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Rogue Redemption 1.14 "Moths to the Flame" (Part One)

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  • Rogue Redemption 1.14 "Moths to the Flame" (Part One)

    1.14 "Moths to the Flame" (Part 1)



    The camera is focused on the door to the apartment, which opens- FAITH walks in, soaking wet from the rain. She takes off her jacket and hangs it on the coat rack. She looks around to see ROBIN- but he isn't there. She sighs and moves over to the couch and sits down- looking out the window in deep thought.

    MAYOR: (V/O) Looks like you're doing well to me...except for the lack of leadership skills.

    FAITH: (V/O) I've been leading them fine for almost a year.

    MAYOR: (V/O) Have you really?

    FAITH looks down, still thinking hard.

    FAITH: Those girls...



    The scene is blurry, and the entire image is static. A caption comes up that says "Sunnydale- Last Year" FAITH stands and looks around at all the dead Bringers and the potentials who are still standing

    VI: Is that it? I mean, not that it wasn't fun, but-

    KENNEDY: Yo, Faith. Check this out.

    KENNEDY is shining her flashlight at something in the corner. FAITH walks up to investigate. It's a doorway leading down a set of stairs. The girls all go down the stairs. FAITH takes the flashlight from one of the potentials. FAITH walks over a plank laid across a small waterway and sees a box that's padlocked shut. FAITH kicks at the padlock, busting it. She bends down to open the box and finds a timer/detonator reading "00.08" that is wired to a box full of bricks labeled "C4 High Explosive." She immediately jumps back and screams to the others.

    FAITH: (yelling to the others) Everybody get down!

    The timer counts down in seconds:


    The camera is slowly moving around the room to view injured potentials from the previous scene on the couch and floor- being tended to by the Scoobies and the girls who weren't extremely injured.



    FAITH: (V/O- in her thoughts) It was my fault some of them died...I'm still a killer.

    MAYOR: (V/O) Are you prepared?

    FAITH: (V/O) Prepared for...what?

    MAYOR: (V/O) To kill humans. Again.

    FAITH continues to look out the window thoughtfully. She gets up and walks over to it, looking down at the people walking along the streets. She frowns and looks away, turning around and crossing her arms over her chest.


    We see a FIGURE walking down the stairs and into the basement. They continue to walk until they reach a specific area of the basement, and we pan up to their arms- they are carrying a few books and spell ingredients. They walk over to a corner of the room and set the objects that they are carrying there. They then walk over to another area of the room (which is fairly big) where other figures are standing.

    FIGURE 1: We are almost ready.

    FIGURE 2: I am thrilled! To serve such wonderful beings!

    FIGURE 1 nods.

    FIGURE 1: I am as well. We have to do this first, though.

    Everyone looks as if they are highly excited.

    FIGURE 2: After this, we will finally get to worship our scrumptious gods!

    There is a cheer heard around the room, and we pan up to see GLORY'S MINIONS from Season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    ROLL CREDITS (Theme song: Time is Running Out by Muse)

    Main Characters:

    Special Guest Starring:

    Guest Starring:

    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    ACT I




    The camera is set on the bed, where SAM is laying down. She is shifting in her sleep, and looking very uncomfortable. Her eyes slowly open and she sees that ALAN isn't there. She sits up, looking around the room- but she still doesn't see him. The door opens suddenly, and ALAN walks through it.

    ALAN: Hey.

    SAM: Hey...where were you?

    ALAN puts his hand up, which has a toothbrush and toothpaste in it. SAM blinks.

    SAM: (cont'd) You can fit in those?

    ALAN looks at the contents he's holding in his hand.

    ALAN: Well, no.

    SAM: Oh good. I was worried for a minute there.

    ALAN: No need to worry, for I am- (beat) I don't really have a cool nickname to put there.

    SAM: How about Superalan?

    ALAN: Nah, sounds too much like Superman.

    SAM: Well, that was the idea.

    ALAN: Why not Spideralan?

    SAM: ?Cause spiders are just creepy. And you're far from that!

    She smiles and so does ALAN. ALAN then looks serious.

    ALAN: Are you feeling any better?

    SAM: Stomach's not rumbly like I'm sick, but I still feel horrible.

    Her smile has faded, and ALAN'S has a bit too.

    ALAN: Well, at least you don't feel physically sick.

    SAM: Yet. I have a bad feeling that this feeling will give me a sick feeling. (beat) You know what, never mind. I'm not even making sense.

    ALAN gives her a weak smile.

    ALAN: No, you are. I understand.

    SAM: No, you don't...

    ALAN: What?

    SAM: What it's like to be responsible for a death...let alone several.

    ALAN: They weren't your fault.

    SAM: I know they weren't completely...but on some level they were. And it's just so much to deal with. (pause) I can't imagine what actually killing someone would be like...

    She trails off and ALAN nods.

    ALAN: I know who you're thinking about.

    SAM: I'm not thinking about anyone specific. Just murderers in the world in's so messed up.

    ALAN: I know. But that's why there's people to prevent those things. Like us.

    SAM nods.

    SAM: There's just so much evil in the world. And not just supernatural evil- there's people just being twisted and sick.

    ALAN: We do what we can.

    SAM: We do.

    There is a long pause, where we see SAM looking away and thinking.

    SAM: (cont'd, whispering) But sometimes it's just not enough.

    ALAN gets up from where he sat down on the bed, and walks over to near the door, where he picks up both his jacket and SAM'S. SAM looks confused.

    SAM: Where are you going?

    ALAN: You'll see.

    SAM: What are you talking about?

    ALAN smiles.

    ALAN: You're coming with me.


    The camera slowly moves down the hallway we saw in the end of the previous episode. When it reaches the end, we see a person walk across. The camera follows them into a room, where most of the girls are. It then moves towards two girls on the floor who are sitting and talking.

    GIRL 1: I wonder what we're doing next.

    GIRL 2: You don't know?

    GIRL 1: No, I know the main plan... Just not specifically what we're doing next.

    GIRL 2: I don't know it either, Kristen! Part of the fun!

    KRISTEN: You find not knowing what we're doing fun?

    GIRL 2: What can I say, I'm a mystery lover!

    KRISTEN: You know, Em, you're really...well, odd, sometimes.

    EMILY smiles.

    EMILY: I consider it my job.

    KRISTEN: Anyways, back to the subject...

    EMILY merely shrugs.

    EMILY: Like I said, Krissy, it's all part of the fun.

    KRISTEN: Well, I don't find it fun.

    EMILY: Then why are you here?

    KRISTEN pauses a moment and thinks about this.

    KRISTEN: I don't really know, actually.

    EMILY: Huh?

    KRISTEN: Well, I don't know why I have this power. This...strength.

    EMILY: She told you. It's because you're chosen. To help help this cause.

    KRISTEN: Yeah, but I'm starting to think that this cause isn't so good.

    She looks around the room.

    KRISTEN: (cont'd) And I think some of the others are too.

    EMILY looks surprised.

    EMILY: You've been for this all along, and now you're saying that you want out?

    KRISTEN: No...just that I might want out.

    MELISSA: (O.S.) Hope that I'm not interrupting anything.

    KRISTEN and EMILY look up to her. KRISTEN shakes her head.

    KRISTEN: No...nothing.

    MELISSA: Good. (pause) Kristen, could I speak to you outside for a moment?

    KRISTEN hesitates.

    KRISTEN: Uh...sure...

    She looks at EMILY worriedly, who gives the look right back. KRISTEN stands up and follows MELISSA. MELISSA opens the door and urges KRISTEN to go before her. Before leaving the room, MELISSA gives EMILY a sympathetic look, leaving EMILY confused.


    KRISTEN is looking back at MELISSA, who just walked out of the training room, and crosses her arms.

    KRISTEN: What's this about?

    MELISSA: We've been talking. And apparently, so have you.

    KRISTEN: How-

    MELISSA: Not the question that should be being answered. (beat) Why are you having second thoughts about this?

    KRISTEN: I, um...

    MELISSA: Don't play games with me.

    KRISTEN: I just think what we're doing might be...well, wrong.

    MELISSA: I'm sorry you feel that way.

    She doesn't look sympathetic in the least. KRISTEN looks slightly frightened.

    KRISTEN: W-what do you mean?

    MELISSA: We can't have flaws in the system.

    KRISTEN: Yeah I know that but-

    MELISSA: You're a flaw.

    KRISTEN widens her eyes.

    MELISSA: (quietly) I'm sorry.

    KRISTEN: What-

    Suddenly, KRISTEN gasps, and her eyes widen. The camera pans back to MELISSA, who is frowning. It then pans down a little bit to reveal that MELISSA has stabbed KRISTEN in the stomach with a knife.

    MELISSA: (quietly) You can't be in this.

    KRISTEN'S eyes remain widened as she falls to the ground. MELISSA takes the knife out of her stomach before she falls. MELISSA stares at her lifeless body for a few moments before placing her hand above her body and murmuring something in Latin. The body bursts into flames. She moves back into the room that she and KRISTEN came from. EMILY looks to her as she enters.

    EMILY: Where's Kristen?

    MELISSA: She's been dealt with.

    EMILY: What's that supposed to-

    Suddenly a look of realization comes upon her face and she stares angrily and upset at MELISSA.

    EMILY: (cont'd) You little-

    The door opens once again, interrupting EMILY. ALTHANEA walks through it. MELISSA sees her enter, and then turns back to EMILY and smiles.

    MELISSA: You were saying?

    EMILY continues to stare at her and then looks down at the floor. ALTHANEA turns to MELISSA.

    ALTHANEA: Come with me.

    MELISSA nods, following ALTHANEA out the door. The camera pans back to EMILY, who is still looking down. We close up on her face and we can see that tears are forming in her eyes. She still looks angry.


    The door to the apartment opens, and BRIAN walks in. He looks around, and no one is in the kitchen or the living room. He hangs his coat up on the coat rack and sighs.

    VOICE: You're coming in rather late.

    BRIAN turns around to see BISHOP in the doorway to the living room.

    BRIAN: And you're not minding your own business.

    BISHOP: I wasn't invading yours. I was stating a fact.

    BRIAN: Yeah, well-

    BRIAN pauses and sighs.

    BRIAN: (cont'd) Sorry.

    BISHOP looks surprised.

    BISHOP: You just apologized to me.

    BRIAN: Yeah.

    BISHOP: Are you ill?

    BRIAN: Look I know it's not like me. (beat) Especially towards you. But I've been snappy lately and-

    BISHOP: Just lately?

    BRIAN sighs.

    BRIAN: Forget it.

    BISHOP looks at him.

    BISHOP: I don't understand your behavior.

    BRIAN: You know what? Neither do I. So like I said- forget it.

    BISHOP: Something is bothering you. It's clear.

    BRIAN sighs again.

    BRIAN: I ran into-

    MARIE: (O.S.) Am I interrupting something?

    BRIAN: (simultaneously) Yes.

    BISHOP: (simultaneously) No.

    They glare at each other.

    MARIE: I'll take that as a maybe. (beat) Speaking of maybe, maybe I should leave...

    BRIAN: No. It's alright.

    MARIE: Good...because I wasn't planning on leaving anyway.

    She moves into the kitchen and opens a cupboard, taking out a bowl of cereal, then moves over to refrigerator, taking out a jug of milk. She notices that BRIAN is staring at her, annoyed.

    MARIE: (cont'd) What?

    BRIAN: Nothing.

    MARIE shrugs and continues to make her breakfast. BRIAN turns back to BISHOP, and then walks further into the living room. BISHOP follows him. BRIAN takes a deep breath.

    BRIAN: I ran into our mother.

    BISHOP: Wait, what? How?

    BRIAN: Honestly? I don't know.

    BISHOP: But you were able to meet her.

    BRIAN: I wish I wasn't. (off BISHOP'S look) She just didn't seem like a mother. She seemed selfish.

    BISHOP: How so?

    BRIAN: She told me why she gave us up.

    BISHOP looks as if he's listening intently, but BRIAN stops for a little while.

    BISHOP: And...?

    BRIAN: Our powers.

    BISHOP: She gave us up because of an abnormality? Why?

    BRIAN: She said "I couldn't be seen with you".

    BISHOP: Sounds like that entails selfish-ness.

    BRIAN: I already said that. (beat) Not exactly that but you get the point.

    BISHOP looks annoyed.

    BISHOP: Did she say anything else?

    BRIAN: Uh...

    MRS. EDWARDS: (V/O) Well I had to get rid of him somehow. He was always the troublesome type.

    BRIAN shakes his head.

    BRIAN: (cont'd) No...nothing that I can think of.

    BISHOP nods, and walks in the direction of the kitchen. BRIAN frowns.

    FAITH: (O.S.) Clearly there was somethin'.

    BRIAN turns to see FAITH standing in the hallway that leads to the bedrooms.

    BRIAN: Not your business.

    FAITH: I wasn't asking.

    BRIAN: Are you telling me that you were ordering me?

    FAITH: No, I'm telling you that I don't care.

    BRIAN just looks at her.

    FAITH: (cont'd) Anyways...

    BRIAN: The Co-

    FAITH: Don't even finish that sentence.

    BRIAN: But-

    FAITH: No. Just don't.

    BRIAN sighs.

    BRIAN: Whatever.

    He walks off and into the kitchen. FAITH sighs as well, and sits down on the couch- thinking.


    The camera pans slowly in a circle to the girls sitting in the room. They are whispering to each other- the only words that we can make out however are "hellmouth", "why", and "Melissa". The door to the room opens, and RACHEL enters. All of the girls turn to see her, and quickly quiet down. RACHEL looks slowly around the room.

    RACHEL: You probably all have several questions.

    GIRL: (very quietly) Well yeah.

    RACHEL turns to the girl who spoke.

    RACHEL: I assumed as much.

    The GIRL looks up to her.

    GIRL: Why wouldn't we have questions?

    RACHEL: Never said you wouldn't.

    She pauses and smiles.

    RACHEL: (cont'd) And I came here to give you the answers.

    The girls begin to murmur again, and RACHEL continues to smile.



    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT II


      GLORY'S MINIONS are standing, huddled in a circle. We can hear murmuring. We cannot make out what they are saying.

      VOICE: Attention!

      The MINIONS don't look as if they heard the voice, and they continue to talk amongst themselves.

      VOICE: (cont'd, annoyed) Hey! Scabs! Trying to say something important over here!

      A few of the MINIONS turn their heads to look, and, seeing that others continue to talk, nudge them with their elbows. Everyone turns to where the voice came from, and a woman is standing there- her name is ARTEMIS (played by Mischa Barton).

      ARTEMIS: (cont'd) That's better. (pause) Now, I have a job. Who's willing to do it?

      All of the hands in the room raise.

      ARTEMIS: (cont'd) Okay, whatever. The more the murderous or however the hell that saying goes. Not that we're murdering anyone...yet.

      She smiles. The camera pans around to the MINIONS, who are smiling as well.

      MINION 1: Not to speak out of turn my graciousness, but who will we be killing?

      ARTEMIS looks annoyed.

      ARTEMIS: Okay firstly? Stop talking to me like I'm a damn god. Secondly? You'll find out soon enough.

      MINION 1: I'm sorry wonderfulness, I was merely-

      ARTEMIS continues to look annoyed and frustrated, and suddenly the MINION is sent flying into the wall behind him. The other MINIONS gasp. ARTEMIS looks shocked herself but then shakes her head.

      ARTEMIS: Back to business.

      MINION 2: What do you want us to do?

      ARTEMIS smiles once again.

      ARTEMIS: I need you to get something from a certain person.

      MINION 2: This person being who, miss?

      ARTEMIS: A Slayer.


      The girls in the room are still murmuring to each other, and RACHEL is beginning to look annoyed.

      RACHEL: Look, if you don't want to know I'll be letting myself out.

      RACHEL turns to leave.

      EMILY: (O.S.) I want to know.

      RACHEL turns around to see EMILY standing up and crossing her arms over her chest.

      RACHEL: Well well. Girl's got spine.

      EMILY: Girl's waiting.

      RACHEL: Hey, just saying.

      EMILY: How about you make words that are actually useful come out of your mouth?

      RACHEL looks slightly taken aback.

      RACHEL: With that attitude, maybe I won't.

      EMILY steps forward.

      EMILY: Maybe I'll make you.

      RACHEL: Let's not get testy.

      EMILY: I'm beyond that now. Now? I'm pissed off. I want answers.

      RACHEL: You'll get them.

      EMILY glares at her.

      EMILY: Now.

      RACHEL: Jeez, someone's impatient.

      EMILY: Someone's about to punch you in the face if you don't get on with it.

      RACHEL steps forward as EMILY did.

      RACHEL: Don't forget your place.

      EMILY: My place was moved when my friend was killed. Now my place seems to be standing in front of you. Where's yours?

      RACHEL: Well I didn't expect that.

      EMILY just stares at her.

      RACHEL: (cont'd) Okay, okay. What do you want me to answer?

      EMILY: Might help if you told us why we're doing this in the first place.

      RACHEL: That could take a wh-

      EMILY: We have time.

      RACHEL: You might not.

      EMILY: Tell.

      RACHEL raises an eyebrow.

      RACHEL: Well...



      The scene is blurry, and the entire image is static. The camera is set on the foyer, which you can see stairs leading to the second story from A knock is heard at the door. A caption comes up that reads "3 Years Ago".

      VOICE: I'll get it!!

      We hear someone rushing down the stair and pan up to see that it is MELISSA. She moves over to the door, opening it. The camera pans over to the person standing outside of the mansion- the person is male, and looks very lawyer-esque. He holds out a hand. MELISSA just stares blankly at it.

      LAWYER: Hello, my name is Mr. Abbot. I'm with-

      MELISSA is still staring at his hand.

      MELISSA: I hope you washed that.

      MR. ABBOT merely stares at her, looking annoyed.

      MR. ABBOT: I wish to speak with Al-

      MELISSA: Yeah, yeah. Who doesn't?

      She rolls her eyes.

      MR. ABBOT: Look-

      MELISSA: All I see is a down and dirty lawyer. (beat) Wait here.

      With that, she turns and heads back up the stairs. MR. ABBOT steps in the door, and waits there. We suddenly hear footsteps coming down the stairs once again. MR. ABBOT looks up, and the camera follows his POV. ALTHANEA is walking down the stairs, followed by MELISSA. MR. ABBOT smiles.

      MR. ABBOT: My my, Althanea, you look even more beautiful than the last time we spoke.

      ALTHANEA reaches the bottom of the stairs and stares blankly at him.

      ALTHANEA: Flattery will get you nowhere. Especially with me.

      The camera pans back to MELISSA who is standing behind ALTHANEA, smirking at MR. ABBOT. ALTHANEA turns around to face MELISSA.

      ALTHANEA: (cont'd) I need you to go upstairs now.

      MELISSA'S face falls and she looks back to MR. ABBOT, who is now smirking as she did.

      MELISSA: Fine.

      She turns around and hurriedly goes upstairs, and ALTHANEA turns back to MR. ABBOT who is no longer smiling.

      ALTHANEA: What do you want?

      MR. ABBOT: We should sit down.

      ALTHANEA: I'm perfectly comfortable right here, but if you're not, then we can move elsewhere.

      She begins to walk in the direction of the dining room, and MR. ABBOT waits a minute before following her. ALTHANEA reaches the dining room and sits down at the table that is located in the center. MR. ABBOT sits down across from her.

      MR. ABBOT: Now we can get on with the business.

      ALTHANEA: I should hope so.

      There is a few moments of silence before MR. ABBOT puts a briefcase that he is holding on the table, opening it and taking a few papers out.

      MR. ABBOT: I'm sure you're still aware of the contract you signed a few months ago, entitling us to some of your power to help the company.

      ALTHANEA nods.

      ALTHANEA: Not something that I would necessarily forget.

      MR. ABBOT nods and pulls another paper out of the briefcase, setting it on top of the others and turning it so ALTHANEA can see it, though she doesn't look down at it.

      MR. ABBOT: This next contract that I just put in front of you is to complete the first one, so if you could just sign here-

      He points to a line at the bottom of the paper that he just placed in front of ALTHANEA.

      MR. ABBOT: (cont'd) I can leave happily and all will be running smoothly.

      ALTHANEA looks down at where he is pointing, and then looks back to MR. ABBOT.

      ALTHANEA: Pen?

      MR. ABBOT smiles and takes a pen out of the pocket in the upper left of his shirt and hands it to her.

      MR. ABBOT: I didn't think that this would be too much trouble, and I'm glad it isn't.

      ALTHANEA: Well, if it gets you out of here faster.

      She takes the pen and signs the line at the bottom of the paper. She looks back at MR. ABBOT who is still smiling.

      ALTHANEA: (cont'd) What, pray tell, are you so happy about?

      MR. ABBOT shakes his head and continues to smile.

      MR. ABBOT: Althanea of the Coven of Westbury, hereby are to follow the exact orders and missions of the law offices of Wolfram & Hart.

      ALTHANEA widens her eyes.

      ALTHANEA: What?

      MR. ABBOT: I had this itching feeling that you just might catch on to what we were doing... but I guess you were stupid enough to fall for it.

      ALTHANEA: Now wait just a minute-

      MR. ABBOT: No. You signed the contract. Your actions are bound to the company.

      ALTHANEA stands and slams her hand down on the table.

      ALTHANEA: This is not what we agreed to!

      MR. ABBOT stands up as well, but he is calm.

      MR. ABBOT: No, it's not. It's what you agreed to, just now.

      He continues to smile, and grabs the papers that came out of the briefcase- including the contract- and puts them back in the briefcase heading toward the door. We can hear ALTHANEA chanting something in the background. MR. ABBOT turns around, frowning.

      MR. ABBOT: (cont'd) You may kill me, but my death will not break this contract.

      ALTHANEA: Oh, I'm not going to kill you.

      She stares intently at the briefcase as she chants, and it slowly begins to smoke from the inside. MR. ABBOT drops it as not to burn his hand and stares down at it. ALTHANEA smiles.

      ALTHANEA: (cont'd) There. Now it's fixed. And don't you dare come here again- you or your other little lawyer friends.

      MR. ABBOT looks from the briefcase to ALTHANEA.

      MR. ABBOT: Sorry to disappoint, but it's not as simple as that. Once a contract from our company is signed, at least 10 exact copies are sent to our storage room.

      ALTHANEA glares at him, and he stares at her blankly.

      MR. ABBOT: (cont'd) Your first mission will be sent to you shortly.

      ALTHANEA: How dare-

      MR. ABBOT continues smiling.

      MR. ABBOT: Have a nice day.

      He turns around and walks out the door, leaving ALTHANEA seething with anger.



      RACHEL is standing where she was before, looking around at the girls standing in front of her. The camera pans around to all of them, before reaching EMILY again, who is still standing in front of RACHEL.

      RACHEL: Understand now?

      The camera moves around to the girls again, some are nodding and some are just looking thoughtful.

      EMILY: (O.S.) Not quite.

      The camera pans up to EMILY, still looking really upset and pissed off.

      EMILY: (cont'd) Why wouldn't she try and go against them anyways?

      RACHEL shakes her head and sighs.

      RACHEL: Oh but she did. (pause) Do you know exactly how powerful Wolfram & Hart is?

      EMILY: Apparently pretty damn. Not what I asked though, is it?

      RACHEL: Never said I was done answering. (beat) And yes, they are. Pretty damn powerful. She couldn't go against them. Wolfram & Hart has certain shamans that can make people do things...horrible things against their will.

      EMILY looks down, but then looks back up to RACHEL.

      EMILY: Why are you suddenly telling us all of this? What makes you think this will change anything?

      RACHEL smiles.

      RACHEL: Because I have a plan.


      The camera is set on a car pulling up to the park, and then stopping right in front of it. ALAN gets out of the car and walks over to the passenger side, opening the door. SAM is sitting there.

      SAM: Where are we?

      ALAN: Close your eyes.

      SAM looks at him unsure but then smiles and closes her eyes.

      SAM: As long as I don't end up walking off a cliff.

      ALAN chuckles.

      ALAN: No way would I let that happen.

      SAM begins to step out of the car, but stops really quick.

      SAM: Okay, this is going to be hard.

      ALAN: I'll help you.

      ALAN puts his hand around her shoulder and SAM steps out of the car. The camera remains focused on them as they walk into the park. After about two minutes, they stop walking.

      SAM: Can I open my eyes now?

      ALAN: Maybe.

      SAM: What's that s'posed to mean?

      ALAN smiles.

      ALAN: Yes, you can open them.

      The camera moves up to SAM'S face as her eyes open. She looks at the scenery around her and gasps.

      SAM: Wow...That's just..beautiful...

      The camera slowly turns to see what she is looking at- in front of her is a huge, beautiful waterfall. The sun is just at the right angle to make a rainbow appear from the water fall.

      SAM: (cont'd) We're definitely not in Kansas anymore.

      She pauses and turns to ALAN.

      SAM: (cont'd) Or are we? ?Cause this sure isn't New York.

      She turns back to the waterfall and the park's scenery.

      ALAN: We're in a small town outside of the city.

      SAM: It's amazing how different these two places are. One's almost entirely made of steel...and the just breathtaking.

      ALAN: It is, isn't it?

      He puts his arms around her waist and rests his head on her shoulder. SAM sighs.

      SAM: This couldn't be more perfect. Thank you.

      She turns around and they kiss.


      FAITH is sitting on the chair leaning over with her head held in her hands. She sighs. Suddenly two hands are placed on her shoulders, and we pan up to see that it is ROBIN. FAITH looks up at him.

      FAITH: Oh, hey.

      ROBIN: You seem a little...worried.

      FAITH: Can't not be.

      ROBIN: Still haven't figured it out?

      FAITH: It's not that. I know exactly what I have to do. (pause) I'm just not so sure I can do it.

      ROBIN: We don't have to kill them. We can find another way.

      FAITH: I wish that was true...but we don't know how much time we have.

      ROBIN: But we could get Wil-

      FAITH shakes her head.

      FAITH: No. She said she has her own fight, and that might be even more important. We don't even know what the Coven is doing yet.

      ROBIN nods.

      ROBIN: You're right. We only know that it's bad.

      FAITH runs her fingers through her hair and stands up.

      FAITH: I want to know what it is, dammit! We can't just go in there with no idea what's going on!

      ROBIN: I know...but they're not exactly leaning towards spilling their plan to us.

      FAITH shakes her head.

      FAITH: No and we have no idea of finding out what it is!

      She sighs and then plops back down on the couch.

      FAITH: (cont'd) Why can't things be simple like they were before?

      ROBIN stares blankly at her.

      ROBIN: I'm sorry, but when were things simple?

      FAITH: Okay, you got me there. They never really were. Even before I was a Slayer.

      ROBIN: We'll pull through.

      FAITH turns and looks up at him.

      FAITH: How can ya be so sure?

      ROBIN walks around to the front of the couch and sits on it.

      ROBIN: Because I'm sure of you.

      FAITH looks at him, somewhat shocked.

      FAITH: But-

      ROBIN: I know there's been times that you haven't made the best decisions, but I'm sure that we'll make it through whatever they throw at us.

      FAITH: Why?

      ROBIN: Because you can make it through it, and you're our leader. So lead. And we'll follow.

      ROBIN smiles and FAITH smiles back at him. FAITH rests her head on his shoulder, and ROBIN puts his arm around her shoulder.


      The camera is set on RACHEL, who just looks like she just finished talking. The camera moves back to EMILY.

      EMILY: As much fun as that sounds, you're going to have to explain things a bit more before we jump on your plan train.

      RACHEL tilts her head.

      RACHEL: You insist that I give you information and yet you don't tell me what you want to know.

      One of the girls in the background raises her hand. RACHEL nods, indicating that she wants her to speak.

      GIRL 1: Well could you tell our leader's suddenly old? I mean she was way y-younger before.

      EMILY: Yeah, what's up with that?



      The scene is blurry and the entire image is static. The camera is set on the sign outside of the building that reads "L.A. Social Services". A caption comes up that reads "2 and a Half Years Ago". The door opens, and the YOUNG WOMAN (that ALTHANEA was disguised as) walks out of the building and turns around locking the door. She then turns back around.

      The camera moves over to a corner of the building where ALTHANEA is standing and looking at the woman- she is somewhat behind the building so the YOUNG WOMAN cannot see her. Another person is standing behind ALTHANEA- though we can't see them.

      FIGURE: You know what you have to do.

      The FIGURE speaks in the voice of a woman.

      WOMAN: (cont'd) You made a deal with us. You can't go back on that.

      ALTHANEA looks away and down.

      ALTHANEA: I can fight-

      WOMAN: Wrong. You can't. If you don't do this by your own will then we'll make you do it by ours.

      ALTHANEA: I'm already here against my will.

      WOMAN: I know. So this shouldn't be a problem, should it?

      ALTHANEA remains silent.

      WOMAN: (cont'd) Well then. We'll have to fix that, won't we?

      ALTHANEA widens her eyes, but before she can react the WOMAN throws some kind of energy at her. ALTHANEA closes her eyes and stumbles forward a little bit. When she opens them again, they are completely black. She smirks, and the WOMAN backs up a little.

      The camera moves back to the YOUNG WOMAN, who is holding her keys and walking toward the parking lot.

      ALTHANEA: (O.S.) Going somewhere?

      The YOUNG WOMAN turns around and almost screams.

      YOUNG WOMAN: You scared me.

      ALTHANEA: That's the idea.

      The YOUNG WOMAN slowly begin to back away.

      YOUNG WOMAN: W-what do you want?

      ALTHANEA: For you to be dead.

      The YOUNG WOMAN widens her eyes and suddenly gasps. The camera pans down to her stomach, which now has a knife through it. ALTHANEA'S hand twists the knife, and then pulls it out of her stomach. There is slow clapping heard, and the camera moves over to the WOMAN from before. We now see who it is- LILAH MORGAN.

      LILAH: Well done. The boss will be pleased. She was a problem with the bigger picture.

      ALTHANEA blinks and stares down at the body of the YOUNG WOMAN sadly. LILAH glances at the body.

      LILAH: (cont'd) And soon she won't be a picture at all. (beat) Meanwhile, you'll use her as a disguise.

      ALTHANEA: What do you mean?

      LILAH raises her eyebrows.

      LILAH: You're a witch, you're supposed to know what a glamour is. If you don't, well, that just shows who's not the brightest bulb in the bunch.

      ALTHANEA glares at her.

      ALTHANEA: Of course I know what a glamour is.

      LILAH smiles.

      LILAH: Good.

      ALTHANEA closes her eyes, and we close-up on them. When she opens them, we zoom out to see that she is now the YOUNG WOMAN. She turns to LILAH.

      ALTHANEA/YOUNG WOMAN: Now what am I supposed to do?

      LILAH: I'll get back to ya on that one.

      With that, she turns around and walks out of the parking lot, leaving ALTHANEA/YOUNG WOMAN alone and staring at the lifeless body of the real YOUNG WOMAN on the ground.




      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT III


        The camera is focused on the hallway, and a door to a room opens. MARIE appears out of it, and walks into the living room. She sees FAITH and ROBIN sitting on the couch and talking- though she can't hear what they're saying. She shrugs and ignores them and heads to the kitchen. BISHOP is sitting there.

        MARIE: Oh, what joy.

        BISHOP looks up at her.

        BISHOP: Look I don't know-

        MARIE: No you don't seem to know anything.

        BISHOP looks confused.

        BISHOP: One minute you're shy and the next...who are you?

        MARIE: I'm someone who's going to smack you if you don't stop blabbering.

        BISHOP continues to stare at her as if he's confused. MARIE'S eyes suddenly close and then she opens them and blinks a few times before looking back at BISHOP.

        BISHOP: What just happened?

        MARIE: I...

        She remains silent for a few moments, looking at the floor.

        MARIE: (cont'd) I d-don't know.

        BISHOP shakes his head.

        BISHOP: I really don't get you.

        MARIE continues to stare at the floor.

        MARIE: (whispering) Maybe you don't want to.

        BISHOP tilts his head. Just then, FAITH and ROBIN enter the kitchen.

        FAITH: Hey you crazy kids.

        BISHOP turns his attention to FAITH and glares at her.

        FAITH: (cont'd) You give me one more glare and I swear I'll punch ya right in the face.

        BISHOP: And that would be new from what?

        FAITH takes a moment to think about this, and shrugs.

        FAITH: Nothing really.

        BISHOP: I'm also wondering why everyone keeps threatening me.

        FAITH: Everyone?

        BISHOP almost looks over to MARIE but ROBIN speaks up.

        ROBIN: Maybe it's because you're a brutal murderer.

        BISHOP looks at FAITH and MARIE.

        BISHOP: So are they.

        FAITH: (simultaneously) Hey!

        MARIE: (simultaneously) Hey!

        ROBIN: Get the tense right there. It's were.

        BISHOP: And why is it were for them but not for me?

        FAITH: ?Cause we don't know where you stand, Snuggles.

        Everyone stares at her giving her a strange look.

        FAITH: (cont'd, off their looks) Bounty...

        They continue to stare at her.

        FAITH: (cont'd) You know, maybe these pop culture references should just stop.

        BISHOP: Agreed.

        ROBIN shakes his head, and turns to FAITH.

        ROBIN: I have to go do something.

        FAITH nods and they kiss briefly before ROBIN moves over to the door, taking his jacket and leaving the apartment. FAITH turns back to MARIE and BISHOP.

        FAITH: Say, where's Big Brother?

        MARIE: You said the pop culture references were going to stop...

        FAITH shrugs.

        FAITH: I said maybe. (beat) And I changed my mind.

        BISHOP: He is not older than me.

        FAITH: Ya see, that you can't exactly be sure of. I mean-

        BRIAN: (O.S.) I'm right here.

        FAITH turns around to see BRIAN standing behind her.

        FAITH: Oh goodie.

        BRIAN: I'm sorry, was that sarcasm? You were just looking for me and now-

        FAITH: No, it wasn't. (beat) Where have you been?

        BRIAN: In my room.

        FAITH: Well I shoulda assumed that.

        BRIAN: Faith...

        FAITH stops looking remotely like she is joking around. BRIAN is clearly very serious.

        FAITH: What is it?

        BRIAN: Something is happening. Soon. And it's going to be big.

        FAITH: Well I figured that-

        BRIAN: No. (pause) Remember that vision I had in the beginning of the year?

        FAITH widens her eyes.


        ARTEMIS is standing in the middle of the room with her arms crossed over her chest. Suddenly a blinding light blue light fills the room and she squints. When the light dies down, she looks in the direction from which it came, and smiles slightly, but looks annoyed. We do not see who is standing in the direction she is looking- rather the camera stays focused on ARTEMIS.

        ARTEMIS: It's about time.

        FIGURE: (O.S.) Do not forget your place.

        ARTEMIS: Yeah, whatever.

        FIGURE: (O.S.) Why do you constantly test my patience?

        ARTEMIS continues to smile.

        ARTEMIS: ?Cause it's so damn fun. Not to mention funny.

        FIGURE: (O.S.) It will not be very "funny" if I rip your throat out whilst you sleep.

        ARTEMIS widens her eyes slightly, but then goes back to smiling a little bit.

        ARTEMIS: You're making idle threats. You need me.

        FIGURE: (O.S.) I could always find someone else.

        ARTEMIS: Oh? And that's why you-

        FIGURE: (O.S.) Shut your filthy human mouth.

        ARTEMIS: I wouldn't say that. Not to me.

        FIGURE: (O.S.) And why not? You cannot do anything to me.

        ARTEMIS: Beg to differ.

        FIGURE: (O.S.) I would rather you not beg at all.

        There is silence for a few moments.

        FIGURE: (cont'd, O.S.) Have you sent them to retrieve-

        ARTEMIS: Quite a while ago. Where've you been? (beat) Oh, that's right...not here.

        A hand reaches out and slaps ARTEMIS across the face.

        FIGURE: (O.S.) I will not tolerate that.

        ARTEMIS looks at the FIGURE blankly. The FIGURE then moves to the other side of the room- they are dressed in complete black- hood and all. We cannot see who this person is nor what their gender is.

        FIGURE: (cont'd) When will they be back?

        ARTEMIS: Whenever they get it done.


        We can see people walking along the sidewalk outside of the apartment. The camera then moves over to an alley near the entrance to the building, A MINION is leaning outside of it and looking at the crowd of people. He turns back to another MINION.

        MINION 1: There are so many people. How do we get past them?

        MINION 2 picks up a bag that is setting down on the ground next to him.

        MINION 2: Easy.

        He opens the bag and pulls out a glowing orb- somewhat like the one seen in season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer- only different. It is glowing a light blue color. MINION 2 looks at the people on the streets.

        MINION 2: Impendo quod congelo.

        The camera pans back down to the orb. The light that was emitting from it is expanding toward the city streets. We see several shots of when it reaches the people- if someone's walking, they're frozen and unable to move, but looks as if nothing has happened, if someone's eating, they're frozen in time, etc. Once the light reaches far enough, MINION 2 puts it back in the bag.

        MINION 1: How extraordinary.

        MINION 2 turns to him.

        MINION 2: Nothing you have not seen before...come on!

        MINION 2 leads the group of four through the frozen people and up the stairs into the apartment.


        FAITH and BISHOP are sitting in the kitchen and MARIE and BRIAN are sitting in the living room. The camera is set on FAITH.

        FAITH: I wonder where Robin went.

        BISHOP: I'm sorry, were you talking to me?

        FAITH: Fortunately, no.

        BISHOP shakes his head.

        BISHOP: You know, I'm trying to help, and all you and your followers can do is insult me.

        FAITH: Yeah well, it's funner to think of insults than the potential end of the world.

        The camera moves over to the living room, where MARIE is standing right outside of the kitchen, looking at FAITH and BISHOP. She then turns back to look at BRIAN.

        MARIE: Potential end of the world? (beat) Fun.

        BRIAN: God I hope you're kidding.

        MARIE: It's called sarcasm...

        BRIAN: Good. Potential end of the world is really bad and-

        MARIE: Oh...I w-wasn't kidding about that part.

        BRIAN: Then which part were you kidding about?

        MARIE: The "fun" part.

        BRIAN: Great. So the end of the world...

        MARIE: Yep. Apocalypse.

        BRIAN: Fun.

        MARIE blinks.

        MARIE: Did we not just go over this?

        BRIAN: Sarcasm...again.

        MARIE: Well I figured.

        There is a sudden crash heard from the kitchen, and both MARIE and BRIAN jump out of their seats.

        MARIE: (cont'd) What was that?

        BRIAN starts to head toward the kitchen.

        BRIAN: Only one way to find out.

        MARIE follows BRIAN into the kitchen. When they get through the door, they see FAITH and BISHOP, frozen at the table.

        BRIAN: What the-

        MARIE: There!

        MARIE points to the MINIONS entering the door, with the light from the blue orb still emitting. MARIE rushes up to the MINION that's holding it and kicks it out of his hand, and it breaks when it impacts the floor.

        MINION: You little-

        MARIE punches him in the face, cutting him off. He is sent flying backward, hitting the other MINIONS as he falls, making them fall as well. FAITH appears by MARIE'S side.

        FAITH: Okay, what the hell is going on?

        MARIE: Looks like we're being attacked.

        FAITH looks at MARIE and rolls her eyes.

        FAITH: Gee, ya think?

        One of the MINIONS gets back off of the ground.

        MINION: We will succeed.

        FAITH: Not if you don't have a head.

        FAITH leans down and sees a bag on the ground. She opens it and it is full of weapons- she takes out a sword. Before the MINION can do anything, she swings the sword and he is decapitated. His body falls to the ground. FAITH looks at the other MINIONS.

        FAITH: (cont'd) Anyone else?

        Two of the MINIONS back away. MINION 2 from earlier stares at FAITH.

        MINION 2: You are truly intriguing, Slayer.

        FAITH: And you're truly annoying.

        FAITH begins to raise the sword again but the MINION moves out of the way.

        MINION 2: Eh eh eh...You cannot kill me.

        FAITH: Why's that?

        MINION 2: Because I have some business to attend to.

        With that, MINION 2 raises his hand and then lets it back down again. A cloud of smoke appears, and when it vanishes, he is gone. But the remaining two are still standing there.

        MINION 3: We're not done yet. We must serve the delectable and shiny ones.

        MINION 3 rushes at FAITH while MINION 4 sneaks over and behind MARIE. We can see FAITH fighting the MINION, and then BRIAN spots MINION 4 heading toward MARIE.

        BRIAN: Marie! Watch out!

        MARIE looks at BRIAN and then looks behind her.

        MINION 4: Foolish brunette Slayer thinks we need something from her.

        MINION 4 smiles a bit, and MARIE widens her eyes. She ducks a punch thrown at her by the MINION and gets behind it. MINION 4 turns around and smiles once again, lifting up her hand- it holds a knife. She rushes MARIE once again, and this time MARIE grabs her arm and twists it- using the MINION'S own knife to stab her in the stomach.

        MARIE: Looks like you're not gonna be getting anything from me either.

        The MINION takes shallow breaths.

        MINION 4: We'll get it from you...eventually...

        And with that, she stops breather. The camera pans over to FAITH who has just run her sword through MINION 3, who falls to the ground. The group stares at the three bodies on the floor for a moment.

        MARIE: What? No poof?

        FAITH shrugs.

        FAITH: Guess not.

        BRIAN and MARIE look to each other and then at FAITH.

        BRIAN: Well you killed the most.

        MARIE: Agreed.

        They begin to walk into the living room, leaving FAITH and BISHOP in the kitchen.

        FAITH: (to MARIE and BRIAN) Hey! I'm not doing the messy clean-up.

        BISHOP: Looks like you are.

        FAITH turns to him and glares.

        FAITH: I didn't see you fighting.

        BISHOP remains silent and FAITH moves over to the bodies.


        RACHEL is still standing, and EMILY is now leaning against the wall in the room. Another GIRL raises her hand.

        GIRL: Uh...why are we here? Didn't you say that where that young woman was was L.A.?

        RACHEL nods.

        RACHEL: She was. Althanea was there because she had some business to attend to at a hellmouth.

        EMILY: Wait, there's a hellmouth in L.A.?

        RACHEL: Nope. That's just somewhere demons like to hang out.

        GIRL: Where's the hellmouth then?

        RACHEL: A hellmouth. And it was in Sunnydale.

        EMILY: But that place collapsed.

        RACHEL: This was before that.

        EMILY: What was she doing there?

        RACHEL: Helping keep the almighty Slayer Buffy and her gang away from the Adrastos situation.

        EMILY: Huh?



        The scene is blurry and the entire image is static. A caption comes up that reads "Two Years Ago". The camera shows a magnificent and slightly familiar hallway in a mansion. Through the windows the countryside of Westbury can be seen. A loud knock on the front door can be heard and an elderly woman hurries to answer it. She opens the door. It's GILES.

        GILES: I came as soon as I heard.

        The camera pans around to show ALTHANEA.

        ALTHANEA: Rupert.

        She smiles.

        ALTHANEA: I wish our re-acquaintance had been under better circumstances.

        She frowns.

        GILES: What's happened?

        She beckons him inside. They walk down the hallway and into a large room. Inside a large group of women can be seen sitting in a circle.

        ALTHANEA: A dark power is rising in Sunnydale.

        GILES looks at the coven then to ALTHANEA, grimly hoping.

        GILES: Good heavens, does Buffy know?

        ALTHANEA: The Slayer's knowledge has not yet come to pass. She's fighting for her own life as we speak.

        GILES looks horrified. ALTHANEA beckons to a young SEER nearby who makes her way towards them both.

        SEER: One of our sisters has fallen.

        GILES looks at her expectantly.

        GILES: Who?

        SEER: Tara Maclay. She was shot dead?

        GILES' face drops, he looks sad. He sighs and then looks up at ALTHANEA, realizing.

        GILES: The dark power?

        ALTHANEA: Fuelled by grief.

        GILES: (mortified) Willow?

        ALTHANEA nods.

        ALTHANEA: You must stop her Rupert. We will provide all mystical assistance.

        GILES: Of course, I'll leave at once.

        He walks into the centre of the circle of witches. ALTHANEA turns to him.

        ALTHANEA: There is more at stake than you realize Rupert. Willow Rosenberg's power has the capability to destroy sacred lives.

        He nods, and stands with his eyes closed in the centre of the coven's circle. ALTHANEA nods to the SEER who moves to complete the circle. The witches begin chanting and soon GILES begins to glow. A white light fills the room and when it dies down, GILES has disappeared. ALTHANEA looks at the empty spot where GILES was standing. ALTHANEA turns to a dark corner of the room.

        ALTHANEA: It is done. The power we have bestowed unto him will not prevent what you have written, but will stop her from disrupting your powers. Her murder of the world, will wilt.

        From the shadows, ATROPOS moves into the light.

        ATROPOS: Very good Althanea?

        She smiles at ALTHANEA who returns the smile. The other members of the coven look at one another, in fear.



        END OF ACT III

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT IV



          The image is returned to normal. Everyone is standing in the living room- FAITH, BRIAN, MARIE, and BISHOP. FAITH is pacing and the rest of them are just standing and doing nothing.

          FAITH: (quietly, to herself) He should be back by now.

          MARIE: M-maybe he got caught in traffic.

          FAITH looks at MARIE and then looks down and shakes her head, and continues pacing.

          BRIAN: Marie's right, you know. This is New York City.

          FAITH looks up at BRIAN, stopping.

          FAITH: He didn't take a car.

          BRIAN: Oh.

          The sound of the door opening and closing is heard, and FAITH rushes into the kitchen where the door is. She sees SAM and ALAN enter. Her face falls.

          SAM: Gee don't be too happy to see us.

          She rolls her eyes.

          MARIE, BRIAN, and BISHOP appear from the living room.

          MARIE: She's just w-worried about Robin.

          ALAN: Well that makes more sense. (beat) Where is he?

          FAITH: That's the problem! I have no freakin' clue!

          There is a sound of laughing, and the camera pans around to everyone in the room. The laughter isn't coming from them. Everyone looks around in several directions, because the noise seems to be coming from everywhere.

          FAITH: (cont'd) Anyone mind explaining where that's comin' from?

          The entire group remains looking confused, and looking around. Faint laughing is heard again.

          VOICE: Lookin' for your boy, Slayer?

          SAM: Lookin' for a punching, whoever the hell you are?

          The VOICE laughs again.

          VOICE: (V.O.) I seem to be where near you at the moment.

          FAITH: You know where Robin is.

          VOICE: (V.O.) That, I do. But the question is, why would I tell you?

          FAITH: No, the question is why aren't ya telling us? And the even better question? Why I'm not kicking your ass for not telling us.

          VOICE: (V.O.) let me think about that one. (beat) Kinda ?cause you can't.

          FAITH: Right. Just as much as I can't hear you right now.

          VOICE: (V.O.) Sarcasm isn't very appreciated.

          SAM: So cut to the chase and tell us what you know.

          The VOICE laughs again.

          VOICE: (V.O.) You really think I would do that?

          FAITH nods to SAM who nods back. SAM lowers her head and closes her eyes.

          ALAN: (quietly, to FAITH) What's she doing?

          FAITH puts one finger to her mouth as if to shush him. ALAN looks confused.

          VOICE: (V.O.) Oh sweetie, I know what your little white witch is doing. And it's not gonna work.

          There is a sudden blast of energy and SAM is sent flying into the wall. She falls to the ground unconscious. ALAN runs over to her.

          VOICE: (cont'd, V.O.) I just did this to taunt you. You'll never get anything out of me.

          The voice disappears, and everyone is looking at SAM, unconscious on the floor, in ALAN'S arms.

          FAITH: Who could it have been?

          BRIAN: The Coven. It has to be.

          BISHOP: Oh, great. Them again.

          FAITH: That didn't sound like their leader.

          BRIAN: She can sound like anyone she wants.

          FAITH: True...

          ALAN looks up.

          ALAN: Let's go to them. I want to make them pay.

          He looks down at SAM and then gently sets her back down on the ground. He gets up and heads for the door, but FAITH puts her hand in front of him.

          FAITH: Stop. Wait.

          ALAN: No! I'm not just going to sit around and do nothing!

          FAITH shakes her head.

          FAITH: No, and neither are we. But you can't go.

          He stares at her blankly.

          ALAN: Why the-

          FAITH: You didn't let me finish. (beat) You can't go...without weapons.

          ALAN: Oh.

          BRIAN: Faith, you said we shouldn't kill-

          FAITH: We're not killing anyone. But if we don't have weapons we can't protect ourselves.

          BRIAN: Right. Okay.

          ALAN runs into the living room, bringing a large and heavy sword out with him when he returns- struggling to carry it. FAITH steps in front of him.

          FAITH: On second thought, maybe you shouldn't come.

          ALAN: But-

          MARIE: She's right. Someone needs to stay with Sam.

          ALAN: Bishop can-

          FAITH: You really trust him?

          ALAN looks from BISHOP to FAITH.

          ALAN: Okay, no.

          BISHOP sighs.

          BISHOP: When will you people understand I'm trying to help?

          FAITH: When you start acting like it.

          BISHOP: I have not done enough already?!

          FAITH shrugs.

          FAITH: Maybe, maybe not. I just find it fun to pick on you.

          BRIAN: He is trying to help you know.

          FAITH: What, you suddenly find out you two are related, and you suddenly agree with him?

          BRIAN: Not just that. He's shown that he's helping.

          MARIE: Uh...I wouldn't call getting revenge on someone you hate "helpful". I would just call it vengeance...

          FAITH: Exactly my point. That's the only thing he's done to help us.

          BRIAN: But-

          FAITH: No. Maybe if he helps us in this big fight. Just maybe.

          She looks at BISHOP, and then back to the rest of the group.

          FAITH: (cont'd) Let's go.

          She goes to get a weapon, and the rest of the group (except for SAM and ALAN) follow her. When they get what they need, they start to head toward the door. The camera pans back to ALAN, picking SAM up and watching the group as they leave.


          The camera is set on RACHEL once again, and then moves over to EMILY.

          EMILY: What does that have to do with anyone named Adra-

          RACHEL: Well, you see-

          The door suddenly opens, and MELISSA and LILY walk in.

          MELISSA: Hope we're not interrupting anything.

          LILY shrugs.

          LILY: I don't actually care if we are.

          MELISSA looks to her with annoyance. She then turns back to RACHEL, who is standing in front of the group of girls.

          MELISSA: Did I interrupt something?

          RACHEL: If a training lesson counts as something, then yes.

          MELISSA: Training lesson? The girls are just lying about.

          RACHEL: It's called strategies. Maybe you should look it up.

          MELISSA glares at her. LILY turns to the group of girls.

          LILY: So, since you're all so strategic now, how about you train with me?

          She smiles, and the girls look uncertain. EMILY glares at MELISSA, but MELISSA doesn't notice. EMILY looks very pissed off.



          The song begins and the camera pans around to several of the SLAYERS in the room- including EMILY, MELISSA, and RACHEL. EMILY is still somewhat glaring at MELISSA and looking very angry. She then turns her attention to something else.

          A SLAYER is looking at someone or something determinedly, and throws a punch. The camera moves over to what she was trying to punch, but nothing is there. The SLAYER looks confused. She is suddenly knocked down and lying on her back on the floor, and the camera pans down to LILY who dodged the punch by sliding down onto the floor and kicking the SLAYER'S feet so she is knocked down. (the music below plays throughout)

          "In the middle of the summer
          I'm not sleeping
          Cold wind blowing..."


          The camera is set on the ground, and slowly but swiftly moves towards a corner of the room until it reaches...ROBIN tied up to a chair and looking slightly beaten. (the music below plays throughout)

          "In the middle of the night they
          Try to find me but I'm still driving"


          The camera is set on LILY and another SLAYER fighting, and the camera then moves back to MELISSA and RACHEL watching. EMILY is seen in the background sneaking out of the door, and the camera follows her. She slowly goes outside of the room and to the left, and she looks down and sees scorch marks on the ground. Her eyes fill with tears. (the music below plays throughout)

          "If you're going to San Francisco
          Lay some flowers on the grave stone"


          FAITH, MARIE, BISHOP, and BRIAN are walking toward the warehouse which has the cellar in it. FAITH looks a bit worried and the others just look blank. When they reach the cellar entrance, they look around to see that no one is watching them, and FAITH opens the door, heading down the stairs. The others begin to follow. (the music below plays throughout)

          "There's music on the station
          and I'm just listening to cold wind whistling"

          The camera follows FAITH down the stairs, with the others following. They reach the very beginning of the cellar, and see or hear nothing. They looks a bit confused, and move on. FAITH checks each of the rooms, but no one is in them. She turns back to the group with her eyebrows furrowed. (the music below plays throughout)

          "And if they ever find me tell the papers cold wind cold wind
          Cold, cold wind blowing
          Cold wind blowing"


          The music continues to play as the camera moves around the group of SLAYERS once again. Some look shocked or scared. Some wince from time to time. We hear the faint sounds of battle in the background.

          Cut to-LILY punching a SLAYER. Cut to- LILY kicking a SLAYER. Cut to- LILY pushing a SLAYER against a wall. (the music below plays throughout)

          "Hey hey hey!"


          FAITH, MARIE, BRIAN, and BISHOP continue to search the place- looking in every place they can find- rooms, corners, ends of hallways, etc. FAITH walks over to where they entered and puts her head in her hands and sighs. (the music below plays throughout)

          "Something ain't right, something ain't right...


          The camera is once again focused on ROBIN. He still looks battered a little, and is slightly bleeding from one of his shoulders. He winces in pain from time to time and looks down at his wound. (the music below plays throughout)

          "And if they ever find me
          Tell the papers...cold wind cold wind"

          The camera moves over to another side of the room, where we see two people sitting on chairs. One shifts slightly. We slowly pan up to see who it is...(the music below plays throughout)

          "Cold, cold wind blowing cold wind blowing..."

          We eventually reach the face of one of the figures- it is ARTEMIS. She smirks.

          FADE TO BLACK

          "Cold wind blowing
          Cold wind blowing, cold wind blowing" (slowly fading out)

          END OF EPISODE

          Special Guest Starring:

          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."