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  • Shadow Stalker - 3.16 - Coma

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 3.16 ? Coma
    Writer: Alex Goddard aka "Lex"
    Editor and Proof Reader: Alex Hart aka "Alex"

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's original concepts, plot lines and characters. The featuring of his creations in this series is simply for my pleasure and your pleasure as a reader and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters, plot lines and original concepts not affiliated with Joss Whedon belong to me. Season Three of Shadow Stalker starts alongside Season 5 of Angel and is in association with its "sister series", Rogue Redemption by Amber, and other affiliated series such as Chosen by Heather; BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6 by Alex Hart and Haven, which is also by Alex Hart. Enjoy.



    The base is silent. No one knows. The clues are in place.

    Clue Number 1: TRAFFORD ARTAIR, lying in a pool of his own blood after landing on a pipe due to being blasted by pure energy in a spell cast by KAIA THORN. He is lying in one of the corridors near to EA BROGAN'S room, dying.


    Clue Number 2: EA BROGAN, lying paralyzed due to a spell cast by KAIA THORN. He cannot move to give any sign of his status. He may not be dying but he feels as if he is. The only thing that shows motion in him is his stuttered breathing and the tears falling from the corners of his eyes.


    It's slightly later. XAK is still asleep and CHARLIE has fallen asleep next to him. They look peaceful and there's no sound. Suddenly, XAK intakes breath quickly and sits up. His eyes open and his pupils take a while to adjust to the light.

    XAK: Oh god...

    CHARLIE rouses slightly, hearing his voice.

    CHARLIE: (groggy) Xak?

    XAK: It's Kaia...


    KAIA and SIN are stood opposite one another after being reunited, for good. SIN extends a hand.

    SIN: Come. We will proceed now.

    KAIA doesn't hesitate... she moves forward and takes her hand. Why did she do this? How did she get to be in a position where she could take SIN'S hand?


    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

    KAIA: (shouting) I said get out Ea!

    This is the night CATE overdosed. The night where things were "Totally, Metaphysical!"

    BROGAN turns now and leaves, slamming the door behind him.

    KAIA breathes deeply and angrily. She turns and smashes a table of vials and liquid with her good arm; the room shakes with her anger. Then, the sound of a phone ringing on her desk stops her dead in her tracks. She looks to one of the tables. A black cell phone is on the table. She looks at it confused.

    Previously this is all that was known, but not what KAIA THORN did after. What she did would change everything...

    KAIA doesn't know why, but she moves closer to it. She eyes the caller ID. It's anonymous. Her curiosity corrupts her. She knows she must, so she does. She answers it. She places the phone to her ear.

    KAIA: Hello?

    The camera closes in on her confused face until it is all we can see.

    KAIA: (repeating) Hello?

    SIN (O/S): Hello Kaia.


    The camera pulls out to show KAIA is not in the Mystic Lab anymore. She's in the entrance hall of the building in Cropley Shores. The one where KAIA and CHARLIE were chained up... the same building where CONSTANCE was found dead. KAIA turns, surprised, to see SIN stood in the room with her. She gasps.

    KAIA: What the...

    SIN smiles and gestures at the building.

    SIN: What do you think of the new digs? I love it here, there's something about this place that calls to me.

    She breathes softly, calmed by the structure.

    SIN: It calls to me of a great army that will be raised here...

    CONSTANCE (O/S): Kaia!

    KAIA notices CONSTANCE and URSULA tied to a wall behind SIN. KAIA'S eyes widen. CONSTANCE wasn't dead, not yet. KAIA had met SIN before her best friend had died...

    KAIA: Oh my god...

    She begins running towards them put SIN extends her arm and sends KAIA flying backwards and crashing into a wall. KAIA remains suspended on the wall, pinned by SIN'S magic.

    SIN: (angry) Now now. I didn't go to all that teleporting trouble to be treated so nastily. It wasn't easy getting past the base and its pathetic little aquatic defences.

    KAIA: (seething) Let them go...

    SIN: Well seeing as you asked with such bitterness, (upbeat) Ok!

    KAIA raises an eyebrow.

    KAIA: Huh?

    SIN: I will let them go Kaia, in exchange for your affiliation...

    KAIA looks at URSULA and CONSTANCE who look shocked.

    URSULA: Don't listen to a word she says Kaia.

    SIN snaps her head to URSULA.

    SIN: Shut up.

    She turns back to KAIA now.

    SIN: So what do you think?

    KAIA: (incredulous) I think you're insane.

    SIN: It has been known.

    KAIA: Why on earth would I want to join you?

    SIN: Why wouldn't you? Or have I read you completely wrong and you do in fact relish existing in my mother's shadow.

    KAIA looks at her, contemplatively.

    SIN: They don't want you Kaia. They resent your anger and your jealousy. None of them will accept you the way you want them to and they'll never be able to give you what you're truly looking for.

    KAIA: Oh? And what exactly do you know about what I'm looking for?

    SIN: I know you're angry, all the time; it flows from you in waves of scorn. You just need someone to help you vent, and I need someone to stand by my side that has the same animosity for this world as I do.

    KAIA: And that's me and you, I suppose?

    SIN: I can give you everything you're looking for. It's only a matter of days now before my endgame is complete and then it's only a matter of weeks before everyone in this world will be bowing at my feet.

    KAIA is silent now.

    SIN: It doesn't take a genius to figure you're tired of being the Syndicate bitch and the scapegoat of everyone's boring problems, so that's why I'm giving you, Kaia, this once in a lifetime opportunity: to be my highest disciple and general to my army.

    She motions to URSULA and CONSTANCE.

    SIN: I had hoped that either one of them would be willing to accept my offer, what with them being the strongest in your little group. Unfortunately, they're too stuck in their ways... You're my girl sweetie; they're just the bargaining chip now.

    KAIA can't believe what she's hearing.

    KAIA: They're good people, that's why.

    SIN: Exactly, which is why I think everyone will agree you're more suited to the position; someone who has a darkness in them that's just waiting to be released.

    CONSTANCE scowls as she begins struggling against her restraints. URSULA notices and keeps quiet.

    KAIA (O/S): I could never hurt them.

    The camera cuts back to SIN and KAIA now.

    SIN: We're all capable of hurting people Kaia. You've done it before. Or have you forgotten? I mean you knew it would destroy my mother to act the way you did with my father... And that is exactly why you did it. I have to say for someone with a soul, that's impressive.

    KAIA looks down, away from SIN'S penetrating eyes. SIN moves closer to her now.

    SIN: You've already proved you can destroy these people without my assistance; just imagine what you can do with it.

    KAIA: How do you know what-

    SIN: (cutting her off) I only know what I can see in your eyes.

    KAIA: (shaking her head) I don't care what you can see. I have regretted my actions ever since that day.

    SIN bursts out laughing.

    SIN: Ha! Regret? It's just a mere fault of your human making my dear. Trust me; it gets easier to ignore it...

    CONSTANCE becomes free now and she disappears. SIN doesn't see.

    SIN: ...and with my help Kaia, I can show you just how intoxicating and free it can be to forget your humanity.

    CONSTANCE appears in front of SIN.

    CONSTANCE: I'll never let you take that from her...

    She goes to throw a punch at SIN'S face. She was foolish to try. SIN instantly grabs CONSTANCE'S head and twists it around so it faces KAIA. The snap of CONSTANCE'S neck echoes around the room. KAIA and URSULA scream at the sight, horrified. CONSTANCE'S body falls to the floor, a crumpled, lifeless heap. This was how she died.

    KAIA: (barely whispering) Oh god...

    SIN glares at her corpse maniacally, breathing heavily. She then looks up to KAIA.

    SIN: See?

    URSULA: (crying) You bitch...

    SIN turns to her now, and rushes towards her. She grabs URSULA by her hair and rips her from her restraints causing URSULA'S wrists to bleed. She weeps in pain and sorrow. KAIA is sickened at the sight and looks away, helplessly still stuck to the wall, a fly in SIN'S web. SIN now lifts URSULA off the ground by her neck. URSULA begins choking. The sound of it causes KAIA to turn her head. She sees what is happening.

    KAIA: (crying) No...

    SIN: Agree to join me Kaia and this one will not end the same way as your best friend.

    KAIA looks clearly torn as she looks from SIN'S angry face to the life that is slowly being squeezed from URSULA'S being. A thousand thoughts run through KAIA'S mind. Everything that had been done to her, everyone who had wronged her. All the people who loved her, or claimed devotion to her. All the people who had left her, all the people who had died around her...

    KAIA: (shouting) Stop!

    SIN looks at her.

    KAIA: (gasping) I'll do it!

    URSULA looks at her in disbelief.

    KAIA: (quieter) I'll do it... Just please, let her go...

    SIN smiles and throws URSULA to the floor and she gasps to life once again. URSULA scrambles to CONSTANCE'S corpse and clutches it lovingly, her tears soaking the dead skin of her prot?g?e. SIN releases KAIA from her mystical grasp and she falls to the floor. She lands on her feet but she kneels and remains looking at the floor in disbelief. URSULA looks to KAIA, angrily.

    URSULA: (quietly) You stupid girl. What have you done...

    KAIA looks at her tearful.

    KAIA: What I had to do. (almost silently) What I had to do...

    SIN moves towards KAIA now and holds out a hand.

    SIN: Come...

    KAIA looks to her and then her hand. She closes her eyes and holds out a hand. SIN raises her to her feet. SIN and KAIA now walk away from URSULA and CONSTANCE, leaving them alone in the room. They leave.


    We now see SIN and KAIA walking down a corridor that has only one door at the end of it. KAIA stares ahead blankly, her face wet with tears.

    SIN: The hard part is over.

    KAIA: (quietly) It hurts.

    SIN: (without emotion) I thought it would. It does at first, but it will show you the way, just as it showed me.

    KAIA: What do you mean?

    SIN: This...

    Reaching the door, SIN opens it.


    KAIA looks inside and what she sees soothes her. Something that will make everything she's agreed to do... just that bit easier. It's the room that CHARLIE and KAIA had found when they were kidnapped. There was a reason CHARLIE didn't recognise it; she had never seen The Black Room in Wolfram and Hart. This was SIN'S own Black Room. It's in the early developmental stages... but it is beginning to take form. She looks at it hopefully.

    SIN (O/S): I take it you're familiar with what Wolfram and Hart did to me?

    The camera cuts to KAIA who is looking at the machine.

    KAIA: I saw pictures from the research we did into it. (realising) But, my humanity...

    SIN: It will be but a dull memory to you, as I promised.

    KAIA'S lip quivers in fear and sadness.

    SIN: Kaia. This is the only way a girl like you can live from now on. You may be a natural at times but your soul will hold you back when the time comes.

    KAIA looks down.

    KAIA: (quietly) When will it be ready?

    SIN: Soon. It requires great amounts of magic but luckily we've got enough power between us to make this your reality.

    KAIA looks at the foundations of the machine before her.

    KAIA: You knew for a long time I would agree didn't you? You wouldn't have built this otherwise...

    SIN nods.

    SIN: Of course. Now, once you accept my power Kaia the sooner you will be at ease, believe me.

    SIN turns to her now.

    SIN: If I do this for you Kaia, I expect something in return. Your trust in the Syndicate and my father's faction needs to be secured. They mustn't suspect you.

    KAIA looks to her as well now. She feels repulsed at what she sees: a murderer, a kidnapper, a heartless creature and the only thing that can save her.

    KAIA: What would you like me to do?

    SIN: I will do my part to distract them from finding us and from suspecting you, but what I require is beyond cooperation with that. This is more personal.

    KAIA looks at her expectantly.

    SIN: Seduce Ea Brogan. He is well respected by my father's group and by promoting feelings for him they, and the Syndicate, will not deem you a threat or a negative influence any longer.

    The camera closes in on KAIA as she considers this.

    SIN (O/S): With Ea beneath your sheets, you will be free to relay all their plans to me until my time comes, and in return I will give you the world.

    KAIA: Why?

    SIN: I don't just want this world Kaia... I want them all. I need someone capable to rule with absolute power. I need you, here, to rule.

    KAIA: But Ea...

    SIN: I was not asking you politely Kaia. I was telling you. Now, I will contact you via the phone you answered. When you pick up you will instantly be transported here so be sure to answer the phone alone. Never risk contacting me. Oh and if you dare go back on your word... Ursula dies...

    KAIA looks away now. Even if she wanted to, it was too late to think. It was too late for KAIA. SIN walks away now and doesn't look back.

    SIN: I shall allow you a moment to grieve. After all, soon... you won't remember how to.

    KAIA just stares blankly ahead, constantly swallowing and blinking to fight back the tears. She sees a seat placed oddly near the edge of the room. She moves towards it and sits on it. As soon as she sits down on the chair she is not in Cropley Shores anymore.


    She's back in the Mystic Lab... where everything was normal and it all seemed like a nightmare.

    KAIA is sat at her desk, her back to the door. She is staring into blank space and barely even registers BROGAN entering the room from behind.

    BROGAN: I just thought you'd wanna know that Cate is back. She's in the Medical Ward so I brought you some painkillers...

    He places them on the side.

    BROGAN: ...I figured you wouldn't really want to see her.

    She remains silent but it's clear she is listening. He looks beat at the lack of response.

    BROGAN: I'll see you around...

    He turns and goes to leave, but KAIA stands and turns.

    KAIA: Ea, wait.

    He stops and looks back at her. She wants to tell him everything but she couldn't. She wasn't that person anymore.

    KAIA: (softly) I'm a bitch. I know I'm a bitch. I take things to heart and I blame everyone else for anything bad.

    She walks towards him.

    KAIA: But you don't give up on me. Ever.

    She takes the pills from the side, and looks at them touched. She smiles at him. Then leans forward and kisses him on his cheek.

    KAIA: I just wanted to thank you.

    BROGAN looks thrown and completely baffled.

    BROGAN: Uh, no problem...

    She smiles and turns back to the Mystic Lab and walks towards the desk to take her pills. BROGAN watches her for a second and then turns and walks back into the corridor. This time, the camera stays on KAIA. She doesn't let herself cry. She moves to the desk and holds on to it, breathing heavily, repeating over and over in her mind that what she did... and what she was going to do... was for the best.



    As the screen remains black for a moment, a moon begins to fade into view and then the words in bright white?SHADOW STALKER. They fade as quickly as they appeared.

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    The colours on the screen return to normal. XAK is still in bed looking shocked at his guess. CHARLIE looks at him confused and wary.

    CHARLIE: Xak... are you ok?

    XAK: I'm fine... it's all so clear now. It's Kaia...

    CHARLIE: (quietly, nervous) What do you mean? Are you sure it's not the toxin talking? It's strong and it's ok if you haven't beaten it, yet I mean... We can sort it...

    XAK: No Charlie, you don't understand. My father told me.

    CHARLIE: (shocked) Your father?

    XAK: My birth father. I think he died when I was born, I guess I was responsible for his death as well.

    She looks at him blankly, sighing.

    XAK: Look I know it sound crazy but he broke me out of the toxin, because he's the link between the guilt and the secrets. He told me we had a traitor in the ranks and that knowing who it was would erase the toxin completely.

    CHARLIE: And you think this traitor is Kaia? You're sure?

    XAK: (certain) Charlie, I'm toxin free. I don't feel angry and I don't see dead people, it has to be her. As soon as I thought her name as possibility, I woke up. It's Kaia.

    CHARLIE looks around the room, worried.

    XAK: (sighing) You don't believe me...

    CHARLIE: Xak, of all people in this base, I understand. I believe you.

    XAK: You do?

    CHARLIE: Of course, my dad did the same with Dante, remember? He was right about that.

    XAK nods remembering.

    CHARLIE: So, yeah it sounds insane and it's hard to believe she'd do something like this, but screw it. I say we give your dad the same benefit of the doubt you all gave mine.

    XAK nods thankfully.

    XAK: Come on, we need to find her...

    He jumps out of bed, moving towards the door. He swallows, devastated.

    XAK: (incredulous) I can't believe this is happening.

    CHARLIE frowns and they both hurry out the door.


    XAK and CHARLIE are now running down one of the corridors and they don't run for long. They stop, horrified by what they see.

    CHARLIE: Oh my god...

    XAK: Trafford.

    They rush forward and see him lying on the floor. XAK kneels down by his side.

    CHARLIE: Xak is he alive?

    XAK: Barely.

    CHARLIE looks and sees an alarm on the wall nearby. She rushes to it and elbows the glass. Instantly a siren wails throughout the corridors.

    Soon the sound of footsteps floods the corridor too; barely noticeable over the sirens.

    CHARLIE: (shouting) Xak! Go check on Ea, we'll help Trafford.

    XAK nods and rushes to his friend's room, scared of what he's going to find when he gets there.


    XAK rushes into the room and stops when he sees BROGAN lying motionless. His eyes open. He covers his mouth... fearing the worst.

    XAK: God no...

    BROGAN (quietly, muffled) Xak...

    XAK looks at him surprised. He walks over slowly and looks down. He realises instantly what's happened.

    XAK: Kaia did this, didn't she?

    BROGAN silently gulps.

    BROGAN: (quietly, muffled) She's not one of us anymore... is she?

    XAK slumps down against the wall as the sound of footsteps approach BROGAN'S room.


    The door to one of the corridors in one of the buildings open and SIN and KAIA emerge into it. They look at one another before closing the door behind them and proceeding down it, together.


    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. SIN stands now. She glares angrily at the moon and its normal glow. This is the night SIN exposed LANCE'S deepest secret...

    SIN: That was so not cool...

    A phone rings. Her head darts to the side. A cell phone is ringing near to where URSULA is situated. URSULA'S eyes widen.

    URSULA: Please... Don't answer. Don't speak to her...

    SIN ignores her and storms over to the phone.

    URSULA: (helplessly upset) Please...

    SIN: Shut it grandma...

    She reaches down and picks up the phone. She answers it and puts the phone to her ear.

    SIN: (to the person on the other end) I thought it made it explicitly clear. Never. Never ring me. You better be on a secure line...


    KAIA has a sheet wrapped around her and she is sat on the bathroom floor. She has a phone to her ear, the phone SIN uses to contact her.

    KAIA: I know... I know you said to not contact you. I just wanted you to know...

    It was never SOFIA. It was KAIA. She opens the door slightly and sees BROGAN lying naked in soft focus in the background. Fast asleep.

    KAIA: It's done.

    SIN (O/S): (on the phone) That's my girl. When you return, I want daily reports on their plans ? I must keep ahead of them for my ascension to proceed without difficulty.

    KAIA looks resolute and sterner.

    KAIA: Fine...

    She pauses.

    KAIA: But, now I have done this, I want something in return.

    SIN (O/S): (on the phone) You're daring to ask me of favours?

    KAIA: (desperately) I know you need me. You wouldn't have risked everything by summoning me, so I think you'll grant me one more favour. Besides, it's a favour which benefits you...

    SIN hesitates.

    SIN (O/S): (on the phone) What is it you request?

    KAIA: Despite what you may think, Constance meant a lot to me. I want her body returned to the Syndicate. She deserves a respectable burial.

    SIN (O/S): (on the phone, infuriated) Kaia. This is your humanity speaking; this is not the woman I need.

    KAIA: Well until it's taken from me, I won't fully be that woman. Besides what I want to propose will prove to you my worth as well as solving the now obvious problem that Ea and I have just discovered your location through the consult with The Oracle.

    SIN pauses.

    SIN (O/S): (on the phone) I'm intrigued... How do you propose to do all of this, without raising suspicion?

    KAIA looks ahead.

    KAIA: I have an idea. An idea I'm sure you'll find hard to object...

    The old ball and chain.


    The colours on the screen return to normal as we scan around the Medical Ward. XAK and CHARLIE are stood near BROGAN who is sitting on one of the beds, cured of paralysis. SEPHY and ECHIDNA are stood nearby, silently watching as ELISE heals TRAFFORD'S wounds. He's unconscious but CATE holds his hand, looking at his face. SHELTER and SOFIA sit on one of the beds nearby, sombre. DANTE and LANCE are not there.

    ELISE stops healing him and turns to SEPHY.

    ELISE: (signing) I've done all I can... The wound is closed but there'll be more damage...

    SEPHY: (smiling weakly, signing) You've done well.

    CATE looks at SEPHY.

    CATE: (quietly) Is he going to be ok?

    SEPHY: I think so, thanks to his sister...

    CATE nods and looks back to him. There is another pause where no one talks. CHARLIE looks around the room at everyone, dumbstruck.

    CHARLIE: I can't believe this...

    XAK and BROGAN look down.

    SOFIA: We still don't know what happened, right?

    SEPHY: We know she paralysed Ea, then it's probable she attacked Trafford. But with security down, it's hard to know for sure.

    ECHIDNA: (to BROGAN) What did she say to you? Before hand?

    BROGAN snaps his head to her.

    BROGAN: Does it matter? She's screwed us over.

    SEPHY: Ea...

    BROGAN: We all don't want to say it but it's true. She nearly killed Trafford and she's probably chilling her heels with Sin right now, laughing about how stupid we all are.

    SEPHY: Ea, we weren't to know. There were no signs...

    CHARLIE: There was one.

    Everyone looks at her, expectantly.

    CHARLIE: The kidnapping.

    Everyone shows mixed thoughts about the suggestion.

    CHARLIE: Look, I knew something was wrong about the whole thing but she did a good job convincing us that the reason behind the weirdness was as simple as Sin messing with our heads and her not banking on us escaping.

    CATE: But if what you're saying is true, then that would mean that she knew about Constance...

    CHARLIE: Or worse...

    BROGAN jumps out of his bed now and walks towards the door.

    BROGAN: I can't listen to this.

    CHARLIE looks down as he opens the door and vacates the room, leaves a wave of anger in his wake.

    ECHIDNA rushes after him, worried.

    SOFIA jumps off the bed and walks towards the door also.

    SOFIA: I'm gonna go "look" for Dante and Lance. Make sure they're ok...

    SEPHY: Fine, but Sofia... we need the Intelligence Unit up and running now. If what's being speculated has truth in it, then we need to know what Kaia's been up to these past months and we need to know now...

    SOFIA: Of course. I'll get the boys to help me.

    She leaves, scowling, knowing they're fine and knowing exactly what they're doing. As SOFIA leaves, there is a further pause where CATE and SEPHY exchange a brief look of optimism that there is a reasonable explanation behind all of this. Then the camera turns to XAK and CHARLIE. She doesn't ask him or say anything to him. She knows he wouldn't answer her and she knows she can't do or say anything that would help. No one could do anything. XAK stares ahead in shock of the optimism, the accusations, the silence and the weak solutions.

    The room was full of shock and although it had plunged the occupants of the room into a sense of futility and silence, it was obvious what was running through their minds: "Did she do this?" "What if we're wrong?" "Did she kill her best friend" "What do we do now?" "Why is this happening?" "But it can't be right."

    "She was our friend..."


    KAIA and SIN continue down the corridor. A door in the distance calls to the former.


    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. KAIA and CHARLIE are stood opposite one another with their arms folded, both resolute and defiant.

    KAIA: You're always going to hate me aren't you?

    The night of the kidnapping.

    CHARLIE: (sarcastically) Sorry Kaia, I guess I missed the memo that stated you and I were BFFs.

    KAIA: You know when Ea came to me earlier I was actually convinced for a second we'd get on for their sakes.

    CHARLIE: Don't put them in the middle. Don't you dare... What I feel against you will not just fade because you're having whatever kind of relationship with Ea, and you're deluding yourself if you think that'll happen for you too...

    KAIA looks away now.

    CHARLIE: I can't just forget the way you acted with Xak and I certainly can't just forgive and move on just because we were asked...

    KAIA: (shocked) Charlie!

    CHARLIE: (annoyed) What?

    KAIA motions to the monitors. She's seen something. CHARLIE looks now and her eyes widen.

    CHARLIE: Oh my god... is that...

    KAIA nods.

    This is all that could be remembered of the kidnapping. But there was so much more...

    KAIA: It's Ursula.

    We can now see the monitor. URSULA is wandering aimlessly outside on the docks. She looks troubled and lost. She's bleeding from her neck.

    CHARLIE moves away from the monitors and KAIA follows.

    KAIA: Where are you going?

    CHARLIE: To get the others. They have to know.

    KAIA: (convincing) There's no time Charlie! She could be dying out there... come on!

    CHARLIE doesn't look happy about KAIA'S idea.

    CHARLIE: Fine. We'll do this your way...

    With this, both of them hurry out of the Intelligence Unit.


    CHARLIE and KAIA emerge from the stairway, KAIA looking around frantically.

    KAIA: (shouting) Ursula! Are you here?!

    CHARLIE: Kaia shut up. We don't know what's out here...

    KAIA: Ursula is out here Charlie, and she's hurt. You saw what I saw!

    CHARLIE: Don't you think it's slightly odd that Ursula turns up out of the blue after being held hostage for no reason?

    KAIA looks hurt now.

    KAIA: No, I consider it a blessing. In case you haven't noticed, it's rare we get them...

    CHARLIE doesn't answer now.

    KAIA: I'm gonna check over here.

    She moves away behind a container leaving CHARLIE near the entrance.

    CHARLIE: Don't go far. (under her breath) But if you do, don't hurry back.

    She rolls her eyes but her sarcasm is cut short when she hears the voice.

    URSULA (O/S): Charlie... Is that you?

    CHARLIE looks around to see URSULA stumbling towards her. She's in shock. She can't believe it's her.

    CHARLIE: Ursula. My god... Are you ok?

    URSULA: It hurts...

    CHARLIE moves towards her.

    CHARLIE: It's gonna be ok, I promise. Let's get you inside.

    As she moves to URSULA she can see in the background KAIA is lying on the floor, unconscious. Her eyes widen.

    CHARLIE: Ursula. Get inside, quick!

    She goes to grab URSULA'S arm but CHARLIE'S hand passes straight through her. It's not URSULA. It's a mirage. In that instant she realises... SIN'S here. Before she has time to do anything, she is hit over the head. She falls to the floor. Her daughter stands behind her with a plank of wood in her hand. SIN looks at CHARLIE. She's unconscious. The image of URSULA fades and SIN looks over to KAIA.

    SIN: It's done Kaia.

    KAIA stands now. She wasn't unconscious, she was faking. KAIA moves over to CHARLIE and SIN and looks down at CHARLIE on the floor.

    KAIA: And the security?

    SIN: I've completely fried their systems. It would take weeks for them to even begin to know what the problem was. They won't have a clue what's going on or how to fix it.

    KAIA nods, shivering slightly at the line she's crossed and how she can't see it anymore. The ease of the situation allowed a part of her to enjoy this. She looks up now to SIN.

    SIN: After this there are to be no more requests. I will do as you ask, but you must do as I say without fail from this night onwards.

    KAIA nods.

    KAIA: Just make it look convincing.

    SIN: Oh I shall.

    KAIA: And the second we escape, you'll move the building?

    SIN: Indeed, and with their Intelligence Unit down, they won't stand a chance in finding us.

    KAIA: Good, that'll give us more time.

    SIN smiles at her.

    SIN: I have to say, you're adapting well.

    KAIA: This isn't about being evil.

    She sighs.

    KAIA: This is about returning Constance to those who love her. It's what is right.

    SIN: Who are you trying to convince? Me, or you?

    KAIA is silent now.

    SIN: That's what I thought. You can tell yourself that this is justice for your friend, but the second you aligned yourself with her murderer, this stopped being an admirable act.

    KAIA looks at her blankly, a sinking feeling seeping from her.

    SIN: (continuing) And the second you introduced my mother into this plan, it stopped being about what's right. This is an old evil Kaia, this is revenge.

    KAIA looks at her resilient, but SIN doesn't hesitate any longer. She hits KAIA over the head with the plank to knock her out. KAIA falls to the floor willingly and SIN picks both of the women up with ease and begins walking away to re-enact the dreaded kidnapping.


    As the light dies down and the colours return to normal, we pan around the Mystic Lab. It's empty and everything looks tidy. The door has been torn kicked in, clearly locked previously. BROGAN is stood in the centre of the room, looking around. ECHIDNA enters.

    ECHIDNA: Ea...

    He doesn't turn around.

    BROGAN: She could have least pretended she was doing this spell. This is just... ridiculous. She hasn't been helping at all.

    ECHIDNA: Perhaps Sephy is correct. Once we have more proof...

    He turns to look at her now.

    BROGAN: What more proof do we need? I mean the clues are few and far between but they all point to the same thing...

    Tears well in his eyes.

    BROGAN: She did this... And I don't know how she could...

    ECHIDNA goes to speak but she cannot say anything.

    Such is the power of betrayal... Goddesses are silenced.




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      ACT TWO


      KAIA looks at the door she's approaching intently. So close now.


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. KAIA feels a vibration in her pocket. It's the phone. While everyone is busy moving back towards the car, she moves quickly behind a crypt and pulls the phone out, answering it.

      KAIA: (angry) What are you doing calling me here?

      SIN (O/S): (on the phone, ignoring her) Well done Kaia. Your plan worked perfectly. I'm impressed. Finally a disciple with brains behind the power. Black wouldn't be fit to look at your shadow, let alone walk in it.

      KAIA sighs.

      KAIA: It's weird. I thought it would be hard to lie, to hurt them... but...

      SIN (O/S): (on the phone, finishing KAIA'S sentence) Knowing you got away with it is half the fun? You forget, I know how you think.

      KAIA: Why are you calling?

      SIN (O/S): (on the phone) I've managed to cloak the building housing your Black Room using an old trick I inherited from my grandfather.

      KAIA nods, figuring.

      KAIA: Rack.

      SIN (O/S): (on the phone) Quite, my father will not be able to find us, even if he wished to. But, we have a problem.

      KAIA: What is it?

      SIN (O/S): (on the phone) I was hoping the spell on the moon would last longer and that Lance would be a more permanent distraction to them, allowing us to continue with our work. Unfortunately, love prevailed.

      KAIA: (worried) What are you saying?

      SIN (O/S): (on the phone) I do not have time to power The Black Room and further my original, more important, plans.

      KAIA'S eyes widen.

      SIN (O/S): (on the phone) I'm afraid we must continue with your humanity intact.

      KAIA: (whispering, panicked) But you promised! I can't do this with it...

      SIN (O/S): (on the phone) There is no more time.

      KAIA: Look, I'll buy more time. Please. Leave it to me...

      There is a pause.

      KAIA: Sin, please... I am torn in two at the moment. I'm living a double life but a time will come where I'll only have one and I need to know I can cope with that. The life I've chosen to live is with you and I've dealt with that. But I need this Sin. I need to know I can live that life without regrets, doubt or guilt. I need this.

      There is another pause.

      SIN (O/S): (on the phone) Very well. Destroying your own humanity is your own project from this moment forward. But, if this distracts you from your reports to me Kaia then I will end the project. Understood?

      KAIA sighs, relieved.

      KAIA: Ok...

      SIN (O/S): (on the phone) Good. You don't have long though Kaia because if my estimations are correct, I will need you ready soon...

      KAIA nods to herself.

      KAIA: I won't let you down. I promise.


      The colours return as we pass up the bed in the spare room. DANTE is lying under the covers, on his back and LANCE is lying in his arms. They both look in complete serenity.

      DANTE: How is it that this room is better than ours?

      LANCE laughs.

      LANCE: I dunno.

      He looks troubled.

      LANCE: Are you still sure?

      DANTE: Will you shut up. You'd think what we just did would have given you some sort of clarity about the situation.

      LANCE looks at him.

      LANCE: Yeah?

      DANTE: Yes. So shut up, ok?

      LANCE nods.

      LANCE: Ok.

      He cranes his neck slightly to kiss DANTE softly. The door opens. SOFIA looks at them both. She has to look away.

      DANTE: God...

      DANTE and LANCE look awkward. They don't know whether to move, but feel that they shouldn't.

      DANTE: Sofia, I'm sorry.

      SOFIA: Don't. Don't apologise. You made your choice, it's fine.

      LANCE: You sure? I don't want to...

      SOFIA: (cutting him off) You should come now, both of you. Didn't you hear the alarm?

      DANTE: I guess we got caught in the moment...

      LANCE looks down.

      SOFIA: (quietly) I see.

      LANCE: Has something happened?

      SOFIA: Yes. Kaia attacked Trafford and Ea.

      DANTE: Are they ok?

      SOFIA: Just get to the Intelligence Unit, the others will explain. I just need to get something from my room.

      She looks at them and then away.

      SOFIA: I'll let you get dressed...

      She leaves now. DANTE looks to LANCE and LANCE reciprocates.


      As KAIA and SIN approach the door, KAIA overtakes her mistress and grabs the door handle.


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. XAK, CHARLIE, CATE, KAIA, TRAFFORD and ECHIDNA are all stood in the Meeting Room in the aftermath of the funeral. This is the day MACIE COOMBS was exposed as CORINNE LA FAME. It was also the day KAIA offered the group a solution. Everyone looks contemplative at what KAIA is telling them.

      XAK: When you say missing?

      KAIA: I mean it's gone, just like we saw. One minute there was a building there, and I know that much from being held captive inside it, the next... nothing.

      ECHIDNA: What about a locator spell?

      KAIA: First thing I tried. Any trace of Sin, Ursula or that building is gone.

      ECHIDNA: (doubtful) Are you positive?

      This is the first time anyone's doubted KAIA. She looks uneasy but then...

      CHARLIE: Echidna, have some faith...

      She smiles weakly at KAIA ? they'd been through a lot the other day. KAIA is touched by her affirmation, or so she lets CHARLIE believe.

      ECHIDNA: How can you be so sure?

      CHARLIE: Because I think Kaia and I are on the same wavelength about this.

      KAIA nods.

      KAIA: The building is gone, but it's still there somewhere... we just can't see it.

      CHARLIE clearly agrees with this theory.

      XAK: What do you think has happened to it then? It's hiding?

      Then he figures...

      XAK: Oh... It's hiding.

      CHARLIE nods. KAIA hesitates, knowing that her suggestion could cause suspicion but she was clutching at straws for more time...

      KAIA: I think it's possible Sin could be using Rack's tricks against us; his magic abilities would already be instilled into her via blood.

      CHARLIE (O/S): It makes sense.

      CHARLIE looks to be considering something. She looks at all of them glum.

      CHARLIE: (continuing) I don't think she actually banked on either Kaia or I escaping.

      They look at her.

      CHARLIE: I think it was all some kind of sick joke to get us hopeful... this could be her contingency plan.

      Everyone looks glum at this thought, except KAIA. She'd done well to convince them.

      TRAFFORD: (trying to remain hopeful) Ok, so how do we go about finding her now she's untraceable?

      KAIA: Well I have a suggestion...

      Everyone looks at her.

      KAIA: I forgot about it until yesterday, until Sephy said something.

      XAK: Forgot about what?

      KAIA: (lying) There's a spell I've been working on. It's a tough one to get right but with the right amount of concentration and channelling I think it could work.

      CHARLIE: A spell?

      KAIA nods.

      KAIA: It's a spell Ursula and I were working on when we came here. It would literally lift the veil from a property and reveal its true location.

      XAK: Why would you and Ursula have been working on a spell like that?

      KAIA: Rack's home was a danger at times, we could see that. We thought if you needed us, if something were to happen then we could find you quicker. Of course, the one time you did... we were too late; we hadn't mastered the spell in time.

      CHARLIE smiles weakly, touched at the thought. CHARLIE eyes KAIA, she'd read her completely wrong when she first met her... First impressions aren't everything in their world.

      ECHIDNA: It does sound like an admirable plan. I will inform Persephone of its imminence once she is finished researching with the young Artair girl.

      XAK nods and he looks to CHARLIE who looks back at him, both of them desperately searching for that one answer that will click into place, just where it should. This could help.

      He turns to his wife.

      XAK: Do it. We need to take anything we can, but are you sure you can handle it?

      KAIA: Yeah I need to do this. I can't stand watching Ea the way he is. I don't care how hard and deep the magic is. I'll find it...

      XAK: Well if it helps, I will see to it that no one disturbs you when you are working.

      KAIA smiles, glad to be helping. Glad to be keeping her mind off things.

      KAIA: Thanks.

      She turns and leaves the room. XAK watches her.


      KAIA is walking down a corridor when XAK rushes to catch her up.

      XAK: Kaia, wait...

      KAIA stops and turns back to him.

      XAK: I haven't had a chance to thank you.

      KAIA: (awkward) You have no reason to thank me.

      XAK: You could have just given up when you saw Constance, but you didn't. You kept going, for Charlie. I appreciate that.

      KAIA looks down. She feels the vibration in her pocket. Her husband's daughter wanted her...

      KAIA: I won't lie, it wasn't easy. But I just had to do what anyone of you would have done in my situation...

      XAK: Well, I appreciate it. It makes me believe we can be friends.

      KAIA: Yeah, maybe one day.

      She avoids eye contact with him as she turns and leaves.

      XAK: Hey...

      She turns again and looks to him.

      XAK: Brogan will be fine, he's strong. He's got us...

      KAIA pauses.

      KAIA: (quietly) And what about the rest of us?

      He looks at her and thinks about what she's just said.

      XAK: Maybe one day.

      She nods, finding it difficult. She turns and leaves and XAK watches her before turning back himself.


      KAIA hurries into the room. She'd got her wish: isolation and time to work on her project. Not the spell though, the eradication of her humanity. She reaches into her pocket, feeling the vibration of the phone offering solace. She opens the phone and she barely gets a time to blink before she looks around to see where she is...


      The Black Room. The machine is the same as it was last time. She looks at it hopefully.

      SIN (O/S): How long do you have?

      KAIA turns to see SIN stood by the doorway.

      KAIA: Long enough. I came up with an excuse: they think I'm working on a spell to locate this building. They're clutching at straws so they practically gave me twenty four hour isolation to work on it. No one will suspect a thing.

      SIN smiles.

      SIN: Risky, conjuring a plan so close to the truth; but then I always revelled in danger. Anything else I should know?

      KAIA: Sephy seems to be looking into a secret of Ursula's...

      SIN: How pointless of her. It will reveal nothing that will endanger me. Anything else?

      KAIA doesn't see fit to mention about MACIE. How could a dead business woman be a threat?

      KAIA: No, nothing.

      KAIA looks around, knowing that the machine was close to completion. Her sense of solace in this fact allowed her to warm to her double life; lying had become second nature to her. She was already beginning to forget about the reasoning behind her entering into this deal. CONSTANCE was becoming a distant memory. Evil was encroaching and it had formed deep roots in KAIA.

      KAIA: So come on, where are we? We're clearly not east side, isn't it night here?

      SIN nods.

      SIN: The location of this building is ever changing and it will be until the time comes. That time is close.

      KAIA: Then I better get to work on that machine.

      KAIA turns to the machine, her magic pumped ready to explode. Evil may be encroaching but it had not corrupted her fully. Not yet. She couldn't deny the humanity left in her. She needed it to go. Now.

      SIN (O/S): Wait...

      KAIA turns to SIN as she walks towards another door in the room.

      SIN: Before you start your work, I thought you'd like to meet your army.

      KAIA: My army?

      SIN: You'd forgotten our deal?

      KAIA: I think it's fair to say I've had other things on my mind...

      SIN: Every General needs an army Kaia. What would I really be without one? I promised you power and with my devotion to domination being absolute once again, I have managed to bring it to you. I may be an evil psychotic bitch but I'm a woman of my word.

      She motions to the door.

      SIN: I've spent all day locating them and raising them. It was difficult, and I had to combine Ursula's power with mine to raise them, but now my dear, through this door, is all the power you'll ever need.

      The camera closes in on KAIA who looks at the door, swamped with curiosity. What could be powerful enough that SIN couldn't raise alone

      SIN (O/S): So, would you like to see?

      KAIA: I think I'll just get to work...

      SIN pauses and looks at KAIA, wondering.

      SIN: Very well...

      She walks away now, out into the corridor.

      SIN: But you cannot deny that the contents of that room is your destiny now Kaia. I have given you that.

      KAIA looks at the door again and then looks at the apparatus in front of her.

      KAIA: You're right, and I know I have to accept that. But right now, I need this more. They can wait...

      SIN nods and walks away. KAIA watches her leave and then turns, blasting the machine with all the energy she can muster.


      The colours return to the screen as we pan around SOFIA'S room. She has her phone to her ear. She looks angry.

      SOFIA: I can't talk for long, they think I'm getting something to help fix the Intelligence Unit.

      SUITED GENTLEMAN (O/S): (on the phone) Sofia, this is pointless. We need you to bring him in.

      SOFIA: (sighing) I know, but we've run into some problems. Something's happened...

      SUITED GENTLEMAN (O/S): (on the phone) Kaia Thorn's deceit? We're already aware...

      SOFIA: (quietly) So it's true.

      SUITED GENTLEMAN (O/S): (on the phone) Yes, which is why we need Dante now.

      SOFIA: I know you do. I understand.

      SUITED GENTLEMAN (O/S): (on the phone) Good. Call when you have him. The team are nearby.

      The sound of a dial tone sounds as he hangs up. She looks at her phone and then closes it. She rushes to her wardrobe, takes out some jeans, a vest and a zip through hooded jumper. She takes her clothes off until she is in her underwear. She pulls on the jeans, then the vest and then the zip through hooded jumper. She looks at her chest of drawers and walks to it. She reaches inside and takes out the gun. She puts the gun in the back of her jeans, covering it with the cushioned jumper. She sighs with what she is about to do tonight but knows she must. She goes back to her wardrobe and pulls out a box of old mechanical equipment buried deep. She picks it up and walks towards the door. The gun isn't noticeable. Like her motive, it is hidden.


      DANTE and LANCE are sat at two of the computers, trying to get them back online. They're not succeeding. CHARLIE and SHELTER are stood with SEPHY nearby, trying to help also with the motherboard.

      LANCE: (whispering to DANTE) I feel bad.

      DANTE: We weren't to know.

      LANCE: I know...

      DANTE: You don't regret it do you? What we did?

      LANCE smiles.

      LANCE: Weren't you just reassuring me of this exact same thing?

      DANTE blushes slightly, nervous around him.

      LANCE: No. No I don't regret you.

      He places his hand on DANTE.

      LANCE: How could I regret that?

      DANTE looks at his new man in wonder.

      The door kicks open and SOFIA enters. SEPHY looks to her, drawn to the box.

      SEPHY: What's that?

      SOFIA: Some of the old equipment that Constance replaced and upgraded. She asked me to hold on to the old stuff just in case it was of any use. I didn't think it would be of any use but if it can help I thought I could...

      SEPHY: (quickly) Do it.


      The door to The Black Room opens and KAIA and SIN enter. They both look at the machine, KAIA particularly. It is finished. It looks almost exactly like the one in Wolfram and Hart, but not nearly as stable and not nearly as perfect. Her head turns to the side to see URSULA sitting in shackles next to a wall. She glares deeply at KAIA.


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. KAIA is using some powerful magic to construct her solace. Parts of the machine are levitating while she contains a dark energy field around it. On the floor, by the wall is URSULA, tied up. She looks at KAIA continuously.

      URSULA: I bet no one's asked you how you feel, have they?

      KAIA: (distracted) Huh?

      URSULA: There are a lot of people talking at you, but no one to you.

      KAIA: (sarcastic) Oh good, Ursula and her sparkling wisdom. Just what I need...

      URSULA pauses.

      URSULA: They'll figure you out.

      KAIA continues to concentrate.

      KAIA: Even if they do, I've gotten better at lying.

      URSULA shakes her head.

      URSULA: What has happened to you Kaia? I always knew you were angry with how things turned out...

      KAIA finishes this part of the machine. She stops the magic ? it has work... the energy field maintains without her doing anything. She looks tired and drained.

      URSULA (O/S): But this?

      Despite her exasperation, KAIA turns to URSULA.

      KAIA: What? Because I was such a good humble girl who's happiness had to be culled for the greater good?

      URSULA: You'd never hurt the ones you love.

      KAIA: I had no choice, remember.

      URSULA: You did, and I'd rather you had let me die than allow me to see this happen to one of mine, and do you know what is bothering me most about this?

      KAIA: Enlighten me... please...

      URSULA: Even if I could work out why you did what you did, there's one thing I cannot accept.

      KAIA stares at her.

      URSULA: You're enjoying this aren't you? Hurting them...

      KAIA: Hurting them wasn't what I had planned but it's not like any of them care about me anymore so, whatever.

      URSULA: (shakes her head) You're wrong, they love you.

      KAIA: No they don't. The only two people who ever cared about me were murdered when I was a child.

      URSULA goes to speak but KAIA silences her.

      KAIA: Don't even try to sympathise and analyse my clear childhood issues because they don't matter anymore. The truth of the matter is that everyone's better without me... and I'm better, I'm stronger, without them.

      URSULA: (shaking her head) No, that's Sin talking. She's got into your head...

      KAIA: She just showed me how things have to be. It's all just so clear to me now. There's only one person you can rely on Ursula and that's yourself ? everything and anyone else just ties you down and at the end of the day, they're just collateral.

      URSULA: And Ea?

      KAIA: He has nothing to do with this.

      URSULA: So you feel nothing for him?

      KAIA: (shouting, infuriated) Don't you get it? What I feel doesn't matter anymore! Everything I feel for everyone who has looked down on me, judging me... it won't matter, not come tomorrow...

      URSULA: If you truly didn't care about them then you wouldn't be so desperate to make that machine work.

      KAIA: It's not been easy, you're right, which is why I don't want to be held back by the feelings that have restricted my progress my entire life. I'll be so much stronger when it's all gone.

      URSULA: (desperately) Please Kaia, it's not too late. You made a bad decision and I do appreciate what you did but you can stop this before anyone gets hurt!

      KAIA: You know they already have! Everyone's dying and I won't be one of them. I've ascended. They can't beat Sin, they never will be able to kill her. She's unstoppable, and yet she chose me. She wanted me to be her apprentice, and I'm glad. Sin's the only thing that's made sense in a long time. She's giving me everything that I could have wished for and if I lose a few friends and my soul along the way then so be it.

      URSULA looks down, a last exasperated sigh for KAIA leaving her lungs.

      URSULA: If you truly believe that to be the only solution... then there's nothing more to say.

      KAIA: I do. So thank you for the after school special on my betrayal Ursula, but I just don't care anymore. You can say goodbye to Kaia Thorn, because I for one can finally say that with perfect clarity... I can't wait to see the back of that pathetic, stupid, naive doormat.

      URSULA looks away refusing to watch any further. Even though she's exhausted, KAIA blasts the machine with more energy creating a blinding flash of light, which eventually fills the room.


      The colours return as BROGAN and ECHIDNA enter the Intelligence Unit. SEPHY looks at them both, ECHIDNA looks silent while BROGAN is clearly agitated.

      SEPHY: Is everything...

      BROGAN: There was no spell. I've been to the Lab and there's no spell. She wasn't working on anything, she was lying.

      CHARLIE sighs. SEPHY looks at her daughter and then to everyone.

      SEPHY: I would like to remind everyone that we do not know anything for certain as of yet. I don't want you all jumping to conclusions...

      BROGAN: Don't you all get it?! Kaia is evil. We've got enough proof...

      His fist shakes in anger and the goddesses watch him, worried.

      BROGAN: (under his breath) And I'll kill her for doing this to us...


      Turning from URSULA for the last time, she looks to her salvation. The machine. She walks towards it and ascends with magic.


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. KAIA and SIN are walking down a corridor. KAIA looks comfortable around SIN. She was settled now. It had taken months, but she was finally at ease with what she's done... she was at ease at SIN'S side.

      KAIA: I thought you should know I spiked Xak's tea with something that will keep them busy while I make the finishing adjustments to the machine.

      SIN: Intriguing. Explain.

      KAIA: Just a simple hex ? he thinks he got an herbal tea to help him sleep when really he'll be plagued with those who have died due to his actions.

      SIN smiles.

      SIN: I love it. You're such a hoot.

      KAIA smiles weakly.

      KAIA: They were becoming inquisitive about the progress of my spell. I had to do something to distract them...

      SIN: Good, but he's always been a strong opponent. I'm sure he will bypass your hex within hours. It is just as well as it is time to leave them.

      KAIA stops and looks at her.

      KAIA: What, now?

      SIN: Yes, is there a problem?

      KAIA: I just...

      SIN: We have everything we wanted, Kaia. Everything has fallen into place and tonight you will vacate the base for the final time.

      They arrive at the door to the now finished Black Room. KAIA breathes deeply, remembering the extent of what she's done and what is now her future.

      KAIA: Then once I'm done here, I guess it's time to deliver the final blow...

      SIN: Yes, you know what I want you to do.

      KAIA: I do.

      She opens the door.

      SIN: (curious) Any regrets?

      KAIA thinks about everything she's done. Everything that's happened to her.

      There's only one thing she regrets: the one thing all her actions of late truly stems from.

      KAIA: Marrying your father.




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        ACT THREE


        The colours on screen are normal once again as we see SEPHY walking towards ECHIDNA.

        SEPHY: What do you think?

        ECHIDNA: I think it's hard to deny the facts, Persephone.

        SEPHY sighs.

        SEPHY: I know.

        Her eye is drawn to BROGAN who is sat on the floor leaning against one of the walls nearby.

        SEPHY: Keep an eye on him.

        ECHIDNA looks at him now too.

        ECHIDNA: I will.

        SEPHY nods, thankfully.

        SEPHY: I'll be right back, there's someone I need to see.

        ECHIDNA barely registers what SEPHY has just said. Her ever watching eyes overlooking the scorned man from hell.


        TRAFFORD is lying in bed, his sister and CATE stood watching over him. He is still asleep but his eyes flicker open. The girls smile.

        CATE: Trafford?

        TRAFFORD looks from ELISE to CATE.

        TRAFFORD: (weakly) Kaia...

        ELISE reads his lips and CATE hears the words. No matter how they got the message, the girls sink with the feeling inside them.

        CATE: Did she do this?

        TRAFFORD nods.

        ELISE looks hurt and rushes from his side to the door. CATE watches her go and frowns.

        TRAFFORD: Elise...

        He tries to sit up to go after her but he cringes in pain. CATE pushes him back down.

        CATE: She'll be fine, everyone else is still here.

        TRAFFORD: Do they know?

        CATE: They know something happened. She attacked Ea too, but she's gone...

        TRAFFORD: Where?

        CATE: At the moment our best guess is to Sin.

        TRAFFORD sighs.

        CATE: It'll be ok, I'll protect you... and Elise. I won't let anything happen to you guys.

        He looks at her now.

        TRAFFORD: Cate...

        CATE: I'm so sorry about what I said earlier. I just...

        TRAFFORD: (cutting her off) Let's just get through this for now.

        CATE grits her teeth to stop herself from saying more.

        CATE: Ok.

        TRAFFORD: We'll talk after all this is over. I promise.

        CATE: So there's something to talk about?

        He nods.


        The door opens and ELISE enters. CHARLIE looks at her.

        CHARLIE: (slowly) Elise? Is everything ok? Is Trafford alright?

        ELISE nods and then mimes that he's awake.

        CHARLIE: (smiling) That's good. Did he say it was Kaia?

        ELISE nods, saddened.

        Everyone in the room looks at one another but SHELTER looks distracted. ELISE notices and walks over to her.

        ELISE: (signing) You ok? What's wrong.

        SHELTER is dying to tell her everything, but knows that will be her consequence.

        SHELTER: (signing and clearly lying about what's truly bothering her) I'm just... I can't believe Kaia did this...

        ELISE: (signing) I'm sure it's a big mistake. Kaia wouldn't hurt us unless there was a good reason behind it. She loves us Shelter, she's our friend.

        SHELTER: (smiling weakly, signing) I hope you're right... but she nearly killed your brother Elise. I just think we need to prepare ourselves for the worst.

        CUT TO ? NEW YORK

        XAK is sat at the edges of the docks. He looks pensive. He closes his eyes.

        XAK: (quietly) When hubris and hybrid fuse, she will be born unto this world, bearing the symbol of both night and day. Light shall fester shadows, darkness shall kneel. The mirror reflecting reality and perception shall shatter, the fabrics of time and space will become formless. Sense will erode, all that is good shall perish, and while she shall walk under both noon and moon, it is only when they combine in the dales of the sun itself...

        SEPHY (O/S): ...that the world will be known to the name of Sin.

        XAK opens his eyes and turns to see SEPHY walking towards him. He pauses as she walks towards him.

        XAK: I keep thinking if I say it enough times, something in there will click. Something that shows all of this was written centuries ago and that Kaia had no choice... but she's not in the prophecy, there's only Sin.

        SEPHY doesn't know what to say to console a man whose wife has potentially just betrayed the world and aligned herself with darkness and his daughter.

        SEPHY: (softly) It's not safe out here anymore.

        XAK: I told you what Carl Reed said. It's over.

        SEPHY crouches down now and sits next to XAK. They both look out at the water. She turns to him.

        SEPHY: You know I'm not talking about the city.

        XAK: (nodding) It's never going to be safe, not while she's alive.

        SEPHY is silent, she just listens.

        XAK: It's weird. Everything makes so much more sense now. Since Black was killed, Sin's been one step ahead of us and now it all makes sense why. She found a new disciple, only this time she's letting this one live.

        SEPHY: Long enough to let us to be the ones who kill her? That's what Sin wants.

        XAK: I can't guarantee she won't get her wish. If Kaia's not in that prophecy... then this is all about choice. That's something some people can't forgive.

        SEPHY: But you aren't one of those people, Xak. Look at Lance and Dante and what wonderful men they've become because of your forgiveness. It's all because of you and your faith in this world that causes the people you touch to fight for what is right and good. It's something the gods of my world haven't done in centuries...

        XAK thinks of SIN. He thinks of KAIA.

        XAK: I guess I missed a few though.

        SEPHY: It's never too late.

        She smiles at him.

        XAK: You never stop believing in me.

        SEPHY: No, I don't.

        XAK: I'm sorry about tonight... the whole thing with...

        SEPHY: (silencing him) I won't hear another word about it. The man I'm looking at now is the man I believe in. Not the man I saw downstairs who was drugged on some ancient toxin. You don't need to apologise because it wasn't you.

        XAK smiles at her, weakly.

        XAK: Thank you.

        He reaches out and grabs her hand. They both look out on to the water again.

        CUT TO - UNKNOWN

        The colours are not blurred anymore. We're in the present now and everything is clear at last. Everything that needs to be known is known. SIN is strapping KAIA in to the finally finished machine of The Black Room.

        SIN: The hard part is over. The next time you walk, you'll be...

        She doesn't know how to complete her sentence, so she stops.

        URSULA is still tied up in the room and she looks on helplessly; constantly trying to tear away from her restraints, causing the skin to scratch and bleed around her wrists. KAIA looks blankly ahead as SIN leaves her in the machine. SIN walks away and moves to the controls. She watches KAIA once again and then her hand moves to the controls. She activates the machine. Instantly thousands of energy beams blast KAIA'S body and rip her apart. She doesn't scream. She just stares ahead. Her parents. XAK. CONSTANCE, BROGAN. They all flash past her eyes and leave her, a distant memory. Her skin tears and falls off of her body, taking any in between feelings, doubt and regrets KAIA may have had about her actions with it. As her skin falls, it shows underneath the same layer of skin that was just shed. But the person left is not the same. She closes her eyes and her heart stops beating.

        CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

        The machine causes a mystical surge of energy to rush through the building, highlighting the walls, the floor and the ceiling.


        The camera preys on the spot where the building disappears. Slowly, the building begins to materialise back to its home. Cropley Shores. As it becomes rooted firmly in position it sends a giant aura of a shockwave from it, spreading to far horizons.


        SIN moves towards the machine as the process finishes. She stands in front of the extinct KAIA THORN.

        SIN: Rise.

        Its eyes open. KAIA, or what is left of who she was, does as SIN wishes. She looks around the room.

        SIN: It worked. I can sense it.

        KAIA lifts herself with magic from the machine and lowers herself in front of SIN.

        KAIA: I am new.

        CUT TO ? SPACE

        The globe is peaceful but a disturbance erupts from the small point on the planet where Cropley Shores is homed. The shockwave sent from the building reverberates throughout the world, causing it to shudder.

        CUT TO ? NEW YORK

        XAK and SEPHY are still sat at the banks of the dock when the shockwaves hit New York. They are blown back a bit by the surge as it hits them. They're slightly taken aback and listen to the distant wailing of car alarms sounding in the city.

        SEPHY: It's started...

        They stand and rush back towards the container.


        CATE is helping TRAFFORD out of bed when the surge hits the base. The room shakes and she holds on to him.


        The Intelligence Unit shakes just as violently. LANCE and DANTE interlock hands. ECHIDNA rushes to BROGAN'S side. CHARLIE, ELISE and SHELTER hold on to one another and SOFIA braces the desk. She's just about to connect the old equipment. The shaking stops and as it does the screens return to normal. The surge knocked out whatever it was stopping the Intelligence Unit from working. Everyone looks around, shocked.

        CHARLIE: The old equipment worked?

        SOFIA: (confused) No, I haven't even connected it yet.


        The newly dehumanised KAIA looks to URSULA and walks towards her. URSULA recoils, and backs into the wall, scared. KAIA raises her hand and URSULA'S restraints fall loose. URSULA looks surprised.

        KAIA: Do not think this an act of generosity. I am devoid of sentiment for you anymore. Go back to "your" friends and tell them where we are.

        KAIA looks back to SIN, who smiles, and then turns back to URSULA.

        KAIA: I'm sure they're at a loss over what I did earlier.

        URSULA: (horrified) What did you do?

        KAIA: You'll see. Just find them. I want them to know what I'm doing and how futile it is to stop it.

        SIN smiles as URSULA pauses for a moment, constantly staring into KAIA'S eyes, trying to find her. KAIA causes the door to open with magic and the room shakes.

        KAIA: (shouting, demonically) Go!

        URSULA hurries to the door and runs out of it as fast as she can move. SIN turns to KAIA.

        SIN: Come, we must hurry. Everything is falling into place, perfectly ? but the window of opportunity for my reign is small.

        KAIA: Yes, we should hurry - the spell used to shroud the building was knocked out by the surge from the machine.

        She looks around in awe of the energy she feels. The universe.

        KAIA: I sense the spell cast on the Intelligence Unit has been eradicated also. They will find us within seconds... I can feel it. I can feel... everything.

        SIN smirks, pleased with the power of her product.

        SIN: Then you know what the next stage is Kaia?

        KAIA: I'm ready now. I'm ready to meet them.


        CATE helps TRAFFORD into the Intelligence Unit where he is met by happy glances.

        DANTE: You ok man?

        TRAFFORD: (nodding) Thanks to little sis, I'll be good.

        He smiles at ELISE and she smiles back. CATE and TRAFFORD then realise that the Intelligence Unit is back online and as they look at the screens XAK and SEPHY rush in.

        XAK: You guys ok? Did you feel that?

        CHARLIE: Hell yeah. I mean whatever it was, it knocked out the thing blocking our systems.

        SEPHY: Sofia...

        SOFIA: On it...

        SOFIA is typing frantically on the computer.

        SOFIA: Ok, putting up on the screens as much footage I can find of Kaia from the last few months.

        While she is doing this, she is also simultaneously deleting any footage of herself whilst on the phone. She didn't want to raise any unnecessary suspicion, especially when there is such little time. The gang look up at the large monitors on the wall as SOFIA begins flooding footage from her screen on to them. The gang watch carefully as they see KAIA in the Mystic Lab, she's arguing with BROGAN. He goes out and she finds a phone. She answers it and she disappears. There's about twenty different clips like this. Another clip shows KAIA spiking XAK'S herbal tea with the toxin, which is followed by her attacking TRAFFORD with the energy. The final clip we see is of the fake kidnapping. CHARLIE'S eyes widen as she sees what truly happened. SEPHY and CATE look at one another, saddened by the crack in their optimism. TRAFFORD, ELISE and SHELTER looks devastated. ECHIDNA looks to BROGAN, more worried than ever as his foot taps nervously and his fist shakes. Any hope that they all had that KAIA wasn't truly working with SIN is shattered. XAK reaches out and grabs CHARLIE'S hand. She looks to him and then turns to SOFIA.

        CHARLIE: (quietly, to SOFIA) Is that everything?

        SOFIA: Yes.

        XAK: Where was the source of that surge that hit us?

        SOFIA: Cropley Shores. The building is back there now. Whatever those two did over there it was big because it clearly knocked out their past spells...

        XAK nods and turns to everyone.

        XAK: I know this is hard, but we need to move. We need to get to the Shores before this gets anymore out of hand.

        SEPHY: Agreed. Everyone move to the Lobby now. I will transport us there.

        SEPHY leads, closely followed by a silently enraged BROGAN, watched by ECHIDNA. XAK and CHARLIE are close behind them. CATE, TRAFFORD, ELISE and SHELTER are next. SOFIA sees the opportunity.

        SOFIA: Dante, can I talk to you quickly?

        DANTE looks to LANCE.

        DANTE: Go ahead, I'll meet you in the lobby.

        LANCE looks reluctant and squeezes his hand.

        LANCE: Be quick.

        He looks to SOFIA and glares slightly before hurrying after the others. SOFIA watches him leave and is pleased she is finally alone with DANTE. He sighs and stands, moving towards her.

        DANTE: What it is it Sofia? We don't have time to...

        She pulls out her gun and points it at him.

        SOFIA: I'm sorry.

        She fires. He's hit in the neck, but it isn't a bullet. It's a tranquiliser dart. Shocked, he grabs his neck and pulls out the dart looking at it. He looks to her, surprised and then falls to the floor. She breathes heavily looking at him lying on the floor in front of her.


        Everyone arrives in the lobby and SEPHY and ECHIDNA don't look to see that everyone isn't there. The exigency is too great. LANCE just manages to catch up with them as they conjure enough energy to transport them to the Shores. In an instant the room fills with a blinding white light. LANCE'S eyes widen as he realises DANTE and SOFIA haven't caught up yet and the thought that this was SOFIA'S plan all along crosses his mind a hundred times.


        The door to the newly returned building bursts open and URSULA rushes out, finally free. She looks at the sky ecstatic to be seeing it again. She moves forward but as she does a blinding white fills the area in front of her. Fearing the worst she shields her eyes but is surprised to see through her squinted eyes that as the light dies down, her family are left in its place. Everyone stares at her in awe. The goddesses smile thankful and everyone else reciprocates, unwittingly.

        CHARLIE: Oh my god...

        CATE: (quietly) Yeah, right with you on that one girl.

        TRAFFORD and ELISE move slightly closer. She moves towards them. They stand close to one another, knowing that it is time. She grabs them and hugs them. The touch causes tears to fall from her eyes and she moves to hold them both at a distance.

        URSULA: I've missed you both so much...

        TRAFFORD: (quietly) We've missed you too.

        URSULA: I'm so sorry I couldn't be with you both. The last few months have been hell and all that kept me going was knowing that I could finally tell you both everything you deserve to know.

        TRAFFORD: Ursula it's ok...

        URSULA: No it's not. I've kept something from you that changes everything.

        ELISE has been following everything she's said intently.

        ELISE: (signing) What is it?

        URSULA looks at her and strokes her face. She looks at them both and takes a deep breath.

        URSULA: (signing) I'm your mother.

        It was in this instant ? the moment her secret left her ? that their lives changed.


        SIN moves towards the door with the army behind. She opens it and KAIA walks to the doorway and looks inside. She scans the contents and smiles.

        KAIA: Oh, this is just awesome.

        The camera moves past SIN and KAIA to show what is inside the room. Creatures of darkness, pure shadows with red glaring eyes staring deeply at their General. The Coma.

        CUT TO BLACK



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          ACT FOUR


          URSULA is now sat with her two children on the lawn.

          URSULA: I want to be able to tell you both everything...

          She turns to everyone.

          URSULA: You all deserve to know. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that you all were out here, fighting.

          XAK: I'm so glad you're alright.

          URSULA: Thank you Xak. I know there's a lot you all want to know but we must hurry. Kaia's done some horrifying...

          XAK: Yeah, we kind of experienced firsthand what she's like nowadays.

          URSULA: But this is something you won't know.

          XAK looks confused.

          URSULA: She's been building a recreation of The Black Room in Wolfram and Hart... She finished it earlier today and I just watched her humanity get torn from her. (upset) She's not Kaia anymore. All I saw was darkness...

          Everyone finds this information hard to hear.

          URSULA: Come, I'll show you where it is, they're still inside. We can stop this before they get away...

          XAK: (shaking his head) You're not going back in that building Ursula.

          URSULA: But I have to.

          SEPHY: Ursula, step down. You've done your fair share, please...

          CHARLIE: Besides, I think I know which room you mean.

          URSULA looks pained, wishing she could do more.

          URSULA: (beat) You must be careful in there... Kaia's not the girl we knew.

          BROGAN hurries towards the door. URSULA stands in his way.

          URSULA: You should know...

          He looks at her.

          URSULA: She didn't kill your cousin, Sin did.

          BROGAN: I don't care. Like you said... she's not the girl we knew.


          SIN is pacing the room.

          SIN: Kaia, I'm growing impatient. Come, now!

          KAIA is crouched on the floor in front of a box.

          KAIA: I'm just leaving them a little surprise. They'll love it.

          SIN extends her hand to KAIA.

          SIN: I said come...

          KAIA closes the box and turns to her. She takes her mistress' hand once again.


          BROGAN moves past URSULA now to get inside the building. ECHIDNA, CHARLIE and XAK hurry after him, as they pass URSULA they make it known in their own way they're glad to see her once again. TRAFFORD looks to URSULA.

          TRAFFORD: Elise and I will stay with you.

          SEPHY: (agreeing) I think that's wise.

          She, along with CATE, LANCE and SHELTER move after the others. SHELTER looks back at smiles at ELISE. ELISE smiles back, feeling she can now.

          LANCE: (to SEPHY) Dante's not here, neither is Sofia.

          CATE and SEPHY realise he's right.

          SEPHY: Oh...

          CATE: I'm sure he's fine Lance. They probably just didn't make it into the Lobby in time.

          SEPHY: Yes, I apologise for the rush. But as you can see, our window is short.

          LANCE: (protesting) But...

          SEPHY: (firm) Lance, I'm sure he's fine. He's safer there than he is here. Now please...

          She moves into the building now with SHELTER. CATE smiles reassuringly at LANCE and puts an arm around him. They too move into the building, leaving the Artair's and their mother outside.


          With all her might SOFIA is pulling DANTE along beside her. He's still unconscious. Her phone is to her ear.

          SOFIA: (straining) I have him. Get the extraction team.

          She hangs up and carries on walking through the empty corridors of the base, DANTE in her arms.


          XAK, CHARLIE, CATE, LANCE, BROGAN, SEPHY, ECHIDNA AND SHELTER are walking through the corridors of the building, haunted by its age and what has happened here. It's quiet.

          BROGAN: (to CHARLIE, sharply) Where do we go?

          CHARLIE: It's just down there...

          She looks freaked by being back here and XAK holds her hand just a little bit tighter.

          They turn a corner and see the door to The Black Room. It's open.


          They all enter, cautiously. They have no weapons.

          The room is empty. There is no SIN, no Kaia and no army. Only a worn out machine and the box on the floor.

          XAK approaches it.

          CHARLIE: Be careful...

          He nods and crouches down. He flips the lid open and sees a tape player in it. The same type that were used in the kidnapping. It has a note on it saying "Play me". He obliges.

          KAIA (O/S): (on the tape recorder) Hello my darlings. Surprise.

          A shiver runs through everyone's bodies, hearing her cold voice. BROGAN looks more enraged.


          URSULA, TRAFFORD and ELISE are sat on the lawn, talking in sign language.

          URSULA: (signing) I don't know where to start.

          ELISE: (signing) Is Smith our father?

          URSULA nods.

          URSULA: (signing) I know this will be strange for you both to hear but your father and I were in love for many years, before our time as Elders but after we had met Aria and Walter. They were always aware of our closeness and dealt with it in their own manner. But, that all changed when Aria discovered she could never have children and I fell pregnant. Things changed.

          The Artair siblings watch her signs intently.

          URSULA: (signing) I had never felt so guilty in my entire life and I knew what was the right thing to do. So I did it. I sacrificed my own happiness because your mother deserved to have what she always wanted. We shrouded the pregnancy in a spell, making it look like Aria was pregnant so as not to raise suspicion amongst the others in the village. Nine months later, Trafford was born and Aria and your father raised him as her own.

          TRAFFORD and ELISE look at one another, shocked, incredulous at what they're learning.

          ELISE: (signing) What about me?

          URSULA smiles weakly at her and then looks down.

          URSULA: (signing) Elise, I know you both have a million questions and I have so much to answer for... but please, not tonight.

          TRAFFORD: It's ok...

          He touches her arm.

          TRAFFORD: You've been through enough.

          He smiles at his sister, but she isn't looking. URSULA is overwhelmed by their presence.

          URSULA: I love you both very much; you must understand that everything I have done is because of that reason and I will do everything in my power to make that up to you once this is finished.

          TRAFFORD looks to his sister once again, this time for confirmation. She doesn't actively oblige.

          TRAFFORD: We understand... we do, it's just a lot to take in...

          URSULA: (softly) Thank you. Is it too much to ask... to hold you both?

          TRAFFORD smiles at her and allows her to take him in her arms. She reaches out for her daughter but ELISE looks reluctant. Eventually, she gives in and rests her head on URSULA'S shoulder.

          She doesn't show them the tear falling from her face. She'd got what she wanted, URSULA'S secret was out. But it didn't mean anything, not if it meant that there was more to know and that everything she knew about her parents was a lie...


          XAK'S hand shakes slightly as holds the recorder.

          KAIA (O/S): (on the tape recorder) Did it really take you this long to figure out that I've been a bad bad girl? Shame on you. Of course, it's a bigger shame you won't be able to stop us. We've got big plans for this plane and all the others too, (laughing) but you won't be around to see it. Oh, Charlie?

          CHARLIE'S head darts to the recorder.

          KAIA (O/S): (on the tape recorder) Remember that little bomb we found?

          Everyone looks around, nervously.

          KAIA (O/S): (on the tape recorder) Well, for old times' sake... here's a little something to remember me by...

          Suddenly, the tape recorder isn't a tape recorder anymore. It's a timer. It counts down.

          XAK: (shouting) It's a bomb! Take cover!


          He throws the timer away as everyone rushes to take cover.


          ECHIDNA covers BROGAN, CATE and LANCE move towards the door.


          SEPHY covers SHELTER.


          XAK reaches out to grab CHARLIE'S hand but it's too late.



          URSULA breaks away from the hug and looks at them both, smiling weakly.

          URSULA: Thank you. I don't deserve...

          She is silenced as the building explodes.

          Instinctively, she covers TRAFFORD and ELISE. Rubble falls around them but they remain relatively unharmed. They turn to the building as they see some parts levelled to the ground.

          No one inside makes a sound.

          Is this what MISTY MEADOWS saw in her visions when she touched XAK? One of her visions would come true, but for now, there is no sound.

          CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

          It is light now. Morning has struck a desert road. SIN and KAIA are stood at the edge of something, the endlessness of the Coma are stood behind them both, dutifully. A soft breeze brushes past the women as they smile at what's before them.

          KAIA: So this is it, huh?

          SIN nods as the camera closes in on her face.

          SIN: It's time.

          The camera rotates to show where they are. On the edge of a giant pit.

          The pit used to be Sunnydale.

          CUT TO BLACK


          END OF EPISODE

          and SUMMER GLAU as SIN

          Special Guest Stars:


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            If you would like to give me feedback on Shadow Stalker, visit my thread here! I'm always happy to hear from you and I usually comment on the feedback as well!


            - So that explains Kaia. My biggest worry in this episode was her progression through the flashbacks. I wanted her progression to be natural as possible and it was extremely difficult to write as I decided to add a complex to the flashbacks. I wanted to show that originally Kaia had no choice and that her humanity was plaguing her with doubt about choosing Sin, but how it actually got easier and dare I say fun for her to do those things and act in that way. While yes Kaia is an evil woman I just wanted to do this to give her an extra dimension to remind you guys she is human. I want Kaia to be a unique big bad, one who has sides of her no one will probably ever fully understand. I'm really interested to see what you all think about Kaia in this episode. Do you like that she was given this extra dimension? Or do you think she should have just been a smash and destroy big bad?

            - So you know Ursula's deepest secret. What do you think? I know it's a lot to take in but it all gets explored in much deeper detail later in the series, along with Shelter's secret and Xak's parentage. Of course, the secret has another level as we know the circumstances surrounding Trafford's birth? but what about Elise? I do realise that I've raised a lot of things in Season 3 but they all will be picked up on once again. I never include anything just to allow it to be forgotten. So do not worry, although all this will be left in Season 3, it shall return and one day, in one distant episode, you'll all get the answers you want!

            - So one of Misty's visions will come true. But which one? Maybe while you're waiting for the finale you should look back over the episodes with Misty and guess on which one it could be?

            - Sofia has Dante. Where's she taking him? Will they be in the finale do you think, and if so?how?

            - Few little bits about the finale, 3.17. It is called "For Our Women, For Our World" and is the half way point in the ENTIRE series. I can't believe it. It will have five acts and no trivia/random facts at the end. It's a huge episode with a major death in it and the action is split between the ruins of Sunnydale and Cropley Shores. I really hope you enjoy it. I've loved this Season. It's been fabulously dark and twisted and thank you so much for reading it. I hope you enjoy the finale and Season 4 as well as Season 1 of the spin off "Sirens" which will run alongside Season 4. Seriously, thank you so much for reading. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this episode and the last one.

            - Enjoy. I love you all.