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Rogue Redemption 2.07 "Reverse Psychology"

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  • Rogue Redemption 2.07 "Reverse Psychology"

    Rogue Redemption
    2.07 "Reverse Psychology"



    FAITH, ROBIN, ALAN, SAM, BRIAN, and TOMMY are all sitting against the wall. We pan over to LENA standing in front of them, a gun in her hand.

    LENA: If one of you moves so much as an inch, this nifty little thing?

    She indicates the gun by waving it around, making some people flinch.

    LENA: (cont'd) ?Goes off. Got it?

    No one responds, and LENA takes this as a yes. She keeps the gun in one hand as she pulls out a cell phone, pressing speed dial for a certain contact, but we cannot see the screen of the cell phone; we don't know who she's calling. It rings twice before someone picks up. We cannot hear what they're saying.

    LENA: Yeah, I've got ?em. Gotta say, you were right. They are gullible.

    She looks at FAITH and smiles when she says this.

    LENA: (cont'd) Uh-huh. No problem.

    She closes the phone and puts it back in her pocket, getting better control of the gun. She looks down at them, and she sees SAM smiling. LENA raises an eyebrow, shifting the gun's aim to her.

    LENA: (cont'd) What's so funny?

    SAM shrugs, not replying. She begins to lift her hands, but LENA gets closer to her and aims the gun at her head, her finger pressing harder on the trigger.

    LENA: (cont'd) I really wouldn't do that if I were you.

    SAM continues to raise her hands. She tilts her head?it's as if she's testing LENA. LENA brings the gun closer to her head.

    LENA: (cont'd) You really don't think I'll shoot you?

    SAM doesn't hesitate; she begins to murmur something just as the hand that LENA'S holding the gun in moves, and she hits SAM across the face with it. A red mark appears on her cheek, and she purses her lips. LENA takes a few steps back.

    LENA: (cont'd) You're right. I won't?yet. I wouldn't test my patience if I were you.

    SAM looks up at her, glaring.

    SAM: Yeah, well, you're not me.

    LENA steps forward and aims the gun at SAM'S head yet again.

    LENA: (angrily) You're not gonna be you much longer if you don't shut up.

    SAM continues to glare at her, but shuts up. LENA stands there, murmuring something that we cannot hear. There is a sound of someone moving in one of the rooms down the hallway, and LENA glances down the hallway, before looking back to the group.

    LENA: Who's back there?

    No one answers. LENA furrows her eyebrows, but doesn't go to investigate. She walks over to FAITH, who is looking at the floor, chuckling.

    LENA: (cont'd) I swear, you people have a death wish or something. Laughing at me really isn't increasing your chances of existing.

    FAITH looks up at her, raising an eyebrow, acting very confident.

    FAITH: You can't take all of us. (beat) You shoot one, you're gonna have five people with their hands at your throat.

    LENA: Really?

    She aims the gun at FAITH'S shoulder. FAITH smiles, standing up. LENA keeps her aim on FAITH'S shoulder.

    LENA: (cont'd) How did you-

    FAITH: Really.

    LENA looks at FAITH angrily, before laughing almost hysterically and shaking her head. FAITH looks confused as to what she finds so funny, and crosses her arms over her chest.

    LENA: (trying hard to breathe) I'm sorry, it's just?

    She still has the gun aimed at FAITH'S shoulder?and she pulls the trigger. We don't see FAITH, but we hear the sound of someone hitting the floor.

    LENA: (cont'd) I really doubt it.

    She smiles, looking at the floor. We still do not see FAITH?the camera angles so that we can see behind LENA?MARIE is standing there, a lamp in hand. She swings it, and hits LENA in the head, who slumps to the floor, a smile still etched on her face. MARIE looks to everyone sitting on the floor.

    MARIE: What the hell is going on?

    That's when she notices?FAITH is laying on her stomach on the floor, and we see the bullet wound that has gone through her shoulder. She's wincing in pain and blood is seeping on the floor. We close-up on FAITH who is glancing at her wound, only to close her eyes tight again. Blood is flowing onto the floor, and fast.




    Guest Starring:


    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    ACT I



    MARIE is on her knees on the floor next to FAITH, looking at her wound. She looks up at the group who are still sitting against the wall.

    MARIE: What are you guys doing?!

    They don't respond.

    MARIE: (angrily, cont'd) Why are you just sitting there?! Get up! Help!

    They still remain silent and still. They seem like they're in a trance-like state. We hear a chuckling in the background. MARIE looks behind her, where LENA is on the ground. She is not unconscious, as she appeared to be before. MARIE glares at her.

    MARIE: (cont'd) What's so funny?

    LENA continues to chuckle, starting to sit up. But before she can, MARIE punches her, making her go back on the floor.

    LENA: Nifty little trick, isn't it? They can't hear you. I knew I wouldn't be able to hurt her and not have them all try to attack me at once, so I cast a little spell?They're kinda paralyzed at the moment.

    MARIE looks at her, angry. She turns away from her, though, and puts her attention back to FAITH. She concentrates on her wound, and we see the bullet slowly being pulled out of FAITH'S shoulder. FAITH groans in pain.

    MARIE: You're lucky she didn't hit anything vital?

    FAITH: (weakly) Yeah, lucky?

    Suddenly, MARIE is hit in the head and laying on the floor. LENA is seen standing above both MARIE and FAITH.

    LENA: Trust me, you won't be so lucky next time, and your little friend won't even get a second chance?

    FAITH tries sitting up, but is in unsuccessful.

    FAITH: (weakly) Why??

    Before LENA answers, MARIE is standing up, facing her, glaring.

    MARIE: I really don't like being hit.

    LENA: You see, that's gonna be a problem.

    She pulls her arm back to hit MARIE again, but MARIE grabs her arm before impact.

    MARIE: I don't think it is.

    LENA: Let. Go. Of me.

    MARIE: Fine?

    She lets go, but pushes LENA to the ground. She hovers over her, glaring.

    MARIE: (cont'd) I want some answers. Now.

    LENA looks at her, and then to FAITH, who is still laying on the ground.

    LENA: You might not wanna worry about me right now. Your friend isn't looking too good?

    MARIE looks back to FAITH, and walks over to her. She glances at her wound, which is bleeding badly.

    LENA: (O/S) Looks like I hit something important after all.

    MARIE: (not looking at her) Shut up.

    MARIE looks around frantically and spots a jacket to the side. She grabs it, and places pressure on FAITH'S wound.

    MARIE: (cont'd) Are you alright?

    FAITH nods weakly. MARIE frowns?FAITH is a Slayer, but no one could stand to lose this much blood...

    There is a sudden slamming of a door, and MARIE looks around, to see that LENA has gone. She sighs, but look back to FAITH. She looks at the group sitting against the wall?and they all seem to come out of their trance-like state, probably because LENA left They take a few seconds to realize what's going on, and ROBIN is the first one to rush to FAITH'S side.

    ROBIN: What happened?!

    MARIE shakes her head.

    MARIE: No time to explain?she needs to get to a hospital.

    FAITH: (faintly) Wait, what? Hospi- ?I don't like hospitals?

    ROBIN looks down at her in her weakened state, frowning.

    ROBIN: I'm afraid you're going to have to go anyway, Faith?

    He puts his arm around her shoulders, helping her sit up and eventually stand. He looks to the rest of the group.

    ROBIN: (cont'd) Can someone help me?

    Some of them seem too shocked still, but TOMMY is up in a second.

    TOMMY: I'll go.

    ROBIN nods, and starts to walk toward the door with FAITH learning against him. TOMMY grabs the keys to the car, and opens the door for ROBIN, before all three of them exit. The camera pans back to MARIE, who looks at the people who are still left- ALAN, SAM, and BRIAN. There is silence for a few moments.

    MARIE: What just happened?

    Everyone appears as if they are in shock, but BRIAN responds.

    BRIAN: I don't really know?Lena seemed like she was fine, then she pulled a gun out?and then? I don't remember.

    MARIE: I'm pretty sure the part you don't remember is when she paralyzed you.

    ALAN: She paralyzed us?

    MARIE: Yeah?

    ALAN: Why?

    MARIE rolls her eyes, as if the answer should be obvious.

    MARIE: Well I'm guessing you noticed that Faith was shot? (pause) If she did that without all of you paralyzed, what do you think you guys would have done to her?

    ALAN: Oh.

    SAM: Where'd she go?

    MARIE: She ran. She must have been scared?but she said she'd only be gone temporarily.

    SAM: So she's gonna be back.

    MARIE: Yeah?maybe with more than just guns this time.

    There is a pause, and they take this all in. LENA could come back with an army, for all they know.

    SAM: Wait?where were you?

    MARIE: I?I was out.

    SAM eyes MARIE suspiciously, but decides to let it go. She looks closer at MARIE, and frowns.

    SAM: What's wrong?

    MARIE looks at her. We can tell she's pretending to be confused.

    MARIE: What do you mean?

    SAM: You look like you were crying?

    MARIE: I do? I wasn't? It's nothing. It must be from?lack of sleep or something.

    SAM: Right?

    She doesn't want to, but she lets it go. They have bigger problems to deal with right now.


    The camera is focused on the bed, which is empty and still made, as if it hasn't been touched at all. We hear the sound of water running, and the camera moves deeper into the motel room, toward the bathroom. The door is open, and we see LENA standing over the sink, washing her hands. She splashes some water on her face, dries it with the nearest title, and looks back in the mirror. She looks very serious, trying her best not to get upset.

    CLARK: (V/O) I know what you are?a killer.


    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. LENA looks at CLARK, annoyed.

    LENA: You don't know the first thing about what I am.

    CLARK: I beg to differ, Lena? I know everything about you.

    LENA: Just because we share the same genes doesn't mean-

    CLARK: Now now, no need to get testy.

    LENA opens her mouth as if she's going to say something, but stops herself.

    CLARK: (cont'd) Aren't you happy to see me?

    LENA scoffs, even more annoyed than before.

    LENA: You abandoned me, killed my mother-

    CLARK: I did not.

    His eyes narrow. LENA looks at him as if what he said is ridiculous, and continues.

    LENA: -And now you have me here, practically being forced to talk to you. I walk in and start throwing out insults?which part of that makes you think I'm happy to see you?

    EVE: (O/S) I hate to break up your lovely little family reunion?

    The camera moves over to EVE, who is standing near the wall at the other side of the room.

    EVE: (cont'd) But there's more to this than I'm letting on?

    LENA: Excuse me?


    LENA is still looking in the mirror, and she sighs. There is the sound of footsteps in the main area of the room, and she freezes. She slowly pokes her head outside of the bathroom door to see two (what look like) lawyers. She looks alert, and moves further into the bathroom, trying to make sure they don't see her. She doesn't dare turn the lights on or move very far, for fear that they'll notice.

    LAWYER 1: (O/S) It looks like she's moved on?

    LAWYER 2: (O/S) Doubt it. All the lights are still on, and a few of her personal belongings are sitting around. Do you really think she just up and left them?

    LAWYER 1: (O/S) She could have.

    LAWYER 2: (O/S) True, but we should have a look around before we leave. If she's here and we just ignore that, you know that our heads will be on the line.

    LAWYER 1: (O/S) Right.

    LENA'S eyes close tightly quickly before they snap open again. They are narrowed; She might be afraid, but she's not weak. There is a sound of papers shuffling in the other room. She glares, at nothing in particular.

    LENA: (under her breath) Dammit?

    The sounds stop. No one talks. The camera moves over to where the LAWYERS are standing, and they are looking in the direction of the bathroom. LAWYER 1 motions for LAWYER 2 to go first. He's hesitant, but begins walking in that direction. Has he gets closer to the bathroom, he pokes his head in?only to be hit hard in the head with a hair dryer. He falls to the ground, unconscious. LENA is shown standing in the doorway, holding the hair dryer. LAWYER 1 backs away slightly, raising his hands in surrender.

    LAWYER 1: Look, we don't want to hurt you.

    LENA: Too bad the feeling's not mutual.

    She goes to hit him as well, just as the door to the motel room opens. She doesn't turn to look who it is, but she stops herself from hitting the lawyer.

    WOMAN: (O/S) I'd appreciate if you could leave at least one of them conscious.

    LENA purses her lips into a tight line, annoyed, and looks to see who it is?

    EVE: (cont'd) I believe we still have business to take care of.

    LENA looks at her, grimly.


    The camera is focused on FAITH who is sitting on a hospital bed, fiddling her thumbs. She turns to the side, looking at someone?ROBIN who is sitting in a chair next to her bed.

    FAITH: Is this really necessary?

    ROBIN: Well, yeah? They want to make sure you're okay.

    FAITH: I'm fine, I just wanna go.

    ROBIN: Faith you lost a lot of blood?

    FAITH: Yeah, but I'm fine now. Super-healing powers and all that.

    ROBIN: You wouldn't be fine if they didn't stop the bleeding.

    FAITH rolls her eyes.

    FAITH: Please, I've survived worse.

    ROBIN: Again, with medical attention?

    FAITH sighs, and looks away.

    ROBIN: (cont'd) Sorry, it's just?I worry about you.

    FAITH shakes her head.

    FAITH: It's fine?I'm kinda glad you do.

    She looks back to him, and gives him a faint smile. He smiles back. A nurse walks into the room, interrupting the pleasant moment. She is holding a clipboard, and she doesn't look up from it as she flips through the papers on it. TOMMY walks in right behind her, glancing at FAITH before moving to stand near ROBIN.

    NURSE: Everything looks good Miss?

    She looks at papers more carefully.

    NURSE: (cont'd) Lehane... Everything looks good.

    She glances up from her papers, smiling.

    NURSE: (cont'd) And you seem to be recovering fast enough. Really fast?

    She pauses, in thought.

    FAITH: Yeah?I've always been a fast healer. (beat) Can I go now?

    NURSE: (under her breath) Remarkable? (pause, louder) Yes, as soon as you fill out these forms, you're free to go.

    The nurse hands FAITH the clipboard and a pen, before turning to walk out of the room.

    NURSE: (walking out of the room) I'll be back in a few minutes to get those.

    FAITH looks down at the papers, sighing.

    FAITH: Fun?

    She begins to fill them out.


    The camera is focused on a random art exhibit within the museum, and no one is there. All is quiet for a few moments, before the sound of footsteps echoing is heard. They are hesitant, but persistence. Just then we see a FIGURE walk quickly across the screen, past the art exhibit. They are dressed completely in black, and clearly have a goal.

    The camera follows them and we see what they're headed for; Historical artifacts, including jewels and other valuables. They stop when they come to a point where lasers are securing the area. They glance around, and continue to move forward, but carefully. Over, under, and around the lasers until they reach one particular case. We still cannot see who it is, even though they have stepped into the light, because they have a mask on. The case is unlocked, so they reach out to open it. It is opened and they grab the contents; a single, blue-coloured jewel. They put it in their pocket, and close the case?and that's when an alarm sounds.

    They look up and see that all of the lasers have disappeared, and they start to run. The alarms are blaring really loud, and we begin to hear sirens of police cars in the distance.


    The figure comes running out of the building just as a police car shows up. The policeman that is driving the car gets out of the car and grabs a gun from his holster, running toward the figure.

    POLICEMAN: (yelling) Stop!

    The figure does not slow down, but their mask flies off, as it wasn't on very tight in the first place. We can tell that it is a woman, because of both her figure and her hair whipping in the wind. She doesn't turn back once, and the policeman tries to catch up with her?about a block or so down the street, the policeman stops, trying to catch his breath. He puts his gun back in his holster and reaches for a radio.

    POLICEMAN: (cont'd, into radio) I lost her.

    DISPATCHER: That's alright, sir. We're going to check the security cameras.

    The POLICEMAN nods, out of breath. He begins to walk back to where his car is parked, as the camera's angle moves up. It closes in on the side of the museum, above the street where the figure was running?and we see that there is a camera there. The one camera that would have seen whoever it was.



    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT II

      FADE IN


      The sun has not begun to rise yet, but time appears to move faster and after a few seconds, we see the sun rise quickly.


      LENA is sitting at a desk, with her arms crossed on her chest. She looks angry, and she's staring at the wall. There's no one else in the room with her. She sees a coffee mug on the desk, and moves her stare to it before picking it up and looking at it. Without warning, she throws it at the door, and it shatters. The door opens, and we see EVE look at LENA, then to the ground, where the bits of the coffee mug are.

      EVE: Wow. Way to take your anger out on inanimate objects, kid.

      LENA: (under her breath) If only you were an inanimate object?

      EVE: What's that?

      LENA: (through her teeth) Nothing, and I'm not a kid. I'm not much younger than you.

      EVE: I'm older than I look.

      She chuckles, as if she's in on some private joke. LENA doesn't find it amusing.

      LENA: Want to tell me what I'm doing here? I thought I held up my end of the deal.

      EVE walks further into the room, shutting the door and stepping over the glass.

      EVE: Oh, you did? that deal.

      LENA: What do you mean??

      EVE: That was just the start.

      LENA: (warily) The start of what?

      EVE: The Plan.

      LENA: Gee, could you be more vague?

      EVE walks closer to the desk, and LENA narrows her eyes, causing EVE to slow down.

      EVE: I know it's not much of name, but believe me?it's a hell of a plan.

      LENA: Care to fill me in?

      EVE: Just on your part in all of it. Wouldn't want you spoiling everything for us, would we?

      LENA: Look, I'm not going to help you unless you tell me what's going-

      EVE: (interrupting) I think you are.

      LENA: And why's that?

      EVE steps closer, leaning in to almost whisper the next few words.

      EVE: Because we'll kill you if you don't.

      LENA looks at her as if she doesn't believe her, at first, but she sees the growing sincerity on EVE'S face and she knows that she's not lying.


      TOMMY, FAITH, ROBIN, and MARIE are all sitting in the living room, and they appear to be in a conversation.

      FAITH: I knew I shouldn'ta trusted her?I don't know what I was thinking.

      MARIE: Maybe you weren't.

      FAITH raises an eyebrow.

      FAITH: Excuse me?

      MARIE: Well? I don't think you were. None of us were. Since when is it okay to trust a complete stranger?

      TOMMY: Since she said she was trying to get away from Clark?

      MARIE: Right?who's Clark?

      TOMMY doesn't answer, and looks to FAITH, who winces slightly at the mention of his name.

      TOMMY: Faith??

      FAITH looks at him, clearly upset, but decides to answer.

      FAITH: He's a killer. He killed my mother and who knows who else?

      MARIE: Oh. Wow?

      TOMMY: So you see, we had pretty good reason to trust her. Not so much now, though, obviously?

      There is silence, before MARIE looks troubled.

      MARIE: Hey?has anyone seen Illyria?

      No one answers.

      MARIE: (cont'd) I thought I heard something in the back room yesterday?but I forgot it with all the stuff that happened?

      FAITH: Yeah, I heard it too?

      ROBIN and TOMMY shake their heads.

      MARIE: Well you guys wouldn't have, you were kinda under a trance.

      ROBIN: Oh?right.

      TOMMY: Did I mention how much I didn't like that? ?Cause?I didn't.

      ROBIN: No one appreciated it, Tommy.

      MARIE: But?I wonder if something happened to Illyria?

      FAITH: She doesn't seem the damsel-in-distress type.

      MARIE: Still?I think we should check on her.

      FAITH: Right. You do that.

      MARIE shakes her head, and begins to walk down the hallway toward the room that ILLYRIA is staying in.


      We see no sign of ILLYRIA (now FRED). The door to the room opens, and MARIE walks in. She walks toward the middle of the room, cautiously.

      MARIE: (slowly) Illyria??

      There is silence for a few moments.

      FRED: (O/S) Sorry, honey?

      MARIE swivels around to see FRED standing behind her, only a few feet away. She wasn't there before? She's also not in ILLYRIA'S outfit anymore. She's wearing casual clothing, and she's smiling.

      FRED: (cont'd) Illyria's not here anymore.

      MARIE looks shocked. Who is this stranger?

      MARIE: What'd you do to her?

      FRED: (bitterly) The same thing she did to me.

      MARIE furrows her eyebrows, looking confused. She goes to say something, but FRED starts walking out of the room. MARIE grabs her shoulders, but FRED shakes her off. She tries once again, and the camera pans to FRED'S face, and she looks annoyed. She turns around.

      FRED: (cont'd) Stop it.

      MARIE: What are you doing?!

      FRED: Taking care of something.

      She turns around to walk out of the room again, but MARIE walks around and in front of her.

      MARIE: You're going to tell me exactly what you're doing or-

      FRED: Or what?

      She cocks her head, imitating ILLYRIA.

      FRED: (cont'd) I think you should move.

      MARIE doesn't say anything, but she doesn't move, either. FRED sighs, and looks at MARIE almost apologetically before pushing her to the ground, walking past her, and heading out of the room. MARIE looks after her, worried.


      The camera is focused on TOMMY, FAITH, and ROBIN sitting in the living room, and the sound of someone walking down the hallway can be heard. They turn their heads to see who it is.

      FAITH: Marie?

      MARIE: (O/S) Hey! Stop!

      TOMMY raises an eyebrow.

      TOMMY: I'm guessing not.

      FRED: (O/S) Not exactly.

      FAITH looks at her, in awe.

      FAITH: Fred?

      FRED steps further into the living room. Before she can say anything, MARIE comes running out into the living room, toward FRED.

      MARIE: You?

      She glares at her angrily, and looks as if she's about to attack her.

      FAITH: Marie, don't.

      MARIE looks at her as if she's insane.

      MARIE: What do you mean, don't? She? (pause) She pushed me? (beat) And now I realize how childish I sound?

      FAITH: Uh-huh.

      FRED looks at FAITH, who takes a few moments too look back.

      FRED: I only pushed her because she wouldn't get out of my way.

      FAITH: Wow?that's not very you of you.

      FRED: Being where I've been can change a girl.

      FAITH: I can see that?unless that dye job was on purpose.

      FRED grabs a strand of her hair, pulling it in front of her face, looking at it, before tucking it behind her ear.

      FRED: Yeah?

      She looks away.

      TOMMY: Uh?Hope you don't mind me asking but? Who are you, and what the hell are you doing here?

      FRED: It's kinda a long story?

      TOMMY: Summarize it.

      FRED glares at him.

      FAITH: Yeah, as much as I love seein' you here, I thought Angel said your soul was destroyed?

      FRED: It almost was.

      ROBIN: Almost?

      FRED nods, and looks upset, before continuing.

      FRED: Last year, when Illyria?took over my body?I could feel my soul slipping away. I couldn't fight back, I was helpless?

      She looks tearful, but continues.

      FRED: (cont'd) By the time she took over completely, I didn't even have time to- (pause) I didn't know what was going on and I was scared. I was in this place?I don't even remember where. But someone was there with me?and they told me I could go back. I had to prove myself first though?

      She looks at the ground.

      FAITH: How?

      FRED doesn't look up, and it doesn't look like she plans on sharing anymore of her story. FAITH frowns, but lets it go, for the moment.

      MARIE: Wait, how do you know her?

      FAITH: She's an old friend?

      FRED looks at FAITH, and gives her a weak smile. There is an awkward silence, and we hear noises- people talking- in the kitchen. FRED looks in the direction of that room.

      FRED: Who's that?

      FAITH looks at her confused, but then realizes.

      FAITH: Oh, we musta left the TV on?

      FRED furrows her eyebrows as she walks into the kitchen. FAITH looks after her, and gets up to follow her. FRED gets in the kitchen and sees the television off to the side. She walks up to it, turning it up, and then backing away to watch and listen.

      NEWS BROADCASTER: (on TV) Last night a museum was robbed. Fortunately, only one item was stolen. But this item was of high value to the museum, and the owner is not pleased. The police are on the lookout for the woman who stole this precious jewel. We are lucky enough to have caught her image on camera, so if any of you have seen this woman?

      The screen shifts from the broadcaster to a picture of a woman running?FRED and FAITH look at the screen. FRED does not recognize her?but FAITH does. She widens her eyes?it is ARTEMIS. The screen shifts back to the broadcaster.

      NEWS BROADCASTER: (cont'd) ?Please contact us immediately. Anything you can give us as to inform us about her whereabouts would be extremely helpful. And now to you-

      FAITH: What is she doing?

      FRED looks to her.

      FRED: You know her?

      FAITH: She tried to kill me.

      FRED: Oh. (beat) So you know her?

      FAITH: Kind of?

      She walks away from FRED and back into the living room. FRED looks back to the television, and concentrates on it as they show ARTEMIS' picture again. She frowns before following FAITH.


      FAITH rushes into the living room, and is slowly followed by FRED. ROBIN notices the urgency in FAITH'S expression.

      ROBIN: What's going on?

      FAITH: You remember those "nice" people that kidnapped you?

      ROBIN: As if I could forget?

      FAITH: Yeah, well, they're back. And one of them is being the city's newest klepto.

      ROBIN looks confused.

      ROBIN: Wait, what?

      FAITH: Looks like the bitch is back.

      ROBIN: Oh. Her. Great. (beat) What'd she steal?

      FAITH shrugs.

      FAITH: Not really sure?some "precious jewel" from a museum downtown.

      MARIE: (O/S) Wait?

      FAITH turns to MARIE, who is standing on almost the exact opposite side of the room.

      MARIE: (cont'd) Did they mention the name of this jewel?

      FAITH: I dunno?I don't think so. Why?

      MARIE: It's nothing really?Well, it's something. (beat) Um, forget that. It's something big.

      FAITH: It might help if you told us what it was.

      MARIE: It's just?people?witches?have been talking about these stones being activated. They're linked to something called "chakra"?Basically, it increases the physical and emotional parts of the human body?and if someone who wasn't exactly?well, "human" got a hold of them?

      She pauses, as if waiting for FAITH to fill in the blanks for herself.

      FRED: Their powers would increase.

      MARIE: (nodding) Right. So much that they could become i-invincible.

      She looks to FAITH, who is now looking more worried than she did a few minutes ago.



      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT III

        FADE IN


        EVE is standing in the middle of what looks like a lobby, and she looks very impatient.

        MAN: (O/S) You look annoyed.

        EVE doesn't turn to see who the man is, and rolls her eyes.

        EVE: Hm?standing in a lobby, waiting for hours for someone who clearly doesn't own a watch?Now?

        She turns around.

        EVE: (cont'd, sarcastically) How could that possibly be annoying?

        MAN: (O/S) I think you'll find you should not speak to me in that tone.

        EVE looks confused, but as the MAN steps into the light and she realizes who it is, she widens her eyes.

        EVE: Oh?oops.

        We now see the MAN (played by ALAN DALE). He looks very business-like, serious?and almost deadly.

        EVE: (cont'd) Fallyn? I thought you were someone el-

        FALLYN puts a hand up to stop her, and shakes his head.

        FALLYN: It's not important, child. Though you are lucky that you have a task to do. Otherwise?

        EVE bites her lip as FALLYN steps forward, almost smiling.

        FALLYN: (cont'd) Let's just say you would be out of the job.

        EVE: I really didn't mean-

        FALLYN: I know. Just don't let it happen again. (pause) Speaking of your task? How is it coming along?

        EVE: It's going good. So far she's done everything we've asked her to?Stubborn little thing, though.

        FALLYN raises an eyebrow.

        FALLYN: How so?

        EVE: I kinda had to threaten her.

        FALLYN looks at her, staring, before nodding.

        FALLYN: That is what you have to do, in some cases.

        He looks to the side, where the lone door to a room can be seen, before looking back to EVE, indicating the door.

        FALLYN: (cont'd) Is she in there?

        EVE: For now. She's about to head out.

        FALLYN: Going on the mission?

        EVE shakes her head.

        EVE: No, I mean that door's gonna open in three?two?

        Before EVE can say one, the door opens and LENA exits the room. She stops dead in her tracks when she sees EVE and FALLYN standing in the lobby. She has a backpack slung on her shoulder, and looks startled at the sight of the two people.

        LENA: Oh, hi?

        EVE raises an eyebrow, looking at the backpack.

        EVE: Going somewhere?

        LENA looks down at the backpack, and back at EVE. She shrugs.

        LENA: Just wanted to get some fresh air.

        EVE: And you have luggage why?

        LENA: Um?

        EVE steps closer to LENA.

        EVE: I think the air's fresh enough in here.

        LENA: Actually, this place kinda smells?

        EVE: Not the point. You're not going anywhere, end of discussion. Now, are you going to go be a good girl and sit in that room or do I have to play mommy and tell you to go to your room?

        LENA glares at EVE, and turns to walk back towards the room. We focus on her face, and she looks pissed off.

        FALLYN: (O/S) Lena?

        She looks interested, and turns around, looking at FALLYN.

        LENA: Who are you?

        FALLYN smiles and steps closer to her, with an expression on his face that is almost welcoming.

        FALLYN: It's nice to meet you. I trust you're doing all you can for our company.

        He holds at a hand, and LENA just stares at it before looking him in the eyes again.

        LENA: Again I ask?

        FALLYN pulls his hand back.

        FALLYN: Oh, how rude of me? (pause) I'm one of the?well, you can't really call us people?but we're in charge of everything this company does. I'm Eve's boss.

        LENA: And you haven't fired her yet, why? Seriously, she has poor customer service skills?

        FALLYN chuckles, and then looks serious again.

        FALLYN: She may at that, but she is very useful in other ways. (beat) I should know, I created her.

        LENA looks at him, confused.

        LENA: Wait?you're her dad?

        FALLYN looks amused.

        FALLYN: Hm? You could say that, I suppose. She is, after all, a child of the Senior Partners.

        LENA: (confused) Senior Partners?

        FALLYN smiles, as he begins to fill her in?


        The hallways are empty, save for a teacher, who is probably on their way to their lunch break. The camera moves past them, and into a separate hallway, which looks like it leads to some of the dorms. A woman is seen walking down the hallway, and we soon recognize her as SAM. ALAN is right behind her.

        ALAN: Well, that class was?exciting.

        SAM: Yeah, the professor falling asleep was a real hoot.

        She chuckles, and ALAN smiles.

        SAM: (cont'd) I swear, I don't think we ever have or will learn anything in that class.

        ALAN: Less learning means less thinking, which means less work. And hey, I'm okay with that.

        SAM nods, agreeing.

        SAM: Yeah?With everything that's been going on?it's nice.

        ALAN: Yeah.

        They look at each other, and there is a brief, awkward silence. SAM motions to a door that is nearby.

        SAM: Well unfortunately for me, not all of my classes are like that. Gotta go, y'know, do work.

        ALAN: Right?I should go too.

        He smiles at her before walking past her, and she looks after him, frowning. She turns to her room, and goes in.


        FAITH is standing in the middle of the room, pacing.

        FAITH: This is not good?

        TOMMY: Look, let's not be pessimistic or-

        FAITH: It's kinda hard to be optimistic when she's powerful enough as it is.

        She looks at MARIE and ROBIN.

        FAITH: (cont'd) You saw what she can do, without being invincible?

        They look at her, worried as well.

        MARIE: There's?There's no telling what she could do with that power?

        ROBIN: But what if it's not for her?

        FAITH: What d'ya mean?

        ROBIN: She was working for someone before?or at least, it looked like it.

        FAITH: So you think that?what? They're planning something?

        ROBIN nods.

        ROBIN: Something big.

        MARIE: I thought we already established this.

        ROBIN: I just thought I'd be repetitive.

        MARIE: Good idea. It's not like anyone listens to me.

        She looks at FAITH, glaring. FAITH rolls her eyes, ignoring her comment.

        FAITH: Look, stupid arguments aside?We need to find these people or, whatever they are?And fast.

        TOMMY: ?Cause if they get enough power?What?

        FAITH: Uh, it would be bad.

        TOMMY: Right. (beat) Where do we start?


        This is clearly the inside of a large building, and it appears to be vacant?EVE and LENA walk into the room, and LENA is once again carrying a backpack.

        EVE: I'm sure you know what you have to do.

        LENA looks around the room, and observes it closely.

        LENA: I have a good idea.

        She smiles.

        EVE: Fantastic!

        There is a pause, and LENA frowns.

        LENA: That Fallyn guy was?interesting?

        EVE: He's a Senior Partner, what do you expect?

        LENA: I've never heard of them before today.

        EVE: Well, hun, you're gonna hear a lot about them from now on. They're in charge of me, which makes them in charge of you.

        LENA: Uh, no one is in charge of me.

        EVE: So why can't you walk out that door?

        She makes a gesture to the exit, raising an eyebrow. LENA remains silent.

        EVE: (cont'd) That's what I thought. (beat) You're just as trapped as I am.

        LENA looks at her, confused.

        LENA: Wait, you're trapped? How?

        EVE stares at her, silently for a few moments.

        EVE: I just am, ?kay? And I'm not about to get touchy-feely with you. You're only here to do your job. We're not going to be best friends, or even friends for that matter.

        LENA: But-

        EVE: Just drop it. (pause) Have fun.

        She smiles, and walks away, further into the building. The camera zooms out and we see that she is walking up a set of stairs, onto a separate floor. LENA sets her backpack down, and kneels next to it. She opens it, and pulls out files. The camera focuses on her face as she opens it, reading over the papers inside, and sighs. She closes it, and sets it down. The camera pans back to the backpack, as LENA pulls out a shotgun. She picks them up, leaving the backpack and the files, and heads to the second floor.


        The camera is focused on a door, which opens quickly. We see ARTEMIS, who is still dressed completely in black, walk in holding a small case. She appears out of breath.

        FIGURE: (O/S) It's about time.

        ARTEMIS: Hey, you try evading the cops while trying to not drop something that could shatter into a million pieces on impact?Let's see how fast you get back.

        We see the direction she is looking at, and we can see the FIGURE more clearly than we ever have before, but we still can't tell who, or what, it is.

        FIGURE: I would rather not.

        ARTEMIS: Figures. (beat) I've got what you asked for.

        FIGURE: Good. Set it with the others.

        ARTEMIS: No "thank you"?

        FIGURE: You'll get your thanks when this task is complete. (beat) Go set it with the others, now.

        ARTEMIS mumbles something under her breath, but we don't hear it, and neither does the FIGURE. She walks toward a table. At first, we do not see anything on it, but then we notice that there are several little cases similar to the one ARTEMIS brought in.

        FIGURE: (O/S) Is that all of them?

        ARTEMIS nods.

        ARTEMIS: All but one.

        She turns around, and the FIGURE is moving toward her, as if excited.

        FIGURE: Which?

        ARTEMIS: The Heart.


        BRIAN is sitting on his bed, and he looks as if he's thinking. There is a knock on his door, which makes him jump.

        BRIAN: Who is-

        Before he can finish his sentence, the door opens. FRED walks in. She gives him a small wave.

        FRED: Hi.

        BRIAN: ?Hi... Do I know you?

        FRED: Yeah. Well, kinda. I mean, I don't usually look like this. Or well I do but not recently and?(beat) I think I should stop before I start babbling?

        BRIAN looks at her, still confused.

        BRIAN: So?who are you?

        FRED: My name's Fred?but you'll know me as someone else?Illyria.

        BRIAN looks shocked, and stands.

        BRIAN: I?wait what? Where'd your blue hair go? Not to mention your outfit?

        FRED: It's a long story. (beat) Listen, this isn't exactly a social visit. I need you to help me.

        BRIAN: With what?

        FRED: I'm looking for someone.

        BRIAN looks uncertain.

        BRIAN: You seem like a nice enough person?but I don't know you, and I don't know what you did to Illyria?

        FRED: (angry) She did it to me first.

        BRIAN looks at her with pity, but also looks worried?not for her, but for ILLYRIA.

        BRIAN: Why don't you ask Faith?

        FRED shakes her head.

        FRED: She wouldn't understand?

        BRIAN: Why?

        FRED: Because of who I'm trying to find.

        BRIAN looks at her, curiously, and more hesitant now.

        BRIAN: If Faith doesn't want you looking for whoever it is?maybe you shouldn't look for them at all?

        FRED looks at him, very seriously.

        FRED: Brian, the world's not all black and white.


        FAITH, ROBIN, TOMMY, and MARIE are all standing and they look as if they're in deep conversation.

        TOMMY: So we need to do?what?

        MARIE: A locater's spell. It's pretty easy.

        FAITH: Yeah, but the thing is, there's no telling how hard they're trying to hide.

        ROBIN: We'll figure out a way to find them, I'm sure.

        FAITH: Not that I'm not a fan of optimism, but you can't know that.

        ROBIN: I believe that.

        FAITH gives him a small smile, and turns to MARIE.

        FAITH: So what are you gonna do if the Locater's spell doesn't work?

        MARIE shrugs.

        MARIE: I?I guess I'll have to try other spells. Not sure what yet, but I think I can figure it out?

        FAITH nods.

        FAITH: Good. (beat) Wanna do that now?

        MARIE: Um?sure?

        She walks toward the exit.

        FAITH: Where're you going?

        MARIE turns around.

        MARIE: Getting supplies.

        FAITH nods, as if dismissing her, and MARIE exits the room. FAITH looks to ROBIN. TOMMY stands near them, in an awkward position.

        TOMMY: Yeah?I've got something to do too.

        He waves at them before heading for the exit as well. FAITH and ROBIN are the only ones left in the room.

        FAITH: So?

        ROBIN: So.

        They stand there, in an awkward silence for quite some time.

        FAITH: Been a little hectic lately.

        She sighs, and ROBIN nods, agreeing.

        ROBIN: Yeah, about that-

        Before he finishes his sentence, FAITH gasps. ROBIN looks at her, concerned.

        ROBIN: (cont'd) Faith??

        The camera shifts to FAITH'S perspective. Everything looks double; even ROBIN.

        FAITH: (echoing) I?I uh?

        She closes her eyes.

        CUT TO BLACK

        FADE IN


        FAITH is standing in the middle of the room, and she opens her eyes. Everything is clear now, and we shift back to third-person perspective. She still looks dizzy, but less now.

        FAITH: Where?

        WOMAN: (O/S) So glad you could make it.

        FAITH looks confused for a moment, but then turns around?and sees LENA standing on something that looks like a balcony, holding a shotgun. FAITH looks worried.

        CUT TO BLACK

        END OF ACT III

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT IV

          FADE IN


          ROBIN stands in the same spot as before, looking shocked and confused. FAITH was just there a moment ago?but now?

          BRIAN: (O/S) Hey.

          ROBIN turns to BRIAN, with the same confused expression. He sees BRIAN and FRED standing in the hallway, walking into the living room, with their jackets on. BRIAN looks at ROBIN, concerned.

          BRIAN: Something's wrong.

          It isn't a question.

          ROBIN: Faith?

          BRIAN looks around, and then looks back to ROBIN.

          BRIAN: She's not here.

          ROBIN: I know?she just?disappeared.

          BRIAN: Disappeared as in she went poof, or she left?

          ROBIN: The first one?

          BRIAN: Huh. That's weird?maybe you could get Marie on it.

          ROBIN looks at them, noticing their jackets.

          ROBIN: Why can't you help? You going somewhere?

          BRIAN nods his head and indicates FRED.

          BRIAN: She needs my help.

          ROBIN: Doing what?

          BRIAN: Finding someone.

          ROBIN: Oh. (pause) Good luck?

          BRIAN: Yeah, thanks.

          He looks to FRED, who starts walking out of the apartment. BRIAN starts behind her, and turns back to ROBIN, sympathetic.

          BRIAN: (cont'd) I hope you find Faith.

          ROBIN looks at him, and doesn't respond. He sits down on the couch. BRIAN looks at him, concerned.

          BRIAN: (cont'd) Aren't you going to talk to Marie?

          ROBIN: (without looking up) She's out.

          BRIAN: Oh?I wish I could help but-

          ROBIN: Other priorities. Got it.

          BRIAN nods, and exits the apartment. ROBIN cradles his head in his heads, sighing.


          MARIE is walking down an aisle, lightly skimming the shelves with her fingertips, looking for something. She stops, and spots a crystal.

          MARIE: That should do it?

          She picks it up and walks over to the cashier, setting it on the counter. The cashier smiles at her.

          CASHIER: Is that all?

          MARIE: If it wasn't, wouldn't you think I'd put more than that on the counter?

          The cashier's smile fades, and she mumbles something under her breath.

          MARIE: (cont'd) I can mumble too, lady, but that's not getting me my merchandise any faster. (beat) Chop chop.

          The cashier glares at her, before entering the price of the item into the machine.

          CASHIER: Twelve dollars.

          MARIE reaches into a purse she's carrying, and pulls out a wallet, handing the cashier a twenty.

          MARIE: Keep the change.

          CASHIER: ?Why?

          MARIE eyes her outfit, and smiles.

          MARIE: You'll need it.

          She sets the twenty down, grabs the crystal, and walks out of the shop. The cashier looks after her, and scoffs.


          FRED and BRIAN are seen walking out of a large apartment building that has a "For Sale" sign on it.

          FRED: This is taking forever.

          BRIAN: Can I just ask why you're looking in vacant buildings?

          FRED begins to walk down the street. BRIAN sighs, and follows her.

          FRED: Because who I'm looking for likes to keep a low profile.

          BRIAN: And is also probably poor.

          FRED: Trust me, money's not an issue for them.

          BRIAN: I'd still like to know who you're looking for?

          FRED: You can't.

          BRIAN stops walking.

          BRIAN: Make it so I can.

          FRED keeps walking before she realizes that BRIAN stopped. She turns around.

          FRED: Look, if I could, I would. But it's not that simple.

          BRIAN: Make it that simple.

          FRED sighs in anger.

          FRED: What do you want from me?! I've told you what I can, alright? I can't tell you anymore. They won't let me.

          BRIAN looks at her, interested.

          BRIAN: They?

          FRED rolls her eyes, sighing again.

          FRED: You really think if they wouldn't let me tell you what they have planned, they would let me tell you their name? How thick are you?

          BRIAN: Thin enough to not follow your every word. (beat) Did I forget to mention? I'm an empath.

          FRED bites her bottom lip, worried.

          BRIAN: (cont'd) Yeah. So, I know something's up. And I know it's not good.

          FRED: It's complicated.

          BRIAN: I get that. But if you want my help?

          Suddenly, everything moves in slow motion. BRIAN looks at FRED, confused, and tries to ask her a question?but his words are inaudible. FRED looks confused as well. The background blurs, and the only things in focus are FRED and BRIAN. When the background comes into focus again, they are in a warehouse.

          VOICE: Welcome?

          FRED and BRIAN turn around. It is the FIGURE that is always with ARTEMIS. FRED widens her eyes.

          FRED: Asmodai?

          The FIGURE/ASMODAI comes into light. He is dressed in battle clothing, and he is smirking.

          ASMODAI: I'm glad you remember me, Winifred.

          BRIAN looks at FRED, worriedly.



          FAITH is on the ground floor, looking up at LENA.

          FAITH: What do you want?

          LENA looks at her, scoffing.

          LENA: (angrily) What do I want? Revenge.

          FAITH shakes her head, confused.

          FAITH: I didn't do anything to you.

          LENA: No, you didn't. He did.

          FAITH: Who are you ta-?Oh?

          FAITH looks at her with both worry and sympathy.

          LENA: Please, don't play the pity card with me.

          FAITH gives her a look of anger.

          FAITH: Fine. I shouldn't anyway. You freakin' shot me! I didn't even do anything to you. Is that where you get your kicks? Hurting innocent people?

          LENA glares at her.

          LENA: It's where you got them.

          This strikes a nerve. FAITH opens her mouth, but she has no words. She shakes her head.

          FAITH: It's different now.

          LENA: Oh, I bet it is.

          FAITH looks down?and she notices the handgun at the floor. She inches towards it, but hears LENA **** the shotgun, and stops in her tracks. She looks up.

          LENA: I wouldn't do that.

          FAITH: Why? You gonna shoot me again? I think you can see it's not really affective.

          LENA: That why you were in the hospital for hours?

          FAITH does not respond. LENA nods her head to the backpack.

          LENA: (cont'd) There's not only a gun down there, y'know. You might wanna think about looking in that backpack.

          FAITH eyes the backpack, and looks back to LENA.

          FAITH: You're not gonna shoot me?

          LENA almost smiles.

          LENA: Not right now.

          FAITH slowly walks toward the backpack, and unzips it slightly. We already see the folder that LENA was looking through earlier sticking out, and FAITH looks at it, curiously. She unzips the backpack the rest of the way, and pulls it out. The camera focuses on her face as she opens it, and we do not see what's in it. Her eyes move back and forth, reading?and stop. They widen a little, before going back and reading over a specific part again. She closes the folder.

          FAITH: Oh my god?You-

          The door opens, stopping FAITH mid-sentence. LENA'S aim shifts to the door. We focus on FAITH'S face, which is still in utter shock.

          WOMAN: (O/S) Well well?

          The camera quickly shifts to the threshold, where we see a WOMAN walking in?ARTEMIS. She smiles, closing the door.

          ARTEMIS: (cont'd) Look where a little locater's spell can get you.

          She continues smiling. LENA keeps changing her aim, from FAITH to ARTEMIS. FAITH, still registering her discovery, eyes the handgun once again. She quickly reaches down, grabbing it and aiming it at ARTEMIS. ARTEMIS smile does not fade. We see a blur, and she is not there?she is behind FAITH, holding her neck. She looks up at LENA.

          ARTEMIS: What are you going to do now?

          She looks at FAITH, and up to LENA. The camera shifts to LENA. We cannot see which person LENA is aiming at. She gaze shifts, looking back and forth at them. The music stops.

          CUT TO BLACK

          A shot is heard.

          END OF EPISODE

          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."