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Witch - Episode 1.06 - "Burn"

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  • Witch - Episode 1.06 - "Burn"

    Episode 1.06 "Burn"


    [Open to: the witches' living room, night. All is silent as they sit around watching TV. Ezra, Rina and Pete are on the sofa while Autumn is perched on a cushion on the floor, Pete twirling his fingers through her curly locks. Kaspar and Tara are sitting on armchairs on both sides of the sofa, Tara with a large book in her lap.]

    Ezra: Oh come on, that is so fake.

    Kaspar: Which part?

    Ezra: The part with the cheesy-ass cackling.

    Pete: [sarcastically serious] It is very terrifying.

    Autumn: And full throated.

    Ezra: Don't make excuses, it gives us witches a bad name.

    Rina: And we don't have one already?

    Ezra: Well better to be seen as sacrificing psychos than lame villains.

    Tara: Yeah, cos psychos are really coming back into fashion.

    Ezra: Don't mock, we witches need our dignity.

    Pete: Come on Ez, it's only a movie.

    Ezra: That's why you should never trust Hollywood. Never! Look what they did to- [she stops and looks around.] I'm crazy aren't I?

    Rina: Little bit.

    [Rina pats Ezra on the head.]

    Rina: But I still love you.

    [She kisses Ezra on the cheek.]

    Rina: [glances over at Tara] Whatchyou doing?

    Tara: Oh, just research. Looking up transportation spells, I've been trying them out recently, and to put it bluntly ? I suck.

    Ezra: Oh don't say that, you just need to work at it, maybe we could have a little practice session, I for one wouldn't mind being able to do that.

    Rina: Count me in, sista.

    Tara: [smiles] I'm in.

    [Tara looks down at the book and sees this symbol:

    [There is a caption underneath ? "Used in magic-proofing spells." Tara flicks the page over.]

    Ezra: This movie should still get their facts right, I know for a fact that witches don't cackle when they're burned, well? sometimes. It could mislead people.

    Kaspar: That's why they call it Movie Night not Discovery Channel.

    Ezra: Still, I'm not in the mood for surprises.

    [Cut to: the witches' house, later on that night. The house is silent as Kaspar walks down the stairs, he walks to the kitchen and scribbles down a note on a post-it notepad. He sticks it on the fridge ? "Out for some coffee."]

    [Cut to: Kaspar casually driving in his car down a residential street, night. He reaches a turning in the road as he slowly drives along. Kaspar approaches the witch hunters' house which is currently opposite him. His car slows further and he sighs, his eyes growing darker.]

    [He continues to drive around but then notices something out of the corner of his eye, he turns and sees a shadowed figure walking up the path to the witch hunters' house. The figure gets further and further into the light above the door, further, further, further?]

    Kaspar: Oh my god?

    [Fade to black.]

    Thunder cracks?

    Opening Credits

    Theme song: "Wherever I Go" by The Album Leaf.

    Starring -

    Amber Benson - Tara Maclay
    Anna Belknap - Ezra Storm
    Carmine Giovinazzo - Kaspar Sharpe
    Percy Daggs III - Pete Holloway
    Samaire Armstrong - Rina Faraday
    and Autumn Reeser as Autumn Sharpe


    David Anders - Drake
    Jennifer Garner - Ameya
    Amanda Seyfried - Jade
    Jonathan Bennett - Fynn

    Guest Starring:

    Lacey Chabert ? Lora
    Christina Cole ? Elizabeth
    Ian McKellen ? Father
    Dean Lennox Kelly ? La Monte

    Michael Bailey Smith ? Shaman
    Jennifer Hennessy ? Muriel
    Ted Holden ? Guard 1
    Karl Davies ? Guard 2

    Created by: Yosso

    Written by: Yosso

    Produced by: Yosso

    Edited by: Mabus

    Disclaimer: "Witch" is a virtual fan made series, set in Joss Whedon's Buffyverse which is property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, The WB, UPN and 20th Century Fox Television. No profit is made from this, the character of Tara was created by Joss Whedon. The town of Lesper Bay in this fic is totally fictitious and does not exist as portrayed here at least. All other original characters were created by me (Yosso), so keep your hands off ?em (except with permission).

    Note: An extensive amount of research was put into this episode of Witch (with the much appreciated help of Mabus), so I'd like to thank the following sources for being so helpful: (multiple pages)

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    Act One

    [Open to: Pete and Lora sitting in a taxi, in silence yet again, day.]

    Lora: Ok, do you want to start when we get there or should I?

    Pete: So we're talking now?

    Lora: You'd prefer sign language?

    Pete: I thought we said talking was a bad idea, it only ends up in bitching and hair pulling.

    Lora: Do you really think that's something you should be admitting out loud?

    Pete: See, this is what I mean!

    Lora: [sharp] Fine. I'll have to be civil. I'll start the interview. That polite enough for you? Sir.

    Pete: [rolls his eyes] Yeah, don't go over the top with that.

    [There is a phone ring. Pete reaches into his pocket and takes out a mobile phone. He reads the screen - a new text from Autumn.]

    Lora: Just to begin my road to being civil, may I ask who that was, sir?

    [Pete glares at Lora.]

    Lora: Hey, you were the one who suggested all this.

    Pete: A friend.

    Lora: [rolls her eyes] Yeah, that's cleared everything up. [beat] I've just realised I know nothing about you. And you know nothing about me.

    Pete: And you're saying that as though it's a bad thing.

    [Lora steals a glance at Pete's phone screen.]

    Pete: Hey!

    Lora: Who's Autumn?

    Pete: Nobody.

    [Pete snatches back his phone.]

    Lora: Remember the civil rule?

    Pete: Doesn't mean I have to be nice. But what about you? Why can't you tell me about your life if you're so desperate to know about mine?

    Lora: [angry for a second] Desperate?! [calms down.] Ok? moving on?

    Pete: [snapping] Get on with it.

    Lora: [sighs] Well I moved down here to?to get away from my family, and my dad.

    Pete: Why?

    Lora: Things?

    [Lora looks down and bites her lip tenderly at the thought.]

    Lora: Things happened?

    [Pete peers over looking at Lora's hurt expression. She turns away slightly, not wanting him to see her.]

    Pete: I can't believe I'm saying this but ? sorry?

    [Pete smiles gently, as Lora turns back around.]

    Pete: Look what you've done to me.

    Lora: [smiles appreciatively] Thanks.


    Lora: [eyebrows raised] Are we being friendly?

    Pete: [raises his eyebrows] No.

    Lora: Never.

    Pete: Absolutely not.

    [Cut to: the witch hunters' training room. Fynn is in there, training shirtless, naturally complete with six pack. He has little cloths on the knuckles of both his hands, his breathing is heavy, he's sweaty. He takes a few more punches at a swaying punching bag, then he stops and puts his hands on his head in exhaustion. He then turns.]

    Jade: Hi.

    Fynn: Jade, what can I do for you?

    Jade: [grinning, with goo-goo eyes] Oh my god you're shirtless.

    Fynn: What?

    Jade: I mean- [suddenly looks very flustered.] Cookie?

    [She brandishes a tray of nasty looking cookies from behind her back.]

    Fynn: Uh? no thanks I just finished training.

    Jade: But I made them myself. Now with flour.

    Fynn: Now?

    Jade: They're scrump-a-licious!

    Fynn: Uh? no thanks I just finished training, I'm not really in the stuff-my-face mood at the moment.

    [Fynn goes to the door to leave but Jade gets in his way.]

    Fynn: Jade.

    Jade: Yeah?

    Fynn: You're in my way.

    Jade: It's not the only thing in your way.

    Fynn: No, I'd say it's just you.

    Jade: She's in your way, from me.

    Fynn: [not listening] Yeah sure. Can I go?

    Jade: What's the deal with you and Ameya?

    Fynn: [beat.] We're uh? friends, good friends who care for one another and show that appreciation-

    Jade: With tongue.

    Fynn: [beat.] So you know.

    Jade: [nods] And I have to say, she's not your best bet. There are better people, people who still have their real hair and boobs, people-

    Fynn: I-

    Jade: People who have better taste in perfume.

    Fynn: Actually I have to say Chanel's not bad.

    Jade: Ugh! You're a monster. What you need is-

    Fynn: Jade, what I need is her.

    Jade: Which her exactly?


    Fynn: You know what I mean.

    [Fynn walks past Jade who frowns in disappointment, she sighs hurt, her bottom lip trembling slightly as she bites it softly in her rejection. That hurt expression quickly turns into another glare.]

    [Cut to: Rina sitting on the bed in Ezra and Rina's room, she's plainly in deep thought. There is a knock at the door, Rina looks up and comes out of her reverie, she suddenly drops the piece of bread she was holding. Autumn is at the door.]

    Autumn: Hey, mind if I come in?

    Rina: Oh, yeah. Sorry, I was just-

    Autumn: Thinking? Yeah, I know the feeling.

    Rina: [sarcastic] Wow, I'd never have thought.

    Autumn: I just came in to ask you something.

    Rina: Ask away.

    Autumn: It's sort of a dilemma, a bad dilemma. Bad but good, but also bad at the same time? but still really good? in possibly a bad sort of way. [beat] D'you get it at all?

    Rina: Uh? nope.

    Autumn: Well it's about a guy.

    Rina: And you're asking the lesbian because?

    Autumn: Because you know stuff. And you're one of my best friends.

    Rina: [with a grin] Keep on talkin'

    Autumn: Well, this guy ? I like him. But? I don't know if he likes me back.

    Rina: Why not tell him?

    Autumn: We're sort of close and if I tell him it might only make things weird and a whole lot worse in-

    Rina: Oh my god.

    Autumn: What?

    Rina: It's Pete isn't it?

    Autumn: What? No, however did you get that absurd-

    Rina: It's kinda obvious, Aut.

    Autumn: Ok, I confess.

    Rina: But you got good taste girl, he is quite a catch.

    Autumn: [shyly] Well? what should I do?

    Rina: If you don't do anything, it's just gonna eat away at you.

    Autumn: You think?

    Rina: You have to tell.

    Autumn: Ok. But give it time, I just don't think I'm ready yet.

    [Autumn stands up.]

    Autumn: [smiles] Thanks Rina. Thanks so much.

    [Rina smiles to Autumn and she leaves the room. Rina takes a deep breath and sighs.]

    [Cut to: the witch hunters walking purposefully down a street, in total silence, night.]

    Drake VO: So this is it.

    [The hunters approach the witches' house, determined.]

    [Cut to: Drake talking to the hunters in their war room, earlier on that night.]

    Drake: As soon as we get there we separate.

    [Cut to: the witch hunters at the witches house again.]

    Drake VO: Fynn, enter through the window on the left.

    [Cut to: Fynn going down the side of the house. He smashes open the large window, he reaches through the hole and opens the door handle.]

    Drake VO: Ameya, the right?

    [Cut to: Ameya entering through an open window on the right.]

    Drake VO: Jade the back?

    [Cut to: Jade smashing a few holes in the back door with her sword and entering the house.]

    Drake VO: And I'll take the front.

    [Cut to: Drake walking towards the front door, a Shaman appears from almost nowhere besides him and the door flies open from a strong telekinetic force.]

    [Cut to: Kaspar in his bedroom, he looks up as he hears a smashing sound.]

    Kaspar: [sighs] Not again, these hunters just can't keep away. [beat.] Insurance better cover all this.

    [Cut to: Ameya in the witches' dining room, looking around.]

    Drake VO: You're all strong, capable fighters so find one or two of them each, and attack.

    [Cut to: Jade in the witches' kitchen, looking around.]

    [Cut to: Fynn doing the same in the sitting room.]

    [Cut to: Drake examining the area as he enters through the place where the front door used to be.]

    Drake VO: But the aim isn't the usual kill strategy. Today it's different.

    [Tara and Rina enter the main corridor, they turn and see Drake standing at the front door. From Drake's perspective zoom to Tara and Rina's startled faces. Drake smirks.]

    Drake VO: Let them come to you.

    [Cut to: Kaspar and Ezra entering the dining room, they freeze as they see Ameya there.]

    [Cut to: Pete walking down the stairs, seeing Fynn in the living room, the atmosphere turns suddenly tense.]

    [Cut to: Autumn entering the house through the back with flower pots from the garden. She enters the kitchen, looking worried and perplexed at the broken door.]

    Jade OS: Oh mousey, what a surprise!

    [Autumn is horrified, she drops the flower pots she was holding. Jade grins.]

    Drake VO: Wait for a moment. Look at it. Seize the moment. Savour it. Because this may be one of the few opportunities you have to do something wonderful. [beat.] Then strike.

    [Jade charges at Autumn.]

    [Cut to: Fynn, he quickly punches Pete across the face.]

    [Cut to: Ameya, she suddenly swipes her sword at Kaspar.]

    [Cut to: Tara, Rina and Drake, the two groups are quickly approaching one another. The three stop as a mere metre splits them apart.]

    Drake: Hi.

    [Drake lunges at Tara with his sword. She staggers back, though now with a vicious gash across her chest. She winces.]

    Drake: Oops. You were killed once, don't see why I can't do it a second time.

    Rina: Yeah, but whoever heard of that happening?

    Drake: Oh Rina, it really is a pleasure to see you.

    Rina: Feeling's really not mutual.

    [Rina sends a blast of energy at Drake who staggers back smiling. He slowly moves back towards the witches' living room. Tara and Rina continue forward after him.]

    Drake VO: Though remember the plan, drive them all to one place.

    [Cut to: Autumn being grabbed viciously by Jade as she struggles.]

    [Cut to: Ameya retreating as Kaspar and Ezra hurls waves of energy at her.]

    [Cut to: Fynn holding a struggling Pete down in the living room. All the hunters and witches are in the living room, the witches each preoccupied by their attackers. The Shaman somehow appears in the room, chanting in a low, mysterious tone.]

    Drake VO: Like sheep being herded for the slaughter. For one thing and one thing only.

    [Tara and Rina continue to approach Drake further into the living room. He suddenly stops, backhanding Tara viciously and knocking her down.]

    Drake VO: Death.

    Drake: [to Rina] It's just you and me, babe.

    [Drake steps slowly back as a giant spark of energy emerges in the middle of the room, growing quickly in power and strength.]

    Autumn: This can't be good.

    [The spark crackles, whips and bangs, growing more and more violent with every crackle. Snap. Then gone. The witches have vanished in a flash of light. Drake nods to the Shaman. The hunters look at one another and also vanish.]

    Drake VO: And it is done.


    End of Act One


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      Act Two

      [Open to: a vertical view high above a large forest, day. Slowly pan down through the trees, gradually to the ground where we see - Tara. She's lying asleep on the ground, in a ragged American Colonial dress.]

      [As we zoom in on her sleeping face her eyes gently flutter open and shimmer, teasing themselves open. She takes a few looks around, her expression turns perplexed. She quickly sits up and looks around at her surroundings in bewilderment.]

      Tara: Where-

      [Abruptly cut to: Ezra's face.]

      Ezra: Are we?

      [Pan away from her to see she's in a bed. She glances around in her bed, covered by a ragged looking blanket, slowly pan around the room to see it's a dingy, dirty room with wooden floorboards, wooden walls, empty, except two beds.]

      [Ezra turns and sees Pete lying on the bed next to her. She gets out of bed and we see she also has a Colonial dress on, Ezra shakes a sleeping Pete.]

      Ezra: Pete!

      [Pete grumbles and moans, he turns away from Ezra.]

      Ezra: Pete!

      [Pete's eyes slowly open and he turns back to face Ezra.]

      Pete: Ezra?

      Ezra: Who else, dumbass.

      [Pete gets himself out of bed, he's wearing a ragged dark brown jacket with rough looking black trousers on, a very Colonial style too.]

      Pete: What are you wearing?

      Ezra: You're not exactly one to talk Oliver Twist.

      Pete: Who put the past back in you?

      Ezra: I would have thought the appropriate question would have been, where the heck are we?

      Pete: Yeah. Right.

      [Pete looks around the empty room, not exactly sure himself.]

      Pete: Any theories?

      Ezra: We've been kidnapped by the civil war re-enactment society? Somebody's seriously stuck in the past.

      [Ezra also peers around the room, her eyes narrow and peel, determined to find the tiniest fragment of information.]

      Pete: Or maybe we're the ones who are stuck?

      [Slowly pan to Pete who is looking out of the glass-less window, Ezra joins him. They see horse drawn carriages, animals roaming about on a cobble stone street, people who are shouting in an attempt to advertise their products, a buzz of life in the street below with traditional 17th century music playing in the background.]

      Ezra: Oh my-

      [Cut to: Rina's shocked face, looking out of a window.]

      Rina: God.

      Autumn: [rubs her eyes] Maybe it's an illusion.

      Rina: Then top marks to David Blaine the second, cos this is really freaking me out.

      Kaspar: [simply] We're in the Colonial period.

      Rina: I'd never have guessed.

      Kaspar: If it gets me off my nine-fifteen, I'm happy with that.

      Autumn: Don't you think there's a chance that this is the least of our problems?

      Rina: You're right. Drake must've sent us here for a reason.

      Autumn: [not noticing] Ok, shouldn't we find the others first, see if they're here? Where do we go-

      [Cut to: Pete and Ezra in their room.]

      Pete: -From here?

      Ezra: Find the others, maybe they're nearby.

      Pete: A man with a plan.

      Ezra: Well noticed, except for the man part. Ok?d'you wanna go first?

      Pete: Well, since you're such a man-

      [The door of the room suddenly opens, a bearded man appears behind it.]

      Bearded Man: [Irish accent] Who are you?

      Ezra: [perplexed] Excuse-

      [Cut to: Kaspar, Autumn and Rina. They are also at a door now looking at a young woman.]

      Kaspar: - Me?

      Woman: [English accent] Who are you?

      Kaspar: I know this must look bad.

      Woman: Thieves. Dirty thieves. Father will be most displeased.

      Rina: Thieves? No we've come from-

      Kaspar: Out of town.

      [Cut to: Tara walking along a tracked mud path in a wood. There is traditional 17th century music playing in the distance as she walks, looking around, bemused.]

      [Cut to: Pete and Ezra in the tavern.]

      Bearded Man: I said, who are you?

      [Ezra looks behind to Pete for support, but he simply gestures to her to continue.]

      Bearded Man: [sneering] I can see a whore from a mile off.

      Pete: Hey! Don't you go insulting her.

      Bearded Man: Oh stop scrounging off my tavern and get out of here!

      [The Bearded Man viciously drags Ezra out of the room.]

      Bearded Man: What is a foreigner slave doing here?

      Pete: Slave? That's African-American to you mister!

      [Cut to: Rina, Autumn and Kaspar walking down the stairs in the house they were in, following the young woman, all of them are still a little confused. They walk into a dining room where there is a greying man eating in solitude.]

      Greying Man: My goodness! Where have you all been? All the food is getting cold.

      [The Greying Man notices Kaspar, Autumn and Rina behind the Young Woman.]

      Greying Man: [displeased, suspicious] Who are these people?

      Young Woman: Father, I beg you, they were just leaving.

      Father: [darkly] They'd better be, Elizabeth. Get them out. Now.

      [Elizabeth turns to Kaspar, Rina and Autumn and gestures to them that they leave. Kaspar, Rina and Autumn oblige and walk to the door, out of the wooden, 17th century house. The door closes abruptly behind them once they leave the house.]

      [Cut to: Pete and Ezra being hurled into a back alley.]

      Bearded Man: And stay out!

      Pete: Jeez, I'm feeling the hospitality.

      [Ezra groans.]

      Pete: You ok?

      Ezra: I'll live.

      [Pete offers his hand to her and she takes it, smiling appreciatively. He pulls her up.]

      Ezra: Thanks.

      Pete: No problem. Pretty Woman.

      Ezra: Hey, no whore jokes. Foreigner.

      [Pete frowns in a playful manner.]

      [Cut to: Elizabeth at her house. The door has been closed and Kaspar, Autumn and Rina are out of the house. The greying man walks into the dark room.]

      Greying Man: Who was that?

      Elizabeth: [quietly] I don't know.

      Greying Man: [harsh] Don't lie to me, girl.

      Elizabeth: I-I'm not?

      Greying Man: You've mixed with strange people before, you're not to do it again!

      Elizabeth: This time I-

      Greying Man: [angry] Who gave you the right to talk back at me?!

      [The greying man slaps her brutally across the face. Elizabeth cowers in horror and fear, clutching the place where she was struck, shocked.]

      Greying Man: [harshly] You're a disgrace to your family, you're a disgrace to your community, to God. You are never to mingle with people without my express permission. Is that understood?

      [The greying man glares down at Elizabeth with loathing.]

      Greying Man: Witch.

      [Elizabeth looks up. Fearful tears are in her eyes, she's trembling.]

      Elizabeth: Yes, father?

      [Slowly pan to: a woman looking through a window, witnessing the fight, her eyes grow narrow.]

      [Fade to: Rina, Autumn and Kaspar walking through a filthy, quiet, empty backstreet of the 17th century town. The witches are reading quietly from a ragged piece of parchment they must've picked up somewhere.]

      Kaspar: So the spell's working?

      Rina: Well it seems to be. We should turn left to find the others.

      Kaspar: [slightly cold] Are you sure?

      Rina: Why wouldn't I be sure?

      [Autumn takes the map from Kaspar's hands.]

      Autumn: She's right. We should take a-

      [Cut to: Tara also walking along an empty backstreet, doing the same locator spell while she holds a piece of parchment.]

      Tara: Left. And then? here.

      [Tara quickly puts the piece of parchment away as she reaches a town square with a few villagers buzzing about. Rina, Kaspar and Autumn arrive in the square a moment later, then Pete and Ezra. They all sigh in relief.]

      Tara: Hi.

      Rina: You're still alive.

      Pete: I have to say that's good to know.

      Kaspar: So we're in the Colonial period. How ?bout that.

      Ezra: This can't be good.

      Autumn: We all look? different.

      Tara: Yeah, seems obvious Drake's behind all this.

      Autumn: Now we just need to find a way out.

      Pete: A spell.

      Rina: I think we were all thinking that, bud.

      Tara: A spell? It must've taken serious magics to send us here, ripping through time isn't something to be taken lightly.

      Pete: But can we get back? I've been here five minutes and already been hurled out of a door.

      Tara: I don't think our power alone is enough to cut it, that Shaman probably has more than enough to pull off something like that.

      Kaspar: So we match it, find something, an object with enough power to get us back.

      Autumn: From where?

      Ezra: In a local coven maybe?

      Tara: In an age where witch equals firewood?

      Ezra: Point taken.

      Tara: That must've been why he sent us here. How cliché.

      Kaspar: We should look for something, by the looks of things the 21st century is looking pretty sweet compared to this hellhole.

      Pete: Plus the added bonus of the shower.

      Ezra: We can't be too loud about this or we'll be suspected. So maybe we should go around the less populated areas around here? Could be a few? [whispers] witches around who could help us.

      Kaspar: Wow, stealthy, Ez.

      Tara: Speaking of, we really should be careful around here in case-

      Pete: Death by mass mob ensues.

      Autumn: It's obviously why Drake sent us here, maybe he wanted the mob to finish us off.

      Tara: No, the guy wouldn't want to just throw us into the lion's den. He'd-

      Rina: Want to feed us to them. Piece by piece.

      [Fade to: the witch hunters in a quiet little dark alley, day.]

      Drake: It's fortunate we're all here, these spells have a tendency to scatter groups.

      Ameya: We're finally here. In-

      Drake: 1696. West Virginia, or just Virginia as it's known now, during the time of the Salem witch hunts.

      Jade: [in awe] Wow. How did you get your hands on such a powerful Shaman?

      Drake: With a lot of negotiation. He only specialises in time shifting magic. With offensive spells, the man's useless.

      Fynn: Nice little extra perk with the time specific outfits.

      Drake: It's always worth it to dress you bunch up.

      [The hunters smile.]

      Drake: The first objective will be to infiltrate the village council, gain their support, respect, loyalty.

      Ameya: [smiles] Like you did with us. You won't have a hard time talking them round.

      Drake: [smiles in return] You're all my iron fists in this fight, my leading men. You help keep this mission alive, this dream to keep going. You're the arms of this operation. Without you all I don't think I'd have got this far.

      [The hunters grin as we pan around their proud faces. Drake nods to Ameya, who nods back with a smile. Jade's smile fades to a scowl when she sees this.]

      Drake: Once we've got the mob on our side, and the whole town, everything should fall into place this time.

      Fynn: Our work will not be in vain.


      Drake: [nods] Not in vain.

      [Cut to: the witches walking down a quieter, darker street on the outskirts of the town, day. The witches are scanning around the street in search.]

      Ezra: [quietly] Anything?

      Tara: It's not like they wear signs.

      Kaspar: We can't keep going on like this with the inconspicuous act, we're never gonna get anywhere because people aren't going to be sure we're on their side.

      Rina: Better safe than getting all crispy on the outside.

      Kaspar: If we don't take any risks we could be stuck here forever anyway.

      Pete: Where's a TARDIS when you need one?

      Autumn: Or something convenient to just fall into our laps.

      [There is a scream.]

      Autumn: Speaking of.

      [The witches look at one another and run towards the source of the screaming, down a long street where they see a girl being roughly pushed around, dragged and mobbed by a group of women. We see that the first one molesting her is the one who saw Elizabeth being beaten by her father.]

      Woman 1: [to Woman 3] You know what Muriel, I ?eard ?em talkin', I know she's always been one o' them.

      Woman 2: I knew she were trouble from the beginnin'.

      Muriel: You're dirty you are, ought to be thrown to the dogs.

      [Elizabeth continues to struggle against the three women.]

      Woman 1: We'll let the council deal with you.

      Muriel: They'll give you what you need done to ya, a good burning.

      Woman 2: They say most witches are midwives who deliver babies which miscarry.

      Muriel: That explains my neighbour's miscarriage, didn't you ?elp deliver that child? I suppose you put a curse on it, cursed the mother and the baby with your wickedness.

      Elizabeth: No, no, that wasn't me, I didn't do anything. I didn't?

      [Ezra and Tara instantly rush towards Elizabeth and pull her away from the three women who protest in surprise. They attempt to pull Elizabeth back but fail. Elizabeth sees Rina, Autumn and Kaspar again.]

      Elizabeth: Who are you?

      Tara: Run first, introductions later.

      [The witches and Elizabeth charge down the alleyway, through a maze of residential streets. After a while they start to slow and look behind them, realising that the three women aren't there anymore. They move out of the dark alleyway into a commercial, busy town square.]

      Autumn: [gasping] Where?where are we gonna go now?

      Tara: We should probably keep on walking, don't want to seem suspicious, especially around here.

      Elizabeth: Do you not have homes to return to?

      Ezra: We're- we're not from around here, we don't exactly have anywhere to go.

      Elizabeth: I live very close by to here, that will have to do for now.

      [Cut to: Elizabeth's house, day. Elizabeth enters while the witches wait outside.]

      Elizabeth: Please, come in.

      Tara: Thank you.

      [The witches enter.]

      Elizabeth: You could make yourself at home if you like.

      [The witches peer around awkwardly and uncomfortably at the dingy, dirty room. Elizabeth walks out.]

      Pete: No thanks?

      [Cut to: a corridor elsewhere in Elizabeth's house, she's walking down it, looking around, nervous and twitchy.]

      Father OS: What's going on?

      Elizabeth: [takes a sudden quiet breath] Father?

      [Father comes out of the door into the corridor.]

      Father: [harsh] Who have you let in?

      Elizabeth: They're?

      Father: I thought I told you that you were not to have anybody over here.

      Elizabeth: Father, they have nowhere to go.

      Father: I don't care. You should not disobey me. You should never disobey me.

      Elizabeth: I'm sorry, Father.

      Father: You're a disappointment to me. You've always been a disappointment. You're a disobedient daughter. You mix with people of darkness, you meddle in the arts of the Devil?

      Elizabeth: I -

      Father: You know they execute people like you here. You're wicked. I don't know if there's any way back for you. You're lost to the evil.

      Elizabeth: Please father, don't say that.


      Elizabeth: I love you. I'm still your little girl.

      Father: No. You're not. Not anymore.

      [Father turns around and retreats back into the room he came from. Elizabeth stares at him, hurt, and broken.]

      [Cut to: the exterior of a large wooden building, there is a small sign post stabbed into the ground. It says "Village Town Hall."]

      [Cut to: the interior of the hall, there are roughly a dozen men sitting around a large table. It looks like they're in a meeting. The council of men are singing a hymn - "If God Had Not Been on Our Side". The singing slowly comes to an end and the music dies down.]

      Man 1: The village council is in session. What is the business today?

      Man 2: The hanging last week appears to have been a great success amongst the village folk.

      Man 3: I've heard many well wishers congratulating us on our success.

      Man 1: Not success. Purification, doing what needs to be done, making the world a better place by driving out the evil and the wicked, saving the pure. In the Lord's name. [beat.] Amen.

      [Man 1 bows his head.]

      Man 2: Amen.

      [A round of Amen's chorus around the room.]

      Man 5: [to Man 1] There have been suspicions, La Monte. Gossip and hearsay, about a witch living in the very heart of our village by the bakery.

      La Monte: We will use our sharpest knife and quarter that sinner woman with the sharpest edge.

      Drake OS: You know, sometimes blunt works better.

      [The council all turn as Drake enters, the door now open to the outside.]

      La Monte: Excuse me sir, but this is a private meeting.

      Drake: I know for a fact that you won't be pitch forking me out when you hear what I've got to say.

      Man 2: This man speaks in riddles!

      [A wave of laughter echoes around the room, all laugh except La Monte who looks at Drake seriously, intrigued.]

      La Monte: Wait! Listen.

      [La Monte nods to Drake.]

      Drake: I've heard many stories of a band of deceptive witches. Witches as cunning as the dirtiest fox. They can meld themselves into society better than any other I have seen. Be warned about this band of sorcerers. They are not to be taken lightly. Follow my lead and I can lead you to these evil things. Follow my lead and I can make this village the purest village in all of the world. You and I - us - can drive out these menaces from our good, humble town. Strike them down. So we can do what needs to be done.

      [Fade to: Elizabeth's house, day. Elizabeth enters the dining room where the witches are standing a little uncomfortably.]

      Tara: Is everything ok? You were gone for quite a while.

      Elizabeth: Yes, it's?it's fine. So would you like something to eat? Deer? Mutton? Plague-water?


      Autumn: Ew.

      Elizabeth: Excuse me?

      Autumn: Oh. Plague water?

      Elizabeth: You've never heard of it?

      Ezra: I have to say no.

      Elizabeth: You don't sound local. Your accents are rather peculiar.

      Pete: Let's just say?

      Tara: We're not from around here.

      Elizabeth: Where are you from?

      [The witches glance at one another for a moment.]

      Tara: Don't be shocked, but to be honest - we're from the future.

      Pete: I feel like I'm in a sci-fi movie.

      [The witches subconsciously hold their breath, expecting a shocked reaction. Elizabeth simply looks excited.]

      Elizabeth: Really? I've been looking into different spells, trying to make them affect time or possibly distort it, as I have found no spells of the subject at the moment.

      Tara: [grins] You're a witch?

      Elizabeth: Shh!

      [Tara nods in acknowledgement.]

      Elizabeth: Are you fellow practitioners?

      Kaspar: We were sent here by a group of witch hunters.

      Tara: It's not exactly a surprise that they sent us here.

      Elizabeth: I can help, I had a collection of books I had to keep hidden from Father.

      [Tara looks up, more interested.]

      Elizabeth: [with an eager smile] Maybe I could help you.

      Tara: That'd be good.

      Elizabeth: Although there is a problem. These books are now held in the confiscated archives in the town hall. Father took them away from me.

      Tara: Your father?

      Elizabeth: He never wanted me dabbling in such "wicked acts" he would say. He never approved. He never could.

      [Tara looks down in reflection.]

      Tara: And he didn't turn you in?

      Elizabeth: He couldn't. He couldn't find it in him to do it.


      Elizabeth: If you were him - could you?

      Tara: I guess not?

      Elizabeth: Getting at those books will not be an easy task.

      Rina: That's something we're pretty used to.

      Tara: We'll get them.

      Elizabeth: But first I suggest we-

      [A flaming arrow suddenly flies in through the glassless window, narrowly missing Pete and embedding itself into the wooden wall.]

      Pete: Run.

      [The fire from the flaming arrow rapidly spreads through the wooden wall eating away at the wall and building. The witches look around, suddenly in panic.]

      Elizabeth: This way.

      [Elizabeth leads the witches through the house, the fire now rapidly spreading through the wooden structure while more flaming arrows pepper the house. They reach a door out of the house and try to open it in desperation, smoke is rapidly spreading through the house. We hear the sounds of a raging, shouting mob outside. Stones, knives, pieces of shattered wood are being hurled into the house mercilessly.]

      [Cut to: Ezra and Rina taking a glance out of the window. An arrow flies straight at Ezra's head, Rina dives onto her and pulls her down, the arrow flying over the both of them.]

      Ezra: [breathing heavily] Thanks.

      Rina: No problem.

      [Rina crouches down and approaches the window.]

      Rina: Tuum vulnera.

      [A small spark of electricity flies out of the window, striking La Monte down. Drake sees his comrade fall and crouches down to help him.]

      La Monte: [in pain] Keep fighting.

      [Cut to: the interior of Elizabeth's burning house. Elizabeth opens the door desperately but Father stands in the way on the other side.]

      Elizabeth: [desperately, gasping] Father?please?move!

      Father: I don't know how something as disgusting as you could ever have crawled your way out of your mother.

      Elizabeth: Father, please!

      [Elizabeth tries to push her way past Father but he pushes her roughly back.]

      Father: You were the nightmare child. Never obedient, never loving or caring. The good Lord didn't deliver you to us, we were cursed with you. You're a Devil child, ever since the day you were born. You're nothing to me, you never have been, you never will be.

      [Elizabeth stares at Father, her emotional scars growing deeper. Her face grows more and more hurt, battered by grief. As the fires burn around her, she's burning inside. She starts to cry. Gentle sobs of grief.]

      Elizabeth: [through tears] Father, please? stop. Leave me be for now.

      Father: I left you a long time ago. I should have abandoned you from the moment I set eyes on your miserable wretch of a body, if I knew what a Devil child you were to become.

      Elizabeth: How can you be saying this?

      Father: [in a harsh whisper] How can I not?

      [Father shuts the door on a sobbing Elizabeth, his expression empty, disgusted, as he puts a plank across the door. He takes a rough breath as a tear emerges onto his face, but he fights it back, his hard expression back again. There are screams of protest, pain and sorrow. He puts another plank across the door, locking it, leaving his child to burn.]

      [Cut to: the interior of the burning house. Tara is wading her way through the ever thickening smoke towards a light blurred by it, coughing and spluttering madly. As Tara gets closer to the light she discovers it's a large window.]

      Tara: Looks like going into the light really isn't a bad thing. [shouting] I've found a way out!

      [Autumn, Kaspar, Ezra, Rina all make their way towards Tara. Pete notices Elizabeth crying by the door and pulls her dress to get her attention.]

      Pete: We have to get out!

      [There is a crack. Pete looks up, the support buttress beams are breaking down as the fire spreads further to them, the beams crack again. Pete pushes Elizabeth in front.]

      Pete: Go!

      [Elizabeth snaps out of her misery and listens to Pete, she runs ahead with the others. Pete starts to walk forward when one of the burning buttresses collapses and falls right in front of him, creating a huge wall of fire.]

      Pete: Oh. Crap.

      [Cut to: Tara, Ezra, Autumn, Kaspar, Rina and Elizabeth each climbing out of the window, coughing as smoke fumes rush madly out of the house.]

      [Cut to: Pete back in the burning house, he coughs and splutters waving the smoke desperately away from his face. He moves towards another hazy light, a hand reaches out and takes hold of him.]

      Pete: [with a sigh] Hallelujah.

      [Pete grips the hand, the rest of the arm and body hidden by the thick grey smoke. Pete takes it, letting himself be guided towards the light, which is revealed to be a door letting daylight flood in as Pete gets nearer to it. He continues to cough and splutter as he leaves the burning building, though the smoke is still strong and thick. Pete and his guide reach the outside, but the smoke still remains strong.]

      Pete: Oh my god, thank-

      [The smoke quickly dissipates as Pete gets further away from the house.]

      Pete: - You.

      [Pete is suddenly pushed forward roughly. He collapses down, crashing to his knees against the rough, stone ground. Pete looks up. Drake.]


      End of Act Two


      • #4
        Act Three

        [Open to: a street, day. The witches run with Elizabeth, sprint down the street. They keep on going, passing a small row of houses around them. They continue on, dodging around perplexed and suspicious looking roaming villagers, round whining animals, market stalls, busy town life, gasping through the air. Panting, hot. Determined just to run. The witches and Elizabeth reach a calmer, less busy area of the town.]

        Elizabeth: This way.

        [Elizabeth guides the witches to a completely deserted street and stops at the back of an abandoned bakery. Elizabeth and the witches slow and stop at the door.]

        Kaspar: In here?

        [Elizabeth nods and slowly opens the door. The witches go into a completely empty bakery, the windows are boarded up, very dark except a little light flooding in from a few gaps through the windows. The walls are scarred with scorch marks, the place is very charred and virtually empty apart from a few seats, though overall it's still in one piece.]

        Ezra: Have we lost them?

        [Tara looks through the gap, outside to the street.]

        Tara: I think so.

        Rina: Is this place going to be safe enough?

        Elizabeth: We are out of the way, it should suffice for now-

        Autumn: [panicking] Pete?! Where's Pete?!

        [Slow, slippery beat.]

        Kaspar: [cold] He's gone.

        Ezra: Oh god?

        Autumn: [her eyes suddenly wide with panic] Where did he go?

        Kaspar: How didn't we notice?

        Tara: Must've been the rush to get out in the fire, we just-

        Kaspar: [angry] Forgot?!

        Elizabeth: He protected me, he helped me to get out. He pushed me forward, after that I didn't see where he went.

        Kaspar: [low] What d'you mean you didn't see him?

        Autumn: [in a whisper] Kas, please don't?

        [Kaspar sighs, slowly biting back the anger, he nods reluctantly.]

        Rina: He's still trapped in there?

        Autumn: N-no, n-no. He-he can't be.

        [Rina pulls Autumn into a soft, comforting hug.]

        Tara: Maybe he escaped. We should do a spell or something, see if we can find him?

        Kaspar: Yeah?

        [Kaspar looks down, uncharacteristically calm, but blatant fear etched in his eyes.]

        Elizabeth: [excited] A spell?

        [Elizabeth's expression grows sombre when she notices the dark atmosphere around the room. She turns to Tara with a look of sincere apology. Tara nods to Elizabeth, giving her a little encouraging grin.]

        Elizabeth: I've never performed a spell, without? having to do it in secret.

        Tara: [with a smile] It's a great feeling.

        [Fade to: the witches and Elizabeth in the bakery, sitting around a circle of candles.]

        Tara: The answers we seek are around us.

        Ezra: A longed for memory no longer with us.

        Rina: Return to us, in you we trust.

        Elizabeth: Through the seas, the fires, the wild, the dust.

        Kaspar: Somebody that is far from us, forced to flee.

        Autumn: Right the wrong, return him to me?

        [The candles around them blow out as a soft wind passes through. A few words slowly form in the smoke ? "The Enemy."]

        Tara: Drake.

        [Cut to: the village town hall corridor, day. Pete is being pushed along roughly by an angry, hard looking guard.]

        Pete: Jeez, what's with you hunters and kidnapping?

        [Pan to: Drake coming up behind Pete.]

        Drake: [with a smirk] It's just so easy.

        Pete: [annoyed and unamused] Yeah, I suppose constant failure can't be too difficult.

        Drake: You and your little gang just never know when to stop.

        Pete: It's just worth it, to see you uncomfortable.

        [The Guard opens the door to a dirty cell. Drake roughly pushes Pete into it, he groans.]

        Drake: Likewise.

        Pete: Where are human rights laws when you need them?

        Drake: So you think you deserve them?

        Pete: Everyone does.

        Drake: You really think so?

        Pete: I know so. A concept you don't really appear to grasp.

        Drake: Not when it comes to filthy witches. And lawyers.

        Pete: Any reason?

        Drake: I don't have to explain myself to you.

        Pete: Yeah yeah, I'm sure you were bullied as a child, blah blah, psychological trauma et cetera. Who hasn't been?

        Drake: I never hated you before, but my views on that are currently changing. You've only been mislead, misguided.

        Pete: Really? I'm touched. So what you going to do to me once the hatred returns?

        Drake: [with a smirk] It's not what I'm going to do to you. It's what I'm going to do to them once they come running.


        Pete: [quietly] This is a trap, you want them here to?

        Drake: [smirks] Smart boy.

        [Pete glares at Drake in disgust.]

        Drake: I suddenly notice the lack of witty comeback.

        Pete: [darkly] Shut your mouth.

        Drake: You're not one of them, I don't hate you like I hate them. As much as you'd like to be, I know you're not. You're not infected, impure, dirty. You have a chance to purify your life but you don't take it. Why? Why do you ally yourself with evil when they're the ones being attacked? You could be killed, die for a cause you're not even a part of. Is that worth it?

        Pete: Absolutely.

        Drake: And why's that?

        Pete: Because they're my friends, I care about them. I'm not going to step aside and let you or anyone hurt them.


        Drake: So be it. You'll die with the rest of them.

        [Drake leaves the room, locking, trapping Pete in the dark cell again. He shuts the door, with a brutal bang.]

        [Cut to: the village market, day. Villagers are milling around, animals squarking as a hooded figure walks among them holding a basket. Pan around to see it's Elizabeth under the hood. She walks through the crowd and reaches a narrow back alley, she continues to walk, though bumps into a passerby.]

        Elizabeth: Oh I'm-

        [Elizabeth turns to see ? her Father. The two stare at one another, frozen, still, stunned.]

        Elizabeth: [bitterly] What's the matter Father? It looks like you've just seen a ghost.

        Father: [spitting] Witchcraft.

        Elizabeth: We escaped through the window, actually, no magic was required.

        Father: You're a fool. A fool to thwart the will of God.

        Elizabeth: The will of God? It was your will. Don't pretend you're Abraham sacrificing your only child to the Lord-

        Father: [harsh] I said don't tell me what to do, girl.

        Elizabeth: I don't see the slightest hint of remorse.

        Father: I have none, and I'd do it again because God requires it. These people they're clouding your mind, putting devilish traits into you, you're lost to them.

        Elizabeth: No, they've shown me what magic really is, it's powerful, it's magnificent, it's wonderful.

        Father: You still haven't learned.

        Elizabeth: Neither have you.

        Father: You have no manners girl!

        [Elizabeth sighs, she turns and starts to walk away.]

        Father: [shouting] You'll get what's coming to you! The Lord will smite you down!

        Elizabeth: Then smite away.

        [Elizabeth simply walks away past her father, out of the darkness of the alley.]

        [Cut to: the village town hall, another corridor, day. Drake walks down it with a satisfied grin on his face. Drake reaches a door, he knocks on it and La Monte from earlier appears behind it.]

        Drake: La Monte, how is everything going so far?

        La Monte: Very well, we're catching more witches than ever before. It's?

        Drake: It's wonderful.

        La Monte: Yes, it is. It really is. Before you arrived, the hunt, the struggle, it was hard, rough and difficult. I've always known our town was plagued, but I could never find a way to eliminate it well enough.

        Drake: But you did. You began, you lead this struggle against the witches. You have a lot to be proud of.

        La Monte: How do you do it?

        Drake: Years of experience, after a while once you know for sure that you have a witch in your sight, you can simply look into their eyes and see the evil.

        La Monte: Through the grace of our Lord.

        Drake: I use other tools, spiritual tools to find witches mostly.

        La Monte: [horrorstruck] You use magic? It is the tool of the devil.

        Drake: No, never witch magic. Never touch witch magic, it will corrupt, destroy and pollute you. Infect you in unimaginable ways. Just other forms of "magic", from ?our Lord?. Without it the hunt? it's harder.

        [La Monte nods, slightly understanding but still not completely convinced.]

        La Monte: Your will, your passion for the cause. It's fuelling us, driving us, inspiration.

        Drake: I have a lot to avenge, to right wrongs, heal old open wounds. If I don't?

        La Monte: Life becomes meaningless.

        Drake: [softly] Yeah?

        La Monte: Does it ever become easy?

        Drake: The fight? To be honest no, it's hard, tough. But who's going to do it?

        La Monte: Who is? Who knows the true pain these witches can cause, what wicked things they can really do? They're not prepared to deal with them. Not like us.

        Drake: [looking down to the floor] To lead them to righteousness.


        La Monte: What happened?

        [Drake looks up.]

        La Monte: What happened to you, to spark this dedication? To make you dedicate your life to this cause?

        [Beat. Drake hesitates for a second. He stares at La Monte. Almost in disbelief, almost in shock, but the look transforms into one of pain, anguish, an inner fire of pain. His expression turns resolute, a fighter. He continues on.]

        Drake: [strong] That witch. She? like all of them have hurt me, scarred me in a way nothing ever can or ever will. I'm not going to let that happen to anybody, ever again.

        La Monte: So you know how it feels, what it's like.

        Drake: I do. [beat] I'm sorry.

        La Monte: Don't feel sorry for me. I'm simply doing God's work, God's will. A mission.

        Drake: The mission.

        [La Monte suddenly winces and clutches his wound he received earlier.]

        Drake: Those are the signs of a brave man.

        [Drake grips a wet cloth as La Monte pulls up his shirt to reveal a torso with a large gash across it. Drake smiles warmly to La Monte, mopping his wound slowly with the cloth, helping clean up the wound. Two warriors, scarred by life.]

        [Cut to: the abandoned bakery, in one of its empty, dark rooms. Elizabeth is sitting in the room alone, in thought.]

        Tara OS: Break from planning?

        Elizabeth: [looks up as Tara enters the room] Oh, yes.

        Tara: A break involving snacks?

        [Tara gestures to Elizabeth's basket she was holding earlier.]

        Elizabeth: Oh, I just went out to get a few things from the market.

        Tara: [nods] It's a good thing you had that plan of the town hall or this plan we're drawing up won't be anything.


        Tara: Just a question, how d'you know ? I'm ? we're not just spies? Working undercover for the hunters.

        [Elizabeth raises her eyebrows.]

        Tara: We just sort of conveniently bumped into your life, you've been hiding from these hunters, it would be understandable if you were suspicious.

        Elizabeth: I'm not.

        Tara: Why?

        Elizabeth: I trust you.

        Tara: But-

        Elizabeth: I trust you.

        [Tara smiles, she looks down slightly pained in nostalgia but looks up again, returning to the smile. Beat.]

        Tara: What happened during the fire? You sort of?

        Elizabeth: [weakly] Stopped? Yes, my father? he left me to die.

        [Beat. Elizabeth is almost in disbelief, as though what had happened couldn't be real.]

        Elizabeth: He left me?to die?

        Tara: I'm sorry?

        [Elizabeth looks up to her with an appreciative smile.]

        Tara: I know - I know how that feels, what it's like. My father, I always thought if he had the chance, he would do that to me. When he found out what I was. And when she died?

        Elizabeth: I've tried to be strong but I'm not, I can't. I'm scared about what might happen. What if I'm caught? What if?

        Tara: It's ok to be scared.

        Elizabeth: [smiles in contemplation] What's it like in the future? I'd imagine it would be wonderfully fantastic.

        Tara: It can be. Sometimes.

        Elizabeth: How are witches in the future? Is there still this savage persecution?

        Tara: No. Not from many people at least.

        Elizabeth: Are we free? Can people like us be free?

        Tara: [smiles] We can.

        Elizabeth: [eyes wide in wonder] It must be marvellous. There must be so many new spells, new potions?

        Tara: I've been trying out transportation spells.

        Elizabeth: [intrigued] Really?

        Tara: I'm not quite powerful enough yet to do it properly myself.

        Elizabeth: But you'll get there.

        Tara: I hope so.

        Elizabeth: Could it be a possibility that I could go back with you, if we get past all this havoc that is. For a better life. A better future.

        Tara: [with a smile] Maybe?

        [Cut to: La Monte's office, he walks into it, his face screwed up in obvious pain while he staggers into the office, clutching at his chest. He breathes deeply for a few seconds and a few seconds more. He sighs as the pain slowly passes, staring ahead in aching exhaustion. He pauses and takes a breath, reaching forward on a table ahead, he takes a feathered pen and parchment. He starts to write.]

        [Cut to: Pete's cell in the village hall, day. Pete walks to the door and opens the wooden flap to the outside.]

        Pete: Hey, would it kill ya to get me some food? Starvation's starting to become an issue ? oh thou.

        Guard OS: You hear the slave, demanding we do its dirty work for it?

        [The Guard outside opens the door to Pete's cell, another guard is beside him.]

        Guard 1: What right do you have to do that?

        Pete: Ok, calm down then. Maybe starvation's not as bad as it's cracked up to be.

        Guard 1: [viciously] Did I say you could talk back, slave?

        Pete: No but-

        Guard 2: How much do you think we could sell it for? A Leeuwendaalders? Two?

        Note: A Leeuwendaalder (Liondollar) is Dutch currency used in 17th century English colonies in the US.

        Guard 1: No, it wouldn't go for more than half.

        Guard 2: I ?eard they're going to hang those witches tonight.

        Guard 1: No, they're not going hang ?em like we usually do. But burn ?em. Like they do back in Europe.

        Pete: Ok guys, that's enough.

        Guard 1: Don't tell us what to do, you're worst than the rest, the bottom of the pile, you're inferior, pathetic ? and a witch lover, you should be burned with the rest of them, it's disgusting.

        Pete: You're fools.

        [The two guards laugh mockingly.]

        Pete: Where I'm from, most people are happy, most people are free, including bastards like you-

        Guard 1: [furious] How dare you!!

        [Guard 2 holds Guard 1 back, stopping him from acting on his anger.]

        Guard 2: [with a smirk] Wait wait. Let him speak.

        Pete: But here? I'd be happy to be a slave than a bigoted fool any day.

        [Pete is brutally struck across the face by Guard 1. A horrible, gleaming bruise now throbbing on his forehead.]

        Guard 1: As long as you're here, you're under our control ? always. Is that understood?

        Pete: [breathing heavily] Just as long as I'm here?

        [Cut to: La Monte sitting in his office, he has a piece of parchment in his hands. He stands up and approaches a jacket hanging on a chair, he puts the folded parchment in one of the pockets. He bites his lip and sighs.]

        [Cut to: Ezra and Rina walking, striding in tandem into the village town hall, day. Ezra and Rina march, complete in 17th century dress. They both walk into the empty entrance to the village hall.]

        Rina: So we're sure this room is empty?

        Ezra: Definitely, Tara and Kas checked it out just before, we're clear.

        Rina: Any excuse to avoid another attempted killing from these maniacs.

        [Ezra chuckles lightly.]

        Ezra: ?Kay, showtime.

        [Ezra and Rina pass a small guards room in the corner of the large entrance room, one of the peasant dressed guards stand up, armed with a threatening club.]

        Guard 1: What are you doing? Women are not allowed to set foot in this building at this time-

        Ezra: [rolls her eyes] Yeah yeah.

        [Ezra blows a handful of white, sparkling dust into his face, he suddenly collapses, asleep.]

        Rina: So now we keep guard, keep watch.

        Ezra: Yep, that's the plan.

        [A figure is now at the door to the town hall, Ezra nods to the figure. The figure walks into the new guard-less village hall. The figure casually takes off the hood ? Tara. She walks past Ezra to a corridor when another angry looking guard approaches her. Tara simply opens her clenched fist and blows a shower of dust into his face. The guard collapses into sleep. Tara casually continues to walk along at a brisk pace.]

        Guard OS: Stop!

        [Pan around her to Tara's point of view where we see another guard there, holding a club, he walks towards Tara threateningly.]

        [A sudden jet of energy hits the guard who is sent into the wall, he also falls unconscious. Pan quickly around to see Kaspar standing behind Tara with Autumn and Elizabeth at his side. Tara nods to him and the three of them continue to walk along. Another two guards appear in front of them. They both launch themselves at Kaspar, Autumn and Tara.]

        [Kaspar grabs the guard going for Autumn, gripping his wrist. The guard's club falls from his hand, Kaspar takes the club and smashes the guard over the head. The other guard turns on Kaspar as well. Kaspar gestures to Tara and Autumn to keep going while he deals with the guard.]

        [Follow Autumn and Tara as they hurry along the straight, long corridor, reaching the prisoner's cells. They look briefly into each one until they stop at one where they see Pete in a corner of his cell, his eyes closed in rest.]

        [Autumn knocks eagerly on the cell door. Pete hears this and stirs, his eyes slowly opening. They quickly regain their usual zest and colour at the sight of Autumn who smiles warmly to him.]

        Tara: [in a whisper] Porta solva.

        [The cell door instantly unlocks itself. Autumn hauls open the heavy door, she runs into the cell and hugs Pete.]

        Woman OS: Witch!

        [Quickly pan round to Muriel, one of the women earlier who was attacking Elizabeth. There is a bell right next to her. Pete, Autumn and Tara's eyes widen in horror as she rings it, hard. The sounds bellow into their ears, almost deafening. They run.]

        [They run out of the jail cell, now in desperation, complete panic. Just trying, hoping to get away. They stop with a sudden abruptness as they turn a corner. Drake and a small group of mob peasants stand there. Pete, Autumn and Tara turn around. Another mob of peasants lead by La Monte stands there.]

        [Pete, Autumn and Tara look at each other ? trapped. Drake raises the club he's holding as he grins at Tara, smacking her across the face. Black.]

        [Fade to: Tara's unconscious, lopsided face. Her eyes gradually open. Slowly pan back to see Tara is tied up, pan back to reveal more and more. She's tied by her arms and legs to a large piece of wood, a stake with small twigs and branches at her feet.]

        [Slowly pan back to see Ezra, Autumn, Pete, Kaspar, Rina and Elizabeth are all tied up in the same way. We see all the stakes are touching one another while the witches all slowly start to stir. The mob is standing by them, ready to watch the display in the town square. Drake steps forward from the mob crowd.]

        Drake: Well well, here we are. So we have witches, a stake, there's only one thing missing from the equation.

        [Drake brandishes a burning torch almost from nowhere.]

        Drake: Fire.

        Tara: No?

        [Drake places the burning torch to Tara's stake which quickly starts to burn, and burn. It then starts to set alight Ezra's, Rina's and all the witches', a crescendo of heat and fire. The witches struggle as the fire rages on, and on. And on.]

        Drake: Burn.

        [Cut to black.]

        End of Act Three


        • #5
          Act Four

          [Open to: the town square. To fire. The witches are burning, hot, smouldering, vicious flames lick at their feet with menace as they struggle in desperation. The fire spreads and consumes, growing further and further up each stake. Tara struggles with frantic urgency, her breathing heavy, quick and scared.]

          Tara: [desperate] Break! Shatter!

          [Nothing happens.]

          Tara: Fractus eratus. Liberi mei?

          [Her breathing gets heavier, her panic and fear deeper, but her magic still fails to work. Tara looks underneath her, eyes wide in fear as the flames continue to eat their way up. She sees a symbol on the rope tying her feet together, this symbol:


          Tara: Magic proof ropes?

          [Tara bites her lip in fear. Then her expression turns more determined, resolute. She closes her eyes, she focuses.]

          [Pan to: Elizabeth struggling desperately as the fire seeps up to her, a flame catches her long skirt, she takes a small, scared breath as her father approaches her. That fear turns into revulsion and loathing when she sees him.]

          Father: I told you, you'd have what's coming to you.

          Elizabeth: Father, please. Don't do this. Not again.

          Father: I have to. I have to drive out the evil, reverse and erase this mistake the Devil ever created.

          Elizabeth: You don't really believe that.

          Father: I do. You should be killed. You're not my daughter anymore, you belong to the Devil.

          [Cut to: Drake making his way out of the town square, back to the village hall, a satisfied, triumphant grin on his face. He walks into a room and sees La Monte there. Drake nods to him, La Monte nods in return.]

          Drake: This is the day to treasure. [beat] What should we do now?

          La Monte: Keep fighting.


          Drake: [nods] Keep fighting.

          [Cut to: Tara tied to her stake, her eyes shut in focus, thinking as she whispers and incantation under her breath.]

          Tara: Transport me to another place, take me away without a trace?

          [Her breathing grows heavier, harder as she tries and tries, the flames inching closer and closer to her, faster and faster, hotter and hotter.]

          Tara: Transport me to another place, take me away without a trace?

          [Shimmers of light appear around Tara, she continues to breathe heavily, now smiling as she vanishes amongst the shimmers. She appears in front of the stake, transporting herself out of danger. The crowd gasp in shock, disgust and horror. They start to scream, shout, protest. Tara winces in pain and rubs her head as she experiences a headache, the results of the powerful spell finally hitting her, blood slowly runs down her nose.]

          Tara: [in pain] Agea neus retrus essa? lum eros? nira prear si sum!

          [A sudden barrier of thin, transparent blue appears across the mob. They simply yell more, some with horror, others with fear and anger. They try to charge but the barrier stops them.]

          [Tara takes this chance to rush to a large bucket of water, conveniently resting nearby. She chucks large splashes of it onto each stake, putting each of them out. The mob continues to shout, scream, protest, hammering against the barrier. Tara rushes up to Ezra as her stake is put out and unties her in quick haste.]

          Ezra: [gasping] Thanks.

          Tara: No problem.

          [Ezra stumbles off her stake and goes to untie Rina while Tara unties Autumn. The mob rage grows stronger, wilder, more ferocious. They batter against the shield more as it slowly starts to weaken with every hit. With all the witches finally released, Tara finally manages to untie Elizabeth.]

          Tara: See, there's always hope.

          [Elizabeth grins, gasping. Tears of emotion in her eyes, she hugs Tara who hugs her in return.]

          [Shatter. The witches suddenly turn. The shield has been broken by the angry force of the mob. The witches eyes widen, more than horror etched on their faces, absolute terror.]

          [Cut to: Muriel, walking hurriedly up to a door, she knocks on it with urgency and it opens. La Monte appears behind it.]

          La Monte: Muriel, what a pleasant-

          Muriel: I'm sorry to interrupt, sir.

          [Drake approaches the door.]

          Muriel: It's about the witches.

          Drake: What's wrong?


          Drake: Tell me what's wrong.

          [Cut to: the town square. The mob charges at the witches who stand there, frozen and stunned. Father strikes at Elizabeth with a stick, though she ducks. Elizabeth repels him with a spark of yellow energy.]

          Elizabeth: Do we really need to do this?

          Father: I have to.

          [Father beats Elizabeth down with a harsh strike.]

          [Cut to: Drake marching with La Monte into the town square, holding a piece of parchment as Tara repels a mobster away from her.]

          Drake: Oh hi.

          [Drake punches Tara into the ground, he holds the piece of parchment in front of her face.]

          Drake: Looking for this? Looks like this is your golden ticket, wouldn't want it to-

          [Drake gestures ripping the parchment.]

          Drake: Oops. So close.

          [Tara sends a small blast of blue energy at Drake, he staggers back. Ezra sees Tara and approaches her to help but she is hit over the head by La Monte.]

          La Monte: Oh no you don't.

          Ezra: [groans] Ok?

          [Ezra quickly creates a cloud of grey, vision clouding mist. She punches La Monte across the face and winces in pain, shaking her fist.]

          Ezra: Ow.

          [The mob battle continues, each witch battling at least one mobster.]

          [La Monte staggers back, angry. He hurls a punch at Ezra, who becomes mildly disoriented, but she ducks. La Monte kicks Ezra brutally in the face, her face now covered in blood. Ezra gasps, spluttering blood.]

          La Monte: I will never be beaten by a witch.

          [Ezra spits the blood into La Monte's face. She raises herself up and sends a small bolt of electricity at La Monte who is sent flying back, he crashes to the ground, the gash across his chest from before opens further, wounded and bloody.]

          [Pan to: Drake dodging a blast of blue energy from Tara.]

          Drake: Oh come on, this is so Star Wars. How bout we try something different.

          Tara: I don't want to do this.

          Drake: Oh please, pacifism is growing out of style.

          [Drake punches Tara, but she just manages to dodge.]

          Tara: Urus eram cursa mea.

          [Drake is suddenly sent to the floor by a telekinetic blast. The parchment falls out of his hand now a few feet to his left. Tara dashes for the parchment and takes hold of it, but Drake grips her leg, tripping her up so she falls to the ground.]

          [Drake mounts over her, menacing. He places cold, white fingers onto her, grasping her neck and throat and slowly squeezes on her neck. She struggles under his superior grip, spluttering, weakening.]

          Drake: This is the way it should be. Your life in my hands.

          Tara: [gasping] Eyes burn, hot and bright?

          [Drake squints, his eyes in agony as they burn for a fraction for a second, a white searing heat. He screams and his hands fly off. Tara takes this chance to get herself up, gasping. She looks back at Drake who is still in pain, not in anger or resentment but mercy, pity. She takes a breath and turns, hurrying away from him.]

          [Pan to: Elizabeth dodging a blow from her father. She rises up with speed and grips her Father against the wall.]

          Elizabeth: Don't make me do this.

          Father: I'm not. You're making yourself, fooling yourself.

          Elizabeth: This can end, this can end now. Put down your weapons, abandon all this madness, mayhem.


          Elizabeth: [soft] Father, I'm sorry. For not being your perfect daughter. For not being everything you wanted me to be. I'm sorry for-

          [Elizabeth gasps, her eyes widen. Her mouth gapes open in horror. She looks down, a knife in her stomach, blood gushing out quickly. She gasps and trembles against him. Father grits his teeth and drives the knife further in.]

          Elizabeth: I'm sorry?

          [Father pulls out the knife violently from Elizabeth's gut. Blood, dripping, oozing over the knife, over his clothes, hands, everything, everywhere. He's gasping, breathing heavily and slowly stumbles back, away from the fight.]

          [Pan to: Drake, he stumbles through the wreck of the battle, until he sees an injured, wounded La Monte, lying bleeding on the ground. Ezra quickly moves away from him. Drake rushes towards La Monte's weakening body.]

          Drake: La Monte.

          [Drake shakes him. Quivering, worried.]

          Drake: La Monte.

          [La Monte's eyes slowly ease open, he smiles at the sight of Drake. Drake breathes heavily, smiling with relief. La Monte slowly interlocks his hands with Drake's.]

          La Monte: [weakly] K? K?

          Drake: Don't talk, I can get help.

          La Monte: [with a gasp] Keep fighting?

          [La Monte's eyes slowly close. His grip on Drake's hand slacken and loosen as he fades. He fades. Drake is slowly brought to tears as he sees this, he tries to fight them back, to hold them but he can't. He's sobbing, just sobbing.]

          Drake: No?. No?

          [La Monte's eyes remain closed as Drake starts to shake him. Shake him in panic, desperation, sorrow. La Monte is still. Cold. Drake slowly lets go of La Monte's still body. He looks up seeing Ezra battling with a mobster. He takes a silent breath. And scowls.]

          [Pan to: Tara making her way through the last remnants of the battle. She approaches the wall and sees Elizabeth slumped against it, bloody, weak and trembling.]

          Tara: [worried] Elizabeth?... Elizabeth?

          [Tara rushes up to Elizabeth once she notices the blood, she slumps to the ground, the parchment slipping out of her hands in alarm. She's panicking. She shakes her.]

          Tara: Elizabeth wake up. Wake up. Wake up.

          [Tara shakes Elizabeth in despair, slowly, slowly just breaking down.]

          Tara: Wake up!

          [Elizabeth's eyes slowly open.]

          Elizabeth: [weakly] Thank you. Thank you so much?

          Tara: Don't say that. Don't say that.

          Elizabeth: You've shown me, I've experienced so much. These last few days have been more worthwhile?

          Tara: No. Don't say that. This isn't the end. There's hope, there's always hope.

          Elizabeth: I know. There's hope, always hope, for you.

          [Tara searches around for something to stop the bleeding wound with and sees Drake approaching her. She turns back to Elizabeth who grips the parchment and slowly places it in Tara's trembling hand.]

          Elizabeth: Go.

          Tara: I-

          Elizabeth: Go.

          [Tara grips Elizabeth's hand. She squeezes it softly. Smiling gently to her, warm. She leans down and kisses Elizabeth softly on the forehead. Drake gets nearer and nearer to Tara. She picks up the parchment. In pain, hard, she starts to read.]

          [Fade to white.]

          [The white slowly fades away. The witches are in their sitting room, breathing heavily, slightly beaten and wounded, breathing heavily in exhaustion, but safe.]

          [Fade to: the witch hunters also in their living room. They look around at each other, expressions dark, atmosphere dark. They sigh.]

          [Fade to: Drake walking into the empty war room, night. He slumps down onto a seat, he hears a crumple and peers down, taking out a piece of parchment out of his pocket. He peers to it, he sighs and opens it. "Dearest Drake?"]

          [Song: "Fog (Again)" by Radiohead.]

          There's a little child
          Runnin' ?round this house
          And he never leaves
          He will never leave

          [Fade to: Pete and Autumn sitting the witches kitchen, night.]

          Autumn: Glad you're ok.

          Pete: [with a smile] Yeah me too surprisingly enough. Though at least I know what it's like to be a hostage now.

          Autumn: So fellow ex-hostagee, what was it like?

          Pete: Kinda sucks.

          [Autumn chuckles, her eyes bright in amusement.]

          Autumn: I guess historians would be jealous. You could write an article on this, you could make millions-

          Pete: Or make time with Mr. Straight Jacket.

          Autumn: Ok, point taken. But I wouldn't exactly say that's a bad thing.

          [Autumn smirks playfully to Pete. He does the same back.]

          Pete: I wouldn't go back there for any amount of money. The 21st century's just fine for me.

          Autumn: When you were taken, I was so worried.

          [Pete smiles. Autumn winces suddenly.]

          Pete: Was it something I said?

          Autumn: No, just a?blast from the past lets say.

          [Autumn gestures to a wound on her neck. She cranes her neck in an attempt to examine it, but obviously there's no success.]

          Pete: Want me to?see it?

          Autumn: [turns round, with a smile] Ok?

          [Pete slowly pulls back Autumn's hair, revealing the prominent wound. He touches it lightly. Autumn winces instinctively. Slowly fade out as Pete starts caring to it. Soft, tender.]

          La Monte VO: "This is my body which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me."

          I have little time left in this world. I feel the end drawing closer, I feel God's warm hand slowly guiding me away. I do not have long left, as I am ill, maybe for a sin I have committed or maybe it is just my time, the time God has decided for me. But I cannot stay.

          [Fade to: Tara in the witches' living room, night. She's sitting at a computer, looking at a website ? "A Record of Obituaries in the State of Virginia." She scrolls down to 1696 ? "Elizabeth Lauren. Witch." Tara sighs and reads on. "Forever with love." Tara smiles slightly, her sigh fading ? a little.]

          Ezra OS: What are you doing?

          [Tara turns and sees her at the door.]

          Tara: Just doing some research. Admiring the illiteracy of the web, the spelling isn't great.

          Ezra: It's her, isn't it?

          Tara: Am I that transparent?

          Ezra: [bluntly] Yep.

          [Tara raises her eyebrows.]

          Ezra: [more sincere] She was brave.

          Tara: She was and I left her.

          Ezra: You didn't leave her. You had to go.

          Tara: She didn't have to go like that.

          Ezra: Neither should you when it happened. You left somebody else and came to us. When you died.


          Ezra: It might be selfish of me, but I'm not complaining.

          [Tara smiles with thanks.]

          Ezra: She's ok?

          [Ezra leaves. Tara turns back to the computer and takes out a large file from a drawer. She takes out an article from it ? "Girl shot in bedroom by madman." She picks it up and starts to read.]

          La Monte VO: "Ye are they who have continued with me in my trials."

          Don't forget me. I trust you will never forget your mission and will only user your painful past to fuel you further.

          And the fog comes up
          From the sewers and
          Glows in the dark

          [Fade to: Pete in the witches' kitchen, night. Tara walks in.]

          Tara: Hi.

          Pete: [turns] Oh hi.

          Tara: So you're ok after the whole kidnapping ordeal?

          Pete: Strangely I'm growing quite used to the idea now.

          [Tara chuckles.]

          Tara: So how was jail?

          Pete: One word. Rats.

          Tara: Eurgh!

          Pete: It wasn't good. Kind of ironic how I, the only non-witch of the group, got caught.

          Tara: Sucks not having superpowers isn't it?

          Pete: [faux-pouts] Shut up.

          Tara: But you did it to save Elizabeth.

          Pete: It wasn't enough to save her.

          Tara: That's not the point.

          Pete: I've always been around prejudice. Mostly because of you lot. But there? I've never seen anyone show so much hatred to well? me.

          Tara: Sucks doesn't it?

          Pete: I always thought I was a nice sorta guy.

          Tara: People like that don't care. We just have to learn to stand up to them. People think different things, some good, some bad. It doesn't make them bad people. Just? misguided.

          Pete: Is that what you think about the witch hunters?

          Tara: [soft] Sort of.

          Pete: But what if it goes beyond that? What if they become more than misguided? They've killed before, how d'you know they won't again? How can we deal with them? without killing them?

          Tara: I don't know?

          La Monte VO: Never let anyone tell you what to think or do. What you're doing is right, noble in the name of the Lord.

          Baby alligators in the sewers
          Grow up fast
          Grow up fast
          Anything you want it can be done now

          La Monte VO: "And there was also a strife among them?"

          Never be divided from the mission?

          [Fade to: Kaspar walking down the stairs of the witches' house. He stops when he sees Ezra walk into the living room, Rina entering with her, she kisses Ezra on the cheek. Ezra grins. Kaspar frowns.]

          [Fade to: Drake sitting the witch hunters' war room. He finishes the letter, a mildly warm glow on his face, but the grief still there. He folds up the letter and places it on the table.]

          La Monte VO: You're an inspiration to us all. You've made these last few days worth all these years of toil and struggle. Continue on. For all of us. For the world.

          With love
          La Monte
          "Having said this he breathed his last."

          [Fade to: Kaspar watching Rina leave Ezra's embrace, leaving the room. His frown remains on his face.]

          How did you bad?
          Did you go bad?
          Did you go bad?

          [Flash to: Kaspar's car, he's looking out of the window.]

          [Caption: Last Night.]

          [The scene is a flashback from earlier in the episode. He sees the person walking up to the witch hunters' house, growing closer, closer, closer?]

          Some things will never wash away
          Did you go bad?
          Did you go bad?

          [The figure continues to walk forward towards the witch hunter's house. The figure turns and looks around before knocking, though the face is still hidden. The door opens, Drake is at the door.]

          Drake: Well, well, what do we have here?

          [Kaspar's eyes widen, horrified. Rina.]

          Rina: Mind if I come in?


          The End.