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Rogue Redemption 1.13 "Arisen"

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  • Rogue Redemption 1.13 "Arisen"

    1.13 "Arisen"



    FAITH is standing in the middle of the room. The camera pans around in a circle, and we see ROBIN, ALAN, SAM, and MARIE.

    FAITH: The a really powerful group of witches.

    SAM: But I'm a witch. And Marie's...

    She looks over at MARIE.

    SAM: (cont'd) Well, I don't know what she is, exactly.

    MARIE: Notice me. And the fact that I'm sitting right here.

    FAITH: Guys. So not the time to be fighting. (beat) Well, yeah, we need to fight...but not with each other.

    SAM raises her hand. FAITH nods towards her.

    SAM: Not to be negative, but how exactly do we fight them? They're mortal.

    FAITH: They're evil. They've killed people, and enjoyed it. They've betrayed everyone they know.

    SAM: That doesn't make them demons.

    FAITH: No. (pause) It makes them monsters.

    ROBIN: What do you suggest?

    FAITH shakes her head.

    FAITH: Honestly? I have no idea.

    SAM: Well, you're going to have to think of a plan. And fast. Because knowing them...they probably already know that we know.


    ALTHANEA walks down the hallway, nearing the end of it. She turns to the left, and down yet another hallway. The hallway leads into a larger room, where we see a WOMAN sitting in the middle of the floor. The floor is made of dirt. She has her eyes closed. As ALTHANEA nears her, her eyes open. We see that they're completely white. She's a SEER.

    SEER: Hello Althanea.

    ALTHANEA: Be glad that I let you use that name. No one else dares to.

    SEER: I am your guide. Your light through this darkness.

    ALTHANEA: I know. And that's why you can use my name.

    SEER: They know.

    ALTHANEA: What are you on about?

    The SEER lifts her head up and blinks.

    SEER: The Slayer and her followers. They know about us.

    ALTHANEA: What? How?

    SEER: A powerful witch...

    ALTHANEA looks disappointed.

    ALTHANEA: Willow...and I thought she had so much potential.

    She sighs.

    ALTHANEA: (cont'd) Oh well. And there are things we can do about them knowing.

    The SEER tilts her head and looks at her.

    SEER: And what would those be?

    ALTHANEA smirks.

    ALTHANEA: I could name a few.



    ROLL CREDITS (Theme song: Time is Running Out by Muse)

    Main Characters:

    Guest Starring:
    ??? ??? as MRS. EDWARDS
    ??? ??? as DAVID DEREVCO

    Special Guest Starring:

    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    ACT I


    SAM and ALAN are walking down the hallway. SAM has a bookbag on, and ALAN is just walking- not carrying anything.

    SAM: So...

    ALAN: Thinking the same thing as me?

    SAM: That depends. What's your brain speaking to you?

    ALAN: That just sounds weird...

    SAM: I meant what are you thinking...

    ALAN: Yeah, I know. But now I'm just imagining a brain with a a jar. That's just...strange. And kind of disturbing.

    SAM smiles.

    SAM: But seriously, what were you thinking about?

    ALAN: A lot of things. School, how Mr. Johnson manages to project spit about 30 feet while giving lectures-

    SAM: I think there's a leak in the ceiling.

    ALAN pauses briefly.

    ALAN: Oh. Well, that makes sense then. (beat) Anyways, The Coven-

    SAM: What about them?

    ALAN: We're back to listing what I'm thinking about.

    SAM: Oh...continue.

    ALAN: One last thing. (pause) Us.

    SAM: Oh that.

    ALAN: Well yeah. (pause) The other night...

    SAM: I figured we'd have to talk about that sometime...

    ALAN: Yeah. I mean, it makes things different. But not so much, you know?

    SAM nods.

    SAM: I do.

    ALAN: Maybe we should save this conversation for more of a night-ish part of the day.

    SAM laughs slightly.

    SAM: The night isn't part of the day, silly. (pause) And yeah, I agree.

    The bell rings, and students hurry into the door of their classes. SAM turns to ALAN.

    SAM: See ya later?

    ALAN nods, and walks closer to her, kissing her forehead. He smiles.

    ALAN: Later.

    With that, ALAN walks in the opposite direction and SAM walks in the same direction as they both were walking before.


    The camera is focused on the door that is used to enter the apartment, and it opens. BRIAN enters, followed by BISHOP. BRIAN is making hand gestures toward BISHOP.

    BRIAN: This cannot be happening!

    BISHOP turns back to him and glares.

    BISHOP: Hey, it's not like I chose you either, buddy. I'm comfortable being an only child, thanks.

    FAITH: (O.S.) Guys...

    The camera pans over to FAITH sitting at the kitchen table.

    FAITH: (cont'd) Care to explain the arguing? Not that I'm not used to it...but what's with the talk of only children? Speaking of a children, you're acting like ?em.

    BRIAN glares at BISHOP as BISHOP did to him.

    BRIAN: He-

    He sighs with frustration and anger. He makes another gesture with his hands and then moves over to the kitchen table, sitting down across from FAITH- clearly not happy. BISHOP'S face remains blank, and he turns to FAITH.

    BISHOP: It appears that the empath and I are...

    He winces in disgust and pauses, but then continues.

    BISHOP: (cont'd, quietly) Related.

    FAITH: (quietly, to herself) Retarded?

    BISHOP hesitates. He looks as if he's not going to say anything. BRIAN sighs with annoyance.

    BRIAN: Oh for crying out loud! (beat) We're related!

    FAITH: Oh. (beat-taking a double-take) What?!

    BRIAN: We're in we're of the same blood. We're-

    FAITH motions for him to stop.

    FAITH: I know what related means, you idiot. I exactly didya find this interesting piece of info out?

    BRIAN: I had a vision.

    FAITH: And ya know, they're so reliable- those visions of yours.

    BRIAN: As much as I really hate to say it, they are. Reliable, I mean.

    FAITH: How do you know that?

    BRIAN: (slightly angry) I just do, alright? I saw my- (pause) our. I saw our parents naming us.

    FAITH takes a moment to take this all in. She takes a deep breath, and looks serious.

    FAITH: What the hell were they thinking? Naming a kid Bishop?!

    FAITH smiles and begins to laugh. BISHOP turns to her, giving her an evil look.

    BISHOP: (through clenched teeth) I'm still here.

    FAITH: (still smiling) Oh, I know.

    BRIAN rolls his eyes at them, and then turns to FAITH.

    BRIAN: So, about last night? What happened? With Marie.

    FAITH: Oh. That. Uh, he was her boyfriend.

    BRIAN blinks.

    BRIAN: And she...killed him. (beat) Right, because that really makes sense!

    FAITH gets an even more serious look on her face.

    FAITH: He killed her best friend.

    BRIAN: Oh...

    There is some silence, and then FAITH looks as if she has remembered something.

    FAITH: And I almost forgot to tell ya! (beat) We know who's behind everything.

    BRIAN: Almost forgot?! What, were you high a minute ago? How could you forget that?

    FAITH gives a pointed look at BISHOP, and then to BRIAN.

    FAITH: You come bursting in here with pretty damn major news, and expect me to remember somethin' I [ijust[/i] found out?

    She rolls her eyes.

    BRIAN: Well...yeah. (beat) Who is it?

    FAITH: Just this really powerful group of wicca badasses. They were good before. That's what Willow said, anyway.

    BRIAN: Right...just?

    FAITH: Yeah, just.

    BISHOP: What are you talking about?

    FAITH: The Coven.

    BISHOP thinks about this for a moment.

    BISHOP: Never heard of them.

    FAITH: Oh, really? You never heard of your boss's bosses? (beat) Why the hell were you working for someone if you didn't know who they were?

    BISHOP doesn't respond to this.

    BRIAN: Uh, I might know the answer to that.

    FAITH looks at him.

    BRIAN: (cont'd) His mo- Our. Our mother signed a contract. He had to work for Hector.

    BISHOP'S face remains blank, but he looks angry at the mention of his old boss. FAITH looks intrigued.

    FAITH: So...why didn't you have to work for Hector? I mean...wouldn't the deal include both of you?

    BISHOP looks like he has just realized something, and he turns to BRIAN.

    BISHOP: So you were him.

    BRIAN: (confused) I am a him, yes...what does that have to do with anything?

    BISHOP: You were the other one.

    FAITH raises her eyebrows.

    FAITH: The other what?



    The entire image is blurred, and it looks static- this is clearly a flashback. HECTOR and BISHOP are still standing in the alley, facing each other. HECTOR looks behind BISHOP, then looking disappointed.

    HECTOR: Where's the other one?

    BISHOP: The other one? Who? Someone who's not annoyed by you? Not here.

    HECTOR sighs with annoyance.

    HECTOR: She said there was another one.

    BISHOP: She?

    HECTOR: Your mother.

    BISHOP: Oh. (beat) Well, there's only one of me. And that one wants you to go away.

    HECTOR: Sorry, can't. I need your help with a certain...problem.

    He smiles.



    The image is no longer static or blurry, and the camera is focused on FAITH.

    FAITH: So, I guess I was the "problem".

    BISHOP: Who says you still aren't?

    FAITH: Who told you to exist?

    BISHOP looks angry.

    BRIAN: (O.S.) As much fun as this is, kids, can we move on?

    FAITH turns to BRIAN.

    FAITH: Kid? Wouldn't be callin' me that, if I were you.

    BRIAN sighs.

    BRIAN: Yeah? Well, you aren't me. Now, can we please stop bickering and get on with it?

    FAITH: Sure, Giles. (beat) And get on with what exactly?

    BRIAN: We were talking about The Coven. (beat) Who's Giles?

    FAITH: Stuffy old librarian.

    BRIAN: (sarcastically) Thanks.

    BISHOP: Coven.

    FAITH: Wiccas. Right. What are we gonna do about them?

    BRIAN looks at her, surprised at what she said.

    BRIAN: You're asking us? You're the leader.

    FAITH: What, are we playing "Follow the Leader"? We're a group.

    She looks over to BISHOP.

    FAITH: (cont'd) Some of us, not so much. But the point is that I'm not the only one making decisions here. Because we all know how that can go wrong.

    BRIAN: We do?

    FAITH: Don't ask.

    BRIAN: Alright.

    BISHOP: Back to the-

    FAITH: Yeah, yeah. We know who they are already. My question is- why are they after us? Why aren't they being good little Glinda's?


    There are sleeping bags everywhere, and lumps are in them- clearly the girls from the previous episodes. They are all sleeping.

    The camera pans over to the wall at the side of the room- MELISSA and RACHEL are standing there. MELISSA has her arms crossed over her chest. RACHEL turns to her.

    RACHEL: Do you think they're ready?

    MELISSA sighs.

    MELISSA: They're going to have to be. What we're doing...we have to do it soon. If we don't-

    RACHEL nods, and interrupts her.

    RACHEL: I know. It's just...there's so many of them who might die.

    MELISSA: I don't think Faith and her little group of friends are prepared to do something like that.

    RACHEL: Not what I meant. What we're doing could get them hurt. Even killed.

    MELISSA: I know. But we have to.

    RACHEL sighs and continues to look at the sleeping girls. The camera moves out of the training room, and into the hallway, across it, and into the other room. ALTHANEA is sitting on the couch in the room, and someone walks over and stands across from her.

    LILY: So, what's the reason you're doing this? You've never really told me before.

    ALTHANEA continues staring at something in front of her. LILY looks like she's getting annoyed, and waves her hand in front of ALTHANEA'S face.

    LILY: (cont'd) Hello? Anyone in there?

    ALTHANEA does not respond. But suddenly, she grabs LILY by the wrist.

    ALTHANEA: Why you insist on waving your limb in front of my face is beyond me.

    She pauses, and looks up at LILY.

    ALTHANEA: (cont'd) And I do this because I must.

    LILY: You must? Whoever told you tha-

    ALTHANEA shakes her head.

    ALTHANEA: Later, slayer. Right now I have some business to attend to.

    LILY nods and then sits down on the couch as ALTHANEA gets up and walks out into the hallway, walking to the room where the SEER was earlier. The SEER is still in there, along with a few other women. They turn as ALTHANEA enters the room. ALTHANEA smiles.

    ALTHANEA: It's time.

    The scene fades to black, and then fades back with the caption "10 Minutes Later". All of the women in the room- ALTHANEA and the SEER included- are sitting in a circle. Candles surround the circle. All of the women are chanting.

    GROUP: (in unison) Mortuus illusions exsisto ut subitus.

    A wind surrounds all of them, blowing all of the candles out, leaving no light left in the room.


    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT II

      FADE IN


      SAM walks out of a classroom, looking back to a girl that was also walking out of it.

      SAM: (to girl) We'll talk later!

      The girl smiles and nods, and then walks off. SAM returns to looking straight ahead of her. No people are in the hallway- she walks alone down it. She starts to hear footsteps behind her, and turns around. No one is there. She looks confused, but shakes it off, turning around in the direction she was walking before.

      VOICE: (whispering) Sammy...

      SAM looks around everywhere, not being able to identify who or where the voice is coming from. She looks a little upset.

      SAM: (shakily) Look, whoever you are, you better stay away. I'm-

      VOICE: (almost sympathetic) Oh, honey, I know who you are.

      SAM looks slightly freaked. She is turning in every which direction- still trying to find out where the voice is coming from.

      SAM: (still shakily, but now more firm) You need to show yourself. I'm not going to talk to some-

      A FIGURE steps out from the shadows in front of her. Her mouth drops. The light reaches the figure's face, revealing that he's DAVID DEREVCO- SAM'S father.

      SAM: (cont'd, quietly) ?stranger...

      DAVID smiles.

      DAVID: Hey, sweetie.

      SAM'S eyes widen.


      LILY is sitting on one of the couches inside of the room her and ALTHANEA were in earlier. She is resting her head on her left hand. She sighs, and taps her foot impatiently. The door to the room then opens.

      LILY: Finally.

      ALTHANEA walks through the door, and towards the couch.

      ALTHANEA: I told you I had some business to attend to.

      LILY: That business being?

      ALTHANEA: None of yours.

      LILY scoffs.

      LILY: Ya know, I'm only helping you pit against that Slayer and her pals. You could be, oh, I don't know...respectful?

      ALTHANEA shakes her head.

      ALTHANEA: You are not necessary.

      LILY raises an eyebrow.

      LILY: Oh really? Then why exactly am I here?

      ALTHANEA: Because we would rather you on our side in this than on the g- I mean...that Slayer's side.

      LILY: Wait, what? You were just going to said "the good side"...what's that supposed to mean?

      ALTHANEA sighs.

      ALTHANEA: You need not know.

      LILY: Oh, and by the by...why the hell do you look like an old woman? Been meaning to ask ya, but you've been...running around a lot.

      ALTHANEA turns and glares at her.

      ALTHANEA: Firstly, I am not old. Sec-

      LILY: Hit a nerve there, didn't I?

      ALTHANEA ignores her comment.

      ALTHANEA: Secondly this is me. What I looked like before was a guise so no one would recognize me. But now that the Slayer knows about us-

      LILY: She does? Shouldn't we-

      ALTHANEA: Yes, she does. And we're on it. You needn't worry.

      LILY: Oh, okay...does she even know about me?

      ALTHANEA shakes her head.

      ALTHANEA: She seems to have forgotten that you went missing all that time ago.

      LILY scoffs once again.

      LILY: Shows how much she cares.

      ALTHANEA smiles, but LILY doesn't see her. ALTHANEA then nods.

      ALTHANEA: Doesn't it though? And this is why you're better over on our side. Safer. If you were injured and were on her team, I doubt she would care.

      LILY nods in agreement.

      LILY: I guess you're right.

      ALTHANEA: I don't even think she would care if someone on her side were to get hurt. Not just you, but anyone. All she cares about is herself.

      LILY: Then how is she a leader? If she doesn't care about other people?

      ALTHANEA puts her hand on LILY'S shoulder.

      ALTHANEA: The thing is, my dear, that she isn't a leader. She thinks she is.

      There is a long silence, which is eventually broken.

      LILY: So about that whole you "must" do this thing...and the "good side"...what's that all about?

      ALTHANEA: The good side? We used to be on.

      LILY looks intrigued.

      ALTHANEA: (cont'd) We were known as the Coven.



      The scene is blurry and the image is static. A caption comes up that says "Three Years Ago". The camera is set on the door to enter the mansion. You can hear people talking quietly in the background. There is a knock on the door.

      VOICE: I'll get it.

      We hear footsteps walking towards the door, and we eventually see the feet and legs of whoever is walking towards the door. They then reach for the door handle and open it. There is a YOUNG WOMAN standing outside who looks beaten. The camera pans back to the person who opened the door- It is ALTHANEA. Though younger, it's still the same person. She has a shocked and sad expression on her face.

      ALTHANEA: Oh Goddess, what happened?

      The YOUNG WOMAN says nothing in response. She is trembling and looking from her right to her left. ALTHANEA puts her hand on the girl's shoulder. The girl winces. ALTHANEA gives her a sympathetic look.

      ALTHANEA: (cont'd) It's alright, honey. You're going to be okay.

      She puts a tiny bit of pressure on the girl's shoulder and the girl slowly walks through the door, ALTHANEA following.


      The YOUNG WOMAN is sitting on the couch, and a woman is standing next to her off of the couch with a sponge. She is trying to wash some of the dirt off of the YOUNG WOMAN'S face. The camera pans over to ALTHANEA sitting on a couch opposite of the YOUNG WOMAN. The woman washing the YOUNG WOMAN'S face walks away and ALTHANEA begins to speak.

      ALTHANEA: Sweet-

      YOUNG WOMAN: (quietly) Melissa.

      ALTHANEA: What was that?

      YOUNG WOMAN: (louder) My Melissa.

      ALTHANEA nods.

      ALTHANEA: What happened, Melissa?

      MELISSA looks down at her feet. ALTHANEA gives her another sympathetic look.

      ALTHANEA: (cont'd) I understand that it's hard, but if you don't tell me, we won't be able to help you.

      MELISSA nods and takes a deep breath.

      MELISSA: I was these...

      She stops and shakes her head.

      MELISSA: (cont'd) You wouldn't believe me even if I told you.

      ALTHANEA smiles.

      ALTHANEA: I doubt that.

      MELISSA looks confused and curious at this.

      MELISSA: What do you mean?

      ALTHANEA: I'm not what you'd expect.

      MELISSA still looks confused. ALTHANEA looks down at the table- specifically at a vase in the center of it. She stares at it as if she is concentrating on it. MELISSA gives ALTHANEA a strange look and then looks down at the vase as well. She widens her eyes-the vase is inches off of the table.

      MELISSA: What the-

      The vase slowly moves back onto the table. ALTHANEA looks back up at MELISSA.

      ALTHANEA: So you see-

      MELISSA: You're a freaking witch!

      ALTHANEA: Well, if one were to put it bluntly, yes. I prefer wiccan.

      MELISSA stares at her if she's insane.

      MELISSA: You're a freaking witch!

      ALTHANEA sighs.

      ALTHANEA: Let's not be repetitive, dear. (pause) Go on with your story.

      MELISSA still stares at her as if she's crazy, but then shakes it off.

      MELISSA: I think they were...v-vampires. They had bumpy foreheads and sharp teeth.

      ALTHANEA looks surprised. MELISSA sighs.

      MELISSA: I told you you wouldn't believe me.

      ALTHANEA shakes her head.

      ALTHANEA: No, it's not that.

      MELISSA: Then what-

      ALTHANEA: I'm just surprised that you survived a vampire attack...especially by several.

      MELISSA: Well I hid in a church. (pause) And the sun was starting to rise...

      ALTHANEA: You were lucky.

      MELISSA: Lucky?

      ALTHANEA: You're not dead, are you?

      MELISSA: No...

      ALTHANEA: Then you were lucky.

      MELISSA: Yeah? I don't really think so.

      ALTHANEA looks curious at this. MELISSA sighs again.

      MELISSA: (cont'd) I'm...I'm a runaway.

      ALTHANEA: Why did you run away from your home?

      MELISSA looks away, and then back to ALTHANEA.

      MELISSA: Family stuff. I'd rather not talk about it.

      ALTHANEA nods, and looks to her right.

      ALTHANEA: (loudly) Could someone come in here please?

      Another WOMAN comes out of the other room to the right and enters the sitting room.

      WOMAN: Yes?

      ALTHANEA: Vampires. We're going to need to find them and kill them.

      She turns to MELISSA.

      ALTHANEA: (cont'd) Do you remember where they were?

      MELISSA: How could I forget? I'm going to be having nightmares for weeks.

      ALTHANEA turns to the WOMAN who came out of the room.

      ALTHANEA: Could you heal her? Or have someone else do it?

      MELISSA: Heal me? Like with medicine?

      ALTHANEA: Not exactly.

      MELISSA looks a bit freaked out.

      MELISSA: You're going to use magic on me? You're not like aliens, right? ?Cause probing is so not cool.

      ALTHANEA and the WOMAN chuckle. ALTHANEA shakes her head.

      ALTHANEA: Of course not.

      She turns back to the WOMAN, and waves her hand to tell her to leave. The WOMAN moves over to MELISSA, and puts her arms around her shoulder. MELISSA turns back to ALTHANEA. ALTHANEA smiles.

      ALTHANEA: Go on. You can tell me where the vampires are later, and we'll make sure that they are exterminated.

      MELISSA nods and follows the WOMAN into the other room.



      The image has returned to normal. LILY and ALTHANEA sit on the couch still.

      LILY:'re telling me that you used to fight demons. (beat) And now you're allies with them? That makes no all.

      ALTHANEA: Well, there is more to the tale.

      There is suddenly a knock on the door. ALTHANEA sighs.

      ALTHANEA: (quietly, cont'd) Interruptions, interruptions. (louder and towards the door) I'm coming!

      She gets up from the couch and walks over to the door, opening it. It is MELISSA.

      MELISSA: Sorry to interrupt...again...but some of the girls are getting out of control.

      ALTHANEA: Aren't they always.

      She says this as a statement, not as a question. She then turns to LILY.

      ALTHANEA: (cont'd) Excuse me. We'll continue this later.

      LILY nods, and ALTHANEA follows MELISSA out the door.


      The camera is set on the couch, which BRIAN is sitting on. He is glaring across from him.

      BRIAN: Don't you ever go away?

      The camera pans over to who's sitting across from BRIAN- it's BISHOP.

      BISHOP: Don't you ever shut up?

      BRIAN sighs with anger.

      BRIAN: Why are you even hanging around here?

      BISHOP: I'm sitting.

      BRIAN looks confused.

      BRIAN: What?

      BISHOP: I am not hanging. I am sitting.

      BRIAN rolls his eyes.

      BRIAN: It's called moderation. Spell it, learn it.

      BISHOP: Why do you insist on being an ass to me?

      BRIAN: Oh, and he's got spine.

      BISHOP: Of course I do. But you appear to be boneless.

      BRIAN: Excuse me?

      BISHOP: You heard me.

      FAITH walks into the living room.

      FAITH: You two still arguing? Damn, you're like five year olds.

      BRIAN: I resent that.

      BISHOP: As do I.

      FAITH gasps.

      FAITH: Oh, God! You two agreed! The world's endin'!

      BRIAN: (sarcastically) Ha ha. Very funny.

      FAITH: Just never imagined you two agreeing on...anything. I thought if you could you would fight over the air that ya breathe.

      BRIAN looks over to BISHOP.

      BRIAN: Not arguing about that, but I don't see why he has to be here.

      FAITH sighs.

      FAITH: Not that I haven't said it a thousand times. (pause) He's helping.

      BRIAN: Helping? He's hang- (beat) He's sitting around. How, exactly, is that helping?

      FAITH: Did I say he was helping right now?

      BRIAN: And who says he won't betray us?

      FAITH: No one. But if he does?

      She looks over to BISHOP and smiles. She then turns back to BRIAN.

      FAITH: (cont'd) Let's just say it won't be pretty.

      BISHOP: You assume that I'm so easy to beat.

      FAITH: No, I don't assume. Dontchya recall a week or so ago when I kicked your ass? Didn't seem that hard to me.

      BISHOP looks angry. FAITH puts her hands up in the air as if in surrender.

      FAITH: (cont'd) Just sayin'.

      There is a silence.

      BRIAN: Have we decided what to do about "The Coven"?

      FAITH: Not really. Still thinking ?bout it really.

      BRIAN: How long does it take you to process thoughts? Is it that hard?

      FAITH takes a deep breath and looks very frustrated.

      FAITH: You know what? It is hard! I don't know what to do because-

      She is making gestures with her hands and she hits an end table next to the couch with it. She winces.

      FAITH: (cont'd, quietly) Dammit.

      BRIAN gets up from the couch.

      BRIAN: Listen, I'm going to go for a walk.

      FAITH: Do whatever you want.

      BRIAN sighs, and turns and walks out of the door. FAITH turns and looks at BISHOP, who looks deep in thought.


      The camera is set on a shadowed area of the alley above the cellar. Everything is quiet. Suddenly, a cloaked figure walks across the screen. It eventually steps into the light. We still cannot see who or what it is because they are cloaked with a hood over their head. They walk over to the entrance of the cellar, where RACHEL is standing- as if guarding it. She sees the FIGURE and steps forward, crossing her arms over her chest.

      RACHEL: Name?

      The FIGURE says the next thing with a female voice- clearly it's a woman.

      CLOAKED WOMAN: I cannot tell you that. I can merely tell you that I am a messenger.

      RACHEL: Messenger? For who?

      CLOAKED WOMAN: I cannot tell you that either. (pause) I wish to speak with Althanea.

      RACHEL: Althawho-a?

      The CLOAKED WOMAN tilts her head.

      CLOAKED WOMAN: Your leader...

      RACHEL: Oh! (quieter) So that's her name.

      CLOAKED WOMAN: She did not tell you her name?

      RACHEL slowly shakes her head.

      CLOAKED WOMAN: (cont'd) No matter. Where is she?

      RACHEL steps forward a little bit more.

      RACHEL: I can't tell you.

      The CLOAKED WOMAN looks as if she is taken aback.

      CLOAKED WOMAN: (angrily) I come here, in a disguise, risking my life. I even know your leader's name which you do not...and you have the audacity to not let me speak with her?

      RACHEL stands her ground, clearly not frightened by the woman.

      CLOAKED WOMAN: (cont'd) Fine then. I can fix that.

      Before RACHEL has time to react, the CLOAKED WOMAN flicks her wrist, and RACHEL is sent flying into a nearby wall. She slumps to the ground, unconscious. The CLOAKED WOMAN walks through the door and down the steps into the cellar.



      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT III


        SAM is walking down the sidewalk, looking very shaken up. She looks from right to left, as if she thinks someone is going to sneak up on her. She then looks straight ahead, crossing her arms over her chest. She looks like she has been crying.



        The scene is blurry and the entire image is static. A caption comes on the screen that says ?Earlier This Morning', and after about five seconds, it fades away. SAM is standing in the hallway, her eyes widened. The camera pans over to DAVID who is standing in front of her.

        SAM: D-daddy?

        DAVID smiles weakly.

        DAVID: It's me, Sammy.

        SAM'S eyes well up with tears.

        SAM: H-how...?

        DAVID: That doesn't matter. All that matters is that I'm here.

        Tears fall from SAM'S eyes.

        SAM: But I saw you die...

        DAVID shakes his head.

        DAVID: That wasn't real. What's real is standing in front of you.

        SAM tries to hug her father, but he steps away. She looks confused.

        DAVID: (cont'd) I can't touch you. Not after what you did.

        SAM: What are you talking about...?

        DAVID sighs.

        DAVID: C'mon Sammy, you really don't remember?

        SAM remains looking confused, and shakes her head.

        DAVID: (cont'd) Oh, really? You don't remember that it was all your fault.

        SAM: What was?

        DAVID: That those people were killed.

        SAM widens her eyes and tears begin to form again.

        SAM: That wasn't-

        DAVID: Yes, yes it was. And it was your fault Kevin killed me.

        SAM can't speak. She begins to cry full force, and then quiets down a bit, a look of realization coming onto her face.

        SAM: You're not real. Those...those people are making me see you. You can't be real...M-my dad would never say those things to me.

        DAVID: Not real? I suppose you could say that...but that doesn't make what you did less real.

        SAM shakes her head and more tears fall from her eyes. She looks down.

        SAM: (quietly) Go away.

        DAVID: What's that, sweetie?

        She picks up her head, and looks at him.

        SAM: (cont'd, louder and more firm) Do not call me sweetie...(yelling) And get the hell away from me!

        DAVID smiles, and then disappears. There is no sign that he was ever there. SAM begins to cry full force.



        SAM continues to walk down the sidewalk, crying as she did in the flashback. The camera begins to slowly move across the park- we can see children playing and their mothers watching them. People biking, people walking, couples walking on the street.

        Suddenly, the camera zooms out high above the park, and moves to the other side, zooming back onto a man walking. The camera moves in front of him to reveal that he is BRIAN. He looks as if distracted. We see an OLDER WOMAN walking behind him. He stops, as if he senses something, and turns around. There is no one there, sans the dog that is walking by itself next to the sidewalk. A child runs up to it, and takes it back to a man and a woman, presumably his mom and dad. BRIAN continues to walk. He is looking down. And when he looks up again, the OLDER WOMAN is standing in front of him.

        OLDER WOMAN: Hey son.

        BRIAN'S brow furrows in confusion.

        BRIAN: What?

        MRS. EDWARDS: I know this is sudden and spontaneous...but I'm your mother.

        BRIAN looks a bit freaked out, and he backs away a little bit. MRS. EDWARDS only smiles.


        The CLOAKED WOMAN is walking down the hallway, and she turns left, to a doorway. She doesn't bother to knock, but instead just opens the door and walks in. LILY is sitting there on the couch.

        LILY: Uh, may I help you?

        The CLOAKED WOMAN stands in front of her. She does not look pleased.

        CLOAKED WOMAN: Maybe you'll be more helpful than that brat at the door.

        LILY looks confused.

        LILY: What are you talking about?

        CLOAKED WOMAN: I wish to speak with your leader.

        LILY: You don't by any chance live on a UFO, do ya?

        CLOAKED WOMAN: I live in a mansion. Why does this matter?

        LILY: Well that's different then. (pause) She's in the other-

        The door to the room opens, and ALTHANEA walks in. She looks surprised at the CLOAKED WOMAN standing in front of her.

        ALTHANEA: Why, hello.

        She smiles.

        CLOAKED WOMAN: This is not a happy occasion, Althanea.

        ALTHANEA'S smile fades. She turns to LILY.

        ALTHANEA: Could you excuse us?

        LILY: Whatever.

        She gets up from the couch and walks over to the door, and out of the room. ALTHANEA watches her leave, and then turns back to the CLOAKED WOMAN.

        ALTHANEA: Hello Freya.

        FREYA takes the hood off of her cloak and looks at ALTHANEA.

        FREYA: We need to talk.

        ALTHANEA nods, and moves over to the couch, FREYA following her.


        FAITH is sitting on the chair with her feet up on the table- reading a newspaper. The camera pans over to the newspaper, where there is an article with the title of "Girl Has Freak Barbeque Fork Accident". FAITH rolls her eyes.

        FAITH: Last time I checked, vampire teeth weren't used at cookouts...(pause) And I hope they never did...that's just nasty.

        She shakes it off and continues reading. We can hear footsteps and FAITH looks up. It's ROBIN.

        FAITH: (cont'd) Hey.

        ROBIN moves over and sits on the couch.

        ROBIN: Hey. (pause) What are you reading?

        FAITH: People's lame excuses for the supernatural.

        ROBIN: Fun.

        FAITH: More like funny. Some of the excuses they make up are just...ridiculous.

        ROBIN: There's humanity for you.

        FAITH shrugs.

        FAITH: At least they're not paranoid.

        There is a long silence, which is eventually broken.

        ROBIN: So, about the Coven...

        FAITH: That just seems to be the topic of the week.

        ROBIN: Well, they are-

        FAITH: I know.

        ROBIN: Do you know what to do about them?

        FAITH: No, I don't. And I wish people would stop asking me that.

        ROBIN:'re our leader. Th- We. We look up to you.

        FAITH: I's just...

        She sighs and then leans her head on the back of the chair. She holds her forehead as if she's in pain. ROBIN gives her a look of concern.

        ROBIN: You okay?

        FAITH shakes her head, but it doesn't seem as she means it as a no.

        FAITH: I'm fine. It's's a lot to handle. Taking care of everyone. My friends, if you can call them that.

        ROBIN nods.

        ROBIN: I know.

        He takes her hand and puts it on hers, which is on the arm rest on the chair. He smiles, and she smiles back at him. The camera slowly starts moving toward the hallway and begins to head down it. The camera turns and heads into MARIE'S room, where we see MARIE sitting on the bed. She is again holding a picture. The camera pans down to it- this time, it is MELODY and SKYE. MARIE smiles, despite that she didn't like MELODY that much.

        VOICE: (O.S.) You know, I don't look very good in that picture.

        The camera zooms out to reveal that MELODY is sitting on the bed next to MARIE. MARIE quickly sets the picture down on the bed and jumps off of it.

        MARIE: What are you doing here?

        MELODY: Sweetie, you know what I'm doing here.

        MARIE: Actually, I don't. And you know what? I don't think you should be here at all.

        The next time that MARIE'S eyes blink, the camera moves over to the bed. MELODY is no longer there.

        VOICE: (O.S.) Do you think I should be here?

        MARIE turns around to see who's behind her- it is SKYE.

        MARIE: Skye...

        SKYE: Well, duh!

        MARIE: You're-

        SKYE: Dead? Yeah, I know. It severely sucks. I mean, I can't go to parties anymore! Who wouldn't miss that? (beat) How've ya been, Mar?

        MARIE once again winces at the nickname. SKYE notices this.

        SKYE: (cont'd) Oh, c' voice isn't that bad! (beat) Is it?

        MARIE stares at her blankly.

        MARIE: You're not real.

        SKYE: That's really mean!

        MARIE: You know what they say- the truth hurts. They're just making you up to distract me. (yelling) It's not fooling me!

        MARIE looks back to where SKYE was standing, and sees no one. She sighs with relief.

        MELODY: (O.S.) Over here, Mar.

        MARIE spins around and sees MELODY standing there and smiling.

        MARIE: Why won't you leave me alone?

        MELODY: Because of what you did.

        MARIE rolls her eyes.

        MARIE: On that kick again? I'm not the one who killed you. Cate is.

        MELODY: Doesn't make it less your fault. You could have been there.

        MARIE: And gotten me killed too? No thanks.

        MELODY: You could have saved us.

        MARIE: You really believe that?

        MELODY: You really don't?

        MARIE looks down at her feet. MELODY smirks.

        MELODY: (cont'd) You could have stopped Cate. And all you did was kissy-kissy with your boyfriend. And then you killed him. Hm...shows what kind of person you are.

        MARIE: (through her teeth) Shut. Up.

        MELODY: Oh, hit a nerve, did I? Good.

        MARIE: What do y-you want?

        MELODY: Still little Ms. Stutter, I see. (beat) Anyways...I want you to pay.

        MARIE: Pay?

        MELODY: Man, you have a short attention span. What, are you a fish?

        MARIE: I never did anything. To you, or anyone else.

        MELODY: Oh really? Anyone?

        MARIE: We've been over the Joseph thing.

        MELODY shakes her head, chuckling.

        MELODY: Oh no, hun...not him. (beat) Us.

        MARIE looks confused and annoyed.

        MARIE: What are you talking about? I just told you, I didn't do anything to you guys.

        MELODY: Yes, you did.

        MARIE: So I wasn't there. It could have been any of you who wasn't-

        MELODY: Not that. You burnt our bodies to the ground.

        MARIE looks at her sadly for a moment.

        MARIE: I h-had to-

        MELODY: No. You really didn't. You couldn't even let our bodies be buried.

        MARIE: I couldn't let the police find your-

        MELODY: But you could have! You could have made Cate pay!

        MARIE looks down at her feet, looking ashamed. MELODY smiles, and then chuckles again.

        MELODY: (cont'd) That doesn't matter now though...Now?

        She pauses and continues to smile.

        MELODY: (cont'd) We'll make you pay.

        And with that, MELODY blinks out of sight. MARIE looks up to see that she isn't there, and tears fall from her face.

        MARIE: (quietly) What have I done...


        BRIAN is watching MRS. EDWARDS with suspicion.

        MRS. EDWARDS: What, you're not happy to see me?

        BRIAN shakes his head.

        BRIAN: It's not's did you find me? And why now?

        MRS. EDWARDS: Dear, there is such a thing called the Internet.

        She smiles, but then her smile begins to fade.

        MRS. EDWARDS: (cont'd) And this was the first safe opportunity there was to see you.

        BRIAN: Safe?

        MRS. EDWARDS: Hector could have found me. Or those dreaded witches.

        BRIAN: You knew about the Coven? You didn't contact me and tell me about them?

        MRS. EDWARDS: That wouldn't have been logical.

        BRIAN eyes her suspiciously again.

        BRIAN: But it would have.

        MRS. EDWARDS: You're just not thinking straight, honey.

        BRIAN: You don't get to come here and just be my mother.

        MRS. EDWARDS: I am your mother!

        BRIAN: Then tell me two things.

        MRS. EDWARDS nods for him to go on.

        BRIAN: (cont'd) One- why did you give us up?

        MRS. EDWARDS takes a minute to think about this.

        MRS. EDWARDS: I didn't have the money to support you.

        BRIAN: That, I can understand. (pause) Two- why did you sign that contract to make Bishop work for Hector?

        MRS. EDWARDS: Well I had to get rid of him somehow.

        BRIAN: What?!

        MRS. EDWARDS: He was always the troublesome type.

        BRIAN looks at her with an angry look.

        BRIAN: You don't give up a kid because he's "troublesome"!

        MRS. EDWARDS: Why not? It's why I gave you both up.

        BRIAN: What?! You just said-

        MRS. EDWARDS: I lied. You both had was just too strange. I couldn't possibly be seen with you.

        BRIAN: (angrily) You know what? Screw this!

        He turns quickly and starts walking in the other direction.

        MRS. EDWARDS: (O.S.) Wait!

        BRIAN turns around to face her.

        BRIAN: (through his teeth) What.

        MRS. EDWARDS: You know...when you have to face them...Faith isn't going to try to save you.

        BRIAN: How do you know about Fa-

        MRS. EDWARDS: I know a lot of things. (pause) Just remember what I said.

        BRIAN: Why should I trust you?

        MRS. EDWARDS: Because I'm your mother.

        BRIAN looks at her blankly.

        BRIAN: No. You're not. You're not good enough to by anyone's mother.

        MRS. EDWARDS gives him the same blank look that he gave her, and BRIAN turns around once again- walking away. We can see MRS. EDWARDS smiling in the background, slowly fading away until she's no longer there.


        The camera is set on ALTHANEA and FREYA sitting on the couch- facing each other. FREYA looks serious- she doesn't want to play games. ALTHANEA is drinking tea, and then sets the cup back on the table.

        FREYA: She wants to know what you're doing here.

        ALTHANEA: I told her. I'm recruiting Slayers.

        FREYA: Yes...but for what? I would think if you were using them for a good purpose, you would not need to hide in a dank lair.

        ALTHANEA: It's not a lair, my dear Freya. It's a cellar. And it's safer.

        FREYA: What are you trying to be safe from?

        ALTHANEA: Vampires and demons, of course.

        FREYA does not look convinced.

        FREYA: You hide from creatures of the hiding in the darkness? Is it just me, or have you lost all of your sanity?

        ALTHANEA: (firmly) Do not forget that I'm your elder.

        FREYA: I'm not forgetting anything. But I am remembering who is of higher power.

        ALTHANEA: That is by luck.

        FREYA: No. It's by skill.

        ALTHANEA: I have been in the craft longer than you.

        FREYA: That doesn't make you better than me.

        There is a long silence, and you can tell that ALTHANEA is extremely angered by what FREYA is saying to her.

        FREYA: (cont'd) Back to the subject- We aren't pleased. She is not pleased.

        ALTHANEA: It is none of your business what I do.

        FREYA: Actually, it is. We have power over you.

        ALTHANEA: You do not have my will.

        FREYA sighs.

        FREYA: Nothing can go through that thick skull of yours, can it?

        The camera pans down to ALTHANEA'S right hand, which has a ball of green energy slowly forming in it. FREYA closes her eyes, and then opens them quickly as if she senses something.

        FREYA: (cont'd) Trying to hurt a fellow Wicca? That just makes you lean more towards the side of evil.

        FREYA gets up from the couch. The ball of energy in ALTHANEA'S hand fades away, and ALTHANEA watches her.

        ALTHANEA: Where are you going?

        FREYA: Back to the mansion, of course. To report to her and the rest of them.

        ALTHANEA: Report what exactly?

        FREYA: Well, let's see...that you are using Slayers for dark actions, that you seem to be working along the side of evil, and that you were going to try to kill me.

        ALTHANEA: I can't let you do that.

        FREYA: Oh? And what are you going to do? Kill me?

        ALTHANEA remains silent. FREYA smiles.

        FREYA: (cont'd) Oh, and one more thing...When you do whatever it is you plan to do? We won't be helping you. In any way.

        With that, FREYA turns around and walks out of the door, leaving ALTHANEA with a look of anger on her face. But then, she smirks.

        ALTHANEA: (quietly) I'll show them.


        END OF ACT III

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT IV



          ROBIN is sitting at the table and staring straight ahead of him- he looks like he's in deep thought.

          VOICE: What are ya thinkin' about?

          ROBIN looks to his right, and looks surprised.

          ROBIN: Mom...

          The camera pans over to NIKKI WOOD, standing to ROBIN'S right.

          NIKKI: Hey baby.

          ROBIN shakes his head.

          ROBIN: When will they get the point that we know what they're doing? They're trying to distract us, and we know it. This is getting pathetic.

          NIKKI: They?

          ROBIN: Oh, you know. Don't pretend that you don't.

          NIKKI: You're right. I do know. And you know what else I know?

          ROBIN: Not that I care, but what?

          NIKKI: That you can't beat them.

          ROBIN: That's a bit cocky, don't you think? It's you...them...talking. You're acting invincible. You're're human.

          NIKKI: And that's why you can't beat them. Especially with that murderer-

          ROBIN: Her name is Faith. And she's not a murderer...not anymore.

          NIKKI: It doesn't matter. She isn't prepared to kill mortals.

          ROBIN: I think you're wrong. Those aren't innocents. They've killed who knows how many people.

          NIKKI: But that Slayer has a problem with killing humans. That's her weakness, and we know it. We plan to use it to our advantage.

          ROBIN: You have no advantage.

          NIKKI: My silly boy, of course we do. Witchcraft, mortality...what isn't there we don't have?

          ROBIN: Oh, I don't know...intelligence?

          NIKKI does not look pleased.

          NIKKI: (sarcastically) And that's why we've been doing things over your heads and getting away with it, right?

          ROBIN: We've figured out everything about you.

          NIKKI then disappears out of thin air. ROBIN looks confused.

          VOICE: Not quite.

          ROBIN turns around to see CHRIS standing there.

          CHRIS: (cont'd) You don't know about our plan.

          ROBIN raises an eyebrow.

          ROBIN: Your plan? Well, now I know of it.

          CHRIS: Maybe I shouldn't have said that.

          ROBIN: Again with the lack of intelligence.

          CHRIS: Didn't we teach you better than to disrespect your elders?

          ROBIN: You never taught me anything.

          CHRIS: I didn't know you most of your life. (pause) But you should still know that.

          ROBIN: Get out.

          CHRIS: That's not very respectful.

          ROBIN: I don't need to be respectful to murderous witches.

          CHRIS: Very well then.

          CHRIS starts to back away.

          CHRIS: (cont'd) can't beat us...

          He begins to fade away, and ROBIN looks where he was standing, deep in thought as he was in the beginning of the scene.


          FAITH is running through the cemetery, and looking behind her from time to time. The camera pans back to a VAMPIRE chasing her. She stops suddenly, and looks from her right to her left. She runs to her right, and is cornered in front of a mausoleum. She turns back to see the VAMPIRE smiling at her.

          VAMPIRE: Got ya now, girly.

          FAITH: Girly? That's it.

          She moves over to the VAMPIRE who looks surprised by her actions. She punches him on the face and he stumbles back a bit.

          VAMPIRE: Testy, testy.

          FAITH ignores the comment and kicks the VAMPIRE in the stomach, sending him flying onto the ground. She swiftly moves over to him and stakes him. She lets out a deep breath.

          FAITH: Who's girly now?

          There is a clapping noise, and FAITH swivels around- the MAYOR is standing right there.

          MAYOR: Good job, Firecracker! That's the enthusiasm I like to see!

          FAITH: Not you again.

          MAYOR: Not happy to see me, Faithy?

          FAITH: Why would I be happy to see you?

          MAYOR: That really shouldn't be so offensive. Believe it or not, science proved that if you're nice, you live longer.

          FAITH: I already have an expiration date on me.

          MAYOR: Not really. After what Blondie and her witch friend did, you could live as long as you want. You could quit anytime.

          FAITH doesn't say anything for a few moments- as if considering it. She then shakes her head.

          FAITH: No. I want to help people.

          MAYOR: But are you really helping anyone? I don't think anyone really needs you. Buffy is a better leader than you...maybe she should be doing this.

          FAITH: I can do this on my own.

          A look of realization begins to dawn on her face.

          FAITH: (cont'd) You're-

          MAYOR: Your buddies seem to be figuring that out fast too. I'm still me though.

          FAITH: That's what you said last time, and look where it got me.

          MAYOR: Looks like you're doing well to me...except for the lack of leadership skills.

          FAITH: I've been leading them fine for almost a year.

          MAYOR: Have you really?

          FAITH: Go away. I've listened to this all before.

          There is a few moments of silence.

          MAYOR: Are you prepared?

          FAITH looks confused.

          FAITH: Prepared for...what?

          MAYOR: To kill humans. Again.

          FAITH remains silent, and looks down.

          FAITH: I...

          MAYOR: I'll take that as a no.

          FAITH: They're not inno-

          MAYOR: Heard that line already. (pause) They're still human. Not vampires...not demons...You need to be prepared to kill them.

          FAITH frowns, and then looks up at the MAYOR.

          FAITH: No...I just have to stop them.

          MAYOR: How do you plan to stop them without killing them?

          FAITH looks down again.

          MAYOR: (cont'd) That's what I thought.

          The MAYOR brings his arm up to his face and looks at his wrist- which has a watch on it.

          MAYOR: (cont'd) Well, it's about that time...

          FAITH: Time for what?

          MAYOR: You'll find out. (pause) See ya soon.

          He winks at her and then flashes out of sight. FAITH looks upset and starts walking off in another direction.



          BRIAN is seen walking on the sidewalk, looking very angry. He looks from his right to left, making sure that no one is around him. He doesn't want anyone to be sneaking up on him. He eventually looks straight ahead and walks faster, picking up the pace. (the music below plays throughout)

          "Couldn't sleep so I went out walking
          Thinking about you and hearing us talking
          And all the things I should have said
          Echo now, inside my head"


          We see clouds beginning to form- they are dark. It begins to rain lightly, the camera slowly moving down to the ground. (the music below plays throughout)

          "I feel something falling from the sky
          I'm so sad I made the angels cry"


          SAM is walking on the street and rain is falling. You can't really tell if her face is wet from crying or from the rain- but she looks sad, so it is most likely the former. She is walking as fast as she can as a means to get out of the rain. (the music below plays throughout)

          "Tears from the moon fall down like rain
          I reach for you. I reach in vain.
          Tears from the moon, tears from the moon..."


          ALAN is sitting on his bed and reading something. There is a knock on the door, and ALAN slowly gets up from the bed, walking over to the door and opens it. SAM is standing there, on the verge of tears. (the music below plays throughout)

          "It just ain't fair this thing called loving
          When one step there and the other feels nothing
          I would have done anything for you
          I still love you, baby I adore you"

          ALAN frowns and SAM walks through the door. ALAN gives her a look of concern and then SAM collapses into his arms and begins to sob. ALAN puts his arms around her. (the music below plays throughout)

          "All day I keep from falling apart
          But at night when the sky gets dark"


          MARIE sits on her bed with her feet over the edge and resting on the floor. She is leant over and staring at the ground, thinking. The camera pans up to a close-up of her face. She's frowning, and her eyes well up- a single tear falls from her eye and onto the floor, and the camera follows it. (the music below plays throughout)

          "Tears from the moon fall down like rain
          I reach for you. I reach in vain..."


          ROBIN sits on the chair in the living room, on leg crossed over the other. He looks as if he is deep in thought still. He looks a little angry, and yet sad. (the music below plays throughout)

          "Stop, stop haunting me
          It should be easy
          As easy as when you stopped wanting me"


          The camera moves through headstones slowly and steadily. It is now pouring rain. The cemetery is filled with sadness, falls of loved ones, and shattered hopes and dreams. (the music below plays throughout)

          "Tears from the moon fall down like rain
          I reach for you. I reach in vain."

          The camera keeps moving until it reaches FAITH walking through the cemetery. She looks shaken up by her visit from her old boss. She is looking down at her feet as she walks. (the music below plays throughout)

          "Tears from the moon fall down like rain
          But tears from the moon can't wash away the pain"

          The camera zooms out to see FAITH exiting the cemetery, the rain surrounding her and the souls lost in the cemetery. (the music below faintly plays throughout as the song ends)

          "Tears from the moon, tears from the moon
          Tears from the moon, tears from the moon..."


          The song has ended. We can hear footsteps walking down the hallway, though we can't tell where the hallway is. The camera pans up to ALTHANEA walking down the hallway, LILY by her side.

          LILY: Remind me again where we're going?

          ALTHANEA: You'll see.

          She looks behind her to see a group of girls following her-including MELISSA and RACHEL. She waves her hand as if to hurry them up.

          ALTHANEA: (cont'd) Hustle, ladies.

          The entire group picks up their pace. They eventually come to a corner, and turn it. We see ALTHANEA smile.

          ALTHANEA: (cont'd) Here we are.

          The camera pans over to what she's looking at- it looks like the seal of a hellmouth.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          ROLL CREDITS

          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."