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Riley The Series: 1.03 "Breaking"

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  • Riley The Series: 1.03 "Breaking"

    After a very long hiatus, here it is: The very next episode of Riley.

    Riley Season 1 Episode 3 Rewrite

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthrized usage of these characters is permitted.


    CUT TO:


    Sam is sitting on their bed, in a ball. She is staring at a plastic bag containing her tooth with ink on it.

    Sam: What the hell is it?

    There is a load knock on the door.

    Riley: (V/O) Sam! What have you been doing in there for days!? Please, let me in!

    Sam: Everything's fine, sweety.

    Riley: (V/O) Sam, let me in!

    Sam: No, Riley. I'm okay.

    All the noise stops and you just close up on Sam. She looks out of it: confused and sad. You see the door and it's shaking. Riley is obviously still pounding, but Sam poured him out. Sam puts her head down on the pillow and just lies there. You get a close up on her face.

    FADE TO:


    Michael is sitting at a table, sipping some coffee. Michael looks at his watch, impatiently.

    Michael: (to self) Where is she?

    A waitress walks over to Michael and puts another cup of coffee in front of him. She starts to walk away but Michael calls after her.

    Michael: Hey!

    She stops.

    Waitress: (annoyed; snotty) Yes?

    Michael: I didn't order another cup; I better not be paying for that.

    Waitress: Of course you're not, that man over there already paid for it!

    She walks away and Michael looks to where she was pointing. There is a bald man with a black leather jacket. Michael seems to know him. Michael, quickly, grabs his coffee and starts to walk away. He opens the door and turns but another man, bigger and with long brown hair is standing there. He is also wearing a black leather jacket. Michael turns and is face to face with the bald man.

    Bald Man: (Irish accent) Hello.

    Michael: Dude, I'm sorry.

    Bald Man: Are you now?

    Michael: Please.

    Bald Man: Please, what? We haven't even done anything.

    Michael: Well, you are standing rather menacingly.

    Bald Man: Haha, a funny boy. Killer, we have a funny boy!

    Killer/Long Haired Man: (sarcastically) Very funny boy.

    Michael: Why's he called Killer?

    Bald Man: Why do you think?

    Killer: Charlie, get to the damn point.

    Charlie/Bald Man: Okay, don't get mad, Killer.

    Killer: I intend to.

    Charlie: Save it for later, then!

    Killer: Then speed the hell up!

    Michael: Bye!

    Killer grabs Michael by the shoulder and pushes him into the wall.

    Killer: Don't you dare.

    Charlie: We don't want to make a scene if we don't have to.

    Killer lets go of Michael.

    Michael: What do you want?

    Charlie: You know what we want.

    Michael: The money.

    Charlie: Ding, ding. Tell him what he's one, Killer.

    Killer: A one way ticket to hell...unless we get that money.

    Michael: I'll get it to you.

    Charlie: We better see you tonight at five, you know the place.

    Michael: Okay.

    Charlie: With the money.

    Michael: I know.

    Charlie: I know you know. I don't know if you know that we will, literally, kill you if you don't have the money. So, I highly recommend that you get it.

    There is a close up on Michael's face.

    CUT TO:


    A young girl is running through an alley, looking back every second. She is breathing heavily. She turns a corner and runs into a man. He is black with a white shirt on, and jeans.

    Man: Now, now, girl. It's all okay.

    Girl: Please, don't hurt me.

    Man: Hurt you? Now, why wouldn't I?

    The girl looks shocked. The man grabs her neck and cracks it. She falls to the ground, dead.

    Man: All part of the job, lady. All part of the job.



    "End Of The World" by Great Big Sea/REM begins playing.


    Marc Blucas as Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic as Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase as Graham Miller
    Jason Dohring as Intank Welleee
    And Allison Mack as Salomie Sullivan


    Michael Varton as Michael
    Topher Grace as Lain
    Liza Weil as Melissa
    Jared Padalecki as John
    Carlos Bernard as Bob
    Jewel Staite as Jill


    Tracey Walter as Jeffery Anderson
    Nicki Aycox as Eliza

    Created By: BlasterBoy (BEN)
    Written By: BlasterBoy (BEN)

    Edited By: BlasterBoy (BEN)
    Produced By: Different Dimensions Inc.

    Riley The Series is affiliated with The Demon Slayer, writen by Kevin (Dark Ages)

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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    A man in a tux is sitting at his desk. The door flings open and two men in tuxes walk in front and the man from the teaser, now in a tux, is behind them. One of the two men in front flies above them randomly and you hear a flesh breaking noise. The two men don't seem to notice and just walk to his desk.

    Man: (without looking up) You shoud've knocked.

    Black Man: I'm sorry, Mr. Anderson.

    Mr. Anderson: You should be, Jefferson! Do better next time.
    Jefferson: I will, sir. I am here to tell you that the target has been terminated.

    Mr. Anderson: Now, that's a little rude.

    Jefferson: Excuse me, sir?

    Mr. Anderson: She's not "the target", her name is Jamie. Treat people with respect.

    Jefferson: But, sir, I killed her.

    Mr. Anderson: More the reason to respect, her. Just look at Jessica. I killed her full family; I respect her greatly.

    Jefferson: Yes, sir.

    Mr. Anderson: Now, where is Jamie?

    Jefferson: In the lab.

    Mr. Anderson: Good. Tell everyone to leave it. I need to speak to her alone.

    Jefferson: Yes, sir.

    Jefferson and the other man start to walk out.

    Mr. Anderson: Oh, and by the way, clean that mess up.

    The camera zooms up to show the man that flew out of view a minute ago, impaled on the American flag.

    CUT TO:


    It is very dark and a man is sitting on the floor of the church, praying.

    Woman: (V/O) Is this it?

    The man stands up and turns around to see a woman dressed in leather.

    Man: Excuse me, ma'am?

    Woman: I heard this was one nice place.

    Man: Of worship.

    Woman: Interesting. Is this a place of redemption, goodness?

    Man: Of, course.

    Woman: Then, why, tell me, is sinning everywhere?

    Man: It isn't!

    Woman: Oh, yes it is. It's just dressed up in fancy dresses. We are all sinners, and I'm just the sin.

    Man: Um, -

    Woman: This is a place where people are supposed to be saved.

    The woman pulls out a knife and slits the man's throat.

    Woman: Ironic, huh?

    CUT TO:


    A man is running quickly through the forest. He looks behind him as he runs and then runs into something. You see a hand punch him to the ground. He looks up in terror. Sam is standing there with a gun pointed at his chest.

    Sam: Where is it?

    Man: I don't know what you're talking about!

    Sam shoots the man in the arm and he screams.

    Sam: (repeats) Where is it?

    Man: I swear, I don't know!

    Sam: The prophecy. You had it in English, now where is it?

    Man: I don't --

    Sam shoots the ground right next to the man.

    Sam: Where is it?

    Man: I sold it to a man.

    Sam: What's his name?

    Man: I don't know!

    Sam: Excuse me?

    Man: I'm telling the truth! He gave me the money, I gave him the prophecy! We didn't need to know names!

    Sam: Where?

    Man: The old warehouse on
    55th Street.

    Sam nods and then shoots the man in the heart. His back falls to the ground. He's dead. Sam walks away, emotionless.

    CUT TO:


    Mr. Anderson is standing above a dead body.

    Mr. Anderson: Hello, Jamie. I came here to say goodbye to you, my love. I heard you weren't following the rules. You should never do that. You know I'll find you.

    Mr. Anderson puts his hands through the dead body's, or Jamie's, hair.

    Mr. Anderson: Listen, do what you're told. That's all I asked of you! And look what you do.

    Mr. Anderson starts circling Jamie.

    Mr. Anderson: I've always known you were stubborn - (pauses; smiles) Well, I mean, heard you were stubborn, because, you know, we never formally met.

    The door opens and a girl is standing there, probably in her 20s. She has flowing blond hair and is very tall.

    Girl: Um, sir --

    Mr. Anderson: Call me Jeffery, Jessica. It's only fair. I mean, I do call you Jessica. Don't you find our names weird in this place? Jessica, Jeffery, Jefferson. Don't you find it....strange?

    Jessica: Um, not especially, Jeffery.

    Jeffery: Ah, okay. Now, what were you gonna say?

    Jessica: Mr. Jonas is here.

    Jeffery: (laughs) Another J name. Isn't this weird?

    Jessica: Um, sure.

    Jeffery: Okay, well, thank you.

    Jessica is about to walk out when Jeffery starts talking to her.

    Jeffery: Have you ever thought about dieing?

    Jessica: What?

    Jeffery: Dieing. Ever thought about it?

    Jessica: I guess.

    Jeffery: Think about it more. Cause you never know when it's gonna come.

    Jessica is puzzled. Jeffery walks towards Jessica and the door.

    Jeffery: Burn her.

    Jessica: (confused) Who?

    Jeffery: Jamie.

    Jeffery walks out of the room.

    CUT TO:


    Sam is just lying on her bed, thinking, when the door opens. Sam immediately jumps up to close the door but Graham has already walked in. Sam quickly closes the door behind Graham.

    Sam: Graham! Get out of here!

    Graham: No.

    Sam: Don't be a stubborn bitch. Now, get out.

    Graham: Tell me what's going on.

    Sam: Get the hell out of my room.

    Graham: How about no?

    Sam: Get out!

    Graham: What's going on?

    Sam: Get ?

    Graham grabs hold of Sam and gets in her face.

    Graham: (quietly) What is going on?

    Sam starts to cry.

    Sam: My family is dead, Graham! And ya wanna know why!? Well, so do I!

    Graham: What?

    Sam: That's why they wanted me, Graham! Most families have a family secret. Well, mine is much bigger. My whole family is dead over it!

    Graham: I don't understand ?

    Sam: I didn't expect you to! They're dead!

    Sam starts crying.

    Sam: I need to find out why!

    Graham: Sam?..

    Graham pulls Sam in and Sam starts crying in his arms.

    Sam: Help me, Graham. Please?..

    You get a far out shot of Graham and Sam crying in his arms.

    CUT TO:


    The woman from the church scene is walking down an alley with a red leather jacket and jeans on. She is smiling, evilly. She suddenly stops.

    Woman: Jarlena.

    Suddenly, another woman appears from the shadows.

    Jarlena: Why, hello Eliza.

    Eliza: Cut the small talk, bitch, and cut to the god damn chase. I killed the man, now where's my money?

    Jarlena: Be patient.

    Eliza: Okay.

    Jarlena: So ?

    Eliza: 3?2?1

    Eliza grabs Jarlena by the throat.

    Eliza: Pay me?or die.

    Jarlena: I need to get your money!

    Eliza: Where?!

    Jarlena: (gasping) A man named Jeffery Anderson.

    Eliza: Okay, then let's get it.

    Jarlena: It's not that simple.

    Eliza squeezes her neck harder.

    Eliza: Why!?

    Jarlena: Because, he's a nasty guy.

    Eliza: I'm an even nastier girl!

    Jarlena: Doubt it!

    Eliza: (pissed) Where is this guy?

    Jarlena: 22nd Street, the big mansion.

    Eliza: Ah, that rich one.

    Jarlena: I'll get your money.

    Eliza: No, it's fine.

    Eliza lets go of Jarlena. Suddenly, Eliza grabs Jarlena and snaps her neck. She falls to the ground, dead.

    Eliza: I got it covered.

    CUT TO:


    You can dress me up in diamonds
    You can dress me up in dirt
    "La la" by Ashley Simpson plays in the background at the Gold.

    Salomie and Jill are sitting at a table.

    Jill: So?.how did it go?

    Salomie: What?

    Jill: You know damn well what, girl! Your date with John.

    Salomie: It wasn't a date.

    Jill: (sarcastic) Yeah, you just went to a movie.

    Salomie: As friends, mind you.

    Jill: Who says mind you anymore? Get with the times, old lady!

    Salomie: Excuse me.

    Jill: You're excused.

    Salomie: Well, thanks.

    Salomie stands up and starts to walk away.

    Jill: I didn't mean literally.

    Salomie: (turning around) I know, I'm just getting a drink.

    Salomie walks to the bar.

    Intank is standing at the bar, serving drinks. Riley is sitting at the bar with a drink in his hand. He takes a huge gulp and the drink is gone.

    Intank: ?Nother one?

    Riley: Hell yeah.

    Intank: Gotcha.

    Intank is pouring another beer for Riley.

    Riley: She's always trusted me. But, now, she's not. She's leaving me to guess what her problem is.

    Intank: (not caring) I'm interested in your situation.

    Riley takes the drink from Intank's hand and gulps it down, again. It's empty.

    Riley: Hit me.

    Intank goes to grab more beer.

    Riley: Ya know, it's like?.I'm there, but I'm not. Ya know?

    Intank: You're drunk. Ya know?

    Riley: (drunk) True.

    Intank: Want another beer?

    Riley: Certainly, honey.

    Intank: Just, stop talking.

    Salomie walks to the bar.

    Salomie: Two drinks.

    Intank: Of?

    Salomie: Whatever the hell you feel like giving me.

    Intank: ?Kay.

    Jill is sitting at the table, waiting for Salomie. Jill looks around and sees a man with blond hair.

    Jill: Hello, Mr. Lover.

    Jill stands up and walks over to the guy. She turns him around.

    Jill: Hey! I think you're hot!

    Man: Um?

    Jill grabs the man and starts kissing him. The man pushes her away.

    Man: What's wrong with you?

    Jill: I'm crazy?for you!

    Man: Get away from me.

    John is standing around near Salomie's table. When she walks back to the table, she sees John and smiles.

    Salomie: John!

    John turns and sees her. He smiles too and walks towards her.

    John: Hey, Salomie. Where've you been?

    Salomie: Just here.

    John: Well, that's good.

    CUT TO:


    The doorbell rings and Sam runs down the stairs, looking sad and depressed. She opens the door to see the woman named Jessica from the scene before. Sam looks confused.

    Jessica: I need help.



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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      Everyone is in the living room now.

      Jessica: He's just?..horrible.

      Riley: Well, what do you want us to do?

      Jessica: What the hell do you think, moron?

      Riley: Excuse me?

      Jessica: Kill him! Destroy him. Please, destroy his life.

      CUT TO:


      Jessica and Riley are walking down the street.

      Jessica: I'm sorry about how I yelled at you. You just want to help.

      Riley: It's fine. It's obvious that this demon guy needs to be chopped to itty bitty pieces. We'll sure do it for ya.

      Jessica: Well, thank you.

      Riley: How did someone like you end of with this Anderson guy?

      Jessica: My parents. They owed him some money. They couldn't pay it back.


      Mr. Anderson walks into the house. You get the view from under the bed. Young Jessica must be under there.

      Mr. Anderson: I've been trying to get my money. But, no. You refuse to pay me.

      Woman: I'm sorry!

      Mr. Anderson: Too bad. So sad.

      Mr. Anderson pulls out a knife and the woman screams.

      Jessica: (V/O) And he killed my mother?..and my father.

      You see young Jessica's face as you hear screams.

      Jessica: (V/O) He took me, and raised me. I hated him.

      Mr. Anderson looks under the bed and young Jessica screams.


      Jessica: He killed my parents?.he kidnapped me?.he pretended to love me. I want him dead. I want payback.

      Riley: And you'll get it.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie and John are kissing on the street. They break apart.

      Salomie: We shouldn't be doing this.

      John: Why?

      Salomie: I told Jill I was in the bathroom.

      John: So? Do you want to go there?

      Salomie: Oh, um?..sure.

      John and Salomie start walking while kissing until Salomie stops them.

      Salomie: No?..we can't do this.

      John: Of course we can.

      Salomie: No, we really can't.

      John: But why!?

      Salomie: Bob is standing right next to us.

      John: Oh.

      They break apart and see Bob standing there.

      Bob: Hey. Is Jill inside?

      Salomie: Yeah.

      Bob: Okay?..thanks.

      Bob starts walking away. He stops and turns around.

      Bob: By the way, get a room.

      Bob starts walking away again.

      Salomie and John look at one another again. They start kissing.

      CUT TO:


      Sam and Graham are in the room.

      Sam: So, how are you going to help me?

      Graham: I'll go with you.

      Sam: To where?

      Graham: The warehouse.

      Sam: How did you ?

      Graham: I bugged you, Sam.

      Sam: How dare ?

      Graham: It was needed under the circumstances.

      Sam: I don't want the "it was needed" crap! You will never do that again! You hear me?

      Graham: Sam ?

      Sam: Don't give me a lecture! Let's go.

      Sam walks out of the room.

      CUT TO:


      Sam and Graham are walking down the stairs, where Riley is.

      Riley: We need to discuss how we're gonna get in this place.

      Graham: Later.

      Riley: No ?

      Sam: Shut the hell up, Riley. We have business to attend to.

      Sam and Graham just walk out of the house, leaving Riley staring, shocked.

      CUT TO:


      Jill is sitting at the table.

      Jill: Diarrhea much?

      Bob sits down across from Jill.

      Bob: Hey.

      Jill: Um?.hey.

      Bob: You do know that your friend is out there lip locking with my roommate, right?

      Jill: (surprised) What?

      CUT TO:


      A car pulls up to the warehouse. Sam and Graham get out and walk towards the warehouse.


      The door opens and in comes Sam and Graham. They look around.

      Graham: Anyone here?

      Sam: Shut it.

      Sam walks around and sees a crate in the corner of the warehouse. She runs to it.

      Sam: (to Graham) Help me open this thing.

      Graham runs over to Sam and helps her open the crate. Once it's open, Sam starts rummaging through it.

      Graham: What are you looking for?

      Sam: Anything. Anything at all.

      Graham: What about this guy?

      Sam: Later.

      Sam hits something and her expression changes to anxiousness.

      Graham: What is it?

      Sam: I don't know.

      Sam pulls the object out of the crate. It's a bomb! The timer is counting down from 17!

      Graham: We need to get out!

      Sam: There might be more clues!

      Graham: Who the hell cares!?

      Sam: Me.

      Graham: Sam!

      Graham throws Sam to the ground.

      Graham: Let's go!

      Graham and Sam run out of the warehouse.


      Sam and Graham run out!

      Graham: Get in the car! Now!

      Graham and Sam get in. The car turns out. As they pull away, the warehouse explodes.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? CAR ? NIGHT

      Sam and Graham are in the car.

      Sam: What the hell was that?

      Graham: I'm not exactly sure.

      Sam: A dead man told me that someone was there. Is he working to find the truth, too?

      Graham: You mean was.

      Sam: What?

      Graham: You killed the man. He can't be working anymore.

      Sam: Graham, he was selling children to demons!

      Graham: But you killed him.

      Sam: Shut up, Graham!

      Graham: Sorry that I actually made you feel guilt, like a normal person.

      Sam: Shut up!

      Graham: No, you shut up, Sam. Don't go destroying lives because ?

      Sam: You have to shut the hell up or I will beat you to death.

      Graham looks at Sam, pissed off.

      Graham: No surprise there.

      CUT TO:


      Riley: So, we were going to discuss our plans last night, but Sam and Graham so rudely left us. Soon, I'll think you're having an affair?.in my house.

      Sam: Riley ?

      The door opens and Intank walks in.

      Intank: Hope I'm not too late for some ass kicking.

      Riley: Not at all.

      Intank: Well, good.

      Jessica: Let's get the plan straight.

      Graham: No, I don't want to go over it. I'm worried enough as it is. Let's just? it.

      Riley: Okay, let's go.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie walks in and sees Jill on the bed.

      Jill: So, I heard there was some serious lip lockage last night.

      Salomie: What?

      Jill: You, John, lips.

      Salomie: There was ?

      Jill: I get it?.you were having a secret lover!

      Salomie looks shocked.

      Jill: Salomie, that is seriously sexy. Now you need an affair, too.

      Salomie: What!?

      Jill: I know, I know. It's not good, it's the bad girl thing. Who cares? It's ignored, no??it's expected.

      Salomie: What?

      Jill: Don't give me that face. You know you want to. Find that other sexy thing and give him what he dreams of.

      Salomie: And I repeat: what?

      Jill: Salomie, you're in denial. It's okay.

      Salomie: It was one kiss. That's all.

      Jill: Yes, a very, very, very long kiss. I'd know; I'm the one who waited.

      Salomie: Jill, it's nothing ?

      Jill: Shh! No more talking! Save those lips for tonight when you're giving John his treatment.

      Salomie: Jill, you're so weird.

      Jill: Thank you.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? STREET ? DAY

      Eliza is walking down the street when she walks into a shop.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? SHOP ? DAY

      She walks to the counter.

      Eliza: Bugsy!

      A man walks out and looks at Eliza.

      Bugsy: What?

      Eliza: Give me a lift.

      Bugsy: Where?

      Eliza: The mansion.

      CUT TO:


      A car pulls up to the gate. Jessica, Intank, Riley, Sam, and Graham walk out.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? YARD ? DAY

      Eliza is walking through someone's yard to get to the mansion. She smiles. You can see that she sees it.

      CUT TO:


      They all walk to the gate.

      Jessica: You folks ready?

      Intank: Hell yeah.

      Riley: Showtime.



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        ACT III

        CUT TO:

        INT ? MANSION ? DAY

        Mr. Anderson is sitting at his desk doing paperwork when the door opens. It's Jefferson.
        Jefferson: Sir, I need to talk to you.

        Mr. Anderson: Ain't that what you're doing?

        Jefferson: This is very important. I think ?

        You hear a huge thud.
        Jefferson looks around.

        Jefferson: What was that?

        Mr. Anderson: Not sure.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? MANSION ? GATE ? DAY

        The gang is trying to get over the gate. Graham just fell on his back and kicked the pole making a loud noise.

        Jessica: Nice one, ass.

        Graham: Hey!

        Riley: She has a temper.

        Jessica: Hey!

        Sam: Shut up.

        Sam starts walking to where she has to go.

        CUT TO:


        A doctor is walking by the hall. There is a vent on the wall. As the doctor walks by, the vent flies off the wall and smashes the doctor in the face. Sam jumps out of the vent. She grabs the doctor and bangs her head into the wall. She falls unconscious.

        CUT TO:


        Intank and Graham are running down the hallway.

        Graham: We need to go fast.

        Intank: Hence the running, you numskull!

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? MANSION ? YARD ? DAY

        Riley is hiding and trying to get to one little shack.

        CUT TO:


        Sam is now in the doctor's outfit and she starts walking down the hallway.

        Jessica: (V/O) Psst! What do I do?

        Jessica comes out of the vent now.

        Sam: Stay there!

        Jessica: No, I can't. I need to kill this bitch.

        Sam: Ya know, you can't come out until Riley's done, and he hasn't given me the call yet!

        Jessica: Oh, well. Let the cams see me! What the hell do I care?!

        Sam: Get. Back. In. The. Vent.

        CUT TO:


        A huge room, a cafeteria, is full with demons of all shapes in sizes, as well as people. The doors open and Graham and Intank walk in, Intank being blue.

        Graham: (whispering to Intank) Act evil-like.

        Intank: Shut up, numskull. I am evil.

        Graham: You wish.

        Demon: (V/O) You!

        Graham: Me?

        Demon: Yeah, you! Where's my beef?

        Graham: I'm not sure.

        The demon punches Graham and others laugh. Graham starts fake laughing as well.

        Demon: You're like a punching bag.

        The demon punches Graham in the guy.

        Demon: (giggling) That was a nice one.

        The demon just walks away.

        Intank: Nice one. You're a natural.

        Graham: Shut up.

        Intank: We need to go to the back and set up the bomb. C'mon.

        CUT TO:


        Riley is walking up to the shack. He pulls out a gun and kicks open the door. He sees the security cameras and all the guards, on the ground, dead. There is a huge chair in from of the cameras. The camera spins around to reveal Eliza sitting there.

        Eliza: Hey. Where's

        CUT TO:


        Jessica: No. I'm staying out here.

        Sam: You're gonna get up killed.

        Jessica: Too bad.

        Sam: Get here, kid.

        Jessica: I'm as old as you.

        Sam: Who really gives a damn!? You're staying with me, or I will knock you unconscious.

        Demon: You!

        Sam turns around to see five demons running towards them. Sam is shocked, and Jessica starts running away. She turns a corner and just as Sam goes after her, the demon turns her around and punches her.

        Sam: Crap.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? SHACK ? DAY

        Riley: I don't know.

        Eliza: I killed your little friends. I can do this to you, too. Now, tell me where your boss is.

        Riley: He's not my boss.

        Eliza: Don't try and fool me, you pathetic idiot!

        Eliza stands up.

        Eliza: I will kill you.

        Riley: Try.

        Eliza grabs Riley's shirt and throws him across the shack.

        Eliza: Okay, why not.

        Eliza walks over to Riley as he stands up.

        Eliza: Don't try and mock me.

        Eliza punches Riley. She then knees him in the gut.

        Eliza: Where is

        Riley: I don't know!

        Eliza: Where is he?!

        Riley: I don't work for him!

        Eliza: Then, why are you here?! Give me your lies!

        Riley: Someone that works here wants revenge! She got me and my friends to come here and take out the place.

        Eliza smiles.

        Eliza: Oh. Is that right?

        Riley: Yes.

        Riley punches Eliza and kicks Eliza across the room. He grabs his cell phone from his pocket. He presses something. He puts it back in his pocket as Eliza gets up.

        Eliza: You lying bastard!

        Riley: I'm not lying.

        Eliza: And that's why you kicked me across the room.

        Riley: (scared) Eh??

        Eliza: Die, bitch!

        Eliza runs at Riley.

        CUT TO:


        Sam is fighting the five demons, all by herself.

        Sam punches one, and another punches her. She kicks one but it blocks and punches. Sam blocks but is hit by another kick, sending her to the ground. She jumps up and kicks one back. Another tries to punch her but she ducks. One knees her back. She punches but it grabs her hand and head butts her. Another punches her while she can't move. The demon throws her across the hallway on the ground. She smashes into the wall and falls to the ground. Something, her cell phone, from her pocket starts beeping. That must be the signal.

        Sam: Wow, that helps, Riley!

        A demon pulls her up and holds her neck.

        Sam: Get off me!

        Sam kicks it back.

        Sam: God, I hate these things.

        Another punches her. She punches it away. They're closing in on her.

        Sam: Help?.

        CUT TO:


        Intank and Graham are setting something up.

        Intank: Not that wire! You'll blow us all up!

        Graham: Keep it down, or they'll here us.

        Intank: Oh, well.

        Graham: Can you stop?

        Intank: Can I? Yes. Will I? No.

        Graham: You're blowing my concentration.

        Intank: Well, she is hot.

        Graham: So immature.

        Intank: Oh, sorry, Mr. I'm-Great-Just-Cause.

        Graham: What?

        Intank punches Graham.

        Intank: You almost blew us up again!

        Graham: Stop punching me.

        Intank: Why? It hurt?

        Graham just mumbles.

        Intank: I take that as a yes.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? SHACK ? DAY

        Eliza punches Riley and then kicks him in the face. Riley punches and Eliza ducks. Riley kicks Eliza back and then punches her. Eliza grabs Riley by the head and throws him to the ground. Riley jumps up and kicks Eliza. Eliza grabs his foot and throws him to the ground again.

        Eliza: You're pathetic. Work harder.

        Riley jumps up, once more.

        Riley: As you wish, your royal bitchiness.

        Riley punches and Eliza ducks. Eliza does an uppercut on Riley and he falls back a little. Riley punches Eliza across the face and pushes her back. Eliza grabs a chair on the ground and smashes it on Riley's head.

        Eliza: This is fun!

        Riley jumps on one of the desks. Eliza jumps with him. Riley picks up a pen and uses it as a knife. He plunges it forward but Eliza catches it and snaps it in half. She does a roundhouse kick and Riley falls off the desk. He gets back up and is eye level with Eliza's foot. Eliza kicks Riley while she's on the desk and he falls back again. Eliza jumps off and punches Riley to the ground.

        Eliza: Get up! This is no fun if you don't get up!

        Riley: Why don't you come down?

        Riley grabs Eliza's feet and pulls her to the ground. Riley punches her while they're on the ground. They get up, both holding each others neck. Riley is all bloodied up and is tired. Eliza looks like she's just getting started.

        Eliza: Back on our feet again, are we?

        Riley: Yeah.

        Eliza: But, not for long.

        Riley: What?

        Eliza kicks Riley to the ground. He stays there.

        Eliza: I won't kill you, just because you put up a good fight. I had fun. Catch ya later.

        Riley: (whispering) Never.

        Eliza: (laughing) Don't kid yourself.

        Eliza starts walking away.

        CUT TO:


        Anderson is sitting at his desk, looking at paper work. His chair is a sliding chair on wheels. The door opens and Anderson looks up. The door closes. Standing in front of the door is Jessica, armed with a huge gun.

        Anderson: Ah, Jessica. I knew it was you.

        Jessica: What?
        Anderson: I got news from Jefferson a few minutes ago. We had a break in?..and a mole. I knew it was you, Jessica.

        Anderson grins.

        Jessica: How?
        Anderson: You don't need to be a genius to figure it out. I killed your family. You want to kill me. I got a little mad at Jefferson?..he's dead.

        Jessica: Kinda figured.

        Anderson: So, how did you get my guards gun?

        Jessica: Your guards.

        Anderson: They just handed it over?

        Jessica: You don't know how much power anger brings out.
        Anderson: You killed a person?

        Jessica: Not a person.

        Anderson: Well, some. I don't just hire demons here, Jessica. I mean, really, look at you.

        Jessica: You didn't hire me, you kidnapped me!

        Anderson: Well, what's the difference these days, anyways?

        Jessica: I hate you.
        Anderson: That's a strong ?

        Jessica: I hate you!

        Anderson: Anger does bring out power.

        Jessica: Damn straight.
        Anderson: Maybe I shouldn't get you angry.

        Jessica: Too late.

        Anderson: For you, yes.

        Jessica: What?

        Anderson: You took out one guard, yes. Whoopie. Let's see you take on an army.

        Jessica: I brought back up.

        Anderson: What? Two or three people?

        Jessica: Four.

        Anderson: I figured you wouldn't be smart enough to be fully equipped. They'll be here in a minutes. Then, they'll kill you.

        Jessica: Then let's make this fast.

        Anderson: Yes, let's.

        Jessica: One shot.

        Anderson: What is this?

        Jessica: One shot and you're dead.

        Anderson: Do you think this'll bring back your parents?

        Jessica: Head, heart, eyes.

        Anderson: What is this, Jessy?

        Jessica: PAYBACK!

        Anderson: That's what you want?

        Jessica: I'm gonna get it.
        Anderson: You don't know what payback is!

        Jessica: Yeah, I do. Payback's a bitch.

        Jessica shoots Anderson in the heart. The blast is so strong that it sends him, in his chair, out of the big window behind his desk. He plunges to his doom.

        Jessica looks shocked and runs out of the room, with the gun.

        CUT TO:


        Sam is gasping for air on the ground, with demons surrounding her. Jessica walks into the hall. The demons turn around and go at her. Jessica shoots all five demons, killing them.

        Sam: Where were you!?

        Sam slowly stands up.

        Jessica: Doing the job.

        Sam: You abandoned me!

        Jessica: I killed Anderson.

        Sam: Then, we can go.

        Jessica: Yeah.

        CUT TO:


        Graham: Done.

        Intank: Good, now we can go.

        Intank and Graham stand up and turn around to meet all the demons face to face.

        Graham: Run.

        CUT TO:


        Riley runs into the hallway, all bloody.

        Sam: Riley! What happened to you?

        Riley: A different time.

        Sam: Okay.

        Jessica: We need to go.

        Riley: What about Graham and Intank?

        Sam: They can come out on there own.

        Doctor: (V/O) Hey!

        They turn to see a doctor.

        Doctor: What are you -- ? Sam? Is that ?

        Sam takes Jessica's gun and shoots him. He slouches to the floor.

        Doctor: Sam?

        Sam is shocked.

        Sam: You know me!? How? What?

        Doctor: I know you're secret.

        The doctor dies.

        Sam: Oh, no. Oh, god.

        Riley: What is he -- ?

        Intank: (V/O) RUN!

        The group turns to see Graham and Intank running in the hall, followed by an army of demons.

        Intank: Run!

        They all start running towards an elevator at the end of the hall. Riley reaches it and presses the down button.

        Riley: Come on!

        The door opens and they all walk in, waiting for it to close. Graham presses the close button a lot of times.

        Intank: They're getting closer.

        Sam: Riley, they're gonna kill us.

        Jessica: No, they're not.

        Jessica jumps out of the elevator and head into the demons, slowing them down.

        Riley: No!

        The door starts closing and it leaves Jessica behind.

        Riley: She's dead.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? MANSION ? DAY

        The gang is running away from the mansion. Suddenly, it explodes.

        CUT TO:


        Sam is sitting on her bed. Graham walks in.

        Graham: Hey.

        Sam: I killed someone?..again.

        Graham: They were evil, again.

        Sam: And Graham, he said he knew me. He knew the secret I'm so desperately searching for! And I killed him. He almost told me?.but he died. And I could've stopped it.

        Graham: Stop brooding.

        Sam: I need to know this, Graham!

        Graham: I know! And you'll find out. I promise you, you will find out. And you're gonna make the people that destroyed your life pay.

        Sam: Payback. I mean, what is it? Is it worth anything? Payback? Is it?

        Graham: It doesn't change anything, no.

        Sam: Payback is so harsh and gruesome. Is that what Jessica did? Did she murder that man?

        Graham: Demon, Sam. He's destroyed so many lives. What she did was not payback. It was justice.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? THE GOLD ? NIGHT

        People are dancing at The Gold, just having fun. Intank's at the bar, and Riley is sitting there again.

        Riley: Wasn't that fun?

        Intank: So much. But, I didn't really get to kick some ass.

        Riley: I got to.

        Intank: No, correction: You got your ass kicked.

        Riley: I did some kicking too.

        Intank: Woos.

        Riley: Hey, I can beat you up good!

        Intank: I think I might die from laughter.

        Riley: Shut it.

        CUT TO:


        John is studying at his desk when there is a knock at the door. John gets up and opens the door. It's Salomie, and John smiles.

        John: Hey Salomie. I thought you'd never come. Come on in.

        Salomie: No, this won't take long. I need to leave soon, so I'll just talk out here.

        John: (confused) What's going on?

        Salomie: I'm not sure.

        John: Salomie, what's wrong?

        Salomie: We haven't been going out long.

        John: Yeah, we haven't. Only for like two days.

        Salomie: Right, and, um, I don't know why I'm doing this.

        John: Doing what?

        Salomie: This. You and me. I don't have the time, the energy, the love.

        John: Are you breaking up with me?

        Salomie: I think so.

        John: Why?

        Salomie: I just?.can't right now. It isn't the right time?

        John: When will be the right time? Should we arrange a time when we make up and get back together?

        Salomie: John, don't do this.

        John: Why? Cause, this is ridiculous.

        Salomie: Goodbye.

        John: Salomie, get back here.

        Salomie: I'm sorry?.bye.

        Salomie closes the door and walks away. John is shocked. You get a close up on his face.


        END OF ACT III

        END OF SHOW



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          • I had a very long hiatus where I couldn't finish a thing. Well, now I can. And this hiatus is over. Riley is back.
          • This episode was 40 pages, the normal length.
          • Even though this is a rewrite, I'm bringing in new characters that will be in later episodes, and in future seasons.
          • Eliza is an inspiration by Meg from Supernatural, hence the same actress. She will be back later.
          • Sam's storyline is a big one but too big for people who refused to read the rewrites but will read later on. So, new news. Sam's secret will be revealed and her arc this season will be wrapped up by the end of episode 10!
          • Episode 4 and 5 are two-parters where all your questions are answered and Salomie finally ties into the group! Look for it!