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East Wick:1.01 "The Book of Encrypted Souls"

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  • East Wick:1.01 "The Book of Encrypted Souls"

    East Wick: 1.01 "The Book of Encrypted Souls"
    Series Premiere Extended



    The sound of automobiles passing is heard from the highway that sits in front of the motel. The camera then zooms in on one of the doors. The door reads: Room 12.

    CUT TO:


    Camera is focusing on the television, which shows Bugs Bunny skipping through a field of daises on the screen. The camera slowly moves over to the bed. A pare of bare legs come into view. The camera moves up the legs to a young woman, who lies sound asleep. Her long, dark brunette hair covers half of her face. We see the clock that sits on the end table. It reads: 9:59 A.M. A couple of seconds later the clock turns to ten o’clock. The alarm breaks through the room, waking the young woman up. She shoots up into a sitting position. Her long, dark hair falls to her sides. She looks at the alarm clock. (young woman played by: Sophia Bush)

    YOUNG WOMAN: (frantic) Damn! This alarm clock sucks! (angered) I was supposed to be up hours ago!

    The young woman wipes her eyes and hops out of bed, wearing nothing but a black tank top and gray panties. She runs over to a suitcase that sits in the corner of the motel room. She franticly tears through the suitcase, throwing clothes everywhere.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (asking self) October, where the hell did you put your brush? (beat; realizing) Side pocket!

    October pulls a handful of items from her suitcase. She then sprints into the bathroom. The camera peers into the bathroom. October’s back is facing the camera. October pulls open the shower curtain and turns the shower on. Abruptly, she rips off her tank top, exposing her naked back. She shuts the bathroom door behind her.

    CUT TO:


    October, wearing a fitted black shirt under a black leather jacket and fitted low-cut black jeans and high heeled boots that her jeans are tucked into, stands over a classic 1965 black Mustang. She has a map stretched across the hood of her car. She stares at the map closely. The camera zooms in on the map. On the map there’s a black pentagram drawn around a town called East Wick. She glances at her watch. October folds up the map and throws it into the car. She walks back to the trunk and lifts it open.

    She pulls out a large black duffle bag, and sets it on the pavement. She kneels down and unzips the duffle bag. In the duffle bag lies a large amount of weapons and crosses. She pulls out a wooden stake and a fancy looking knife. She zips the duffle bag up and tosses it back into her trunk. She shuts the trunk. October slides the knife into a holster that hangs from her hip, and then slides the wooden stake in a pocket that’s inside of her leather jacket.

    She makes her way over to the driver side door and climbs into her car. October adjust the rearview mirror, and then puts the car in reverse. The car violently bangs out and zooms out of the parking lot, leaving skid marks on the pavement.

    CUT TO:


    October’s car drives through the small downtown. Few people are walking down the street. “Devil Town” by Tony Lucca begins to play.

    I was living in a devil town
    Didn't know it was a devil town
    Oh Lord, it really brings me down
    About the devil town

    Downtown East Wick: Small shops are lined up on each side of the street. All of the shops are made of red brick. The street is made of dark green bricks. At the end of the street is the town square, where a large clock tower stands and where all four streets that make up the downtown meet.

    CUT TO:


    October roles her window down and glares at the scenery.

    OCTOBER: Lame.

    She roles the window back up.

    And all my friends were vampires
    Didn't know they were vampires
    Turns out I was a vampire myself
    In the devil town

    CUT TO:


    The camera follows October’s car as it picks up speed and zooms down the narrow street.

    CUT TO:


    I was living in a devil town
    Didn't know it was a devil town

    The 1965, black Mustang pulls into a driveway coming to a stop.

    Oh Lord, it really brings me down
    About the devil town…

    The song slowly fades as the car door opens and October steps out. She shuts the car door, and she looks up at a small brick building. Sticking up in the front yard is a sign that reads: ONE STUDIO APARTMENT FOR RENT.

    OCTOBER: (to self) Nice…

    October walks up the path, and up to the entrance door of the apartment. October opens the door and enters the building.

    CUT TO:


    She makes her way down the hall then stops at an apartment door. The number reads: #5. She extends her arm and knocks on the tall, oversized, metal door. A few seconds later, a woman in her late thirties opens the door. She is wearing a black suit. Her long blonde hair is pulled up in a ponytail. (Thirties Woman played by: Joely Richards) She also has a clipboard clutched in her arm.

    WOMAN: Hi, may I help you?

    OCTOBER: Yes. I’m October. I called you about the open studio apartment earlier today.

    WOMAN: Oh, yes, October. Come in.

    The Woman moves out of the doorway, and gestures October to come in.

    WOMAN: (big smile) Come in, October!

    CUT TO:


    October enters the studio apartment. The woman shuts the door behind them. October looks around the large, empty space. The walls are brick and the floor is wooden. In the corner, there’s a small kitchen with an island/counter. A few feet over stands a door that leads into a bathroom. The Woman approaches October.

    WOMAN: I’m Courtney Smith and I’m the landlord of this building. (beat) So, you called me because you were interested in an apartment?

    OCTOBER: Correct, and what I see now, I love. Nice, big --

    October turns and notices two large glass doors that lead to a balcony that looks over the entire town.

    OCTOBER: And an amazing view.

    October quickly moves over to the two glass doors and opens them both. She steps out, onto the balcony as the autumn wind hits her in her face, blowing her long hair around. She grabs the railing and takes in a deep breath as she looks over the town. In the distance the sun is setting behind a mountain. Courtney steps onto the balcony with a smile across her face. She knows October likes the apartment.

    COURTNEY: This is usually why people rent the place out, it’s their favorite asset.

    OCTOBER: (smiling) There’s no more discussion, I want it.

    The camera whirls around and soars off the balcony, and over the small, gothic town. Flying over a large church, with a large rusted cross on top of the roof. Purple, dingy letters that spell: EAST WICK stretches across the screen.




    Theme Song: ‘Creep Show’ by Kerli

    Holly Marie Combs - Maureen Cromwell
    Sophia Bush - October Eastwick
    Shane West - Asher Armstrong
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Rorri Cromwell
    Dominic Purcell - Carter Michaels
    Danneel Harris - Katarina “Kat” Sherwood
    And Adam Brody - Spencer Cromwell

    Joely Richardson - Courtney Smith

    Eileen Pedde - Vera
    AnnaLynne McCord - Melanie
    Ed Westwick - Stu








    DISCLAIMER: This is a spin off of the Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy televisions series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I do not make any money off of this FanFic, it’s for fun and fun only. East Wick is affiliated with Riley the Series by BlasterBoy (Ben).
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    ACT I

    OPEN ON:


    October is sitting, Indian style, on the floor in her new empty studio apartment. Sitting in front of her is the town map. It’s the same map with the black pentagram drawn on it. October pulls her long hair into a ponytail as she lets out a stressful sigh.

    OCTOBER: (to self; stressed) Where would it be?

    She sits in silence for a moment, thinking to herself. Suddenly, her eyes light up with excitement.

    OCTOBER: Why didn’t I think of that before!?

    October hold her hands out in front of her, her palm facing upward.

    OCTOBER: Osiris, ostendo mihi quis EGO votum.

    Suddenly, a tiny ball of orange light is conjured above October’s hand. October looks at the tiny energy ball with a smile on her face.

    OCTOBER: Reperio, uti, invenio, utor, usus.

    The small orange energy ball moves over the map and slowly lowers down over it. A few seconds later the energy ball falls into dust, landing in a certain spot on the map. October leans over and blows the ash off the map, under where the ash lied is a small ring around the words Drexton Cemetery.

    OCTOBER: Graveyard, that’s my destination.

    October stands to her feet.

    OCTOBER: (sarcastic) This shouldn’t be scary at all.

    October makes her way over to the kitchen area and grabs her leather jacket that sits on the top of the island/counter. She slips the jacket on and walks out of the apartment.

    CUT TO:


    October shuts her apartment door and locks it. She turns and begins down the hall, but is stopped. She looks down to see a beautiful, white cat sitting at her feet.

    OCTOBER: (confused) Oh, hello.

    She kneels down and retrieves the cat.

    OCTOBER: You’re a cutie, you look like a snowball.

    She stands straight up as she pets the cat softly.

    OCTOBER: (smiling) Hi, there.

    The cat begins to purr as it nuzzles its head into October’s neck

    OCTOBER: Who do you belong to, little fella?

    WOMAN: (O/S) That cat is always around here.

    October turns around to see a young woman standing in the threshold of a apartment door, that leads into her apartment. She has long red hair that falls to the middle of her back, and a smile across her face. (Young Woman played by: Danneel Harris)

    OCTOBER: Oh, hi!

    YOUNG WOMAN: (smiles) Hi, I’m Katarina Sherwood, but people call me Kat. You must be the new neighbor?

    Kat extends her arm to October. October carefully places the cat down, and then shakes Kat’s hand.

    OCTOBER: Yeah, I’m October. I live across the hall from you.

    October gesture to her apartment door that stands behind her.

    KAT: So…are you new to town, or just to this apartment complex?

    OCTOBER: The town; just arrived. I’m all newy.

    KAT: (smile) That is good… how do you like it so far?

    OCTOBER: By the looks of it, it’s great. I haven’t had the chance to explore.

    KAT: When you do get the chance to explore, you should come knock on my door. There’s a lack of women in this building, unless you count Mrs. Bringins, who’s seventy-five and collects dummy dolls. It’s nice to have someone my age in the building.

    OCOTBER: Yeah, for sure, I’ll take that offer. (beat) How long have you been here?

    KAT: About six months. My fianc? and I moved here after he proposed to me.

    Behind Kat, a young man walks up and emerges from the apartment. He wraps his arms around Kat’s waist. He wrest his chin on Kat’s shoulder. (Young Man played by: Shane West)

    YOUNG MAN: (to Kat) Hey, Baby.

    He narrows his eyes to October.

    YOUNG MAN: Who’s your new friend?

    KAT: This is October; she’s new to East Wick, and she lives across the hall.

    The young man steps from behind Kat and into the hallway, he extends his hand for a hand shake.

    YOUNG MAN: Unique name; I like it. I’m Asher.

    October accepts Asher’s handshake.

    OCTOBER: (joking) Asher, that’s not unique at all.

    ASHER: (laughs) I know, it’s pretty lame.

    All three of them force laughter out of their mouths, when they all know it wasn’t funny. It’s silent for a moment.

    ASHER: (breaking silence) So… October! Did you want to stay for dinner?

    KAT: Yeah, I’m cooking some hamburgers and fries. You’re more than welcome!

    OCTOBER: Oh, no. Thanks for the offer, but I have to go.

    KAT: Okay, that’s fine. It was nice meeting you.

    OCTOBER: It was nice meeting the two of you also.

    ASHER: Same here.

    KAT: Okay… well, bye.

    OCTOBER: (smile) Bye.

    Kat and Asher go into their apartment and shut the door behind them.

    OCTOBER: (to self) They seem nice.

    She turns and looks down at the floor, the cat is gone.

    OCTOBER: (confused) Where’d the cat go?

    She shrugs and continues down the hallway.

    CUT TO:


    A black 1965 Mustang comes to a stop on the side of the street. A few seconds later, October emerges from the car. As she steps onto the sidewalk, she gets pushed from the side. October stumbles forward then hit’s the pavement.

    OCTOBER: Ouch!

    MALE VOICE: (O/S) Ma’am, I’m sorry!

    OCTOBER: (offended) Ma’am!

    October rolls on her back, looking up at the person who just pushed her. That someone is holding two large moving boxes. The boxes cover his face. The person carefully places the boxes on the sidewalk to reveal a tall, thin, dark haired young man. He has a smile across his face. (Young Man played by: Adam Brody) The young man stares down at October with pleasure.

    OCTOBER: (angered) Well…help me up!

    YOUNG MAN: Oh, yeah. Sorry!

    He hurries over to October and helps her to her feet.

    OCTOBER: (upset) Watch where you’re going next time!

    The young man looks her up and down, stopping at her breast. He stares at them with wonders and pleasure.

    OCTOBER: Hey, ass! Keep your eyes on my face!

    He slowly looks up at her face and gives her a big smile.

    YOUNG MAN: Wow, you’re one hot momma.

    October rolls her eyes in disgust.

    OCTOBER: Eww, and you’re a disgusting little man!

    YOUNG MAN: (big smile) The name is Spencer.

    Spencer extends his hand to October.

    OCTOBER: I’m not shaking your hand.

    SPENCER: That’s fine with me, sexy momma.

    He moves closer to October, and she steps back.

    OCTOBER: (disgusted) Don’t call me that!

    SPENCER: Well you are. (beat) So, you new here in town? Because I haven’t seen you around.

    OCTOBER: Yeah, I’m new here, and now I’m leaving.

    She turns to walk off, but Spencer hurries around her and stands in front of her path.

    SPENCER: Wait! Maybe you need someone to show you around. That someone could be me.

    October lets out a stressful sigh.

    OCTOBER: Okay, now you’re annoying me! Move!

    SPENCER: Just tell me where you want to go! I can lead you in the right direction.

    OCTOBER: (sighs) Fine. Looking at you, you probably don’t know where one is, but I need to find a magic shop.

    Spencer cocks his head to the side and grins.

    SPENCER: Really?

    OCTOBER: (annoyed) Yeah!

    SPENCER: Well you spoke to the right person.

    OCTOBER: Why is that?

    SPENCER: My family owns one.

    Spencer raises his arm and points across the street. October looks over and a small shop sits between two other small shops. The sign above the store reads: CROMWELL’S.

    OCTOBER: Oh.

    She thinks to herself for a moment.

    OCTOBER: (whisper; to self) Oh my god.

    SPENCER: C’mon.

    Spencer walks back over to his boxes and picks one up.

    SPENCER: (to October) Can you grab one?

    October gives him an evil glare.

    OCTOBER: Why do you have those boxes anyway?

    SPENCER: Inventory. I had to go pick some supplies up. Can you help me?

    OCTOBER: (annoyed) Whatever.

    She makes her way over to the box and struggles to lift it, but she does. She follows Spencer across the street to Cromwell’s.

    CUT TO:


    The shop is small and cozy. On the left side of the shop sits several rows of bookshelves, and on the right side of the shop sits a shelve against the wall of positions, crosses, ect. (magical items) Next to that sits a checkout counter. The large space in-between the bookshelves and the shelves/checkout counter sits a large wooden table, which we see a young woman sitting on top of it, with her legs crossed Indian style. She is reading a large book and has earphones on. She’s listening to an iPod. (Young Woman played by: Mary Elizabeth Winstead) The young woman slowly bobs her head back and forth. The young woman is pretty; she has long brown hair with bangs across her forehead. She is wearing red top with a white poke-a-dots on it and fitted low-cut blue jeans with white puma shoes on. The front door to Cromwell’s opens and in comes Spencer and October, carrying the boxes.

    OCTOBER: Spencer, where do I put this damn box?

    SPENCER: On the checkout counter.

    Spencer slams the box he’s carrying on top of the checkout counter. The young woman sitting on the table looks up from her book and takes the headphones out of her ear. She looks at October.

    YOUNG WOMAN: Hey, Spence. Who’s that?

    October drops the box on top of the counter, making a loud boom! Spencer looks up at the girl on the table.

    SPENCER: She’s my new friend: October.

    OCTOBER: I’m not your friend.

    Spencer ignores October’s comment.

    SPENCER: October, this is my sister: Rorri.

    OCTOBER (to Rorri) Hi.

    RORRI: (smile) Hello. My brother annoying you?

    OCTOBER: Yes.

    RORRI: (chuckles) I figured.

    She narrows her eyes to Spencer.

    RORRI: Did you make her carry a box?

    SPENCER: Yeah.

    RORRI: You’re a loser. Why would you do that? (to October) Did you need help? I know you didn’t just come here to help… (nods to Spencer) …this idiot.

    OCTOBER: Yeah, I actually do.

    RORRI: Okay, I can help you.

    SPENCER: NO! Rorri, she’s mine!

    OCTOBER: (annoyed) No, I’m not!

    RORRI: Spence, take those boxes to the back, you freak. I’ll help the customer in need.

    SPENCER: I can help her! You keep studying for your exams.

    RORRI: NO! I’ll help her! I’m getting sick of studying anyways. College can wait for two seconds.

    Rorri sets the book aside on the table and slides off the table to her feet. She walks over to October.

    RORRI: Sorry about him, October.

    OCTOBER: (laughs) It is cool. At least you’re normal.

    RORRI: True. How may I help you?

    Spencer picks up one of the large boxes from off of the checkout counter. He struggles to carry it as he heads to the back.

    SPENCER: (yells; to Rorri) You’re mean!

    RORRI: And you’re stupid!

    Spencer disappears into the door that’s in the back of the small shop.

    RORRI: (to October) Anywho… how may I help you? Again.

    OCTOBER: Umm, yeah, I need Fennel Seed, wolf’s tooth, galangal root and blessed snake venom.

    Rorri gives her a suspicious glare.

    RORRI: Wow, those combined are kinda powerful. Especially if you need Shr --

    OCTOBER: Shredartin root?

    RORRI: Yeah…do you need that also?

    October looks off to the side, not looking into Rorri’s eyes.

    OCTOBER: (uneasy) Yeah.

    Rorri notices October’s quick and cold mood change.

    RORRI: Okay, but are you sure you want that?

    October narrows at Rorri.

    OCTOBER: (irritated; raises voice) Can you please just give me the stuff I asked for! (impatient) I need to go!

    Rorri moves back with her hands in the air.

    RORRI: Wow! Okay.

    Rorri quickly walks over to the shelf that hangs against the walls. She scans the products on the shelf. She pulls four small jars off the shelf and makes her way behind the checkout counter. Rorri places the jars on counter top.

    RORRI: Sorry, but we don’t have any Shredartin root stocked.

    OCTOBER: (angered) What!? Why the hell not?

    Rorri lets out a sigh of annoyance.

    RORRI: (angered) Because we don’t have any in stock. Do you want the stuff I mustered up or not?

    October glares at Rorri in a stressful manner as she runs her finger through her hair.

    OCTOBER: Forget it.

    RORRI: Ok.

    October turns to leave and bumps into a woman entering the shop.

    OCTOBER: Sorry.

    October continues and storms out of store.

    The woman looks at October as she exits, and then turns to Rorri who stands behind the checkout counter. (Woman played by: Holly Marie Combs)

    WOMAN: (confused) Rorri, who was that?

    RORRI: I don’t know, sis. Some crazy chick named October.

    The woman is pretty. She has long brown hair that reaches down past the small of her back. She is wearing a black blouse, brown leather jacket over it, gray slacks, and black stiletto boots. The Woman looks down at her feet.

    WOMAN: What the hell is this?

    She kneels down and retrieves a knife from the floor that October dropped. The woman holds it up.

    WOMAN: Looks like that ‘chick’ has some secrets.

    RORRI: Seems so, Maureen.


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      ACT II

      OPEN TO:


      October stands in the middle of a playground, holding a map in her hands. She glances at the map, and then up ahead. She appears to be staring at something. The camera whirls around to see what October is staring at. Up ahead, past the playground, sits a large body of wooded area. A rundown sign that sits in front of the woods reads: BLACK WOODS.

      OCTOBER: (to self; sarcastic) That isn’t creepy at all.

      She folds the map up in a small square and slides it into her back pocket. She then proceeds through the playground, disappearing into the dark, infested woods.

      CUT TO:


      The leaves crunch beneath October’s boots as she walks through the woods. She pushes hanging branches out of her face. She continues to walk until she comes to a stop at a rusted gate that wraps around a rundown, crappy, very small, cemetery. It appears that the cemetery hasn’t been cared for in ages.

      OCTOBER: (to self) Graveyard in the middle of the woods…unique.

      October makes her way over to the entrance. Above the entrance hangs a rusted sign that reads: DREXTON CEMETARY. October walks through the arc of the entrance way.


      October scans the cemetery.

      OCTOBER: (to self; whisper) Natalya Eastwick, where the hell are you?

      October walks through the cemetery glancing at all the headstones she passes. In the back of the cemetery she notices a large headstone that’s in the shape of a giant cross. She walks over to it. She approaches and reads the name imbedded in the headstone: “NATALYA EASTWICK”.

      OCTOBER: Bingo!

      October studies the grave for a moment.

      OCTOBER: (to self) Let’s get started. (beat) Since that bitch from the magic shop didn’t have what I needed, I’ll have to do this shit myself. (beat) October, why are you talking to your self?

      October shakes her head, clearing it of all her thoughts. She then holds her hands out, over the grave. She takes in a deep breath.

      OCTOBER: Orior oriri ortus subter supter orbis terrarum!

      A few seconds later the soil around her begins to shift. Her face is tensing up and she begins to breathe loudly.

      OCTOBER: (yells) Orior oriri ortus subter supter orbis terrarum!

      Her teeth are grinding and her face has contorted into anger as she stares at Natalya’s grave.

      OCTOBER: (screams) Iam, quod, modo, nunc!

      October’s eyes go black as blood streams from her nose. The soil around Natalya’s grave begins to shift and move. Suddenly, a large wooden casket emerges from the grave. October falls to the ground. She’s exhausted from all the power she just used. She breathes heavily as she attempts to stand to her feet, but fails and falls back to the ground. She wipes the blood from her nose, and sits up in a sitting position. October finally gets the strength to stand to her feet and she does so. She wobbles over to casket and leans against it catching her breath.

      OCTOBER: (breathing heavily; to self) Damn.

      October takes a moment to catch her breath. At this moment her eyes are back to their normal color: hazel. October steps away from the wooden coffin and spins around looking at it. The wooden coffin is very damaged and is falling apart. October makes a disgusted face as she makes her way towards the casket. She rips the top of the casket off, and throws it across the graveyard. Dust flies from the casket, hitting October in the face, making her cough. After the dust clears, October peers into the casket; it’s empty.

      OCTOBER: (angry) Damn! It’s supposed to be in here. The spell led me here!

      October takes a few steps back from the casket. A stressful sigh exits her mouth as she pulls her hair free of her ponytail.

      WOMAN: (V/O) October, you greedy bitch.

      October spins around to see two vampires standing a few feet away from her. One is a female. She has curly, dirty blonde hair and looks very slutty. She is wearing a strapless, body-hugging mini dress and white stiletto hills. She’s licking blood from her fingers. (Female vampire played by: AnnaLynne McCord)

      FEMALE VAMPIRE: Had a cute Samaritan.

      The other is a male with spiky hair. He looks like an Abercrombie and Fitch model. He is wearing a purple button down shirt that’s exposing his firm chest and black slacks to match. He has his hands tucked in his pockets with an evil grin across his face. (Male Vampire played by: Ed Westwick)

      GUY VAMPIRE: She was good.

      October rolls her eyes at the sight of them.

      OCTOBER: (annoyed) Stu, Melanie, what are you doing here?

      STU: (smirk) We’re here to get what we want…and of course to kill you.

      OCTOBER: Well, it’s not here, the casket is empty.

      MELANIE: Then I guess we have to go with the second choice.

      October grins and takes two steps towards them.

      OCTOBER: (evil grin) Why would my mother send two lackey vamps to kill me when she knows I’m destined to kick their asses?

      Melanie lets out a powerful growl and leaps at October. October steps aside. Melanie misses October and crashes into the ground, tumbling.

      OCTOBER: (to Melanie) Dumb, bitch.

      Stu charges at October, full speed. October extends her leg to kick him, but Stu catches her leg.

      STU: (snarls) You’re the bitch! You turned your back on us!

      Stu tosses October through the air, smashing into headstones, shattering them.

      October lies on the ground, moaning in pain.

      OCTOBER: (in pain) Ouch!

      She forces herself to her feet. She looks up to see Stu and Melanie walking towards her.

      STU: That’s why your mother wants you dead!

      OCTOBER: Us? You two were never a part of us! You guys work for my mother. She gives you the jobs that are petty and pathetic to her. She knew the book wouldn’t be here, but she knew I would! She wanted you guys to run into me. Do you know why?

      MELANIE: Shut up!

      OCTOBER: So I can kill you! She’s trying to get rid of you two, you dumb asses. I’m a slayer! It’s not that hard to take out two vamps.

      MELANIE: (angered) Shut up, you bitch! You’re wrong!

      Melanie approaches and throws a punch at October’s face. October catches Melanie’s fist, then spins around, still holding Melanie’s fist, and kicking Stu in the chest. Stu flies back, landing on the wooden casket, shattering it into pieces. October pulls Melanie’s arm down. We here a pop from Melanie’s shoulder.

      MELANIE: (pain) Ouch! You stupid bitch! You popped my shoulder out of place!

      Melanie, with her strong arm, hits October in the face.

      October stumbles back from the blow as Melanie pops her shoulder back in place.

      MELANIE: That hurt!

      OCTOBER: It wasn’t supposed to feel like an orgasm.

      October pulls a wooden stake from the inside of leather jacket.

      OCTOBER: Okay, its time for me to stake your sorry ass.

      MELANIE: Bitch, try it.

      October feels a presence behind her. A smile grows across her face, she doesn’t turn around.

      MELANIE: (confused) Why are you smiling?

      OCTOBER: (smile) Because, I’m gonna stake your boyfriend.

      Melanie’s eyes grow large.

      MELANIE: (yells) Stu!

      October spins around swiftly, extending her arm, staking Stu.

      OCTOBER: (to Stu) The whole sneak attack bit sucks.

      Stu’s eyes are large with shock and pain.

      STU: (zombie like) Ouch!

      Stu falls into dust. October turns back to Melanie, who vamp face has faded into a human one.

      MELANIE: (holding back tears; to October) You bitch!

      Melanie’s face morphs back into a vampire’s signature look. She charges at October.

      OCTOBER: You just can’t stop when you’re not ahead.

      October extends her arm, her eyes suddenly go black.

      OCTOBER: (yells) Dislovo!

      A blue energy ball exits October’s hand and slams into Melanie’s chest, sending her flying back, smashing into the side of a mausoleum . Melanie hit’s the ground with a thump, unconscious.

      October walks over to Melanie’s body and looks down at her.

      OCTOBER: God, you’re pathetic. I’m not even gonna stake you.

      October turns and walks off, out of the graveyard, disappearing into the woods.

      CUT TO


      CUT TO:


      October stands, holding her side in pain. The elevator makes a buzzing sound, indicating it has gotten to its destination. October pulls opens the cage like door and exit’s the elevator. She makes her way down the hallway.

      WOMAN: (O/S) Hey!

      October stops, letting out a sigh and rolls her eyes in annoyance as she turns around. At the end of the hallway, by the door leading to the stairway, Maureen, Rorri and Spencer stand. Maureen is holding up October’s knife that she dropped earlier that evening in their store.

      OCTOBER: Why the hell do you have my knife?

      October makes her ways down the hall towards them.

      MAUREEN: You dropped this in my store.

      SPENCER: (to Maureen) It’s our store too, Maureen.

      MAUREEN: Spencer, shut up! (to October) What are you doing here in East Wick?

      October approaches the siblings. She snatches her knife from Maureen’s grasp and slides it into her holster. October gets in Maureen’s face.

      OCTOBER: (angered) Don’t ever take my knife again! And what do you care if I’m in East Wick or not?

      RORRI: Because, you’re an Eastwick and you know that Eastwick’s and Cromwell’s don’t get along.

      October steps back, surprised of how much they now.

      OCTOBER: (confused) How do you know I’m an Eastwick?

      MAUREEN: I have my sources.

      OCTOBER: (anger) Listen. You tell me right now!

      MAUREEN: Little girl, you don’t scare me one bit. So, stop being a bitch and tell me why you’re here? To kill us?

      OCTOBER: No!

      October winces in pain, holding her side.

      SPENCER: (worried) You…okay?

      OCTOBER: (weak) I think I broke some ribs.

      MAUREEN: Where were you tonight?

      OCTOBER: (gives in) Listen, I’m not here in East Wick to kill you, I’m here to save you.

      Down the hall, they hear a big boom coming from one of the apartments. They all look down the hallway.

      OCTOBER: That’s coming from Kat and Asher’s apartment.

      RORRI: Kat and Asher?

      OCTOBER: Across the hall neighbors.

      MAUREEN: What the hell are they doing?

      SPENCER: Having sex?

      RORRI: That’s not having sex, unless I’m doing it wrong.

      SPENCER: (disgusted) Brother ears.

      Another bang vibrates through the hallway. October slowly makes her way down the hall, towards Kat and Asher’s apartment. Suddenly, Kat and Asher’s apartment door opens and a large, orange demon with horns coming from its head shoots out of the apartment, down the hall, towards October.

      OCTOBER: Holy shit!

      October looks around, not knowing what to do. The demon barrels towards her at high speed. October leaps in the air, kicking off the hallway wall, boosting herself into the air into a back-flip. The demon runs beneath her towards Maureen, Rorri and Spencer. The demon pushes past Maureen and Spencer. October lands on her feet, as Asher and Kat spill out of their apartment. They look pissed. Out of nowhere, Kat generates a fireball from the palm of hand and whips it down the hallway. The fireball hurtles itself at October.

      OCTOBER: No!

      October leaps in the air, into a back-flip as the fireball whizzes under her. The fireball now hurls directly towards Maureen who looks frightened. She covers her face for protection.

      MAUREEN: (yells) Per mihi!

      The fireball goes through Maureen like she’s a ghost and it continues towards Spencer, who looks terrified.

      SPENCER: (yells) Subsisto, clarus, resisto, confuto, claudeo!

      The fireball then comes to a stop, right in front of Spencer’s face. Spencer stares at it as it rotates inches away from his face.

      SPENCER: (out of breath) Distraho, dilabor, solvo.

      The fireball dissipates in thin air.

      SPENCER: (relieved) That was close.

      Kat realizes what she’s just done.

      KAT: (apologetic; yells down the hall) Guys, I’m so sorry!

      Maureen falls to the ground, October runs to her aid.

      RORRI: (furious; yells; O/S) What the hell is going on!

      Spencer turns around to see Rorri with her hand out, holding the demon up against the wall with her telekinesis. Her eyes are pitch black and she looks pissed. October helps Maureen up to her feet. Everyone in the hallway looks at each other in disbelief.


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        ACT III

        OPEN TO:


        Everyone is gathered around the living room area. Maureen sits on the couch, holding an ice bag to her head. Rorri sits next to her, rubbing her back, comforting her. Spencer stands by the couch, looking awkward with his hands in his pockets. October sits in a chair diagonal to the right of the couch. Across from October, Kat and Asher are leaning up against their kitchen counter/island, which is a couple feet away from the Living Room area. Their studio apartment setup is similar to October’s studio apartment setup.

        KAT: So, let me get this straight (points at October) You’re a witch?

        October nods her head, yes.

        KAT: And a vampire Slayer.

        OCTOBER: (in pain) Yeah.

        KAT: (intrigued) How did that happen?

        OCTOBER: (in pain; annoyed) I was born a witch and destined a slayer. There isn’t much to it. The question is…why are you throwing fire from the palm of your hand and chasing demons out of you apartment?

        KAT: Well…if I tell you, you promise you won’t kill me?

        OCTOBER: (confused) Why would I kill you?

        KAT: Because, I’m half demon. My mother was a demon and my father was a human.

        OCTOBER: (surprised) Oh!

        SPENCER: That’s pretty cool. (to Asher) What about you, do you have a gift?

        ASHER: No, not really. My dad is watcher and he trained me to fight. Nothing big. Kat and I are hunters. People contact us to help them with supernatural problems and we do. That demon was a lead that didn’t want to talk.

        There is awkward silence for a moment.

        ASHER: (to Cromwell siblings; amused) And you guys are witches too?

        SPENCER: I prefer warlock.

        ASHER: (holding in laughter) Okay…

        Asher notices that Maureen still looks weak.

        ASHER: You okay?

        MAUREEN: I’m fine. It’s just the spell I did…it weakened me.

        ASHER: Yeah, that was pretty cool! You were like a ghost!

        MAUREEN: (to Kat) Next time you throw a fireball at me, I’ll kick your ass.

        RORRI: Maureen! Stop, it was an accident.

        KAT: (attitude) Look, I said I was sorry twelve hundred times.

        There is another awkward silence.

        MAUREEN: Okay, let’s get over the awkward silence crap! It’s annoying.

        Maureen stands up from the couch.

        RORRI: (worried) You sure you can stand?

        MAUREEN: Rorri, I’m fine.

        Maureen steps in the middle of the living room area.

        MAUREEN: (to October) October, I’m only going to ask you once, and once only. Why are you here in East Wick? You know our families don’t get along and never have.

        OCTOBER: No, I’m not here to kill you, Maureen, or your family. I’m here to save this town…this world.

        MAUREEN: What do you mean?

        KAT: I’m lost with this whole thing. Cromwell’s and Eastwick’s?

        OCTOBER: Our families. Our ancestors. In 1698, a witch named Natalya Eastwick, and her covenant, Black Blossom, conjured East Wick with their evil magic. The town was a place where all evil alike could live. Demons…vampires…werewolves….it was a positive place for them. They all got along and came together. The town became a risky place for anyone human that passed through it. People would go missing and never be seen again. Some vampires and demons left East Wick to go into other towns, bringing humans back for food or torture. So a –

        MAUREEN: (cutting October off) That’s where our ancestor comes in. Elizabeth Cromwell, a witch, also. She worked for the Watcher’s Council in its early days as their personal seer. Elizabeth had a vision that Natalya and her covenant would go to The First for an alliance. An alliance that would destroy human kind and create hell on earth. Elizabeth wanted to stop her, so she did. She got a group together, a covenant. Elizabeth and her new found covenant went to East Wick to stop Black Blossom. They were successful and killed each member, burying each of them in this town. After that, East Wick became a normal town with normal people...well…kinda.

        OCTOBER: What about that cemetery in the middle of Black Woods? Weren’t the original Black Blossom buried there?

        MAUREEN: No, that was just a cover up. When Elizabeth buried each member of Black Blossom she spread their bodies across East Wick, so their souls would be disconnected. And…question? How do you know about the cemetery in Black Woods?

        OCTOBER: Because I was there tonight, trying to find the book.

        MAUREEN: The book?

        RORRI: (to October) And what did you mean by “the original Black Blossom?” There was only one.

        OCTOBER: This is what I’ve been trying to tell you people. There was only one. Now there’s another. Black Blossom is back, and is being run by my mother. Selma Eastwick.

        RORRI: (surprised) What!?

        SPENCER: She’s your mom?!

        MAUREEN: (amazed; disbelief) Selma Eastwick…your mother!?

        OCTOBER: (ashamed) Yeah, I’m not proud of it.

        ASHER: Wait. I’ve heard of her. She’s like the big momma of witches. My dad talked about her a couple of times when I was a kid.

        RORRI: I heard Selma is ruthless, a maniac, and an all around bitch. (worried) I can’t believe she’s the leader of Black Blossom.

        SPENCER: Didn’t she burn down the Watchers’ Council in Hungary?

        OCTOBER: And Switzerland.

        October stands up to her feet and begins to pace back and forth.

        OCTOBER: She was paid to do that. That’s the thing about my mother. She used to work for people or demons. They would pay her the right amount, and she’d do any job for them. I guess she got sick of being a rug. So, she got the most powerful witches she could muster up, and reanimated Black Blossom. They’re coming here to finish the deal that Natalya didn’t get around to.

        KAT: With the First!?!

        OCTOBER: Yes. She’s coming here and awakening each member of the original Black Blossom. She’s going to take their spirits and inhabit the spirits into her body and the new members of Black Blossom. After that, they’re going to wipe out the Cromwell line, then turn East Wick back into a demon town, and then the world comes next. And all in help of The First.

        KAT: Oh my god.

        MAUREEN: (determined) Well, we’re just going to have to stop the bitch.

        OCOBTER: That’s why I came here to East Wick. To stop my mother and Black Blossom. I was a part of Black Blossom when my mother got it together. The first time she brought Black Blossom to my attention, I didn’t take her seriously. She is serious and her main goal is to kill you (looks at Maureen) and your family and the world. I didn’t like the fact that she was killing people so I rebelled. I left the covenant, and now I’m on a mission to stop her and on the run from her.

        MAUREEN: Selma‘s after you now, isn’t she?

        OCTOBER: Yeah.

        KAT: Why’s that?

        OCTOBER: Because if a witch leaves her covenant, they kill her.

        KAT: (apologetic) Oh.

        OCTOBER: It’s fine. Besides, I’m not the only one that rebelled. My aunt and cousin did also. They should be here in a couple weeks. That’s if they make it out okay.

        MAUREEN: So, no bullshit, you’re here to help us?

        OCTOBER: Yes.

        MAUREEN: The book thing, you brought up earlier in the conversation. What did you mean?

        OCTOBER: There’s a book called Encrypted Souls. When the original Black Blossom got together, they created a book. They put a spell on the book, so if they would ever die, their souls would be encrypted into the book. Then someone like my mother could come along and read the book, releasing their souls from the underworld.

        SPENCER: So, we have to find the book first, before your mother gets it?

        OCTOBER: Exactly.

        MAUREEN: Where the hell would it be?

        OCTOBER: I thought it’d be in Drexton Cemetery, but it wasn’t. Natalya’s coffin was empty.

        RORRI: I don’t think the book would be buried with her. Elizabeth didn’t know anything about the book.

        OCTOBER: True. Black Blossom did conjure the book years before Elizabeth came to East Wick.

        RORRI: Then that leaves us nowhere. We don’t know where they hid the book.

        The whole room is silent for a moment. Maureen then scratches her head, like she has an idea.

        MAUREEN: I have someone that can probably tell us where the book is, but we have to leave now if we want to catch her. She’s actually leaving town tonight.

        OCTOBER: Okay, let’s go.

        Maureen turns to Rorri who’s still sitting on the couch.

        MAUREEN: You go get Carter, he can help with this. Meet us at The Monastery.

        RORRI: Alrighty.

        Rorri gets up and walks out of the studio apartment.

        OCTOBER: (curious) Who’s Carter?

        MAUREEN: My deadbeat husband, and a deadbeat watcher.

        OCTOBER: Oh.

        October looks over to Kat and Asher.

        OCTOBER: Are you guys coming?

        KAT: If it’s cool with you?

        OCTOBER: It’s your job, right? Let’s go.

        ASHER: Okay.

        KAT: I’ll go with Rorri.

        Kat gives Asher a peck on the lips and walks out of the studio apartment.

        KAT: (as she exits) Asher, don’t forget to lock the door.

        The door shuts behind her.

        MAUREEN: C’mon, let’s go, guys!

        Maureen spins around and exit’s the studio apartment. The others follow behind her.

        CUT TO:


        The front door to the small shop opens, and Rorri and Kat enter.

        KAT: (scanning the store) This is a cute little store.

        RORRI: Thanks. My parents left it to us.

        Rorri begins to walk through the store, approaching a door that’s located at the back of the store. Kat follows behind her.

        KAT: If you don’t mind me asking…are your parents dead?

        RORRI: Oh, no! They moved to Africa last year.

        KAT: Oh!

        Rorri and Kat enter the door that’s located at the back of the store.

        CUT TO:


        The girls are now in a hallway. In front of them is an archway that leads to the storage room. Rorri turns to her left and runs up a set of stairs that leads to another door. Kat quickly follows behind her.

        KAT: Where the hell are we going?

        RORRI: To Maureen and Carter’s apartment. They live above the store. They took it after I called dibs on it, ass holes

        Rorri opens the door at the top of the stairs and enters; Kat enters a few seconds after.

        CUT TO:


        In the apartment, all the lights are shut off. Rorri and Kat make their way through the kitchen and into the living room. The living room is pretty large, and the first thing anyone would notice is the moonlight shining through the large window that looks over downtown East Wick. Rorri stops and her head turns to the right. The camera whirls around to see what Rorri is looking at. On the couch lies a large, muscular, buzzed head, man. He’s only wearing a pair of blue jeans, he has no shirt on, and a beer hangs from his large hand. We also spot another six beer bottles lying on the floor, beside the couch.

        RORRI: (annoyed; sighs) Hey, drunk!

        Rorri makes her way over to the couch. She stands over the clearly, drunken passed out man.

        RORRI: (yells) Carter!

        Carter lets out a grunt. (Carter played by: Dominic Purcell)

        RORRI: Okay, you won’t wake up?

        Rorri kneels down and picks up one of the beer bottles on the floor, its half full.

        RORRI: Since you like beer so damn much.

        Rorri stands straight up, she then pours the beer on his face. Kat’s mouth drops in shock and she holds back laughter. Carter swiftly sits up into a sitting position. He begins to cough as he wipes the liquid from his face. He looks up at Rorri.

        CARTER: (pissed) Rorri, what the hell is wrong with your boney ass!

        When Carter speaks, it’s a power, loud bear-like sound.

        RORRI: Wake your ass up! Your wife needs you.

        CARTER: (worried) Why what happened?

        RORRI: Nothing. But you need to get up, and put some clothes on. We have to meet Maureen and the others at the Monastery.

        CARTER: (confused) What? What’s going on?

        Carter stands to his feet.

        RORRI: I’ll fill you in once you get yourself together.

        Carter then looks past Rorri and notices Kat.

        CARTER: (smirk) Who’s she?

        He nudges Rorri aside and looks Kat up and with pleasure.

        Rorri gives Carter a push.

        RORRI: You’re married!

        KAT: (disgusted) Yuck, don’t even try it old man.

        Kat rolls her eyes at the site of Carter.

        KAT: Rorri, I’ll wait downstairs while you get this bum together.

        RORRI: Okay.

        Kat exits.

        CARTER: (smiles) And she’s feisty.

        RORRI: Stop being a pig! Get yourself together and I’ll fill you in!

        Carter narrows his eyes at Rorri.

        CARTER: Next time you wake me up like that, I’m gonna toss your ass (points to the large window) out that window.

        Rorri rolls her eyes and walks out of the living room.

        RORRI: Whatever.



        Maureen, Asher, Spencer and October enter the courtyard. October is still holding her side.

        ASHER: Why are we in a monastery?

        MAUREEN: I told you: to see Vera.

        OCTOBER: Vera’s a nun?

        MAUREEN: Yeah.

        ASHER: What is she?

        MAUREEN: I don’t know what she is, but she always has the answers. She’s pretty amazing.

        OCTOBER: The answers to what?

        MAUREEN: To everything.

        WOMAN: (O/S) Thank you for speaking so highly of me, but I don’t know everything

        They all turn around to see a nun approaching them. She is dressed up in a full typical nun’s outfit. (Vera played by: Eileen Pedde)

        MAUREEN: Vera.

        VERA: (soft) Hi, Maureen.

        MAUREEN: We just –

        VERA: (smile) I told you not to come to the monastery to meet me. This is my place of worship.

        MAUREEN: I know and I’m sorry, but I need your help.

        VERA: (nods) I understand. I know why all of you are here, but we have to hurry. I leave soon to a missionary trip in Europe. My plane leaves in two hours.

        MAUREEN: Okay, we’ll make it fast.

        CUT TO:


        The group is surrounded by a wall of eight foot tall bushes with red roses growing from within them. Maureen, Asher, October, Spencer and Vera are standing by a large stone fountain. The center piece of the fountain is the Virgin Marry on her knees praying. They all stand in a circle like formation near the fountain.

        MAUREEN: (to Vera) So, do you have the answers or what?

        VERA: Yes, I have the answers.

        Vera looks over at October.

        VERA: Your mother is on her way here to get the book of Encrypted Souls.

        OCTOBER: How’d you know? We didn’t even tell you anything yet.

        Vera smiles.

        MAUREEN: Vera, where’s the book.

        Vera looks down at the ground.

        VERA: Underneath the earth.

        OCTOBER: It’s underground?

        VERA: Yes. It’s imbedded in the Hellmouth’s seal.

        ASHER: (surprised) Hellmouth seal? Here?

        Vera nods.

        A shocked look grows across Maureen, Asher, October and Spencer’s face.

        OCTOBER: There’s a Hellmouth in East Wick?!

        VERA: Yes. Actually, hidden and dormant since 1670, the year Natalya Eastwick died. When Natalya began seeing The First, planning their world domination. That’s when The First created a Hellmouth and an opening to make it easy for it and Natalya to meet weekly.

        SPENCER: Where’s the seal?

        VERA: The center of The Black Woods, under the willow tree. There’s a catch. In order to get the book you’ll have to do one thing…

        MAUREEN: Activate the Hellmouth?

        VERA: Exactly.

        SPENCER: How do you activate it?

        OCTOBER: Blood.

        ASHER: Activating the seal would be the worst thing we could do. It would give a gateway for The First to travel through, and if Natalya’s soul ever gets free it would give them a way to communicate. Also, it will draw demons and such to East Wick.

        MAUREEN: We’re just going to have to take that risk.

        CARTER: (O/S) Yes, we are.

        Everyone looks to the entrance of the garden to see Carter, Rorri and Kat enter.

        MAUREEN: (rolls eyes) Oh, it’s the drunken, failure of a husband.

        CARTER: Rorri filled me in, and Maureen: shut the hell up.

        SPENCER: Don’t talk to my sister like that!

        Carter ignores Spencer’s comment as he pries his way into the conversation.

        CARTER: (to Vera) I heard everything you just said, so no need to fill me in. Is there anything else we need to know before we go?

        VERA: Take protection.

        CARTER: (narrows his eyes to Vera; smirk) I always have protection.

        VERA: (curt) Weapons.

        MAUREEN: (to Carter) You’re a pervert! She’s a nun!

        October stands to her feet and walks over to Vera.

        OCTOBER: Weapons. That’s all we need?

        VERA: (smile) Yes. A battle will happen when you arrive at the seal tonight.

        OCTOBER: (disbelief) How do you know all this stuff?

        MAUREEN: She just does. We have to go.

        Maureen exits the garden.

        CARTER: Yeah, c’mon.

        Carter exits the garden, close behind Maureen.

        OCTOBER: (to Vera; unsure) Thanks…I think.

        Vera nods. Rorri gently grabs October by her arm.

        RORRI: Let’s go, October.

        As she says that Spencer, Kat and Asher have already exited the garden. October briefly stares into Vera’s eyes, then her and Rorri exit. Vera stands alone in the garden with a smile across her face.

        VERA: (to self; smiling) They’re going to make a great team.

        Vera’s smile quickly turns into fear and worry.

        VERA: Melanie.

        Melanie is revealed standing behind Vera. She doesn’t have her vamp face on. Melanie is holding a knife in her hand. The knife is shining and gleaming in the moonlight. The blade’s about ten inches long. Vera turns around to Melanie.

        MELANIE: (smirk) You must have saw this coming.

        VERA: Actually, I didn’t.

        MELANIE: Why not? Aren’t you some kind of seer? Why didn’t you see this?

        VERA: (frightened) It doesn’t work that way.

        Melanie approaches Vera with a smile stretched across her face. Melanie holds the knife with one hand, and with her free hand she places her index finger on the tip of the blade and begins to twirl the knife.

        MELANIE: Do I scare you?

        Vera steps back from Melanie, Vera’s eyes are fixed on the knife.

        VERA: To be honest…yes.

        MELANIE: (excited) Yay! (laughs) If you can see the future, will –

        VERA: (frightened) Yes, you will kill me.

        Melanie stops walking towards Vera and cocks her head to the side.

        MELANIE: At least you’re honest. Do you wanna know the reason why I’m going to kill you?

        Vera doesn’t answer.

        MELANIE: Because you help the needy, like you did tonight. (angered; yells) You helped that bitch that killed Stu!

        Melanie’s face quickly turns soft and innocent.

        MELANIE: Besides, Melanie doesn’t like the needy.

        Vera turns to run. Melanie lunges forward, grabbing Vera by the back of the neck, and violently imbeds the knife in her back.

        VERA: (screams; pain) Oh, god!

        Melanie begins stabbing Vera repeatedly in the back.

        VERA: (screams) God, please have mercy on her soul!

        Melanie finally takes the knife and slashes it across Vera’s neck, killing her. Vera drops to the ground with a thump. Blood drips from Melanie’s hands; she brings her hand to her mouth, licking the blood.

        MELANIE: (smiles) Screw mercy, bitch. I have no soul.

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV

          OPEN TO:


          Everyone makes their way through the dark infested woods, with the weapon of choice in their hands. The full moon above breaks through the tree branches, providing a small amount of light. Ahead of the group is Maureen and Carter. Maureen carries a sword in her hand. Carter carries two large white buckets.

          CARTER: So, who are these amateurs?

          MAUREEN: Why do you do that?

          CARTER: Do what?

          MAUREEN: Belittle people that you think aren’t up to your standards.

          CARTER: (defensive) I don’t do that.

          MAUREEN: Yes, you do, you jerk. And you think of women as fun bags and nothing else. You’re ridiculous.

          CARTER: I don’t think of women as fun bags and that’s it. I don’t think of you that way. You’re an intelligent woman.

          MAUREEN: Who you don’t respect or love. Do you know how it feels to know your husband is looking at other woman in a sexual way? It hurts.

          CARTER: Maureen, you’re over reacting.

          MAUREEN: (raises voice) No. I’m not over reacting! I have a list of things that’s wrong with you. I put seventy five percent in this marriage and you put five percent. And I know that doesn’t add up… that’s because our marriage doesn’t add up. All you do is drink and talk about your glory days as a watcher. You pay no attention to me.

          CARTER: Well, what about you!? You’re a bitch twenty four seven.

          MAUREEN: All you can point out is that I’m a bitch? Nothing else?

          Carter holds back anger as he clinches his jaw.

          MAUREEN: Carter, when we get back home tonight, pack your stuff.

          The camera then moves behind Maureen and Carter, who are still arguing, to October, Spencer and Rorri. October has a stake in her hand, Spencer carries a sword and Rorri carries a cross-bow. Spencer is starring at October with gleam in his eye and a smile across his face.

          SPENCER: (to October) Wow, you’re really pretty. What do you wash your hair with? It’s so long and shiny.

          October rolls her eyes.

          RORRI: Spence, stop being weird.

          SPENCER: What? It’s a simple question.

          OCTOBER: (to Spencer) Can I ask you a question?

          SPENCER: (smiling) Yeah!

          OCTOBER: How does it feel to be a horny loser with no life and goes after girls out of his league?

          Spencer’s mouth drops and hurt spreads across his face.

          SPENCER: (hurt) That wasn’t cool.

          RORRI: (snickers) That was funny.

          The camera then moves back to Kat and Asher who are holding hands. They have no weapons in their hands. Kat is resting her head on Asher’s shoulder.

          KAT: So, we still have to set a date for the wedding.

          ASHER: I know. I was thinking of next fall?

          KAT: No, what about this spring? I know it’s closer than what we planned, but we could have it outside?

          ASHER: (unsure) Kat, I don’t know…

          KAT: (begs) C’mon, please baby?

          ASHER: That mean we’ll have to start saving up are money now?

          KAT: I know!

          ASHER: (bummed) But I wanted to get that big screen next month.

          KAT: (pouts) Babe, please?

          Asher thinks for a moment.

          ASHER: Do you really want to?

          KAT: Yes!

          ASHER: (gives in) Fine.

          KAT: Yay!

          The two of them stop walking and Kat jumps into Asher’s arms, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

          KAT: (smiling) I love you, Asher Kurt Armstrong!

          ASHER: (laughing) I love you too, Katarina Jo Sherwood.

          Kat grabs Asher’s face and they kiss.

          KAT: God, you’re sexy.

          Kat hops off Asher.

          She turns around and continues to walk.

          KAT: (smirk) You’re totally getting some tonight.

          Asher gives her a little slap on her butt.

          ASHER: (laughing) Hell yeah!

          CUT TO:


          They all stand under the willow tree, looking around at each other.

          RORRI: Where’s the seal?

          CARTER: It wouldn’t just be out in the open.

          Carter looks down at the ground.

          CARTER: I bet it’s under the soil.

          MAUREEN: I think it is too. (beat) Everyone, step back.

          Everyone does so. Maureen holds her hand out in front of her, towards the ground.

          MAUREEN: Rorri and Spence, I need your help.

          Rorri and Spencer steps forward next to their big sister. Both of them hold their hands out in front of them, towards the ground.

          MAUREEN: Ready?

          RORRI: Yeah.

          SPENCER: Yup.

          MAUREEN: Now.

          The three siblings stare at the ground with concentration. Purplish, greenish streams of energy escape their hands and it slowly travels over to the spot they’re staring are. The streams of energy form a perfectly large circle above the area of the ground. Suddenly, the mystical circle swiftly buries itself into the ground. A few seconds later, the ground begins to dissipate into a perfect circle. Now all we see is the bronze Hellmouth seal, identical to the one in season seven of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The three siblings put their hand’s down.

          MAUREEN: There we go.

          KAT: That was cool.

          They all approach the seal and stand around it. They look down at the seal.

          KAT: This thing is scary.

          CARTER: Even scarier when it’s open.

          Carter lifts the bucket that he was carry and pours the dark liquid substance on the seal.

          ASHER: (disgusted) God, that’s a lot of blood.

          CARTER: I told the slaughter house to give me what they had.

          Carter sets bucket #1 down and picks up bucket #2 and pours the blood onto the seal. When he’s done, he throws bucket #2 aside. The group looks stars down at the seal, waiting for it to react.

          SPENCER: It’s not doing anything.

          CARTER: Give it some time, kid.

          The blood on the seal begins to glow a bright red. White light then shoots through the blood.

          OCTOBER: It’s working now.

          MAUREEN: We should stand back.

          White light burst through the blood, dissolving it.

          CARTER: (yells) Guys, get back.

          It’s too late. A powerful force throws everyone back into separate directions; Asher smacks the trunk or the willow tree. The white light dissipates into thin air. Carter stands to his feet.

          CARTER: Everyone okay?

          MAUREEN: (yelling) Dammit! That hurt!

          Carter runs over Maureen and pulls her to her feet. Maureen pulls away from Carter and wipes her self off.

          MAUREEN: (to Carter) I could’ve gotten up myself.

          October, Rorri and Spencer get to their feet. Rorri rubs the back of her head.

          RORRI: That was pretty violent.

          Kat gets up and runs over to Asher, who hit the tree trunk. He has blood running from the back of his head.

          KAT: (worried) Babe, you okay?

          Kat helps Asher to his feet. He feels the back of his head and notices blood on his fingers.

          ASHER: (in pain) That really hurt.

          KAT: I know, babe.

          Kat examines the back of his head.

          KAT: You might need stitches.

          ASHER: I’m fine.

          Kat gives Asher a kiss on the lips.

          KAT: You’re still going to the hospital later.

          CARTER: (O/S) Hey!

          Everyone meets back at the seal.

          CARTER: Everyone cool?

          Everyone nods or gives one word answers. They all look down at the seal, which is glowing, and in the middle of the seal lays a large brown, grungy, brittle book. Engraved on the cover is a black rose.

          RORRI: (disbelief) We did it.

          OCTOBER: (smiling) Oh, hell yeah we did! (to Maureen) Think I can touch it?

          MAUREEN: It shouldn’t be a problem.

          SPENCER: I’ll get it for you, October!

          Spencer hops off the earth and onto the glowing hellmouth seal and picks the book up. He hands it to October.

          SPENCER: Here ya go!

          OCTOBER: Thanks!

          Spencer’s eyes suddenly go black and his face contorts into a twisted smile.

          SPENCER: (deep powerful voice) It was a mistake opening me, you dumb sons of bitches. I’m gonna kill each and every one of you.

          Carter snatches Spencer off the seal and back on earth.

          MAUREEN: What the hell was that?

          OCTOBER: Is he okay?

          Spencer’s eyes are back to normal.

          SPENCER: Wow, what was that?

          Rorri goes over to Spencer and grabs his face, looking into his eyes.

          RORRI: You okay?

          SPENCER: (confused) I guess.

          RORRI: (to Carter) What happened to him?

          CARTER: The Hellmouth was talking through him.

          KAT: God, that was scary.

          WOMAN’S VOICE: (O/S) Give me the book, October.

          Everyone turns to see Melanie approaching them. She has her hands behind her back, like she’s hiding something.

          MAUREEN: October, who’s that?

          OCTOBER: A very annoying vampire that works for my mother. (to Melanie) I should’ve dusted you.

          MELANIE: (smile) Well, you didn’t.

          CARTER: (to October) You had the moment to kill her and you didn’t?!

          MELANIE: I have a surprise for you!

          OCTOBER: What would that be?

          Melanie brings Vera’s severed head from behind her back and holds it up.

          MELANIE: (smile) You like it?

          Everyone looks in shock.

          MAUREEN: Vera!

          RORRI: Oh, my god, Vera!

          Melanie looks at the head then back up at the group.

          MELANIE: She’s cute, isn’t she?

          OCTOBER: You psychotic bitch!

          MELANIE: (laughs) Well…I’m a little nutty. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

          Carter’s face is furious and he’s breathing heavily.

          CARTER: (to Melanie; angered) I’m gonna tear your windpipe out!

          Carter begins to approach her.

          MELANIE: I wouldn’t do that if I were you?

          Carter stops.

          CARTER: Why the hell not?

          Melanie drops Vera’s head.

          MELANIE: Because, I brought my boys.

          When she says this, about a dozen vampires emerge from the dark woods, surrounding the gang.

          OCTOBER: (rolls eyes) Great. Melanie, this is the first time I’ve ever taken you seriously.

          MELANIE: (evil chuckle) You’ve always underestimated me. All I want is the book, then you and all your power ranger pals can go.

          OCTOBER: Now, you’re a joke again. You really think I’m just going to hand over this book? Honey, I have three witches, two demon hunters and an ass kicking watcher on my side. Twelve vampires aren’t going to cut it. I have three words for you. Go- to- hell.

          MELANIE: (to gang of vampires) Get’em!

          The vampires rush in on the gang and Melanie rushes at October. October looks around franticly, trying to find a place to keep the book. She then throws the book up into the air, the book lands in a tree getting caught in-between two branches.

          OCTOBER: Perfect.

          Melanie throws a series of punches at October. October is dodging every one. A vampire sprints towards Rorri. She raises her cross bow and fires, hitting the vampire in the chest. Dust. There are now eight vampires left. Maureen sends a bolt of blue magic at a group of two vampires. They both fly backwards, smashing to the ground. Maureen walks closer to them, but a vampire appears behind Maureen and grabs her. She begins to scream. As she screams, she drops her sword. The camera goes back to October and Melanie. Melanie sends yet another punch at October, but October catches her fist.

          OCTOBER: You’re pathetic.

          October kicks Melanie back. Melanie, finally, vamps out and rushes at October again. October grabs Melanie as she runs to her and throws her to the ground.

          OCTOBER: That’s why my mother wanted you dead.

          MELANIE: (from the ground) You’re mother is an old bitch that can go to hell!

          Melanie jumps back up, only to be kicked back by October, once more. The camera is now showing Rorri trying to hold back a vampire using her telekinesis.

          RORRI: A little help would be appreciated!

          At the same time, Spencer is slashing his sword around at a vamp. The vampire grabs the sword and comes closer to Spencer. He is still, next to Spencer.

          VAMPIRE: You look delicious.

          Suddenly, the vampire is sent flying back. Spencer used his magic abilities. Spencer smiles and runs towards the vampire, now on the ground, screaming a victory cry. Spencer then trips. Kat, Asher, and Carter are taking on three vampires of their own. None have weapons, but Carter still has the empty buckets.

          CARTER: Here we go. I think we’re going to die.

          ASHER: No way. I’m getting laid tonight.

          CARTER: (turning to Asher; surprising) Amen, brother.

          KAT: Gross.

          Carter rushes at all three vamps and swings the empty bucket at them. It hits one of the vamp’s head, and that vamp falls into the other. The remaining vamp punches Carter back. Kat catches Carter as he falls back, and Asher runs forward at the same time. Asher punches the vampire that punched Carter, and then knees one of the other vamps in the stomach. The camera then moves to Maureen, about to be bitten by a vampire. She’s bitten. The vampire sinks his teeth into Maureen’s flesh, and she begins to scream. Then, Maureen grabs the sword that she had, while being bitten, and plunges it backwards into the vampire. The vampire stops biting, and stumbles away from Maureen. Maureen pulls the sword out of the vamps chest and swings it, decapitating the vamp, dusts. Maureen starts breathing heavily, using one hand to hold her wounded neck. The camera now goes back to Carter, Kat, and Asher. They are being beaten up pretty badly. All three are huddled into a corner, scared. Suddenly, one of the vampires stiffens and looks up towards the sky. He starts making weird noises, and everyone stares. The vampire dusts, randomly. Behind that vampire is Maureen, holding her neck with one hand, and pointing at the dusted vampire with the other. She used her magic. There are now only six vampires left. Maureen picks up the sword next to her and tosses it to Kat. Kat swings the sword at one of the vampires, decapitating him. It’s now four against one. The remaining vampire looks scared. It tries to run, but Maureen uses her magic to bring the vampire to the ground. Kat raises the sword and plunges it into the vamps neck. He dusts. Now, only four remain. Meanwhile, Rorri has lost her grip on the vampire she’s fighting. The vampire is coming at her. At the same time, you can see the vampire Spencer was fighting has taken advantage of his clumsiness. The vampire is closing in on him. Spencer musters up the strength to push the vamp off of him, knocking the sword out of the vamps hand. Spencer pulls a stake from his pocket and plunges it into the vamps heart. He dusts. Three left.

          SPENCER: Yeah, I got one!

          Spencer looks to see Rorri about to get eaten by her vampire. Spencer runs over, but is met by the two vampires Maureen left. Rorri uses her remaining power to send the vampire back a bit, and then takes her crossbow to shoot the vampire. He dusts. Spencer is scared as he looks into the eyes of the two remaining vampires.

          RORRI: (O/S) Spence!

          Spencer looks over to see Rorri standing a few feet away from him.

          SPENCER: Rorri! Help!

          Rorri begins to think of what to do, when a fireball suddenly slams into one of the vampire’s chest. That vampire, obviously, dusts. Rorri and Spencer look over to see Kat, Carter, Asher, and Maureen standing across from them, Maureen still holding her neck. Kat just sent a fireball flying at the vamp.

          ASHER: Good shot, honey.

          KAT: Thanks. Only one left, now.

          Kat sends another fireball at the last vampire. He realizes what’s happening and tries to run, but the fireball was too fast. The vampire gets hit and dusts.

          SPENCER: Oh, thank god.

          RORRI: Maureen, your neck!

          MAUREEN: (tired; sick) I’m fine….where’s October?

          They all look over to the October/Melanie fight, if you can call it that. October has beaten Melanie badly, and Melanie is barely fighting. Melanie sends a kick at October, which she easily dodges. October kicks Melanie back.

          OCTOBER: (taking out her stake) It’s time for you to die, bitch.

          MELANIE: You can’t do it.

          OCTOBER: Why not?

          MELANIE: Because I’m better than you.

          OCTOBER: What?

          MELANIE: (laughing) You actually bought that? Sucker!

          Melanie begins running away, and October doesn’t chase her. Maureen walks closer to October, shocked.

          MAUREEN: What the hell are you doing? Why’d you let her go?

          OCTOBER: I didn’t.

          October takes her stake and throws it at the fleeing Melanie. It strikes her in the back. Melanie collapses far from the group, but she doesn’t dust.

          MAUREEN: Looks like your aim isn’t as good as it used to be. Stop being cocky!

          Melanie slowly gets up, far away, and continues running.

          OCTOBER: She’s not a threat anymore. It doesn’t matter.

          MAUREEN: It looks like you made that mistake awhile ago. I thought you were supposed to learn from your mistakes.

          October does not answer. The camera just zooms in on October’s face.

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:


          October, Kat, and Asher step off the elevator and walk down the hall towards their apartments.

          OCTOBER: (sarcastic) This was a fun day.

          KAT: Sure was.

          ASHER: Do you think the book will be safe with Maureen?

          October’s holding her side.

          OCTOBER: Yeah, it’ll be fine.

          KAT: I’m all dirty from covering that damn seal.

          OCTOBER: (laughs) Same here.


          KAT: October, wanna hang out tomorrow?

          OCTOBER: Yeah, let’s go get breakfast.

          KAT: Sound like a plan.

          ASHER: What am I supposed to do?

          KAT: Go to the hospital and get your head stitched up.

          Asher sighs.

          KAT: You thought I forgot, didn’t you?

          ASHER: (bummed) Yeah.

          KAT: Well, I didn’t.

          The three of them stop in front of their doors. Asher and Kat are on the right side of the wall and October’s on the left.

          KAT: Well this is our stop.

          OCTOBER: (smile) Okay, guys, good night.

          ASHER: (cheesy) Good night!

          OCTOBER: (to Asher) Why are you so happy?

          ASHER: I’m getting laid.

          Asher opens their apartment door and goes inside; pulling a laughing Kat inside with him. The door closes behind the couple.

          OCTOBER: (laughing) Wow.

          October turns to unlock her door but is stopped by a meow, coming from behind her. She turns around, and at her feet stands the white cat.

          OCTOBER: Hey, there!

          October kneels down and picks him up.

          OCTOBER: Do you have a home?

          October unlocks her door and disappears into her apartment, carrying the cat.

          CUT TO:


          October is looking over the town that’s lit up by the lights from the houses. She’s holding the white cat and she has a smile across her face. The wind is blowing her long dark hair around.

          OCTOBER (V/O): This is going to be a hell of a year.

          The camera moves off her and into the sky, looking up at the full moon.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE
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            East Wick: 1.01 "The Book of Encrypted Souls" Trivia

            - This is the series premier and I hope you guys enjoyed it!
            - This was an extended episode, due to it’s a series premier.
            - Yes! I got the Cromwell last name from my favorite kid movie: Halloween Town.
            - This is my second series on BuffyForums, hope this one works out.
            - It will be 16 episodes to sum up the season.
            - The actress Danneel Harris plays a character in my old VS, The Demon Slayer. I loved her so much I had to bring her back as a different person. Also I’m brining back Katie Cassidy as Minxie ( her character name in The Demon Slayer) the characters are two different people. I liked the name Minxie a lot, so I decided to keep it.
            - Also The Demon Slayer and East Wick aren’t connected in any way.
            - Originally, the character Melanie (vampire) was suppose to die at the end of this episode. I liked her so much I’m keeping her around.
            - There will be crossover episodes with Riley: The Series, epsiodes down the road. I’m excited for that!
            Well that’s it! I hope you enjoyed!

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            East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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