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Rogue Redemption 2.04 "Grey Sky Mourning"

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  • Rogue Redemption 2.04 "Grey Sky Mourning"

    2.04 "Grey Sky Mourning"



    The scene is blurred, as is the entire image, it looks static. We focus on the house for a few moments before we begin to close-up on it, until the camera seems to pass through the outside wall and into the house. We see a WOMAN sitting at a table, a glass bottle open in front of her. Her eyes are closed, and she takes a deep breath in and out.

    GIRL: (O/S) Mommy?

    The WOMAN does not respond, and ignores the little girl.

    GIRL: (O/S, cont'd) Mom!

    We finally hear footsteps and the GIRL enters the room, staring at her mother. The girl has long, brunette hair- we now realize that she is a younger version of FAITH. Her mother turns to her, looking very stressed.

    FAITH'S MOTHER: What do you want?!

    YOUNG FAITH looks a bit frightened. She ignores OLIVIA'S question and instead asks one of her own.

    YOUNG FAITH: What are you doing?

    OLIVIA narrows her eyes, but then looks at her daughter's frightened expression, and her face softens.

    OLIVIA: Nothing, honey.

    YOUNG FAITH looks uncertain but shrugs it off.

    YOUNG FAITH: Can I go over to Tommy's house to play?

    OLIVIA: Uh?yeah, sure. I don't know how you're going to get over-

    YOUNG FAITH: Tommy's mom already said she'd pick me up.

    YOUNG FAITH smiles, and OLIVIA returns it weakly.

    OLIVIA: Okay, go get some of your stuff together before she gets here.

    YOUNG FAITH smiles even bigger and rushes up to her room. We follow her into her bedroom, as we hear a car pull up outside and YOUNG FAITH appears to as well. She goes up to the window just as the car door closes, and sees who steps out of it- CLARK. She frowns, but shrugs another time and moves back to where she was when she was about to get some of her things.

    She hums to herself until we hear a door slam. She looks to her door, curiously. She walks out of her room, and stands at the top of the stairs. We do not see anyone downstairs, but we hear voices.

    OLIVIA: (O/S) Clark?what are you doing?

    CLARK: (O/S, angry) Don't play stupid. You know damn well what this is about.

    OLIVIA: (O/S) I?don't?

    CLARK: (O/S) You do! This is about that child! You said if I gave you what you needed, you would give her powers to me!

    YOUNG FAITH looks puzzled, but continues to listen intently.

    OLIVIA: (O/S) S-she doesn't have any power.

    CLARK: (O/S, angrier) What?!

    OLIVIA: (O/S) What I mean is?it's there?but it's only potential. (pause) And?I don't think I have the strength to take that away from her.

    CLARK: (O/S) Well, I do.

    OLIVIA: (O/S, begging) Please, no?It's the only thing she has left. I might as well not exist?the way I'm acting. But I can't stop.

    CLARK: (O/S) Next time I come to you and you don't have that power, I'll stop you from existing.

    YOUNG FAITH widens her eyes, and we see CLARK walk out the door from the top of the stairs. YOUNG FAITH watches OLIVIA watch CLARK go as well. OLIVIA looks up the stairs, finally seeing that FAITH has been there. She stares at her, and she frowns. YOUNG FAITH frowns as well as her eyes fill with tears, until she looks angrier and finally turns around, goes in her bedroom, and slams the door.





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    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    ACT I


    The scene is no longer static or blurry. We are at the same warehouse that we were at in the previous episode. We focus on the door that was broken down by an explosion. Light pours into the warehouse, making the shadows disappear. We follow the rays of light onto the floor, where CLARK lay before. We do not see him. We continue to move this way and we see a trail of blood, leading across the room, and then suddenly disappearing.


    The rest of the building seems to be closed for business- or not even in business yet. It is almost completely dark. We can hear people talking in the distance.

    WOMAN: (O/S) I understand that, Mr. Rutherford, but we have to do what is in the company's best interest.

    MAN/CLARK: (O/S) I don't care what's in the company's best interest!

    WOMAN: (O/S) You better start caring?

    The camera continues to zoom in on the room from which the voices are coming from, we reach the doorway, and we see who is talking to CLARK- none other than EVE.

    EVE: (cont'd) Before you have nothing left to care about.

    CLARK: Too late, I'm already there.

    EVE: No- you're forgetting something. Or rather?you never knew it.

    CLARK looks into her eyes, questioningly. EVE smirks at his unknowing eyes.

    EVE: (cont'd) There's one thing?just one?left for you to care about.

    CLARK: And what's that?

    EVE remains smirking.

    EVE: Your daughter.

    CLARK widens his eyes.

    CLARK: I don't have a daughter.

    EVE: Au contrair?

    She bends down towards the desk, reaching in to a drawer on it, before pulling out a file. She holds it in front of him, handing it to him. He goes to grab it, but she snatches it away, and laughs.

    EVE: Do you really think I'd give you such vital information so easily? Who do you think I am, that idiot president?

    She chuckles more, but then looks serious.

    EVE: (cont'd) If you want this information?I mean, if I give it to you?you must follow my every instruction. (beat) Got it?

    CLARK looks at the folder, hesitantly, before nodding. EVE smiles.

    EVE: (cont'd) Good.

    She hands him the folder, and he takes it. She then exits the room, leaving him with the folder. He begins to open it, and we can see that there is a picture- we don't see who it is. It opens more and then


    TOMMY sits at the kitchen table, glancing worriedly from side to side occasionally, but other than that just sitting still.

    FAITH: (O/S) Whatchya doin'?

    TOMMY looks startled, before realizing that it is FAITH.

    TOMMY: Isn't it obvious? I'm sitting.

    FAITH rolls her eyes, moving further into the kitchen and sitting down at the table.

    FAITH: I meant in the general sense of the word. Not what you're doing right this moment exactly.

    TOMMY: Oh. (beat) Sitting.

    FAITH chuckles.

    FAITH: You know, you're kinda boring.

    TOMMY glances at FAITH, raising his eyebrows.

    TOMMY: Thanks?

    FAITH grins.

    FAITH: You're welcome.

    Several moments pass, silence.

    FAITH: (cont'd) So, are you going to start to talk about it or do I have to?

    TOMMY: Talk about what?

    FAITH: Please save me the benefit of playing along with you pretending not to know, and cut to the chase.

    TOMMY tries to act confused for a few more moments, but finally gives in and sighs.

    TOMMY: What do you want to know?

    FAITH: Why the sky is blue. (beat) What do you think I want to know?

    TOMMY just stares blankly at her, as if he doesn't know what to say.

    FAITH: (cont'd) How about "they"? Who are they, exactly?

    TOMMY sighs.

    TOMMY: I'm not quite sure myself.

    FAITH: Meaning?

    TOMMY: I don't know. They're just?bad news.

    FAITH: You've run in with ?em before?

    TOMMY looks away.

    TOMMY: (quietly) I don't want to talk about it.

    FAITH: Well at least tell me what they are!

    TOMMY remains silent, until finally looking at FAITH again, sighing.

    TOMMY: They're assassins. They don't stop until they kill whoever it is they're supposed to kill.

    FAITH: Wait, I think I've heard of someone like that before. The Order of Teroka or something like that?

    TOMMY shakes his head.

    TOMMY: These aren't those guys?But they're lethal. You don't want to underestimate them.

    FAITH: Oh c'mon. Assassins are just lameass guys hired by even more lameass guys.

    TOMMY: They're not guys. Sorry, my fault. They?I don't actually know what they are. They must be neutral or something.

    FAITH: Not girl or boy? So?like its?

    TOMMY: I guess.

    FAITH: That was supposed to be funny. Laugh. (beat) Now.

    TOMMY glances at her, trying to smile, but ending up looking very irritated.

    TOMMY: Sorry. I really can't. It's not funny.

    FAITH: I know, the situation is serious but-

    TOMMY: No. The joke just wasn't funny.

    He smiles, and so does FAITH.

    FAITH: God it's been a long time.

    TOMMY: I know. Last time I saw you?

    There is a brief moment of silence.

    TOMMY: (cont'd) Well, you know.

    FAITH'S smile fades. There is a brief flash to a younger FAITH walking into her room and finding a note on her desk. She reads it. We only see "Love, Tommy" at the end of it. Flash back to present time.

    FAITH: Why did you leave without saying bye?

    TOMMY: It was just too weird, okay? You'd been acting mega strange and also if I said it to you in person you probably would have found a way to stop me.

    Pause. Silence again, longer this time.

    FAITH: Strange?

    TOMMY: Okay, different word. Not really strange?different. Yeah, that's it.

    FAITH: How?

    TOMMY: ?What do you mean, how? You really didn't see the difference?

    FAITH: Not really. Well, I had just become a Slayer so-

    TOMMY: Slayer?

    FAITH: That'd be what I am. Didn't Clark say anything ?bout it?

    TOMMY: No...he just said, and I quote, that you were "especially strong".

    As TOMMY says "especially strong" he makes air quote gestures with his hands. FAITH goes silent for another moment, looking down but then looking back up at TOMMY again.

    FAITH: I've got?another question.

    TOMMY: Shoot.

    FAITH: Why were you with him?

    TOMMY'S eyes darken and he freezes for a moment.

    TOMMY: I?(pause) It's a long story.

    FAITH: Do you see me going anywhere?

    TOMMY sighs.

    TOMMY: Look, I'll tell you later.

    FAITH: Tommy, no-

    TOMMY: Yes. It's early in the morning and I don't know if I can tell you the whole story without getting it messed up right now. So?later.

    FAITH: Fine.

    They sit there and fall back into silence.


    The camera is focused on the ceiling. It then moves down onto the wall so that we're looking at the window. It rotates all the way around, and we notice that we were seeing from BRIAN'S point of view moments ago. He is staring blankly towards the window, and looks away after a few more moments.

    Suddenly, the screen becomes blurred, and static-y. But this is not a flashback, and we are still focused on BRIAN. He looks confused, turning and looking around the room for anyone else that may be in there.

    MAN: (O/S) Hi.

    We remain focused on BRIAN as his eyes widen. He slowly turns back to where he was looking before, and BISHOP is standing there. He looks alive and well, except for a wound on his throat that is barely but still noticeable.

    BRIAN: What?the?

    He stops himself mid-sentence and just stares in awe at BISHOP.

    BISHOP: What? Do you wish me to leave?

    BRIAN: No. But aren't you?

    BISHOP: Deceased? Yes, no matter how hard it is for you to accept. (pause) I am gone.

    We close-up one BRIAN'S face for just one moment, and we can see how much that word affects him.

    BISHOP: (cont'd) I don't know why my death means anything to you. You never really liked the fact that I existed.

    BRIAN: I never said that.

    BISHOP: It's easy enough to pick up on.

    BRIAN: Wow, you haven't changed at all.

    BISHOP: I do not have to breathe now.

    There is an awkward silence.

    BRIAN: Could you not do that?

    BISHOP: What?

    BRIAN: Bring up your death like it's nothing.

    BISHOP: To you, it shouldn't have been.

    BRIAN looks at him, angered.

    BRIAN: And why the hell not?! You were?are. You are my brother! Why shouldn't that mean something to me?

    BISHOP: Because to you I was nothing.

    BRIAN: How can you know that?

    BISHOP: From the way you talked to me, the way you acted. (beat) Don't worry, it doesn't hurt me.

    BRIAN almost laughs at what BISHOP has said.

    BRIAN: Oh, well then, if it doesn't hurt you.

    He rolls his eyes.

    BISHOP: It does not.

    BRIAN: Can't you even sense a hint of sarcasm when it's used?

    BISHOP: Why can't you just say what you mean?

    BRIAN: I am saying what I mean, it was sarcasm!

    BISHOP: That makes no logical sense.

    BRIAN laughs coldly.

    BRIAN: Yeah, and talking to a corpse does?!

    BISHOP stares at him blankly.

    BISHOP: This is not a corpse. This is my-

    BRIAN: If the next word out of your mouth is soul?

    BISHOP pauses slightly.

    BISHOP: Essence.

    BRIAN: And talking to an essence of a demon is so much better.

    BISHOP: Half-demon.

    BRIAN: Whatever.

    BISHOP: You are half-demon as well. So you think of yourself as whole demon?

    BRIAN: I've never killed anyone.

    BISHOP: There's no difference.

    BRIAN: Yes there is!

    BISHOP: How so?

    There is another silence.

    BISHOP: (cont'd) No matter?This is unnecessary bickering.

    BRIAN: Oh, so there's an actual reason for you being here?

    BISHOP: Yes. I have to warn you, of what they're planning.

    BRIAN: Who?

    BISHOP: I wish that I could say.

    BRIAN: What is with the cryptic? Every time someone needs to give us information about something bad about to happen, they have to be cryptic about it. Why can't you just tell me what's going on instead of having me try to figure it out, and only doing that at the very last minute, making it damn near impossible to stop whoever is doing what they are?

    BISHOP: It would be less fun.

    BRIAN: Wait, what? Bishop?you think this is fun?

    BISHOP: Oops?I've got to go. See you sometime soon, vision boy.

    With that, BISHOP- or the image of him- disappears and the screen becomes normal once again. BRIAN looks more confused than ever, and also angry.

    The door to his room opens slowly, and he jumps. ILLYRIA walks in.

    ILLYRIA: I heard something going on inside this room, from the hallway. What is it?

    BRIAN: There's nothing.

    ILLYRIA: There may be nothing now, but there was before.

    BRIAN looks empty, and stares at the place where BISHOP stood last.

    BRIAN: Yeah?there was before.

    He looks from the spot where his brother stood to the window- and we can vaguely see a storm forming in the distance.



    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT II

      FADE IN


      The halls of the campus are busy. A class has just got out, and students are scrambling to get to their next class, or their dorms. Only few are relaxed, and the camera closes-up on one of them- ALAN. He's walking slowly. It doesn't look like he's walking slowly because he's relaxing, but because he's being hesitant.

      Finally, he reaches a certain set of doors, and inhales and exhales deeply.

      ALAN: (under his breath) This ought to be fun.

      He takes one more deep breath, before entering the classroom. Most students are already in class, sitting and waiting for the lesson to start. ALAN finds a seat. He looks around the room warily. He frowns, before looking back to the front of the classroom.

      The professor walks out into the middle classroom after the bell rings, beginning his lessons.

      PROFESSOR: Alright, let's pick up where we left off. Last class, we were talking about-

      Suddenly the door to the classroom opens abruptly, and everyone turns their heads to see who's walking in, including ALAN. A girl walks in, looking a little embarrassed- it's SAM. ALAN smiles slightly to see her, and that's when SAM makes eye contact with him. An awkward moment of silence. SAM averts her eyes. ALAN sighs and turns around in his seat.

      PROFESSOR: Ms. Derevco, could you please take your seat and not interrupt the class? I'm trying to teach a lesson here.

      SAM: Uh?sure.

      SAM walks around a little, trying to find a seat and the PROFESSOR clears his throat in annoyance before she finally finds a seat.

      PROFESSOR: Now, back to what we are actually supposed to be focusing on?

      The PROFESSOR'S voice drones on, and ALAN glances back once more to look at SAM, who has her face practically buried in her notebook. He gazes longingly at her and eventually she looks up. Just as she does, he looks away. She frowns.


      We are focused on CLARK, sitting in the same place we left him before. He is very deep in thought. The phone rings, and he pushes the speakerphone button. Before he says anything, someone starts talking.

      WOMAN: (O/S) Are you ready to go on your first mission?

      CLARK stares off into space.

      CLARK: Yes.

      WOMAN: (O/S) Very good. Now, here's what you have to do?

      The camera zooms away from the room as she begins to speak, and we move down the hallway. We cannot hear anything else the woman says. We stop short in the middle of the hallway. A raspy voice seems to fill the entire area.

      VOICE: Eve.

      There is no answer.

      VOICE: (shouting violently) Eve!

      EVE walks out of a room into the hallway.

      EVE: Is someone here??

      The voice has gone silent. EVE starts to walk down the hallway until she feels a slight breeze.

      EVE: (cont'd) What's going on?

      VOICE: Soon.

      EVE looks around, searching for the direction of the voice.

      EVE: What is soon?

      VOICE: Soon?they will come. This city will burn.

      EVE: Who are "they"? And who are you?!

      VOICE: They are The Wanderers- The Two. You cannot escape them?

      The voice fades away. EVE stands in the hallway, remaining terrified and stuck in her place.

      EVE: Okay this is just creepy.

      Suddenly, something seems to click in her head.

      EVE: (cont'd) Oh my god?them? Already?

      She starts to move back to her office, and she flips through her files until she finds a file marked "Uncategorized". She opens it, and widens her eyes. The title of the first page is called "Peregrinus"-Latin for wanderer. Her eyes skim down the paper and she only looks more frightened as she reads on.

      EVE: This cannot be happening.

      There is a laughing heard outside in the hallway.

      VOICE: Oh, but it is?and it's only the beginning.


      The door to the apartment opens, and ANGEL and SPIKE enter the apartment. TOMMY and FAITH are sitting on the couch, not facing the door. They both look back to see them getting in.

      TOMMY: Where've you guys been?

      FAITH: Oh trust me, you probably don't want to know.

      TOMMY: What do you- (beat) Oh.

      He smirks. FAITH smirks as well.

      SPIKE: Okay, kiddies, what you're thinking can't be good.

      TOMMY: I find it funny.

      SPIKE: Well I don't!

      ANGEL: What are you guys talking about?

      They all stare at ANGEL blankly, but he still doesn't get it. TOMMY and FAITH start laughing hysterically. ANGEL still looks confused. SPIKE looks at him like he's an idiot, raising his eyebrows. Finally, it seems to dawn on him.

      ANGEL: You people have sick, sick minds!

      TOMMY: I like my mind thanks.

      He smiles.

      FAITH: I've gotta say I agree. Well, not about liking his mind, but I do like mine.

      ANGEL: You guys are just?

      He shakes his head. There is a moment of silence, and everything suddenly gets serious.

      SPIKE: Uh, well?Angel, me, and Blue went to see if we could find Gunn after we found out?Well, you know.

      There is a pause.

      SPIKE: (cont'd) Anyway, he was at a nightclub, and he went out the back way?Illyria followed him before we could. And?

      He takes a long pause. He stops talking, like he cannot finish the sentence.

      ANGEL: She killed him.

      FAITH: Oh?Oh god, I am so sorry.

      TOMMY: To be fair, wasn't he already dead?

      FAITH hits him on the shoulder and sends him a glare.

      TOMMY: (cont'd) I know, I know?Sorry.

      SPIKE: S'okay. There's nothing we could've really done, besides.

      ANGEL: We could have given him his soul.

      SPIKE: And what were the chances of that?

      ANGEL: Well-

      SPIKE: That was a rhetorical question. (beat) Plus mate, we can't change what happened.

      ANGEL: Yeah?what's done is done.

      FAITH turns to TOMMY, shocked.

      FAITH: I'm sorry?am I hearing things wrong? Did they just agree on something?

      TOMMY: Looks that way.

      FAITH: (really dramatic) I feel faint.

      ANGEL: Stop it. Our friend is dead and you're making jokes.

      Another silence.

      FAITH: (quietly) Sorry?I don't really know what to say, and I try to laugh serious situations like this off.

      TOMMY: We didn't know him, but we're sorry he's gone. Just remember, it's not your fault.

      ANGEL: It's Illyria's.

      SPIKE: No, s'not. She did what we would've had to do eventually.

      ANGEL: We might not-

      SPIKE scoffs, and rolls his eyes.

      SPIKE: C'mon Angel! Who could really restore his soul?

      ANGEL: Willow.

      SPIKE: You don't know that. It takes a lot of energy to do.

      ANGEL: But-

      TOMMY: You guys aren't going to help anything by arguing.

      FAITH scoffs.

      FAITH: Like they're going to listen to that. They love to argue.

      A door opens, and someone walks out into the living room. It is ILLYRIA.

      SPIKE: Oh?hey, Smurf.

      ILLYRIA cocks her head.

      ILLYRIA: I do not know of this "smurf" you insist on calling me.

      ANGEL glares at ILLYRIA and is about to walk forward when SPIKE puts his hand in front of him to block him.

      FAITH: Illyria, could ya go check on Brian for me?

      ILLYRIA: Why?

      FAITH: ?Cause we haven't seen him out here.

      ILLYRIA: He is a human being, and his kin was slain recently. I would not blame him if he were anti-social. Would you?

      FAITH: Well, no, but-

      ILLYRIA: I have checked on the half-breed already. He is in the stages of grieving. Leave him be.

      ANGEL: Since when do you care about people?

      ILLYRIA: He is half demon.

      ANGEL: Exactly. Only half. His other half is human.

      SPIKE: He's like us, without the blood fetish.

      ANGEL: Yeah. So, why do you care?

      ILLYRIA remains silent for a minute.

      ILLYRIA: I wish to stop speaking of this.

      FAITH: Why? It's not like-

      ILLYRIA: (louder, angrily) Stop.

      She clenches both her teeth and her fists at the same time, before leaving the room.

      TOMMY: Jeez, what's her problem?

      ANGEL: Illyria?she's?

      He struggles to find the right word, but someone else finishes his sentence for him.

      FAITH: Psychotic?

      ANGEL: No. (beat) Different. She's different.

      FAITH: That's just a nice way of saying psychotic.

      ANGEL: It is not!

      FAITH laughs.

      SPIKE: C'mon, let's be fair here. She's not psychotic. She can be a little weird sometimes, but she's tryin'.

      TOMMY: What's so hard for her?

      ANGEL: Oh?that's right. We haven't told you.

      FAITH looks confused and interested.

      FAITH: Told us what?

      ANGEL and SPIKE glance at each other before hesitantly looking back at TOMMY and FAITH.

      SPIKE: Faith?Do you remember, uh, Fred?

      FAITH: Yeah, why?

      SPIKE: Well?

      TOMMY: Oh my god..

      SPIKE: What?

      TOMMY: That thing?Illyria. She used to be a person?

      SPIKE: Wow, you got that before Faith did, and she actually knew the lady.

      FAITH: Wait, what?! Illyria is-

      ANGEL: Fred.

      FAITH looks stunned, and unable to believe what she's hearing.

      FAITH: But how's that possible?!

      ANGEL and SPKE look very uncomfortable. Clearly this is a subject that they didn't want to bring up anytime soon?It had happened not so very long ago?

      TOMMY: Illyria's an Old On. They infect someone and hollow them out until there's nothing left. Nothing but a shell for them to control.

      The group looks amazed that TOMMY knows this. FAITH looks more shocked because of what she's learning about her friend.

      SPIKE: How d'ya know so much, Tommy boy?

      TOMMY: I'm not as stupid as I look.

      SPIKE: Yeah, but still-

      TOMMY: I read, okay? Is that a good enough answer for your very imaginative brain to comprehend?

      SPIKE: Yeah, don't get so touchy?

      FAITH: So?Fred is dead?

      ANGEL casts his eyes down, and takes a deep breath.

      ANGEL: Not just dead?

      FAITH: Oh you mean there's something worse than being dead?!

      ANGEL'S eyes remain on the floor.

      ANGEL: (quietly) Her soul's been destroyed.

      FAITH: Are you sure?

      TOMMY: It's true.

      FAITH looks at her friend quizzically.

      FAITH: How do you know so much all of a sudden?

      TOMMY looks at her, narrowing his eyes before looking away.

      TOMMY: I already said. (pause) I read.

      He looks troubled. FAITH is about to ask something more, but decides to leave the subject alone?for now. She knows that he is hiding something, but she's going to leave it alone for the time being.

      FAITH: (to ANGEL and SPIKE) So?what are you going to do about her?

      ANGEL: There's not much we can do about her. She's a goddess.

      ILLYRIA: (O/S) God King, halfbreed.

      FAITH looks in the direction of ILLYRIA'S voice, and then quickly turns back to ANGEL.

      FAITH: Has she been listening to us all along?

      SPIKE: Oops.

      There's a slamming of a door heard in another room.

      ANGEL: Not anymore?

      He stares in the direction of the door slam.


      A girl is sitting at a table by herself. She looks sad, and she keeps glancing around at all the chatting and lively people. You can see the jealousy in her eyes- what she wouldn't give to be one of them for a day.

      GIRL: I'll never be lucky like them. The world treats everyone a certain way?and this is the way my life has to be. As the world chooses it should be.

      VOICE: (whispery) It doesn't have to be that way for long.

      The GIRL looks up.

      GIRL: Who is that?

      She looks around the caf?.

      GIRL: (cont'd) Did anyone else hear that?

      A bunch of people in the caf? stop talking to each other to look at the girl as if she's crazy, and then begin to whisper to each other.

      VOICE: (whispery) No one can hear me but you. And you will always hear me until you can be forgiven.

      GIRL: Forgiven for what?

      VOICE: For letting her down.

      The GIRL widens her eyes.

      GIRL: H-how do you know about that?

      VOICE: I know all. I see?all.

      GIRL: She doesn't forgive me?

      VOICE: Not yet. But she will.

      The GIRL looks tearful, but hopeful.

      GIRL: When?

      VOICE: When you redeem yourself. (pause) When you give your life, for hers.

      The GIRL stares off into space, as if thinking about something very hard to decide. She takes a deep breath.

      GIRL: Anything to help her?

      She places her head down on the table and starts to cry, subtly at first but then uncontrollably. The VOICE begins to laugh.

      VOICE: Just as I wanted?



      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT III


        Students are seen rushing down the halls, but very few of them. Clearly this is just a minute or so before their classes, and they are rushing so they are not late. There is one student who is not in a rush though- SAM. She's walking calmly through the hall like she has absolutely nowhere to be. A girl goes rushing past her, looking very upset. SAM looks back in her direction but shrugs it off. When she turns back around, she runs into someone, and drops her books. She crouches down to pick them up.

        SAM: Oh, sorry, I didn't watch where I was going.

        MAN: (O.S.) That's fine?

        SAM looks up to see who it is- it's ALAN.

        SAM: Oh.

        They stand back up, and stand in awkward silence.

        ALAN: So?How've you been?

        SAM: Good, thanks. You?

        ALAN: I could be better.

        SAM looks away and sighs.

        ALAN: (cont'd) Sam we can't just keep avoiding each other. We're going to still see each other often.

        SAM: I know.

        ALAN: So maybe we should just try to be friends.

        SAM: Maybe.

        ALAN looks annoyed.

        ALAN: C'mon, we're going to see each other almost 24./7 with school and going to Faith's. Can't you just try to get along with me?

        SAM: It's not getting along with you that I have an issue with.

        ALAN: You still think I killed her.

        SAM glares at him.

        SAM: I don't think you did anything. I know you did. And nothing you say is going to change my mind.

        SAM turns around and quickly walks the other way. ALAN sighs.

        ALAN: This is going to be a lot harder than I thought?

        He looks down and begins to walk in the opposite direction of SAM.


        SAM is walking down this hallway now, and she is shaking her head and sighing.

        SAM: (under her breath) Hey, you're the one who broke up with him?And with good reason.

        She takes a deep breath and continues to walk down the hallway. It is quiet- eerily quiet. SAM looks around, but no one is there. A noise- a sharp, desperate gasp for breath ? suddenly comes out of the blue.

        SAM: (cont'd) Hello?

        A clatter is heard. Something hits the floor, and it sounds like metal. Another huge breath is taken, then a few moments pass?and all is silent. SAM looks frightened, but curious at the same time. She walks toward the noise, cautiously. She is nearing the end of the hall when she takes a deep breath, holding her books close to her, and turns into the next hallway. She looks upwards and her jaw drops, along with her books. She tries to make a sound but she cannot for a few moments.


        Several students are walking through this hallway on their way to classes, when a scream is heard a little ways down from them. Everyone looks in that direction, worried. Many of them start walking fast or even running toward the noise.


        Students from the other hallway fill this one. We see SAM leaning against a wall, eyes wide with terror. Some of the students rush up to her, curious.

        STUDENT 1: What's wrong?

        STUDENT 2: Did something happen?

        SAM can say nothing but look to the right of her. Many of the students are already staring- the GIRL from the caf? is there?hanging from a rope attached to the ceiling. There are several stab wounds all over her body and blood drips onto the floor. A knife is also lying on the floor below her. There are gasps of fear and shock and murmurs amongst the students. The bell rings, and several other classes fill the halls, only to stop dead in their tracks at the horrific sight.

        A teacher, middle-aged and female, walks out of the classroom to see the scene as well. She stares in shock at the GIRL'S body.

        TEACHER: My god?What's happened here?! Students?please, would you evacuate the halls?

        Some students move slowly out of the hallway, but most stay.

        TEACHER: (cont'd) I said go.

        Most of them leave now, but STUDENT 1 and SAM remain. The TEACHER glares at them.

        TEACHER: What are you still doing here?

        STUDENT 1 walks over to the TEACHER, saying quietly?

        STUDENT 1: She was here when we all arrived?I don't know if it means anything but?

        The TEACHER nods.

        TEACHER: Alright. Hurry off?

        She glances at the GIRL'S body again and shudders. STUDENT 1 exits the hall quickly, and the TEACHER moves over to SAM, who looks as if she is going to be sick.

        TEACHER: (cont'd) Excuse me, but you're going to have to come with me.

        SAM stares straight ahead of her for a while and then looks up at the TEACHER.

        SAM: (quietly) W-why?

        TEACHER: I just want to ask you?what you know.

        The TEACHER looks deeply distressed.

        SAM: I don't know anything.

        TEACHER: I'm sure that's the case but-

        SAM: But nothing. I found this girl's body and?

        She looks as if she's about to cry and be sick at the same time now.

        SAM: (cont'd) ?And you're accusing me of murdering her?

        TEACHER: I just want to ask-

        SAM: That's what you're saying r-right now. But?I know what you're going to ask?and I have no idea what happened. I'm sorry.

        The TEACHER frowns, but she's not willing to give up.

        TEACHER: Look, Miss?

        SAM does not look like she's about to say her name- the TEACHER continues.

        TEACHER: (cont'd) You're going to have to come with me either way?someone has to tell us what they saw.

        SAM: What they did, you mean.

        She looks angry and continues to look straight ahead before getting up.

        SAM: (cont'd) Fine. I'll go with you. (pause, quieter) Don't be disappointed when I tell you what I know, though?

        TEACHER: I'm certainly not hoping you did this.

        They begin to walk out of the hallway.

        SAM: (bitter, still shocked) Sure.

        The camera pans back to the GIRL'S body dangling from the rope on the ceiling, and we hear a chuckling somewhere off in the building, far away.


        A man is sitting at a desk, playing with a tiny snow globe. This is the DEAN. He looks very bored, until the door opens. He looks semi-interested as the TEACHER and SAM enter.

        DEAN: Why hello ladies. How may I help you?

        He sits further up in his chair.

        TEACHER: There's been a?an incident.

        She looks troubled, and the DEAN begins to worry.

        DEAN: What is it?

        TEACHER: A student?has been?

        The TEACHER does not finish her sentence.

        SAM: Just say it? (pause, quietly) A girl was murdered.

        The DEAN'S eyes widen.

        DEAN: What? Where?

        SAM: On campus?

        The DEAN looks shocked beyond belief. Then, his shock turns to a questioning look.

        DEAN: How do you know so much about this?

        SAM looks down.

        SAM: I?

        The DEAN looks angry.

        DEAN: You what?

        SAM: I found her.

        SAM continues to look at the floor, and the DEAN'S face softens.

        DEAN: Oh?I'm sorry?

        TEACHER: Excuse me but?something has to be done about?the body.

        DEAN: Yes?of course?

        He seems to be staring off into space. He stands up, and the TEACHER walks out of the room. The DEAN follows.

        SAM: What am I supposed to-

        The door to the office shuts.

        SAM: (cont'd) Do??

        She sighs, glancing around the room, and then sits down in a chair in front of the DEAN'S desk.


        BRIAN sits on the couch in the living room. The entire apartment is dead silent- no one is there. At least, no one we can see. BRIAN is just sitting and staring off into space, as he's been doing a lot often. We get a shot of him from another angle, and we see a corner bit behind the couch that is completely dark- filled with shadows.

        Suddenly, the shadows look as if they're moving, and a rush of wind goes through the apartment. BRIAN feels this, and looks behind him- everything is as it should be. He turns back around.

        BRIAN: Huh?

        VOICE: (whispery) It's all your fault, you know?

        BRIAN looks up, and all around the apartment.

        BRIAN: What? Who's there?

        VOICE: (whispery) My name?is not important. What you have done, though, is?

        BRIAN: What have I done?

        He looks curious and worried at the same time.

        VOICE: (whispery) His death. It was your fault.

        BRIAN furrows his eyebrows.

        BRIAN: He sacrificed himself to save someone else?how is that my fault? He did what was right.

        VOICE: (clearer now) He wouldn't have had to if?

        The VOICE trails off.

        BRIAN: If what? There's nothing I could have done.

        VOICE: Point of fact, there is.

        BRIAN: And what's that?

        VOICE: You could have given your life, instead of making him suffer more than he should have.

        BRIAN looks angry but distressed at the thought of this at the same time.

        BRIAN: What help would that have been?

        VOICE: (harsh) Well, let us see, shall we? If he hadn't given his life, he would be able to redeem himself for what he's done in the past. He would have his second chance. What is so great about you going on? There is not point for your existence. He, on the other hand?He could have accomplished great things.

        BRIAN looks down at the floor.

        BRIAN: He made his choice?

        There is a silence for a few seconds.

        VOICE: (barely a whisper) You could have made a choice?His fate was only decided when you didn't?When you hesitated.

        With that, the cold in the room from the wind has vanished. The VOICE is no longer anywhere in the room. BRIAN takes a quick look around the room. All is silent for a minute or two. There is a sudden noise of a door opening, and BRIAN jumps. He turns around to look at the kitchen to see who came in- it is ROBIN. BRIAN lets out a sigh of relief.

        BRIAN: Oh it's just you.

        ROBIN raises an eyebrow.

        ROBIN: Where you expecting someone else??

        BRIAN: No, just?

        He glances around and then looks back at ROBIN.

        BRIAN: (cont'd) You know what, never mind.

        ROBIN looks at him, concerned.

        ROBIN: What is it?

        BRIAN: I just thought I heard something. But it was the wind.

        ROBIN: It usually is. (beat) But sometimes it isn't. You might have heard it after all.

        BRIAN: I hope not?

        ROBIN: You mean you heard voices?

        BRIAN looks away for a moment, thinking, before shaking his head.

        BRIAN: (hurriedly) No. (changing the subject) Where have you been?

        ROBIN: I was just visiting a friend.

        BRIAN: Oh? Do I know this friend?

        ROBIN shrugs, but then shakes his head.

        ROBIN: I really doubt it.

        BRIAN: Who was it?

        ROBIN: An old friend from school.

        BRIAN: Well, then, I definitely wouldn't know them.

        ROBIN: Like I said.

        The door the apartment opens again, and closes violently. Both ROBIN and BRIAN turn to see who it is- FAITH. Just as she's entering the living room, the door opens again and TOMMY is following her, only he doesn't slam the door like she did.

        TOMMY: Faith I don't think that was the best move.

        FAITH: (O/S) Yeah, well, whatever.

        TOMMY sighs and we follow him into the living room. ROBIN looks at FAITH, confused. She looks angry.

        ROBIN: What's going on??

        FAITH: It's nothing, really, just-

        TOMMY: Oh so now it's nothing. Five seconds ago you were flipping out!

        FAITH: Well it's nothing. I just get mad about little things.

        ROBIN looks from FAITH, to TOMMY, and then to FAITH again.

        ROBIN: What are you two talking about?

        FAITH sighs.

        FAITH: Really, it's nothing. Just as we were walkin' in the apartment, some guy pushed by us. Normal, right? Well the next thing isn't?He turned around to look at us and said "One of your own is next" and before we could ask any questions he was gone.

        ROBIN: That's?strange.

        FAITH: And do you want to hear the best part?! (sarcastically) ?Cause this just made the situation so much better. Once he walked away, he went to cross the street and?

        She looks away, as if it's hard for her to say.

        ROBIN: And what?

        TOMMY: The guy was run over by a bus as soon as he walked into the street. We watched it all happen and it was?disturbing.

        ROBIN: So?you think that he meant that one of us will die next?

        FAITH shakes her head.

        FAITH: Dunno. He almost seemed?possessed. Maybe it was just a demon trying to scare us.

        TOMMY: But maybe it wasn't.

        ROBIN: So?what were you so mad about when you walked in the door, Faith?

        FAITH: That's the other thing. Apparently, people saw me "push" the guy into the street. I was ten feet away from him. We were told to stay there, and when the cops came they were accusing me?

        TOMMY: One of them said that she looked familiar, which was weird?

        FAITH looks down.

        FAITH: Not so weird?

        TOMMY looks at her with curiousity.

        TOMMY: What?

        FAITH: It's a long story. (pause) Anyways, they said they wanted to take me down to the station so I told them where they could shove it and walked away.

        TOMMY: Again, that was definitely not a good mood.

        FAITH shrugs.

        FAITH: Oh well. They'll get over it.

        There is a few seconds of silence. ROBIN looks to his right, and furrows his brows.

        ROBIN: Hey?where's Brian?

        TOMMY: He was here? I didn't even notice?

        FAITH shrugs once again.

        FAITH: Must have slipped out while we were talking.

        ROBIN: Yeah?must have.

        ROBIN looks worriedly at the door.


        BRIAN is seen walking down the street, and he looks as if he is thinking a lot about something. About what, we cannot tell. He goes to turn onto another street and sees a magic store down the way. He eyes it curiously- you don't see a whole lot of these out in the open in New York City. He begins to walk towards it. When he reaches it, he hesitates but then enters.

        He walks into the store, and looks around. Crystals and mini-statues are displayed all around the shop, a cashier is standing at the front desk. She looks up when she hears the door close behind him.

        CASHIER: Oh, hi. Is there anything I could help you with?

        BRIAN looks at her. She doesn't seem like someone who would work in a magic shop- she looks like she'd be better off working at the nearest McDonald's. He shakes his head.

        BRIAN: No. I'm just browsing.

        CASHIER: ?Kay.

        BRIAN walks off further into the store until he reaches a bunch of shelves. He walks down one of the aisles and glances at the books. Something catches his eye- "Shadows- Beings Hidden in Light". He looks at it with curiousity. He goes to take it off the shelf, when he hears something.

        VOICE: (whispery) You don't want to do that.

        BRIAN stands up straight and looks around.

        BRIAN: Why's that?

        VOICE: You might find something out that you don't wish to?

        BRIAN: And why don't I wish to find out? Because you don't wish for me to find out?

        VOICE: No?The information you will find is not about me. It is about-

        But suddenly, the voice is cut off. BRIAN waits a few seconds before looking around again.

        BRIAN: Are you still there?

        WOMAN: (O/S) Brian?

        BRIAN turns around to see someone standing at the end of the aisle- MARIE.

        MARIE: What was that?

        BRIAN: What was what?

        MARIE: That shadow?that surrounded you.

        BRIAN looks at her confused.

        MARIE: (cont'd) You didn't see it?

        BRIAN: No?


        END OF ACT III

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT IV


          FADE IN

          MARIE stares at BRIAN, with an equally confused look on her face.

          MARIE: But?it was right there. How could you not have seen it?

          BRIAN: All I saw was the shelf and books?

          MARIE: I swear, I'm not lying to you. Some?black thing?was surrounding you.

          BRIAN: I believe you, it just seems weird that I didn't see it.


          MARIE: So?why are you here? Not to be rude or anything but I come here almost all the time and I've never seen you here before.

          BRIAN: I just stumbled on it. I was out looking around. I've been in the city for a long time but I haven't actually looked around the city much.

          MARIE: You never got out much?

          BRIAN: Well for years I confined myself to a house because of my powers?I never went out.

          MARIE looks confused.

          MARIE: How did you eat?

          BRIAN looks down.

          BRIAN: I ate whatever I could.

          MARIE: Oh?and, ew?

          BRIAN: Hey! I was afraid of going outside, okay?

          MARIE: Yeah but that's still disgusting.

          She chuckles a little.

          MARIE: (cont'd) And there's not any other reason why you're here?

          BRIAN stays silent for a minute and glances back at the books before looking back at MARIE.

          BRIAN: No. Like I said, I stumbled on it. Looked interesting.

          MARIE: (quickly and happily) Oh, it's fascinating?All of the books and the mystical resources?

          BRIAN blinks.

          MARIE: (cont'd) Okay, so maybe I get a little excited when it comes to magic. It's a great thing though.

          BRIAN: Yes, I know. But it's also very dangerous?

          MARIE rolls her eyes.

          MARIE: Please, I don't need a lecture. I know how dangerous magic is.

          There is another pause. They both know what she knows about magic, and how dangerous it is. She has used it for dangerous reasons on purpose before?

          MARIE: (cont'd) Well?should we head out?

          BRIAN looks distant. It's as if he hasn't been really paying attention to much she's been saying at all in the last few minutes. He doesn't answer her. MARIE looks at him, concerned.

          MARIE: (cont'd) Something wrong?

          BRIAN still looks distant but snaps out of it.

          BRIAN: What? (beat) Oh, yeah.

          MARIE begins to walk towards the door and BRIAN looks back at the books once more before following her. They leave and the bell on the door rings and we close up on the books. A black form moves across them, but then is gone in an instant.


          CLARK is now standing near a window in the office. He looks as if he is deep in thought as the screen blurs out and fades to white, and then sharpens and fades back in. It is still a little blurry and static, and we see that this is a flashback.

          We are now in the rundown house from earlier in the episode. We are focused on the kitchen table, and we here glass crashing, and someone yelling. We move to the next room, the living room. We can still hear it, but it is closer. We then move to the next room- a bedroom. We see a man going through drawers and getting angrier as he looks through each one. We see a broken mirror in front of him. Once he gets angry enough, he smashes it even more. We close up on him to reveal that it is CLARK.

          CLARK: (under his breath) Damnit, where is it?

          WOMAN: (O/S) You're never going to find it.

          CLARK turns around to see OLIVIA. He seethes with anger.

          CLARK: Where did you put it?

          OLIVIA: I'm not going to tell you.

          CLARK advances toward her, but she begins to run. He runs after her and grabs her arm, but she just slides her jacket off and runs out the door. He tries to follow her but by the time he gets outside she is already in her already running car. She puts it in drive and slams on the gas, going as fast as she can. CLARK looks angrier by the second and then runs toward his car, starting it?and begins to follow her.


          CLARK still stands in the corner of the room, still thinking. Suddenly the door to the office opens. CLARK turns around to see that it is EVE that has entered.

          EVE: Are you ready to see her?

          CLARK does not say a word. He just heads out the door. EVE smiles and follows him, closing the door on her way out.


          The door opens and MARIE enters. FAITH and ROBIN are sitting at the table, and MARIE looks at them.

          MARIE: Where's everyone else?

          FAITH shrugs.

          ROBIN: Where've you been all day?

          MARIE: Just about everywhere. I had a lot of things to do.

          ROBIN: Oh.

          FAITH: Have you seen Brian?

          MARIE: Yeah he's right-

          MARIE turns around. Her eyebrows furrow.

          MARIE: (cont'd) That's so weird?he was just walking behind me?

          FAITH sits up further.

          FAITH: When's the last time you actually saw him?

          MARIE thinks for a moment.

          MARIE: Oh god? I haven't been paying attention. He must have slipped away when I wasn't looking.

          FAITH: Why would he do that?

          She looks confused.

          MARIE: He was acting weird earlier at the magic store?(pause, realizing something) I know where he went?

          She widens her eyes and then heads back toward the door.

          FAITH: Where are you going?!

          MARIE: I have to go find him. Something bad's going to happen. (beat) Can I borrow the car?

          FAITH: Yeah I guess?Can I-

          MARIE grabs the keys and practically runs out the door.

          FAITH: (cont'd) ?go with you?

          FAITH sighs.

          FAITH: (cont'd) Guess not.

          ROBIN: I wonder where she thinks he went.

          FAITH: Who knows?


          The sun is just about to set in the distance. We see BRIAN standing on the ground and looking at it. He turns back around, and we cannot see where he is. Eventually the camera moves to a different angle and we know exactly where this is?The park from 1.15- the one with the Hellmouth under it before. We see a crater, where it collapsed, but not as big as Sunnydale's. BRIAN stands near the edge of the crater and looks down. All of the events that happened there?He closes his eyes.

          VOICE: You've come.

          BRIAN: Yes?but you still haven't answered my question- who are you?

          VOICE: I've said before. My identity isn't important?(pause) Now, are you ready?

          BRIAN looks away and sighs.

          BRIAN: I still don't see why I have to do this?

          VOICE: You know perfectly well why you have to do this?(pause) All of the lives you haven't saved because you ignored your visions for so many years?.those people could have lived?and they didn't because of you. And Bishop?his death was your fault. The world would be a much better place without you around.

          BRIAN is still looking away from the crater but begins to tear up.

          VOICE: (cont'd) Why do you wish to keep on living, when you only bring suffering to those around you? Besides, you are worthless now that you no longer have powers. You were worthless before that, too.

          Even though BRIAN is usually not so easily convinced, he feels compelled to believe everything that the voice is saying. It must be magic?BRIAN holds back his tears. He looks back at the bottom of the crater.

          VOICE: (cont'd) You know what you have to do?

          With that, a gust of wind blows through and then the voice disappears. BRIAN continues to look at the bottom of the crater.


          We see a car pull up and then we see MARIE get out of it and shut the door. She quickly runs closer to the crater where she sees BRIAN'S figure. She gets closer to him as he begins to walk forward, and almost falls right into the crater. She grabs his arm and pulls him back. He looks at her, dazed.

          MARIE: What the hell do you think you're doing?

          BRIAN: It's all my fault?

          MARIE frowns.

          MARIE: What is?

          BRIAN: Their deaths?(pause) His death.

          MARIE: Who are-?Oh. Bishop.

          BRIAN looks away, but MARIE grabs him by the shoulders and turns him towards her.

          MARIE: (cont'd) Listen to me?that was not your fault. It was his choice, and it was his time. You had nothing to do with it.

          BRIAN: That's the problem! I had nothing to do with it?I could have helped and I didn't!

          His eyes fill with more tears.

          MARIE: How? How could you have helped, Brian? There's nothing you could have done. It's not like you had a vision?it was just his time.

          BRIAN goes to say something but can't. He's sobbing. MARIE frowns, and puts her arms around him.

          MARIE: (cont'd) It's okay...

          He continues to sob and they stand there together, in an awkward but at the same time comforting position. The camera goes off to another part of the park, where we see the black form beginning to break apart.

          VOICE: No?this cannot be happening?

          It begins to scream before the black form is totally obliterated. We cut back to BRIAN sobbing in MARIE'S arms as MARIE looks sympathetically at him.


          EVE and CLARK walk into a different room, and EVE turns to face CLARK.

          EVE: Are you sure about this? She's not an innocent little girl. She might not be so accepting toward you.

          CLARK glares at her.

          CLARK: I'm positive. Let me see my daughter.

          EVE sighs and moves over to the other side of the room. We see a button on the wall and she presses it.

          EVE: (into speaker near button) Show her in.

          CLARK looks at the door next to the speaker. It begins to open. We see nothing at first but then a YOUNG WOMAN (played by SOPHIA BUSH) walks through the door. CLARK looks as if he's holding his breath. She looks around the room, before seeing CLARK. She smirks.

          YOUNG WOMAN: (coldly) Hi daddy.

          She continues to smile.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          Special Guest Starring:
          SOPHIA BUSH

          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."