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Rogue Redemption 2.01 "Not in Kansas Anymore"

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  • Rogue Redemption 2.01 "Not in Kansas Anymore"

    2.01 "Not in Kansas Anymore" (Season Premiere)

    *Disclaimer- I do not own any characters that came from the show of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel, or the events that happened during the duration of those shows. Though I do own the places that I make up, and the events, and the original characters. If you use them without my permission, I'll probably be a bitch to you...forever. Oh and yeah, it's plagiarizing, so legal action, blah blah get the point. So don't do it, and we'll all be happy, ?kay?



    FAITH is standing and staring at something ahead of her in open-mouthed horror at the image she is seeing- SPIKE dodging a hit from a demon a it charges him, and trying to keep in the shadows of the buildings, and ANGEL doing the exact same thing. We see a dragon hovering over the group, looking somewhat injured but still going strong. GUNN is knocked into the back of the alley, in the shadows, and looks as if unconscious. ILLYRIA is fighting several demons all at once, but looking as if she's getting weaker.

    The camera pans back to FAITH and CO. as we hear the sounds of the battle in the background. Most of them are staring at what's happening before them in horror and shock. The camera focuses on SAM'S face.

    SAM: Shouldn't we...

    She looks back to the group. ALAN looks weak, and as does ROBIN. The others look like they're ready for action.

    FAITH: We can't. Not all of us.

    She looks at ROBIN, and then to ALAN, and then sees a building next to them, with a door. She nods towards it.

    FAITH: (cont'd) Anyone who's hurt, hide in there...can't guarantee you won't have to fight but-

    ROBIN: We'll see what happens.

    FAITH nods as ROBIN and ALAN walk slowly into the building next to them. She then turns to the rest of the group.

    FAITH: You guys ready?

    SAM'S eyes widen.

    SAM: Kinda have to be...

    FAITH looks confused and then turns around to see what is happening. She widens her eyes as well. A section of the demon army has spotted them, and they're on their way over to FAITH and CO. FAITH is in a fighting stance.

    FAITH: Let's do this.

    She takes a deep breath as the group of demons rushes to them.


    The camera is set on the center of the room, where we see no one. Suddenly, a ripple comes into the area that the camera is set on, and ARTEMIS appears. She is holding a box, and she walks straight and into the other side of the room. We can hear movement from where she is heading. ARTEMIS places the box down on a table that is located on the right and then looks back in the direction she was going.

    ARTEMIS: Got one of ?em.

    VOICE: Good.

    The camera pans over to the FIGURE standing in the direction that ARTEMIS is looking in.

    FIGURE: (cont'd) What about the others?

    ARTEMIS shrugs.

    ARTEMIS: I'll get them eventually.

    FIGURE: Eventually meaning soon.

    ARTEMIS: Maybe.

    FIGURE: No, it has to be.

    The FIGURE'S tone sounds very serious.

    FIGURE: (cont'd) We've waited long enough. This needs to happen this year, at the latest.

    ARTEMIS looks over to the box on the table. She smiles slightly.

    ARTEMIS: Just need a couple months.

    The camera is focused on the box, slowly zooming in. The camera pans to ARTEMIS who is concentrating on it. The camera cuts back to the box, slowly opening when-



    Theme Song: Time is Running Out by Muse

    Guest Starring:

    Special Guest Starring:

    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    ACT I



    The camera is focused on the back of the alley, and we just see rain falling down. It is slightly in slow motion, and the camera begins to rotate to the right. The speed slowly returns to normal as we begin to see several demons surrounding a specific area in the alleyway. We hear swords clashing and the occasional scream or moan of pain.

    We zoom in to where the demons are crowded around, slowly, until we reach it- FAITH, BRIAN, MARIE, and SAM trying to fight off all of the demons surrounding them. The camera pans over to ANGEL and SPIKE staying in the shadows so they won't burst into flames- but that doesn't mean that they don't have problems of their own. Demons attack them left and right.

    We then slowly move further to the left and see ILLYRIA fighting off a few demons- she looks like she's fighting with a passion. She looks enraged, and she's destroying them one by one, rather quickly. Once a small area around her is cleared, she looks to her right- where GUNN is lying unconscious. She shakes her head and sighs.

    ILLYRIA: The mortal coil is weak...and yet it survives.

    Suddenly, she is knocked back a bit by a demon that kicks her. She narrows her eyes and looks angry. She walks forward and punches the demon in the chest, her hand going completely through it. She cocks her head to the side as the demon falls to the ground- dead.

    ILLYRIA: (cont'd) The same with demons. (beat) I do not understand.

    Someone comes flying her way, nearly knocking right into her, but she steps out of the way. She looks down at them- it is BRIAN.

    BRIAN: Don't need to understand...just fight.

    He gets back up slowly, but looks weak. He heads back into the group of demons, and ILLYRIA looks at him, intrigued.

    ILLYRIA: It always comes down to violence.


    The image is static, and the entire scene is blurred. The camera is focused on WESLEY as he falls, but lands on his feet. He stumbles and is about to fall to the ground when ILLYRIA rushes into the room. She catches him in her arms and kneels beside him on the floor.

    ILLYRIA: Wesley.

    She looks down at his wound.

    ILLYRIA: (cont'd) This wound is mortal.

    WESLEY touches his wound, before looking at her and smiling.

    WESLEY: Aren't we all? (beat) It was good... that you came.

    ILLYRIA: I killed all mine, and I was...
    WESLEY: Concerned?

    ILLYRIA: I think so. But I can't help. You'll be dead within moments.

    WESLEY: I know.

    ILLYRIA: Would you like me to lie to you now?

    WESLEY: (weakly) Yes. Thank you. Yes.

    He closes and then opens his eyes to see FRED'S face, her hand stroking his cheek.

    WESLEY: Hello there.

    FRED: (smiling through tears) Oh, Wesley. My Wesley.

    WESLEY: Fred. (whispering) I've missed you.

    FRED kisses his lips twice gently, sniffles, kisses his forehead.

    FRED: It's gonna be okay. It won't hurt much longer, and then you'll be where I am. (crying) We'll be together.

    WESLEY:I-I love you.

    FRED: (smiling through her tears) I love you. My love. Oh, my love.

    WESLEY only stares motionless, lifeless in her arms. She lets him go, gently placing his head on the floor. ILLYRIA as FRED blinks slowly and sighs through gritted teeth before getting to her feet. VAIL is conscious and on his feet again, standing behind ILLYRIA. He approaches ILLRYIA.

    VAIL: How very touching his meaningless death was, but this fight was never for mortals.

    He then sees ILLRYIA as FRED facing him, looking angry. He chuckles.

    VAIL: Oh. Take your best shot, little girl.

    ILLYRIA swings a powerful punch at VAIL'S head, transforming her shape from FRED turn to blue ILLYRIA in mid-swing, ultimately shattering VAIL'S head with the force of her swing.


    The image has returned to normal, and we remain focused on ILLYRIA. She looks at the demons facing her.

    ILLYRIA: Though it is often the best option.

    She walks into the crowd of demons ahead of her. The camera pans over to FAITH, punching a demon in the face, sending it flying. She lets out a deep breath, looking at MARIE who is standing near her, fighting off a demon as well.

    FAITH: We can't keep this up much longer!

    She stumbles back as a creature pushes her back, and tries to fight it off.

    MARIE: (struggling) I don't know what else we can do.

    She continues to fight off a demon, punching it into the other side of the alley, making it land on barrels which break and puncture its skin, killing it.


    The camera is set on a window, which is looking out into the alley. It is somewhat blurred, so we can only see the outlines of the gang and the demons. The camera pans around to see who is looking out the window- ROBIN and ALAN. ALAN sighs.

    ALAN: I wish we could do something.

    ROBIN tilts his head, and winces.

    ROBIN: Yeah, I know. But we can't.

    ALAN looks at ROBIN, who is really injured.

    ALAN: You can't. (beat, looking out window) They just won't let me.

    As he turns to look out the window, he winces in pain. ROBIN raises an eyebrow.

    ROBIN: Looks like you can't either.

    ALAN doesn't respond to what he says, but continues to watch the battle out of the window. The image that he is looking at slowly becomes so it's not blurred anymore as we zoom in. We see SAM trying to fight demons off, having to use magic. But she is looking weaker, and she needs time to build up the power to use magic. We see the dragon swoop towards her, and we pan back to ALAN, who's eyes widen. We then cut back to SAM, who looks in fear at the dragon. It's a few feet away from her when a sudden white light bursts from within SAM, knocking it back. She looks shocked. When the light fades, a lot of the demons have vanished. SAM sees ALAN standing in front of her. He looks concerned.

    ALAN: You okay?

    SAM: (coldly) I'm fine. (beat) You should be-

    ALAN is knocked into the wall of the building next to the alley, very quickly and violently. SAM widens her eyes, and moves over to see him unconscious, and bleeding a little bit from the head. She looks angry, and turns back to his attacker. She glares, and advances toward him.


    ARTEMIS is sitting and looking at the box that we saw in the Teaser. She is smiling to herself. The box is giving off a red-ish tint as she looks at it.

    FIGURE: (O.S.) Beautiful, isn't it?

    ARTEMIS turns her head to see the FIGURE staring at the box as well.

    ARTEMIS: If you can call wood beautiful, I guess.

    The FIGURE moves over next to ARTEMIS.

    FIGURE: It is nature. One assumes it is beautiful.

    ARTEMIS: And then you've got the Great Mole Rat.

    The FIGURE looks at her, tilting its head.

    FIGURE: The what?

    ARTEMIS: Oh, just this ugly ass animal.

    FIGURE: You humans amaze me.

    ARTEMIS: Hey! I'm not-

    FIGURE: Bothering me? You are.

    ARTEMIS stands up.

    ARTEMIS: Fine then. Maybe I'll just go then.

    She starts to head toward the stairs, before hearing the FIGURE chuckle. ARTEMIS swivels around.

    ARTEMIS: What the hell is so funny?

    The FIGURE shakes its head.

    FIGURE: You do not understand.

    ARTEMIS looks annoyed.

    ARTEMIS: Understand what?

    FIGURE: This battle. This...ongoing war. Everyone plays a part in it.

    ARTEMIS: Yeah...and?

    The FIGURE steps closer to her.

    FIGURE: You don't have to. You're not essential.

    ARTEMIS takes a little while to think about this, and then glares at the FIGURE.

    ARTEMIS: Then why are you holding me here like some prisoner?

    FIGURE: Power.

    ARTEMIS looks a bit taken aback.

    FIGURE: That's what it all comes down to. The power that is within all of us. It's what makes us stronger.

    ARTEMIS: But all I can do is...

    FIGURE: Control objects with your mind. (beat) Maybe even people.

    ARTEMIS: What will that-

    ARTEMIS stops as she realizes something.

    ARTEMIS: Oh.

    You can hear the FIGURE smiling as it says the next thing.

    FIGURE: Exactly.


    We see SPIKE, ANGEL, and ROBIN sitting down and looking anxious in a dark room. ANGEL sighs.

    ANGEL: Dammit, I can't just sit here and do nothing.

    SPIKE looks out the window, seeing the light from the sun.

    SPIKE: Looks like you're gonna have to, mate.

    ANGEL: I can't!

    SPIKE: You'd be a bloody idiot to go out there.

    ANGEL: You're being one just sitting there.

    SPIKE looks angry, and ROBIN looks annoyed.

    ROBIN: You're both acting like children, during what might be the end of the world. Very mature.

    He rolls his eyes. SPIKE and ANGEL glance at each other before looking back at the floor. There is a noise heard from the entrance of the building. They all turn their heads to see GUNN, with ALAN leaning on his shoulder, unconscious. ANGEL gets up to help bring ALAN over to where the rest of them are sitting, as GUNN is limping. GUNN walks over and sits as ANGEL sets ALAN down and then sits back where he was before. SPIKE notices a mark on GUNN'S neck, and tilts his head.

    SPIKE: Got bit, Charlie boy?

    GUNN looks up, confused. He then puts his hand on his neck where the wound is, and then brings it back down- there is blood on it. The camera pans up to his neck, which has two tiny holes in it.

    GUNN: Huh...didn't even notice.

    ROBIN: How could you not...?

    GUNN looks down at himself, covered in wounds.

    GUNN: Mighta been paying more attention to the other scratches.

    ROBIN: I meant being bit.

    GUNN shrugs.

    GUNN: Musta been unconscious. Happens when you're hit over the head.

    ROBIN: Oh.

    ANGEL: (O.S.) I can't just sit here!

    He sighs and we pan over to SPIKE, who looks at ANGEL.

    SPIKE: Looks like you're doing a bang up job.

    ANGEL: Would you shut up?!

    GUNN: How ?bout you both shut up?

    ANGEL: I-

    Suddenly, there is a crash heard. Everyone turns their heads to see where it came from- there is a small hole in the wall of the building, and a dead demon lies on the floor in the building. They look up to who's standing outside, squinting because of the light. ILLYRIA stands there, looking at the demon.

    ILLYRIA: He irritated me.

    She cocks her head and then moves back into the crowd of demons. Everyone looks at her strangely before seeing a demon appear in the small hole in the wall. It growls.

    GUNN: This is a whole lotta bad...

    The demon rushes towards them, followed by a view others. Everyone, excluding ALAN, jumps up, ready to defend themselves. The camera pans down to ALAN, who is still unconscious. We pan back to ROBIN fighting off a demon, struggling. SPIKE and ANGEL are both fighting off theirs with ease, and as is GUNN, surprisingly. We move over to a demon that has just entered. He notices ALAN, and advances toward him.

    MARIE: (O.S.) No!

    The demon turns its head towards the hole in the wall of the building, which MARIE is standing in. The demons growls.

    DEMON: This one is yours?

    MARIE makes a face.

    MARIE: Definitely not! God. (beat) You talk?

    DEMON: Not God.

    The demon lunges toward her, and knocks her down. She quickly gets back up and throws a punch, but the demon dodges it and kicks her in the stomach, knocking her down. She looks like she's severely bruised- not just from the fight with this demon but from all of the others as well. The demon chuckles. The camera pans back to ALAN, who's eyes are slowly opening. It then cuts back to the demon towering over MARIE.

    DEMON: Tired?

    MARIE lets out a moan of pain- she is lying down on pieces of the wall that broke. She tries to get up. The DEMON smirks, and advances toward her. Suddenly there is a sword that appears through the demon's chest and a look of surprise enters its face. It falls down and the sword stays in the air, and we pan back to who is holding it- ALAN. MARIE smiles.

    MARIE: Thanks.

    ALAN: Better than you being dead.

    MARIE nods and slowly gets up off the ground, wincing in pain. The camera cuts back to outside. SAM notices that there's a hole in the building off to the side. She rushes over to it and peers in.

    SAM: You guys okay?

    Everyone that's not fighting demons nods.

    SAM: (cont'd) I can try and close it...

    Just as she says this she is knocked down by a demon punching her in the stomach. ALAN widens his eyes and goes to help her, but a magical barrier appears in the hole in the wall, not allowing him to go through. He looks back, and sees MARIE holding a hand up, creating the barrier.

    ALAN: What are you doing? I have to-

    MARIE: Not get killed? ?Cause, you know, that would be the best choice.

    ALAN sighs and backs away from the barrier. MARIE concentrates more and slowly bricks appear where the barrier was.

    MARIE: (cont'd) That should do it...

    ROBIN and GUNN are suddenly sent to the back of the building. MARIE and ALAN swivel around to see what knocked them back- the dragon. ANGEL and SPIKE stand near it but don't get too close so they won't be burned up.

    ALAN: Oh no...

    MARIE: Pretty much covers it.

    The dragon snarls and looks at MARIE. She widens her eyes as it opens its mouth and fire comes out of its mouth, heading directly for her.



    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT II

      FADE IN


      Vampires all around are starting to burst into flame. A demon is leaning over SAM and about to break her neck, and she's struggling. She finally punches his chest, at least making him stumble back a little bit.

      SAM: Looks like I've got a bit of strength in me after all.

      The demon growls and lunges toward her. SAM shakes her head.

      SAM: (cont'd) Not this time.

      SAM stretches a hand out.

      SAM: (cont'd) Ignis.

      The demon looks confused before he moans in pain and we see what is happening to him- he has caught on fire. He screams as he begins to be engulfed with flames, and eventually drops to the ground, looking like charcoal. SAM looks proud of herself before feeling heat from fire. She looks to her right at the building, through a window and widens her eyes as she sees a dragon, and it has just breathed fire, and the fire was heading right towards someone-MARIE.

      SAM: Oh God...

      The camera cuts back into the building where MARIE is about to get roasted, but the fire suddenly stops inches away from MARIE'S face...She is surrounded by fire, but it is not from the dragon- it is actually coming from MARIE herself. She looks confused and looks at the dragon, who stops breathing fire on her for a moment, before blinking and returning to it. But the fire coming from the dragon does not go through the fire that is surrounding MARIE. The dragon stops, and looks inquisitively at the fire around her. MARIE pushes her hands outwards, and the fire moves that way, almost reaching the dragon, before it disappears with a flash of blue light.

      ALAN: What was-

      The door to the building opens, and SAM rushes in. She sees MARIE, and sighs with relief.

      SAM: Good, you're okay...

      ALAN looks at her.

      ALAN: Are you?

      SAM: (a bit coldly) I'm fine.

      ALAN notices the tone of her voice, and backs off. MARIE notices this and looks from ALAN to SAM, but then shrugs slightly.

      SAM: (cont'd) I'm going to go out there...I can still fight.

      MARIE nods.

      MARIE: I'll come with you.

      With that, SAM swivels around, walking out the door with MARIE following her. ALAN looks down at the ground and sighs.


      The camera is set on the box from earlier, which still has a blue light illuminating from it. We slowly move to the other side of the room, where we see the FIGURE sitting on a chair, crossing one leg over the other. It appears as if it is in thought.

      FIGURE: I do not understand.

      The camera cuts over to ARTEMIS, who is leaning against the wall on the other side of the room. She lifts her head.

      ARTEMIS: Understand...what?

      FIGURE: Why we must hide in It is dark and dank and it does not suit me.

      ARTEMIS sighs.

      ARTEMIS: Well, can't exactly be prancing around upstairs, now can we?

      The FIGURE looks back at ARTEMIS.

      FIGURE: In my time we could do whatever we pleased.

      ARTEMIS: But this is now time, and one of your kind can't just go roaming the streets of a big city!

      The FIGURE stands, slamming its hand down on the arm of the chair to show that it is angry.

      FIGURE: My kind? My kind should be ruling this world, and all others.

      ARTEMIS: And guess what? You're not. You say all these things, "Oh, I'm so high and mighty, I can do whatever the hell I want!" Well, ya can't. Because this is the real world hun, and in the real world? It's a power struggle. You can't just claim a spot as the ruler of the universe without a fight.

      FIGURE: I can. Because I am-

      ARTEMIS: Yeah, yeah. Heard your name before. Keep saying it, and it might get old.

      The FIGURE tilts its head.

      FIGURE: It is ancient. (beat) Are you talking down to me?

      ARTEMIS' face remains blank as she continues to look at the FIGURE. The FIGURE steps closer to her.

      FIGURE: If you are-

      ARTEMIS lifts her head further.

      ARTEMIS: You'll do what? Rip me limb from limb? Be honest, you need me. I don't know what for, but you do.

      She steps closer, leaning in towards the FIGURE.

      ARTEMIS: (cont'd, whispering) You just don't want to admit it.

      There is a moment where all is silent, before the FIGURE reaches out its hands and pushes her away from it. ARTEMIS stumbles back a little, almost losing her balance.

      FIGURE: Do not speak to me in that tone.

      ARTEMIS grins to herself.

      ARTEMIS: (speaking in a western accent) How ?bout this one?

      The FIGURE appears to be enraged, and flicks its wrist, sending ARTEMIS flying into the wall. Before she hits the wall though, her body stands frozen, and she stands back upright. The FIGURE looks at her with astonishment, and ARTEMIS smirks.

      ARTEMIS: Not so powerless after all, am I?

      FIGURE: I never said you were.

      With that, the FIGURE returns to the chair, sitting down. It is facing away from ARTEMIS:

      FIGURE: (cont'd) We will leave here today.

      ARTEMIS: But-

      FIGURE: (firmly) No questions.

      ARTEMIS continues to look at the FIGURE before looking away and heading up the stairs. The FIGURE looks at her.

      FIGURE: (cont'd) Where are you going?

      ARTEMIS: Out.

      With that, we hear her footsteps echo, and a door opening and closing before the FIGURE is finally alone in the room.

      FIGURE: (muttering to self) Idiot child.


      The camera moves through the oncoming demon army- their numbers have barely dwindled, but at least have dwindled some. We see demons trying to get into the alley but bumping into others, and starting fights with demons of different species. One demon that is a maroon colour slashes at another, ripping its throat out. It moves forwards before stopping in its tracks.

      VOICE: Damn...

      We pan over to see FAITH, looking really beaten up, but still appearing to be able to fight. She tilts her head to the side and then back again.

      FAITH: (cont'd) You on our side?

      There is a moment where the demon looks at her, confused, before it charges at her. She steps out of the way, letting it run past her.

      FAITH: (cont'd) Guess not.

      The demon turns around to face her, looking furious. He steps closer to her, and pulls his hand back and brings it forward to punch her. Just before he does, she grabs his hand and then knees him in the stomach. The camera cuts over to SAM fighting off a demon with magic, but it begins to die down (the lights from the magic). She takes a huge breath before being knocked onto the ground by the demon she is fighting. She looks weak, and the demon begins to kick her in the stomach repeatedly. After each kick, her expression fills with pain even more. The demon leans down and begins to pick her up from the shoulders.


      ALAN is looking out the window when he sees what is going on with SAM. He widens his eyes and runs for the door, but a hand grabs his shoulder, stopping him from leaving. He quickly turns around, seeing ANGEL.

      ANGEL: Where do you think you're going?

      ALAN: I...No time to explain. Sam.

      ALAN goes to turn around, and ANGEL stops him once again.

      ANGEL: Are you crazy?

      ALAN doesn't respond.

      ANGEL: (cont'd) You can't go out there, you'll get killed.

      ALAN: Oh and you won't?

      ANGEL: Already dead. It's either me or Spike, ?cause you and the others will get your necks broken.

      ALAN doesn't respond, but nods.

      ALAN: Go.

      ANGEL runs for the door. SPIKE sees this.

      SPIKE: What's he doing?

      ALAN looks at him.

      ALAN: Getting Sam.

      SPIKE: He's going to be bloody fried.

      ALAN looks confused. SPIKE raises an eyebrow.

      SPIKE: (cont'd) Oh, you don't know? We're vampires. Angel and myself.

      ALAN widens his eyes.


      The camera shows ANGEL sneaking up against the building, in the shadows. We then cut over to the demon dragging SAM across the alley, into a corner. He looks around for more room to sneak, but doesn't see any. He runs across the alley, beginning to sizzle. Once he reaches the other side, he is in shadow again. The demon has its hands on each side of SAM'S head, looking as if he's about to break her neck. ANGEL grabs the back of the demon's shoulders, pulling him off of SAM and making him drop her. She falls to the ground as ANGEL punches the demon, making him stumble. ANGEL looks around and sees a sword laying on the ground, probably from a vampire who had it and then turned to dust. He leans over and grabs it as the demon charges him. He hold the sword out and the demon runs right into it, the sword going through its stomach. He winces.

      ANGEL: Well, that wasn't too-

      The demon smiles and walks backward, the sword coming out of him. The wound slowly disappears, the skin regenerating. It goes to punch ANGEL in the face when suddenly, it is beheaded. The demon falls to the ground, and standing behind him is ILLYRIA. She tilts her head.

      ILLYRIA: How fragile a body can be.

      ANGEL: How did you know how to kill it?

      ILLYRIA: I am ancient. I know nearly all demonic species. Why would I not know how to kill every single one of them?

      ANGEL: Good point.

      ILLYRIA: You must go.

      ANGEL looks down at SAM, who is near unconsciousness, and picks her up. She is semi-awake, so she just leans on his shoulder and they walk as fast as they can over to the other side of the alley to get into the building. ANGEL is beginning to burn when SAM notices, and widens her eyes.

      SAM: (weakly) What-

      ANGEL: I'll tell you soon...we have to get inside.

      With that, they move faster. SAM is limping but manages to keep up. They get in the building just missing a bolt of energy heading their way. When they get in, we hear shouting and punches being thrown. We cut over to ALAN on the ground as SPIKE throws a punch at him. SAM notices this and looks angry.

      SAM: (weakly, assertively) Hey!

      SPIKE turns his head to see ANGEL and SAM standing near them, SAM now standing on her own, but still bleeding. ALAN looks up too.

      SPIKE: He started it.

      SAM: What, are you five?

      SPIKE: Actually-

      SAM: (weakly again) I don't care. Maybe if you stopped pummeling each other for five seconds you'd realize there are better things to be doing.

      SPIKE and ALAN look at her, and then glance at each other before looking at the ground. SAM limps over to the window, seeing MARIE, ILLYRIA, BRIAN, and finally FAITH fighting demons to the best of their ability. BRIAN isn't holding up well, despite he has some demon strength left in him. MARIE looks like she's holding her own, especially because of the Slayer strength, and this applies to FAITH too. ILLYRIA does not look as if she is having any trouble. SAM watches them fight, getting hit by demons, and hitting back, and sighs.

      SAM: We...We need to do something.

      ROBIN: What do you suggest?

      SAM shakes her head.

      SAM: I...don't know. It's just...we can't keep going on like this. Eventually they're going to kill us all.

      There is silence for a minute or two.

      GUNN: Well, let's try something then.

      SAM: I don't know what to try...

      ALAN looks at her.

      ALAN: You don't?

      SAM looks down at him and then shakes her head slowly.

      SAM: I'm too weak to use magic...

      ALAN: What about-

      SAM: Marie.

      She looks out the window to see MARIE rushing through the crowd, punching demon after demon, trying to lessen their numbers and SAM has a look like she has an idea on her face.


      The camera moves around the building. There is a lot of wreckage in it, parts of it are falling down. We slowly move towards the center of the building, and a chunk of the ceiling falls down. We follow it, but then go past it, fading to black and moving down. When we get a while down, it fades back in and we are in the basement. There is a sound of something dripping, like a faucet that has been left on. We move closer to the noise and see that the ceiling of the basement is leaking. We continue to move and we see a door. It opens and someone steps out, closing the door behind them. They walk down the hallway of the basement and when they reach the end of it, they stop.

      PERSON: It's me.

      Suddenly, the end of the hallway splits into two pieces, showing a way to another room, a secret room. The person walks through the opening, and we follow them. A slamming is heard and we see that the opening to the room has closed.

      VOICE: Hello there.

      The person turns in the direction of the VOICE and we see that this person is MR. ABBOT.

      MR. ABBOT: Hey Ms.-

      VOICE: It's Lilah. Please, call me that.

      MR. ABBOT smiles, and nods.

      MR. ABBOT: Lilah. (beat) The plan worked.

      LILAH smiles.

      LILAH: Just like I thought. And there's no way of them finding out that we're behind it all?

      MR. ABBOT shakes his head.

      MR. ABBOT: Not a possibility.

      LILAH: Excellent. What about The Two?

      MR. ABBOT: The Two...don't know anything.

      LILAH: That's even better. So they won't see what's coming next.

      LILAH moves over to the other side of the room, but we cannot see where she's going. We only know that she's in front of a wall in the room. We hear a clicking noise and a sound like something is opening. LILAH looks back to MR. ABBOT.

      LILAH: Well, are you gonna come over here or just stand around like an idiot?

      MR. ABBOT looks confused but walks over to where LILAH is standing anyways. He sees a safe that's in the wall open.

      MR. ABBOT: How did you open that?

      LILAH smiles.

      LILAH: Magic.

      MR. ABBOT looks in the safe, and widens his eyes. LILAH looks in it as well.

      LILAH: Lotsa papers, ain't it?

      MR. ABBOT: What are they...

      LILAH: Files, of course. Oh, and contracts.

      MR. ABBOT: About who? Or what?

      LILAH rolls her eyes.

      LILAH: Your attention span really that short? ?Cause if so...damn.

      MR. ABBOT stares at her blankly. LILAH raises an eyebrow and shrugs.

      LILAH: The Two. Who else would it be about?

      MR. ABBOT: Ah, right. (beat) What do you want me to do with these?

      LILAH: Well, there are some contracts that still need to be signed.

      MR. ABBOT: By who?

      LILAH: You somehow have to get Angel to sign one. Hm, who else? Oh yeah! A Senior Partner.

      LILAH smiles and MR. ABBOT looks worried.

      MR. ABBOT: Are you crazy?

      LILAH: I like to think of me If somewhere in there entails craziness, well then...

      She continues to smile and shrugs.

      MR. ABBOT: But contacting a Senior Partner is-

      LILAH: Pretty damn hard? Yeah. But I'm not the one who has to do it. You are.

      LILAH looks smug and MR. ABBOT continues to look worried.


      Someone is sent flying into the side of the building next to the alley. The rain has extremely died down by now. The someone who is sent flying hits their head on the wall of the building. They pick up their head and we see that this person is FAITH.

      FAITH: Okay, that? That hurt.

      She groans as she gets up from the ground. The camera pans over to hoards of demons still working their way into the alley.

      FAITH: (cont'd) And they keep on comin'.

      Suddenly, a demon is sent flying into the wall much like FAITH was, only this one is knocked unconscious. ILLYRIA is the one that threw him, and FAITH looks at her.

      FAITH: (cont'd) Jeez, Mama Smurf, d'ya never get tired?

      ILLYRIA: Tiring is a sign of weakness. I have no weakness.

      FAITH raises her eyebrows, before being pushed into the wall of the building again. She punches the demon that pushed her, making him stumble. The camera pans over to near the end of the alley, where MARIE is fighting off a demon. She dodges a lot of hits from him and eventually knocks him down onto the ground by hitting him. She looks around for a sharp object, seeing a crow bar. She grabs it and stabs it through the demon's chest. She sighs, and is about to go for another demon when she hears someone say her name.

      VOICE: Marie.

      MARIE looks behind her, where the building is. She slowly opens the door to it, and walks through. She doesn't see anyone, and looks worried. She walks around for a few moments.

      VOICE: Marie!

      MARIE jumps at the sound, and turns around. SAM is standing behind her and behind SAM is ROBIN, ANGEL, SPIKE, GUNN, and ALAN.

      MARIE: God, you scared me!

      SAM: Yeah well...

      SAM looks behind MARIE.

      SAM: Wait, where's Faith and Brian?

      MARIE: Still out there.

      SAM: They have to get in here.

      MARIE looks at her strangely.

      MARIE: Without demons following them? Doubt I can do t-that. (beat) And what about Illyria?

      SAM: Who?

      MARIE: The blue girl.

      SAM: Oh, right. Her too.

      MARIE: I'll...I'll try.

      SAM nods. MARIE goes back to the doorway, and sees BRIAN leaning against the wall, looking extremely beat up. She looks at him sympathetically before calling out to him.

      MARIE: (cont'd) Brian...

      BRIAN turns his head slowly, and we see wounds on his face.

      BRIAN: What...

      MARIE: You need to get in here.

      BRIAN nods, and inches towards the door before entering the building. MARIE looks back out to the massive amount of demons and sees FAITH and ILLYRIA fighting side by side.

      MARIE: (quietly at first, cont'd) Faith! Illyria!

      They don't look as if they hear her, as they are really into the fighting. She sighs, getting louder.

      MARIE: (cont'd) Faith! Illyria!

      FAITH and ILLYRIA notice this this time, and turn their heads. The bad thing is that...the demons notice MARIE as she says this as well. She widens her eyes and looks at FAITH and ILLYRIA.

      MARIE: (cont'd) Get in here! Hurry!

      FAITH and ILLYRIA look at each other and then start running towards the entrance to the building. The demons look angry at this and begin to follow them. MARIE looks really worried.

      MARIE: (cont'd, yelling at the top of her lungs) Run!!

      FAITH and ILLYRIA run faster, the demons following them at top speed. They reach the doorway just in time, as the demons nearly get in. MARIE closes the door just when a demon arm is through it, severing it. FAITH and MARIE look at the group inside the building.

      FAITH: What're you doing here?

      SAM: We...We have to do something. A spell.

      FAITH nods.

      FAITH: Can you do it?

      SAM: I don't know. (beat) Not alone.

      FAITH and SAM both look at MARIE. MARIE looks confused, and then realizes why.

      MARIE: I...I don't think I can...

      FAITH: You guys have to try.

      ILLRYIA: (O.S.) I can hold this barrier. But merely for a few moments.

      The camera pans over to ILLYRIA, pressing her hands against the doorway where demons are trying to get in. The door is slowly giving away. GUNN gets up and places his hands on the door as well.

      ILLRYIA: (cont'd) You expect to help, mortal?

      GUNN does not answer, just keeps his place. The camera moves over to SAM and MARIE.

      SAM: Think you can do this?

      MARIE: I know it.

      SAM nods and moves over to the side, and MARIE follows. SAM sits down on the ground, crossing her legs in an Indian-type style, and MARIE does the same thing. SAM takes a deep breath.

      SAM: Ready?

      MARIE nods. The camera moves over to ALAN, who looks worried. He is standing near BRIAN.

      ALAN: Do you think they can do this?

      BRIAN looks at him blankly.

      BRIAN: Yes.

      ALAN: How can you be sure?

      BRIAN looks to his right, and at ILLYRIA and GUNN struggling to hold the door closed against all of the power of the demons. The building begins to shake, and some of the windows break. Suddenly a bright white light fills part of the screen, and ALAN turns to look at SAM and MARIE, who now have the spell up and running. We close-up on both of their faces. They are both muttering something under their breaths, but we cannot make it out. All we hear is "implore" "goddess" "rid" and "beings". The white light continues to expand.


      We see the entire city from way up high, the white light engulfing the entirety of it. It glows even brighter before finding its way back to its origin.


      The light dies down and ends up being extinguished in-between MARIE and SAM. Everyone stares at them in awe. We see no demon coming through the windows and don't hear a sound.

      SAM: So...did it work?

      She smiles awkwardly.



      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT III


        The camera is still focused on SAM, looking around the group. MARIE still has her eyes closed, taking several deep breaths before opening her eyes again.

        FAITH: What do you mean did it work? I'm freakin' blind ?cause of it over here!

        The camera moves over to ILLYRIA and GUNN, still holding the door, but the demons appear to no longer be there.

        ILLYRIA: Either the demons have grown incredibly weaker, or they have vanished.

        GUNN presses his ear to the door, but shakes his head.

        GUNN: I don't hear anything.

        ILLYRIA looks at him before looking back at the door and opening it. Light pours in, and GUNN moves out of the way, appearing to be moving so that if demons are still there, they won't see him at first. The camera shows ILLYRIA looking out the door, before turning around, looking pleased. She does not say anything though.

        ANGEL: I'm taking that as they're gone, right?

        ILLRYIA looks at him before nodding slowly. SAM and MARIE get up off of the floor. MARIE moves over to one of the windows that look out onto the street. The camera cuts over to FAITH.

        FAITH: I guess that means-

        MARIE: (O.S.) Oops.

        FAITH: What? What means oops?

        The camera pans over to MARIE who looks serious.

        MARIE: Uh...we kinda...m-made all the people vanish too.

        ROBIN: Wait, what?

        SAM moves over next to MARIE, looking out the window. She widens her eyes, and we pan over to see what she is looking at- a ways down the street, cars are in the middle of the road, crashed, granted because of the demons but there are no people there. Everything is quiet, and the section of the city appears to be empty.

        SAM: This can't be good.

        FAITH: What? What's goin' on?

        SAM: Didn't you hear her? They're gone...

        She looks out the window again.

        SAM: (cont'd) The demons, yeah, but the people too...

        ILLYRIA: We rid this world of the human species?

        SAM shakes her head.

        SAM: No...I think it's just this city.

        SPIKE: So...where the bloody hell are they? And why aren't we gone too?

        MARIE: The rid all beings that were outside of these walls, within the city that is...

        FAITH: How do we get them back?

        SAM: I don't know.

        MARIE shakes her head as if saying she doesn't know either.

        ANGEL: We could reverse the spell.

        SAM looks at ANGEL, as if he just said something completely ridiculous.

        SAM: You're kidding right? It would bring back all the demons too. Yeah, that's really the best thing to do.

        SAM rolls her eyes before ANGEL sighs and looks at the ground. There is silence for a few minutes.

        MARIE: (O.S.) He...He does have a point.

        The camera moves over to MARIE, who looks a little uncertain.

        ANGEL: I do?

        SAM: He does?

        SAM raises her eyebrows. MARIE takes a breath before opening her mouth to explain further.

        MARIE: Well if we sent the demons to a different dimension...then we sent the p-people there too.

        FAITH: Oh God...does that mean what I think it means?

        MARIE: If what you're thinking is that those people are trapped with an army of demons...yes.

        SAM: We did that?

        MARIE: Yeah.

        SAM: Wow.

        MARIE: I know, imagine the power...

        She trails off as she gets a strange look from SAM. SAM looks surprised.

        SAM: What we wasn't a good thing. We really shouldn't have done it without thinking. Even if it was powerful.

        MARIE: I know, it's just-

        SAM: No. This isn't even a discussion.

        MARIE looks down at the floor, sighing.

        ROBIN: How exactly do we plan on getting them back? Since we've pretty much established we can't reverse the spell...

        ILLYRIA: (cont'd) Inter-dimensional portals.

        Everyone looks over to ILLYRIA, standing near the corner.

        FAITH: What d'ya mean?

        ILLRYIA doesn't respond to her for a few seconds, looking out the window. There is complete silence, no sounds of talking...or movement. You can barely hear everyone in the room breathing, sans the ones that don't breathe. ILLYRIA just continues staring out the window. A few minutes pass, of awkward silence. The camera moves back to FAITH.

        FAITH: (cont'd) Hey, Mama Smurf, you gonna tell us something anytime soon?

        ILLYRIA looks at her, cringing at the name she's been given.

        BRIAN: (O.S.) I can tell you.

        Everyone's attention suddenly turns to BRIAN, standing on the opposite side of the room, almost directly across from ILLYRIA. He is also standing in a corner, or rather leaning on the wall in the corner. He pushes himself off of it and starts walking slowly closer to the group.

        BRIAN: (cont'd) There's this vortex-type thing that has a lot of portals in it. Each portal leads to a different dimension. That's what she-

        He points to ILLYRIA after he says "she"

        BRIAN: (cont'd) -was trying to say. She just said it in a shorter way...

        ILLYRIA looks at BRIAN with great curiosity before turning back to look out the window, watching the sun appear from the clouds now disappearing after the pouring rainstorm. She looks interested at what she is seeing. We pan up to what she's looking at and it looks as if the clouds are glowing a light blue color. She continues to stare at it as the camera moves down and then back to the group sitting (and standing) around the room.

        ROBIN: So...what do we do?

        There is a silence once again for a few moments.

        MARIE: Well...we could...

        She trails off, appearing to be thinking over her idea. Everyone waits for her to say something but obviously not all are so patient.

        ALAN: Care to tell us?

        MARIE looks up and gives him a look of annoyance.

        MARIE: What I was going to say is we could go in the vor-

        SAM: No...that's too dangerous.

        MARIE looks at her, glaring almost.

        MARIE: You don't even know what I was going to say!

        SAM: Yes, I do.

        MARIE looks more angry, and raises her voice.

        MARIE: You know what?

        She steps closer to SAM.

        MARIE: (cont'd) You need to quit this damn "holier than thou" attitude. ?Cause you know what? It's not as amusing as you think it is. There are other people who can give suggestions too. Good ones. You just don't want to listen.

        She continues to stare SAM down. SAM looks taken aback, and several of FAITH and CO. look shocked at her sudden change. MARIE'S look softened.

        MARIE: Oh G-

        SAM: You're right.

        It is MARIE'S turn to look surprised.

        MARIE: What?

        SAM: Did I stutter?

        MARIE continues to look surprised, and confused, at the same time.

        FAITH: Okay guys, quit it. Tension's just high ?cause of everything going on. Calm down.

        SAM turns to FAITH.

        SAM: Yeah I'm really going to be ordered around by the homicidal maniac.

        FAITH looks speechless, and insulted. ROBIN stands up, moving in between the space between SAM and FAITH seeing that they aren't very far apart.

        ROBIN: That's ex.

        SAM rolls her eyes. ROBIN sighs.

        ROBIN: We all need to stop. Fighting isn't going to solve anything...

        SPIKE: Unless it's fighting demons.

        ROBIN: Right...wait a minute...

        FAITH: Not to be rude blondie but didn't you die?

        SPIKE: And you're just asking me this?

        They continue to look at him and he sighs.

        SPIKE: (cont'd) Yeah, and I'm obviously back now. The end.

        FAITH: But-

        SAM: Can we not make this all about him? There are other people to worry about. More important people.

        SPIKE raises an eyebrow, and FAITH hesitates but nods.

        FAITH: You're right.

        SPIKE looks offended. FAITH just shrugs.

        FAITH: (cont'd) We have over a million people to get back...let's get movin', shall we?

        She gets up and heads toward the door.

        SAM: Faith, wait.

        FAITH spins around, looking at SAM.

        SAM: (cont'd) We should at least try to find another way...before going into a place where we don't know a thing about.

        FAITH nods, and then goes towards the door, walking out into the empty and silent streets. The others glance around the room awkwardly before getting up and following her.


        The camera is focused on two figures who appear to be looking at the building. (neither of them are the FIGURE from earlier in the episode.)

        FIGURE 1: Nice place.

        FIGURE 2 turns to FIGURE 1.

        FIGURE 2: Yeah, I guess.

        FIGURE 1: Perfect spot to set up the new establishment.

        FIGURE 2 sighs.

        FIGURE 1: (cont'd) There a problem?

        FIGURE 2 shakes their head.

        FIGURE 2: No, none at all.

        FIGURE 1: Are you sure about that? It seems like there is.

        FIGURE 2 shakes their head once again.

        FIGURE 2: No, no problem. Just...being cautious is all.

        FIGURE 1 nods.

        FIGURE 1: Cautious about?

        FIGURE 2 looks at FIGURE 1.

        FIGURE 2: You know who about.

        FIGURE 1 nods.

        FIGURE 1: Ah, yes...them.

        FIGURE 2: They're really something to worry about.

        FIGURE 1: Perhaps.

        FIGURE 2: Perhaps? You're kidding, right? Those t-

        FIGURE 1: Okay, so definitely. We just have to watch our backs.

        FIGURE 2: And other vital areas.

        FIGURE 1: It's true, they are dangerous. But we'll deal.

        FIGURE 2: We'll have to.

        There is silence and we can hear wind whipping around the two figures for a few moments before FIGURE 1 pulls a cell phone out of their pocket.

        FIGURE 1: So I can make the call? Say we want to finalize the deal?

        FIGURE 2: Up to you, boss.

        FIGURE 1: You know I'm not the boss of you.

        FIGURE 2: Yeah, but you don't.

        FIGURE 1: Touche.

        FIGURE 1 flips open the cell phone and starts dialing. FIGURE 2 moves over to the wall of the abandoned building, leaning against it and sighing.

        FIGURE 2: Well, this oughta be interesting.

        The camera moves over to FIGURE 1 with the phone held to their ear. They are nodding.

        FIGURE 1: Yes, the place is perfect.

        VOICE: (on phone) Excellent. When will I be meeting you?

        FIGURE 1: Give us a few weeks.

        VOICE: I'll give you 2.

        FIGURE 1: Alright.

        The phone makes a beeping noise as if the person on the other end has hung up, and FIGURE 1 closes the flip phone, smiling.


        The camera is focused on FAITH and ROBIN walking side by side down the street, and we see blurs of others following behind. We see ANGEL and SPIKE walking in the shadows of the buildings. Behind everyone is GUNN, who is really close to the building as well as he walks. He's also in the shadows. The camera moves back to FAITH and ROBIN. ROBIN glances back at the group following them.

        ROBIN: They'll have to go somewhere safer soon.

        The camera remains set on FAITH (mostly) as he says this, and she looks very "out of it".

        ROBIN: (cont'd, louder) Faith?

        FAITH shakes her head, looking at ROBIN.

        FAITH: Huh?

        ROBIN: You okay?

        FAITH: Uh...yeah...I guess.

        ROBIN: What's wrong?

        FAITH: Just...(beat) I dunno.

        She shrugs. ROBIN sighs, and looks forwards again. The camera rotates to view the area around them- buildings are partially destroyed, as are cars. Smoke rises from several of them. Most cars are just abandoned on the street, and everything is quiet. We then move back to SAM walking alone. MARIE is walking behind her, and ALAN a little farther back. The others are partially blurred. MARIE goes to open her mouth to say something, but closes it again. Finally, she decides to talk.

        MARIE: Look, we didn't mean to do that.

        SAM doesn't turn around, and her face remains blank.

        SAM: We still did it.

        MARIE: Yeah but-

        SAM: Just forget it. We're trying our best, ?kay?

        MARIE: But-

        SAM stops and turns around. She half-smiles.

        SAM: It's okay, really. We'll get them back.

        MARIE smiles slightly back, and then SAM turns around and continues walking. We see ALAN looking at her before walking faster and eventually jogging to walk next to her.

        ALAN: Hey...

        SAM glances to her right where he's standing but then moves her vision forwards again.

        SAM: Hi.

        ALAN: I didn't mean-

        SAM: Looks like none of us mean anything anymore.

        SAM continues walking and ALAN stops, looking down. MARIE catches up to him, giving him a sympathetic look before continuing to walk. ALAN slowly starts walking again. The camera remains focused on where ALAN was standing until BRIAN is the one standing there, and walking. We follow him. He's looking ahead of him, his face blank. He frowns slightly, but continues walking. He looks as if he is trying to suppress emotion, which is a little easy for him considering he can take in what others are feeling. He looks down, and all of a sudden looks confused. Everywhere around him is made of bright, blue and purple lights. He looks up and sees all of the others standing around looking equally confused.

        BRIAN: Where-

        ILLYRIA: The vortex.

        CUT TO BLACK

        END OF ACT III

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT IV

          FADE IN


          We are focused on the door that is used to enter the building, and it opens. Light pours in, and we see ARTEMIS enter the building. She walks up to the front desk, and smiles at the person standing at it.

          ARTEMIS: Hey there, I was thinking-

          MAN: Oh? You think?

          ARTEMIS raises an eyebrow, and looks the man up and down.

          ARTEMIS: Just as much as you don't diet. (beat) Anywho...

          She smiles sweetly.

          ARTEMIS: (cont'd) When are tour dates?

          The MAN gives her a glare, and then shrugs.

          MAN: Pretty much any day, sweetheart. Not today though.

          ARTEMIS: Thanks.

          MAN: No problem, sweet thing.

          ARTEMIS smiles and turns appearing to be leaving. She then turns around, still smiling.

          ARTEMIS: Oh and if you ever call me a pet name again? Expect to not be able to move from the waist down.

          She grins and then heads towards the door, leaving the MAN curious and slightly frightened.


          The lights in the hallway are mostly out, and we hear the clicking of heels against the floor. Whoever is walking down it we briefly see in the light, and it is ARTEMIS. She continues walking until she reaches near the end of the hallway and turns to a door on the right. It reads "BASEMENT". She opens the door and slowly walks down the stairs.

          VOICE: Ah, you're back.

          ARTEMIS: That I am. Not that you care.

          The camera moves over to the FIGURE. We hear a sigh.

          FIGURE: You misunderstand. I do care.

          ARTEMIS: Yeah and the insults you keep sending my way? Totally prove that.

          She rolls her eyes.

          FIGURE: Enough.

          ARTEMIS: Yes I've had enough.

          FIGURE: Not what I meant.

          ARTEMIS: It's what I meant, genius.

          FIGURE: What I meant is that it is time.

          ARTEMIS: Huh?

          FIGURE: We have to leave.

          ARTEMIS: Why?

          FIGURE: Something has happened to change our plans. (beat) Could you set up everything correctly? We want this to go smoothly.

          ARTEMIS: Uh, sure.

          FIGURE: We will leave after you have done that then. Go.

          ARTEMIS: Can't I-

          FIGURE: (more firmly) Go.

          ARTEMIS puts up her hands in surrender.

          ARTEMIS: Fine. Jeez.

          She goes back to the stairs, walking up them once again.


          The camera is focused zoomed out so that we can see the entire group, looking around confused.

          FAITH: How did we get here?

          No one responds, they just continue looking to each of their sides, as if seeing if someone else is there with them.

          ILLYRIA: It takes a powerful being to enter this realm. I once did.

          GUNN: So it was you?

          ILLYRIA: Not this time.

          VOICE: Welcome.

          The voice booms, echoing and appearing to come from every direction. Everyone looks around more.

          VOICE: Please, stop. As if you'll be able to see me. Jeez.

          ANGEL: I know that voice...You're-

          VOICE: Names aren't important. What's important is you getting those people back. The demons...well, they can stay right where they are.

          SAM: do we find the people?

          VOICE: You'd normally have to search every dimension.

          ILLYRIA: That would take more than a lifetime.

          VOICE: Exactly why that's not how we're gonna play it.

          ILLYRIA tilts her head.

          ILLYRIA: This is not child's play.

          VOICE: Oh no, honey. This is very serious. What they did...suffice to say it caused some damage. I have some people fixing the city now.

          ILLYRIA: I remember you...

          VOICE: Shush. Not important.

          The camera moves over to FAITH, who raises an eyebrow. She chuckles and looks up.

          FAITH: Hey Cor! What's shakin'?

          The VOICE sighs.

          VOICE: You just had to, didn't you?

          A small hole appears in one of the sides of the "room" and CORDELIA CHASE appears.

          CORDELIA: (cont'd) Yeah, it's me. Of course most of you knew that.

          She rolls her eyes.

          ANGEL: Cordy...

          CORDELIA seems to ignore him.

          CORDELIA: We need to hurry. I'm not exactly supposed to be doing this.

          SAM: What are you supposed to be doing then?

          CORDELIA: That's none of your business, you little pr...

          SAM: Little what?

          CORDELIA: Never mind. (beat) We only have a bit over 5 minutes. We're going to get those people out within a few seconds...

          MARIE: Really? That sounds...pretty easy...

          CORDELIA: Exactly. (beat) Too easy.

          ROBIN: What do you mean?

          CORDELIA: See, the problem with our little plan? There's kind of...a glitch.

          FAITH: What sorta glitch?

          CORDELIA: You have to enter the vortex to replace the people my bosses don't find out what I did.

          FAITH: Oh.

          There is silence amongst the group.

          SAM: (O.S.) We'll do it.

          The camera moves over to the left, to see SAM.

          FAITH: Excuse me?

          SAM: You're excused.

          FAITH: Uh, no. The group makes the decision.

          SAM: Well, I'm going.

          MARIE: Sam-

          FAITH: No, let her go. It's her choice to be stupid.

          CORDELIA: Sorry to burst the bubble here folks, but all of you have to go to get those people out.

          Everyone glances around to look at each other, uncertain. SAM looks straight ahead, at CORDELIA.

          SAM: Where do we go in?

          CORDELIA shrugs.

          CORDELIA: Run into any si-

          Before CORDELIA can finish, SAM runs to her right, breaking through one of the walls made of energy on the side, entering a dimension. Everyone else looks shocked.

          CORDELIA: (cont'd) Well-

          Before anyone says anything, one by one everyone starts slowly and hesitantly walking through the walls of energy. They seem to be semi-mindless drones. The last person left is FAITH. She looks at CORDELIA.

          FAITH: What was that?

          CORDELIA: It was their inner-selves. Everyone wanted to go, deep down. Save all of those innocents.

          She pauses, looking at FAITH confused.

          CORDELIA: Why didn't you?

          FAITH: I do. I'm just trying to think.

          CORDELIA: Think fast, sweetheart. I've got a-

          Suddenly, a black hole amongst the bright purple and blue appears. Wind is rushing around CORDELIA and FAITH.

          CORDELIA: (cont'd) Go! I've put the people back...good luck.

          FAITH takes one look back at CORDELIA before running ahead, and into a portal. The black hole seems to fade after this, and is replaced by a shadow.

          SHADOW: What was that?

          CORDELIA: Huh? I didn't see anything.

          SHADOW: I sensed presences.

          CORDELIA shrugs.

          CORDELIA: Don't know where they came from.

          She looks at the sides, frowning.

          CORDELIA: (Cont'd, V.O. in her head) God help you.


          The camera is focused on a desk, where the man from earlier is standing and on the phone. We hear words, but cannot make out what they are. We suddenly hear a crash and the man looks up worriedly. All he sees are people walking in and out of the front door of the building, so he goes back to what he's doing and shrugs.

          MAN: (to the phone) Yes, I completely-

          A scream is heard. The MAN looks horrified and drops the phone. He looks in the direction of the scream, and widens his eyes. We see what he is looking at- the dead body of a woman, a knife through her heart. We hear more crashes before we see ARTEMIS walking into the lobby, smiling. The MAN ducks down behind the desk, his breathing heavy. Several more screams are heard. The MAN looks around from the desk to see ARTEMIS killing people in the lobby many ways- snapping their neck, slitting their throat with a sword she's carrying, etc. The MAN looks horrified once again. He then sees the FIGURE emerging from the hallway that ARTEMIS came from, heading toward the door. We focus on the phone, which is next to the desk on the floor.

          VOICE ON PHONE: Hello? What's going on? Oh God..

          A few drops of blood fall onto the phone and we pan up to see that ARTEMIS has stabbed a GUARD through the chest with it. ARTEMIS smiles, and the GUARD falls onto the floor and on the phone. The MAN behind the desk sees this and tries to keep himself from vomiting- he doesn't want ARTEMIS to see him. She stands there for a moment before moving back into the crowd. A few minutes pass, screams, and groans..eventually the screaming stops and we hear a car skid off. The MAN is shaking and looking really pale. He slowly gets himself up off of the floor and looks at the lobby. ARTEMIS and the FIGURE have left.

          MAN: Oh my God...

          The camera moves over to what he's looking at- Blood fills the floor of the lobby, some people have been beheaded. Blood is even splattered on the walls, and several people have been stabbed in vital areas and killed. Other people merely lay motionless on the floor because their neck has been snapped. The entire scene is incredibly eery. The MAN looks like he's about throw up. Despite that, he bends down and pushes the guard off the phone. He hangs up the phone before picking it up again and dialing 9-1-1. It rings for a few minutes before someone picks up.

          OPERATOR: Hello, how may I help you?

          MAN: H-hi...I'd like to report...a murder.

          OPERATOR: What happened?

          The MAN remains silent.

          OPERATOR: (cont'd) What kind of murder was it?

          The MAN looks around the lobby and frowns.

          MAN: A massacre.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          Special Guest Starring

          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."