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Riley The Series: 1.07 "Solitude"

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  • Riley The Series: 1.07 "Solitude"

    Riley Season 1 Episode 7 Rewrite "Solitude"

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthrized usage of these characters is permitted.

    Eliza: (V/O) Previously on Riley?.

    CUT TO:

    INT ? BAR ? DAY

    Graham: (V/O) What are you looking for?

    Riley: (V/O) A demon bar.

    Man: Get out of here! We're not open yet!

    Riley: I know. I need information.

    CUT TO:


    Intank: (V/O) She made me into a monster.

    Intank pulls up Jenny's head and shoots a bullet through the bottom of her skull and up through it. Jenny falls to the ground, dead.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie: Please, John. Can we just be friends?

    John: Get away.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie: (V/O) I'm just getting used to things.

    You see Salomie holding a stake.

    CUT TO:


    You see Intank's cellphone on the bar when it starts vibrating. It stops and you hear someone leave a message.

    Voice: (V/O) Intank, I'm back.

    You see who it's from. It says Neiki.

    CUT TO:


    Nina: I need a scroll.

    John: Why should I? Your secrets aren't that large.

    Nina: No, they aren't. Yours, on the other hand, are. John, you're a murderer.

    CUT TO:


    Sam: (V/O) What is my family secret!? What's so huge!?

    Sam is sitting on the bed starring at her tooth.

    CUT TO:


    Sam: We're all going to die.



    CUT TO:


    The alley is very dark and depressing. There are garbage cans everywhere and abandoned buildings all around with broken windows and glass all over the ground. The camera pulls back slowly to show the legs of a beautiful woman. The camera moves up more to show her whole body. She has completely black hair. She is wearing tights and red high heels as she walks quickly, but very sexy. She has very little on her top as well. She has a white tang top with a black, leather, short coat on over that. She walks through the alley, and then stops suddenly. She turns to the side entrance of a beaten and abandoned old building. The door was obviously red before, but has been beaten down to a disgusting brownish color. But, this woman does not reach down for the doorknob. However, she seems to know exactly what she's doing. She knocks three times on the beaten down door, and then pauses. Under her breath she whispers something. Too soft for you to hear. She says it again, only this time louder, loud enough to hear.

    Woman: (soft; seductively) Igor.

    She reaches for the doorknob finally and opens the door very slowly, taking her time. She closes the door as she walks into this new area. It is a very thin hallway, but nothing like you'd expect to see in an abandoned old building. The walls are painted an ugly tan color, but the paint is tearing off. It is hard to walk through the hall, seeing as it's very thin, and to make it harder; there is a thin and uncomfortable looking couch to the left. The hallway goes only a few feet, though. At the end of the hallway is another door. This door is painted bright white. The paint looks as if it's almost new. The woman walks towards it, this time much quicker. She flings it open, unlike the previous door. Inside this room, you can barely move. It is barely ten feet wide. All there is, is an extremely small desk with a small laptop on it. No chair. The laptop looks as though it could be sold for a few bucks. She walks to the laptop, which is on a word document page. She types in a single word: ?sphere'. She stands back as the desk and laptop becomes a door, this one is also bright white. The woman opens this door slower, as well, and walks slowly in. As we follow her into the new room, all you see is her hand on the doorknob. She is in, you can tell because she closes the door. There is a switch to lock the door on the doorknob, and she switches in locked. The camera zooms out to show the room she has finally reached after the long process she has just taken. It is huge, and rusty, yet impressive and expensive-looking at the same exact time. In the middle of the room, there is a giant, magnificent and exotic rug that takes up at least half the room. The walls are lined with dozens of cabinets that are closed, locked shut. On the rug, there is a bed that looks as though is double the size of a king size bed. Also on the rug, but on the other side, is a small wooden chair next to an almost barely larger desk, with piles of paperwork, spreading onto the floor due to the size of the desk. Sitting on the chair is a man who looks as though he hasn't showered in weeks, month's maybe. As soon as the woman walks in, the man twists his wooden chair around with a squek to see who has entered. He has no expression as he sees her.

    Man: Get started. I'll be right with you.

    The man grabs a key and throws it at her, which she catches. After she catches it, she closely examines, not sure what she's looking for. She smiles as she walks to a cabinet to open it. The man is wearing ripped jeans with a white shirt that is so dirty; you might think it's brown. He has hiking boots on, as well. The woman opens a cabinet and opens it, elegantly. Her smile widens as she sees what's inside. There are hundreds of needles that you get shots with in there, but they are all filled with some different kind of liquid. However, the top fourth all looks like the same liquid. The woman takes one of those. The man stands up from his desk to see what the woman has taken. She turns around quickly, holding the liquid close to nose, smiling.

    Woman: Presents. You got me presents.

    The man slowly grins at her, while he guides her to the giant bed.

    Man: I see you've chosen the usual, my dear.

    She sits on the bed, staring into the man's eyes.

    Woman: An oldie, but a goodie. The Brownies are my favorite.

    Man: I always save them for you, Alex.

    Alex is obviously short for Alexis and "Brownies" is probably the liquid. Alex turns her body so that when she lies down, her head will be on the pillow. Alex injects herself with the liquid and she inhales a great big breath. She falls back to lie down, her head hitting the pillow with a smash. The camera zooms out to show the man looking at Alex, almost maternally.

    Man: Veno will always be here for you. Always.

    The man, supposedly named Veno, stands up and walks back to his small and little wooden desk. The camera zooms out to show Veno sitting at his desk and Alex lying on the bed, injecting herself with the Brownie liquid.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie is walking down the street, trying to get to her dorm. She is holding a binder, but a very thin one. The streets are not very busy; almost no one is driving at this time of night. She is walking quickly, but she is in no huge rush. She looks up from the ground where she was watching her feet to see John walking straight at her from the other directing. She tries to cross streets, but she was too late. They collide. Salomie manages to not drop her single 1 inch binder, and John has nothing to drop. Their eyes meet. Salomie just stares, confused.

    Salomie: Sorry.

    Salomie tries to continue walking but John steps in her way. Salomie looks back at John, trying to act annoyed.

    Salomie: Excuse me, I need to get back to my dorm.

    John: (reluctant to let her go) Why?

    Salomie: Me and Jill are having a girls night.

    John: You and Jill are always having a girls night.

    Salomie: John, let me go.

    John: I need to talk to you, Salomie!

    Salomie: Well, I can't talk to you. I just?can't.

    John: You do remember that you're the one who broke up with me, right!?

    Salomie: Please, I don't want to argue.

    John: Then just listen. We can't be friends. It won't work.

    Salomie looks at John, dazed and confused.

    John: I want you, Salomie. I want us, but I can't wait. I can't wait for you to be ready, when that could be years from now. So, I'm giving you a choice. Now or never, Salomie. No other time.

    Salomie looks saddened. She stares at the ground for a second and looks up at John, with a strong face. She inhales loudly, and finally gives her answer.

    Salomie: Goodbye, John.

    Salomie swiftly moves past John, leaving John standing there, shocked and accepting the fact that he has lost her. John bites his lip and begins walking the direction Salomie came from. The camera shows them both walking in different directions, John very slowly, and Salomie quickly.



    "End of the World" by REM/Great Big Sea starts playing.


    Marc Blucas as Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic as Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase as Graham Miller
    Jason Dohring as Intank Welleee
    And Allison Mack as Salomie Sullivan

    Guest Starring:

    Michael Varton as Michael
    Topher Grace as Lain
    Liza Weil as Melissa
    Jared Padelecki as John
    Carlos Bernard as Bob
    Jewel Staite as Jill
    And Nicki Aycox as Eliza

    Created By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Written By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Edited By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Produced By: Different Dimensions Inc.

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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    Ian is wiping down his bar with a wet rag when you hear the steps of a woman in high heels. Ian turns to the stairs to see the guest, and it's Sam. Ian looks surprised, and obviously didn't expect her.

    Ian: Well, hello Sam. This is a pleasant surprise.

    Sam: Shut up, *******. I'm not here to socialize. If you didn't already get it, I don't like you. I?.just?..need help.

    Ian: (interested; grinning) What for?

    Sam: Me.

    Ian looks confused and he just stares at Sam with a weird face.

    Ian: What?

    Sam: Me. My secret. You know all about this crazy ass stuff, so you're bound to know something.

    Ian: I don't understand where you're going with this, Sam.

    Sam: The tooth! The ink on the tooth, the government, the slaughtering of my family, the demons! What is going on?!

    Ian's eyes widen, as if he has just realized what Sam is talking about. The secret she spoke of.

    Ian: (surprised; amused) You're?.her?

    Sam: If you're asking if I'm a female, then I'm gonna kick your sorry ass.

    Ian: I know what you're talking about. I know exactly what you're talking about.

    Sam: Then tell me!

    Ian: Well, I don't know it all, personally. I just know someone who does.

    Sam: Address, name, number, now! I don't have all day.

    Ian: Well?it's kind of a process.

    Ian grabs a piece of paper and takes a pen from his pocket. He starts to jot something down. Once he's finished, he gives the paper to Sam. Sam stares at it for a moment.

    Sam: What is this?

    Ian: They hide. There are many of these places around the world.

    Sam: What places?

    Ian: They get high on magic. Magic is their drug?their life.

    Sam: And the person that runs this place knows everything.

    Ian: Supposedly.

    Sam: Yes or no.

    Ian: Sam, I honestly don't know. But if it'll make you feel better, then yes. He knows.

    Sam nods and walks back up the stairs. Ian just stares for a moment, and then gets back to work.

    CUT TO:


    Eliza is lying on the ground, leaning against the cave wall. She looks sad, distressed, and just miserable. A figure drops down next to Eliza and slides to the ground with her. That figure is Nina. Eliza doesn't seem to care like she had last time.

    Nina: (smiling) How you doing?

    Eliza: (emotionless) Sucky. Craptastic.

    Nina: More non-existent words?


    Eliza: Why are you here?

    Nina: Why aren't I here?

    Eliza: Cut the crap and answer the damn question.

    Eliza has suddenly become more lively, as Nina grins even wider. Nina blinks and when she opens her eyes, they are completely black. A demon.

    Nina: I was so interested to see what you would do. I had to come back for you.

    Eliza: I don't know. It's not like I have anywhere to go. My family?.

    Eliza starts tearing up as she begins to remember. Nina looks sympathetic, but also very evil with a twisted smile on her face. The screen becomes lighter with very bright, contrasting colors.


    CUT TO:


    A man is tied down on the table, scared and crying. A man, a woman, and a younger looking Eliza are all stationed around the table. The man and woman look old but very fit, wearing a suit and a dress. Eliza looks excited, but also scared and unsure. There is blood on the man, and his shirts and pants are ripped. Some of his teeth are ripped out, and he only has one ear. He has probably been tortured by them. All three of them, Eliza, the woman, and the man, probably her parents, all have black eyes while "working" on the man.

    Woman: Eliza, darling, would you go get the scissors.

    Eliza: (obedient) Where are they, mother?

    Mother/Woman: (sighing) I've told you a million times, Elizabeth!

    The mother slaps Eliza across the face, but Eliza just looks back up at the mother as though she deserved the slap.

    Mother: Upper drawer in the kitchen.

    Eliza: Thank you.

    Eliza quickly stated this as she walked to the kitchen. She starts opening the drawer to get the scissors when you hear more loud screams from the man in the other room. With her hand in mid-air, Eliza stops, feeling sorry for the man. She's thinking about what she's doing.

    Man/Father: Eliza, where the hell are you!? We need those scissors!

    Eliza: (snapping back to reality) Coming, father!

    Eliza moves her hand from mid-air and she grabs the scissors. She sprints back to the other room with her mother and father. They see her sprinting.

    Mother: Don't run with scissors, my dear. You could drop them and kill this man before he's tortured thoroughly.

    Eliza: (looking down) Sorry, mother.

    Mother: Eliza, come here.

    Eliza obediently moves next to her mother as she hands Eliza back the scissors.

    Mother: Stab him in the arm. Then slide the scissor back and forth down his arm. Now.

    Man: (hearing this) No, no, no, no! NO!

    Eliza swiftly smashes the scissors into his arm. He screams loudly and Eliza twitches, scared at the noise.

    Father: (surprised) Eliza, what are you waiting for? Move it around.

    Eliza slowly brings the scissor down his arm, as he continues to scream.

    Father: (shaking head) Pathetic, worthless piece of shit.

    The father quickly punches Eliza backwards and onto the ground, making a scar.

    Father: Go up to your room, now! If you can't do this, then you can't be in our sight.

    Mother: Upstairs now, missy!

    Eliza jumps up and runs up the stairs, terrified. Once she reaches her door, she flings it open. She runs into her room and slams the door behind her. She has tears in her eyes, and does not know what's wrong with her. She's a demon, why can't she inflict pain without feeling guilt. It's happened for awhile, and she was prepared for today. She moves quickly to her closet and opens the door. There is a huge pink trunk inside the closet. Eliza picks up the trunk and plops it onto her bed. She stares at it for a second, teary-eyed. She opens it, and takes a peek inside, but you cannot see what's inside.

    Eliza: I'm doing this.

    CUT TO:


    The mother and father have just walked upstairs.

    Mother: Don't be too hard on her, George.

    Father/George: She wouldn't torture. I don't know what's wrong with her.

    Mother: Then, let's ask her.

    George: And then beat her.

    Mother: Of course.

    George reaches for the door, but it is locked.

    George: (aggravated) Dammit, Eliza! Open this door immediately!

    Mother: (mad) Open now or I will kick your ass so hard!

    They wait for a moment. No answer. George grows impatient and smashes through the door with ease.

    George: Another door broken.

    George and the mother walk through the doorway, into her room. They both see the window, open. Eliza must've escaped through there. George is fixed on the window, but the mother is looking around. She sees the pink trunk lying on the bed. A piece of paper is on top of it which reads, "Mother?.Father?.open this."

    Mother: George, look at this.

    George: Martha?.she left?.she escaped. Pile of shit.

    Mother/Martha: George, look!

    George, reluctantly, turns to face the trunk.

    George: What is this?

    Martha: It's for us, from Eliza.

    George opens the trunk and both peek inside. It's a timer. It's a bomb. Immediately, as it opens, the countdown begins from five seconds.

    George: Fu ?

    CUT TO:


    You see a far out shot of the house as it implodes. Fire bursts from Eliza's window, and you see a figure fall out of that window. The camera zooms in on the person that fell. It's Martha, who is now lying on the ground. She has bruises all over her and a scratch on her cheek, but not much more. Martha looks up where the blast came from.

    Martha: That bitch. She tried to kill us.

    Martha then realizes George is still in the house. As Martha runs to the front door, another explosion comes from inside the house. This time, it's from the room on the upper floor on the other side of the house. Martha is shocked and confused.

    Martha: (to herself) Did she?.oh my god.

    Martha realizes she has set many bombs in the house, and made them explode once the first one goes off. A chain reaction. An explosion in the living room sends Martha walking backwards, to shield herself.

    Martha: I need to get to George!

    Martha pushes forward and smashes through the front door. More explosions go off from all over the house. Martha is in the shattered living room, trying to shield herself from the fire.

    Martha: George! George! Where are you!?

    An explosion at the top of the stairs goes off, and George comes rolling down the stairs. Martha gasps and stares at George's body. She quickly runs to his side and starts crying.

    Martha: George! George!

    Martha picks him up in her arms and starts to run towards the door. An explosion goes off, sending him flying to the side and slamming into the wall. She continues to cry as she recovers from the blast to the door. She jumps out of the house with George's body and lets out a huge scream. They both collapse on the grass and George is still lifeless. Martha looks at him, and finally realizes that he is dead. She bites her lip, trying to not let out another loud scream. She looks towards the burning house.

    Martha: (determined; angered) Eliza's gonna die.


    CUT TO:


    You open onto an empty hotel room. It's all ripped up and in horrible shape. Suddenly, the door opens, and Nina walks in with the scroll in hand. She smashes the door behind her and walks to a rusty old table in the back of the room. She lies the scroll down there and the table shakes. Nina unrolls the scroll and smiles at what's there. The scroll is in an old language that is impossible to understand. Nina takes her hand over the scroll and it changes to a map of?something that looks like a prison. Nina grins even more.

    Nina: John hasn't failed me yet.

    Nina rolls the scroll back up and a ringing noise begins, coming from her pocket. She takes a cell phone out of her pocket and answers it.

    Nina: Hello.


    Nina: (ominously) Yes?.it's all going according to plan. Don't worry, he'll be dead soon.


    Nina: Yes. I'll be sure to do that. Thank you.

    Nina hangs up the phone.

    CUT TO:


    Alex is lying on the bed. The camera does a quick zoom on Alex and colors change back and forth to show she's disoriented and high. Alex raises her hand and a chair slams into the wall, breaking. She smiles. The door appears and a woman walks in, looking confused.

    Woman: Where's Veno?

    Alex smiles, maniacally, at this woman. She looks scared.

    Woman: Hello?

    Alex jumps up from the bed and walks slowly over to the woman. She looks very sexy and gets very close to the woman. She looks uncomfortable, the opposite of Alex. Alex pulls the woman closer to her.

    Alex: You're in for one hell of a ride, girlfriend.

    Alex kisses her and the woman tries to get away, but Alex doesn't let her.

    Woman: (trying to get away) Ah!

    Alex pushes the woman to the ground.

    Alex: Shut up! You're no fun when you talk!

    Alex grabs the woman by her neck and raises her up, above the ground. She throws the woman against the wall, and she's looking more scared that ever as Alex just smiles. Alex raises her hand and the woman is stuck against the wall, unable to move. Suddenly, the woman starts to scream. Blood is coming out of her stomach. Close up of Alex's smiling face.



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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      Graham and Riley are walking through the graveyard with stakes in hand, patrolling.

      Graham: Man, Neiki could pop up any second and kill us both.

      Riley: Thanks for being optimistic.

      Graham: Well, Riley, honestly?.think about it. It may be Intank's fault that Neiki's here, but Neiki wants to kill everyone, does that make any sense?

      Riley: Well, we're helping Intank.

      Graham: Then, let's stop!

      They both stop walking.

      Riley: What?

      Graham: Why should be helping him? He's a demon!

      Riley: He's different!

      Graham: Riley, just a week ago you were saying the same thing.

      Riley: Well, now I'm not.

      Graham: Why!?

      Riley: Why? Because I realized we'd be dead if it weren't for Neiki. We've been bitches to him every since he came, and all he's done is saved our asses! I think we're in debt to him. Greatly.

      With that, Riley just keeps walking forward. Graham, reluctantly, follows. From the darkness, Salomie pops up. They both jump back a little.

      Riley: Salomie! Um?what are you doing here?

      Salomie: I was looking for you guys.

      Graham: Um?why?

      Salomie: I was a little sad, so I thought I could come and train with you guys a little. Can I?

      Riley: Train? Like?.us?teach you?.fighting.

      Salomie: Yes! Got it?

      Riley: (laughing) Definitely. Okay, Salomie, if you insist. Let's go kick some vampire ass.

      They continue walking, laughing.

      CUT TO:


      In another part of the graveyard, a tired and exhausted Eliza is walking around, and she collapses to the ground.


      CUT TO:


      Eliza and another girl are standing in the room right next to the door.

      Eliza: Your mom and dad are gone?

      Girl: For the week, yeah. And like I said, you can stay here till then.

      Eliza: Thanks so much! You have no idea what this means to me.

      Girl: Hey, it's what friends are for, right?

      Eliza: (smiling) Yeah. You're a great friend, ya know?

      Girl: I got that.

      They laugh. The girl gets up and walks into the hallway next to the door, and Eliza follows here there.

      Girl: So, you want the ?

      The door smashes open and the girl and Eliza turn to the door. Martha is standing there, angry as hell. Eliza looks scared, perplexed, and confused.

      Eliza: did you --?

      The girl is shocked at Martha's face. She looks angry and ready to kill.

      Girl: Look, Ms. ?

      Martha grabs the girl's head and smashes her skull into the wall, sending blood from her head everywhere. She was killed instantly. Martha does this like it's nothing and the girl falls to the ground. Martha, immediately, looks at Eliza. Eliza looks scared and walks backwards.

      Eliza: Mom, please! But, I ?

      Martha: Shut the hell up! You're not my daughter.

      Eliza keeps backing up and Martha keeps walking closer and closer.

      Martha: You killed you my husband, you destroyed my house.

      Eliza: Dad?

      Martha: You're gonna die.

      Eliza: Mom, no!

      Eliza backs up into a wall and cannot go any farther. Martha has cornered her into the wall.

      Eliza: Mom?.you don't have to do this.

      Martha: Oh, but I do!

      Martha sends a punch at Eliza but she ducks out of the way and is not cornered anymore. Her fist goes straight into the wall, destroyed the brick there. Eliza is shocked at the force.

      Martha: I'm stronger than you.

      Martha runs to Eliza and punches her in the face, sending her back a bit. Martha does a roundhouse kick, hitting Eliza again, and sending her into a chair. She regains her balance, but at that same time, Martha knees her in the stomach. Eliza sends a punch but Martha blocks it and sends one back at her, which Eliza receives and takes in. Eliza is already tired.

      Martha: You're a pathetic excuse for a child!

      Martha sends another punch but this time, Eliza catches it.

      Eliza: And you're a horrible mother.

      Eliza knees Martha and kicks her back. Eliza seems back in the game. Eliza sends a punch, which Martha blocks. Martha quickly sends another back, but Eliza dodges and gets behind her. Eliza kicks Martha from behind and Martha falls onto a table, snapping it in half. Martha's now on the ground. She jumps up and punches Eliza back. Martha sends another punch which Eliza blocks. Martha grabs Eliza and smashes her into a window and Eliza gets thrown back a little. Shards of glass are all over the ground now. Eliza returns with an elbow to Martha's stomach, and then to her face. Martha grabs Eliza's shoulders and headbutts her. Eliza, while Martha's holding onto her shoulders, runs up Martha's body, and ends with kicking her in the face. Eliza lands perfectly on the ground.

      Eliza: I don't know how I dealt with you all those years; torturing and killing people. You're a monster!

      Martha: So are you! Only difference is, I'm a good monster.

      Eliza: I'm gonna kill you!

      Eliza punches Martha and sends another punch which Martha catches. Martha throws Eliza from her arm to the ground. Martha kicks Eliza while she's on the ground.

      Martha: Why should I be surprised!? I mean, you did kill your father!

      Eliza slowly gets up. Martha punches Eliza back. Martha punches Eliza again and again. Eliza gets punched one more time and falls to the ground with glass all over her from the window smash. Martha is hovering over Eliza, ready to deliver her final blow.

      Martha: I've always been ashamed of you. Always.

      Martha goes to deliver the final blow by going close to Eliza's head and punching her head so hard that she'd die, but Eliza sees a piece of glass, so she picks it up. And, as Martha's right next to her, she smashes the piece of glass into Martha's neck. Martha is gasping and bleeding mass amounts from her neck. She falls to the ground, staring to the ground and gasping. Eliza gets up and stares at her dying mother. Eliza goes next to her mother and takes the piece of glass out of her neck. Eliza has a few tears in her eye.

      Eliza: (softly) Die. Die.

      Eliza takes the glass and repeatedly and aggressively stabs her mother to death.

      Eliza: (while stabbing; screaming) DIE! DIE!

      She keeps stabbing, on and on?.

      Eliza: DIE! DIE!

      Fade out?.


      CUT TO:


      John is sitting on his bed, looking depressed.

      John: How did she know?

      He, randomly, goes under his bed, and pulls out a box with a lock on it. He goes to his desk and into one of the drawers. He pulls out a key and shuts the drawer. He goes back to the box and opens the lock. He opens the box to find another smaller box. He is wearing a necklace of a cross. He takes it off and uses the cross as a key to open the lock. He takes the lock off and looks at the thing in the box. It's a gun. John slowly takes the gun out of the box and stares at it, bringing it to his face.

      John: How?


      You see John with the gun shooting someone, but you can't see who.


      John is still staring at the gun.

      CUT TO:


      Sam is walking down the street, and randomly turns down an alley. She stops when she sees a man leaning up against a building.

      Man: You Sam?

      Sam: Yeah. You him?

      Man: What do ya think?

      Sam: Okay, so??where is he?

      Man: His name's Veno, and you better watch out for him. I mean, taking so many drugs like that is bound to make you crazy dangerous.

      Sam: I can take care of myself. Where do I find him?

      Man: Easy. Well, not really, but, it never is, right?

      Sam: Just give it up.

      Man: Okay. This is what you do. You go to this address in an alley.

      The man hands Sam a piece of paper which Sam looks at.

      Man: When you get to that door, knock three times. Then, whisper very quietly, "Igor". Then say "Igor" a second time, only much louder.

      Sam: What does that mean?

      Man: It's not relevant. Just do it. Then, you open the door. When you get in, you'll see a very thin hallway, and at the end of that hallway, is a door. Open the door. You'll find yourself in a terribly small room. There's a computer. Type ?sphere' in the computer. A door will appear where the computer was. That's the door to Veno. Just walk through there.

      Sam: Why sphere?

      Man: Not. Relevant. If you want info, you don't ask any questions. You just do. Where's my money.

      Sam takes 50 bucks out of her pocket and hands it to the man.

      Sam: I want you to know that if this information is not valuable?.I will kill you.

      Man: (smiling) I'm not afraid of you.

      Sam walks away.

      Sam: (while walking away) You really should be.

      CUT TO:


      Veno walks into the room and looks down to see the woman's dead body. He immediately is shocked and looks up to see Alex sitting there, smiling. Veno looks extremely mad.

      Veno: What did you do!?

      Veno storms over next to Alex, just looking at him, smiling.

      Alex: Nothing, we were just talking.

      Veno: Don't play with me, Alex. Don't play.

      Alex: I recall that you love playing with me.

      Veno grabs Alex by the shoulders and starts to shake her.

      Alex: (giggling) Okay, let's play.

      Veno slams Alex against a wall.

      Veno: This is not funny, Alex! This is murder.

      Alex: (struggling) Ow, get off of me.

      Veno: No! Tell me what happened.

      Alex: (screaming) Get off of me!

      Alex's head starts shaking like crazy from all the drugs and Veno looks confused.

      Veno: What are you doing? What the hell!?

      Alex starts to scream as long as possible. She stops and just looks at Veno. She has totally black eyes. Alex sends Veno flying across the room, landing with the "phump!" Veno looks back up after being thrown.

      Veno: (scared) What is wrong with you?

      Alex: (smiling) Nothing; nothing at all.

      Alex shakes her head and her eyes are not black anymore. She starts crying.

      Alex: (scared of herself) I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!

      Alex is looking around, confused and scared.

      Veno: Alex?

      Alex looks back at Veno.

      Alex: I love you?..and I'm sorry.

      Alex runs out of the room, leaving Veno confused, sad, and scared.



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        ACT III

        CUT TO:

        INT ? ALLEY ? NIGHT

        Sam is walking down the beaten up alley you saw in the teaser. She reaches the same door Alex reached in the teaser and knocks three times, and continues the process. She walks in. When she reaches the hallway, she keeps walking till she gets to the next door. She does the process, gets in, and goes to the computer. She types in, "sphere", and the door appears.

        Sam: This better work, dammit.

        Sam walks in. She sees a man sitting in a chair with a phone to his ear: Veno.

        Veno: (softly) Alex?answer the phone?.

        Sam: You Veno?

        Veno turns around and hangs up the phone.

        Veno: Who wants to know?

        Sam: Sam.

        Veno: Sorry, Sam, but I ?

        Sam: Sam Finn.

        Veno: That name?.it's not the name, but ?

        Sam: I got married. But I'm her.

        Veno: You? You're?.her?

        Sam: Didn't I just say that?

        Veno: What do you want?

        Sam: Information. I've been in the dark about everything lately. I hear you can shed some light on the situation.

        Veno: Well, yeah, but?'s not that simple.

        Sam: It is.

        Veno: No, there are people out there who ?

        Sam: Tell me or I'll kill you. It's that simple.

        Veno just stares at Sam, shocked, and nods.

        CUT TO:


        Riley, Graham, and Salomie are walking through the graveyard.

        Riley: So, the trick is to get the vamp in the heart right away. Don't give them a chance to fight back. Fast, quick movements to match them. Do not let them get an advantage. That would be bad. Very bad.

        Salomie: Okay.

        Riley: We're gonna start with one vamp that we're gonna find for you. You're gonna try to kill it on your own. If you can't, we'll jump in.

        Salomie: Sounds awesome?.except for the fact that there's five vamps right there.

        Salomie points ahead and Graham and Riley look to see a gang of five vampires.

        Graham: Crap. This is not good. Not good at all.

        Riley: You think?

        Salomie: What are we going to do!?

        Riley: Quite obvious. Fight.

        Salomie: What?! I'm more in the mood for the run plan.

        Riley: You said you wanted to train.

        Salomie: Yeah, train! Not get murdered.

        Riley: You'll be fine.

        Riley pulls out three stakes, one for each of them. Riley hands the stake to Graham and extends his arm to Salomie to grab the last stake.

        Salomie: Riley, I can't do this! I don't know how.

        Salomie is scared out of her mind.

        Riley: Salomie?.we'll protect you.

        Salomie trusts him and grabs the stake.

        Graham: Here we go.

        The vampires start closing in as, out of nowhere, Eliza pops up and smashes two of the vamps head's together. Riley and Graham take this as their opportunity to run towards them. They all start fighting. Eliza kicks a vamp back and throws another towards Salomie. Riley sees this.

        Riley: Salomie! Watch out!

        The vampire lands next to Salomie and smiles at her.

        Riley: Salomie, I'm coming.

        Riley tries to get away but a vamp throws him back.

        The vamp punches Salomie.

        Salomie: That hurt.

        Salomie tries to stake the vamp, but the vamp just grabs her hand and pulls it to the side. The vamp goes down to bite her, but she knees him in the balls. The vamp gasps and Salomie takes her stake and plunges it into his heart. He bursts into dust. Riley sees this and smiles. Meanwhile, Graham has dusted one vamp, and is fighting another. Riley punches a vamp and then stakes him. There are two left, both fighting Eliza. Eliza punches one and immediately kicks the other. She turns around and grabs Riley and Graham's stakes. She turns around as the vamps are recovering. She stakes them and they both burst into dust. Eliza drops the stakes. Riley, Graham, and Salomie look relieved and shocked.

        Riley: Eliza, you really saved our asses.

        Eliza: (out of it) Shut up!

        Riley (confused) Eliza, what's up? Why are you here?

        Eliza: (out of it) Why don't you just stop talking?!

        Eliza turns around and smashes her fist into a mausoleum.


        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

        A younger Eliza is walking down the street, sheltering herself from the cold. She looks to her right to see an abandoned and rotting house. She decides to enter it to get away from the cold. She opens the door and strolls inside. She sits down on a wooden box that's lying there and stares down to the ground. The camera pans back to show a person standing behind her. As she comes into view, you see it's Nina.

        Nina: Hey sis.

        Eliza jumps up and turns around to see Nina. She gets slightly calmer.

        Eliza: You scared me.

        Nina: I can do a lot more than that.

        Eliza just rolls her eyes, obviously not very threatened. Nina begins circling Eliza, staring at her. Her eyes are fixed.

        Nina: You know, our family is not very happy. Not at all. You killed George and Martha, very wonderful and appreciated members of our family! And you made a big mess with Martha. I mean, all that blood. Most of our family wants that to happen to you. They want you dead. We want you dead.

        Eliza: (a bit scared) Well then?.why don't you just kill me? Where's your backup?

        Nina starts to giggle a little bit.

        Nina: I'm different from them. You know as well as everyone that I'm different. I don't just kill my prey.

        Nina goes to Eliza's ear.

        Nina: (whispering in ear) I stalk them.

        Eliza pushes Nina back and goes to punch her but Nina pushes her fist down.

        Nina: Tisk, tisk. You know that would do no good.

        Eliza backs up, looking extremely mad and intimidated.

        Nina: Eliza, a war's coming. You know it, I know it. They are going to kill you about one hundred times before they feel better, and then they'll go and kill some more. I can only warn you. But, I promise. When you die?..I'll be there.

        Nina grins and backs into the darkness.


        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

        There are fires everywhere and people are running around, scared. Alex is standing in the middle of this, smiling. A woman runs by her, but Alex grabs the woman and snaps her neck. She falls to the ground. Suddenly, a car flips over onto some innocent people by Alex's command. She smiles more.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie, Graham, Riley, and Eliza are all standing there when they hear a scream from the street. Riley turns that way.

        Riley: (while turning around) Well, we gotta go help ?

        When Riley turns to look back at Eliza, she's gone. Disappeared.

        END OF ACT III


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          ACT IV

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

          Alex is still standing there, wearing a huge grin on her face. Things are exploding everywhere when Riley, Graham, and Salomie emerge from the forest, all holding stakes. She turns to them and smiles.

          Alex: Hello. You have weapons. Trying to kill me, huh? It's three against one. I'm so gonna win.

          Intank: (V/O) Four against one.

          Intank emerges from the shadow holding no weapon.

          Alex: You don't even have a weapon!

          Intank: Neither do you.

          Alex: I don't need one.

          Riley: What are you doing here!?

          Intank: Did you really think I'd miss a massacre?

          Intank smiles and turns blue.

          Alex: That's?.interesting.

          They all charge at Alex except Salomie, who's scared. Alex immediately punches Graham, and then kicks Riley back. Intank punches Alex, but she just pushes him back, which sends him flying into the air.

          Riley: (getting up) She's strong.

          Graham punches Alex, but Alex ducks and kicks Graham in the gut.

          Intank: Go figure.

          Intank gets backs up, as well.

          Alex is punching Graham repeatedly, and he is getting very bloody. Intank tackles Alex, taking her away from Graham. Graham falls to the ground, unconscious. Intank and Alex both get up and Alex, mad, blasts Intank away with a magical blue beam. Riley is scared.

          Riley: Guys, we gotta go!

          Salomie is still scared and just standing there.

          Riley: Intank, grab Graham! Salomie, run!

          Salomie starts running away as Intank picks up Graham and runs away with them.

          CUT TO:


          Everyone enters the house. Intank drops Graham on the couch. He is awake now, but he is badly beaten and is hard for him to move.

          Graham: Guys?.

          Riley: Graham, just stay there and be quiet.

          Riley takes out his cellphone and dials a number.

          Riley: Come on, Sam. Pick up.

          You hear the message machine.

          Sam: (V/O) This is Sam, and I'm not here right ?

          Riley hangs up.

          Riley: Dammit.

          Riley's phone begins ringing.

          Riley: What the --?

          Riley answers the phone.

          Sam: Riley.

          Riley: Sam, I need help.

          Sam: What? Is something wrong?

          Riley: Very wrong.

          Sam: Okay, well, do you need me?

          Riley: Of course I do!

          You hear a sigh across the phone.

          Riley: (notices) Wait, what? What's wrong?

          Sam: Riley?.there could not be a worse time.

          Riley: Sam, I need you.

          Sam: Riley, I'm sorry! I'm getting answers that I might never be able to get again. This is a huge deal.

          Riley: As big as our town is being blown up?!

          Sam: Yes! It's big.

          Riley: Sam?..

          Sam: I'm sorry, but tell me what's happening so I can help later, I guess.

          Riley: There's this girl wreaking havoc on the town. With magic, or something like that.

          CUT TO:


          Sam: A girl? Magic? What do you mean?

          Veno hears this and perks up.

          Veno: Sam?.

          Sam turns around to Veno.

          Sam: What is it?

          Veno: I think I know who this girl is.

          Sam's eyes widen.

          Sam: (to Riley) Riley, I think I've got some good info.

          CUT TO:


          Sam and Veno are both sitting down, ready for a talk.

          Sam: Are you gonna tell me now, or make me wait?

          Veno is still struggling with the fact that Alex is hurting people.

          Sam: Veno!

          Veno snaps back.

          Veno: Sorry. I'll tell you. I'll tell you now.

          Sam looks very anxious.

          Veno: Sam, this may be hard for you to believe, but your family knows a secret that goes back many generations, hundreds and hundreds of years.

          Sam: I kind of guessed that.

          Veno: You're not going to believe this part. There's a secret organization that deals with everything that goes on in the world. The power of countries, economy, war, death, who lives and who dies. They control everything and can make anything go their way. This organization consists of, mostly, demons and people who worship them.

          Sam: Are you saying that my family?.worshipped demons?

          Veno: Sam, yes. They still do.

          Sam's eyes widen.

          Sam: Wait, what!? No, that can't be!

          Veno: I'm afraid I'm not done yet.

          Sam: Not done yet!? Are you --?

          Veno: Please.

          Sam calms down a little.

          Veno: Thank you. All of your family was in this organization, but some came to realize that what they were doing was tremendously wrong. So, they quit. But, it's not that simple. Once you quit, you die. They find you and they kill you. They do not want any of their secrets getting out. They kill you. And that's what they did to more than half of your family. Some of your family is still in this organization.

          Sam: So, my family killed each other?

          Veno: Yes. And that's not all. This is the bad part.

          Sam: That wasn't the bad part?

          Veno: Sam, your mother is dead.

          Sam: I knew that.

          Veno: Your father killed her.

          Sam's eyes widen and her mouth hangs open.

          Veno: She tried to quit, but he didn't. He went out and murdered your mother to keep her quiet.

          Sam screams and begins to cry a little.

          Veno: He's still alive.

          Sam: I thought he was ?

          Veno: He's not dead. He's still working for the company, an assassin of sorts.

          Sam: (mad) How the hell do you know all this!?

          Veno: Cause I was in the company. And I left. The only reason I'm still alive is that I changed everything about myself. My setting, the people I'm with, my name. But that won't keep them away. I know it. The thing is?they find you. They always find you. You can't hide from them for too long. They're going to find me. They're going to kill me.

          Sam: What's the company's name?

          Veno: That's for you to find out.

          Sam springs up and chocks Veno.

          Sam: WHAT'S THE NAME!?!?


          CUT TO:


          Eliza is chocking a man just like Sam was.

          CAPTION: Two Weeks Later

          Eliza: What is I.S.!?!

          Man: I can't tell you.

          Eliza pulls out a knife and takes it next to the man's ear.

          Man: (crying) Okay, okay! Please don't hurt me! Please!

          Eliza: Tell me.

          Man: I'll tell you!

          There is a loud popping noise and the man falls to the ground, dead. A bullet landed right in his head. Behind him, holding a smoking gun is Nina.

          Nina: (smiling) Sorry.

          Eliza: (walking towards her; mad) Why the hell did you do that, you bastard!?

          Nina: Maybe I didn't want you to find out about I.S.

          Eliza: Why? Do you know all about it?! Huh?

          Nina: How did you first find out about I.S. anyways?

          Eliza: Family member. Jamie.

          Nina: Ah, I'll have to make a note of killing him.

          Eliza: Already did.

          They both smile.

          Nina: See, you can be a bitch.

          Eliza: I've learned from the best.

          Nina: Well, I'll see you later.

          Eliza: Wait, you need to tell me about I.S. I know this is about me, and I want answers!

          Nina: (smiling; laughing) All about you? Do you really? Do you really think this is all about you?

          Eliza: It?isn't? Then, what is this about?

          Nina: As others would say, that is for me to know and for you to find out. Or as I would say, that is for me to know and for you die over.

          Eliza: I won't let you do this. I just won't!

          Nina: I thought you realized by now. You have no say in what is to come. You are not the master and you are not the puppeteer in this show! You are a puppet. And that puppet's gonna burn.

          Nina smiles and walks away.


          CUT TO:


          Sam and Veno are both sitting there, in silence. Suddenly, the door busts open and Alex walks in, grinning and having her eyes completely black.

          Alex: Hello, lover!

          Sam: That's her, I'm guessing.

          Veno: (shocked) Yeah.

          Sam: We need to kill her!

          Veno: NO!

          Alex sends a blast at Sam, sending her backwards.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? ALLEY ? NIGHT

          Riley, Intank, and Salomie are running through the alley.

          Riley: Come on!

          Salomie: I still think it's weird we left Graham behind!

          Riley: He wouldn't have been able to fight!

          They continue running.

          CUT TO:

          INT ?

          The battle continues! Sam gets up as Veno reluctantly sends some magic at Alex, which doesn't faze her.

          Alex: You guys are really pathetic. You can't hurt me.

          Sam runs up to Alex and punches her, but Alex pushes Sam back with her magic. At the same time, she nods to Veno, who flies against a wall by Alex's magic/telekinesis. Sam goes to Alex again but Alex just punches Sam to the ground. Veno falls from the wall to the ground. He's lying there. Alex is hovering over Sam, sparks flying out of her hands. She is ready to deliver the final blow and murder Sam.

          Veno: (to himself) No.

          Veno runs to Alex. As he's running, he finally uses his magic. Veno sends a bolt of lightning out of his hand. It hits Alex and she flies back and slams against a wall. She falls to the ground, and you hear a crack. It was her neck. Sam looks to Alex and then back to Veno, whose eyes are wide open. He just killed his lover.

          Sam: Veno?..

          Veno walks slowly to Alex's body and falls to his knees. He begins to cry over her corpse. There is a far shot of Sam on the ground, the place a mess, and Veno crying over Alex's body.

          CUT TO:


          Everyone is sitting on the couch or the chair. All are silent and sad.

          Riley: She wasn't a demon, was she?

          Sam: No. Veno is, but?.she's not.

          Salomie: We were too late.

          Intank: But no one cares. Stop obsessing.

          Riley: (mad) Intank, a girl is dead because of us!

          Intank: No, she's not. About fifteen civilians are, though. She killed them. I wanted to kill this son of a bitch, but I didn't get the chance too! Plus, we're not responsible for her death! This Veno dude is! So, stop being idiots and face the fact that we did nothing. We didn't save anybody, we didn't kill anybody. We were on the sidelines, watching her lover do all the work. I guess one against one is more efficient that four against one.

          CUT TO:


          Riley walks into his room, tired. When he looks up, he sees Eliza on his bed, tired and scared.

          Riley: Eliza, get out.

          Eliza: Riley?.

          Riley: This isn't the time.

          Eliza looks up at Riley, crying.


          CUT TO:

          EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

          There is fire all over the street. Eliza is fighting at least five demons at once on the street. She punches one and kicks another back, but gets pushed back by another.

          Demon #1: Hey cous, take this!

          The demon punches Eliza back. She gets mad and snaps that demon's neck. Eliza kicks another demon and then goes to stab another demon with a knife she found on the ground. She turns around and slits another's throat. She drops the knife and punches the last two demons, her fists going through them. She's angry. The camera zooms out to show Nina watching all this, smiling.

          Nina: Good puppet.


          CUT TO:


          Eliza must've been talking during the flashback.

          Riley: But why don't you kill people!? Why aren't you evil!?

          Eliza: I don't know! All I know is that we have to kill her.

          Riley: Who?

          Eliza: We have to kill her, Riley. We have to kill Nina. We have to.

          Eliza is scared and Riley becomes scared as well.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF ACT IV

          END OF EPISODE

          ROLL CREDITS


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            FEEDBACK IS GOOD


            • What is I.S.? I bet you probably have a clue, but you ain't seen nothing yet! Unfortunately, due to rewrites and the last five episodes of the season (1.11-1.15) being not rewritten, there will be hints in the season finale (1.15) but you don't know the whole thing till Season 2.
            • Eliza and Nina: Sisters. Mortal enemies. Neither will die this season, but one might die by the end of Season 2. I'm not saying for certain, though. Plus, they will both disappear after 1.10 due to rewrites ending, but will return in Season 2
            • In Season 2, expect many new characters
            • Sam's secret is out, but is it not what you thought it would be/not epic enough? Oh, it will be. Trust me. The last bit about Veno being an old member and her father being a member, killing her mom, etc.....that will all be explored in Season 2 and beyond