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Rogue Redemption 2.08 "Ground Control"

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  • Rogue Redemption 2.08 "Ground Control"

    Rogue Redemption
    2.08 "Ground Control"

    ELIZA DUSHKU: (V/O) Previously, on Rogue Redemption?


    The camera is set on the center of the room, where we see no one. Suddenly, a ripple comes into the area that the camera is set on, and ARTEMIS appears. She is holding a box, and she walks straight and into the other side of the room. We can hear movement from where she is heading. ARTEMIS places the box down on a table that is located on the right and then looks back in the direction she was going.

    MARIE: (V/O) They're linked to something called "chakra"?Basically, it increases the physical and emotional parts of the human body?and if someone who wasn't exactly?well, "human" got a hold of them?

    The camera is focused on the box, slowly zooming in. The camera pans to ARTEMIS who is concentrating on it. The camera cuts back to the box, slowly opening when-


    FRED: (V/O) Their powers would increase.

    MARIE: (V/O) Right. So much that they could become i-invincible.


    ARTEMIS: Then why are you holding me here like some prisoner?

    FIGURE: Power.

    ARTEMIS looks a bit taken aback.

    FIGURE: That's what it all comes down to. The power that is within all of us. It's what makes us stronger.

    ARTEMIS: But all I can do is...

    FIGURE: Control objects with your mind. (beat) Maybe even people.

    ARTEMIS: What will that-

    ARTEMIS stops as she realizes something.

    ARTEMIS: Oh.


    We move over to focus on ANGEL, SPIKE, and ILLYRIA until we close-up on ILLYRIA. Her face is blank.

    ILLYRIA: There is nothing in the dimension I have just seen that makes me wish I were still there. I choose to follow those two.

    She indicates MARIE and ALAN. Everyone else looks mildly surprised.


    FAITH looks at TOMMY, surprised. Suddenly, there is a huge booming at the door. He widens his eyes.

    TOMMY: (cont'd) We have to go.

    FAITH: W-

    TOMMY: No questions! They're coming!

    TOMMY'S expression of horror quickly is transferred to FAITH'S face, even though she doesn't know who "they" are. No one does?except CLARK. TOMMY and FAITH begin to run toward the other exit as the entrance to the warehouse explodes.


    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.YOUNG FAITH hums to herself until we hear a door slam. She looks to her door, curiously. She walks out of her room, and stands at the top of the stairs. We do not see anyone downstairs, but we hear voices.

    OLIVIA: (O/S) Clark?what are you doing?

    CLARK: (O/S, angry) Don't play stupid. You know damn well what this is about.

    OLIVIA: (O/S) I?don't?

    CLARK: (O/S) You do! This is about that child! You said if I gave you what you needed, you would give her powers to me!


    CLARK looks into her eyes, questioningly. EVE smirks at his unknowing eyes.

    EVE: (cont'd) There's one thing?just one?left for you to care about.

    CLARK: And what's that?

    EVE remains smirking.

    EVE: Your daughter.

    CLARK widens his eyes.

    CLARK: I don't have a daughter.

    EVE: Au contrair?


    EVE sighs and moves over to the other side of the room. We see a button on the wall and she presses it.

    EVE: (into speaker near button) Show her in.

    CLARK looks at the door next to the speaker. It begins to open. We see nothing at first but then a YOUNG WOMAN (played by SOPHIA BUSH) walks through the door. CLARK looks as if he's holding his breath. She looks around the room, before seeing CLARK. She smirks.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (coldly) Hi daddy.

    She continues to smile.


    FAITH gets up, leaving the room to silence again, and opens the door.

    FAITH: Uh?hi. Who are you?

    WOMAN: (O/S) Oh, hi! Just the person I was looking for?I'm Lena.

    The camera pans over to who is standing in the doorway. It is CLARK'S daughter/LENA (played by Sophia Bush).

    LENA: I need your help.

    She looks upset?but we know that she is faking it. She has got to be up to something?

    LENA: (V/O) The problem isn't really a what?It's a who.

    FAITH: (V/O) Who is it?

    LENA: (V/O) Clark Rutherford.


    LENA looks back down to the phone and sighs?that was a close one. A door opens, and LENA glances into the kitchen. ROBIN is still there, but someone has joined him- TOMMY. LENA looks at him confused, but then widens her eyes as if realizing something, and glances away.

    LENA: (cont'd) It can't be?

    TOMMY: (V/O) Hey?I know you?

    LENA: (V/O) Really? I don't think we've ever met.

    TOMMY: (V/O) I think I might've mixed you up with someone then. You just?look so familiar.

    LENA: (V/O) I get that a lot.


    We are focused on the floor where ILLYRIA once was?but she isn't there now. The camera moves over to the window?where someone is standing. But they don't have blue hair?we close-up on them- it is FRED. But she doesn't look like she did before?her hair is darker, and her skin is paler. She smirks, looking out the window.

    ILLYRIA: (V/O) What is happening to me?I have never experienced this before?


    EVE: That was just the start.

    LENA: (warily) The start of what?

    EVE: The Plan.

    LENA: Gee, could you be more vague?

    EVE walks closer to the desk, and LENA narrows her eyes, causing EVE to slow down.

    EVE: I know it's not much of name, but believe me?it's a hell of a plan.


    FRED: (O/S) Sorry, honey?

    MARIE swivels around to see FRED standing behind her, only a few feet away. She wasn't there before? She's also not in ILLYRIA'S outfit anymore. She's wearing casual clothing, and she's smiling.

    FRED: (cont'd) Illyria's not here anymore.

    MARIE looks shocked. Who is this stranger?

    MARIE: What'd you do to her?

    FRED: (bitterly) The same thing she did to me.


    FRED: Hi.

    BRIAN: ?Hi... Do I know you?

    FRED: Yeah. Well, kinda. I mean, I don't usually look like this. Or well I do but not recently and?(beat) I think I should stop before I start babbling?

    BRIAN looks at her, still confused.

    BRIAN: So?who are you?

    FRED: My name's Fred?but you'll know me as someone else?Illyria.

    BRIAN looks shocked, and stands.

    BRIAN: I?wait what? Where'd your blue hair go? Not to mention your outfit?

    FRED: It's a long story. (beat) Listen, this isn't exactly a social visit. I need you to help me.


    FRED and BRIAN turn around. It is the FIGURE that is always with ARTEMIS. FRED widens her eyes.

    FRED: Asmodai?


    LENA keeps changing her aim, from FAITH to ARTEMIS. FAITH, still registering her discovery, eyes the handgun once again. She quickly reaches down, grabbing it and aiming it at ARTEMIS. ARTEMIS smile does not fade. We see a blur, and she is not there?she is behind FAITH, holding her neck. She looks up at LENA.

    ARTEMIS: What are you going to do now?

    She looks at FAITH, and up to LENA. The camera shifts to LENA. We cannot see which person LENA is aiming at. She gaze shifts, looking back and forth at them. The music stops.


    A shot is heard.

    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    Everything is moving in slow motion. We are looking at LENA, ARTEMIS, and FAITH from above. Close-up on LENA'S finger on the trigger- she is about to pull it?but doesn't. Before ARTEMIS has time to react, FAITH unleashes herself from her grasp, and grabs the gun. She aims it at ARTEMIS?and fires. Time shifts back t normal.

    Just as the bullet breaks ARTEMIS' skin slightly, an off-white coloured barrier prevents it from going further. It ricochets off of her, and falls to the ground. She gasps; Both in pain and in surprise. Everyone looks confused, especially ARTEMIS.

    ARTEMIS: What?

    A MAN walks out into view (he is played by GASPARD ULLIEL). He smiles, looking at ARTEMIS.

    MAN: My, how you've grown.

    ARTEMIS furrows her eyebrows, puzzled. The MAN'S gaze moves to FAITH.

    MAN: (cont'd) And you?

    He smiles, genuinely.

    MAN: (cont'd) I am glad to see you both again.

    ARTEMIS and FAITH look to each other, but after a few moments, glare at one another. They look back to the mysterious MAN.

    FAITH: I don't get it?Who are you?

    The MAN looks at her, as if she's gone dumb.

    MAN: You do not remember? I'm-

    WOMAN: (O/S) Emmett?

    The MAN/EMMETT turns around, and we see a WOMAN walk into the room (she is played by ZOOEY DESCHANEL.) He looks at her concerned.

    EMMETT: Selene?What are you doing here?

    WOMAN/SELENE: I couldn't very well stay out there. It's dark?you know how I hate the dark.

    EMMETT smiles.

    EMMETT: Yes. (turning back to ARTEMIS and FAITH) You do not remember us?

    They don't respond, but it is clear they don't know who the two newcomers are. SELENE walks over to EMMETT, whispering something in his ear.

    EMMETT: Ah, yes?(beat, turning to FAITH) I'll see you soon enough.

    He looks at ARTEMIS.

    EMMETT: (cont'd) And you're coming with us.

    ARTEMIS: What? I don't even know you, and trust me; Getting me to trust you? It's a lot harder than taking candy from a baby. (beat) Which, by the way, isn't that easy?

    She looks up, as if remembering something. She shrugs. EMMETT chuckles.

    EMMETT: I'm afraid you do not have a choice.

    ARTEMIS: What are you gonna do? Drag me out of here?

    EMMETT: No?we are not violent, at the moment?

    He glances at SELENE, who smiles. Her smile falters, as she senses something?A gun shot echoes through the building. The camera pans up to LENA on the balcony, looking down at everyone.

    LENA: Look, I don't know who you are, but if you don't mind?Actually, even if you do mind, I've got business to attend to.

    She glances at FAITH, and then back to EMMETT.

    LENA: (cont'd) Go away.

    SELENE looks at EMMETT, somewhat disgusted.

    SELENE: You're going to let her talk to you like that?

    EMMETT puts his index finger up, as if to shush her, and points to LENA. SELENE looks at her?and realizes something. She smiles.

    EMMETT: We'll leave, with pleasure?but we will be back.

    He takes SELENE'S hand, smiling, before grabbing ARTEMIS. They all disappear in a shroud of mist. FAITH and LENA stand there for a moment, dumbfounded. LENA hold the gun tight in her grasp. FAITH swivels around.

    FAITH: Look, I don't know what the hell that just was but-

    LENA clenches her fist, thus moving her hand further down the gun. FAITH glances at her, warily.

    FAITH: (cont'd) Lena?

    LENA looks at her, angry, but at the same time?sad.

    FAITH: (cont'd) It doesn't have to be this-

    Suddenly, the door opens, someone opening it so fast and with so much strength that it hits the wall.

    FAITH: (cont'd) ?way?

    She turns around, and MARIE and ROBIN are standing in the doorway. ROBIN runs over to FAITH, embracing her.

    ROBIN: I'm so glad you're okay?

    FAITH: (distantly) Yeah?

    MARIE: (O/S) Oh no you don't?

    FAITH releases herself from the embrace, and ROBIN sighs. FAITH looks up at LENA, who is on her way down a separate set of stairs than she went up. MARIE rushes to the bottom of them, getting there just in time.

    LENA: Get out of my way.

    MARIE: No.

    MARIE lifts her hand, murmuring an incantation, and is about to hit LENA with a powerful force, when-

    FAITH: (O/S) Don't.

    MARIE slowly moves her hand down, and looks at FAITH, confused. LENA smiles.

    MARIE: Why shouldn't I?

    FAITH takes a deep breath.

    FAITH: She's my sister.






    Guest Starring:


    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT I

      FADE IN


      LENA is still smiling. MARIE and ROBIN are looking at FAITH, shocked.

      MARIE: I'm sorry?what?!

      LENA steps forward, and is now stood in front of FAITH.

      LENA: Thanks, sis. I owe you.

      She backs away, and FAITH glances down. LENA continues to smile as she exits the building. MARIE and ROBIN continue to stare at FAITH.

      ROBIN: Faith?

      He reaches out a hand to touch her arm, but she shakes her head.

      FAITH: No.

      ROBIN frowns, and draws his arm back.

      MARIE: I didn't know you had a sister?

      FAITH: Neither did I?


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. A YOUNG FAITH is walking around what seems to be the living room, almost dazed. She stops walking, and stands in one spot. There are voices heard in a separate room. YOUNG FAITH turns her head as if to hear the voices better, but then shrugs and walks off, upstairs.

      The camera pans over to the next room. OLIVIA and a WOMAN stand in the room. OLIVIA has her arms folded over her chest, looking very defensive. The WOMAN is smiling, however.

      WOMAN: You've no reason to be afraid, Miss Lehane. Your daughter will be very safe in my hands.

      OLIVIA looks as if she's staring at nothing, thinking. She looks at the woman, and shakes her head.

      OLIVIA: I don't know?I just don't know. I mean, I know she's better off not in this hellhole but?

      She looks at the WOMAN, tearful.

      OLIVIA: (cont'd) I don't think I can give her up.

      The WOMAN looks at her, sympathetically.

      WOMAN: I know. But you have to. You know that he'll come for her. Because of her power.

      OLIVIA sighs, almost angrily.

      OLIVIA: That's the thing?she doesn't even have power! It's just potential. Can't we just bind it or whatever?

      The WOMAN shakes her head.

      WOMAN: In any normal instance, we would be able to. But this case?This case is not normal. Your child's power?is not normal.

      OLIVIA looks at her.

      OLIVIA: She is normal. I know she is! She can't not be! My Faith is normal, so this one must-

      WOMAN: No one ever said Faith was normal either, Olivia.

      OLIVIA looks down, shaking her head.

      OLIVIA: This ain't right?My kids should have normal lives. They didn't ask for this.

      WOMAN: (sadly) Nobody asks for this. (pause) I don't have much time. I need to know if you're in this?If you agree to this.

      OLIVIA sighs, and looks down again. We see her stomach is quite large, as if she might have the baby any second. She looks at the WOMAN again.

      OLIVIA: And my Faith will never know?

      The WOMAN shakes her head.

      WOMAN: No. The glamour on your body has caused her to not even notice your pregnancy?she will not know about the other.

      OLIVIA looks up, as if to look at FAITH in her room above. She looks back down, and nods her head.

      OLIVIA: O-okay.

      The WOMAN nods.

      WOMAN: Call me when it begins.

      OLIVIA: (distantly) Right.

      The WOMAN waves her hand slightly, and walks out of the room. After a few seconds, we hear a door close. OLIVIA places a hand on her stomach, and looks up toward FAITH'S room once again.


      FAITH looks down at the floor, and ROBIN looks at her, concerned. He almost reaches out for her again?but pulls away. MARIE looks warily at the door.

      MARIE: Look?I?I know she's your sister, but she shot you. She almost shot-

      FAITH: Artemis.

      MARIE looks at her, confused.

      MARIE: What?

      FAITH: She shot at Artemis.

      MARIE: Oh. (beat) Good?I mean, that is good, right?

      FAITH shakes her head.

      FAITH: I don't know. I don't know what to think anymore.

      ROBIN: Well Artemis tried to kill you too.

      MARIE: Not to mention you, Robin.

      He nods.

      FAITH: They both did?Artemis got away though. Some weird couple came and took her before she took a bullet. (pause) They said they'd be back.

      ROBIN: These people?are they good or bad?

      FAITH looks at him seriously.

      FAITH: I don't know?


      FRED, BRIAN, and ASMODAI are still positioned in the places they were before. FRED looks at ASMODAI, almost fearfully, and BRIAN looks at FRED, puzzled.

      BRIAN: Who's he?

      She looks at him, but doesn't say a word.

      ASMODAI: I'm something you cannot comprehend, boy.

      BRIAN looks at him, irritated.

      BRIAN: You know how many people have said that?

      ASMODAI: Let me say this?I will be the end of that. (pause) I will be the end of everything.

      There are a few moments of silence, and FRED rolls her eyes.

      FRED: Don't get cocky.

      ASMODAI: I am not. I am simply stating facts.

      FRED: We both know you can't do much.

      ASMODAI: I beg to differ.

      FRED: I doubt much has changed since-

      ASMODAI: Everything has changed. Where I had such little power before?I am growing stronger by the second, and it will be this world's downfall.

      FRED: In case you hadn't noticed, other demons've tried to end the world too?

      ASMODAI: I am not like these other demons. It should not be too difficult, besides. This world has already put itself on a downward spiral; I am simply?encouraging it.

      BRIAN looks defensive.

      BRIAN: We won't let you.

      ASMODAI looks at BRIAN, as if sizing him up. He chuckles.

      ASMODAI: Who is this ?we' you speak of? You are nothing to me.

      BRIAN: I have friends.

      ASMODAI: Amazing, really.

      BRIAN glares at him angrily. There is silence. FRED looks at ASMODAI, with the same anger that BRIAN has. ASMODAI looks at them both, smiling.

      ASMODAI: I must depart now. But don't worry?we will see each other again soon enough.

      With that, ASMODAI disappears in a flash. BRIAN turns to FRED.

      BRIAN: You've got a lot to explain.

      FRED looks at him seriously.


      FALLYN stands in the middle of the room, observing the surroundings. There is the sound of someone running, and a door closing. He turns, and sees LENA, who looks out of breath.

      FALLYN: Ah?it is nice to see you again.

      He smiles, but it is not genuine, and LENA appears uncomfortable, looking around.

      LENA: Where's Eve?

      FALLYN looks at her, his expression deadly.

      FALLYN: Eve had made one too many mistakes. We cannot afford mistakes.

      LENA looks at him, frightened.

      LENA: What's that supposed to mean?

      FALLYN does not answer her. Instead, he smiles again.

      FALLYN: Don't worry about that, child. You have a new boss now.

      LENA: And who might that be?

      FALLYN steps to the side, and we see a man standing behind him (he is played by MICHAEL VARTAN). He is not smiling. LENA is not either. FALLYN looks from the man and back to LENA.

      FALLYN: Well, you children play nicely. I have some business to attend to.

      He turns around, and walks away. LENA and the man continue to stare at each other.

      LENA: I can tell you right now buddy- Me and you? We're not gonna get along.

      MAN: Nor do I want to. (beat) And my name is not "buddy", you ignorant girl. It's Collin.

      LENA: Wow, a normal name.

      MAN/COLLIN: Eve was a normal name, too.

      He glares at her. Silence enters the room once again, as the camera moves to the room LENA was waiting in an episode ago. It is deadly silent now, and we pan over to the wall to see?

      EVE'S body is leaning against the wall. Her eyes are open, but the light has gone from them. She is staring off into the distance, and we see a blood stain on the wall behind her. The camera closes-up on her and we see that most of the back of her head is missing?Our view drops to the floor.




      TOMMY, SAM, and ALAN are sitting quietly in the living room. They all look very worried; It's been hours since everyone left?

      Their worries vanish as the sound of the door opening is heard. TOMMY breathes a sound of relief to look who is entering the living room- it is BRIAN and FRED. His worry surfaces again.

      TOMMY: Oh. It's you guys.

      BRIAN: Gee, thanks.

      FRED looks at TOMMY, annoyed, but not offended.

      TOMMY: Where are the others?

      FRED: Why would we know?

      TOMMY: I dunno, I just assumed-

      FRED: Don't ever assume.

      BRIAN looks at FRED, as if the situation applies to what they have just been through?or more specifically, him. He trusted her, and now?

      ALAN: Who's she?

      FRED looks at him.

      FRED: You're a great observer. Didn't we already go over this?

      She sighs, annoyed.

      SAM: Well?Alan and I were at school.

      FRED looks at them, somewhat surprised.

      FRED: You go to school?

      SAM: Um, yeah.

      FRED shakes her head, and rolls her eyes.

      SAM: (cont'd) What?

      FRED: I just don't get it.

      ALAN: What's there to get?

      FRED: How can you fight demons and expect to still get an education like some normal person?

      ALAN: We are normal.

      She looks at him, and just stares. SAM sighs.

      SAM: Okay, well, not so normal. But we have to try, right? What's the point if we don't?

      FRED doesn't respond; She just looks at the floor.

      TOMMY: I dunno about you guys, but I'm getting a little worried about-

      The door opens again. TOMMY looks?and is disappointed yet excited at the same time. It is a man who we have never seen before (played by RYAN CARNES). TOMMY goes up to him, and they embrace for a few moments. Everyone else looks uncomfortable. SAM turns to ALAN.

      SAM: (whispering) Is a friendly hug between two men supposed to last that long?

      ALAN chuckles, just as TOMMY and the man part.

      MAN: I was hoping this was the right place. I didn't want to walk on any neighbours?well, y'know.

      TOMMY laughs, and looks to the group.

      TOMMY: Everyone, this is Tristan.

      TRISTAN gives the group a small wave. TOMMY looks back to him.

      TOMMY: We're kinda waiting for someone?

      TRISTAN: Oh, okay. I have some stuff I need to do, so?

      TRISTAN smiles at TOMMY before he leaves. TOMMY looks after him, smiling for a moment but then looks back to the group, worried once again.

      SAM: He was kinda cute.

      TOMMY smirks, and looks at her.

      TOMMY: Thanks. He's my boyfriend.

      SAM: (shocked) Oh. Oh, I never would've-

      The entire group looks surprised, except for BRIAN.

      TOMMY: You knew?

      BRIAN: Empath.

      TOMMY: Right.

      There is an awkward silence?the door opens again. This time it is MARIE, ROBIN, and FAITH. TOMMY looks relieved once again.

      TOMMY: You guys are okay!

      FAITH: Yeah?

      TOMMY looks at her, concerned.

      TOMMY: Did something happen?

      She looks at him, almost upset. He frowns.


      The building appears empty, save for two men walking toward the room that EVE'S body is in. They are carrying a large bag, and they open the door. Her body remains there, untouched. The first man shakes his head, sighing.

      MAN 1: It's a shame.

      MAN 2: Not really.

      MAN 1 turns to MAN 2, disgusted.

      MAN 1: Why would you say something like that?

      MAN 2: From what I heard, she deserved it.

      MAN 1: No one deserves that.

      Suddenly, a disgusting smell fills the air, and the two men crinkle their noises, and make faces.

      MAN 1: (cont'd) What the hell is that?

      COLLIN: (O/S) Sorry boys?

      The men turn around to look at COLLIN, who is standing where EVE'S body was just moments before. There are scorch marks where he stands, but nothing else.

      COLLIN: (cont'd) I'm afraid that you can't take her body.

      MAN 1: Did you have something to do-

      The man stops talking when he sees COLLIN'S menacing glare. COLLIN looks at the other man, and then back at the first.

      COLLIN: Both of you will forget this ever happened, and will return to business as usual.

      The men appear to be in a trance like state, nod, and walk out of the room. COLLIN looks down at the scorch marks on the floor, sorrow filling his eyes.

      COLLIN: (cont'd, sadly) Goodbye, my love.

      He looks at the burn marks still?before walking out of the room.


      END OF ACT I

      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT II

        FADE IN


        The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. The room that we see is very well furnished; It looks as though people with a good amount of money live here. There are noises coming from another room, presumably the kitchen because it sounds like pots and pans. The camera pans over to the kitchen?and we see EVE standing there. She's taking dishes and drying them, putting them in the right cupboards, etc. She looks as though she's not really there mentally?like she is spaced out. A door opens, and she snaps back to reality.

        MAN: (O/S) Hey!

        There is the sound of footsteps are heard and we see COLLIN enter the kitchen. He's smiling, and EVE returns the smile. He embraces her, and she looks at the wall, her smile fading. He pulls back.

        COLLIN: How're you?

        EVE puts on a smile again.

        EVE: I'm good.

        As soon as her smile appeared, it is gone again. COLLIN frowns.

        COLLIN: No, you're not.

        EVE looks at him, smiling and acting as if she's clueless?but gives up. She frowns.

        COLLIN: (cont'd) What's wrong?

        EVE shakes her head.

        EVE: You know me, I'm not one for sharing my feelings.

        COLLIN looks at her seriously.

        COLLIN: Eve?I need to know. Neither one of us is happy when you don't share things with me. (more upbeat) Just remember the ice cream incident.

        EVE smile returns, and vanishes quickly again.

        EVE: It's just?everything?with Angel, the Senior Partners, Lindsey?

        Her voice trails off, and COLLIN looks annoyed.

        COLLIN: Oh, him again.

        EVE'S eyes fill with anger.

        EVE: You don't get to do that. You can't act like he's just someone trying to get in your way. He's dead.

        COLLIN takes this into consideration, but only some of his annoyance fades.

        COLLIN: So about Angel and the Senior Partners?

        EVE: His stupid little fan club doesn't even care what I'm going through. Not that I've given them reason to, but I'm human?well, now?too. (beat) As for the Senior Partners?

        COLLIN: We'll deal with them when the time comes. Right now, though?

        He smiles.

        COLLIN: (cont'd) We don't need to worry about them. We're good?we are good, right?

        EVE nods reassuringly, slipping back into COLLIN'S embrace.

        EVE: We're great...

        She stares off into the distance.


        FALLYN stands in the middle of the room. He's observing it again, and he smiles?turning around, as he notices someone's presence. His smile fades when he sees who he's looking at- COLLIN.

        FALLYN: Shouldn't you be taking care of your assignment?

        COLLIN: Technically, she's your assignment. You're just handing her out to the first unwilling person. Forget volunteers, let's take the people who'll get pissed off.

        He rolls his eyes.

        FALLYN: There were no volunteers.

        COLLIN: Whatever. You couldn't have picked someone else? Anyone else?

        FALLYN: (chuckling) I do enjoy watching you squirm.

        COLLIN: (angrily) How much are you gonna enjoy me ruining you?

        FALLYN looks at him with a frown.

        FALLYN: I wouldn't appreciate that?but that's not an issue. You have no power over me.

        COLLIN: You killed her. I'll find a way to get power over you.

        He glares at FALLYN, before walking out of the room. FALLYN stands there, surprised, but he shakes his head.

        WOMAN: (O/S) Fallyn?

        FALLYN turns around to see a familiar face?

        CORDELIA: Hey?

        She steps forward, looking uncomfortable.

        CORDELIA: (cont'd) The guys upstairs have another assignment for you.


        The same group from earlier sits in the living room. TOMMY looks shocked, as do so many others.

        TOMMY: Oh?wow.

        FAITH: Wow doesn't really begin to cover it. (beat) I have a sister?How come I didn't even know? I think I woulda noticed if my mom was pregnant.

        SAM: Unless she had a glamour cast on her?

        FAITH shakes her head.

        FAITH: Why would she? She didn't even know about Slayers?why would she know about magic?

        SAM shrugs.

        FAITH: (cont'd, sarcastically) You're helpful.

        ALAN looks at FAITH, annoyed. There is a silence, before FRED stands up.

        FRED: Faith, I've got something to tell you?

        FAITH looks at her.

        FAITH: More shockin' news?

        FRED bites her lip.

        FAITH: (cont'd) I'll take that as a yes.

        BRIAN: (O/S) Let's just say we met an "interesting" friend of Fred's today.

        FRED looks to BRIAN, almost scolding him. FAITH looks at FRED, confused and ready to listen.

        FRED: He's not a friend?He's one of the four princes of Hell.

        Everyone looks shocked at this news; even BRIAN.

        FRED: (cont'd) Not one of the little dimensions spawned off of Hell?the original one.

        FAITH: Uh, one of the four?

        FRED nods.

        FAITH: (cont'd) How d'ya know this? And him?

        FRED looks at her.

        FRED: Where do you think I was, Faith?

        FAITH widens her eyes.

        FAITH: I thought you said you didn't remember where?

        FRED: I lied.

        SAM: Great. What else have you lied about?

        FRED doesn't respond to this; she simply ignores it.

        FRED: All I can say is they're bad news.

        ROBIN: And here I was thinking "Prince of Hell" was a good and pure title.

        FRED glares at him, before turning her attention back to FAITH.

        FRED: He said?he said he'll be the end of everything.

        FAITH: Gettin' a bit confident there.

        BRIAN: We thought that at first, too?but something about him?

        FAITH: You mean minus the fact that he owns one-fourth of Hell?

        FRED: Of all the hell dimensions.

        FAITH: Oh?wow.

        FRED: Yeah?he said he'd be back soon?

        FAITH looks to everyone in the room.

        FAITH: Looks like we've got a battle to prepare for, folks.

        BRIAN: Who said anything about a-

        FAITH: Didn't need to.


        ASMODAI walks into the room, with a smile on his face. He spies the table with the boxes containing the chakra jewels?and notices that the same number of boxes is still on the table. He frowns.

        ASMODAI: Are you really that incompetent as to not bring me one more box?

        There is no response. He looks around the room.

        ASMODAI: (cont'd) Artemis?

        Silence. He looks puzzled, and looks back to the boxes, counting them mentally again.

        WOMAN: (O/S) I'm afraid she's not available at the moment.

        ASMODAI turns around quickly. SELENE, from earlier, is standing there, with her arms crossed over her chest. She's carrying a small backpack.

        SELENE: May I take a message?

        She smiles sweetly. ASMODAI clenches his fist and begins to raise his hand, but SELENE notices and shakes her head.

        SELENE: (cont'd) Please, don't. After all, if you do, you won't get a gold star.

        ASMODAI furrows his eyebrows.

        SELENE: (cont'd) Let me explain?

        She opens the backpack?and pulls out a box, similar to the others containing the chakra. ASMODAI looks interested.

        SELENE: (cont'd) Interested?

        ASMODAI: Very.

        He pauses, and looks from the box to her.

        ASMODAI: (cont'd) What is the catch?

        SELENE: The catch? There's no catch?

        She looks up, as if she's thinking, and raises her index finger as if to say "aha".

        SELENE: (cont'd) Oh, right! That catch. (beat) We're gonna need to borrow your little slave for a while.

        ASMODAI: Slave?

        SELENE: Artemis.

        ASMODAI looks surprised, and angry.

        ASMODAI: No. I still have use for her.

        SELENE: So do we. (beat) Besides?Would you rather gain power for yourself, or just get her back, and have her search for something she's never going to find?

        She holds the box in one hand, and acts as if she's holding something in the other. She moves them up and down, as if balancing them. ASMODAI looks conflicted?

        ASMODAI: (hesitantly) Give me the box. (pause, firmly) But I am going to need her back.

        SELENE: Oh, you'll get her back?Can't say she'll be in one piece, but you'll get her back.

        She smiles for a moment, looking down at the clearly angry ASMODAI.

        ASMODAI: I should kill you right here.

        SELENE: You probably should?but I don't think you could.

        ASMODAI: I am-

        SELENE: I know who you are. The question is?do you know who I am?

        He looks at her, confused. She continues to smile, as she lifts the box.

        SELENE: (cont'd, quickly) Catch.

        She throws the box, and ASMODAI looks at it frantically. He moves to position himself to catch it, and he does. When he looks back to where SELENE was standing, she is gone.


        This is the same apartment from the flashback, except it is present day. There is no noise coming from the kitchen?and we are focused on a dark-haired girl sitting in a chair?but we are looking at the back of the chair, and we cannot see who it is. There is a gunshot, and a wound appears in the back of the WOMAN'S head. We pan up to see that it is LENA sitting there. Her eyes are widened, and blood is running down the corner of her mouth. We see that it is COLLIN who shot her. He looks at her body, but with no remorse.


        We are seeing the scene all over again. Our view is focused on LENA'S face though, and she looks shocked. She listens carefully, and ducks just as a bullet passes overhead, and digs itself into the wall. She gets up, and looks at COLLIN.

        LENA: What the hell was that?!

        COLLIN smiles at her.

        COLLIN: A taste of your new power.

        LENA: My new what?

        COLLIN: I'm quite sure you're aware of powers.

        LENA gives him a look as if to say "duh".

        COLLIN: (cont'd) The Senior Partners have given you the power to look ahead, into the future.

        LENA looks surprised by this.

        LENA: But I wasn't trying to-

        COLLIN: You don't have to try.

        LENA: So you're saying I can look ahead and see like, tomorrow's lottery numbers?

        COLLIN: No. Only events that would affect you are you allowed to look at.

        LENA raises an eyebrow.

        LENA: But if I bought a lottery ticket?

        COLLIN sighs and looks at her, annoyed. She smiles.

        LENA: (cont'd) It would affect me.

        COLLIN: You really shouldn't do that.

        LENA continues to smile, and shrugs. She begins to walk toward the door, when she is knocked backwards.

        COLLIN: (O/S, cont'd) And I'm afraid you can't.

        LENA looks angry, and glances up to COLLIN.

        COLLIN: (cont'd) You see, we can't just have you walking out of here when you have so much to do for the company still?

        He smiles.

        COLLIN: (cont'd) Can we?

        She continues to glare at him.

        CUT TO BLACK

        END OF ACT II

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT III

          FADE IN


          ARTEMIS: (O/S) What are you doing? Get your freakin' hands off of me! I swear-

          Her voice cuts off as there is sound of a struggle.

          EMMETT: (O/S) It's really best if you just comply with us.

          They come into view, walking into part of the room that we see. ARTEMIS is struggling to get out of EMMETT'S grasp, but in vain.

          ARTEMIS: What do you want with me, anyway?

          EMMETT: It's not what we want with you. It's what you are destined to do.

          ARTEMIS sighs, and rolls her eyes.

          ARTEMIS: Here we go with this destiny crap again.

          EMMETT raises an eyebrow.

          EMMETT: You talk about it like it's nothing to you.

          ARTEMIS: That's because it isn't. It's nothing at all, period.

          EMMETT: Destiny is everything.

          ARTEMIS: Destiny doesn't mean a damn thing, because one way or another, it's always going to change. Always.

          EMMETT looks intrigued.

          EMMETT: It sounds like you've had your share of experiences.

          ARTEMIS looks away from him, and into the distance.

          ARTEMIS: Yeah, you could say that.

          There is a long pause, and footsteps are heard echoing in the distance. Soon enough, we see SELENE enter the scene. She smiles at EMMETT, but noticing ARTEMIS she frowns. She looks back to the man.

          SELENE: It's done.

          EMMETT: (nodding) Good. We're making progress.

          SELENE looks back at ARTEMIS.

          SELENE: We certainly are.

          ARTEMIS looks back at her as well, and raises an eyebrow. SELENE nods at EMMETT, and he lets ARTEMIS out of his grasp, and walks away. SELENE and ARTEMIS are left standing there, and ARTEMIS looks uncomfortable, but annoyed.

          ARTEMIS: You know, if you have a problem with me, say so.

          SELENE: Alright. (beat) I have a problem with you.

          ARTEMIS shakes her head.

          ARTEMIS: Why don't you just get rid of me then? If I'm so annoying, I don't get why you're keeping me here. You're the one who brought me here?the one who wants me here.

          SELENE: Correction. Emmett brought you here, and neither of us wants you here. He's just nicer about it. Also? We would get rid of you, if we could. But it turns out you'll help; in the long run.

          ARTEMIS: What's the long run?

          SELENE: You'll find out when it comes.

          ARTEMIS: Ominous.

          SELENE: It's what I live for.

          They stand there, staring at each other in silence.


          FRED sits on the bed, looking off to the side. The camera's view pans over to see what she is looking at; a mirror. She stares at her reflection with a feeling almost like resentment. All of a sudden the reflection changes from hers to ILLYRIA'S, and ILLYRIA is seething.

          ILLYRIA: What have you done?

          FRED: The same thing you did to me. How does it feel?

          ILLYRIA stares at her, anger filling her eyes?but it vanishes for a moment, and is replaced by intrigue.

          ILLYRIA: I did not do this to you.

          FRED: What?!

          FRED gets up off of the bed.

          FRED: (cont'd) You didn't do this to me, huh? Then who did? Do you even know what I've been through?

          She looks at ILLYRIA'S reflection, glaring. ILLYRIA cocks her head.

          ILLYRIA: I did not do this[ to you.

          She looks her up and down. FRED looks as if she's confused for a moment, but then looks as if she just caught on to something.

          FRED: You might as well have.

          ILLYRIA shakes her head.

          ILLYRIA: You are not the owner of this body.

          FRED: Yes, I am.

          ILLYRIA stares at her, and shakes her head once again. FRED stares back.

          FRED: (cont'd) I'm what's left of her.

          She continues to stare defiantly at ILLYRIA, and eventually the image of ILLYRIA disappears and FRED'S image reappears.


          ASMODAI walks across the screen, toward the table with the chakra jewels on it, placing the box given to him by SELENE on it. He stares down at them, with a smile of accomplishment on his face.

          ASMODAI: Finally?today is the day I will destroy the world known to every human, and create anew.

          He continues to stare at the boxes, and sighs.

          ASMODAI: (cont'd) If only my most powerful weapon were available?(pause) Ah, well?just the same.

          He steps away from the table, and walks across the room. He approaches the door of what seems like a storage room. He opens it?and the camera turns as we learn it is not a storage room at all. It opens up to a much bigger room, where a large group of demons stands restlessly, growling. Some of the demons look like the demons seen in "Not Fade Away" and "Not in Kansas Anymore". ASMODAI smiles as he looks down at them all from a balcony.

          ASMODAI: (shouting) Soon!

          The demons look up at him?and they smile as well, and let out a small cheer. ASMODAI takes one last look at them, and walks out of the room again. He walks over to the table, and begins to pick up the boxes, moving them to another location in the warehouse?


          This is the building that EMMETT, SELENE, and ARTEMIS were seen in earlier, but we do not see them anywhere. There are people busily walking around the building, toward set destinations. There is a particularly distinguished man walking amongst the crowd, and ignores everyone. He walks over to a room with double doors, opens them, and walks in.


          The MAN continues to walk into the office, and he begins humming. He sits down at a desk in the middle of the room, and begins skimming through papers, when someone walks in.

          EMMETT: (O/S) Sorry to disturb you, boss?

          The camera pans up as the BOSS looks up to see EMMETT standing there. The BOSS smiles.

          BOSS: You're not disturbing me. Not at all. (beat) What is it?

          Before EMMETT can answer, SELENE enters the room as well.

          SELENE: Sorry I'm late.

          EMMETT glances at her, annoyed, and the BOSS gives her a quizzical look.

          BOSS: You were supposed to be here?

          SELENE: Who cares, I'm here now.

          She pauses and looks at EMMETT.

          SELENE: (cont'd) Continue.

          EMMETT: (sarcastically) Thank you so much for your permission. (pause, serious) We've got her.

          The BOSS looks surprised.

          BOSS: Really?

          EMMETT nods. The BOSS looks as if he's thinking for a moment.

          BOSS: (cont'd) That's?interesting. Very fast, as well. How is that?

          He looks at them, demanding an answer. They glance at each other.

          EMMETT: Well, uh, that's a long story?

          SELENE: It's not that long.

          EMMETT looks at her glaring, but SELENE looks at the BOSS, completely ignoring EMMETT.

          SELENE: Basically? We made a deal with the devil.

          The BOSS looks interested, and almost angry at this.

          BOSS: Explain.

          SELENE looks at him for a moment, wondering how to word it. She takes a deep breath, and continues.

          SELENE: I sorta?gave Asmodai the last chakra jewel.

          The BOSS' "almost anger" moves to complete anger in an instant. He gets up quickly and slams his hand down on the desk.

          BOSS: You did what?!

          SELENE flinches at the BOSS' sudden outburst, but looks like she's doing her best to remain calm, as he continues.

          BOSS: (cont'd, seething) Do you even realize what you've done?

          SELENE: I-

          BOSS: (louder) No!

          EMMETT: Mr. Dupont, if you could just try to calm-

          MR. DUPONT: No, I am not going to calm down. He's been trying to get a hold of this kind of power for so long, and we were the ones keeping it from him. Now you're telling me that?what? You handed it to him?

          EMMETT and SELENE are silent for a moment, looking down. SELENE, however, quickly lifts her head up as EMMETT continues to look down.

          SELENE: It was the only way to get Artemis from his grasp.

          MR. DUPONT: There are always other ways.

          SELENE: Not this time.

          MR. DUPONT looks at her, sternly.

          MR. DUPONT: Explain to me why you could not have simply kidnapped her. Explain-

          SELENE: I-

          MR. DUPONT: (angrily) I'm not finished. (beat) Explain to me why you couldn't have given him a jewel that looked like a chakra. Explain to me why you couldn't have traded something, anything, else. (long pause) Now try telling me that there was no other way.

          SELENE: I understand that I didn't make the best choice, but the important part is-

          MR. DUPONT: Are you trying to tell me that none of this is important, besides the fact that we got the girl?

          SELENE: I'm just-

          MR. DUPONT: No. You made a mistake, there's going to be a mess?and you're going to be the one cleaning it up.

          He stares her down, and she says nothing. He sighs, and looks to EMMETT.

          MR. DUPONT: (cont'd) Send her in.

          EMMETT gives a small nod, before walking out of the room. There is silence and tension in the room until EMMETT comes back with ARTEMIS. She's struggling, but stops when EMMETT stops walking. ARTEMIS looks at MR. DUPONT. She crosses her arms as EMMETT lets go of her.

          ARTEMIS: I take it you're "the man" around here?

          MR. DUPONT: Depending on what you mean by that?Yes, I believe I am.

          ARTEMIS: (smiling) So you wouldn't mind explaining something to me then?

          MR. DUPONT smiles back, and gives a little shrug.

          MR. DUPONT: Not at all.

          ARTEMIS mood changes suddenly. Her smile vanishes, and she steps forward, and places her hand on MR. DUPONT'S neck forcefully, backing him up to the wall. Her grasp tightens.

          ARTEMIS: (yelling angrily) Who are you and why the hell did you bring me here?!

          EMMETT and SELENE move forward to stop ARTEMIS, but are stopped by an invisible force. They look confused. ARTEMIS keeps her grip on MR. DUPONT as she looks back at them.

          ARTEMIS: Nifty little trick, isn't it? I didn't even know I could do it?'til I tried it downstairs.

          She smiles at them, before moving her attention back to MR. DUPONT.

          ARTEMIS: (cont'd) I'm going to let go of your neck. Don't think about trying to escape or hit me or anything like that because if you do, you won't have a neck that I can grab again. Got it?

          MR. DUPONT nods, choking. ARTEMIS lets go. MR. DUPONT takes a deep breath as he opens his mouth to explain?

          The whole building shakes, and ARTEMIS' concentration is thrown. SELENE and EMMETT can move again, but they don't?they're too busy wondering what is going on. They look at MR. DUPONT, who is still having trouble breathing.

          SELENE: (yelling over the noise) What is this?

          MR. DUPONT looks at her, frowning.

          MR. DUPONT: Your mess.


          FAITH and TOMMY are standing in the living room, and they look like they've been talking as the entire apartment building begins to shake. They look at each other; surprised and confused. The rumbling is too loud for them to say anything, so they just stand there, in awe. After a minute or so, the shaking stops.

          TOMMY: Okay, I might not be an expert, but something tells me that was not good.

          FAITH doesn't respond as everyone else stumbles into the room. They all look at FAITH, just as confused as she is.

          SAM: What was that?

          FRED: That'd be what we call an earthquake.

          SAM raises an eyebrow.

          SAM: In New York City?

          FRED doesn't respond.

          ALAN: Maybe we should turn the TV-

          The sound of a television can already be heard. FAITH has disappeared from the group, and is now standing in front of the television in the kitchen. The camera turns and focuses on the screen, as a news report is being given.

          NEWS REPORTER: (on television) Breaking news that we're just receiving, and I'm sure you have noticed yourselves?there's been what seems to be an earthquake in Manhattan. We are trying to locate the source of the quake, because we want to know where the fault line is, and what we have to do to protect it-

          FAITH: Oh please, there's no-

          NEWS REPORTER: (on television) From what we gathered so far, the fault line is close to or under a warehouse district that is located near the Empire State building?

          The news reporters' voice fades as FAITH widens her eyes. This whole time the bad guys have stayed put?she looks to ROBIN, who realizes this too. FAITH looks at the rest of the group, determination in her eyes.

          FAITH: Time to go.

          She grabs weapons that were lying out on the table for the picking, and heads out the door. The group looks at each other, warily.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF ACT III

          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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            ACT IV

            FADE IN




            ASMODAI is standing in the middle of the room and we see only his face for a few moments. His eyes are closed?and they suddenly snap open. When they do, the camera zooms out to view that he is standing in a middle of a circle- enclosing the circle are the chakra jewels, lying on the floor. Each one of them glows bright, the colour that the stones are. The light moves toward ASMODAI, and swirls around him, before seeping into his skin. The screen fills with a blinding white light, and all of a sudden, everything goes ptch black, and the earth shakes again.


            FAITH and Co. are seen walking down the street, FAITH in the lead, with ROBIN by her side. Their weapons are not completely visible, but it's clear they're carrying something. They are walking confidently, knowing exactly where they are going?but MARIE drops a stake and a passerby notices. They don't see what it is and they go to pick it up for her, but stop when they see what it is. They look up at MARIE, blinking. MARIE quickly bends down and snatches it up, putting it back in her bag.

            PASSERBY: Uh?what's that for?

            MARIE: You see, I have this really creepy ex and-

            Before she can finish her sentence, SAM grabs her and pushes her forward. MARIE looks at her, and we see the PASSERBY looking at MARIE, freaked out, in the background.

            MARIE: That was rude.

            SAM: You have a creepy ex?

            MARIE: That was a cover story.

            SAM: Right. (beat) Why do you even need a stake?

            MARIE: You never know.

            They stop talking, and continue walking behind the rest of the group.


            FAITH and Co. round a corner to see a large part of the district full of warehouses.

            FAITH: (sarcastically) Well this is gonna be easy.

            The group looks frustrated, just as a large noise is heard.

            TOMMY: Or it might actually be easy.

            FAITH: Didn't I say that?

            TOMMY gives her a look. FAITH begins to walk in the direction of the noise, but FRED takes the lead. FAITH looks after her, confused. She then looks to ROBIN who is walking beside her.

            FAITH: What's that all about?

            Before ROBIN gets a chance to answer, the gang comes across a warehouse...the warehouse. They can tell because of two factors. One being that noises, unnatural noises, and a certain light was illuminating from it. The other being that the building was surrounded by news reporters and police officers.

            FRED: This could prove to be difficult.

            BRIAN: (to the group) Is it just me or did she just sound more like Il-

            FRED glances back at him, glaring, and he stops talking.

            FAITH: There's gotta be another way in?

            They stand in a spot where the news reporters, police officers, etc. cannot see them, but they can see the building. FAITH looks at the building, searching for another way in.

            MARIE: Maybe we could do a-

            Just as MARIE is about to finish her sentence, the front of the warehouse explodes. There is screaming and yelling heard from the onlookers as pieces of the building fall to the ground. The opening is covered with a layer of smoke, and no one in it is visible.

            Everyone in the crowd looks back at the building, waiting to see what, or who, caused the explosion. While they are distracted, FAITH and Co. move closer to the building, hoping to gain the element of surprise.

            The smoke begins to clear, and when it disappears fully?Nothing is there. All that is seen is the rubble from the explosion, and the inside of the building. Everyone is confused- especially the gang.

            FAITH: Where-

            Before she can finish, several people's screams answer the question she was about to ask. She turns around?to see several demons approaching or already in the crowd. A demon runs up to one of the news reporters, and attacks. They both fall to the ground, and the report screams?the camera does not follow them, but the screams are heard. When they stop, there is a terrible tearing sound, and the demon stands up again?blood covering both his hands and his face. FAITH and Co. take their weapons and head toward the group.

            FAITH: Where is he?

            She looks at FRED as they all approach the huge crowd. FRED does not respond, and moves into the battle. She carries a sword, and begins to slash at the demons in her way. FAITH looks surprised at her fighting mode, but continues forward as well. Following her are ROBIN and most of the rest of the gang?but TOMMY, ALAN, and SAM stay in place for a moment. Both TOMMY and ALAN look to SAM.

            ALAN: What are we supposed to do?

            SAM: Uh, fight.

            ALAN: Against these demons? These aren't the witches we fought before.

            SAM nods to what he's carrying.

            SAM: You have weapons. Use them.

            Before ALAN can ask anything else, SAM moves into the fight. ALAN looks to TOMMY who shrugs, picking up a medium-sized axe, and following SAM. ALAN sighs, grabs a weapon, and follows the other two.

            Demons are surrounding the entire crowd, and some have already moved in. The police officers have gotten out their guns, but they are not working. They are shooting at the demons but it doesn't seem to be affecting them at all. FAITH and Co. move into the crowd, blending in. They walk slowly forward, placing themselves in the perfect place for attack. A few moments pass, then?

            FAITH: (yelling) Now!

            The gang takes out their weapons and they now stand out from the crowd. FAITH moves to her left and takes on a demon that is about to kill one of the police officers shooting at it. She carries a small sword, and steps in front of the demon. He attempts to throw her to the side, but before he can grab her, FAITH grabs his arm, and twists it. She takes the sword in her hand and decapitates him with it.

            ROBIN is fighting a demon, but isn't managing to get the upper-hand. We can also see BRIAN fighting near him, and the rest of the group is somewhat behind. ALAN is struggling against a demon that is trying to pin him on the ground. He fails, and the demon pins him. It lunges its hand forward, toward his throat, when it is hit by a blast of energy, and is sent flying through the air. It is impaled on wood from a pile of wooden crates it lands on. ALAN gets up and looks around?but no one is there. He shrugs and moves cautiously forward.

            The angle switches, and it looks down on the fight below. This angle is coming from the roof?It shifts position, and we see that ASMODAI is watching the battle from the rooftop. He's looking at FAITH, specifically?watching her fight. What he doesn't notice is someone running toward the building and inside of it. ASMODAI turns around to look at the chakra jewels set up on the roof.

            ASMODAI: Almost there?

            He walks toward the jewels, and picks up something close to them?a knife. He presses it to an open palm, cutting it. The wound begins to close as soon as it is opened, but it does not close all the way. ASMODAI stares at the red jewel in the arrangement.

            ASMODAI: (cont'd) One more.

            He reaches for it, but before he can, he is kicked in the face, and stumbles back. He stands up straight again, and looks to see who kicked him- MARIE. He stares at her, angrily.

            ASMODAI: (cont'd) What do you think you're doing?

            MARIE: You think I'm going to let you become all powerful and indestructible?

            ASMODAI continues to stare at her. He blinks.

            MARIE: (cont'd) Well, I'm not.

            ASMODAI: I'm afraid it's not in your power to decide.

            MARIE: (mumbling to herself) C'mon ladies?let's see what this power can do.

            Without warning, MARIE charges at ASMODAI. Before she reaches him, though, he grabs her shoulder, and tosses her to the ground.

            ASMODAI: Like I said?you do not have the power.

            He picks her up and is about to toss her off of the roof, when a voice stops him.

            FRED: (O.S.) I don't think you wanna do that.

            ASMODAI smiles, and turns around, still holding MARIE by the collar of her shirt. He looks at FRED.

            ASMODAI: Why is that?

            FRED stares at him before picking up a chakra?the one illuminating a red light. ASMODAI'S eyes widen, and FRED steps close to the edge of the roof, and holds the jewel in the air, past the edge. She cocks her head. ASMODAI puts MARIE down, but by throwing her across the roof. She hits her head on the ground, and falls unconscious. ASMODAI steps toward FRED.

            ASMODAI: (cont'd) Such a pleasure seeing you again.

            FRED: (sarcastically) Oh yeah. It's just great.

            ASMODAI doesn't respond but continues to move toward her. FRED steps closer to the edge, and loosens her grip on the jewel, slightly.

            FRED: (cont'd) Get closer to me and I drop it.

            ASMODAI stops walking, but stares at her knowingly.

            ASMODAI: We both know that you won't.

            FRED: Do we?

            Her grip loosens once again.

            ASMODAI: There has go to be a way we could negotiate.

            FRED: Actually?


            The crowd of news reporters and police officers is beginning to flee, so FAITH and Co. are not blending in so well, and they are fighting the remaining demons to the best of their ability. ALAN can be seen leaning against the side of a building, but outside of demon's sight. He looks wounded, and tired. TOMMY is still holding his own, however. Bodies of demons, a few news reporters, and police officers scatter the ground.

            FAITH has just impaled a demon with her sword, and she turns around, to see ROBIN struggling.

            FAITH: (to the demon) Hey!

            The demon turns around, puzzled by being yelled at, giving ROBIN the opportunity to strike. He takes a knife and stabs the demon where its heart is. It falls to the ground, clutching its chest in pain. ROBIN nods to FAITH as if to say "thanks" and moves to the next demon.

            That's when the ground shakes again. Both FAITH and Co. and the demons are surprised by this.

            FAITH: What's go-

            She doesn't get a chance to finish her sentence as red light comes from the roof of the building FRED, ASMODAI, and MARIE are on?something has happened to the chakra jewel?or it's been used. FAITH squints to try to see what's going on on the roof, as the demons have been blinded, and have stopped fighting for the moment. But the red light becomes stronger, and brighter, so FAITH has to close her eyes. Shrill screams are heard as we see nothing but red. It begins to die down just as the screams do?and we see FAITH still standing?as are the rest of the group. There's one thing missing, though.

            There are no demons. All of the bodies on the ground are that of the news reporters and the police officers. FAITH and the rest of the group look confused. ALAN comes out from his hiding place and furrows his eyebrows. FAITH looks up to the roof, trying to see what's going on now?but she can't see anyone or anything up there. She heads toward the building.


            FAITH is seen walking onto the roof?and she can see no one just as she enters the scene. She looks to her left?and all that is seen is one pile of dust?the chakra jewels are gone, as are FRED and ASMODAI. She looks to her right, and sees the unconscious MARIE. She hurries over to her, picking up her head and seeing what happened- MARIE'S head is not cracked, she just hit it hard. FAITH stands, looking down at MARIE, as a few others come up onto the rooftop. ROBIN walks up to FAITH, and looks around.

            ROBIN: Where'd he go?

            FAITH: I don't know?but he's not the only one missing.

            ROBIN looks at her, questioningly.

            FAITH: (cont'd) Fred.

            SAM and BRIAN walk onto the roof, and see MARIE. SAM looks at her, frowning. BRIAN, however, walks over and leans down next to her, before picking her up. FAITH looks at him.

            FAITH: You know, I could do that if you don't wa-

            BRIAN carries MARIE as he walks past the group on the roof, toward the stairs.

            FAITH: (cont'd) Guess not.

            SAM doesn't say anything as she follows BRIAN. FRED and ROBIN are the only ones left on the roof. ROBIN looks at FAITH, who sighs.

            ROBIN: What happened up here?

            FAITH: I don't know.

            She looks at the pile of dust, and frowns.

            FAITH: (cont'd) If that's him, then this whole thing was way too easy?

            ROBIN: Isn't that a good thing?

            FAITH: Easy usually means there's something bigger comin'?

            ROBIN looks at her, and frowns. He then begins to walk toward the door to the stairs. When FAITH doesn't follow, he turns around.

            ROBIN: You coming?

            FAITH scans the rooftop once again, before turning around and following ROBIN.

            FAITH: Let's go.


            This is the same building from earlier. A receptionist sits at a desk in that lobby, typing away at a computer. A woman approaches the desk, and the receptionist looks up. The woman is SELENE.

            SELENE: (cheerily) Hey, what's up?

            The receptionist stares at her, blankly. SELENE frowns.

            SELENE: (cont'd) Okay?(pause) Is the boss in?

            The receptionist doesn't respond. Instead, she reaches for the phone. She picks it up, and moves her other hand to dial.

            SELENE: (cont'd, frantically) No, don't do-

            Too late. The receptionist dials, and presses the phone to her ear.

            RECEPTIONIST: (into phone) Selene's back. (pause) Alright.

            She puts the phone back in its cradle, and looks up to SELENE.

            RECEPTIONIST: (cont'd) He's waiting for you in his office.

            SELENE: I really wish you hadn't done that.

            The receptionist says nothing, and looks back to her computer screen to start typing again. SELENE sighs and turns around, walking away.


            MR. DUPONT is standing in the middle of the room when the door opens, and SELENE enters. He looks at her as she walks in.

            MR. DUPONT: You're back early.

            SELENE: What can I say? I'm efficient.

            MR. DUPONT: Something tells me it wasn't you who cleaned up the mess.

            SELENE: Well it was already kind of mopped up when I got there.

            MR. DUPONT seems interested.

            MR. DUPONT: You mean to say that Asmodai is defeated?

            SELENE: Either that, or he's the one that escaped and Faith's little fri-

            MR. DUPONT: Faith?

            He looks at her as if he's beginning to grow angry.

            MR. DUPONT: (cont'd) I thought we agreed to keep her out of this, for now.

            SELENE: Are you going to try and stop her from being a goody-two shoes.

            MR.DUPONT smiles.

            MR. DUPONT: No. Quite the opposite, in fact.

            He continues to smile as SELENE looks at him, interested at what he has just said.



            We see FAITH and Co. walking down the street as the song begins. BRIAN is still carrying an unconscious MARIE. They approach the building, and FAITH is the first one to enter.


            FAITH walks up the stairs, followed by ROBIN. Only a few of the group enter. SAM, ALAN, BRIAN, and MARIE stay downstairs as FAITH, ROBIN, and TOMMY go upstairs. FAITH knocks on the door. It opens, and we see FRED standing there. (the music below plays throughout)

            "I've tripped again and things are starting to get interesting
            Don't give me choices cause I can't decide"

            FAITH looks at FRED, confused.

            FAITH: What're you doing?

            FRED just stares at her in response, and reaches to her side, picking something up?it is a piece of paper. (the music below plays throughout)

            "My mind is soaked in words
            I've come to terms with all my insecurities
            And purities no friend of mine"

            FRED opens up the paper, and shows it to FAITH, while not giving it to her. FAITH widens her eyes as she reads what's on it. She finishes, and looks back to FRED.

            FAITH: That's our lease.

            FRED: Actually? That's my lease.

            She leans to the side again and sets the paper back down. (the music below plays throughout)

            "And dreaming doesn't do no good
            Cause I don't wanna lie
            That I'm okay and I'm alright
            I'd rather take it and forget it"

            FAITH looks at her, worried.

            FAITH: You can't do this.

            FRED: Oh, I think I can.

            FAITH attempts to step inside, but is thrown back, into the wall, by an invisible force the moment she does. (the music below plays throughout)

            "Consider this a warning
            Cause I'll start another fight
            And you'll say its all alright
            I'll wait for the day when you find I'm too much for you, baby"

            FRED looks down at FAITH, who is now clutching the back of her head, in pain. She looks up at FRED.

            FRED: Consider yourselves evicted.

            With that, she slams the door. ROBIN and TOMMY go to help FAITH up, but she is already getting up without their help. She stares at the door, before walking down the stairs, quickly. TOMMY and ROBIN glance at each other, and follow. (the music below plays throughout)

            "So lay your hands over me
            And feel what you only see
            But don't bother wasting your time if you're trying to change me"


            MR. DUPONT stands in his office, and ARTEMIS is standing there as well, with a guard holding her arm. She is not putting up a fight, and she looks solemnly at MR. DUPONT. He smiles at her.

            MR. DUPONT: I wanted to tell you earlier, Artemis?(pause) We're only trying to do what's best for you.

            He nods at the guard, who begins to pull her away. She widens her eyes. (the music below plays throughout)

            "You're kinda cool but I know better than to break the rules
            Of messin' with a lesson that I'll never learn
            I'll go from bad to worse and later back to better
            But I'll never better bridges that I'm bent to burn"


            The guard is seen dragging ARTEMIS down the hallway. She tries stopping him.

            ARTEMIS: Hey, where are we going?

            When she doesn't get a response, she looks like she's concentrating on something really hard?but whatever it is fails.

            ARTEMIS: (cont'd, to herself) Why won't my powers work?

            The guard ignores her, and continues to drag her down the hallway. (the music below plays throughout)

            "And dreaming doesn't do no good
            Cause I don't wanna lie
            That I'm okay and I'm alright
            I'd rather take it and forget it
            Consider this a warning"


            The music takes over and time seems to slow as we see cells, filled with women, men, and children alike. A demon can be seen from time to time. The guard still has ARTEMIS by the arm, who is trying to hit him, but he is somehow deflecting any attacks she is attempting. He opens a cell, throws her in it, closes the door, locks it, and walks away. (the music below plays throughout)

            "Cause I'll start another fight
            And you'll say its all alright
            I'll wait for the day when you find I'm too much for you, baby"


            FAITH, ROBIN, and TOMMY walk down the stairs, and time is still slow. They walk out of the apartment building, and we close-up on FAITH'S face?which fills with shock. The view is switched, and we see that there are at least three police cars outside of the building. Time returns to normal. BRIAN still holding MARIE, SAM, and ALAN are near the police. They are restrained, and they cannot do anything. (the music below plays throughout)

            "So lay your hands over me
            And feel what you only see
            But don't bother wasting your time if you're trying to change me"

            Several police officers have their guns pointed in the direction of FAITH, ROBIN, and TOMMY.

            POLICE OFFICER 1: Faith Lehane, you are under arrest.

            FAITH looks at him, stunned. (the music below plays throughout)

            "This is warning?"

            FAITH looks to the side, where she sees an opening. One of the police officers sees her notice this?and steps in front of it.

            POLICE OFFICER 2: Don't even try it.

            FAITH locks eyes with the police officer. (the music below plays throughout)

            "This is a warning?"

            The camera zooms out, and we see FAITH and Co., trapped. Guns remain pointed at FAITH, ROBIN, and TOMMY.

            "?This is warning?"

            The song fades out. No one moves.

            FADE TO BLACK

            END OF EPISODE

            "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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              ? This episode was the mid-season finale. Where one Big Bad ends?Well, I'll let you fill in the rest of that sentence.
              ? Cordelia finally reappears, but, as you can see, she's not working for the best of people. How she got in that position will be revealed in flashbacks in one of the episodes in the second half of the season.
              ? A whole new company's entered the scene now, thought to be led by Mr. Dupont?They're clearly up to something, otherwise they wouldn't have cages under the building.
              ? So we see how truly powerful Fred has become, and part of how much she's changed. How and why are the questions that will be answered in the next episode.

              "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."