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  • Riley The Series: 1.06 "Returning The Call"

    Riley Season 1 Episode 6 Rewrite "Returning The Call" Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthrized usage of these characters is permitted.

    Salomie: (V/O) Previously on Riley?..

    CUT TO:


    Eliza: Yeah, these demons settled in town. They're bad news, I'm telling ya. They have some big master plan. I don't know what it is, don't really care. Thought I'd tell you, though.

    CUT TO:


    Riley: But, guys. Something weird happened. I got these flashes in my head.

    Sam: Of what?

    Riley: Of my past.

    CUT TO:


    Lechli: Good, good. Take him here and tear out his heart. This is the last part, right?

    Demon: No, sir. We have to get a brain.

    Eliza: (V/O) Lechli, my dear old friend!

    CUT TO:

    INT ? BAR ? DAY

    Graham: (V/O) What are you looking for?

    Riley: (V/O) A demon bar.

    Man: Get out of here! We're not open yet!

    Riley: I know. I need information.

    CUT TO:


    Xad walks in, smiling.

    Ian: (V/O) Xadlar Demon. A vicious, sadistic demon that is nicknamed Xad. He works for people, killing. Usually some kind of torture. Only high and mighty demons hire him.

    CUT TO:


    Intank: (V/O) She made me into a monster.
    Intank pulls up Jenny's head and shoots a bullet through the bottom of her skull and up through it. Jenny falls to the ground, dead.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie: Please, John. Can we just be friends?

    John: Get away.

    CUT TO:


    Riley: I need to stop this demon.

    Intank: So do I. So, I'm gonna find it, and kill it.

    CUT TO:


    Sara: (yelling) I ran away with you! What more do you want?

    CUT TO:


    Riley: Who are you?

    Tom: I'm Tom. Tom Mechanser.

    Riley: I'm ?

    Tom: I know who you are. You're Riley Finn.

    Riley: How do you know?

    Tom: We've been following you.

    Riley: Who is we!?

    Tom: The Initiative. A government operation which you're joining.

    CUT TO:

    EXT ?

    A vampire jumps out from the shadows and Jill screams. The camera becomes disoriented and moves around everywhere. You just hear screams and then you see Bob and Jill fall down and roll down part of the woods. Jill and Bob hit a tree. Jill gets up and sees Bob bitten and now dead. Jill looks shocked.

    Jill: Oh my god!

    She looks back to where the vamp came from and runs to the street.

    CUT TO:

    EXT ? PIER ? DAY

    Sara starts bursting into tears. Riley looks at her and starts crying, too, as the boat sails away.

    CUT TO:

    EXT ?

    Riley: She's dead.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie: When I got there, a deranged human knocked me over. But then, I realized something. It wasn't a human. It was a demon. The thing that killed Bob, the thing that attacked me, it's all a demon. It just pushed me away. I'm useless according to everyone. You see, now I know about demons and monsters and everything that goes bump in the night. There's nothing left to hide. So stop trying.
    The gang looks stumped. Salomie: Questions? Comments?


    CUT TO:


    You see Salomie fall back onto the ground, looking shocked and scared. She has a stake in her hand, but does not know how to use it. The camera moves to show a vampire above her, smiling. The vampire is pushed away and it reveals Sam behind it. Sam extends her hand and Salomie grabs it. Sam pulls her up.

    Salomie: Thanks.

    Sam: It's not over yet.

    Sam turns to the vamp who punches her back.

    Salomie: So, how does thing die.

    Sam: (out of breath) You had to ask now.

    The vampire punches Sam once more.

    Sam: Stake him, dammit!

    Salomie: What?

    The vampire turns to Salomie, whose eyes are wide open. The vampire's teeth show and extend even longer. Salomie pushes her arm with the stake to the vamp and it plunges through his skin. The vampire smiles and slides out the stake, snatching it from Salomie. Salomie is shocked. The vampire punches Salomie to the ground as well.

    Sam: (while getting up) The heart! Stake him in the heart!

    Salomie is just lying on the ground in shock. Sam kicks the vamp and then punches it, but the vampire pushes her into a tombstone. She gets up and punches but the vamp ducks. Sam plunges her stake at the vamp but the vamp darts away. Suddenly the vamp is hold still. It tries to escape but a person is holding him back: Intank.

    Intank: Stake him already.

    Sam stakes the vampire and it dusts.

    Intank: Took you long enough.

    Sam: I was showing the newbie the ropes.

    Salomie: (getting up) Hey, it's my first vampire!

    Intank: Not really.

    Sam: We saved you from one.

    Salomie: Yes, but I wasn't trying to kill it last time.

    Intank: Whatever you say.

    Salomie: (smiling) Give me a break, guys.

    Sam: Why you smiling?

    Salomie: Cause it's exciting! It's so weird, having a whole new world opened up to you. I mean, I never had a demon friend before!

    Intank: (seriously) You still don't.

    Sam: He's not very friendly in general.

    Salomie: Got it.

    They start walking.

    Salomie: So, why didn't Graham and Riley come with?

    Sam: They had some unfinished business to finish up.

    Salomie: What exactly does that mean?

    Sam and Intank just look at Salomie.

    Salomie: Evil? Big nasty?

    Intank: More like bartender nasty. He set us up.

    Salomie: Ah. That's not good.

    Sam: Well, that's why they're there. To kick his sorry little ass.

    Salomie: Mama like.

    Sam laughs but Intank just smiles at Salomie.

    Salomie: What are you staring at?

    Intank: Your sorry little ass.

    Salomie: Was your first slaying like this?

    Intank: I'm a demon. It came much more naturally.

    Salomie: I meant Sam.

    Sam: Well, no. I did have a bunch of military soldiers around me so I wasn't scared.

    Salomie: (joking) I wasn't scared.

    Intank: Very convincing. Work on that and you've got it down.

    Sam: Well, what about you?

    Salomie: Me?

    Sam: You know all about us. We know you're a student at
    LaintanUniversity. That's it. Who are you?

    Salomie: (smiling) Well, I'm very complex.

    Intank: Many layers to uncover, yes?

    Salomie: Well, I have one best friend who rules. Her name's Jill and she's my best pal. I have another friend, sort of, a little.

    Sam: What?

    Salomie: John. He's um?.interesting.

    Sam: Boyfriend?

    Salomie: Not so much.

    Intank: Even though this is very interesting, I think I'm gonna go and let you, ya know, bond.

    Intank walks away and Salomie just smiles.

    CUT TO:


    You see Intank's cellphone on the bar when it starts vibrating. It stops and you hear someone leave a message.

    Voice: (V/O) Intank, I'm back.

    You see who it's from. It says Neiki.

    Neiki: (V/O) I'm back.



    "End of the World" by REM/Great Big Sea starts playing.


    Marc Blucas as Riley Finn

    Ivana Milicevic as Sam Finn

    Bailey Chase as Graham Miller

    Jason Dohring as Intank Welleee

    And Allison Mack as Salomie Sullivan

    Guest Starring:

    Michael Varton as Michael

    Topher Grace as Lain

    Liza Weil as Melissa

    Jared Padelecki as John

    Carlos Bernard as Bob

    Jewel Staite as Jill
    And Nicki Aycox as Eliza

    Created By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Written By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Edited By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Produced By: Different Dimensions Inc.

    Riley The Series is affiliated with The Demon Slayer, written by The Dark Ages (Kevin).

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    ACT I


    The camera zooms past the entrance to show Riley holding onto Ian's neck and slamming him into the bar.

    Ian: Dude, I'm sorry! The guy threatened me.

    Graham is just standing next to Riley.

    Graham: Yeah, you looked so sad for doing it when you talked to us.

    Ian: He paid me.

    Graham: And that makes it alright?

    Ian: Yes!

    Riley smashes him against the bar again.

    Ian: You can't kill me. I'm human.

    Riley throws Ian onto the ground.

    Riley: I can throw you around a bit.

    Ian: I'm sorry!

    Riley picks him up again. Suddenly, Ian's eyes turn backwards just showing his white. Riley is confused and drops him. Ian's eyes turn back to normal and he gasps.

    Ian: That is not good.

    Riley: What? What just happened?

    Graham: Don't ask me.

    Ian: Your little friend. Your little friend is here.

    Riley: What little friend?

    Ian: Neiki.

    Graham: Who's Neiki?

    Ian: Don't ask me, I just see the stuff.

    Riley: You see what stuff?

    Ian: Why should I tell you? You were just ?

    Riley punches Ian.

    Ian: I can see other stuff going on around here. I saw your guy, Neiki, come into town.

    Riley: We don't know a Neiki.

    Ian: The vision said ya did.

    Riley: It told you?

    Ian: When I see this stuff, I get this knowledge. It's a thing.

    Graham: I thought you weren't a demon.

    Ian: I'm not.

    Riley: Then, you're lying.

    Ian: I'm not, honest! Drugs. I used to get some from some demons. They're interesting drugs with some interesting side effects.

    Graham: Did you try stopping with the drugs?

    Ian: You think I still take those things? Once ya have ?em, ya have ?em.

    Riley: Tell me more about Neiki.

    Ian: I don't know anymore!

    Riley: You must.

    Ian: No, I don't!

    Riley stares at Ian.

    Ian: I'll call ya if I get another vision ?bout him.

    Riley: You don't know who I am.

    Ian: Riley Finn. Telephone number: 567-9347. It all comes with the visions, baby. Before you came, I saw you coming for info. I was ready for you. Plus, Xad told me all about you guys.

    Riley: You better make me forget that or I'll kick your ass some more.

    Ian: Don't worry. It's forgotten.

    Riley: Contact us if you get another one.

    Ian: Will do.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie and Sam are sitting on the couch.

    Salomie: So, do you guys do this every night?

    Sam: Most nights.

    Salomie: Must be a drag.

    Sam: Sometimes.

    Salomie: Sometimes?

    Sam: Well, tonight was fun.

    Salomie: Fun!? I hate to see what miserable is like, then.

    Sam: Training a newbie. Ya know, it's new.

    Salomie: Hence the name. Plus, you guys didn't really train me. You kind of just stopped me from dying.

    Sam: Well, that's a huge thing in fighting.

    Salomie: (laughing) Yeah.


    Salomie: So, what's Intank's deal?

    Sam: Keeps to himself.

    Salomie: Didn't seem that way to me.

    Sam: You're the first person he's opened up to. It's kind of amazing, actually. He never does that.

    Salomie: You know me.

    Salomie laughs.

    Sam: I'm not kidding. You charmed him or made him feel comfortable or something.

    Salomie: Well, I gotta go. Jill's waiting up for me. We're gonna watch some stupid reality show.

    Sam: Well, have fun.

    Salomie: (standing up) Thanks for everything, Sam.

    Salomie puts on her coat and opens the door. Riley and Graham walk in and Salomie smiles.

    Salomie: Hey. How was your ?business'?

    Salomie winks and Riley and Graham stare at her, blankly.

    Salomie: Well, see ya Sam.

    Sam: Bye Salomie!

    Salomie shuts the door behind her.

    Riley: What's up with her?

    Sam: A bit hyper.

    Graham: Understandable.

    Riley: More like scary.

    Sam: She's cool, just you wait.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie walks in and sees Jill on the bed.

    Salomie: Hey, you.

    Jill looks to Salomie, sad.

    Jill: Hey.

    Salomie: What's wrong?

    Jill: What do you think?

    Salomie: Still?

    Jill: Salomie, he died in my ?

    Salomie: Shh! It's okay.

    Jill starts to cry a bit.


    Salomie: Let's watch a movie.

    Jill: Fine.

    Salomie: What do you want?

    Jill: Whatever.

    Salomie: The Godfather it is!

    Jill smiles and laughs as Salomie pops in the movie.

    CUT TO:


    Nina and John are there, John on a chair and Nina standing up.

    John: Okay, so tell.

    Nina: Listen carefully, cause I'm only gonna say this once.

    John: Ears are open.

    Nina: I need a scroll.

    John: (confused) What?

    Nina: It's at the museum.

    John: Wh --?

    Nina: Do not ask questions! Just do!

    John: Why should I?

    Nina: Because I know secrets beyond your wildest imagination.

    John: Yeah, right.

    Nina: Stop pretending to be all noble! I know you're not perfect. You're anything but perfect, my dear.

    John looks at Nina, mad.

    John: Fine.

    Nina: Good. Now, let me continue. The Laintan National Museum. That's where it's at.

    John: You want me to steal it?

    Nina: Exactly.

    John: Why?

    Nina: Didn't I just say ?no questions'?

    John: It has the best security in the city.

    Nina: (laughing) That's not saying much.

    John: I still won't be able to get in.

    Nina: Yes. Yes, you will.

    John: How?!

    Nina puts her hand into her pocket and pulls out a cube that's shinning blue.

    Nina: You get to the front door. Smash this on the ground, shattering it into a million pieces, yes? Everything will open, nothing will get in your way. Do now ask how or anything like that, because I will not answer.

    Nina hands over the cube.

    Nina: I'll come back in a week. You better have it by then.

    Nina stands up and walks to the door.

    John: One more question. Please.

    Nina: What?

    John: Why me?

    Nina smiles and repeats what she said last time.

    Nina: All in good time.

    Nina walks out leaving John scared, confused, and shocked.

    CUT TO:


    Eliza walks into the cave, all beaten and tired. It's the night after she was chained up. She lies down on the ground when she hears something. She jerks her head up and looks around. Suddenly, you hear footsteps walk in. Eliza looks over and seems scared. The camera reveals to show Nina Barker.

    Eliza: You. No, not you.

    Eliza pushes against the cave wall to try get away.

    Nina: What happened to you? You turned into a wimp.

    Eliza: Get away, demon!

    Nina: Stop being a hypocrite.

    Eliza: I'll get a stake and smash it into your heart if you don't back off.

    Nina: Yes, you look in great condition.

    Eliza: What do you want?

    Nina: Nothing. Nothing at all.

    Eliza: Stop lying.

    Nina: I'm not. I was wondering around the woods and I saw this lovely cave. I thought I'd stop by.

    Eliza: Get out. Get out, get out!

    Nina: If you insist. But, I swear, I'll be ?

    Eliza: GET OUT!

    Nina smiles and walks out.

    CUT TO:


    A car pulls to the side of the road and the door opens. Out walks a man, smiling. The car is a taxi. He was the passenger. He is Neiki.

    Driver: What brings you hear?

    Neiki: Oh, nothing.

    Neiki reaches to the driver and snaps his neck with ease.

    Neiki: Just returning the call.



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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      Riley and Sam are walking through the graveyard.

      Sam: Why do we even have to do this? This place has been clean for weeks.

      Riley: Vampires migrate to different areas. Plus, we have to be sure.

      Sam: Fine.

      Sam looks forward and her eyes widen.

      Sam: Oh, boy.

      Riley stops.

      Riley: What?

      Sam: Oh, boy.

      Riley: Oh, boy?

      Sam: Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Oh, boy!

      Sam points and Riley looks to see about twenty vampires running towards them.

      Riley: Holy s-

      Sam has to drag Riley down as one of the vampires throws a knife.

      Sam: Get up and run!

      They start running but are met by five vampires coming the other way. One vampire punches Sam to the ground as Riley punches another. Sam takes out her stake, jumps up, and stakes the one. Riley throws the vamp to the ground, but it's getting up. They decide to flee from the five vampires. They are running as fast as they can from the twenty-four vampires.

      Riley: What is this!?

      Sam: Your guess is as good as mine!

      CUT TO:


      Intank is sitting at the bar watching his phone. The door slams open and Graham, Riley, and Sam walk in.

      Intank looks up at them.

      Intank: I should really lock that thing.

      Sam: You sure you called Salomie a ton?

      Graham: As much as humanely possible.

      Riley: We'll just fill her in later.

      Intank: What do you idiots want?

      Graham: Something's not so good.

      Intank: Cryptic, much?

      Riley: There's been a lot of vampire activity lately. Wanna know why?

      Intank: Enlighten me.

      Sam: We have no frickin' idea.

      Intank: Then why are you here?

      Sam: Do you know anything?

      Riley: Anything that would warrant many, many, many vampires.

      Graham: Who's Neiki?

      Intank just looks at Graham, Riley, and Sam. He looks down and then looks back at them.

      Intank: Neiki.

      CUT TO:


      They're all still there.

      Graham: He wants revenge?

      Intank: Yes, and he just left a message on my phone saying he's back. He uses many vampires for?.minions, you could say.

      Graham: (giggling) Minions.

      Sam looks at Graham, strangely.

      Riley: (realizing) That's what Xad showed you.

      Intank: (sarcastically) You're a smart one, aren't you?

      Sam: We have to get him. We have to stop him.

      Riley: Sounds good to me.

      Graham: Minions.

      The door slams open. Neiki walks in.

      Graham: Who are -?

      Intank: That's Neiki.

      They all stand up.

      Sam: You really should lock your door.

      Neiki: I know, he's not very smart, eh?

      Neiki looks at Sam and smiles.

      Neiki: And who's that little babe?

      Riley: (angered) Shut your trap, bitch.

      Neiki: (smiling) Husband? Or love affair?

      Sam: He's my husband.

      Neiki walks closer to them.

      Intank: Don't do anything.

      Neiki: Oh, I wouldn't ?

      Intank: Not you. Them.

      Riley: What!?

      Intank: He'll kill you in five seconds flat.

      Neiki: This is a nice place you got here. Almost as nice as Jenny's place.

      Intank: Don't you dare.

      Neiki: What? I gave you a compliment.

      Intank punches but Neiki catches his fist.

      Neiki: (grinning) Don't tempt me.

      Intank lets go.

      Neiki: Well, this was nice. See you guys.

      Graham: Don't come back soon.

      Neiki smiles and walks out of the room.

      Riley: Something needs to be done.

      CUT TO:


      A woman is sitting on her couch, waiting for someone. The doorbell rings and she answers the door. She smiles as she sees the man. It's Neiki.

      Woman: Neiki?

      Neiki: Julie?

      Julie smiles! They hug.

      Julie: Online buddies together! Come in.

      Neiki walks in as Julie closes the door.

      Julie: So, how ?

      Neiki covers her mouth and smashes her into a wall. She is suffocating. Finally, she collapses to the ground as Neiki smiles.

      CUT TO:


      Graham and Riley are standing in the hallway behind a police line of Julie's apartment.

      Riley: Neiki?

      Graham: Maybe.

      Riley: This is just horrible.

      They are carrying out a stretcher now.

      Riley: Oh, god.

      You see her arm falling out. Something has been imprinted on her arm. It says "Salomie".

      Their eyes widen.

      Riley: Oh, no.

      They run.

      CUT TO:


      Jill and Salomie are bowling. It is Jill's turn.

      Jill: Wow! Two days of bowling in a row.

      Salomie: Don't tell me you don't like this.

      Jill bowls. She watches as the bowling ball glides down the alley. It knocks down all the pins. Jill jumps in joy!

      Jill: Yes! Strike, baby! Cha-ching!

      Jill walks back down to the seats while doing a little dance and Salomie smiles.

      Salomie: Nice, Jill.

      Jill: Thank you. I've been practicing.

      Salomie: What? The bowling or the dance?

      Jill: Guess.

      Salomie: Dance?

      Jill: Bingo.

      Jill sits down and takes a bite of a cheese burger.

      Salomie: Is that good?

      Jill: Yummy yummy in my tummy.

      Salomie: Good.

      Jill: Thanks.

      Salomie: For what?

      Jill: Bringing me back to normal. I'm my old self again!

      Salomie: You certainly are!

      Jill: Yay?

      Salomie: Yay.

      They smile.

      Salomie: Are you okay?

      Jill: Perfecto!

      Salomie: Good.

      Jill: Then, why don't we ?

      Jill is knocked to the ground. Salomie looks up to see Neiki. Neiki smiles.

      Salomie: Who are -?

      Neiki covers her and drags her away, while she's trying to scream. The camera moves to show everyone else in the bowling alley dead and bloody.



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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        The door opens and Salomie is thrown in. Vampires are in there, hiding from the sun shinning in. Neiki walks in right after the thrown Salomie, smiling.

        Neiki: Stay here.

        Salomie: (scared) Who are you?

        Neiki: A friend.

        Salomie: Then let me go.

        Neiki: I will. After I kill you.

        Salomie looks even more terrified. She tries to get up but Neiki slams her into a wall.

        Neiki: You are to stay here. You are to not leave, or I swear I will rip you open and serve your heart on a platter.

        Neiki drops Salomie to the ground.

        Neiki: (to vamps) Watch her.

        CUT TO:


        John walks to the museum door with the cube. He looks around and smashes it on the ground. It shatters and the door flings open. John looks around and walks into the museum, closing the door behind him.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

        Sam is running down the street, cell phone in hand.

        Sam: Yes, Riley, I'm sure! She's been taken, probably by Neiki. Okay, I'll be right over.

        She hangs up and is right in front of Michael.

        Michael: Hi, Sam.

        Sam: (surprised) Oh, hi, Michael. I kind of ?

        Michael: I know you're in a rush. You always are. But I thought you could take a moment to talk to me.

        Sam: (giving in) What?

        Michael: (taken by surprise) Sorry, I didn't think it was that much of a nuisance.

        Sam: I'm sorry, Michael, I'm just in a bit of a hurry.

        Michael: Is there anything I can do?

        Sam: Talk a hell of a lot faster.

        Michael: Well, I was wondering if you maybe wanted to ?

        Sam: Go on a date?

        Michael: Well, um?.

        Sam: I'm married, Michael. I'm sorry.

        Michael: Well, maybe not a date. But, to be friends. To talk.

        Sam: Sure, that would be?.okay. I'll see you at the coffee shop tomorrow at lunchtime. If I'm not there, too bad. I'm busy.

        Sam hurries away. Michael is bewildered at her rudeness.

        CUT TO:


        Sam walks in to see Riley sitting on the couch, waiting for her. He stands up when she walks in.

        Sam: I'm sure. I went to the bowling alley she told me too and found it all bloody with her friend there.

        Riley: Dead?

        Sam: I don't know. I called the police, anonymously, so it'll all be cleaned up.

        Riley: Good.

        Sam: Where's the others?

        Riley: At Intank's, getting some weapons.

        Sam: Good, cause I really want to kill this son of a bitch.

        Riley: We all do, especially Intank.

        The door opens and Graham and Intank walk in with a bag full of weapons.

        Graham: We're back, ready and armed.

        Riley: Now we can go kill him.

        Intank: One problem: we don't know where he is.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie is sitting there, scared, when the door opens and Neiki enters again.

        Salomie: Who are you!?

        Neiki looks at Salomie.

        Neiki: Well, I guess I have some time.

        Neiki kneels down next to Salomie.

        Neiki: You know you're little friend, Intank?

        Salomie just stares.

        Neiki: Well, he did something very bad to me. My sister is dead because of him.

        Salomie looks shocked and scared.

        Neiki: He is going to pay, and anyone who helps him is, too. So, when you die, just know it's because of your little friend. You are dying because that little bitch murdered my sister. And trust me, I will have my revenge.

        Neiki gives a menacing and scary smile, leaving Salomie distraught.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? MUSEUM ? NIGHT

        John walks in and looks around the dark museum. No alarms are going off. He is walking through the museum until he sees a plastic glass container with a scroll in it.

        John: This is the one.

        John touches it and all the plastic melts. He is shocked and takes a step back. He carefully takes the scroll, but again, no alarm goes off. He looks around, confused.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie is sitting on the ground when she sees a shard of glass sitting on the ground. She quickly jumps to it and picks it up as she stands up. Three vampires rush at her. She immediately stabs one. It screams as it dusts.

        Vampire #1: Bitch!

        Vampire #1 slaps Salomie across the face. Salomie kicks it but it barely does anything. Vampire #2 grabs her shoulders, but she turns around and tries to stake him. He grabs her hand as she tries to stake him. The door smashes open and Neiki with two more vamps come in.

        Neiki: What is this?!

        Salomie looks to Neiki, scared.

        Neiki: (angry) Ms. Sullivan.

        Neiki walks to them and stakes the shard of glass. He quickly stakes Vampire #2.

        Neiki: He almost let you go. But, I should've known you'd make a ruckus. I mean, that's just like you.

        Neiki grabs her by her ear and he pulls her back, closer to the wall.

        Neiki: Get against the wall!

        Neiki smashes her into the wall. Neiki punches the wall strongly, his fist landing right next to Salomie's face. Neiki brings up the glass again and puts it next to Salomie's neck.

        Neiki: You better behave like a good girl or next time this glass will be in your neck.

        Neiki suddenly slashes at Salomie's cheek, forming a line and blood dripping from it. She winces and falls to the ground.

        Neiki: Are you a good girl yet?

        Salomie: (crying) I'm not afraid of you.

        Neiki: Is that so?

        Salomie: Yes?

        Neiki picks Salomie up by her neck, and her feet lift from the ground. He then throws her to the ground.

        Neiki: (smiling) Are you scared of me now?

        CUT TO:


        Intank is sitting on the ground with twigs making a circle around him. He is in the middle of the circle with his eyes closed.

        Riley: Is this actually supposed to work?

        Intank: Yes, it's a locator spell. We'll know where he is in seconds.

        Intank closes his eyes once more and there is a silence. Suddenly, a map appears out of nowhere and a star is being printed by the warehouses. He opens his eyes and the map falls to the ground.

        Intank: He's in one of the warehouses.

        Sam: So, we smash down the door of every warehouse?

        Intank: Basically.

        Graham: Well, that sounds like fun.

        Riley: Let's go, then.

        They stand up. Riley and Graham get out of the house and Intank and Sam are about to follow, Intank with the bag of weapons. Sam confronts Intank.

        Sam: Intank, I know all about Neiki now.

        Intank: I know. I told you, remember?

        Sam: I mean, I understand him.

        Intank: Nobody can understand him.

        Sam: I do. And, I just wanna say, I understand ?

        Intank: Stop understanding and get out of my life! This is a mission to save Salomie, nothing more. Now stay out!

        Intank stomps out, leaving Sam shocked.

        CUT TO:


        Jill is sitting on a bench outside the bowling alley with police cars all around her. She looks shocked. A police officer walks next to her.

        Officer: We just have a few quick questions for you, ma'am.

        Jill looks at the Officer.

        Officer: Do you know what happened to you?

        Jill: I was playing?.playing?.I was bowling, with my friend. (realizing) Salomie! Where is she? Is she okay?

        Officer: I'm sorry, there was no other person in there left alive.

        Jill looks shocked and starts crying.

        Jill: Salomie! I was bowling! Knocked over the head! She's dead!? She can't be dead, what!?

        Officer: I'm sorry, but we have not identified all the bodies.

        Jill: Oh my god, the bodies. Oh my god. I need to go. I need to go.

        Jill runs away and the police look stunned.

        Officer: Shouldn't we chase her?

        Officer #2: She's safe tonight.

        The Officer vamps out.

        Officer: I guess. We don't need her.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? DORM ? NIGHT

        Jill is running to the door when she smashes into a blond girl with many books. They fall and the books fall. The girl gets up and starts getting her books.

        Girl: I'm sorry, I didn't see you there.

        Jill: (scared) Where's Salomie?

        Girl: Who?

        Jill: My friend, she was with me, but then they were all dead. Oh, god. Not again. Not again.

        Girl: Calm down. My name's Chris. Come to my dorm, and let's sort this all out. Okay?

        Jill: (crying) My best friend. My only friend! I don't know where she is, if she's alive. Help me, please.

        Chris: Shh, it's gonna be okay.

        Chris puts her arm on Jill's soldier.

        Chris: I'm going to help you.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie is sitting on the ground, with again, only two vampires guarding her. She sees her opening and she runs for the door. They chase her but she has already opened the door and ran out.

        CUT TO:


        She keeps running, but she sees the gang in front of her. She smiles.

        Salomie: Intank! Sam! Riley! Graham! Help!

        They see her and start running towards her. They meet up with her while the vampire's are running right behind her.

        Riley: Keep going with Sam and Intank. Me and Graham will hold them off here, right now.

        Sam: What?

        Riley: Go! GO!

        Sam, Intank, and Salomie keep running. Riley holds up his sword and Graham his crossbow. They both have stakes in their pockets.

        Graham: Let's do this.

        Graham shoots one of the vampires in the heart, making him dust instantly. Riley swings his sword at the vampire, but he ducks. The vampire punches Riley. Riley spins around and when he comes back to the front, he swings his sword to decapitate the vampire.

        Riley: Two down.

        About fifteen more vampires come out of the different warehouses.

        Graham: About fifty more to go.

        Graham and Riley look scared and shocked.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie, Sam, and Intank are running through the graveyard when about fifteen vampires ambush them. At the front of the group is Neiki, smiling.

        Neiki: Don't try and get away, my darling.

        Salomie screams. Intank guards her.

        Neiki: So, is this someone you like?

        Intank: Don't touch her, or I will rip your guts out.

        Neiki: (smiling) Harsh, eh?

        Sam: Get away from us!

        Neiki: No, no, no. That wouldn't be fun.

        Sam raises a crossbow and shoots at one of the vampires. It dusts. The others rush at them while Neiki smiles. Sam punches one but two others jump on her. Intank rushes at one but Neiki jumps onto him.

        Neiki: You can't win, idiot. I'll always win.

        Intank kicks Neiki into the air. They both get to their feet, ready for a fight. Riley and Graham join Sam and Salomie with the other fifteen vamps on their trail. Intank punches at Neiki but he ducks and sends a punch to the stomach. He sends a kick but Intank ducks and kicks Neiki back to the ground.

        Intank: Bring it on.

        Neiki: You will die!

        Neiki jumps up and kicks Intank across the face. He grabs Intank's face and throws him into a tombstone. Intank kicks but Neiki grabs his leg and throws him to the ground.

        Neiki: You can't fight me.

        Intank gets up but Neiki punches him down again.

        Neiki: Look around. All your friends?.they're dying.

        Riley is being punched by two different vamps. Graham is being kicked while on the ground. Sam is trying to guard Salomie, who is on the ground, terrified.

        Neiki: You've lost.

        Neiki kicks Intank again.

        Neiki: Give it up.

        Intank looks right into Neiki's eyes as he stands up.

        Intank: No.

        Intank uppercuts Neiki and he flies a far distance and lands with a smash. He runs to different vamps, easily ripping through them with his bare hands. He watches them dust. About half the ones remaining run away while Intank digs through the rest. Neiki is on the ground, smiling.

        Neiki: My good ?ole Intank.

        Intank looks to Neiki. Neiki smiles as he gets up.

        Neiki: It's been nice. Talk to you later.

        Neiki starts running away. Sam gets up and goes to Riley. She is holding her neck.

        Riley: What's wrong?

        Sam: One of them bit me.

        Riley: Oh.



        Neiki and Intank are standing there. Neiki is crying.

        Neiki: She was my everything, Intank! You knew that! But you killed her anyways.

        Intank: Neiki, no matter how much she loved you, she was evil.

        Neiki: No. No! She was not evil! She was not a monster! You are the monster. How could you do that to anyone? How?

        Intank: Neiki, she turned us into monsters. Now we have to try to resist it!

        Neiki: No! She made us beautiful. We're beautiful.

        Intank: We have to stop it. We have to resist.

        Neiki looks at him with a sad face. Tears falling from his eyes.

        Neiki: You can't resist. That's not what she would've wanted.

        Intank: Neiki! She wanted to kill people!

        Neiki: Then we'll kill people. You don't get it. She's everything. She's amazing.

        Intank: Neiki, you have to stop.

        Neiki: No! You're going to pay! First, you kill her and now you don't respect her wishes. You have to die.

        Intank: Neiki! Stop this!

        Neiki: You're going to pay. And Jenny's going to come back and you're going to regret everything. Just you wait and see. Just you wait.

        The screen turns white.


        CUT TO:


        We get a close up of Intank's face.

        END OF ACT III


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          ACT IV

          CUT TO:


          Salomie walks in to find an empty room. She slowly walks to her bed and lies down.

          Salomie: I've had one hell of a night.

          Jill: (V/O) Have you?

          Salomie looks up to see Jill in her doorway.

          Salomie: Jill! You're okay!

          Salomie walks to Jill and hugs her.

          Jill: Where have you been?

          Salomie: (thinking) I was unconscious? the cabinet. But, the police found me, so now I'm okay.

          Jill: I've been worried sick. They told me everyone in there was dead and I thought you, too. Where were you!?

          Salomie: That doesn't matter now. All that matters now is that I'm here. I'm safe. Thank you for caring for me, though.

          Jill: How could I not?

          Salomie: Okay, how about we watch a nice little movie?

          Jill: We always do.

          Salomie: Okay, what else do you want to do?

          Jill: (smiling) I want to watch a nice, little movie.

          Salomie: (smiling) Then a nice, little movie we shall watch. Just for you.

          Jill: Why, thank you.

          Salomie: You're welcome.

          They close the door.

          Salomie: So, should we continue our Academy Award sweep?

          Jill: I do think so.

          Salomie: Good, next up is Titanic!

          CUT TO:


          Riley and Sam are sitting in bed.

          Riley: How's the neck?

          Sam: Okay, I guess. A bit itchy.

          Riley: I don't think you're supposed to itch it.

          Sam: I'll try not to.


          Sam: How are we going to do this?

          Riley: Do what?

          Sam: Take down Neiki!

          Riley: We'll do what we always do.

          Sam: But that won't work. This guy is big, strong, extremely emotional for Intank. I mean, he basically told me to back off and ignore all his feelings today. He screamed! And Salomie! Her intro to our world is being kidnapped and almost killed!? How does that work?

          Riley: That is our world.

          Sam: But that shouldn't have happened to her!

          Riley: You're right, but we saved her. She'll be fine.

          Sam: She's terrified. Frickin' terrified!

          Riley: We all are, honey.

          Sam: (tearing up) I need some help, Riley. I'm going all crazy. I need some real help.

          Riley: It's gonna be okay. We're going to come out of this strong and confident.

          Sam: No, we won't. We're going to come out of this dead.

          Sam looks up at Riley, with fear in her eyes.

          Sam: We're all going to die.

          CUT TO:


          It is all dark, and the door slowly opens. Intank walks in, but doesn't even bother to turn on the lights. He closes the door and walks to the window. The lights turn on and Intank turns around to see Neiki at the wall.

          Neiki: It was kind of depressing in here. Thought I'd lighten up the room.

          Intank: Get out of here.

          Neiki: It's nice to see you, too, Neiki.

          Intank: You want a fight? Is that what you want?

          Neiki: No, of course not. Just a talk.

          Intank: Nobody ever just wants a talk. They always want something. What do you want?'

          Neiki: You dead. But people tell me to be patient.

          Neiki stands up.

          Neiki: I guess I will be.

          Intank: You're not funny, you're not even smart.

          Neiki: Don't kid yourself, kid. I can destroy you, both in physical strength and mental strength, in five seconds.

          Intank: Would you like to test that theory?

          Neiki: No. Because doing that wouldn't be fun.

          Intank: What's with you and fun!? Huh!?

          Neiki: Doesn't everyone want fun? And, seriously. What's more fun that watching the bastard that murdered my sister die?.slowly?.very, very slowly? Nothing. That's the answer. Nothing at all.

          Intank: Get out of my room.

          Neiki: Gladly.

          Neiki opens the door and starts to walk out but turns around.

          Neiki: I'll be seeing you around.

          Neiki walks out and closes the door. Intank takes a knife from his pocket and chucks it at the door. It sticks in the door.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? DORM ? JOHN'S DORM ? NIGHT

          John is sitting, obviously waiting for someone. The door opens and Nina walks in, smiling.

          Nina: Hello, John. How are you?

          John: Let's cut the chat.

          Nina: Oh, well, right down to business.

          Nina closes the door.

          Nina: Fine with me.

          John: Good.

          Nina: Where is it?

          John nods toward the desk where the scroll is sitting. Nina grabs it and looks at it. She looks back at John and smiles.

          Nina: Good.

          John: Now?.answers.

          Nina: (laughing) Answers? You really thought that was what this deal was? A partnership? No, no, no. I have secrets about you. I will not release them if you do whatever the hell I want. I have this against you. You can't do anything. You are, basically, my willing slave.

          John looks scared.

          Nina: I will not explain myself to you, I will not explain my motives, my personality, nor my history. My business will remain private, hence the name: private business. You will do whatever I say whenever I say without questions. Do you understand me?

          John: Your secrets aren't that large.

          Nina: No, they aren't. Yours, on the other hand, are. John, you're a murderer.

          Dramatic music plays as John realizes the seriousness of the situation.

          Nina: Well, that among other very bad things. But, no one knows. It will remain that way if you follow my rules. If you don't, well, ya know. You lose. You die. End of story. Quite literally, actually. B'bye now.

          Nina stands up with the scroll and walks out of the room leaving John sad, shocked, and scared.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF ACT IV

          ROLL CREDITS

          END EPISODE


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            • This episode is the introduction to the big bad.
            • The start of all the characters coming together, but Salomie's world will still stay apart from Riley's world.
            • Shortest episode yet, probably. Not entirely happy with the result, but whatever.
            • This is the first episode with an act four.