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Riley The Series: 1.02 "Unfinished Business"

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  • Riley The Series: 1.02 "Unfinished Business"

    Riley Season 1 Episode 2 Rewrite

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthrized usage of these characters is permitted.

    Riley Season 1 Episode 2 Rewrite

    Intank: (V/O) Previously on Riley The Series...

    CUT TO:


    Salomie is lying on the floor, in shock, and Riley is fighting a vamp.

    Riley: Get out of here, ma'am!

    CUT TO:


    Intank: (on phone) Who is this?

    Man: (V/O) Neiki.

    Intank looks horror struck.

    CUT TO:


    The demon pulls up a knife over Sam.

    Riley: No!

    The demon stabs Sam in the stomach.

    CUT TO:


    You just see people dancing.

    Graham: (V/O) She'll be fine.


    CUT TO:


    The screen reads "Two Years Ago". Sam is sitting on a stub of a tree when Riley walks over.

    Riley: Hey.

    Sam doesn't answer, but then she finally looks up at him.

    Sam: We need to go.

    Riley: I hear ya.

    They walk over to two men.

    Sam: Lieutenant, we're leaving.

    The men turn around and look at them.

    Lieutenant: What?

    Riley: Calk ?

    Lieutenant/Calk: That's Lieutenant to you!

    Riley: Calk, we already quit!

    Calk looks outraged.

    Calk: (to other man) Dan, do something!

    Dan: (scared) There's nothing I can do.

    Calk: No! You're the head of the squad!

    Riley: I'm sorry, but we can't ?

    Calk: No!

    Dan: Come on, Riley ?

    Sam: No! He's had enough of being your damn lap dog!

    Dan: He never was.

    Sam: Sure he was! Feeding him those chemicals!

    Calk: That was Walsh!

    Sam: What about lying demons?

    Calk and Dan go silent.

    Sam: Making people lose their lives? People we knew, people we cared about? You're murderers.

    Calk: We ?

    Sam: Sure, you didn't "kill" them, but you sure as hell set ?em up for it.

    Dan: We didn't ?

    Sam: You damn well knew!

    Riley: Sam!

    Sam: No! I won't stop! (talking to Dan and Calk) You knew! You worked with them. Money. That's all you wanted. You are little, disgusting, greedy, idiotic murderers! I just want to get that through you're thick brain! You didn't tell those demons to kill us but you let them here. You deserve to go to hell.

    Sam punches Calk.

    Sam: B'bye.

    Sam and Riley walk away.

    CUT TO:


    Riley's eyes shoot open on his bed. Riley turned to look at the other side of the bed to find it empty. Sam must still be in the hospital. Riley sits up and looks at his bed stand. There is a picture of a girl. Riley frowns and gets out of the bed.

    CUT TO:


    Riley walks out of his room, now with clothes on and starts walking downstairs. As he walks, there are flashes.


    Demons are flying everywhere.


    He continues walking.


    A woman gets slashed in the throat.


    Riley finishes walking down the stairs.



    "End Of The World" by Great Big Sea/REM begins playing.


    Marc Blucas as Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic as Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase as Graham Miller
    Jason Dohring as Intank Welleee
    And Allison Mack as Salomie Sullivan


    Michael Varton as Michael
    Topher Grace as Lain
    Liza Weil as Melissa
    Jared Padalecki as John
    Carlos Bernard as Bob
    Jewel Staite as Jill


    Justin Hartley as Calk
    And Antonio Sabato Jr. as Dan

    Created By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Written By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Re-Written By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Edited By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Produced By: Different Dimensions Inc.

    Riley The Series is affiliated with The Demon Slayer written by The Dark Ages (Kevin)

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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    Riley walks into the kitchen to see Graham, fully clothed, sitting at the kitchen table.

    Graham: Hey, Ri. Have a good night sleep?

    Riley: Eh ? yeah.

    Graham: (not really listening) That's good.

    Graham has a newspaper up and is reading it.

    Riley: No more "hero" crap stuff, right?

    Graham: (grinning) Affirmative, captain.

    Riley: (smiling) That's good.

    Graham: There's something about government, though.

    Riley: Hmm?

    Graham: Well, some government guys find the security here is lacking ?

    Riley gives him a puzzled look.

    Riley: (joking; laughing) Lacking? Talk about sucktastic!

    Graham: Yeah, yeah, I know.

    Riley: (giggling) Continue.

    Riley walks over to the counter and pours himself some coffee that has already been made, obviously by Graham. Graham is sipping on a mug with coffee in it.

    Graham: So, they come, right?

    Riley: (walking back to table; sipping coffee) Right.

    Riley sits down at the table.

    Graham: They close Crazy Crash.

    Riley: Insane, best restaurant in the town.

    Graham: They say it's only temporary, that they only have to fix the security.

    Riley: I don't believe it.

    Graham: Neither do I.

    Riley: Why not increase security in ? I don't know ? the bank!?

    Graham: They think "the technology is very sophisticated and will keep intruders out".

    While drinking his coffee, Riley laughs. Graham smiles and starts laughing.

    Graham: Calm down, there. You wouldn't want coffee coming out of your nose.

    Riley: (putting down mug) No, no. That would be bad, wouldn't it?

    Graham: Maybe.

    Riley: Well, not to change the subject, but, did you go to the hospital last night? I decided to not go yesterday, I thought ?

    Graham: Yes, I did, actually. And don't feel bad. You've gone every day and night except yesterday.

    Riley: (defensively) I went there yesterday, just not at night!

    Graham: I know! It's fine! One time in a week, it's fine.

    Riley: Okay. So, how was she?

    Graham: Asleep, as usual. She woke up for, maybe, five minutes before I left.

    Riley: What did she say?

    Graham: She said "hey" with her big smile.

    Riley starts to smile a little.

    Graham: She called me all those nicknames and seemed out of it. Then, she asked where you were.

    Riley: (frowning) Oh.

    Graham: I said, in her heart.

    Riley looks up at him and smiles.

    Riley: Thanks, bud.

    Graham: Anytime.

    There is silence for a moment.

    Graham: Any "interesting" dreams about Sam last night?

    Riley: (remembering dream)

    Graham: (confused) I meant that in the inappropriate joke way.

    Riley: (fake laughing) I knew that!

    Graham: Um...okay.

    Graham walks to the counter and puts his mug in the sink; he has finished.

    Graham: Well, if you don't mind, I'm going out.

    Riley: Okay.

    Graham: And where will I find you?

    Riley: Oh, um, probably the hospital.

    Graham frowns.

    Graham: Again?

    Riley: I have to see her, Graham!

    Graham: Okay, Riley, I get it! I'll probably see you there. Bye!

    Graham walks out.

    Riley: Bye.

    CUT TO:


    You see the outside of the hospital.

    CUT TO:


    People are walking all around. Riley walks across the room and walks into a room.

    CUT TO:


    Riley walks over to a hospital bed where Sam is lying. Sam smiles at him, weakly.

    Sam: Hey, you.

    Riley: Hey, honey.

    Riley leans down next to her bed.

    Riley: How're you feeling?

    Sam: Just dandy.

    Riley: Well, that's good to hear.

    Sam: Where were you last night?

    Riley: I was just tired, so, I didn't come. I hope that's alright.

    Sam: It's jim-dandy!

    Riley laughs and continues to stare at Sam.

    Riley: I'll be right back, okay?

    Sam: Yeah, and when you come back, TV awaits.

    Riley: (grinning) Great!

    Riley walks away to the doctor.

    Riley: How's it?

    Doctor: She's doing very well, actually. I say she'll be out in a few days time.

    Riley: Really?

    Doctor: Yes, sir, really.

    Riley: That's great!

    Doctor: Any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

    Riley: Yes, okay.

    Riley walks over to the bed and sits down in a chair next to it. The TV is on now, and Sam is staring at him, grinning.

    CUT TO:


    People are sitting all around in chairs and an old, bald man is standing in the front. He is rather large and extremely short. He has a brown jacket on.

    Old Man: What did you think of this chapter? Anyone? Anyone answering?

    A young girl in the crowd's hand shoots up, but only hers.

    Old Man: Yes, Susan!

    Susan: (grinning) I thought it was beautiful, Professor Humphrey. The most moving thing I've ever read.

    Professor Humphrey: Really? I thought it sucked.

    Salomie, in one of the middle rows, almost chokes with laughter. And that laughter was loud. Next to her is Jill, now staring at her. Across the hall, she sees John, also staring at her. And, in the last row, sits Bob, alone.

    Professor Humphrey: Is there something wrong, Ms. Sullivan?

    Salomie: (holding off laughter) Um ? no, I'm ? fine!

    Professor Humphrey: You right as hell are! I mean, look at your ass!

    There is a flash, and Salomie realizes that the professor didn't really just say that. She imagined that line.

    Professor Humphrey: Well, yes, that is good.

    Professor Humphrey walks to a person in the front row.

    Professor Humphrey: Opinion.

    Boy: No.

    Professor Humphrey: Just say it sucks.

    Boy: It sucks?

    Professor Humphrey: A+!

    Jill: (excited) IT SUCKS!

    Professor Humphrey: (confused) What?

    Jill: The chapter ? the book ? it sucks.

    Professor Humphrey: Oh, well...A+!

    Around the room a chatter of "it sucks" goes around.

    Professor Humphrey: Silence! (mumbling) I hate this book. Why did they give me this class? Ugh.

    Susan: Um, Professor?

    Professor Humphrey: (snapping) What!?

    Susan: You don't seem like a really good teacher right now.

    Professor Humphrey: What?

    Jill: She's saying you suck.

    Salomie: (to Jill) Jill, don't ?

    Professor Humphrey: (to Susan) Are you criticizing my way of teaching.

    Susan: I don't see this as teaching at all.

    John laughs and Susan gives a threatening look.

    Susan: What was that for?

    John: Nothing.

    Bob: Does anybody have any tunes?

    Professor Humphrey: Enough! Susan; shut the hell up! John; good laugh! Jill; thanks for the tip! Salomie; I could hear you. And Bob; in the back room.

    Bob begins to walk to the back of the room with everyone looking surprised.

    CUT TO:


    Jill: Crazy!

    Salomie: I know, but awesome! A teacher telling Susan off!?

    Jill: A teacher saying his course sucks!? Come on! That's awesome!

    Salomie: Super-uber awesome!

    Jill: Very uber awesome!

    Salomie: And John's giggle! Great!

    Jill: And dreamy.

    Salomie just stares at Jill.

    Salomie: What?

    CUT TO:


    Salomie is walking through the hallway. She turns and runs in Susan.

    Susan: What the hell!?

    Salomie: (confused) Sorry.

    Susan: Just get out of my way.

    Susan pushes Salomie aside.

    Salomie: Hey!

    Susan: What?!

    Salomie: Say you're sorry.

    Susan laughs.

    Susan: Do one thing to help yourself, Salomie. Don't cross me. Trust me; you don't want to cross me.

    CUT TO:


    Riley is sitting in a chair next to Sam, who is lying on a hospital bed. They are watching TV.

    Sam: This is so unrealistic.

    Riley: It's a cartoon, sweetie.

    Sam: Yeah, but it's still unrealistic.

    Riley: Whatever.

    Sam starts to try and get up. Riley stands up and pushes her back down.

    Riley: Woah, what're you doing, Sam?

    Sam: I want to get up.

    Riley: I can get whatever you want.

    Sam: I can get up.

    Riley: No!

    Sam: I'm fine!

    Riley: Sam, wait ?

    Sam: Get out of my way!

    Sam pushes Riley aside and starts to sit up.

    Riley: You will fall and die, and I'm not going to clean it up.

    Sam stops and smiles at Riley.

    Riley: That's what stops you, huh?

    Sam: You are amazing.

    Riley: You are a girl.

    Sam: Correct.


    Riley: You know you're my girl.

    Sam: Is and always will be.

    Man: (V/O) Help! There's an attack!

    Riley: Remember that always part.

    Riley jumps up and runs to the door. He runs out.

    CUT TO:


    There is a demon, a darkish purple color. It is causing havoc.

    Demon: You will all die!

    Riley: Well, that generally tends to happen in this place.

    Riley runs at the demon and the demon throws Riley across the room. Riley is moaning.

    Sam: (V/O) Are you okay, honey?

    Riley: (sarcasm) Yeah, I'm doing great!

    The demon punches Riley in the face, making him bleed, and he runs off. Riley is leaning against a wall when he pulls out his cell phone and dials a number.

    Riley: Graham, I need some backup, I think.



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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      You see the dark forest. You see something move and the camera zooms in drastically to show the demon running. There are a bunch of cuts drastically showing the demon running. Finally, it shows Riley jumping on the demon. They get back to their feet. Riley pulls out a gun and points it at the demon.

      Riley: Take this, you idiotic little purple thing. And really, purple? I mean, purple!? Are demons rainbow colored now!?

      The demon just cocks its head. Riley shoots multiple times, but the bullets just bounce off the demon.

      Riley: Great.

      The demon punches Riley to his knees. Riley stands back up and punches back. Riley gives a punch back but it's blocked. The demon swipes at his head, but he ducks. Riley jumps off the ground and kicks his feet. They both topple to the ground. Riley grabs the demon by the throat. The demon knees him into the sky. The demon gets up as Riley slams into the ground.

      Graham: (V/O) Hey, scum!

      The demon turns around to see Graham holding a zapping gun from Buffy Season 4. Graham is pointing it at the demon.

      Graham: Let's see how you like this.

      Graham pulls the trigger and the gun goes off. It hits the demon but bounces off. It hits Graham and he goes flying. He hits the ground, unconscious. Riley looks confused. The demon gives a very low, maniac laugh.

      Riley: Well, that's rather unsettling.

      The demon turns to Riley.

      Demon: You're going down.

      Riley: Not so much.

      Riley pulls a grenade out of his pocket and pulls the pin out. He throws it at the demon's feet and starts running away. Riley stops and looks behind his back. The demon is staring at the grenade, confused.

      Riley: You should pick it up!

      The demon picks it up and cocks its head again.

      Riley: Good job!

      The grenade blows up and Riley runs to miss the blow. Riley looks behind to see the demon destroyed.

      Riley: Yay?

      CUT TO:


      Graham and Riley are sitting on the couch.

      Riley: So, you think the demon just happened to smash into the hospital?

      Graham: Of course I do. What else could it be?

      Riley: Someone or something coming after us!

      Graham: Who wants to kill us?

      Riley: I don't know. Demons don't really like us right now, you know.

      Graham: I know, but pretty much all the demons are idiots! We've killed all the demons we've encountered.

      Riley: We're known to be demon hunters. My guess is that they were after Sam, because she's weakest now. She's an easy target! Plus, that demon must be only the start; a minion. He's an idiot, there's no way he could plan this.

      Graham: My point exactly. There's no way that demon could've done that!

      Riley: That's why someone else is pulling the strings. Graham, I know it. While they just sit there in silence, the song "Move Away" by The Killers starts to play.

      CUT TO:


      The song keeps playing. You see the camera moving fast. The camera follows a vamp as he runs very fast. He looks backwards and stops. The camera circles around the vamp. A hand grabs the vamp and chokes the vamp. You don't see the person. Other vamps come from all around. It looks like this one person scared all these vampires. The camera shows the person. It's Intank. Intank throws the vamp he was choking to the ground. He grabs a stake out of his pocket and stakes the vamp. The song is still playing.

      Vamp: Retreat!

      Intank jumps on the vamp. They fall to the ground. Intank jumps up and kicks another vamp away. Intank punches another, and then dodges a punch from another vamp. Intank flings his right arm to hit a vamp and then falls to the ground on purpose, and landing only on his right hand. Intank, while standing on his hand, kicks a vamp away. Intank flips back up and elbows a vamp. He grabs his stake and stakes one. He dusts. He then stakes another and they dust. Riley appears behind a crypt, watching this. A vamp is right in front of him, not knowing he's here. Riley raises his sword up and decapitates the vamp. Intank does not notice. He's just killing all the vamps while the song continues to play. Graham jumps from behind a gravestone and tackles Intank. Above them, an arrow zooms past.

      Intank: What the hell!?

      Graham: I just saved your life!

      Intank: Get off me, you ass!

      Intank kicks Graham and sends him flying. Intank jumps up and continues killing. Intank stakes one more and there's only one left. It starts to run but Intank just flings the stake at the vamp. It lands right in its heart. It dusts. Intank just stares, emotionless. The song ends. Riley walks over to Graham and helps him up.

      Graham: What the hell was that!?

      Intank: Me killing demons.

      Graham: You were like on a killing spree!

      Intank: Hell, yeah.

      Riley: What's up?! Why are you -?

      Intank: "What's up"!?!? Idiot.

      Riley: Just tell us!

      Graham: Why aren't you at The Gold, huh?

      Intank: Hired someone for the bar.

      Riley: What's up!?!

      Intank leans close to Riley.

      Intank: None of your business.

      Riley punches him.

      Riley: What is it?

      Intank looks offended.

      Intank: One word: Neiki.

      Riley: (confused) What?

      Intank kicks Riley back into a tombstone.

      Intank: Don't ask.

      Intank starts walking away.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? STREET ? DAY

      Graham and Riley are walking down the street.

      Riley: I still want to know what's up with Intank.

      Graham: I figured that from last night.

      Riley: Yeah.

      Graham: Well, I promised I'd meet up with Melissa and Lain.

      Riley: Or just Melissa.

      Graham: What?

      Riley: I heard you on the phone. We have two phones you know. One downstairs, one in my room. Thought you'd learn by now.

      Graham: Riley!

      Riley: Hey, I was interested.

      Graham: Whatever. Well, yeah, it's just Melissa.

      Riley: (smiling) Have fun.

      Graham: Wait, where are you going?

      Riley: Well, the doctor said I could take Sam home tonight.

      Graham: (excited) That's great! You should've told me! I'll get some stuff for her. See you guys tonight!

      Riley: Bye.

      Graham walks off. Riley looks to his left to see the press.

      Riley: Always wondered ?bout that place.

      Riley starts walking towards it.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? PRESS ? DAY

      Salomie is sitting at her desk, typing.

      Salomie: (to herself) Strange murder, that one. But it didn't happen again. What the hell happened?

      Jill: (V/O) Salomie! Oh my god, Salomie!

      Salomie turns to see Jill.

      Salomie: (scared) Jill! What's wrong?

      Jill gets to her desk.

      Jill: What's wrong? Nothing's wrong, everything's great!

      Salomie: Then, why are you yelling?

      Jill: Because I got a job! I'm the bartender at The Gold! I met the manager, Intank, myself! What a hotty!

      Salomie laughs.

      Salomie: Well, that's great, Jill.

      Jill: I know! Want to go rub it in Susan's face?

      Salomie: After work.

      Jill: Fine, but you'll be at The Gold tonight, right?

      Salomie: Wouldn't miss it for the world.

      Jill: Good. But, where that pink tutu I gave you.

      Jill starts walking away.

      Salomie: (calling after her) What?!

      Jill: Just kidding.

      As she reaches the door, Riley walks in. Riley walks past her as she stops, watching him as he walks. Riley stops in the middle, and Jill doesn't move. Salomie doesn't notice anything. The Man/Boss from the first episode walks to Riley.

      Boss: Um, hello sir. Can I help you?

      Riley: Oh, uh, no. Sorry, I just wanted to see how it all happened.

      Boss: Oh, I'm sorry. We have tours on Mondays, please come back then.

      Riley: Sorry.

      Salomie finally looks up and just looks at Riley.

      Salomie: Don't I know you?

      Riley looks back at Salomie. Riley stares at her for a second.

      Riley: No ? no, I don't think so.

      Salomie: (confused) bad.

      Riley walks out as Salomie just stares at him, knowing he's seen her somewhere before.

      CUT TO:


      You see the door. All the lights are off. The door opens and Sam and Riley walk in. Sam is smiling widely. Sam turns on the lights.

      Graham: (V/O) Surprise!

      Graham is standing in the middle of the room with his hands in the air. Sam laughs and runs to him. They hug.

      Sam: (while hugging) I missed you!

      Graham: Same here.

      They break apart.

      Graham: You got her back!

      Sam: Yay!

      Riley: (laughing; walking towards them) Yeah, yay me!

      Sam: Well, to celebrate my escape from that hell hole, we're watching an action movie.

      Graham: Lots of yays.

      Sam: Lots and lots!


      Sam: What's wrong, honey?

      Riley: Oh, nothing. I'm just glad you're back.


      The girl from the teaser.


      You just close up on Riley's face.

      CUT TO:


      Sam is running around in the living room.

      Riley: (V/O) What are you doing?

      Sam: Where the hell is my watch? Where'd you put it?

      Riley: (V/O) Calm down!

      Sam: I will not calm down until I get my watch!

      The doorbell rings.

      Sam: (aggravated) I'll get it.

      Sam walks to the door and opens it. She sees Calk and Dan from the teaser standing in the doorway, both smiling.

      Calk: Hello, Sam. How nice to see you.



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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        Riley: (walking in) Who is it ??

        Riley sees Calk and Dan.

        Riley: You.

        Calk: I take it that you remember us.

        Sam: Get out of here. Now.

        Calk: Now, now, don't be ?

        Sam kicks Calk but he blocks it and does a spinning kick at Sam. She falls back, onto the couch. Riley runs to him, but Dan punches Riley. Then, Calk kicks Riley across the room.

        Calk: Calm down, kiddies!

        Dan: We just want to talk!

        Sam: (on the couch) About what?! About how you killed them?

        Riley: How you killed her!

        Sam: (to Riley; confused) What?

        Calk giggles.

        Calk: Sorry.

        Sam: I'm gonna kill you.

        Calk: That's what everyone says.

        Riley: They ought to.

        Calk: Now, let's all calm down, people.

        Sam: Riley, could you throw me a gun?

        Dan: Don't even think about it.

        Dan points a gun at Sam and she stops. Riley charges at Dan but Calk goes in front. Calk knees Riley and then punches him into a wall.

        Calk: I said, CALM DOWN!

        Riley stares at them, gasping. Sam is frozen since Dan is pointing a gun at her.

        Riley: What do you want? Why the hell have you come here? How did you -?

        Dan: One question at a time!

        Calk: What do I want? I need people for the government.

        Riley: (laughing) You think I'm going with you?

        Calk: Not you! We want her.

        Calk points at Sam.

        Sam: Me!? I'm not ?

        Dan pulls the trigger and it hits the wall right behind Sam.

        Calk: Now, now, Dan. Don't get too aggravated!

        Sam: I'm not going with you!

        Calk: It looks like you don't have a choice.

        Riley: It was you! You're the one who sent the demon to take me out of the way!

        Calk: Exactly.

        Sam looks mad and then jumps sideways. Dan shoots and misses.

        Calk: Give it to me!

        Calk grabs the gun and starts shooting. Sam reaches Riley and grabs him. Calk runs to them. Calk shoots at Sam but Sam and Riley fall to the ground first. Sam kicks Calk to the ground. He hits the ground and drops the gun. Sam, while on the ground, punches Calk. They all get up while Dan runs to them. Riley kicks Dan back. Riley punches but Dan ducks and then smashes his arm into Riley. Dan then knees Riley in the face. Riley falls back, to the ground. Dan walks to Riley and is about to kick Riley in the face. Riley ducks and the kick misses. Riley stands up and punches Dan in the stomach. He gasps and falls to the ground. Sam and Calk are fighting. Calk is obviously winning.

        Calk: Sam, you have no choice!

        Sam: Everyone has a choice.

        Sam punches but Calk ducks. Calk kicks Sam back, and then he does a spinning kick. Sam is against the wall, standing up. Calk grabs Sam and throws her to the ground. Sam gets up, only to get punched again. Her nose is bleeding now, as are other parts of her body.

        Calk: No...they really don't.

        Riley goes behind Calk and is about to punch him. While staring forward, Calk just elbows Riley backwards. Calk picks up the gun and points it at him.

        Calk: You're going to meet us tomorrow night at this location.

        Calk tosses a piece of paper at Sam. Sam looks at it.

        Calk: You're coming alone.

        Sam: And if ?

        Calk: We'll kill all your friends, no matter if they came or not, slowly. And then, we'll slit your throat and let you choke on your on blood. Good day.

        Calk starts walking away and a bleeding Dan follows. Riley starts running towards them but Calk, without stopping, points the gun back and shoots the wall. Riley stops, abruptly. Sam and Riley just stare.

        FADE TO:

        INT ? THE GOLD - NIGHT

        Graham: We need to do something!

        Riley: I know!

        Sam: can't.

        Riley: What are you talking about?

        Sam: You can't do anything. I have to go.

        Riley: Are you an idiot!? We can take them!

        Sam: But you can't! You saw what they did before!

        Graham: What are -?

        Riley: This is different, Sam.

        Sam: How!? How is this different?

        Riley: They don't have demons.

        Sam: Are you joking? Of course they do!

        Riley: No, -

        Sam: It's the government!

        Riley: You believe them!? The government would never do that to us!

        Sam: Would they? You know, I can't be sure anymore.

        Graham: And I'm left in the dark.

        Riley: These guys, Calk and Dan, they used to be in charge of our squad. They, um, made a deal with a bunch of demons. They paid them to steal something from one of us, and then give it to him. Sam overheard them. The demons came, and they killed almost everyone. Everything didn't go according to plan.

        Graham: Do you know what they wanted?

        Sam: No idea.

        Graham: But you overheard them.

        Sam: Only the deal part.

        Graham: Oh.

        Riley: They're not that good. We'll take them.

        Sam: No! You don't get it! You can't do any damn thing!

        Sam stands up and runs away, starting to cry.

        Graham: I've never seen her this way.

        Riley doesn't answer, and just looks after her.

        CUT TO:


        Sam is lying on the bed, curled up and crying. The door opens, but Sam doesn't move. Riley just walks to her. He slowly sits down on the bed.

        Riley: Sam ?

        Sam: Don't...don't make it harder.

        Riley: Why do you have to leave? Why do you say this?

        Sam: don't know everything.

        Riley: I don't?

        Sam: They called after they left. Told me something.

        Riley: What is it?

        Sam: Don't you get it? I can't!

        Riley: Why?

        Sam: Stop asking questions!

        Sam starts crying more and Riley hugs her.

        Riley:'s gonna be okay. You just have to tell me what's wrong.

        Sam: They did something. They ?

        Riley: What's wrong?

        Sam: I can't tell you. They'll kill you.

        Riley: How'll they know?

        Sam points to the wall.

        Riley: Wha -?

        Sam: Shh!

        Riley slowly gets up and pulls a knife from his pocket. He walks to the wall and stares closely at it. He then, randomly, stabs the wall. Riley pulls it out of the wall and looks at Sam.

        Riley: They bugged the house. But how?

        Sam: We have to keep it down. There are cams in every room.

        Riley: (walking) Okay.

        Riley sits down at the bed.

        Riley: What's up?

        Sam: It's your neck.

        Riley: My neck?

        Sam: Yours, yes.

        Riley: What's wrong with it?

        Sam: They bugged you, Riley. With a push of a button, it'll kill you.

        Riley: Are you --?

        Sam: I'm sure.

        Riley: How can you be?

        Sam: Look.

        Sam points at his neck.

        Sam: Look closely.

        Riley picks up a mirror and looks.

        Riley: Can't we just...get rid of it?

        Sam: Like, how you stabbed the wall? You'll be doing them a favor.

        Sam starts crying again.

        Sam: I don't want to lose you. I can't lose you.

        Sam starts sobbing and Riley, shocked, puts her head in his arms. They just lye there, sobbing and comforting. The camera zooms out.

        CUT TO:


        Intank is sitting on a tombstone, waiting. A hand touches Intank's shoulder, and he jumps. He takes the man by the neck. It's Riley, Intank sees this and let's go.

        Intank: You again.

        Riley: Yeah, me.

        Intank: What the hell do you want!?

        Riley: I need you to help me.

        Intank: No way in hell!


        Intank: (noticing) What's wrong with you?

        Riley: Sam's ?

        Intank's pocket beeps.

        Intank: What?

        Intank takes his cell phone out. It reads "New Text Message" on it.

        Riley: Intank ?

        Intank: I need this! Bye!

        Intank starts running.

        Riley: (calling after) Sam's leaving!

        Intank: (stopping) What?

        Riley: (tearing up) She's leaving.

        Intank: She ?

        Riley: She is!

        Intank: Why?

        Riley: Forced.

        Intank: Aren't you gonna try and stop her?

        Riley: Yeah, that's why I need you.

        Intank just turns around and keeps running away.

        CUT TO:


        The screen reads "Tomorrow Night". Salomie is putting things in drawers. Its clothes. Jill is eating some Thai food.

        Jill: Ya know, Thai food gets a bad rap.

        Salomie: Amen. Best food around, I say.

        Jill: (mouth full) I know! It's delicious!

        Salomie: Why are we talking about Thai food?

        Jill: Because it's magically delicious!

        The door opens. John is there.

        John: Hey, girls.

        Salomie: There is a thing called knocking.

        John: Ah, but that's much too cheesy.

        Jill: (mouth full) Thai food?

        John: No, I am actually here to ask you guys something?

        Salomie: Yeah?

        John: Do you guys wanna go out?

        Jill: But I have Thai food.

        John: Movie.

        Salomie: Okay.

        Jill: But, THAI FOOD!

        Salomie: We'll meet you at the theatre hour?

        John: (smiling) Will do.

        CUT TO:


        Calk and Dan are standing there.

        Dan: When should she be here?

        Calk: In about fifteen minutes.

        Vampire: (V/O) Can I eat her then?

        Calk and Dan look to the doorway and there is a gang of vampires. The one that spoke is obviously the leader.

        Calk: What are you doing here, Poker?

        Poker: You told me to come.

        Calk: And wait outside!

        Poker: What help would that be?

        Calk: If the girl fights; if she runs. You can kill her if that happens!

        Poker: And what happens if she doesn't?

        Calk: Then, you don't.

        Poker: I don't do these things for free. I'd need some sort of...(vamps out)...payment.

        Calk: You're not getting her.

        Dan: Don't worry ?

        Calk: (snapping) I do the talking!


        Calk: We have at least twenty live people in the cellar. You'll get your dinner.

        Poker starts to grin. "Exitlude" by The Killers starts to play.

        FADE TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

        We all defend the role we play

        Sam is walking down the dark street, slowly. It's empty and she's walking down the middle of it with tears streaking down her cheeks.

        Time's come to send you on your way

        She keeps walking.

        CUT TO:


        We've seen it all
        Bonfires of trust
        Flash floods of pain

        Calk and Dan are standing there, waiting.

        CUT TO:


        It doesn't really matter
        Don't worry
        It'll all work out

        Riley walks down the stairs, sad.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? THE GOLD ? NIGHT

        No, it doesn't really matter
        Don't worry
        What it's all about

        You close up on Intank's sad face.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

        We hope you enjoyed your stay

        Sam keeps walking.

        It's good to have you with us
        Even if it's just for the day
        We hope you enjoyed your stay

        You close up on Sam.

        CUT TO:


        Outside the sun is shining
        Seems like heaven ain't far away

        Riley grabs a gun and stares at it.

        CUT TO:


        It's good to have you with us
        Even if it's just for the day

        Graham is lying on his bed, sad.

        CUT TO:


        Not words: Solo

        Calk is shooting at the wall, practicing him aim, probably.

        CUT TO:


        The vampires are standing there.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

        Not words: The words keep repeating, getting dimmer by the word

        Sam keeps walking.

        CUT TO:


        Sam walks till she gets to the door. She opens it, and walks in.

        Song ends

        CUT TO:


        You get a faraway shot of Dan and Calk, standing at the end of the warehouse. Sam is standing next to the door.

        Calk: About damn time.

        They all start walking towards the middle.

        Sam: I'm here, aren't I?

        Calk: You are, yes.

        Sam: So, take of the chip.

        Calk: On your husband? No. I need you to be my willing slave.

        Sam: You sick bastard.

        Calk: Heard that one a lot.

        Sam: Why -?

        Calk: Are you going to ask me why it was you? Why we don't want Riley?


        Calk: There's a simple answer. We never wanted Riley. We always wanted you. You were special.

        Sam: Who wanted me? You or the government?

        Calk: Both, actually.

        Dan: You weren't just a person, Sam.

        Calk: You were extraordinary

        Sam: How? Why?

        Calk: You have control. You have control over everything. Your uncle ? you know who he is?

        Sam: No, never known any of my relatives.

        Calk: That's because they were all dead.

        Dan: People who wanted to hide your secret killed them.

        Calk: You have a family secret, and you don't know it. That, and you're a damn strong person. That's why after we get your secret, we might not kill you.

        Sam: But, I don't know anything!

        Calk: But your mouth does.

        Sam: What?

        Calk: Smile for us.

        Sam: What - ?

        Dan: Do it.

        Sam forces a smile at them.

        Calk: That tooth.

        Sam: You mean the one that has ink on it, or something?

        Dan: Yeah.

        Sam: I got it when I was a baby. The dentists said it wouldn't be any harm, but they couldn't figure out what it was. Only my parents did. They died when I turned ten, though. Never had time to ask.

        Calk: Do it.

        Dan walks up to Sam.

        Calk: Open wide.

        Sam opens her mouth again, confused. Dan just rips the tooth from her mouth. Sam screams and Dan drops it in a paper bag, which he puts his pocket.

        Calk: We'll send that to a lab when we're done here.

        Sam: What the hell!?

        Calk: Enough talking. Let's go.

        The door smashes open and Riley, Intank, and Graham run in.

        Dan: What the -?

        Calk: Poker!

        The vamps come in, as well. Sam looks bewildered and scared.

        Sam: No!

        Calk pulls a button out of his pocket. Sam's eyes widen.

        Sam: Don't.

        Calk: Too late!

        Riley has the thing in his hand, you see.

        Calk: How'd you?

        Riley: I'll tell you later!

        Calk pushes the button as Riley throws the thing right at Poker's head. It dusts him. They start fighting. Riley punches another vamp. Graham stakes a vamp, and it dusts. Graham then gets punched into a wall. Intank kicks the vamp across the room. Intank pulls out a stake and then stakes him without looking. Intank turns blue.

        Intank: Demon time!

        Sam then notices what she has to do. She punches a vamp and that vamp punches her and she falls back on Dan. She gets up and dodges a punch from Dan. She kicks him back and gets madder. She smashes a crate and picks up a sharp piece of wood.

        Sam: You, bitch! You took my tooth!

        Sam stabs Dan, killing him. He falls to the ground. Sam doesn't acknowledge this at all. Sam runs to Calk.

        Calk: You! Where's Dan?

        Sam: I killed him!

        Sam swipes at Calk, but he jumps back.

        Calk: You, what!?

        Sam: Killed him! Pay attention!

        Sam punches him, and they start fighting. Sam punches, but Calk ducks and kicks her back. Calk does a spinning kick on her. Sam punches him and then kicks him, but Calk moves out of the way. They continue fighting. Intank punches two vamps at once. Graham kicks one back as it punches him. Riley head butts one. Sam and Calk are still fighting. The fight is coming to an end. Sam trips Calk and he falls to the ground. Sam lifts up the wood and sticks it in Calk. He gasps and shouts in pain. She pushes down further until there is a crack. He stops moving and shouting. He was dead. Sam is staring at him, bewildered. Sam gets up and falls back to the wall, shocked. Intank stakes the last vamp and they all stare at Sam, Dan, and Calk. Sam looks at them and runs out of the warehouse. They watch her run.

        FADE TO:


        Sam is lying on the bed, scared. She is holding her legs to her stomach. She is crying, as well. She looks down at the bed, and you see the plastic bag with the tooth in it. The camera moves from the tooth to the drawer. On top of the drawer, you see a picture of Riley. The camera moves closer and you see a girl behind him.


        END OF ACT III




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          - This episode was exactly 40 pages, as well. The original was around 35.

          - One huge, major change was the last scene. I used the song "Ironic" by Alanis Morissete, but it didn't fit at all. Also, Intank's character development was changed

          - This is The Killer's episode, pretty much. I have recently got their new CD, "Sam's Town" and have fallen in love. Hence the two songs. One is emotional, other action!

          - The next episode will be out soon (hopefully). I can't wait to hear from you guys!