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Rogue Redemption 2.11 "Be Not Afraid"

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  • Rogue Redemption 2.11 "Be Not Afraid"

    Rogue Redemption
    2.11 "Be Not Afraid"




    MEGAN is still in her cage, but she's staring at the wall. There are marks on it- scratches. There's even a dent in it, from some sort of digging. Some of the marks are numbers, and some are jumbled words. They're blurred, and we can't see them right now. LEON leans down to look in the cage. He is smiling.

    LEON: How's our little princess doing today?

    MEGAN looks at him, eyes searching his face.

    MEGAN: Locked in the tower. Can't get out?

    She grabs a strand of her hair and twirls it in front of her face.

    LEON: That's right. (beat) Not until we let you out.

    MEGAN: Wrong.

    She begins to hum. LEON looks at her, confused.

    LEON: What?

    MEGAN: Wrong. This is a fairytale. You're the evil king. My prince will save me, in the end.

    LEON smiles.

    LEON: We're hoping he'll try.

    With that, he walks away from the cage. MEGAN continues to hum.

    MEGAN: He'll save me. The princess always gets saved?

    She continues to twirl a few strands of hair, until finally she yanks them out, throwing them out of the cage.

    MEGAN: (cont'd) I let down my hair?

    She stares at it and the camera focuses on the strands as they float to the ground.


    TOMMY, MARIE, FAITH, and BRIAN appear in the alley. ROBIN, who is leaning against the wall, looks up, relieved to see FAITH. He hurries up to her and hugs her.

    ROBIN: Where were you?

    FAITH: (hugging back) Hell.

    TOMMY: Isn't that a bit of an exaggeration?

    FAITH pulls away from ROBIN and looks at him.

    FAITH: No. (beat) I saw Illyria.

    Everyone looks surprised, except for TOMMY, but no one notices.

    SAM: What? But?she can't be. We didn't even find a body.

    FAITH: I think that was her body, and someone put her there. Just like someone put me there.

    ALAN: I don't get it. Why didn't she come with you?

    FAITH looks upset for a fleeting second.

    FAITH: She couldn't. And I'm going to find out why.

    TOMMY: (changing the subject) But what about the assassins? I mean, they're who put you there. Shouldn't we be, I don't know, killing them?

    FAITH shakes her head.

    FAITH: Not yet. I want to get some answers from them.

    TOMMY'S eyes go wide, and he doesn't say anything. FAITH looks at him, incredulously.

    FAITH: (cont'd) Is something wrong?

    TOMMY'S eyes are still wide but he shakes his head.

    TOMMY: No?n-nothing.

    FAITH looks like she's about to ask him more questions, but a voice is heard.

    BROADCASTER: Breaking news. We have just learned that a murderer has escaped from prison.

    They all look at each other warily.

    ROBIN: Just learned? They knew you weren't there earlier.

    SAM: I'm going to go closer to hear better.

    She moves out of the alley and to the left, where we see a window with many TV's.

    BROADCASTER: (cont'd) Faith Lehane, wanted for many murders in the recently collapsed town of Sunnydale and the city of Los Angeles, broke out of prison earlier today. Anyone who finds her and turns her in, or has information on her and brings it to us, will be rewarded. And any information on her accomplices would be much appreciated, as well. Now to-

    Before she hears more, SAM moves back into the alley.

    SAM: Did you guys hear that?

    They all look at her, and each other, worried.

    FAITH: Okay, we have to hide?but I have to do my job, too. Isn't there something we could do?

    No one responds.

    FAITH: (cont'd) Guess this is going to be harder than I thought.





    Guest Starring:

    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    ACT I



    Time begins to fast forward , until we see the sunrise. It continues to rise, until…



    Someone is sitting at a secretary’s desk, with their feet on it so we can’t see their face. Someone else walks up to the desk and shoves the other person’s feet off the desk. We see that it’s LENA.

    LENA: Hey!

    We see that the other person is COLLIN.

    COLLIN: Manners.

    LENA frowns.

    LENA: I was comfortable.

    COLLIN: We’re not here for comfort. We need to get the rest of our assignment.

    LENA: (confused) Assignment? I thought you said you didn’t-

    Before she can say anymore, FALLYN appears at the top of the stairs, walking down to the lobby.

    FALLYN: Collin, Lena! So nice to see you both here. Is there something I could help you with?

    COLLIN walks up to him, confidently.

    COLLIN: We need the documents.

    FALLYN: (interested) Regarding?

    COLLIN: Regarding what Eve was working on before you…disposed of her.

    FALLYN: Ah, yes. That.

    He glances at LENA, with a wary look, and then looks back to COLLIN.

    FALLYN: (cont’d) Follow me. (beat) But only you.

    COLLIN looks at LENA, who just shrugs, and then turns back to FALLYN, nodding.

    COLLIN: Alright.

    FALLYN nods back and heads up the stairs. COLLIN follows him. LENA waits until they’re almost out sight before getting up and following them.


    COLLIN and FALLYN walk into an elevator that is just opening. We see LENA rounding the corner as it’s about to close. She looks around, and sees an employee walking with a newspaper. She grabs it from him, covers her face with it, and walks into the elevator. COLLIN and FALLYN don’t seem to notice, as they are in a conversation, unheard by others. The elevator goes up one floor, and most get out. FALLYN still doesn’t notice LENA, and proceeds in pressing the floor they need- the basement. LENA smiles in satisfaction.


    COLLIN and FALLYN walk out of the elevator as it opens and LENA watches them, before pressing herself against the wall of the elevator, hidden, and touching the ‘stop’ button on it.

    The camera follows the men as they walk down the long hallway. They stop after many seconds, and FALLYN looks at COLLIN.

    FALLYN: Eve’s work was not an easy task. Controlling certain…well, let’s call them aspects, of it was difficult. When you see the file, you’ll know why we had to get rid of her before she failed completely.

    COLLIN frowns, and watches as the Senior Partner pulls out a large files in a manila folder. He looks at it, and hands it to COLLIN carefully.

    FALLYN: (cont’d) The task is not yours. And we will not hesitate in doing the same to you as we did to Eve if you fail. You are replaceable.

    COLLIN looks at him, and nods. There is a long pause.

    COLLIN: What about our other assignment?

    FALLYN: Ah, concerning Miss Lehane?

    COLLIN nods. The camera switches to LENA, and we see her looking more interested now.

    FALLYN: (cont’d, O.S.) Our plan to eliminate her is still in effect.

    LENA frowns.

    COLLIN: (O.S.) I see. (beat) It still has to be her sister that does it, yes?

    LENA’S eyes widen at this.

    FALLYN: (O.S.) Yes. It always has been, and it always will be.

    LENA: (yelling) Hold it.

    LENA steps out of the elevator, her eyes in a glare. Both FALLYN and COLLIN look very surprised.

    COLLIN: Lena…how’d you get down here?

    LENA: Wow, it takes someone special to not notice that I just walked out of the elevator.

    COLLIN: But we were just in-

    LENA: Try being more observant. (beat, turning to FALLYN) I’m sorry, but did you say I have to kill Faith?

    FALLYN nods solemnly.

    FALLYN: That I did.

    LENA: I’m sorry, but I’m not going to do that.

    Both of the men look perplexed.

    COLLIN: But…you shot her. You almost killed her.

    LENA: Precautionary measure. (beat) And almost isn’t killing.

    COLLIN: Precaution? You hit a vital artery. If she weren’t a Slayer…

    LENA: But she is a Slayer. Plus, I failed biology. It’s not my fault. (pause) Well, okay yeah, it is. But I didn’t mean to.

    FALLYN: Why is this a problem? She’s a killer.

    LENA: She’s also my sister. Blood’s thick and all that.

    FALLYN: Yes, but-

    LENA: By the way, has she been killing anyone recently?

    FALLYN only stares at her.

    LENA: (cont’d) Exactly.

    COLLIN walks closer to her, grabbing her arm.

    COLLIN: That one time you shot her wasn’t the only time you almost killed her. You aimed at her in the warehouse.

    LENA: Wrong again. I aimed at whoever the hell was behind her.

    She looks down at his hand grasped on her arm, and looks up at him menacingly.

    LENA: (cont’d) Let go of me.

    COLLIN: Not until you come to your senses.

    LENA: My senses are here. Yours, I’m not so sure about. (beat) I’m not going to kill her.

    FALLYN: You do not have a choice.

    She glances at him, before yanking her arm away from COLLIN and glaring at both of them.

    LENA: The hell I don’t.

    She runs toward the elevator, hitting the button for the lobby and taking one last look at them before the doors close.


    The group is stood in a misshaped circle, looking at each other.

    TOMMY: What are you planning on doing? Just storming in there?

    FAITH: Not exact-

    ROBIN: Wait a minute. (beat) Tommy, you have to tell us some things, first.

    TOMMY looks at him, worried.

    TOMMY: Like what?

    ROBIN: Like why that guy took you, and why he called you a traitor.

    A dark look appears in TOMMY’S eyes, quickly covered by a disturbed one.

    TOMMY: I…

    His voice fades and the entire group watches him.

    TOMMY: (cont’d) I just got mixed up in some stuff. It was a mistake.

    FAITH: What happened, Tommy? Those people are killers.

    TOMMY: I don’t know.

    FAITH: You’re not a killer…

    TOMMY looks at her, his expression blank, before looking away. She looks confused, but chooses to change the subject.

    FAITH: (cont’d) And actually…I was planning on just storming in there.

    BRIAN: Not exactly the smartest move…

    FAITH: I know, but it’s not like any of you are whipping out suggestions.

    ALAN: You’re the lead-

    FAITH: (rolling her eyes) Please, not that again.

    ALAN shrugs.

    ALAN: Sorry.

    FAITH: You’re right, though. I am, but just because that’s true doesn’t mean I’m the only one who can make an effort, okay?

    ALAN: Got it.

    There is silence, and everyone (except TOMMY, who is looking into the distance) looks like they are brainstorming.

    SAM: What if we cast a truth spell on them? That way they have to answer us, no matter what.

    ROBIN: Or they could kill us before we get the chance to ask them anything.

    SAM: Also a factor.

    MARIE: Not if we cast an anti-violence spell, too.

    SAM: But those take a lot of energy.

    BRIAN: Plus, we don’t know if the place they’re hiding out in is protected.

    TOMMY: (O.S.) Yes, we do.

    Everyone standing looks at him, with interested expressions.

    SAM: How?

    TOMMY: I just know. (beat) It’s protected.

    SAM: But how do you know that? Why would they tell you that, specifically? It’s not like you can use magic, so they’re not going to tell you not to when they know that’s impossible.

    TOMMY looks away, not wanting to answer. FAITH walks up to him.

    FAITH: I know you don’t want to talk about this, I do. (beat) Thing is, you have to. We need your help. (another beat) But I don’t want it if you’re not going to be honest.

    TOMMY looks at her, searching her eyes, wondering how she’s going to respond. He sighs.

    TOMMY: I know because…I’m one of them.

    The entire group looks surprised.

    FAITH: (angrily) You’re what?!

    TOMMY puts up his hands as if to defend himself.

    TOMMY: Only technically. I’m not gonna hurt you guys or anything.

    FAITH: You see, I’m more worried about us hurting you. (pause) What were you sent to do?

    TOMMY looks down at the floor.

    FAITH: (yelling) I said…What were you sent to do?!

    TOMMY: Faith, I don’t think you want to-

    FAITH: I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t.

    TOMMY: I…was sent to kill you.

    FAITH steps back from shock.

    TOMMY: (cont’d) I didn’t want-

    FAITH punches TOMMY on the side of his face. His head is knocked to the right. He looks at the wall for a second, and back at FAITH, who has tears in her eyes. The rest of the group is silent.

    FAITH: I thought you were my friend. We gave you a place to stay. (beat) I should’ve known, since you brought Clark with you…God, I’m so stupid.

    TOMMY: It’s more complicated than you think. I am your friend-

    FAITH scoffs, but TOMMY keeps going.

    TOMMY: (cont’d) But some things go a little deeper than friendship.

    FAITH: Oh yeah? Like what?

    TOMMY: I don’t know, blood? See, while I might be your friend, I’m Megan’s brother.

    FAITH’S eyebrows furrow.

    FAITH: What does Megan have to do with this?

    TOMMY shakes his head.

    TOMMY: Forget it. You wouldn’t understand if I tried to tell you. Or you’d just interrupt or punch me again. Whatever works, right?

    He turns around and storms out of the building before anyone else can get a word in. Each of them look at each other, worried.


    We can see MEGAN in the corner of the view, curled in a ball, rocking back and forth. A stuffed animal- a puppy is next to her, and she’s staring at it intently. An old, torn blanket is under her. We see LEON on the other side, looking in at her. A cloaked man comes up to him, tapping him on the shoulder. He turns around.

    CLOAKED MAN: I understand that you want to use the same strategy as before?

    LEON: Not nearly the same, seeing as we will have both of them this time.

    CLOAKED: I see. How do we plan on acquiring the other one?

    LEON shakes his head.

    LEON: We don’t. (beat) Leave it to me.

    The cloaked man nods, and leaves the room. LEON looks back to MEGAN.

    LEON: (cont’d) You’re going to have some company soon, little girl.

    MEGAN looks at him, and only nods.

    MEGAN: I’d like that.

    She smiles and stares at the stuffed dog.

    MEGAN: (cont’d) How about you, Lucky? Would you like that?

    She continues to stare at the dog as she begins to hum.



    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT II

      FADE IN


      MR. DUPONT is sitting at his desk, doing nothing but looking down at all the papers on it, and sighing. The door opens, and he looks up relieved. SELENE walks in. He smiles.

      MR. DUPONT: Miss DeLousia. How may I help you?

      SELENE looks at him, giving only a small hint of a smile.

      SELENE: I'm actually here to help you.

      MR. DUPONT raises an eyebrow.

      MR. DUPONT: Oh. Is that so?

      SELENE doesn't bother to reply, not wanting to be redundant. Instead, she moves toward his desk, leaning in a little so she can speak quieter and still have him hear her.

      SELENE: (almost whispering) It's about Emmett.

      MR. DUPONT: Ah, yes. And what about our dear friend?

      SELENE rolls her eyes at "dear friend", but doesn't comment on it.

      SELENE: He is growing even more attached to the subject.

      MR. DUPONT: The new one?

      SELENE: Who else?

      MR. DUPONT: She is very?interesting.

      SELENE: Please don't tell me you're getting attached, too.

      MR. DUPONT shakes his head.

      MR. DUPONT: Of course not. I am just saying?she is like nothing we've seen before.

      SELENE: This is true. (beat) But with Emmett, it's a personal attachment.

      MR. DUPONT: And you're jealous?

      Her eyes flash with anger, and then she scoffs.

      SELENE: You've got to be kidding. (beat- waiting for a response) You're not? (another pause) No, I'm not jealous. I've never, ever looked at Emmett that way. He's like a brother to me, and I'm really not into incest. My worry is more around what he's going to do when we get rid of her.

      MR. DUPONT: He can't do much, can he now? He's not in control of the experiment in the slightest, no matter what he thinks.

      SELENE: I know, but just because he isn't in control, doesn't mean he can't do something?

      She looks worried. MR. DUPONT looks as if he's contemplating this.

      MR. DUPONT: No, I don't think he would. I have faith, and trust, in Emmett. I don't believe he'd betray us for this lowly subject.

      SELENE looks at him as if he's crazy, but he misses the look. She sighs, moving away from the desk.

      SELENE: Fine, but I have a feeling that you're going to be changing your mind very, very soon.

      MR. DUPONT looks at her, confused for a moment, but then shakes his head, looking back at the files on his desk. SELENE walks out of the room with a scowl on her face.


      LENA is standing outside of a door to an apartment, pacing back and forth. She looks undecided. She goes to walk up to knock on the door?but stops when her fist is inches away from it. She backs away, and continues to pace again. She walks up to the door again, and right before she knocks on it, it swings open. FRED is standing there.

      FRED: Do you mind?

      LENA stands there, mouth opened, not knowing what to say.

      LENA: Um, oh, uh?

      FRED raises an eyebrow.

      LENA: (cont'd) Must have the wrong apartment number?

      FRED stares at her, incredulously, but then smiles.

      FRED: You're looking for Faith.

      It wasn't a question. LENA looks at her, with a confused yet intrigued expression.

      LENA: Yeah, how did you-

      Before she can ask, FRED interrupts her.

      FRED: I-

      She stops. She is about to tell LENA the truth, but smiles again. No, she knows she has to lie. She can play this to her advantage. She extends her hand.

      FRED: (cont'd) I'm Faith's friend, Winifred. People call me Fred.

      LENA looks at her hand as if it's contagious, but shakes it anyway.

      LENA: Hi. Lena. Faith's?

      She pauses. Should she tell this stranger something she'd only recently found out herself?

      LENA: (cont'd) ?friend. I'm her friend, too.

      FRED looks at her with a slightly tilted head for a moment, but then nods. LENA looks into the apartment, but sees nothing but the kitchen.

      LENA: When did she move?

      FRED: Oh, uh, not too long ago. (beat, thinking) I had nowhere to stay, and it turned out she had a...different apartment set up for her and her other friends. So she gave me this one, and moved into the other one. It was so nice of her.

      She feigns a smile.

      LENA: (distracted) Right. Do you know where that apartment is?

      FRED has to think about this for a moment too, but keeps her cool.

      FRED: No, I don't. She never got around to telling me. But that's Faith.

      LENA: Oh, okay. Well, um, nice meeting you?

      FRED doesn't say anything, but has to find a way to stop her. She needs more advantages against FAITH, because of her backup of friends. LENA already has her back turned, so FRED thinks, fast.

      FRED: Wait!

      LENA turns around.

      LENA: What?

      FRED: I'm not being completely honest here.

      LENA: About??

      FRED: About where Faith is. (pause, taking it off the top of her head) She's in trouble.

      LENA: (interested) Oh?

      FRED nods.

      FRED: She was, um, kicked out of the building.

      LENA: Why?

      FRED: Because?the owner found out about her stay in jail, and didn't want people like that in his building. (pause, a grimace appearing on her face) I tried to tell her she should stay with me anyway, but? He'd find out eventually, I guess. So she went away, and? (pauses, pretending to care) And I haven't seen her since.

      LENA frowns. FRED looks at her, hoping that she won't see through her half-ass story. LENA'S frown deepens.

      LENA: I'm sorry.

      FRED holds herself back from smiling in triumph.

      FRED: It's okay, I just?I want to find her, you know?

      LENA nods.

      FRED: (cont'd) So? I was wondering, would you stay here and help me?

      LENA doesn't answer for a few moments. She is expected back at COLLIN'S apartment later, she guesses. But then again, after what happened, she doesn't want to go back. Plus, this person wanted to help FAITH, not kill her. At least, that's what LENA thinks. FRED, however, knows a completely different story.

      LENA: (nodding again) Alright.

      FRED smiles, trying not to look too devious in doing so. She opens her door further, glancing back. We know that she is looking to BELIAL, and she gives him a glance that says ?Do not let her see you', and then looks back to LENA, smiling a cheery smile.

      FRED: Welcome.

      LENA smiles back, and steps inside. We focus on the door, which FRED then closes.


      FAITH is sitting on a pile of crates, with her elbow resting on a slightly higher pile and the side of her face resting against the palm of her hand. ROBIN sits next to her. The rest of them are either sitting in something of a circle.

      ROBIN: So, what? We're going to split into two groups?

      FAITH: I think so. It's the only thing I can think of that would work. (beat) Do any of you have anything?

      Everyone looks at her, but there is no response. She sighs.

      FAITH: (cont'd) Splitting up it is.

      SAM: Who's going to go where?

      FAITH pushes herself off of the crates, and concentrates.

      FAITH: Huh?me, Sam, and Brian will go to the assassins. Robin, Alan, and Marie will go spy on Fred. (beat) Do not get too close. I don't know what she can do, or what kinda lackeys she has.

      ROBIN looks down, as if he's disappointed, but no one else sees it.

      ALAN: Why do I have to go near her? I'm pretty much useless, anyway.

      FAITH: Uh, because you'd be useless with the assassins too?

      ALAN: Wow. Thanks.

      FAITH rolls her eyes.

      FAITH: C'mon, you know what I mean. You don't have any super strength or special powers.

      ALAN gives her a glare, but she shrugs it off.

      FAITH: (cont'd) Just stating facts here. (beat) Plus, I said that you won't be getting to close. If you do, I'll be mad. (beat) And you might die. So, just?do what I say, okay?

      MARIE and ROBIN nod. ALAN still looks annoyed, but isn't objecting anymore.

      FAITH: (cont'd) Plus, you'll have Marie if you do get too close.

      MARIE: M-me?

      FAITH gives her a look. MARIE continues to stare blankly at her.

      FAITH: Of course you. You're wicked powerful, and if you keep playing modest I'm going to have to pretend you really are powerless.

      MARIE turns away, remembering what happened on the roof of the apartment building just weeks ago. FAITH looks to SAM and BRIAN.

      FAITH: (cont'd) You two comfortable with where I put you?

      They exchange a look, then look back to FAITH, saying nothing.

      FAITH: (cont'd) I'm going to take that as a yes for two reasons. One, you're not whining like Alan over there. Two, I don't really care if you are comfortable. As you guys point out oh-so-often, I am the leader. We clear?

      Mostly everyone nods. Few just look at her, still saying nothing.

      FAITH: (cont'd) Good. Let's get going.




      TOMMY is walking amongst all of the people on the street, most extremely well dressed, with their noses in the air- it's clear they're rich and don't want to be bothered. TOMMY has his hands in his pockets and is just looking straight ahead. It looks like he's just wandering, going no where specific. Someone grabs his arm, and gets really close to his face. They are wearing a hoodie, so we can't see their face. They don't pull him to the side, but instead stand in the middle of the sidewalk. No one seems to care- they just bump into them or walk around them.

      STRANGER: You're in trouble.

      TOMMY looks at the stranger with a confused yet frightened expression, but before he can say anything, the stranger lets go of him and walks away. TOMMY stands there, dumbstruck, being bumped into by the people walking on the street, watching the other person walk away.

      TOMMY: That was?weird?

      He shakes his head, looks back in the direction of the stranger one last time, then goes the other way, wondering what all that was about.


      BRIAN is standing directly outside the opening of the cave-like space in the basement, glancing into it.

      BRIAN: Why do I have to check if they're there?

      The view changes and we see FAITH and SAM standing opposite him, next to each other.

      FAITH: Because I said so.

      SAM: And because you're the guy.

      He gives both of them a blank look, before rolling his eyes.

      BRIAN: Fine, but if I die, I'm coming back to get you both.

      FAITH: Yeah, yeah. I'm okay with that. (beat, turning to SAM) How about you?

      SAM: (shrugging) Sure.

      BRIAN: Thanks for your concern.

      SAM: (smiling) Anytime!

      BRIAN shakes his head, and walks toward the entrance.


      BRIAN walks cautiously through the makeshift halls, glancing in every direction, looking for signs of danger. He continues to walk through the halls until he notices something on the wall- a semi-hidden door. He looks from side to side, making sure no one's there still, and reaches for the slight opening in the door, pulling it toward him. He steps inside?and something goes off. A short screeching sound, maybe for two seconds like?an alarm. BRIAN widens his eyes and turns around, rushing toward the exit.


      BRIAN runs out of the opening and we hear the sound of a fight. We see SAM fighting a man, about two inches taller than her. He doesn't have much muscle, and since SAM is not a Slayer, the fight is fairly even. Even so, BRIAN quickly goes over and pulls the man away from her. The man looks surprised. He glances back, turns back to SAM and BRIAN?and smiles. He runs the other way.

      SAM: (to BRIAN) Thanks. (beat) That was weird.

      BRIAN: Yeah?where do you think he's going?

      SAM: I don't think we really need to know that?my question is why did he run away? He probably could've taken?well, you.

      BRIAN gives her a look. She smiles, but it fades almost instantly.

      SAM: (concerned) Where's Faith?

      BRIAN'S expression grows serious, and he begins to look around.

      BRIAN: I?don't know.

      SAM joins in his small search of just the area around them.

      SAM: Faith? (louder) Faith!

      She looks around, even in the entrance to the lair, and also glances all the way down its hallway. She comes back out.

      SAM: (cont'd) This is definitely not good.


      It's almost completely dark, and the room is large. There is a set of stairs in one direction and in the middle a large unknown object is stood. There are ropes on short poles around it, and it looks like it could light up, given electricity. In a small corner, a figure is lying limp against the wall. They begin to stir?and sit up. It's FAITH. She looks around, confused.

      MAN: (O.S.) Good. You're up.

      Her head snaps in the direction of the voice and we don't see who the man is at first. He steps forward as he's talking.

      MAN: (O.S.) I've got to say?I was a little worried. Thought my friends might have really done a number on you. This just wouldn't be fun if you were in another coma.

      As he gets closer, we see that it is LEON. FAITH recognizes him from the news, and as the man who kidnapped TOMMY.

      FAITH: How do you know about that?

      She shakes her head, realizing that that's not important right now.

      FAITH: (cont'd) What do you want?

      LEON: I just need you here to test Thomas.

      FAITH: Test?how?

      LEON: That would be telling, wouldn't it? And there's no fun in that. (beat) Let's just say that the outcome is up to him and him alone.

      FAITH looks confused, but LEON doesn't seem to care. He turns around, and continues to talk even though his back is facing her.

      LEON: (cont'd) Don't worry about getting lonely. You have company. Over there.

      He nods his head in the direction across the room. FAITH squints, trying to see who- or what- is over there. LEON quickly walks up the stairs and opens the door. Before he walks out, he turns around.

      LEON: (cont'd) I'm sorry it has to be this way, Faith.

      She goes to run up the stairs but he closes the door as fast as he opened it, and we here the click of a lock. We here nothing afterward, for a few seconds?but a tapping sound is soon heard. FAITH looks across the room, curious but cautious. The tapping accelerates, along with FAITH'S heartbeat. She walks over, slowly.

      GIRL: (O.S.) Are you her?

      FAITH'S heartbeat slows at the sound of a young girl. She breathes a sigh of relief.

      FAITH: Am I who?

      The sound of footsteps?and we see MEGAN step out of the shadows, holding Lucky- her stuffed dog.

      MEGAN: The one he's not going to choose.

      FAITH: Megan? (beat) What do you mean, choose?

      MEGAN looks down.

      MEGAN: You'll see.

      She begins to tap her foot on the ground again.



      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT III

        FADE IN


        Now in the upper west side of Manhattan, TOMMY is in no better of a mood. The people here are still stuck-up, but less. People are walking with shopping bags, some with little children, and all are still ignoring him. One woman, though makes eye contact, and slows, stopping right in front of him. He stops too, intrigued.

        WOMAN: Thomas.

        TOMMY wrinkles his forehead in confusion.

        TOMMY: How do you know my-

        The woman puts a hand up to indicate to him to stop talking.

        WOMAN: Please, let's not worry but small things such as that. (pause) Faith is in danger. You need to follow me if you want to make sure she ends up safe.

        TOMMY tilts his head slightly.

        TOMMY: Why should I trust you? You're just some lady on the street. For all I know, you could take me into an alley, having some big scheme planned.

        The woman looks at him inquisitively.

        WOMAN: Do I really look like the type of person who would, or even could, do that?

        TOMMY stares at her for a long second. She is thin, not very athletic looking. Her arms look like they could snap with the slightest pressure.

        TOMMY: I don't know?I've seen too many things to really trust anyone new.

        WOMAN: Take a chance, Thomas. This is your best friend's life on the line.

        TOMMY looks hesitant. People are bumping into him left and right.

        TOMMY: I guess?

        The woman begins to walk toward a shop that looks closed, and TOMMY follows.


        The inside of the shop does not have many things, and everything is greatly spaced apart. It's slightly dark. The woman leans on the cash register, TOMMY standing across from her, hands in his pockets.

        TOMMY: I'm just taking a wild guess, but I'm assuming Faith's not in here?

        She shakes her head.

        WOMAN: No. She's somewhere else entirely. But I do need to fill you in.

        TOMMY: Go on then.

        WOMAN: Faith's been taken by the assassins.

        TOMMY looks angry, but not surprised.

        TOMMY: I swear to god, if they do anything to her?

        WOMAN: That's up to you.

        He looks at her, bewildered.

        TOMMY: What do you mean?

        WOMAN: You get to decide their fate.

        TOMMY: Their?? (pause) Wait, wha-

        All of a sudden, he is hit over the head with a bat, and he crumples to the ground, unconscious. There is a man, presumably working as an assassin or for them, standing over TOMMY. The woman smiles at him.

        WOMAN: Good work.

        The man smiles back.

        MAN: You as well.


        ROBIN, MARIE, and ALAN are all on the sidewalk in front of the apartment building, leaning against the wall so that they are out of the way of pedestrians.

        ALAN: What are we going to do once we get up there? It's not like we can knock on the door and ask if we could watch her for a while?

        ROBIN: Of course we can't. What can we do, is the question.

        There is a pause, while all of them think of how to see FRED without being seen by her. MARIE looks over to the side of the building. She smiles.

        MARIE: I think I've got an idea. C'mon.

        She begins to walk around the building, and they follow.


        MARIE is making her way up the fire exit, quickly but quietly.

        ALAN: (nearly whispering) Be careful.

        MARIE: (almost whispering too) I'll try.

        ROBIN and ALAN both watch her go up the stairs until she reaches the floor she needs, and now we can see only her, peeking through the very bottom of the window, into the living room. At first, she sees nothing. But then, FRED walks into the room. MARIE ducks a little, but continues to watch. She can hear FRED talking, but she doesn't see who she could be talking to?until a few seconds later, when LENA enters the room as well, listening to FRED. MARIE looks surprised, and listens.

        FRED: I don't have any idea of where to look. It's hard, in a big city like this. I don't see why she didn't just stay close.

        FRED sits down on the chair, with a faux frown on her face.

        LENA: Yeah. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Wouldn't she come to you for help? You being her friend and all?

        MARIE'S look of surprise turns into that of confusion.

        FRED: I'd think that too?but it's not so. (beat) Where do you think we should look first?

        LENA: I don't know?I would say the park, but sleeping outside isn't really Faith's style.

        FRED: No, it's-

        She stops, looking toward the window. MARIE ducks down completely, hiding under the narrowness of part of the windowsill. FRED gets up and walks over.

        LENA: What're you doing?

        FRED shakes her head, ignoring her. She continues to walk over to the window, and looks down?seeing nothing. She stares down in confusion for a few moments, but then shrugs and walks back to LENA.

        FRED: I thought I saw something?

        LENA: Out the window?

        FRED: Yeah. And it wasn't really something?more like someone.

        LENA: Creepy. Why would anyone want to spy on us?

        FRED: (lying) I don't know.


        MARIE is almost to the bottom of the fire escape when ROBIN and ALAN notice that she's coming back down.

        ALAN: That didn't take very long.

        MARIE: (frowning) That's because it's not going to work?she could see me.

        ROBIN and ALAN widen their eyes.

        ROBIN: She saw you? What'd she do?

        MARIE shakes her head.

        MARIE: No?she just noticed me move or something and it seemed out of place to her-

        ALAN: Because it was.

        MARIE: (ignoring him) ?But I hid when she looked and when she went back into the living room.

        ROBIN: Oh. That's good. (pause) I think.

        MARIE: Yeah, I guess?and um, there's one more thing.

        He looks at her questioningly.

        ROBIN: What is it?

        MARIE: Lena was in there, and Fred was acting like she was Faith's?friend.

        Both of the men look confused.

        ALAN: Why would she do that?

        MARIE shrugs, but ROBIN'S look of confusion has left his face.

        ROBIN: I think I might know.

        Both of his friends look at him with interest.

        ROBIN: (cont'd) Lena could be seen as close to Faith, seeing as she's her sister.

        MARIE: Yeah but she's not close to her. She almost killed her?

        ROBIN: But Fred doesn't know that.

        ALAN: (catching on) And Lena might be trying to use Fred?

        ROBIN: (finishing his sentence) While Fred tries to use Lena.

        MARIE: Okay, now I'm confused.

        ALAN: Want us to explain ag-

        MARIE: No, I got that?it's just how did you two figure something that complicated out?

        She smiles. The two guys smile along with her.

        ROBIN: We might be wrong.

        MARIE shakes her head.

        MARIE: No. From what I saw, what you said makes perfect sense. (beat) But what I don't get is why Lena came back when she didn't know that Fred was there. She thought we still were.

        There is a pause, while they think about why LENA would want to see any of them, unless it was to harm them?but she wouldn't be able to do that again. So what??

        ALAN: You don't think that she came to?apologize, do you?

        It takes a second for the thought of this to sink into MARIE and ROBIN'S heads.

        ROBIN: I really doubt it.

        MARIE shrugs.

        MARIE: You never know?people can surprise you.

        They both look at her, and realize that this is true. After all, she had surprised them, going from murderer to a protector of the innocent in less than a year.

        ROBIN: We should head back?check in with the others.

        ALAN: Alright.

        MARIE just nods, and the three walk away from the apartment together.


        SAM and BRIAN are both on the first floor. BRIAN is sitting on the floor, eyes closed, and SAM is pacing.

        SAM: What's taking so long? (beat) Where are they?

        BRIAN keeps his eyes closed, seeming as if he didn't hear her. She continues to pace back and forth.

        SAM: (cont'd) You don't think that?that they were taken too, do you?

        He continues to ignore her.

        SAM: (cont'd, louder) Hello, did you hear me?!

        BRIAN sighs, opening his eyes.

        BRIAN: Unfortunately, yes. I'm trying to concentrate.

        SAM: On what?

        BRIAN: On your questions, actually. I'm trying to get a vision. I haven't in?in so long. I don't know what's happened to them. I know that most of my empathy powers have been taken away, but that shouldn't mean my visions have gone too?

        SAM: Oh?right. (pause) Wait, when was the last time you had a vision?

        BRIAN: Uh?Is it bad if I say I don't remember??

        SAM: Well it's definitely not good. (beat) Why do you think you stopped getting them?

        BRIAN shrugs.

        ROBIN: (O.S.) Hey?we're back.

        SAM and BRIAN both turn their heads to look at MARIE, ALAN, and ROBIN. They both look relieved to see their friends.

        ALAN: Any luck with the assassins?

        BRIAN and SAM exchange a glance. A few moments go by.

        ROBIN: Where's Faith?

        SAM: About that?

        BRIAN: We don't know.

        The three that just arrived look worried, but ROBIN looks it more so than anyone else.

        ROBIN: What's that supposed to mean?

        BRIAN: That we don't know where Faith is?

        ROBIN: What happened?

        SAM: Someone took her. I think it was the assassins. Actually?I'm pretty sure it was. Some guy distracted me by fighting and while I wasn't paying attention they must have taken her.

        ALAN: But where could they have taken her??

        Silence. No one knows.

        ALAN: (cont'd) Well, that's not good.

        SAM sends him a "duh" look.

        MARIE: How're we supposed to figure out where she went?

        Silence again.

        SAM: Locator's spell?

        ALAN: Why do we always have to resort to spells around here?

        SAM: Because sometimes spells are the only thing we can resort to.

        ALAN looks at her, scowling.

        ROBIN: Okay. Do the spell.

        SAM: I would but?

        ROBIN: But what?

        SAM: I can't just pull it out of thin air. (pause) I need supplies.

        ROBIN: So get them.

        SAM: One problem there?

        ROBIN looks confused, but MARIE looks like she gets it, and speaks up.

        MARIE: The police. Faith's not the only one they're looking for.

        BRIAN: What about a glamour?

        SAM: Still need stuff for that.

        Everyone stops for a moment, trying to think of something else to do.

        ROBIN: Anyone?

        Yet again?silence.

        CUT TO BLACK

        END OF ACT III

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT IV

          FADE IN


          Everything moves in fast motion and we see the sun setting.



          The woman and the man from earlier are both leaning against the wall, and we are getting a view of their profiles.

          WOMAN: I wish he would just wake up already. I want to get this over with.

          MAN: Why the hurry?

          The woman looks to him, and shrugs.

          WOMAN: Killing people isn’t exactly a hobby of mine. I don’t really mind but…if it ends up being her… I don’t think I’ll be able to keep my emotions in check.

          MAN: She’s just a girl. Nothing special.

          WOMAN: That’s the point.

          The man nods, and looks to the woman with sincerity.

          MAN: If it comes down to it…I’ll do it for you. You won’t have to.

          The woman smiles, and nods.

          WOMAN: Thank you.

          The man smiles back. They remain that way for only a moment before looking back in the direction they were moments ago.

          WOMAN: (cont’d) You don’t think you hit him too hard, do you?

          The man shakes his head. We now can see what they’re looking at- or more precisely, whom- TOMMY, lying on the floor, still unconscious.

          MAN: I’m positive. He’ll wake. We just have to be patient.

          WOMAN: Not exactly a quality of mine.

          The sound of a door opening is heard. The two look at who has entered; It is LEON. He glances at TOMMY on the floor, then back to the other people in the room.

          LEON: How long has he been out?

          MAN: Just about an hour, sir.

          LEON frowns.

          LEON: And he hasn’t wakened yet?

          MAN: He will soon, sir.

          LEON nods.

          LEON: Right then. Come get me when he does. He has a big decision to make.

          He smirks. Turning to leave, he walks quickly. Just as he’s about to open the door…

          WOMAN: (O.S.) Sir…

          He turns back around, and smiles. TOMMY is beginning to get up. He looks around, confused…and then sees the woman.

          TOMMY: You…what’d you do to me? Where am I?

          LEON: They did what I ordered them too.

          TOMMY looks over at LEON and widens his eyes and tries to get up in rage, but before he can, the man is by him, holding him down. TOMMY struggles to get away from his grasp…and fails.

          LEON: This way.

          TOMMY continues to struggle as the man pulls him up and starts to drag him out of the room, following LEON. The woman takes a deep breath, leaving the room last.


          ALAN, BRIAN, and MARIE are all sitting down in a sort of triangle, talking. We don’t hear anything they’re saying. ROBIN and SAM are on the other side of the room talking as well. They are focused on.

          SAM: I know you’re worried about Faith, but…there’s really nothing we can do without getting ourselves arrested.

          ROBIN: There’s got to be something.

          SAM: I could say we just go to random locations and search, but that’s dangerous. Plus, New York is a big city. There’s only a small chance that we’ll get lucky…

          ROBIN nods.

          ROBIN: I know.

          We shift our attention back to ALAN, BRIAN, and MARIE, their words now distinguishable.

          ALAN: I don’t believe there’s nothing we can do.

          He looks to MARIE.

          ALAN: (cont’d) You’re powerful. There must be something.

          MARIE shakes her head.

          MARIE: No. Like Sam said, we need certain supplies…if I could help, I would.

          She frowns. BRIAN makes eye contact with her.

          BRIAN: Don’t feel bad. We know you’re not holding anything back from us. (pause) We trust you.

          MARIE smiles. BRIAN gives a hint of a smile…and then his whole body jerks, and his eyes snap shut. We see darkness at first…but then some orange lights begin to appear, from BRIAN’S point of view. He appears to be moving around, and we can see that it is a square-shaped room. There is no one there. He moves up the stairs, and stops in front of a set of double doors. He reaches for the handle…and opens them, walking out. He is now, somehow, outside, looking at New York City from afar. LEON steps in front of our view.

          LEON: Have you finally decided?

          We cut back to looking at the friends sitting together. BRIAN slowly opens his eyes. By now, everyone is together in one group around him.

          ROBIN: What was it? What did you see?

          BRIAN: I know where we have to go…But I don’t know if Faith is there. I didn’t see her. Chances are she is though.

          ROBIN: Where?

          BRIAN shakes his head.

          BRIAN: Just follow me.


          The ocean is in view. MARIE is looking out to it, and the rest of the group is behind her.

          ALAN: I can’t believe this. The Statue of Liberty? I feel like I’m in one of those lame end-of-the-world movies where the only thing destroyed is that stupid thing.

          SAM: But it’s really the day before tomorrow.

          ALAN looks at her and glares jokingly. SAM chuckles.

          BRIAN: This is where that assassin was. We have to-

          ALAN: I know. It’s just that’s it’s that statue every time.

          BRIAN: Except we’re not in a movie.

          ALAN: Right.

          ROBIN: I just hope we can get there in time. (beat) Who was deciding what in your vision, Brian?

          BRIAN: I really don’t know. He just asked me…or whoever it was…if they had finally decided. He didn’t mention who or what it was about. (pause) I also felt this feeling of…dread.

          ROBIN frowns.

          MARIE: (O.S.) Here we are.

          Everyone looks to the front of the ferry and we see the large statue right before their eyes. The driver of the ferry announces something over small speakers, but no one seems to hear. They’re all looking up at the very top, where a figure is seen looking out onto the skyline of the city.


          The group is walking up a spiral staircase. MARIE and ROBIN are in the lead with the others close behind.

          ALAN: How many stairs does this thing have?

          No one answers. Everyone is focused on reaching the top. ALAN just shrugs and continues walking. This only continues for about thirty seconds until they reach a door. ROBIN looks at MARIE, and then opens the door…and they walk into the room that BRIAN saw in his vision. No one is there. ROBIN looks at BRIAN.

          ROBIN: Are we too late?

          BRIAN: We shouldn’t be.

          He nods to the set of stairs.

          BRIAN: Up there.

          ROBIN heads over and up the stairs without question. The rest follow. ROBIN waits a moment before opening the door. Still, no one is there. He looks at the skyline, and then to his left…and he starts to hear talking, and heads over that way.

          We see FAITH and MEGAN sitting near each other on the ground. FAITH is looking at the child uncomfortably, sympathetically. LEON is looking at the skyline. FAITH looks over to ROBIN…and widens her eyes. She shakes her head. ROBIN looks confused. He steps forward further…and is knocked backward. He nearly knocks BRIAN down, but doesn’t. LEON looks over, and laughs.

          LEON: Sorry, children…my game, my rules.

          TOMMY appears from the other side of LEON.

          LEON: Ah. Have you finally decided?

          ROBIN looks at BRIAN. TOMMY doesn’t say a word. He looks down at MEGAN and FAITH and sheds a tear.

          LEON: (cont’d) Oh please, boy. You’ve got to be stronger than that.

          MEGAN is holding her stuffed animal, and crying into it. FAITH runs her hand over the girl’s hair, making a “sh” noise. LEON looks down at them.

          LEON: (cont’d) How cute.

          He spots the stuffed animal and scowls.

          LEON: (cont’d) You don’t need that stupid thing.

          He walks over and grabs it away from her. She looks up at him and begins to cry harder.

          MEGAN: No! He’s the only one I have! I do need him…

          LEON shrugs…and throws it over the edge. MEGAN stops crying and stands, looking down.

          MEGAN: (barely whispering) Lucky…

          No one hears her. FAITH watches her with a frown, thinking that she was only crying because she had lost her favorite toy. LEON looks back at TOMMY.

          LEON: Well? What is your decision?

          TOMMY takes a deep breath…and nods towards MEGAN. LEON smiles.

          LEON: I had expected so.

          He nods in a corner and the woman comes out. She doesn’t have a problem with killing anyone who’s not MEGAN. She goes and grabs FAITH’S arm. Before the Slayer tries to struggle, the woman injects a needle in her arm and presses down on the end. FAITH goes limp almost instantly. The woman frowns. ROBIN goes to run toward her again but he is just once again knocked down. MARIE is shaking violently, and her eyes are closed…when they open, they are completely white.

          MARIE: (loudly, almost demonic) No.

          This stops the woman, for some reason. It’s definitely not because she wants to listen…probably intrigued by the woman with pure white eyes and a hoarse voice. LEON looks at her curiously, too.

          MARIE: (cont’d) Thomas, you don’t know what you’re doing.

          She looks at the girl who has now run to TOMMY’S side.

          MARIE: She’s not alive. Nothing you can do can make her so.

          LEON widens his eyes.

          LEON: What? How-

          MARIE: (violently) Quiet.

          LEON’S mouth snaps shut.

          MARIE: He killed her. What you have clinging to your leg is a zombie of what your sister once was.

          TOMMY looks down at the girl. She is looking out toward the city.

          MARIE: She is suffering. She can’t take any more. Not for long. You’ll have her…but she’s only going to last a few days. She’s withering inside…even as we speak.

          TOMMY: Why should I believe you?

          MARIE walks toward him. LEON tries to stop her, but for some reason can’t. The woman is too frightened to think to move. She looks down at MEGAN, frowning. Then she looks back at TOMMY, and touches her hand to the side of his head.

          The screen fills with white and when it fades back in, we see MEGAN sitting alone in a room, playing with a doll, brushing its hair. The door to her room is closed. A shadow moves behind it, indicating that someone is outside the door. MEGAN is oblivious and continues to run the brush through the doll’s hair. The person outside stands in the same place for a few moments, shifting their weight from left to right, before opening the door.

          This gets MEGAN’S attention. She sets down the doll and the brush quickly and turns around. We see that the person is LEON. MEGAN stares up at him, mouth agape, but not a sound coming from her. She doesn’t look like she’s afraid, just interested. Being a little girl, she doesn’t know that she really should be scared. LEON smiles.

          LEON: Hi Megan.

          MEGAN stares at him.

          MEGAN: You know me?

          LEON: I know of you.

          The girl looks confused. LEON crouches down, getting eye level with MEGAN.

          LEON: (cont’d) How would you like to see your brother?

          Her eyes widen as she hears this, and a smile that reaches her eyes appears on her face.

          MEGAN: I’d love that! I miss him a lot. A whole lot!

          LEON’S smile remains, and he stands up, extending a hand to her.

          LEON: Then come with me. I can take you to him.

          His smile turns into reassuring. MEGAN looks at it, her smile wavering.

          MEGAN: I don’t know…Mommy says I’m not supposed to talk to strangers, or go places with them.

          LEON chuckles and shakes his head, leaving his hand where it is.

          LEON: I’m not a stranger. (pause) I’m an old friend.

          MEGAN considers this for a moment, but then nods slightly, and takes his hand. The screen flashes to see the outside, on the sidewalk. A car is parked on the side of the street. The two begin to walk toward it, when someone crosses their path. It is the MAN that was working with the WOMAN to take TOMMY earlier. LEON looks surprised.

          LEON: Jasper Kinsey…I wasn’t expecting to see you here. (beat) Or anywhere else, for that matter.

          JASPER: You weren’t supposed to.

          He looks down at the girl, and nods at her.

          JASPER: (cont’d) What are you doing with her?

          LEON looks down at MEGAN as well.

          LEON: Oh, her? I need her to rope Tommy back into the game.

          MEGAN: (quietly) I thought you knew where he was…

          JASPER: (questioningly) The game…

          LEON: You know what I mean. (pause) Speaking of… I also need you to join us, again.

          JASPER looks at him semi-angrily, and shakes his head.

          JASPER: You know that I won’t. Not after what happened before…

          LEON: What happened before was what was meant to happen. You know that.

          JASPER looks him straight in the eyes, and glares.

          JASPER: It didn’t have to.

          LEON: Well, it did. (pause) And I think it’s time you get over it.

          MEGAN tugs at LEON’S sleeve, but he ignores her, still looking at JASPER. JASPER leans in, and lowers his voice.

          JASPER: That will never happen.

          MEGAN notices she isn’t in LEON’S grasp, and waits a moment…before she starts to run back to the house. It takes a moment for him to realize what happened, but when he does, he chases after her. JASPER doesn’t follow. MEGAN turns a corner, but she’s not fast enough. LEON has her by the wrist again.

          MEGAN: Let go of me!

          She tries to get away but that only makes his grip tighter. He becomes frustrated, and throws her to the ground. But she hits the edge of the sidewalk, its edges are sharp, and she only makes a little cry until she’s silent, and blood can be seen pouring onto the ground. She’s still alive, but weak. JASPER comes around the corner and inhales sharply. LEON stares down at the helpless girl.

          JASPER: (barely audible) What’d you do?

          LEON just turns and looks at him. JASPER advances a little.

          JASPER: (much louder) I said…what did you do?!

          LEON: Nothing. She fell.

          JASPER: Bullshit.

          LEON: (almost yelling) I told you I did nothing. And if you tell anyone otherwise, so help me I will hunt you down and kill you myself.

          JASPER stares at him and then looks at MEGAN lying on the ground, her breathing light.

          JASPER: She needs a hospital.

          LEON shakes his head.

          LEON: The ambulance wouldn’t get here in time, and the hospital is far away.

          JASPER: Well we can’t just stand here and watch her die!

          He runs to the little girl and crouches, picking up her head and putting pressure on the opening in the back. He tears part of the sleeve off of his arm, and places that where his hand just was. MEGAN’S eyelids flutter, trying to open, and then they don’t move at all, and a few small breaths escape her before she is completely still. JASPER stares down at her wordlessly.

          LEON: Nothing could be done. You know that we don’t use magic. We can’t.

          JASPER still says nothing. There is silence for a few moments, before he stands.

          JASPER: You act like this doesn’t affect you at all. Maybe you didn’t care at all about the girl’s life, but now you don’t have a bargaining chip. Good luck convincing Thomas to join you again after killing his sister.

          LEON looks angry, and stares at the other man.

          LEON: That’s not entirely true. We could-

          JASPER: Please don’t tell me you’re going to suggest what I think you’re about to suggest.

          LEON: It’s the only way.

          JASPER: You just said yourself that you can’t use magic.

          LEON: No. (beat) But we can find someone who can.

          JASPER: She wouldn’t really be alive.

          LEON: She wouldn’t have to be. Thomas will fall for it, all the same. (pause) And you’re going to help.

          The screen fills with white again and we see that TOMMY’S eyes are completely white, but when MARIE pulls her hand back, they return to normal. TOMMY looks at MEGAN with tears filling his eyes.


          The introduction to the song begins to play as MEGAN looks back at her brother. LEON is in shock, because he never thought anyone would find out. FAITH tries to get to TOMMY to comfort him, but JASPER holds her arms. She doesn’t bother using her Slayer strength because MEGAN reaches TOMMY, standing in front of him, looking up. FAITH looks as if she’s about to cry, too.

          TOMMY: I’m so sorry…

          MEGAN shakes her head.

          MEGAN: Don’t be sorry Tommy. You didn’t do anything…

          She smiles. LEON looks at TOMMY.

          LEON: You can’t trust magic, Tommy. Your sister lives…

          He tries to keep his voice steady, but it’s just very off balance and unconvincing…TOMMY knows that he is not telling the truth. He looks to his side at FAITH, a very apologetic look on his face. FAITH shakes her heads, smiling solemnly. (the music below plays throughout)

          Little child, be not afraid
          The rain pounds harsh against the glass

          JASPER lets go of FAITH and she rushes to TOMMY’S side, but doesn’t do anything. She doesn’t know what she can do. (the music below plays throughout)

          Like an unwanted stranger
          There is no danger
          I am here tonight.

          LEON looks at TOMMY, glaring.

          LEON: If you would have just killed that stupid Slayer, this wouldn’t have happened. Your sister would still be alive.

          TOMMY frowns. FAITH looks at him in shakes her head.

          FAITH: You can’t think that.

          TOMMY: (quietly) But it’s true…

          He refuses to look back up at her. (the music below plays throughout)

          Little child
          Be not afraid
          Though thunder explodes
          And lightning flash
          Illuminates your tearstained face
          I am here tonight

          LEON nods to JASPER.

          LEON: Get rid of them.

          He turns to leave.

          JASPER: No.

          He stops short.

          LEON: What?

          JASPER: You heard me. If you want to get rid of them, then do it yourself, or get her (gestureing toward the woman) to do it for you. I’m not a part of this. Not anymore.

          LEON: You can’t turn your back on me!

          WOMAN: (O.S.) Yes we can.

          She is standing and she looks pissed off. She joins JASPER at his side.

          WOMAN: This is finished.

          (The music below plays throughout)

          And someday you'll know
          That nature is so
          This same rain that draws you near me
          Falls on rivers and land
          And forests and sand
          Makes the beautiful world that you see
          In the morning

          MEGAN, TOMMY, and FAITH all stand together, with MARIE standing close, but giving them some space. TOMMY looks down at MEGAN.

          TOMMY: Meg…I’m-

          MEGAN takes his hand, catching him off-guard.

          MEGAN: I said don’t be sorry. He’s the bad man…You’re my brother. I have to go now…

          She smiles, even with death impending. TOMMY smiles back, through teary eyes.

          TOMMY: You sound so grown up.

          MEGAN: I guess that’s what happens when…

          She doesn’t finish the sentence.

          MEGAN: I’m going to sleep.

          (The music below plays throughout)

          Little child
          Be not afraid
          The storm clouds mask your beloved moon
          And its candlelight beams
          Still keep pleasant dreams
          I am here tonight

          TOMMY reluctantly lets go of her hand, and MEGAN goes to a place on the floor of the roof, and lies down, resting her head on her hands. Slowly, she looks like she’s falling asleep…but instead of her breathing slowing, it stops all together. TOMMY falls apart, barely able to stand, and FAITH helps keep him up, holding him as he shakes against her shoulder. Neither of them says anything. (The music below plays throughout)

          Little child
          Be not afraid
          The wind makes creatures of our trees
          And the branches to hands
          They're not real, understand
          And I am here tonight

          The music begins to fade and TOMMY continues to cry on FAITH. She is speechless. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees LEON advance toward them. Her eyes widen, but she relaxes slightly when she sees MARIE step in front of him. MARIE still has a dangerous look in her eyes- deadly.

          MARIE: (quietly, almost hissing) You’re coming with me.

          She grabs him, and in an instant, they vanish. FAITH stares into the empty space. She looks to her right, where her friends are stuck behind the barrier, standing wordlessly. They all mourn and think to themselves in silence.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."