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  • Rogue Redemption 2.05 "S.O.S."

    2.05 "S.O.S"



    An empty house. It is very dark, but there is a distinct light about five feet away in a separate room. A quiet voice can be heard, but we can not hear the words, or make out who it is.

    A crash is heard. A small whimper afterwards. Then the quiet voice begins to speak again. We have moved closer to the room, so we can hear what it is saying- but the person is whispering so we still can't tell who is speaking.

    VOICE: It's going to be alright. Just keep quiet.

    The camera moves closer to the room, until we're inside of it. Someone with long, brunette hair is sitting in the corner. It is so dark that we can barely tell that anyone's there.

    WOMAN: (quietly) I'm trying.

    Another crash, and a gasp from the WOMAN. The voice shushes her, and we realize that the WOMAN has a phone next to her, and it is on. That is where the voice is coming from.

    MAN: (O/S) Come out, come out, wherever you are?

    The WOMAN gets closer to the corner, so she is even more so hidden in the shadows.

    MAN: (O/S, cont'd) You can't hide forever, you know. I'm going to find you eventually.

    His footsteps are heard, but they are getting farther away from the WOMAN'S hiding spot.

    VOICE: (on phone) I have a plan. Listen, carefully.


    The MAN can be seen walking through the room, searching for any sign of the WOMAN. Something is heard flying across the floor back where the WOMAN was before. We don't see the MAN'S face, but we do see him smile. He moves toward the noise.


    The MAN walks near the room that the WOMAN was in before. He walks in it, and looks around. We no longer see the WOMAN in the corner.

    VOICE: Hey! Over here!

    The MAN turns around. He sees nothing. He moves into the room across the hallway. He looks around the room, but still sees no one. He looks confused.

    VOICE: (cont'd) Down here.

    The MAN looks confused, still. But then he looks down, and nearly yells in anger. The phone is lying on the floor of the room.

    VOICE: (satisfied) Gotchya.

    The MAN seethes and brings his foot up before smashing the phone into hundreds of pieces with it. There is a sudden noise of the door to the apartment slamming. The MAN looks up and runs toward and out of the door.


    The MAN exits the house, and he is almost running. We hear footsteps in the distance but we cannot tell which direction they're moving in. The MAN yells because he has lost her.


    The WOMAN is seen running down the street. She looks back to see if the MAN is following her, and we still can't see her face. She sees that he isn't following her, and slows down to a walk.

    WOMAN: (talking to herself) This is bad?

    A familiar voice. Who could it be??

    She looks down and opens a purse which she grabbed before she ran out of the house. She flips open a cell phone. She goes to her contacts but the camera shifts just as she does so. She clicks the send button, and presses the phone to her face. Her back is now turned to us.

    WOMAN: Hello? Hi?Faith, it's me. Something's happened.

    She turns around to pace and we see who it is- DAWN SUMMERS.





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    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    ACT I


    We're in the kitchen. FAITH is standing in the middle of it with the phone pressed to her ear.

    FAITH: I understand but-

    The VOICE on the other phone interrupts here. It's DAWN.

    DAWN: (O/S) No, no buts. I'm heading there as soon as I can.

    FAITH: Alright?I guess. I mean, there's not going to be much room for you in the apartment when you get here?

    DAWN: (O/S) Well if there isn't then I'll just use some of my money to stay at a hotel.

    FAITH raises an eyebrow.

    FAITH: Since when do you have so much money missy?

    DAWN: (O/S) Uh, hi, I'm 19 now. I kind of have a job. (beat) Well, had.

    FAITH: What's that mean?

    DAWN: (O/S) It just is what it is, okay?

    FAITH: Fine, fine, no need to get all defensive.

    DAWN: (O/S) I'll be there as soon as I can.

    FAITH: Right. (beat) Oh. There's something you should know before you come here.

    DAWN: (O/S) What's that?

    FAITH: Well, Angel's here.

    DAWN: (O/S) Really? That's great! He can help!

    FAITH: Uh huh?(pause) Someone else is here too.

    DAWN: (O/S) Oh?

    FAITH: Yeah. Someone that shouldn't even be alive.

    DAWN: (O/S) Wait I'm confused, who's??

    FAITH takes a deep breath.

    FAITH: (reluctantly) Spike.

    There is silence. DAWN doesn't know how to respond.

    DAWN: (O/S) I?oh?wow. (beat) I am so going to kick his ass for not telling me once I get there.

    FAITH chuckles.

    FAITH: I'd like to do that myself. Maybe we could double team.

    DAWN: (O/S) Sounds like a plan. See you soon.

    FAITH: Yeah. Bye.

    FAITH hangs up and puts the phone back on the receiver. ROBIN enters the room.

    ROBIN: Who was that?

    FAITH: An old friend.

    ROBIN: Okay?cryptic?who?

    FAITH: Dawn.

    ROBIN looks surprised.

    ROBIN: Oh! What did she want?

    FAITH: She's coming to visit.

    ROBIN: Just on a whim? Huh. What about Buffy?

    FAITH shrugs.

    FAITH: I don't know. I mean, I thought she would be coming but I guess she's busy or something.

    FAITH looks to the side. She is worried about what is going on, and what's going to happen next.


    SAM: (O/S) This is completely ridiculous!

    The camera moves to the next room and we see SAM standing and talking to what looks like a POLICE OFFICER.

    SAM: (cont'd) You can't do this.

    POLICE OFFICER: I'm sorry but I can and I have to.

    SAM: No. You can't arrest me. Especially seeing that you haven't even questioned me yet! This must be illegal, somehow?

    POLICE OFFICER: It's not illegal. We're above the law.

    SAM: Okay who's "we" and since when are you above the law?

    POLICE OFFICER: We are cops, in case you're skull is too thick to notice. (beat) And we've always been above the law. It's not stated anywhere, it's just a known fact. Tell me, how many cops do you think have got speeding tickets?

    SAM remains silent, glaring. The POLICE OFFICER grins.

    POLICE OFFICER: (cont'd) That's what I thought. Now?If you'll just come with me without arguing there won't be a problem.

    SAM: There already is a problem. It's this ape-sized donut hog standing in front of me.

    The POLICE OFFICER looks angry.

    POLICE OFFICER: And as far as anyone is concerned, what you just said was assaulting an officer. Now I definitely have reason to arrest you.

    SAM: You don't have proof.

    The POLICE OFFICER grins again.

    POLICE OFFICER: I don't need proof, sweetie.

    He pulls something out of the side of his waist, where a belt is. They're handcuffs. He moves over to her as she continues to glare at him like she did before. He begins to slip them on her.

    POLICE OFFICER: Samantha Derevco, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can-

    SAM rolls her eyes.

    SAM: Will you just shut up?

    The POLICE OFFICER gives her a cold look.

    POLICE OFFICER: (ignoring her) ?And will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an-

    SAM: Oh and one more thing- Don't call me sweetie.

    The POLICE OFFICER opens his mouth to speak again but a shock goes through him and his mouth is clamped shut. He tries to open it again but he finds that he can't. Instead, he finishes handcuffing SAM and leads her out of the room. Just as they are leaving, we close-up on SAM'S face. She is smirking.


    We see the POLICE OFFICER leading SAM down this hallway. Several students on their way to either their dorm rooms or their classes stop to gawk at the sight. Some seem surprised- others not so much. SAM doesn't look at them, though. She stares straight ahead. She hears whispers as she walks.

    STUDENT 1: Isn't that Sam? Why would she be getting arrested?

    STUDENT 2: I'm not sure?

    STUDENT 3: (cutting in) I, for one, am not shocked. Did you hear about what she did to herself last year? Who's to say she wouldn't do something like that to someone else? (pause) Maybe she killed that girl.

    SAM tries her best to avert her eyes but when she finds it too hard, she looks down. She looks as if she is about to cry. More whispers are heard, but they are lower and we cannot hear distinctly what anyone is saying. A tear falls to the floor.

    MAN: (O/S, quietly but louder than the whispers) Sam??

    SAM'S head lifts, because that voice is familiar to her. The MAN who spoke is a little ways ahead of her. We can see that it is ALAN. She looks him right in the eyes, and he remains shocked that she's being taken away.

    ALAN: (cont'd) Sam, what's going on?

    He steps in front of her and the POLICE OFFICER. ALAN looks at the POLICE OFFICER.

    ALAN: (cont'd) Why are you arresting her?

    The POLICE OFFICER tries to speak but is once again stopped, clearly under a spell of some kind. ALAN looks confused. SAM winces and sighs. She mutters something under her breath and the POLICE OFFICER opens his mouth.

    POLICE OFFICER: What was that, boy?

    ALAN: Uh, I was wondering why you're taking my friend to the station.

    POLICE OFFICER: Oh. That. (beat) We have reason to believe that she was somehow linked to a girl's murder. You know the one they found in the hall?

    ALAN: How could I not?

    The POLICE OFFICER indicates SAM.

    POLICE OFFICER: This is the one that found the body. We think she may have assisted in the girl's suicide. Actually, we think it may have not even been a suicide. (pause) Besides that, she assaulted me.

    SAM rolls her eyes.

    SAM: It's called insult, not assault, dumbass.

    POLICE OFFICER: You see? She just did it again.

    SAM sighs once again.

    ALAN raises his eyebrows.

    ALAN: Right?Okay?

    SAM looks at him, desperate.

    SAM: Aren't you going to help?

    ALAN: How can I?

    SAM: (almost seething) Tell the nice officer what a goody-two-shoes I am.

    ALAN: I don't think that's going to change his mind.

    SAM glares at him.

    SAM: (through her teeth) Try.

    ALAN: Just comply with him for now, Sam. It's better not to resist arrest any more than you have.

    SAM continues to glare at him and the POLICE OFFICER almost laughs in satisfaction.

    POLICE OFFICER: Aha! Another charge to add to the list. (beat) C'mon now miss.

    He begins to pull her away once again and she looks back at ALAN.

    SAM: Thanks so much.

    ALAN looks after her until she and the OFFICER have turned the corner. He frowns, and turns around, heading for the exit of the campus. SAM and the OFFICER are heading the wrong way. ALAN smiles.


    The sunlight peeks in through the window and shines into the apartment, filling the living room with light. The sound of a door opening and closing is heard.

    ALAN: (O/S) Faith?

    He walks into the living room, looking around.

    ALAN: (cont'd) Faith!

    ILLYRIA: (O/S) The Slayer is not here.

    ALAN jumps and turns around. ILLYRIA is in the threshold leading to the hallway of the apartment.

    ALAN: Where is she then?

    ILLYRIA: I do not know, and I do not particularly care.

    But this is not what shows on ILLYRIA'S face. She looks very troubled.

    ALAN: Okay?Well, do you have any idea where she might have went?

    ILLYRIA cocks her head.

    ILLRYIA: Went? She did not go anywhere by choice.

    FAITH: (O/S) Hey guys.

    ALAN looks behind ILLYRIA to see FAITH, who has emerged from the hallway.

    FAITH: (cont'd) I thought I heard voices.

    ALAN looks at ILLYRIA curiously.

    ALAN: I thought you said she wasn't here?

    ILLYRIA: I did not. (pause) I said that the Slayer was not here.

    ALAN: What do you mean?

    ILLYRIA: The blonde one.

    ALAN: You said she didn't go by choice?

    ILLYRIA: She didn't. They took her.

    ALAN widens his eyes. FAITH looks confused.

    FAITH: Wait, who? Marie? Who took Marie?

    ALAN: (angrily) Why didn't you stop them?!

    ILLYRIA looks at them with a now blank expression.

    ILLYRIA: Yes, I think that Marie was-

    FAITH: (interrupting) Is.

    ILLYRIA ignores her.

    ILLYRIA: -her name. As for those who took her, their names are unspeakable.

    ALAN: What do you mean? Are you afraid of them? Just tell us their names.

    ILLYRIA begins to look angry as well.

    ILLYRIA: I am Illyria. I fear no one. (pause) When I say that their names are unspeakable, I mean it literally. Their names cannot but spoken. A magic binds them from being so. They are known as the Untouchables. That is why I did not stop them, if you must know. Their name describes them. They are incorporeal.

    FAITH: How did they take her if they're incorporeal?

    ILLYRIA: You may not be able to touch them, but they can touch you.

    ALAN and FAITH are quiet for a moment, taking this all in.

    FAITH: But?what did they want with Marie?

    ILLYRIA: That I do not know.

    She averts her eyes, looking out the window.

    ILLYRIA: (cont'd) Their intentions are not for her well being, though. That I know.

    ALAN: Well seeing that they kidnapped her I don't think they're really concerned with how she's doing as far as health!

    ILLYRIA looks at him, curiously.

    ILLYRIA: She is not a goat.

    ALAN furrows his brows, confused.

    ALAN: Huh?

    ILLYRIA: To be kidnapped, one must be a goat.

    With that, she swivels around and walks back into the hallway. FAITH watches her leave and go into one of the guest bedrooms. She raises an eyebrow.

    FAITH: O?kay?

    ALAN: This is just great. Now we have two problems! Marie's been taken and Sam's been arrested!

    He sighs and plops down on the couch.

    FAITH: Yeah?Wait, what?! Sam was arrested? (beat) When? Why?!

    ALAN: Earlier today. They think that she was involved with?a murder.

    FAITH almost laughs.

    FAITH: Sam? Murder? That's a laugh.

    ALAN: Well I didn't see anyone chuckling.

    FAITH'S smile fades.

    FAITH: Wow, you're serious.

    ALAN: Why wouldn't I be? She was arrested.

    FAITH: I thought you mighta been just pulling some prank on me?but no. Jesus, can things get any worse?

    A pause. FAITH sighs madly.

    FAITH: (cont'd) Oh, wait! It already has.

    ALAN looks at her, confused.

    ALAN: What do you mean?

    FAITH: What I mean is that another one of my friends is in trouble.

    ALAN: Anyone I know?

    FAITH shakes her head.

    FAITH: I don't think so. Her name's Dawn Summers. Something's happened where she is and she's coming to visit.

    ALAN: Where does she live?

    FAITH: Rome.

    ALAN: Oh?wow. Must have been something pretty bad.

    FAITH: Yeah, and I don't even know what it is. All I know is that it's big, and it's bad. (pause) She's supposed to be coming in tomorrow. We have to pick her up at JFK.

    ALAN: By we, I hope you mean you and someone else because I have other things to deal with right now.

    FAITH: Oh yeah, the Sam thing. (beat) And I meant me and Robin. So you don't have to worry about it.

    ALAN: But what are we going to do about Marie?

    FAITH sighs and looks down.

    FAITH: Honestly, I don't know?

    She looks out the window, sadly. So many problems to solve?but she's only one person. How is she supposed to help all of her friends at once?



    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT II


      The entire station is bustling, and we hear phones ringing off the hook in every direction. We focus on a receptionist looking rather frustrated with the amount of phones ringing. She looks at them, glaring and eventually just presses hold on each call. She lets out a breath of relief.

      RECEPTIONIST: There. That's better.

      She begins to pick up the calls one at a time, and the office is quieter now, aside from the bustling.

      SAM: (O/S, struggling) This?isn't?right!

      She comes into view on the screen and we can see the POLICE OFFICER practically pushing SAM through the office.

      POLICE OFFICER: What isn't right is how you treated your fellow student, and a police officer.

      SAM is seething again.

      SAM: I didn't hurt her! I didn't even know her!

      POLICE OFFICER: You don't need to know someone to hurt them.

      SAM looks as if she's about to say something but instead keeps her mouth shut and walks into the inquiry room with the POLICE OFFICER. The camera follows them.

      SAM: I never did get your name.

      POLICE OFFICER: You don't need it.

      He moves her towards a chair and takes the handcuffs off of her.

      POLICE OFFICER: (cont'd) Sit.

      SAM: I'm not your dog.

      The POLICE OFFICER glares at her.

      SAM: Fine fine. (beat) But you should consider not doing this, Nathan.

      He looks at her confused.

      POLICE OFFICER/NATHAN: How did you...? I didn't tell you my name!

      SAM indicates a nametag that he is wearing.

      SAM: I'm not illiterate, thanks.

      NATHAN: Shocker.

      SAM looks insulted, but before she can respond NATHAN walks out of the room and shuts the door. We can hear a lock clicking. SAM sighs.

      SAM: (under her breath) Great. Just great. (louder, to no one in particular) Hello? Okay guys, you don't lock a girl in a room and expect her to just sit here!

      MAN: (O/S) We expect you to answer questions, though.

      SAM turns her head to look at the MAN entering the room.

      SAM: I already told your stupid lackey, I don't know anything. God you cops really need to put on your listening ears every once and a while.

      The MAN steps further into the room.

      MAN: I would appreciate it if you would stop being so hostile.

      SAM: Uh huh. And I would appreciate it if you would get this over with. I really, really don't like being here.

      The MAN chuckles.

      MAN: Trust me, they don't like you being here either.

      SAM looks confused.

      SAM: They?

      MAN: Yeah. The other officers.

      SAM raises an eyebrow.

      SAM: But you don't?

      MAN: I find you? (pause) interesting.

      SAM looks confused again.

      SAM: I'm sorry?do I know you?

      The MAN smiles.

      MAN: No. But I know you.

      He clears his throat.

      MAN: (cont'd) Anyway, onto the questioning. (beat) Did you know the girl died?

      SAM: Do you even know her name? ?Cause I don't.

      MAN: Actually?No. No I don't.

      SAM: So why should I even be bothering to answer questions to someone who doesn't even care enough about the victim to know their name?

      MAN: We're the police. We're not here to care, we're here to solve.

      SAM: (sarcastically) How very touching.

      MAN: Now?let's get started.

      SAM folds her arms across her chest.

      SAM: This is going to be a long day.


      ALAN is sitting in the living room, looking as if he is thinking about something important. Suddenly, the phone rings. ALAN looks at it and sighs. He gets up from where he is sitting and picks up the phone.

      ALAN: Hello?

      SAM: (O/S) Looks like I get my one phone call, even if they're just asking me questions. (beat) Didn't think you'd be the one answering the phone though.

      ALAN: Yeah well I'm here because we have more problems than just you being arrested.

      SAM: (O/S) We usually have a lot of problems. Can't someone focus on getting me the hell out of here?!

      ALAN: I really don't know.

      SAM: (stunned, O/S) What do you mean, you don't know?

      ALAN: Marie's missing.

      SAM: (O/S) Oh, yeah ,and we should all just focus on her because she's such a great person.

      ALAN looks shocked.

      ALAN: I thought she was your friend.

      SAM: (O/S) Heavy emphasis on the ?was.'

      There is a pause.

      ALAN: It doesn't really matter if you two are friends anyway, does it? We're not just going to leave her to die.

      SAM: (O/S) But it's fine to leave me to rot in prison.

      ALAN rolls his eyes.

      ALAN: Oh c'mon, Sam, stop being such a drama queen.

      SAM scoffs.

      SAM: (O/S) Drama queen? Alan, I was arrested! What isn't dramatic about that?!

      ALAN: You're just going to have to wait I guess.

      The door to the apartment opens. BRIAN walks in, before shutting the door.

      SAM: (O/S) Alan this is-

      ALAN: Sorry, I've got to go.

      SAM: (O/S) Wait?someone's there! (as loud as she can) Will you talk some sense into him pl-

      ALAN hangs up the phone before looking at BRIAN, who is giving him an odd look. BRIAN indicates the phone by nodding to it.

      BRIAN: Who was that?

      ALAN: Hm? Oh, no one.

      BRIAN raises an eyebrow.

      BRIAN: Really? Because it sounded a lot like Sam.

      ALAN: Exactly.

      BRIAN sighs and shakes his head.

      BRIAN: You know, just because she broke up with you doesn't mean you have to treat her like this.

      ALAN: I know I don't have to.

      BRIAN: Oh, so what? You enjoy it?

      ALAN looks shocked at the idea of this.

      ALAN: I do not!

      BRIAN: What did she want?

      ALAN looks away. BRIAN raises his eyebrows.

      ALAN: For me to help her?

      BRIAN: Do what?

      ALAN: (under his breath) Get out of prison?

      BRIAN: Oh. (beat) Wait, what?! She's in prison?

      ALAN: Not really?She's just being questioned.

      BRIAN: That still counts as "in prison" as far as I'm concerned. (pause) Wait, was that just her one phone call?

      ALAN looks away again.

      BRIAN: (cont'd) I can't believe you! You still love her and you're treating her like this.

      ALAN looks at BRIAN.

      ALAN: I never said I still loved her.

      BRIAN: But you do! I can?

      He pauses, and looks confused.

      BRIAN: Wait a minute?I sensed it. My empathy?

      He begins to look surprised and then almost happy. He gives a hint of a smile.

      BRIAN: (cont'd) I have my empathy back!

      Just as soon as the smile hits, it's gone away again. He is frowning now.

      BRIAN: (cont'd) But what if this means it's going to do the same thing it did before?

      ALAN: Huh?

      BRIAN: Never mind, I'll handle it. (beat) While you go figure out a way to clear Sam's name.

      ALAN: Excuse me? I never said I was-

      BRIAN: You don't have a choice.

      ALAN: You bet I do.

      BRIAN: No, you don't. I can't go help her because there's no telling what getting my powers back will do to me.

      ALAN: That's kind of selfish, don't you think?

      BRIAN holds back a laugh.

      BRIAN: And keeping your ex in questioning downtown isn't?

      ALAN: Why can't Faith go take care of it?

      BRIAN shrugs.

      BRIAN: She's not here. Unless you know where she is??

      ALAN: Oh?that's right. I know where she is.

      BRIAN: Fine. Then just-

      ALAN: I can't really go get her.

      BRIAN looks confused.

      BRIAN: Why not?

      ALAN: Because she's looking for Marie.

      BRIAN: Looking for Marie? Wouldn't that mean that-

      ALAN: Marie's missing? (beat) Kind of.

      BRIAN: Oh, this is just great. Like we don't have enough problems already. (beat) So I guess that decides it. You have to help Sam.

      ALAN sighs.

      ALAN: Fine. But I don't have to be nice to her.

      He heads towards the door and grabs his coat, because opening the door and walking out. BRIAN looks after him, almost smiling. Suddenly, though, his smile fades and he widens his eyes. He looks almost as if he's in pain before looking down and clutching his head. We don't see what he sees but we know exactly what is going on.

      He is having a vision. This continues for several seconds before he stands all the way back up, still looking like he's in pain.

      ILLYRIA: (O/S) What is going on?

      BRIAN looks at her. He almost looks scared. Is he scared of her, or what he saw in the vision?or both?

      BRIAN: I?I don't know.

      ILLYRIA cocks her head.


      The camera moves down the counter of the bar and we see several drinks behind it. Once the camera is brought up to view the patrons of the bar, though, we see that this is no normal bar. This is a demon bar. There is much talking going on, and even some yelling. Everything is too loud to hear anything that is being said.

      FAITH: (O/S) Looks like my kinda place.

      Some of the demons look up, give her a strange glance, and then look away. Only the bartender, who looks slightly more human than everyone?or everything?else in the bar, continues to look at her as she walks further into the bar.

      BARTENDER: (roughly) What are you doing here? This isn't a place for humans.

      FAITH: I'm not your average human.

      BARTENDER: Oh really??

      He smirks. FAITH gives him a confused look but all of a sudden she realizes what's going on. The camera is focused on a demon with a knife sneaking up on her. She just stands there, not turning around, even though she knows perfectly well what is going on. Just as the demon raises his arm to stab her, she swivels around, grabbing his arm and kneeing him. He groans and falls to the floor, dropping the knife. She kicks him in the face, before grabbing the knife and stabbing him in the chest. She then turns back to the BARTENDER.

      FAITH: Really.

      She smiles. The BARTENDER looks down at his now dead customer, and then back to her.

      BARTENDER: You're going to pay for that.

      FAITH looks down at the dead demon, and pulls the knife out of his chest. She points it at the BARTENDER.

      FAITH: You see?I don't think so.

      The BARTENDER looks worriedly down at the knife, but then more confidently at FAITH.

      BARTENDER: You won't kill me. (beat) I'm half human.

      FAITH: So are vampires. You don't see me having any problem killing them, do you?

      She raises an eyebrow and moves the knife closer to his neck. He gulps nervously.

      BARTENDER: Slayer?

      FAITH: (sarcastically) Well jinkies, Scooby! How did you manage to figure that one out?

      The BARTENDER looks at her, almost offended.

      FAITH: (cont'd) Now, I need you to answer some questions.

      The BARTENDER swallows once again.

      BARTENDER: What do you need to know?

      FAITH: Where my friend is.

      BARTENDER: I think you'll have to be more specific.

      FAITH: (louder, angry) Hey, I'm making the orders here. So unless you want this shiny little thing stuck straight through you, I think you should speak only when spoken to.

      BARTENDER: But I was spoken-

      FAITH moves the knife closer to his throat. He closes his mouth.

      FAITH: My friend's a girl. About my height, maybe shorter. Blonde. She's a witch, too. (beat) So, have you heard about any witches going missing?

      BARTENDER: Well, witches go missing all the time?

      He pauses, looking down at the knife.

      BARTENDER: (cont'd) You'd know I'd be much more comfortable answering your questions if you would put that down. I won't try anything. Promise.

      FAITH looks at him warily but puts the knife down at her side.

      FAITH: Fine. Now answer the question.

      BARTENDER: I haven't heard of any recent kidnappings but that doesn't mean your friend wasn't taken.

      FAITH: I know she was taken, we have a witness. We just don't know who by.

      BARTENDER: If you have a witness, then shouldn't you know?

      FAITH glares at him.

      BARTENDER: (cont'd) Fine, fine?

      He pauses, and looks as if he has just realized something.

      BARTENDER: (cont'd) Wait a second?I did overhear something, last week. Something about taking one of the five. That she was very powerful and they needed her power?they never said for what. (beat) Could that be her?

      FAITH: (under her breath) One of the five? (louder) The five what?

      The BARTENDER shrugs.

      BARTENDER: Hell if I know. Was your friend part of a group or somethin'?

      FAITH: Not that I know of. But that doesn't mean she wasn't.

      BARTENDER: Does she like to keep secrets?

      FAITH looks at him, and shock enters her face.

      FAITH: She does?

      BARTENDER: Then you need to find out what her secret is, and fast. When these demons take away her powers?Well, usually they don't leave the remains behind.

      FAITH: The remains?

      BARTENDER: Yeah. The person who was holding the powers. Usually?

      FAITH: Usually what?

      The BARTENDER gives her a serious look.

      BARTENDER: Usually they kill them.

      FAITH looks upset.

      FAITH: Where can I find these demons?

      BARTENDER: I don't really know. They hang out around this neighbourhood, mostly. They might live near here.

      FAITH doesn't say another word to the BARTENDER. She just exits the bar quickly. The BARTENDER looks down and shakes his head.

      BARTENDER: (cont'd) She really doesn't know what she's dealing with.

      He grabs a rag and begins to wipe off the counter.


      A car pulls up to the campus and ALAN gets out. He practically rushes up to the school. Before he enters though, he stops in his tracks. He overhears some students talking.

      STUDENT 1: (O/S) I can't believe it?

      STUDENT 2: (O/S) I know, it was so sudden. I can't believe she's dead.

      STUDENT 1: (O/S) Poor Rebecca?

      ALAN walks over to the students, looking as sympathetic he can.

      ALAN: I'm sorry, but do you know the last name of the girl that was killed?

      STUDENT 1: Uh?yeah?Bennett.

      ALAN: Thank you.

      With that, he walks away, leaving the students confused and wondering what he is up to.


      ALAN enters the campus, appearing to be searching for something. He looks as if he spots something, and moves toward it. We see that it is the door to the DEAN'S office. He enters the office, and it looks like no one is there. It must be a lunch break.

      He moves quickly further into the office, where a filing cabinet is. He tries to open it, and surprisingly, it is not locked. He thumbs threw the manila folders in the drawer until her reaches one labeled "BENNET, REBECCA". He looks up to make sure no one has walked in and is watching him before taking the folder out of the drawer. He hides it underneath his jacket. He then moves swiftly toward the exit, before bumping into a woman, who appears to be a secretary. She looks at him warily.

      SECRETARY: Hello young man?what are you doing in here?

      ALAN: I was just?uhm?(beat) Seeing if the Dean was in. He wanted to speak to me about something. He said it wasn't that important but I decided to come down here anyway. It looks like he's not in though.

      SECRETARY: Ah, yes. He's out to lunch right now. Is there anything I could help with? Leave him a message, perhaps?

      ALAN shakes his head.

      ALAN: No. Like I said, it wasn't all that important. It's just that I had some free time and decided to come down here. If he's not here it's not really a big problem.

      He shrugs. The SECRETARY smiles.

      SECRETARY: Alright. You best be on your way though. If he finds out that you went into his office without him being here, the next time he wants to speak to you it will be important.

      She chuckles. ALAN gives a hint of a smile, but nervously. He starts to walk out, and waves.

      ALAN: See you.

      The camera follows him out of the office.

      SECRETARY: (O/S) Take care, dear!

      Once ALAN is far enough away from the office, he breathes a sigh of relief.

      ALAN: That was close. (beat) And the last person to call me dear was my mother.

      He smiles, almost laughing. He then looks down at the folder, which he has pulled out from under his jacket. He opens it and looks at REBECCA'S dorm number, before heading that way.


      We focus on the door, and we hear a noise- almost like rattling- coming from the other side of it. Finally, it opens, and ALAN walks in. He looks around. It looks like nothing has been done to it since the murder?or the suicide?almost like no one has even been in here to investigate anything. Maybe they haven't. ALAN begins to walk around the room, examining it. Nothing is out of place, though.

      ALAN: Weird?

      Suddenly, the door- which ALAN hadn't closed since he walked in the room- slams shut. ALAN turns around. At first, it looks like no one is there, but he turns slightly to the right and we see his eyes widen.

      WOMAN: (O/S, raspy) Help me.

      The camera quickly switches to where ALAN is looking- REBECCA is standing there, but her body still looks as it did when she was hung- stabbed, blood all over her clothes.

      ALAN: What the?

      But as soon as she appeared, REBECCA is gone. ALAN just stands there, in complete shock.



      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT III


        We are in a dark room. Very little light is being let into the room. We here movement, and then the sound of someone stirring.

        WOMAN: (O/S) Where am I?

        We recognize this voice. It is MARIE. The camera moves toward her until we can recognize her visually, even if it is only slightly. She stands, looking around, but it is too dark for her to walk in any direction. She has no idea who or what could be in this room. MARIE looks up. There is a window, but it is entirely too small for her to fit through. She also notices something else?an intercom.

        VOICE: (undistinguishable, on intercom) So glad to see you awake. We were afraid we might have hit you too hard.

        MARIE glares at the intercom.

        MARIE: Well that's not what I'm going to be saying when I hit you.

        The VOICE laughs.

        VOICE: Please, enough of the empty threats. It's useless. You won't ever be able to hurt us.

        MARIE: Us? What, you've got a little team behind your hiding place?

        VOICE: Oh, slayer, I'm afraid you're wrong. We're not hiding.

        MARIE: Uh-huh. That's why you're not out in the open.

        VOICE: That is merely a precautionary measure.

        MARIE: You wouldn't need that if you weren't afraid of me. You know that I can and will hurt you.

        VOICE: Such confidence?

        MARIE'S entire body suddenly shudders, as if she's been electrically shocked.

        MARIE: What the hell was that?!

        VOICE: A taste of what you have coming to you if you continue such "confidence".

        MARIE: It's not confidence. It's the truth.

        Another shock is sent through her body.

        VOICE: I'd be careful what you say to me, Marie.

        MARIE: Okay you are not on a first name basis with me, especially since I don't know yours.

        VOICE: I'm sorry, do you like having electricity sent through your body?

        MARIE: As a matter of fact?

        She smiles.

        VOICE: (surprised) What? It doesn't hurt you?

        MARIE doesn't say anything. She just continues to smile. The intercom is silent as several moments pass.

        MARIE: Well if you want to continue doing that I honestly couldn't care less.

        VOICE: Frankly I don't care if you "could care-

        MARIE: It's couldn't, genius.

        VOICE: (angry) I don't like that tone.

        MARIE: And I don't like being kidnapped. I guess we'll both just have to cope.

        The VOICE pauses. Obviously the person, or thing, is contemplating whether shocking her again, but decides not to.

        MARIE: (cont'd) My friends will find me, you know.

        VOICE: What friends? You know as well as I do they don't trust you. Why would they come get you?

        MARIE: They do trust me.

        VOICE: That's a laughable thought. (pause) You, who stood and watched as your friend murdered others. You, who killed someone yourself. You?who betrayed them. To think that they trust you?It's hard to think that at all.

        MARIE looks down at the floor.

        MARIE: (quietly, less confident) They trust me.

        VOICE: You keep thinking that, sweetheart.

        She looks up, glaring at the intercom once again. Everything has fallen silent. A minute passes. MARIE looks back down at the floor and begins to look upset.


        The door to the apartment opens and we see FAITH walk in. The apartment is entirely dark- anyone who is there right now must be asleep.

        FAITH: (under her breath) Why the hell wasn't the door locked?

        She walks to the wall, where the light switch is, and flicks it on. She looks around, before looking surprised. We can't see what she's looking at. Suddenly, she smiles.

        FAITH: (cont'd) Oh, it's you.

        The camera pans over to the other side of the room where we see someone sitting in a chair. It is DAWN.

        DAWN: Hey Faith.

        She gets up and begins to walk over to FAITH.

        FAITH: You're here early.

        DAWN: Yeah well, I have sources. I got a jet to pick me up.

        FAITH raises an eyebrow.

        FAITH: Who gave you a jet?

        DAWN shakes her head.

        DAWN: That doesn't matter.

        FAITH does not look convinced, but decides not to press it further.

        FAITH: So, what's going on? You didn't exactly explain what was going on when you called earlier.

        DAWN: Oh?that's right?I didn't.

        DAWN looks down at the ground, upset.

        FAITH: No. (beat) So what happened?

        DAWN takes a deep breath, before looking back up at FAITH.

        DAWN: A lot of things happened, Faith. There's so much to tell?(pause) But the reason I'm here is because, well?

        She takes another deep breath.

        FAITH: Dawn I can't stand here all day, waitin' for you to get the courage to tell me. So just tell me.

        DAWN looks right into FAITH'S eyes.

        DAWN: Faith, Buffy's missing.

        FAITH'S face suddenly becomes incredibly serious.

        FAITH: Wait?missing?! As in, poof? You don't know where to find her?

        DAWN frowns.

        DAWN: We have no clue.

        FAITH: We?

        DAWN averts her eyes.

        DAWN: Yeah, you know, me, Xander, Andrew, the potentials?(beat) We.

        FAITH looks at her suspiciously again, but just shrugs it off as she did before.

        FAITH: How did this happen?

        DAWN: I don't know?one night before I went to sleep, she was there, and the next day, she wasn't.

        FAITH frowns, and looks as if she's thinking.

        FAITH: How long ago did this happen??

        DAWN looks away again, and mutters something. FAITH looks at her, confused..

        FAITH: (cont'd) What was that?

        DAWN looks back at her.

        DAWN: About a week ago?

        FAITH: What?! And you're just telling me this now?

        DAWN: Well, the first day she was gone, I thought she was just taking care of some demons, or maybe going to get a new Slayer without telling me.

        FAITH: Then what?

        DAWN: Then a couple days passed. She still didn't show up so I called Willow to see if she could do a locator's spell.

        FAITH: Did she?

        DAWN: Yeah. (beat) The thing is?the locator's spell didn't show her. Anywhere.

        FAITH looks confused at this.

        FAITH: What does that mean?

        DAWN: The spell was saying that she didn't exist.

        FAITH looks shocked to hear this. If she didn't exist?Then something must have happened to her.

        DAWN: (cont'd) Then, I got the call. She called me. I was gonna ask her where she was but?The demon attacked.

        FAITH: A demon attacked you?

        DAWN: Not so much attacked me, as raided the house. It was looking for something. Buffy knew what it was but she didn't tell me. She just told me not to let him find it. (beat) I didn't find it before I left the house?It's still there. The demon could get it any second.

        She becomes panicked all of a sudden.

        DAWN: (cont'd) Oh my god, I have to go back!

        She starts to pace back and forth, but FAITH grabs her by the shoulders, stopping her.

        FAITH: Dawn, calm down. Maybe it's not even in the house.

        DAWN: Why else would he have raided the house?!

        FAITH: He coulda thought it was there.

        DAWN takes a moment, considering this.

        DAWN: I guess?

        She looks to be calmer, but she's still worried.

        DAWN: (cont'd) I don't even know what it is. She didn't tell me anything specific before I had to hang up.

        FAITH: Why did you have to hang up?

        DAWN: It was this whole thing with throwing the phone and Buffy yelling to get the demon's attention and?(beat) I'm babbling.

        FAITH smiles, nodding, before her face goes serious again.

        FAITH: I think we should find out what it is then. Must be damn important if B couldn't tell you what it was over the phone.

        DAWN nods.

        DAWN: Where do we start?

        FAITH looks down, thinking. This was just another problem added to the fix list, and she didn't know how she was going to handle all of this at once.


        We see the sun begin to rise over the city, but in fast motion, as if time is being moved forward.



        The camera is focused on the bed, which looks like no one's been asleep in it for a while. It then moves over to the side of the room, where there is a computer desk. A laptop is situated on it- it is on, and ALAN has his head down on the desk- he has fallen asleep while he was researching on the internet. He begins to stir, and rubs his eyes.

        ALAN: What time is it?

        He looks at the clock on his laptop, and sighs.

        ALAN: Must have fallen asleep.

        He gets up from his chair and walks over to near the bathroom, but then a knock is heard on the door. He looks at it, confused, before walking over and opening it. The DEAN is standing there, along with an officer.

        DEAN: Hello, Alan.

        ALAN: Uh, hi sir. What can I help you with?

        The DEAN indicates the OFFICER.

        DEAN: This nice man just needs to ask you some questions.

        ALAN looks at them both warily, before stepping aside.

        ALAN: Fine.

        Both the DEAN and the OFFICER walk in. They look around, but there isn't much to look at. They don't make themselves at home, they just stand there.

        ALAN: (cont'd) The questions??

        DEAN: Ah, yes.

        He looks at the OFFICER, who takes a step closer to ALAN.

        OFFICER: I take it that you know Samantha Derevco.

        ALAN sighs, and rolls his eyes.

        ALAN: This is about that?

        The DEAN raises an eyebrow.

        DEAN: What else would it be about, Mr. Ross?

        ALAN shrugs.

        ALAN: Nothing comes to mind, but c'mon, I don't know anything. I mean, yeah I know Sam, but I don't know anything about what's going on.

        OFFICER: We thought you would, seeing as that you're her boyfriend. Is that correct?

        ALAN glares at the OFFICER.

        ALAN: Not that it's any of your business, but no, I'm not. (beat) Not anymore.

        OFFICER: I see. (beat) Was the break-up recent?

        ALAN rolls his eyes once again.

        ALAN: How is this relevant?

        OFFICER: She might have broken up with you for your protection, if she did commit this murder.

        ALAN: Okay, a? That is not why we're not together anymore. Far from it. B? She didn't commit a murder. She's completely against killing anyone, even in self defense.

        The OFFICER looks at him, suspiciously.

        OFFICER: And how do you know so much about her opinion on the subject?

        ALAN pauses, realizing he's made a mistake in his words.

        ALAN: She's just the kind of person that tells you their opinion about everything, that's all.

        The OFFICER looks disappointed, as if he's upset that ALAN is not a criminal.

        OFFICER: Oh. (pause) You're positive that you don't know anything about the situation? Sam wasn't acting suspicious before she supposedly "found" Rebecca dead?

        ALAN: (his voice dripping with sarcasm) Oh, yeah, she showed me the knife, the rope, her mapped out plan, and everything!

        ALAN glares at the OFFICER once again. The OFFICER looks as if what ALAN is saying is true for a second, but then realizes he was being sarcastic. The OFFICER turns to the DEAN.

        OFFICER: We're not going to accomplish anything by being here. I'm done.

        The DEAN nods as the OFFICER walks out of the room. The DEAN looks back at ALAN.

        DEAN: If you're hiding something, I will find out what it is.

        ALAN glances at his laptop for a moment, afraid that the DEAN will glance that way too. He then looks the DEAN right in the eyes.

        ALAN: What would I have to hide?

        The DEAN just looks at him, as if analyzing him, before he leaves the room, closing the door. ALAN lets out a sigh of relief.

        ALAN: (cont'd) That was close?

        REBECCA: (O/S, raspy) Too close.

        ALAN turns around, but when he does, no one is there.

        REBECCA: (O/S, raspy, cont'd) Running out of time?

        ALAN sighs and sits down on the bed, at a loss as for what he should do.


        We see MARIE sitting on the floor, looking down at it. Suddenly, there is a buzzing noise and the sound of a door opening and closing. MARIE looks up.

        MARIE: Who's there?

        She can see nothing but darkness, since the room only has one small window.

        MAN: (O/S) It's time.

        MARIE: (worried) What are you talking about? Time for what?

        The MAN does not say anything. Two other men dressed completely in black come in and grab MARIE by the arms, pulling her up.

        MARIE: (cont'd) Hey! Let me go!

        MAN: (O/S) I'm afraid they can't, Marie. (beat) Bring her in.

        MARIE attempts to struggle against the men pulling her forward, but soon realizes it's no use, and lets them drag her.


        We see nothing. It is pitch black, even more so than it was in the other room.

        MARIE: (slightly panicked) What's going on? Where am I?

        There is a sudden noise of something being powered up. The room becomes lighter and lighter, and almost completely blue in colour. MARIE'S vision adjusts, and she finally sees what's in the room- there is a chair in the middle of the room that looks like one that would be used in an experimental lab. Wires are hooked up to it, and several utensils are on a tray near it. MARIE widens her eyes.

        CUT TO BLACK

        END OF ACT III

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT IV

          FADE IN


          MARIE'S eyes are still wide, and she's staring at the chair.

          MARIE: W-who's that chair for?

          The MAN steps into the light. He is played by BRYAN GREENBERG.

          MAN: Why, you, of course.

          LACKEY 1: Uh, Damien-

          MAN/DAMIEN: What did you just call me?

          The LACKEY looks frightened.

          LACKEY 1: Sir?(pause) Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, think of what could happen?

          DAMIEN turns to the LACKEY.

          DAMIEN: You know what? (beat) You're right.

          LACKEY 1 looks surprised.

          DAMIEN: (cont'd) I have thought about it. Wanna know what I think?

          He smiles, and LACKEY 1 does not know how to respond. DAMIEN raises a hand and LACKEY 1 tries to back away, but as soon as he does, DAMIEN makes a gesture with his hand and LACKEY 1 is sent up in flames. MARIE gasps. DAMIEN looks back at her, still smiling.

          DAMIEN: (cont'd) He's always bothered me. (beat) Now, if you could just sit down in that chair like a good little hostage?

          MARIE glares at him.

          DAMIEN: (cont'd) ?We could send you home and all of this would be over. Sound good?

          MARIE: Too good. (beat) What's the catch?

          DAMIEN: Oh, nothing really. We're just going to take all of your powers away.

          MARIE: Excuse me?

          DAMIEN smiles.

          DAMIEN: I'm afraid you have no choice, my dear.

          MARIE tries to back away but LACKEY 2 is still holding her by the arm.

          MARIE: Fine, you don't want to let me go? We'll have to do this the hard way.

          DAMIEN chuckles.

          MARIE: (cont'd) Laughing in the face of danger is something Simba did. Seeing that you're not a lion, I think you should stick with panicking.

          DAMIEN steps closer to MARIE.

          DAMIEN: What danger?

          He smirks. MARIE glares at him, before her eyes darken. She looks as if she is concentrating really hard on something. She looks as if she is struggling, and then her eyes finally become lighter.

          MARIE: What?why aren't my powers working?

          DAMIEN: Oh, did I forget to tell you? Your powers are dormant in here. A nifty little spell I cast in case you tried anything. Which I knew you would.

          He looks to the remaining LACKEY.

          DAMIEN: (cont'd) Strap her to the chair.

          MARIE is pulled by the LACKEY to the chair, while she tries to struggle against him. He shoves her, forcing her to sit down. Straps are automatically wrapped around her.

          DAMIEN: (cont'd) I see the sensor on the chair is working nicely. Excellent. (beat, looking to MARIE) I told you they wouldn't come for you.

          She lets out a small whimper. She doesn't know what to do?what if they really didn't trust her? She closes her eyes.


          Someone hands a cup of coffee to DAWN, who is sitting at the kitchen table.

          DAWN: Thanks.

          FAITH comes onto the screen.

          FAITH: Yeah, no biggie. (beat) So you said Buffy never said anything to you about what "it" is? Never?

          DAWN shakes her head.

          DAWN: Not once.

          There is a sound of a door opening from within the apartment. DAWN looks up.

          DAWN: (cont'd) Who was that?

          There is a sound of another door opening and closing.

          FAITH: Yeah, other people live here. Brian, Illyria, R-

          ROBIN suddenly walks into the room.

          DAWN: Robin!

          FAITH smiles.

          FAITH: Was just about to say that.

          ROBIN: Oh, wow, hi Dawn. You're here early.

          DAWN: Jets move like?something that moves fast.

          She smiles.

          ROBIN: A jet? Really? Where'd you get that?

          FAITH laughs.

          FAITH: Don't even try to ask her that.

          ROBIN: Okay then?(beat) So what's up?

          FAITH: There's a lot to explain.

          ROBIN: We have time.

          FAITH: I'm not so sure we do. (beat) We still don't know where Marie is. Anything could be happening to her?She could be?

          FAITH can not finish the sentence. DAWN looks at her, curiously.

          DAWN: Who's Marie?

          FAITH: A friend.

          DAWN: And what happened to her?

          FAITH: She was?kinda?kidnapped.

          DAWN: Oh. Wow. (beat) Seems to be going around, doesn't it.

          FAITH: We don't know that B was kidnapped, Dawn. She coulda just gone away to protect you.

          DAWN stares into her cup of coffee.

          DAWN: I guess?but why wouldn't she call me? Or write? Something?anything?

          FAITH: Maybe it wasn't safe.

          DAWN: Yeah?maybe.


          MARIE is still confined to the chair. She looks as though she's trying to break through the straps, but it's no use.

          DAMIEN: You can't stop this, Marie. It's for your own good.

          MARIE: And if that's not cliché I don't know what is.

          DAMIEN: Clich? or not, it's the truth. Your power could be slowly killing you. The five of you had such a strong bond?

          MARIE looks up at this.

          MARIE: What are you talking about?

          DAMIEN looks at her seriously.

          DAMIEN: I think you know what I'm talking about. (pause) Now, time to start the extraction.

          MARIE gulps. He couldn't be talking about what she thinks?Could he? She has no time to think of this though. Several of DAMIEN'S workers are now attaching the wires to her body.

          MARIE: You expect to take magic out of me with technology? Good luck with that.

          DAMIEN: Oh, no. The wires are for after. To sense if all of your power is gone or not.

          MARIE stares right ahead. The workers leave the room as DAMIEN grabs a book, and begins to chant an incantation. Suddenly, though, it appears as if time itself has been stopped. MARIE looks around.

          MARIE: Huh?

          MAN: (O/S) Oh thank god, it worked.

          MARIE looks in the direction of the voice- BRIAN is standing there.

          MARIE: What did you do?

          BRIAN shakes his head.

          BRIAN: That doesn't matter. We have to get you out of here.

          MARIE: I wish it were that simple.

          BRIAN: What?

          MARIE: Nothing. (beat) Will you just get me out of this chair already?

          BRIAN: Oh, yeah.

          He walks over to her, and examines the side of the chair. There is a button there, and he presses it. All of the straps on MARIE are pulled off by a machine. She sits up before standing.

          MARIE: Thanks.

          Time suddenly becomes unfrozen. DAMIEN begins to chant again and MARIE stops short. A red light illuminates MARIE, and she gasps.

          BRIAN: What's going on?

          A moment passes, and DAMIEN looks up.

          DAMIEN: Who are you?

          The red light illuminating MARIE stops and she falls to the floor, gasping for breath.

          BRIAN: I'm her friend.

          DAMIEN: How did you get in here? There was a spell covering the area.

          BRIAN: I reversed it.

          DAMIEN: You couldn't have! You're not that one who cast it!

          MARIE: (gasping) That must mean?That I?Can do this.

          DAMIEN widens his eyes and runs toward the exit of the room, but it is too late- He has been lit on fire. He screams, but he is soon engulfed in it. A few moments later, he is reduced to nothing but ash. BRIAN stares at the scene, in shock. MARIE looks at where DAMIEN stood, but then gets up, taking a deep breath.

          MARIE: Let's go.

          With that, she walks out of the room toward the exit. BRIAN is still staring at where DAMIEN stood a minute ago, and looks after MARIE.

          BRIAN: What has she done?

          He cannot believe what he has just seen. DAMIEN had kidnapped MARIE, yes, but he could have given them answers. Now he was dead, and they had nothing. MARIE had made a mistake?a big one.


          ALAN is walking just outside of the DEAN'S office. He is holding the manila folder that he stole, and just before he gets to the door, he stuffs it under his jacket. He goes to enter the office but he hears two people having a conversation, and stands to the side of the door for the moment.

          SECRETARY: (O/S) I don't understand?He knew nothing?

          DEAN: (O/S) No.

          ALAN realizes that they're talking about him, and listens more intently.

          DEAN: (O/S, cont'd) That's a good thing though. If he says he knows nothing, it only makes that Sam girl seem more guilty, like he's trying to cover for her.

          ALAN looks confused. Why did they want Sam guilty? Unless?

          SECRETARY: (O/S) That's true. We don't want anyone finding out about our plan.

          DEAN: (O/S) Or stopping us. That means that no one can find out about us murdering that filthy witch.

          ALAN widens his eyes.

          ALAN: (whispering, to himself) They did it? She was a witch?

          There is silence for a moment.

          SECRETARY: (O/S) What was that?

          DEAN: (O/S) I don't know?

          ALAN realizes that they may have heard him, so he walks the other way, and down far enough into a separate hallway so they won't think he was listening to them, even if they went over there. There is the sound of footsteps walking out of the office.

          DEAN: (O/S) There's no one out here.

          SECRETARY: (O/S) I could have sworn I heard someone.

          ALAN continues to walk toward the exit, knowing that he has to find a way to prove SAM'S innocence- and fast.


          The entire group is sitting in the living room- Sans ALAN, SAM, TOMMY, SPIKE, ANGEL, and ILLYRIA. MARIE and BRIAN have just arrived. Everyone looks as if they are deep in conversation.

          FAITH: So?they were trying to steal your powers?

          MARIE nods.

          MARIE: Yeah?

          BRIAN: You have to tell her what you did, Marie.

          FAITH: What? What did she do?

          BRIAN: It's not really my place to say?

          MARIE looks down at the floor, frowning.

          MARIE: I?I killed the man that kidnapped me.

          FAITH: You what?! But?I understand you were angry, but?what if he knew something important?

          MARIE continues to look down.

          FAITH: (cont'd) Marie, just ?cause someone makes you angry doesn't give you a right to?well, you know.

          MARIE doesn't respond. There is silence in the room. Suddenly, a knock on the door is heard.

          BRIAN: I hope that's Alan with information about Sam?

          FAITH: Huh?

          BRIAN: He's supposed to be trying to clear her name.

          FAITH: Oh?wow.

          FAITH gets up, leaving the room to silence again, and opens the door.

          FAITH: Uh?hi. Who are you?

          WOMAN: (O/S) Oh, hi! Just the person I was looking for?I'm Lena.

          The camera pans over to who is standing in the doorway. It is CLARK'S daughter/LENA (played by Sophia Bush).

          LENA: I need your help.

          She looks upset?but we know that she is faking it. She has got to be up to something?

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          ROLL CREDITS

          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."