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  • Riley The Series: 1.01 "Just The Beginning"

    Riley Season 1 Episode 1 Rewrite

    This is the rewrite of the pilot episode of Riley. If you've read the first episode, read this too, it's SO much better! Hope ya enjoy!

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthrized usage of these characters is permitted.

    Riley: Previously on Buffy The Vampire Slayer...

    CUT TO:


    Buffy reaches for a book but the book falls and lands on Riley's head.

    Riley: Sorry, I've forgotten my manners in the concussion. My name's Riley.

    CUT TO:


    Riley, Graham, and Forest are walking through the forest with their guns.

    Buffy: (V/O) They work for the Initiative.

    CUT TO:


    Buffy sees the Initiative for the first time and the camera zooms out to show all of it.

    Riley: (V/O) It's a government organization. We catch the demons.

    Buffy: (V/O) And?

    Riley: (V/O) And what?

    Buffy: (V/O) What do they do with them?

    CUT TO:


    Professor Walsh is looking at Adam, a cyborg.

    Riley: (V/O) We don't ask.

    CUT TO:


    Demons are flying everywhere and soldiers are fighting.

    Man: (V/O) The Initiative itself will be filled with concrete. Burn it down, gentleman. Burn it down, and salt the earth.

    CUT TO:


    Buffy sees Riley over the counter.

    Riley: Hi.

    Buffy: Huh?

    CUT TO:


    Riley and Sam are flying away on a thin wire hanging from a helicopter.

    CUT TO:


    There is just black.

    Riley: (V/O) Now...

    There is a flash of white and the screen turns into the next scene.

    Riley: (V/O) We're here.


    CUT TO:


    A girl with long, red hair is sitting a desk, typing. She is wearing a purple shirt and dark blue jeans.

    Girl: Done!

    The girl presses a key with her pointer finger. The girl stands up and turns off the computer. The girl walks to the door with a bunch of keys on a keychain. She opens the door, turns off the light, and shuts the door.

    CUT TO:


    The girl locks the door with the key to the press and starts walking down the street. The street is dead silent and completely empty. She walks to a car and starts looking for a key in the keychain. She suddenly drops the keychain.

    Girl: (aggravated) Crap.

    The girl bends down to pick up the keychain but she sees a shadow behind her. The girl stands up and turns around.

    Girl: Hello?

    She then sees that the man has a demented face. It's a vampire! The girl screams. The girl tries to run away but the vamp grabs her and is not letting her go.

    Girl: Somebody! Help me!

    The vampire is suddenly pulled back and falls to the ground. Standing above the vampire is Riley.

    Riley: Leave, ma'am!

    The vamp jumps up, turns around, and punches Riley back. Sam is running to Riley and the vamp.

    Sam: Riley!

    Sam punches the vamp but the vamp easily dodges the punch. The vampire punches Sam back into Riley. Graham, who is standing at a streetlight, sees this.

    Graham: Wait guys!

    Graham begins to run toward them. Sam takes a stake out of her pocket and throws it, aiming at the heart. It hits the vamp in the arm and he laughs.

    Vamp: (sarcastically) Great shot.

    The vamp keeps on laughing. Suddenly, a stake flies at the vamp and goes into his heart. The vamp gasps and dusts. The camera reveals a young man. That man threw the stake that dusted the vamp. The young man has brown hair and is wearing jeans with a T-Shirt. Graham gets to them and stops. The girl has left.

    Riley: Good job, guys.

    Graham: Where'd the girl go?

    Riley: It doesn't matter. She's safe now. Let's go.

    CUT TO:


    You see a huge room with a couch across from a TV in the middle of the room. There is a comfy, leather, chair next to the couch. Between the couch and the TV is a coffee table. There are cabinets everywhere with valuables and weapons. There is also a staircase and a few doors. Sitting on the couch, is the young man from the first scene. He is flipping through channels when Riley walks down the staircase and sees him.

    Riley: (annoyed) What are you doing here?

    Man: Because I want to! I help protect people with you so I get part of this house.

    Riley: No, you don't.

    Riley sits down on the leather chair.

    Riley: You know you're not welcome here.

    Man: I know. Do you think I care?

    Riley looks even more annoyed than he was before.

    Man: Wait! Shut up!

    They see the news on and see something.

    Riley: Turn it up.

    The man turns up the volume and you see what's on TV.

    Anchor: (on TV) Yesterday night, something extraordinary happened. At about 8:30 PM, a woman was seen being terrorized or mugged by a man next to her car. A group of people, three men and a woman, were seen saving this woman and then fleeing the scene. They are local heroes.

    The man turns it down.

    Riley: (sarcastic) That's just great.

    Man: They better not figure out it's us.

    Riley: If they do, publicity and we'll have to explain everything.

    Man: Hello loony bin.

    Riley: You better keep quiet, Intank!

    Intank: I will, don't worry.

    Sam walks down the stairs and she sees Intank.

    Sam: Why is he here?

    Riley: (to Sam) He let himself in.

    Sam: He needs a bell. I need coffee.

    Sam walks into the kitchen.

    CUT TO:


    Sam walks in and sees Graham sitting at the kitchen table.

    Sam: When did you wake up?

    Graham: Hour ago. I went on a run.

    Sam: Oh. So, you saw Intank?

    Graham: (confused) Intank's here? What!?

    Sam: I'm taking that as a no.

    Graham: What does he want?

    Sam: I don't know. He wants to be annoying, maybe.

    Graham looks sad.

    Sam: Why are you down in the dumps?

    Graham: Because I've realized why me and Riley are doing this.

    Sam: Why?

    Graham: To make up for working for an evil government organization.

    Sam: You didn't know!

    Graham: But it was, Sam. People lost their lives because of it. I almost lost Riley because of it.

    Sam: But why are you sad? You're redeeming yourself, even though I don't think you have to. We forgive you guys!

    Graham: I know you forgive us! The sad thing is, Riley will never forgive himself.

    Sam realizes and they both sit and stand in silence.

    CUT TO:


    There is a dark, musty basement. It is filled with dust and there is junk everywhere. A demon is there, holding up a girl by the neck. You see a man about ten feet away, dead. The demon is blue with sharp teeth and sharp nails. He has an outfit similar to the Ubervamp's outfit. He has a black spot on each of his hands. He is smiling while looking at the girl who is terrified. He electrocutes her with the lightning coming out of his hands, making a bigger black spot on his hand. His smile widens.



    "End Of The World" by Great Big Sea/REM begins playing.


    Marc Blucas as Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic as Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase as Graham Miller
    Jason Dohring as Intank Welleee
    And Allison Mack as Salomie Sullivan


    Michael Varton as Michael
    Topher Grace as Lain
    Liza Weil as Melissa
    Jared Padalecki as John
    Carlos Bernard as Bob
    Jewel Staite as Jill
    Roseanne Conner as Mrs. Tapon


    NO ONE

    Created By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Written By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Re-Written By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Edited By: BlasterBoy (Ben)

    Produced By: Different Dimensions Inc.

    Riley The Series is affiliated with The Demon Slayer written by The Dark Ages (Kevin)

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    ACT 1

    CUT TO:


    The girl from the first scene is walking through the hallway with her books pilled up. She looks extremely confused. A boy, not looking at where he was going, slams into her and the girl drops all the books on the floor. The boy has brown hair that is not very long but longer than normal.

    Girl: I'm so sorry!

    The girl seems frightened when the boy, smiling, looks at her.

    Boy: It's okay...Salomie.

    The girl named Salomie looks over at the boy. She suddenly smiles.

    Salomie: John!

    They stand up, now with Salomie having her books.

    Salomie: I didn't know you were going here.

    They are giving wide smiles.

    John: Well, I am.

    Salomie: Well, see you around.

    John walks away. A girl jumps next to Salomie. The girl has long, flowing dark brown hair. She's wearing Jeans and a yellow shirt.

    Girl: Heya, Salomie!

    Salomie: Hey Jill!

    Jill: How is this school for you so far?

    Salomie: Confusing.

    Jill: Bore-fest?

    Salomie: (in agreement) Bore-fest.

    They laugh together.

    Salomie: Well, I've got to go to class.

    Jill: Then meet me in the Maline building after, okay?

    Salomie: Okay!

    Salomie begins walking away.

    Jill: (calling after her) Throw a pumpkin at your professor for me! Chow!

    CUT TO:


    Sam is walking down the street with Graham at her side.

    Sam: Well, that was not the greatest.

    Graham: I know. It was awkward.

    Sam: The shouting.

    Graham: The screaming.

    Sam: Riley sure can scream.

    Graham: Intank sure can...turn blue.

    Sam: Very blue.


    Sam: Look. That will take up the time.

    Sam and Graham walk to a store called "Bernie's Bookstore".

    CUT TO:


    Sam and Graham are looking through all the books when Sam notices something on the shelf.

    Sam: Graham, look here!

    Sam pulls out a dusty book and Graham stares at it. The cover reads "Weapons".

    Sam: (smiling) Want to get it?

    Graham: If you insist.

    They walk to the cashier together and slam the book on the counter.

    Cashier: That will be $21.50.

    Sam pulls out a twenty dollar bill and then looks at Graham.

    Graham: Fine!

    Graham grabs a dollar and two quarters from his pocket. Sam grabs them and gives them to the Cashier.

    Cashier: Thank you.

    Sam grabs the book and they both start walking out of the store.

    CUT TO:


    Graham: See ya soon, Sam!

    Sam: See ya!

    Graham starts walking away when Sam turns to see a man standing in front of her.

    Man: Sorry. I almost ran into you.

    Sam: (laughing) It's fine.

    Man: (smiling) Cool.

    Sam sees something he's holding.

    Sam: What's that?

    The man holds it up and it's a shirt that says "Coffee!"

    Man: This is just my uniform.

    Sam: (surprised) You work at the caf??

    Man: (smiling) Yeah.

    Sam: I love that place! I go there every day. (leaning in closer; whispering) Perfect donuts.

    They break apart from each other and the man laughs.

    Man: Well, it's my break. I have about an hour off.

    Sam: That's really awesome... (trying to find a name)

    Man: Oh! I forgot; I'm Michael.

    Michael shakes Sam's hand.

    Sam: It's very nice to meet you, Michael.

    Michael: Well, want to get a cup of coffee while I'm on break.

    Sam thinks and smiles at him.

    Sam: Sure, why not?

    Michael: Cool! Let's go.

    They start walking.

    Sam: How old are you?

    Michael: About twenty four. Turning to twenty four in two months.

    Sam: Oh, happy early birthday!

    Michael: Thanks. You?

    Sam: About the same.

    Michael: That's cool.

    While they walk, there's an awkward silence.

    Michael: Sorry...

    Sam: What?

    Michael: Sorry...about...the silence, and all.

    Sam smiles.

    Sam: It's fine.

    Michael: Do you want a job?

    Sam: What!?

    Michael: Well, if you needed a job, I could ask my boss and see if he could give you a job.

    Sam: (smiling widely) Oh, sure. That would be great.

    Michael: Okay.

    Sam: Thanks.

    Michael: No problem.

    Sam: Well, here we are. I gotta go to the bathroom. Grab us a table.

    Michael: Okay.

    Sam walks to the bathroom doors and stops right in front of it. She pulls out her cell phone and starts dialing a number.

    Sam: Hey! Riley, I got a job! Yeah, at the caf?! I know, isn't it great? Okay, see you there. Bye. Love ya.

    Sam hangs up and turns around and gasps. Michael is standing there.

    Sam: (outraged) What the hell are you doing!?

    Michael: (pointing to door) Bathroom.

    Sam: (embarrassed) Oh, my bad.

    Michael: Just asking, who's Riley?

    Sam: Oh, Riley. Well, Riley's, um, my, um, husband.

    Michael: (shocked) Oh!

    Sam: (quickly) See you at the table.

    Sam quickly ran to the table Michael was just at.

    CUT TO:


    A girl, around twenty four with a purple shirt and jeans, is sitting in a seat next to a guy, around twenty four wearing a red T-Shirt and jeans, sleeping in another seat. The movie is obviously a very overacted drama.

    Woman: (in background; woman from movie) Don't leave me, Cedric!

    Man: (in background; man from movie) I have to go, Olivia! Don't you see? If I don't, my father will never live free again.

    Woman: (in background; woman from movie) NO! I won't let you!

    They hear screams. The whole time, it just shows the sleeping, and snoring, man and the girl with a disgusted face on. Graham runs into the theatre. The girl looks to him and smiles. She waves at him. Graham smiles back and runs behind them. He hits both of their heads. The girl laughs, but the man jumps up.

    Man: (tired; yawning) Where's the piglets?

    Girl: Up your nose.

    Man: (tired) Come back.

    The man slouched back down in his chair and continued to snore.

    Graham jumped over the seats and plopped down in one.

    Girl: (quietly) Hello, Mr. Late Guy.

    Graham: Sorry, Melissa. I lost track of time.

    Melissa: (pointing to the man) Lain's been doing this the whole time.

    Graham: And the movie?

    Melissa: Oh, it generally sucks.

    Graham: Ah.

    Melissa: (imitating woman from movie) No, Cedric! No!

    Graham giggles.

    Man: (whispering; angry) Shut the hell up, up there!

    Melissa: Sorry!

    She screamed and the man turned around and gave her a nasty look.

    Melissa: (whispering) Sorry?

    The man turned around and Melissa looked kind of scared.

    Melissa: A little scary, huh?

    Graham: (laughing quietly) Just a little.

    Melissa: He's a tad short of insane, I must say.

    The man named Lain snored again.

    Melissa: (hitting him) Shut up!

    The man from before turned around, red in the face!


    The man moved and smashed his toe into his seat.

    Man: (in pain) AH! SH ?

    CUT TO:


    Graham and Melissa ran out the door, dragging Lain, who was still half asleep.

    Lain: (tired) What's happening? Where's my piglets?

    Melissa: (mad) Wake up!

    Melissa slapped Lain and he came to.

    Lain: Hey! What was that for!

    Melissa: (angry) That was for an hour and a half of snoring, drooling, and piglet talk!

    Lain: (scared) Sorry.

    Graham: Guys, calm down!

    Melissa: That guy is scary! We had to get out of there, don't you agree?

    Graham: Yes, I do. Now, let's calm ?

    Melissa: Good, because I didn't want to be alone on that.

    Graham: Okay!

    Melissa stopped and looked at Graham.

    Graham: Let's see another movie.

    Melissa: Nah, we'll talk again.

    Graham: Well, if you try to ?

    Melissa: No, I'd talk.

    Graham: (giving up) Okay.

    Melissa: We might as well just get a bite.

    Graham: Yes! We can talk, eat! Great idea!

    Melissa: (confused) It wasn't that great.

    Graham: Yes, it was! Let's go!

    Melissa: Okay.

    END OF ACT 1


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      ACT 2

      CUT TO:


      Riley is punching a punching bag, really concentrating. The camera zooms around the punching bag. Riley has his eyes fixed on the bag, not blinking. The door quickly opens, and at once, Riley pulls a gun from his pocket and shoots the punching bag off its hook. Intank was the one walking in. Riley grabs the loose bag now and throws it at Intank. The metal smashes into his nose and he begins to bleed.

      Intank: Oh, that's just great! (under his breath) Bitch.

      Riley: (while picking up the punching bag) Sorry. Oh, wait. No I'm not.

      Riley looks at the bag.

      Riley: Oh, great! Now it's broken!

      Intank: But you don't care that you almost just broke my nose!

      Intank was still holding, trying to stop the bleeding.

      Riley: No, not really.

      Intank: Well, then maybe I'll kick you out! Or maybe just kill ya!

      Riley: Yeah, like I'd actually believe that.

      Intank: I'm so much stronger than you.

      Riley: Yes, but you don't kill, and in your words, defenseless humans.

      Intank: You're not defenseless!

      Intank points at the bag.

      Intank: Whack it at me!

      Riley: No, and hey, it's your words.

      Riley shrugs.

      Intank: Oh, shut up.

      Intank stopped the bleeding.

      Intank: So, you seem down. What's up, bitch?

      Riley just throws a punch at Intank but he catches his fist.

      Intank: That wasn't an answer, now, was it?

      Riley, while Intank holds his other hand, tries punching Intank with the other hand but Intank catches it, twists both his arms, and then headbutts him. Riley walks back, looking dizzy.

      Intank: Why didn't you answer me? (baby voice) Is wittle bitty Riwy scared to tell Intank what's wronggy-wonggy?

      Riley lunges at Intank, but Intank simply moves away and Riley crashes into the wall. He turned around, looking quite evil.

      Intank: Did I make you mad?

      Riley jumps on a pile of mats. He jumps off while kicking Intank in the face.

      Intank: Are you looking for a fight?

      Riley: Maybe.

      Intank: Alright, then.

      Intank sprints at Riley and picks him up. He keeps running and slams into a wall, with Riley held in front of him, so Riley got the impact. When he gets back up, he takes a swing at Intank and he just ducks.

      Intank: You can't win!

      Intank punches Riley in his stomach.

      Intank: I'm a demon! I ?

      Intank punches.

      Intank: Can't ?


      Intank: Lose!

      Intank punches rapidly and Riley spits blood.

      Intank: Ah!

      Intank suddenly turns dark blue. Intank grabs Riley and throws him across the room. Luckily for him, he lands on a mat. Riley slowly looks up at Intank.

      Riley: You're right, Intank. You are a monster.

      Intank looks mad and just storms out of the room.

      Riley: So much for going to The Gold tonight.

      CUT TO:


      The girl from the first scene, who we know is named Salomie, is walking in the hallway with another girl, the girl named Jill.

      Jill: This is awesome! I so love college!

      Salomie: Jill, calm down.

      Jill looks offended.

      Jill: Calm down? Calm down!?

      Salomie: Yeah, that's what I said.

      Jill: (smiling; laughing) Shut up, Salomie!

      Salomie: Jill, stop!

      Jill: Why? Cheer up!

      Salomie: I'm not down!

      Jill: Look at your face!

      Salomie: I've seen it, thanks.

      Jill: Listen to me. Relax, chill, cool down, girl.

      Salomie: I'm trying to relax and have fun without ripping off my T-Shirt and taking off my bra!

      Jill: (acting sad) Without?

      Salomie: Haha, Jill.

      Jill: Come on.

      Jill grabs Salomie's arm and starts dragging her across the hall.

      Salomie: Hey ? what?

      Jill: I'm showing you two things.

      Salomie: (rolling eyes) Great.

      Jill lets go of Salomie at a map.

      Salomie: (confused) What is this?

      Jill: Well, it shows some cool tourist attractions. Like, here's Miami's beach.

      Jill is pointing all around the poster they walked up to.

      Jill: And look! There's Las Vegas!

      Salomie: How is this supposed to cheer me up.

      Jill: It will make you want to graduate faster because you realize how much Iowa really sucks!

      Salomie bursts into laughter.

      Jill: Oh, no, that's not all.

      Salomie: (laughing) What's next, Jillarama?

      Jill: See! There's some of my Salomie! Now, follow me!

      Jill starts pulling Salomie's arm again. They stop and Jill points at a tall boy. The boy has brown hair and is wearing jeans with a white T-Shirt. He has a white/grey zip on sweatshirt on over his T-Shirt.

      Jill: John. The Johninater. The Johnster.

      Salomie had stopped laughing.

      Salomie: I get it, Jill.

      Jill: So many familiar faces, not to mention some of the hottest ones. And I know you think so.

      Salomie: You're right, Jill. There are just so many familiar faces.

      Salomie watches as a girl with black, long hair, is walking by them. She has a pink dress on and stops while walking by Salomie. She looks at them.

      Girl: What the hell are you looking at?

      Salomie: Nothing, your bitchiness.

      Girl: (offended) How dare ?

      Jill: Piss off!

      Girl: (mad; angry) Eh, ah, BAH!

      The girl walks away, very pissed.

      Jill: (giggling) Your bitchiness. Nice one.

      Salomie: Susan deserves it.

      Jill: Very, very.

      Lady: (V/O) Hem, hem.

      Jill and Salomie turn around and come face to face with a very tall and old woman. She is wearing a skirt and staring at Jill and Salomie with a big smile.

      Lady: Hem, hem.

      Salomie: (confused) Hello?

      Lady: Oh, hello! Nice of you to see me here, finally.

      She said all of this with a big, wide smile on her face.

      Lady: Well, I certainly hope you two have been having a great first day, here at Laintan University. Hem, hem!

      Salomie: (still confused) We are. Are you okay?

      Jill: Pretty bad cough you got there.

      Lady: Yes, sure, and how you folks would say it...whatever.

      Salomie: Excuse me, but what do you want?

      Lady: Now, that's a bit rude!

      Jill: Well, you are just standing here, coughing at us!

      Lady: Well, sorry to interrupt your "girl time", but are you two from room 34?

      Salomie: Yeah.

      Lady: Well, I found a toaster there.

      Jill: (getting mad; sarcastic) Get out! You mean those savage toast makers? Scary things, those are.

      Lady: They are not allowed!

      Jill: Your face isn't allowed!

      Everyone in the hall could hear them shouting now.


      Salomie: (confused) Wait, what?


      Jill: (joking around) Pretty fast, then, huh?


      Everyone was staring in awe at this middle-aged woman blow her head off over a "your face" insult.

      Lady: (soft; nice) Thought you should know.

      The lady began to walk away and she pushes the crowd out of the way to get through. She stops in front of a boy who is staring at her with his mouth wide open.

      Lady: Hem, hem.

      The boy didn't move.

      Lady: Excuse me, ma'am.

      Boy: But I'm a boy ?

      The lady pushed him out of the way. She continues to walk on.

      Lady: Yes, very nice. So be it. (in the distance) Freshman.

      She walked out of view. A girl walks up to Salomie and Jill.

      Girl: That's Mrs. Tapon or, as some call her, The Bitch Monster From Hell.

      Salomie and Jill laugh. They start to walk away from the crowd.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? CAF? ? DAY

      Sam and Michael are sitting at the table and they are laughing.

      Michael: So, I dropped the entire blender on his toes, while it was making a smoothie!

      Sam: (smiling; laughing) You're kidding!

      Michael: (laughing) No, I'm not! He starts swearing at me and chasing me with a knife!

      Sam gave a snort.

      Sam: Really?

      Michael: Yeah!

      Sam: I can't wait to work here.

      Michael: I know. Any stories from you?

      Sam: (pretending to think) No, I don't think so.

      Michael: Come on! You've got to have at least one!

      Sam: Well, when I was about thirteen, I got a cat. It ran away and we found it in the attic, eating all of our old shoes.

      Michael smiles and laughs.

      Michael: See, I knew there was at least one.

      Sam: Yeah, I guess.

      Michael keeps smiling.

      Sam: Thanks so much for an awesome time.

      Michael: No, thank you. Your shift starts on Saturday.

      Sam: Thanks for that, too!

      Michael: No problem. Bye!

      Sam starts walking away.

      CUT TO:


      Intank is standing at the bar. The whole place is empty. There is a balcony and a main floor. There are little tables all around.

      Riley: (V/O) So, what'cha doing?

      Intank turns to see Riley walking out of a room. He closes the door.

      Riley: Nice training room you got there.

      Intank: All the better to beat you up in.

      Riley: Shut up.

      Intank: Get out, now.

      Riley: Can I come back tonight to The ?

      Intank: The Gold is a public place. Unfortunately, I can't just throw you out.

      Riley: Okay. I hope you're a good bartender ?

      Intank: I'm also the owner of the damn place!

      Riley: Sorry! I'll just go now.

      Intank: Best idea you've had all day.

      Riley walks to the door. Riley opens it and it slams shut when he walks out. Intank is staring at the door. Intank hears his cell phone ring, takes it out of his pocket, and answers it.

      Intank: Hello, who is this?

      Man: (V/O) Neiki.

      Intank's face goes pale and Intank just stands there, not saying a thing, in awe.

      Neiki: (V/O) Is it just me, or should there be a little reunion? Just a little one. No, wait, what am I saying? A big one, a very big one.

      Intank: You ?

      Neiki: (V/O) Good job! You can say words now, good progress, I see.

      Intank: How did you f-find m-me?

      Neiki: (V/O; ignoring Intank's question) I've waited far too long! Vengeance is upon us, my dear friend, and you will bow in front of it...and then, die. Good day, my old and dear friend.

      The person named Neiki hangs open, leaving Intank horrorstruck.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie is walking on a sidewalk with all her books when she comes across two girls talking. She overhears them.

      Girl #1: I know, such a horrific death!

      Girl #2: Weren't they electrified?

      Girl #1: I think so.

      Girl #2: Shakes you up, doesn't it?

      Girl #1: Yeah, really does.

      Salomie: Um, excuse me, what deaths?

      Girl #1: Did we ask you to eavesdrop?

      Girl #2: Don't mind her. In the town, a woman and a man were found dead, electrified, in their torn apart basement. Really horrific, really ? Hey, where are you going!?

      Salomie had started sprinting away, towards somewhere. Where she's going, the girls do not know.

      Girl #1: Freaks. Towns full of ?em.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? PRESS ? DAY

      A man is yelling at people all over the press when Salomie comes rushing in!

      Salomie: Boss! Boss!

      The man, or boss, turns to Salomie.

      Man: What a pleasant surprise, Salomie.

      Salomie: (breathless) I'm ? desperate for ? for an ? article!

      Man: Okay, I'll find you one.

      Salomie: No! I need a big one! Has anyone taken the electric murder?

      That's why she was running, to get the part.

      Man: Um, yes, actually. I gave it to John.

      The brown haired boy from the hallway walks next to them.

      John: Did you say my name?

      Man: I was just telling Salomie here about how you got that murder article.

      John: Oh, well, she can have it.

      Salomie: (shocked) What?

      Man: John, what?

      John: Salomie can have it, it's fine.

      Man: Oh, well, okay. It's yours, Salomie.

      Salomie: (beaming; shocked) Thank you so much!

      Man: Thank your friend, here.

      The boss walks away. John begins to walk away but Salomie stops him.

      Salomie: Why did you do that?

      John: Do what?

      Salomie: Give me the article.

      John: Well, I know you're not getting good articles, and you really need money, with your family situation and all. You need it more than me, at the moment.

      Salomie: (smiling) Oh, thanks.

      John: Anytime.

      John begins to walk away. Salomie goes into thought for a moment.

      Salomie: (confused; to herself) How does he know about me, my family, or my money?

      END OF ACT 2


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        ACT 3

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? HILL ? DAY/NIGHT

        The sun is slowly going down.

        CUT TO:


        Intank is cleaning up the bar when the door opens and someone walks in. It's Sam.

        Intank: Why is that thing never locked?!

        Intank begins walking towards Sam and the door.

        Sam: Don't ask me.

        Intank: (angry) What the hell do you want?!

        Sam: Someone's angry.

        Intank: No, duh!

        Sam: Sorry.

        Intank: What ? do ? you ? want?

        Sam: Have you heard the news?

        Intank: What news?

        Sam: Michael told me ?

        Intank: Michael?

        Sam: A friend. So, Michael told me that two people were found dead, electrocuted, in their basement.

        Intank: So?

        Sam: So? This thing has ?demon' written all over it! On the scene of the crime, they found green blood! Is that normal?

        Intank: No, but, this was all found out from a human that knows nothing of the supernatural?

        Sam: Right.

        Intank: Then he's making it up, of course.

        Sam: No, he's not!

        Intank: Even if he isn't, are you saying the people the demon killed were also demons?

        Sam: What?

        Intank: Why would they find demon blood if the demon did the killing. Plus, the demon electrocuted them, so, blood?

        Sam: I don't know what is happening there, but it's demonic!

        Intank: Sure, say it is, but, how does it fit together?

        Sam: That's what we need to figure out!

        Intank: How?

        Sam: Pick up a book!

        Intank: You, The Gold opens in an hour.

        Sam: Who cares about your damn club when there's a horrible demon out there!?

        Intank: Me, of course.

        Sam: Open it after we find the demon and kill it.

        Intank: Fine!

        They walk out the door, this time; Intank makes sure to lock it.

        CUT TO:


        Intank is lying down on the couch while Sam is looking through their bookshelves.

        Sam: ?Index of Demons'? Sounds good.

        Sam pulls out the book and sits on one of the big chairs. She opens the book and flips pages.

        Intank: Find anything?

        Sam: It's been one minute.

        Intank: And?

        Sam: That means I'm looking.

        Intank: Okay....should I turn on the television?

        Sam: No, help look!

        Intank: Fine.

        Intank stands up and gets another demon book out. The door opens and Riley walks in.

        Riley: What's he doing here?

        Sam: Research.

        Riley: What research?

        Intank: Sam thinks there's a demon in Laintan, killing people and then cutting himself before he leaves.

        Riley: What?

        Sam: Look for a demon that has green blood and electrocutes things.

        Riley: (still confused) Okay.

        Riley walks to the shelf and pulls out another book.

        CUT TO:


        John walks through the hall, to a door. He opens it and walks in.

        CUT TO:


        John shuts the door and sits on his bed. On the other bed sits another boy with black hair. His hair is very short and his face looks emotionless.

        Boy: Hey ? I'm Bob.

        John: Nice to meet you, Bob. I'm John.

        Bob: That is really, really cool.

        Bob has a remote in his hand and points it at a stereo in the room. Loud music starts coming out of it.

        Bob: I like music.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? HOUSE ? NIGHT

        A woman is sitting in a big chair in her dark house. She is knitting and she has the lights off, but she is getting light from the television that is on. She hears a noise and looks back. Nothing. She turns back to her knitting when the noise comes again. The woman is confused. Suddenly, a big, strange demon pops out from the darkness at her. It is the demon from the teaser. She screams while the demon uses its sharp nails to slash the woman in the cheek. She was now bleeding. The demon puts its hand on the woman's chest and she is suddenly shaking. The woman falls over, dead, and the demon gives a wide smile.

        CUT TO:


        They are all sitting in silence when the door opens. Graham walks in.

        Graham: What are you guys doing?

        Riley: There's a demon.

        Sam: We don't know what it is.

        Intank: Research.

        Graham: Ah, I see.

        Graham starts walking towards them.

        Graham: So ?

        Intank: Oh my god! I found him!...or her.

        Sam: Wait, what!?

        Intank: The Slugger demon. Electrocutes its victims, likes dark, enclosed spaces.

        Riley: So, he likes a dark place that's inside?

        Sam: That's what I heard. Green blood?

        Intank: Green blood.

        Sam: Let me see that.

        Sam grabs the book.

        Sam: My god, it's a match!

        Intank: I already told you that.

        Sam: Yes!

        Intank: (sarcastic) Yay, we're happy. That still doesn't answer two questions of mine.

        Sam: Yes?

        Intank: Well, why was the demon bleeding?

        Sam: I don't know. We'll figure that out later.

        Intank: And how do we find it?

        Sam: I don't know, either. Well, we search?

        Intank: Fine, but I need my axe.

        Graham: Your axe?

        Intank: Yes, my lucky axe. Graham, go get it.

        Graham: Me?

        Intank: Yeah, I found it, so I command you to get it.

        Riley: Just get it, Graham.

        Graham: Fine.

        Intank: It's in my weapons trunk, training room.

        Graham: K.

        Intank: Also, the lights seemed a bit screwy. So, take a flashlight, just in case. Oh, and it's locked.

        Intank takes a key out of his pocket and throws it at Graham.

        Intank: You lose it, you die.

        Riley: Here's a flashlight!

        Riley throws Graham the flashlight.

        Riley: Got it from the kitchen.

        Graham: Okay, I'll be back as fast I can.

        Intank: You better!

        CUT TO:

        INT ? THE GOLD ? NIGHT

        The Gold is completely empty and dark. The door opens and then it shuts. You can't see who it is. You hear the light switch being flicked up and down.

        Graham: (V/O) Great, it's like Intank set this up!

        The person, Graham, turns on his flashlight.

        Graham: Training room.

        Graham sees a door and walks to it.

        Graham: Is this it?

        He opens it and walks in.

        CUT TO:


        Riley: So, where would the demon go next?

        Sam: I don't know.

        Intank: Somewhere where there's only a few or one person. It has to be dark. Like, lights off, but a few lights are okay, just, not big ones.

        Sam: Okay, that still doesn't help us.

        Intank: (realizing something) Yes, it does. If The Gold's lights are down, then ?

        Sam: Graham!

        Intank: Exactly! This is great!

        Riley: How? The demon's going after Graham!

        Intank: Idiot! We set up a trap without knowing it! Come on, we need to be fast if we want to catch it!

        Sam: It kills that quickly?

        CUT TO:


        Graham is looking through a big case in the training room.

        Graham: It's gotta be here somewhere. Aha!

        Graham pulls out a nice, shinny, and big axe.

        Graham: This better be his.

        Graham starts walking towards the door when he hears noises outside the door. Graham slowly walks forward with the axe high in one hand, and the flashlight low in the other. Graham quickly flings open the door. He is staring at the demon.

        Graham: Uh-oh.

        The demon starts running at Graham. Graham drops the flashlight, but it's still on, so you can see. Graham swings his axe at the demon but it just jumps on top of it. The demon, while on the axe, kicks Graham back and then jumps off. The demon shows its nails and scratches Graham on the cheek. He is bleeding now. The demon grabs Graham by the neck and lifts him off the ground. He drops the axe. He can't breath and he's squirming around. Suddenly, the door to The Gold smashes open and Sam, Riley, and Intank are standing in the doorway with a sword, Intank, a crossbow, Riley, and a knife, Sam. The demon turns to stare at them but he still holds Graham up. Graham, while the demon's distracted, head butts the demon back. The demon drops Graham immediately. Sam, Intank, and Riley start running at the demon. The demon pushes Sam to the ground. Intank swings his sword but the demon just ducks and kicks him away. Riley grabs the demon's arm and then punches him the stomach. Riley lets go of the demon and punches him in the face. He goes to punch again but the demon grabs his arm. Riley tries punching with his other arm but the demon catches that also. The demon runs up Riley's body and then lets go of him while he jumps in the arm. He, while flipping in the air, kicks Riley in the face and Riley falls back. The demon lands on both his feet. The demon points his hand at the wall, where a picture lay. Lighting shoots out of his hand and smashes the picture on the wall.

        Intank: No! That was worth some money!

        Intank runs to the demon and punches him in the stomach. The demon goes flying behind the bar, smashing glasses on the bar. When he stands up, he cries something out in a weird scream.

        Intank: What the hell?

        Sam: That must be their call.

        Graham: There's another one?

        Riley: Seems like it.

        Riley pulls a gun out of his pocket and starts shooting the demon but it doesn't really do anything.

        Riley: (sarcastic) Great!

        Another of the same demon is standing in the doorway. It cries the same that the other demon did. The demon at the bar does that again too.

        Sam: I think they know each other.

        Intank: I don't care.

        Intank starts running at the demon in the doorway and Intank punches him onto the ground. The demon jumps up and slams his nails in Intank's stomach. Intank spits blood in the demon's face and they continue to fight with Intank bleeding. The demon at the bar shoots two streaks of lightning at Sam, Riley, and Graham. They jump out of the way and run to the demon. Riley starts shooting arrows at the demon. One hits him in the arm, where he was not protected. He let out another cry, this one from pain. Sam then throws her knife at the demon. It misses but the demon catches it and chucks it back at Sam. It hits her in the arm and she falls to the ground, screaming.

        Sam: AH!

        Riley: No, SAM!

        Riley runs to Sam and holds her up, but he doesn't see the demon coming up behind them, or how the demon knocked Graham unconscious. The demon pulls Riley off Sam. He grabs the knife and yanks it out of Sam's arm and then slams it in Sam's stomach. She screams even louder.

        Riley: NO!

        Riley stands up and punches the demon repeatedly in the face. He grabs the knife out of the demon's hand and slams it into his face. The demon falls over, dead. The other demon that Intank was fighting is still alive, but not for long. Intank grabs his head and twists it. The demon falls down, dead. They all stare at the demons.

        CUT TO:


        Riley and Graham are waiting around.

        Graham: She'll be fine, Riley.

        Riley: (not convincing) Sure, sure she is.

        Graham: Riley, you have to get used to this.

        Riley: (angry) What? Used to my wife getting stabbed!?

        Graham: Yes, actually.

        Riley: WHAT!?

        Graham: It's in our line of duty, Riley!

        Riley: Whatever you say.

        Graham: Hey! I'm your friend ? trust me...please. She'll be fine.

        Riley: Whatever.

        Graham: The doctor told us to just go home. We can't see her tonight.

        Riley: I don't care.

        Graham: Come on, let's do something. Wanna go to The Gold?

        Riley: Intank beat me up today ? no thanks.

        Graham: Hey, he's not too bad...for a demon.

        Riley: He is bad because, like you said, he's a demon!

        Graham: Good demon.

        Riley: He's had demon friends ? he's evil.

        Graham: He's helped us, especially tonight.

        Riley: So?

        Graham: Just think about cutting him some slack.

        Riley: Don't count on it.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? THE GOLD ? NIGHT

        The Gold is big and crowded. The lights are flashing on and off. People are dancing to rock music. You see Graham and Riley sitting at a table. Graham is smiling and tapping his foot to the music. Riley, on the other hand, is frowning.

        Graham: I'm going to go get some drinks.

        Graham walks over to the bar, where Intank is.

        Intank: Hey! Fixed the lights ? see?

        Graham: Yeah, cool! Two bears please.

        Intank: Got ya!

        Graham: Thanks about tonight.

        Intank: It's what I do.

        Intank hands Graham two drinks.

        Graham: Thanks.

        Graham walks back over to Riley with the drinks.

        Graham: Hey ? I'm gonna go dance.

        Riley: Okay, you go do that.

        Graham puts the drinks down and walks to the dance floor. He starts dancing when Melissa and Lain walk over.

        Melissa: I didn't know you were coming here.

        Graham: I didn't either!

        They start dancing together. Salomie and Jill are on the balcony, staring down at everyone dancing.

        Jill: Wanna dance down there?

        Salomie: We were just jumping up and down a lot. I'm tired!

        Jill: Fine! I'm going down there. See you!

        Jill walks down to the dance floor and Salomie sees Jill walking into Bob. She sees them talking and while Bob is walking away, Jill is looking after him. Salomie smiles, silently. There is an overview shot of The Gold and everyone in it ? Salomie on the balcony, Riley sitting down, Melissa and Lain and Graham dancing, Jill dancing, and Bob walking away.

        FADE OUT

        END OF ACT 3




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          - The original episode was 30 pages. This episode is 40 pages, exactly.

          - A lot of these scenes are the same, only rewritten. But, about half are the same idea.

          - A lot of things were changed. Way too much to mention, so, I'll just say there was a lot

          - This episode saw the first ever label: "Produced By: Different Dimensions Inc." This will be on all episodes from now on, new and rewritten.

          - The second through the tenth will be rewritten as well. Hopefully, each will only take about four - seven days. I will hope that's the case.