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Riley The Series: 1.05 "Hasn't Even Begun (Part 2)"

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  • Riley The Series: 1.05 "Hasn't Even Begun (Part 2)"

    Riley Season 1 Episode 5 Rewrite "Hasn't Even Begun (Part 2)"

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthrized usage of these characters is permitted.

    Riley: (V/O) Previously on Riley?.

    CUT TO:


    Eliza: Yeah, these demons settled in town. They're bad news, I'm telling ya. They have some big master plan. I don't know what it is, don't really care. Thought I'd tell you, though.

    CUT TO:


    Riley: But, guys. Something weird happened. I got these flashes in my head.

    Sam: Of what?

    Riley: Of my past.

    CUT TO:


    Lechli: Good, good. Take him here and tear out his heart. This is the last part, right?

    Demon: No, sir. We have to get a brain.

    Eliza: (V/O) Lechli, my dear old friend!

    CUT TO:


    Eliza: Help!

    Lechli: No one's here to help you.

    Lechli bends down and knocks Eliza out by smashing her over the head with his gun.

    CUT TO:


    Michael: Quiet down. I was betting, and if I don't give them the money, then?.please, I need that money.

    Sam: Michael, why did you do this?

    Michael: I needed more money.

    Sam: How much do you need?

    Michael: Ten thousand dollars.

    CUT TO:

    INT ? CAVE ? DAY

    Eliza is chained to a cave wall.

    Eliza: Is this how you get your kicks!?

    Lechli: A little.

    CUT TO:

    INT ? BAR ? DAY

    Graham: (V/O) What are you looking for?

    Riley: (V/O) A demon bar.

    Man: Get out of here! We're not open yet!

    Riley: I know. I need information.

    CUT TO:


    Xad walks in, smiling.

    Ian: (V/O) Xadlar Demon. A vicious, sadistic demon that is nicknamed Xad. He works for people, killing. Usually some kind of torture. Only high and mighty demons hire him.

    CUT TO:


    Intank: (V/O) She made me into a monster.

    Intank pulls up Jenny's head and shoots a bullet through the bottom of her skull and up through it. Jenny falls to the ground, dead.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie: Please, John. Can we just be friends?

    John: Get away.

    CUT TO:


    Riley: I need to stop this demon.

    Intank: So do I. So, I'm gonna find it, and kill it.

    CUT TO:

    EXT ?

    Riley: (V/O) Well, we can work together.

    Xad punches Riley and then kicks him to the ground, unconscious. Both Intank and Riley are unconscious.

    CUT TO:

    INT ? CAVE ? DAY

    Xad: Here we go again.



    CUT TO:


    Woman: (V/O) You think you know?.what's to come?.it hasn't even begun.

    CUT TO:


    Sam bursts in to find Graham on the couch.

    Sam: Graham, get up.

    Graham gets up abruptly.

    Graham: What? What happened?

    Sam: Get up.

    Graham: I'm in the dark right now, Sam.

    Sam: The demon took Intank and Riley.

    Graham: What?!

    Sam: They went looking for it and I sneaked behind them. The demon beat them pretty badly and took them. I ran away. I was a coward. Now, we need to save them.

    Graham: Definitely.

    Sam: Okay. Let's get ready.

    CUT TO:


    Jill and Salomie are walking down the street.

    Jill: So, where are we going, anyways?

    Salomie: We're going to the police station.

    Jill: Why? What for?

    Salomie: I want to find out what happened.

    Jill: When?

    Salomie: The night I was saved.

    Jill sighs.

    Jill: This again? Haven't we done this enough?

    Salomie: If you don't want to go, go to another shop.

    Jill: (smiling) My pleasure.

    Jill walks away from Salomie and into another store. Salomie continues walking.

    CUT TO:


    John is sitting on his bed with his laptop. There is a knock on the door and he opens it. A woman is standing there.

    Woman: Hello. I'm Nina Baker, and I need your help.

    John looks confused.



    "End of the World" by Great Big Sea/REM starts playing.


    Marc Blucas as Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic as Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase as Graham Miller
    Jason Dohring as Intank Welleee
    And Allison Mack as Salomie Sullivan

    Guest Starring:

    Michael Varton as Michael
    Topher Grace as Lain
    Liza Weil as Melissa
    Jared Padelecki as John
    Carlos Bernard as Bob
    Jewel Staite as Jill
    And Nicki Aycox as Eliza

    Created By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Written By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Edited By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Produced By: Different Dimensions Inc.

    Riley The Series is affiliated with The Demon Slayer, written by The Dark Ages (Kevin).

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    ACT I

    CUT TO:

    INT ? CAVE ? DAY

    Eliza, Intank, and Riley are chained to the wall. Xad walks along all of them.

    Xad: So sad. Pathetic, I must say. You're all bumbling idiots and it's hysterical. Stupid idiots with idiot nonsense brewing in their brains. Fun, like little butterflies, they fall. They all fall.

    Eliza: Poetic, much?

    Xad smiles at Eliza and walks in front of her.

    Xad: Smart mouth.

    Xad slaps Eliza across the face.

    Xad: Oops.

    Eliza smiles at Xad at uses her unchained feet to kick Xad to the ground.

    Xad: (pissed) You god damn bitch! Chain her feet! I'll kill her!

    The demon minions run to Eliza and hold her back as they chain her feet to the wall as well. Intank smiles and chuckles. Xad looks at Intank with anger.

    Xad: You thought that was funny? I think this is funny!

    Xad puts his hands on Intank's head and Intank screams.


    CUT TO:


    Intank is hiding behind a building. Intank is breathing heavily and looks scared. Intank peeks back and sees if anyone is there. No one's there. He runs down the alley and, suddenly, a man shows up at the end of the alley. Intank's eyes widen and Intank is frozen there. The man runs to Intank and you can see that he's a vamp. Three more vamps follow behind him.

    Intank: Holy crap.

    Intank punches the first vamp but it does nothing to him. The vamp grabs hold of Intank and throws him into a wall.

    Neiki: (V/O) You still haven't harnessed your powers. How funny.

    The vamp holds Intank down as the three other vamps catch up. Neiki walks next to them and smiles.

    Neiki: Hello, old friend.

    Intank: Get away from me.

    Neiki: No. You owe me something.

    Intank: And what would that be?

    Neiki: My sister's life! A life for a life is fair enough, don't ya think?

    Intank: Not especially.

    Neiki: Why? You guys are alike!

    Intank: Yeah, except for the part where she's evil.

    Neiki: She was a goddess!

    Intank: She was a murderer!

    Neiki: No, she sacrificed lives for the greater good!

    Intank: Greater good?! What greater good?!

    Neiki: She saved people!

    Intank: Who?

    Neiki: Respectable people!

    Intank: Who!?


    Neiki: Kill him.

    The vamps are about to bite into Intank when he turns blue and pushes them all off of him.

    Neiki is shocked.

    Intank: Sorry, Neiki. I'm not going.

    Intank punches Neiki into the air and he breaks through a brick wall and falls to the ground.

    Vamp: Get back here.

    Intank is shocked at how much strength he used and he runs. He runs into another alley and sees a door. He opens it and walks in. He slams the door behind him.


    CUT TO:

    INT ? CAVE ? DAY

    Intank's eyes are widen and he is gasping.

    Intank: (mad) You?.you, bitch.

    Xad: (smiling) Happy?

    CUT TO:


    It is empty. Suddenly, the door flings open and Sam walks through, followed by Graham.

    Graham: Why are we here?

    Sam: You'll see.

    Graham: Why was the door open?

    Sam: Always is, everyone just suspects it isn't.

    Graham: (smiling) Intank's an idiot.

    Sam: No?.

    Sam opens the door to the training room and Graham sees it.

    Sam: He really isn't.

    Graham: What is this?

    CUT TO:


    They walk in.

    Sam: It's Intank's training room.

    Graham: Why does he have one?

    Sam just looks at Graham.

    Graham: Okay, stupid question. But, why are we here?

    Sam: Research, weapons, training. Whatever it takes.

    Graham: Okay. Where's the stuff?

    Sam: Weapons are in the big case. Go get some.

    Graham: Got it.

    Sam walks over to a punching bag.

    Sam: Time to fight.

    Sam starts punching the bag.

    CUT TO:


    People are walking around and Salomie walks in. She looks around and spots someone.

    Salomie: (calling) Max!

    An old man in a uniform turns and sees Salomie calling him. He smiles and walks to her.

    Max: Salomie.

    Salomie: How're you?

    Max: I'm fine, thanks. You?

    Salomie: Fine.

    Max: So, what brings you here?

    Salomie: I need a favor.

    Max: That's not a surprise.

    Salomie smiles.

    Max: Shoot.

    Salomie: Well, I need security tapes.

    Max: Where?

    Salomie: Outside the press.

    Max: Okay.

    Salomie and Max start walking.

    Salomie: Has there been much crime?

    Max: Not really. A few crappy idiots come in every now and then, saying they robbed someone. But, that's about it.

    Salomie: They turn themselves in?

    Max: Yeah.

    Salomie: Well, that takes away the fun of your job.

    Max: Hell yeah.

    They walk into a room.

    Max: What date?

    Salomie: Um?.the seventeenth of September, I'd say.

    Max: Okay, let's see.

    Max digs through some tapes.

    Max: Here.

    Max pulls out a tape and hands it to Salomie.

    Salomie: Thanks so much!

    Max: Give it back soon. I don't want people knowing I've given away some records.

    Salomie: I promise, as soon as I'm done.

    Max: Well, make yourself done soon.

    Salomie: Will do.

    Salomie walks away.

    CUT TO:

    INT ? CAVE ? DAY

    Xad is standing next to Intank.

    Xad: Are you tired yet?

    Intank: Not really.

    Xad: Okay, gotta change that.



    Intank is in the building that he ran into and it is completely dark.

    Neiki: (V/O) Tick, tock.

    Intank turns and sees Intank standing on a level above him. The level is only on the sides and there are stairs there.

    Intank: Neiki!

    Intank runs to the stairs and he starts running up them.

    Neiki starts running to the stairs that lead to the third floor.

    Intank: Stop!

    Neiki: Get away from me, bitch!

    Intank gets to Neiki as he reaches the stairs that lead to the third floor. Intank grabs Neiki and throws him to the ground. Neiki gets up and punches Intank in the face. He then knees Intank. Intank kicks Neiki over the rail and he grabs hold of the rail from the first floor. Intank jumps down to the first floor while Neiki flips onto the floor. Neiki kicks Intank but Intank ducks and grabs hold of Neiki's leg.

    Intank: Nice try.

    Intank throws Neiki into the wall. Neiki punches Intank in the gut and then Intank punches Neiki across the face. Neiki knees Intank and Intank jumps back. Intank punches while Neiki ducks and does an uppercut on Intank.

    Neiki: You thought you could kill Jenny and get away with it!?

    Neiki grabs Intank and throws him through the floor of the next floor. He lands on the metal floor.

    Neiki: (looking at Intank) You stupid bitch.


    CUT TO:


    Salomie walks in and pops the security tape into her TV. She sits down to watch.


    CUT TO:


    Intank is on the second floor, dazed. Neiki jumps very high and lands on the second floor, standing next to Intank. Neiki grabs Intank by the throat and lifts him up.

    Neiki: I can't believe ?

    Intank punches Neiki in the stomach and Intank's dropped. Intank gets up and punches Neiki across the face. Neiki grabs Intank's arm.

    Neiki: You think you've got this won?

    Neiki smashes Intank against the wall.

    Neiki: Guess again.

    Intank elbows Neiki back and he falls off the floor and to the ground. He is unconscious. Intank stares at the unconscious Neiki. The doors and windows burst open and many, many vamps run in. Intank jumps down to the ground floor and looks around to escape. Intank runs into the vamps and runs out. The vamps turn to chase him but they hear Neiki gaining conciseness.

    Neiki: Let him be.




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      ACT II

      CUT TO:



      Young Riley and Sara are lying in a bed, asleep, when the phone rings. Riley answers it.

      Riley: (tired) Thank you.

      He hangs up.

      Sara: (waking up; yawning) Who was that?

      Riley: Wake up call.

      Sara: What for?

      Riley: Job hunting.

      Sara: Oooh. Interesting.

      Sara puts her arms around Riley.

      Sara: What job?

      Riley: Anything that pays.

      Sara: Well, then, you've got a wide selection. Hard to narrow them down. Why don't I help?

      Riley: No.

      Sara: (confused) Why?

      Riley: I don't need your help.

      Riley gets out of bed and starts to get dressed.

      Sara: (sad) I know, I just thought?.

      Riley: Thought what?

      Sara: That you wanted my help.

      Riley: I need to go.

      Sara: (yelling) I ran away with you! What more do you want?

      Riley turns to Sara.

      Riley: Nothing! I'm just?scared.

      Sara: You don't have to be.

      Sara gets out of bed and walks to Riley.

      Sara: I'm here for you. I always will be.

      Sara puts her arms around Riley.

      Sara: There's no reason to be scared.

      Sara and Riley kiss. The camera moves over to show Xad and Riley watching it all happen. Riley watches, longingly.

      Xad: You still want her.

      Riley gulps.

      Xad: You want to touch her. To feel her move in your arms gives you joy.

      Riley starts to look mad and Xad recognizes it.

      Xad: You can't hurt me.

      Riley looks at Xad.

      Riley: I can.

      Xad: No. Only I can hurt you. Torture you. And you can do nothing but wait for it to be over, because, I promise it will. All good things happen, eventually.

      Riley stares at Xad.

      Xad: We should move on, shouldn't we?


      CUT TO:


      Salomie is sitting in her room, watching the video. You can hear all the noises in the background. Salomie stops and pauses the tape.

      She looks closely.

      Salomie: Who are you?

      You get a close up of the paused screen. It's a direct shot of Riley's face.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? STREET ? DAY

      Salomie walks up to a woman. The woman turns around and sees her.

      Woman: You said you had a job.

      Salomie hands her the photo of Riley.

      Salomie: Tell me who this man is. Now.

      The woman looks at the photo and then at Salomie.

      Woman: Will do.

      The woman walks away.

      Salomie turns around and is face to face with John.

      Salomie: (to herself) Crap.

      Salomie turns to walk away but John pulls her back.

      John: Salomie, I'm sorry for earlier. I didn't ?

      Salomie: Yes, you had all the right, John. I'm sorry I just ended it. I didn't mean you had to wait for me, I just ?

      John: I know, Salomie.

      Salomie looks up at John.

      Salomie: But I'm still not ready. I won't be for a very long time, I think. I'm sorry, John. But, that's just the way it is. I hope ?

      John: We can be friends.

      Salomie smiles.

      John: No, not in any way can we be the best of friends, but friends.

      Salomie: Friends are good.

      John: And, if we just happen to feel ?

      Salomie: Don't get too ahead of yourself, bud.

      John smiles back.

      Salomie: Thank you?.for understanding.

      John: (smiling) Anytime.

      John kisses Salomie on the lips and then walks away. Salomie is shocked and sad. She smiles a little and turns to walk away.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? STORE ? DAY

      Sam is shopping for clothes.

      Sam: All this stuff is crap.

      Man: (V/O) Can I help?

      Sam looks over the man who asked. He is obviously hitting on her.

      Sam: (shocked) Um, no thanks.

      Sam goes back to shopping. The man moves closer to her so Sam turns around and looks him in the eye.

      Sam: I have a husband, so back off.

      The man looks at her and walks away.

      Man: (V/O) Freak.

      Sam turns back to shopping when she hears a loud crash and screaming. Sam runs to where the noise is heard. A demon, one of Lechli's demons, burst through the window and grabs a man. Everyone is screaming. Sam runs to the demon. Sam kicks the demon back.

      Sam: Let go of him!

      The demon punches Sam across the room and into a rack. She falls to the ground. By the time she looks up, the demon is already running. Sam gets up and starts running. She runs out the door.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? STREET ? DAY

      Sam is chasing the demon across the street. Both the demon and Sam are pushing people out of their way. Sam jumps onto the demon's back and they fall to the ground. The demon lets go the man and he runs away. Sam and the demon get up. Sam kicks the demon but the demon grabs her foot. He swings her around and slams her into a tree. Sam punches the demon once and then tries again, but the demon ducks the second time. The demon punches her in the gut and she flies into the tree. She slumps to the ground, and goes unconscious. People are fleeing but the demon grabs a random man and runs away.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? CAVE ? DAY

      The demon from the last scene bursts into the cave with the man, now dead. Lechli looks at the demon.

      Lechli: This is not the man.

      Demon: I know. A woman attacked me and stopped me from getting him. But, I got a replacement.

      Riley: (V/O) I have a feeling that's my wife!

      Lechli: Shut him up!

      Xad punches Riley across the face.

      Lechli: Fine, we'll use him. But, I'm very disappointed in you. And, failure cannot be tolerated here.

      Lechli grabs a gun and shoots the demon, dead.

      Lechli: Get the brain. Then it will be done.

      Xad walks closer to Riley.

      FADE TO:


      CUT TO:


      Riley is walking down the street, depressed, with his hands in his pockets. He hears a scream and runs towards the scream. He turns a corner a sees a vampire inching onto a girl.

      Girl: Help!

      Riley sees the vamps face and is disgusted.

      Riley: What are you?

      The vampire sees Riley and smiles.

      Vampire: The consumer.

      The vampire runs at Riley and bites into Riley's neck. His eyes widen as the girl screams and runs away. The vampire lets go of Riley and Riley slumps to the ground. You see present day Riley with Xad. The camera closes up and you see the bite marks on Riley's neck. The camera then pans back to the vampire and Riley. The vampire is suddenly filled with a tazer blast, and he falls to the ground. Behind him, is a few men in military suits. One of the men goes to Riley.

      Man: Get a medic.

      Riley gets up slowly.

      Riley: What is --?

      Man: Shh. Be quiet.

      Riley: Who are you?

      Tom: I'm Tom. Tom Mechanser.

      Riley: I'm ?

      Tom: I know who you are. You're Riley Finn.

      Riley: How do you know?

      Tom: We've been following you.

      Riley: Who is we!?

      Tom: The Initiative. A government operation which you're joining.

      Riley: What?

      Tom: We've followed people since they were children. You're one of them. Come with me, Riley.

      Riley: What if I don't want to?

      Tom: Trust me? want to.


      CUT TO:

      INT ? CAVE ? DAY

      Xad's hands are on Riley's head. Suddenly, Intank smashes away from his chains and starts running. A demon tries to stop him but Intank smashes his fist into the demon. The demon flies away and Intank runs out of the cave.

      Lechli: Let him go. He'll do no harm.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? STREET ? DAY

      Sam is walking around the street, looking for the demon when Intank runs out of the woods and slams into her.

      Sam: Intank!

      Intank: Sam! They have Riley and many demons and flashback dude and ?

      Sam: Shut up! I know! Where!?

      Intank: In the cave.

      Sam: We need to go soon. Me and Graham have been getting ready.

      Intank: They'll trample us. We have to get more ?

      Sam: I know where to go.

      Intank: What?

      Sam: The last place Riley went. He went to this demon bar. That's where we're going.

      CUT TO:


      The door to the stairs slams open and Sam, Graham, and Intank run down the stairs. Ian sees them as they enter the bar.

      Ian: We're not ?

      Sam: Open yet. I get it. But, I need info.

      Ian: I am not info man!

      Sam: You are now. How do I kill a Xadler demon?

      Ian: I already gave this to another man this week.

      Ian realizes something.

      Ian: He got him, didn't he? You want to save your little friend.

      Sam: Answer the question.

      Ian: Well, I told your friend.
      Normal kill. Stake, sword, gun, among other things.

      Intank looks suspicious and the camera closes on him.

      Intank: He's lying.

      Ian looks at Intank with a straight face but then smiles. He starts laughing.

      Ian: I'm sorry, I just can't keep a straight face!

      Sam pulls Ian by the neck and smashes him into the wall.

      Sam: What did you do!?

      Ian: (mad) You think you scare me, little girl?

      Ian pushes Sam away and punches her to the ground.

      Ian: Guess again. I'm more powerful then any of you will ever be. I am strong. I am mighty.

      Graham: You led him right to him.

      Ian: I get paid, I do the job. I need some cash to open up shop. It just happened to be you boy toy.

      Sam: Don't worry. Your little shop won't be open for long.

      Ian: Is that a threat?

      Sam: You bet your ass it's a threat.

      Sam and the others walk out leaving Ian smiling.

      CUT TO:


      Sam, Graham, and Intank are walking to The Gold. Sam suddenly stops.

      Sam: Oh my god! I forgot something at the house! I'll meet up with you guys at the Gold.

      Graham: Okay, be quick.

      Sam: Will do.

      Sam starts running off when she runs into Michael.

      Sam: (shocked) Hey Michael, what are --?

      Michael: You ready?

      Sam: For?

      Michael: You were gonna help me pay back these guys.

      Sam: (realizing) Oh, yeah.

      Michael: You're helping me, right?

      Sam: (making up her mind) Yeah.

      CUT TO:


      Jill is walking on the cold, dark street alone when she sees Bob. She runs to him.

      Jill: Bob! Bob!

      Bob turns around.

      Jill: Hey! It's me; Jill.

      Bob: Oh, hey. I'm, obviously, ya know, Bob.

      Jill: Where ya going?

      Bob: I'm just talking a stroll through the woods. I do it every night. Calms me down.

      Jill: Sounds fun.

      They enter the forest.

      Jill: Have you ever felt?.alone?

      Bob: What?

      Jill: I've just been thinking lately. I'm always alone.

      Bob: How can such a hot person be alone?

      Jill blushes.

      Jill: Well, thanks. The thing is, -

      A vampire jumps out from the shadows and Jill screams. The camera becomes disoriented and moves around everywhere. You just hear screams and then you see Bob and Jill fall down and roll down part of the woods. Jill and Bob hit a tree. Jill gets up and sees Bob bitten and now dead. Jill looks shocked.

      Jill: Oh my god!

      She looks back to where the vamp came from and runs to the street.



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        ACT III


        CUT TO:

        EXT ? PIER ? DAY

        Riley is waiting on the pier when Tom shows up.

        Tom: You showed, Finn.

        Riley: You told me I would.

        Tom: Aren't I always right?

        Riley: Always.

        Tom: Well, we should be leaving. Onto the boat.

        Riley: What boat?

        Tom: (pointing to a boat) That boat.

        Riley: But?'s empty.

        Tom: You mean it looks empty.

        Riley: Oh.

        Riley and Tom both board the ship. It starts to move. Riley looks sad.

        Tom: What's wrong, buddo?

        Riley: It's my girlfriend, Sara. I left her behind with no explanation.

        Suddenly, Sara shows up on the pier.

        Sara: RILEY!

        Riley's eyes widen.

        Tom: Be strong, man. This is for the greater good.

        Riley: How did she know?

        Tom: I thought it was only fair.

        Riley: How could you!?

        Sara: RILEY!

        Sara starts bursting into tears. Riley looks at her and starts crying, too, as the boat sails away.


        CUT TO:


        Sam and Michael are standing there, with the money. Suddenly, two figures appear from the shadows. They both have guns.

        Man #1: Give me the money.

        Sam slides over the briefcase with the money in it.

        The second man opens it and looks at the money.

        Man #2: It's all there, boss.

        Man #1: Good. I'll go, and you clean up the job.

        Man #2: Got it, boss.

        The second man pulls out his gun and starts shooting. Sam grabs Michael and they hide behind a crate as things blow around them. Sam pushes the crate into the man as the first man is trying to leave. The second man is tripped, falls to the ground, and drops his gun. Sam picks it up as Man #1 is aiming towards Sam. Sam sees this and immediately shoots Man #1 in the arm, making him drop the gun.

        Michael: Finish it, Sam.

        Sam: No.

        Michael: Finish it!

        Sam: NO!

        Michael takes the gun and shoots the first man repeatedly, till dead. Michael is stunned at what he did and drops the gun. At that moment, the second man gets up and picks up the gun Michael dropped. Sam kicks the gun out of his hand and punches him to the ground. He's unconscious.

        Michael: What did I -?

        CUT TO:


        Salomie walks down the hallway and opens her dorm door. She walks in and sees Jill on her bed, tears going down her face. Salomie runs over to her and sits next to her.

        Salomie: Oh my god. What happened? What's wrong?

        Jill: Dead. He's dead.

        Jill is completely shocked and is at a loss of words.

        Salomie: Who's dead? Jill? What is happening?

        Jill: It all just happened. We talked. And he just went away.

        Salomie: Who, Jill!?

        Jill: The devil. He came. He came and he killed and came for me and he killed.

        Salomie: What?

        Jill: I'm evil. The devil came for me. I need to die.

        Jill tries to get up but Salomie pushes her down.

        Salomie: No Jill. You don't. Now just tell me, what was the devil like and who died?

        Jill: His face. It was bumpy and his teeth were sharp as knives. He came for me and Bob.

        Salomie's eyes widen.

        Salomie: Bob. It was him. He died. And teeth?

        Jill: He killed. We died. In the woods.

        She begins to cry.

        Jill: I had to leave him. I didn't want to but I had to leave him. I couldn't take with me. He stayed and just laid there.

        Salomie: Shh. It's okay.

        Salomie begins to cry as well.

        Salomie: It's all gonna be okay.

        Jill: He died in my arms.

        Salomie: And that thing that killed him will die in mine. (to herself) All the evidence points to it. A vampire.


        CUT TO:

        EXT ? WOODS ? DAY

        You see Riley with Sam in agent uniforms. They are walking with other soldiers.

        Sam: So, this demon, it has sharp nails?

        Riley: Can grow them rapidly.

        Sam: Wow, not good.

        Riley: Strong too. It'll be a toughy.

        Sam: Yes, but then we can have some alone time.

        Sam smiles at him. They run into someone.

        Sam: Man, move it.

        The person turns around and reveals its Sara. Riley and Sara look surprised.

        Sara: Riley.

        Riley: Oh my god.

        Sara: It's you. You jerk.

        Sam: Hello?

        Sara: You left me!

        Riley: I didn't mean ?

        Sara: Shut up!

        Sara slaps Riley.

        Sara: How could you do this to me? You cause me so much pain!

        Demons jump out at them. Their nails are sharp. Riley punches one. Sam kicks another. She takes out a knife and stabs one and scratches one across the neck. Sara does a flying kick and then punches the demon. It scratches her in the arm with its nails and then kicks her onto the ground. Other soldiers are fighting. One gets stabbed with the claws and some others do to. The demon is about to give the finishing blow to Sara when Riley kicks the demon in the stomach and snaps his neck. He helps Sara up and they fight side by side. She kicks kicked in the face as does Riley. One demon grabs Sam from the back and stabs her. She gasps. She falls. Riley runs to her aid but a demon slashes him across the cheek and stops him. Riley kicks him and then punches him in the stomach. He then knees him. The demon punches but Riley ducks and goes under his arms. He then takes out a knife and stabs him. He runs to Sam but another demon kicks him and he falls down again. The demon lifts him up by the neck. Riley stabs him in the face and he drops him. Sara is fighting for her life. She kicks one and then punches another. She is stabbed in the back by one and she turns around and punches him. She holds her stomach. She kicks another. She turns around quickly only to be slashed at the neck by one demon. She holds her neck and falls to the ground. Riley rushes to her side.

        Riley: Oh my god.

        Riley looks to Sam.

        Riley: She's dead.

        You see Riley and Xad standing near some huge trees. Xad smiles.

        Xad: See, this is the part I was waiting for.

        Xad's smile widens.


        CUT TO:


        Sam leads Michael to his bed and lies him there. Michael is shocked.

        FADE TO:

        INT ? CAVE ? NIGHT

        Xad is smiling at Riley, evilly.

        FADE TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

        Graham and Intank are walking towards the woods, with weapons.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? CAVE ? NIGHT

        Lechli: Okay. It's done.

        You see a crude device made out of body parts with a switch on it.

        Xad: That's awesome, boss. Now, can I rip this guy into shreds?

        Lechli: Sure?.whatever.

        Intank and Graham bust into the cave.

        Demon: Who are you?

        Graham shoots a crossbow at the demon and he falls to the ground, dead.

        Xad springs into action. A second later, Sam runs in and kicks Xad back.

        Sam: Back off, you bastard!

        Sam punches Xad but Xad catches it and throws Sam into the cave wall.

        Intank goes to Riley and snaps him off the chains.

        Riley: Thanks.

        Intank just runs away. Lechli goes and turns a switch for the device he just put together. A ray of blue light goes off and Lechli screams. Lechli falls to the ground from the blast, dead. Everybody is thrown into the wall.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

        Salomie is walking on the street when she sees the huge blue light. She runs towards it.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? CAVE ? NIGHT

        Intank punches a demons head clean off and kicks another into a wall. Sam punches a demon and then is punched by the demon. Riley is running towards Xad. He turns him around and punches Xad. He tries again but Xad catches his fist and flings him into the wall. Xad lifts Riley up by the neck. Intank suddenly tackles Xad to the floor. Xad gets up and runs out of the cave. Intank follows fast while everyone is processing things.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? CAVE ? NIGHT

        Salomie is walking up to the cave when Xad runs out. Her eyes widen at the sight of him, but he slams into her and she falls onto a rock where no one can see her. Intank also runs past her. Riley, Graham, and Sam then follow behind them.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? SCHOOL ? NIGHT

        It is all dark with only the moon light. Intank is walking slowly in the hallway. He suddenly kicks down a door and runs in. He turns around and Xad jumps at him and holds his head!


        CUT TO:


        Past Intank is looking at a tombstone, Jenny's tombstone.

        Intank: I'm sorry Jenny.

        You see Neiki standing behind him.

        Neiki: You're sorry.

        Intank turns around swiftly.

        Neiki: But I thought it was her fault.

        Intank: It was.

        Neiki walks closer slowly.

        Neiki: Then why are you so sorry.

        Neiki circles him and Intank just looks down.

        Neiki: Is it because...

        Neiki stops.

        Neiki: You care for her. We both do.

        Intank: I do, but I needed to do the right thing.

        Neiki: The right thing!? The right thing to do was kill my sister?!

        Intank looks straight into Neiki's eyes.

        Intank: Yes.

        Neiki punches Intank. Neiki laughs.

        Neiki: It isn't the right thing. But I will do the right thing. I'm gonna kill you.

        Intank: Guess again.

        Intank kicks but Neiki grabs his leg.

        Neiki: I promised to kill you.

        Neiki throws Intank onto another tombstone.

        Neiki: I never break promises.

        Neiki kicks Intank in the face as he gets up.

        Neiki: Weakling.

        Neiki punches Intank in the gut.

        Neiki: Love always prevails.

        Intank: But this isn't love. It's revenge.

        Neiki: Same thing.

        Neiki punches Intank again and then kicks him backwards. Intank doesn't seem to be even trying to fight back to Neiki.

        Neiki: Weak! Why aren't you fighting?

        Neiki kicks Intank in the face and then punches him. Then Intank punches back and does a spinning kick.

        Intank: This isn't fighting?

        Intank punches him and then kicks but Neiki blocks and then punches but Intank ducks. Intank kicks him and then jumps on his shoulders and then off behind him. He then elbows him backwards. Intank turns around towards Neiki. Neiki kicks but Intank grabs him foot. Neiki jumps up and kicks Intank in the face. Intank then drops Neiki.

        Neiki: You see Intank, I got something you didn't.

        Neiki turns red.

        Neiki: I got more special powers.

        Neiki punches Intank.

        Neiki: She loves me better!

        Neiki kicks him.

        Neiki: She loves me better!

        Neiki punches but as Neiki's punching, Intank turns blue and grabs the hand.

        Intank: Yes, she definitely loves you better.

        Intank throws Neiki onto the ground. Intank picks up Neiki by the neck.

        Intank: Your sisters dead! Deal with it!

        Intank throws Neiki onto Jenny's tombstone, smashing it.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? SCHOOL ? NIGHT

        Xad lets go of Intank's head. Intank's eyes widen. Intank punches him but Xad blocks and then Xad kicks Intank and throws his against the chalk board.

        Xad: What? Was that a little too much?

        Xad knees him.

        Xad: It usually is for wimps.

        Xad punches him.

        Xad: She deserved it, so don't feel bad!

        Xad punches Intank down.

        Xad: Now, how do you feel about that?

        Intank: Angry.

        Xad: Good. Now paint a picture in ?

        Intank punches Xad and kicks him in the stomach. He turns blue and kicks Xad again.

        Xad: Ouch.

        Intank kicks but Xad ducks. Xad punches and grabs Intank by the neck and moves him onto a wall, lifting him up.

        Xad: Don't hurt Xad, he gets angry.

        Xad throws Intank across the room. Intank is all bloody with bruises and cuts everywhere while Xad doesn't look too bad. Xad walks towards Intank.

        Xad: You feel bad that you killed that vengeance demon. You shouldn't. It was the right thing. Although, I do always hate the right thing.

        Xad grabs Intank's hair and pulls him to a desk. He smashes his head into the desk multiple times until the desk breaks. Xad moves to whisper to Intank.

        Xad: Is that what it felt like when you snapped her neck.

        Intank punches but Xad blocks.

        Xad: Woah! This one's alive!

        Intank punches again but Xad just ducks.

        Xad: You can't win.

        Xad kicks him across the room.

        Xad: Just give up.

        Riley, Sam, and Graham run into the room. Xad looks annoyed when they run in with their swords and knives.

        Xad: Crap.

        They run towards Xad. Xad punches Riley away. Sam swings her sword at Xad and he ducks and then pushes her away and they kicks Graham to the ground.

        Xad: You guys are pitiful.

        You hear Xad scream. Graham just stabbed Xad in the foot. Xad kicks Graham with the other foot. Xad takes the knife out of his foot.

        Xad: You fool.

        Xad lifts up Graham by the neck and is about to stab him when Sam tackles him. Xad is a little weak now by the stab. Sam kicks him and then punches him. Xad then punches her across the room. Riley gets up and picks up a sword. Riley runs at him with the sword. Riley punches him and scratches him across the cheek. Xad reaches for his head but Riley punches him again and kicks him.

        Xad: A little mad, now are ya?

        Riley: A little.

        Riley kicks him and stabs him the arm. Xad screams in pain.

        Xad: (angrily) What's with the limbs today?!

        Xad knocks the sword out of Riley's hands. Then he punches his and knees him. He then punches him to the ground.

        Xad: That's better.

        Intank runs to him, looking tired. Intank punches him and grabs his neck. Intank throws him to the ground. Intank puts him up only to punch him again.

        Intank: I hate you!

        Xad: Why am I not surprise?

        Intank kicks him onto the ground. Intank grabs a sword. Xad gets up only to get stabbed through the chest by Intank. Xad gasps. Xad punches Intank away and takes the sword out slowly. He spits blood. He drops the sword and runs. He runs out of the room and down the hall. They all get up. Intank grabs a crossbow. They all run into the hall, watching Xad run down. Sam begins to run but Intank holds her back. Sam is surprised.

        Sam: Aren't we gonna kill him?

        Xad is almost at the end of the hall and about to turn to exit. Intank just stares and then raises the crossbow slowly. He then suddenly shoots, the arrow moving as fast as lighting. Just as it is about to hit Xad he turns and it hits a billboard instead. Intank has no expression.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie and Jill are there. An officer comes out and Salomie walks to him.

        Salomie: Did you question her enough? She's so tired.

        Officer: Yes, miss, we have.

        Salomie: Thank you.

        Officer: You two are free to go.

        He walks away. Salomie then sees the officer from earlier and runs to him.

        Salomie: Hey, you get the address of that guy?

        Officer: Yeah. Here.

        He hands her a piece of paper.

        Salomie: Thanks. You're a life saved.

        Officer: You owe me.

        Salomie: Owe ya a million.

        Salomie runs off.

        CUT TO:


        Michael is sitting on his bed, in shock.

        Sam opens the door and walks next to him.

        Sam: The door was unlocked.

        Michael: It's fine.

        Sam: Yeah.

        Michael: I didn't ?

        Sam: I know, Michael.

        Michael: And ?

        Sam: I know.

        Michael: But it all ?

        Sam: I know!

        Sam hugs him.

        Sam: I know. I really do.

        CUT TO:


        Intank and Riley are in the living room, on opposite sides of it. They are both silent.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? KITCHEN ? DAY

        Graham and Sam are there.

        Graham: What do you think they saw?

        Sam: Don't know. Riley wouldn't say.

        Graham: And did you see Intank in the school?

        Sam: Yes.

        Graham: And to think Xad's still out there.

        You hear the door open and Graham and Sam walk into the living room. Salomie is in the doorway. She walks fully in and slams the door behind her.

        Sam: Hello? You are? What are you doing?

        Salomie: I knew I'd find you sooner or later.

        Graham: What?

        Salomie: I'm the girl you saved from that vampire when you were on the news.

        You see the gangs' faces. They're in shock.

        Graham: How did -?

        Salomie: I wasn't convinced at first, but then I went towards the light. They say that's never a good thing. I probably should've listened.

        Riley: What?

        Intank: Lechli's device.

        Salomie: When I got there, a deranged human knocked me over. But then, I realized something. It wasn't a human. It was a demon. The thing that killed Bob, the thing that attacked me, it's all a demon. It just pushed me away. I'm useless according to everyone. You see, now I know about demons and monsters and everything that goes bump in the night. There's nothing left to hide. So stop trying.

        The gang looks stumped.

        Salomie: Questions? Comments?

        CUT TO:


        John is sitting on his bed, waiting for someone. The door opens and you see the legs of a woman walk in. The camera reveals that it is the woman from the teaser: Nina Baker.

        John: (smiling) I thought you'd never come.

        Nina: I promised.

        John: That you did.

        Nina: Well, yes.

        John: Now, are you gonna tell me who the hell you are and what you want?

        Nina: I'll tell you the latter part.

        John: And the ?who you are' part?

        Nina: All in good time.

        Nina smiles, evilly.


        END OF ACT III