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Rogue Redemption 2.02 "Worlds Collide"

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  • Rogue Redemption 2.02 "Worlds Collide"

    ?2.02 "Worlds Collide"



    The camera is focused on the sky, and there are only a few small clouds to the side. The sky is glowing slightly bluer than usual, and we begin to close-up on it, slowly disappearing in the light. When we get completely through it, we're in the vortex again. We see no one around. Sparks are going all over the place. The camera continues to close in on a certain part. The camera slowly pans up and we see black mist among the bright colours.

    VOICE 1: They have entered their desired worlds.

    VOICE 2: What will giving them what they desire do?

    VOICE 1: To always already to despair.

    VOICE 2: So you're saying that they will not choose to stay in their perfect world?

    VOICE 1: I am not saying that. (beat) But perfect worlds...don't seem so perfect after quite some time. They probably will realize this only when it is too late.

    VOICE: 2: That should work out excellently then.

    There is a pause.

    VOICE 1: It should...yes. But with this group, you really never do know.

    VOICE 2: That much is true.


    The sun is shining bright and we see several people sitting on blankets and picnicking in the park. We pan around to see their smiling faces as they converse with each other. We zoom out to see that everyone is wearing light coloured clothing, except for one single person who is wearing almost all black. We slowly close-up on that person and we can see that it is FAITH. She is standing in what appears to be the middle of everyone. She looks very confused, and begins to slowly go around in a circle.

    FAITH: What the hell?

    People continue to talk all around her, and she continues to just look confused.

    VOICE 1: (V/O) We're going to test their weakness...and hit them where it hurts.

    A FIGURE creeps up from behind FAITH, and we cannot see who it is. When they get close enough, they tap her on the shoulder. She swivels around.

    FAITH: What do you-

    She stops short, and gasps.

    FAITH: You...

    VOICE 1: (V/O) We have looked into their memories, and found what affects them each. Whether it is emotionally or physically. (beat) Let the games begin.

    The camera is focused on FAITH looking shocked beyond believe, when we slowly pan over and up until we reach the face of the person facing her- It is someone older than her, a woman. She's smiling. It is FAITH'S MOTHER.

    FAITH'S MOTHER: Hey there.

    She continues to smile.




    Theme Song: Time is Running Out by Muse


    Guest Starring:

    Special Guest Starring:

    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    ACT I


    ARTEMIS and the FIGURE from previous episodes are seen walking down the alleyway. We see several abandoned buildings all around them.

    FIGURE: Why we must search for refuge is not clear to me.

    ARTEMIS: Haven't we gone over this already?

    FIGURE: You have not explained it correctly.

    ARTEMIS: Do I have to be clearer?

    FIGURE: I wish for you not to speak to me. If you being clearer involves communication between us, then no. You don't have to be clearer.

    ARTEMIS sighs and shakes her head.

    ARTEMIS: Hey, you asked.

    FIGURE: When I told you to stop communication between us...I meant for you to shut your mouth.

    ARTEMIS rolls her eyes. They both continue to walk down the alley before they reach a certain building. The FIGURE stops causing ARTEMIS to stop as well. They stand there for a few minutes in complete silence.

    FIGURE: This should do.

    ARTEMIS stares at the building intently for a few moments, in thought. Suddenly she notices something and points to it. It is a ?for sale' sign.

    ARTEMIS: We can't stay here. Someone could buy it.

    FIGURE: No, they could not.

    ARTEMIS blinks.

    ARTEMIS: Did you not hear what I just said?

    The FIGURE walks up to the door which has the sign on it, and stares at it for a while. Finally, it reaches up and rips it off of the door, and then throws it down on the ground.

    FIGURE: That is no longer an issue.

    With that, the FIGURE opens the door and walks through without saying anything more and ARTEMIS just stares in the direction it went. She looks down at the sign on the ground, shrugs, and heads into the door. When she is fully inside of the building, she slams the door shut. We zoom out to see that this is the building that the two people from the previous episode were looking at.


    We see the FIGURE walking across the building to stand in almost the exact center of it. It looks around, curiously.

    FIGURE: This seems a suitable place.

    ARTEMIS: Yeah yeah, you said that already.

    The FIGURE looks at her annoyed before looking around the room once again.

    FIGURE: Will we be able to-

    ARTEMIS: Of course. I don't see why this wouldn't work. But then again you never know what'll come up...

    She pauses and looks around the room as well. She sighs, and seems out of it.

    ARTEMIS: (cont'd) That massacre really got on my nerves.

    The FIGURE looks at her again, strangely.

    FIGURE: Why would that be?

    ARTEMIS sighs again.

    ARTEMIS: I dunno. Some of them screamed too much. It was annoying.

    She shrugs.

    ARTEMIS: (cont'd) But what can you do, ya know?

    The FIGURE tilts its head before continuing to walk around the interior. ARTEMIS remains where she was. She crosses her arms over her chest and rolls her eyes.

    ARTEMIS: You know...It's not nice to ignore people.

    The FIGURE continues walking.

    ARTEMIS: (cont'd) Hey, I'm talking to you, mister!

    The FIGURE swivels around.

    FIGURE: You address me in that manner again and I will rip you limb from limb as you suggested previously. Do you understand me?

    ARTEMIS: (with a hint of sarcasm) Sure.

    The FIGURE continues to stare at her and ARTEMIS puts her hands up in mock-surrender.

    ARTEMIS: (cont'd) Okay, okay. No more unacceptable tones...whatever those are.

    FIGURE: Trust me, you will know when I do not like what you say to me.

    ARTEMIS: Oh?

    FIGURE: Yes. I can imagine you would be bleeding. Not something you would necessarily not notice.

    It turns around leaving ARTEMIS standing there looking slightly disturbed. She watches as it inspects the building.


    The camera pans around to a parking lot filled with a lot of cars. It is raining slightly. We turn around to see MARIE standing in the middle of the parking lot in front of the skating rink. She looks extremely confused.

    MARIE: going on...

    She stares at the skating rink and can hear music emitting from it. She continues to look confused but very interested at the same time. She begins to walk towards the doors of the building, looking around cautiously as she does so. She opens the doors slowly and walks in. There is a cashier in a small room and we see double doors that lead to the interior of the building. MARIE heads for the double doors when the CASHIER stops her.

    CASHIER: You're not goin' in there til you pay me.

    MARIE looks confused.

    CASHIER: Money. Comprende?

    MARIE: Huh?

    The CASHIER rolls his eyes.

    CASHIER: It's $6.50 per person for admission.

    MARIE: Oh, right. But I don't have any money?

    The CASHIER scoffs and looks at something MARIE is carrying. MARIE looks down at it as well and looks embarrassed and confused.

    MARIE: (cont'd) Or maybe I do?

    She reaches down and takes a wallet from the purse. She opens it and takes out the cash, handing it to the CASHIER. He takes it quickly and nods towards the door. She slowly advances toward the door and opens it. There's an oval-shaped skating area with Laser Tag and arcade games in the middle of the oval. You would have to skate to it to play them. Talking, music, and laughing is heard throughout the building. MARIE looks around, intrigued. Suddenly, she hears someone yell behind her.

    VOICE: Mar?

    Close-up of MARIE'S face. Her eyes widen. She quickly swivels around.

    MARIE: Oh my g-

    We see MELODY, CATE, BREE, and SKYE standing about 10 feet away from MARIE.

    CATE: Okay where have you been? You're like?late.

    MELODY: Not even like! You are late.

    MARIE stands there, in disbelief, but manages to utter a few words.

    MARIE: L-late for what?

    BREE: Ze party of course!

    MARIE: Party?

    SKYE: Yeah, it's this thing people go to and-

    MELODY: She knows what it is, moron.

    SKYE shrugs and looks elsewhere. CATE looks at MARIE, confused.

    CATE: You mean you forgot? You're not serious right?!

    MARIE doesn't respond to CATE. She just stares at her and her stare quickly turns into something more vicious- a glare. CATE remains looking confused.

    CATE: (cont'd) Why are you giving me that look? Do I have something on my face?

    She looks at BREE, SKYE, and MELODY worriedly.

    CATE: (cont'd) Do you see anything?

    SKYE: I do!

    CATE: What?

    SKYE: Your face.

    CATE rolls her eyes. MELODY and BREE shake their heads to answer CATE'S question.

    BREE: Nothing iz on zer, Cate.

    CATE smiles but then turns back to MARIE with a frown. MARIE shakes her head.

    MARIE: It's?uh?nothing.

    She stands there for a few moments before smiling.

    MARIE: (cont'd) You have no idea how happy I am to see you guys.

    She looks at them with tears filling her eyes. They all look confused, but semi-smile.

    CATE: We should go skate now. Sounds fun.

    The group nods and MARIE continues to smile through tears. They don't fall, just fill her eyes. MELODY rolls her eyes.

    MELODY: God, you would think someone was shot.

    CATE, BREE, and SKYE laugh, and begin to walk towards where their skating equipment is. MELODY follows them. MARIE looks down.

    MARIE: Something like that..

    She takes a deep breath before picking her head up and heading over to where the rest of the newly reunited Clique went.


    The camera is set on something going on on a green in what appears to be the center of the town. There are several stands which are selling various crafts, baked goods, etc. People are talking, laughing, and doing everyday things. Several people are buying from the stands. The camera moves closer to the crowd and moves toward it. When we get to a certain place, we see a brunette standing in the crowd with her back turned to us. She glances from side to side, warily. We circle around until we see who it is- it's SAM.

    She looks around. People pass by her and run into her, bumping her out of the way. She seems unfazed by it. She begins to walk with the crowd, aimlessly. We zoom out slightly to see someone is following her- an older man. As he closes in on her, he reaches his hand out, tapping her on the shoulder. She swivels around, looking at the person standing in front of her.

    MAN: Hey there!

    SAM: Uh?hi?

    MAN: You okay?

    SAM: I, um?you look familiar.

    The MAN laughs.

    MAN: Well, Sammy, if I didn't look familiar I would think you have amnesia!

    SAM: You called me Sammy?Dad?

    The MAN/DAVID looks concerned.

    DAVID: Sweetie, are you alright?

    SAM stares in shock at the sight in front of her. DAVID frowns.

    SAM: I'm fine?what's going on?

    DAVID smiles.

    DAVID: Glad you're good! (beat) We're picking up some neat crafts for the wedding, remember?

    SAM widens her eyes, dumbfounded.

    SAM: Wedding?

    DAVID'S smile quickly turns into a frown again.

    DAVID: The wedding?you know?later today.

    SAM stares at him.

    SAM: Who's wedding?

    DAVID stares back and bursts out laughing.

    DAVID: Nice joke, kiddo. You don't expect me to believe you forgot your own wedding did you?

    SAM: My own what?

    DAVID chuckles.

    DAVID: You don't have to keep it up. I'm on to you.

    He pats her on the shoulder.

    SAM: I'm?

    She sighs. Clearly, he isn't going to believe her. There is a few moments of silence.

    DAVID: So, let's go get those decorations! Don't want to keep Alan waiting. .

    He winks at her and begins walking toward one of the stands. SAM'S mouth drops slightly, and she looks even more shocked.


    The FIGURES from "Not In Kansas Anymore" are walking down the alley, at a slow pace.

    FIGURE 1: They should be here any day now. We need to get everything set up.

    FIGURE 2 looks out of it, but nods anyways.

    FIGURE 2: Yeah.

    FIGURE 1: As soon as possible.

    FIGURE 2: I get it, okay?

    FIGURE 1: Alright?just making sure you knew.

    They pick up their pace and eventually reach the building.

    FIGURE 2: When do you think everything will be finished?

    FIGURE 1: In a couple months, hopefully. That's if everything goes smoothly.

    FIGURE 1 walks up to the door, opening it. Both of the FIGURES walk into the building, and stop when they see FIGURE and ARTEMIS standing in the middle of the room talking. ARTEMIS and FIGURE stop talking when they see FIGURE 1 and FIGURE 2 standing near the doorway.

    ARTEMIS: Well, well?what do we have here.



    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT II

      FADE IN


      We are focused on the end of a couch inside an apartment. We move up the couch to the left until we see that someone is lying there. We move farther up to finally see that it is ALAN. He is either asleep or unconscious. Suddenly he sits up quickly, now fully awake. He takes a deep breath and looks around.

      ALAN: Where am I?

      The camera moves around the apartment. It is a generally tidy place except for messy spots here and there. The furniture looks somewhat expensive. Nearly everything else in the room does as well.

      We cut over to what appears to be an entrance to a hallway. A little blonde girl (played by KELSEY BATELAAN) comes rushing out of it, and heads over to the couch where ALAN is.

      GIRL: Daddy! Daddy!

      She stares up at him with big hazel eyes. ALAN looks confused and looks around once again to make sure that she wasn't looking at someone else. Upon seeing no one there, he looks back to the GIRL.

      ALAN: Uh?hi?who are you?

      The GIRL giggles.

      GIRL: You're so silly!

      ALAN: I guess?

      GIRL: Mommy wanted me to tell you that I have a play at school tonight! It's gonna be really, really, really fun! Are you gonna come? Are ya?

      ALAN: Where's Mommy?

      The GIRL turns around and points to the hallway which she came from. ALAN looks.

      ALAN: Could you, uh, stay here while I go see her?

      The GIRL nods and ALAN begins to get up. Before he can get all the way up, a WOMAN (played by MAGGIE GRACE) emerges from the hallway. She looks and sees ALAN and the GIRL.

      WOMAN: Hey there! How are my two favourite people doing?

      The GIRL smiles at the WOMAN.

      GIRL: I'm great Mommy! I was just telling Daddy about my play.

      The WOMAN looks at ALAN.

      WOMAN: Don't forget about that by the way.

      ALAN stares in astonishment at the WOMAN standing in front of him.

      ALAN: Brielle??

      The WOMAN/BRIELLE stares at him.

      BRIELLE: What?

      She smiles.

      BRIELLE: (cont'd) You're looking at me like you haven't seen me in years. What's wrong?

      ALAN: Um?nothing.

      BRIELLE: Great!

      She continues to smile and turns to the GIRL.

      BRIELLE: (cont'd) Kyla, are you excited for the play?

      GIRL/KYLA: Yeah!! I get to be a little princess!

      BRIELLE: I'm sure that'll be super fun! Why don't you go get ready?

      KYLA nods frantically and runs back towards the hallway and down it. We hear a door shut. BRIELLE sighs and sits down next to ALAN.

      BRIELLE: She's grown so fast.

      ALAN: Yeah?

      BRIELLE: I can't believe she's nearly eight.

      ALAN raises his eyebrows.

      ALAN: Eight?

      BRIELLE laughs.

      BRIELLE: What age did you think she was?

      ALAN: Seven, of course.

      BRIELLE shakes her head.

      BRIELLE: Well I've gotta get going. I'll see you two at the play later.

      BRIELLE leans over and kisses ALAN before getting up and walking over to the door, coat and purse in hand.

      BRIELLE: (cont'd) Love you guys! Well, guy and gal!

      ALAN smiles. BRIELLE waves.

      BRIELLE: Bye!

      BRIELLE opens the door and walks out of it. ALAN looks deeply troubled, and stares down at the floor. There are sounds that indicate the little girl singing in the background.



      The scene is blurred, as is the entire image, it looks static. The camera shows cars rushing out of the school parking lot in honor of the last day of school for the summer. For some of them, the last day of school ever until college. We close-up on the doors leading out of the high school and see ALAN, looking younger obviously, walking next to a younger BRIELLE.

      BRIELLE: Summer is finally here. Thank God, or whoever might be up there.

      ALAN: The Powers that Be?

      BRIELLE: Where did you get that from?

      ALAN shrugs.

      ALAN: I dunno. Just popped into my head. It sounded right.

      BRIELLE: Sounds?creepy.

      ALAN: How?

      BRIELLE: Hm?maybe it should be the Powers that Aren't.

      ALAN chuckles.

      ALAN: Why's that?

      BRIELLE: It seems whoever's up there just sits around on their ass most of the time. Nobody ever really gets what they want. And if they do? Then there's some big consequence. Life sucks.

      ALAN: Mm. Yes. And so does our football team.

      BRIELLE laughs.

      BRIELLE: How many games did they win this season? One?

      ALAN: Half of one. They tied once.

      BRIELLE sighs.

      BRIELLE: Gotta say, I think I'm gonna miss it.

      ALAN: As much as I mock, I'm going to miss it too.

      There is a silence for a few minutes. They have reached a car. ALAN gets in the driver's seat, and BRIELLE gets in the passenger seat.

      BRIELLE: We should do something tonight. To celebrate the beginning of our new lives as college freshman.

      ALAN: We should. How about dinner and a movie?

      BRIELLE: Why Mr. Ross, how cliché of you.

      She pauses and then smiles.

      BRIELLE: (cont'd) That would be great.

      ALAN: Excellent. So I'll drop you off at your house, and then pick you up later.

      BRIELLE: Sounds absolutely spiffy!

      ALAN: What's "spiffy"?

      BRIELLE: A word. Duh.

      ALAN smiles.

      ALAN: Alright then.

      The camera zooms out as ALAN starts up the car. It shows the car driving out of the school parking lot, for the last time.


      We see the shore, as waves roll into the sand. We see people surfing and sitting on towels and chairs on the beach. They are talking, laughing, or just relaxing in general. Everyone looks like they are having a great time. Suddenly, everything cuts to black.


      The camera shows the window looking out of the building. We see the beach in the far distance. There is a faded reflection of someone in the window. They are wearing a business suit. We pan up and reveal that it is BRIAN. He looks like he is deep in thought, as if he's thinking of something extremely important.

      VOICE: Anything interesting on your mind?

      The camera rotates around until we see a MAN standing behind BRIAN. BRIAN turns around and sees him as well. The MAN is played by KEVEN TIGHE.

      MAN/MR. EDWARDS: Hello son.

      BRIAN stares blankly at him.

      BRIAN: What do you want?

      MR. EDWARDS ignores the question.

      MR. EDWARDS: Do you have that paperwork done?

      BRIAN: What paperwork?

      MR. EDWARDS looks annoyed.

      MR. EDWARDS: The paperwork I gave you earlier.

      BRIAN: I?

      BRIAN realizes he can't say anything about him not being there, so he stops himself for a moment.

      BRIAN: (cont'd) I forgot.

      MR. EDWARDS: You forgot? How could you do that? Those are very important papers!

      BRIAN: Uh?oops?

      MR. EDWARDS: No. Get them, and fill them out right now. Or you might be looking for a new job later.

      MR. EDWARDS turns around and quickly exits the room, slamming the door. BRIAN shrugs and turns back to look out the window.

      VOICE: A bit harsh ain't he.

      Close-up on BRIAN'S face. His eyes widen. He turns around once again.

      BRIAN: You?

      The MAN standing in the corner walks forward and into the light. It is BISHOP.

      BISHOP: You were expecting?who?

      BRIAN: I?I don't know. I just?

      BRIAN looks away, and frowns. BISHOP looks at him strangely.

      BISHOP: Uh, if you're going to go touchy feely on me, I think I'll step out of the room for a little while.

      BRIAN continues to stare off to the side before looking back at BISHOP.

      BRIAN: No?it's fine. Stay.

      BISHOP: Jeez, bro, you would think someone died.

      BRIAN stares blankly at him, remaining silent. BISHOP looks slightly worried.

      BISHOP: (cont'd) Did someone die?

      BRIAN shakes his head.

      BRIAN: No.

      BISHOP: Good.

      BISHOP heads towards the door.

      BRIAN: (mumbling under breath) Yet.

      BISHOP turns back around.

      BISHOP: What was that?

      BRIAN: Nothing.

      BISHOP: Well, let's get going. We don't want to be late for that meeting.

      BRIAN: Uhm?okay.

      BISHOP heads out of the door slowly followed by BRIAN. BRIAN takes a deep breath. Maybe this could be a good change in his life. Maybe?just maybe he could stay here.


      ARTEMIS and FIGURE stand on one side of the room, and FIGURE 1 and FIGURE 2 stand on the other, facing each other.

      FIGURE 1: Well, this is awkward.

      FIGURE 2: Gee, really?

      FIGURE: I do not wish for you to be here. Leave.

      FIGURE 1: Sorry buddy, not that easy.

      ARTEMIS: Trust me, it's not that hard. Especially with the looks of you. Should be easy as pie to get you out of here.

      FIGURE 1: You act like you're high and mighty, little girl.

      ARTEMIS: Okay A? I am high and mighty. B? I'm not a little girl. And finally, C?say that to me again and I'll pull all your organs out and display them on the corner of 5th and 9th.

      There is a silence between them.

      FIGURE 2: No need to be like that.

      ARTEMIS: Nope. But definitely a want.

      She smirks. There's another moment of silence.

      FIGURE: All of you are immature mortals.

      ARTEMIS turns and glares at FIGURE. FIGURE ignores her and looks at the other figures in the room.

      FIGURE: Why are you here?

      FIGURE 2: Ever heard of-

      FIGURE 1: Shut up, you idiot. (turning to FIGURE) That doesn't matter. What matters is that we found this place first.

      ARTEMIS: What, are you workin' backwards there Sherlock? ?Cause last time I checked, you arrived after we entered the building.

      FIGURE 1: Well, we found it first.

      ARTEMIS: Too bad. I didn't see the memo.

      FIGURE 1: What mem-

      He stops, and realizes she's just being sarcastic.

      FIGURE 1: Very funny. (beat) Get out.

      ARTEMIS: Excuse me?

      FIGURE: It is you who will be leaving.

      FIGURE 2: Why's that?

      ARTEMIS looks at FIGURE, and it nods. ARTEMIS turns back to the two other figures and smirks.

      ARTEMIS: Nice meeting you boys. Have a great trip.

      ARTEMIS closes her eyes, and within moments both FIGURE 1 and FIGURE 2 are sent flying out the already open door. It closes automatically, as if by magic. ARTEMIS' smirk remains on her face.

      ARTEMIS: (cont'd) See you next fall.

      FIGURE ignores her comment.

      FIGURE: Excellent. We'll begin preparing now.

      ARTEMIS: So soon?

      FIGURE: It takes a while to prepare for such an event, my dear.

      ARTEMIS: How long?

      FIGURE: A few months?give or take.

      ARTEMIS: Nifty. It's gonna be quite a ride. Hell on Earth.

      FIGURE: I cannot wait to rule this planet, once and for all.

      ARTEMIS: What makes you think you will?

      FIGURE: I don't think. I know.



      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT III

        FADE IN


        The camera is focused on a kitchen. A pot is on the stove, and steam is coming from it. We can assume that someone is boiling water. That person walks over to the stove, but we don't get to see their face or anything that would identify who they are.

        VOICE: (female) Honey, dinner's almost ready!

        We pan up to see that it is an elder black woman- an older version of NIKKI WOOD. We move over to a hallway, moving down it until we reach a bedroom on the right and look in on it. ROBIN is standing almost in the middle of the room, looking around. We hear NIKKI yell again.

        NIKKI: (cont'd) Robin! Come to the kitchen!

        ROBIN looks towards the door, surprised at hearing such a familiar voice. He slowly walks towards the door before turning to the left to walk towards the kitchen, where the voice is coming from. When he reaches the kitchen a look of surprise comes to his face as he sees his mother. NIKKI turns to see him, and smiles.

        NIKKI: (cont'd) There you are. Your supper is ready.

        ROBIN: I?I'm not hungry.

        NIKKI frowns. ROBIN caves in and sits down where she sat his food down. A smile reappears on her face, and moves to do something in the kitchen. ROBIN stares down at his food, in a sort of out-of-it way. He was so shocked to see his mother alive, and healthy. It was amazing.

        ROBIN: (very quietly) I think I like this world?

        NIKKI: (OS) What's that?

        ROBIN turns to her, smiling.

        ROBIN: This food's great, mom.

        NIKKI smiles and then goes back to what she was doing. Suddenly, the sound of a door opening is heard.

        VOICE: I'm home!

        ROBIN picks his head up, his eyes widening. He turns around in his chair just in time to see CHRISTOPHER WOOD walk into the kitchen. ROBIN stares at him, in disbelief. This was his father, his father that he saw die, and he was standing right there in front of him. CHRIS looks from NIKKI to ROBIN.

        CHRIS: You look so surprised to see me, son.

        He chuckles. ROBIN does not change the expression on his face.

        ROBIN: I'm just?uh, glad you're home.

        CHRIS: Yeah me too. I'm starving.

        NIKKI: You're home just in time for dinner.

        CHRIS; Oh good! What will we be having today/

        NIKKI: I made spaghetti.

        CHRIS: Sounds superb.

        ROBIN watches as CHRIS heads over to the stove to get his dinner, and NIKKI just stands off to the side. ROBIN stares at the sight of his living, breathing parents. When they turn to look at him, they give him a strange look.

        NIKKI: You okay, honey?

        CHRIS: Yeah, is something wrong?

        ROBIN shakes his head.

        ROBIN: No. It's fine. Everything's ...fine.

        NIKKI: Oh, okay. (beat) Maybe you should be heading home?

        ROBIN: Right, home. Where's that?

        NIKKI and CHRIS continue to give him strange looks.

        NIKKI: You sure you're alright?

        ROBIN nods.

        ROBIN: I'm fine.

        He gets up from his chair, and heads over to the door. He grabs a coat that he thinks is his, and turns back to his parents. They're oblivious to him. They're in a serious conversation. ROBIN can't hear the details, but his father is beginning to raise his voice, and clench his fist. ROBIN frowns.

        CHRIS: You're still here?

        CHRIS' back was turned to ROBIN'S, but he obviously knew that he was still there. CHRIS turns to ROBIN.

        ROBIN: Uh?just leaving.

        ROBIN continues to frown but heads out the door. NIKKI sighs. The door shuts.


        ROBIN stands outside of the apartment, still frowning. He looks upset. He heads towards the exit, leaving his parents in the apartment. Something had changed though. He knew it.


        FAITH stands, facing her MOTHER/OLIVIA.

        OLIVIA: Don't look so shocked, dear. I told you I was picking you and your friend up.

        FAITH raises her eyebrows.

        FAITH: My?friend??

        Suddenly, someone rushes up next to FAITH. OLIVIA points. FAITH turns, only to look even more shocked. It is TOMMY (played by JASON DOHRING).

        TOMMY: Sorry I'm late. I had a few things to pick up.

        FAITH: Oh my god.

        TOMMY: Oh your god?what?

        FAITH: I haven't seen you in forever!

        TOMMY blinks.

        TOMMY: You saw me yesterday.

        FAITH: Oh?right?

        There is a few moments of awkward silence.

        OLIVIA: Well, we better get going.

        TOMMY: Yeah wouldn't want to miss- (beat) Wait, there's nothing to miss. Had a blonde moment there.

        FAITH smiles. OLIVIA notices.

        OLIVIA: You alright, Firecracker? You seem different.

        FAITH winces at the nickname, but nods.

        FAITH: I'm, uh?I'm fine.

        OLIVIA: Well, I guess we should be going then.

        FAITH: Yeah, I guess.

        FAITH looks at her, and TOMMY, and gives a hint of a smile. They begin to walk toward what looks like a parking lot at the other side of the park, when a man approaches them. He walks next to OLIVIA, and at first TOMMY and FAITH don't notice. It is only when he speaks that they turn around.

        MAN: I need to speak with you.

        OLIVIA looks worried. With her look of worry comes FAITH'S look.

        FAITH: What's this about?

        OLIVIA: I?Nothing. The man just needs to talk with me.

        FAITH looks concerned.

        FAITH: Mom?

        TOMMY looks from FAITH, then to OLIVIA and the MAN. He grabs FAITH around the arm and starts walking her off in another direction. FAITH gives him an annoyed look.

        FAITH: What do you think you're doing?

        TOMMY looks down at her, and then back to pay attention to where he's walking.

        TOMMY: Look, it's not gonna be pretty back there so we should probably steer clear until he's gone.

        FAITH: What? What do you mean?

        FAITH looks back at where OLIVIA and the MAN are standing. OLIVIA looks uncertain and somewhat frightened as the MAN appears to be yelling at her. FAITH frowns, but is being dragged by TOMMY out of there. The last glimpse FAITH gets of her mother, it looks like the MAN is about to hit her. FAITH gasps slightly.


        We are in a room that lights are continuing to swirl in. We see no people or any other living, breathing thing. There seems to be nothing in the room (or area) but lights. Booming sounds come from every direction until they form words.

        VOICE 1: Everything has been set out. Now comes the next step.

        VOICE 2: What is the next step?

        VOICE 1: You are not aware?

        VOICE 2: No?

        VOICE 1: We make them see how horrible these other worlds really are.

        VOICE 2: But won't that make them want to go to their original dimension?

        There is a brief pause.

        VOICE 1: Exactly.

        VOICE 2: I do not understand.

        VOICE 1: Well, you see, we want them back in their original home. This is because these worlds, that they are in?Aren't really horrible. The dimension that is, however, is the one that they came from originally. Their world is chaotic, people going insane or homicidal?or perhaps both all the time. People dying, all the time. In their world, a happy time always has to be followed by a sad time. But now we will manipulate them into thinking that their old world is better, or at least the same as the one they are in now.

        VOICE 2: How are we supposed to do that?

        VOICE 1: You'll see.

        As VOICE 1 says "see" the word echoes, and slowly fades away, and we fade to white.


        Fade back to normal. We are in a car, and we see BRIELLE sitting in the passenger seat, and ALAN in the driver's seat. The radio is turned on, and a song is just finishing. They sit without talking for a few moments.

        BRIELLE: So Kyla is already there?

        ALAN: Yeah, I had your friend take her.

        BRIELLE: Then? I have something to tell you. And this is the only place I have no where to escape. So?

        ALAN tries to look at her, but it is somewhat hard to do this while driving. He instead keeps looking at the road, but a concerned look is on his face.

        ALAN: What is it?

        There is a pause.

        BRIELLE: I'm?I'm pregnant again.

        ALAN: Oh, wow?that's great!

        BRIELLE smiles.

        BRIELLE: Really?

        ALAN: Yes!

        We can hear the radio more now, and the song "Back Where I Was" by the Hereafter begins to play. There is silence as the opening sequence plays. ALAN is smiling. He looks at BRIELLE briefly, who is giving a hint of a smile. We get a zoomed out shot of the car driving down the road. (the music below plays throughout)

        "It was summertime, we had too much time
        We got ourselves in trouble."

        We zoom back into BRIELLE'S smiling face, and slowly move right towards ALAN. The radio continues to play, and he is smiling as he drives until he hears "then we crashed a car". His smile fades, and he looks very upset. (the music below plays throughout)

        "We went to the beach, then we crashed a car- "

        There is a brief flashback to BRIELLE in the car by herself as an oncoming car slams into the side of hers. (the music below plays throughout)

        " "Then we crashed another?


        We are focused on THE CLIQUE sitting at a table. They are talking, and several times they burst out laughing, but we do not hear their laughter, we hear music. We focus on MARIE, who is smiling. Then we move over to CATE, who is looking very serious around at everyone. She has an evil look in her eye. We cut back to MARIE, who noticed this and was no longer smiling, but frowning. There is a quick flash to CATE killing the CLIQUE, sans MARIE. (The music below plays throughout)

        "And when it hit me, I could not think
        I decided I should hide away."

        MARIE gets up from the table and practically runs out of the skating rink. MELODY, BREE, and SKYE look very confused. CATE looks worried, and begins to get shifty. She looks around at the other girls at the table. We follow MARIE until she is outside, her hand is over her mouth, and she looks like she's about to sob. (the music below plays throughout)

        "So I did I?did what I could,
        I did what I did, because it was easy."


        We see another ALAN standing at the alter and we pan back to SAM, who is waiting to walk down it. She suddenly feels a sharp pain on her arm. She pulls up her sleeve only to reveal a very nasty bruise. She frowns, and then looks back at ALAN, who has a horrible grimace on his face. (the music below plays throughout)

        "And I was surprised before I knew it
        I was back where I was, back where I was"

        There is a flash to when ALAN killed the young slayer in self-defense in 1.15 "Break of Day". Flash back to SAM, looking worried as she glances at ALAN standing up ahead of her. (the music below plays throughout)

        "Back where I was, back where I was?"


        BRIAN, BISHOP, and their FATHER are all standing in a room. But BRIAN is away from BISHOP and his FATHER and they seem like they are plotting something. There is an evil look in both of their eyes. BRIAN makes eye contact with BISHOP. (the music below plays throughout)

        "It was winter time, a friend dropped me a line
        Said he'd pay a visit.

        BISHOP shakes hands with MR. EDWARDS and then begins walking over to his brother. He has a sad yet satisfied look on his face. BRIAN gives him an awkward glance. There is a flashback to BISHOP jumping in front of FAITH to save her as BRIAN and everyone else stand in shock.

        "We were gladly met
        He ran off to forget, I ran off to remember"


        ROBIN leans against the wall near the door to his parents apartment, and his eyes are closed very tightly. We zoom in, through the door as if it weren't even there. We see NIKKI and CHRIS yelling at each other until he slaps her across the face- hard. We cut back to ROBIN who is shutting his eyes even tighter.

        "And when it hit me, I could not sleep
        I decided I should hide away."

        The door that leads to the apartment swings open suddenly and NIKKI comes storming out, followed by CHRIS. It is not long before they realize ROBIN is still standing there, and he has heard everything. He frowns, followed by them frowning. They stand there in silence. (the music below plays throughout)

        "So I did I, did what I could
        I did what I did, because you loved me."


        The camera is focused on a car, and the car doors open slowly. TOMMY, OLIVIA, and finally FAITH step out. They walk towards the house. When they reach it, TOMMY opens the door and FAITH walks in first. It is dark, but then lights are switched on and there is a lot of people in the house. They all seem to shout something at once, and there is a big banner that says "Happy Birthday!" on it, and FAITH gapes and eventually smiles. (the music below plays throughout)

        "And I was surprised before I knew it
        I was back where I was, back where I was"

        FAITH looks around. There are several people drinking. She frowns. There is a flashback to a younger looking OLIVIA in a bar, swigging down alcohol despite how drunk she already looked. We cut back to present-time. FAITH is not smiling. (the music below plays throughout)

        "Back where I was, back where I was?"

        The music continues to play, but there are no longer lyrics. FAITH looks at TOMMY, and there is yet another flashback. This time it is of a note that looks like it's addressed from TOMMY to FAITH. It says something along the lines of TOMMY having to leave, and that it was best for the both of them. Cut back to present-time. The song slowly dies down, and we now hear noises of a party.

        FAITH: This?this isn't right.

        OLIVIA: What do you mean?

        FAITH shakes her head.

        FAITH: No. It'll happen all over again?I don't want that to happen. That's worse than letting it happen the first time!

        Her voice grows increasingly louder with every word.

        TOMMY: Faith, are you okay?

        FAITH: No. No one is. I'm sorry?I gotta go.

        She rushes towards the door. Just as she opens it and walks through the threshold, the actual features of everything seem to die away, and the room she is in is made completely of white lights. FAITH looks around, and now all of a sudden, everyone is in the room- MARIE, ALAN, SAM, BRIAN, ROBIN, ANGEL, SPIKE, GUNN, and ILLYRIA.

        FAITH: This can't be right either.

        SAM: We're?we're back in the Vortex? How did we get here?

        A booming voice (VOICE 1 from before) comes almost out of thin air.

        VOICE: You must make a choice. A choice that your very lives may depend on.

        FAITH looks around at the group worried, and everyone looks uncertain.


        END OF ACT III

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT IV


          We fade back in, and everyone is still in the positions that they were before.

          FAITH: Are ya gonna give us the options any time soon? ?Cause I don't feel like standing here like an idiot.

          VOICE: Ah, a Slayer. Always so impatient. (beat) You must choose where you would like to stay.

          There is silence. A minute passes. Two. Everyone is looking around at others slowly.

          SAM: Wait?what do you mean?

          VOICE: What world is better?

          SAM falls silent.

          FAITH: What do you mean, better?

          VOICE: Which do you like more?

          ALAN: That's?that's selfishness talking. We have to go back to New York, right? To help the innocent?

          Dead silence. It's a tough decision.

          MARIE: You're?you're right.

          VOICE: It appears as if two of you wish to go back to your home.

          ALAN nods. MARIE hesitates, but nods as well.

          VOICE: Alright. Anyone else?

          SAM: I?I don't know.

          Everyone else looks unsure too. We move over to focus on ANGEL, SPIKE, and ILLYRIA until we close-up on ILLYRIA. Her face is blank.

          ILLYRIA: There is nothing in the dimension I have just seen that makes me wish I were still there. I choose to follow those two.

          She indicates MARIE and ALAN. Everyone else looks mildly surprised. MARIE, ALAN, and ILLYRIA are now on the left, and all of the others are on the right. The camera closes-up on FAITH. Her face is blank.

          VOICE: Well, you're the leader, Slayer. You might as well make the decision for everyone.

          FAITH: What? No?People are allowed to have their opinions?I shouldn't have to do this.

          VOICE: Shouldn't? Maybe. But you have to.

          FAITH looks back at the group. They are all frowning, and appear to be thinking. A minute passes.

          VOICE: What is your decision?

          FAITH: (mumbling to herself) I hope they don't hate me for this?

          She looks up, having made a decision.

          FAITH: We're going back. Home.

          VOICE: To that trash-filled city?

          FAITH pauses.

          FAITH: Yeah, that one.

          VOICE: Very well. I will transport you.

          There are different expressions amongst the group, but nothing can be changed now. It is done. The room suddenly goes pitch-black. When we fade back in, everyone is crowded in a small room in what seems to be a trailer. They look around, and the camera looks with them. We see a GIRL/AMBER, typing away at a laptop when she looks up and sees the people standing in her living room. She gasps, and nearly jumps out of her seat, and squees.

          AMBER: Oh my god!

          Everyone in the group looks at her strangely.

          VOICE: Oh?wrong place.

          AMBER looks up at the ceiling, where the voice seemingly came from.

          AMBER: What the hell was that?!

          Before her question is answered, FAITH and CO. are gone in the blink of an eye. AMBER stares where they just here.

          AMBER: Huh.



          Everyone suddenly appears in the middle of the living room, and looks around.

          SAM: We're where we're supposed to be this time, right? That girl kinda creeped me out.

          ROBIN: Looks like home.

          SAM: Smells like home.

          FAITH: What's that supposed to mean?!

          SAM: What? Nothing?

          ANGEL: I'm just glad that we're finally somewhere?normal.

          MARIE almost laughs.

          MARIE: Normal? You're kidding, right? This place is near a freakin' hellmouth!

          FAITH: Was.

          MARIE: You're sure it was destroyed?

          There is silence, followed by a knock at the door.

          ROBIN: I wonder who that could be.

          SPIKE: Awfully late for visitors, innit?

          FAITH raises an eyebrow as she looks at the door, but shrugs. She walks over to it, swinging it open.

          FAITH: Hi-

          She stops herself from saying a word once she sees who is standing in front of her.

          FAITH: -you.

          The camera rotates until we see who it is as well.

          It is TOMMY.

          TOMMY: Long time, no see!

          He smiles.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."