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Riley The Series: 1.08 "Like Father, Like Son"

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  • Riley The Series: 1.08 "Like Father, Like Son"

    Riley Season 1 Episode 8 Rewrite "Like Father, Like Son"

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthrized usage of these characters is permitted.



    CUT TO:


    Salomie opens the door and walks in to hear giggling. Jill and Chris are sitting on the bed, watching T.V. and laughing. They all seem awkward as Salomie walks in.

    Salomie: Um, hello.

    Jill: (getting up) This is Chris, my friend.

    Salomie: You're ?

    Jill: (cutting her off) Yes, this is my friend.

    Salomie smiles at Jill and then looks to Chris.

    Salomie: Hey Chris, I'm Jill's roommate, so you can see why I'm confused.

    Chris: Yeah, of course. Sorry to intrude.

    Salomie: No, it's fine.

    Chris gets up and walks to the door.

    Chris: I was just leaving.

    Salomie: Wait, what? No, I didn't mean ?

    Chris: I had fun, Jill. See you tomorrow. (to Salomie) Nice to meet you.

    Chris walks out. Jill looks to Salomie, annoyed.

    Salomie: I honestly did not mean to kick her out.

    Jill: Thanks, Dr. Horrible.

    Salomie: What kind of nickname is that?

    Jill: Sorry, we were just having so much fun. I don't wanna go all Hulk on you.

    Salomie: (sympathetic) Sorry.

    Jill: It's fine.

    CUT TO:


    Sam and Graham are sitting on the bed, talking.

    Sam: He told me that he was a member of this?.thing, too.

    Graham: It's not very specific.

    Sam: That's true, but it's something. It's all we have to work with right now.

    Graham: Sam, I know it must be hard, with your parents and ?

    Sam: Just?stop. I know, and I thank you for that, but?..just stop. I don't want people to belittle me.

    Graham: No one's going to.

    Sam: Whatever you say.

    Graham: Especially Riley.

    Sam looks at Graham with an annoyed look.

    Sam: Graham, I'm not telling Riley.

    Graham: Come on, he deserves to know. This is a huge thing and you're his wife!

    Sam: I know I am, but I'm not ready to send it out all over the world.

    Graham: You told me.

    Sam: And that was a huge mistake. I don't even know why I told you.

    Graham: Because I can help.

    Sam: How!

    Graham: We can find these damn bastards, and kill them.

    Sam: Explain.

    Graham: Veno says they'll find him. He's bait. When they find him, we'll be there. We'll fight and we'll win. We'll take these people down from the inside.

    Sam looks at Graham, shocked and delighted.

    Sam: It's crazy, but that might actually work.

    Graham smiles and Sam laughs.

    CUT TO:


    Intank falls onto the ground. You just have a shot of him lying on the ground. Then, he jumps back up and it reveals he is fighting three vampires with a sword in his hand. A vampire runs up to him and kicks the sword out of his hand, sending it a few feet to his right. The vamp kicks him, but Intank grabs the vamp's foot. Another vamp grabs his head and pulls him back, making him let go of the other vamp's foot. The vampire whose foot was being held was Vampire #1, and the vampire who grabbed Intank's head is Vampire #2. Then, the last vamp, Vampire #3, punches Intank, but Intank returns a punch. #1 sends an elbow at his head, but Intank grabs his elbow and pulls him out in the open.

    Intank: You don't have very good technique.

    Intank does a flip over #3 and reaches his sword. He picks it up and swings around, slashing #2 on the cheek. Intank, without looking, sends the sword through #2's heart, and keeps walking. #2 dusts.

    Vampire #1: Bastard!

    Intank: Why does everyone keep....?

    Intank twists around and ends up decapitating #1. He dusts.

    Intank: ?.saying that!?

    Intank kicks #3 back, and then lifts his sword up. Scared, #3 puts his hand up to blow the sword, but it just chops of his hand.

    Vampire #3: Ah!

    Intank turns #3 around, so he's facing his back, and brings the sword from behind him to his throat. He pulls through, decapitating #3. He dusts. Intank sighs. You hear clapping in the background. Confused, Intank turns around and sees that he's face to face with Neiki.

    Neiki: Nice to see you again.

    Intank is shocked.



    "End of the World" by REM/Great Big Sea starts playing.


    Marc Blucas as Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic as Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase as Graham Miller
    Jason Dohring as Intank Welleee
    And Allison Mack as Salomie Sullivan


    Michael Varton as Michael
    Topher Grace as Lain
    Liza Weil as Melissa
    Jared Padelecki as John
    Jewel Staite as Jill
    Santiago Cabrera as Neiki
    Francis Capra as Xad
    Kristen Bell as Susan

    And Nicki Aycox as Eliza


    Jennifer Carpenter as Marie (PERSON ON PHONE)
    Peter Krause as Patrick Loney
    And Sterling K. Brown as Ethan

    Created By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Written By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Edited By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Produced By: Different Dimensions Inc.

    Riley The Series is affiliated with East Wick, written by Kevin (Dark Ages).

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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    Intank and Neiki are standing face-to-face. Intank is, at first, shocked but then snaps out of it.

    Intank: (confident) Don't you think that clapping thing was a little cliché?

    Neiki: (shrugging) I don't know, it's an oldie, but a goodie.

    Intank: Why are you here?

    Neiki: Why do you think?

    Intank: Were these vamps yours?

    Neiki: (smirking) Maybe.

    Intank: You were testing me.

    Neiki starts circling Intank.

    Neiki: Just a bit.

    Intank: And how did I fair?

    Neiki leans in closer to Intank.

    Neiki: (whispering) Great stamina and I love your witty banter. But, you took much too long to kill those scums. I thought you would do much better.

    Intank: I did kill them.

    Neiki: Yes, killing them earns you some points. But not enough to impress me.

    Intank: I could have more witty banter with you; will I get more points then?

    Neiki: (giggling) You're a funny one.

    Intank: Not always.

    Intank grabs Neiki by the throat and smashes him against a mausoleum.

    Neiki: I wouldn't suggest doing that again!

    Neiki pushes Intank off and smashes him into the mausoleum.

    Neiki: It's not professional.

    Intank: Well, it fits, cause neither am I.

    Intank now pushes Neiki away from him and punches, but Neiki blocks and kicks Intank back. Intank punches again but Neiki goes under Intank's arm, and elbows him in the back from behind. Intank falls to his knee.

    Neiki: I had fun talking to you.

    Intank: (looking up at him) I didn't.

    Neiki smiles and backs into the darkness.

    CUT TO:


    Melissa and Graham are sitting on the couch, both laughing.

    Melissa: Sometimes, I think you're making this all up.

    Graham: No, I swear! I'm dead serious.

    Melissa: (laughing) Sure, you are!

    Graham smiles at her. Melissa stops laughing and just looks at Graham, both smiling at one another. Their moment is destroyed as the door slams open and Lain is there. He runs in.

    Lain: Come on, stop being lazy bums! We were going out, remember?

    Melissa: (nodding) Yep, I remember.

    Melissa gets up and Graham just stares at Melissa. Melissa looks back at Graham.

    Melissa: Come on, Graham!

    Graham snaps out of it and gets up, too.

    Graham: Yeah. Yeah.

    Melissa: Well, you're slow. Meet us outside.

    Melissa and Lain walk to the door, and open it. Graham takes his cell phone out and it reads "One New Voicemail". Graham listens.

    Melissa: (V/O) Come on, slow poke!

    Graham: Okay, I'm coming.

    Graham is listening. Suddenly, his eyes widen and he has sad, shocked face on.

    CUT TO:

    INT ?

    The door opens and Sam walks in to talk to Veno. Sam looks at Veno, surprised. He is packing.

    Sam: What the hell are you doing?

    Veno looks up to see Sam.

    Veno: Oh, Sam.

    Veno continues packing.

    Sam: (getting angry) What are you doing!?

    Veno looks at Sam again, stopping packing.

    Veno: Sam, I'm leaving.

    Sam: (mad) No, you can't do that.

    Veno: Sam, they're gonna get me. I have to ?

    Sam: NO! We have a plan, you can't leave. If you leave, everything goes to hell! We need to take down these sons of bitches now. It has to be now!

    Veno: Sam, what do you expect to do?

    Sam: Lure them here. Use you as bait.

    Veno rolls his eyes.

    Sam: (luring him back in) But, you'll be perfectly safe! Me and my friends will catch them here and murder them.

    Veno starts laughing.

    Veno: You're an idiot.

    Sam: (sad; starting to cry) What?

    Veno: You truly think that'll work?

    Sam: It's the best that we've ?

    Veno: The best isn't good enough, Sam! You may be good, I don't know. But, I do know one thing. They're better.

    Sam: We can outsmart them, you know we can.

    Veno: No, we can. They're smarter, better at fighting and everything that's needed to win this chess match. Everything's going to hell, whether I stay here or not, so piss off!

    Sam: (crying) We need you.

    Veno: No, you don't! You need me, for your own selfish needs! I'm not going to be bait as you get revenge on your father and all those people that have hurt your family. Keep me out of your frickin' vendetta.

    Sam: Veno?.no?..

    Veno: I have nothing left here. Alex is gone. All I have left is my family, so I better get to them before they all die, too.

    Veno walks out, leaving Sam devastated. Her last chance at finding the company and her father has been destroyed. She falls to the ground, and starts crying in her hands.

    CUT TO:


    It leaves right where their scene left off. Graham is shocked at what he heard, but we don't know what it is.

    Melissa: (V/O) Come on!

    Graham turns to Melissa and Lain in the doorway and walks towards them.

    Graham: I'm sorry, I have to go.

    He walks passed both of them, leaving them confused.

    Lain: Wait?.what just happened?

    CUT TO:


    Salomie is walking towards the press.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie walks in and starts to go towards her desk when her boss walks up next to her.

    Salomie: Hey, boss.

    Boss/Max: Max.

    Salomie: Okay, Max.

    Max: Anyways, I have a story for you.

    Salomie: Stories are always good.

    Max: A premo one.

    Salomie: Love that kind.

    Max: (walking her over to another desk) It's the series of murders that have been happening.

    Salomie: (serious) Seriously?! That's awesome!

    Max: Yes, but we thought you should work with another experienced writer on this piece.

    Salomie: (confused) What?

    Max pulls her over to another desk, and sitting there is a boy, probably in his early 20s with short, curly blond hair. He his sitting down, wearing a T-Shirt and jeans, smiling at Salomie and Max.

    Salomie: Huh?

    Max: This is Logan. Logan ? Salomie. Salomie ? Logan.

    Man/Logan: Nice to meet you?.Salomie? Strange name.

    Salomie: (defensive) I could say the same for you.

    Logan: (smiling) No, you couldn't. My name's Logan.

    Salomie: (realizing her joke was bad) So?

    Max: Okay, kids, settle down.

    Salomie: Kids? We're in college!

    She turns to Logan.

    Salomie: Are you in college?

    Logan: Yeah, Sally.

    Salomie: (turning to Logan) What did you just say?!

    Logan: I called you Sally.

    Salomie: My name's ?

    Logan: I don't care. I like Sally.

    Max: (realizing the tension) Have fun.

    Max walks away.

    Salomie: You can't call me whatever you feel like calling me, ya know!?

    Logan: I know. I feel like calling you one of three names. Either ?slut', ?whore', or ?good in bed', but I didn't feel any of them were appropriate for the work place.

    Salomie: I've had enough of you.

    Logan: I've had way too little of you.

    Salomie walks away, but Logan jumps up out of his seat and chases Salomie. He jumps in front of her.

    Logan: Hey! We were hitting it on so well.

    Salomie: You have a strange definition of well.

    Logan: All of us do, sweetie.

    Salomie: What's that even supposed to mean? And I thought my name was Sally to you! Now, it's sweetie!?

    Logan: I didn't know you liked that name, but if you insist, I'll call you Sally.

    Salomie: You're unbelievable.

    Logan: If you forgot the word hot on the end of that sentence, I can totally see that being true.

    Salomie rolls her eyes.

    Logan: Oh, you know it's true, Sally.

    Salomie: Get away from me.

    Logan: You have a boyfriend?

    Salomie: If I say yes, will you back off?

    Logan: (smiling) No.

    Salomie: Max! I can't work with ?

    Logan: Shh, Sally, keep it down. You wouldn't want to disrupt anyone.

    Salomie: You know I hate you.

    Logan: Hey, you don't know the real me. You could change your mind.

    Salomie: First impressions are lasting.

    Logan: Sometimes. Other times?.

    Logan pushes Salomie's hair back.

    Logan:?.not so much.

    Salomie: You know we have to work together.

    Logan: I'm looking forward to it.

    Salomie: Only if you stop being a total pervert!

    Logan: But, what fun would that be?

    Salomie: I really hope your joking.

    Logan: Sally, I'll be tame?.for awhile. Then, my dark, evil, aggressive nature will come out.

    Salomie: Please stop talking.

    Logan: (smiling) Now, seriously, Sally?.do you have a boyfriend?

    Salomie just grins at Logan and walks away to her desk.

    Logan: (annoyed) What?! What was that!? Was that a ?you turn me on' look, or was it an ?I have a frickin' boyfriend' look.

    Salomie just smiles at Logan from her desk.

    Salomie: Get back to work. You're disrupting people.

    Logan shakes his head as he sits back down.

    CUT TO:


    Eliza is walking around the graveyard, humming to herself. She hears and noise and turns to see what it is. It is five large, red demons running towards Eliza. She recognizes them at once.

    Eliza: (to herself) Crap. Sitka demons.

    The demons reach Eliza and punch her. Eliza falls to the ground, immediately. The Sitka demons are very, very strong. Eliza gets back up and punches one of the demons back, and kicks another. One of them picks her up and throws her. She lands on her feet and kicks the one who threw her. She takes one of the demons and smashes it into a tombstone. The demon gets right back up and punches her back.

    Eliza: How the hell did you do ??

    Eliza is punched again by the Sitka demons. They are way too strong for her. She begins to run, and they chase her. While they are big, they can really run fast. While she's running, she takes out her cell phone and calls someone.

    Eliza: (on phone) Riley, yes! Eliza! Come; meet me in the old abandoned warehouse in the graveyard. Yeah, that's the one. Bye.

    Eliza hangs up the phone.

    Eliza: This should work.

    CUT TO:


    A black man who is very muscular is sitting on a bed in his hotel room. He is in deep thought, and is wearing a button down, striped shirt and jeans. He finishes his thought and stands up. He walks to the door and opens it.

    CUT TO:


    The man from the hotel room and a girl walk out of The Gold, into the alley. The girl is wearing a very seductive outfit.

    Girl: Come on, boy. Thrill my world.

    The girl begins walking backwards. The man doesn't smile. He just walks to the girl and grabs her hair and starts swinging her back and forth.

    Girl: Ah! What the hell!?

    The man throws the girl into the wall.

    Girl: You're insane!

    The man punches the girl to the ground.

    Girl: Ah! You bastard!

    The girl scratches the man with her sharp nails, making a scar on his cheek. The man is getting angry.

    Man: Bitch.

    The man punches her again, and she falls to the ground. The man leans down and continues to punch her till she's dead.

    CUT TO:


    Riley is walking up to the warehouse Eliza referred to. He keeps walking closer, but the building suddenly explodes.



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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      Riley is staring, shocked, at the blown up warehouse. Was Eliza in there? He was supposed to meet her here. Did she die? Suddenly, Eliza pops out of bush, making Riley jump a little.

      Eliza: Hey Riley.

      Riley: (confused) What the hell?

      Eliza: I was fighting some nasty demons: Sitka demons. Ever heard of them?

      Riley: No, but?what?

      Eliza: I needed to meet you, and I needed to kill these bitches. But, they're insanely strong. I had some explosives planted here. It was where I stored them. I decided it was a good way to kill them.

      Riley: But, why would you send me to an exploding building?

      Eliza: I knew you wouldn't have time to actually get into the building, but I needed a place to meet you. And, that's what we're doing right now, isn't it?

      Riley just looks at Eliza with a "you're insane" look.

      CUT TO:


      The man that killed the girl is walking down the street.


      CUT TO:

      INT ? HOUSE ? DAY

      A boy, around 8 years old, is doing his homework on the table. The boy is writing vigorously, and then stops. He is stumped. He starts thinking.

      Boy: (to himself) 12 x 12 is?..144!

      He writes the answer down on the page quickly, thinking he'll forget it. A man walks in?a vampire. It is NOT the man from The Gold; it's an entirely different person. The young boy is probably that man.

      Vampire: Boy!

      The boy looks up from his homework and smiles at the vampire.

      Boy: I'm doing my homework, daddy!

      Vampire: (mad) Do you think I give a crap!? And I'm not your daddy! I stole you just to have some extra hands around the house, and don't you forget it.

      Boy: (scared) I'm sorry, daddy.

      Vampire: (calming down) It's fine, Ethan. Just?.I need some help disposing of my lunch.

      Boy: (perking up) Really?

      Vampire: Yes, now come.

      Boy: (standing up) Okay.


      CUT TO:


      Jill and Chris are, again, sitting on the bed, talking.

      Jill: So, Susan then shouted out that Humphrey was a bad teacher, and she didn't consider this teaching.

      Chris starts laughing.

      Chris: Susan is a complete idiot!

      Jill: (smiling) And a bitch.

      Chris: Well, I thought that was a given.

      Jill: Yeah, I could tell dumb stories about that idiot Susan all night, but I don't really have that ?

      Chris kisses Jill on the lips real quick. Jill is in shock.

      Jill: You're a?.girl?.

      Chris: (scared) I'm sorry.

      Jill: My shift is right now. Bye.

      Jill stands up and walks out of the room, leaving Chris sad and shocked.

      CUT TO:


      Eliza and Riley are both still talking.

      Riley: You were talking about Nina before, and I'm guessing that's why I'm here.

      Eliza: You guessed correctly.

      Riley: Tell me about her.

      Eliza: Riley, she's my sister. She's a demon, but she's not like me. She enjoys pain and death, and she'll kill me. She'll kill everyone.

      Riley: Your sister?

      Eliza: There's a lot I don't know, like what she's up to here, and who she's working for, but I bet it's something big.

      Riley: Wait, she's here!?

      Eliza: Yeah, didn't I tell you that?

      Riley: No, but that changes everything. Give me her address so I can stop by for a little chat.

      Eliza: Riley, she'll kill you in five seconds flat.

      Riley: Give me the address.

      Eliza just stares at Riley. You don't know if she gives in or not.

      CUT TO:


      The man walks back into The Gold, looking for his next victim. He looks around.


      CUT TO:

      INT ? HOUSE ? DAY

      The vampire dad and a demon friend are both sitting on the couch, watching T.V.

      Vampire: Ah, I'm hungry.

      Demon: A few more hours, and you can go out and get some dinner.

      Vampire: I can't believe I don't have any extras in the cellar.

      Demon: We can get extras tonight!

      Vampire: (turning to demon; snarling) I can't wait that long!

      The vampire stands up and begins to lose his temper. He sees the little boy on the floor, watching T.V. as well.

      Vampire: You. You'll be sufficient for lunch.

      Boy: (confused) What? Daddy?

      The vampire goes to pick the boy up, but he runs.

      Vampire: You little pig!

      The boy runs to the door, but the vampire gets there, too and pulls him back. He falls to the floor.

      Vampire: Stay very still.

      The vampire goes to bite the boy, but he suddenly stops and dusts. Behind him, is the demon holding a stake.

      Demon: Are you okay, kid?

      Boy: (scared) Yes, I think so. Thank you. Thank you so much.

      Demon: I couldn't let him eat you, now could I?

      The boy smiles at the demon.

      Demon: I'll raise you. I'll train you, and you'll kill all and be as powerful as ever. You want that, don't ya, kid?

      Boy: (smiling) Yes, I do?.dad.


      CUT TO:


      Nina is still in her hotel room. She still has the scroll from the last episode that looks like a prison map. A man walks into her room. He has brown hair, and is in his thirties. He is wearing a suit. Nina turns around, scared, but when she sees him, she sighs.

      Nina: You scared me.

      Man: I'm surprised you're not scared right now.

      Nina: (smiling) Patrick, why the hell would you scare me?

      Patrick: You call Mr. Loney, or there will be hell to pay.

      Nina: Pat, buddy. I'm working on it. He's going to be out soon.

      Patrick: This is not a joke, Nina! Do you understand that?

      Nina: Yes! I'm working on ?

      Patrick: Not good enough. We want him out now.

      This almost makes it obvious that it is a map of a prison.

      Nina: I've got my ticket and everything. I'm leaving soon.

      Patrick: No, we've made a different arrangement.

      Nina: What? You can't kill me!

      Patrick: Not kill you. You're leaving for Dallas now.

      Nina: No, that's not happening. I have Eliza to take care of!

      Patrick: Eliza's fine for the time being. She is not a threat.

      Nina: To hell she isn't!

      Patrick: Watch your mouth.

      Patrick takes a plane ticket out of his suit pocket and hands it to Nina.

      Patrick: That's your ticket. Get ready to leave very soon. And that also means John has to die tonight.

      Nina: I had to talk to him more.

      Patrick: You don't. You need to kill him tonight. End of story. Have a nice night.

      Patrick Loney walks out of the room.

      Nina: (to herself) Bastard.

      CUT TO:


      Graham is sitting at the bar, obviously drunk and depressed. A woman walks up to him.

      Woman: What's the time, hottie?

      Graham doesn't answer.

      Woman: Hello!?

      Graham: Back off!

      Woman: (surprised) You're much more attractive when you don't talk.

      The woman puts her hand on Graham's shoulder, and Graham grabs her hand and pulls her next to him.

      Graham: Do not touch me ever again. Leave me alone.

      Graham lets her go and the woman pulls back.

      Woman: Freak.

      She walks away, and the bartender walks next to Graham.

      Bartender: What was that, dude? She's hot.

      Graham: Stop talking.

      Bartender: Sorry.

      The bartender starts walking away but stops when Graham says something.

      Graham: Another beer.

      Bartender: You've had ?

      Graham: I have money. Get me another beer.

      The bartender goes to do that. Graham has his cell phone out, and replays the message he was listening to earlier, now on speak phone.

      PERSON ON PHONE: Hey Graham. It's sis. Something happened that you need to know about. I don't know if I should tell you over a message like this but I have to tell you now and you need to know. Graham, mom and dad were driving home from a concert yesterday. They were both drunk. They drove off a bridge over another street and slammed into a car below. Graham, they're both dead.



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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        Graham walks into the house and sees Sam walking down the stairs. Graham is, obviously, distraught and Sam notices this.

        Sam: (caring) Graham?.what's wrong?

        Graham: (disregarding it) Nothing. How's the Veno thing?

        Sam: Veno's gone.

        Graham: (shocked) Oh, Sam, this is bad.

        Sam: (going to Graham) It doesn't matter. What is wrong?

        Graham just looks at Sam, not answering at first.

        Sam: Graham, you can tell me.

        Graham: I know I can.


        Graham: My parents died.

        Sam is shocked and doesn't know what to say. She is just taking it in for a minute.

        Sam: Oh my god. Graham, I'm so sorry.

        Graham: (shaking head) No, don't.

        Sam: Graham.

        Sam hugs Graham.

        Sam: (while hugging) It's okay.

        Graham begins to tear up a bit. They break apart.

        Sam: Go be with your sister.

        Graham: No, it's fine. Marie's fine ?

        Sam: No. Go be with her.

        Graham: But, it's Chicago.

        Sam: Go.

        Graham nods, finally.

        Graham: Thank you, Sam.

        Sam: Go pack, and then go.

        Graham nods, and surprisingly smiles a little. He walks upstairs, and Sam watches him walk up.

        CUT TO:


        John is sitting on his bed.


        CUT TO:

        INT ? HOUSE ? NIGHT

        John is pointing a gun at someone, tears in his eyes. He is also very, very scared.

        John: I'm sorry.

        The camera pulls out to show he's pointing a gun at a woman.

        Woman: (scared) I don't even know you! Why are you doing this?

        John: I'm sorry.

        John pulls the trigger and a bullet flies into her head.


        CUT TO:


        Sam is sitting on the couch when Riley and Intank walk in. They shut the door, and Riley looks around.

        Riley: Where's Graham? Up in his room?

        Sam: (standing up) Oh, no. He went to Chicago.

        Riley: (confused) What?

        Intank: ?Bout time he left.

        Sam: His parents died.

        Intank: (surprised) Oh, oops. I didn't mean ?

        Sam: I know.

        Riley: Is he okay?

        Sam: As good as he can be right now. He'll make it.

        Riley: I'm just sad that I couldn't have said how sorry I was.

        Sam: I did that enough for all of us.

        Intank: I'm sorry to hear that and all, but we have news. Big news.

        Sam: (perking up) Do tell.

        Riley: There are two things. There are these serial killer things. One leaves pictures as clues for where they're going next. And the other beats girls to death, getting them from The Gold usually and pummeling them in an alley.

        Sam: Okay.

        Intank: I was thinking; I could go with the Polaroid Killer.

        Sam: That's what you're calling him?

        Intank: Or her.

        Riley: (smiling) It fits.

        Sam: And that leaves me and Riley going to The Gold.

        Intank: Yep, that was sort of the plan.

        Sam: I'm game.

        Intank: Okay, I'll check out the crime scene and find out any leads, and you guys have it easy. Go to The Gold, or monitor the alleys around there.

        Riley: Let's move out.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

        Logan and Salomie are at a crime scene. A man has been murder; his throat slit, and this is the serial killer case. Salomie is trying to examine the body.

        Logan: (not caring about the case) You look very pretty in this light.

        Salomie: (ignoring him) This serial killer has been leaving clues, pictures, on each of his victims. People think it's telling you who his next victim will be, and where it'll happen.

        Logan: And what do you think?

        Salomie: I think its bullshit. But, whatever.

        Salomie walks closer to the body.

        Logan: You do know that this is disgusting, right?

        Salomie: I thought the girl was the one that was supposed to be disgusted. Do I have to hold you?

        Logan: (laughing) Sure, Sally, why not?

        Salomie: I didn't really mean ?

        Logan: I know. I don't care.

        Salomie: Work on the case, idiot.

        Logan: First compliment you've said all night.

        Salomie: (turning to him) You said you'd be competent!

        Logan: Big words confuse Logan.

        Salomie: Ah! (turning back to body) You're impossible.

        Logan: You already said that, back at the press.

        Salomie: I guess that proves it's true.

        Logan: Or maybe you're trying to convince yourself its true.

        Salomie: Oh, stop being so damn full of yourself!

        Logan: Sorry, maybe I'm speculating a bit too much.

        Salomie: You are.

        Logan: Okay, Sally.

        Salomie begins to look at the picture left at the crime scene this time, and she notices something.

        Logan: So, who's gonna write this thing? Me ? you ? a chimpanzee?

        Salomie: (ignoring him; to officer) Can I see the past pictures and locations and victims who it turned out to be?

        Officer: Yes, ma'am.

        Logan: What's this all about?

        Salomie: Our job.

        The officer gives Salomie the pictures and looks at them. She notices something.

        Salomie: Oh?.whoa.

        Salomie drops the pictures and runs to the car. Logan is surprised.

        Logan: (calling after) Wait, Sally!? Where ya going?!

        Logan chases after her to the car. They have reached the car and Salomie's getting in.

        Logan: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What the hell is going on?

        Salomie: I figured out where the next killing is going to be!

        Logan: Then let's tell ?

        Salomie: We don't have time!

        Logan stops and starts analyzing Salomie.

        Salomie: We don't have time for this! I'm going.

        Logan: Wait, I'm coming too, then.

        Logan jumps in the passenger seat.

        Logan: I'm not going to let you go and get yourself killed.

        Salomie looks at Logan, confused.

        Salomie: You hate me.

        Logan: (smiling) I never said that.

        The car starts moving, and you see Intank watching this. He gets in his car and starts following Salomie and Logan, thinking it'll bring him to the killer.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? THE GOLD ? NIGHT

        Jill is behind the bar, bartending. The man from earlier who was beating the girl comes in and sits down at the bar.

        Jill: (to the man) What do you want?

        Man: Just water.

        Jill: Wow, you're really going all out tonight.

        Jill turns around and pours some water in a glass. She hands the glass to the man.

        Man: Yeah, well, a hangover isn't really what I need right now.

        Jill: (smiling) We all need hangovers.

        Man: (smiling back) Yeah, just not right now.

        Jill: I get it. I mean, I really don't need a hangover, or I might end up sleeping with her.

        Man: (shocked) Lesbian?

        Jill: (surprised she said what she said) Oh, no, I mean?.I have a friend, and I guess she's a lesbian, but I didn't know it, and she kissed me. And I ran away.

        Man: Oh. Well, do you not like her?

        Jill looks at the man, and is thinking.

        Jill: (not truthful) Oh, of course not!

        Man: Then, you just need to tell her that. You can't just run away from her, you need to bring all the emotions out into the open. And if you do like her?.

        Jill looks at the man.

        Man: ?.then, be with her.


        CUT TO:

        EXT ? BACKYARD ? DAY

        The boy from before is now 16, and is fighting/training with his demon dad. The demon kicks the boy, but he blocks it and kicks the demon back. He punches, but the demon ducks and does a back flip, kicking the boy in the process.

        Demon: Come on! Stop being weak!

        The boy punches the demon, and then does a spinning kick. The demon punches, but the boy grabs his fist and throws him back onto the ground.

        Boy: Good enough for ya!?

        Demon: (getting up) Not nearly.

        The demon kicks but the boy ducks and goes behind him. The boy kicks the demon forward, into the house wall. The demon turns around and sees the boy sending a punch at the wall. He ducks and the boy's fist goes smashing through the wall.

        Demon: Heh, very strong. Love it.

        The demon pushes the boy back and kicks him. The boy grabs the demon's head and spins him around, and finally lets him go, sending him going backwards. They have now paused, staring at each other.

        Demon: Come. You must enhance your power and kill. Kill all. Kill demons. Kill humans. Kill your soul.

        Boy: I will, but I need some anger out NOW!

        The boy rams at the demon, tackling him. The demon falls to the ground and the boy kneels down next to him. The boy repeatedly punches the demon while screaming loudly. Finally, he is done. The camera zooms out and shows that the demon is dead, and the boy is all bloody. It randomly starts raining, and the bloody boy looks into the sky and screams.


        CUT TO:


        Nina is packing her things when the door opens. She turns around and sees Riley standing there. She is confused.

        Riley: (smiling) Hello Nina. We need to talk.

        END OF ACT III


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          ACT IV

          CUT TO:

          INT ? HOTEL ROOM ? NIGHT

          There is a far out shot of Nina and Riley facing each other, menacingly.

          Nina: Who the hell are you?

          Riley: I'm Riley, and I think we have someone in common.

          Nina looks confused.

          Riley: Eliza. Your sister.

          Nina grins and laughs.

          Nina: My arrogant demon sister. You do know that, right? She is a demon.

          Riley: I know. First time we met, she tried to kill me.

          Nina: That's my girl.

          Riley: No, it's not. She doesn't kill anymore. She's a good demon.

          Nina: Oh, she got you all convinced, huh? Puppy dog eyes and all.

          Riley: I don't know what you're talking ?

          Nina: She isn't all she says to be. She says she's good. Well, she's good for a demon. But, I wouldn't say she's really good.

          Riley: I'm not here to discuss this.

          Nina: You broke into my hotel room, which people seem to be doing a lot lately, so I have a chance to speak my mind.

          Riley: I don't give a damn what you think! You're a demon.

          Nina: Then why are you here? And, Eliza's a demon. Intank's a demon.

          Riley: (confused) How did you ??

          Nina: I know much more about you than you think.

          Riley: How!? How do you know?!

          Nina: (laughing) You're the only one in this town that dares to kill us. Dares to kill any creature that lurks in the night. Why did you think Eliza came here? Because it's pretty? Yeah, sure. This town has dark, dark secrets and you don't know one of them yet. You think you're bad. Wait till you see what we can do.

          Riley: We?

          Nina: Get out.

          Riley: Wait, you ?

          Nina: Get OUT!

          Nina takes Riley and, literally, chucks him out of her room. She then slams the door.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? CLIFF ? NIGHT

          A car, Salomie's car, pulls up to the cliff, and they get out.

          Logan: (while getting out) Make-Out Cliff? Didn't know you felt that way about me.

          Salomie: This is where the next murder will be! You just have to follow the path. His first picture: a beach. There was a man walking along the beach. That gives the gender. And the murder isn't at a beach; it's something associated with a beach nearby. The first murder was at a hotel that had a pool. The common denominator was swimming. The latest pictured was two people having sex. They were both woman. I thought, where else that's specific to sex except hotels and houses in this town?

          Logan: (smiling) Dude, that's genius.

          Salomie: It is, isn't it? We're looking for a woman here.

          The camera zooms out to show Intank just pulled up and is following them. The camera goes back to Logan and Salomie as they hear screams.

          Salomie: Come on!

          They run towards the screaming, and Intank follows behind them.

          CUT TO:


          Riley walks and sees Sam run down the stairs.

          Sam: Finally! Where've you been?

          Riley: Nowhere.

          Sam: Okay, let's go.

          Sam smiles.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? THE GOLD - NIGHT

          Jill is still talking to the man.

          Jill: You're really nice, ya know that?

          Man: (smiling) I'm glad you feel that way?.

          He is searching for a name.

          Jill: Oh, sorry! My name's Jill.

          Man/Ethan: And mine's Ethan.

          Jill: It's really nice to meet you.

          Ethan: I feel the same.

          They smile at each other for a second when a man comes next to Jill.

          Man: Jill, you're shift is done.

          Jill: Oh, thanks Charlie. (to Ethan) Well, I gotta go back to my dorm.

          Jill begins to walk away when Ethan jumps up.

          Ethan: Wait, can I walk you home?

          Jill looks at Ethan and smiles.

          Jill: I'd love that.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? DORM ? HALLWAY ? NIGHT

          Nina is walking down the hallway.

          Patrick: (V/O) Kill him. Now.

          Nina gets to John's door and opens it.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? DORM ? JOHN'S ROOM ? NIGHT

          Nina walks in, and sees John sitting on his bed. John is shocked to see Nina.

          John: What the hell? Why are you back here? I did everything you wanted me to!

          Nina: Hey John.

          John: Why are you here?

          Nina: No reason.


          CUT TO:

          EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

          John is walking home on the streets of Laintan, scared and sad because he just a killed a woman. Suddenly, his cell phone rings, and he answers it.

          John: Hello?

          Man: (V/O) Did you do it?

          The man's voice is masked.

          John: Yes?I killed her.

          Man: (V/O) Good.

          John: Now you stay away from me and my parents, and you never threaten them ever again! Do you have that?

          Man: (V/O) I understand. We promise to never threaten your parents again.

          John: Good.

          John hangs up and is at his house now. He walks in to see both his parents all bloody and lying dead on the floor. He is shocked.


          CUT TO:

          INT ? DORM ? JOHN'S ROOM ? NIGHT

          Nina: I'm here to say I'm sorry.

          John: (confused) What is ??

          Nina: I ? we ? used you, just like we did before.


          Man: (V/O) We promise?.

          END FLASH

          John: (realizing) You. You were the one that killed my parents.

          Nina sees that John has finally figured it out, and notices she's dragged out this conversation for way too long.

          Nina: Get here!

          Nina pounces on John and takes out her knife, ready to kill him. He gets out of her grasp, and runs out of the dorm room. Nina smashes the knife into the bed.

          Nina: CRAP!

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? THE GOLD ? ALLEY ? NIGHT

          Jill and Ethan are walking out of The Gold, into the alley.

          Jill: (smiling) I really liked your company tonight.

          Ethan: I've never met a bartender so likable and cute.

          Jill starts blushing.

          Ethan: That'll just make it harder for me to kill you.

          Jill: (stopping) What?

          Ethan: Sorry.

          Ethan grabs Jill by the hair and flings her into the wall. She starts screaming. Riley and Sam appear, obviously going around into alleys and heard the screams.

          Jill: Ah! Ethan! STOP!

          Sam goes and tackles Ethan. Jill looks scared and runs away.

          Riley: Sam! Here!

          Riley throws a knife to Sam, who's holding Ethan down. She looks at him again.

          Sam: (shocked) Riley?.he's human.

          Riley: What?

          Ethan knocks Sam off him and punches her. He kicks her back and throws her into a wall.

          Riley: Pretty strong for a human!

          Riley runs to Ethan and Ethan punches him back. Riley elbows Ethan in the stomach and punches him! Sam gets back up and throws the knife at the man, but it misses.

          Riley: What are you doing, Sam!?

          Sam: Trying to hit his leg!

          Ethan punches Riley back. Sam goes to grab the knife she threw. Ethan goes walking to her, ready for the kill. Sam immediately slams the knife into Ethan's arm. He starts screaming.

          Ethan: AH!

          Riley sees this.

          Riley: Nice.

          Ethan pulls the knife out and is about to stab Sam, but she grabs knife away from him and kicks Ethan out of the alley, now on the street. Ethan looks scared. Sam and Riley are still. Ethan starts running away. Riley tries to chase him, but Sam stops him.

          Sam: He's gonna move on. We scared him.

          Riley: But that won't stop him.

          Sam: Sure it will.

          CUT TO:


          Jill walks in to see a sad Chris still there.

          Chris: Jill, I'm so ?

          Jill: Don't. I'm sorry. I was hanging out with someone at The Gold, and he was so sweet, and so nice, and so?.murderous. I fell in love with Bob, and I don't even know why. And then he died. I think I was starting to fall in love with this woman killing freak. I just want to be happy. And I realized?.I have never been as happy as I was with you.

          Chris starts to beam a little.

          Jill: You make me happy. I don't care about your gender, or if you have a penis or not.

          Chris starts to laugh a little.

          Jill: I think I love you, Chris Gemma. Do you love me?

          Chris: (smiling) More than anything in the world.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? CLIFF ? NIGHT

          Salomie and Logan reach the screams. A girl is being pulled out of her car by a man with black, long hair. He has a scary looking scar on his face. Salomie runs towards him to save the girl.

          Logan: What are you doing!?

          Logan chases after her. They reach the killer. Salomie tries to stop him, but he punches her back onto the ground. Her nose begins to bleed a bit. Logan gets mad and punches the killer. He lets go of the girl, who goes back to her car and drives off. Logan continues punching, but the killer punches Logan back to the ground. For a second, Logan stares at the ground. In that second, Intank appears from behind a car and punches the killer so hard that he falls to the ground, unconscious. As Logan looks back, Intank jumps behind a car. Logan looks to Salomie and goes next to her.

          Logan: Sally, are you okay?

          Salomie: (sitting up a bit) I'm okay, my nose is just?bleeding.

          Logan: Looks like we've got our killer.

          Salomie: Yeah. This'll make one hell of a story.

          Logan: Maybe we should call the cops.

          Salomie: Yeah, probably.

          Logan: Question, though.

          Salomie: What?

          Logan: Why didn't you tell the cops in the first place?

          Salomie: Well?.I don't know, I didn't think of it.

          Logan: I told you to, and you said we didn't have time. It would've been much safer.

          Salomie: I know.

          Logan: I can only think of one reason.

          Salomie: (annoyed) What?! What's your hypothesis?

          Logan: You're a danger junkie.

          Salomie just smiles and laughs at Logan.

          Salomie: Maybe I am.

          Logan: Or maybe? just wanted me to save you.

          Salomie: Oh, get over yourself.

          Logan: Hey, it's a very likely possibility.

          Salomie: In your dreams.

          Logan: Not in my dreams. It happened right here, right now. I saved you. I'm your knight in shinning armor.

          Salomie smiles at Logan.

          CUT TO:


          Riley and Eliza are meeting once more.

          Eliza: How did your meeting with Nina go?

          Riley: Great. She, literally, threw me out of her room.

          Eliza: (laughing) Not too surprising. But, did you get what you were looking for?

          Riley: Yeah, it was easy. I know where she's going. And I know where we're going. We're going to
          Dallas, baby, and so is she. I saw the ticket on her bed.

          They both smile at each other.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

          Salomie is running around, frantically, looking for someone. She turns and bumps into John. She sighs.

          John: Sorry, I'm leaving.

          Salomie: No! You're just the person I was looking for.

          John: What?

          Salomie: John, when I broke up with you because I didn't have time for the commitment. That was a load of crap.

          John: (confused) I know. I told you that.

          Salomie: No. It was crap. I broke up with you because you scared me.

          John: What!? I scared you?

          Salomie: You knew all this stuff about me, and I didn't know how! It was like you were stalking me!

          John: You could've asked me.

          Salomie: I know, I was just being an idiot.

          John: Salomie, I knew about you because everybody in school did. I saw you, and I feel in love a few years ago. I asked around. I needed to know more about you. You were the only reason that I stayed in Laintan. That and my parents. They're gone now. You are the only reason I'm here. Just to see you.

          Salomie: (touched) John. I'm so sorry.

          John: I love you, Salomie.

          Salomie: I think this is the part where we kiss and make up.

          John: I would really like that.

          They kiss, passionately.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? CAVE ? NIGHT

          Ethan runs into a cave, when he sees Xad from 1.04 and 1.05 there.

          Xad: Get out.

          Ethan is scared, and runs. Neiki walks out from the shadows of the cave.

          Neiki: Nice job getting him out.

          Xad: Thanks, boss.

          They smile at each other.

          CUT TO:


          Salomie opens the door to her room, and the lights are off. She turns them on and sees a naked Jill and Chris, under the covers, just waking up. Salomie realizes Jill's a lesbian and that they're having sex. She has a shocked look on her face, and "SATAN LEND ME A DOLLAR" by HILL OF BEANS starts playing as you close up on Salomie's shocked face.

          Satan, Satan
          Lend me a dollar
          Satan, Satan
          Lend me a dollar now!
          The camera shows a shot of Jill waking up and seeing Salomie.

          Satan, Satan
          Lend me a dollar
          The final shot is Salomie's shocked face.

          Satan, Satan
          Lend me a dollar NOW!
          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF ACT IV

          ROLL CREDITS

          "SATAN LEND ME A DOLLAR" by HILL OF BEANS continues to play through the credits.

          END OF EPISODE


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            FEEDBACK IS GOOD


            • This episode is exactly 42 pages on.
            • This is an episode based on developing Jill's character and, basically, setting the scene for next week's episode that features Graham going to Chicago to meet his sister, Marie, and Riley and Eliza going to Dallas to meet up with Nina and take her down!
            • What is Nina up to? Who is she working with? Who's Patrick? And most importantly, will she be stopped?
            • Ethan got away....this means he could be back
            • Also, Xad is back and working with Neiki! That's why Xad got away
            • And, last but not least, LOVE is in the air! Chris and Jill are officially together, and they slept together! So, Jill's a lesbian? Did you guess it? Aaaaand, John and Salomie are back together again, and Salomie's lame excuse to break up appeared to not be true. However, it was just Salomie being an idiot
            • So, that's that! I wrote this episode particularly fast, and would love some feedback from ya! Two more rewritten episodes, then I'll bring the last 5 episodes back into play, and Season 2 is on it's way! Enjoy!