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Riley The Series: 1.09 "Sector 41"

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  • Riley The Series: 1.09 "Sector 41"

    Riley Season 1 Episode 9 Rewrite “Sector 41”

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthorized usage of these characters is permitted.



    CUT TO:


    Salomie is sitting in her seat with at least a hundred people around her. At the front of lecture hall stands Professor Humphrey, giving a lecture on the purpose of writing. Salomie is, once again, zoning out. She can’t pay attention after last night. Never. All she could think about was how Jill was gay. It was just so surprising. Salomie begins tapping her pencil to keep her mind of things. Sitting next to her is her boyfriend, John. They just recently got back together. Salomie looks over to John, who looks back to her, smiling. Salomie forces a smile, just to not be rude. Salomie looks back to see Jill and Chris sitting next to each other a few rows back. They are smiling and laughing, obviously not listening to Humphrey, either. Jill spots Salomie looking at them and looks back at her. Salomie immediately loses eye contact and looks back to the center of the class, again.

    PROFESSOR HUMPHREY: And that concludes today’s lesson. On Wednesday, I want an essay on why you like to write. And no, it can’t be because your teacher told you to.

    Giggles go throughout the hall, but Salomie does not laugh.

    PROFESSOR HUMPHREY: See you tomorrow.

    Professor Humphrey walks to his desk to get his coat and things, as everyone stands up and begins to leave the hall. John and Salomie get up at the same time. Salomie is still distracted, but John doesn’t notice. Salomie looks back to see Chris and Jill walking out of the hall, holding hands.

    JOHN: (shaky) Salomie.

    Salomie turns back to John, noticing his shakiness.

    SALOMIE: What’s wrong?

    JOHN: I could ask the same to you.

    Salomie is not worried anymore, and she just starts walking down the steps to the exit. John follows right behind her.

    JOHN: (following her) You can’t just dismiss this.

    They continue walking.

    SALOMIE: Can’t I?

    JOHN: No, I just said you can’t.

    Salomie reaches the exit and walks out into the busy college hallways. John follows right behind her and turns her around.

    JOHN: Look, Salomie. I know you care about Jill. You know it, too.

    SALOMIE: I do know it. But….it’s too awkward, John. And she lied to me about this, too! We tell each other everything.

    JOHN: That last part is an excuse. You only care that it’s awkward.

    SALOMIE: (beginning to walk; changing subject) What do you want for dinner tonight?

    JOHN: (following her; sighing) Salomie….

    SALOMIE: What do you want for dinner tonight? Cause, if you don’t answer, you just won’t eat.

    John sighs again, but then gives in and walks with Salomie.

    JOHN: Chinese, please.

    CUT TO:


    Riley is walking through the graveyard during the day. It looks much different during the day. He reaches Eliza and another woman with black hair. She looks young, and is extremely beautiful. She is wearing a black top and jeans. She smiles at Riley when he comes to them. Riley looks up and down the woman, confused.

    ELIZA: Hello, Riley.

    RILEY: (turning to Eliza) Who the hell is this?

    WOMAN: It’s nice to meet you, too.

    ELIZA: This is Katie.

    The woman referred to as Katie extends her hand to shake hands. Riley just stares at her.

    RILEY: What is she doing here?

    ELIZA: (sighing) She’s a slayer, and she’s kick-ass.

    KATIE: Why, thank you.

    ELIZA: She’s a contact. We can’t take Nina down alone and you know it. She’s our back-up.

    RILEY: (accepting her) Fine. The name’s Riley.

    KATIE: (grinning) I know.

    RILEY: Well, that isn’t creepy or anything.

    ELIZA: We’re leaving tomorrow.

    RILEY: (turning to Eliza) Okay, sounds good.

    Eliza and Katie turn to walk away but Riley spins Eliza back around/

    RILEY: One more thing. Do you have any idea what Nina’s up to? At all?

    ELIZA: (smiling) If I did, why would I need you?

    RILEY: Eye-candy.

    Eliza begins to laugh, and Eliza and Katie turn to leave, once more.

    CUT TO:


    Melissa and Graham are sitting on the couch, both looking incredibly sad.

    MELISSA: Graham, I’m so sorry.

    GRAHAM: (looking down) You already said that.

    MELISSA: I know, but I really mean it.

    GRAHAM: I know you do.

    MELISSA: I’ll go with you –

    GRAHAM: (shouting) No! I have to go alone.

    Melissa: (confused) You can’t go through this alone.

    GRAHAM: (standing up) I’m not.

    MELISSA: Graham….

    GRAHAM: Goodbye, Melissa.

    Graham walks towards the door, and Melissa watches him leave.



    “End of the World” by REM/Great Big Sea starts playing.


    Marc Blucas as Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic as Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase as Graham Miller
    Jason Dohring as Intank Welleee
    And Allison Mack as Salomie Sullivan


    Michael Varton as Michael Gene
    Topher Grace as Lain Von
    Liza Weil as Melissa Reyna
    Jared Padelecki as John Doven
    Jewel Staite as Jill Oliver
    Santiago Cabrera as Neiki Gareth
    Francis Capra as Xad
    Kristen Bell as Susan Jaden

    Tina Majorino as Chris Gemma
    Mary-Louise Parker as Nina Baker
    And Nicki Aycox as Eliza Baker


    Jennifer Carpenter as Marie Miller
    Peter Krause as Patrick Loney
    Lena Headey as Katie Jones
    James Lafferty as Shawn Parker
    Kevin Zeger as Josh Anna
    Zack Ward as Asher Baltar
    Rachelle Lefevre as Mara Gold
    Adrianne Palicki as Emma Helfer
    Matthew Bomer as Pyro
    Tahmoh Penikett as Electric Demon
    And Skeet Ulrich as James Baker









    Congratulations to Kevin (DARK AGES), who just came out with an all new series entitled “EAST WICK”, also produced by “Different Dimensions Inc.” Be sure to check the pilot out.

    Riley The Series is affiliated with East Wick, written by Kevin (Dark Ages).

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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    John and Salomie are walking down the hallway to get to John’s room. John looks nervous to get to his room.

    SALOMIE: John, just get off it.

    JOHN: Salomie! You need to understand Jill’s….change of sexuality.

    SALOMIE: It’s not that easy.

    JOHN: Why not? If you’re really her friend, you shouldn’t give a crap.

    SALOMIE: (offended) Are you saying I’m not really her friend?

    They both reach John’s door.

    JOHN: No! I’m just saying you should act like it.

    Salomie opens John’s door to see blood smeared across his wall. They are both shocked, and John looks terrified.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie and John are sitting down on the bed, talking.

    JOHN: And then, she tried to kill me. I got away, but just barely.

    Salomie is stunned at all this information.

    SALOMIE: Are you trying to tell me that you…killed someone?

    JOHN: (tearing up) Only to protect my family! But it didn’t help, did it?

    SALOMIE: (shocked) I can’t believe it….

    JOHN: I’m sorry, Salomie.

    SALOMIE: We’re gonna find this son of a bitch and kill her.

    Shocked, John looks to Salomie and smiles at her.

    JOHN: I knew there was a reason I love you.

    Salomie smiles.

    SALOMIE: I don’t care that you killed someone. You’re right, it was for your family, and I love you!

    JOHN: (laughing) You should care that I killed someone.

    SALOMIE: I know….but I don’t care.

    John and Salomie kiss.

    JOHN: Soon, you’re going to become a felony if you don’t care.

    SALOMIE: Yes, but I’ll be your felony.

    They continue to kiss.

    CUT TO:


    Sam and Riley are yelling at each other, both standing up.

    SAM: Dallas!? Really?! Is there a reason for this!?

    RILEY: Sam, I’ve already told you, I can’t tell you!

    SAM: Well, that’s an oxymoron.

    RILEY: Leave out the “oxy” part, and that’s you!

    SAM: (laughing) You’re resorting to petty insults? You’re insane.

    RILEY: You leave all the time.

    SAM: Not to go halfway across the country!

    RILEY: You might as well.

    SAM: What the hell is that supposed to mean!?

    RILEY: It means that our relationship has gone to hell lately, so, ya know what, why do you care?

    SAM: (offended) You think I don’t care about you anymore?

    RILEY: I know it.

    Sam is shocked, but she can’t respond.

    RILEY: (upset) See….I told you.

    SAM: That is not the point!

    RILEY: You can’t just move on from that!

    SAM: Why are you going to Dallas!?

    RILEY: To save….something!

    SAM: (confused) What does that even mean?!

    RILEY: I don’t know! Eliza, the demon, her sister, Nina, another demon, is doing something really evil near Dallas, and we’re stopping it.

    SAM: (shocked; laughing) I should’ve known. You’re going to Dallas to stop a demon….with a demon.

    Sam continues to laugh in anger.

    RILEY: Oh, and if it was Intank, you’d be fine!

    SAM: No, I wouldn’t, because you would probably kill him on the way there!

    Sam continues to laugh.

    RILEY: This isn’t frickin’ funny!

    SAM: On my side, it is!

    RILEY: She’s a good demon.

    SAM: If she was, you wouldn’t get along with her.

    Sam continues to laugh, as Riley gets extremely angry.

    SAM: She’s hot, right? She probably kills people, but she’s hot, so it’s okay.

    RILEY: Just shut up, Sam. You’re an insane freak, and I need to go!

    Sam stops laughing and just smiles at Riley, in disbelief.

    SAM: You’ve really convinced yourself to think that….haven’t you?

    Riley can’t respond. But, at the same time, the door slams open and Salomie walks in.

    SALOMIE: We have a problem.

    Sam and Riley both look over to Salomie.

    RILEY: We’re kind of in the middle of something.

    SALOMIE: Someone tried to kill John.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie, Riley, and Sam are all sitting on the couch, and Salomie obviously just told them everything.

    RILEY: That sounds like Nina.

    SALOMIE: Who?

    RILEY: Tell John that he’ll be safe very soon.

    SALOMIE: (confused) Okay.

    Riley stands up and looks at Sam.

    RILEY: See, this thing isn’t pointless, after all.

    Riley walks over to the door and opens it, as Sam stands up.

    SAM: Where the hell are you going!?

    Riley looks back to Sam.


    Riley walks out, and slams the door shut.

    CUT TO:


    Graham, confused and with one bag, walks out of the airport gate and looks around. He seems to be searching for someone. He finally stops and meets someone’s eyes. He doesn’t smile, though. He still has a frown on. The camera shows a woman, in her 20s or 30s, running up to Graham. She has long, brownish flowing hair that goes down to her back. She has a T-Shirt and jeans on, and is wearing boots. She isn’t smiling as she runs to Graham, either. She hugs him once she gets to him, and embraces him. Graham hugs her back.

    WOMAN: I missed you so much, bro.

    The woman’s voice is the same voice from the cell phone message from last episode.

    GRAHAM: (while hugging) Marie….I’m so sorry.

    WOMAN/MARIE: Shh, stop.

    They stop hugging.

    MARIE: Come on back to my place now.

    CUT TO:


    Marie’s apartment is very messy. At the center of it is a living room with a worn-out couch and an old TV. To the left and through a doorway, is a kitchen with a counter, a table, and a small fridge. To the right is another doorway that leads to a bedroom with two beds. One is obviously for her, the other is for Graham. She’s been cleaning in that room. Graham is sitting on Marie’s old, worn-down couch, while Marie is standing up.

    MARIE: (not overly upset) So, how’ve you been?

    Graham just looks up at Marie, not answering.

    MARIE: My life’s been great so far, ya know? I met this girl named Carey who bartends at a bar. Well, obviously!

    Marie starts to laugh to herself.

    MARIE: She is the nicest, and she does all these cool tricks with cards.

    Marie smiles at Graham, who just looks back at her in disbelief.

    MARIE: (changing subject) I’ll get you some coffee.

    Marie runs into the kitchen, while Graham watches her move around her apartment, frantically.

    GRAHAM: (concerned) Marie, you don’t –

    Marie runs into the living room again with a mug and suddenly gasps and drops her mug, smashing it on the ground. She covers her mouth, as she begins to cry. Graham is shocked.

    GRAHAM: Marie!

    Graham follows Marie’s eyes to see a family picture of them and their parents. They are all very happy. The mother has long, red, beautiful hair, and the father is wearing a suit. He’s not a very skinny man, but is obviously very loving. Graham looks to a crying Marie, who is falling to the ground. Graham is looking at her and begins to cry a little.

    GRAHAM: (loving) Marie….

    Marie looks up to Graham, still bawling.

    MARIE: Big brother, help me. Help me!

    GRAHAM: Marie….

    Graham goes to Marie and hugs her. She cries in Graham’s arm, and Graham continues to cry with her.

    GRAHAM: I –

    MARIE: (bawling) I know…..

    They both lye there on the ground, hugging each other…crying…..the camera zooms out.

    CUT TO:

    EXT – ROAD – DAY

    Eliza and Katie are loading things onto a truck on an abandoned road. They are loading many guns, and other weapons such as swords and knives. Riley walks up to the truck, without them knowing.

    RILEY: This is a bit out of the way.

    Riley crept up on them, and Eliza and Katie jump a little.

    ELIZA: (sighing) I think people would be a little suspicious if we were loading all this stuff.

    RILEY: (confused) We are loading all this stuff, though.

    ELIZA: (grinning) But they don’t know that.

    Riley begins to laugh.

    RILEY: Where exactly are we going?

    ELIZA: Town right outside of
    Dallas named Georgetown.

    RILEY: Does anybody really live there?

    ELIZA: (smiling) Not that we know of.

    KATIE: (opening the passenger door) Get in the back, newbie.

    RILEY: Newbie? What?

    KATIE: (closing the door) Get in the back.

    Riley opens the back seat door and hops into the car. Eliza opens the driver’s door and jumps in, as well.

    ELIZA: You guys ready?

    KATIE: More ready than I’ll ever be.

    RILEY: Drive.

    Eliza smiles as she starts the car. They drive off.

    CUT TO:

    INT – CAVE – DAY

    Neiki and Xad are standing around a fire.

    NEIKI: You really suck at killing people, you know that.

    XAD: (aggravated) He was right next to me. I had him, Neiki! I had him!

    NEIKI: Boss, to you.

    XAD: (laughing) I’m not calling you boss, old –

    Neiki, suddenly, grabs Xad by the throat.

    NEIKI: Don’t you dare talk to me like that.

    XAD: (scared) Okay….okay!

    Neiki lets go of Xad, who falls to the ground.

    NEIKI: Now, let’s not dwell on the past. Let’s move onto the future. The three.

    XAD: (looking up) The three? Are you insane? They’ll kill you!

    NEIKI: They’re idiots. They won’t.

    XAD: Why would be summon them? You seriously think they’ll kill Intank.

    NEIKI: (shocked) Why would I want Intank dead? I want his silly little friends dead.

    XAD: (smiling) Now you’re talking. Kill the Riley one.

    NEIKI: Impatient little prick. Shut up.

    XAD: Sorry….boss.

    NEIKI: See, we’re going to make great friends after all.

    Neiki smiles an evil smile.



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      ACT II

      CUT TO:

      INT – PRESS – DAY

      Salomie storms into the press, a bit disoriented. Logan notices her and stands up. He walks over to her, but she just pushes him away.

      LOGAN: Salomie!

      Salomie ignores him and keeps walking forward till she gets to her boss. He turns around and sees Salomie.

      BOSS: Hey, Salomie.

      SALOMIE: Max, I need an article.

      BOSS/MAX: What?

      SALOMIE: My day is sucking horribly, and I need a god damn story to waste my time!

      MAX: I’m sorry. One, that’s not a good reason, and two, I don’t even have another articles.

      SALOMIE: (sighing) Max….please….I need this.

      MAX: I’m sorry, Sal. All out.

      SALOMIE: Don’t call me Sal!

      MAX: Sorry….

      Salomie storms off to walk out, but
      Logan cuts her off.

      LOGAN: What the hell’s your problem, Sally?

      SALOMIE: You do know that’s extremely annoying, right?

      LOGAN: Don’t care. I heard you need an article.

      SALOMIE: Eavesdropper. Now get out of my damn way, or I will move you.

      LOGAN: I’d love that. So, I can give you my article –

      Salomie pushes Logan out of the way.

      SALOMIE: (while walking away) Happy!?

      Salomie walks out, and slams the door behind her.

      LOGAN: (to himself) What the hell is wrong with her?

      CUT TO:

      EXT – HOTEL –

      The truck Katie, Eliza, and Riley were in pull up next to an old, small hotel. The town is very small, and there are only a few houses and stores. Across the screen, white letters saying, “ONE DAY LATER” comes across the screen. Eliza, Katie, and Riley all come out of the car, examining the area around them.

      RILEY: This place is a dump.

      ELIZA: It’s suffice.

      KATIE: I guess.

      ELIZA: (demanding) It is.

      RILEY: Do we need to check in or something?

      ELIZA: (confused) Are you kidding me? No one’s at the desk in here.

      RILEY: What?

      ELIZA: This place isn’t running anymore.

      KATIE: That’s crazy, Eliza! We can’t stay here.

      RILEY: Why did you go for here?

      Eliza starts laughing.

      ELIZA: Yes, because we have money and time for a real hotel. Oh, and they love all our little gizmos. Of course not. We’re staying here. They still have beds and everything. You can everything else in town.

      RILEY: This is town!

      ELIZA: Then you can get it here.

      Eliza starts walking to the door with her bag.

      KATIE: (shaking head) Let’s go.

      Katie and Riley follow Eliza, finally.

      CUT TO:


      Eliza, Riley, and Katie all walk into an old, beat-down hotel room. Katie cringes at the sight of it.

      ELIZA: This is where Katie and I will be staying.

      KATIE: We will?

      Riley starts to laugh. The paint is dark blue, but is coming off, and the paintings have all fallen to the ground and broken. The beds look old and as Eliza sits down on one, it makes a strange noise.

      KATIE: (sarcastic) Sounds comfy.

      ELIZA: We’ll just have to deal. (to Riley) You’re room is to the right.

      RILEY: Is it just like this one?

      ELIZA: Yeah.

      RILEY: Oh, great.

      Katie laughs at Riley’s joke this time.

      RILEY: Do we know where Nina is yet?

      ELIZA: We just got here, Riley.

      RILEY: Do we know where she is yet?

      ELIZA: (sad) No.

      RILEY: Okay.

      Riley walks out of their room to go to his room. He reaches the door to his room and leans against it. He is depressed, angry, and stressed. Suddenly, he punches the door. It is so old and fragile that his fist goes through it. He is shocked.

      ELIZA: (V/O) Riley!? You okay!?

      RILEY: Yeah….I’m fine….

      CUT TO:

      EXT – STREET – DAY

      Sam and Michael are walking down the street, laughing. As they continue to walk, Michael just smiles at Sam.

      SAM: (noticing) What?

      MICHAEL: (smiling) You’re just so beautiful.

      SAM: (laughing) Haha, very funny, Michael.

      MICHAEL: I’m not kidding. Not kidding at all.

      They stop walking and Sam looks at Michael.

      SAM: What?

      MICHAEL: I have something to confess to you.

      SAM: Michael…what is it?

      MICHAEL: I like you.

      SAM: I like you, too. This isn’t really a confession.

      MICHAEL: No, I mean I like you. A lot.

      SAM: (realizing) Oh….you like me.

      MICHAEL: More than that! I think I might love you.

      Sam is shocked, and her eyes widen.

      MICHAEL: (waiting for a response) Sam?

      Sam gets so nervous and she just runs away, leaving Michael confused.

      CUT TO:


      The restaurant is very fancy and has lights everywhere. People eating there are dressed in dresses and tuxes. The food looks amazing, but very expensive. Sitting at a booth in a dress and a tux, are Salomie and John having a date. They are both eating some very expensive-looking chicken, and John is smiling, but Salomie is not.

      JOHN: Come on, Salomie! Cheer up! It’s our first date back from our long, way too long break.

      SALOMIE: I know, but….what about you?!

      JOHN: (confused) This is me. That is you. Hello.

      SALOMIE: You’re safety! This woman is trying to kill you!

      JOHN: You said that the cops have it handled, and until they give us the okay, I can stay with you.

      SALOMIE: Yeah, and what about Jill!? She hates me, doesn’t she?

      JOHN: No, I think you’re the one hating her.

      SALOMIE: That’s not true at all.

      JOHN: Then talk to her!

      SALOMIE: How?

      JOHN: You’re friends. You’ll get through it. Make up!

      Salomie looks up at John, not worried anymore.

      SALOMIE: You’re right. I will. Thanks honey.

      Salomie leans forward and kisses John.

      SALOMIE: (smiling) Now, let’s enjoy our first date!

      JOHN: First date back.

      SALOMIE: Of course! I meant to add that part.

      They both laugh, as the camera zooms out.

      CUT TO:


      Marie and Graham are both in front of many police officers.

      OFFICER: We believe your parent’s deaths to be a murder.

      MARIE: (shocked) What!?

      Graham is stunned, so he just walks backwards a bit.

      MARIE: You said it was a car crash!

      OFFICER: We believe we have found a bullet in your father.

      MARIE: Believe!? What does that mean?!

      OFFICER: We’re not certain yet. Our theory is that someone shot your father as he was driving, causing him to drive off the bridge.

      MARIE: But you said –

      OFFICER: We know, miss. We’re sorry.

      Graham is just too stunned and he runs outside of the station.

      CUT TO:


      Graham runs out and leans up against a pay phone. Suddenly, it starts to ring. He answers it.

      VOICE: (V/O) I killed your parents.

      You hear the phone hang up on the other end. Graham is even more shocked and just drops the phone. Marie runs outside to check on Graham.

      MARIE: Graham!

      GRAHAM: (shocked) A man just called on this phone. They said they killed our parents.

      You close up on Marie’s shocked and sad face.

      CUT TO:


      Eliza, Riley, and Katie are all in the girls’ room. Eliza is on one bed, and Katie and Riley are on another.

      ELIZA: I’m going to get some help.

      RILEY: Help with what?

      ELIZA: Stopping Nina. More contacts are around here, and we need their help.

      KATIE: (shrugging) Okay.

      ELIZA: I’ll be back soon.

      Eliza stands up and walks out the room.

      RILEY: Well, won’t this be interesting?

      KATIE: I’ve heard Nina’s pretty bad ass.

      RILEY: You’ve never seen her?

      KATIE: No, you have?

      RILEY: Yeah.

      KATIE: (in shock) Seriously!? What was she like?

      RILEY: I think I scared the crap out of her.

      KATIE: (laughing) That’s awesome.

      RILEY: (smiling) I’m kidding, she threw me out of her room.

      Katie starts cracking up.

      RILEY: Oh, shut up, I bet you couldn’t take her!

      KATIE: I’m a slayer, of course I could!

      RILEY: Yeah, but she’s a demon.

      KATIE: And I kill demons.

      RILEY: (losing) Well….yeah.

      Katie starts laughing again, and Riley joins in.

      KATIE: Well, I want to tell you something I haven’t told anyone yet!

      RILEY: (smiling) What?

      KATIE: I’m running for the mayor of Laintan!

      RILEY: (happy) Really!? That’s amazing, Katie!

      KATIE: I know, I really can’t wait. I hope I win.

      RILEY: You have my vote.

      KATIE: (smiling) Thanks, Riley.

      RILEY: Well, since you shared something with me, I’ll share something with you.

      KATIE: What?

      RILEY: This is the first conversation in a long time where I wasn’t talking about how crappy my life is.

      Katie smiles at Riley even bigger now.

      RILEY: And I think I owe it to you.

      They lean in closer to each other, and start kissing. After they start kissing, they don’t slow down or stop due to it being awkward. They just keep kissing. The both fall backwards onto the old bed. The bed is making all these weird noises. They’re still kissing and Riley grabs Katie’s back and pulls her closer to him. Katie takes Riley’s shirt off, and they continue to kiss. The stand up again, and Katie gets her shirt pulled off to reveal only a bra. As they continue to kiss, Riley takes Katie’s jeans off. They fall back onto the bed. Riley is on top and they are kissing and rubbing up against each other, passionately. Katie begins to pull off Riley’s pants.

      CUT TO:


      Sam is patrolling in the graveyard with a stake, wearing a black, leather jacket, and jeans. Suddenly, she gets punched and falls back a little. She looks forward to see it’s a vampire. She gets punched again.

      VAMPIRE: Dinner!

      SAM: No!

      Sam kicks the vamp back, and tries to stake him, but the vamp pulls Sam closer and tries to bite her. Sam pushes him and away and punches him. The vamp grabs Sam and throws her to the ground. She rolls on the ground, and then gets back up. She goes to stake the vamp again, but the vamp knees her.

      VAMPIRE: I heard you were a good fighter. My friends will be so impressed.

      Sam breathes heavily, but gets back in the game.

      SAM: And why would that be?

      Sam kicks again, but the vamp dodges.

      VAMPIRE: Cause I killed you.

      SAM: Not a –

      Sam kicks the vamp back.

      SAM: CHANCE!

      The vamp does a spinning kick, making Sam fall to the ground. The vamp goes to crawl over Sam and is about to bite her.

      VAMPIRE: Chance!

      The vampire goes down to bite, but he gets pulled back, and suddenly dusts. Sam looks up to see Intank holding a stake. He’s extending a hand to help Sam up.

      CUT TO:

      INT – CAVE – NIGHT

      Neiki and Xad are both gathered around a fire.

      NEIKI: Hinu atum atum elakanamin. Bring these flesh-eaters to the earth and kill the mighty and torture the weak. Bring them….NOW!

      A huge light appears, and three giant, mean, gray demons appear. Xad and Neiki smile.

      CUT TO:


      Intank and Sam are walking through the graveyard.

      SAM: Thanks for saving me back there.

      INTANK: No problem, Sam. It’s what I do.

      SAM: Yeah, but not when it comes to Neiki.

      INTANK: We’re gonna find him and kill him, Sam. Don’t worry.

      SAM: (confused) Are you comforting me?

      INTANK: (laughing) I guess.

      SAM: You’re growing as a person.

      INTANK: As a demon.

      SAM: And that’s a bad thing?

      INTANK: According to Riley.

      SAM: Ignore him, he’s just prejudice.

      INTANK: (smiling) I don’t even care about his approval. He’s an idiot.

      SAM: I said he’s prejudice, but he’s still my husband.

      INTANK: That doesn’t mean you have to like him.

      Intank continues walking, but Sam stops, grinning.

      SAM: And what’s that supposed to mean?

      Intank stops too, and turns around.

      INTANK: I’ve seen the way you look at him.

      Sam is still grinning at Intank.

      INTANK: It’s not a look of love. It’s a look of hatred.

      Sam stops grinning and just looks surprised.

      INTANK: You hate your husband. You just don’t care anymore. And it’s obvious to me and everyone around you…including Riley.

      Sam realizes he’s right.

      INTANK: Are you ever going to do anything about it? Or are you just going to let the bastard destroy your life.

      SAM: He’s not a bastard.

      INTANK: (smiling; walking backwards) But you think he is.

      Intank turns around and walks away.

      CUT TO:


      Eliza is sitting on a couch with two females and two males. Probably people she recruited. Across from her is a male sitting in a couch.

      MALE: I’ve had enough of this life, Eliza. Okay?

      ELIZA: No, not okay. Nina is going to destroy everything. I need your help.

      MALE: (laughing) You don’t even know what she’s up to!


      MALE/ASHER: Sorry, Eliza. I can’t help you.

      Asher begins to stand up, but Eliza pushes him down as she stands up.

      ELIZA: Nina killed your wife. Don’t you want to kill this son of a bitch?

      ASHER: Now, that’s not fair to bring –

      ELIZA: Don’t you want to kill this son of a bitch?

      ASHER: (giving in) Yes….

      ELIZA: So do I. So, let’s go do that.

      ASHER: Okay.

      Asher stands up, as do the other recruits. Asher has red hair, and is thin, as are the other recruits. He is wearing a red sweatshirt and jeans.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie is walking through the hallway and sees Chris and Jill talking to each other, laughing. Salomie starts walking to them. She has reached them and stands there. Jill and Chris look at her.

      CHRIS: (nervous) I’ll see you later, Jill.

      JILL: Bye.

      Chris walks away, and Jill looks back at Salomie. She has a blank face.

      SALOMIE: I was an idiot.

      Jill smiles, and hugs Salomie.

      JILL: I missed you.

      Salomie smiles and laughs, too.

      SALOMIE: I missed you, too.

      They break the hug.

      SALOMIE: I should’ve been –

      JILL: Shut up. The, “I was an idiot” is sufficient. I don’t need a long, winding, boring speech. You’re an idiot. That’s it.

      They smile at each other.

      SALOMIE: So glad to be back.

      Susan walks by them.

      SUSAN: And the lesbians are back together again.

      JILL: There’s nothing wrong with being a lesbian, Susan.

      SUSAN: I know you probably want to sleep with me, but resist the temptation.

      SALOMIE: Hey! I’m not a lesbian. I’m going out with John, the guy you want but can’t have because he hates manipulative cut-throat bitches.

      Susan walks away.

      JILL: (smiling) Nice one, Salomie.

      SALOMIE: And we’re back.

      CUT TO:

      EXT – HILL – DAY

      It is the next day. Nina is walking down a hill, holding the map of what looks like a prison in front of her. She’s staring at it, and then stops to look up. She smiles. The camera shows the prison on the map right in front of her.



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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        Police officers are swarming the warehouse, and the officer from the earlier scene, and Graham and Marie are just standing there, in shock.

        OFFICER: This is where they tracked the phone to. Poor guy.

        The camera shows a mutilated body with a bloody cell phone next to it.

        OFFICER: This murderer is smart, doing this. But, why would he call you?

        GRAHAM: I have no idea.

        OFFICER: Well, we'll look into this more, but for now, you guys can go.

        MARIE: Thank you, officer.

        Graham walks closer to the body and sees a note. He sees that there is an address on it. He takes it and stuffs it in his pocket.

        MARIE: Let's go, Graham.

        GRAHAM: Okay.

        Graham and Marie exit the warehouse.

        CUT TO:


        Eliza walks in with the three male recruits and the two female recruits. Katie and Riley are sitting there; both fully dressed, looking happy.

        ELIZA: What's wrong with you guys?

        KATIE: Nothing, we just had a good?.talk.

        RILEY: (laughing) Yep, that's right.

        ELIZA: (confused) Um?okay.

        Riley and Katie both laugh, sitting on the bed.

        ELIZA: Anyways, I got these five. They're all very strong and very smart. They're willing to die for this cause. They probably will.

        Asher looks serious.

        ELIZA: This is Mara.

        Eliza points to one of the woman. She has flowing, red hair. She gives a twisted smile.

        ELIZA: This is Emma.

        Eliza points to the other woman, who has shorter, blonde hair. She has a blank expression, and seems tougher.

        ELIZA: This is Asher.

        Eliza points to the man we have already met.

        ELIZA: This is Josh, and this is Shawn.

        The man named John has blonde hair, and his hair is very short. He is thin, but not as muscular as Shawn, who has semi-long brown hair. He is very muscular, and seems to be a street fighter.

        RILEY: Yeah, it's nice to meet you all, but get to the point.

        SHAWN: (joining in) We did a locater spell to find Nina, and we found her.

        KATIE: (interested) Where?

        EMMA: (jumping in) Next to a prison.

        RILEY: I saw a map of a prison when I went into her room.

        ELIZA: I know. That's why this is a big thing. She has got to where she wants to be and she's about to do whatever she's going to do. It's happening now.

        RILEY: Good, cause I was getting bored in here.

        KATIE: (laughing) You were?

        RILEY: (laughing) No, not at all.

        ELIZA: (rolling eyes) I don't know what the hell happened while I was gone, but I don't care. You probably had sex.

        Katie seems shocked.

        ELIZA: Like I said, I don't care, but here's a bit of info for ya, Katie: he's married. Get over it. And we have a war to fight. If you're not ready to fight, then leave, because it's happening right NOW.

        Riley and Katie seemed stunned.

        SHAWN: About damn time you said that.

        ELIZA: Now, let's go. We have the weapons in the car. This is usually the part where I give a big speech. I'll just say?.don't die.

        Eliza walks out of the room, and Asher, Emma, Shawn, Mara, and Josh follow.

        RILEY: What's up with her?

        KATIE: Nina's getting to her.

        Riley and Katie stand up and walk out the door.

        KATIE: (while walking) You're married?

        CUT TO:


        Nina walks into the prison, looking extremely sexy. She is in a huge room, and there are two guards at the end of the room, standing next to a door. She walks up to them.

        GUARD: Excuse me, miss ?

        Nina takes out a gun and shoots them both in the heart. She puts the gun back in her pocket and goes to the door. She opens it with no problems and continues on. She has reached a long hallway with cells on each side. The weird thing is that each prisoner looks like he or she is about to die. Nina walks past them all. At the end of the hall is a door that Nina is trying to reach. A guard walks out of that door and sees Nina.

        GUARD: You're not aloud to be ?

        Nina punches the guard and snaps his neck, quickly. She opens the door at the end of the hall, and walks through it. She has reached an octagon-shaped room. At the corner of each point is a door. Each door has writing on it. It is always "SECTOR ____". After "SECTOR" is always a different number. At the center of the room is a control panel, where two guards and a scientist stand. The guards pull out their guns and the scientist hides behind the panel. Nina immediately shoots one of the guards in the heart, and then kicks the other guard, who smashes his head on the panel. He falls to the ground, unconscious. Nina walks over him and smiles. She points her gun at him and shoots him in the head. Nina walks over to the scared scientist.

        SCIENTIST: Please, spare ?

        Nina shoots the scientist in the head. She puts her gun away and reaches for a key in his coat. She takes it and walks to one of the doors, reading "Sector 41". She unlocks it and walks through the door. This is a hallway that is COMPLETELY white, and there are cells on each side. The difference is that each cell is different. Some are glass doors, some are regular cells. Each prisoner is very much alive, yelling and screaming. Some are very strange looking, and some are even vampires. She walks past all the prisoners to the very last cell, on the left. The cell is a regular cell, and there is a thin, dark-haired, muscular man sitting there, staring up at her. He smiles.

        MAN: Took you long enough.

        Nina unlocks the cell and the man walks out.

        NINA: (smiling) I'm here now, aren't I, James?

        The man/James kisses Nina.

        MAN/JAMES: (smiling) You are.

        James and Nina walk out of Sector 41.

        CUT TO:


        Sam is sitting on the couch, watching the news. She sees news of three, vicious demons attacking the city of Laintan. She looks shocked and immediately turns off the T.V. She goes to get weapons from her cabinet.

        CUT TO:


        Graham is in the warehouse, staring at the address on the card. This must be where it led him. He looks up to see three vampires feasting on a human, laughing. He walks up to them.

        GRAHAM: Hello, boys.

        The vampires are surprised. One goes to him, but Graham immediately stakes him in the heart, and he dusts. The other two are scared.

        VAMPIRE: You, bitch!

        Graham stakes another vampire in the heart, dusting him. Graham grabs the last vamp by the neck and looks him in the eye.

        GRAHAM: (yelling) Tell me who killed my parents!

        VAMPIRE: (scared) I don't know what you're talking about. Let me go!

        GRAHAM: WHO!?

        VAMPIRE: (scared; giving in) Neiki! It was Neiki. Just, don't hurt me!

        Graham stakes the vampire in the heart, dusting him.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? IAN'S BAR ? DAY

        Sam walks into Ian's bar with a sword.

        IAN: (scared) Woah, whatever you think I did, I didn't do it.

        SAM: This isn't for you, Ian. It's for those three sons of bitches ruining our town.

        IAN: Oh, yeah, I saw that on the T.V. Why're you here?

        SAM: I need you're help.

        IAN: (laughing) I'm not much help with the fighting thing.

        SAM: You're the best I got. Salomie's off with her boy-toy, Riley went to Dallas to do god knows what ?

        IAN: He's probably getting laid.

        SAM: And Intank shows up at random intervals. You're all I got.

        IAN: That's kind of sad, but I can't help.

        Sam takes the sword she has and puts it against Ian's neck.

        SAM: You've screwed me over too many times. Now, I said this sword wasn't for you, but it could be.

        Ian looks very scared.

        SAM: (smiling) See, I can be very persuasive.

        CUT TO:


        Nina and the man named James are standing by the control panel, smiling.

        NINA: You're saying you don't know anything about this place, huh, buddy?

        JAMES: Nope. They took me from you and stuffed me in here.

        NINA: Which is weird, because all you have is a lot of strength.

        James grabs Nina's arm, squeezing it.

        JAMES: That's all, is it?

        NINA: And you screw like a mad man.

        James laughs.

        NINA: This place was made for demons. You know the Initiative in Sunnydale?

        JAMES: Who doesn't?

        NINA: They say it was the only government experiments with demons. That's way wrong. This was the first, and there are a few others going on around there. This place is just extremely secretive, without being underground.

        Nina grins at James, who grins back.

        NINA: Almost no one works here, and it's in the middle of nowhere. The bad news is?.basically, no security. And that's just fun.

        James laughs.

        JAMES: Fun for the whole family.

        NINA: And you remember what happened to the Initiative in Sunnydale?

        JAMES: Oh, yeah.

        NINA: Well, I'd love to see it happen again, just in a more?.open area.

        James smiles at Nina and they both look at the control panel. She flicks seven switches, and smiles at James.

        NINA: I suggest running.

        Nina and James run out of the Octagon shaped through the one door that goes to the normal prisoners. The other seven doors smash open, and demons come rushing out.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? HILL ? PRISON ? DAY

        Asher, Shawn, Emma, Mara, Josh, Eliza, Katie, and Riley are all standing on the top of the hill, looking down at the prison.

        ELIZA: She's here, and it's time to take her down.

        SHAWN: I'm ready to kick some ass.

        MARA: Then you've come to the right place.

        Suddenly, you see two specks coming out of the prison.

        KATIE: Is that all she wanted? A prisoner? Is that Nina and a prisoner?

        ELIZA: Guys?..look.

        They all look back to the prison doors and many, many more specks come flying out of the prison doors.

        RILEY: I think we have a problem.

        END OF ACT III


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          ACT IV

          CUT TO:


          Marie and Graham are sitting next to each other on the couch, still sad and shocked.

          MARIE: The officers decided it wasn’t a murder.

          GRAHAM: How? There was a bullet –

          MARIE: I have no idea at all.

          GRAHAM: (standing up) That’s it, I have to leave. I gotta get back to Laintan.

          MARIE: I’m going, too.

          GRAHAM: NO!

          Marie is stunned at his response.

          MARIE: Why the hell not?

          GRAHAM: I’m your big brother, and I’m telling you no. Laintan has nothing for you.

          MARIE: It has you.

          GRAHAM: You have a life here. Keep it.

          MARIE: (giving in) But, I promise, this is not the last time I’ll see you.

          GRAHAM: We’re related, Marie. Of course this isn’t the last time we’ll see each other.

          MARIE: I mean, we’ll see each other again, soon.

          GRAHAM: What?

          MARIE: (smiling) I love you, big brother.

          GRAHAM: Love ya, Marie.

          They hug.

          CUT TO:

          EXT – HILL – PRISON – DAY

          Riley, Eliza, Katie, Asher, Shawn, Emma, Mara, and Josh are staring at the army of demons coming at them.

          JOSH: (scared) What do we do?

          EMMA: We fight.

          ELIZA: Let’s go do this.

          All eight of them run down the hill to the demons. Nina and James are still there, waiting to fight. Asher, Shawn, Emma, Mara, and Josh run into the crowd of demons and start fighting them. Asher kicks one back and stabs another with a knife he took out of his pocket. Josh punches one demon and then takes out a gun and shoots it. Josh shoots other demons around him and then kicks them. The others are also fighting demons. Nina and Eliza meet each other and stand across from each other.

          NINA: (smiling) Hey, sis. Good to see you.

          ELIZA: I’ve been waiting for this.

          NINA: So have I.

          They start circling each other.

          ELIZA: You know when you gave me this whole speech about how I was a puppet in this little game? I thought you were the puppeteer.

          NINA: How smart of you.

          ELIZA: I was wrong. I was wrong all around. You’re not the puppeteer. You never have been.

          Eliza punches Nina, but she blocks and punches Eliza back.

          NINA: You’re right! I’m just another puppet, but at least I’m a better one.

          Nina punches Eliza again, but she ducks and knees Nina. Nina pushes Eliza back and runs up her body, kicking her right before she does a flip. Nina then punches, but Eliza catches Nina’s arm and swings her around. She throws her into the wall of the prison. Nina kicks Eliza, but Eliza ducks again. Nina gives two more punches. Eliza blocks the first, but gets sent back by the other. She falls to the ground. Nina picks Eliza up and throws her onto the ground again.

          NINA: I’ve always been the better sister.

          Eliza jumps up and kicks Nina in the face.

          ELIZA: You just keep thinking that.

          Riley has met up with James, and they have started fighting. James is obviously much stronger. James punches Riley back and then kicks him in the face. James grabs Riley and smashes his head into the side of the prison. James then knees Riley in the gut, making Riley spit blood.

          JAMES: (laughing) What are you doing? Do you consider this fighting? Pathetic piece of crap.

          James punches Riley and he falls to the ground. Katie is fighting a demon that seems to be one of the strongest. He can control electricity.

          ELECTRICITY DEMON: This is just fun.

          The demon sends some lightning at Katie, who jumps out of the way. She gets closer to him and kicks him. She does a spinning kick, which sends the demon back a bit. Katie tries to punch, but the demon grabs her arm. He smiles evilly at her. Suddenly, he sends electricity through her body. She is shaking and falls to the ground, unconscious. Riley sees this as he’s being pummeled.

          RILEY: No!

          Riley gets back up and throws James into the electricity demon to get him away from Katie. Riley runs to Katie.

          RILEY: Are you okay?

          Katie is still unconscious. Everyone else is still fighting, but it is not going well at all. Josh is barely alive. Nina and Eliza are still fighting neck-in-neck. Nina pulls out her gun and points it at Eliza, but Eliza pushes her hand out of the way, in random directions. Nina just begins shooting, and three bullets land in Josh. One is in his heart. He falls to the ground, perhaps dead. If he was not dead then, he is dead now because many demons jump on him and start ripping him to shreds. Eliza sees this.

          ELIZA: You, bitch!

          Eliza takes the gun and chucks it far away.

          NINA: (smiling) One down, seven to go.

          ELIZA: Yeah, but the only thing I care about is killing you.

          Eliza punches, but Nina steps back to dodge.

          NINA: That’s not a very nice thing to say to your sister!

          Asher, Emma, and Mara are fighting all back-to-back and just getting the demons away.

          ASHER: This is never going to work.

          EMMA: (while slicing a demon’s throat) Try harder!

          MARA: He’s right, we need to get out.

          ASHER: I say run into the prison.

          MARA: I agree.

          EMMA: Fine.

          MARA: On the count of three….

          Mara kicks one of the demons back.

          MARA: One….

          Asher stabs one and headbutts another.

          MARA: Two….

          A demon stabs Emma.

          MARA: THREE!

          Mara and Asher run, and Emma, reluctantly, follows. Many, many demons follow them into the prison. Riley is still next to Katie, while the demon and James are still getting up.

          RILEY: Wake up!

          CUT TO:

          EXT – STREET – LAINTAN – DAY

          The three, vicious demons are wreaking havoc on Laintan. Sam and Ian run up to them, both with swords.

          IAN: I don’t get what I can do.

          SAM: Stop moaning and start fighting.


          SAM: (to demons) Hey, knuckleheads! Over here!

          The demons turn their attention to Sam and Ian.

          IAN: (whispering) Way to go, Sam.

          SAM: Want to kill us?

          The demons rush at Sam and Ian. Sam kicks one back and swipes her sword at it, but it catches the sword and throws it away. Sam looks scared.

          SAM: Crap.

          Ian punches one, but it punches back, sending him flying. Before he flies, he dropped the sword, though. Sam sees her opportunity. Sam grabs the sword and stabs one of the demons in the heart. It dies.

          SAM: Ha!

          The other two demons are very angry now.

          INTANK: (V/O) Need some help?

          Sam looks back to see Intank, and smiles.

          SAM: Love some.

          Intank runs to the demons and punches them both. Sam kicks one back and punches it, but the demon catches the punch, and throws her next to Ian. Intank punches the other, but the demon just punches back. Intank was obviously too weak and goes flying as well. He lands next to Sam and Ian.

          INTANK: This is not working.

          IAN: Ya think? How am I helping?

          SAM: I have an idea.

          IAN: What?

          Sam stands up.

          SAM: My safety blanket.

          Sam takes out a grenade and throws it at the two demons. Intank smiles as it blows up and kills the demons.

          INTANK: That works.

          SAM: (smiling) That it does. That it does.

          CUT TO:


          Asher, Emma, and Mara run into the Octagon-shaped room. They stop.

          ASHER: Why are we stopping?

          MARA: All the doors are broken and Emma was stabbed!

          EMMA: I’m fine, dammit.

          MARA: (looking at the wound) Woah, that’s bad.

          EMMA: I can still fight.

          ASHER: Doubt it.

          Asher is looking around the room and sees buttons next to every door.

          ASHER: Those buttons might be sturdier doors.

          EMMA: What? That’s a huge leap.

          ASHER: It’s the only chance we have.

          MARA: Then, let’s go.

          They hear the noise of the demons coming to get them.

          MARA: Come on!

          They run into Sector 41 and press the button on the outside. A metal door shuts, and they are safe inside Sector 41. The demons are scratching at the door to get in, but they don’t. Emma leans on the door, and slides to the floor.

          EMMA: We’re dead.

          MARA: No! No, we’re not.

          EMMA: (laughing) Are you kidding?! There’s an army of demons out there, and there’s eight of us, one with a vendetta.

          ASHER: Seven.

          They all look at Asher.

          ASHER: Josh was killed.

          EMMA: Oh….yeah.

          MARA: We can still make it.

          EMMA: How?

          ASHER: I was looking at the control panel. There’s a button to poison the sectors.

          EMMA: How is that good? That means the demons might get to us. They might kill us with it!

          ASHER: They’re too dumb. I mean, we can use it to our advantage.

          MARA: How?

          ASHER: We get them in here, and we close the metal door. We push the button, and they all get poisoned.

          EMMA: That would be a wonderful plan, if only they had a reason to get here, and we could get out.

          ASHER: (sad) Sacrifice.

          MARA: (shocked) What?

          ASHER: One of us has to sacrifice themselves to kill all these demons. They’re used as bait, and they run into here with the demons following, and we shut the door.

          MARA: You’re suggesting killing one of us…

          EMMA: To kill all of them. It’s genius.

          MARA: You’re really supporting this idea!?

          EMMA: If you’re not supporting it because you’re a wimp, you don’t have to be strong. I’ll do it. I mean, I’m stabbed anyways….why not finish the job.

          MARA: (realizing what’s happening) No.

          ASHER: What?

          MARA: I’m doing it.

          ASHER: Are you serious?

          MARA: Yeah….it’s going to be me.

          EMMA: (surprised) Um….okay.

          MARA: (smiling) You don’t have to sound so happy.

          EMMA: I’m not, it’s just –

          MARA: I know…I’m kidding. But I’ll do it.

          ASHER: Now for the problem of getting out.

          MARA: We need to just hope they’ve gotten bored and went back outside.

          EMMA: Do you really believe they did?

          MARA: (smiling) No. But it’s all we’ve got.

          ASHER: Okay.

          They all stand up now.

          ASHER: Let’s do this.

          Asher presses the button on the inside to open the door. It begins to open and no demons are in the octagon-shaped room. They’re safe. Mara smiles.

          MARA: Thank god I was wrong.

          They begin to walk outside.

          CUT TO:

          EXT – PRISON – DAY

          The demons have returned, and people are scared. The electric demon sends Riley flying with a spark and goes over to Katie, whom he shocks again. This wakes Katie up, who gets mad. She jumps up and kicks the demon backwards. Nina and Eliza are finishing up their fight. It’s about a tie. Eliza punches, but Nina dodges and gives an uppercut to Eliza. Nina kicks Eliza back and she falls to the ground, tired. Nina has won. She smiles, evilly. They are both breathing heavily.

          NINA: Nice one, sis. I won’t kill you. I’m not supposed to.

          Eliza is confused.

          NINA: Don’t worry. You’ll be dead soon, anyways.

          Nina smiles and runs away with James. The electric demon is scared of Katie now and runs away. Katie just lets him go, because she is so tired. She runs over to Riley, scared.

          KATIE: Are you okay?

          Riley gets back up.

          RILEY: Yeah…I’m fine.

          They look over to see Mara running inside the prison and all the demons following her.

          RILEY: What the hell is going on?

          CUT TO:


          You see Mara running through the room and into Sector 41. The demons all follow into the sector. Asher and Emma run after them, and once the demons have fallen in, they hit the metal door button. It closes on them all. The last image they see is demons jumping on Mara. Asher goes to the panel and presses one of the buttons. Emma is looking at the door, and a tear drops from her eye.

          ASHER: I guess you’re not so cold after all.

          CUT TO:


          Riley has followed them in, confused. He is in the real cell area, with the dead-looking prisoners. He reaches a cell that is opened and looks in. It is a man with fiery red hair, smiling at him.

          RILEY: Who are you?

          The man stands up and walks over to Riley, slowly. Riley is confused. Suddenly, the man punches Riley to the ground. Riley looks back at up to see him looking down, smiling at him. He has fire coming out of his hands. He’s a demon that controls fire.

          FIRE DEMON: Hello.

          A hand lands on the demon’s shoulder, and he looks back just to get punched in the face by Eliza. Eliza takes him and throws him into the cell and locks it. The demon snarls at them, but Eliza and Riley just stare at him. They have stopped the demon. But Nina still got what she wanted and got away. She got James.

          CUT TO:


          Katie and Riley are outside of the hotel, talking next to truck.

          KATIE: Josh and Mara are dead.

          RILEY: Yeah, that’s right.

          KATIE: That’s horrible.

          RILEY: And all the demons are, thankfully, dead.

          KATIE: Yeah, I guess. And Asher, Emma, and Shawn? What about them?

          RILEY: They’re fine, they just went back home. They’re ready to be called on whenever.

          KATIE: Eliza seemed pretty angry.

          RILEY: Well, she did lose to Nina. That’s a pretty big thing.

          KATIE: Yeah….Riley, we can’t do this.

          RILEY: What?

          KATIE: When we slept together…it was great. I felt alive. But, it can’t happen again.

          Riley is shocked and sad.

          KATIE: You’re married…I’m sorry.

          RILEY: (sad) Yeah, I get it.

          Eliza walks out and to the truck.

          ELIZA: Ready to go?

          RILEY: Yeah. Let’s go.

          KATIE: I have to finish up some work down here.

          ELIZA: Okay, but we’re leaving.

          KATIE: I know. I won’t see you around anytime soon.

          RILEY: Bye, Katie.

          KATIE: Bye…

          Riley and Eliza get into the car and drive off.

          CUT TO:

          EXT – ALLEY – NIGHT

          Nina and James are walking down the alley in an unknown city. They walk up to Patrick, from the earlier episode.

          PATRICK: (smiling) You got him. What a shock.

          NINA: I did.

          JAMES: Now, I’m back in the fold?

          PATRICK: Yes. Where’s Pyro?

          NINA: (smiling) I never really liked him, so I didn’t pick him up.

          PATRICK: (mad) None of us ever liked him! That’s the point. You didn’t get him?

          NINA: No. Oops.

          PATRICK: (sighing) This’ll do for now.

          “BUILDING A MYSTERY” by SARAH McLACHLAN begins to play.

          PATRICK: But it’s not over yet.

          You come out at night
          That’s when the energy comes

          PATRICK: Not even close.

          CUT TO:


          And the dark side’s light
          And the vampire’s roam

          Katie has a gun in hand and walks down the hallway of cells till she reaches the “Pyro” cell. She sees “Pyro”.

          You strut your rasta wear
          And your suicide poem

          Katie points the gun at “Pyro” and shoots.

          And a cross from a faith that died
          When Jesus came

          Pyro stops the bullet with fire coming all around him. He smiles and sends it flying out the cell. Katie begins to run.

          You’re building a mystery

          Katie runs down the hallway, as Pyro steps out of his cell that he’s burnt through, smiling.

          CUT TO:


          You live in a church
          Where you sleep with voodoo dolls

          You see Intank walking through the graveyard.

          CUT TO:

          EXT – STREET – NIGHT

          And you won’t give up the search
          For the ghosts in the hall

          Neiki and Xad are walking through all the dead bodies.

          CUT TO:


          You wear sandals in the snow
          And a smile that won’t wash away

          Sam is sitting on the couch when she hears a knock at the door. She goes to answer it and its Graham. He walks in a bit.

          Can you look in the window?
          Without your shadow getting in the way

          Sam and Graham start hugging.

          You’re so beautiful
          With an edge and charm
          But so careful
          When I’m in your arms

          As Sam is hugging Graham, she sees Michael in the doorway.

          CUT TO:

          EXT – ALLEY – NIGHT

          Cause you’re working
          Proving a mystery
          Holding on and holding it in
          Yeah, you’re working
          Building a mystery

          Nina, James, and Patrick are walking away.

          CUT TO:


          And choosing so carefully

          John, Salomie, Chris, and Jill are all at a table together, laughing.

          You woke up screaming aloud
          A prayer from your secret god
          You feed off our fears
          And hold back your tears, oh

          Chris kisses Jill, passionately.

          Give us a tantrum
          And a know it all grin
          Just when we need one
          When the evening’s thin

          John sees them kissing and smiles. He turns to Salomie and kisses her, passionately.

          You’re a beautiful
          A beautiful ****ed up man
          You’re setting up your
          Razor wire shrine

          Salomie breaks the kiss off and smiles, she stands up and goes to the bathroom.

          CUT TO:


          Cause you’re working
          Proving a mystery
          Holding on and holding it in
          Yeah, you’re working
          Building a mystery
          And choosing so carefully

          Salomie walks in the bathroom and sends magic sparks at the mirror. She smiles, showing she has magic powers.

          CUT TO:

          EXT – CAR – NIGHT

          Oooh, you’re working
          Building a mystery

          Riley and Eliza are driving. You close up on Riley.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF ACT IV

          ROLL CREDITS

          “BUILDING A MYSTERY” by SARAH McLACHLAN continues to play during the credits.

          END OF EPISODE


          • #6
            I LOVE FEEDBACK!!!


            • This episode is the longest rewrite yet, at a total of 51 pages.
            • This episode is the episode with the most guest stars/special guest stars in the WHOLE SERIES so far. Woah.
            • Yes, Mara and Josh are dead. But, Emma, Asher, and Shawn are alive, so expect more of them. Same with Katie, Nina, Eliza, Pyro, Patrick, James, and *gasp* the ELECTRIC DEMON.
            • This increases the tension for Sam/Riley's relationship which leads to an awful blow up next episode.
            • Next episode delves more into Intank's destiny (major foreshadowing next episode), Sam finding her father, Sam/Michael/Riley, and Salomie delving into magics, which does not turn out well.