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Witch - Episode 1.07 - "How Can I Help?"

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  • Witch - Episode 1.07 - "How Can I Help?"

    Episode 1.07 "How Can I Help?"

    Kaspar VO: Previously on Witch?

    [Open to: Lora and Pete in a taxi.]

    Lora: Are we being friendly?

    Pete: Absolutely not.

    [Cut to: Jade and Fynn in the witch hunters' training room.]

    Jade: What's the deal with you and Ameya? I have to say, she's not your best bet. There are better people-

    Fynn: Jade, what I need is her.

    Jade VO: She's in your way, from me.

    [Cut to: Autumn and Lester in The Lesper Bay Public Library.]

    Autumn: [nervously] L-leave me alone.

    [Lester walks closer to her, grinning.]

    Lester: You really think I'll let that happen? Watching you cower, it's the only thing that makes this god-awful job worthwhile. Watching you scream under me, shudder.

    [Lester approaches her again, she backs away. He slams his hand viciously against the wall, she jumps.]

    [Cut to: Ezra and Rina in their bedroom. Ezra entwines her hand with Rina's. She gazes into Rina's eyes.]

    Ezra: Stay with me.

    Ezra VO: My god, how can I love you so much?

    [They hold one another softly. So softly. Delicate.]

    Rina: Forever.

    [Cut to: Kaspar's car, he's looking out of the window.]

    [He sees a person walking up to the witch hunters' house, growing closer and closer?]

    Drake: Well, well, what do we have here?

    [Kaspar's eyes widen, horrified. Rina.]

    Rina: Mind if I come in?



    [Open to: a wide shot of Lesper Bay, night. We see a large portion of the city, illuminated in city glow, lights glinting from every other nook and cranny in the shot. We slowly move over the city, seeing birds fly over in the night sky, a helicopter flying over in the distance.]

    [Song: "Mad World" by Gary Jules.]

    All around me are familiar faces
    Worn out places, worn out faces
    Bright and early for their daily races
    Going nowhere, going nowhere

    [Suddenly zoom down to ground level, where we see the witches' house.]

    Children waiting for the day they feel good
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday
    Made to feel the way that every child should
    Sit and listen, sit and listen

    [Rina is staring out of the window of hers and Ezra's bedroom, night. The rain is now pounding down harder. Rina stares out of the window, into the neighbouring house to see a birthday party bubbling away with innocent life.]

    [She sees small children running around in their joyful play and smiles slightly. Then a twang of pain strikes her, she turns and looks towards Ezra, who's taking a nap in the gentle light of the room.]

    Went to school and I was very nervous
    No one knew me, no one knew me
    Hello teacher tell me what's my lesson
    Look right through me, look right through me

    [Fade to: a boy, in his mid teens about sixteen, he's very scruffy looking walking down the usual run of the mill, dark, dank alley, night. His head is down in thought, he hears footsteps behind him and turns abruptly. Still.]

    [The footsteps have stopped so the boy keeps on walking, he reaches the crossing between two alleyways. Suddenly a figure leaps out of another alleyway, slamming him into the wall. He struggles violently.]

    Boy: Pl-please, please I'll give you whatever you want, t-take anything.

    And I find it kinda funny
    I find it kinda sad
    The dreams in which I'm dying
    Are the best I've ever had

    [The boy continues to struggle, we move away to see silhouettes of both the figures, a dark eerie smoke moves from the attackers mouth into the boy's mouth.

    I find it hard to tell you
    I find it hard to take
    When people run in circles

    [Zoom into the boy's shocked face. He gasps. A gasp of pure, gaunt terror. Fade to white.]

    It's a very, very mad world ... mad world
    Enlarging your world
    Mad world?

    [Cut to: the boy entering the front door of an average looking house, night. His eyes are worn and he looks very shaken, though there appear to be no bruises and cuts on him, he's just been emotionally worn.]

    Boy: Mum?

    [A woman in her mid forties enters from another room.]

    Woman: [furious] Darren, where have you been?

    Darren: I-I'm sorry, mum.

    Mother: You're late from school again. Two hours late.

    Darren: I-Mother: No excuse this time. You had us worried sick. Wherever you were, whatever you were doing-

    Darren: I was attacked.

    Mother: [appalled] What?

    Darren: I was walking home?then something pushed me against the wall and then-

    Mother: [sighs, unconvinced] Not again, Darren.

    Darren: Again?

    Mother: Don't lie to me again.

    Darren: I'm not lying.

    Mother: Like you have such a good track record. Give me a reason why I should believe you, you don't have a scratch on you! You were probably doing god knows what with those so-called friends of yours you stick around with. They're a bad influence on you, I told you to stay away from them.

    [Darren sighs and tries to walk past her up the stairs, he clearly can't be bothered to argue.]

    Mother: Don't walk away from me.

    Darren: [harsh] Why not? It's what you do best.

    Mother: Don't give me that backchat, young man.

    Darren: Mum, please I just want to go to bed.

    Mother: No, you're not getting away that easily. You're going to tell me what you've been doing tonight.

    Darren: I've already told you. I have to report this to the police or somebody-

    Mother: Tell me the truth.

    Darren: I have to report this now, mum.

    Mother: [firm] Not now.

    [Mother pulls Darren down the stairs as he makes another attempt up, in instinctive retaliation he pushes back with equal force, a sudden green light shoots from his hands into Mother who flashes an eerie green, suddenly freezing. Without warning she falls down the stairs.]

    Darren: [suddenly worried] Mum? Mum?

    [Mother lies at the bottom of the stairs - still, just still.]

    Darren: [quiet] Mum?

    [We hear the steady sound of a heartbeat, growing fainter and fainter and fainter?]

    [Fade to: a similar kind of dark evening. The street is quiet and Kaspar sits in his car, while the rain still splatters outside, looking out of the window. He sees a person walking up to the witch hunters' house, growing closer, closer, closer?]

    Rina: [dark, echoey.] Mind if I come in?

    [The phrase continues to echo, echo, echo as the screen slowly fades to black.]

    [Flash to: several quick, violently bright shots of Rina's face, grinning and grimacing with malice.]

    [Flash to: Rina holding a bloody knife, holding it into a person's back. Move abruptly to see it's Ezra's face. Her eyes wide, gaunt. Her cheeks are chalk white and pale. Her eyes are dark and hollow, almost dead looking. She groans slightly her voice is croaky and lower than normal, almost ghost like.]

    Ezra: Help me.

    [Rina twists the bloody knife further into Ezra's back. She screams. She screams. She screams. The piercing sound resonating endlessly, forever. A knock cuts the piercing scream away.]

    [Abruptly cut to: Kaspar waking up suddenly in his bed, his eyes wide as he sits up with haste. He's sweating madly in fear, he turns to the door to see Rina there, his eyes darken further.]

    Rina: Oh, sorry. Did I wake you?

    Kaspar: [weak] No, you?

    [Rina peers into Kaspar's eyes, with a concerned look.]

    Rina: Breakfast is downstairs in five if you're hungry.

    Kaspar: [empty] Yeah, thanks.

    Rina: Are you ok?

    Kaspar: [quickly] I'm fine.

    Rina: Okay.

    [Rina nods, she turns away and leaves. Kaspar takes a heaving breath and stares ahead for a few moments, in pain and worry. He then slowly gets himself out of bed and opens a drawer in his bedside table. He brings out - a knife. He slowly rubs his finger over the smooth, silver surface and looks towards the door. And scowls.]


    Thunder cracks?

    Opening Credits

    Theme song: "Wherever I Go" by The Album Leaf.

    Starring -Amber Benson - Tara Maclay
    Anna Belknap - Ezra Storm
    Carmine Giovinazzo - Kaspar Sharpe
    Percy Daggs III - Pete Golloway
    Samaire Armstrong - Rina Faraday
    and Autumn Reeser as Autumn Sharpe

    With-David Anders - Drake
    Jennifer Garner - Ameya
    Amanda Seyfried - Jade
    Jonathan Bennett - Fynn

    Guest Starring:
    Lacey Chabert ? Lora
    David Tennant ? Lester
    James Lafferty ? Darren
    Barbara Alyn Woods ? Mother
    Tara Reid ? Julia

    Created by: Yosso

    Written by: Yosso

    Produced by: Yosso


    Songs featured: "Mad World" by Gary Jules, "Into Dust" cover by Ashtar Command.

    Disclaimer: "Witch" is a virtual fan made series, set in Joss Whedon's Buffyverse which is property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, The WB, UPN and 20th Century Fox Television. No profit is made from this, the character of Tara was created by Joss Whedon. All other original characters were created by me (Yosso), so keep your hands off ?em (except with permission).

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    Act One.

    [Open to: Kaspar in his psychologist's office, day. He's sitting on a chair at his table and sorting out a few files here and there. A woman pokes her head through the door.]

    Kaspar: Ah, Julia what can I do for you?

    [Julia smiles, opening the door further to reveal the rest of her petite body.]

    Kaspar: You know you can just come in, you don't need to keep on poking your head in like that.

    Julia: You tease too much, sir.

    Kaspar: Please, I'm Kaspar, or Kas, whatever's good. Just not the friendly ghost.

    [Julia chuckles slightly.]

    Kaspar: You have a pretty laugh there, Julia.

    [Kaspar gives Julia a little playful wink, she stares at Kaspar, turning bright red.]

    Julia: Well? I?uh? why? Thank you, Mr. Sharpe ? I mean Kaspar, or Kas.

    [Kaspar gives Julia an encouraging smile.]

    Kaspar: Relax Julia, it's called harmless flattery, we men do that sometimes.

    Julia: Well? sir, your first patient's here.

    Kaspar: [with a gentlemanly nod] As usual, thank you Julia.

    [Cut to: an overweight guy in a chair in front of Kaspar.]

    Kaspar: So. What is your problem? What predicament has brought you here? What is wrong with you?


    Kaspar: You don't seem to have a file.

    Fat Guy: Yeah, it's a thing. Your name's Kaspar?

    Kaspar: Unless I'm in the wrong office.

    Fat Guy: Haunt anyone lately?

    [Kaspar sighs, rolling his eyes.]

    Kaspar: Ok then, what's wrong?

    Fat Guy: I'm?fat.

    Kaspar: Uh huh. So why're you here?

    Fat Guy: I'm fat.

    [Kaspar simply looks at him, almost expressionless.]

    [Cut to: another man sitting opposite Kaspar.]

    Kaspar: So how can I help you?

    Man: I'm scared.

    Kaspar: What about exactly?

    Man: Don't you have the information in the file?

    Kaspar: Yes it, but it's better to hear it from you. It confronts the issue with more force.

    Man: I'm so selfish.

    Kaspar: Selfish?

    Man: [growing slightly tearful] My sister is dying - of cancer. Cervical cancer. Cancer of the cervix. Whatever you want to call it, I don't know. And I can't cope. I'm falling apart.

    Kaspar: [nods sympathetically] How?

    Man: I'm worried. I'm so worried about her it's killing me, but it's affecting me, I can't sleep very well, I can't focus. This shouldn't be happening, it shouldn't.

    Kaspar: It's ok to be worried. You need to learn to relax, it's a good skill to learn.

    Man: How could I do that?

    Kaspar: Let me show you.

    [Cut to: Ezra and Rina's room, day. Rina is sitting cross-legged on the double bed, holding a small ripped piece of bread. She's thinking, a grim expression on her face.]

    [Flash to: the witch hunters' house, night, a flashback. There is a knock at the door, Drake approaches it and undoes the locks, opening it to the outside night air.]

    [His expression turns to an amused smile as he stares at her. Rina stands outside the house, she pulls her coat more firmly around her. The two stare for a few moments in silence. Drake's grinning is close to a laugh, Rina is slightly intimidated but still remains strong.]

    Rina: So are we going to do a staring competition or can I come in?

    [Drake spits maliciously at Rina's face, a manically gleeful grin on his face. She sighs and wipes it off.]

    Rina: [kind of shaky] So what does that mean in English?

    [Jade, Fynn and Ameya appear behind Drake.]

    Ameya: [with contempt] What's she doing here?

    Rina: I came? to talk.

    Fynn: To talk? Wow that's a new one and here I thought all you did was annoy and pollute.

    Rina: And not get killed by you.

    Drake: [darkly] D'you want me to test that theory?

    Rina: Just hear me out.

    Drake: Going right into the hornets' nest, isn't that a little thick? If I knew you witches were this suicidal I wouldn't have bothered.

    Rina: I've got protection, I can handle myself.

    Drake: [darkly] Or so you think. Not when the crow calls at dawn.

    Jade: Why should we trust you? Why should we hear anything you have to say?

    Drake: Oh come on, hear her out, it'll be amusing.


    Rina: I'm just trying to do the right thing.

    Drake: Oh this'll be a laugh. How's the Mrs taking all this? Chatting with the enemy an' all.

    Rina: They don't know, none of them know. They wouldn't understand, so you obviously can't tell them.

    Drake: [with a smirk] Oh if you're playing, I'll play. Let's just see which one of us lands on top, eh?

    [Drake steps aside, letting Rina through. She takes a few tentative steps in.]

    Drake: [grins] What can I offer you, Judas?

    [Rina sighs.]

    Drake: Bread? Wine?

    [Flash to: Rina sitting on the bed again, present day, the flashback is over. She looks out of the window, still holding her small piece of ripped bread. She sighs and lets the bread slip from her hands, falling and crumbling to the floor.]

    [Cut to: Kaspar's psychologist's office, day, a young man is sitting opposite Kaspar.]

    Man: Am I crazy?

    Kaspar: Quite possibly.

    Man: My wife has left me for some tramp.

    Kaspar: Oh that's?bad.

    Man: I need to move on.

    Kaspar: Acknowledgement, that's a good first step.

    Man: With revenge.

    Kaspar: Revenge?

    Man: Got any ideas? I was thinking maybe I should start with hot pokers.

    [Kaspar looks very uncomfortable. He nods.]

    Kaspar: Next!

    [Cut to: The Lesper Bay Bugle Office, day. Lora walks briskly down an aisle, the usual bustle in the background. She has a document in her hand, she head straight for Pete's tiny desk.]

    Lora: [sharp] What is this?

    Pete: [looks up] Does it not look like an article to you?

    Lora: It looks like it was written by-

    Pete: Einstein?

    Lora: Don't flatter yourself. And what does "embourgeoisement" and "hepatocarcinoma" mean anyway?

    Pete: It means somebody's stuck on stupid.

    Lora: How is anyone going to get your opinion on this dating agency if it's not clear?

    Pete: How about we get a second opinion?

    Lora: Like that's going to make a difference.

    Pete: Hey, you're not the boss of me, we're partners in this.

    Lora: [quietly] Unfortunately.

    Pete: Ugh!

    Lora: You just can't handle the criticism. Cry baby.

    Pete: Wino.

    Lora: Loser.

    Pete: Moron.

    Lora: Coward.

    Pete: I'm a coward huh? I'll show you I know what I'm talking about here.

    Lora: About dating? You don't know the first thing. You'll probably have your first kiss at forty.

    Pete: Oh, that is so outta line!

    Lora: Prove it.

    [Pete leans forward and kisses Lora on the lips, a dramatic, passionate kiss. The two share a kiss for a moment, just a moment, but for a fraction of a second it remains, deep. They tear apart.]

    Lora: [horrified] What the hell?

    Pete: [smug] Looks like that's another argument you've lost.

    [Pete walks off past Lora who remains stunned. She touches her lips, lightly in her shock, but it turns into a tiny, tiny flicker - of a gentle smile.]

    [Cut to: an empty street, day. A car drives up and stops, Rina steps out of the car and looks around. She sighs. She takes a gulp of air, her face wrought with tension. She takes out blueprints of a building from her bag. Her phone suddenly rings, she takes it out of her handbag and flicks it open.]

    Rina: [harsh] What do you want?

    Drake: Now a boss can't even wish his employee good luck?

    Rina: It's not like we're friends, so don't act like it. I'll get your documents.

    Drake: You're wearing the ninja suit?

    Rina: No. What d'you think I am? In some spy movie?

    Drake: [callously] I wish, sweetpea. Good luck.

    Rina: [dismissively] Yeah, thanks for that. But I don't need it from you of all people.

    [Rina closes her phone, hanging up. She takes a breath and looks up to a giant warehouse.]

    [Cut to: a door, just outside the warehouse, a sign is on the door saying "Warehouse Closed Today", with a fence a few feet from the door making a passageway, a CCTV camera is also swivelling around. We return back to the warehouse door, these is a burning sound, move away to see Rina walking through a burnt hole in the fence, she has her face covered by her jacket. She looks up at the camera.]

    Rina: [under her breath] Freeze.

    [The security camera suddenly stops in mid-swivel, then fizzles and sparks with electricity, dead and limp. Rina looks up to the camera and lowers her jacket. She turns her attention to the door. She heaves a sigh and braces herself. Rina takes hold of the door handle.]

    Rina: [whispering] Unlock.

    [There are several bolt sounds and the door swings open, revealing pure black darkness inside. Rina looks up, her eyes shadowed, low and dim. She takes one step, and enters into the dark abyss.]

    [Cut to: Kaspar's psychologists office, later on. A boy comes in through the door in silence, a boy fairly, in fact very familiar to us ? it's Darren. Darren sits down in the patient chair.]

    Kaspar: Hello.


    Kaspar: So where do you want to start?

    Darren: Look, I'm not here for pity. I-I'm not even sure I want to be. My uncle has made me go to counselling, but it's not like they've helped.

    Kaspar: How many others have you been to?

    Darren: [exasperated] I don't know? too many.

    Kaspar: So, are you prepared to tell me this problem? It's quite vague in your file.

    [Darren sighs, he looks down and takes a deep, hard breath.]

    Darren: [raspy] I?

    Kaspar: It's ok, take your time.

    [Darren suddenly stands up, Kaspar raises his eyebrows.]

    Darren: Look, I don't think I can do this. I don't think? I just can't.

    [Darren starts to walk away towards the door.]

    Kaspar: Look, I know you don't know me. I've seen many patients come in here and go back out because they didn't believe. They didn't believe they could do this and help themselves, but I'm sure you can, I know you can, if you just push yourself, it'll be better for you, whatever your problem is.

    Darren: I'm sorry. I can't.

    [Darren continues to walk past, he reaches the door just as Julia opens it.]

    Julia: Mr. Sharpe your-

    [Darren pushes past Julia and accidentally brushes against her, the green light shoots into Julia at the touch, her skeleton showing in her body in a flash of green, she freezes. She falls.]

    Darren: Oh my god?

    [Darren staggers back, shocked.]

    Darren: I?I?

    Kaspar: [rushes up to Julia's body] What happened?

    Darren: [panicked] I told you this was a bad idea. I told you we shouldn't have come here!

    [Kaspar kneels down, checking for her pulse, he turns round - grave.]

    Kaspar: There's nothing. She's dead.

    [Fade to black.]

    End of Act One.


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      Act Two.

      [Open to: the psychologist's office, day. Kaspar stands up, slowly backing away from Julia's body, clearly stunned.]

      Darren: I - I need to?

      Kaspar: You killed her?

      Darren: I should go.

      Kaspar: No! Look what you've done! Look what you've done now!

      [Kaspar grabs Darren and turns him around. Darren quickly flinches, moving away from a furious Kaspar, his eyes burning and blazing.]

      Kaspar: [fiercely] How did this happen?!

      Darren: [sighs] It was me. I can't keep hiding like this. I can't keep lying like this.


      Darren: I know it sounds crazy but?

      Kaspar: There was a flash of light, before? before-

      Darren: [quietly] Before I killed her.

      [Beat. Darren looks to the floor, Kaspar sighs, quickly forcing himself to calm down.]

      Darren: I ? I, I didn't mean to? This? this always happens! It always happens to the wrong people. It always happens!

      Kaspar: [with laboured breath] Whatever's happening? I think I might know how to help.

      [Darren looks up to him, slightly surprised.]

      Kaspar: I can help you.

      [Cut to: the psychologist's office, later on. There are police officers and detectives milling around. One is talking to Kaspar and Darren.]

      Detective: So she just dropped dead?

      Kaspar: We don't know what happened, one minute she was bringing in a new patient, the next-

      Detective: We'll have to bring you in for questioning - both of you.

      [Cut to: the witches house, later on that day. Kaspar and Darren are sitting down on the sofa.]

      Kaspar: Tell me what's wrong, you need to be straight with me if you want me to help you. What killed her?

      Darren: It was me. It was my? my touch.

      [Tara and Autumn and Pete come in hearing the talking.]

      Autumn: You're back early.

      Kaspar: I have an important patient.

      Pete: I know the d?cor here is great an' all, but isn't your office the best place for all this?

      [Rina enters, quickly followed by Ezra.]

      Kaspar: No, not right now at least. There was a death.

      Rina: [with dry sarcasm.] Oh. What an uncommon occurrence in our lives.

      Ezra: Death, demons and destruction, those are three words I need to hear less of.

      Tara: What happened?

      [Silence. The witches all look to Kaspar to tell them.]

      Kaspar: Long story short, when he touches people, they die, he accidentally did it to Julia my secretary.

      Rina: [shocked] Oh?

      Darren: [quiet] My touch - it killed her.

      Tara: So when you touch things, they die?

      Darren: [quiet] No, it only happens sometimes.

      Kaspar: When? Randomly or at certain moments?

      Darren: [quietly diffident, ashamed of himself] I don't know. They seem pretty random right now. That's what makes it more dangerous, I never know when it'll decide to act.

      Ezra: D'you know when all this started?

      Darren: A few months back roughly, I got attacked - by something, I really don't know what. I got home, and it happened for the first time? That's a night I'll never forget.

      Rina: How many times has it happened before?

      Darren: Counting today, twice. But I've nearly killed someone three times before.

      Tara: How many people have you seen about this?

      Darren: So many I've lost count. Doctors, hypnotists, they all seem to blur together now. Nothing's helping, either nobody knows or people just think I'm crazy.

      Kaspar: And it's a little difficult to prove without-

      Darren: [nods] Yeah.

      Darren: This disease, it's ruining my life, and the lives of the people around me. I'm hurting people, when I don't want to, I don't mean to and yet it still happens. I want to know if I'm wasting time here both yours and mine, I want to know if you can help me. If you can really help me.

      Tara: We can.

      [Cut to: Tara and Ezra walking along a commercial street, day.]

      Tara: So I've had enough of the mooching.

      Ezra: Hey, you weren't mooching, you were?squatting.

      Tara: [with a grin] Well now I can squat and be useful.

      Ezra: Nothing better than a working hobo.

      Tara: Got that right.

      [Ezra and Tara stop and enter a shop on the high street ? "Wicca Wonderland".]

      Voice OS: Hey Tara, it's not your shift now is it?

      Tara: I know, I'm just showing a friend around, giving the tour.

      Woman: [with a grin] Oh great. How long d'you expect that to last?

      Tara: ?Bout three minutes.

      Woman: You read my mind. [to Ezra] I'm Jera and?

      [Two other women conveniently walk out of the back room.]

      Jera: Here's Gabby and Diane.

      Gabby: Huh?

      Jera: [mouths] Visitor.

      Gabby: Oh! Hey, uh? well I'm-

      Diane: The stupid one.

      Gabby: [jokingly] Hey, I'm more smarter than you could ever be.

      Tara: Well all, this is Ezra.

      Diane: Well Ezra, have a look around, is there anything in particular you were looking for?

      Ezra: Well there is one problem we've been having-

      Diane: Great, I'll hand you over to Gabby.

      Gabby: Gabby? You've got to be joking.

      Diane: Yes, because I'm that hilarious.

      Gabby: But Gabby's busy enjoying her very work-free break. Which means no work. Hint hint.

      Jera: Glad you've managed to work that out, hun.

      Gabby: Don't patronise me, woman.

      Diane: But breaks can be changed. And so can salaries which means less money for Prada shoes. Hint hint.

      [Gabby glares, but can't help but grin.]

      Gabby: You'll be the death of me, you two.

      [Gabby hitches on a smile to Tara and leads her away.]

      Jera: We love her really.

      [Cut to: the back of Wicca Wonderland, the door opens, Gabby, Ezra and Tara walk in.]

      Gabby: Sorry about this, most of our decent stock is back here, we put all the showy stuff in the front, brings in the cash.

      Tara: I get that.

      Gabby: So what's your problem? Pixie infestation? Poltergeist in your attic?

      Tara: Oh, just a tortured, emotionally broken, guy infected by a touch which kills anyone he touches unpredictably.

      Gabby: Oh.

      [Pause. Gabby looks around, slightly awkwardly.]

      Gabby: That's not good.

      [She's clearly completely clueless about what to do.]

      Gabby: Aspirin?

      [Cut to: the outside of a large public park, night. Slowly move down from a high height diagonally down to a sign ? "Lesper Bay Public Park". Ameya and Fynn walk out of the park under an archway, both have ice cream cones in their hands as they walk, grinning.]

      Fynn: So we finally got out for a break. The witch hunting biz officially aint no part time job.

      Ameya: So this is our first date, huh? I pictured it being more?classy.

      Fynn: Date? We're on date mode right now? I was under the impression this was just an?outing.

      Ameya: Ok, outing it is. But that doesn't mean the kissing part isn't allowed, is it? Cos I'm going to have to complain.

      Fynn: Oh, if that's the case?

      [Ameya grins and Fynn leans in to kiss her. They slowly separate.]

      Fynn: ?I think we can make an exception.

      Ameya: Ooh, I've got brain freeze.

      Fynn: Are my kisses that bad?

      Ameya: No, from the ice cream, doofus.

      Fynn: Well hey, let me warm you up there.

      [Fynn takes off his floppy eared hat and places on Ameya's head, rubbing her head a little and giving her a little peck on the nose.]

      Fynn: Any warmer?

      Ameya: Uh? well it's a little cold, over here?

      [Ameya points to her lips with a cheeky twinkle. Fynn grins and kisses Ameya on the lips.]

      Ameya: Ah, now that's better.

      Fynn: My little Eskimo.

      [Cut to: the witches' kitchen, day. Ezra is in there building a small construction out of crackers with a book "Paranormal Diseases" next to her. She's examining the tower closely with a grin and wide eyes, while taking a peek at the book. She turns the page over.]

      Ezra: Empire State Building here we come.

      [Kaspar opens the door, entering the kitchen, he approaches Ezra and taps her on the shoulder. She turns around and in the process accidentally knocks down the tower. She turns to it and her smile fades.]

      Ezra: Oh?

      Kaspar: Could we talk?

      Ezra: [turns to Kaspar] Isn't that what we're doing now?

      [Kaspar gives her a slightly annoyed look.]

      Ezra: Ok, ok. Sure. What's up?

      Kaspar: Have you talked to Rina recently?

      Ezra: Uh? why?

      Kaspar: Just asking.

      Ezra: [her eyebrows raise] Why're you being so weird all of a sudden?

      Kaspar: Weird?

      Ezra: There's just something about you this last week that's been? different.

      Kaspar: I'm sorry, it's just? she has something to tell you.

      Ezra: [bemused] Ok?

      Kaspar: So you'll tell her?

      Ezra: So you want me to tell her, you told me, that she has something to tell me?

      Kaspar: No, I told you, that you should tell her that I told you, that she?

      Ezra: That she what?

      [Beat. Kaspar looks into Ezra's eyes, soft, bright and green. Kaspar looks back at them. Then he looks down, he frowns, his face contorting in discomfort, an inner struggle inside him.]

      Ezra: Kas, what's going on?

      Kaspar: [beat.] I can't. Not now.

      Ezra: [confused] What?

      Kaspar: You'll find out.

      Ezra: Kas?

      Kaspar: She'll tell you. Just make sure she tells you?

      [Kaspar walks past Ezra who turns and watches him. She sighs, uneasy.]

      [Cut to: the witches' sitting room, day. Kaspar, Tara, Ezra and Darren are all sitting around talking.]

      Kaspar: This thing that attacked you before your first kill, did you see what it looked like?

      Darren: No, too dark to tell.

      Tara: Did it say anything? Make any distinctive noises?

      Darren: Yeah, it said: "Fun. Fun. Fun. This will be fun."

      Kaspar: You didn't tell us that before.

      Darren: I didn't think it was important. Plus I've got enough people thinking I'm a nut-job as it is.

      Kaspar: Where were you attacked?

      Darren: An alleyway, this town seems to have a lot of them.

      Ezra: You're not wrong.

      Darren: Jewel Avenue I think, off the main road.

      Tara: This is good, we're making progress.

      Ezra: So we going to find it?

      Kaspar: We should find out what it is first before going in all hack and slash, it might help cure Darren, we don't know anything about this.

      Tara: Good plan, Darren's our main priority here, not the demon, we should find a way to help him first.

      Ezra: So some sort of releasing spell to get this power out of him?

      Tara: It's worth a shot.

      [Cut to: the witches' house, day. The front door rings, Autumn strolls to the door and opens it - Lester. She freezes. Her face tenses. Her body goes rigid.]

      Lester: I don't even get a good afternoon kiss?

      [Autumn's casual air has vanished. She suddenly appears drained, paling.]

      Autumn: [weakly] Please. Not now.

      Lester: I think now's a better time than ever.

      [Lester slides his way into the house and bites seductively on Autumn's ear. She simply remains frozen, petrified by his touch. Autumn tries to push him away, but it's a feeble attempt. He just clutches her shoulder, tight, continuing his invasion.]

      Autumn: [quietly] Why did you come here? Why now?

      Lester: What, you're scared we might get caught?

      [Autumn finally gathers the strength to push Lester away. He laughs, harsh and bitter.]

      Lester: You're fighting back now? [growing darker] You know that's not a good idea. It never can be.

      Autumn: There is no "we". There never has been. There's just me being?being?

      Lester: Being what?

      Autumn: Being weak. I don't want this, and you're making me do this.

      Lester: [harsh] Well let me give you a wake up call miss, you don't get to define what we are. I do. I have the power, I own you. I am-

      Autumn: Big Brother? No, you're not. I already have one of those.

      Lester: And he's what? Your knight in shining armour, he's going to save you from the big bad me?

      Autumn: [desperate] Please? Don't do this. Don't ruin this part of my life as well.

      Lester: Desperation. I can smell it all over you.

      [Autumn moves back from an advancing Lester.]

      Autumn: I-

      Lester: [a harsh whisper] He can't save you, you're stuck in the dark - with me.

      [Kaspar appears, strolling up to Autumn.]

      Kaspar: Hi. Who's this?

      Autumn: [brisk] Salesman.

      [Autumn quickly takes this chance to shut the door, closing the door on a callously smirking face.]

      [Cut to: the witches' living room, day. Tara and Kaspar enter while Pete, Autumn, Ezra, Rina and Darren are sitting around in the room.]

      Kaspar: We got everything?

      Ezra: [nods] Ok, chant time.

      Tara: We're going to try and extract the power from Darren using a general extraction spell, once we deal with this, hopefully it should give us more of an idea of the thing that infected him.

      Darren: Where will it go once it's extracted?

      Kaspar: It should go into the ether somewhere and disappear.

      [Darren nods in understanding. Kaspar, Tara, Ezra, Rina and Darren go to the centre of the room and set up the spell, Ezra lighting a candle. Tara sprinkles some herbs over the candle and they begin.]

      Rina: Unwanted entity hear me, release and be free.

      Tara: Expel and banish.

      Ezra: Sever and vanish.

      Kaspar: Never to be seen again.

      [Beat. There is an eerie wind which wafts through the house from the window, blowing the candle's white smoke slowly towards Darren, washing over him, past him, cleansing him. As the smoke touches his skin it turns green, carrying on past him. There are sighs of relief and smiles of satisfaction.]

      [The smoke continues on and on, now green and infected it reaches - Pete. A speck of it touches Pete's skin. Into him. Violently flashing green for a second. The relief of the witches quickly vanishes, now tensed shock.]

      Pete: Oh my god?

      [The smoke green smoke continues to waft, on and on, out of the window, follow it until it reaches - Drake.]


      End of Act Two.


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        Act Three.

        [Open to: the witches' living room, day. Pete stands up, suddenly breathing heavily as the green glow dies away.]

        Pete: No. No?

        Kaspar: Oh god?

        Ezra: The release spell.

        Pete: [dark] I'm infected with whatever he had, aren't I? I can feel it.

        Autumn: [mortified] How did this happen?

        Pete: When the smoke touched me?. It's inside me. It's inside me.

        Ezra: The energy must've infected the nearest person instead of going into the ether.

        Autumn: Oh god, oh god, oh god?

        Tara: We'll f-find a way to fix this. This w-won't set us back, we won't let it.

        Pete: [trembling slightly] D-did the spell work though? Is Darren still infected?

        Darren: [quietly] No? I don't think it worked. It's still there. [beat.] I know it.

        Kaspar: [with an irritated sigh] None of this worked then.

        Autumn: We've only made things worse.

        Darren: I'm so sorry about? about putting all this on you.

        Ezra: Don't be, we've come this far, we're going to see you through it.

        Tara: We'll find a cure, for both of you.

        Rina: So what's the next thing we can do?

        Tara: Do we have anything on this yet?

        Autumn: [grim] O-on the book front, we've got nothing so far.

        Kaspar: I'm now voting for hack and slash method, we can't really trust magic right now.

        Tara: You're right, it looks like that's our best bet right now.

        Kaspar: I'll go. I need to deal with this for you, Pete. And you Darren.

        [He nods to Pete, who smiles weakly in appreciation.]

        Tara: Who wants to come with?

        Rina: I'll be willing.

        Ezra: Well if my baby goes, I'm not far behind.

        [Ezra smiles gently to Rina who returns it with an equally warm grin. Kaspar notices this and his expression darkens further.]

        Pete: [slightly weak] I? I should probably stay. I'll find a way to reverse it, or t-try to find one at least.

        Darren: [brisk] I want to come.

        [Kaspar raises his eyebrows.]

        Darren: I'd like to help fight, with you. I brought this thing into your lives, I think I should at least try and get help rid of it, to do what I can. If you'll let me.

        [Kaspar looks around to the rest of the witches who seem to have no objection to it.]

        Kaspar: Well, nobody's stopping you.

        [Cut to: Tara, Ezra, Rina, Kaspar and Darren walking along an empty alley, with nothing but pavement, night. Rina holds a map while they walk. She's also carrying an axe, Ezra and Rina both have kitchen knives and Tara a battle axe.]

        Tara: So this is Jewel Avenue?

        Rina: According to the map, yeah.

        [The five stop.]

        Ezra: Ok, then where the hell is our demon?

        Kaspar: It doesn't look like anything lives here at all.

        Ezra: So I don't get to axe anything?

        Tara: Are we sure this is the right place?

        Autumn: As sure as some? really sure thing, yeah.

        Tara: We should go back, this was a waste of time.

        Darren: When I walked along here I had no idea where it came from. It may sound a little weird but maybe it's in the wall?

        Rina: Haven't we tried every revealing spell we know? If it's not coming out for us now, it never will.

        Tara: I don't think we're gonna get anything out of this.

        [Cut to: the witches' house, day. Drake rushes suddenly up the garden path, hot, sweaty and flushed with wild panic, scared. He reaches the door and knocks on it desperately. It opens, Autumn is behind it, and naturally she instantly closes it again, her eyes widening in surprise.]

        Autumn: [under her breath] I'm not having much luck with visitors today.

        [The knocking continues, frantic and quick.]

        Kaspar OS: Who's knocking?

        Autumn: Drake.

        Kaspar: Drake? Has he decided to drop by for some tea followed by a spot of attempted murder?

        Autumn: Don't know. Didn't ask.

        [Kaspar stops for a moment, flash back to the end of 1.06 - the witch hunters' house, night. Drake is at the door with Rina.]

        Rina: Mind if I come in?

        [Flash to: reality again. Kaspar approaches the door with more determination this time and opens it.]

        Drake: [gasping] Please, please, help me.

        [Tara, Ezra and Rina are attracted by the noise and approach the door.]

        Ezra: Another visitor? Jeez, we're popular at the mo-

        [Ezra stops in mid-sentence.]

        Ezra: Oh, this has to be a joke.

        Tara: [sarcastic] Gee, I'm in hysterics.

        Drake: [gasping] I'm? I've been infected, by something, something that makes me...kill.

        Autumn: And how is that different for you?

        Drake: Please, you're the only ones that can help me.

        Ezra: Oh come on, what d'you think we are?


        Tara: We should let him in.

        Ezra: [to Tara] Oh come on, what d'you think we are?

        Autumn: [wary] Tara?

        Tara: It's better to have him locked up rather than Mr. Psycho Killer on the loose.

        [They all look at Drake.]

        Drake: I wouldn't disagree.

        Kaspar: Oh come on! This is ridiculous!

        Tara: I know it's not my place, but I think it's a good idea. It may be a sacrifice, but I think it's worth it, so he doesn't start killing.

        [Tara around for some kind of approval. Slowly, Autumn and Rina nod in agreement. Kaspar stares at Rina as she nods, their eyes lock for a second ? hard, jagged.]

        Autumn: Tara's right.

        Kaspar: What if he's lying?

        [Tara looks to Kaspar, who looks back, with a cold stare.]

        Kaspar: This is stupid. We all know what he really wants, he's going to use this-

        Ezra: [hard] Well we're not going to let him.

        Kaspar: That's just what I think. Though my opinion never counts for anything anymore. But I have a job to do, we all do, so why bother wasting time arguing?

        [He sighs, his very breath wintery cold. He turns and he leaves.]

        [Cut to: Pete in his room, reading through a textbook named "Supernatural Sickness" on his bed, night. His usual more cheery air has vanished, replaced by a scared and slightly bitter coldness in his expression. Kaspar slowly and carefully walks in through the open door.]

        Kaspar: Bookworm Pete. Now those are two words I'd never have though would be in the same sentence. [smiles] Found anything useful?

        Pete: [quiet] Yeah. A simple reversal spell, it could help.

        Kaspar: It's worth a shot.

        [Long beat. Kaspar just looks at Pete for a moment while he looks down. Kaspar's eyes are brimmed with worry, Pete's with taught fear.]

        Pete: Sure you don't wanna back out, in case you become Rogue Number Three?

        Kaspar: [with a reassuring grin] I'll risk it.

        [Pete tries to smile, reaching over for three crystals on the bedside table, he hands both over to Kaspar.]

        Pete: Ok, all you have to do is say the words, cos you're chanty witch guy.

        Kaspar: Warlock.

        Pete: [shrugs] Whatever.

        [Kaspar huffs slightly.]

        Pete: The point is you'll make it work. I just want you to make this? better.

        [Beat. Kaspar takes in what he's just said with heartfelt gratitude.]

        Kaspar: I will. And I promise.

        [Pete nods appreciatively.]

        Kaspar: But call me a witch again, not a warlock and I won't hold back on the next PS2 game of Ninja 4000.

        Pete: [laughs] Oh you bring it on!

        [The two chuckle together for a few moments. Then Kaspar takes a breath to begin the spell.]

        Kaspar: The spell that was cast, will be reversed
        Turn back the pain, take back the hurt
        Return! Release you from your curse

        [Kaspar looks up. The crystals start glowing green momentarily, then it fades away a moment afterwards.]

        Pete: Well that sucked.

        Kaspar: It's still in there?

        [Pete looks down, disappointment welled in his eyes.]

        Kaspar: [soft] I'm sorry.

        [Beat. Pete looks up, placing on a faux smile.]

        Pete: It's alright, these things happen. Not like I ever expected it to work anyway. It's just a price I have to pay.

        Kaspar: A price you have to pay? What have you done to deserve any of this, Pete?

        Pete: [slightly weakly] It's just I'm here. Along side you all, fighting the good fight and being all superhero-ey. Or trying to be anyway in my case. I want to, no matter what happens I'll always love you guys? but the reality of it is - I don't think I should be here, really. It's ironic, me being the only non-witch that I'm the guy who gets the killer power and that's in the literal sense. This is the one chance I get to be super, and it turns out to be this. I guess I've realised it's kind of overrated now.

        Kaspar: This price, is it worth it?


        Pete: Every moment.

        [Cut to: the witches' prison cellar, day. Drake is pacing up and down the empty room. The door slides open, an eerie breeze brushes in. Drake turns, a vicious smile appears on his face.]

        Drake: Well, hello there.

        [The door quickly slides shut. It's Rina.]

        [Drake grins as Rina lowers a plate of some sort of food - could be anything. She swiftly turns to leave.]

        Drake: Stop.

        [Rina freezes.]

        Rina: For once, why don't you stop?

        Drake: May I ask ? stop what, honey?

        Rina: Stop all this. And don't call me honey. Only she can call me honey. I know what you're trying to do, Drake.

        Drake: Oh that, plus more.

        [Drake approaches Rina, she steps back.]

        Drake: Oh come on, you don't need to keep the act up in here, being all innocent.

        [Drake moves swiftly closer to Rina.]

        Drake: We both know you're not.

        [Drake continues to move closer, closer, closer until his mouth is near her ear.]

        Drake: [with a hard whisper] You've been tainted.

        [Drake slowly steps back.]

        Drake: But just for show, I'll-

        [Drake grabs Rina.]

        Rina: What are you doing?!

        Drake: Don't worry, I have more control of every inch of my body than you could imagine, including this.

        [The door instantly slides open, Tara and Kaspar rush in.]

        Tara: Burn.

        [Drake's hand suddenly burns hot, he releases Rina in his pain. Tara grabs Rina and pulls her out of the cell.]

        Tara: [to Drake] Don't you try that again.

        Kaspar: In his hands lie destruction.

        [The cell door quickly slides to a swift close.]

        Tara: We heard the yell, so we-

        Rina: [breathing heavily] Thanks.

        Kaspar: We couldn't hear what you were saying, what were you talking about in there?

        Rina: He-he was just trying to intimidate.

        Tara: C'mon, we should just get you upstairs.

        [Tara and Rina walk away up the stairs of the cellar, Kaspar's eyes are still focused on Rina with a tough stare. She looks back to him over her shoulder as she walks, their eyes meet. Kaspar shoots daggers to Rina who looks back to him, blank. She turns and resumes walking up the stairs. Kaspar retains his steely gaze, suspicious.]

        [Cut to: Ezra researching through a textbook in the living room, day. Rina walks in.]

        Ezra: Oh hey, hun.

        Rina: How's the research coming along?

        Ezra: Oh?same old same old.

        [Rina perches herself down next to Ezra.]

        Rina: Need a research partner?

        Ezra: [grins] Yes, please.

        [The two share a warm kiss, slowly separating.]

        Ezra: So I talked to Kas today.

        [Rina turns to Ezra, worried though she puts on a faux calm smile.]

        Ezra: He said you wanted to tell me something.

        Rina: Oh really? W-what did he say?

        Ezra: He said that's for you to say and for me to find out.

        Rina: I don't know what he's talking about.

        Ezra: [eyebrows raise] You sure?

        Rina: [smiles] Positive.

        [Beat. Ezra thinks.]

        Ezra: [shrugging] Maybe he just made a mistake.

        Rina: I'm sure he did.

        [Ezra and Rina share a quick kiss.]

        [Fade to: Autumn entering Pete's room, night.]

        Autumn: [soft] Hi.

        Pete: [looks up and smiles] Autumn, hi.


        Pete: [smiles] Well, anything yet?

        Autumn: Nothing. A whole gigabyte of nothing, technology's not keen on co-operating. I've decided to let Kaspar take the wheel on the research front for a while, hopefully he'll uncover a better lead.

        [Pete smiles and nods. Silence.]

        Autumn: So d'you want anything? Some food?

        Pete: As much as I'd love to be served by Autumn the personal maid, I'm ok for now. But thanks.

        Autumn: So there's nothing I can do? Nothing at all.

        Pete: [with a cheeky grin] Nothing that won't sound really dirty.

        [Autumn manages a little chuckle, but can't help look at Pete with her eyes dark, scared.]

        Autumn: You're always able to see the light, even in the worst moments. How do you do that?

        Pete: Long hours of serious, somber practice.

        [Autumn can't help but chuckle again.]

        Autumn: Wanna keep some of that comedy to yourself a bit rather than giving it away?

        Pete: Guess I can't help it.


        Autumn: [hoarse] You know, we're still trying. We're still looking. And we won't stop until we've found the cure. Pete, I want you to know that? that you'll be okay.

        [Pete sighs, looking down with slight annoyance.]

        Pete: Autumn, I don't need this.

        Autumn: Need what?

        Pete: I don't need your pity.

        Autumn: I-

        Pete: [harsh] Look, I'm tired of keeping a brave face. I'm tired of smiling. I'm tired of trying to blow everything away with a gesture. I'm tired of pretending everything's okay, because it's not. You don't need to tell me everything's gonna be okay. Because I know it's not.

        Autumn: I didn't mean?

        Pete: I know. You never mean to. It's the same story every time.

        [Autumn looks at Pete, her cheeks sink a little in a slight tinge of pain. She looks down, turns and walks out of the room, slightly beaten. Pete bites his lip, regretting what he had just said in his moment of frustration.]

        Pete: Autumn I-

        [Pete stops in mid sentence, and sighs, weighed down by guilt.]

        Pete: Autumn, I need you?

        [Cut to: the witch hunters' living room, day. Fynn is there reading through a newspaper while Jade enters quickly.]

        Jade: Hey, have you heard the new news about what Drake is doing?

        Fynn: [dryly sarcastic] Yeah, it's the new hot gossip over at Witch Hunter Weekly.

        Jade: I didn't know there was-

        [Fynn grins cheekily to her.]

        Jade: Oh Fynn, you were always so funny!

        Fynn: So how are you, Jade?

        Jade: I'm good. Though I'll boost that up to a great now that you're here.

        [Fynn puts his head in his hands.]

        Fynn: Jade?

        Jade: Wait, don't ruin it. This moment we're having.

        Fynn: Moment?

        Jade: I'm looking into your eyes-

        Fynn: My head is down.

        Jade: That's not the point. I can see your soul, I can see the real man underneath that rough exterior, I can see what your heart longs for. [beat] And vice versa.

        Fynn: No no. Vice versa that vice versa.

        Jade: I can already feel the burning tension, yearning for release, the passion. Kiss me.

        [Jade closes her eyes and leans forward to kiss Fynn, but of course he pushes her away.]

        Jade: [grins] So you like it rough.

        Fynn: No, no I don't like it at all. Not with you, Jade. I'm with Ameya ? take the hint.

        [Jade backs away slowly, her firey spark extinguished.]

        Jade: [suddenly quiet] Yeah, I just thought?

        Fynn: I know you like me, and I'm flattered really, I just can't. Not now. Not ever.

        [Jade looks up to Fynn, now failing to fight back brimming tears. Fynn turns and walks away.]

        Jade: [softly whispering] Not ever?

        [Cut to: Kaspar sitting down on the garden bench, day. He's in deep, dark thought. Darren comes outside and sees him.]

        Darren: [quiet] Hi.

        [Beat. Kaspar turns to him and smiles.]

        Darren: Is everything okay?

        Kaspar: [empty] Yeah, good.

        Darren: You know you didn't have to do this.

        Kaspar: [with a grin] I don't? Well I suppose our sessions should really be raised up by five dollars per hour to compensate if this is something I don't have to do, don't you think?

        Darren: I don't think any price could be put on this, any of this. I didn't mean to bring any of this onto you.

        Kaspar: So you came to and paid a psychologist by accident?

        Darren: Well I wanted help. I need help. I just didn't think it would cause all this mayhem. All this?

        Kaspar: Death?

        Darren: She's really important to you, isn't she?

        Kaspar: My oldest. And I love her with everything I have. It's just?

        Darren: I hope I'm not out of line, but I just have to admit I overheard your conversation before. How are you so calm now?

        Kaspar: What's the point in falling apart? It's one of the few things psychology has taught me. It's not going to get you anywhere.

        Darren: Thank you. Thank you so much.

        Kaspar: Hey, just doing the job.

        Darren: No, you've gone further than that. Thank you for trying. These past few months.. I almost wished I was dead instead of them, because of what I was doing, what I could do. I couldn't control it, I don't want to control it. I've been to so many places, I've been turned away, rejected, scorned. But you - you're the first who've actually made the effort, tried to help me. Even if it all doesn't work, I just want you to know I'm grateful.

        Kaspar: [softly] You're welcome.

        [Darren nods.]

        Kaspar: I'm suddenly tempted to give you a ten percent discount on your next four sessions.

        Darren: Oh, then give in.

        [The two of them grin.]

        Darren: Looks like-

        [Darren suddenly takes a breath, his eyes widen as he collapses onto the floor. Kaspar instantly shakes Darren worried.]

        Kaspar: Darren! Darren!

        [Cut to: a fist knocking on the wooden door of a room, where Pete is lying face up on his bed, face blank, day. The curtains in his room are closed, only little slits of light manage to sneak their way into the darkness.]

        Ezra OS: I guess "How are you?" would be a pointless question to ask.

        Pete: [sits up] You want a full description?

        Ezra: Knowing you and the way you yammer on - that's gonna go on forever.

        Pete: [eyebrows raised] I yammer on?

        Ezra: Well, just came here to give you a little update? in case you were wondering.

        Pete: And what if I wasn't?

        Ezra: [playful] Then tough.

        Pete: [with an attempt at a smile] So what's the lowdown?

        Ezra: It's not good. The demon we went after wasn't there, we've tried a locator spell but that went ka-bam. So we're out of leads right now.

        Pete: Oh. And here I was thinking every cloud has a silver lining.

        Ezra: We're not done yet, it's not over. There's still hope, you know.

        Pete: If you translate hope as disappointment and despair, I'd agree.

        Ezra: [with a warm smile] Don't worry.

        [Ezra puts out her hand without thinking.]

        Ezra: Now you will come with me, and I will make you something food-like. I could stick the pizza in the microwave and see what comes out, knowing me that could be anything. Either pepperoni or cheese and bread slosh. Your pick.

        Pete: Wow, how tempting.

        [He takes Ezra's hand with appreciation and she pulls him up.]

        Ezra: Now -

        [The moment Pete takes Ezra's hand, Ezra freezes. He instantly rips his hand away, as a horror striking green light emits from them. He stagger back, eyes scratched with horror and shock.]

        Pete: Ezra?

        [We see in slow motion as Ezra's skeleton body glows the same eerie green, her skeleton now visible. Pete clasps his hands to his mouth, crying in horror, we see him mouthing the words "No no no!" as the sound fades out. The green light fades as Ezra falls to the floor ? eyes wide open morbidly - silent still, no sound at all - dead. The only thing we can hear is the eerie sound of a heartbeat, growing fainter, fainter and fainter?]

        [Cut to black.]

        End of Act Three.


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          Act Four.

          [Open to: Tara, Rina, Kaspar, Autumn in the living room, we see both Darren and Ezra's bodies on the floor. Limp, still, dead.]

          [Song: "Into Dust" cover by Ashtar Command.]

          Still falling
          Breathless and on again
          Inside today
          Beside me today

          [There is silence. Limp, still, dead. Intense distress is clearly in everybody's eyes. We see Tara with a heavily saddened expression weighing down on her face. Slowly pan around to see the expressions of every one of the witches.]

          Around broken in two
          Till you eyes shed
          Into dust

          [There are obvious tears welled up in Autumn's weeping eyes, Kaspar's eyes are tearless but no less stricken with empty grief and...regret. And Rina. We see her stare blankly at the two bodies, as if she's not taking the situation in at all, as if she's not really there.]

          Like two strangers
          Turning into dust
          Till my hand shook with the way I fear

          [Her eyes are empty. Kaspar takes Autumn's crying figure and holds her in a soft embrace. The silence continues to rain down everywhere, never stopping, never relenting.]

          Voice: [slickly satisfied] All this carnage, all this pain, so easy. So so easy, lovely.

          [Tara, Rina, Autumn and Kaspar look up, slowly breaking away from their silence in surprise, they look around the room, wondering where the voice has come from.]

          Voice VO: I'm not he-ere. You won't be able to find me here. [sing-song] You-can't-find-me.

          Kaspar: [hard] Who are you?

          I could possibly be fading
          Or have something more to gain

          Voice VO: That is for me to know and you to find out, I enjoy seeing you all squirm - gives me such a fuzzy feeling inside.

          Tara: [sharp] You did this?

          Voice VO: [almost childlike] Yes, I did! Human suffering - so easy, yet so satisfying. You couldn't find me. You never will. It's a big game of hide and seek, and guess who's wi-nning?

          [There are no replies. Simply fumes of anger and sobs of despair, sighs of desolation. We see Rina's expression darkening, anger, anguish growing more and more prominent with every second that goes by.]

          I could feel myself growing colder
          I could feel myself under your fate
          Under your fate

          Voice VO: Cry little children, cry. Your tears taste of sweet sugar. Your cries are a sweet melody to me, your-

          Tara: [quietly stern] What do you want?

          Voice: This is all I want? A massacre of course. Your pain, your suffering, your death.

          [Rina walks out of the room, it's all getting too much for her. Autumn and Tara run after her. Kaspar lingers in the room for a few moments longer, his abhorrence of Rina coming back to him he slowly exits.]

          It was you breathless and tall
          I could feel my eyes turning into dust
          And two strangers turning into dust
          Turning into dust?

          [We still hear the evil, cold and merciless laughter, reverberating through the house, as if it will never end.]

          [Cut to: Kaspar knocking on the door to Pete's room. No answer. Kaspar knocks again. No answer.]

          Kaspar: Pete..

          [Kaspar slowly places his hand on the door.]

          [Cut to: the interior of Pete's room, we focus on the door knob and see a hand twist and pull it, his door slowly opens. Kaspar walks in with a blank expression.]

          Kaspar: [softly] Hey.

          [Pete slowly retreats nearer to his bed. He turns his back to Kaspar.]

          Kaspar: Pete?

          [Kaspar sighs. He slowly walks to Pete and sits on the end of the bed, tentative, clearly unsure of what exactly to say.]

          Kaspar: This... this...

          Pete: [weak] This shouldn't be happening.

          Kaspar: I wish.


          Kaspar: I know what I'm about to say isn't going to make things better, but ? Darren? He's in the same condition as Ezra.

          [Pete turns around, a look of anger on his face.]

          Pete: The same condition, Kas? I'm not one of your patients, you don't have to tip-toe around me!

          Kaspar: [quiet] We think ? we think it was because of the disease in him. It?

          Pete: I think it's self-evident what's coming next.


          Pete: Kas, please just go.

          Kaspar: [hard] Well me going is not going to make this inside go away, is it?

          [Another silence.]

          Kaspar: [quiet] I'm sorry.

          Pete: [growing bitter] You don't need to be.

          Kaspar: Well neither do you, about all of this.

          Pete: Kaspar please, just-

          Kaspar: I can't. I won't.

          Pete: So you want to be locked in the room with the murderer?

          Kaspar: You're not a murderer.

          Pete: I'm not a murderer?! I killed one of your oldest friends!

          [Beat. Kaspar looks down with a pained expression, almost regretfully. Growing with remorse, Pete moves slightly closer towards Kaspar.]

          Pete: I'm sorry.

          [Kaspar doesn't seem to want to look at Pete. They sit there for a while, just in silence.]

          Pete: You should go, please.

          Kaspar: That's not gonna scare me away and you know it.

          Pete: I need to be locked up. Away from you, away from the world. I'm dangerous.

          Kaspar: Locking you away isn't going to solve this problem.

          Pete: Why're you doing this? I killed her! I'm a killer, she doesn't deserve to die! If anything I should be in her place.

          Kaspar: You're my best friend. No matter what you do, nothing can change that, and none of this was your fault. You can't blame yourself for this!

          Pete: [with sarcasm] That's just great then, everything's cleared up then, nothing-

          Kaspar: How did it happen?

          [Pete at Kaspar, slightly taken aback by this sudden question.]

          Kaspar: You can tell me.

          Pete: I?

          [Pause. Kaspar waits patiently.]

          Pete: She was here, just here and then she tried to make me feel better. She pulled me up - we touched? she was gone.

          [Pete takes a deep breath, while Kaspar takes in the story, a pain clearly in his eyes.]

          Kaspar: Feel any better?

          Pete: A little. But it's still there, the burning hole, eating away, it's like it's never going to stop. It feels like it's going to be with me forever. The blood on my hands. I killed her. I killed her with these hands.

          Kaspar: It wasn't you. It was this demon, this thing, it spoke to us just before. Whatever it is, it's the one responsible. Not you. Never you.

          [Pete stares at the ground, a climaxing pain growing more and more in strength in his expression. A small tear slowly escapes from his eye, flowing gently down his cheek. He starts to cry.]

          Pete: Then why do I feel like this? If it wasn't my fault then why is this pain so huge? If it wasn't my fault then why do I feel responsible? Why do I feel like I need to be punished?

          Kaspar: Pete...

          [Kaspar looks at him with compassion and sorrow.]

          Pete: [in tears] Why do I feel like this? Why? I killed her! I killed her. I killed her?

          [Fade to: Rina sitting cross legged next to Ezra's dead body in the witches living room, night. In silence. In empty solitude while she stares at Ezra's pale form. A world of pain swirls darkly in her eyes. There is a knock, but Rina just continues to stare, ignoring the sound, her eyes dark and desolate.]

          Tara OS: [gentle] Hi.

          [Still no response.]

          Tara: Is she? is she comfortable?

          Rina: How can she be? She's dead.

          [Heavy silence. Tara walks slowly towards Rina's gaunt figure, she kneels herself down and places her hand on Rina's clenched fist. Rina turns to Tara and looks to her, to Tara's surprise Rina's clenched fist opens, letting Tara's warm hand in.]

          [Tara smiles in support and sympathy to Rina who only manages an attempt at a flicker of a smile. It doesn't last. Tara looks to Ezra's body, her smile quickly fades away. Heer eyes slowly turn darker, wider. She gulps, a powerful gulp, swallowing down the pain. Rina continues to look with empty eyes at Ezra's body.]

          Rina: Where d'you think she is now?

          Tara: [hoarse] I'm sure she's in a good place.

          Rina: How do things get so muddled? One minute we were contemplating breakfast options, the next?


          Rina: She's been ripped away.

          [Rina turns to Tara.]

          Rina: [heartfelt] Tara, you've died and came back. You overcame it, you struggled through. Tell me she can do the same.

          Tara: I?

          Rina: Tell me she's safe. Tell me it's all going to be okay. Is it?

          Tara: [weak] Yeah, it will.

          Rina: It has to. It can't get any worse than this. It can't get more painful than this.

          [Tara and Rina turn to look at one another. Sharing all the pain in their eyes.]

          [Cut to: Pete and Kaspar walking down the stairs towards the living room. Pete's head is slightly lowered. We see Tara, Autumn and Rina are researching in silence, Tara looks up noticing the boys come down.]

          Tara: [faint] Hi.

          Kaspar: Hi.

          Rina: I think I've found something.

          Autumn: You have?

          Rina: The creepy voiceovers, infecting humans with a power. It's? all here. It all seems to lead to this thing.

          Tara: So what is it?

          Rina: It's called Lazera, it was cursed - stopped from killing by a witch in the twelfth century.

          Autumn: Stopped from killing?

          Rina: It can't ever kill, at all, it's just not possible. So the only way the demon can inflict its pain is to use others are conduits, infecting them with its power. And?

          Pete: Making them do it for it.

          Rina: [dim] Yeah.

          Kaspar: [hard] Does it say how to kill it?

          Rina: [irritated] I was getting there. It can be killed with mortal weapons, like knives and gun - but it's difficult to. It says it's pretty resistant.

          Tara: Anything else?

          Rina: Not that I can see.

          Autumn: B-but h-how are we going to kill it if we can't find it?

          Rina: can make itself invisible, so all we need is an anti-invisibility specific revealing spell. That should do it.

          Autumn: If we can't kill it more easily shouldn't we find a way to kill it directly?

          Rina: The book said it was resistant to weapons - but it didn't say anything about magics, I think that's worth a shot. We need anything we can to put this thing in the ground, where it belongs.

          Pete: Does it say?


          Pete: Is there any way back for? for Ezra, for Darren, for?for me?

          Rina: [hoarsely weak] It? it?

          [Tears quickly start to well in Rina's eyes and all she can do is shake her head.]

          Pete: Oh? ok.

          Tara: Well I think we should go now, if that's ok. Kaspar? Autumn?

          Pete: I'm going with you.

          Kaspar: Pete, you shouldn't.

          Pete: I have to help. I can't just sit here and do nothing. I did this to her.

          Autumn: No you didn't, when will you see that?

          Rina: Y..You should rest.

          Pete: I was part of the cause, I want to be part of the solution. I need to be.

          [Fade to: Tara, Kaspar, Autumn, Rina and Pete walking down Jewel Avenue, they've reached the spot where they came to the first time.]

          Autumn: We turned back the first time, when we thought there was nothing here. It tricked us.

          Kaspar: Hopefully it won't do the same again..

          [Tara brings out a handful of herbs from her pocket, chucking it in front of her.]

          Tara: Reveal.

          [The herbs seem to burn and spark in mid-air as they fall. Beat.]

          Voice: Abracadabra, abracadabra. Your magic tricks won't work on me.

          [The alcove still remains empty. A harsh scratch suddenly appears on Tara's face and she recoils in pain. Tara hurls another handful of herbs.]

          Tara: Reveal.

          [This time there aren't even any sparks, the spell clearly is not working. Autumn gets pushed back by an invisible force and Kaspar is punched in the stomach a moment later. He suddenly stands on guard as do the other witches, just ready and tense.]

          [Rina is hit down to the floor in the face, she rubs the bruise on her cheek and gets up, walking up to Tara with Kaspar. The three of them come together and grip hands, they look to one another, knowing just what to do.]

          Rina/Kaspar/Tara: Reveal!

          [All of a sudden out of the blue, a green, clawed demon materialises into view ? Lazera.]

          Kaspar: Voila.

          Tara: Want me to show you another trick?

          [Pete charges at the demon, brandishing a sword, but Lazera swiftly dodges and kicks Pete aside.]

          Lazera: That's not the only trick I can pull.

          [Tara sends a telekinetic force at Lazera, making it stagger back. Rina hurls a small ball of fire at it and it yells in pain, but the pain quickly turns into laughter.]

          Lazera: [laughing] Fire won't kill me, magic won't kill me! I've caused more pain to you than you could ever inflict on me ? it's delicious.

          [Pete gets up again, with a look of determination deeper than ever. Lazera turns and Pete ducks one of it's swipes narrowly but is scratched deeply on the chest. Furiously determined, Pete stabs the sword into Lazera. Pete staggers back but his expression quickly turns to shock as the demon pulls out the sword with ease.]

          Lazera: Do these things always itch this much?

          [Pete suddenly charges at Lazera. No thought involved, just pure, charged emotion.]

          Kaspar: Pete no!

          [Pete dodges a swipe from the creature, he manages to grip Lazera's wrist, his hand physically connected with the demon's who struggles in Pete's grip. Lazera is weakening, he's losing power, as the green light reappears at the point where Pete's hand gripped to Lazera's wrist. The green light glows brighter and brighter, more blinding than ever.]

          Lazera: [hoarse] What are you doing?

          [Pete glares at the demon with a look of disgust, hatred and pure fury as it grows weaker and weaker in Pete's grip. The light slowly fades and witches simply watch as the demon slips from Pete's grip - dead. Pete breathes, with heavy and hard breaths. There is complete silence around them.]

          [Pete takes another laboured breath and kicks the demon's dead corpse in his fury and despair. He slowly collapses to his knees and starts to cry again, starts to break down.]

          [Song: "Mad World" by Gary Jules.]

          All around me are familiar faces
          Worn out places, worn out faces
          Bright and early for their daily races
          Going nowhere, going nowhere

          [Kaspar runs up to him as he cries, hugging Pete, letting Pete cry into his best friend's shoulder. Zoom slowly back, zooming slowly away from the scene until we see a landscape view of dawn in Lesper Bay.]

          [Fade to: Darren's body in the living room of the witches' house. Darren's eyes slowly flutter open. He sits up in surprise, the expression quickly turns to joy, he stares ahead, quickly tears of joy appear in his eyes.]

          Their tears are filling up their glasses
          No expression, no expression
          Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow
          No tomorrow, no tomorrow

          [Cut to: Julia's body, in a morgue, she slowly sits up. A male morgue worker turns to see her sit up, his eyes explode wide in surprise, he's completely frozen. There's a female morgue worker behind him.]

          Female Morgue Worker: Jeffrey, did you not hear what I said? Jeffrey?

          [She turns to see the male morgue worker staring at Julia. She's equally stunned in shock. Julia quickly pulls the cloth further up her body.]

          Julia: [nervously] Uh?hi.

          And I find it kinda funny
          I find it kinda sad
          The dreams in which I'm dying
          Are the best I've ever had

          [Fade to: Tara, Kaspar, Pete, Rina and Autumn running into the witches' living room - slow motion. We slowly see Ezra sit up as they come in, she is beaming. Tara, Kaspar, Rina and Autumn rush towards her, hugging her, laughing, smiling, beaming and crying with joy. However, Pete doesn't join in, he simply looks at the hugging group - an empty expression on his face.]

          I find it hard to tell you
          I find it hard to take
          When people run in circles
          It's a very, very mad world, mad world

          [Fade to: Pete lying down on his bed, simply staring at the ceiling. The door opens.]

          Ezra: Hi.

          Pete: [sits up, softly surprised] Ez, hi...

          Ezra: I'm probably the last person you expected to see.

          Pete: No, I think Samuel L. Jackson tops that to be honest. But yeah, I'm a little surprised I guess. So new life, how's the working out for ya?

          Ezra: [with a gentle smile] It's alright. Well I heard another witch died sometime then came back to life, so I thought I'd give it a try too - see what all the fuss is about.

          Pete: Really?

          Ezra: Yeah, heard it's what all the cool witches are doing now.

          Pete: You're really down with the street cred aren't you?

          [Ezra chuckles lightly.]

          Pete: Well if you came here to talk about that death thing, and how I-

          Ezra: You did not kill me.

          Pete: Your non-beating heart kind of disproves that theory, love.

          Ezra: I know you Pete, I know what happened, I know the whole story. And I also know that you are not capable of anything like this, not really.

          Pete: Really?

          Ezra: [strong] You aren't. What happened to you, or to me wasn't your fault. You shouldn't take guilt for what it did. You didn't do this. None of us could ever do anything like that.

          Pete: Wow, for a dead girl you talk a lot.

          [Ezra walks over to Pete and gives him an affectionate hug.]

          Went to school and I was very nervous
          No one knew me, no one knew me
          Hello teacher tell me what's my lesson
          Look right through me, look right through me

          [Cut to: Ezra and Rina's room, where Rina is lying on the bed reading a book, Ezra enters and Rina looks up.]

          Rina: Issued resolved?

          Ezra: [smiles] Issue schimissue.

          [Ezra climbs onto the bed and kisses Rina with passion.]

          Rina: Would this be counted as necrophilia?

          [Ezra punches Rina playfully.]

          Rina: Normally I would find that sort of thing gross, but this time, I guess I'll make an exception this time.

          [Ezra starts to kiss Rina's neck. She stops, looking to Rina. They gaze into one another's eyes, we see Rina's eyes slowly redden and a tears start to roll down from them.]

          Ezra: A-am I that bad?

          Rina: I can't believe... I can't believe I nearly lost you.

          Ezra: Sshh...

          [Ezra kisses Rina's forehead.]

          Ezra: I'm here. I'm right here in front of you, very much alive. I'm right here with you and I will never leave you.

          [Ezra hugs Rina tightly and closely.]

          Ezra: We beat death. We conquered it. And we'll beat it again if we have to. We can beat anything that comes our way...

          And I find it kinda funny
          I find it kinda sad
          The dreams in which I'm dying
          Are the best I've ever had

          [Fade to: Kaspar and Ezra, both of them walk into the living room, though through different doors. They stop when they see one another.]

          Ezra: Hey.

          Kaspar: Hi.

          Ezra: So the thing you were talking about before, before all this - care to explain?

          Kaspar: Ezra I?


          Ezra: What?

          Kaspar: Did she tell you?

          Ezra: She did.

          Kaspar: And?

          Ezra: She said nothing's happened, nothing's wrong.

          Kaspar: And you believe her?

          Ezra: [eyebrows raise] Why wouldn't I?

          [Kaspar takes a deep, slow breath.]

          Ezra: Kaspar, tell me what all this is about.

          Kaspar: [weakly] Ezra, I can't. Not now, I'm not sure if I ever can say it.

          Ezra: Why? Kas, just talk to me.

          Kaspar: I-I just need to sort this out. Once and for all.

          [Kaspar walks away from Ezra, back the way he came from. Ezra looks down, confused.]

          I find it hard to tell you
          I find it hard to take
          When people run in circles
          It's a very, very mad world ... mad world?

          [Fade to: the kitchen, later that morning. Ezra stumbles into the room as Tara pours herself some cereal.]

          Tara: G'morning.

          Ezra: My only response has to be - Yawn. Moan. Yawn.

          Tara: [shrugs] That works too.

          Ezra: Who says we have to stick to the conventional ways of greeting? I need food, of the croissant variety.

          Tara: Sorry, swiped the last one.

          Ezra: I'm resisting the urge to fry you with bacon.

          Tara: So, you always this twitchy the morning after a death?

          Ezra: Usually, yeah.

          Tara: I wanted to ask, for you, what was it like - dying?

          Ezra: What?

          Tara: The? the dying.

          Ezra: I don't remember. I remember just blacking out. The world peeled away for a while, it just blew out, then the next second I was back. Why d'you ask, you think I was in heaven or something? St. Pete up there would sure as hell be confused.

          Tara: Just wondering.

          Ezra: You wanted to know if I was where you are in your temporary after life.

          Tara: Looks like we have one more thing in common - we both know what it's like to die.


          Tara: When the dying started, I was scared. For myself, for the others. But it was also a revelation. Gaining life is a slow, gradual process, but ending it.. so quick. I've realised that I shouldn't be focusing on where I was - I should be happy, grateful that I got this second chance. Somewhere, somehow, somebody gave me that. And I'm not going to waste it.

          [Fade to: Kaspar's psychiatrist's office, he's sorting through files, day. The door opens and it's Julia.]

          Kaspar: [smiles] Julia, welcome back.

          Julia: [nods] Mr. Sharpe.

          Kaspar: What happened to you yesterday? You appeared to have just passed out.

          Julia: Must've slipped. They thought I'd died. Weird huh?

          Kaspar: And you're ok?


          Julia: I've actually never been better, sir.

          Kaspar: Kas, or Kaspar ? remember.

          Julia: Oh, I'm sorry, sir? I mean Kaspar.

          [Kaspar smiles and Julia starts to leave.]

          Kaspar: Oh Julia!

          [Julia stops and turns back to Kaspar, her expression curious.]

          Kaspar: Do something for me will you?

          Julia: Of course, Kaspar.

          Kaspar: Enjoy your day, every moment you have of it.

          Julia: [smiles] I will.

          Kaspar: Could you send my next patient in?

          [Julia nods, stepping aside. A tall, lanky man comes in, just fitting in through the door, he walks up to the patient's chair and takes a seat.]

          Kaspar: So, how can I help?

          [Cut to: a residential street, night. The sky is black, covered in a blanket of clouds. A brutal, loud wind rushes through the street. Rina stands on the pavement, wrapped in a scarf, her hands in her pockets, waiting. Kaspar walks into view, approaching Rina.]

          Kaspar: Thanks for meeting me here.

          Rina: [a little uncomfortable] What's this about?

          Kaspar: I think you know.

          Rina: Kaspar, just say it.

          Kaspar: [growing more serious] Don't play games with me, Rina. This is serious.

          [Beat. Kaspar stares heatedly at Rina, she stares back at him ? resolute.]

          Kaspar: What were you doing at the hunters' last night?

          Rina: [softly] I can't say.

          Kaspar: [rough, hard] Why not?!

          [Beat. Rina stays silent.]

          Kaspar: Whatever you're doing this has to stop. I've known you for years, I've talked with you and I trusted you. I want that to stay. I don't want to believe what you're doing could cause us harm, but it's stupid. This is stupid.

          Rina: Does Ezra know?

          Kaspar: No.

          Rina: Don't tell her, please, not anyone.

          Kaspar: I won't. I don't want to hurt Ezra, she's been through enough. She doesn't need this. She doesn't need to know any of this happened, none of them do.

          Rina: I know.

          Kaspar: Are you going to tell me then? So we can stop all this.

          I find it hard to tell you
          I find it hard to take
          When people run in circles
          It's a very, very mad world ... mad world?

          Rina: It will stop eventually, but I can't say. It would be better, so much better if you didn't know. Safer.

          Kaspar: Fine. But this will stop. Cos if you hurt Ezra, or any one of us?


          Kaspar: I'm gonna kill you.

          [Kaspar looks Rina hard in the face and walks past her, away, leaving her there on the street ? scared.]

          Enlarging your world,
          Mad world?


          The End.