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Shadow Stalker - 3.17 ? For Our Women, For Our World (Special Extended Season Finale)

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  • Shadow Stalker - 3.17 ? For Our Women, For Our World (Special Extended Season Finale)

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 3.17 ? For Our Women, For Our World (Special Extended Season Finale)
    Writer: Alex Goddard aka "Lex"

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's original concepts, plot lines and characters. The featuring of his creations in this series is simply for my pleasure and your pleasure as a reader and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters, plot lines and original concepts not affiliated with Joss Whedon belong to me. Season Three of Shadow Stalker starts alongside Season 5 of Angel and is in association with its "sister series", Rogue Redemption by Amber, and other affiliated series such as Chosen by Heather; BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6 by Alex Hart and Haven, which is also by Alex Hart. Enjoy.




    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

    Things were simpler in this town. Even though its foundations were rooted deep in hell, it was a simpler time.

    The music begins as we see the bottom of the bed. The camera moves up the bed slowly to show XAK and CHARLIE are lying in bed. They look younger. In between them is their baby daughter, SIN. XAK tickles her stomach causing her to giggle incessantly. CHARLIE laughs at the noise. (The music below plays throughout)

    "I'm wide, I'm wide awake at night
    And my mind's preoccupied and the silence won't reside
    Or resolve the feelings that exist because it's easy to dismiss
    And it's harder to get hurt...

    CHARLIE: (smiling) You're so good with her.

    XAK: This parenthood thing is easier than I thought.

    CHARLIE: Oh yeah ?cause raising kids is always about the laughter. You just wait till she's older and she discovers the world is against her. There may even be boys involved.

    XAK: Boys?

    CHARLIE: What? You don't think she could get one?

    XAK: (smiling) She could get anything she wanted if she put her mind to it.

    CHARLIE smiles at his optimism but her smile fades. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And I wish that I was stronger than the people that you meet
    And I wish that you were lost without me
    And though the more I think about it the easier it seems
    I'll be just fine so here's to moving forward...

    XAK: What's wrong?

    CHARLIE: We're deluding ourselves, aren't we?

    XAK: (sighing) We're gonna do all we can to give her a normal life. I don't care what this prophecy says...

    CHARLIE: If you don't care, then why are we leaving town?

    XAK: Because it's safer. If we're away from here.

    She nods. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And as the sun sets on this now
    You'll be the one I thought about
    And as the sun sets on this now
    You'll be the one I thought about...

    CHARLIE: Do you think we'll ever come back here?

    XAK: I don't know. Maybe...

    The camera closes in on the gurgling baby girl in between her parents. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And I wish that I was stronger than the people that you meet
    And I wish that you were lost without me
    And though the more I think about it the easier it seems
    I'll be just fine so here's to moving forward...

    XAK (O/S): One day...


    The music comes to an eerie end as the colours return to normal and the camera pans around the pit that once was Sunnydale. Every bit of rubble could be anything. RACK'S place, XAK'S apartment, The Bronze, the road where CHARLIE was killed, the wood where SIN was born; all of it was now one mass.

    It was time to bring it back to life.

    It was time to return to Sunnydale.


    The camera pans around the desolate room that once housed SIN'S Black Room. It has been reduced to rubble, crackling magic, metal and stone.

    The sound of debris moving can be heard and suddenly someone underneath a large pile of rubble stands, unscathed, knocking any wreckage away with ease. It's SEPHY. She coughs and looks around the room. She can't see anyone and she can't hear any cries for help.


    URSULA, TRAFFORD and ELISE look at the building in shock.

    TRAFFORD: What do we do?

    URSULA: We have to go in...

    She turns to them both.

    URSULA: (signing) We need to be strong for them. They need us...

    ELISE nods and she follows URSULA as she begins to move towards the door. TRAFFORD trails behind but then he stops. He blinks, a throbbing pain in his head. He cringes but ignores it. He continues.


    SEPHY moves through the room, cautiously.

    SEPHY: (calling) Hello?! Is anyone...

    She doesn't know what to add, but before long the rubble parts and another person stands, unscathed, scattering dust and rubble in her wake. It's ECHIDNA. She looks around the room and her eyes land on SEPHY.

    ECHIDNA: Well, that was uncalled for.

    SEPHY looks at her desperately.

    SEPHY: (upset) I can't hear anyone...

    ECHIDNA stops and notices that she's right. There was no sound.

    The camera pulls away to show a hand sticking out of the rubble. It's barely noticeable, but it's there. A mixture of dust and blood congeal under the nails. A faint pulse throbs on the person's fingertips.

    It's barely noticeable, but it's there.



    As the screen remains black for a moment, a moon begins to fade into view and then the words in bright white? SHADOW STALKER. They fade as quickly as they appeared.

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    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

    CATE is stood at the bar. She has two bottles of beer in her hand and she passes them to the man buying them. She smiles as he hands her the money.

    CATE: Thank you.

    TOOLE (O/S): You're a natural.

    CATE turns to him. He's stood nearby with a towel on his shoulder. He's smiling at her.

    CATE: Of course I am! Although, if this becomes a habit then I may have to start asking for money.

    TOOLE: Hm, I have to pay for your company now? Wouldn't that make you...

    She gasps and slaps him on the shoulder playfully.

    CATE: Watch it boyfriend.

    TOOLE: Not if you get all rough with me.

    He pulls her towards him and kisses her.

    The camera now moves away from the bar to the seated area nearby. Two people are sat together. A man and a woman. The man is staring at CATE. The man is TRAFFORD.

    CONSTANCE (O/S): You know you're not subtle right?

    TRAFFORD looks at her. She has an eyebrow raised.

    TRAFFORD: Huh?

    CONSTANCE: You're staring at them. I know we're supposed to be keeping an eye on them both but I don't think it requires both eyes being set on them continuously.

    TRAFFORD: I just want to make sure they're safe.

    CONSTANCE turns around to look at CATE and TOOLE. They're kissing and embracing. She tuts and rolls her eyes.

    CONSTANCE: I think they're fine.

    She turns back to TRAFFORD.

    CONSTANCE: So how about we just enjoy ourselves for once.

    He manages to tear his eyes away from the couple to look at his friend.

    TRAFFORD: Enjoy ourselves?

    CONSTANCE: Well it's not exactly as if we're helping much, is it? So why don't we just enjoy the spare time we have.

    TRAFFORD: I know this story Con... life's too short.

    CONSTANCE: Good, because it's true. It's too short to waste ourselves living in these people's shadows. Xak's got a new life now and a whole new set of heroes. Let's just face it, we're not needed anymore.

    TRAFFORD sighs.

    TRAFFORD: You don't know that.

    CONSTANCE: Ok... If you say so.

    She casts her eyes around the crowd, yearning. He looks at CATE and TOOLE some more. He was a doctor in this world, but a healer at heart.

    They'd need him one day.


    The colours return to normal as the light dies down on to almost darkness.

    URSULA, followed by ELISE and TRAFFORD slowly and carefully manoeuvre their way through what is left of one of the corridors.

    URSULA: The room should be just up ahead.

    TRAFFORD: (calling) Guys! You ok?!

    There is no response, but they can hear movement up ahead.

    URSULA: Do not lose hope...

    ELISE stumbles over a rock and falls forward. URSULA quickly spins around and grabs her. ELISE looks to her and smiles weakly.

    URSULA: (signing) Are you ok?

    ELISE nods slightly, feeling awkward.

    They carry on. TRAFFORD looks infuriated.

    TRAFFORD: (shouting) Cate!

    URSULA looks confused.

    URSULA: Why her?

    TRAFFORD: Who?

    URSULA: Cate, you just called for her.

    TRAFFORD: What's wrong with that?

    URSULA: It's just, the last I saw of her she was causing trouble.

    TRAFFORD looks annoyed.

    TRAFFORD: Well things change, Ursula. She's worked her hardest to not be the woman you saw all those months ago. She's a good person.

    URSULA: And you have feelings for her?

    TRAFFORD: That doesn't matter...

    URSULA: Why doesn't it?

    TRAFFORD: (infuriated, scared and angry) Because all this personal stuff is pointless right now. Don't you see? We may not ever get the chance to have personal lives...

    She looks down.

    URSULA: I believe we will.

    They continue now without talking. The camera lands on ELISE who follows, blissfully unaware of the opposing optimism and pessimism passing between her brother and mother.


    SEPHY looks to ECHIDNA desperately.

    SEPHY: I'm going to lift the rubble.

    ECHIDNA nods.

    ECHIDNA: Do it...

    SEPHY sweeps her hands in one swift majestic motion. She's made a connection with the wreck. As she lifts her hands higher, the debris lifts off of the floor. Dust fills the air, clouding her sight.

    SEPHY: Echidna, burn it.

    ECHIDNA extends her hand and the debris burns to nothing, revealing what is left in the room.

    XAK, BROGAN and SHELTER are lying, unconscious. CATE and LANCE are nearby and the heat of the fire burning begins to slowly rouse them. She looks untouched. SEPHY gasps looking at the last person in the room.

    SEPHY: No...

    She rushes to the person lying nearby, her daughter. CHARLIE was dying.

    One of her legs is broken and she has a large piece of metal protruding from her stomach, she's bleeding profusely and she isn't moving. She isn't awake.


    KAIA, still stood on the edge of the pit turns to look at the long road behind her. She looks at it angrily and then turns back to SIN.

    KAIA: Why are we here? I hated this place when it was sea level, how will it be any different now?

    SIN: This is where it all begins for us, and ends for everyone else.

    KAIA: Well when you put it that way.

    She smiles.

    KAIA: What do you want me to do?

    SIN: For now, you can raise this town. I need everything where it was for this to work.

    KAIA pans her eyes around the crater.

    KAIA: No problem.


    ECHIDNA is now at SEPHY'S side. She is beside herself.

    SEPHY: (crying) No...

    ECHIDNA: Oh my goddess...

    The voices of SEPHY and ECHIDNA cause CATE and LANCE'S eyes to open slowly. They look around, dazed and confused and then it hits them.

    CATE: Charlie?

    LANCE looks around the room, he spots XAK. He scrambles as fast as he can to his side. He begins shaking him awake.

    LANCE: Xak. Man, wake up...

    XAK'S eyes open and he intakes breath quickly, in shock. He looks to LANCE and then he hears the crying of CATE and SEPHY and the desperate consolations from ECHIDNA. His eyes widen as he too realises the dreaded reality.

    He sees the metal sticking out of her stomach first.


    SOFIA is stood in the middle of the desolate parking lot. DANTE is lying on the ground beside her. Still he is dormant.

    She looks into the sky as a helicopter approaches. She watches as it lowers to the ground. As it lands, the door opens and two men jump out and head towards DANTE. The SUITED GENTLEMAN also exits and walks towards SOFIA.

    SOFIA: Told you I'd do it, Seb.


    SEB: Well done.

    He turns to the two men stood by DANTE.

    SEB: Get him in the helicopter.

    He turns and walks towards it, SOFIA walks alongside him.

    SOFIA: Where are we going?

    SEB: The NYC branch.

    SOFIA: Why not L.A?

    SEB: Because the L.A branch is gone.

    SOFIA looks surprised.

    SOFIA: And here was me thinking maybe it was just because we were closer...

    They climb into the helicopter and the two men carrying DANTE follow. SOFIA sits down and looks out of the window as it begins to take off. She looks at the water front and out at the water wondering if the base is below.

    Whether it is there or not, she would never see it again.


    XAK jumps up and rushes to CHARLIE'S side. He begins stroking her face to gently rouse her. CATE is now next to SEPHY and they hold each other, scared.

    XAK: Charlie... CHARLIE!

    Her eyes slowly open and she says something which is barely heard. She doesn't move. She swallows repeatedly and keeps opening and closing her eyes.

    He turns to CATE and SEPHY.

    XAK: We need to do something, we need...

    The sound of approaching footsteps hushes them. SEPHY readies her magic, fearing the worst. It's URSULA, closely followed by TRAFFORD and ELISE. She smiles seeing that they're ok.

    URSULA: By Suspiria's relief, thank goodness you're...

    Her eyes land on CHARLIE and she stops.

    URSULA: (quietly) Trafford... help Charlie.

    He moves instantly, seeing her lying on the floor. ELISE tears her eyes away from the scene and sees SHELTER and BROGAN still lying unconscious. URSULA moves next to her.

    URSULA: (signing) Check on Shelter, I will see to Ea.

    ELISE nods and they both move off screen.

    The camera moves back to where CHARLIE is lying. ECHIDNA pulls XAK out of the way and holds him back whilst TRAFFORD gets closer. He holds his hands over CHARLIE and the bleeding stops. He looks to struggle slightly, in pain. CATE looks at him.

    CATE: Are you ok?

    He looks at her. She cares.

    TRAFFORD: I'm fine...

    He seems to be struggling with the healing.

    TRAFFORD: But, I think the head injury stunted my powers slightly...

    XAK: (worried) What does that mean?

    TRAFFORD: I can keep her alive... but I can't heal her. She won't get better.

    CATE looks at her suffering friend and XAK looks to SEPHY as the possibility of CHARLIE dying hits them.

    CUT TO ?

    URSULA arrives at BROGAN'S side. She places a hand on his side and his eyes open. He's clearly hurt by the explosion but he doesn't care. URSULA gasps.

    URSULA: Ea...

    BROGAN: Where is she?


    KAIA stands at the edge of the pit. She extends her arms and focuses strongly on what she is doing. She physically shakes and her eyes blacken as the broken town begins to shake. Slowly, bit by bit the smaller pieces begin to rise out of the abyss.

    SIN watches her, proud. Without her humanity KAIA could do anything.

    Slowly, The Coma approach their General and they hold her steady. Some begin to move amongst the broken parts of Sunnydale, keeping the parts together. They glue walls, ceilings and signs together. No matter how many move into the new Sunnydale, aiding KAIA, they just keep on coming. They are eternal.

    It doesn't take long for KAIA to stop trying. The magic flows from her without her having to do anything.

    SIN: Oh I picked the right girl alright.

    KAIA smirks.

    KAIA: Next time, give me something that requires effort.

    SIN admires her attitude.

    SIN: You have done well, but this is nothing. Now comes war.

    She begins walking along the broken road into the centre of the town. Even though some parts were still forming, the road she walks on holds itself together.

    As if by magic, Sunnydale was back.




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      ACT TWO


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

      DANTE is sat at his office desk. He looks younger. His hair is shorter and he's a lesser man than he is today. The phone rings. He picks it up.

      DANTE: (infuriated) What?

      SOFIA (O/S): (on the phone) You really need to sort out your telephone manner.

      DANTE smirks.

      DANTE: I'm not in telesales, I'm a lawyer.

      SOFIA (O/S): (on the phone) Well they still need a way with their clients.

      DANTE: True.

      SOFIA (O/S): (on the phone) So, what are you up to?

      DANTE: (sighing) Cleaning up after Christian and Leigh once again.

      SOFIA (O/S): (on the phone) I spoke to her the other day, I think she's finding the move tough.

      DANTE looks confused.

      DANTE: Wait a minute, are we actually having a conversation?

      SOFIA (O/S): (on the phone) What's so wrong about that?

      DANTE: Because I don't do conversations with you; I do sex with you. Besides, you hate me. I thought I was an ass?

      There is a pause and he can hear a brief, almost silent sigh expelling from her lips.

      SOFIA (O/S): (on the phone) I'm lonely. It's so quiet here with you all gone...

      DANTE looks down.

      DANTE: Look, it's the way it is Sofia. We have to do what's in the best interest of the company. You and I both know that.

      SOFIA pauses.

      DANTE: Besides, I think we both know what this is really about.

      SOFIA: (O/S): (on the phone) Oh? Elucidate me.

      DANTE: (smirking) You're just sad and bitter because I didn't pick you.

      SOFIA (O/S): (on the phone) Goodbye Dante...

      She hangs up the phone. He looks smug as he puts the phone on the receiver.

      DANTE: (to himself) I'll never understand that woman...


      The colours return to normal as the helicopter carrying DANTE, SOFIA, SEB and the other two men approaches a skyscraper in the centre of the city. It flies to the roof and slowly descends to a perfect landing. The soft bump causes DANTE to rouse slightly. SEB notices.

      SEB: (to the other two men) Get him inside quickly...

      DANTE'S eyes open slightly but his eyelids drop with weariness. He sees SOFIA.

      DANTE: Sof...

      He passes out again but she has heard his voice. She opens the door and quickly exits the helicopter, rushing towards the stairway and the interior of the building.


      Everyone is gathered around CHARLIE and TRAFFORD. She's still unconscious and she's still cocooned in a neutral state. She is not good, but she is not dead.

      CATE: There must be something we can do? We should get her to a hospital...

      XAK: I don't want to risk it, I can't risk it.

      CATE nods understanding.

      XAK: Trafford, you think you can hold this?

      TRAFFORD: For now...

      XAK: Then Elise can stay with you too, just in case.

      ELISE lip reads what XAK has just said and nods in confirmation, happy to help if she can.

      SEPHY: Xak, what are you saying?

      XAK: Charlie's out of the fight, and so are they, but we're not.

      CATE: You're gonna fight?

      XAK: No, we all are. If we don't, then the world ends and Charlie will die anyway, at least this way there's a chance she'll make it.

      URSULA (O/S): Then I suppose it is time I told you all everything I know.

      XAK turns to her.

      XAK: You know what they're doing don't you?

      URSULA: Parts of it, yes. As I told you, Sin killed Constance and she almost killed me. If Kaia hadn't affiliated herself with Sin then I would be dead.

      BROGAN closes his eyes.

      CATE: So Kaia was trying to be good?

      URSULA: There could have been other ways, she knew that but she did not choose to venture down any other route. She chose the easiest and most accessible option, one she could benefit from the most. I saw her solely orchestrate that dreadful kidnapping.

      CATE: Why did she do it?

      URSULA: She claimed to want to return Constance's body to you all, but again... she chose the wrong method of doing it.

      XAK: Charlie...

      URSULA: Exactly. Ever since that moment it got worse. She got a taste for darkness and she relished in it, but her humanity was holding her back.

      SEPHY: (figuring) Which is why she built the machine...

      URSULA: Exactly.

      CATE: But wait, if she built this machine then that means her humanity went the same way as Sin's? We saw how Sin's tried fighting back, couldn't that happen to Kaia's?

      URSULA: They built the machine based on the poor memory of a broken girl. Trust me, it was a poor replica.

      LANCE: What does that mean?

      URSULA: It means the machine did not just turn her inhuman, it turned her insane.

      Everyone is silent now. XAK looks to be finding this hard news to take.

      URSULA: Kaia will never be how she was. As her power grows, her memory of who she was will wilt too. She will show no restraint...

      XAK: But it's Kaia... she's...

      BROGAN: What? Your wife? She hasn't been that woman for a while, Xak.

      XAK: I know that! But this? It's just... there has to be a way around it.

      CATE sighs.

      CATE: I don't think there is, Xak...

      SEPHY: Her and Sin are two sides of the same twisted coin...

      ECHIDNA: And if we're all honest with ourselves I think it's fair to say Kaia was lost long before Sin got her hands on her.

      URSULA: Listen to us Xak... Sin and Kaia are evil beyond comparison of two mortal women. They will kill anything and barely twitch at the thought. This is fun to them. You cannot save them and save the world...

      BROGAN: Some things are too far gone to be saved.

      XAK looks down. Is it not only time to kill his daughter, but now his wife too?

      CHARLIE: (weakly) They're right...

      XAK looks to her. Her eyes are open slightly and looking at him.

      CHARLIE: (weakly) Be the man I love, Xak, and end this... it's gone far enough. Look at what's happened and who's died because of them.


      The list goes on, and it will continue to be written.

      CHARLIE: (weakly) I have faith in you and your decision... But... Please, just... end this.

      Could CHARLIE be next? Could she die? Could anyone in this room be next? Could the world die because he was too hesitant? He closes his eyes and breathes deeply as a tear falls from his eye.

      XAK: You're right...

      He opens his eyes and looks to URSULA.

      XAK: Ok. So, what are they gonna do?


      SOFIA and SEB are walking in front of the two men that are carrying DANTE.

      SOFIA: It feels weird being back here.

      SEB: You mean the day we met? When I brought you here?

      SOFIA: Yeah.

      SEB: I remember that day.

      SOFIA smiles weakly.

      SOFIA: (changing the subject) Are they here?

      SEB: They are, but they want us to talk to him first.

      SOFIA: That'll go down well...

      They move off screen now until they are gone, DANTE dragging behind them.


      Everyone is watching, waiting for URSULA.

      URSULA: They're going to Sunnydale...

      XAK: What?

      He furrows his brow, thinking.

      CATE: Why? Isn't it like a hole now? Even more than it was I mean...

      XAK: Macie.

      CATE: Huh?

      XAK: She told me to look west.

      ECHIDNA: And she had visions, when she was a child, of danger at the Hellmouth.

      XAK: It adds up.

      SEPHY: Then it is true, that is where they are. The dales of the sun...

      LANCE: But why? I mean what's there for them.

      URSULA: I don't know, but it's written she will find her power there. I don't know what the source of the power is, but it may even be residue of the power from the Hellmouth, even though it's closed.

      CATE: So that legend's coming true then...

      XAK: Yeah it is... but, "When moon and noon combine"...

      SEPHY: In Sunnydale...

      XAK looks at everyone.

      XAK: An eclipse. That's gonna be where her power comes from. One must be happening today...

      URSULA: You must understand, if this happens. If this comes to pass like the legend says... There's a chance Sin will be unstoppable.

      XAK: Then we better get there before it happens.

      CATE: Ok, so we have a plan for that right?

      Everyone looks at one another blankly.

      CATE: Right? I mean this isn't something we can go in all guns blazing... this is all she exists for. It won't be easy.

      ECHIDNA: Cate's right. This will be well orchestrated.

      XAK: And so will we...

      They all look at him expectantly. If this was going to go down, he was going to make sure they won.


      SIN and her General are walking through the empty streets of Sunnydale. What isn't held together by the Coma is glued by magic. It's Sunnydale, but ruined by darkness. SIN looks around.

      SIN: I love this town. I tried growing quicker so I could conquer before it's demolition but my parents were such a drag about it.

      KAIA laughs.

      KAIA: They still are.

      She breathes in the ruined air.

      KAIA: So, what's next?

      SIN stops and looks into the sky.

      SIN: Just a few minutes my dear, and then I will delete the earth, the sky and the air the sun warms.

      She glares deeply at the sun which reflects in the darkness in her eyes.

      SIN: Just a few more minutes...


      XAK is stood now, addressing everyone in the room. CATE is sat with TRAFFORD, holding on to one of CHARLIE'S hands. URSULA is stood near the goddesses and LANCE, BROGAN, ELISE and SHELTER sit nearby.

      XAK: So that's the plan. Are you ready?

      CATE and LANCE look at one another. They nod to one another.

      CATE: We're ready.

      SHELTER nods in affirmation, and so do the goddesses. XAK looks to BROGAN.

      XAK: Brogan?

      BROGAN looks down and then he raises his eyes slightly in XAK'S direction.

      BROGAN: Do you even have to ask?

      XAK sighs and SEPHY and ECHIDNA share a look.

      XAK: Ok, well we're the first wave; if Sin has an army we'll do our best to take it.

      SEPHY: I'll take care of the second.

      ECHIDNA smiles.

      ECHIDNA: And I'll take the third.

      CATE looks a bit confused.

      CATE: Wait, what's the third wave? I can barely cope with the first two...

      ECHIDNA smirks at the Slayer.

      ECHIDNA: You'll see.

      CATE raises an eyebrow.

      CATE: Will it help?

      ECHIDNA: More than your wooden stake will.

      CATE smirks, sarcastically.

      XAK (O/S): Ok...

      Everyone turns to him once again.

      XAK: So that's it. That's how we're gonna do this...

      CATE: Then let's do it.

      XAK nods.

      XAK: We leave soon...


      SIN approaches what is left of Sunnydale High.

      KAIA (O/S): You know...

      SIN turns to see KAIA stood behind her, with her arms folded.

      KAIA: Ursula will lead them here. Have you factored that into your plans?

      SIN: Let her. They won't stand in my way...

      KAIA: (trying SIN'S patience) They have before.

      SIN: (shouting at KAIA) Not today! When that eclipse aligns and I am directly underneath its path... the power of the universe will be mine.

      KAIA: Well at least you're a certain evil bitch. Cocky, but certain.

      SIN glares at her.

      SIN: Know your place Kaia.

      KAIA rolls her eyes as SIN turns her attention back to the sun. Darkness begins to cover its reign. Sunnydale would no longer be sunny.


      LANCE is sat in the corner of the room looking at the floor. CATE approaches him.

      CATE: Are you ok?

      LANCE: I'm worried about him.

      CATE: Dante?

      He nods.

      LANCE: I know I shouldn't and it's selfish what with Charlie dying and the imminence of war, but...

      CATE: (interrupting) Hey...

      She smiles.

      CATE: We're all worried about the ones we love.

      LANCE attempts to smile back.

      CATE: I'm sure he's fine.

      LANCE: But he's with Sofia.

      CATE: And he's safer with her. I know you're worried because you think she's like Glenn Close and you're the bunny but I don't think she'd actually hurt him.

      LANCE: You're probably right. I just want to see him...

      CATE nods, understanding.

      CATE: Then let's fight, fight to be with him. You've come this far.

      LANCE considers this as the camera moves away to TRAFFORD. He looks to be struggling slightly but tries to cover it. He does well. ELISE is sat near him, trying to make CHARLIE more comfortable. She smiles at her brother, supportively. URSULA approaches them both.

      She crouches down and looks at TRAFFORD.

      URSULA: Are you ok?

      He nods, slightly.

      TRAFFORD: I can do this... don't worry.

      His head throbs in pain.

      URSULA turns to ELISE.

      URSULA: (signing) You understand what's going to happen?

      ELISE nods.

      URSULA: (signing) And you're ok with that?

      ELISE: (signing) As long as I can help in someway...

      URSULA sighs and smiles at her.

      URSULA: (signing) I'm pleased you won't be there.

      ELISE: (signing) Why?

      URSULA: (signing) Because you're safer here, that's what matters. To me anyway...

      ELISE nods, feeling indifferent.

      ELISE: (signing) Sure... Ok...

      ELISE stands now and walks away. URSULA looks at her helplessly, knowing fully that she's more than probably destroyed any fragment of their relationship that survived the past few months.

      The camera moves away to show BROGAN inspecting the rubble and what's left of the machine his girlfriend made. XAK approaches him.

      XAK: How you holding up?

      BROGAN: Better than this damn building.

      He throws a piece of rubble on the ground and looks to XAK.

      BROGAN: I'm not gotta let her destroy me too.

      XAK: You're hurt, I get it but...

      BROGAN: Why are you defending her?

      XAK: I'm not! I am done defending women without remorse. But I am not done defending you.

      BROGAN shrugs this off.

      XAK: If you let your attitude get in the way of this battle then you will live to regret it.

      BROGAN points a finger at XAK.

      BROGAN: I won't regret a single thing. She deserves everything she gets, and your little bitch daughter too.

      SEPHY (O/S): That's enough.

      She steps in between them both and looks at BROGAN, sharply.

      SEPHY: I am still your Sponsor, Ea Brogan. And Xak is still your friend... we're not going to do what she did. We have hearts.

      BROGAN: In case you've forgotten, she had a heart too. That didn't stop her.

      He moves away and ECHIDNA goes to him. The camera stays on SEPHY and XAK. She sighs and places her hands on her hips as she turns to him.

      SEPHY: I'm sorry he said those things to you.

      XAK: It's ok... He's just hurting and I don't want him to. But there's not much I can do about that.

      SEPHY nods, understanding.

      SEPHY: I understand. Listen, I must return to the base...

      LANCE overhears this.

      SEPHY: There are things I need to collect on, including the second wave.

      XAK nods.

      XAK: Of course.

      SEPHY: I'll be back as soon as I can.

      Her eyes linger on CHARLIE, worried.

      XAK: I'll look after her, don't worry.

      SEPHY: I know you will.

      She smiles at him and then moves towards the nearest available exit. LANCE moves in front of her. She looks at him confused.

      LANCE: Will you check on him? I know I shouldn't ask but it would put my mind at rest knowing he was ok.

      SEPHY: I will. If it will help you to know, then I will.

      She smiles weakly and moves past him and leaves the area. LANCE watches her go and then turns back to the group. CATE looks at him and sighs for him, worrying too that everything he's been fighting for was worthless.


      DANTE is tied to a chair. He looks groggy but he begins to rouse now. His eyes squint as they struggle to adjust to the blinding white light. The light filled the room so much so it was hurtful. But then he realises. There was no light in the room. The room was just white.

      It was a white room.

      He looks around as best he can to see SOFIA stood in front of him.

      SOFIA: Hey sleepy head.

      DANTE: That's what happens when you shoot someone with a tranquilizer dart you loon.

      SOFIA looks upset.

      SOFIA: I'm sorry about that, truly. But I didn't have any other option.

      DANTE laughs slightly.

      DANTE: You're not part of the team, are you?

      SEB (O/S): Oh Turnpike, you really are always on the ball aren't you...

      He walks from behind DANTE to stand next to SOFIA. DANTE looks at him with slight resentment.

      DANTE: Sebastian Callaghan.

      SEB: Come on Dante, can't say you didn't miss me, surely?

      DANTE: Actually I can, with perfect clarity. Thought you were dead?

      SOFIA: You thought I was dead too, remember.

      DANTE: So this is an intervention, a conversation with dead people sort of thing. How lame.

      SOFIA walks towards DANTE and kneels in front of him.

      SOFIA: I'm so sorry to do this to you, but there's stuff you need to know. Stuff I've kept from you and it's important that you listen.

      DANTE stares her in the eyes.

      DANTE: Who sent you?

      SOFIA: The Senior Partners... they've got an offer...


      The area is empty but before long, a blinding white light fills the area and it dies down to reveal SEPHY. She looks around, discomforted by her surroundings.

      Footsteps approach her from behind. Many footsteps. She turns to look at who they belong to.


      XAK now approaches CHARLIE, TRAFFORD and URSULA. He looks to URSULA.

      XAK: Can I have a moment, with Charlie?

      URSULA nods.

      URSULA: Of course dear.

      She touches his arm and moves away.

      TRAFFORD: (to XAK) Sorry, I'm gonna have to stick around.

      XAK smiles at him and kneels by CHARLIE'S side.

      XAK: That's ok man, thank you...

      TRAFFORD concentrates solely on healing CHARLIE and not listening.

      XAK looks at CHARLIE, saddened by her state. He breathes softly, but erratically.

      XAK: Hey, pretty girl... it's me.

      She swallows, dry and hard. She turns her head with all the energy she has and looks to him, opening her eyes again.

      CHARLIE: (quietly) Hey you...

      XAK: How you holding up?

      CHARLIE: Like a kebab...

      She gulps.

      CHARLIE: Listen. I love you...

      He looks down.

      CHARLIE: I know things have never been easy for us but I never stopped loving you because of it. It made me love you more...

      She intakes breath sharply, pained. He reaches out and grabs her hand, squeezing it tightly.

      XAK: Don't... don't do this.

      CHARLIE: Do what?

      XAK: Talk to me as if you're going to die. This isn't the end...

      CHARLIE looks tearful.

      CHARLIE: Isn't it?

      He looks at the piece of metal protruding from her stomach and he looks to TRAFFORD who is using everything he can to keep her in this state.

      But it wasn't enough. She would die.


      SEPHY looks at the people in front of her.

      SEPHY: Xak told me you were on side.

      MAN (O/S): Well he was right. We want to make up for what we did.

      SEPHY: And that's admirable. It's a pleasure to meet you.

      MAN (O/S): And it's a complete pleasure to meet a being of your status.

      SEPHY: Thank you. So, how would you like to be our second wave?

      The camera rotates to show who SEPHY is talking to.

      It's CARL REED.

      And behind him is an army of New York men, ready to fight.




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        ACT THREE


        The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

        The camera pans around the graveyard to show a fight ensuing. LANCE is fighting a vampire and the vampire is winning. LANCE swings at him but the vampire laughs and dodges it with ease. He head butts LANCE and knocks him to the ground. LANCE looks dazed as the vampire straddles him and leans in to bite him.

        Suddenly the vampire stops, someone has staked him from behind. The vampire dusts and LANCE looks up at his saviour. It's MELODY. She smirks.

        MELODY: (laughing) You're pathetic.

        LANCE shakes off the dust on him and she holds out a hand to help him up. He takes it and she pulls him to his feet.

        LANCE: I coulda had him.

        MELODY: (mocking) Aw sorry. Did I hurt your manly slaying feelings?

        He looks annoyed.

        LANCE: Shut up Mel...

        They begin walking now through the graveyard. MELODY rolls her eyes.

        MELODY: Oh come on, don't you think this is fun? We're kicking some serious ass; it's like old times...

        LANCE: Please tell me you're not referring to our time in prison, where it was my ass that was being seriously kicked?

        MELODY: Lighten up, it wasn't always so bad.

        LANCE stops.

        LANCE: (shocked) Melody, that place was awful. I was beaten, I was tortured and I was alone.

        MELODY sighs.

        MELODY: So that's what this is really about? Basically prison sucked ?cause you didn't get any?

        LANCE: I didn't say that, I just meant I was alone, end of. And it's never easy being alone...

        He scowls at her and leaves her, walking away now. She looks down and then looks after him.

        MELODY: (shouting) Yeah well thanks to you and the choice you made for the both of us, we may always have to be that way!

        He stops, considering this. Has he ruined any chance of happiness?

        He continues walking, leaving MELODY behind.


        The light dies down and focuses on LANCE'S one chance. DANTE looks at the floor, listening to what SOFIA is saying to him.

        SOFIA: I know you probably hate me right now and that's fine but you have to listen to what I'm about to say.

        DANTE looks to her.

        DANTE: Ok, surprise me, liar.

        SOFIA: I was sent by them to infiltrate the base. I was given freedom from the firm as long as I could bring you in when the time came; when they would need you.

        DANTE looks disappointed in himself for believing her.

        DANTE: Shoulda known that whole fake death thing wouldn't have shaken your scent.

        SOFIA: I'm sorry I lied, I am and I want you to know that I am not Kaia. I have not once relayed any information to them in the way she did to Sin. They're not interested in her or in betrayal, they just want you.

        DANTE: You may not be Kaia but seducing a man and double teaming sure makes you two like sisters right about now.

        SOFIA: I deserve that, but you don't understand what's happening.

        DANTE: (shouting) Then tell me!

        SOFIA hesitates, SEB steps forward.

        SEB: The Senior Partners asked Sofia to get close to you again because they took a risk this year and adopted a new CEO of the L.A branch. It was a wrong move; he killed The Circle of the Black Thorn and the firm went down with them.

        DANTE: And I care because?

        SEB: I don't expect you do, but they wanted Sofia and you to get close again in order to prepare you for being their contingency plan should the CEO turn the tables as he so rudely did.

        DANTE: Contingency plan? What do you mean?

        SEB: We'll get to that, but first... let me give you in incentive to take their offer, seeing as Ms. Rose's heart just wasn't quite enough for you.

        DANTE looks at SEB, concerned. He then turns to SOFIA who clearly looks hurt. Maybe she wasn't good, but was she bad?


        SEPHY, CARL and his men are now walking down a corridor in the base. The civilians clearly look impressed by the operation.

        CARL: So we're under the ocean right now?

        SEPHY: Indeed, many fathoms deep.

        CARL: Well I'm impressed but that's not saying much.

        SEPHY smiles.

        SEPHY: We must hurry. Search all the rooms for weapons.

        CARL: Uh, won't they mind us going through their things?

        SEPHY: No.

        She looks down.

        SEPHY: No matter what the outcome is of today, we won't be coming back here.

        CARL doesn't answer and nods to his men to go through various doors. SEPHY waits for most of the men to disappear before she looks to CARL.

        SEPHY: You are aware of the extent of what is happening aren't you?

        CARL: Yeah, Xak filled me in on all the details.

        SEPHY: And you're ready for this? Not all of your men will make it through. Most will die, maybe you too.

        CARL: I know and it matters...

        She looks perplexed by his response.

        CARL: It matters because I lost one child to darkness and the least I can do to die a happy man is to try and stop the thing that reigns as darkness' Queen. I will die a happy and proud man doing what I will do today.

        She nods.

        SEPHY: You're a very brave man Carl Reed.

        CARL smiles at her, weakly. They arrive at one of the doors.

        SEPHY: Go, be with your men. I have some things to attend to...

        CARL nods and moves further down the corridor. SEPHY waits for him to go before opening the door she has stopped at. She moves inside.

        It's SOFIA'S room.


        ELISE is sat with SHELTER, watching TRAFFORD intently.

        ELISE: (signing) Do you think he'll be ok?

        SHELTER: (signing) Yeah I'm sure, it's Charlie we should worry about.

        ELISE looks annoyed.

        ELISE: (signing) Well if he's not ok, she won't be ok, so I'd say my brother is worth worrying about!

        SHELTER: (signing) I didn't mean...

        ELISE sighs.

        ELISE: (signing) No, I'm sorry... I've just got a lot on my mind.

        SHELTER nods, and smiles.

        SHELTER: (signing) It's ok.

        ELISE: (signing) I mean as if it wasn't enough that one of my best friends betrayed us but now we're going to war because of it and oh, there's the small matter concerning the matriarch of the group being my birth mother.

        SHELTER: (signing) It's insane. What are you feeling?

        ELISE: (signing) I don't what to feel, Shelter. I've wanted her back for so long that I didn't really think about what it would be like to have her.

        SHELTER: (signing) I know it may feel like she's a stranger to you but you'll find a way to trust her one day.

        ELISE: (signing) That's if we make it through this.

        She looks sad that this could be the last time she talks to her best friend.

        ELISE: (signing) I love you. And I'm sorry for the way I've been.

        SHELTER brushes her friend's hair back.

        SHELTER: (signing) Don't mention it.

        ELISE smiles, warmed.

        SHELTER: (signing) I love you too.

        ELISE: (signing) Promise me you'll be careful?

        SHELTER lunges forward and hugs her friend tightly. ELISE holds on for dear solace as URSULA watches in the background. She'd watched every sign in agony.


        SEPHY is stood in SOFIA'S room. She looks around the room, shocked.

        All the drawers are empty. The bed is stripped. She has nothing to prove she was even there.

        It's like she never with them and maybe she never was.


        The door opens and SEPHY storms in. The footage of KAIA'S betrayal is still playing repeatedly on the screens in the background. She doesn't look at it. She looks around for any clue of where SOFIA and DANTE could be. There was only one clue.

        The gun on the floor. She moves towards it and picks it up. Her mouth is slightly open as she looks at it confused and curious. She drops it to the floor and looks around the room, saddened at what her operation had become.


        CARL REED and his men are stood in the lobby all armed with every kind of weapon. CARL has two duffel bags full of other weapons. SEPHY enters the lobby, her hair tied back and she is carrying a sword.

        It looks legendary. Its use would become so.

        She looks to the men, then to CARL.

        CARL: We're all set. So how do we do this?

        SEPHY: Have you ever teleported before?

        CARL: I rode an elevator once, is it the same?

        SEPHY: Not really.

        She addresses them all.

        SEPHY: Hold on to your weapons...

        She looks to the roof of the lobby and instantly the room fills with a light. The light shrouds SEPHY, CARL and the army. As it engulfs them all it dims, leaving emptiness.

        The base was empty.


        BROGAN is sat now, tapping his foot impatiently. He clenches his fist and unclenches it. He repeats the motion tediously.

        ECHIDNA (O/S): What you said to Xak was uncalled for.

        He looks up to see an infuriated ECHIDNA walking towards him.

        BROGAN: You know what's even more annoying than waiting around for this battle?

        She doesn't reply, sensing the rhetoric.

        BROGAN: Listening to your voice.

        ECHIDNA: You really are destroyed by what she did, aren't you?

        BROGAN: Why are you even asking me that?

        ECHIDNA: Because I don't wish to see you put yourself in danger when we fight.

        BROGAN: I can take her any day.

        ECHIDNA: But you can't take me.

        He looks at her. He can tell she means this. Her snake like eyes glare at him.

        ECHIDNA: If you fall out of line in this battle, I will not hesitate to execute the purpose of my being here.

        BROGAN: And remind me why we're graced with your presence?

        ECHIDNA: To maintain order in the ranks.

        BROGAN gestures to the room and subsequently the wreck the group are in.

        BROGAN: Congratulations. You're doing a fine job...

        ECHIDNA looks around the room.

        Maybe she had failed...


        Meanwhile, as the shadow destroying the sun begins to spread more, SIN feels the power of the imminent eclipse. She closes her eyes feeling her birthmark tingle with a sensation unlike no other.

        KAIA watches as SIN allows destiny to lift her into the air. She ascends high and graceful. She is lifted towards the roof of the school and the eclipse.

        Sunnydale High is directly under its path.


        Everyone in the room turns their attention to what is left of the doorway as SEPHY approaches it and re-enters the room. CATE looks to her.

        CATE: You ok?

        SEPHY: I'm fine dear, thank you.

        She smiles at CATE and then looks to the group.

        SEPHY: Carl Reed and his men are outside. Bid your farewells, it's time.

        CATE and SEPHY go to move towards CHARLIE and TRAFFORD, but LANCE stands in the way of them.

        LANCE: Did you find him? Or her?

        SEPHY looks hesitant as she sees his desperate, expectant look.

        SEPHY: No... No I didn't.

        LANCE looks worried.

        CATE: Lance, he's strong. I'm sure he's fine.

        SEPHY: She's right.

        LANCE breathes softly and closes his eyes.

        LANCE: I know. I trust him and I have faith in him.

        CATE: So, are you gonna be ok to do this?

        LANCE: If getting the opportunity to find him is my reward, then bring it on.

        CATE smiles and puts an arm around him and all three of them move towards CHARLIE and TRAFFORD.

        LANCE and SEPHY break off and move to ELISE to say goodbye. CATE approaches TRAFFORD.


        The music begins to stat as she kneels down beside him. He looks to her. (The music below plays throughout)

        "I tried to paint you a picture, the colours were all wrong
        Black and white didn't fit you and all along
        You were shaded with patience, your strokes of everything
        That I need just to make it and I can see that...

        CATE: I don't believe you.

        TRAFFORD: What?

        CATE: That you're ok. I don't believe you.

        TRAFFORD: I'm fine, really.

        She looks unsure. (The music below plays throughout)

        "Lord knows I've failed you, time and again
        But you and me are all right...

        CATE: Promise?

        TRAFFORD: I promise.

        He looks into her eyes and in that moment of eye contact she acts.

        She lunges forward and kisses him. His concentration wavers slightly mid kiss, but she breaks away quickly, shocked. (The music below plays throughout)

        "We won't say our goodbyes
        You know it's better that way
        We won't break, we won't die
        It's just a moment of change...

        TRAFFORD: What was that for?

        CATE: In case we don't get a chance to have that talk.

        CHARLIE (O/S): Get a room.

        CATE laughs and looks to her. (The music below plays throughout)

        "All we are, all we are
        Is everything that's right
        All we need, all we need
        A lover's alibi...

        CATE: (joking) Shut up.

        CHARLIE: Well he is keeping me alive.

        CATE: I love you hon.

        CHARLIE: Don't be such a sap...

        CATE squeezes her hand and kisses it softly. She breaks away now and looks to TRAFFORD. She smiles and then exhales. She leaves.

        In the wake of CATE'S goodbye, an epidemic breaks out.

        SHELTER hugs ELISE tightly. (The music below plays throughout)

        "I walked a minute in your shoes, they never would've fit
        I figured there's nothing to lose, I need to get
        Some perspective on these words before I write them down
        You're an island and my ship has run aground...

        FADE TO ?

        BROGAN approaches TRAFFORD and leans into his ear.

        BROGAN: (whispering) I'm sorry.

        He looks back to CHARLIE and manages a broken smile for her. (The music below plays throughout)

        "Lord knows I'll fail you, time and again
        But you and me, we're alright...

        FADE TO ?

        While in the background ECHIDNA holds dearly on to ELISE, SEPHY runs a finger through her daughter's hair tenderly and kisses on the cheek.

        SEPHY: I love you. So much...

        CHARLIE: (softly) I love you too mom...

        (The music below plays throughout)

        "We won't say our goodbyes
        You know it's better that way
        We won't break, we won't die
        It's just a moment of change...

        FADE TO ?

        URSULA lingers near ELISE for a moment. Neither one knows what to do or how to act. They look at one another, indifferent.

        Their care and concern for one another had to remain implicit for the time being. It was still there, just harder to admit. (The music below plays throughout)

        "All we are, all we are
        Is everything that's right
        All we need, all we need
        A lover's alibi...

        FADE TO ?

        Everyone is leaving the room. XAK is the last to leave. He looks back to CHARLIE, TRAFFORD and ELISE. TRAFFORD is still kneeling in front of the dying woman, his sister is sat nearby, on standby. CHARLIE turns her head to look at him. They make eye contact. (The music below plays throughout)

        "Every single day that I can breathe
        You changed my philosophy
        I'm never gonna let you pass me by...

        CHARLIE: Don't... Just go...

        It pains him to tear his eyes from her. It pains him to leave.

        But he does.

        CHARLIE watches him go until he is out of her sight. She sighs. (The music below plays throughout)

        "So don't say your goodbyes
        You know it's better that way
        We won't break, we won't die
        It's just a moment of change...

        TRAFFORD: You ok? I mean despite obvious wounds...

        CHARLIE nods, slightly and looks to ELISE for a vague sense of comfort. She receives it in her warm smile. (The music below plays throughout)

        "So don't say your goodbyes
        You know it's better that way
        We won't break, we won't die
        It's just a moment of change
        All we are, all we are
        Is everything that's right
        All we need, all we need
        A lover's alibi...

        CHARLIE: (whispering) Just us now... It's just us...

        She closes her eyes. (The music below plays throughout)

        "So don't say our goodbyes
        You know it's better
        We won't break, we won't die...

        The song ends on one of her soft breaths and then...


        XAK, CATE, LANCE, BROGAN, SEPHY, ECHIDNA, URSULA and SHELTER all emerge out of the building. They move towards CARL REED and his army. XAK shakes his hand, appreciatively. One of the members of the army hands CATE a crossbow from the duffel bag that CARL was carrying.

        CATE: Awesome.

        She smiles, thankfully.

        The rest of the gang move further in to receive weapons. XAK and SEPHY remain near CARL.

        XAK: (to CARL) Sure you're ready for this?

        CARL: You know for people who need some help you do a pretty good job of discouraging it.

        XAK laughs weakly.

        XAK: I didn't mean it like that, I just want you to know what you're getting into.

        CARL smiles appreciatively.

        CARL: I'm ready kid.

        XAK nods.

        SEPHY: Xak. There's something I want you to have.

        He turns to her as she holds out the sword. He looks at it, enchanted.

        SEPHY: This is a gifted sword, wielded by an ancient hero. I know he would have wanted you to have it.

        XAK: Sephy, I can't take this...

        SEPHY: This sword is legendary and so is this war. The two are synonymous. It is yours now.

        He takes the weapon from her and stares at it for a moment. He looks out at the sea and then he looks to the town, it is beginning to stir. The sun is rising to darkness.

        He looks to his friends and the army.

        XAK: (loudly) Everyone...

        The group stop where they are and they turn to him.

        XAK: I had hoped once that a moment like this would never come to pass. And I tried so hard to stop this from happening but too many lives have been lost because of my hesitance to accept the truth.

        He nods to himself, certain.

        XAK: I know now. I know what needs to be done to save this world. (pausing) We must kill these women. They are heartless and though they may look human, they are far from it anymore. They cannot be saved. They will not stop until we are dead and they will not hesitate in the way we have. The time for hesitation is over, because we will pay with our lives.

        The camera pans around the crowd. All of XAK'S friends dotted randomly in between the mass.

        XAK (O/S): So we're going to Sunnydale... back to where this all began and we're going to find them and stop them. I don't know the extent of what they have planned, I'm not sure what they're capable of or how to hurt them, but I know that together, we can stop them.

        He pauses.

        XAK (O/S): I know for some of you, for some of us, this will be hard. We loved them once and I do believe with all my all my heart that they loved us... but if my life has taught me anything it's that the seduction of darkness and the greed for power is too great for some to withstand; even those we can't imagine to lose...

        The camera cuts back to XAK.

        XAK: But I'm standing here, before hundreds of people who have done just that, and because of our actions today we all will stand as a testament to justice and good.

        He nods, and smiles.

        XAK: You should be proud. (softly) I know the world is...

        XAK looks to SEPHY now who smiles at him and then addresses the group.

        SEPHY: We're ready now. Echidna, Ursula, Shelter: form the corners.

        She takes a deep breath.

        SEPHY: This will require great power.

        With this, SEPHY, ECHIDNA, URSULA and SHELTER, the four most magically gifted of the group, move to outside of the mass. They stand in what seems to be the four corners of the cluster. They each hold their arms out and with all the power they can muster they create a barrier around the group. Light begins to fill the boxed group and they close their eyes to shield their sight.

        The next time they open their eyes they would witness the beginning of the end of the world.


        SIN, who is still ascending to the top of the roof, tilts her head back staring at the disappearing light from the sun. The town about her begins to shake slightly.


        KAIA looks excited and smiles at the shaking earth. She laughs and then looks up to SIN.

        KAIA: (shouting) You go girl!


        SIN smiles feeling the power of almost complete eclipse fill her.

        SIN: At last... It's all mine... It's all ?

        She is cut off. An arrow has been fired and it is now stuck in her leg. She loses concentration and she falls out of the sky.


        KAIA'S eyes widen as she looks at SIN falling to the floor with a thud.

        She turns around angrily to see who fired the weapon. Her expression changes.

        KAIA: Well. It took you long enough...

        The camera rotates to show XAK, CATE LANCE, BROGAN, SEPHY, ECHIDNA, URSULA and SHELTER all stood there. Armed and ready. CARL REED and his army are not present and CATE is holding her crossbow looking extremely pleased with herself. It was her who fired.

        The camera cuts back to XAK who contemplates what KAIA has just said.

        XAK: Yeah, it did.

        CUT TO BLACK



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          ACT FOUR


          The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

          The door to the stairway opens and SEPHY emerges, flustered. She looks around the area, worried. She sighs, relieved finding what she wanted.

          SEPHY: There you are...

          The camera pulls back to show a child standing looking out over the town. It's SIN. She's only a toddler. She looks to be deep in thought.

          SEPHY walks towards her.

          SEPHY: What are you doing up here? It's dangerous.

          SIN: I wanted to see it.

          SEPHY approaches her now and kneels.

          SEPHY: See what?

          SIN: The town. Mommy and daddy never let me look.

          SEPHY: They have their reasons. You should listen to them...

          SIN looks to her.

          SIN: Why?

          SEPHY raises an eyebrow.

          SEPHY: You're a very inquisitive child.

          SIN pauses now and looks up at her grandmother.

          SIN: Is that why you don't like me?

          SEPHY is taken aback slightly by what she's heard.

          SEPHY: Excuse me?

          SIN: Not just you. Everyone. They all look at me differently. They don't like me.

          SEPHY: You are different. You're a unique girl but it doesn't make us love you any less.

          SIN: Why am I unique?

          Even at this age, SIN understood everything and disregarded nothing.

          SEPHY: There are bad things in this world Sin. Bad things that may want you to do bad things...

          SIN sighs and looks down.

          SIN: Bad things like those that make Daddy wear those chains?

          She points to the shackles that the gang were forced to use on XAK in his transgression. SEPHY looks at them and to her granddaughter. She puts an arm around her, protectively.

          SEPHY: Exactly...

          SIN smiles and then looks at the rising sun and how its light lands elegantly on the roof of the school in the distance.


          SIN looks up from the floor to the group. She stands and snaps the arrow from her leg. She doesn't look hurt. She casts it aside as if it were lint. She storms closer and glares at CATE.

          SIN: That was unnecessary.

          CATE: You killed my fianc?, I'd say it wasn't.

          SIN: Well you're in for a treat because I've had a lot of practice since him...

          CATE, angered, steps forward. SEPHY holds her back.

          SEPHY: (whispering in CATE'S ear) Hold stance my dear.

          SIN laughs.

          SIN: Oh grandma, look at you. A goddess giving a pep talk to a mere Slayer. That's pathetic...

          SEPHY: I would rather align myself with heroic mortals then ever be seduced by the powers that have encapsulated you.

          SIN: Sucks to be you then I guess, because soon any remnants of anyone believing in your little mythologies will be wiped from this planet. (smiling) I guess that makes you obsolete?

          SEPHY: That's not going to happen.

          KAIA: Why because you eight are an unstoppable force?

          BROGAN: (seething) Shut it bitch...

          URSULA: Ea...

          ECHIDNA looks to him, worried.

          KAIA laughs.

          KAIA: (to URSULA) Oh let him have his fun. He always wanted to go down fighting anyway.

          URSULA: Do not expect restraint from us Kaia. I mean it...

          KAIA: Oh I'm counting on it...

          SIN cocks her head at XAK.

          SIN: Why so quiet, Daddy?

          XAK hasn't taken his eyes off of her.

          XAK: I have nothing to say to you. Not anymore.

          SIN: That's too bad...

          She looks around.

          SIN: Where's mom?

          He pauses.

          XAK: She sends her love.

          KAIA looks to SIN.

          KAIA: Ooh, I think the bomb done good.

          SIN: So it would seem.

          XAK: She's not dead. And neither are we.

          KAIA: Then bring it, husband, ?cause you guys stand no chance.

          XAK smirks.

          XAK: Who said we came alone.

          As he says this, in the windows, the door frames and from around the corners... his army emerges. CARL REED moves to XAK'S side.

          SIN and KAIA cast an eye over them, humoured. The army encircle the women. They're trapped.

          SIN looks to her father.

          SIN: And who said we did?

          Suddenly the Coma emerge out of nowhere. They create a barrier around the men and the gang. They whisper incessantly to one another and glare deeply at the allies of the world.

          SEPHY: The Coma...

          SIN: That's right. Have fun...

          She turns now and walks away towards the school, her eyes drawn to the sky and the almost complete eclipse. As the shadow begins to enshroud the site XAK turns to his friends.

          XAK: Hold them back, I'm going for Sin.

          They all nod and turn to the Coma ready to fight.

          BROGAN advances towards KAIA instead but he is pulled away by two of the Coma. As ECHIDNA moves to help him the camera cuts to XAK who hurries after SIN. KAIA stands in his way. He stops, in front of her.

          KAIA: I can't let you stop her.

          He pauses.

          XAK: I can't let you stop me.

          She smirks as she pulls back her fist and goes to punch him. He stops her with the palm of his hand, easily and punches her back, knocking her to the floor.

          XAK: You're not strong enough to stop me, Kaia. We both know it.

          KAIA turns her head to him, her lip cut. She wipes the blood of her face and laughs.

          KAIA: You're right, Kaia couldn't stop you. But I'm not Kaia anymore...

          Her eyes turn black and she extends her hand, blasting him back with energy. She rises to her feet, magically and although momentarily stunned, he jumps to his feet too.

          They make eye contact briefly and out of the corner of his eye he can see SIN moving into the school. He knows he has to get passed his wife.

          She bangs her fists together and her arms and hands are covered in powerful dark energy. She lunges at XAK and makes various swipes. He dodges all but one and when she lands the punch in his chest it burns him. He recoils in pain, feeling the scold of his melted shirt against his skin. KAIA laughs.

          KAIA: You don't want me landing too many of these.

          He glares at her. There was nothing in there of the girl he married.

          He head butts her and she is knocked backwards. She doesn't fall and she manages to steady herself with magic. She smirks, pleased he's playing by her rules.

          He does not allow her to get another punch in. He hits her twice and she only manages to block one of them. He swings the sword with all his strength and she dodges it skilfully and majestically. She swipes to punch him around the face and he only has enough time to dodge it slightly. A light burn boils his skin from the darkness exuberating from his wife's fist.

          He spins around and kicks her dead on in the chest. She is blown back and falls to the floor. He leans down and picks her up. He throws her out of his path. She slides across the floor and looks up to him. Landing a few feet away, she breathes heavily, through her teeth, angered.

          He shakes his head.

          XAK: You're not my fight anymore Kaia...

          KAIA: I never was.

          He doesn't waste another second. With KAIA out of his way, he runs into the school after SIN.

          This would be the last time he ever saw her.

          KAIA watches him go and then she stands, looking at the fight.

          Her fight.


          The battle against the Coma has drawn back to the street. ECHIDNA and BROGAN are struggling with the group of Coma who are swarming around them both. BROGAN punches one but his fist just passes straight through them. He sneers, angry and then swings round and with his weapon, an axe, he decapitates one of them. The weapon passes through him as if the creature is formless smoke.

          The creature punches him and BROGAN falls back. He snaps his head to ECHIDNA.

          BROGAN: Weapons don't kill these bastards?!

          She looks around and realises that most of the army are having difficulties. No one has killed them. One of them lunges at her and she blasts it with a spell. Fire. It wilts in the light and it evaporates in the heat. She smiles and turns to BROGAN.

          ECHIDNA: Magic does...

          Seeing one of their own die, a bunch of the Coma turn on her. They smother her until there's only darkness.

          CUT TO ?

          LANCE, URSULA and SHELTER note ECHIDNA'S technique ending the Coma. URSULA turns to SHELTER.

          URSULA: Remember our first ever fight? The technique...

          SHELTER looks confused and then she nods. URSULA smiles.

          URSULA: Good, then let's do this for old times' sake...

          She turns to LANCE.

          URSULA: You may want to step back.

          LANCE smiles and nods and with his only weapon, his fists and his Lycan strength, he meanders the endless Coma.

          He fights for his man.

          The camera moves back to URSULA and SHELTER who look to one another and nod. They join arms and begin rotating in a circle, one of their fists out stretched. The faster they move the more their fists seem to burn white. They look in pain but they continue. Soon the pair are a burning wheel. They obliterate and burn to nothing over a dozen of their enemies. The Coma are strong and relentless. They continue to charge and soon the witches tire.

          CUT TO ?

          SEPHY and CATE watch in anger as they see the Coma begin to corrupt anyone and everyone close to them. SEPHY tries blasting as many as she can with lightning energy, burning them and blinding them simultaneously. They just keep coming. They're truly endless.

          CATE sighs, angrily at her inability to use magic.

          CATE: How the hell can I stop them!?

          She shoots one with a crossbow and it moves straight through it as if it were just dirty air. Suddenly a man is thrown in front of her. It's CARL. He grunts, injured slightly. CATE pulls him to his feet with ease.

          CARL: I'm with Wonder Woman here... We can't take much more of this...

          SEPHY: We just need to hold them off until Xak can stop Sin...

          CATE: And what if he doesn't?!

          CARL looks up.

          CARL: That sky is looking mighty dark...

          Both of them women look up to see that the eclipse is almost complete. XAK doesn't have long and the army are being beaten back...

          Just when things couldn't look worse, KAIA breaks the neck of one of CARL'S men, takes his axe and begins walking towards the people she used to align herself with, burning malice in her eyes.


          Injured somewhat by the crossbow bolt, SIN makes her way swiftly towards the nearest stairwell in the courtyard.

          XAK (O/S): (shouting) Sin!

          She smirks and stops, turning around.

          SIN: Go and die with your friends, or I will kill you myself.

          XAK moves closer, his sword held strong in his hand. She's aware of this.

          XAK: I won't let you destroy this world.

          SIN laughs.

          SIN: Your delusions of power are so amusing...

          Her smile fades.

          SIN: But I am growing tired of you now.

          XAK: Then let's end this.

          SIN: You really think you can stop me this time? I mean if it's not me who kills you, or this apocalypse, then it'll be that heroic conscious of yours.

          XAK: (sarcastically) Why? ?Cause you're my baby girl?

          SIN: Hasn't that always been the reason?

          XAK: Not anymore. You're not leaving this place alive.

          SIN looks unimpressed.

          SIN: Pfft, whatever.

          Her attention is drawn to the sky. The eclipse is almost complete.

          SIN: It's ironic that you say that though. Because I'm the only one who will.

          She turns now and begins walking up the stairs. XAK breathes heavily and then charges at her. She doesn't turn and as he begins climbing the stairs she just continues to ascend.

          Everything seems to move in slow motion as he brings his arm back to swing the sword at her. As he does she begins to turn to face him. He brings the sword swiftly towards her, the polished metal of the blade reflects weakly what is left of the sunlight. As he brings the sword towards her, she ducks elegantly. She drops to the floor and sweeps her leg around in a low kick. She knocks him off his feet. He falls and lands on his back but steadies himself by driving the sword deep into the stone steps. The scene resumes in normal speed as she stands and continues climbing the steps.

          Reaching the top, she begins walking instinctively down one of the corridors. On the stairs, XAK jumps up and pulls the sword out of the stone with ease.


          KAIA enters the battlefield, black eyed and wielding the dead man's axe. Two of CARL'S men attack her. One swings a mace at her which she stops dead with her axe. She disarms the man, literally, with her weapon and embeds his mace into his chest. The second warrior, enraged at his friend's murder attacks KAIA and holds a gun to her. He goes to shoot but his hands are shaking. She lands a hand on his chest and burns him to a cinder with one magical burst of energy.

          As he burns up, she draws the attention of BROGAN and ECHIDNA. The man's gun drops to the floor and BROGAN goes to go after her. ECHIDNA, managing to release herself from the onslaught of Coma holds him back.

          ECHIDNA: (loudly) Ea no!

          BROGAN: (shouting) Why?! Nothing will stop her!

          ECHIDNA looks at KAIA who is killing anyone in her way. The eclipse is almost complete and good people were dying.

          It was time.

          She looks back to BROGAN.

          ECHIDNA: I can. (softly) I can stop her...

          BROGAN looks doubtful.

          ECHIDNA: (certain) The worldwide belief in my family's powers may be waning but I am still the Goddess of Monsters...

          She closes her eyes and then she tilts her head back. Her eyes burst open and she screams a deadly shrill battle cry.

          For a moment all the death and the devastation pauses as all eyes turn on ECHIDNA. She stays in a neutral state staring at the sky. There is silence, then the dust on the floor begins to reverberate.

          The ground is shaking. CATE and CARL look to SEPHY.

          CATE: Ok, what the hell did she do?

          SEPHY looks at her sister smiling.

          SEPHY: She just called in the third wave...

          CATE'S face drops as she sees what is on the horizon.

          There appears to a mass of beings making their way on foot and in the air.

          As they grow closer, the ruined streets of Sunnydale are filled with ECHIDNA'S monsters.

          Cyclops of monstrous size storm through the wrecked buildings, followed closely by the dumb Giants. Giant Hydra-like serpents and Basilisks slither over the cracks of the road and shriek shrilly at their enemies.

          In their wake the galloping Centaurs and Minotaurs roar in coalition under the mighty rule of ECHIDNA. Some of the Centaurs carry Satyrs and ancient tribes men who call powerfully in Ancient Greek their allegiance to the Goddess of Monsters.

          The sky, although darkened by the eclipse plays host to the battleground of Harpies, Griffons and many Ancient battle birds from ECHIDNA'S era, their talons and beaks sharpened and poised for a fight to the death.

          No Sirens are present.

          ECHIDNA turns to look at her children. She lifts herself into the air by magic.

          ECHIDNA: (shouting) My children, hear me! Attack only the dark ones and fight alongside those with humanity left in them.

          All of the beings that have arrived waste no time in abiding to ECHIDNA'S wish.

          The Giants and Cyclops bash, kick and maim the Coma, turning them to empty air. The Basilisk turn each one of the Coma to a solid silenced mass with a single glare, which are then quickly disposed of by the demolishing, constrictions of the Hydra serpents. The Centaurs, Minotaurs, Satyrs and ancient tribesmen use their enchanted weapons to kill the Coma as if they were merely mortal.

          CATE, SEPHY, URSULA, SHELTER, CARL and his men are more spurned than ever now in their fighting. The assistance of the monsters gives them hope.

          They could win.

          CUT TO ?

          KAIA watches, angrily as her army are depleted one by one.

          KAIA: (with seething rage) This will not ?

          She is cut off. Two Harpies have begun to attack her. She tries shaking them off as they scratch and maim her. She grabs the mace from the chest of the man she killed and swiftly swings it, bashing one of the beasts to death.

          KAIA: Feathered freak...

          She turns to the other Harpy as it turns on her. It soars into the sky and then back down. She looks ready to destroy it but then as it gets closer an axe is thrown from the battlefield and it kills the Harpy dead.

          Confused, KAIA turns to the source of her "saviour". It's BROGAN. He stares at her angrily.

          KAIA: (smiling) How heroic...

          BROGAN: You're mine...

          KAIA smirks.

          KAIA: Come and get me then lover.

          She laughs and turns, running out of the battle. BROGAN hurries after her. He spots a gun on the floor. The gun belonging KAIA'S earlier kill. He grabs it and heads after her.


          Away from the battle KAIA runs, relishing in the chase. BROGAN hot on her trail...

          The hunt was on.


          The camera cuts to LANCE now as he continues fighting. He's finding it easy to fight... too easy. The blood in his veins begin pumping faster. He feels his movements move by instinct.


          LANCE: (fearing the worst) No... not again...

          He screams in pain as the beast within begins to break out.

          CUT TO ?

          CATE and SEPHY fight alongside two Centaur as they assist them in their battle against a group of Coma. As SEPHY destroys two, CATE'S eyes are drawn to one of her friends. LANCE. She sees him changing. Her face drops.

          CATE: Oh my god...

          SEPHY looks to where she is looking.

          SEPHY: Help him Cate... now!

          CATE nods and runs to LANCE'S side.

          She grabs him by the shoulders, but the fur has already begun to cover his skin.

          CATE: Lance! No!

          He looks to her as he feels his muscles distorting.

          LANCE: (gruff) I can't stop it...

          He pushes her back and shocked by his strength she lands on the floor. LANCE clutches his head screams in pain as the transformation takes over.

          The camera cuts to CATE on the floor of the road. All she can do is watch in horror at the transformation.

          His scream becomes a howl.

          CUT TO - NEW YORK


          The battle for the world is far away from this place. DANTE is still sat on the chair. He looks incredulous at what he's just heard.

          DANTE: (shaking his head) They don't have the power to do that...

          SEB nods.

          SEB: They do, I assure you. Originally, they wanted to bring you in by appealing to your human nature with Sofia on your arm. But, they were prepared for the possibility that her advances may not be enough. So, this is Plan B; they will stop Sin if you agree.

          DANTE: Why wait till now? It sounds to me they're making some big mistakes. First they entrust Christian and Leigh with Sin and now this CEO goes rogue on them. Score.

          SEB: It's undeniable that their interest in Sin provoked this war but stopping her has never been their motive. Not until now that is, when it's pivotal...

          DANTE: (realising) They're bribing me.

          SEB: Pretty much, yeah. And you may have faith in your friends, but trust me when I say that Xakiel Thorn will not be able to stop her - only the Senior Partners can - if you agree to their offer that is.

          DANTE: (infuriated) Do you know how twisted this is? They're asking me to take their offer or the world ends.

          SEB: They work in mysterious ways.

          DANTE breathes heavily, angered.

          DANTE: (quietly) Why me?

          SEB: You've always been their favourite child, Dante. Parents aren't supposed to have favourites but they can see your potential; with or without them you're prospering and they want you prospering on their level once again.

          DANTE: (sarcastically) And like every loving parent they're doing that by giving me an ultimatum: them, or the end of everything I've come to love.

          He shakes his head.

          DANTE: You know what, this is bull. I know them, they wouldn't risk this world ending. You said it yourself that they suffered a blow from the new CEO; this world ending would cripple them even more. (adamant) They will stop her whether I agree or not.

          SEB: (nodding) It's true that it would set back their power somewhat, but they wouldn't end. They're eternal and you know that their loss would be merely slight. You on the other hand, you stand a lot more to lose. You're mortal now...

          And then it hits DANTE.

          SEB: (continuing) You'd die, your boyfriend and friends too. So think about this very carefully Dante because if you decline their offer you'll not only end but you'll have a team of very pissed off Senior Partners ready to make sure your after life and the after lives of all your loved ones is nothing short of hell.

          DANTE looks to SOFIA, his heart racing.

          DANTE: How could you do this to me?

          She frowns.

          SOFIA: You can see what they're doing to you. I didn't want to have to hurt you, but I tried avoiding it. In the end, I had no choice...

          DANTE looks glum. SOFIA was played, just like he was.

          DANTE: And now I don't either...

          DANTE sighs and closes his eyes.

          DANTE: What do they want me to do?

          SEB smiles.

          SEB: Oh they don't want you to do anything. It's what they want you to become. That's the real question...

          A thousand thoughts run through DANTE'S head. Why did they need him? Were the Senior Partners in trouble? What had happened to them since he'd left? Was he important? What would he have to give up? What if they were lying? Why didn't they stop Sin sooner? And while all of these thoughts plague him and make his heart race quicken, the one that could make it stop is:

          Would he still love Lance?


          SIN continues down the corridor, blissfully unaware of the powers that could intervene and of the monsters outside. XAK approaches her from behind and she turns, swinging for him with her fist. He avoids it and grabs her by her hair. He drives her head into the wall, denting it and causing it to crumble. She elbows him, unharmed by the impact. He is winded slightly but remains strong.

          SIN: Back off. You can't stop me.

          She extends her hand and blasts him with energy and he is driven back against a wall. He falls to the floor and she turns from him and approaches an empty doorway. She walks through it.

          XAK looks at the door. It leads to the roof. He jumps up and hurries towards the doorway. It was empty and so was the stairway.

          She was on the roof. He moves forward and climbs the final set of steps.


          SIN is stood in the middle of the roof. She looks around at the destruction of the city. Heaven and earth had come together to stop her. She smiles, proud of what she had become.

          XAK (O/S): There's nowhere to run now.

          SIN turns to look at him.

          SIN: I didn't want to in the first place.

          She nods, motioning to the sky.

          SIN: I just had to get to this spot.

          She looks back to him and smiles.

          SIN: It's my destiny.

          XAK looks up. The eclipse is right above her and it is complete. A beam of light and dark energy hits her like lightning, linking her to moon and the sun. They had combined. She laughs maniacally as endless power fills her.


          The battle continues, though some of the mortals stop to watch in wonder at the happenings of the rooftop of the school.

          CUT TO ?

          CATE is still on the floor. Her eyes are drawn to the rooftop.

          CATE: (scared) Xak...

          The howl of a Lycan distracts her. LANCE.

          She watches as he begins ravaging the crowds, not caring of their alliance with him or with SIN.

          CUT TO ?

          ECHIDNA, still floating above the battlefield looks around at the chaos. Her eyes dart from her monsters to her friends.

          She notices BROGAN is gone. She notices KAIA is gone too.

          She lowers herself to the ground.


          This part of town is quiet. As the afternoon becomes night, BROGAN rounds a corner and he looks upon the sign in front of him. He's at The Bronze. KAIA is nowhere to be seen.

          The door is left open. He takes the safety off the gun and moves to the doorway.

          He enters the building.


          He looks around the club. It's empty and it looks broken. Everything's been put back in the wrong order.

          KAIA (O/S): You found me.

          BROGAN looks up to see KAIA stood on the balcony. She leans on the railings, smiling.

          KAIA (O/S): And just in time too...

          BROGAN then senses something. They're not alone.

          He looks around him. The Coma are everywhere. He grips his gun which causes KAIA to smile.

          KAIA: The party's just beginning.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF ACT FOUR


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            ACT FIVE

            OPEN ON ? SUNNYDALE

            The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

            We are looking through a pair of night vision binoculars. They're looking at XAK, chained to the roof of his apartment building.

            KAIA (O/S): Well this is dull...

            We now cut to BROGAN, who is looking through the binoculars. They're on the roof of a building half a mile away from XAK'S apartment. KAIA'S sat, leaning against the edge of the building eating from a bag of chips.

            BROGAN sighs.

            BROGAN: I know, but we have to keep an eye out. That Turnpike guy could take his soul any day now.

            KAIA munches loudly on a mouthful of salted carbs and then puts the bag aside.

            KAIA: Think we'll ever do something, you know useful?

            BROGAN: We are.

            KAIA: You know what I mean; less lurking in the shadows, more fighting the things that are in them.

            BROGAN: You mean like we used to?

            KAIA: Yeah...

            She nods and looks down.

            KAIA: I mean I know it was hell and all but I'd do anything to have back what I had there.

            BROGAN: You mean your husband?

            KAIA: Well obviously.

            She laughs and he smiles weakly.

            KAIA: But I mean fighting a war, making an active difference to the way world works.

            BROGAN contemplates what she's saying.

            KAIA: Wasn't that what we were? It's what we did, and we were good at it.

            BROGAN: Yeah, we were.

            KAIA: Think we'll affect this world the way we did our own?

            He nods.

            BROGAN: If it calls for it, sure.

            She looks around at the town. Her desire change is extortionate.


            The light dies down and the colours return to normal on the gloomy Bronze dance floor. KAIA'S dark eyes stare at BROGAN and his angered vision scans the Coma and the club.

            She jumps from the balcony and lands in front of BROGAN on her feet.

            KAIA: So, will you dance with me?

            BROGAN: There's no music.

            She clicks her fingers. Out of nowhere, music begins.


            KAIA: Now there is.

            The beat of the music begins to start as BROGAN looks around. The Coma are closing in on him.

            KAIA: Leave us.

            The Coma stop.

            KAIA: Go fight on the streets. I want those beasts destroyed and all their little friends too.

            BROGAN watches as the Coma leave.

            KAIA: Alone at last. Just like you wanted.

            BROGAN turns back to her. (The music below plays throughout)

            "Got a big plan, this mindset maybe it's right
            At the right place and right time, maybe tonight
            And the whisper or handshake sending a sign
            Wanna make out and kiss hard, wait never mind...

            They begin circling one another.

            KAIA: So how do you wanna do this?

            She begins moving her fingers, magic crackling in between the tips.

            BROGAN: I don't care... either way, only one of us will leave here alive.

            KAIA: I'm pleased we agree.

            BROGAN grits his teeth. (The music below plays throughout)

            "Late night, and passing, mention it flipped her
            Best friend, who knows saying maybe it slipped
            But the slip turns to terror and a crush to light
            When she walked in, he throws up, believe it's the fright...

            BROGAN: How could you do it?

            KAIA: Does it matter anymore?

            BROGAN: It does to me.

            KAIA: After everything I went though, everything I lost... I'm surprised you're not asking why I didn't do this sooner.

            BROGAN: You're weaker than I thought you were.

            KAIA smiles. (The music below plays throughout)

            "It's cute in a way, till you cannot speak
            And you leave to have a cigarette, your knees get weak
            An escape is just a nod and a casual wave
            Obsessed about it, heavy for the next two days...

            KAIA: Well let's see shall we.

            BROGAN wastes no more time. He clutches his gun. There's enough bullets to put her in a grave. (The music below plays throughout)

            "It's only just a crush, it'll go away
            It's just like all the others it'll go away
            Or maybe this is danger and you just don't know
            You pray it all away but it continues to grow...

            He pulls the gun up and points it at her. He fires three times. Three bullets. She puts up her hand and stops all three of them. She flicks her hand and they turn on him. She clicks her fingers and they travel back at him with the same ferocity they had for wounding KAIA. BROGAN'S eyes widen and he flips backwards to avoid them. One hits his leg, One misses. One hits his shoulder. He falls to the floor wincing at his injuries. (The music below plays throughout)

            "I want to hold you close
            Skin pressed against me tight
            Lie still, and close your eyes girl
            So lovely, it feels so right
            I want to hold you close
            Soft breasts, beating heart
            As I whisper in your ear
            I want to f**king tear you apart...

            KAIA laughs.

            KAIA: It's not looking good for the underdog, is it?

            She moves towards him and clicks her fingers once again. The music stops.

            The dance was over.


            The Coma from The Bronze fill the streets, which attracts the attention of SEPHY. She looks for ECHIDNA but she's not where she was. She's gone. Worried, SEPHY turns her attention to as many of the beasts as possible in the hope they'll listen to her instead.

            SEPHY: (shouting to her allies) They keep coming! Keep strong, we can do this!

            CATE hurries to her side.

            CATE: I couldn't do it... He's...

            SEPHY: I know dear, you did your best. He may have just become one of our greatest weapons...

            CATE: Or our worst nightmare.

            SEPHY nods.

            SEPHY: Just watch out for him.

            She looks at the new onslaught of Coma and then to the roof of the school.

            SEPHY: (quietly) This may be over sooner than we thought...

            The Coma close in on them both and they continue fighting. They fight with all the energy they have left in the hope that everything they've done to survive post-grief is still worth fighting for.

            CUT TO ?

            URSULA and SHELTER are using all their magical abilities to kill the Coma around them. URSULA burns them with torrents of flames but it's becoming apparent that she's tired and she can't keep it up.

            SHELTER, who is younger and full of more energy has resorted to assisting the Greek serpents by turning the Coma to stone with her magic. She looks to be enjoying using her abilities once again.

            One of the Centaurs gallops past, CARL riding on its back. He's laughing.

            CARL: If this is what you guys do all the time, I'm your new best friend.

            URSULA: Do not get cocky Carl Reed, we need focus.

            CARL: Then you might want to check your battery.

            She looks at the last flame she cast. It's barely a spark. She looks worried as one of the Coma closes in on her. She's out of juice, but they weren't.


            URSULA wasn't the only one out of juice. TRAFFORD'S powers look to be wavering and his vision becomes blurred. ELISE looks worried and moves to his side. The noise of her movements rouses CHARLIE. She looks at TRAFFORD, worried.

            CHARLIE: Trafford...

            Blood starts seeping out of his nose and out of his ears.

            TRAFFORD: I can't... I can't...

            His eyes roll back in his head and he falls backwards on the floor. ELISE gasps in horror and looks at him. CHARLIE begins spluttering, blood once again pours out of her wounds and she passes out from shock. ELISE panics.

            She holds a hand over CHARLIE. She holds a hand over her brother.

            With all her energy she heals both of them. She scrunches her eyes and she gasps for what little breath she can.

            And what would happen next has never happened before. Not to her, not to her brother and not to her father.

            Her body begins to glow.


            KAIA continues walking towards BROGAN and as she gets closer she lifts him off the floor with magic. She throws him into one of the pillars and he grunts in pain as he lands on the ground once again. All the time, she keeps laughing.

            KAIA: What makes you think you can stop me when my own husband couldn't bring himself to kill me?

            BROGAN looks up, his lip is cut and he spits blood on to her floor.

            BROGAN: ?Cause you never broke his heart.

            KAIA: Ooh, do I smell scorn? It suits you, all smouldering and bleeding.

            He goes to fire the gun again but she disarms him with magic. She throws the gun to one side and it slides along the floor. He stands and lunges for her, pushing her to the floor. He punches her in the face twice and allowing him to take a few shots, she then proceeds to knee him in the groin. He grits his teeth in agony and she then kicks him away from her. She jumps to her feet.

            KAIA: Think I'm all about the magic anymore?

            BROGAN: There's nothing magical about you.

            They run at one another and she spins around, back handing him across the face. He recoils slightly but grabs her by her hair and drives her head swiftly into a bar stool. She doesn't look in pain but her head is cut and blood seeps from the wound.

            She grabs the stool and pushes him back with it before swiftly bringing it down on to his head. She then rams it into his chest pushing him back into one of the pool tables. He quickly regains what focus he has left to see her coming towards him once again. He sees a pool cue on the table and in one rapid motion he snaps it in half on his knee and then with one half of the splintered wood he pulls it back and forces it into her stomach just as she is a couple of feet away from him.

            She gasps and stumbles backwards, the cue protruding from her stomach. She looks down at it and then to him.

            KAIA: (incredulous) How dare you...

            She looks dazed and in that moment he realises. She's not human, but she's still mortal.

            KAIA: I'm so going to kill you, Ea Brogan.

            He looks on the floor for the gun. It's not far from him. He dives for it.

            She notices and conjures up as much energy as she can, but she's weak. She screams in agony and in rage. A battle cry.

            Sliding along the floor BROGAN grabs the gun. He manoeuvres his fingers around the trigger with ease and aims it at her. He fires.

            It hits its target.

            BROGAN'S face drops as he watches her body waver on the spot for a second. She falls backwards to the floor.

            He breathes heavily and stands slowly. Keeping the gun poised in his hand he walks slowly towards her. When he arrives at where she is lying he drops the gun. He kneels down and holds her in his arms. He'd shot her in her lung, it was filling with blood and the wound from the pool cue was also gushing her life force. She looks at him, the darkness gone from her eyes.

            KAIA: (spluttering) Don't hold me.

            A tear falls from his eye but he maintains a blank expression.

            BROGAN: (quietly) I have to.

            KAIA: I hate you...

            BROGAN: I love you too.

            Hearing these words kill her.

            Her head falls back in his arms, limp. Her eyes stare but her vision has ceased to be. Her breathing has stopped and her heart has too. He puts a hand on her chest and he wonders if it stopped because of him or if it was because she made it stop with her machine and her malice for her own humanity.

            ECHIDNA (O/S): (shocked) Ea...

            He turns to see ECHIDNA standing in the doorway of The Bronze.

            ECHIDNA: Ea, what have you done?

            BROGAN: I killed her.

            ECHIDNA moves towards him and inspects KAIA'S body with her own eyes.

            BROGAN: I killed the woman I love.


            The Coma roar, clearly enraged by the death of their General. The allies look confused as to why they look to be mourning.

            CATE looks at them confused.

            CATE: What are they doing?

            SEPHY: I don't know.

            In her peripheral vision, CATE'S drawn to SHELTER and the mass of Coma smothering URSULA.

            CATE: Oh god...

            SEPHY turns around and barrages the crowd with a spell insinuating pure sunlight. They recoil at the intensity of the light and the heat. Her and SHELTER rush to URSULA'S side. The old woman is lying, battered and bruised on the floor. Her eyes are not open.

            CUT TO ?

            CARL is still on the back of one of the Centaurs. He looks around at the battlefield. He looks pained to see that only a few of his men remain. His friends were dying. He grabs the scythe-like axe from the Centaur and jumps off its back. He runs into the Coma a kamikaze.

            CUT TO ?

            The Coma all turn on the Giants and the Cyclops, eyeing them as a major threat. Over a hundred of them cover each of the Giants and they sharply bring the beasts to the floor in a monstrous reverberating rumble.

            CUT TO ?

            The Harpies and Griffons are triumphing. Along with the Basilisks and the Hydras they are annihilating the Coma in quick succession. But no matter how hard the beasts of the Ancient Greek world hit them, the Coma keep coming.

            CUT TO ?

            LANCE, still in Lycan form, is ravaging the crowds. Whether they're Coma, whether they're men, or whether they're allied beasts, he doesn't care. He snarls and bites anyone in his way.

            One of CARL'S men sees him heading towards him. He's sweating in fear. He looks young and he's holding a crossbow. He aims it at LANCE, the weapon shaking.

            LANCE notices the threat and heads straight for the man.

            CUT TO ?

            CATE looks around the battlefield for a status update. She stops, seeing something.

            CATE: No...

            Her eyes land on the man with the crossbow and how he is aiming it at her friend.

            CATE: (shouting at the man) Stop!

            CUT TO ?

            The man is scared. He's not listening to CATE. She's too far away and LANCE is only a few feet away from the man. He fires. LANCE yelps as the arrow embeds deep into LANCE'S chest. He yelps in pain and falls to the floor.

            CATE hurries to the Lycan's side in horror.

            CUT TO ?

            SEPHY looks to see CATE running to LANCE'S side. She knows BROGAN, KAIA and ECHIDNA are gone. The giants have fallen. URSULA is out. She looks to the roof of the school.

            The last of the energy funnels into SIN.

            SEPHY: (whispering) Come on Xak... we all believe in you...


            XAK shields his eyes but as the energy stops flowing into his daughter he looks at what she's become. She looks exactly the same, but all around her energy sparks and crackles. She sighs, intoxicated.

            SIN: (demonically) At last. I am complete.

            XAK'S eyes widen as he looks upon her with a mixture of disgust, resent and worry.

            XAK: What have you done?

            SIN: (demonically) I've fulfilled the legend.

            XAK: Not quite. You may have the power but you haven't taken this world yet.

            SIN: (demonically) And I suppose you are the one, Xakiel Thorn, who is to stop what is to come to pass. You presume to hold the powers of halting destiny?

            XAK: I've stopped fate before, destiny's nothing. Besides, is it written in that scroll you succeed?

            SIN scowls, fuming.

            SIN: (demonically) You won't get a chance to see...

            She launches herself at him, but he's ready for her; his hand still gripping the hilt of the sword.

            She grabs her father and head butts him sharply. She flips over him with one fluid motion and roundhouse kicks him to the floor. He rolls but jumps to his feet with ease. She disappears from sight with a smirk on her face. He spins round, predicting her move. As supposed, she reappears behind him. But he's ready. He swings the sword and she only has enough time to move backwards in time for the sword to graze and cut her stomach.

            As with KAIA, she bleeds.

            As with BROGAN, he realises.

            She looks at him angrily.

            SIN: (demonically) Ok then. Let's do this old school...

            She holds out a hand and out of nowhere she summons a sword. Its blade is pure black and is brimming with discord. XAK smirks, knowing he can win this.

            For CHARLIE. For the World.

            XAK: Bring it little one.

            The two commence fighting with their swords. The echo of metal and metal resonates through the broken town. The two are well matched and only occasionally do either one of them land a shot. SIN is aware of this.

            SIN: (demonically, shouting) You cannot win!

            XAK: (determined) And neither will you!

            The two swing their swords simultaneously. They hold their positions, pushing with all their might to overpower the other. The metal scrapes and doesn't slide. But then, after a few moments of the two in their stalemate, a light begins to separate the sword. They both look at it confused as the light forces them backwards. SIN is forced to the floor by it and XAK is pushed back. He steadies himself by pushing the end of the sword's blade into the floor of the roof.

            The light dies down and a person is left in its place. DANTE.

            XAK looks at him, confused.

            XAK: Dante?

            DANTE looks at XAK, keeping his back to SIN. She smirks, seizing the opportunity. She grabs her sword and jumps up ready to attack DANTE. He turns sharply and extends a hand towards her. He disarms her with what seems to be telekinesis. XAK watches, confused.

            DANTE keeps his eyes on SIN.

            DANTE: Stay down.

            He motions to her to kneel. She does so, obediently. She looks at him, enraged.

            XAK: Dante what's going on? Where the hell have you been?!

            DANTE turns back to him now.

            DANTE: I can explain about that later. But right now, you have a decision to make, and you have to listen to what I'm about to say very carefully.

            DANTE turns to SIN.

            DANTE: And so do you...

            SONG: OLAFUR ARNALDS ? 0952

            The song starts, all other sound stops. As the piano starts to play, DANTE looks to be explaining something very rapidly to not just XAK but to SIN too. She looks furious at what he is saying and what he is suggesting. XAK looks in shock and begins talking back to him. SIN also seems to be inputting into the conversation.

            XAK turns to his daughter and looks into her eyes. She looks into his.


            Sound remains to be stopped other than the instrumental music.

            CATE runs to LANCE'S side as he begins reverting back to his human self, the arrow protruding from his chest. His eyes are closed.

            CUT TO ?

            SHELTER cradling URSULA'S still body.


            LANCE and URSULA.

            One of them was dying.

            CUT TO ?

            SEPHY leads the allies and in one foul sweep, CARL, the remainder of his men and the Greek monsters swiftly resort to only killing and not dying.

            The allies were winning. The Coma were dying.


            BROGAN continues to hold KAIA'S body. ECHIDNA now kneels down beside him in an attempt to coax him away.

            He cannot be moved. He was holding murder. He was holding love.

            He was holding closure.


            The music picks up as ELISE'S eyes widen. Her eyes are white. Her whole body glows mysteriously and soon the glow engulfs not only CHARLIE and TRAFFORD but the entire room. The room was invisible to anything other than white.


            While the bombed building was beginning to attract local attention, the people of Cropley Shores are even more shocked to see that the whole building is being engulfed in the glow that has exuberated from ELISE.


            The music begins to come to an end as DANTE finishes what he is saying.

            XAK looks at him and then to the sky. It was beginning to get lighter, the eclipse was passing. He looks down at the battlefield. It was almost over.

            He looks back to DANTE who nods at him and then he looks to SIN.

            She shakes her head at him and then looks to the waning eclipse. She was feeling weaker in its exeunt. What if that was all she got? One chance and she missed it...

            The song ends as XAK pulls his sword out of the floor once again. He walks slowly past DANTE and towards SIN.

            SIN says something to him. Just one word.

            He looks at her. He stops in front of her, she was at his mercy. It was time to end this.

            The only words we hear are his...

            XAK: (softly) I'm sorry

            He brings the sword into the air and then swiftly brings it down...

            CUT TO BLACK

            END OF EPISODE


            and SUMMER GLAU as SIN

            Special Guest Stars:
            ALI LARTER as ECHIDNA

            Extremely Special Guest Stars:

            Special Mention:
            OLAFUR ARNALDS - 0952


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