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Shadow Stalker - 3.13 - The Old Ball And Chain

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  • Shadow Stalker - 3.13 - The Old Ball And Chain

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 3.13 ? The Old Ball And Chain
    Writer: Alex Goddard aka "Lex"
    Editor and Proof Reader: Alex Hart aka "Alex"

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's original concepts, plot lines and characters. The featuring of his creations in this series is simply for my pleasure and your pleasure as a reader and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters, plot lines and original concepts not affiliated with Joss Whedon belong to me. Season Three of Shadow Stalker starts alongside Season 5 of Angel and is in association with its "sister series", Rogue Redemption by Amber, and other affiliated series such as Chosen by Heather; BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6 by Alex Hart and Haven, which is also by Alex Hart. Enjoy.




    The beat of the song begins to sound as we see a smiling CATE approach a large decorated box. She opens it and shivers seeing what is inside.

    CATE: Come to mama...

    She turns around and shows the other inhabitants of the room what is inside... (The music below plays throughout)

    "Fed up with your indigestion
    Swallow words one by one
    Your folks got high at a quarter to five
    Don't you feel you're growing up undone...


    DANTE is shuffling a deck of cards but then he stops.

    DANTE: Let the game begin boys...

    He begins passing a card to each player: XAK, LANCE, BROGAN and TRAFFORD. They look at one another, a mixture of playful seriousness in their expression. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Nothing but the local DJ
    He said he had some songs to play
    What went down from this fooling around
    Gave hope and a brand new day...


    There are various shots of the people CATE are in the room with.

    SEPHY, ECHIDNA, ELISE, SHELTER and SOFIA all sat on SEPHY'S bed with her. They're each handing one another an item from the box: it's all beauty products. ELISE and SHELTER look at them all confused while CATE and SOFIA look more in their element, and begin applying nail polish to SEPHY and ECHIDNA. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Imagine all the girls
    Ah ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
    And the boys
    Ah ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
    And the strings
    Eee, eee, eee, eee, eee, eee, eee, eee
    And the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums


    The camera pans around the room. It is empty. XAK is obviously not here ? he's playing poker - but there's no CHARLIE either... and she's not in her mother's room... (The music below plays throughout)

    "Nothing was the same again
    All about where and when
    Blowing our minds in a life unkind
    Gotta love the bpm...


    The camera pans around to show KAIA'S room being empty too. She isn't in SEPHY'S room or at poker.

    Where were they both? (The music below plays throughout)

    "When his work was all but done
    Remembering how this begun
    We wore his love like a hand in a glove
    There's a future plays it all night long...


    XAK and the boys are all laughing at the poker and as TRAFFORD bluffs his way into winning the round he collects all the chips much to DANTE'S annoyance who tries taking some from him. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Nothing but the girls
    Ah ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
    And the boys
    Ah ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
    And the strings
    Eee, eee, eee, eee, eee, eee, eee, eee
    And the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums...


    The girls laughing. (The music below plays throughout)

    "Imagine all the girls
    Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah...


    The boys laughing. (The music below plays throughout)

    "And the boys
    Ah ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
    And the strings
    Eee, eee, eee, eee, eee, eee, eee, eee...


    (The music below plays throughout)

    "And the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums..."

    The sound of the upbeat lyrics descends into a slow whisper. The sound is drowned out by the echo of dripping water and soft breathing unconscious breathing..

    The camera pans around the floor of a dark room. There are three people in the room. Three women...

    One of them begins to rouse. A woman with blonde hair. The hair however is matted with water and blood making it seem darker than actually is.

    It's KAIA.

    Her eyes open and close, confused and finding it hard to adjust to the darkness around her.

    KAIA: (weakly) Ow...

    She goes to lift her hand to clutch her head and the source of the bleeding. She brings her hand higher to her head and as she does she recoils from the pain causing her leg to twitch. As her leg twitches she feels her leg pulled down by the clanking of metal. She's chained to something.

    She looks down to see that her feet are in shackles and the chains from those shackles are attached to another woman. CHARLIE.

    KAIA'S eyes widen and her breaths become quick and sharp as she sees CHARLIE isn't moving.

    KAIA: (whispering) Charlie...

    CHARLIE'S eyes flicker open. Her head is bleeding too and her face scratched, a light cut emitting some blood from it. She looks up and around, confused.

    CHARLIE: (groggy) Wh-Where...

    KAIA: (panicking) I don't know!

    She looks tearful as she looks around the dark and small room, her eyes squinting. She pulls at her chains, annoyed.

    CHARLIE: (breathless) What's going on?!

    KAIA: (frustrated) I don't know what's happening... I'm chained up just as much as you are... You tell me?! God, do you think the others know? What if they don't?!

    CHARLIE looks around, trying to regain more focus as for a moment she thinks she sees two of KAIA. She isn't. When she focuses she realises she isn't seeing two of her rival... she's seeing two separate women in front of her. One of them is KAIA, the other is...

    KAIA (O/S): (scoffing) God and I'm stuck with you of all people...

    CHARLIE realises who the other woman is.

    CHARLIE: (whispering, ignoring KAIA) Oh no...

    KAIA (O/S): Oh god, what if they really don't know we're here... wherever here is...

    CHARLIE: Kaia! Just shut up...

    KAIA: What?!

    The camera pans down to show the woman has her neck snapped and is lying in the puddle... She looks like she's been dead for a while...

    CHARLIE: (quietly) I'm sorry...

    As the woman fills the screen completely, the two witches disappear from view.

    KAIA (O/S): For what?

    CHARLIE (O/S): (whispering) There's something you should know...

    The dead woman in the room with them is CONSTANCE KYLL. There's a tape recorder taped to her hand. A note is attached to it, which reads "Play Me"...



    As the screen remains black for a moment, a moon begins to fade into view and then the words in bright white?SHADOW STALKER. They fade as quickly as they appeared.

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    BROGAN throws his cards on the table.

    BROGAN: I fold. I hate this game.

    XAK: (smiling) Don't you dare blame it on growing up in hell. Trust me, they get bored of that excuse.

    DANTE: Yeah it's tiresome. Besides if you pull up that card, I have to play the being conceived by immortal evil lawyer types and well it'll just get messy.

    TRAFFORD: Well it doesn't seem to be impairing my game.

    DANTE glares at him.

    DANTE: Are you just trying to annoy me?

    TRAFFORD smirks.

    TRAFFORD: Guess I'm just a natural.

    DANTE and TRAFFORD hold one another's glare for a while.

    LANCE: Ok, how about we lower the testosterone around the table. We're all manly and can lie convincingly about what picture is on a piece of card for plastic coins. Go us.

    XAK: Hey, who says I was lying?

    LANCE: Whatever, I'm just kinda done with the game.

    XAK: Moon boy can't keep up, huh?

    He laughs and LANCE rolls his eyes.

    DANTE: Well if we're done here, we could go break up the girls' party?

    BROGAN: You do know they'd actually kill us, right?

    DANTE: Oh, don't tell me you're not dying to go see Xak's wife?

    Everyone is silent for a moment.

    TRAFFORD: (whispering to DANTE) Nice...

    XAK looks down. BROGAN looks at him.

    BROGAN: Xak...

    XAK: Hey it's cool. I am over her, and I'm pleased she's finally over me...

    BROGAN: Good, I'm glad it's not a problem.

    XAK: Nope, no problem at all.

    BROGAN smiles at him. DANTE and LANCE exchange a look and surrounding the table is a general awkward pause.

    TRAFFORD: Ok... So we're gonna break up their party?

    BROGAN: (quickly) Yeah I think that's best.

    LANCE: (quickly) Sure.

    DANTE: (quickly) I like women.

    XAK: (quickly) Let's go.

    In the risk of things turning nasty, they all jump up and vacate the table, heading towards the doors.


    The girls are all sat on SEPHY'S bed. ECHIDNA and SEPHY are lying back on the bed, a glass of juice in their hands.

    SEPHY: How have we existed for millennia and not relished in such relaxation techniques.

    ECHIDNA: We deserve it. We finally have the name of Sin's location and it's in the hands of technology now.

    SEPHY: Indeed....

    She turns to SOFIA who is looking through one of CATE'S make up bags with CATE.

    SEPHY: Sofia, how is the search progressing?

    SOFIA looks up.

    SOFIA: Oh.. um good I think. I have every computer locating all waterfront locations on the globe through our satellite technology for anything remotely sounding to what Katerina described. We should have a location within a few hours.

    SEPHY sighs relieved.

    SEPHY: That is wonderful news. Thank you so much Sofia.

    SOFIA: No problem.

    ELISE and SHELTER are painting their toe nails and enjoying this new experience. ELISE messes one of her nails slightly and CATE quickly hurries over with a bottle of remover and tissue.

    CATE: Oh, here...

    She dabs some of the remover on the tissue and begins taking the overspill off of ELISE'S foot. ELISE smiles at her weakly.

    ELISE: (mouthing) Thank you.

    CATE smiles, touched.

    SOFIA: (to CATE) Cate...

    CATE turns.

    SOFIA: Wasn't there a maroon lip liner in here?

    CATE: Yeah, but I think Kaia used the last of it.

    SOFIA: How ironic...

    ECHIDNA: Hm, yes. I have to say, I wasn't impressed with her earlier...

    SEPHY sighs, less relieved.

    SEPHY: I know it wasn't pleasant to witness but they needed that argument. As vicious as it was, their feelings had been building up for too long and considering the forming relationships between them, Xak and Ea, I had feared such a necessary riot was imminent.

    CATE: (concerned) They'll be ok though right? I mean should we have gone after them?

    SEPHY: Oh my dear they'll be fine; stewing in their own anger no doubt. Let them cool down, I'm sure they'll return with a much more amicable attitude to one another.

    SEPHY smiles, oblivious to her daughter and KAIA'S true location.

    Everyone is in the dark about what happened after the ominous "argument"...


    The sound of KAIA crying uncontrollably echoes high above the sound of water droplets, but they'll never be loud enough for her friend to hear. She clutches at CONSTANCE'S corpse devastated.

    KAIA: (wailing, repeatedly) Oh my god...

    CHARLIE, due to the chains, cannot help but sit unbearably close to witness the grief. The scene is so devastating she finds it impossible to not cry too, disturbed deeply by the scene.

    And then it catches her eye...

    CHARLIE: Kaia...

    KAIA: Shut up!

    CHARLIE: But, look at her hand...

    KAIA wipes the tears from her eyes in order to see. It's the tape recorder. She reaches out and removes the tape from it respectfully and pulls the recorder closer. She looks to CHARLIE and they both look confused. KAIA, her hands shaking with nerves, presses play as instructed to by the note...

    For a moment nothing sounds. Then...

    SIN (O/S): (on the recorder) Hello...

    CHARLIE and KAIA'S eyes widen as they hear her voice, stunned to silence.

    SIN (O/S): (on the recorder) Welcome to my new home. I trust you're sitting comfortably because it's about time to show you just how serious I am. Your dead friend is only the beginning; you'll be next if you do not decide to cooperate and work a way out of this labyrinth I have presented to you both. In three hours time, this building will detonate and you will die.

    KAIA gasps.

    SIN (O/S): (on the recorder) I am exhausted of being outwitted by two factions whose united differences are based on your prejudices for one another, so prove to me you both want to live, or I will return three bodies to your friends instead of one. You should work fast, and work together. Tick tock...

    The tape abruptly ends.

    KAIA: What the hell?!

    CHARLIE shakes her head.

    CHARLIE: Something about this is wrong...

    KAIA: Yeah we're chained together! Oh and the minor fact that we're gonna die in three hours! No make that two hours fifty eight minutes...

    She looks down, glum.

    KAIA: Not to mention the fact my best friend is dead...

    CHARLIE: Apart from the obvious.

    CHARLIE'S eyes search the ground.

    CHARLIE: What I mean is... this is not like her. She wouldn't do this unless there was a bigger reason than the one she told us. I know her...

    CHARLIE looks at KAIA.

    KAIA: (annoyed) What with all the bonding you two do?

    CHARLIE: (resolute) This isn't right Kaia. Why would she want us to live?

    KAIA: (shouting) I don't know! I have no idea why your freak spawn would do anything!? She's just killed my best friend, so forgive me for not wanting to play psych!

    CHARLIE: I'm sorry, it just... it just feels like there's more to this.

    KAIA looks speechless, incredulous that what is happening is actually occurring. She cannot deny that this was beyond bizarre...

    KAIA: (whispering, breathlessly) What happened to us today?

    CHARLIE goes to answer, but she can't.


    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.


    The door opens to KAIA'S room and she enters, followed by BROGAN. They look to be in conversation about something that is annoying KAIA.

    KAIA: (incredulous) Why should I?

    BROGAN: Because it would mean a lot to me.

    KAIA: It would not. Making amends with Charlie would mean a lot to Xak and although I'm getting past him, I don't want to purposefully make him a happier man.

    BROGAN: Not just Xak, it would mean a lot to me too. This stupid conflict where you and Charlie can barely even look at each other, it's ridiculous and it's making everyone uncomfortable.

    KAIA: I hate to drag up the past once again, but she did kinda start it. She slept with my husband...

    BROGAN: I know, but you know the circumstances behind it are not ordinary. And look, now we're back from Greece things are different so does that matter now?

    KAIA looks away, thinking.

    BROGAN (O/S): Now things have changed, now you've both moved on. Now we're together... should it matter?

    KAIA'S scowl falters and she looks back to him.

    KAIA: (quietly) Together?

    BROGAN smirks.

    BROGAN: Got a problem with that little lady?

    KAIA: Well I knew we kinda moved forward since Greece... just I didn't realise you wanted it to go this forward.

    BROGAN: I always have, Kaia.

    She smiles.

    KAIA: Well, I guess you are the reason I'm a bit less evil. (joking) Looks like I'll have to hold on to you for a bit longer...

    He pulls her towards him and kisses her. She laughs breaking away and then sighs, feeling relaxed.

    BROGAN: So you'll try and talk to her?

    KAIA rolls her eyes.

    KAIA: Fine, I'll put on my best friend face and play nice.

    BROGAN: Good, because you'll need it for tonight.

    KAIA looks confused as BROGAN moves away from her off screen.

    KAIA: (after him) What's tonight?


    CHARLIE is sat in bed and XAK is lying next to her. She, like KAIA looks incredibly annoyed.

    CHARLIE: You are actually kidding me, right?

    XAK: Nope, tonight the boys are playing poker so I asked Cate to give you all a makeover. All of you.

    CHARLIE: Ok, so not only are you saying I need a makeover but you're laying the guilt on me to spending time with your wife by suggesting this charade is gonna help Cate?

    XAK: Exactly, except you don't need a make-over.

    He sits up and smiles sweetly.

    XAK: You're just perfect the way you are.

    He leans in to kiss her but she leans back to avoid him.

    CHARLIE: Yeah it's gonna take a lot of flattery to get you out of this one.

    XAK sighs.

    XAK: Come on Charlie. It's hard for everyone when you two are near one another. I know you're not meant to get on because you both should never have to be in this situation, but she's over me now; she's sorry and she's with my best friend. Even though I'm past her, I could do with your support in accepting that.

    CHARLIE: More guilt. (pausing) But it worked... I'll do it.

    XAK smiles and actually kisses her this time.

    XAK: Thank you.

    She forces a weak smile and as he jumps out of bed she looks down, knowing this will not end well...


    As the light dies down, the colours on the screen return to normal and there is a knock at SEPHY'S room door.

    CATE stands and hurries to the door, she opens it. The boys are stood on the other side. She sighs and folds her arms.

    CATE: You know, if I was elbow deep in someone's cuticles right now, there would have been hell to pay.

    She opens the door fully and lets them in.

    CATE: (to XAK and BROGAN) Unfortunately, your girlfriends took care of that.

    XAK and BROGAN look at one another worried and then look around the room.

    XAK: (to CATE) What do you mean? Where are they?

    SEPHY sits up more alert. The other girls do too.

    SOFIA: I'm sure they're fine.

    SEPHY: (to the boys) Are you unaware of their location as well?

    The boys' completely oblivious glances gesture yes.

    XAK and BROGAN need no more to authorise their leave, they hurry out of the room to find the missing, while the other boys are left stood in SEPHY'S room.

    While SEPHY looks to ECHIDNA, ELISE rushes to TRAFFORD to show him her nails. He smiles at her and then to CATE.

    CATE: Some of my best work.

    TRAFFORD: You did good tonight. You're really getting there.

    CATE: (smiling) One nail at a time.

    She smiles at ELISE who smiles back, forgivingly.

    SOFIA looks at DANTE.

    SOFIA: So you boys have fun playing your little games?

    She glances to LANCE and DANTE doesn't answer.

    CATE looks to SEPHY.

    CATE: (about CHARLIE and KAIA) You think they're ok?

    SEPHY: I'm sure they're fine my dear, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

    CATE nods, trying to agree but doubts her attempt at optimism.


    KAIA is sat on the floor against the wall staring down through her matted hair, CONSTANCE'S body cursing her peripheral vision. CHARLIE is sat nearby. She looks up to KAIA.

    CHARLIE: We should go. Now.

    KAIA: I'm not leaving her. Don't even ask me to...

    CHARLIE moves closer and makes sure she catches KAIA'S glare.

    CHARLIE: I promise you Kaia, we will come back for her. I promise.

    KAIA doesn't answer.

    CHARLIE: But we need to leave... We have to leave, or we'll die. Do you want to die?

    KAIA shakes her head. CHARLIE stands and reaches out a hand. KAIA takes it and stands. They move towards the door, which CHARLIE opens with ease. CHARLIE leaves the room but KAIA lingers her glance on CONSTANCE for another time, before leaving.

    As they disappear from sight...


    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

    It's the beginning of the night.

    CATE and CHARLIE are sat on SEPHY'S bed preparing for the makeover. SEPHY is in the background. CHARLIE looks reluctant.

    CATE: You'll be fine ok? Your mom and I will be here.

    CHARLIE: Yeah well you of all people shouldn't have been forced to do this; you should be focusing on yourself.

    CATE: Oh please, it's all been about me lately. I'm fine. Besides, there's only so much attention even I can handle! Anyway, this is make-up... my oldest friend, apart from you of course.

    CHARLIE smiles and clutches her friend's hand thankfully. There is a knock at the door. CHARLIE and CATE look to SEPHY.

    SEPHY: (to CHARLIE) You ready?

    She nods.

    SEPHY walks towards the door and opens it.

    SEPHY: (loudly, fake) Oh, how lovely. (to CHARLIE and CATE) Look girls, it's Echidna, Sofia, Shelter and Elise... oh and Kaia's come too, how pleasant!

    CATE stands.

    CATE: (nervously) Hi everyone.

    SOFIA walks towards her.

    SOFIA: (confused, indicating SEPHY'S greeting) You did know we were coming right?

    CATE: (rolling her eyes) Of course we did, she's just not good with subtlety.

    KAIA walks further into the room and folds her arms seeing CHARLIE.

    KAIA: This should be fun...


    The colours on the screen return to normal as the door to XAK and CHARLIE'S room bursts open and XAK enters.

    XAK: Charlie?!

    The room is empty, she was never here. She didn't come here after she left the makeover...


    The door to KAIA'S room opens and BROGAN enters, worried.

    BROGAN: Kaia, you here?!

    Her room is empty too, she was never here either. She didn't come here after she left the makeover.


    XAK and BROGAN now hurry down the corridor.

    XAK: I've checked the training room the lobby and everyone's rooms...

    BROGAN: I've checked everywhere else. They're nowhere...

    XAK: This was a bad idea. The poker, the make over... a bad, bad idea.

    BROGAN shakes his head.

    BROGAN: It had to be done. This is war is coming to an end and we didn't stand a chance at winning with them the way they were.

    XAK: Yeah, well it certainly won't be much of a war without them and if something's happened to them... I'll never forgive myself.

    BROGAN looks down but is soon distracted by the sound of someone running towards them.

    SOFIA (O/S): Xak! Ea!

    They see SOFIA rushing towards them, breathless.

    SOFIA: (ranting) There you are! I went to check on the search for Cropley Shores and, well I couldn't believe it - I found everyone else and they're just, well, they don't know what to do about it either...

    XAK: Sofia, what is it?!

    SOFIA: There's something you need to see...


    The camera pans around the Intelligence Unit. Every single computer is showing static. They're all broken.

    SOFIA (O/S): Everything's fried: the satellites, the surveillance, the news and police feeds ? they're all broken. Any contact or information we had with and from the outside world has gone.

    The camera shows everyone stood around confused, looking at the screens in shock.

    TRAFFORD: How could this happen? Is it magic?

    ECHIDNA looks doubtful, but unsure.

    ECHIDNA: The base should be protected against magical attacks such as these, unless they knew how to bypass our security?

    The camera quickly cuts to SOFIA and then to SEPHY.

    SEPHY: (worried, to SOFIA) What about the search for Cropley Shores?

    SOFIA shakes her head, looking at one of the computers.

    SOFIA: I'm not sure. I mean, even if Constance were here, It would take weeks to get everything up and running again.

    XAK: Just do what you can Sofia... we have to find them. Now.

    SOFIA nods but everyone looks around bleak, completely confused and dazed at being taken unawares once again by the assault and kidnapping of two more of their women.

    But how had this happened?




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      ACT TWO


      The camera slowly pans around the empty Kitchen. Cards left unturned, beers half drunk and chips left pointlessly scattered. Just an empty room that has vague references to fun.


      The make up from CATE'S bag is scattered across SEPHY'S bed and room. Some of it is left open, but none of it stains. Just an empty room that has yet more vague references to fun.


      Everyone is at a computer trying to rescue as much information as possible. ELISE looks at SHELTER and has an idea, she rushes off towards the Archives. TRAFFORD look at SHELTER.

      TRAFFORD: Where's she going?

      SHELTER shrugs and continues to work.

      SOFIA looks frustrated.

      SOFIA: This is useless.

      XAK: What is?

      SOFIA: Well it is possible to salvage the results from the search, but even if I did that, I'd have no-where to put them.

      XAK: So, what? We need another computer?

      SOFIA: Exactly, and seeing as every computer is hooked up to our network, which I think is where this mystical virus has attacked, then there is no computer in this base that can work.

      ELISE returns from the Archives. In her hand is URSULA'S laptop. TRAFFORD notices her return.

      TRAFFORD: (signing) What's that?

      She moves to SOFIA and hands it to her, who looks confused. She turns back to TRAFFORD.

      ELISE: (signing) It's Ursula's.

      TRAFFORD smiles

      TRAFFORD: (to the others) Elise says it's Ursula's laptop.

      XAK: But it'll just be fried like the others.

      SEPHY: No it won't. Ursula specified for her own private network for her more confidential files.

      SOFIA lifts up the laptop. She smiles at what she sees.

      SOFIA: It's fine! I can use this.

      She looks to ELISE and nods thankfully.

      XAK: (bluntly) Right, get to work on getting those search results Sofia. We're going to need them.

      BROGAN: You think she took them, don't you? To the Shores?

      XAK: (vacant) She took the others. I wouldn't put it past her to take them too.

      BROGAN: She wouldn't kill them though, right?

      XAK: I don't know. If I understood anything that went through her psychotic head then maybe we could get one step ahead of her once in a while... until then, we have no choice but to find this place. We need to find Cropley Shores...


      CHARLIE and KAIA stumble down one of the corridors in the building. The corridors are dark and lit only by static flickering lights in old broken sconces. The girls look around troubled and as CHARLIE walks slightly ahead, the shackle around her ankles unwittingly pull KAIA along with her.

      KAIA: (annoyed) If you do that one more time, I'll...

      CHARLIE: You'll what? Scowl at me to death. I'm telling you this is the way.

      KAIA: You don't have a clue where we're going.

      CHARLIE: Well the sooner we get out of here the sooner we can be separated... wouldn't that be nice?

      KAIA: God yes.

      They continue walking for a few moments in silence.

      KAIA: (bored of the silence) So you don't remember anything either?

      CHARLIE: (infuriated) No. I told you... There's nothing...

      KAIA: (sighs) God, this completely sucks. What makes you think your girl's even gonna stay true to her word?

      CHARLIE stops and turns around to look at her.

      CHARLIE: What choice do we have?! We've already lost an hour. We need to pull together and find a way out of this whether she stays true to her word or not. So, like I said - it's up to you Kaia... do you want to live or do you want to die?

      KAIA looks hurt that CHARLIE would even mention death considering who they woke up with.

      KAIA: (shouting, upset) Of course I don't! (quieter) But maybe it's you that isn't content with one death?

      CHARLIE looks down, beat.

      KAIA: I mean seriously, what is your problem? You seem pretty dead set on ruining my life, how do I not know you and Sin are in on this whole twisted ordeal together?

      CHARLIE goes to answer her back, incredulous at the accusation, but she is stopped by the sound of a door creaking distracts both women.

      CHARLIE moves towards the door. KAIA doesn't move, holding CHARLIE back.

      KAIA: (whispering) What the hell are you doing?

      CHARLIE: We're gonna go check it out.

      KAIA: What the creaking door of doom? Nu-uh, I think we should try the other way...

      CHARLIE: There is no other way! We tried everywhere else.

      KAIA: I don't care, you're not getting me through that door.

      CHARLIE: Kaia, I will drag your ass in there if I have to.

      KAIA: Oh the mistress is gonna make me is she? Please, tell me the safety word so I can make this stop...

      CHARLIE grits her teeth in anger.

      CHARLIE: Look, I just mean that the last time I checked we were two powerful witches. I don't see what could be through that door that we can't we face?

      KAIA succumbs to CHARLIE and begins walking forward.

      KAIA: Wow. You said that almost without sounding resentful. Wouldn't our men be proud? I mean it's almost like we were meant to be...

      KAIA scowls as she passes CHARLIE who rolls her eyes and walks with her towards the door.

      CHARLIE: Just get your mojo ready...

      They move to the door and both push it open.

      Before we can see what is inside...


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

      The makeover is well underway. Despite pre-conceptions of feuds, it is developing without flaws.

      CATE looks like she wants to approach ELISE, but constantly holds back. ECHIDNA notices.

      ECHIDNA: Do not force reconciliation.

      CATE looks to her.

      CATE: I just wanted to...

      ECHIDNA: (smiling, softly) I know, and it will happen.

      CATE looks away as the camera moves to KAIA and SOFIA who are trying various skin creams.

      KAIA: (to SOFIA) Is that the cocoa butter one you're trying?

      SOFIA shakes her head. KAIA sighs.

      KAIA: (louder) Does anyone have that cocoa butter skin cream?

      CHARLIE stops in her tracks as we see that in her hand she has just squeezed the last of the cocoa butter skin cream into her hand.

      KAIA looks around the room until her eyes land on CHARLIE. The rest of the women notice too.

      KAIA: Oh...

      CATE: Uh, don't worry Kaia, I think I have some more somewhere...

      KAIA: (smiling at CATE) No, don't worry Cate. (Her smile fades as she turns back to CHARLIE) I'm used to her taking stuff from me.

      ECHIDNA: (angry) Kaia...

      CHARLIE: (indicating the bottle) This isn't yours, and neither was he.

      KAIA: (shouting) Well he certainly shouldn't be yours.

      CHARLIE stands.

      CHARLIE: What do you care?!

      KAIA: (under her breath) This is a waste of time...

      A thousand emotions erupt inside CHARLIE and unfortunately they all culminate on her vicious tongue...

      CHARLIE: Get over yourself Kaia - It's been nearly four years and I'm sorry he doesn't love you anymore but it's the way it is.

      KAIA: Shut up Charlie...

      CHARLIE: (continuing) You knew he was over you...

      The others look down, slightly embarrassed to be witnessing this.

      CHARLIE: You knew that and you still kissed him. And now, now you're with Ea you still hate me. Why? What is it about me that you hate so badly?

      KAIA doesn't know how to reply. She looks around the room. The goddesses and the Slayer silenced. SOFIA looks down, feeling awkward. Even the silent ones feel the heightened sense of quiet.

      KAIA looks at CHARLIE before turning and hurrying out of the room.

      CATE reaches into a bag and pulls out a bottle of cocoa butter skin cream.

      CATE: (to ECHIDNA) I really did have more.

      CHARLIE sighs and runs a hand through her hair. She didn't want to say what she said in the way she said it and deep down she knew this had to end. They couldn't go on like this and be triumphant...

      It had to end, one way or another.


      As the light dies down, we see CHARLIE and KAIA ? in the present moment - now walking into the room via the door that opened a moment ago. Both of them are awestruck by what they see.

      KAIA: (shocked) Oh my god...

      The camera pans around to show what the girls are looking at. It's a giant machine. It looks like it's only half finished but it looks clearly home-made. The scraps of metal are held together by weak magic and energy. There is a space in the middle of it for one person.

      CHARLIE (O/S): Yeah, I think that's the general response.

      The camera cuts back to the women.

      KAIA: What is it?

      CHARLIE: I have no idea...

      She looks at KAIA.

      CHARLIE: We don't know anything about...

      Footsteps cause her to stop talking.


      The music begins to play as the girls look around them worried, hearing the footsteps approach them.

      KAIA: Where's it coming from!?

      CHARLIE looks around her, confused. (The music below plays throughout)

      "I was sitting
      On the roof of my house
      With a shotgun
      And a six pack of beer, six pack of beer, six pack of beer...

      CHARLIE: I don't know, but we need to remember. We need to know what happened.

      KAIA'S eyes snap around to another door that is on the other side of the room.

      KAIA: There's no time! It's coming from over there! Come on...

      CHARLIE shows restraint, but KAIA grabs her hand. (The music below plays throughout)

      KAIA: (shouting) Charlie! Come on!

      CHARLIE snaps out of it and together the women run. They run out of the room through the door they entered. (The music below plays throughout)

      "The newscaster says the enemy's among us
      As bombs explode on the 30 bus
      Kill your middle class indecision
      Now is not the time for liberal thought...

      CHARLIE felt she knew that room and had she seen what it was based on in Wolfram and Hart, she'd know for sure... (The music below plays throughout)


      The witches continue to run, chained together and hunted by something they cannot see down a corridor where they know there is no exit. (The music below plays throughout)

      "So I go hunting for witches
      I go hunting for witches
      Heads are going to roll
      I go hunting for...

      As they both turn a corner, the music comes to an abrupt end and...


      The scene opens on the screen of URSULA'S laptop. A progress bar is moving across the screen...

      70%... 80%... 90%... 100%.

      SOFIA (O/S): It's done!

      The camera pulls back as the screen floods with schematics, pictures, diagrams and maps of Cropley Shores. SOFIA looks at it surprised.

      SOFIA: Not only did it work, it found everything. I have maps, schematics of electrical lines and I even have the location of the nearest Starbucks.

      She looks up at everyone who moves towards her.

      XAK: Good, then let's move out.

      He turns to ECHIDNA.

      XAK: Get everyone ready, we're leaving in fifteen minutes.

      SEPHY: Are you sure that is wise Xak?

      EA: Sorry are your nails not dry?

      CATE: Ea, that's not fair...

      EA: Isn't it Cate? I know it was helping you and I'm sorry we had to cut it short but every time we let some personal differences get in the way of what really matters we end up losing the people we love.

      SEPHY: (angrily) Ea Brogan, this was partly for your benefit that we aided the reconciliation of Charlie and Kaia. Now I have no doubt that they are at this Cropley Shores and I do agree we should dispatch but I don't feel we should rendezvous in a place we have no comprehension of with no prior planning.

      EA goes to open his mouth but...

      XAK: (shouting) Stop it! Both of you! This is pathetic. What's done is done so let's rectify it. By tonight we could have not only Charlie and Kaia home but Ursula and Constance too. Don't we all want that?

      Everyone is silent and nods.

      XAK: Good, now let's keep this simple. This is how this is going down...


      We're now in the Lobby. Everyone is dressed in battle gear ? everyone is there in the rescue mission. SHELTER is adjusting the vest on ELISE. TRAFFORD looks over to CATE who looks uncomfortable in her gear.

      TRAFFORD: You ok?

      CATE nods.

      CATE: I'll be fine. I just wasn't expecting this to happen...

      TRAFFORD: Keep it together, you're doing good. Remember the breathing...

      She nods and inhales deeply through her nose. He watches her proudly as the camera moves away to DANTE and LANCE who are trying to make it seem as if they're not near one another.

      DANTE: Are we ever gonna talk about what happened?

      LANCE: (whispering) Not now... please...

      DANTE turns to him now.

      DANTE: I'm not going anywhere. Just get used to that.

      LANCE doesn't know how to reply and he looks away. As he does he notices SOFIA is stood looking dead straight at them.

      XAK (O/S): Sofia...

      This causes her to look away as XAK approaches her.

      SOFIA: Yeah?

      XAK: You got all the information?

      SOFIA picks up a pack of information that is on the floor in front of her.

      SOFIA: All we need is right here.

      XAK nods.

      XAK: Good.

      He turns to the group.

      XAK: Ok everyone. You know our mission, we're not coming home without them...

      Everyone nods, determined. They move into the centre of the room and as they do the screen fills with a blinding white light. As quickly as it is lit, it disappears and all that is left is an empty Lobby and an empty base.


      CHARLIE and KAIA continue to run and then all of a sudden the footsteps they've been running from for the past half an hour have stopped. The witches stop too.

      KAIA: She's just playing games with us, isn't she?

      CHARLIE nods, looking around.

      CHARLIE: I think so...

      KAIA: This place is like a labyrinth.

      CHARLIE: I know, it's all the same. There must be something, something we're missing.

      KAIA: Do you not remember anything... anything at all?

      CHARLIE looks at her.

      CHARLIE: Do you?

      KAIA begins to doubts her own mind. Was it was playing tricks on her and blurring together what was real and what was not? She eyes CHARLIE and can see that she was suffering under this ailment too.

      What happened to them?


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

      KAIA is sat with her knees to her chest on one of the chairs staring blankly ahead, reeling from her defeat with CHARLIE earlier.

      The monitors weren't broken. Not yet.

      The door opens KAIA'S opposition enters.

      CHARLIE: (bluntly) There you are...

      KAIA doesn't look at her.

      CHARLIE: I told them all to carry on. No reason why we should ruin their fun...

      KAIA looks to her now.

      KAIA: (angrily) What the hell do you want now?

      CHARLIE pauses.

      CHARLIE: You know what I was coming to apologise but screw it, why should I? I owe you nothing...

      They are stood opposite one another with their arms folded, both resolute and defiant.

      KAIA: You're always going to hate me aren't you?

      CHARLIE: (sarcastically) Sorry Kaia, I guess I missed the memo that stated you and I were BFFs.

      KAIA: You know when Ea came to me earlier I was actually convinced for a second we'd get on for their sakes.

      CHARLIE: Don't put them in the middle. Don't you dare... What I feel against you will not just fade because you're having whatever kind of relationship with Ea, and you're deluding yourself if you think that'll happen for you too...

      KAIA looks away now.

      CHARLIE: I can't just forget the way you acted with Xak and I certainly can't just forgive and move on just because we were asked...

      KAIA: (shocked) Charlie!

      CHARLIE: (annoyed) What?

      KAIA motions to the monitors. She's seen something. CHARLIE looks now and her eyes widen.

      CHARLIE: Oh my god... is that...

      KAIA nods.


      The colours fade to normal as CHARLIE'S eyes widen. She partly remembers...

      CHARLIE: We were in the Intelligence Unit. But that's all I can remember.

      KAIA looks frustrated, unable to recollect even this.

      KAIA: (scoffing) For god's sake drop it, just deal with the ambiguity because right now all I care about is getting the hell out of hell...

      CHARLIE: Well we are trying to do that too, obviously.

      KAIA: Well we're not doing it well enough! We have only about an hour left, so we should split up.

      CHARLIE: Oh smart idea for the conjoined witches.

      KAIA ignores her and wriggles her fingers, zapping small jolts of magical energy at their shackles in an attempt to break them free of their link. One of the energy bolts misfires and hits CHARLIE, burning her skin slightly.

      CHARLIE: Ow! You did that on purpose!

      She pushes KAIA back.

      KAIA: (incredulous) It was an accident you idiot.

      CHARLIE: Oh, right? Then so is this...

      She slaps KAIA around the face.

      CHARLIE: Oops!

      KAIA touches her face, her mouth agape slightly in shock.

      KAIA: You're sick, you know that?

      CHARLIE: No, I'm just sick of us both having to pretend that we were meant to exist in the same world.

      KAIA sighs.

      KAIA: Maybe you're right...

      She pushes CHARLIE against a wall and grabs her by her neck.

      KAIA: This is war after all.

      CHARLIE begins to choke until she knees KAIA away.

      CHARLIE: This is ridiculous! Stop!

      KAIA falls back.

      KAIA: What's the point? We knew it would come to this...

      With this she jumps up and they grab each other trying to push one another against a wall, all the time staring at one another, angrily.

      CHARLIE pushes KAIA.

      KAIA pushes CHARLIE.

      Then, CHARLIE pushes KAIA through a different part of the wall. It's just paper... They fall through.

      Both the girls scream as they fall through the darkness down... and down... into whatever was on the other side of that wall.




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        ACT THREE


        The scene opens on a signpost in an old fashioned town square. The writing is archaic and the sign looks to be well preserved. The buildings surrounding the town square seem to be monumentally modern but loyal to the proud tradition of the town.

        As always in Cropley Shores, night is afoot and no one is about, not a demon or a vampire in sight. That is until...

        A blinding white light appears next to the monument in the middle of the Town Square. It dies as quickly as it comes into being and in its place it leaves XAK, CATE, DANTE, LANCE, SEPHY and The Kalipso Syndicate.

        They look around at their surroundings.

        XAK: Is this right?

        SOFIA nods.

        SOFIA: It looks like the town square in the satellite images, and the sign looks to be correct. This is it.

        DANTE: Great, so we're here... now what? They could be anywhere...

        XAK: It's too late to knock on doors so it looks like we should split up, look for anything that could be a worthy stronghold for Sin.

        LANCE: But she could be anywhere? I mean she went from Wolfram and Hart to a derelict hotel room and then ended a nightclub?

        Everyone looks around at the buildings, wondering which one could house the daughter and her captives.

        XAK: Which is why we should work fast. You all have your cells and your teams. Go, and good luck...

        XAK and BROGAN move away together. In another group is SEPHY, ECHIDNA and SOFIA, another is CATE, TRAFFORD, ELISE and SHELTER and the final group is DANTE and LANCE.

        They each disappear, leaving no clue they ever wandered the Town Square...

        CUT TO - UNKNOWN

        The camera pans around the darkness of the ground floor of whatever building the witches are in. The camera pans down to ground level to see the vague outline of two women lying on the floor. In the shadows and the darkness we can just about make out a third woman's feet walking on screen. She stops in between the two lying women. She clicks her fingers.

        Light floods the room and the third woman standing in between the two women lying on the floor disappears instantly. The two women, CHARLIE and KAIA, are roused by the light. CHARLIE squints and tries to sit up in pain. She pushes herself, groaning through the pain and looks to KAIA, who is lying on her back.

        CHARLIE: (weak) Kaia...

        KAIA'S eyes don't open.


        SEPHY and ECHIDNA begin to weave the residential areas of the Shores. Large apartments built into classic buildings. SOFIA is not with them.

        SEPHY: This place is quite something.

        ECHIDNA: It's enchanting... but it unsettles me.

        SEPHY: We must remain optimistic... for their sake.

        ECHIDNA observes SEPHY closely.

        ECHIDNA: Are you alright? You don't seem yourself.

        SEPHY: Have you even noticed my severe lack of worry for Charlie's wellbeing.

        ECHIDNA doesn't know how to answer.

        SEPHY: I don't need to. She's so strong without me and I know she's fine. I just know she'll live and she'll prosper and no one looks to me to act the mourning mother because they know in their hearts too that she's strong enough to survive this, even with Kaia.

        ECHIDNA shakes her head.

        ECHIDNA: You are just doubting yourself, it's understandable being a person of such authority and importance. If this conversation at all relates to Ea's remarks....

        SEPHY: He was right. I have every reason to doubt my skills as a leader and so should he. Look at me...

        She sits down on a nearby bench, where ECHIDNA sits next to her, concerned.

        SEPHY: I was once a feared and respected goddess who had power this world could only dream of, and now I'm just a waning being struggling to keep up with the 21st Century and women of un-match able potential such as Sin and my daughter. Even Xak and the others are proving to admirable warriors in this war, far more so than me...

        She looks to ECHIDNA now, sad.

        SEPHY: And it'll happen to you too, my dear. When you spend enough time here, you'll feel their power encroaching and you'll be a goddess scared; you'll feel almost mortal. And like me, you'll be exhausted trying to keep up with them.

        ECHIDNA: Persephone please...

        SEPHY: (whispering) I am so... so exhausted...

        ECHIDNA looks at her worried and for the first time a sense of fear washes over her. Even if they beat SIN and hold the other gods and goddesses at bay... what would that mean for them both?

        SOFIA (O/S): You two ok?

        Both SEPHY and ECHIDNA turn to see SOFIA emerging out of an alleyway.

        SOFIA: You know this place is so quiet and every building looks the same.

        SEPHY does not respond and ECHIDNA notices, so she turns to SOFIA.

        ECHIDNA: This is true, plus it's too crowded here. Sin would need somewhere quieter if she were holding four women hostage...

        SOFIA nods.

        SOFIA: Good point.

        She looks at the map.

        SOFIA: There are some bigger buildings on the edge of the town. They're a bit more isolated and if this information is correct some of them are empty and have been for some years.

        SEPHY breathes deeply.

        SEPHY: Then we should go.

        She stands and moves off screen. ECHIDNA follows and with a furrowed, wondering brow, so does SOFIA.

        CUT TO - UNKNOWN

        CHARLIE pulls herself over to KAIA who is lying on her back. She reaches out and shakes her.

        CHARLIE: (with worry in her voice) Kaia!

        KAIA'S eyes open and they look around. CHARLIE sighs.

        CHARLIE: I thought you were dead.

        KAIA: (weakly) You wish...

        She pushes herself to sit up as CHARLIE looks down. Her eyes pass KAIA as she does and she realises that amongst the fighting, the rubble, the deaths and the men... she didn't hate her. Not like she'd convinced herself that she did.

        CHARLIE: I'm sorry...

        KAIA looks slightly in pain but her shock reads louder.

        KAIA: What?

        CHARLIE looks at her now.

        CHARLIE: This whole thing with Xak and us...

        KAIA for once is silent and listens.

        CHARLIE: We had this natural thing, me and him, where one of us always got hurt. And we were just getting over our last hit when you came along.

        KAIA looks down.

        KAIA: I was always there Charlie...

        CHARLIE: I know and I think that scared me more than any of the other crap we'd been through because you were there before I was, and you and him were more perfect together than me and him ever were... Because you were always happy and you didn't have this thing where one of you always got hurt.

        KAIA looks at her as a tear runs down CHARLIE'S cheek.

        CHARLIE: I love him, with all I ever have been, am, and will be. He's changed me in ways I could never imagine... so please don't take that from me. I'm asking you to not fight anymore. Please...

        KAIA laughs almost.

        KAIA: This is ridiculous.

        She sighs and looks at CHARLIE, frowning.

        KAIA: I don't want him Charlie and I don't want to fight just because you do have him. I had my time with him and yeah for a moment we were happy, we were all we ever needed and all we ever wanted. But I can see, you're that for him now...

        She nods to herself.

        KAIA: Anyone can see that. I don't want him Charlie... I just wanted to be happy again, and he's all I've ever known to help me feel that.

        CHARLIE: Until Ea...

        KAIA smiles.

        KAIA: He has a good heart. I'm lucky to have found him, no matter how late it took me to realise it. Also it helps he has an ass that won't quit.

        CHARLIE laughs and KAIA does slightly too. They let the laughter fade softly.

        CHARLIE: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything tonight and for everything before that.

        KAIA: Me too.

        She breathes, feeling relieved.

        CHARLIE: (embarrassed) I feel kinda stupid now. I didn't hurt you did I?

        The camera begins to pull away from them.

        KAIA: No, no I'm fine.

        She pauses.

        KAIA: Listen, we should get out of here... I need to get her home.

        CHARLIE looks away, sad.

        KAIA: She deserves to get home.

        CHARLIE nods sympathetically as the camera moves further away from them... almost as if it were aiming at something, or searching for something on the floor...

        CHARLIE (O/S): Of course. We'll get her there.

        The camera moves back to show another tape player, just like the first lying near them.

        CHARLIE (O/S): I promise.


        DANTE and LANCE are moving through a maze of alleyways. It's dark and quiet and they are alone.

        DANTE: You feeling ok?

        LANCE: I told you a million times, this moon doesn't affect me.

        DANTE: Sorry it's just...

        LANCE: You enjoyed saving me? I get it.

        DANTE looks away.

        DANTE: I'm sorry. You know, my head's all over the place at the moment. First I kiss Sofia and then you kiss me and I don't know what to think or how to act around either of you...

        LANCE stops and turns around to look at him.

        LANCE: Ok, well then maybe we should just concentrate on the mission...

        DANTE grits his teeth and nods.

        DANTE: (quietly) Ok...

        LANCE: For now at least. There's too much at stake...

        DANTE: Of course... I understand.

        LANCE: Good.

        There's an awkward pause where they both try to avoid one another's glance.

        LANCE: Uh, we should check somewhere else, these alleys are pointless; they lead off of shops and restaurants and bars. She wouldn't hit the same social scene twice, too predictable.

        He walks off thinking he actually managed to convince DANTE into thinking he didn't want to talk about the kiss.

        For now at least...

        CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

        The room the witches are in is full of random objects. All of them are placed around the room irregularly and with no pattern. From vases to clocks and children's toys to antique sculptures... the room boasts them all.

        CHARLIE and KAIA move slowly around the room separately, trying to find a way out. CHARLIE is walking at the far end of the room and KAIA is nearer the front end of the room. Very close to where the second tape player is.

        The camera focuses on CHARLIE as she moves near a curtain on the wall. She pulls it down revealing a doorway behind it. CHARLIE smiles and turns to KAIA.

        CHARLIE: Kaia! I found the door!

        KAIA turns and looks at her happily. She begins hobbling over to the door but she kicks something on the floor by accident causing her to look down...

        The camera passes back to CHARLIE who tries the door. She pulls it with all her might.

        CHARLIE: Damn it. It's locked. Guess it was too good to be true...

        KAIA (O/S): Charlie...

        CHARLIE turns around and sees what KAIA is holding. It's the tape player.

        KAIA: (worried) Should I play it?

        CHARLIE nods.

        KAIA presses play. For a moment nothing happens. Then...

        SIN (O/S): (on the recorder) Congratulations lady, you're at the final hurdle. For a moment back there I didn't think you'd make it, but you've proved you can bypass your personal difficulties and now it's time for you to go home...

        CHARLIE: (whispering) This makes no sense. How is she doing this...

        KAIA is too far away to hear and she continues to stare at the tape recorder scared.

        SIN (O/S): (on the recorder) After one final test.


        ELISE and SHELTER are walking down one of the main streets looking around. There are no cars and no civilians. It's almost like a ghost town. SHELTER looks to ELISE.

        SHELTER: (signing) You do realise what this means if we find them right?

        ELISE nods.

        ELISE: (signing) I get my solace. Just like you got yours. I had thought about it...

        SHELTER: (signing) You know, finding out my father is Mr. Elm is not what I would call "solace".

        ELISE looks confused.

        SHELTER: (signing) He's dead, which means I have no hope of finding my father.

        ELISE nods and puts an arm around her friend. They always had their friendship.

        They move off of screen and behind them CATE and TRAFFORD walk. CATE eyes ELISE and smiles. TRAFFORD notices.

        TRAFFORD: You don't have to feel guilty you know.

        CATE: What do you mean?

        TRAFFORD: Elise forgives you. She knows you're making amends and she's not one to hold a grudge for one mistake.

        CATE: Pretty big mistake though.

        TRAFFORD raises an eyebrow.

        CATE: Sorry, I just can't help it. Every time I try to do something good it just goes wrong, like tonight was a pretty big example.

        TRAFFORD: Cate no one is looking at you and waiting for a big spontaneous gesture where you can make it up to them. You're through the worst of it by a long shot. All you need to do is find your feet and remember who you are. Everything will just fall into place... eventually, in time.

        CATE nods, thinking.

        TRAFFORD: Just be yourself, like you were tonight.

        CATE: Be myself...

        He smiles at her determination. Every moment she was getting stronger again. She just needs to realise that.

        CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

        CHARLIE and KAIA move closer to one another, wondering what this final test will be.

        SIN (O/S): (on the recorder) Have you been keeping an eye on the time? You were out for quite some time when you fell. You have five minutes left...

        They look worried.

        SIN (O/S): (on the recorder) But don't worry, the key you're looking for is in this room, and I'll help you keep an eye on the time...

        Suddenly the sound of ticking causes the witches to turn. It comes from a box. CHARLIE moves towards it and opens it. She gasps...

        CHARLIE: Oh god...

        She turns back to KAIA as the camera closes in on what is the content of the box.

        CHARLIE (O/S): It's a bomb...

        The clock is counting down...

        4.50... 4.49... 4.48...


        Leaving the madness of the labyrinth behind, the waves of the ocean gently lap against the sandy shore. Jetties of rocks jut into the ocean at irregular intervals and the moon refracts gently on the surface of the big blue.

        XAK and BROGAN aimlessly walk along the seafront a half mile in from the shore. They're mere dots.


        XAK and BROGAN are still walking, eyeing the seafront locations where the buildings are larger and further apart.

        BROGAN: (staring at each building) We've gotta find them. Do you think the others have found anything yet?

        XAK: They'd have called.

        BROGAN: Yeah, right.

        He looks around, erratically breathing and trying to make sense of what is happening. XAK notes his concern.

        XAK: Ea they'll be fine. They're strong women.

        BROGAN: So are Constance and Ursula, they've been gone for weeks.

        XAK: The one good thing we can hope is that they're all together, working to get away. Sin's strong but she's not strong enough for all four of them...

        BROGAN looks vacant.

        XAK (O/S): I hope.

        BROGAN stops and looks out to the sea, leaning on the railings.

        BROGAN: How have I ended up here XAK?

        His eyes glaze over with tears.

        BROGAN: My life has been one big war... but it was never my war. I'm always fighting for someone else. And now, the first time I have something worth fighting for, I can't fight.

        XAK looks down, feeling guilty.

        XAK: Brogan...

        BROGAN: Please Xak.

        He looks to him.

        BROGAN: Please don't apologise for being swept into this just like the rest of us. At the end of the day, you have been. So just don't.

        XAK sighs and for a moment they both look out on the water.

        XAK: I truly believe they'll be alright. (to himself) Charlie will be fine, as will Kaia.

        BROGAN nods, but not convincingly.

        BROGAN: I know they're strong, but only separately. Let's face it Xak, look at tonight and everything that's come since the merge.

        XAK looks down.

        BROGAN: What chance do they stand together?

        And it was in that moment that XAK realised. He could lose the love of his life... and his wife.

        3.02... 3.01... 3.00... 2.59...

        CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

        KAIA and CHARLIE, ignoring their cuts, bruises and injuries rush around the room smashing the vases and crushing the toys under their feet as they attempt to find the key.

        CHARLIE: (shouting, frantically) Anything?!

        KAIA: (panicking) No! What if she's lying!?

        CHARLIE: I don't know. None of this makes sense! It feels like something's wrong...

        KAIA: Charlie! I told you there's no time! Come on!

        CHARLIE nods and continues. They were beginning to pull together, but it could be too late...

        1.40... 1.39... 1.38...


        XAK is still stood looking out to the ocean, lost in thought. BROGAN leaves his side and begins walking away. For a few seconds we just look at XAK staring blankly out to the water.

        BROGAN (O/S): Xak?

        XAK doesn't answer.

        BROGAN (O/S): We should go...

        With this XAK'S hands leave the railings and he disappears from the seafront with his friend.

        1.00... 59 seconds...

        CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

        Time was running short. Less than a minute to go and they still hadn't found the key.

        KAIA unravels a rug, smashes a snowglobe and opens a gift wrapped box. Only to find nothing.

        40 seconds.

        CHARLIE tears apart a cushion, tramples on another toy and kicks away a mat only to see...

        A glimmer?

        A silver key. Right there underneath a "home sweet home" welcome mat. CHARLIE'S eyes widen.

        CHARLIE: Kaia! I have it!

        KAIA rushes over to CHARLIE who picks up the key. She holds out a hand to KAIA who's clearly finding it difficult to fight the pain.

        CHARLIE: Come on!

        KAIA grabs her hand and together they pull their metal chains to the door. With KAIA'S hand in one of her hands, CHARLIE uses the other to extend the key into the lock.

        She turns it just as the countdown hits zero. There is a blinding white light and that's all they remember seeing.

        CUT TO BLACK

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          ACT FOUR


          SOFIA leads the way while SEPHY and ECHIDNA walk slightly behind her.

          SOFIA: Ok, there are a couple more properties on the seafront. One is larger and older... could be the place.

          A white light bursts in front of them causing them all to shield their eyes. It dies down quickly and they look at what is left in front of them.

          There is a scream.


          DANTE looks around, confused.

          DANTE: Are we near the sea? I can smell it.

          LANCE: I guess so. It should be right down...

          As they emerge out of the alleyway an explosion of light erupts in front of them. The same light the goddesses and SOFIA witnessed. They too shield their eyes but unfortunately they cannot shield them from what they were about to see.

          We hear the same scream again.


          Walking along the seafront from a different direction are CATE, TRAFFORD, ELISE and SHELTER. CATE squints through the darkness and looks ahead.

          CATE: Is that Sofia?

          TRAFFORD nods.

          TRAFFORD: Yeah look, the goddesses are with her. But they're alone.

          ELISE sees too and looks sad. SHELTER smiles at her reassuringly but her smile soon disappears as she and the others are blinded by the white light that explodes in front of them.

          The light dies down and the camera closes in on ELISE who looks at the scene in horror. It is her who screams.


          XAK and BROGAN are moving away from the shore when they hear ELISE'S scream. They recognise it from the day their parents were murdered.

          Her pitch was more mature, but the pain was still the same. Someone was dead...


          XAK and BROGAN rush to the scene as everyone stands incredulous at the three women on the floor in front of an empty plot of land where there looked like a building could have once been.

          CHARLIE and KAIA, still in their chains are covered in dirt. They're unconscious and the blood from their head wounds is matted dry in their hair. Their clothes are torn from their ordeal and their bruises are beginning to show. Throughout it all though, KAIA'S hand is in CHARLIE'S.

          As we focus on their faces we can hear everyone rushing towards them.

          SEPHY (O/S): Oh no...

          CATE (O/S): Charlie?!

          XAK is first to arrive. He picks her up in his arms and he gently taps her face to rouse her. He breathes heavily.

          XAK: Come on Charlie... Charlie...

          SEPHY looks at KAIA next to her.

          SEPHY: Trafford, Shelter... help Kaia...

          Some are crying and everyone is struck in their place.

          TRAFFORD: But...

          SEPHY looks at what he is looking at. It's not CHARLIE or KAIA.

          SEPHY: I know... Please, help Kaia.

          He nods and moves towards her with SHELTER. SOFIA moves towards ELISE and puts and arm around her. Both of them crying...

          DANTE and LANCE move close to XAK and CHARLIE as TRAFFORD and SHELTER help KAIA and subsequently break the hand link between the two witches.

          DANTE: (concerned) Is she ok?

          Her eyes begin to open and she looks to XAK.

          XAK: Hey you...

          She can only manage to smile before she passes out.

          TRAFFORD (O/S): Kaia's fine. She's just weak...

          The camera moves away from the two survivors and their rescuers to EA BROGAN. He's on the ground staring at the one who didn't make it.

          His cousin CONSTANCE KYLL is lying on the floor in the same condition she was earlier. Her neck broken. She was dead.

          SIN had kept to her word. CHARLIE and KAIA had got out just in time and CONSTANCE was returned to them...

          In knowing that CHARLIE and KAIA were alright everyone slowly turns to CONSTANCE and are instantly saddened and devastated by her presence.

          ELISE clutches on to SOFIA, crying. XAK, TRAFFORD and SHELTER hold their witches that little bit tighter for comfort. DANTE and LANCE with no one to hold, merely hide their desire to reach out to one another.

          SEPHY doesn't hide her tears.

          ECHIDNA looks at BROGAN. She stands and moves closer.

          ECHIDNA: Ea...

          He continues staring ahead, blankly. His eyes are glazed with tears but in his disturbed shock he can't bring himself to blink them away.

          ECHIDNA: Ea, come on... It's ok, come on...

          She moves closer but all he can do is stare ahead.

          Until he blinks.


          SEPHY is stood by her large window looking into the deep fathoms of the Atlantic.

          Behind her is ECHIDNA who is running a brush through her hair. Both of them are wearing black dresses. SEPHY has a veil over her face.

          SEPHY: (vacantly) What time was agreed?

          ECHIDNA stops brushing and looks at her.

          ECHIDNA: We have a few more minutes left.

          SEPHY: Just minutes. Ok...

          ECHIDNA stops, places the brush down and moves towards her.

          ECHIDNA: This isn't your fault.

          SEPHY: (quietly) I should have been able to protect her.

          ECHIDNA: You can't protect everyone Persephone. It's not the way it works.

          SEPHY: I know that. I am aware of the balance... but not her. I should have been able to protect "her".

          ECHIDNA stands next to her, swamped by her pessimism and doubt.


          LANCE is tying his tie in the mirror while DANTE is pulling his shirt on. He begins buttoning it when he notices LANCE'S frustration at being unable to tie his tie.

          DANTE: Need a hand?

          LANCE doesn't say anything but he lets his hands leave the tie, giving silent permission for DANTE'S help.

          DANTE moves closer and begins tying LANCE'S tie for him. LANCE looks away.

          DANTE: You know when I started at Wolfram and Hart, I could never tie these things either.

          LANCE looks at him now.

          LANCE: Don't make filler talk. You wanted to talk, so let's talk...

          DANTE nods, but there is a pause.

          DANTE: You kissed me. After everything I started to feel and everything you were denying... you kissed me.

          LANCE: I... I had to. I can't explain it.

          DANTE: Then this is gonna be a very hard talk to have...

          There is a knock at the door but the men pause, looking at each other.

          LANCE: Come in...

          The door opens and CATE and SOFIA enter, dressed in black and both looking equally glum

          SOFIA: (eyeing them both) You two about ready?

          DANTE finishes tying LANCE'S tie for him and then finishes buttoning his shirt. He looks at SOFIA.

          DANTE: Yeah, just about.

          SOFIA wants to scowl, but as he looks away to grab his tie, she knows he won't see. LANCE looks to CATE.

          LANCE: You alright?

          CATE nods.

          CATE: Don't worry about me, I'm fine. Just feels weird that we have to do this.

          DANTE: I know. It shouldn't be happening.

          SOFIA: Look, we should probably get going.

          They all nod and SOFIA and CATE move towards the door. DANTE finishes tying his own tie and then he grabs his jacket. LANCE does the same and they follow the girls.


          ELISE is sat in a morbidly beautiful black dress and SHELTER is sat next to her. They both look blankly ahead when the door opens and TRAFFORD enters in a suit. He notes their sorrow.

          TRAFFORD: Ready?

          SHELTER nods and she helps ELISE up. ELISE goes to walk past her brother without registering him being there. He defies her and pulls her closer for a hug. For a moment she hangs loose in his arms, but then she hugs him back.


          CHARLIE is sat at her dresser. She is dressed in black and is looking sombre. She has just finished applying her lipstick and looks at her face in the mirror. It's bruised but the cuts have faded slightly, her hair covers the stitches in her head from her injury. She sighs and shivers slightly remembering what she went through.

          She reaches out and grabs her foundation applicator, which is lying nearby. She puts some on her finger and begins concealing her bruises.

          XAK (O/S): You look lovely.

          CHARLIE looks down.

          CHARLIE: When Cate and I were younger, we never really understood why people looked nice on days like this. We thought if they were going to be saying goodbye, then why would you try and make yourself look less sad than you were...

          XAK moves closer to her and puts a hand on her shoulder.

          CHARLIE: (nodding) And now I know, it's not about looking less sad. It's about hiding what you're going through.

          XAK: It's over now Charlie.

          CHARLIE: But at what price?

          XAK: Constance was already dead before you got there. She's been dead for weeks. If you and Kaia hadn't done what you did... she'd still be there.

          CHARLIE: Like Ursula is, all alone now.

          XAK nods, unable to offer any solace.

          CHARLIE: You know, I wasn't even scared. I don't think Kaia was either... It was just the strangest experience. We remembered seeing something on the monitors in the Intelligence Unit and then we woke up in that room. And then there was that room... that machine... and the tapes, the footsteps, the bomb leaving behind literally no building at all...

          She turns to him, frustrated.

          CHARLIE: It just doesn't make sense Xak!

          XAK: Shh...

          He kneels down to her level and caresses her face as she looks him in the eye.

          XAK: We've been through this Charlie, don't torture yourself on the reasoning behind why she does what she does. You'll go crazy...

          CHARLIE: But she let us live Xak. She had us and she could have killed us, and she didn't. She's tried before and she's proved we mean nothing to her... but she let us live and she played that game with us. So I don't understand that. I don't.

          XAK: Charlie. Don't do this to yourself... Not today.

          CHARLIE looks down.

          CHARLIE: (quietly) I'm sorry, you're right. Of course you're right.

          XAK nods supportively and kisses her on the cheek.

          XAK: I'll meet you in the lobby, ok?

          She nods.

          CHARLIE: I'll be there in a bit, just need to...

          He nods and turns, leaving. She watches him go and then turns back to the mirror to continue covering up her bruises.

          SONG: ATHLETE ? I LOVE

          As the music begins, she sighs. (The music below plays throughout)

          "Fire on the hill
          Fire in me still...


          BROGAN is sat on the edge of his bed in only boxers. KAIA is dressed and she sits down next to him. Her makeup is covering up her bruises well but it is obvious she is trying to cover them.

          KAIA: (whispering) Come on Ea... please.

          She has tears in her eyes.

          KAIA: It's time to say goodbye...

          All he can do is stare ahead, unable to do anything. Why should he? (The music below plays throughout)

          "I feel out of my league
          But you turn around and say to me that
          I love everybody here
          And I agree
          I love everybody here...


          It's a gorgeous day.

          The soft breeze sweeping in from the ocean washes Cropley Shores in salty air. The private sector of the graveyard is quiet as XAK, DANTE, LANCE and TRAFFORD carry on their shoulders a coffin. The girls walk behind them and KAIA and BROGAN bring up the rear.

          Everyone looks sombre and not a word is uttered between either of them as they approach the empty grave a few feet in front of them. The headstone reading:

          TAKEN TOO SOON

          It was simple but it spoke loud. (The music below plays throughout)

          "Summers long gone out
          Sun comes up like it's been about a year
          But I don't mind if we drink again my friend ?cause
          There is so much left to say...

          FADE TO -

          We fade to close ups of everyone. The boys carrying the coffin maintain a solemn, respectable, steady posture. The girls behind stand close to one another; ELISE, SHELTER and SOFIA, CHARLIE and CATE, and SEPHY and ECHIDNA. KAIA watches BROGAN all the time, worried about his state of mind, and then she looks forward and sees her best friend in a coffin and it hits her. Her eyes flood. (The music below plays throughout)

          "There is so much left to say
          There is so much left to say
          There is so much left to say...

          FADE TO ?

          Everyone is stood either side of the grave. The coffin is now inside. ECHIDNA is stood at the head of the grave blessing CONSTANCE'S journey and reminiscing fondly on the wonderful woman she once was. One by one everyone leaves as the ceremony comes to an end and the day begins to wind to a close.


          The last four left are the couples. XAK and CHARLIE and BROGAN and KAIA. XAK moves to BROGAN and taps him on the back. He leads him away, even though if he was on his own he'd stay there forever. (The music below plays throughout)

          "People for miles
          Opening up
          People for miles
          And focusing on
          We'd be ok if we had
          Answers to questions and rhymes and in reasons
          Should leave it to me to be all the four seasons...

          The witches are the only ones left and they stand either side of the grave. CHARLIE smiles at her supportively and KAIA even manages to muster a weak smile in return.

          CHARLIE moves around the grave and as she passes KAIA she strokes her arm supportively.

          CHARLIE: I'll wait at the car for you... if you need anything...

          KAIA nods.

          KAIA: Thanks. I think I'll just wait here. Just for a bit longer.

          CHARLIE: Of course.

          She watches KAIA for a moment longer as she stares down into the empty grave. (The music below plays throughout)

          "You see I love everybody here
          And I agree
          I love everybody here
          I love everybody here
          I love everybody here
          Well I love everybody here
          I love everybody here...

          The camera lingers on both of them for a moment longer, but as CHARLIE moves away the song slowly dies down.

          FADE TO ? UNKNOWN

          We fade to look upon the tired and withered face of URSULA LAKE. She is alive but a part of her wishes she wasn't. Her eyes are red where tears have rubbed them raw. In front of her dances SIN. She prances randomly around the room with the phone to her ear. She seems to move around the machine in front of her.

          SIN: (on the phone) Good. I will expect you ready in a week...

          She awaits an answer on the other end.

          SIN: (on the phone) Because a week from now, the world is mine...

          She pauses.

          SIN: (on the phone) And yours.

          She pauses and hangs up. She smiles and stares into space but is fully aware of URSULA'S presence.

          SIN: I am sorry about Constance you know.

          URSULA grits her teeth disgusted to even hear her name uttered from her lips. SIN laughs.

          SIN: God that sounded insincere; must be the lack of emotions. Anyway, that little charade should keep your friends busy for a while.

          SIN wanders towards URSULA and kneels down to look at her.

          SIN: I can just see the look on their faces after the grief subsides; the pondering and wondering will kick in and drive them mad with curiosity and desire.

          Her smile fades as she narrows her eyes and lowers her head.

          SIN: And I will be the one to turn that expression on their faces into horror. When they realise just how naive and stupid they really are, that's when I'll take it all.


          The sound of heels echoing around the empty room can be heard as the wearer walks from computer to computer. The camera pans up her slender figure, it's SOFIA revealing her cell phone is in her hand. The cell no one knows about.

          SIN (V/O): (whispering) They'll never see her coming...

          SOFIA, with a blank expression turns each one of the computers off, stopping the static snow screens from being visible, leaving wholly black.

          She stops for a moment and looks around the room. Her room.

          SOFIA: Don't worry Constance...

          She pockets her secret cell and walks towards the door. With all the computers turned off her work was done. Reaching the door, she opens it. She turns back to the room and takes another look around the emptiness.

          SOFIA: Your work is in safe hands.

          Her hand reaches down to the light switch and she drowns the room in darkness.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          and SUMMER GLAU as SIN


          Special Guest Stars:

          Special Mention:
          ATHLETE ? I LOVE


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            If you would like to give me feedback on Shadow Stalker, visit my thread here! I'm always happy to hear from you and I usually comment on the feedback as well!


            - I've been looking forward to writing this episode for a while as getting down and dirty with Charlie and Kaia has been an exciting prospect. Obviously the title relates to marriage, I'm unsure of anyone got that but it's to do with your husband or wife being "the old ball and chain" tying you down. I hope you like what I did with them as I really enjoyed writing them both as it certainly moves them forward.

            - I have been itching to use that Bloc Party song the moment I heard it. How perfect is it!? God I love that band.

            - So what was that machine in the building? Links to Wolfram and Hart? Guesses people?

            - So that was Cropley Shores! I'll leave it ambiguous as to its actual location, and while it is dormant for the time being, it shall erupt soon enough!

            - Farewell Constance Kyll. A few people had guessed she was dead after only Ursula appeared in the last episode and unfortunately you were correct. However? there are lots of things surrounding the reasons of her death that are just waiting to come out. But not yet, of course I'm going to make you wait a bit longer!

            - No more time for fun and games episodes! The final four episodes are quite mission based so don't be expecting fun time makeovers and poker games anytime soon!

            - Ok so this quite a sad, dark and serious episode? the next episode deals with someone's death but someone I hope you haven't forgotten: Macie Coombs. There is a LOT more about her than you might have thought there would be. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you? Corinne La Fame.