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Rogue Redemption 2.03 "Retrospect"

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  • Rogue Redemption 2.03 "Retrospect"

    2.03 "Retrospect"



    The camera is focused on FAITH. She is staring at the doorway to her apartment. She looks surprised, but not in a bad way.

    FAITH: Yeah, long time?

    FAITH thinks about the last time she saw TOMMY?earlier that day.

    TOMMY: Can we come in?

    FAITH looks confused.

    FAITH: We?

    TOMMY: Yeah? I brought a visitor.

    FAITH just realizes that there is someone standing behind TOMMY. A MAN (played by RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON). He steps in front of TOMMY, where FAITH can see him. Her face goes into one of shock- this time in a bad way.

    MAN: Hello Faith.


    The scene is blurred, as is the entire image, it looks static. We see OLIVIA leaning against a wall, and looking really impatient. She keeps looking at her watch, and from side to side.

    VOICE: Hey.

    OLIVIA looks off to the side, where the voice came from. We follow her line of sight, and see a younger looking MAN (the same MAN standing in front of FAITH'S apartment) there.

    OLIVIA: Oh good, Clark, you're here.

    MAN/CLARK: Yes.

    OLIVIA: Do you have it?

    CLARK: No.

    OLIVIA looks shocked.

    OLIVIA: What?! I need it!

    CLARK: I don't care what you need. You only think about your goddamn self.

    OLIVIA looks hurt by these words.

    OLIVIA: But-

    CLARK: No!

    OLIVIA looks down, but slowly picks her head up. She looks pissed off.

    OLIVIA: Give it to me! Now!

    CLARK: No.

    OLIVIA: Clark, please!

    CLARK: (yelling) No!

    OLIVIA: I ne-

    CLARK: You idiot, shut up!

    He takes out something from his side- a gun. OLIVIA'S eyes widen.

    OLIVIA: No?please, Clark, no?

    CLARK: (mocking) No, please Clark! Noo?

    He raises the gun and aims it at her head. OLIVIA begins to cry.

    CLARK: (cont'd, shouting) Shut up!

    OLIVIA continues to cry. CLARK pulls the trigger, and the bullet hits her right in the head.

    CLARK: (cont'd) I said shut up, you bitch.

    CLARK looks at her body, and puts the gun away, before walking out of the alley. At the end of the alley is a YOUNG FAITH. She stares at CLARK, who has stopped dead in his tracks, and then runs.


    FAITH stares angrily at CLARK. He looks at her blankly. TOMMY notices these interactions.

    TOMMY: Guys? What's going on?

    FAITH'S anger disappears from her face, but definitely not completely. She looks at TOMMY.

    FAITH: (coldly) Nothing.

    TOMMY: So, can we come in?

    FAITH: Sure.

    TOMMY enters the room. When CLARK enters the room, FAITH glares at him. Before he gets out of her sight, he smirks.




    Theme Song: Time is Running Out by Muse


    Guest Starring:

    Special Guest Starring:

    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    ACT I


    Fade in. Everyone is in the living room. It's fairly crowded.

    ALAN: Hi, some of us are claustrophobic.

    SAM: And some of us are necrophiliacs.

    Everyone looks at her, staring.

    SAM: (cont'd) What? I meant Broody 1 and Broody 2 over there.

    She indicates ANGEL and SPIKE.

    SPIKE: I do not brood.

    SAM: Uh-huh.

    SPIKE: Hey!

    MARIE: Oh, you do. Not more than him though?

    MARIE looks at ANGEL, pondering.

    ANGEL: I don't brood!

    No one speaks, there is silence. FAITH raises an eyebrow.

    ANGEL: (cont'd) I whallow?

    SAM: There's a difference?

    ANGEL looks as if he's about to say something but is interrupted.

    TOMMY: Some of us are very, very confused?

    He looks around at everyone.

    TOMMY: (cont'd) Hi, I'm Tommy. (beat) Now who the hell are you people?

    SAM: I'm Samantha.

    TOMMY: Nice to meet ya.

    SAM smiles.

    ANGEL: Can we save greetings for later and talk about what just happened?

    SAM: (mumbling) You don't brood, my ass?

    CLARK: What just happened?

    FAITH turns when she hears CLARK speak, and glares.

    ROBIN: Too much to explain.

    ILLYRIA: I do not wish to explain.

    TOMMY looks over at ILLYRIA, somewhat intrigued. He turns to BRIAN, who is standing near him.

    TOMMY: (whispering) Does she have a skin condition or something?

    BRIAN ignores the comment. ILLRYIA cocks her head.

    ILLRYIA: What is this ?skin condition' you speak of?

    TOMMY: You heard that?

    ILLYRIA: I hear everything.

    TOMMY: Okay then?who are you?

    ILLRYIA: I am-

    GUNN: Let's not get into that.

    ILLRYIA turns to GUNN, angered.

    ILLRYIA: Do not interrupt me. (beat- looking interested) Something about you is not right?

    GUNN looks away.

    CLARK: Can everyone please shut up?

    The words "shut up" seem to echo as we close-up on FAITH.

    FAITH: (mumbling) You really like that phrase, don't you?

    CLARK: What was that?

    FAITH looks at him and gives a faux smile.

    FAITH: Oh, nothing.

    There is a few moments of silence.

    TOMMY: I'm getting the feeling that not all of us can stay here.

    ALAN: Me too. (beat) I have to head back to campus anyways. I'll think I'll go now. See you guys, and gals, tomorrow.

    He heads over towards the door, opening it and exiting the room.

    CLARK: I can get a hotel room.

    TOMMY: Yeah, so can I.

    FAITH: Well, that leaves nine people.

    ANGEL: I have friends in New York, I can stay with them.

    FAITH: Do I know these friends?

    ANGEL: You might.

    SPIKE: If she does, then I do. I guess I'll have to stick with you.

    ANGEL: (sarcastically) Oh, the joy I feel.

    GUNN: I'll join you two then.

    ILLRYIA looks around at everyone in the room.

    ILLRYIA: I wish to stay here. It intrigues me.

    FAITH: Well, I guess that six people isn't that much?

    ROBIN: It isn't. We used to have more.

    Dead silence.

    TOMMY: So, I guess we'll head out.

    He looks at FAITH.

    TOMMY: (cont'd) Wanna catch up tomorrow?

    FAITH nods.

    FAITH: Sure.

    CLARK exits the room without a word, much to FAITH'S relief, and TOMMY follows him. ANGEL heads out, and SPIKE and GUNN follow him. Finally, there are only six people left in the room. There is silence for a little while. Without saying a word, FAITH returns to her room. She shows no emotion, even though she is clearly upset from the encounter. ROBIN looks at her concerned, and follows. SAM and MARIE stand in the room, not looking at each other for whatever reason. SAM soon departs leaving MARIE to follow in the same direction. This leaves ILLYRIA and BRIAN in the room. There is silence for a few moments.

    BRIAN: Well, I guess I'll-

    ILLYRIA: I feel your loss.

    BRIAN looks up at her.

    BRIAN: What?

    ILLYRIA: You have lost someone. Someone close to you, recently. You need to seek help.

    BRIAN: And you sound like an infomercial.

    ILLRYIA: A what?

    BRIAN: Never mind.

    ILLYRIA: He was important.

    BRIAN: To me? I dunno.

    ILLYRIA shakes her head.

    ILLYRIA: No. To the mission.

    BRIAN: What mission?

    ILLYRIA is silent for a few moments.

    ILLYRIA: No more questions.

    ILLRYIA turns and heads for the exit of the apartment. BRIAN looks at her, curiously.

    BRIAN: Where are you going?

    ILLYRIA turns around sharply, almost angry.

    ILLYRIA: (more forceful) No more questions.

    BRIAN looks at her still curious as she leaves the apartment, slamming the door.




    There are signs that a construction crew has been working here, but no one is here at the moment, or so it appears. The bright light of the sun fills the area, but there are still some shadows.

    VOICE: (O/S) Yes, that should be fine. (pause) No that'll work. Thanks. Bye.

    There is a sound of a flip phone closing. We pan over to a patch of shadow in the corner of the site. We do not see who this person is yet. The camera slowly pans up until we reach who it is?

    It is EVE. She's smiling.

    EVE: This?should be good.

    She continues to smile proudly.


    The sunlight is shining through a window and onto a bed. One person is lying there, and it is ALAN. He is awake, and staring at the ceiling. He looks over to his left side, where it is empty. He looks longing. A brief flash to SAM laying, sleeping there appears, and as soon as it came it goes away. He sighs. Suddenly, the phone rings. He picks it up.

    ALAN: Hello?

    VOICE/SAM: Uh?hi.

    ALAN: Oh, hi.

    There is an awkward silence.

    SAM: Listen, I need to talk to you.

    ALAN'S face falls, and he looks down at his feet.

    ALAN: Yeah?

    SAM: Yes. But?not on the phone. Can we meet somewhere?

    ALAN: Sure. Where?

    SAM: Oh god, I don't know. How many restaurants are there in New York City? A million?

    ALAN: They just opened a new Mexican one.

    SAM: A million and one then.

    ALAN chuckles, but then it is followed by another awkward silence.

    SAM: How about T.G.I. Friday's? The one near Broadway.

    ALAN: Yeah, sounds good.

    SAM: Good. (beat) See you there. Bye.

    ALAN: Bye.

    ALAN hangs up the phone and lays back down, sighing and looking up at the ceiling once again.


    We see two beds. There is one lump on each, showing that there is only one person in each bed. Someone groans, and tosses the covers off of themselves. It is GUNN. He gets up, and heads to the bathroom. As he passes the mirror, we do not get to see it. He walks near the sink though, and begins to splash his face with water.

    SPIKE: (O/S) Charlie boy, you should come see this.

    GUNN looks towards the door, curiously. He walks out into the room, only to see Spike sitting on a chair, staring at the television.

    GUNN: Wow, you've become a TV junkie. Amazing.

    GUNN begins to walk away.

    SPIKE: No, you bloody idiot. The news.

    GUNN stops, and walks back toward the television. We begin to hear the words that are coming from the broadcaster's mouth.

    BROADCASTER: As you may know, many were found murdered inside the Empire State Building. We are now working on getting the security tape to work, because it has been damaged.

    SPIKE and GUNN stare at the television, intrigued.

    BROADCASTER: (cont'd) In other news, buildings in LA have been completely destroyed due to an unknown cause, most likely an explosion?

    The BROADCASTER drones on and the volume slowly fades as she does.

    SPIKE: (mumbling) An explosion? Rutting idiots.

    GUNN glances at him and then back to the television. It has now moved to a different broadcaster. They are talking about something to do with gas prices. GUNN rolls his eyes. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door.

    VOICE/ANGEL: (O/S) It's me.

    GUNN walks over to the door and opens it. ANGEL walks in.

    ANGEL: Did you see the news?

    SPIKE indicates the television being on.

    ANGEL: (cont'd) Oh.

    GUNN: What about it?

    ANGEL: It's just?so many things were destroyed. We could have stopped it, and we didn't.

    SPIKE: Is it just me or are you more broody than usual?

    ANGEL: I do not brood, for the last time!

    SPIKE does not reply, just rolls his eyes.

    GUNN: When you ladies are done fighting, can we head to Faith's?

    ANGEL: (simultaneously) Hey!

    SPIKE: (simultaneously) Hey!

    ANGEL and SPIKE glare at each other.

    SPIKE: Uh?we can head to Faith's yeah.

    ANGEL: But me and Spike will have to use the tunnels.

    GUNN: I'll go that way too.

    SPIKE: Why not just go by bus or somethin'?

    GUNN shrugs.

    GUNN: I like the company.

    ANGEL and SPIKE head out of the room, and GUNN looks around. He stares at the window with curtains covering it for a moment, and then heads out of the room slamming the door.


    There is two beds in this room as well. We move over to the left and we see a desk, followed by chairs. As we zoom into near the chairs, we see that someone is sitting there- TOMMY. He looks troubled- upset, maybe. He sighs. There is a sound of someone coming into the room.

    VOICE/CLARK: (O/S) Thomas.

    TOMMY does not look his way, he seems unfazed. CLARK enters the room and we can see him on the screen.

    CLARK: (louder, more forceful) Thomas!

    TOMMY: Don't call me that.

    CLARK: Excuse me?

    TOMMY: Excuse yourself.

    CLARK seems to ignore the comment.

    CLARK: Are you ready?

    TOMMY: For what?

    CLARK: You know what for.

    TOMMY: To kill my best friend? Gee let me think about it.

    He rolls his eyes and starts mumbling to himself.

    CLARK: I know it's hard, son.

    TOMMY: I'm not your son. (beat) Hard? Hard?! Is that the word you're using to describe this?

    CLARK: We have to kill Faith.

    TOMMY: No.

    CLARK: Yes, we do.

    TOMMY looks at him, glaring.

    CLARK: (cont'd) Don't look at me like that, I am your superior.

    TOMMY: I don't care if you're freakin' royalty. I'll look at you like the scum you are.

    CLARK grabs TOMMY'S shirt collar and pulls him up from the chair. TOMMY looks like he is choking.

    CLARK: You will obey me or I swear I'll kill you like I killed Faith's stupid bitch of a mother.

    TOMMY widens his eyes, but nods. CLARK drops him onto the floor, walking to the other side of the room. TOMMY gasps for breath as he stares at CLARK in shock.



    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT II


      FAITH sits at the table in her kitchen, staring off into space, and thinking. She looks entirely out of it.

      ROBIN: (O/S) You okay?

      FAITH snaps her head in the direction that ROBIN'S voice is coming from.

      FAITH: Fine. (beat) No, not fine.

      She looks off to the side, staring at the wall. ROBIN moves over to the table and sits down next to FAITH.

      ROBIN: What's wrong?

      FAITH ignores him, and continues to stare at the wall. There are a few moments of silence.

      ROBIN: (cont'd) Faith, you need to tell me. You can't just bottle everything up...

      FAITH: I'm not trying to.

      ROBIN: Well, you are.

      FAITH begins to get frustrated.

      FAITH: You know, it's hard not to! After being raised somewhere where your mother didn't give a damn what you felt, you learn to suppress?well?everything. And I'm not usually one to open up!

      She stands up and begins to pace.

      FAITH: (cont'd, getting angry) I can't just start sharing my feelings like we're at some sleepover. I can't! (calmer) Okay?

      ROBIN looks at her concerned for a moment, and then backs off.

      ROBIN: Sorry.

      FAITH'S anger slowly fades. She goes back to sit down next to ROBIN again.

      FAITH: No?I'm sorry. I shouldn- God I'm so bad at this. I didn't mean to, you know, explode. It's just?I have issues. Yeah, let's leave it there for now.

      ROBIN semi-smiles.

      ROBIN: It's alright. I understand. (beat) Well, no I don't exactly, but I can see where you're coming from.

      FAITH semi-smiles this time, and ROBIN leans over and gives her a kiss.

      ROBIN: (cont'd) It'll be alright?okay?

      FAITH nods.

      FAITH: Yeah.

      ROBIN gets up from the table and exits the kitchen. FAITH goes back to staring off into space.

      FAITH: I hope so?


      The camera is focused as close to the window as it can get, until it begins to zoom out. We see strands of hair- blue hair. When we zoom out further, we see that ILLYRIA is looking out the window. She appears to be remembering something, but we do not know what.

      We see a flash of a hotel that is filled with dead bodies, their identities unrecognizable. We then flash back to ILLYRIA looking out the window, expressionless.

      ILLYRIA: What ever kind of world that was?

      She blinks, and looks away for a moment, and then back at the window.

      ILLRYIA: (cont'd) Why did I not enjoy it?

      She stands there in wonderment. Suddenly, the door to the guest room opens. ILLYRIA turns around sharply. BRIAN is standing in the doorway.

      BRIAN: Sorry to uh, interrupt, but your friends are here.

      ILLRYIA: Friends?

      BRIAN: You know- Angel, Spike, Gunn?

      ILLYRIA: I do not have friends.

      ILLYRIA stares at BRIAN for a moment before pushing past him to head towards the kitchen. BRIAN looks at her strangely before closing the door and following.


      ANGEL and GUNN are seen talking to FAITH. SPIKE is wandering around the kitchen and fiddling with random objects before setting them down. Then he sees ILLYRIA enter.

      SPIKE: ?Ello Blue.

      ILLYRIA ignores him, and moves toward ANGEL.

      ILLYRIA: You wished to speak to me?

      ANGEL turns from FAITH to ILLYRIA.

      ANGEL: Oh, yeah. Feel like hunting someone down with us?

      ILLYRIA: Hunting is a specialty of mine.

      FAITH: Okay. (beat) Not gonna ask.

      ILLYRIA: In earlier times, there were games of tracking down mortals before brutally murdering them.

      She smiles as if proud.

      ILLYRIA: I was always talented at that.

      There are several moments of silence where the people in the room look at ILLYRIA as if she were insane.

      FAITH: Anyways?Who are you hunting?

      ANGEL: Whoever killed the people in the Empire State Building the other day.

      FAITH: Wait, what? How'd I miss somethin' like that?

      ANGEL: Do you watch the news?

      FAITH: No.

      ANGEL: There you go.

      ROBIN walks into the room, just as the door from outside is opening and TOMMY and CLARK enter the room as well. FAITH glances from TOMMY to CLARK and then down to the floor.

      VOICE: (echoing) You know you want to.

      FAITH looks up. No one has spoken. She heard this voice in her head. Who could it have been? What did they mean?

      CLARK: Something wrong, Faith?

      FAITH looks up and gives CLARK a menacing glare. She takes something off of the table, and walks over to CLARK. We now see that it is a knife. CLARK widens his eyes, as FAITH raises the knife and stabs him in the stomach repeatedly.

      Cut back to FAITH standing to where she was before. The event we saw was all in her head. She looks to CLARK, and gives him the same glare as she did in the scene she made up in her head. Instead of grabbing the knife this time though, she shakes her head.

      FAITH: No. And even if I did? It wouldn't be your business.

      CLARK looks like he's trying to look taken aback, but he is doing a horrible job at it. Instead he looks angry. The tension in the room mounts as everyone is silent. Some bewildered as to what happened between CLARK and FAITH, but one person knows. TOMMY. He looks from FAITH to CLARK. The silence goes on.


      A door opens and slams off-screen. Soon we see the same cloaked FIGURE from previous episodes walk onscreen.

      FIGURE: (yelling, extremely angry) Artemis!

      The name echoes throughout the warehouse.

      FIGURE: (cont'd) Get in here. Now!

      ARTEMIS: (O/S) Alright alright?jeez.

      She steps into the room, confidently. She can see the FIGURE'S face though, and her confidence quickly fades.

      ARTEMIS: (cont'd) What is it?

      FIGURE: (still angry) I thought you said you took care of everything.

      The FIGURE steps closer to ARTEMIS.

      ARTEMIS: What are you-

      FIGURE: But no, you are just like every other insolent mortal.

      ARTEMIS: Y'know, it would really help if you explained what was going-

      FIGURE: The security tapes, you fool. They have them.

      ARTEMIS: Who's "they"?

      FIGURE: Soon the entirety of the human population will see them.

      ARTEMIS: The news channel has them? Oh?crap.

      FIGURE: Now it is up to you to get them back.

      ARTEMIS: That's not possible.

      FIGURE: And why not?

      ARTEMIS: They have huge security. Top-notch even.

      FIGURE: I do not care. Get them back.

      ARTEMIS: How the hell am I supposed to do that?!

      FIGURE: As hard as it is, try to be clever. I expect them back by sunset.

      ARTEMIS looks as if she thinks that the FIGURE is kidding, but widens her eyes when she realizes that they are not. She goes around them and quickly heads out the door, slamming it as the FIGURE did previously in the scene.


      ARTEMIS is walking towards the end of the alley. She appears to be in deep thought. All of a sudden, a realization hits her. We don't know what it is, only that it was important. She breaks out into a run.



      BRIAN and ROBIN remain left in the apartment. Each is sitting on either the chair or the couch.

      BRIAN: So, everyone cleared out?

      ROBIN: Yeah. Faith went to get some fresh air, Tommy and Clark went out somewhere, and Illyria?

      ROBIN thinks for a moment.

      ROBIN: (cont'd) Yeah, I really don't know about her. Where she is or what her deal is.

      BRIAN: Me either. She's so?

      ROBIN: Creepy?

      BRIAN: Superior.

      There is a few moments of silence.

      ROBIN: How so?

      BRIAN: I don't really know, it's just a feeling. She gives off this energy that makes you feel like you're less than you really are?

      ROBIN stares at BRIAN.

      BRIAN: (cont'd) Or maybe that's just me.

      The door to the apartment opens quickly. FAITH enters the living room.

      ROBIN: Back so soon?

      FAITH: As long as he isn't here.

      BRIAN: He's not.

      ROBIN: What grudge do you have against him, anyway?

      FAITH looks to ROBIN and then back down to the floor.

      FAITH: It's?it's nothing. It's just that I never really like him.

      ROBIN: And that's all?

      FAITH nods slowly.

      FAITH: Yeah.

      The door to the apartment opens once more. FAITH turns around to see who it is, and looks relieved as we see ANGEL, SPIKE, and GUNN enter the living room.

      FAITH: You guys are back early. Dust any baddies?

      ANGEL: No. (beat) No thanks to blondie over there.

      FAITH looks at SPIKE and rolls her eyes.

      FAITH: What did you do this time?

      SPIKE: Nothin'! If it hadn't been for Angel-

      ANGEL: Don't start blaming this on me, you idiot!

      SPIKE: Idiot? Why, I'm gonna-

      FAITH: Can we save the bickering for later, kids? Tell me what happened and neither of you gets my foot up your ass. Got it?

      ANGEL and SPIKE look at FAITH and then back to each other, glaring.

      GUNN: What happened is that we were in the sewers, and a vamp jumped us, so these two put their game faces on and dusted him.

      FAITH: So what was the problem?

      GUNN: A construction worker saw everything that went down. Was getting' ready to call the cops before we got the hell out of there.

      FAITH: Oh. (beat) Damn.

      ROBIN: I just realized that it's really dark in here.

      FAITH: Whoa with the random.

      ROBIN gets up and opens a curtain. Neither ANGELor SPIKE are standing in the way of the light, but GUNN is. It is quiet for a few moments before we hear sizzling.

      SPIKE: Wait a minute?what's this?

      GUNN snarls and pulls away. Everyone in the room is in shock. GUNN looks at everyone before sprinting towards and out the door. Silence remains as everyone in the room stands in shock.



      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT III



        The music is playing lightly. We see ALAN sitting at a table, looking over people's heads to see if someone, presumably SAM, is there yet. The door keeps opening, and closing, and opening, and closing. Finally, the door opens once again and SAM walks through the door, talks to a waitress for a moment, before walking over to his table.

        ALAN: Hey.

        SAM: Hi?

        ALAN: I didn't order anything yet, so the waitress'll be over in a sec. (beat) Oh, there she is already.

        The WAITRESS walks over, a smile on her face.

        WAITRESS: What'll it be, folks?

        ALAN: I'll have a water to start.

        SAM: I don't really want anything, thanks.

        ALAN frowns and the WAITRESS shrugs, nods, and walks away.

        ALAN: What's up?

        SAM: What's up? Please?you know exactly why I asked you to come here.

        ALAN looks down at his hands on the table.

        ALAN: I didn't mean to do anything wrong.

        SAM: That doesn't change the fact that you did.

        ALAN: It was self-defense, Sam! Can't you understand that?!

        SAM: You could have not killed her, though. There are other ways to defend yourself. I don't think-

        The WAITRESS comes up and sets the water down in front of ALAN, looks as if she's going to say something before she realizes that SAM and ALAN are in the middle of a conversation, so she walks away again.

        SAM: (cont'd) I don't think I can be-

        ALAN: Just stop, for a minute, please. How could I have defended myself without killing her? She pulled a knife on me, Samantha.

        SAM: I?I don't know, maybe knocked her out?

        ALAN rolls his eyes.

        ALAN: How? There was nothing to knock her out with.

        SAM: God Alan I don't know but you killed a girl! An innocent girl!

        ALAN: Innocent?! She tried to kill me!

        SAM: Tons of girls tried to kill me, I managed to not kill them.

        ALAN: Not all of us can use magic, Sam. Some of us actually had to fight and make an effort.

        SAM looks shocked.

        ALAN: (cont'd) I didn't mean-

        SAM: I?I don't think I can be with someone who's a murderer?

        ALAN looks confused, heartbroken, and angry all at once. He looks up at her, hopeful.

        ALAN: Sam, I love you?

        He looks like he is about to cry. SAM looks down at her hands on the table.

        SAM: I'm?I'm sorry.

        SAM gets up from the table.

        SAM: (cont'd) Goodbye.

        The music gets louder and louder. SAM walks towards the exit, slowly, and when she's about to go out the door, she looks back at ALAN, who's staring at the table. The WAITRESS goes up to his table, and we can't hear any words anymore. The music has taken over everything. The WAITRESS looks like she's trying to help in someway. ALAN just shakes his head, so she walks away. He continues to stare at the table. SAM frowns and walks out the door, slamming it. The music ends.


        SAM walks down the street, in the midst of hundreds of different people. Her eyes are tear-filled. She rushes through the crowd, not even caring. All of a sudden, she bumps into someone who looks like they could be homeless.

        SAM: Uh?sorry.

        HOMELESS WOMAN: Oh honey, don't be sorry, people do that all the time.

        SAM smiles.

        HOMELESS WOMAN: (cont'd) Wait?It's you.

        SAM: Huh?

        HOMELESS WOMAN: You don't know me, but I know you. You are in grave danger.

        SAM: Right now?

        HOMELESS WOMAN: No?but soon.

        The HOMELESS WOMAN backs up into the crowd and people rush by her until SAM can no longer see her. She looks in that direction and looks a bit freaked out, but turns back and heads to where she was going before.


        We are closed-up on a desk, with an attendant at it. She is sifting through paperwork, and she seems stressed.

        WOMAN: (O/S) Excuse me?

        The ATTENDANT looks up from the paperwork, and sees ARTEMIS. She is in a business suit, and looks very professional.

        ATTENDANT: How may I help you, ma'am?

        ARTEMIS: Hello, I'm Kristen Edwards, head of the department of-

        ATTENDANT: Yeah, yeah, someone paged me about you. Go on.

        ARTEMIS smiles.

        ARTEMIS: Thank you.

        ARTEMIS moves past the desk, smiling from the fact that she had no problem whatsoever.

        ARTEMIS: (mumbling) If only they were all that easy.

        She pushes both double doors that are in her way open to enter a more hectic area of the building. People are bustling all over the place.

        ARTEMIS: (cont'd) Great. Just fan-frickin'-tastic.

        MAN: (O/S) I know, it's crazy.

        ARTEMIS swivels around.

        ARTEMIS: Mm. And you are?

        MAN: Oh, sorry.

        He puts a hand out.

        MAN: (cont'd) My name's Robert.

        ARTEMIS looks down at his hand, and just stares.

        ARTEMIS: I don't shake hands.

        ROBERT: Well I would say give me a hug but I don't hug.

        ARTEMIS smiles.

        ROBERT: (cont'd) And your name would be??

        ARTEMIS: Ar- (pause) Kristen.

        ROBERT: Very nice to meet you, Kristen.

        ARTEMIS: Uh-huh. (beat) Say, do you know where the footage from the murder at the State Building is?

        ROBERT: No, I wouldn't, I just started working here. My guess would be it's still at the filming station though. It was only rolled today.

        ARTEMIS: And where's that?

        ROBERT: How long have you been here?

        ARTEMIS: Uh?not long, I just got off of being an intern.

        ROBERT: Ah, I see.

        ROBERT points down the hall.

        ROBERT: (cont'd) Go straight and then make a right. Go down that hallway and it's the first door on the left.

        ARTEMIS: Thanks.

        ROBERT: Not a problem.

        ARTEMIS begins to walk down the hall.


        We see the door open, and it appears that no one else is in the room. A desk is set up for filming, and everything is lit. There's no sound, no talking. ARTEMIS wanders around for a little while.

        ARTEMIS: (mumbling) Where could it be?

        DIRECTOR: (O/S) And rolling!

        Theme music for "NBC" plays temporarily until we focus on a different desk.

        WOMAN: Hello, and welcome back. We have more information for you about the murders at the Empire State Building, after we see what weather there is in your area.

        The spotlight is suddenly thrown over to ARTEMIS, and she stares at the camera. She sees a screen with words on it, so starts reading them.

        ARTEMIS: Hello, I'm Kristen with the weather. In Scranton today there is a high of 60 and in?do you pronounce that Mont-rose or Mon-trose?

        Someone coughs, and we see the DIRECTOR wide-eyed.

        ARTEMIS: Huh?well however the hell you say it, their high is a 56.

        DIRECTOR: What on earth do you think we're doing?! We're live!

        ARTEMIS: And I am so beyond dead. Gotta run!

        ARTEMIS rushes out of room and out the door.


        ARTEMIS leans on the door, outside of the room.

        ARTEMIS: Damnit!


        FAITH: You sure you guys don't want me to come with?

        ANGEL and SPIKE stand near the door, holding weapons- mainly stakes.

        ANGEL: No, it's good.

        SPIKE: I just can't believe Charlie is all vamped up. I wasn't even cluein' in.

        ANGEL: I thought there was something off about him.

        SPIKE: Of course you did.

        ANGEL glares at SPIKE.

        FAITH: Play nice, kiddies. Remember that assfoot thing? Yeah that can still happen. (beat) So, what do you guys plan on doing?

        ANGEL: Killing him.

        FAITH: You really think it's gonna be that easy?

        SPIKE: Why wouldn't it be?

        FAITH: You can't be that heartless.

        SPIKE: Oh, I have a heart. It just doesn't beat. (beat) What are you getting at here?

        FAITH: He's your friend.

        ANGEL: Was.

        FAITH: Whatever, it still counts. It's not gonna be easy killing him, especially since he's helped you through so much. Even when I was a reckless killer I never murdered any of my friends. Almost, but I couldn't go through with it.

        ANGEL: We're vampires, we can-

        FAITH: Yeah and I'm a Slayer. That doesn't change anything. Except for maybe a few enhanced stuff, but that's about it. It doesn't help you deal with a loss.

        She looks down at the floor.

        FAITH: (cont'd) Trust me.

        There are a few awkward moments of silence before she looks and speaks up again.

        FAITH: (cont'd) Look, just think before you do. I never did and look where it got me.

        ANGEL: Ok.

        SPIKE: Gotchya, love.

        SPIKE opens the door and heads out, followed by ANGEL.

        VOICE: (O/S) At last?

        FAITH turns around to a dark corner of the room, where someone steps out of the shadows. We see that it is CLARK.

        CLARK: (Cont'd) Alone.


        We follow a brunette down the street, but we are unable to see who it is. We continue to follow them as they turn a corner, and move onto the next block. She appears to be in a hurry. Suddenly, she finds herself in shadow. She looks up, and sees a skyscraper that makes a huge shadow. She looks back down and continues to walk. Someone goes running by her, and she looks with curiosity to see who it is. It's a black male.

        WOMAN: Gunn?

        The man doesn't respond. The camera focuses on the woman and we see that it is FRED, or at least it appears to be. She runs in the direction of him, and follows him into an alley. He looks up at the building in front of him to see it's a dead end. He growls. FRED looks taken aback.

        FRED: You just growled?what is going on?

        GUNN turns to face her, with his game face on, and smirks.

        FRED: (cont'd) Oh?

        GUNN advances towards FRED, and we only focus on him. When he reaches her, he attempts to grab her but a blue hand reaches out and stops him. We turn around to see that it is ILLYRIA.

        ILLYRIA: I think not.

        GUNN looks extremely pissed off now. He punches ILLYRIA but she gives no reaction. A blank face is all we see. Suddenly the blank of her face also turns to anger. She pushes out a hand, sending him flying into the wall.

        ILLRYIA: (cont'd) You are not the Charles that I know.

        GUNN looks up and looks like a savage beast, but looks around for an escape route. He finally appears to see something. He runs towards it and opens it- a manhole. He jumps down it, disappearing. ILLRYIA watches him go, before transforming back to FRED.

        FRED/ILLYRIA: I will beat you to a pulp, next time, vampire.

        She walks out of the alley and back onto the street.


        FAITH stares at CLARK, worriedly.

        FAITH: What do you want?

        CLARK: What do I want? A lot of things. (beat) Namely, to kill you like I killed your bitch of a mother.

        FAITH looks startled, but not frightened.

        FAITH: Why?

        CLARK: Because you're the only one that knows about it?and for reasons I can't name.

        FAITH: I'm not afraid of you.

        CLARK: Beg to differ.

        CLARK begins to advance towards FAITH.

        FAITH: I'm not the girl I used to be. I'm not weak.

        CLARK laughs.

        CLARK: Oh Faith, you were never weak. (beat) And I know what you are.

        FAITH stands her ground, but looks surprised.

        FAITH: You do?

        CLARK: Oh yes, the infamous "rogue" Slayer. You don't really seem so rogue though. It's a shame.

        FAITH: Like I said, I'm not who I used to be.

        CLARK: Right, and I'm a gentle loving man.

        FAITH: I have power over you?

        CLARK throws a punch at FAITH, sending her to the ground.

        CLARK: Guess again.

        FAITH has knocked her head on the table, and appears to be unconscious.

        CLARK: (cont'd) Tommy, we have to move her.

        TOMMY: (O/S) No.

        CLARK glares in his direction.

        CLARK: Now, or maybe I'll kill you.

        TOMMY sighs and moves over to FAITH, lifting her. CLARK opens the door and they walk out of the apartment, unseen and unheard.


        END OF ACT III

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT IV


          ANGEL and SPIKE are seen walking through the sewers.

          ANGEL: I still can't believe-

          SPIKE: None of us can, mate.

          ANGEL: How did it happen?

          SPIKE: Honestly I don't- (beat) Wait a minute. I remember something.


          The scene is blurred, as is the entire image, it looks static.. We focus on someone laying on the ground- we close-up on him until we see who it is- GUNN. He is near unconsciousness. Others can be seen fighting in the background. A vampire sees GUNN lying on the ground, and takes advantage of the fresh meat just there for the taking. He drags him off to the side. We can jus barely hear the yelling and cries for help in the midst of the battle. No one noticed?


          ?Until now. SPIKE widens his eyes.

          SPIKE: We could have stopped it. I could have stopped it?

          ANGEL: Oh well.

          SPIKE: What's that supposed to mean?

          SPIKE comes to a halt. ANGEL continues walking.

          ANGEL: Just means that you can't dwell in the past.

          We focus directly on SPIKE, who looks amazed. He begins to walk again.

          SPIKE: (mumbling to himself) That's a shock, hearing that from you?

          ANGEL: (O/S) I heard that!



          There is a sound of a door opening and shutting. CLARK strides in confidently, followed by TOMMY holding FAITH by only the arm now, she is fully awake.

          FAITH: You're gonna regret this.

          TOMMY: Already am.

          FAITH: I didn't mean you.

          She looks at CLARK with a menacing glare. CLARK looks back.

          CLARK: You can't do a thing to me.

          FAITH chuckles.

          FAITH: You keep believing that. Last time I went all homicidal I almost killed the only friend that I ever had.

          FAITH tilts her head.

          FAITH: (cont'd) What do you think's going to stop me from killing my mom's murderer? (beat) I'll tell you what.

          She leans in as close as she can while still in TOMMY'S grip.

          FAITH: (cont'd, whispering) Nothing.

          TOMMY: She's got a point, you-

          FAITH: Shut up. Just because I said you weren't gonna regret this doesn't mean you're off the hook.

          TOMMY returns to silence, and CLARK laughs.

          CLARK: You won't do anything to hurt anyone, Faith. It's not in your nature.

          FAITH: I'm a Slayer. Slay means kill, smartass.

          CLARK: Why are you even angry with me? Your mother ruined your childhood.

          FAITH: That isn't true.

          CLARK: Isn't it?

          FAITH looks down, but back up quickly.

          FAITH: No, it's not. You ruined my childhood, because you made her the way she was. And then you took her from me. Oh, and you're trying to kill me now. I think I have a right to actually hate you.

          CLARK: It's not my choice to kill you.

          FAITH looks confused.

          FAITH: What?

          CLARK: But I can't say it's not a pleasure.

          FAITH rolls her eyes.

          FAITH: Alright, you know what?

          FAITH pulls her arm out of TOMMY'S grasp.

          FAITH: (cont'd, very serious) Enough's enough. I'm done playing games.

          TOMMY looks at FAITH worried, and even CLARK noticed the change in her tone, and his smile fades.


          We see various people dancing, and generally having a good time. We follow a brunette and a bleach-blonde through the crowd-SPIKE and ANGEL.

          ANGEL: Why are we here again?

          SPIKE: (sarcastic) To pick up girls. (beat) Why do you think?! I sense something here.

          ANGEL: A lot of vampires go to nightclubs.

          SPIKE: Oh yeah? Like who?

          ANGEL: Well, at the moment, us.

          SPIKE rolls his eyes, but then sets them on someone.

          SPIKE: Wait?I think I found our boy.

          The camera moves over to GUNN, moving quickly through the crowd.

          MAN: (O/S) Hey everybody, how we feelin' tonight?

          There are several claps and hollers throughout the crowd.

          MAN: (O/S, cont'd) We have a very special guest group joining us tonight?you wanna know who?

          Several "yeahs" are heard. We pan over to the stage, and the MAN smiles.

          MAN: Alright?here they are?Three Days Grace.

          Screams and cries of joy are heard everywhere as Three Days Grace enters the stage. The lead singer walks up to the mic.

          LEAD SINGER: Are you ready for this?

          He smiles as he says this, and the crowd "woots".


          The band begins to play as ANGEL and SPIKE exit the club and walk into its exit alley?only to see GUNN being beaten.. We cannot see who it is, but whoever it is, is awfully strong. We can still hear the music during the following scenes until stated otherwise.

          SPIKE: What's goin' on h-

          Before he can finish his sentence, GUNN is pushed back and into SPIKE, knocking both of them down. ANGEL looks up at the attacker, amazed. It is FRED. GUNN gets back up and advances toward FRED. She throws a punch, but he blocks it.

          ANGEL: Fred?

          FRED/ILLRYIA: She's taking over?I can feel it?

          ANGEL: Fred is?

          FRED/ILLYRIA doesn't respond, because she is in the heat of battle. But this is clearly the correct answer. She kicks GUNN back towards SPIKE again and SPIKE punches him, before pulling out a stake. He stares at GUNN before bringing down the stake. GUNN smirks, and pushes SPIKE to the ground.

          ILLYRIA: Foolish vampire.

          GUNN swivels around to see ILLYRIA in full form, but only for a second as a wooden stake goes through his heart. He looks down, surprised, before combusting. ILLRYIA looks down at SPIKE.

          ILLYRIA: You must never let emotions in?never.

          With that, she walks out of the alley, and into the dark. ANGEL and SPIKE look after her, in amazement and then down at the dust in mourning of the loss of a friend.

          SPIKE: That all happened?so quickly?

          ANGEL: I can't believe she did that.

          SPIKE stares at the ground where GUNN was standing moments ago.

          SPIKE: I can.


          CLARK circles FAITH.

          CLARK: This needs to be done. They'll be mad if it isn't.

          FAITH: Who will?

          CLARK: That would be telling.

          FAITH grows angrier.

          FAITH: Tell me and I won't?

          She trails off.

          CLARK: You won't what? You're not going to do anything.

          FAITH glares at him.

          CLARK: Ooh, the death glare of doom. I'm so scared. (beat) You don't scare me. Only one person does that.

          FAITH: Who?

          CLARK: I can't tell you that, either. But you'll meet them?soon.

          FAITH walks closer to CLARK.

          FAITH: I'm not afraid.

          CLARK: You should be.

          Suddenly, CLARK is knocked down and becomes unconscious. We move up to see TOMMY with a large object in his hands. He knocked CLARK out.

          TOMMY: Was getting a bit sick of him.

          FAITH looks at TOMMY, surprised. Suddenly, there is a huge booming at the door. He widens his eyes.

          TOMMY: (cont'd) We have to go.

          FAITH: W-

          TOMMY: No questions! They're coming!

          TOMMY'S expression of horror quickly is transferred to FAITH'S face, even though she doesn't know who "they" are. No one does?except CLARK. TOMMY and FAITH begin to run toward the other exit as the entrance to the warehouse explodes. The music stops abruptly.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."