

          Salomie slams him into the wall.

          SALOMIE: Pathetic suck-up.

          The door opens and Salomie turns around. Intank has just walked in and he has shocked at everything going on in The Gold.

          INTANK: What have you done!?

          SALOMIE: Welcome to the party! Where's Sammy?

          INTANK: She has to save my friend's life.

          SALOMIE: Too bad you won't ever be able to see him again. You'll be dead by then.

          GRAHAM: Help us!

          Salomie punches Graham back into the wall.

          INTANK: Salomie, what do you think you're doing?

          SALOMIE: I'm embracing my power, my destiny!

          INTANK: But?why?

          SALOMIE: It's the only thing I'm good at. Massacring.

          INTANK: That's the one thing you suck at. At least the old Salomie sucked at it.

          SALOMIE: But I'm not the old Salomie. I'm new and improved.

          INTANK: I don't believe that.

          SALOMIE: Why?

          INTANK: I don't believe everything I'm told.

          SALOMIE: Smart boy.

          Salomie sends Intank flying into a wall with her magic.

          INTANK: Wanna fight!?

          SALOMIE: I so do ?

          Salomie gasps and falls to her knees. Intank is very confused.

          INTANK: Salomie?

          Salomie falls face first the ground. It is revealed that a bullet is in Salomie's back, and Graham is holding the smoking gun.

          INTANK: Salomie!

          Intank runs over to Salomie and holds her in his arms.

          INTANK: (to Graham) Did you kill her?

          GRAHAM: She was going to kill us.

          INTANK: (checking pulse) She's alive.

          Suddenly, a white light bursts from Salomie and Intank falls back a bit. The bullet hole disappears and Salomie wakes up, gasping and her eyes wide open. They're not black anymore.

          INTANK: Salomie, you okay?

          SALOMIE: (crying) What happened to me? What happened?

          INTANK: (hugging her) Shh?.it's okay.

          Intank looks evilly at Graham, who attempted to murder Salomie and tied Riley up.

          INTANK: (putting Salomie down) I have to call Sam.

          Intank takes out his cell phone and dials. He puts it to his ear.

          INTANK: Sam?

          SAM: (V/O) Yeah?

          INTANK: Is everything okay?

          SAM: (V/O) I don't know.

          INTANK: What do you mean?

          SAM: (V/O) Ian's not dead.

          INTANK: Well, that's good.

          SAM: (V/O) But we won't be seeing him for a very long time. He's in a coma.

          Intank is shocked.

          INTANK: Oh.

          SAM: (V/O) I'm going to the bar.

          INTANK: Okay. Bye.

          Intank hangs up.

          RILEY: (V/O) Where is she? Is she okay?

          Intank turns to see Riley limping off the stage, beaten badly.

          INTANK: Bar.

          RILEY: I'm getting her.

          INTANK: She's had a rough day.

          RILEY: Why? Did her best friend betray her and then another one of her friends attempt to kill her?

          INTANK: No. But, the one chance she had to find her father died.

          RILEY: Too bad.

          Riley walks out the door.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? BAR ? NIGHT

          Sam is at the bar with Michael, each with a beer in hand.

          SAM: Everything just sucks, at the moment.

          MICHAEL: I'm sure things will get better.

          SAM: (laughing) That's what I like about you. So optimistic, but you don't even know what's wrong.

          MICHAEL: But you won't tell me.

          SAM: (smiling) Good thing you don't ask.

          MICHAEL: What if I did ask?

          SAM: I said, good thing you don't ask.

          Michael laughs a little.

          RILEY: (V/O) What the hell are you doing?

          Sam turns around to see Riley. She's a bit shocked.

          SAM: Oh, Riley! What are you doing here?

          RILEY: I could be asking you the same thing!

          SAM: (confused) Getting a drink with Michael. Michael, this is Riley.

          Michael stands up and extends his hand to shake.

          MICHAEL: It's nice to meet you.

          Riley punches Michael, and everyone gasps.

          RILEY: Are you trying to sleep with my wife!? Huh, is that it!?

          SAM: (mad) RILEY! Get out, get out into the alley!

          Sam drags Riley to the back door.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? ALLEY ? NIGHT

          Sam is pulling Riley outside and shuts the door. She pushes him.

          SAM: What the hell do you think you're doing!?

          RILEY: You're having an affair, aren't you!?

          SAM: NO! He's a friend, Riley! Do you know the concept?

          RILEY: Yeah, right.

          SAM: Oh, don't give me that bullshit!

          RILEY: What?

          SAM: I know you slept with somebody in?wherever you were! You're a lying, cheating bastard! I'm aloud to have a male friend who occasionally has drinks if you're aloud to sleep with a dirty slut and enjoy it!

          RILEY: (shocked) How did ??

          SAM: I've been married to you for awhile, Riley, and I know you. However, I regret most of it. Get out of my way.

          Sam walks past Riley and out of the alley. Riley looks sad and shocked. Suddenly, a vamp jumps into the shot and bites Riley in the neck. He starts gasping, as he sinks to the ground.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF ACT IV

          ROLL CREDITS

          END OF EPISODE


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            • This is, technically, the last episode of Season 1. I wrote all fifteen episodes, and then rewrote the first ten episodes. This is the last episode. The next five eppys will be reposted, and then I will start Season 2. Excited yet?
            • This episode was 48 pages long.
            • This will be the last episode with a "Previously On...", because they are a serious hassle.
            • Evil!Salomie is so fun to write, so she will definitely be back.
            • See you in a month or so for Season 2!