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Riley The Series: 1.04 "What's To Come (Part 1)"

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  • Riley The Series: 1.04 "What's To Come (Part 1)"

    Riley Season 1 Episode 4 Rewrite "Memories Part 1"

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthrized usage of these characters is permitted.


    CUT TO:


    Woman: (V/O) You think you know?.what's to come?.you haven't even begun?..

    FADE TO:


    Intank punches a vamp. Intank is blue right now and has a stake in his hand. The vamp punches back but Intank grabs his fist. Intank plunges the stake in the vamps heart. It dusts. Intank turns and sees Riley punching a vamp.

    Intank: Duck.

    Riley ducks as Intank throws the stake. It lands smack dab in the vamps heart and it dusts, as well.

    Riley: Good throw.

    Intank: I've had enough tonight.

    Riley: Okay. I'm gonna make a few more sweeps, just to make sure.

    Intank: Do whatever you want.

    Intank walks away from Riley.

    CUT TO:


    Intank is walking down the street, alone, quiet, and sad. You hear a noise that's like whispering and then cackling. You can tell it's in Intank's head. He stops and holds his head. He moans.

    Intank: Get out of me!

    People walking by him just stare.

    Intank runs into an alley and slides down the wall.


    You see a woman throwing power at Intank.


    Intank is in the alley again.

    CUT TO:


    Riley is doing his last sweep. He's seen no vamps since Intank's left. He's bored. Suddenly, he hears a noise. He stops and turns around. Suddenly, a woman walks into the light. It's Eliza.

    Eliza: Hey, it's you! You blew up the mansion before I could get my pay.

    Riley: Oh, I'm so sorry about that.

    Riley lifts up his crossbow and shoots. Eliza catches the arrow.

    Eliza: Nice one. But, you were aiming for my leg. Move it up a little. Oh, and means of surprise is nice, as well.

    Riley throws the crossbow to the ground and runs at Eliza. She just grabs him and throws him onto a tombstone.

    Eliza: Get a grip. I'm not trying to kill you.

    Riley: You're evil. You're a demon.

    Eliza: Correct. Good job, numskull!

    Riley punches Eliza. Eliza spins around and kicks Riley in the face.

    Eliza: Calm down!

    Riley punches at Eliza and she just ducks. Eliza grabs Riley and head butts him.

    Riley: Okay! What do you want?

    Eliza: Information. A demon's out for my head. If you find him and kill him, I'll forgive you for destroyed my paycheck.

    Riley: No.

    Eliza: (smiling) I'll kill ya, then.

    You hear growling. Riley and Eliza turn around and see two or three demons.

    Eliza: Those are his lackey's.

    Riley: Wanna fight ?em yourself? Okay.

    Eliza: No. You're staying.



    "End of the World" by Great Big Sea/REM starts playing.


    Marc Blucas as Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic as Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase as Graham Miller
    Jason Dohring as Intank Welleee
    And Allison Mack as Salomie Sullivan

    Guest Starring:

    Michael Varton as Michael
    Topher Grace as Lain
    Liza Weil as Melissa
    Jared Padelecki as John
    Carlos Bernard as Bob
    Jewel Staite as Jill
    And Nicki Aycox as Eliza

    Created By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Written By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Edited By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Produced By: Different Dimensions Inc.

    Riley The Series is affiliated with The Demon Slayer, written by The Dark Ages (Kevin).

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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    The demon's rush at Riley and Eliza. Riley tries to run, but one of the demons grabs Riley and throws him to the ground. Riley gets up and punches the demon.

    Eliza: See, there? I knew you'd help!

    Riley: I'm just saving my ass!

    Eliza: Sure ya are.

    Eliza kicks one of the demons in the face and the demon falls on its back. Eliza takes a knife from her pocket and stabs the demon in its heart. Riley punches the demon and it punches him back. He kicks but the demon blocks and throws him over a tombstone. As Riley gets up, there are flashes and he holds his head.

    Eliza: This is a little fun.

    Eliza takes the second demon and head butts it. She then knees it in the stomach and throws it into a mausoleum. She walks towards it with her knife. Riley is having trouble with his demon.

    Riley: A little help would be appreciated.

    Eliza: But, you're saving your ass. Not mine.

    Eliza stabs her second demon in the face. She walks towards Riley fighting the last demon. Riley punches the demon and kicks it back. The demon kicks Riley in the gut and sends him flying back, onto the ground. Riley spits out blood and he has a bruise on his cheek. The demon walks closer and closer to Riley when suddenly; an arrow goes straight through the demon's throat. The demon falls to the ground, dead. Eliza shot the crossbow at the demon and killed it.

    Eliza: Good thing you brought this crossbow.

    Riley starts to get up.

    Eliza: Yeah, these demons settled in town. They're bad news, I'm telling ya. They have some big master plan. I don't know what it is, don't really care. Thought I'd tell you, though.

    Riley: I'm gonna ?

    Eliza: Kill me? I get it.

    Riley looks at the ground. When he looks up, Eliza is sprinting away, into the darkness. Riley slowly walks towards his house.

    CUT TO:


    Riley is sitting on the couch, and Sam is sitting on a chair across from him. Graham is sitting next to Riley on the couch.

    Sam: Now that you're all cleaned up, what happened?

    Riley: You remember Eliza? The demon from the mansion?

    Sam: Yeah. Did you see her again?

    Riley: Yeah. She said demons were after her, and then they came. She killed all three and then ran away.

    Graham: That bitch.

    Riley: But, guys. Something weird happened. I got these flashes in my head.

    Sam: Of what?

    Riley: Of my past.

    Graham: Excuse me?

    Riley: It was like I was reliving my past, but only for a second.

    Sam: I don't see how ?

    Riley: I know! It sounds crazy, but it happened. Something was happening to me.

    Graham: Are you sure you're not just going insane?

    Riley: Graham, I'm not kidding! I really don't want to relive my past.

    Sam: Maybe something you've never told me about was so horrible that you're reliving it cause you feel remorse.

    Riley: I'm not a serial killer in pain, Sam.

    Graham: Oh, well, many confuse you with one.

    Riley: This is not funny!

    Sam: Well, Ri, this sounds a bit insane to have been done by a demon. I mean, you could just be remembering.

    Riley: Remembering is not vivid flashes and agonizing pain.

    Sam: Sometimes, yeah. It is.

    Riley: Something's going on, guys. And if you don't believe me, I don't care. I'll just prove you wrong and kill this thing myself. I'll manage.

    Riley gets up and walks away.

    Graham: Oops.

    CUT TO:


    Many demons, the ones fighting Eliza and Riley, are running around. One is obviously the leader. He is taller and has red robes on.

    Leader: Where is Balthar?

    Demon: He was killed fighting Eliza, Lechli.

    Lechli: Crap. I needed him to get a slave.

    Demon: I have one, though.

    Lechli: Oh, really? Where?

    Demon: Right over there!

    Lechli looks over to the corner and sees a man, beaten and tired.

    Lechli: Good, good. Take him here and tear out his heart. This is the last part, right?

    Demon: No, sir. We have to get a brain.

    Lechli: Of course. And a worthy one, remember that!

    Demon: Of course.

    Lechli smiles as you hear ripping and the man screaming. The Demon places the heart on a table full with other body parts, all being connected together.

    Lechli: Beautiful. And it will all be complete and everyone will cry and mourn and be sad?.soon enough.

    Lechli touched the heart.

    Lechli: Get me a decent brain. I want this done, and I want it now.

    Eliza: (V/O) Lechli, my dear old friend!

    Lechli turns around to see Eliza standing there, smiling.

    Eliza: How ya doing?

    The demons rush at her.

    Lechli: Don't!

    The demons back off.

    Lechli: Hello, Eliza. I expected you'd come here.

    Eliza: Why's that? Cause I can't keep my hands off you?

    Lechli: Because you have the guts.

    Eliza: Oh, I'm flattered.

    Lechli: You do know we want your head, right?

    Eliza: I got the memo.

    Lechli: Good.

    Lechli pulls out a gun from his robe and shoots Eliza three times in the stomach. She gasps and her mouth hangs open. She looks at her wounds and then at Lechli, mad.

    Eliza: (mad) What the hell was that!? You know I can't die by guns! Do you want to just make me feel pain!?

    Lechli: That would be nice.

    Eliza: I'm insulted.

    Eliza starts walking towards Lechli.

    Lechli: Wow, what a surprise.

    Eliza gets to Lechli, grabs the gun, snatches it from his hand and brings it to his throat. The demons around them get ready to fight.

    Eliza: I suggest you never do that again. Now, doesn't that sound fun?

    Lechli: Not immensely.

    Lechli pushes Eliza away, gets the gun back and kicks Eliza back.

    Lechli: Tie her up.

    Eliza: Oh, no!

    Eliza turns to run but five demons are there. She kicks one back and punches one away. The other three tackle her to the ground. They're wrestling on the ground. Lechli walks over them and shoots Eliza again. He keeps shooting, hitting Eliza. One time he misses and shoots one of his demons, but only once.

    Eliza: Help!

    Lechli: No one's here to help you.

    Lechli bends down and knocks Eliza out by smashing her over the head with his gun.

    CUT TO:


    Intank walks in. The lights are all off. He turns them on and looks to the couch. He walks towards it. Suddenly, the lights turn off again. Intank stops but immediately falls to the ground, holding his head, screaming. Sharp cuts happen all around the room.

    Voice: (V/O) You?.killed?.her?.

    Intank screams. Suddenly, he opens his eyes. The pain is gone. He stands up and looks around. He sees nothing.

    Riley: (V/O) Intank.

    Intank turns to Riley, who is standing in the doorway.

    Intank: What the hell are you doing!?

    Riley: I came for info.

    Intank: Knock first.

    Riley: The door was open.

    Intank: Just ask the damn question!

    Riley: You're a demon expert, being a demon and all.

    Intank: Wow, you're actually learning this just now?

    Riley: Is there a demon that sends flashes in your brain, making you feel a massive amount of pain?

    Intank: (realizing he knows; covering up) You mean a demon who gives you migraines?

    Riley: No, it's like?.its like I almost relived my past.

    Intank: Stop questioning me!

    Riley: What?

    Intank: Just get away! I don't know anything! Now, leave.

    Intank pushes Riley out and slams the door shut. He locks it and looks terrified.

    CUT TO:


    Graham is having breakfast at the table when Riley sits down next to him.

    Riley: Hey.

    Graham: So, how went your little insane search for info on this non-existent demon?

    Riley: Horrible. I went to Intank and he flipped out. He screamed and kicked me out.

    Graham: You're surprised about this.

    Riley: Well, no, but?he looked terrified, Graham. Terribly scared. I think he knows what I'm talking about. I think it's got him right in its clutches.

    Graham: Wanna know my theory?

    Riley: Sure.

    Graham: You're insane. Get over it! Whatever you think, it's not real. You're just remembering everything that has happened to you.

    Riley: No, you do not know what has happened to me. If you did, you'd know I would not want to relive it.

    CUT TO:


    Sam is sitting at a table when Michael sits across from her.

    Sam: (smiling) Late again! I win.

    Michael: (solemn) I need help, Sam.

    Sam: About what?

    Michael: Money.

    Sam: What!?

    Michael: Quiet down. I was betting, and if I don't give them the money, then?.please, I need that money.

    Sam: Michael, why did you do this?

    Michael: I needed more money.

    Sam: And now you just lost it!

    Michael: Please, Sam. I need your help really, really badly.

    Sam: You have to promise to never do this again.

    Michael: I promise, Sam.

    Sam: How much do you need?

    Michael: Ten thousand dollars.

    Sam: What?!

    Michael: Please, Sam.

    Sam: Okay, okay. Me and you will give them the money tomorrow at 9 P.M. Okay?

    Michael: Okay.

    CUT TO:

    INT ? CAVE ? DAY

    Eliza is chained to a cave wall.

    Eliza: Is this how you get your kicks!?

    Lechli: A little.

    Lechli walks up to Eliza.

    Lechli: Don't worry, Xad will be coming soon. Now, be patient.

    Eliza: Xad?

    Lechli: Oh, you don't know him? You'll love him. I mean, you both are such bitches.

    Eliza: Let me go.

    Lechli: Shut her up.

    A demon walks to Eliza and slaps her across the face.

    Demon: Be quiet, pig!

    Eliza: Excuse me?

    Lechli: (laughing) This is so entertaining.



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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      Riley is searching for something in the telephone book. Graham walks in.

      Graham: What are you doing?

      Riley: Looking for something.

      Graham: I got that. It's the ?what' that I'm looking for.

      Riley: A bar.

      Graham: (sarcastic) Okay, but don't get too drunk.

      Riley: A demon bar.

      Graham: Get drunk with your best buddies?

      Riley: Info, Graham! Info!

      Graham: Oh, come on!

      Riley: I need to find out. Intank wouldn't help me, so I do it myself.

      Graham: Maybe there's nothing to it.

      Riley: I've heard your lecture before. Now, get out of my way.

      Riley pushes Graham away and walks to the door.

      Graham: Riley, wait! I want to help.

      Riley: I don't need any help.

      Riley walks out of the house.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? STREET ? DAY

      A car parks on the side of the street. The door opens and out comes Riley. He looks at an old building with cracks all over. Riley walks over to the building and walks through the door. He sees another door and opens it. There are stairs. He walks down them only to come to another door at the end. He opens the door only to find a bar with red lights everywhere. There are also big screen TV's everywhere! They are all turned off. Riley looks around and looks confused. There are many tables as well. A man walks from outside the back room behind and the bar and is surprised and worried to see Riley.

      Man: Get out of here! We're not open yet!

      Riley: I know. I need information.

      Man: You can't be here, buddy.

      Riley: Give me info.

      Man: How ?bout no? You listen to me. This is my property. You are trespassing. Now, get out of my damn bar and wait till it opens.

      Riley: It's a demon bar.

      Man: That's what you need info on.

      Riley: Yep.

      Man: Fine, then I'll help.

      Riley: What's your name?

      Man: I'd imagine you know. Somehow, you seem to know about my bar and my knowledge of demons. Are you telling me you don't even know my name?

      Riley: I don't.

      Man: Ian Dalche.

      Ian walks into a back room and walks back out with a book.

      Ian: What about this demon is so special?

      Riley: It makes you relive your past.

      Ian looks up at Riley, shocked.

      Ian: Give it up. Just run away. Don't mess with this demon. He'll kill you.

      Riley: I'll take my chances.

      Ian: That bad of a past, huh?

      Riley: Just tell me.

      Ian: Xadlar Demon. A vicious, sadistic demon that is nicknamed Xad. He works for people, killing. Usually some kind of torture. Only high and mighty demons hire him.

      Riley: (realizing) Eliza. Thank god.

      Ian: What?

      Riley: Nothing. Just tell me how to kill this thing!

      Ian: You have to?..give it up. It's a normal kill but it'll never work! He'll kill you first!

      Riley: (walking away) Thanks for the info.

      Ian: Wait! You never told me your name.

      Riley is walking out as he talks.

      Riley: Don't need it.

      Riley is out of the bar now.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie is lying on her bed, reading a book. Jill opens the door and walks in.

      Salomie: (to Jill) Do you remember the night where I was attacked?

      Jill: Outside the press?

      Salomie: Yeah, that night.

      Jill: I remember it. You came home terrified.

      Salomie: Ever wondered who they were? Who the people were?

      Jill: Not really, but if you meet them, I'd suggest you thank ?em.

      Salomie: This isn't a joke, Jill. I need to find them.

      Jill: Then find them. Embrace them.

      Salomie: What?

      Jill: Ignore that last part.

      Salomie: Gladly.

      CUT TO:


      Intank is standing there, looking at the cross.

      Voice: (V/O) Coming for forgiveness?

      Intank looks around. Suddenly he falls to the ground, holding his head.


      CUT TO:


      A girl around 25 is sitting at her desk in a suit when the door opens and another man, the same age, walks in.

      Man: Jenny, my wonderful sister!

      Jenny looks up at the man and smiles.

      Jenny: You suck up, Neiki!

      Neiki: What can I say? I love to suck up.

      Jenny: I know that.

      Neiki: So, you called me here?

      Jenny: That I did.

      Neiki: Well, I'm here.

      Jenny: I also called Intank here.

      Neiki: He'll be here in a second.

      Jenny: Good.

      Neiki: So, why'd ya call me here?

      Jenny: You deserve more, Neiki.

      Neiki: What?

      Jenny: You and Intank.

      A younger looking Intank walks into the room.

      Jenny: You both deserve so much better.

      Intank: What are you talking about?

      Jenny: Demons are strong and powerful creatures. They are the ones that will prevail in the apocalypse. We will win and rule all. And you will be with us. You will help us win everything. You will be amazing.

      Intank: Demons?

      Jenny points her hands out and energy goes out of it. They go through Intank and Neiki. They both scream. They both fall to the ground. Intank gets up slowly, and he is blue. Suddenly, he turns back to normal colors. Neiki stands up and does the same thing, only now with red.

      Jenny: Strong? Mighty? Right?

      Neiki smiles at Jenny with delight.

      Neiki: Sister?you are a goddess.

      Jenny: Thank you, my brother.

      Neiki: We can do whatever we want with these powers.

      Jenny: Kill.

      Intank: What!?

      Neiki: Surely, sister. Good idea.

      Intank: No! I will not go out and kill people!

      Jenny: Then you must die yourself. Neiki?.

      Neiki looks to Intank and smiles.

      Neiki: My pleasure.

      Neiki punches Intank but Intank catches Neiki's fist.

      Intank: Looks like I'm a faster learner.

      Intank kicks Neiki across the room.

      Jenny: (frustrated) Neiki, you were supposed to kill him!

      Neiki: Sorry, I was a bit busy getting kicked across the room.

      Jenny picks up a pen from her desk and whips it at Intank's chest. It jams into his chest and he flies back from the force, into the wall. Intank slides down the wall, to the floor. It leaves blood marks on the wall. Jenny smiles, as she thinks he's dead.

      Jenny: Neiki, learn. Kill. Hunt.


      CUT TO:


      Intank is panting on the floor.

      Voice: (V/O) You got out of it, I see. But, you're not done. You're not even close, my friend.

      A demon walks right next to Intank, looking down at him. He is black and scally. He is the Xaldor demon.

      Xad: It hasn't begun, my friend.

      Intank runs out the door and Xad begins to laugh.

      CUT TO:


      Riley is walking down the street, looking down.

      Intank runs out of the church and across the street.

      Riley sees him.

      Intank runs into the street as a car is driving by very fast. It slams into Intank and he is thrown across the street. People stop and run to Intank, as does Riley. The demon walks out of the church, smiling at Intank's unconscious body.


      CUT TO:


      It starts off right where the last flashback ended. Intank's eyes flash open. Jenny sees this and grabs a gun from his desk drawer. Intank gets up. Jenny tries shooting but Intank runs in circles, Jenny's firing following him. He jumps behind Neiki and grabs him as a shield. Four bullets go into Neiki's chest and Intank throws him across the room. Intank runs next to Jenny. Jenny brings up her gun and Intank grabs it, putting it to her throat.

      Jenny: (laughing) You, idiot. You can't kill me. I'm so much older than you'll ever be.

      Intank: Guess again.

      Jenny takes Intank's arm down and kicks him into a wall. She laughs as Intank gets up. He lifts up the gun and keeps shooting Jenny in the stomach. She's shocked. Intank runs to Jenny to finish the job.

      Neiki: God dammit, Intank! Step away from her.

      Intank: I'm sorry, Neiki.

      Intank pulls up Jenny's head and shoots a bullet through the bottom of her skull and up through it. Jenny falls to the ground, dead.

      Neiki: No! You, bitch!

      Intank: Sorry.

      Intank walks away. Neiki grabs Intank's ankle and Intank looks down at him.

      Neiki: I will kill you.

      Intank: Good luck.

      Intank kicks Neiki away and walks out of the room.


      CUT TO:


      Intank is lying on the couch and he opens his eyes.

      Intank: What the hell?

      Riley, Sam, and Graham are all in the room.

      Riley: You walked in front of a car and it ran you over.

      Intank: Great.

      Intank tries to sit up but Sam pushes him back down.

      Sam: You were run over by a car! Lye down.

      Intank: Guys, there's a demon. I ?

      Riley: Xadlor. I know.

      Intank: How -- ?

      Riley: He did it to me.

      Intank: So, you know.

      Riley: I know.

      Graham: Wait, Riley's crazy obsession is real?

      Sam: Looks like.

      Intank: I need to find this demon and kill it, now.

      Sam: Intank ?

      Intank: Get away!

      Intank stands up and pushes Sam aside. He runs out the door.

      Sam: What's his problem?

      Riley: That's the thing ? we don't know.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie and Jill walk in.

      Jill: (whispering) Look, it's John.

      Salomie: I see him.

      Jill: Go for it all, then.

      Salomie: You first.

      Jill: What?

      Salomie: Bob. Go find him.

      Jill smiles.

      Jill: Be that way.

      Jill walks out and Salomie walks towards John. She sits down next to him.

      Salomie: Hey.

      John: (shocked) Oh, um?.hi.


      John: Why are you here? You left me a few nights ago shocked and with a lame excuse not to be together!

      Librarian: (V/O) Quiet down!

      Salomie: John, I'm sorry.

      John: Why'd ya do it?

      Salomie: Cause it wasn't right.

      John: Is now right? I mean, it was a few days ago!

      Salomie: No, but I need to make things better. I want to be friends, John.

      John: Don't you think you're just a little too late for that?

      Salomie: No?I don't.

      John: I still don't understand you.

      Salomie: I can't do a relationship right now. I'm not ready for commitement.

      John: That I can see. I assure you.

      Salomie: I will be, soon. I promise.

      John: (astonished) You think I'm just gonna wait till you're ready?

      Salomie: John ?

      John: No! I'm not gonna wait around; I'm not going to let you tear out my heart again. I'm done with you.

      Salomie: Please, John. Can we just be friends?

      John: Get away.

      Librarian: Excuse me, sir. I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

      John: I was just leaving, anyways.

      John gets up and walks out, leaving Salomie sad and depressed.

      CUT TO:


      Bob is walking down the street with Jill chasing after him. Jill stops him.

      Jill: (panting) I've been chasing you for a few minutes!

      Bob: Oh, sorry.

      Jill: I was wondering if you wanted to go to The Gold.

      Bob: I was going there now. They have a great band playing tonight.

      Jill: Good dancing band?

      Bob: I guess.

      Jill: Then, maybe we could do just that.

      Bob: Just what?

      Jill: Ya know, dance.

      Bob: Oh?okay. Sure.

      Jill smiles.

      Jill: Okay, let's go.

      They walk off together.



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        ACT III

        CUT TO:

        INT – CAVE – NIGHT

        Eliza is still chained up.

        Lechli: Xad should be here any minute. Just you wait.

        Eliza: I can’t wait.

        Lechli: That’s what I thought.

        The demon from the church walks into the cave.

        Xad: Hello, hello.

        Lechli: Xad! Nice to see you.

        Xad: Not so nice to see you.

        Lechli: I see you’re the same. Once a bitch, always a bitch.

        Xad: You’re hysterical.

        Xad puts his hand on Lechli’s head and Lechli screams. Lechli punches him away and Xad laughs.

        Xad: (laughing) You were beat down? By a girl!?

        Eliza: Girls are pretty damn tough.

        Xad turns to Eliza.

        Xad: Is this the bitch you wanted killed?

        Lechli: Killed eventually. For now, just torture.

        Xad: Fun, fun, fun.

        Eliza: Wow, you’re the dumbest demon ever.

        Xad: Spunky one.

        Lechli: A bit annoying two.

        Xad: Ah, so you must be dating.

        Lechli: Just torture her already.

        Xad: My pleasure.

        Xad walks to Eliza, smiling. Xad puts his hands on Eliza’s head and she screams.

        Xad: Boring past. Maybe we’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.

        Xad punches Eliza and smiles.

        CUT TO:

        EXT – STREET – DAY

        Sam is walking down the street and sees Michael. She walks to him.

        Sam: Michael.

        Michael: (smiling) Sam!

        Sam: Michael, tonight.

        Michael: I know. I needed to talk to you about it.

        Sam: Why?

        Michael: They want more.

        Sam: What!?

        Michael: They want more money.

        Sam: Michael, I don’t have more.

        Michael: Please, Sam! I need it.

        Sam: You better pay me back.

        Michael: Sam, I swear I will.

        Sam: Okay, thanks.

        Michael: Tonight, okay?

        Sam: Tonight.

        CUT TO:


        Lain, Melissa, and Graham are all watching a movie.

        Melissa: The bitch got what was coming to her!

        Lain: A little harsh, don’t ya think?

        Graham: No, just harsh enough.

        Melissa: Exactly. Harsh = good.

        Lain: (laughing) Nice logic.

        Graham: Guys, stop! This is the good part.

        Melissa: What happens here?

        Lain: Well, the guy is all, “I’m gonna kick you’re ass!” and the other guys all, “How can you do it while I’m kicking yours!” and then boom!

        Melissa: Boom meaning?

        Graham: Ass kicking.

        Melissa: Ah, that surely explains all.

        Lain: Sure as hell does.

        Melissa: Best part in the movie?

        Graham: Yep.

        Melissa: Pathetic movie.

        Lain: You got that right.

        Graham: Positively.

        Melissa: How have you guys been, anyways?

        Lain: Jolly.

        Graham: Amazing.

        Melissa: Seriously, guys!

        Lain: Same old.

        Graham: Nothing has been going on, although cookie dough is good.

        Lain: It’s the new fad.

        Graham: You don’t say.

        Melissa: Wow, you guys are seriously scaring me.

        Graham: It’s our job.

        Lain: Responsibility.

        Graham: No, duty.

        Melissa: (laughing) Um…okay.

        CUT TO:

        INT – THE GOLD – DAY

        Nobody is in The Gold, but the lights are on. The door opens and Riley walks in.

        Intank: (V/O) Get out! We’re closed!

        Riley: It’s me.


        Intank: (V/O) Get out, even if we’re not closed!

        Riley: Intank, get out here.

        Intank walks out of a room in the back and looks at Riley.

        Intank: What do you want?

        Riley: Help.

        Intank: Help with what?

        Riley: I need to stop this demon.

        Intank: So do I. So, I’m gonna find it, and kill it.

        Riley: We both have pretty bad pasts, I’m guessing. How’re we gonna get close to it?

        Intank: That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out when you interrupted me.

        Riley: Well, we can work together.

        Intank: (laughing) Don’t make me die by laughter.

        Riley: Intank, come on.

        Intank: Will you stay out of my way?

        Riley: Not really, but I’ll say I will.

        Intank: Fine, then I’ll push you out of my way.

        Riley: So, we have a deal?

        Intank: For now, but if we get pissed, I can hurt you.

        Riley: I’d like to see you try.

        Intank: Yeah, that would be funny. You in pain always is.

        Riley: Okay, how’re we going to do this?

        Intank: I have some books, come on.

        Riley: In The Gold?

        Intank: What do you think the back room is?

        Riley: What is it?

        They walk to the door and Intank walks in, followed be Riley.

        CUT TO:


        It’s a training room with weapons, books, mats, punching bags, and other things to train and research with.

        Riley: This is amazing.

        Intank: Good.

        Riley: How’d you make all this?

        Intank: Got everything I own, bought a few more stuff, and just made it.

        Riley: You can do anything in here.

        Intank: Stop praising and get straight to the chase.

        Riley: Okay, what’ve you been looking up?

        Intank: Charms, spells. Anything that can repel this guy.

        Riley: Okay.

        Intank: That’s all you have to say? Help, god dammit!

        Riley: Okay, okay.

        Intank: That’s still all you can say.

        Riley: Surprise attack?

        Intank: What?

        Riley: We attack him from behind, or someone makes a diversion.

        Intank: That would work, but only if we had one clear shot to kill.

        Riley: I think we would. I went to this demon bartender, Ian something, and he said killing Xad was just like any other demon. We could just get a gun, crossbow, and knife, whatever.

        Intank: Fine. You’ll divert him, and I’ll give him a good stake in the heart.

        Riley: I need to be the bait?

        Intank: Who do you think has the better shot at killing him?

        Riley: Fine.

        Intank: How do we get him?

        Riley: Note?

        Intank: Or we could just call him.

        Riley: Like, scream? We don’t know where he is, though.

        Intank: So how would a letter work?

        Riley: Just a patrol?

        Intank: Whatever, but now.

        Riley: He won’t be out now.

        Intank: You never know, and this needs to be over as soon as possible.

        Riley: Fine.

        CUT TO:

        EXT – STREET – DAY

        Sam is walking down the street when she sees Intank and Riley run into the woods. She, slowly, follows them.

        CUT TO:

        INT – CAVE – DAY

        Eliza is all bloody and almost dead.

        Lechli: We done with her?

        Xad: Not just yet.

        Eliza: Get away from me, bitch.

        Xad: Still got some talk in you?

        Xad punches Eliza across the face.

        Lechli: (to another demon) Where’s that brain!?

        Demon: We can’t find a decent brain.

        Lechli: What?!

        Demon: We can’t find one.

        Lechli: (annoyed) Fine, tonight we’ll take Eliza’s for the machine.

        Eliza: (overhearing) What?

        Lechli: Mind your own business! Xad, get back to work.

        Xad: Shut up.

        Xad knees Eliza in the gut and she coughs blood. Xad smiles and giggles a little.

        Xad: I’m gonna get some fresh air.

        Lechli: Be back within an hour and don’t leave the forest or else you’ll be seen.

        Xad: Stop being my mom.

        CUT TO:

        EXT – WOODS – DAY

        Xad is walking through the woods and Riley walks in front of Xad.

        Riley: Hey.

        Xad: Who are you?

        Intank: (V/O) AH!

        Intank jumps from behind and stabs Xad in the heart. He screams. Sam hears this and runs faster. She gets up to the spot where all the action is taking place.

        Riley: Sam, what are you doing here?

        Sam: Riley!

        Xad: What was that for?

        Xad punches Intank away, into a tree.

        Riley: It didn’t kill you.

        Xad: Of course it didn’t. A mere flesh wound is all.

        Xad punches Riley and then kicks him to the ground, unconscious. Both Intank and Riley are unconscious.

        Xad: Now for you, little lady.

        Xad turns to Sam but she is already running away.

        CUT TO:

        INT – CAVE – DAY

        Riley opens his eyes and sees that him and Intank are chained to the wall, just like Eliza.

        Xad: Welcome back, sleepy head.

        Lechli: Good, they’re awake.

        Xad: I’ve gotten the pleasure to meet my friend Intank over here, but Riley? We haven’t gotten the chance.

        Lechli: Go for it.

        Xad: Thank you.

        Eliza looks at Riley, sympathetically.

        Xad puts his hands on Riley’s head and he squirms.


        CUT TO:


        You see a caption on the bottom of the screen. It says “5 Years Ago”. Riley is lying in bed. He looks like a teen, maybe 16 or 17. He is reading a magazine when he hears a knock. He puts it down and looks around to see a girl in the window, the girl in the picture on his desk. He smiles and opens the window.

        Riley: Sara.

        Sara: (smiling) Riley, hey.

        Sara comes into the room. The camera pans over to present-day Riley and Xad watching the scene happen.

        Xad: It all started with a girl. Remember this moment? Remember that happiness you felt, and how it all went away oh so quickly?

        Riley is trying to stay calm. The camera pans back to the scene.

        Riley: My parents made it perfectly clear that they hate you.

        Sara: I don’t care! Do you?

        Riley: Of course not! I only care about you.

        Sara smiles and they kiss.

        Sara: We need to leave.

        Riley: I was kind of thinking that.

        Sara: We obviously can’t stay here and get pushed around by our parents. It’s not right.

        Riley: I got my suitcase all packed and I made one for you.

        Sara: (smiling) So caring and thoughtful.

        Riley: Well, you know me.

        Sara: I really, really do!

        Sara and Riley kiss again.

        Riley: Okay, let’s go.

        They grab their suitcases and open the door. Riley’s parents are standing there.

        Dad: You’re not going anywhere, son.

        Riley: You can’t make me do anything.

        Mom: Riley, just listen to your father.

        Sara: Let’s go, Riley.

        Riley: Wait a minute.

        Dad: You’re not leaving.

        Mom: Stay.

        Riley: No! All my life I’ve listened to you, done all your idiotic requests! I’m leaving, I’ve had enough of this life and I want my own.

        Dad: You can’t do it, Riley.

        Riley: I can.

        The dad holds Riley.

        Riley: Get your hands off of me!

        Riley pushes his dad back.

        Dad: You do NOT do that to your father!

        Riley’s dad smacks Riley over the face. Riley’s mom gasps and so does Sara.

        Riley: (looking at his father) Get out of my way, or I will move you.

        Riley’s dad and mother move and Riley and Sara run out of the room.

        The camera moves back to Xad and Riley.

        Xad: Amazing, yes? Great choice ya made there, kiddo.

        Riley tries punching Xad but he goes through him.

        Xad: We’re not corporeal here. I rule you, Riley. You can’t do anything.

        Riley stares at Xad, in disbelief.


        CUT TO:

        INT – CAVE – DAY

        Xad smiles at Riley.

        Xad: This is fun.

        Lechli: Good for you.

        Xad: Can I have more?

        Lechli: As much as you want.

        Xad: Fun, fun, fun.

        Xad smiles as he places his hands on Riley’s head once more.

        Xad: Here we go again.

        Xad closes his eyes and Riley screams.




        END OF ACT III

        END SHOW
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