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Rogue Redemption 1.15 "Break of Day" (Part Two, Season Finale)

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  • Rogue Redemption 1.15 "Break of Day" (Part Two, Season Finale)

    1.15 "Break of Day" (Part 2)

    ELIZA DUSHKU: (V.O.) Previously on this season of Rogue Redemption...


    ROBIN: Or maybe we're closer than I thought?

    FAITH looks out her window, and sees the NEW YORK CITY SKYLINE.

    FAITH: Finally. Home sweet home.

    We see: The bus going towards NEW YORK CITY, Faith and Robin's new home.


    ROBIN: Who's this?

    FAITH looks up at ROBIN, with an I-have-absolutely-no-idea look on her face.

    MAN/BRIAN: My name's Brian.


    A MAN in his early twenties' is sitting at a table in a college library. He is looking at a notebook, but seems too tired to read anything that is in it. He then closes the notebook and lets out a sigh.

    The camera moves to the cover of the notebook. On it reads the name ALAN ROSS, which is the name of this twenty year old.


    The camera is focused on BRIAN, shifting uncomfortably in his bed. Then the camera cuts back to the nightmare.

    In the nightmare?

    We see a monster coming out of the earth, much like the monster that came out of the HELLMOUTH in SUNNYDALE. It is growling and lunging forward, as if to attack something.

    The camera moves over to- FAITH and ROBIN with weapons in their hands, staring defensively at the monster and holding weapons. They have a determined look on their face.

    The demon lunges forward again, and then is inches from biting FAITH's head off when?

    Camera cuts to- BRIAN's eyes snapping open, and he is panting a sweating.


    The camera is focused on FAITH and BISHOP looking at each other.

    FAITH: So, what? You're one of the good guys?

    BISHOP: Not exactly. And I'm not going to stand here and tell you my life story either. I have to kill Adrianna.

    FAITH: One question?why are you so set on killing this one vamp? There are tons out there needing stakings.

    BISHOP: I'm a demonic bounty hunter.


    FAITH: Who's the girl?

    The YOUNG WOMAN stands up.

    YOUNG WOMAN/MARIE KALOFF: I'm Marie Kaloff, a Slayer.


    XANDER: I'll explain that in a minute. First?

    He acknowledges the two unfamiliar Slayers. He first points to one with hair that has highlights that are bright orange.

    XANDER: (cont'd) This is Lily Evans.

    LILY looks up and nods her head to FAITH. XANDER then acknowledges the slayer with dark, long, brown hair.

    XANDER: (cont'd) And this is Samantha Derevco.

    SAMANTHA looks up from where she sat on the couch and smiles.


    HECTOR: I think that you mean a Slayer. You remember your job, don't you?

    BISHOP nods.

    BISHOP: I do, master.


    JOSEPH: No. You see, I have a bone to pick with you.

    MARIE: No. You see?I don't care.

    She grins and then glares at him. The camera cuts over to him, and we see his skin begin to sizzle.

    JOSEPH: You bitch!!

    He slowly catches on fire and turns to ash. She looks down at the pile, and frowns. She smiles again.

    MARIE: Buh-bye now, sweetie.


    SAM and ALAN are ordering, and then looking at each other and bursting out laughing. We hear nothing that they are saying. We only know that they're having a good time.

    The meal arrives, and SAM'S eyes widen. Everything looks delicious. We zoom out and there is a small explosion inside of the restaurant.

    SAM: (V/O, from 1.14) I know those deaths weren't completely my fault...but on some level they were. And it's just so much to deal with.


    FAITH tries to touch MELODY'S shoulder, but her hand goes right through it.

    FAITH: The First?

    MELODY smirks.

    MELODY: No?see, these people? Can hurt you by themselves. No lackeys needed.

    FAITH: (V/O, from 1.12) The Coven...


    The YOUNG WOMAN is sitting on the couch in the room that she was in in the beginning of the episode. She is completely alone, and the room is dark. Her features are beginning to flicker.

    YOUNG WOMAN: Oh, crap.

    Her features begin to fade into the features of a much older woman. She groans with annoyance. Her hair becomes greyer and her face is kind of wrinkly. She enters the light, leaning forward, and we pan up to her face to reveal that she is ALTHANEA.


    BISHOP: Who ever said death was fair?

    He lunges toward her. Suddenly, he lets out a scream of pain. FAITH has put a stake through his leg. She looks up at him and smirks.

    FAITH: I sure as hell didn't.

    BISHOP: You don't think I'm going to win this fight?

    FAITH shakes her head.

    FAITH: I really don't.

    BISHOP smirks.

    BISHOP: We'll see about that.

    FAITH smirks as well.

    FAITH: We will.

    She lunges for him again, knocking him on the ground. The camera moves up to the trees, and sounds of a fight below can be heard.


    Suddenly, the door swings open, to reveal FAITH standing there, looking pretty beaten up.

    SAM: Faith, the spell didn't work...what happened to you?

    FAITH shrugs.

    FAITH: Had a fight. (pause) Oh, and...I have our criminal right here.

    She steps forward to reveal that she has her grip on BISHOP, who is tied up with rope.


    FAITH: I'm Joseph. The man she murdered. She's betrayed you.

    Everyone's eyes widen at this. MARIE is slowly sneaking up behind FAITH/JOSEPH. She hits him/her over the head with a large object. FAITH/JOSEPH falls to the ground- unconscious.

    BRIAN: So it's true then. You killed a man.

    MARIE looks up to him, looking slightly ashamed.

    MARIE: Yes.

    The entire gang looks shocked. MARIE had just confirmed what they feared. SAM looks at her like she's disgusted.

    SAM: How could you...

    MARIE: I can explain...

    SAM shakes her head.

    SAM: Don't bother. I trusted you. I really did.

    SAM turns around and walks away from MARIE, and out of the alley. That leaves everyone else looking at MARIE in disbelief and shock. They look almost as disgusted as SAM did.


    The song has ended, and the speed returns to normal. We can hear footsteps walking down the hallway, though we can't tell where the hallway is. The camera pans up to ALTHANEA walking down the hallway, LILY by her side.

    LILY: Remind me again where we're going?

    ALTHANEA: You'll see.

    She looks behind her to see a group of girls following her-including MELISSA and RACHEL. She waves her hand as if to hurry them up.

    ALTHANEA: (cont'd) Hustle, ladies.

    The entire group picks up their pace. They eventually come to a corner, and turn it. We see ALTHANEA smile.

    ALTHANEA: (cont'd) Here we are.

    The camera pans over to what she's looking at- it looks like the seal of a hellmouth.


    The camera is focused on ARTEMIS.

    ARTEMIS: That's better. (pause) Now, I have a job. Who's willing to do it?

    All of the hands in the room raise.

    ARTEMIS: (cont'd) Okay, whatever. The more the murderous or however the hell that saying goes. Not that we're murdering anyone...yet.

    She smiles. The camera pans around to the MINIONS, who are smiling as well.

    MINION 1: Not to speak out of turn my graciousness, but who will we be killing?

    ARTEMIS looks annoyed.

    ARTEMIS: Okay firstly? Stop talking to me like I'm a damn god. Secondly? You'll find out soon enough.

    MINION 1: I'm sorry wonderfulness, I was merely-

    ARTEMIS continues to look annoyed and frustrated, and suddenly the MINION is sent flying into the wall behind him. The other MINIONS gasp. ARTEMIS looks shocked herself but then shakes her head.

    ARTEMIS: Back to business.

    MINION 2: What do you want us to do?

    ARTEMIS smiles once again.

    ARTEMIS: I need you to get something from a certain person.

    MINION 2: This person being who, miss?

    ARTEMIS: A Slayer.


    EMILY: (cont'd) Why wouldn't she try and go against them anyways?

    RACHEL shakes her head and sighs.

    RACHEL: Oh but she did. (pause) Do you know exactly how powerful Wolfram & Hart is?

    EMILY: Apparently pretty damn. Not what I asked though, is it?

    RACHEL: Never said I was done answering. (beat) And yes, they are. Pretty damn powerful. She couldn't go against them. Wolfram & Hart has certain shamans that can make people do things...horrible things against their will.

    EMILY looks down, but then looks back up to RACHEL.

    EMILY: Why are you suddenly telling us all of this? What makes you think this will change anything?

    RACHEL smiles.

    RACHEL: Because I have a plan.


    FAITH stops looking remotely like she is joking around. BRIAN is clearly very serious.

    FAITH: What is it?

    BRIAN: Something is happening. Soon. And it's going to be big.

    FAITH: Well I figured that-

    BRIAN: No. (pause) Remember that vision I had in the beginning of the year?

    FAITH widens her eyes.


    VOICE: Lookin' for your boy, Slayer?

    SAM: Lookin' for a punching, whoever the hell you are?

    The VOICE laughs again.

    VOICE: (V/O) I seem to be where near you at the moment.

    FAITH: You know where Robin is.

    VOICE: (V/O) That, I do. But the question is, why would I tell you?

    FAITH: (V/O) Let's go.


    The camera follows FAITH down the stairs, with the others following. They reach the very beginning of the cellar, and see or hear nothing. They looks a bit confused, and move on. FAITH checks each of the rooms, but no one is in them. She turns back to the group with her eyebrows furrowed.


    The camera is focused on ROBIN. He still looks battered a little, and is slightly bleeding from one of his shoulders. He winces in pain from time to time and looks down at his wound. The camera moves over to another side of the room, where we see two people sitting on chairs. One shifts slightly. We slowly pan up to see who it is... We eventually reach the face of one of the figures- it is ARTEMIS. She smirks.






    FAITH, MARIE, BRIAN, and BISHOP all emerge from the cellar. FAITH runs her fingers through her hair and lets out a sigh of frustration

    FAITH: Why wasn't he in there?! He should have been with them...

    MARIE: S-sorry to interrupt, but I think the more valid question is...why weren't they in there?

    BRIAN: Yeah, I was just wondering the same thing. Wasn't that their lair?

    FAITH looks as if she's in thought.

    FAITH: I...I don't know. But we have to find Robin!

    BISHOP: Isn't stopping the Coven more important?

    FAITH looks at him and blinks, and then turns around and heads out of the warehouse district. MARIE, BRIAN, and BISHOP all exchange worried looks before following her.


    We see FAITH walking down the street among a crowd of people, and MARIE, BISHOP, and BRIAN are following her, behind some of the people in the crowd. They are trying their best to keep up with her but they are struggling. Eventually they catch up to her.

    BRIAN: Faith!

    FAITH doesn't turn around, but looks to the side as to show that she heard him. BRIAN appears next to her on her right.

    BRIAN: (cont'd) Faith you can't just ignore that we have to-

    FAITH: I'm not. But now something else it up.

    BISHOP: You cannot allow your feelings for him to get in the way-

    FAITH: They're not getting in the way of anything.

    MARIE sighs with frustration and closes her eyes in concentration. All of a sudden, the people on the streets begin to walk in slow-motion. FAITH, BRIAN, and BISHOP look around confused, and they stop walking. MARIE walks in the front of FAITH.

    MARIE: Beg to differ.

    FAITH: What did you do?

    MARIE: The only thing I could to get you to stop for a minute.

    The people around them continue to walk in slow-motion, and eventually stop moving. FAITH looks at MARIE.

    FAITH: How-

    MARIE: That doesn't matter. (beat) You have to listen.

    BISHOP and BRIAN look at MARIE as if she's crazy for going to such extremes. FAITH looks like she's listening intently.

    MARIE: (cont'd) You have to concentrate on the Coven. They're the Big Bad here. We'll find Robin, I promise. But what the Coven's doing could be the end of the world. You remember Brian's vision.

    FAITH: Why are ya suddenly talkin' to me like you're above me?

    FAITH tilts her head.

    MARIE: I-I'm not...I'm just...

    FAITH continues to look at her.

    BRIAN: (O.S.) I agree.

    FAITH turns to see BRIAN.

    BRIAN: (cont'd) I mean, if we save the world, Robin will still be wherever he is.

    FAITH looks from BRIAN to MARIE, and then blinks. She then starts to weave through the crowd. BRIAN and MARIE look at each other, and then back in the direction that FAITH is walking. They start to walk that way as well. BISHOP looks after the group, and hesitates, but he follows them as well.


    The camera is focused on a dark hallway, which someone starts walking down. We pan up to see that it is ALTHANEA. There is a person walking beside her- it is the SEER. They continue to move down the hallway until they reach a room on their right. The SEER looks at ALTHANEA and bows slightly.

    SEER: After you.

    ALTHANEA nods and opens the door and walks in, followed by the SEER. ALTHANEA moves to the center of the room, and the SEER follows her, remaining at her side. ALTHANEA looks at the SEER.

    ALTHANEA: Are you ready?

    The SEER remains silent but closes her eyes for a few moments. When she reopens them, they are completely white.

    SEER: We must act soon. The time is near.

    ALTHANEA looks to the SEER, and then behind her. We can't see what she is looking at, but we can see her smile.

    ALTHANEA: Then we'll act soon.

    She continues to smile and look behind her.

    ALTHANEA: (cont'd) Today.

    The camera pans over to what she is looking at, revealing that it is once again the seal of the hellmouth.



    ROLL CREDITS (Theme song: Time is Running Out by Muse)

    Main Characters:

    Special Guest Starring:

    Guest Starring:

    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    ACT I


    The camera is focused on SAM lying down on the couch, and ALAN is sitting in the chair near it, looking at her. The camera closes-up on SAM'S face and we can see that she winces, as if she's reacting to something in a dream. The screen suddenly fills with a white light and when it fades back, the image is a bit static, and we can see SAM standing in a completely white room. She is looking around, and wincing because it is so bright. This is clearly a dream.

    SAM: Where am I?

    VOICE: You need not know that.

    SAM looks as if she is in thought.

    SAM: I know that voice...

    VOICE: You probably do.

    SAM: Who are you?

    VOICE: That doesn't matter. (beat) What matters is what's going to happen.

    SAM looks confused.

    SAM: What's going to happen?

    VOICE: Something bad.

    SAM: Could you get more vague?

    She rolls her eyes.

    VOICE: Do not be snappy with me.

    SAM: Well you're not exactly telling me what I need to here, are ya?

    VOICE: I can only tell you that it's big. It may mean-

    SAM: The end of the world? Yeah, heard that already.

    VOICE: I assumed you had. (pause) But know this- I have reason to believe that you will make it through.

    SAM: I'm not going to be killing anyone, so that's very likely.

    VOICE: Not what I meant. I meant that I have reason to believe you'll survive because a bigger destiny awaits you.

    SAM raises an eyebrow.

    SAM: Does it include a condo on the beach? ?Cause that would be-

    VOICE: Stop. You need to take this seriously. It's very important. And you must participate in the upcoming battle.

    SAM: You haven't even told me who you are.

    VOICE: I'm-

    Suddenly, there is a sound of a door slamming, and the image returns to normal- SAM is lying down on the couch once again. ALAN turns to see who came in the door, and we stay focused on SAM'S face. Her eyes slowly open. The camera moves back to who ALAN is looking at- FAITH, MARIE, BISHOP, and BRIAN. FAITH looks distressed and the rest of them look a bit worried. ALAN gets up and walks over to them.

    ALAN: No luck?

    FAITH looks at him.

    FAITH: Does it look like we struck a pot of gold?

    MARIE: Faith...

    FAITH swivels around.

    FAITH: Don't! Just don't. (pause) We need to find him.

    SAM: (O.S.) What about the impending apocalypse situation?

    The group turns to SAM, who is standing in the threshold to the living room.

    ALAN: You're up.

    He smiles.

    SAM: So it seems.

    She steps into the kitchen.

    SAM: (cont'd) Any idea where he is?

    FAITH: If I had one, d'ya really think I'd be here right now?

    BRIAN: Fa-

    FAITH: Shut up! I'm trying to think!

    FAITH begins to pace.

    SAM: Is thinking really that hard?

    FAITH looks up and glares at SAM.

    ALAN: Could we please not fight?

    MARIE: Sounds like a good plan to me.

    BRIAN: Well we could-

    FAITH huffs.

    FAITH: Can you guys just be quiet for five seconds?!

    BRIAN looks angry.

    BRIAN: I was actually going to say something in your benefit, Faith. So...

    FAITH continues to pace but she looks as if she's paying attention somewhat.

    BRIAN: (cont'd) We could find Robin first, and then see what we can do about the Coven. (beat) We might even have to do that at the same time.

    SAM: We can't-

    BISHOP: What? Can't kill them? Why not? They've killed people.

    SAM: But-

    MARIE: H-hate to say it, but I agree.

    SAM glares at her.

    SAM: You would, wouldn't you?

    MARIE looks hurt. SAM frowns.

    SAM: (cont'd) I didn't-

    MARIE shakes her head.

    MARIE: Just forget it.

    SAM continues to frown.

    FAITH: Guys, nothin's been decided about the Coven yet. (beat) Brian's right though. We have to find Robin first.

    ALAN: Faith, this is ridiculous! You just want to get him first because of your feelings for him!

    FAITH turns to him.

    FAITH: I'm pretty aware of that. Your point being?

    ALAN: This is going to get you killed.

    FAITH walks to the other side of the room, grabbing something from a closet. She holds it up- and we see that it is the sword.

    FAITH: Wrong. It's going to get someone else killed. That being whichever demon took Robin.

    ALAN: What if it wasn't a demon?

    FAITH: Then I'll just settle for injured.

    BRIAN: But you said-

    FAITH: Hell, maybe I won't even injure ?em. I just want to get Robin back.

    FAITH stares blankly at the group, who all look wary.


    The camera is set on the FIGURE from the previous episode sitting in a chair. They are holding an orb similar to the one that the MINIONS had in the previous episode- but this one has an image of FAITH and CO. standing in FAITH and ROBIN'S apartment.

    FIGURE: Interesting how they think they can stop the inevitable.

    There is a faint whisper heard from a corner of the room, and the FIGURE gets up and turns in that direction- we still do not see the FIGURE'S face.

    FIGURE: (cont'd) What was that you said?

    The camera pans over to where the FIGURE is looking- ROBIN tied to a chair in the corner, and he is obviously not gagged. His wounds are beginning to close- he is no longer bleeding.

    ROBIN: (struggling to talk) They'

    The FIGURE tilts their head.

    FIGURE: No. They're going to stop The Coven. Try to, anyways. And they might actually fail.

    ROBIN: They won't.

    FIGURE: Oh? And how can ya be so sure of that? I mean, you're sitting there tied to a chair, and yet you seem to still have hope. It's cute.

    ROBIN: Won't be so cute when we're kicking your ass.

    FIGURE: Says the guy who got beaten to a bloody pulp.

    ROBIN: You didn't beat me to a "bloody pulp".

    FIGURE: Yet.

    You can hear the FIGURE smiling as they say this, and ROBIN widens his eyes.

    ROBIN: You wouldn-

    The FIGURE shakes their head.

    FIGURE: Wrong. I would. And probably will, before killing the rest of you.

    ROBIN looks frightened, but seems as if he's trying not to show it.


    Several of the girls in the training room are asleep. EMILY, however, is not. She is sitting near the corner against the wall, her knees up to her chest with her arms around her knees. She looks like she has cried within the last hour or so, and she still looks very upset. The door opens and she looks over to it, and sees MELISSA and LILY walk in. She glares at them.

    EMILY: What are you two doing here?

    MELISSA: Well I'm doing my job.

    EMILY: (coldly) Yeah, you've made that much clear.

    MELISSA tilts her head and then she shrugs it off.

    LILY: And I'm doing about the same thing as her.

    She points to MELISSA.

    EMILY: Oh. So you're killing people too?

    LILY'S face falls. MELISSA stares at EMILY blankly.

    MELISSA: Someone told you.

    EMILY: Actually, no. Since I'm not blind I could see the scorch marks on the ground for myself.

    She gets up off of the floor, and crosses her arms over her chest.

    EMILY: (cont'd) Now could you go away so I can hate you when you're not here?

    MELISSA does not react to what EMILY has said, though LILY looks a bit surprised. MELISSA suddenly punches EMILY in the stomach, and she is sent flying into the wall behind her. She falls to the ground, and looks up from MELISSA when she recovers from the hit.

    MELISSA: You won't talk to me like that. (beat) Or you'll end up like your dead friend.

    She turns to LILY.

    MELISSA: (cont'd) Now, could you please train with her?

    LILY looks as if she hesitates, but then nods. She moves over to EMILY, and waits for her to get up off of the floor. EMILY slowly gets up, and stares down LILY. They are in a part of the room that is completely reserved for training, so they are not near any of the sleeping girls.

    LILY: Prepare to get your ass kicked.

    She smiles. EMILY tilts her head, and LILY sends a punch her way, but EMILY dodges it and kicks LILY in the stomach- making her stumble back a little bit.

    EMILY: Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

    LILY looks a little shocked and angry. She advances on EMILY, trying to punch her from a different angle this time, but EMILY still dodges it and LILY stumbles forward because of how hard she threw her fist at EMILY. Before LILY can try to make another move, EMILY kicks her in the stomach- sending her flying to the other side of the room, just missing a girl that is sleeping. EMILY turns to MELISSA.

    EMILY: How ?bout you do that leaving thing now?

    MELISSA blinks and moves over to LILY, being careful not to step on any of the sleeping slayers. She looks as if she's going to help LILY up, but by the time that she gets over there, LILY is already up and wiping dirt off of her pant legs. She looks over to EMILY who is now leaning against the wall. She glares at her, and walks out the door. MELISSA looks at EMILY as well, slightly surprised but looks somewhat blank at the same time. She follows LILY out the door. Cut back to- EMILY, who is now smiling to herself.


    LILY and MELISSA are seen walking down the hallway. LILY looks annoyed and MELISSA is still looking blank.

    LILY: How did she do that? I've had way more training than her and-

    MELISSA: That doesn't matter.

    LILY: What do you mean it doesn't matter?

    MELISSA: At least we know that we have someone else that's clearly very strong on our side.

    LILY: Why do we even need all of those other Slayers anyway? I mean with all the witches we have, we could do this with just them.

    MELISSA: The Slayers are necessary.

    LILY: But why?

    MELISSA stops and turns to her.

    MELISSA: You're asking an awful lot of questions lately.

    She stares suspiciously at LILY. LILY stops walking as well and rolls her eyes, turning back to MELISSA.

    LILY: Oh please, like I'm going to change my mind this far into it.

    MELISSA: You better not.

    LILY'S eyes narrow.

    LILY: Or what? I'll end up like that Slayer you killed? As if you could do that to me.

    MELISSA: Your arrogance is going to destroy you.

    LILY: Your bitchiness is going to make me destroy you, so I guess we're even.

    MELISSA shakes her head, and begins to walk off.

    LILY: (cont'd) What are you shaking your head at?

    MELISSA stops and turns around again.

    MELISSA: The fact that you don't know how much power is in this deal. You have no idea how big this situation could get.

    LILY: Oh, I think I do.

    MELISSA: Try apocalypse.

    MELISSA turns around and continues to walk where she was before, leaving LILY shocked at what she has just found out.


    The camera is focused on the doorway to the living room, and SAM appears in it and walks through it. The camera slowly follows her- she is holding a book and some candles, among other things. She walks over to the sitting area- where everyone is except for FAITH- who is still pacing in another part of the room.

    ALAN: You got all the stuff?

    SAM nods.

    SAM: Yeah.

    She sets the stuff down on the small table in front of the couch.

    SAM: (cont'd) That's all of it.

    MARIE: Are you sure it's going to work?

    SAM shrugs.

    SAM: Not really sure. But it's the only way I know.

    FAITH: (O.S.) So could you please just do it?

    The group turns to her, standing at the side of the room, looking frustrated. SAM looks annoyed.

    FAITH: (cont'd) I'm sorry, but I'm sick of just standing here and waitin'.

    SAM nods and picks a few items from the table back up.

    SAM: (to FAITH) Follow me.

    SAM begins to walk down the hallway of the apartment, and FAITH slowly follows her. The camera pans back to MARIE, ALAN, BRIAN, and BISHOP- who all look anxious.


    SAM opens the door to the room, and walks in. FAITH is slowly following her still. When SAM reaches the center of the room, she stops.

    FAITH: What're we doin' in here?

    SAM: Selling watches, of course!

    She rolls her eyes.

    SAM: (cont'd) We're doing the spell.

    FAITH nods, but then stops.

    FAITH: Wait...we?

    SAM nods as FAITH did.

    SAM: You have to be part of the spell.

    FAITH: But why?

    SAM: You're the closest one to the object of it. Having you here makes it easier to find him.

    FAITH: Right. So can we get started?

    SAM: Patience is a virtue.

    FAITH: Yeah well, I think it should be crossed off the virtue list.

    SAM sighs. She moves to a side of the room- looking for something. When she has looked for a little while, she turns back to FAITH.

    SAM: Say, you don't happen to have a lighter-

    FAITH pulls a lighter out of her pocket, showing SAM.

    SAM: (cont'd) Do you...Okay then! We're set!

    FAITH hands the lighter to SAM, who takes it. SAM begins to set up the candle in a circle. FAITH watches her. When she's done, SAM looks at FAITH, and then moves over to the circle, sitting in the middle of it- cross-legged. She reaches over to the book- opening it to a certain page and setting it in front of her. FAITH walks over beside her, outside of the circle.

    SAM: (to FAITH) Now just concentrate on Robin. Everything about him- his image, his personality...let it flow through you. (beat) Close your eyes.

    FAITH closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. We close-up on a picture of FAITH and ROBIN on the drawer. The camera moves back to SAM.

    SAM: Now concentrate.

    SAM closes her eyes as well, and they stand like that for a little while. The camera remains focused on SAM.

    FAITH: (O.S.) You gonna start chanting soon?

    SAM opens her eyes and looks to FAITH annoyed.

    SAM: Chanting isn't required for this.

    FAITH: Oh. So we just stand here?

    SAM: Yes! Now can you please be quiet?!

    FAITH: Well, sorry. I was just asking.

    SAM glares at FAITH.

    FAITH: (cont'd) Fine, fine. Being quiet now.

    SAM closes her eyes once again and FAITH does as well. A small light eventually illuminates from the center of the circle. SAM'S eyes tighten, and the light disappears.

    SAM: Something's wrong.

    FAITH: What d'ya mean?

    SAM: The spell isn't working...

    FAITH: What does that mean?

    SAM: Well, it could mean that he's de-

    FAITH shakes her head.

    FAITH: No. You can't think like that. We have to try again.

    SAM: But Faith-

    FAITH: No but's. (beat) Could it mean something else?

    SAM: It also could be that whoever has them has a glamour on their location.

    FAITH: That's gotta be it.

    SAM: But that means that I can't find him.

    FAITH: What if you got some help?


    FAITH appears from the hallway followed by SAM carrying the spell ingredients.

    BRIAN: Well?

    SAM: It didn't work.

    MARIE: Oh...well

    SAM: You're gonna help.

    MARIE: E-excuse me?

    SAM: You need to help. It might work if we have two people doing the spell.

    MARIE: Uh...I don't know...

    SAM: We have to try.

    MARIE nods.

    MARIE: Sure...

    SAM sets the candles up once again, and FAITH and MARIE wait. ALAN, BISHOP, and BRIAN only watch. When she's done, she sits down in the circle, and motions for MARIE to do the same.

    FAITH: Do ya need me this time?

    SAM shakes her head.

    SAM: No, the spell can only have two people in it.

    FAITH nods.

    SAM: (cont'd, to MARIE) Close your eyes and concentrate.

    MARIE closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

    SAM: (cont'd) Take my hands.

    SAM puts her hands out and MARIE takes them. They both are closing their eyes. All of a sudden, a white light appears in the middle of the circle once again, illuminating it. Both SAM and MARIE wince, and the white light grows larger.

    SAM: (cont'd, whispering) Someone's trying to block it...

    MARIE: (whispering as well) Work, please work...

    The white light continues to grow larger, and then all of a sudden a dark light appears next to it, bashing into it as if trying to stop it. The white light doesn't look as if it feels anything. Suddenly, the dark light smashes into the white light and they give off a tiny explosion, consuming MARIE and SAM. The others back away. ALAN looks frightened.

    ALAN: What's happening? Are they okay?

    FAITH: They should be...but Sam didn't say anything about this happening...

    ALAN: Oh God, what if they're-

    The energy moves around where MARIE and SAM were- it looks like a storm cloud- grey and giving off sparks from time to time. The camera cuts to inside of the circle of candles, where SAM and MARIE are still sitting. They look like a lot of energy is going through them- both of them are engulfed with a grey light.

    SAM: (V/O, in her head) Is it working?

    MARIE: (V/O in her head) I'm not sure...

    SAM: (V/O) Wait you can hear me?

    MARIE: (V/O) Apparently.

    SAM opens her eyes, and MARIE does as well. SAM looks beyond MARIE.

    SAM: I see something.

    MARIE can't turn around to see what she's looking at.

    MARIE: What is it?

    SAM: Robin...tied to a chair. But I don't know where...

    The camera moves to where she's looking, and we see ROBIN as well. The camera slowly moves up, and SAM can see this too.

    SAM: Hey! Don't move! I need to-

    SAM widens her eyes.

    SAM: (cont'd) Oh.

    The camera moves back to what she's looking at- the camera has moved out of the "unknown location" to reveal where it truly is- ROBIN is clearly being held in the basement of the building, because the it's EMPIRE STATE BUILDING. SAM lets go of MARIE'S hands and the grey light disappears. The entire group stares at them.



    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT II


      ARTEMIS is standing in the middle of the room and looking frustrated and annoyed.

      ARTEMIS: (quietly, to herself) This can't be good.

      FIGURE: (O.S.) What can't be good?

      ARTEMIS looks to see the FIGURE standing in close proximity to her.

      ARTEMIS: Oh...nothing.

      FIGURE: What is wrong?

      ARTEMIS: Nothin'! Everything's just peachy!

      FIGURE: I hardly see how our situation resembles a fruit.

      ARTEMIS rolls her eyes.

      ARTEMIS: You're just too literal.

      FIGURE: Yes, I tend to take things very seriously.

      ARTEMIS: Sweetie, ?literal' and ?serious' are two very different things.

      The FIGURE looks taken aback.

      FIGURE: Did you just speak to me condescendingly?

      ARTEMIS remains silent.

      FIGURE: (cont'd, angrily) I do not appreciate that.

      ARTEMIS: You don't seem to appreciate me either.

      FIGURE: If you keep getting on my nerves with your constant whining, I might just have to kill you.

      ARTEMIS: But you said-

      FIGURE: Or I could settle for maimed.

      ARTEMIS' face remains blank.

      ARTEMIS: Fine.

      FIGURE: Fine what? Fine I can maim you or fine you will shut your mouth?

      ARTEMIS glares at them.

      ARTEMIS: The latter.

      FIGURE: Good. I was hoping I wouldn't have to injure an important entity in my plan.

      ARTEMIS: Important huh?

      FIGURE: I never said I wouldn't injure you.

      ARTEMIS: Jeez! I can't even talk!

      FIGURE: Unfortunately, you can.

      ARTEMIS frowns.

      ARTEMIS: I'll be over here.

      ARTEMIS indicates another area of the basement, and walks over there. Suddenly, a grey light goes through her, and she gasps, widening her eyes.


      SAM and MARIE both look to the group and get up from the floor, stepping out of the circle. The candles are no longer lit.

      BISHOP: What just happened?

      SAM and MARIE glance at each other before looking back to the group.

      SAM: Well, it worked!

      She smiles, and MARIE gives her a strange look as if to say "No duh".

      ALAN: Good.

      FAITH: And?

      SAM: We know where he is!

      There is a sigh of relief heard from almost everyone in the room.

      BRIAN: That's good.

      FAITH: And?

      SAM: What d'ya mean?

      FAITH: Hm, I don't know...maybe I'm asking...where is he?!

      SAM: Oh. (beat) The Empire State Building.

      FAITH: What?!

      ALAN: That place has mega-security. How did the Coven get in there dragging Robin against his own will?

      MARIE: Well firstly, no one ever said it was the Coven...

      FAITH: And no one ever said it wasn't.

      SAM: I...I don't think it was the Coven. I sensed someone...I don't know. Unique.

      FAITH: No one in the Coven's unique?

      SAM: What, those witch clones? Please. (beat) Plus, this was someone new.

      FAITH takes a minute to think about this.

      FAITH: Someone in the Coven could be new to it.

      SAM shakes her head.

      SAM: No, this person was in to this world.

      FAITH: Oh. (beat) So we're dealing with a baby?

      SAM: Doubt it. There's lotsa worlds, so this could be a grown person (beat) or demon that's here now.

      BISHOP: So we must go there prepared for battle.

      SAM: Whoa, who says we're going there at all?

      FAITH: I do.

      ALAN: Faith, maybe that's not the best-

      FAITH: I don't care. We're getting him back.

      MARIE: Faith-

      FAITH: I don't want to listen to it!

      SAM steps in front of her.

      SAM: Well you have to. So listen, and listen good: We're not going in there half-cocked because that's not the way to play it. At all. Unless you want to get killed, which if you do, by all means- go and do that. But we're not gonna be following you, because some of us like to breathe.

      The entire group looks shocked, especially FAITH.

      BRIAN: (quietly) Well that was a little harsh...

      ALAN: It was the truth.

      FAITH looks from SAM to ALAN.

      FAITH: What, so you two are ganging up on me now? I'm supposed to be the leader!

      SAM: Notice the ?supposed'.

      FAITH: Excuse me?

      SAM: You've been a good leader, pretty much...but recently? You've been wreckless.

      FAITH: What's that supposed to mean?

      SAM: I say what I mean.

      BRIAN: Okay, I'm getting what they're saying here...

      FAITH sighs with frustration.

      FAITH: I'm doing the best I can! To be your leader! But-

      BRIAN: I seem to remember you saying we're a group. So shouldn't this be a ?group' decision?

      FAITH looks down at her feet.

      FAITH: I guess...

      SAM: I vote we wait.

      ALAN: I'm with her.

      FAITH: Well we all knew that.

      ALAN glares at her.

      ALAN: I meant in the vote. (off SAM'S look) And the other part's none of your business.

      FAITH: Yeah whatever.

      MARIE: Well I think-

      FAITH: Please, I don't need other people telling me I'm being ridiculous.

      MARIE: A-actually, I think we should get Robin.

      FAITH looks surprised.

      FAITH: Really? Wow, wasn't expecting that.

      MARIE: What can I say, I'm unpredictable.

      SAM: You really, really are.

      MARIE turns to SAM.

      MARIE: What's that supposed to mean?

      SAM: Oh, you know.

      Her expression remains blank, and MARIE'S face falls.

      FAITH: Look guys, I'm not saying that we should storm in there right now... but soon. We need to get him before whoever has him does something really bad.

      SAM: Fine. But if the apocalypse happens during that time, I'm telling.


      The camera is set on the sign outside of the building- it reads "Wolfram & Hart"- and slowly zooms in towards it.


      The camera is focused on a hallway as several people walk down it. We see a man with longer hair than a typical haircut, and we follow him down the hallway. He is carrying a briefcase. When he reaches a certain door on the right, he enters it. The room is extremely dark. The man walks over to a desk, setting the briefcase down on it. The camera pans up to reveal that this man is MR. ABBOT.

      MR. ABBOT: Hey, I have those files you needed.

      There is a FIGURE in the corner, but we cannot tell who it is. But they speak in a female voice.

      FIGURE: Good. Is that everything?

      MR. ABBOT looks down at the briefcase.

      MR. ABBOT: Should be.

      FIGURE: (angrily) Should be?! I need you to be pretty damn positive.

      MR. ABBOT: Ms. M-

      The FIGURE steps forward into some light, and we can see that it is LILAH.

      LILAH: Don't you "Ms. Morgan" me. I need you to be sure that everything's running smoothly.

      MR. ABBOT takes a deep breath, hesitating.

      MR. ABBOT: As far as I'm aware, it is.

      LILAH: Excellent. So they've arrived?

      MR. ABBOT nods.

      MR. ABBOT: And they're ready as ever.

      LILAH smiles.

      LILAH: And Althanea?

      MR. ABBOT: She's doing everything according to plan.

      LILAH: Of course. She has to. (beat) And Angel?

      MR. ABBOT shakes his head.

      MR. ABBOT: Doesn't suspect a thing.

      LILAH smiles once again. She then points to a bottle and a glass on a table.

      LILAH: Champagne?

      MR. ABBOT: Sure...aren't you going to have some?

      LILAH raises an eyebrow, and moves her hand to the bottle. She looks like she tries to grab it, but her hand goes through it. She makes it do this several times.

      LILAH: Kinda can't.

      MR. ABBOT: Oh.

      He picks up the bottle, opening it and pouring himself some champagne. When he fills it, he raises his glass.

      MR. ABBOT: Cheers to...uh, what?

      LILAH smirks.

      LILAH: Why, the apocalypse of course!


      FAITH, MARIE, ALAN, BRIAN, SAM, and BISHOP are all seen walking down the street. SAM and MARIE are carrying shoulder bags, which appear to be heavy. FAITH has a coat on, which has objects in the pockets that appear to be heavy as well. She is in the front of the group.

      FAITH: (loudly) C'mon, keep up.

      SAM looks down at the bag and then back to FAITH in front of her.

      SAM: Kinda hard with the bag of bricks.

      FAITH: They're not bricks.

      SAM huffs.

      SAM: Well you know what I meant.

      FAITH appears to be ignoring her and just continues walking. The group lets FAITH get ahead of them a little bit. SAM turns back to the rest of the group.

      SAM: (cont'd) Notice what I mean by reckless.

      MARIE: Sam, you shouldn't-

      ALAN: No, she's right.

      BRIAN turns to ALAN as he walks.

      BRIAN: You saying that because you believe it or because your girlfriend believes it?

      ALAN glares at him. BISHOP'S face remains blank while the conversation continues.

      SAM: I don't care who thinks it's true, but it is. (beat) We're just rushing into this, and we don't even know what we're facing.

      MARIE: Well yeah, but I'm s-sure we can deal with it.

      SAM: How can you be sure?

      MARIE falls silent.

      ALAN: Again, I've got to agree. If we die...well, that's just not gonna be good.

      BRIAN: You think?

      BRIAN rolls his eyes.

      SAM: We have to be serious about this...we really could die. All I'm saying is that Faith should really think more before she acts.

      FAITH: (O.S.) You know guys, I can hear everything you're saying.

      The camera pans back to behind them, where FAITH is now standing- she must have sneaked up behind them whilst they were caught up in their conversation.

      SAM: Faith! I didn't see you there!

      She smiles.

      FAITH: No kidding.

      SAM'S smile fades.

      SAM: Heard that much?

      FAITH: Kinda did.

      FAITH slightly pushes them aside so she can get ahead of them again.

      FAITH: (cont'd) Now come whining this time.

      The entire group glances to each person, and then follows FAITH.

      BISHOP: (to himself) Doesn't seem like such a bad leader...they should give her a chance.


      ARTEMIS is standing near ROBIN, who is nearly asleep. She is still partly glowing from the light that went through her. She then walks over to the corner of the room where the FIGURE is sitting, and puts her hands on her hips.

      ARTEMIS: We might have a problem.

      The FIGURE stands up, making a hand gesture.

      FIGURE: What?! You were supposed to make sure everything was running smoothly!

      ARTEMIS: Yeah, and everything was running smooth as satin. But now...

      FIGURE: Yes?

      ARTEMIS: I think they know we have him.

      She indicates ROBIN. The FIGURE tilts their head, and then sighs.

      FIGURE: My dear Artemis, that means everything is going according to plan.

      ARTEMIS looks surprised, and smiles.

      ARTEMIS: Oh. (beat) Go team me then!

      Suddenly, someone (or something) comes flying down into the basement- the camera pans over to the stairs, and we see that it is a DEMON that was thrown down the stairs. Someone walks down the stairs, and when they get to the bottom- we see who it is...FAITH.

      FAITH: Nice security.

      ARTEMIS turns her head to see her.

      ARTEMIS: Nice entrance. Wanna throw an explosion in there too, just for kicks, Slayer?

      The rest of the group walks cautiously down the stairs. SAM pokes her head in the basement, looking worriedly at ARTEMIS. FAITH looks to her left and sees ROBIN. She begins to rush over to him.

      ARTEMIS: (cont'd) Tsk tsk...only fools rush in.

      She smirks and concentrates. Suddenly, she makes a gesture with her entire arm, sending FAITH flying back towards the stairs and sending the others a bit further up them.



      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT III


        We fade back in, and see that FAITH, SAM, ALAN, BRIAN, MARIE, and BISHOP are all tied up with their arms behind their backs, and their legs tied in front of them. FAITH is struggling to break through the ropes, and the rest of them just sit there, looking as if they are thinking.

        ARTEMIS: (O.S.) Not gonna work, babe.

        FAITH looks up at ARTEMIS and glares.

        FAITH: Did you just call me-

        ARTEMIS: Doesn't really matter now, does it? (beat) Those are magical're not gonna get through them.

        FAITH sighs with frustration.

        FAITH: Why do you want us here?!

        ARTEMIS: ?Cause it's fun watching all you guys squirm? (beat) Wait, no. That's not it. Oh yeah...that whole end of the world thing. Musta slipped my mind.

        FAITH raises her eyebrows.

        ARTEMIS: (cont'd) Anywho, can't have you interfering with that now, can I?

        SAM: (quietly) So this was a trap.

        ARTEMIS: You're correct, Miss States the Obvious! Would you like to go for another one?

        SAM merely looks up and glares at her.

        ARTEMIS: (cont'd) Fine. Be a spineless little girl. See if I care.

        ARTEMIS shrugs.

        FIGURE: (O.S.) So glad you're here, Slayer.

        FAITH raises her head, as this is a different voice.

        FAITH: Who's that?

        ARTEMIS: Someone who's not very haaappy!

        The FIGURE steps into the light- but they are still cloaked, and we do not see who it is. The FIGURE turns to ARTEMIS.

        FIGURE: (annoyed) Someone's about to slap you...again.

        FAITH: Not too nice to your employees, are ya?

        The FIGURE looks towards FAITH.

        FIGURE: You are most intriguing...too bad you'll die before I get to know you better.

        FAITH: What, you think we're gonna go on a date when the world didn't end? Yeah, right. Tying a girl up isn't exactly ?romantic'.

        FIGURE: When the world doesn't end? The world is going to end, little girl.

        FAITH: (through her teeth) I am not a little girl.

        FIGURE: Yeah? Well you're the one bound and about to be gagged.

        VOICE: (O.S.) She may be, but I'm not.

        The FIGURE turns only to be punched in the face by none other than MARIE. They stumble back a bit.

        FIGURE: How-?

        MARIE shrugs.

        MARIE: Let's just say I have a few nifty tricks up my sleeve.

        ARTEMIS: (O.S.) Enough to beat me?

        MARIE turns around, and stares down ARTEMIS.

        ARTEMIS: (cont'd) ?Cause hun...I seriously doubt it.

        ARTEMIS looks as if she is concentrating, but then her hands begin to smoke. She moans in pain, almost screaming but holds it back.

        MARIE: Still having doubts?

        ARTEMIS looks up at her and glares. She then looks down at her hands. MARIE looks as if she's about to punch ARTEMIS, but MARIE is suddenly sent flying to the other side of the room and onto the ground. The camera pans over to the FIGURE, who just punched MARIE.MARIE isn't unconscious, but rather concentrates on the ropes that the others are tied up to. ARTEMIS notices this.

        ARTEMIS: No!

        But by the time she says it, it is too late. MARIE has burned through the ropes and everyone is free- the burning somehow didn't touch anyone. FAITH hurriedly gets up, rushing over to ROBIN, but before she gets to him, the FIGURE steps in front of her.

        FIGURE: I don't think so, Slayer.

        FAITH: Like you can stop me.

        The FIGURE tilts its head. FAITH tries to kick it, but it grabs her foot, pushing it- sending her flying back to the other side of the room.

        MARIE: (O.S.) Hey! Over here!

        The FIGURE turns to the right, where it sees MARIE standing. It begins to walk toward her and away from ROBIN. The camera pans over to BISHOP, who notices this. He quickly gets up and swiftly moves over to ROBIN without the FIGURE or ARTEMIS noticing- ARTEMIS is too busy paying attention to her wounds, and the FIGURE is fighting MARIE. SAM and ALAN are standing up, and helping BRIAN get up. FAITH is slowly getting up as well. ROBIN looks up as BISHOP approaches him.

        ROBIN: What are you do-

        BISHOP: What does it look like?

        BISHOP moves behind ROBIN, untying the ropes on his arms, and the ones that are around him. BISHOP then moves next to him and helps him up. They begin to walk over to SAM, ALAN, and BRIAN. FAITH hurriedly gets up and runs over to ROBIN. She puts her arm around his shoulder allowing her to lean on her to walk.

        BISHOP: You're welcome.

        FAITH looks up, and nods and smiles at BISHOP. BISHOP looks slightly surprised. The camera cuts back to MARIE fighting the figure. She looks like she's getting tired.

        FIGURE: Weak mortal.

        MARIE: I'm not a mortal.

        She punches the FIGURE in the chest, making it stumble back a bit once again.

        FIGURE: Enough.

        The FIGURE pulls something from the cloak- a dagger. MARIE widens her eyes, and goes to dodge it, and it's inches away from her chest energy barrier appears in front of MARIE, blocking the dagger from piercing her skin. The camera then pans to SAM, who is standing beside MARIE, creating the barrier.

        FAITH: (O.S.) C'mon, we've gotta go!

        FAITH, with ROBIN leaning on her shoulder, starts heading towards the stairs. She allows SAM, ALAN, BRIAN, and BISHOP to go up the stairs before her. She turns to both SAM and MARIE.

        FAITH: (cont'd) Guys! We have to leave!

        MARIE heads toward the stairs, looking back at SAM, who's eyes are glowing white. She slowly backs away as to not break the barrier so neither the FIGURE or ARTEMIS can follow them. Eventually she just lets it go, and FAITH, ROBIN, MARIE, and SAM all go as quickly as they can up the stares. The camera moves back to ARTEMIS.

        ARTEMIS: So, how was that?

        FIGURE: Excellent. Perfect timing.

        ARTEMIS smiles.


        Once again, the camera is focused on the girls sitting down in the training room. The door opens, and ALTHANEA, MELISSA, LILY, and RACHEL walk in. The girls all turn their attention towards them. MELISSA, LILY, and RACHEL all move to various parts of the room. The camera moves back to ALTHANEA.

        ALTHANEA: Hello ladies. I'm sure you all have a lot of questions...

        There is nodding around the room, and we can hear murmuring as well.

        ALTHANEA: (cont'd) Well we're going forth with the plan today.

        There are gasps and continued murmurs around the room.

        ALTHANEA: (cont'd) And I'm going to need all of you participating in this.

        A SLAYER raises her hand. ALTHANEA acknowledges her.

        ALTHANEA: (cont'd) Yes?

        SLAYER: Um...I was just wondering...what's in that thing?

        ALTHANEA: What "thing"?

        SLAYER: Uh...I think it's called a hellmouth...

        ALTHANEA nods.

        ALTHANEA: That's correct, yes. (beat) And what's in it is whatever one puts in it.

        SLAYER: Huh?

        ALTHANEA: The original founder of this hellmouth put a creature in it that is in every hellmouth. But other than that, it depends on what anyone who opens it places inside of it.

        EMILY: Did you put anything in there?

        ALTHANEA looks over to EMIILY sitting against the wall.

        ALTHANEA: A few...necessities.

        EMILY: Which are?

        ALTHANEA: You don't need to know.

        RACHEL: Sorry to interrupt, but shouldn't everyone know?

        ALTHANEA turns to RACHEL.

        ALTHANEA: Excuse me?

        RACHEL: I was just saying because we're going to be fighting off Faith and all, and we might have to face some of the demons or...other things put in there.

        MELISSA: She already said no one needs to know.

        ALTHANEA: Actually, I will tell them,

        MELISSA: (shocked, simultaneously) You will?

        RACHEL: (surprised, simultaneously) You will?

        ALTHANEA nods.

        ALTHANEA: Yes. I suppose they have the right to know.

        She turns to the group, smiling.


        The door opens, and FAITH and ROBIN walk in first, followed by everyone else. FAITH and ROBIN move over to the couch, and FIATH lets ROBIN sit down before moving back to the kitchen where everyone is standing.

        FAITH: Okay, so-

        BRIAN: We could all sit down in the living room.

        He indicates to the room, and FAITH nods. They all walk through the threshold to the living room one at a time before finding a place to sit. When everyone is settled, someone speaks up.

        SAM: we have a plan?

        Almost everyone looks at FAITH, who isn't really paying attention. When she notices that everyone is staring at her, she looks at them.

        FAITH: What're you guys lookin' at me for? You were the ones that wanted the group make some decisions.

        SAM: But-

        FAITH: No. You guys wanna control things, it's fine by me.

        BRIAN: Faith, we don't know what to do.

        FAITH: Well I don't really either!

        BRIAN: But we-

        FAITH: Look, I just don't. (beat) Well I do, but-

        SAM: No, we can't do that.

        FAITH: It might be our only choice.

        SAM: There's got to be another way.

        FAITH: Well tell me if you think of one- I'm open to suggestions.

        The entire group is silent for several minutes.

        FAITH: (cont'd) So, what? Nothing? See, that's why we only have one option!

        ALAN: There doesn't have to be. A spell-

        FAITH: Against a mega-powerful group of witches? I doubt it would help.

        Everyone falls silent once again.

        FAITH: (cont'd) And now you see we have to do this.

        SAM stands up, almost hitting the couch she just got up from as she sighs with frustration.

        SAM: Faith, these are innocents! You can't just go around killing them!

        FAITH'S face looks grave.

        FAITH: There's nothing innocent in them! They've killed people willingly!

        SAM: And you haven't?

        FAITH'S face falls.

        FAITH: That's not the point...we have no other choice.

        SAM: No. We always have to resort to violence.

        SAM stares at FAITH, who remains silent. SAM then moves out of the living room and into the kitchen- out the door- slamming the door on her way out. FAITH watches her leave, and ALAN gets up from the couch. FAITH stops him from following her.

        FAITH: No.

        ALAN: You're kidding, right?!

        FAITH shakes her head.

        FAITH: No, we need you to stay here. We need as much help as we can get.

        ALAN: Why? Why tonight?

        FAITH: ?Cause I have a bad feeling that it's all gonna go down later.

        MARIE: Oh my God.

        FAITH: Exactly. (to ALAN) And that's why we need you here.

        ALAN stares at FAITH.

        ALAN: Listen, you deal with your problems, and I'll deal with mine.

        With that, he walks past FAITH and out the door as SAM did. FAITH sighs and runs her fingers through her hair, looking to ROBIN, BRIAN, MARIE, and BISHOP.


        We see SAM walking down the street looking very angry. We see ALAN running up from behind her and tapping her on the shoulder.

        SAM: (not turning around) If that's Faith, you better have a good reason for following me.

        ALAN: It's me.

        SAM turns around slightly.

        SAM: Oh. Hi.

        ALAN: Why are you storming off?

        SAM stares blankly at him as she walks.

        SAM: You're kidding me...did you not hear what she said! She's going to kill innocents!

        ALAN: In all fairness to her, they're not-

        SAM: Please, don't finish that sentence. I've heard it too many times. And it gives her no right to just assume that we have to kill them! There are other ways!

        ALAN: Those other ways aren't too clear.

        SAM: What, are you agreeing with her now?

        SAM rolls her eyes.

        ALAN: I never said that.

        SAM: Might as well have.

        ALAN: What's up with you?

        SAM: What's up with me? Gee, I don't know. It could be the end of the world, but I'm just not sure.

        ALAN: This doesn't have to be the end.

        SAM: No, it really doesn't. (beat) But if it is, I don't want to go out by killing people. Human people.

        Her expression remains stern and she continues to walk down the street, with ALAN following her.


        FAITH is standing in front of ROBIN, BRIAN, MARIE, and BISHOP who are all sitting on the couch.

        FAITH: They're gonna open the hellmouth. We can't let that happen.

        She pauses, sighing.

        FAITH: (cont'd) It's time to take a stand...we have to destroy them.

        She looks at the group, completely serious.

        MARIE: But, Faith, you heard what Sam said...

        FAITH: I did. Doesn't change what we have to do.

        ROBIN: Faith, maybe it's not the best decision.

        FAITH: It's the only decision we have. (beat) Because if we don't do something, there's no telling what'll happen.

        BISHOP: Can't say I am exactly excited about that.

        BRIAN: I don't think any of us are.

        FAITH: So, my question is, are you guys ready?

        The camera slowly pans around the room to ROBIN, MARIE, BRIAN, and BISHOP. They look uncertain. FAITH looks at MARIE.

        FAITH: (cont'd) Need you to do some mojo for me.

        MARIE looks hesitant.

        MARIE: What do you need me to do?

        FAITH: Find out where they are.



        ALTHANEA walks down a hallway, heading towards the room that holds the seal. When she gets there, she pauses a moment before entering. When she does, there is a circle of cloaked women surrounding the seal.

        ALTHANEA: Is everyone ready?

        One of the CLOAKED WOMEN turn towards her.

        CLOAKED WOMAN: Well what does it look like?

        ALTHANEA: Don't be bent out of shape. I was merely questioning.

        CLOAKED WOMAN: Looks like the question's been answered. (beat) Can we get on with this?

        ALTHANEA nods.

        ALTHANEA: Yes. (pause) Get back in the circle, if you will.

        The CLOAKED WOMAN turns around and steps forward, entering the circle once more. ALTHANEA walks toward the circle, joining them. She sighs.

        ALTHANEA: (cont'd) Such a shame to destroy this beautiful place.

        The camera begins to zoom out as she pays intricate attention to what's going inside the circle. We zoom out, going above the ground in which they are under. The camera slowly moves out and we see a beautiful waterfall...the one from 1.14. This is the park that ALAN and SAM were in.


        END OF ACT III

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT IV

          FADE IN


          The door to the room opens, and SAM enters, followed by ALAN. She walks over to the bed and sits down on it, holding her head in her hands, leaning over. ALAN slowly moves over to the bed and sits down next to her, watching. He then puts his arm around her shoulder and she leans on him, and picks her head up as she does so.

          SAM: I hope they know what they're doing.

          ALAN: They do.

          SAM: How do you know that?

          ALAN: As reckless as Faith may be, I think she can lead them.

          SAM turns her head and gives ALAN a strange look.

          SAM: You're saying this after she said that we have to kill them?

          ALAN: I'm sure that she didn't want us to march in there and slaughter them all...just that we would have to kill them if it came to that.

          SAM stands up, sighing with frustration and running her fingers through her hair.

          SAM: You just don't understand! I've already killed those people!

          ALAN stands up, moving closer to SAM.

          ALAN: Is that what this is about?

          SAM: No. (beat) Well,'s partly about it.

          ALAN: You didn't kill them.

          SAM: But it feels like it! It's my fault that I saw what Kevin did to my dad, it's my fault I called the cops on him, and it's my fault that he tried to kill me, and ended up killing those people in the restaurant. They were just innocent people, and they didn't deserve to die!

          SAM'S eyes begin to fill with tears.

          SAM: (cont'd) So I might not have killed them, but I might as well have.

          SAM looks down at the floor and a few tears fall from her face. ALAN moves over to her, putting his arms around her.

          ALAN: No. It was that twisted guy that killed one else. (pause) And you had to call the police on him...he killed your father.

          SAM continues to let tears fall from her eyes.

          SAM: I know, I know...but I just don't want to feel responsible for more deaths.

          ALAN continues to hold her in his arms, and sighs.

          ALAN: Well, no one said you had to kill anyone.

          ALAN kisses her forehead, and SAM widens her eyes and a look of realization comes on her face.

          VOICE: (in SAM'S head) Stop. You need to take this seriously. It's very important. You must participate in the upcoming battle.

          SAM: I just realized something.

          ALAN: What's that?

          SAM: No time to explain. We have to find out where they are.

          ALAN: Who?

          SAM: The Coven.

          SAM moves over to the other side of the room, breaking away from ALAN'S grasp, and ALAN looks confused.


          A car pulls up to where a few other cars are parked, and stops. Whoever is inside of the car turns it off. The camera closes up on the car, and FAITH and ROBIN get out, followed by MARIE, BRIAN, and BISHOP.

          ROBIN: You're sure this is the place?

          MARIE: If the spell didn't lie, then yes. (beat) Which is possible.

          FAITH: Oh great.

          MARIE: Hey, I just cast ?em.

          She pauses, looking around the park.

          MARIE: (cont'd) This is an amazing place...I hope it doesn't c-collapse.

          ROBIN: Good thing Sunnydale was far from amazing.

          FAITH: Damn straight. Though the Bronze was-

          BRIAN: Hi, we're trying to stop an apocalypse here, remember?

          FAITH: (sarcastically) Really? Musta slipped my mind!

          BRIAN rolls his eyes, and BISHOP walks in front of them all and walks further into the park.

          FAITH: (cont'd) Hey! Where d'ya think you're going?

          BISHOP: Finding an entrance.

          FAITH: To what?

          BISHOP stops and turns back to the group.

          BISHOP: Underground. You do not expect the hellmouth to be on the top of the waterfall, do you?

          FAITH: No...

          She takes a good look at the park.

          FAITH: (cont'd) Alright then. Let's go searchin'.


          ALTHANEA stands in the room which holds the seal. It looks like it's slowly opening, and she stares at it. LILY appears next to her.

          LILY: So, this is it, right? The end.

          ALTHANEA: That's the plan.

          LILY: What if the plan goes haywire?

          ALTHANEA turns to her.

          ALTHANEA: What's that supposed to-

          There is a crash heard from inside of the basement/underground lair. ALTHANEA turns her head to the door, which is open.

          ALTHANEA: (cont'd) What was that?


          The camera is closed in on FAITH, standing in the entrance to the lair. She turns around to look behind her.

          FAITH: Found it!

          BRIAN: Clearly. (beat) Could you be louder?

          FAITH: Well-

          There is clapping heard, and we pan around to MELISSA standing really close to FAITH.

          MELISSA: Well done. I've honestly gotta say that I didn't expect you to be here.

          FAITH stares at her blankly. MELISSA shrugs.

          MELISSA: (cont'd) Not that it really matters. There's no way you can stop us.

          FAITH: Would punching you help?

          MELISSA blinks.

          FAITH: (cont'd) I'll take that as a yes.

          FAITH pulls her fist back and punches MELISSA in the face, sending her flying to the ground.

          FAITH: (cont'd) Well, that wasn't too-

          FAITH looks up to see girls emerging from the back of the lair.

          FAITH: (cont'd, quietly) ?hard...

          MARIE: Nice job, you made them spot us.

          FAITH glares at MARIE, and then looks back to the girls.

          FAITH: You're all Slayers, so this shouldn't be a problem.

          Suddenly, a ball of green energy comes flying, hitting FAITH square in the chest, sending her into the wall behind her. MARIE watches as FAITH is sent backwards, and widens her eyes. She then turns back to the girls standing in front of them.

          MARIE: Here we go.

          MARIE moves forward to be confronted by a SLAYER. She gives the SLAYER a punch, but the SLAYER dodges it, attempting to kick MARIE, but MARIE grabs her foot and sends her to the ground. She moves past her and to the next girl. Both BISHOP and BRIAN follow MARIE into the group of girls.

          The camera pans back to FAITH, who is being helped up from the ground by ROBIN. When she gets up, she turns to ROBIN.

          FAITH: Let's go.

          ROBIN nods and moves to the group of girls in the middle of the group. FAITH goes to follow him, but is stopped by a SLAYER. We pan up to see that it is LILY. LILY tilts her head.

          LILY: Goin' somewhere, Faithy?

          FAITH widens her eyes.


          The camera is focused on SAM sitting in the passenger seat, looking frustrated.

          SAM: Can't this thing go any faster?

          The camera pans over to ALAN, who is driving the car.

          ALAN: I'm pushing eighty here.

          SAM: Then push ninety.

          ALAN looks as if she's a crazy, but goes faster anyways. He sighs.

          ALAN: What if we don't get there in time?

          SAM stares blankly ahead of them.

          SAM: We have to.


          The camera is closed-up on LILY standing in front of FAITH.


          LILY: The girl that time forgot? Or more specifically you.

          FAITH: I-

          LILY shakes her head.

          LILY: You apologize to me, and I'll rip your head off.

          She pauses, and smiles.

          LILY: (cont'd) On second thought...I'll be doing that anyway.

          FAITH: No, you won't.

          LILY: Oh, really?

          LILY is suddenly hit in the stomach and sent to the ground. FAITH stands next to her, staring down at her. LILY looks angry and jumps up, landing on her feet. The camera pans over to ROBIN fighting a SLAYER, dodging most of her punches. The camera cuts to both BISHOP and BRIAN each fighting a SLAYER as well. The camera then cuts to MARIE facing a WITCH. She attempts to punch her, but the WITCH flicks a wrist, making MARIE float in the air. MARIE gasps for breath- she is being choked magically. The WITCH smirks.

          WITCH: How does it feel, Slayer?

          MARIE continues to gasp for breath, and her eyes close and her head falls to the side- she looks as though she is no longer breathing. The WITCH continues to smirk and lets her magical grasp of MARIE go, and MARIE falls to the ground. The WITCH goes to walk away to move onto someone else, but we close-up on MARIE'S face and her eyes snap open. She grabs the WITCH'S foot, making her trip, and then she gets up from the ground.

          MARIE: Not that easy.

          WITCH: What're you gonna do, hit me?

          MARIE glares at her.

          WITCH: (cont'd) Hit me with your best shot.

          MARIE smirks. Her eyes glaze over and suddenly the WITCH'S body is slowly burned to nothing as she stands there screaming.

          MARIE: Ding-dong...the witch is dead.

          She moves to the side, dodging a bolt of energy heading her way. The camera cuts back to FAITH fighting LILY. FAITH dodges a kick from LILY by moving backward so LILY kicks the air, almost falling over. They're both breathing heavily.

          LILY: Nice. But you won't be able to dodge me forever.

          FAITH: Not plannin' on it.

          There is growling heard from across the room. We pan over to see several vampires standing in the threshold. Several of the girls and some of FAITH and CO. widen their eyes at this. The vampires begin to advance toward everyone fighting. We close-up on both RACHEL and EMILY standing next to each other, trying to stay away from the fight.

          RACHEL: (yelling) Now!

          Several of the girls in the group that were not fighting turn towards the vampires and the girls that were fighting. FAITH looks shocked.

          FAITH: That's a twist.

          LILY turns to the group of girls looking angry. MELISSA does the same as she's not fighting at the moment. RACHEL moves over to stand next to FAITH, and EMILY moves with RACHEL. FAITH sees them and looks defensive. RACHEL shakes her head.

          RACHEL: Don't worry, we're on your side.

          FAITH: Oh...good to know.

          The camera pans back to the VAMPIRES as they advance toward the group. MARIE runs right up to one, fighting it off. Cut to ROBIN, BRIAN, and BISHOP fending off both slayers and vampires. Cut back to- FAITH looking at the group. She then turns to RACHEL.

          FAITH: Can you guys fight them?

          Before RACHEL has time to react, EMILY steps forward.

          EMILY: I could beat Lily... I think we can fight anything.

          FAITH: Don't get too arrogant.

          EMILY: You're one to talk.

          FAITH glares at her before moving in towards the people and vampires that are fighting. She spots ROBIN, BRIAN, BISHOP, and MARIE and motions for them to follow her. The ground begins to rumble. ROBIN, BRIAN, and BISHOP see that FAITH is motioning for them to follow her and do so. FAITH moves to the back of the place, followed by them. The camera cuts back to MARIE, about to be bitten by a VAMPIRE. Suddenly, an energy barrier appears and the VAMPIRE and some surrounding girls are sent flying. The camera cuts to beside MARIE- SAM is standing there. MARIE turns to see her and smiles, and SAM smiles back.

          The camera then cuts to ALAN being attacked by one of the slayers- she is holding a knife. ALAN is about to be stabbed when he dodges her hand flying towards him with the knife and grabs it. They struggle with the knife and the girl suddenly gasps. We pan down to see that she has been stabbed by her own knife. ALAN widens his eyes- clearly this was an accident. SAM and MARIE see this and SAM widens her eyes- it looks like ALAN purposely stabbed the girl.

          SAM: How could-

          The ground shakes once again.

          MARIE: We have to go! It's starting.

          SAM looks horrified at ALAN but follows MARIE to the back of the place. ALAN looks at the girl sadly- she has fallen down, dead. Her eyes remain open. ALAN steps over her and follows SAM and MARIE, frowning.


          FAITH rushes in the room and sees the hellmouth opening. She sees ALTHANEA standing next to it.

          ALTHANEA: You can't stop what is destined to happen.

          FAITH: Wanna bet?

          She turns to see that the hellmouth has opened almost fully, and a creature similar to the one from The Zeppo of Buffy The Vampire Slayer appears. Dramatic music is playing in the background as the following events play out. The creature slowly starts to rise as we pan around to FAITH, ROBIN, BRIAN, and BISHOP standing in front of it. We see ALTHANEA smile, as she moves out of the way of the creature.

          ALTHANEA: Have fun, dears...

          She goes to walk out the door, but is confronted by MARIE.

          MARIE: Going somewhere?

          ALTHANEA steps out of the room.

          ALTHANEA: You're too late.

          SAM: We're not too late to beat the hell out of you.

          ALTHANEA tilts her head as SAM and MARIE advance on her. ALAN is seen in the background, fighting a vampire. The camera cuts back to the creature rising, and FAITH starts to walk toward it, a sword she pulled from a bag in her hand. She moves towards it, and it starts flailing around, showing its teeth. ROBIN, BRIAN, and BISHOP watch but look as if they're ready to fight.

          The camera cuts back to the people fighting near the entrance of the lair. RACHEL is fighting a vampire, dodging several hits before staking it. Then we move over to see EMILY facing off with LILY.

          LILY: You're not gonna beat me this time.

          EMILY remains silent as she throws a punch at LILY, which is blocked, and then kicks her in the stomach, sending her flying into a VAMPIRE, who is also knocked down. RACHEL looks up and sees ALTHANEA, MARIE, and SAM. She moves over into the hallway which they're standing in. She faces ALTHANEA.

          RACHEL: You're not going to hurt them.

          ALTHANEA looks at her, confused. The camera moves back to the room where the hellmouth has opened. FAITH and ROBIN stand in front of it, looking defensive. The creature is growling and lunging forward. FAITH and ROBIN hold their weapons, trying to not get bitten or harmed. The creature lunges forward again, and then is inches from biting FAITH'S head off when?

          BISHOP steps in front of FAITH, unfazed. FAITH widens her eyes at what she's seeing. The creature gets too close to BISHOP'S throat, and rips it out. Everyone in the room widens their eyes as BISHOP falls to the ground, bleeding. ROBIN and BRIAN stare in amazement, and the camera remains focused on BISHOP, who's breath is shallow, his eyes remain opened until we hear him stop breathing, and then they close.

          FAITH looks down at him for a moment in sadness, and then realizes she has to concentrate on the creature. She grabs the sword again, moving closer to it. She swings it at its head, but misses. She then sees the center of it and a look of realization comes on her face. She swings the sword into the center of it, and a light fills part of it. The creature's center then explodes. It is dead. Cut to FAITH breathing heavily with a bit of demon entrails on her face. Cut to ROBIN and BRIAN still staring down at BISHOP'S body in amazement. The dramatic music comes to an end.

          BRIAN: I can't believe he...

          He falls silent. ROBIN, FAITH, and BRIAN all look at the ground sadly.

          FAITH: We...We have to go. This place could collapse.

          BRIAN: But Bishop-

          FAITH: We'll get his body if we can.

          FAITH pushes past ROBIN and BRIAN and outside of the room. ROBIN follows her. BRIAN takes one look back at his brother's lifeless body, and he frowns. His eyes look as if they're going to fill up with tears, but he stops them, turning around and following FAITH and ROBIN, leaving the last known member of his family behind, alone in the room.

          The camera follows him as he leaves, and they stop when they see RACHEL and ALTHANEA facing each other. There are sounds of fighting in the background.

          ALTHANEA: You can't stop this.

          The camera focuses on FAITH behind ALTHANEA.

          FAITH: Already did.

          ALTHANEA turns around to face her.

          ALTHANEA: Why you little-

          RACHEL: I made the plan to go against you. You want to be mad at her, you probably want to be pissed off at me.

          All of a sudden, the noises of the battle stop. FAITH looks confused.

          FAITH: What the-

          VOICE: Thank you, Rachel.

          The entire group turns to see someone standing in the threshold- FREYA. She smiles. RACHEL smiles back at her. Everyone besides ALTHANEA and RACHEL look confused.

          SAM: Who's that chick?

          FREYA: Ah, yes. You must be Samantha.

          SAM looks confused.

          FREYA: (cont'd) I'm Freya...a member of the Supreme Coven.

          MARIE: Wait, does that mean you work with her?

          She points to ALTHANEA. FREYA looks disgusted.

          FREYA: No. I'm good, unlike her. The Supreme Coven is of higher power than the Coven. I came here to stop her. (beat) Looks like you have already.

          The place shakes once again.

          FREYA: (cont'd) Though you have to get out of here soon.

          FAITH: What are you doing now?

          FREYA looks at ALTHANEA, and then back to the entrance to the underground lair. Several girls are lying on the ground dead, and several are standing and being held by magical bonds.

          FREYA: Taking them to our mansion...we'll deal with them.

          FAITH nods. The place shakes once again.

          FREYA: (cont'd) Now go! We're leaving as well.

          She closes her eyes, concentrating. All of a sudden, her, ALTHANEA, and all of the girls held by magical bonds disappear. FAITH looks to the exit, and then turns to the group.

          ROBIN: Are you alright, Faith?

          FAITH: Five by come on!

          She starts running toward the exit, followed by ROBIN, BRIAN, MARIE, SAM, and ALAN. They dodge falling parts of the cavern that they are in, and also try not to step on the dead girls' bodies. Suddenly, a ripple appears in front of them, and the entire group disappears within it. The camera zooms out of the cavern and we see the entire park collapse.



          FAITH, ROBIN, MARIE, SAM, BRIAN, and ALAN appear from another ripple. They look around them. It is raining.

          FAITH: Where are-

          FAITH suddenly looks ahead and gasps. The entire group looks where she's looking and sees...

          ANGEL, SPIKE, ILLYRIA, and GUNN trying to fight a humongous army of demons.

          FAITH: Holy sh-

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE


          Special Guest Starring:
          AMY ACKER as ILLYRIA

          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."